Episode 15: The Axanar Lawsuit, Summer Conventions, and Latest BEYOND News


This week, join the Shuttle Pod crew to talk about the latest in the Axanar Lawsuit, the start to a very busy convention season, as well as the most recent news about Star Trek Beyond (of which there isn’t much).

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First up on the Shuttle Pod – the latest in the lawsuit against Star Trek fan film Axanar. Alec Peters, head of the Axanar project and also one of the defendants in the intellectual property lawsuit against the fan film, recently spoke to Matt Miller over at TrekZone Spotlight in a video interview. We released Part One of that interview, and Part Two, in which things appear to get heated between interviewer and interviewee, will come out sometime this week, according to TrekZone.

Let the Summer convention season begin
Summer convention season is already upon us, and there is plenty more of that to come during this 50th anniversary year. On the podcast, Kayla and Jared relate their experiences at the first ever Silicon Valley Comicon and at Salt Lake City’s Fan X.

One of the biggest events of the year will be the 50th annual celebration put on by Creation Entertainment in Las Vegas. Jared spoke a bit about his exclusive interview with Creation’s co-CEO Gary Berman.

What’s up with Star Trek Beyond?
The Shuttle Pod crew takes a moment to lament, as usual, about the lack of Star Trek Beyond PR just 3 1/2 months before the movie premiers. We have had one piece of news with a new official image released of Scotty and a new alien character.

Kayla also talks about her Star Trek film PR timeline, where we compare the advertising schedule of Star Trek Beyond to that of that last film, Into Darkness, in terms of what advertising material (trailers, photos) came out how many days before the film’s release.

Last week, we did a Twitter poll asking: “What are you more excited for?” with options of either Star Trek Beyond or the new Star Trek television series. You’ll notice now that the same poll is live in the sidebar on the website! The twitter results were striking with 73% of 419 of our followers (admittedly a small sample set) saying they were more excited for the TV show.


At the time of writing, the results from our website poll are drastically different with 56% of 154 votes in favor of Beyond. What’s your vote?

And finally…
You’ll have to listen to the podcast to understand why we’ve photoshopped Worf’s head onto the body of OJ Simpson.