Another Star Trek Movie, Shatner Talks Kirk “Erasure,” And More News Roundup – All Access Star Trek

Anthony and Laurie start with the biggest news of the week: A new Star Trek movie is in development! They go through the tidbits of information available and talk about director Toby Haynes, who directed the Trek-themed Black Mirror episode “USS Callister.” They also discuss Patrick Stewart’s comment that a Picard movie is possibly in the works, William Shatner’s thoughts on his Kirk being “erased,” and the departure of the TOS and TNG movies from Paramount+ to Max. They also talk about Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas’ Astra TV Award wins for Picard, episode titles and a premiere event for Star Trek: Discovery‘s final season, comments from Prodigy producers about the Janeway-Chakotay reunion coming in season 2, and the arrival of Ezri Dax in Star Trek Online. They wrap up with a final preview of Trek Talks 3 before the big event on Saturday.