Introducing Shuttle Pod – The TrekMovie Podcast: V’Ger v. Nomad


A few months ago, TrekMovie writer Jared Whitley made a casual comment that the TOS episode “The Changeling” was better than Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Fellow TM writer Brian Drew picked up the gauntlet Jared threw down, and the two decided to debate the respective merits of the two tales, which are similar in plot if not in tone, theme, or scope.

To carry out the debate, we have inaugurated Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie Podcast. Let us know in the comment section what you think about the debate and the idea of TM podcast in general.


Shuttle Pod: Episode 1 – V’Ger v. Nomad


And even if this Shuttle Pod is a horrible disaster that goes down in flames, there will be another shiny new one in a couple weeks – just like on the show.

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