Shuttle Pod 50: That Nostalgia Show

Today can be a good day for nostalgia. But can too much nostalgia – which can be like “the pain from an old wound” – feel like getting hit with a pain stick?

In this episode of the Shuttle Pod, we discuss the retro-fixation of modern media, exploring the differences among nostalgia, references, continuity, and the divisive concept of fan service.

Brian, Jared, and Kayla take a deep dive into the nostalgic themes and content of 21st century Trek: Enterprise, the Kelvin-verse, fan films, and of course Discovery.

What’s the right way to do nostalgia? Why does all Trek-stalgia seem to be focused on TOS and not the Berman-era shows? Could Discovery please bring Clint Howard back for DSC season 2?

All this and more in this, our milestone 50th episode of The Shuttle Pod!