Episode 10: James Kerwin talks Star Trek Continues, Space Cartography, and More


The crew of the Shuttle Pod sat down with writer/director/all around brilliant guy James Kerwin, of Star Trek Continues fame to talk STC, honoring the vision of Star Trek TOS, space cartography, and more!

Header illustration of James Kerwin by the lovely and talented Hannah Barucky.

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Shuttle Pod: Episode 10 – James Kerwin talks Star Trek Continues, Space Cartography, and more

James Kerwin is best known amongst Trekkies for his work as writer and director of several episodes of acclaimed fan series Star Trek Continues. He is also the writer and director of the award winning sci-fi noir film Yesterday Was a Lie. His latest project is to turn his short film RUR Genesis into a full length feature film.

Kerwin’s short film RUR Genesis

The latest episode of STC, “Divided We Stand”

Jared noticed a familiar musical cue in the latest episode of Star Trek Continues, “Divided We Stand” (above), prompting him to ask about how much thought and care goes into getting the details of TOS, like musical cues, set lighting, costumes, etc, right on the money.


Patriotic musical cue from “Divided We Stand” (and, at least in part, from TOS episode “The Omega Glory”)

We also talked with James about what the Star Trek universe actually looks like. What does a map of our galaxy, in the landscape of Trek, really look like on paper? The authority on this issue is of course the awesome Stellar Cartography book by Trekspert Larry Nemecek, which you should all go out and buy right now. It sells for $47.99 on Amazon.

The book comes with fold out maps of various parts of the Star Trek universe and is a must have for any Trekkie