Episode 25: Beyond Star Trek Beyond – What’s Next For The Kelvin Timeline and Discovery?

This week, the Shuttle Pod crew talk the future of our favorite franchise. Given Star Trek Beyond‘s performance at the box office, will there be a fourth Kelvin timeline film? Do Beyond‘s low box office numbers put more pressure on Star Trek: Discovery to keep the franchise afloat? And, what does the exit of fan favorite Bryan Fuller as show runner mean for the show’s future?

Despite it being widely hailed as “the best of the three” Kelvin timeline films, the box office returns for Star Trek Beyond have been less than stellar. Its worldwide gross of $338 million (with a production budget of $185 million) is the lowest of all three Kelvin films, and Beyond also experienced by far the largest second weekend drop.

Box Office Mojo data for all three Kelvin timeline Star Trek films

Box office numbers for all three Kelvin timeline Star Trek films. Data from Box Office Mojo

The Shuttle Pod crew discuss the future of both the film and television franchise. What does this suggest about the fate of a fourth Kelvin film, which J.J. Abrams was touting before Beyond even hit theaters?

With the bombshell dropped on fandom last week that show runner Bryan Fuller, who had overwhelming support amongst the Star Trek fan base, would be stepping back as head of the production and taking on a smaller role in Discovery, does this put even more pressure on CBS’s new Star Trek series to compete? Can Discovery keep Star Trek’s momentum and maybe even kick it up a notch? Or are we in for another Star Trek dark ages akin to the post-ENT years?