Episode 4: Celebrating Star Trek Voyager’s 20th Anniversary

Having premiered in January 1995, Voyager has been celebrating its 20th anniversary. Before that anniversary ends and the series becomes legal to drink, we at Trek Movie wanted to pause and reflect on the series much as we’d done with TNG two shows ago, answering the question what is Voyager’s legacy?

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Shuttle Pod: Episode 4 – Celebrating Star Trek Voyager’s 20th Anniversary

Tidbits from this week’s podcast:
In this podcast, we discuss the various characters of Star Trek Voyager: how they interacted, and who stole the show. To answer the question “Who was the star of Voyager?”, Jared turned to Wikipedia, which lists the “star” character of each episode. When compiled for the entire 7 season series, the data look like this:

Percentage of episodes in which a given character (or ensemble, as “various”) was the star of a VOY episode. Data source: Wikipedia

From Jared’s Treknecdote… Multi-Vector Assault Mode!

Links to some of our favorite episodes discussed on the podcast: