Episode 33: Our Favorite Minor Star Trek Characters

Kevin Riley, Ensign Rivers, K’Ehleyr, Mr. Mot. These are names not heard too often on Star Trek but it doesn’t mean that their characters are unimportant or unappreciated. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew welcome fellow TrekMovie editor Matt Wright to discuss some of our favorite minor characters.

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What makes a minor character? There are many ways to define this, but we chose to implement the criteria that a character had to appear in three episodes or less to count as minor, but they had to be important enough to have a name (not much point to talking about random guy wearing a skant in the background, although he probably appeared in at least three episodes).

In this podcast, we hit some of our favorites: Harry Mudd, Kevin Riley, Ensign Rivers, Curzon Dax, K’Ehleyr, Vash, and our favorite barber Mr. Mot. It’s worth noting that this episode was recorded before the announcement that Harry Mudd will be involved in Star Trek: Discovery, as we reported last week.

Have a listen, and let us know what you think — does our analysis of these characters sit well with you? Do you have a bone to pick or a name to add to our (non-exhaustive) list? Let us know in the comments!