At The Disco 10 “The Wolf Inside”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 11 – Debuted Sunday January 14th

Written by Lisa Randolph
Directed by T.J. Scott

Kayla and Brian sit down to discuss an exciting follow up to “Despite Yourself” which sees our heroes stranded in a strange dark universe where all Vulcans have fantastic facial hair.

“The Wolf Inside” was packed full of plot development, much like the previous episode, even if the “surprises” it had in store were anything but. We were finally treated to a couple of big reveals, which is good fun, but really, where the episode shines is in between the manufactured shock. In particular, Shazad Latif delivered another absolutely stunning performance as Tyler — er, Voq — er, Voqler?

Sonequa Martin-Green also offered a top notch performance as her character is dragged through some incredibly emotional turmoil. Burnham is taken nearly to her breaking point having to live and lead in the Terran Empire. Tyler was her last tether to normalcy, but even that was taken from her. Still, she upholds her Starfleet values and saves the lives of many innocent rebels fighting against the Terran Empire. A group, she believes, is a glimmer of hope in this otherwise desolate universe. Of course, her plans are cut short by the return of a fan favorite.