The Orville

Season 1: 12-episodes (originally 13 episodes, 1 episode moved to season 2).
Originally aired on Fox, September 10, 2017 – December 7, 2017

Season 2: 14-episodes (1 episode held over from season 1). Premiered December 30, 2018 on Fox.

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THE ORVILLE: L-R: Penny Johnson Jerald, Mark Jackson, Seth MacFarlane, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, Adrianne Palicki, J. Lee and Halston Sage in THE ORVILLE premiering this fall on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX


The Orville is set on the titular U.S.S. Orville (ECV-197), a mid-level exploratory space vessel in the Planetary Union, a 25th-century interstellar alliance of Earth and many other planets.

The Orville has a number of Trek connections, including writer/producer Brannon Braga, writer André Bormanis, Director of Photography Marvin Rush, and visual effects by Rob Legato. Episodes of the first season have been directed by Trek alumni Jonathan Frakes and Robert Duncan McNeill.


Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer

Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson

Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr. Claire Finn

Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus

Halston Sage as Chief Security Officer Alara Kitan

J Lee as Lieutenant John Lamarr

Mark Jackson as Isaac

Chad L. Coleman as Klyden



Season 1

No. Title US Release Date Written By Directed By TrekMovie Review
1 Old Wounds Sept. 10, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Jon Favreau Review: ‘The Orville’ Pilot An Uneven But Promising Homage To ‘Star Trek’
Synopsis: Ed Mercer is promoted to captain, but his enthusiasm wanes when his ex-wife is assigned first officer; and the crew is ambushed by the Krill, a vicious alien race, who are bent on stealing a device that can cause time to accelerate.
2 Command Performance Sept. 17, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Robert Duncan McNeill Review: Second Episode Of ‘The Orville’ Settles In For Classic Sci-Fi With A Few Comedic Twists
Synopsis: When Ed and Kelly are tricked by a hologram of a ship in distress and find themselves prisoners in a replica of their former home, Alara must step up in her first command of the Orville and attempt a heroic rescue. Meanwhile, Bortus and Klyden receive some happy, yet unexpected news.
3 About A Girl Sept. 21, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Brannon Braga Review: The Orville’s Third Episode Tackles A Timely Subject With Mixed Results
Synopsis: The Orville crew is divided between cultures when Bortus and Klyden debate if their newly born offspring should receive a controversial surgery.
4 If the Stars Should Appear Sept. 28, 2017 Seth MacFarlane James L. Conway Review: Orville’s Fourth Episode Is The Most ‘Star Trek’ So Far, Maybe Too Much So
Synopsis: Ed and the Orville crew encounter a massive vessel adrift in space, which is in danger of colliding with a star. While some of the crew set out to help the ship’s inhabitants, Bortus, Gordon, and John stay behind and fend off a Krill attack on another Union ship.
5 Pria Oct. 5, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Jonathan Frakes Review: Jonathan Frakes Delivers Fun And Familiar Sci-Fi In Fifth Episode Of ‘The Orville’
Synopsis: After the crew saves a stranded ship and its attractive captain, Ed becomes smitten with the Orville’s new guest, while Kelly suspects all is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Gordon attempts to teach Isaac the art of pulling off a practical joke.
6 Krill Oct. 12, 2017 David A. Goodman Jon Cassar Review: ‘The Orville’ Deftly Balances Humor And Morality In “Krill”
Synopsis: After a battle with a Krill ship leaves behind a Krill shuttle, Mercer and Malloy are sent undercover to obtain a copy of the Krill Bible. During the mission, they discover something far more dangerous and must take immediate action.
7 Majority Rule Oct. 26, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Tucker Gates  Review: “The Orville” Satirizes Social Media But Doesn’t Get An Upvote In “Majority Rule”
Synopsis: When two Union anthropologists go missing on a planet similar to 21st-century Earth, Ed sends a team led by Kelly to find them, but the mission quickly goes awry when they realize the society’s government is completely based on a public voting system to determine punishment.
8 Into the Fold Nov. 2, 2017 Brannon Braga & André Bormanis Brannon Braga  Review: ‘The Orville’ Embarks Into The Greater Unknown With Darkest And Best Episode Yet
Synopsis: Ed and the crew set out to save Dr. Finn, her two sons and Isaac after their shuttle gets thrown into unchartered space and they crash-land on a moon that is light years from the Orville.
9 Cupid’s Dagger Nov. 9, 2017 Liz Heldens Jamie Babbit  Review: ‘The Orville’ Casts A Funny, Romantic Spell With “Cupid’s Dagger”
Synopsis: The Orville is called to mediate a peace treaty between two warring cultures, but tensions run even higher between Ed and Kelly when a familiar face boards the ship. Meanwhile Yaphit declares his love for Dr. Finn with surprising results.
10 Firestorm Nov. 16, 2017 Cherry Chevapravatdumrong Jonathan Frakes  Review: ‘The Orville’ Scares Up A Great Episode With “Firestorm”
Synopsis: When a fire breaks out on the spaceship and a crew member dies, Alara begins to question if she is fit for her job, just as unusual and terrifying things start happening on the ship.
11 New Dimensions Nov. 30, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Kelly Cronin Review: The Orville Weaves High Concept Sci-Fi With Character Development In “New Dimensions”
Synopsis: The Orville gets damaged by a formerly undiscovered spatial anomaly that causes deadly effects to all living things.
12 Mad Idolatry Dec. 7, 2017 Seth MacFarlane Brannon Braga  Review: The Orville Ends Its First Season By Exploring Faith In “Mad Idolatry”
Synopsis: The crew crash land on a planet that appears out of empty space. They soon determine that the planet exists in two universes. As they investigate the planet Ed and Kelly reconsider their relationship.

Season 2

No. Title US Release Date Written By Directed By TrekMovie Review
1 Ja’loja  Dec. 30, 2018 Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane Review: Review: ‘The Orville’ Season Two Premiere “Ja’loja” Comes Up A Bit Dry
Synopsis: As the Orville heads towards Moclus for Bortus’ special once-a-year ceremony, Ed discovers Kelly has moved on and has started dating. Meanwhile, Gordon asks for John’s help in getting game, and Claire turns to Isaac for parenting advice.
2 Primal Urges Jan. 3, 2019 Wellesley Wild Kevin Hooks Review: Review: ‘The Orville’ Impresses With A Nuanced Look At A Controversial Issue In “Primal Urges”
Synopsis: Ed and the crew race to save a small group of survivors on a planet about to be destroyed by its sun, while Bortus and Klyden start marriage counseling after Bortus’s obsession with the ship’s Environmental Simulator gets out of hand.
3 Home Jan. 10, 2019 Cherry Chevapravatdumrong Jon Cassar Review: Review: ‘The Orville’ Takes An Emotional Turn In “Home”
Synopsis: Ed, Gordon, and Alara visit Alara’s home planet of Xelaya.
4 Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes Jan. 17, 2019 Review:
Synopsis: Ed finds himself behind enemy lines when he crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Meanwhile, Kelly questions why Gordon wants to take the Command Test.
5 All the World is Birthday Cake Jan. 24, 2019 Robert Duncan McNeill Review:
Synopsis: The Orville makes First Contact; A new crew member joins the ship.
6 A Happy Refrain Jan. 31, 2019 Review:
Synopsis: Claire’s personal life takes an unexpected turn; Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus.
7 Feb. 7, 2019  Review:
8 Feb. 14, 2019  Review:
9 Feb. 21, 2019  Review:
10 Feb. 28, 2019  Review:
11 March 7, 2019 Review:
12 March 14, 2019  Review:
13 March 21, 2019  Review:
14 March 28, 2019  Review: