Episode 17: Larry Nemecek Talks Trek’s Past, Present, and Future

This week, the Shuttle Pod crew sits down with Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek to talk about Star Trek history, what Trek means today, and what the future of the franchise holds.

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Larry Nemecek is possibly most well known for his creation of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, has provided a wealth of material to the knowledge base of the Star Trek universe, particularly during the pre-Internet (read: pre-Memory Alpha) days, when Larry’s guide books were the only go to reference source you needed on your bookshelf.

On this episode, Larry talks about how he came into a life where Star Trek is his job. What was it like to write the first Star Trek Companion book?

We also asked him what he thinks about upcoming Star Trek Beyond and, perhaps more in Larry’s wheelhouse, how he feels about CBS’s new Star Trek television series, Star Trek All Access.

Finally, Larry gave us an insiders look into his Portal 47 deep dive fan experience. “It’s like a mini-con all year long—beamed right to your own center seat! Wherever that may be.” For $25/month, Portal 47 gives you access to Q&A’s, media, interviews, and all kinds of special stuff that Larry dredges up from the deepest reaches of Trekland.


You can get more from Larry at his official website, twitter, and at Larry Nemecek’s Trekland , Con of Wrath, Portal 47, and Trekland Trunk on facebook.