Shuttle Pod Supplemental: Star Trek Wines

Kayla sat down with Howard Jackowitz and Craig Spurrier of Wines That Rock, makers of officially licensed Star Trek Wines. Their team is made up of real Star Trek fans who have worked with CBS, the Klingon Language Institute, and even some Star Trek writers to create top-quality products that feel like they are taken right out of the Star Trek universe. And they don’t skimp on what’s inside the bottle. Not only is the packaging cool, but the wine is also delicious and meant to be enjoyed. The trio discusses the wines, the bottles, and the history of how these products were made.

We highlight the newest wines in the Star Trek Wines lineup, a Kanar red wine blend, and a United Federation of Planets Andorian Blue Chardonnay. In particular, the story behind the making of the Kanar bottle makes you realize just how much Wines That Rock cares about authenticity. One of only a handful of original bottles still in existence plus a metal stopper prop used in TNG’s “The Wounded” were used to create 3D models. Brand new Kanar bottles were produced at a glass forge in Italy, making these really unique.

You can purchase all of the Star Trek Wines and the Chateau Picard wine crate at

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TrekMovie and Wines That Rock have teamed up to give away some amazing Star Trek Wines prizes, including a Chateau Picard wine crate ($199), a Kanar bottle (empty) with topper and glass stopper ($45), a Federation metal medallion wine label ($20), and a $300 Star Trek Wines gift card!

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