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“The Gamesters of Triskelion” Screenshots & Video October 21, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback


SFX Video




Remastered & Original













Galt teaches discipline to Kirk

Kirk teaches birds and the bees to Shahna

Kirk teaches Gamesters a lesson in wagering

Kirk teaches some thralls how to die

The crew watch on pay-per-view


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1. Dr. Image - October 21, 2007

Dammit, Spock, I MISSED IT!!

2. Belar - October 21, 2007

Looking at this SFX is almost funny! Why bothering changing those shots of the ship when the originals were just fine?

3. Jim J - October 21, 2007

Why bother? To make them look better, just like this DID!

4. Harry Ballz - October 21, 2007

This is one of those episodes where it’s so BAD, it’s GOOD!!

5. Neal - October 21, 2007

Again, the issue of the incredibly tiny planet. Looked like the E could complete one orbit in under a minute! I wonder what these effects would look like if they were made by people who passed high school physics?

6. Noleuser - October 21, 2007

Too bad they couldn’t change the background from “The Devil in the Dark”, but it would have been too expensive and time consuming, but EVERYTHING looks great!

7. CanuckLou - October 21, 2007

Ah @5 its a planetoid not a planet so it should be smaller.

Yes changing the Devil background should have been done.

8. Michael Hall - October 21, 2007

*Sigh* Wonder what constructive criticism regarding these
fx would look like coming from those who didn’t think belaboring the obvious makes them sound really clever?

9. Rabelais - October 21, 2007

Love that last shot… the big close up of the nacelle, almost as if the CBS team were thumbing their collective noses at the people who used to complain about them!

10. David - October 21, 2007

Gotta say that the ship visuals are always fun to watch. The argument about the planet sizes – I totally agree.

Most of the effects work has been with the wide visuals and space shots. This is the one time I wish that the brains of the gamesters could have been improved. Heck, the Futurama take-off was better.

All in all – Star Trek (the original) just increased it’s shelf life for the HDTV generation. Great work!

11. CmdrR. - October 21, 2007

Not much to knock here. It’s amazing how many planets have rings now.

I’m collecting thoughts on the red running lights on the round hull part immediately below the main bridge. I can’t spot the lights here. There are only a few shots in both unremastered and remastered where they appear. Frankly, they look too large. Maybe they were an early incarnation of the 11′ model and were removed? Anybody know for sure? They’re extemely visible on the Defiant in “In a Mirror Darkly.”

(and for bonus points… whatever happened to the enormous white
light(s) to either side of the hangar deck? We all commented on them — some said they were tractor beam emitters. But, now they’re not to be seen. What gives??)

12. Magic_Al - October 21, 2007

My last pet peeve with the CG E is the anti-collision lights are way too dim. They were very bright on the original model and on the TMP version (in TMP they were bright enough to cause lens flares). These “anti-collision” lights are so dim, you couldn’t possibly see them before you saw the ship. It also bugs me because those lights were a detail Roddenberry asked for, as he was a pilot and aviation buff.

13. CmdrR. - October 21, 2007

OK, here those bad boys are. Comments? Am I the only one who can’t see them most of the time?


14. Sean4000 - October 21, 2007

#5 You wanted to know what VFX would look like if animators passed physics….look at #13’s pics and watch the episode.

The best episode of TOS-R was “In a Mirror Darkly, part II” ;)

15. Brian - October 21, 2007

I seem to remember standard orbit as being 30,000 kilometers. The planets shouldn’t look like earth does from the shuttle.

16. seangh - October 21, 2007

Sean4000 said: “The best episode of TOS-R was “In a Mirror Darkly, part II”

Good one! I love that model! Why on God’s green Earth would CBS / Paramount not hire Eden FX to do this remastering job. More expensive? Probably, but I am absolutely sure they would have nailed it based on the work they did for Enterprise.

17. GarySeven - October 21, 2007

#11-“Not much to knock here. It’s amazing how many planets have rings now. I’m collecting thoughts on the red running lights on the round hull part immediately below the main bridge. I can’t spot the lights here. There are only a few shots in both unremastered and remastered where they appear. Frankly, they look too large.”

#12-“My last pet peeve with the CG E is the anti-collision lights are way too dim.”
Oh boy. Did anyone notice that an original episode that described, but never showed, three suns now shows three suns? No. Did anyone mention that one of the suns is drawing gas from the other, and how cool that looked? No. How many cratered planetoids/planets were in the original? None, but they have it in this remastered version.
Some of the posts reflect not merely the sensibility of those who see the half empty glass- (that is too positive)- but a powerful commitment to misery.

18. MrRegular - October 21, 2007

Missed this one. On Purpose.
When a science fiction show temporarily puts its crew into slavery you know its running out of gas, or soon will be.

19. T Negative - October 21, 2007

The roto-scoping they did for Wink of an eye was more work than what they could have done here. Why did they not change the background power station from Devil in the Dark?? I thought the mandate if this re-mastering project called for them to re-do Matte paintings?? Yet another half ass-ed job by CBS Digital. How hard would it have been to put a conduit with some sort of energy bolt, beem or some type of reactor at the end of a long hallway?? It sure would have made a lot more sense than just a re-used matte painting from a previous episode that is there completely out of context. I guess it’s all about making a buck or two and rushing it out on DVD

Nice job on the ringed planet and the Tri-nary stars at Triskellion were very well done. All in all I will wait about 3-4 months to buy this set off of e-bay for 30 bucks. There is no way on God’s green Earth I’m buying this half ass-ed attempt by CBS – Paramount for over $100.00 . Shame on you guys.

20. OR Coast Trekkie - October 21, 2007

#13 CmdR

Is it just me, or is the antenna sticking out of the deflector at an agnle?

Missed the show, my job had me out of town this weekend, and with the Bo. Sox/Indians, no use in setting my VCR (my switch to Dish-DVR is coming soon). Turns out KLSR Eugene is not showing encores at 11:30 pm Sunday. Can any Eugene market folks give me any insight?

As for not changing the Devil in the Dark background, that does sound disappointing. I thought they decided to take care of things like that…

Good shots of the Enterprise, but nothing new this week, but still good.

21. OR Coast Trekkie - October 21, 2007

Oh yes, the planet is great too

22. Sean4000 - October 21, 2007

Sean, 2 of 3,

It had to be a money issue. Although it could not have been THAT big. CBS isa screed up company that is headed for disaster. Eden did a fantastic job on Enterprise. As did Digital Domain/Eden FX for Nemesis.

That being said we now have half way decent remasters and an inconsistent DVD box set. Hmm. “someone’s” philosophy worked out just fine didn’t it?!?!

There is nothing we can do except thank God that CBS-D has no influence on, and ILM has the reigns for, Trek XI’s VFX. That would be a worse call than not including Shatner in a TOS Trek flick. Which I could actually live with. :/

23. Tom - October 21, 2007

Not sure if Boston even saw this episode. It was scheduled for thee wee hours of the morning and college football ran more than an hour over.

As far as the ENT being too close, orbiting too fast etc. That was always a problem with TOS, not just the remastered version. Orbit times depend on planet size, of course. But for a 30K km orbit about earth should take 9 hours. It always looked like the E made a complete orbit in 40 seconds

24. dave - October 21, 2007

I hope the actual ep. looks better than these grabs. Looks INCREDIBLY washed out, dull, flat. The original FX shots, (at least above) look MUCH more dynamic, colorful and even, (gasp!) realistic!

25. steve623 - October 21, 2007

“Some of the posts reflect not merely the sensibility of those who see the half empty glass- (that is too positive)- but a powerful commitment to misery. ”

Beautifully said. And T-Negative’s name is aptly chosen.

26. steve623 - October 21, 2007

“I hope the actual ep. looks better than these grabs. Looks INCREDIBLY washed out, dull, flat. The original FX shots, (at least above) look MUCH more dynamic, colorful and even, (gasp!) realistic!”

The grabs are weak representations of what the actual shows look like – especially this week’s. As I have said many times before, don’t judge the work if you can’t watch the show. The grabs don’t do the work justice.

27. toddk - October 21, 2007

looked okay to me

28. MichaelJohn - October 21, 2007

The new CGI effects looked good but not great in this episode. But since I never really cared for this episode, any CGI improvements wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway…

But I did like that close up shot of the nacelle cap during the end credits. That looked pretty cool!

Episode grade: C+ (mediocre)

Mike :o

29. Engon - October 21, 2007

So, you’re asking yourself where did the Providers get that cool Pyrex (r)dome to shield there brains?


They bought it from Lazarus…


30. Engon - October 21, 2007

Uh, that is, “their brains.”

31. R.C. Williams - October 21, 2007

#24 – The new FX shots have NEVER looked washed out on my display (55-inch Sony SXRD) at home. I don’t know what program Anthony is using for his captures, but I think his captures do make the new FX shots appear a bit darker. In terms of lighting, they have always looked fine to me and should look even better when they arrive in HD – which’ll be the true litmus test for all of this work from CBS Digital, imho.

32. trekee - October 21, 2007

@13 – CmdrR

Thanks for the link, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the detail through the windows before, really gives it a sense of scale (actually makes it a little smaller, but more ‘believable’ IMO). Must go and find a similar shot of the TOS-R model for comparison now.

33. Penhall - October 21, 2007


Why didnt they change the matte? I dont care how rushed for time they are. DO IT. Thats the one mandate that they should at least follow.

This is ridiculous and UNACCEPTABLE.

34. Al - October 21, 2007

I’d have traded the rings for a new matte painting. Without it, it seems hardly worth bothering with the rest of the episode effects.

35. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - October 21, 2007

Is it just me, or did some of the shots of the Big E look better in the original episode, than in this remaster? Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the new planets, and all the extra detail, and many of the beauty shots of the ship, but there are some new shots of Enterprise herself that look rather flat, and cartooney, and have none of the presence–or dare I say I, gravitas–of the original filming of the studio model?

I think it would have been better for CBS-D to remaster those things that needed it (starscapes, some planets, some inconsistent shots of the ship), but NOT MESS WITH the good shots! Clean them up, maybe add a litle detail here and there, but don’t remove the old shots, just for the sake of redoing them. Even LUCAS didn’t do that…sometimes :)

Case in point: WNMHGB. The original shots of Enterprise in the energy barrier were beautiful, made the ship look realistic (and scaled correctly) while the remastered shots of Enterprise were boring and carried none of the weight of the original. No drama, no nothing. Just another pass of the ship through another strange thing. In the words of the Black ‘Lectroids from Planet 10, “So what. Big deal.”

And, while I’m bitching, shouldn’t we have seen some damage on Enterprise during “The Doomsday Machine?” I mean, c’mon, the thing ripped Constellation a new one, but Enterprise doesn’t have a scratch, even though it got nailed by the planet killer SEVERAL times. We even hear from the Comm officer, “Lt. Don’t-you-wish-Nichelle-would-take-more-days-off” (or whatever her name was, if she even had one) that there’s been both an outer and an inner hull breach. Shouldn’t we have seen some damage on the ship? Even if we don’t see any action shots of hulls blowing out, shouldn’t there have been some damage–or repaired damage, like in ST:TSFS–visible during flybys?

Say what you will about ENT, but even though many of the stories sucked, and it tended to use canon as toilet paper, they sure beat the hell out of NX-01, and it looked GREAT taking that beating. CBS-D, take a cue…

Okay, I’m done complaining. G’nite, all.

36. seangh - October 22, 2007

That shot of Kirk with the three brains was completely locked down – no camera movement – that could have been rotoscoped relatively easy enough – not a slam dunk, but certainly worth it in order to liven up that whole scene.

Also, in the first shot when Uhura, Chekov and Kirk first appear in the arena – Kirk looks up and talks about the 3 suns. That would have been a perfect spot for a nice cut away of the Triskelion sky…

37. Scarecrow - October 22, 2007

Wow! I hope those screengrabs aren’t the final version because the originals were actually better!!!!!!!!!

38. Penhall - October 22, 2007


Exactly. It would not have been that tough. Hell, the rotoscope shots they did in “Wink of an eye” were a lot more complex.

All the Enterprise orbiting shots were stock shots used from their “library” of Enterprise images. All they had to do was create the ringed planet. THATS IT. Why not make a new matte?

This is something that should be mandatory. Like I said, I dont care how rushed they are. I really dont. They should have done it.

39. T in HI - October 22, 2007

Compare the sixth and seventh sets of pics of the Enterprise as seen from below the wmv file–two pics of the Enterprise in space with no planet in the background. I’m sorry, but the old versions are WAY MORE believable images than the new editions.

I guess any hope of improvement is not realistic. Can’t wait to be disappointed by “The Ultimate Computer”…..

40. Wario - October 22, 2007

The FX were not good, because of it they change.
It is an absurd remastered the whole series and not to do it in this one.
If you do not like the changes simply do not see it.

41. Robo- Cop - October 22, 2007

Ok…..rather then using Wikipedia I wonder…..does any know the name of the big beastly brute with the huge fangs that carries and uses a whip? With his eyes rolled up in his head its a wonder he could see anything or anyone. So does anyone know? Thanks a lot!

42. Cervantes - October 22, 2007

#Sigh# Once again, the appeal of some very nice new shots by CBS Digital are tempered by something really distracting ( such as the series’ wobbly old handphaser beams ) being untouched…such as that ‘cave’ matte which cried out for a redo.

Oh well, onto the next one…

43. RetroWarbird - October 22, 2007

The planetoid is alright. Personally I think planets with rings are the coolest thing in the universe, although I realize there are fewer than say, planets without rings.

As for planetoids with rings … or “Dwarf Planets” as we call them here in the not 23rd century … I don’t know the physics of it. Anything with a big enough gravitational pull to form itself into a spheroid should technically be able to have orbiting particles of dust.

Anyway … Triskelion itself is a decent looking, interesting to look at planet. Not just some gray rock in space … and its rocky, craggy colors match the cave backgrounds from the sets. Not that a striking blue planet with blotchy green continents couldn’t have rocky, craggy caves.

44. Greg Stamper - October 22, 2007

#41 – “does any know the name of the big beastly brute with the huge fangs that carries and uses a whip?”

Must use Memory Alpha myself – –
‘Kloog was played by actor Mickey Morton. Kloog has the same relative appearance as the Kaylar species, which means he may come from Rigel VII.’

45. Stanky McFibberich - October 22, 2007

The bad thing about this episode is that Chekov has too much screen time.
I liked the effects.

46. StillKirok - October 22, 2007

I love this episode. For all the messages TOS sent, for all the great writing, for all the great acting, and legendary shows, this episode was simply Kirk kicking the crap out of people. It rocked. The opening scene was one of my favorites ever especially when Chekov and Uhura were subdued, and Kirk beat his opponent.

47. FREAKAZOID - October 22, 2007

Anyone else notice the CG folks seem to really like rings aronud their planets? *LOL*

48. Ty Webb - October 22, 2007

Is it me of is the hull of the Enterprise a bit too clean on the CG Enterprise?

49. Leonel - October 22, 2007

#45 – Apparently true because I was looking forward to that CHEEKOOF bit and missed it.. I think it was cut for syndication..

50. Diabolik - October 22, 2007

I always thought it was funny how the rule of fighting at the end was that you couldn’t step on certain colors, but Kirk was all over them while doing his trademarked Shatner moves!

51. eagle219406 - October 22, 2007

I may be wrong but With the background that people say wasn’t changed. I saw a small flashing light on it that I don’t remember seeing in the original. If you look just past Kirk’s head to the right, you will see it.

52. seangh - October 22, 2007

#50 – I thought that too…

It would have been cool if CBSD created an alarm type effect, with the colors glowing when one person stepped in the others space – another nice touch that would have made this so-so episode just a bit more tolerable.

Another swing and miss by the CBSD team….

53. Robo- Cop - October 22, 2007

# 44 : Thanks for the info on that nasty brute. Now I wonder….was he in many or any other series of the time period – that being the 1960’s and so on?

54. homelite - October 22, 2007

oh my.

#33 and those who would agree; using allcaps and proclaiming ‘unacceptable’ may help you to express your rage, but trying to invalidate the hard, creative work done by cbsd doesn’t exactly show your love of trek.

no cross-eyed trall hotties for you.
now go to the corner and think about what you’ve done.

55. Cervantes - October 22, 2007

#51 eagle219406

If that is true, then it was hardly worth doing for all the difference it makes…

#52 seangh

That would have been a very nice touch.

56. T Negative - October 22, 2007

I have watched the re-masters on Channel 2 in Denver and the picture has always been very good. The new shots of the Enterprise are SUPERIOR to the originals in my opinion. The screen grabs from above do not do the actual show any justice at all.

I have been watching the shows on a DirectTV HD DVR with a 50″ Panasonic Plasma and the new imagery is stunning.

Now if they would get those damn phasers fixed and the matte paintings and……

57. CmdrR. - October 22, 2007

18-Missed this one. On Purpose.
When a science fiction show temporarily puts its crew into slavery you know its running out of gas, or soon will be.

Actually, it’s running out of gas when an adorable never-before-mentioned cousin in a bowl haircut shows up on the Enterprise.

58. Thomas Jensen - October 22, 2007

It looks good overall, but would’ve liked that cave matte redone and where are the colored lights below the hanger deck? On the cgi model they always seem ‘off’.

59. DavidJ - October 22, 2007

I really liked the new planets in this one. The gigantic craters looked awesome on the first, and the way the light reflected off the water on the second was really cool too.

That’s probably my favorite thing about these remastered eps– no matter how cheesy some of the physical sets might look, these new establishing shots still do a LOT to make you feel like the Enterprise is in a truly different corner of the galaxy every week.

60. JBS (I like to vote, don't you? Yes or No) - October 22, 2007

StillKirok said “I love this episode. For all the messages TOS sent, for all the great writing, for all the great acting, and legendary shows, this episode was simply Kirk kicking the crap out of people. It rocked.”

LOL – apparently you are easily satisfied, know what you like, and you are not a complainer. I find you refreshing.

61. bdrcarter - October 22, 2007

What’s really bothering me about the CGI Enterprise is the piece of hull plating on the starboard nacelle pylon just above and to the right of the upper window. As I recall, on the physical model it was a steely gray color with hints of cooper along the leading edge of the rectangular shape…suggesting distress or wear. Now it’s more of a sea blue/gray and the stress marks are gone all together! What gives? Where’s the realism? It’s really a cartoony-looking hull plate now. And don’t even get me started on the size of it! At least 30% bigger than on the original model. The symmetry of the plating on the entire upper quarter of the pylon is completely off.

Someone at CBS-D should be shown the door.

62. Nelson - October 22, 2007

I have not seen this one yet, I don’t understand all the hatred to CBS because they didn’t change the underground matte. It was obviously going to be much more time consuming to rotosope out compared to Wink of An Eye. Look at it this way, in the context of only the Remastered epsodes, this is the first time you see it in that incarnation.

This episode has a nice toucing moment at the end as Shahna says good-bye to Kirk as he goes back to the points of light in the sky.

63. Dan Miller - October 22, 2007

I’m not paying $139 for this half assed shit.
I like the work CBS-D has done but they simply are not doing enough!
Not replacing the matte from Janus 6 is absolutly stupid.
Whoever is in charge of the schedule for CBS-D…get in your bosses office and tell him you’re losing business because of a half assed effort!

64. Kyle Nin - October 22, 2007

How come there’s no screenshot of Triskelion on the bridge viewscreen?

65. DavidJ - October 22, 2007

LOL, like replacing the matte would really have improved the episode or made it more watchable.

Save your outrage for a better episode, at least.

66. The Man - October 22, 2007

anti collision lights? what the hell would they need those for?

67. Mr. Atoz - October 22, 2007


Yes, it would have.

So now there in full “pick and choose” mode on which should get the best improvement. I would like more consistency.

68. cd - October 22, 2007

The quality of the effects is inconsistent, to say the least. It has ranged from brilliant: Menagerie, Wink of an Eye, Charlie X; to bad/cartoony: the closeups of the top of the primary hull in orbit/flyby. (It looks like they used the Enterprise from the original cover of the Star trek Concordance.) As if they have an A team and a B (or maybe Z) team.
I too expect something brilliant after the cool background in WOAE, but I guess not. I know GoT is not the greatest episode, but neither was WoAE.
Even Spock’s Brain got the cool new landscape at beamdown shot. Do we need to get Daren Dochterman to redo these? >;>}

69. sean's clone - October 22, 2007

By now, it is abundtantly clear that CBSD is just rushing these shows out to meet a DVD schedule that some suit at CBS has determined will maximize profits.

If the Okuda’s have any pull left – PLEASE – stop this madness and put this project back on track. I can certainly wait for shows to be released – 10 episodes a season will work for me.

Anthony, is there any way to get an update from the folks at CBSD as to why recent episodes seem to be barely touched beyond film restoration and replacing the space shots? Can we get a tease with “The Ulitmate Computer” and “The Enterprise Incident” – please something – like me, I’m afraid many fans are losing their faith in this project.

70. cd - October 22, 2007

#62 – It still looks too much like Janus, as it stil looks in the remastered shot, enough that it should have been changed, radically. Something based on threes, of course.
I miss Star Trek Remastered…already. >;>}

71. sean's clone - October 22, 2007

#52 –

Cool idea with glowing color segments in the arena. In fact, those colors are strong enough where I bet that they could have pulled some mattes by keying the yellow and the blue – that would have saved hours of rotoscoping. I’ve pulled mattes off worse….

72. Andy Patterson - October 22, 2007

I too think we’re playing a bit of the same note over and over with all the planets with rings. It’s like TNG placing ridges on alien foreheads. Getting old.

I do however, always enjoy seeing Kirk killing his opponents in this one. It’s very satisfying. It however makes me wish the Andorian race had been better explored.

While I’m on that note, I’d love to see any future Trek projects go back to the practice of casting foreign actors to play other alien races. It was genius having French Hungarian actor Reggie Nalder play the Andorian in Journey to Babel. Watching him wrap his mouth around English lines lent much credibility to the performance.

Along the same lines, having ex wife of Peter Lorre (wouldn’t Lorre have made a great alien), Celia Lovsky play T’Pau of Vulcan was inspired.

Both great casting choices.

73. OneBuckFilms - October 22, 2007


Actually, I think that’s incorrect.

With the Wink of an Eye, you had no transparency to deal with, and the Matte Painting was pretty much shades of Blue, making the pulling off of a mask easier.

With Gamesters, the Matte painting was muptiple colors, meaning each frame would need to be rotoscoped completely manually.

Also with Gamesters, the dome Kirk is behind is a reflective glass transparency.

This means that it is virtually impossible to pull off a decent mask, since the transparent areas show a mix of both the painting in the background, as well as the glass itself.

This is probably why the Matte painting was not replaced in this instance.

74. Greg Stamper - October 22, 2007

#53- “was he in many or any other series of the time period – that being the 1960’s and so on?”

I should have posted this with the other link earlier – –

Mickey Morton (8 March 1927 – 8 August 1993; age 66) is an actor who appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series, playing drill thrall Kloog in the second season episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion”.

Outside of Star Trek, his other television credits include guest appearances on Gunsmoke, I Dream of Jeannie, Fantasy Island (starring Ricardo Montalban), Alice (with Vic Tayback), and as “Mr. Sullivan” in two episodes of Growing Pains. He also co-starred with fellow TOS guest stars Frank Gorshin and William Schallert in the 1979 TV special Legends of the Superheroes and with LeVar Burton and Kurtwood Smith in the 1985 TV movie The Midnight Hour.

His film credits include Fun with Dick and Jane (1977), The North Avenue Irregulars (1979), and Off the Wall (1983, starring Paul Sorvino).


75. DavidJ - October 22, 2007


It’s true they’re not always consistent with the live-action FX (particularly when it comes to things like phaser beams), but overall I’d say overall the show now looks MUCH more consistent FX-wise than it did in the original versions.

Putting aside whether the ship is always rendered properly, at least it now looks like the same damn ship in every episode. I found the constant switching back and forth between models in the original a LOT more distracting than anything CBSD has or hasn’t done to the show.

The consistency of the Enterprise, and the greater VARIETY of shots (instead of the meager handful of stock shots we used to see), completely makes up for any other quibbles I might have with CBSD.

76. sean's clone - October 22, 2007

73. OneBuckFilms

Good points about the matte, but Kirk hardly moves, so hand rotoscoping would not be that difficult, just time consuming. I doubt they pulled a matte off the background in “Wink of an Eye” – it’s all about the edge which would have to be cleaned up by hand anyway. I think it really is more of a matter time – thousands more frames than “Wink”

As far as the matte showing through the plastic dome – it’s a locked down shot so that too could have been replaced, add some lens and light distortion and voila – again it’s all doable – it’s really all a time thing, which I think CBSD just doesn’t have in abundance given their resources, or so it would appear.

77. T Negative - October 22, 2007


Excellent point about the glass dome. I had not even considered that it would make the job very difficult to roto-scope around it or through the transparent portion of it.

To be clear, the work CBS is doing is quite good. It’s the stuff they are not doing that is driving a lot of fans crazy. I think the Okudas would love to change everything they could but the suits at Paramount only see dollar signs and if they continue with this half ass-ed mentality people won’t buy it!!

78. star trackie - October 22, 2007

“I’m not paying $139 for this half assed shit.”

Me either…I’m paying $129! And I can’t wait!

79. Nelson - October 22, 2007

re: 76 and 73-

I thought the same thing, trying to rotoscope around the dome was probably just too much effort for the time and schedule allowed.

But Sean’s clone, have you and many here just simply forgotten the Prime Directive of the Remaster effort? The whole point was to replace all the space shots, ships, planets and space anomolies. Where possible and doable, they would included matte paintings. Anything extra is gravy. That’s the inconsistant part I think you guys are forgetting, whenever it’s possible, they add extras, a little porthole here and there, a chronometer, Norman’s guts, display screens, and when the opticals can be altered, they enhance a phaser beam, etc.

It’s be interesting for you guys to be in the shoes of these guys doing this entire project and see how you feel afterwards.

And it would be very cool if Anthony could get an interview or insight at CBS Digital. I imagine the project is getting close to winding down given the release schedule of the HD DVD’s Season 2 out in the first quarter of 2008 and Season 3 out before the end of 2008.

80. Xplodin' Nacelle - October 22, 2007

Did anybody else notice how dull the picture quality looked in this episode? (see the Assorted Shots). It just looked like muted tones this week. Nothing jumped out at me. The color was dull too. Also, what was up with Spock’s voice? It sounded muted down, or dulled too. This was by far my least favorite episode of the TOS-R project. I give CBS-D a “D” grade on this effort.

81. Diabolik - October 22, 2007

The gripes that “the original shots are better” don’t make sense to me… I find it hard to grasp that anyone could look at even this episode, with it’s motley collection of mis-matched stock images, all heavily re-used forever, and think that the new effects are not as good. Just not logical.

I think the new effects lift the show from the trap of low-budget shortcuts, spotty bluescreen effects, and mis-matched stock shots, to a level that make them more believable. When I see the ship now, I can believe that they are really on it! It needed this facelift.

82. Xplodin' Nacelle - October 22, 2007

I just read through all 81 comments, & at least Dave # 24 seems to agree with me. (Way too washed out transfers.) Misery loves company. Thanks Dave!

P.S. I’m changing my grade for CBS-D. I give ’em an “F” this week. Just Awful.

83. OneBuckFilms - October 22, 2007


Amen to that !!!

If you want to know what CBS Digital’s likely timeline is, we could combine the episode air dates and the HD-DVD Release Dates.

I know they are over the half-way mark, and there are still some big FX episodes to come:

The Ultimate Computer, Elaan of Troyius, The Cage (Original Pilot, I hope they get to finish that one off), The Enterprise Incident etc.

Chances are, since they have to manage their resources for this, they are putting more time into the effects-heavy episodes.

Given this, there needs to be a good ROI on anything they do, so that they can do the best work they can.

If they go back and re-render the earliest episodes with the newer Enterprise model, I think things could turn out great in my eyes.

84. Oceanhopper - October 22, 2007

Re: #79
I dread to think what CBS-Digital have to say to us lot. Their hard work under very demanding schedules and budgets has been continually criticized on these boards; often unfairly.

I have a few pet peeves about the artistic choices / compromises they’ve made, and constructive criticism is fair enough, but some of the recurring complaints thrown at them over the last few weeks have been little better than heckling.

So if anyone from CBS-D is reading this thread, I’d like to thank you for your efforts. Not always what I’d have done, but it is a pleasure to log in each Monday and see what’s been done with each new episode.

PS – Well done on those nacelle caps. Perfect. ;-)

85. Harry Ballz - October 22, 2007

Why such a tight time constraint with a FORTY YEAR OLD TV SHOW??? They should take their time, do it once and do IT RIGHT!!!

86. Windsor Bear - October 22, 2007

81 – Sorry, but I have to agree with some of the others here… there are a few beauty shots of the Enterprise model from the second and third seasons that CGI have not been able to come close to. And it’s hard to pin it down to any “one” thing. It’s the overall look. And it’s not just CBS/D. You can put work from CBS/D, Eden FX, Darren, etc, next to certain beauty shots of the original model, and a lot of people are going to pick the original model shots as looking better. Those were just magic shots that take your breath away. Would love to see those shots on the big screen.

87. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 22, 2007

Planetary rings looked better than last week (I believe i actually saw debris in the rings as should be while last week the rings were smooth)

Planet looked too flat, too cgi

Ships shots were all recycled, we have seen them before

Print looked very crisp, colors vibrant and lifelike

Nothing extra, meh???

88. sean's clone - October 22, 2007

79. Nelson

I remember the “prime directive.” CBSD really wowed us early on with some episodes, but and I’m disappointed with the inconsistent effort recently. Make no mistake, I absolutely appreciate the work done by the individuals at CBSD. I blame the suits for not getting behind this project with a bigger budget and more resources.

I’m hoping against hope that we get some amazing stuff with the fan fave episodes yet to come which will go a long way to make up for the disappointment I feel with some of the “lesser” episodes. However, like others, I would have preferred a more consistent effort the whole way through.

89. OneBuckFilms - October 22, 2007

86 – They were great shots. Iconic images, and they should be preserved as much for their beauty as their historical significance.

I believe one of the things that prompted this Remastering project was the fact that they didn’t hold up well in HD.

I am glad that we have the originals unaltered, for this reason.

I am also glad to see the new visuals for the HD-DVD release, since it ensures that the series holds up well for the future.

Paramount/CBS has treated this show extremely well, and I trust them far more than George Lucas’s new effects efforts from ’97.

Kudos to all involved with this project. Thank you, CBS-D.

90. Mr. Atoz - October 22, 2007


Is the job impossible?
Probably not, and if the team didn’t need to worry so much about time constraints then this probably would have gotten done.

It’s like the “R” on the tombstone, lack of time killed that one too.
It’s starting to get old.

91. AtomicDog - October 22, 2007

Why shouldn’t rings be more common in Star Trek? Half the planets in our solar system have rings.

92. GaryP - October 22, 2007

It’s funny. I see a remastered episode and I say to myself, “You know, that should look a lot better.” But then, I’ll see a season five TNG episode and the effects are not nearly as good as this remastering. I think we all can be very demanding becuase we hold the material so close to our hearts.

93. I AM THX-1138 - October 22, 2007

I cannot agree with the people here that say the original shots from the 60’s are better. I think some of us have our rose colored glasses firmly in place. I have the original series on DVD like most of you and when my 13 year old son, who is a huge Trek fan and very open minded about how the FX from 40 yrs ago was limited, he LAUGHS OUT LOUD at some of the shots of the Enterprise. Shots where you can see through the hull. Herky-jerky movements. Old ship, new ship inconsistencies. Planets with no clouds. Alien ships that are nothing more than spinning points of light.

Even with limitations, I’ll take the new FX shots any day over the old.

94. OneBuckFilms - October 22, 2007

90 – As they say: Time is Money, and if Paramount/CBS are not making a profit, they cannot justify doing this.

Remember, Star Trek is a Franchise, a Property, a business venture.

This means that by necessity, the time to spend on such endeavors has to be balanced with the revenue generated.

Otherwise, Paramount and CBS would cease to exist, and no new trek, no remastered episodes, and no other creative works could ever be done by them.

Art and business have always had a tense sybiotic relationship.

Business must allow for artistic integrity, and Art must allow for business practicality.

The reality is, nobody will ever get everything they want, so there is compromise so that both sides get 90% of what they want, and things can actually happen.

5% of these efforts have impressed me, 90% of the efforts have pleased me.

The other 5% is the earlier version of the Enterprise (see Miri and The Corbomite Maneuver).

95. sean's clone - October 22, 2007


Well said. I totally get where you are coming from and I am personally schitzo on this whole thing.

part of me says: Man this is great – we are so lucky to get TOS re-visited and cleaned up and then the space shots re done- amazing!

the other part says: Damn – I wish they wouild take their time and do this right – fix this and that and in all episodes. After all, if CBS / Paramount doesn’t do it – who will?

I think you are a bit generous in your evalutation – I’m about 65 – 70% satisfied over-all, which is a D+ / C- for this effort.

96. Pat - October 22, 2007

Are there any plans to start reviewing the remastered episodes again. I certainly enjoyed reading the reviews last season and would welcome their reappearance on the site.

97. Utterlee - October 22, 2007

93 – I cannot agree with the people here that say the original shots from the 60’s are better. I think some of us have our rose colored glasses firmly in place. I have the original series on DVD like most of you and when my 13 year old son, who is a huge Trek fan and very open minded about how the FX from 40 yrs ago was limited, he LAUGHS OUT LOUD at some of the shots of the Enterprise. Shots where you can see through the hull. Herky-jerky movements. Old ship, new ship inconsistencies. Planets with no clouds. Alien ships that are nothing more than spinning points of light.

I absolutely agree. People keep saying the old shots are more realistic. In what way I cannot fathom, they plainly look like the crudely composited model shots they are.Obviously they’re pretty good for the time and budget of the era, but they look nothing like a real space-ship in space. The CGI shots lok much better, and I’m only able to see them on the low-res clips on this website.

98. OR Coast Trekkie - October 22, 2007


You gotta remember, many of the folks commenting here were seeing Star Trek when they were 10… and everything was better when you were 10.

99. Mr. Catspaw - October 22, 2007

Well, I am going to break with the ingrates and malcontents here and say I LIKED WHAT THEY DID!!! Good work, CBS-D!!! Don’t let these bastages get you down…they are probably ten years old anyway.


100. MichaelJohn - October 22, 2007

#78 Your post made me laugh. Very funny!

Mike :o

101. Penhall - October 22, 2007

I stand by my UNACCEPTABLE comment.

Look, I think CBS Digital is awesome. After a shaky start, they’ve really done some awesome work. The new Enterprise FX is beautiful and I cant wait to see the episodes uncut on DVD.

Having said that, the fact that they failed to replace an old and inferior matte image is a huge proble. It was a brief scene in an episode that had very little work done on it. They did more with “Wink of an Eye” than they did with this episode. I dont understand why theydidnt fix it.

With a project like this, these things NEED to be done, plain and simple. I know I sound like an ass, but I’m disappointed. The one thing I look forward to is the new mattes and they left this one untouched. So now the series will have new mattes in every episode except this one?

It just doesnt work with what they are trying to do with this project.

102. seangh - October 22, 2007


I agree with your sentiments. CBSD is awesome – those folks there clearly love Star Trek and are devoted to a very cool project. I can’t blame the guys who are pushing the pixels around – they can only do what they can do. THe blame has to go further up the chain to the Okudas and ultimately the suits who can’t adequately budget this project.

The biggest problem has been the inconsistency and dropping the bar way low on certain episodes.

103. Sean4000 - October 22, 2007

Inconsistency! BINGO, Sean.! you nailed it right there!

104. OneBuckFilms - October 22, 2007

101, 102 – When asking for this Matte painting to be replaced, are you considering that practicality comes into the picture?

What may seem simple, as I explained before, is anything but.

It was a matte painting that was projected on the set live.

Reflective and refractive glass on the set make this almost impossible.

And although Kirk is standing, look closely. He IS moving.

It is unreasonable, in my opinion, to expect this particular shot to be done.

The backgrounds for The Menagerie and Wink of an Eye were vastly simpler and more manageable, in that there was a simpler method for pulling off the matte.

No glass, no reflections, no issues.

105. seangh - October 22, 2007

OneBuck – with all due respect. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to expect this shot to be re-matted.

Is it more complex than others? Yes it is.

I think where we differ is in the feasability of the re-matte. You think it’s unreasonable because it’s a complicated re-matte – agreed, though I disagree to the extent the dome present s a problem. There are very creative ways to over come that.

I believe that it is not only feasable, but a requirement in a re-mastering effort that has previously established background painting mattes would be re-done.

As for the shot at hand, there are many ways to skin this cat. For one, the entire foreground with the providers could have been recreated and layered on top of the roto’d original shot of Kirk, in turn layered on top of the new background. ANother method (not the best) would have been to preseve the some of the original matte painting and simply extended it, carefully avoiding any areas around the plexiglass dome.

Either way, it would take some time – but it takes what it takes.

106. Commodore Z - October 22, 2007

Is it possible? Sure seems that way.

Does the fact that they’ve redone some mattes mean that they’re promising to do all of them? I haven’t heard such a promise. Have you?

Is it a requirement to do what you’re suggesting? Only if you’re the one writing the big checks.

I liked the three suns, by the way. And it was nice to see a non-Class-M planet for a change.

107. Cervantes - October 23, 2007

Ahem, once again…

Any chance of that new interview with the CBS Digital team yet, with some questions suggested by the folks HERE Anthony?… ;)

108. Nuallain - October 23, 2007

I think there’s two sides of “reasonableness” when it comes to the matte. Is it unreasonable to have hoped, maybe even expected it would be re-done? Or be disappointed that it wasn’t? No, I don’t think so.

Considering the issues involved, though, is it reasonable to demand it be redone or be enraged by the fact that it wasn’t? No. No, it’s not.

109. Chris Pike - October 23, 2007

The glass distortion in front of the matte painting replacement would dictate a vast amount of extra work to pull it off with any amount of success.

110. sean's clone - October 23, 2007

109 –

It’s really no that much more work – there exists a vast array of lens distortion filters to simulate the dome distortion that would allow it to blend with the distorted lower part of Kirk’s body. Even if you did not want to go that route, like others have said, there are ways around that, like completely replacing the foreground or just working with the existing matte painting and extanding it at the edges.

I’m tired of this discussion quite frankly. CBSD had their reasons not to make the change. Most likely it was because of time and money issues. I’m just hoping they are using the time they save to really do a bang up job on “the Ultimate Computer” ;)

111. OneBuckFilms - October 23, 2007

105 – The idea of doing just the top-half to avoid the dome is interesting.

I wonder if anyone at CBS-Digital considered it?

The backing would look a little odd though, unless they were really careful.

Another possibility would be to CGI a new dome and the bottom-half of Shatner, and work it that way.

The thing is, as doable as they are, I think both potential solutions would be time prohibitive.

Good ideas none the less.

112. I AM THX-1138 - October 23, 2007

Wouldn’t it be great if they could just “Lucasify” the shots and all they would have to do is isolate all the actors out of the shots, while they removed all unnecessary elements of the background, then re-insert the actors into a digitally created scene that while all fresh and shiny and new, still had all the elements that the die hard Trek fans insist on? It’s so easy a baby could do it!

And while they’re at it, could they bring back my dead cat, Whispers?

113. homelite - October 23, 2007

nice one THX, lol.
…and then maybe “whispers” could be CGI’d in to replace the salt vampire.

114. OneBuckFilms - October 23, 2007

112 – LOL.

I’m going to add “Lucasify” to my word list today.

Basically though, they kind of did that for a couple of beam-in shots :-)

115. eagle219406 - October 23, 2007

#42. What are you talking about the hand phaser beams. The Phasers were never even Fired. They tried but it didn’t work.

116. eagle219406 - October 23, 2007

93 – I cannot agree with the people here that say the original shots from the 60’s are better. I think some of us have our rose colored glasses firmly in place. I have the original series on DVD like most of you and when my 13 year old son, who is a huge Trek fan and very open minded about how the FX from 40 yrs ago was limited, he LAUGHS OUT LOUD at some of the shots of the Enterprise. Shots where you can see through the hull. Herky-jerky movements. Old ship, new ship inconsistencies. Planets with no clouds. Alien ships that are nothing more than spinning points of light

I Agree with you on that Myself. Don’t forget the times when they mentioned ships on the screen that weren’t even there because they couldn’t afford to make them.

117. OneBuckFilms - October 23, 2007

116 – Like Star Trek itself, the effects were a product of their time.

Laughable today, but it was great work when they were done.

What CBS-D have done, with the Okudas, is allow the original series to date a little more slowly.

The new effects fit with the style of the show, but add a little more polish to the series.

There have been some slip ups (nacelle caps, anyone?), but on the whole, they have gotten it right.

They have also been very open, as evidenced by the close contact with this very site, and working hard for our beloved 79.

I can think of no other 40 year old television show with new visuals added like this, and the existence of this project says volumes about the series importance to television and cultural history.

It also demonstrates that the franchise is very much alive and well, and when the new movie is taken into account, I feel that Star Trek is secure.

Star Trek is Paramount’s biggest asset, and it is being treated as such.

118. sean's clone - October 23, 2007

Onebuck – well said!

119. Mr. Catspaw - October 23, 2007

Onebuck for President!

120. jonboc - October 23, 2007

#97- ” People keep saying the old shots are more realistic. In what way I cannot fathom, they plainly look like the crudely composited model shots they are.Obviously they’re pretty good for the time and budget of the era, but they look nothing like a real space-ship in space. ”

Really? The next time you’re up in the cosmos checking out how they really look, snap me a picture will ya?

121. Commodore Z - October 23, 2007

#120: Check out NASA-TV! Space Shuttle Discovery is heading toward the International Space Station at this very moment.

(That said, TOS-R doesn’t look what I’d call “realistic.” It has its own style that is a little more realistic than the original, but it is definitely in its own universe.)

122. jonboc - October 24, 2007

# 121- All that really determines is what the international space station or shuttle should look like, not the Enterprise wooshing through space at warp speed.

But I will agree that certain aspects of the CGI, as well as the models, such as the lighting or the moving stars are the results of creative license…and for the better I might add. Realism often makes for boring entertainment.

123. tiny tim - October 24, 2007

whos the guy dating chechov??

124. talking tina - October 24, 2007

what i meant to say was..who’s the transvestite chekov gets stuck with in this episode, and why was he/she/it selected as his drill thrall?

couldnt they have cgi’d Chekov a real woman into the shots instead of that goulish jerry springer freak they had in the original?

thank you.

The original Marta….

125. Jamie - October 24, 2007

The Enterprise looks really grey and lifeless in some of the shots.

For example, take that nice shot looking down on the saucer section. The old one looks really dramatically lit and the dark bits are dark and the lights are light and it just looks really exciting and dramatic and ‘real’. The CGI one looks just like a grey blob in comparison.

I’m not saying I don’t like the new effects, I just find some of the choices of lighting, or contrast, to be a bit lacklustre. Like they’ve toned down the excitement by 25% or something.

Bear in mind, I’m not a primarily TOS fan. I’m a TNG fan and I did not grow up watching TOS, so I have no nostalgia for it whatsoever. I just think the models look more exciting and realistic than CGI a lot of the time.

Would I change it back? No way. I love the planets and all the other effects. I also love the camera angles and (of course) high definition is superb. I just wish the ship looked better at times. There are some shots where the CGI ship looks great, and that’s usually when they do nice dramatic lighting and the ship looks full of life and energy. But these shots of a ‘dead grey blob in space’ spoil it.

And why are the nacelles so light coloured? On the old ship, the nacelles and main deflector dish were more or less the same colour, so the ship was very well-balanced in terms of colour co ordination. With the CGI, the nacelles are nothing like the colour of the deflector dish, so it looks more jarring and clumsier.

Just my opinion.

126. Mr. Catspaw - October 24, 2007

Blah, blah, blah…whine, whine, whine…

Can I get you a bottle?

127. Talking Tina - October 24, 2007

126…125 is absolutely right…the cgi ent is dull and lifeless!

bring back the models!!! a true work of art…but update the shots, thats all.


The Original Opening to Star Trek Generations


128. Mr. Catspaw - October 25, 2007

Whine, whine, whine…what a bunch of babies!

I like miniatures too…but I highly doubt we’ll ever see heavy use of physical models in film or TV visual effects again.

Anyway, I think the cgi Enterprise they have been using is just fine. I didn’t care for the early one they used though…you know, the one with the Brach’s peppermint nacelle caps and tiny balls? :-)

129. Sean4000 - October 25, 2007

LOL. pepermint nacells.

The new model is fine but they screw up making it move convincingly.

130. Pox - October 27, 2007

I was looking forward to new brains and matte painting, but we got neither :( Come on CBS Digital – get with the program and update more stuff!

131. Marciel - July 12, 2008

I was looking, and like, but its no my favority this serie

132. Joe Dick - January 15, 2009

The people complaining about the size of the planets – high school physics may not have covered something called perspective and another little thing called foreshortening. If you’re going to slam something, you could at least take the time to make sure you’re right. Otherwise you just end up looking stupid.

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