Episode 34: There’s a New Star Trek Show? The Latest on “Discovery”, Star Trek 4, and More

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a number of announcements related to CBS’s newest Star Trek show, a lack of announcements related to Paramounts fourth Kelvinverse film, a new fanseries episode, and more. In Discovery news, our lead character is finally official (and has a name!), Harry Mudd will make an appearance played by comedy star Rainn Wilson (of The Office fame), and Michael Dorn does not have plans to appear on Discovery. In Paramount’s corner, we still don’t know whether a fourth Kelvin universe film will be happening (and neither does Chris Pine). Plus, Star Trek Continues released their latest episode, and Jared takes a trip to a fan convention in Dubai.

Here is a quick recap of the stories in the last couple of weeks for those of you just tuning in:

Star Trek: Discovery News

More DSC news:

Star Trek 4 News (or lack thereof)


Dubai’s Comic-Con, Star Trek Continues, Emmy’s, and more

More news: