Shuttle Pod 114 – Review of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episodes 303 and 304

In this episode of the Shuttle Pod podcast, Brian, Matt, and Kayla sit down to go over the latest two episodes of Star Trek: Picard, representing the end of Act One of the season-long story arc. The crew are enjoying this season, even more than they thought they would, and Kayla has a couple of deep cut clues she may have uncovered in these two episodes. Plus, the crew come up with a very realistic and definitely correct fan theory about the Changelings’ buckets.

Perhaps the most fun clue we uncovered is the provenance of the knife used by Vadic to turn her hand into some kind of Changeling communication device. It reminds us of a certain Reman knife, but it turns out that (at least in non-canon works) the knife isn’t Reman at all… it’s Jem’Hadar. Listen in to find out more!

Relevant images to go along with this week’s podcast:

Picard and Beverly share a moment in sick bay

Two screen grabs, one from Star Trek: Picard and one from Star Trek: Nemesis showing Picard and Beverly having a personal conversation in sick bay.

We loved this scene between Picard and Beverly, showcasing their initial separation both emotionally and physically, which mirrors their behavior from a similar scene in Nemesis.

That alien language looks familiar…

Screen grab of the bomb planted aboard the Titan by the Changeling mole

A familiar language decorates the bomb planted aboard the Titan by the Changeling mole. Namely, it appears to be Dominionese (aka the Vorta language).

Screen grab from the end credits of Picard season 3 showing a diagram of the Shrike and an alien language.

The same alien language as on the Changeling’s bomb appears on a display in the end credits, alongside a diagram of the Shrike.

The dominion emblem on a computer display from Deep Space Nine

The Dominion emblem on a computer display in Deep Space Nine’s “The Dogs of War”.

Come to think of it, so does that knife…

Screen grab from Star Trek Picard episode 4 showing the knife that Vadic used to cut off a chunk of herself

The knife used by Vadic to cut off her hand and use it as a communication device.

The jackal knife is familiar since it was featured prominently in “Star Trek: Nemesis”. It even appeared in the poster as shown here.