Episode 40: Star Trek: Discovery Comic-Con Recap and Trailer Reaction

This past week was San Diego Comic-Con, and along with it came an absolute deluge of news surrounding the soon-to-premiere Star Trek: Discovery. From a gallery full of screen used props and costumes (many of which we were seeing for the first time) to the first ever convention appearance of the full main cast and some crew to a brand new trailer to a press conference and red carpet event where TrekMovie got to talk with some of the USS Discovery’s crew, there is an awful lot of stuff to digest.

Sonequa Martin-Green, DSC’s lead, gives the Vulcan salute at SDCC 2017

What we learned at Comic-Con

Come along with the Shuttle Pod crew as we debrief and recap everything that happened at the con, with perspectives from Kayla, our “boots on the ground” in San Diego, and site editors Matt, Brian, and Jared who were covering the news back at base.

Kayla shares some experiences of actually meeting and briefly chatting with some of the cast and crew of Discovery. Matt gives us a glimpse at some of TrekMovie’s upcoming analysis and takes us down the rabbit hole of picking apart the new trailer, scene by scene.

New Trailer

CBS version (does not work outside USA)

Netflix international version (does not work in USA or Canada)

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