Shuttle Pod 48: Our First Look At ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two And Two More Trek Movies

This week on the Shuttle Pod, your podcast crew discuss the exciting news that came out last week. In the same week we got a quick look at the start of production on Star Trek: Discovery season two, and then official confirmation that Paramount was planning not just one, but two, feature films. Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss. We were excited to get a glimpse at the USS Enterprise crew uniforms on Discovery, and that both the fourth Kelvin movie, with Chris Hemsworth returning as George Kirk, and the separate Tarantino project will be allowed to move forward.

Tarantino’s pitch for a new separate movie series is moving forward

Lastly, the crew indulges Matt in a little soapbox speech about placing The Original Series in its proper context to help reframe the current pop culture idea that TOS was “cheap.”