At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 5 “Saints of Imperfection”

Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttlepod this week and wedge themselves halfway in to the mycelial network to discuss “Saints of Imperfection.” We’re greeted with yet another Spock fake out (have we found him yet?), then Tyler the liaison officer to Section 31 comes aboard leaving us all a little uneasy. In a real bright spot of character development, we get to see Pike acting like a captain who may not always make friends with his staff and properly keeps untrusted visitors at arms length. And of course we get deep into the spore scheming with Stamets’ “very bold, deeply insane” plan to get Tilly back out of the mycelial network. Listen along as we discuss the twists and turns in this dense fifth installment of the second season.