At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 12 “Through The Valley Shadows”

Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week and head to Boreth to discuss the twelfth episode of season two, which sets up the two-part finale. The episode offered nice moments of closure with L’Rell and Tyler, so they can go their separate ways for the next season. The podcasters discuss how Boreth is not only home to the devout Followers of Kahless monks but also time crystal keepers, which adds a new fantasy element to the Klingon culture. The big scene on Boreth was when Pike’s future was revealed to him, which was beautifully acted by Anson Mount. The trap set for Burnham on the rogue Section 31 ship was an exciting subplot, but once again it showed that universe revolves around Michael Burnham. The crew also praises the quieter scenes with Reno and Stamets and Culber.