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  1. New chat! And yes, Peters is (deservedly) getting his pecker slapped.

  2. When will the USPS make available the new (4) Star Trek stamps?

  3. Damn.

    Chat Room is back to it’s black-walls-gold-grid look again.

    Oh well. time to fill it up again!

    Greetings to the crowd, old and new…

  4. Ah, a turn of the page, a new beginning.

  5. “Ah, a turn of the page, a new beginning.”


    A new year, a new beginning.

    …Happy New Year, everyone!

  6. OK, the maid did a lousy job again. Red velour undies and empty Saurian Brandy bottles everywhere!

  7. What the devil…?

  8. Just saw Star Wars in London… Yes, THAT scene… JJ does seem to like doing things like that. The overwhelming feeling I have is that, despite the many similarities with A New Hope, it’s true what they say; You can’t go home again.

    Nice to hear back from you ‘Beach. Hope all is well!

  9. Kayla Iacovino | January 4, 2016 at 6:36 pm | Reply

    Sorry guys, I had to reset the chat! The old one was getting pretty bogged down. Now you won’t have to scroll so far down every time you come here. To be fair, I had this new page up for several days and gave 2 or 3 warnings on the old chat page. Still, sorry the reset removes the most recent posts :(

  10. Kayla, you are so brilliant and talented (and gorgeous), how could we be mad at you? :>)

  11. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 4, 2016 at 9:59 pm | Reply

    WOW!. Sure is Clean in here. Not a Durance to be found.

  12. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 4, 2016 at 10:01 pm | Reply

    Kayla. You are the best.

  13. Emperor Mike, you know Durance would never fit in anything this small.

    I’m not saying she’s heavy, but the last time Durance laid out to do a little sunbathing (while wearing a “Malcolm X” t-shirt), a helicopter tried to land on her!

  14. @ 7. AJ – January 4, 2016

    “What the devil…?”


    ….And, now, do the happy dance!


  15. Saw “In the Heart of the Sea.”
    Despite the drubbing it took from critics, I found it an enjoyable flick with whales in it. I really, really, really don’t need to see films that find new cg ways to level cities and blow up planets. I like storytelling. I’m not saying this is a great film; it’s not, and the book is much, much better. On the whole, thought, it’s not at all bad and it’s very pretty to watch. George Kirk is still the first officer. Caitlyn Stark amazingly doesn’t attend any weddings, red or any other color. The Pequod — urm, Essex — gets a lot of screen time. Check it out if you’re ready for a break from SW7 rewatchings.

    Also watched the entire first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It’s exactly what you hope/fear, depending on your love for this franchise. Bruce Campbell is fun, Xena is sexy, the blood is piped in to be spilled by the mega-gallon. Don’t get too fond of any of the minor characters; just sayin’.

  16. I actually kept my promise to myself and divorced American Horror Story.

    I have been watching The Walking Dead and wish it would just end. There seriously is not point to its blood-porn approach. Note: I liked Ash vs. Evil Dead — or its sense of humor and self-deprecation. TWD has NOTHING left in its tanks. NOTHING.

  17. @15

    Chris Hemsworth is such a shitty actor he makes
    Durance look like Cate friggin’ Blanchett!!

  18. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 5, 2016 at 10:36 pm | Reply

    Actually Harry. more like Cate Jenner. Lol.

  19. It looks like Shatner is confirming what a lot of people know – he’s not revisiting JTK in STB.

  20. @18

    Ooooh, good one, EM! :>)

  21. Rainy, earthshaking day in SoCal so a perfect day to seE a movie and I saw THE FORCE AWAKENS.

    I found it an interesting odd bird of a franchise movie. It very much played as a Finn movie given his part of the story was the only one that went through a complete arc.

    I liked Finn and his tale. I was little put off that they made him a sanitation engineer given all the other WW II allegories scattered throughout the franchise, that one should have stayed there in that war. I might have bought the battle armor and helmet if the job had been upgraded to the modern Hazardous Materials Management. For the life of me, I can’t fathom why a “sanitation engineer” would need battle armor and a blaster?

    The Skywalker saga which I have come to expect to be the thread that connects all the main sequence STAR WARS franchise tales together almost seems grafted on to Flynn’s story just to ensure that the seats would be filled for it. But I have to admit it was a skillful graft as opposed an obnoxious one.

    I definitely enjoyed this more than the prequels. More later.

  22. 21 Dis, but remember, if it was gaseous HazMat, he’d be in danger because the armor doesn’t screen out toxins! (Seriously, JJ??)

    I wondered for a moment if making Finn a sanitation engineer was a sort of racist joke (Ohhh, JJ, please be better than that) or more of a joke harking back to ANH when Han, Leia and co. were trapped in the trash compactor. You’d think protections against HazMat would be required, what with all the mdern materials and their outgassing and so on.

    I admit I was very puzzled that they’d send a sanitation engineer in to raze a town with the other Stormtroopers, but I can retcon it to “he was a Stormtrooper who was on punishment detail for some time because of his inadequate performance in doing a ‘proper’ Stormtrooper job, like killing innocent folk.”

  23. Hot diggity, Kayla! First time in a LONG time I haven’t had to use the “jump to bottom” button in Chat!

    Thanks but with regret that all our smartypants ripostes for vintage 2015 are Lost to Time …

  24. @22. Nah, I suspect you may be overthinking the sanitation engineer job title. The movie didn’t give us a ton of exposition on all the details of operational life in the First Order – we did see a lot of infrastructure, so it’s not hard to know that there are all sorts of support jobs to the fighting force. It’s inferred that FOST’s are brainwashed for their jobs. I’d also assume, like all other fighting forces, if the Marine Corp cooks come under fire, they pick up their rifles and shoot back. No idea how Finn came to be a Stormtrooper, but obviously the FO needed troops. Perhaps that explains why Finn’s conditioning didn’t take – if he wasn’t Trooper material to begin with. Their need for bodies forced them to lower their standards, to the point where their attempt to brainwash away Finns’ conscience might have met their training standards, but it ultimately failed, which is why he bolted and ran. Either way, it there is enough story that we can retcon it a couple of different ways that are plausible, and consistent with the continuity of the film.

  25. They renewed Durance’s Saving Hope for a 13 Episode Season 4.

  26. @25

    Is there no justice in this world, Craiger?

  27. I thought Finn being a sanitation dude was just there to set up Han’s joke about tossing Capt Phasma in a compactor. Or maybe Finn was supposed to bring to mind the Black cook who shot down a zero during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The bit about the ST masks not filtering out toxins is JJ being too lazy to think through a situation. He just wanted to get Finn, Rey, and BB-8 out of sight long enough for Han to make his entrance. LOTS of plot holes. JJ is crying all over his mountain of cash.

  28. 28 CmdrR, you said it. A little sad that now he’s Hollywood’s dahlink and can make whatever movies he wants. If only he could be seasoned under Spielberg.

    Also how’d you do in the fan writing contest? ??

  29. #27. CmdrR – January 7, 2016

    FWIW the history:

    “In September 1941 the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of War, William H. Hastie, after ten months of “observation, discussion, and action in the War Department and in the field,” produced an “overall description of what is happening to the Negro in the Army” and suggested corrective measures. …

    He [Hastie] criticized the continued increase of Negroes in the Quartermaster Corps “in which dispersion of small units is most extreme”; the provision of 11 percent Negroes in the Medical Corps, “practically all of them in Sanitary Companies” with “no white Sanitary Companies whatever”; and the concentration of Negroes in engineer general service regiments and in “scattered” ammunition companies. …”

    Also Sanitation was the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers and not the Medical Corps.

  30. Marja – It’s entered. That’s the main thing. The judging is sometime in March. Working on another ss for fun, non-Trek this time.

  31. # 24. Phil – January 7, 2016

    ” if the Marine Corp cooks come under fire, they pick up their rifles and shoot back. No idea how Finn came to be a Stormtrooper, but obviously the FO needed troops. Perhaps that explains why Finn’s conditioning didn’t take – if he wasn’t Trooper material to begin with. Their need for bodies forced them to lower their standards…” – Phil

    You do realize that implying an equivalency to a cook is in no way distancing this from the WW II US military’s entrenched racism that assigned many overqualified black soldiers to these menial duties which was my concern for this allegory being in the movie [blindly or otherwise] in the first place? Again, “lowering the standards” to get the only clearly shown black trooper in, was also a common baseless rant about there being black soldiers in the military back then too.

  32. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 9, 2016 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    Looks like Durance has a New with of $2.5 Million. Lol.

  33. @32

    Emperor Mike, you task me…….you’re like a dog with a bone, or maybe you have a bone for that dog?

    All I can say is, “%#$@*&%#!!”

  34. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 10, 2016 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    Now for todays Erica Durance Quote.

    I’m learning to embrace who I am and what I look like.
    Erica Durance

  35. David Bowie is dead at 69 after an 18 month battle with cancer. RIP.

  36. Is there life on Mars?


  37. # 36. CmdrR – January 11, 2016

    ” Is there life on Mars?” – CmdrR

    Unknown, but I believe it may be possible that life which we categorize as extremophile my flourish there still.

    Meanwhile, I question the life of the Hollywood Foreign Press that they confused THE MARTIAN with MY FAVORITE MARTIAN and gave it the Golden Globe for best motion picture comedy?

  38. 37 – Guess I shoulda gone with a line from Space Oddity…
    Disinvited, your homework assignment is to YuzeToob “Bowie Life on Mars.”

  39. #38. CmdrR – January 12, 2016

    “Guess I shoulda gone with a line from Space Oddity…” — CmdrR

    Nah, it’s not what you think. My 2015 to now year has just assaulted my personal life with the Grim Reaper visiting my “real” family far too much in its time span and my “sf” family too.

    Intellectually, I knew I was entering this time of my life but I was just flailing about here trying to find some respite in some small measure from overreacting to the other half of a favorite holiday duet dying. It just brought back Bing’s death shortly after that airing too which I lived through also.

  40. Apparently, this petition to God to cancel/reverse David Bowie’s death is gaining some steam.

    If it works, we can do the same for all our beloved deceased Star Trek actors as well…I mean, at least Nimoy…

  41. Okay, if anyone wins the Powerball, you’ll need a good financial services advisor. Feel free to look me up, and keep the love in the Trekkie family…

    I know, Maybe I’ll help you get a fan film made that won’t piss off the CBS/Paramount lawyers….

  42. 41 – … that WON’T piss off CBS/Paramount?
    Well then, forget it.

  43. RIP Alan Rickman

    “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be remembered!”

  44. RIP Alan Rickman!

  45. #43. CmdrR – January 14, 2016 , 44. AJ – January 14, 2016

    What a thing to greet the morn.

    “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.” — Alan Rickman

    Truly, you changed ours, Alan. Goodbye, and peace.

  46. Sad news.

    RIP Alan Rickman.

    So much for Galaxy Quest 2, which I had doubts about anyway.

  47. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 14, 2016 at 5:54 pm | Reply

    RIP Alan Rickman. What a Great Actor and a Wonderful Human. You shall never be forgotten.

  48. Damn what an awful few days.

    First David Bowie, whose creativity and daring in the early ’70s opened a generation of gay boys and men to accept, and speak of, their identities. Who was kind to his fans. Whose music STILL rocks; it’s timeless. RIP David.

    And now Alan Rickman. Incomparable acting talent, a silky baritone that could be sexy or threatening, and a great variety of roles. Unafraid of comedy (our beloved “Galaxy Quest”) or aching sincerity (“Sense and Sensibility”). Oddly, he too died of cancer at age 69. RIP Alan.

    You gentlemen will be greatly missed.

    “Planet Earth is blue ….”
    —————- —————– —————– —————– —————– ———–
    “…. and there’s nothing I can do”

    Yes we’re getting to that age. Our celluloid heroes (and fan-crushes of our youth) are passing from this earthly existence and taking their place among the stars.

  49. 34 Emperor Mike, JAYSIS CHRIST for a minute there I thought you were saying

    I look like. Erica Durance.

  50. I’m continuing my pitch for “The Expanse.” This is “hard science” — well, as hard as you can get and maintain a dramatic presentation — with a good space opera vibe. Think Kim Stanley Robinson (although this series is based on its own book series). Here’s a decent review of the latest ep:

    You’ve got some great characters actors — Tyreese and Lane Pryce as heavies — and good dialogue to move things along. I think I most love the “little things.” There’s a moment where a dude in a spacesuit is bothered by some bug that’s crawled into his suit and onto his face. He takes a deep breath, opens his visor, and takes the bug off his face. In short, there are humans who are adapting slowly to that horrible environment. Cool stuff and lots of it. It’s a VERY immersive show.

    Other review: The Shannara Chronicles. Real quick comment: I’ve seen it. It’s just too much LoTR, just like the very first book was. I’m not saying it’s bad. Visually, it’s gorgeous. But, it’s not its own creature, at least not yet. I watched the pilot, but it just did not hook me.

    Good viewing, all!

  51. @49 Marja “Emperor Mike..I thought you were saying I look like Erica Durance”

    No, Marja, Emperor Mike would never be THAT insulting.

  52. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 15, 2016 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    #49. Harry. I would never say that.
    That was just a quote by the famous Durance.

  53. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | January 15, 2016 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    Well. I just saw Star Trek Phase 2s The Holiest Thing.
    All in all a good Episode. Acting was decent an the FX was pretty good. Story was ok. Though they do show us Kirk and Carol meeting for the first time.
    All in all I give the Ep a 7 on a 10 scale.

  54. 51 Harry, 53, Emperor Mike, I forgot the quotes

    For a second I thought you (Emperor Mike ) were saying,

    “Oh noes, poor Emperor Mike!” was my first thought …

    We’re at the age when we are entitled to be silly ;-)

  55. Marja, life is serious enough. Silly is best! :>)

    By the way, I just binge-watched the Netflix series “River”, about a brilliant (but unbalanced) London detective. Superb.

  56. Heh, Harry — if it wasn’t for TrekMovie, NETFLIX and mystery books, I could’ve accomplished so much more in the last two years … (sigh)

  57. Reality. What’s the point?

    Enjoy Trek, NETFLIX, and books!

  58. Marja, have you ever read “Shibumi” by Trevanian? More of a thriller, but a great read.

  59. 54 – Emp. Just watched it. I left some comments. I won’t give them a total love n kisses response, because frankly they need to address some issues. On the whole, though, they do a fine fan-level production. I liked Mind Sifter better, but only because this ep ran heavy on looooooooong scenes where characters sit still and talk about their feelings. I mean loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong scenes like that. The actress playing Carol never really won me over, either. I just didn’t see what Kirk saw in her over say Edith of Mirimani. Not really sure why he’s carrying his mother’s wedding ring around on missions, either. Or how Carol knows she’s got a tennis sweater in her belly after only three days.

    But… it’s a good time at the puter, and that’s what matters.

    I really liked the trailer for the next ep, with Richard Hatch as a baddie.

  60. I turned on the Holiest Thing, and ran screaming from the room after the first few words of dialog. Nosireebop. Not going there at all.

  61. Harry, as long as there aren’t serial killers or alasher violence, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

    CmdrR, wouldn’t a 23rd century doc be able to test and based on chromosome counts be able to tell her what sex of tennis sweater it is? (My knowledge of parturition is not all that current.) Of xourse that begs the question, why would she go for a test. Maybe because she’d skipped her birth control shot. And slept with the most manly man in the galaxy. The most manly HUMAN man that is.

    And let’s hope that planet lurker turns put to be an actual planet. I’m still irritated about Pluto!

  62. Sorry, I meant “VIII”, not “XIII”

  63. 64 AJ, LOL

    Opposite of the Colbert Bump, that’s fer sure

  64. Sorry, I meant “VIII”, not “XIII”

    Don’t worry, AJ. They’ll be making SW movies until The Big Crunch makes the universe so small, SW fans can no longer get their huge butts into theatre seats.

  65. I finally got around to seeing “Tomorrowland” last night, and it really sucked. Not only does it spend way too much time setting itself up, but they cram in a romantic angle between George Clooney’s character and a permanently 12-year old girl android whom he crushed on as a boy, and can’t seem to let go of as a crusty middle-aged man. her death scene adds what seems like 30 extra minutes to the denouement of the film (which lasts 2 hours, 20 minutes).

    I wasn’t surprised to see Damon Lindelof’s name attached to it; after all, he is the master of unsimplifying basically decent, workable plots with extra garbage no one needs (STID!)

    In the end, the film is “messagey,” but it all gets lost in huge plot holes (why can’t the female lead’s dad, an active NASA engineer, get a new job once Cape Canaveral closes down? Is he an idiot?) and silly/unamusing set pieces (How many “Star Wars” references can we cram into a 5 minute scene?). And then, add in Clooney’s bizarre unrequited puppy love, and it boils down to 2+ wasted hours closer to death.

  66. Tomorrowland was a hot mess.
    Seek out World of Tomorrow. 16 minutes, stick figures, and more laughs and brain chow than The Compleat Lindelof.

  67. I turned Tomorrowland off after 20 minutes. Unwatchable.

  68. Now this is news:

    50th Anniversary convention in NYC.- where it all started!

  69. 68 AJ, To be fair, the girl’s an adolescent. Maybe she wants to stay in FL, doesn’t know if her dad even has job prospects (NASA has had huge reductions in funding), blah blah blah.

    That said, the movie was blah as well. Although I did enjoy feasting eyes on George Clooney. Shallow, I know ;-)

  70. I turned Mad Max:Fury Road off after 30 minutes. Unwatchable.

  71. 73 – Harry Curmudgeon Ballz, Mad Max: Fury Road was the best film of last summer. Sorry you don’t like Charlize Theron… or loud cars… or action that actually makes sense in a movie… or movies…

    You’ll probably hate Everest as well, since it’s a good movie, too.

  72. Harry, I am a long-term Mad Max fan, and I was delighted by Fury Road.

    I also thought the film was stunning to watch.

    It’s not a standard actioner, for sure, but the Mad Max series invented most of the post-apocalyptic generalities we now take for granted in genre films, and George Miller had to push the envelope again.

    I still think the first Mad Max is untouchable, and it was done on a shoestring. This one was lush, detailed, and incredibly well-acted, and you should give it another go.

    Save your vitriol for inevitable suckage of Batman V Superman!

  73. AJ, I gave it 30 minutes and all I saw was mindless action with no character development or storyline worth talking about.

    Visually stunning, but I didn’t give a shit about what I was watching.

  74. 76 Harry, when I saw the preview there was a guy depicted playing a guitar while strapped to the front of a truck. WHUT.

    I heard there was a feminist depiction of Sharon Stone’s character trying to rescue the harem of some cruel ba—-d — but the sexist trope of a harem countered that …

    Not to mention Tom Hardy, an actor I cannot stand, no matter what the trope. In defiance of the critics, I stayed home.

  75. Right there with you on Tom Hardy (who I will always remember as the forgettable Shinzon) — but, at least they kept him gagged during most of the movie. Beyond that, I really like MM:FR. I thought it managed to show action without insulting me.


  76. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

    I agree with both of you regarding Tom Hardy. He is highly overrated as an actor.

  77. Yeah, I’m not feeling much about B vs.S at this point. I’m suspecting that this is the year that a couple of these CGI driven superhero epics crash hard.

  78. Hardy hardly ‘acts’ in the thing.

    In the best Mad Max Mel Gibson tradition, he just kind of sneers and emotes in the background, and leaves everyone at the end with their problems solved so he can go off onto his next adventure or just die of exposure in the post-apocalypse wasteland.

    I went into it as a fan of the series. I even watched “Thunderdome” again beforehand, which is the worst of the originals, yet made the most money. In my case, Fury Road was a winner.

  79. You know, I’d love to know you folks’ s favorite movies.

    Okay besides “Casablanca”.

  80. Books, too.

    Though I’m hard-pressed to choose a favorite it’s somewhere around Austen’s “Persuasion,” O’Brian’s “Post Captain” (Aubrey-Maturin 2nd book), and Clavell’s “Shogun.”

  81. And Chandler’s “Lady in the Lake.”

  82. OK, once again this chat ate my homework.

    So, forgive me if this is a repeat. Anyhoo…

    Books: Almost any novel by Umberto Eco or any Culture novel by Iain M. Banks… “We, The Drowned” by Carsten Jensen… “Unbound” by Dean King… “The Terror” by Dan Simmons… lots more…

    Movies: “World of Tomorrow,” “Ex Machina,” “Brotherhood of the Wolf,” “Crimson Peak,” & “Kon Tiki” (2012 or 1951). … lots more…

  83. Grrr… it’s like potato chips…

    “Being Mortal” by Atal Gawande… “Snow Falling on Cedars” by Guterson… “Empress Dowager Cixi” by Jung Chang…

  84. reggiegillingham | January 31, 2016 at 8:33 am | Reply

    Any favorite episodes?

  85. CmdrR, I have GOT to get more of Atul Gawande’s books from the library. Though they seem to have dearth of medical memoirs, discussions, etc. I have enjoyed every one of his articles in The New Yorker, so at least one book of his that I borrowed seemed to be a compilation. I want to read Steven Pinker’s books on language too.

    ReggieG, off the top of my head I’ll say, (all TOS for now), “The Doomsday Machine” (even with its gaping plot hole of McCoy running up to the Bridge on General Quarters — instead of to Sickbay, his proper station on Red Alert — but then we wouldn’t have the fabulous standoff between Decker and Kirk); “The Naked Time,” because Kevin Riley! Uhura getting snippy! “Sorry, neither!” Half-nekkid gleaming Sulu! Kirk-Spock slapfest with Shat’s “CAN’T you underSTAND!”; “Charlie X,” one episode that portrays Rand with anymuch depth and, in addition to its great story of young adulthood and unmanageable impulses, has that delightful, teasing scene in the Rec Room with Uhura singing of Spock, and Spock’s gently amused-annoyed reaction; “Amok Time” because Vulcan customs! “Conscience of the King” — aspects are terribly dated but it otherwise stands up, dramatically; “City on the Edge,” for Kirk’s b.s.’ing the cop, his grown-up romance, and heartbreak, and our glimpses of McCoy’s gentle, gracious personality with Edith Keeler …. I know I’ve forgotten at least to include at least one of my big favorites in this list.

  86. A great story from Popular Mechanics on the latest restoration of NCC-1701 at the Smithsonian for the 50th.

  87. Walt Kozlowski | February 3, 2016 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    I was thinking CBS will be broadcasting Super Bowel 50, why not promote Star Trek’s 50th anniversary? Start out with a 50th cut to clips of highlights of the past Super Bowels. Narrated by Shatner, then fade to highlights of Trek,with voice over” Join us this year for another Out of this world celebration – ” 1966 (50 inside Delta) 2016″.

  88. Oops, sorry AJ, you beat me to it… I reposted your link.

  89. I think “Generations” gets more mentions on the web than any other Trek film because of crap like this being on WWW auto-repeat every few months:

  90. The folks over at Trek Core are doing a fine job of covering the E’s restoration at the Smithsonian. Lots of great photos.

  91. Harry, you should really check MissionLog. Tons of arguing this week; you’d be a natural.

    For everyone else, season one of The Expanse wrapped up with a bang. If you (hard sci-fi fans) are not watching it, PLEASE check it out.

  92. RIP Edgar Mitchell, #6.

    As of now, only 7 living men have walked on the moon. Probes are swell, but we need space boots on distance soil.

  93. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | February 6, 2016 at 8:06 pm | Reply

    I don’t know if anyone has seen this yet. But the Trailor of ID4 2 looks really good.

  94. distant soil

    We also need an edit function for this chat.

  95. Star Trek isn’t the only one turning 50. 50 years of the Super Bowl. Don’t care for sports but I recognize tradition. Also, halftime shows are usually pretty good.

  96. I saw “The Revenant” last night.

    DiCaprio is very good in it. Tom Hardy is average, as usual, no screen presence whatsoever.

    It’s a good movie, but best picture of the year?


  97. @100 Harry,

    Will you be seeing Chris Pine’s latest opus? He just can’t seem to catch a break. FINEST HOURS is tanking at the box office, proving once again that he’s not a box office draw. Too bad the reviews are tepid as well. It’s weird actually, I saw him on Colbert promoting the film, and the audience was screaming with delight at his presence on the show. The interview was a little strange — Pine sort of comes off as aloof and distant. It’s fascinating watching his career go nowhere even as he seems to enjoy some popularity.

  98. Curious Cadet, I think Pine is a fine actor. Good acting chops.

    Leading man status?

    The jury is still out.

  99. 95. CmdrR – February 5, 2016

    For everyone else, season one of The Expanse wrapped up with a bang.

    I’m digging it!

  100. 102. Harry Ballz – February 7, 2016

    Curious Cadet, I think Pine is a fine actor. Good acting chops. Leading man status? The jury is still out.

    I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t like about Pine. He’s not a bad actor, but I guess I’d characterize him as something of a one-trick pony. I don’t see much versatility in his acting. He basically plays Chris Pine playing the character. That type of acting is fine for an actor with natural charisma who pulls you in—like Harrison Ford, or Gabriel Byrne—but Pine doesn’t seem to have that x-factor. I haven’t seen him in that many non-BR Trek roles, so maybe I’m not being fair. I’ve heard he was good in that train movie with Denzel Washington.

  101. Pine was NOT a good Jack Ryan, but it may have been just the flick itself being a pile of crap. “That train movie” with Denzel was actually OK.

    He’ll be Wonder Woman’s main squeeze in her stand-alone film.

    From what I understand/recall, both he and Zachary Quinto are signed beyond the first three BR Trek films.

  102. Spent another evening NOT watching the superbowl this year. I’m just not a football fan that much. However, it’s always impressive how popular the sport is in America. Baseball is a joke. Basketball looks like a high school gym class sport, but football is epic. Love those 6 jets flying overhead at the end of the anthem. Made ME feel patriotic for the great US of A (and god dammit, I’m Canadian!). Go Broncos…

  103. 105 – It hurts ST if our current Kirk is not star-worthy. A friend did not care for the script… or acting in Finest Hours. The trailer shows mostly cgi — never a good sign.

  104. Bryan Fuller has been named showrunner for the new Trek show. I’d imagine that with a 1/2017 premier, that there should be more information forthcoming on the show soon.

  105. A little something for the pages Canadian friends. Don’t believe for a moment we aren’t on to you….

  106. Bryan Fuller is super news for the new series. Finally, we fans get a break….

  107. Yeah, I’m thinking he’s a good choice.

  108. There are different levels of acting. Chris Pine isn’t at the very top, but he isn’t at the bottom either. Given the right opportunity, he could be great.

    For example, look at the late Heath Ledger. What did most people think about him before the Dark Knight? Probably what some think about Chris Pine. Or look at Bryan Cranston. Before Breaking Bad, who was he? Chris is on the cusp. He needs a breakthrough role.

  109. OK, so that’s two chances that Trek will get good again.

  110. LGirl, good points.

    The main burdens on “The Finest Hours” were poor direction and a so-so, somewhat confusing script. Pine and Casey Affleck were the best things about the movie, and they were acting their asses off.

    I thought Pine did very well as a modest, shy guy with excellent job skills.

  111. The first anniversary of Mr. Nimoys passing is fast approaching. Here is a little insight into his struggles with COPD.

  112. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | February 10, 2016 at 10:13 am | Reply

    I like Brian fuller as head of Star Trek. He will be great.
    I like Bernie Sanders for U.S President. He will be great.
    I like Harry with Durance.
    I like Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire. He is great

    Well 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. Right Harry.

  113. @117

    Emperor Mike, I’m not going to nibble at the Durance bait.

    Instead, here’s a Valentines Day query:

    Q: What’s the difference between love and herpes?

    A: Herpes is forever.

  114. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | February 10, 2016 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    Well. I guess Durance would be Anti love. Lol.

  115. 117 Emperor Mike, Waxing political if I might:
    Yay, a Sanders man! I agree he’d be great. Be sure to give Sanders support in the US Senate by voting in Democrats — there are only a few seats available and if they are Dems with some Ballz, Sanders can get some serious and helpful things done. But so few seats are available we’ll be squeaking by to get a majority. Imagine how much good Obama could have done with a cooperative Congress. Breaks my heart to think of all those opportunities wasted. Like, a single-payer health plan. Gosh.

    We need Democratic state legislatures too. Our Flori-duh legislature, in tandem with thievin’ Rick Scott, has done lot of damage to schools, public health … Grrr I could go on and on. But won’t.

    119 Emperor Mike
    118 Harry
    She could be herpes.

  116. 114 CmdrR, HISHE is such a great source of laughter. Thanks!

    KHAN: “I’M KHAN”
    KIRK “Who’s Khan?”
    KHAN (frustrated) “You know, Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan, c’mon …”
    KIRK (looking at McCoy and Spock: “What’s Star Trek?”
    MCCOY AND SPOCK: (shrugs)

  117. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | February 10, 2016 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    #120. I agree. Clinton has way to may problems and I believe she is done Sanders. Well He is a Breath of fresh Air. I like him..

    Maybe Durance is Herpes and Herpes is Durance.

  118. Just watched the new trailer for Batman v Superman. It LOOKS really good, too bad the premise is so flawed. Superman could kill Batman in two seconds with his heat vision.

  119. A must read:

    Shatner was making a film about the captains of the Enterprise and Leonard didn’t want any part of it. A cameraman shot him at a convention and it was included in the film. Leonard never spoke to Shatner again and he doesn’t know if this was the reason.

    ‘It is something I will wonder about and regret forever.’

    Did anyone here know Nimoy and Shatner were no longer speaking?

  120. 123. Harry Ballz – February 11, 2016

    Superman could kill Batman in two seconds with his heat vision.


    But I’m sure the writers find plenty of reasons for him not to, so they can drag out the fight for an hour and a half. Snooze.

  121. 123:

    Harry: Batman v. Superman has about 100 reasons why it could suck, with one of the main ones being the mismatch between the two heroes.

    Of course, why Superman never just burned Lex Luthor to the ground with his heat vision would also be a legit question to ask. Gene Hackman’s version would say it’s because of Superman’s inherent desire to do good. The Superman in this film has already been shown to be capable of murder, so who knows?

    Obviously, there will be some gimmick (Kryptonite!) which will even the odds, but then Zak Snyder has to pull his finger out and make a decent movie. The whole DC Universe investment at this point going forward is based on one mixed-review Superman film which grossed $668m. This one has to break a billion.

  122. Cygnus, AJ….what do you think of the brand new trailer for S v B?

  123. New trailer is fun.

    Batman blocking Superman’s punch says the fight’s real.

    Wonder Woman is hot, but my jury is out until I see the film.

  124. AJ – superman did not murder Zod. He offered instructive rehabilitation of a permanent nature.

    Not psyched about most of the hpcoming superhero flicks. My pick for worst is Civil War, since it can only be a multi-part slugfest.

    I will happily apologize if someone assures me that these turn out to be well-made, character-driven films with a worthwhile message and some humor.

    I shall not hold my breath.

  125. Wonky Trek time travel article. I don’t think we are going to be lacking on 50th anniversary promotional materials….

  126. A tale of two movies….
    I left the theater after STID, wondering ‘what the hell’. After a few more viewings on cable, the movie grew on me. Not a classic Trek story, but still much better then the craptacular Generations.
    I left the theater after Man of Steel, thinking ‘hey, good job’. After a few viewings on cable, that drifted to ‘what the hell’….

    S v B is shaping up to be the origin movie for Justice League, and it looks like they made a creative decision to make their god like hero a hellva lot more vulnerable to accomplish it. Personally, I’m not feeling it from the trailers, but will need to see it to reserve judgment. To many decent action/sci-fi/adventure movies have been ruined by some plot gimmick in recent years that gives me some reason that caution is in order to view this movie. The plot has pretty much been telegraphed out already, so it’s really going to come down to performances and how well the movie has been crafted.

  127. Harry I think Batman has Kryptonite in his suit. Also listen to what Superman says at 2:02 in the trailer:

  128. @132

    Craiger, even if Superman points out to Batman that he won’t kill him, Supes could easily stand 200 feet away from a Kryptonite suit and throw things at Batman until he blacks out. Or knock him out with, yes, his super breath.

    THE END. Credits.

  129. An article on the risk and potential consequences of BvS suckage:

    My estimate of a billion bucks gross sales up in #126 was pulled out of my a*s. This article sort of confirms it’s a benchmark number for Warner Brothers and the whole shebang. Good luck. If they do the “Affleck Batman” movie before JLA, people will just forget about the whole band getting together in BvS.

    “Aquaman,” for Christ’s sake. Who gives a crap about Aquaman?

    CmdrR: I am grudgingly psyched for Civil War. I hope at least it’s better than the last Avengers film, which I enjoyed, but it was just too much shoehorned into 2 hours, with too much obviously taken out.

  130. Factoid: Ben Affleck did a great job in “Hollywoodland” playing George Reeves, TV’s “Superman.”

    As I’ve said previously I think we’ll see the downfall of some major studios because of all these yoooge movies. Perhaps “Trumpian” would be a good adjective for them: full of sound and fury, signifying exactly nada!

  131. @124 Silvereyes

    This is news to me. I read the article. It’s sad knowing the personal battles Leonard fought. For one thing, I didn’t know he was a functioning alcoholic. The relationship between Shatner and the rest of the crew was one thing, but I was under the impression that Bill and Leonard were still friends (speaking with each other).

  132. I will read Shatner’s book. I have it on order.
    Sucks getting to know your heroes, but still…

  133. The idea of Shatner’s book gives me a slight case of the creeps–if they weren’t getting along/even speaking by the time Nimoy passed, how does Shatner get off cashing in by writing a whole book about his “friend” Leonard?

  134. Harry in one scene in the trailer it shows Supes about to use his heat vision. I wonder if that is when Supes hears that roar of Darkseid and not use his heat vision. I think that is when they decided to end their conflict when they saw Darkseid and work together to try and defeat him. I think that is how the movie will end with the start of the early formation of the Justice League.

  135. 138 – Agreed, but I will read it. Kind of curious now about the whole double talk about Shat’s missing LN’s funeral.

  136. 138 AJ, Indeed it seems a bit opportunistic to me, especially with its inclusion of gossip magazine-worthy and some salacious episodes in Nimoy’s life.

    Equally opportunistic was the filming of Leonard at a convention w/o his permission for inclusion in “The Captains,” in which he did not want to appear. Shat seems to have little sneaky streak to which Nimoy may have objected. Shatner directly violated Nimoy’s wishes; I am sorry that Nimoy could not forgive the fallible nature of his friend, but perhaps he felt life was too short to deal further with Shat’s foibles.

    Re Nimoy’s alcohol use, while he was a wild guy with low self-esteem and depression reinforced by alcohol addiction in his younger years, he was sober and serene for many years before his death. I saw clear evidence of this in his helping Shatner through the death of the alcoholic Mrs Shatner, which both men discussed in “Mind Meld.” That is how I prefer to remember Nimoy and Shatner, as friends who helped each other in times of difficulty.

  137. @141. Or, as the say, the transgression was the straw that broke the camels back. I’ve come across a few reviews about the book, and there were a couple of observations made that for a publication presumably about his relationship with Nimoy, Shat spends some time dwelling on his favorite subject – Shat.

    It’s a shame, if true. It makes it really hard to extend the benefit of the doubt to the guy when his behavior is so very predictable. Personally, I’d feel a fair level of shame going to my grave, knowing I’d expended every bit of good will from people I’d should be considering as friends

  138. As I said, it’s rough “meeting” your heroes. I have no doubt Shatner is a self-absorbed arse. But there is a charm there, too.

    I am saddened that their friendship broke at the end. I once spent an hour on the phone with one of Mom’s old drinking gal pals, trying to get her to mend fences, because my mother was dying. The old bat (the one on the phone) kept talking about her own feelings and concerns, missing the point of reaching out while there was time. People are stuck behind their own eyes.

    She finally agreed to talk to Mom, though I have no idea what they said.

    Wish LN had — but that was his choice. I will not question it.

    Hopefully, we’ll be more enlightened… in the future.

  139. Not surprised to hear that about Shatner. Even though I’m a fan, he always seemed to be a selfish, conceited, self-absorbed, money-grubbing pr*ck.

    I think his being broke in the early 1970’s must have really informed some undeveloped part of his psyche.

    The guy would sell his mother to the Arabs if he thought he could make a dime off of it!

    He would sell tickets to his own funeral if he thought he could turn a profit!

    Of course, his hammy over the top acting was perfect for TOS and that’s why we love the guy to this day!

  140. The guy may be a pain in the ass, but damn it, he’s our pain in the ass!

  141. In the end, as we age, we shed more and more of those around us who cause emotional stress. “Toxic” relationships. Or we try to, anyway.

    It’s obvious that Shatner and Nimoy were as different to one another as Kirk is to Spock, and they maintained their individual public profiles quite differently than one another. Always rivals where Trek is concerned, Nimoy actually milked that one right up until the end, in both JJ films, and that Audi commercial with Quinto. I bet Shatner would’ve loved to get some of that; he certainly made a lot of noise before each new Trek film (as he is doing now before the third) that “I am interested, but….” etc. But his batting average is .000 in terms of actually getting on-screen.

    Shatner, of course had a diverse career in recent years; he was a TV star with his Denny Crane character. Something Nimoy didn’t have.

    The article I read said Shatner is helping Nimoy’s son Adam with his film about his dad’s work as Spock. And, obviously Nimoy’s family is on board with the book. That counts for a lot.

  142. @146. AJ – February 16, 2016

    “In the end, as we age, we shed more and more of those around us who cause emotional stress. ‘Toxic’ relationships. Or we try to, anyway…”



    “…Shatner, of course had a diverse career in recent years; he was a TV star with his Denny Crane character. Something Nimoy didn’t have…”

    And, I thought William Shatner did a wonderful job in Boston Legal.
    Crane is a lovable son of a b!tch. Overall, I enjoyed the show!


  143. Nimoy worked a great deal in his final years… Transformers, Land of the Lost, Fringe, plus 2 Treks. Not too shabby. If he didn’t work more, I would suspect it was the COPD or his focus on art.

    I agree, AJ, Nimoy may simply have been conserving limited energy wasted trying to get Shatner to behave like a decent man so h could spend that energy on his family and projects.

    Again, I admire LN and hold his memory with gratitude and respect. Very glad Adam is on board with the project.

  144. Harry, any thoughts on 11-22-63?
    Obviously, yours was better, but this is pretty good.

  145. CmdrR, I read Stephen King’s book the day it came out. It’s a long winded story to finally arrive at November 22, 1963. He then paints it that Oswald did it alone. Absurd premise. Not sure if they’ve changed much for the miniseries. I’ll have to watch it and get back to you, but I don’t get Hulu.

    p.s. Orci is popping up a lot on the first Fuller thread, and he has become as irritating as Keachick.

  146. I went forever without reading King after college — no real reason, or maybe it was the glut of King miniseries on TV. Anyway, picked up ‘Revival’ and found it to be excellent on all levels and very, very creepy. (It’s in development — shock!!) Am reading ‘Mr. Mercedes’ now. Not bad, but not brilliant.

  147. I couldn’t get into the book 11.22.63, surprising, since King is such a talented and facile writer. The series looks interesting, but I don’t get Hulu either. Besides, if it comes down to the same premise, I can’t buy it. I’m still firmly convinced there were other shooters. Not that I’m a total conspiracy nut.

  148. They just announced Blade Runner 2 will star Ryan Gosling.

    What a f*cking big mistake!

    Gosling has zero charisma and is barely passable as an actor!

  149. 127. Harry Ballz – February 11, 2016

    Cygnus, AJ….what do you think of the brand new trailer for S v B?

    I found it typically lame. I find pretty much all comic-book movies lame, and SvB looks par for the course.

    The Dark Knight was my favorite comic book series when I was a kid, so it’s not like I’m not interested in the story. But, the trailer just shows a bunch of boring action and lame-looking CGI. This is my usual complaint about these genre of movies. The balance of action to drama is way off, and excessive action isn’t effective action. As an example, I cite Richard Donner’s “Superman.” That dramatic scene with Zod and his cohorts on trial is fantastic and holds up great. So much more powerful in setting up the stakes of the story than a bunch of boring action and CGI, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting. A good SvB trailer for me would spend plenty of time laying out the source and meaning of the conflict between these two characters. As you pointed out, Superman could easily kill or defeat Batman in any number of ways, so why should we be interested in seeing them fight? We need a reason to be interested, and the trailer doesn’t give you much of one.

  150. It very much looks like the film should be called “Batman, with Special Guest Star, Superman.” All the ‘dark, gritty’ blah-blah that Zak Snyder loves to poop out in all his films seems more apropos to a Batman vehicle.

    Apparently, in the “Justice League” comics, Batman knows how to disable all the superheroes with powers in case the need arises; but still, we know he’ll use Kryptonite to battle Superman. Anything in the trailer suggesting it’s an even fight is taking the viewer for a fool, or an uninformed child, as we all know Superman can kill Batman in seconds with his freeze-breath or heat vision, let alone by punching him or throwing him into the Sun.

    As Cygnus points out, and it’s the same with the latest generation of “Trek” films, if there are no decent characters with depth or drama, the film may very well suck.

    And is this iteration of Clark Kent/Superman even a good rendition of the classic character and his values? Not so far.

  151. @154

    Thanks for sharing, Cygnus!

  152. SvB is B&S.

    At least so far as we can tell from the trailers.

    a) It’s a movie about punching and breaking stuff.
    b) Obviously, they won’t finish the fight, because the villain will cause them to work together. So… surprises? No really expecting any.
    c) cg action is so damn boring. I don’t understand why mass audiences still show up for something that comes out of a laptop.

    It could still be a good movie. But, there have been no real sure signs, so I’ll wait until the reviews (including you guys’) are in.

  153. 155. Harry Ballz – February 21, 2016

    You betcha!

  154. 153 Harry, Several better choices (they are legion) jumped to mind — Fassbender, Cumberbatch, Hiddleston, RJ Downey, Josh Brolin, Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal & &. My picks would be Clooney, Downey, Gyllenhaal or Fassbender. All are great at playing conflicted characters.

    RATS!!! What a missed opportunity.

    Gosling is very pretty though. I love the “Hey, Girl” meme about reading.

    154 Cygnus, most movie trailers now are impressionistic, giving only hints of the story or characters’ motivations, while giving ample displays of CGI.

    Let’s see. Trailer shows Bruce Wayne holding a child protectively as Metropolis is destroyed. From this we are supposed to infer his concern for the people of Earth.

    Well, Affleck is a pretty good actor, and so is Cavell, so maybe we’ll get ten minutes of character work. SMDH.

  155. 159 – “Well, Affleck is a pretty good actor, and so is Cavell, so maybe we’ll get ten minutes of character work.” The movie clocks in at 2-hours 31-minutes. Guess what will fill 2-hours and 21-minutes of that?

  156. Marja — Call William Shatner. He desperately needs a copy editor/fact checker.

    OK, Mr. Shatner’s book…

    I have read several of Shat’s books on his Trek days, and this is one of them. That is, there’s a lot of him on these pages that are supposed to be about Leonard. I think that’s par for the course. I don’t know that his comparisons always amplify his points about his friend, but they’re an OK read. I also wonder what more there is to mine about the TOS days. Shat does a good job cherry-picking familiar stories and even adds a line or two I, at least, had not read before. Still, it’s pretty familiar, except for a few TOS factoids he mangles. Ha! The portion that is totally focused on Leonard Nimoy makes up no more than 60-percent. (Probably less, but I haven’t gotten to my main problem with the book yet.) I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has not read every other Trek book. For those who have, I would say it’s a re-visit to a well-loved planet.
    My only main negative here is that it’s just so damned sad. It’s fun to recap a great life lived well. It’s not fun finding out that two of your heroes wound up not speaking. Shat addresses that… in four of the last seven pages in his book. There’s not much light shed, either. He profusely praised his friend and offers an open apology, but it still feels like something wonderful that was lost.

    Anyway, it’s a good read, and very… human.

  157. CmdrR, 160, SS,DM?
    Probably the same boring-ass CGI violence we saw in “Man of Steel”?

    161, I think his apology came about three or four years too late. Very sad. I take comfort in knowing Nimoy spent his last few mobile years doing photography, travelling, collecting art, and doing philanthropy.

    I’m also comforted that he and Zachary Quinto became good friends. I imagine he gave Quinto many valuable insights. Pretty sure he convinced the young’un to stop smoking. At least smoking cigarettes. … ;-)

  158. @162 “At least smoking cigarettes”

    Yes, there’s nothing worse than a stoned Vulcan. I can hear it now…….

    “Live long and…….and………..hey, you got any cookies?”

  159. Here’s an update on the Axanar lawsuit – Peters and his representatives seem to be taking multiple tracks, but it all seems to grind down to ‘if you can’t blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls**t’.

    Peters ego needs to be taken down a notch, because the prevailing attitude now sure seems to be that if he can’t make his Trek, no Trek will get made. The legal approach does seem to be a head scratcher…

  160. Okay, maybe it’s my ancient computer, but scrolling thought the new and improved comments threads is taking forever.

  161. I like the new threaded post reply system. It’s taking some getting use to but I can deal. I haven’t figured it out yet but I’m almost certain new or unread posts have some different shading or color thing and I need to manage cookies but I’ll get it sorted out.

    I marvel that someone figured out how to do it on this lovable old rust-bucket.



    Oops wait, this is an old-style page, a la “rustbucket”

    163 Harry, “Peeaace and looong liife, dude”

    “Pizza? Maaannnn that sounds eeexxcellent.”

    165 Phil, “the Peters” is a arse. An unmitigated ass.

    166 Phil, I agree. With all the scrolling that we’ll have to do I dread any thread longer than 200 comments and equally dread they will close a thread because it’s reached some maximum.

    But at least replies to a certain post are nested thereunder. And we can vote pists up or down! Heehee

  163. … vote *Posts* up or down. Cripes.

  164. @168 “pists up”

    As in pists up a rope? :>)

  165. Oh Harry, there are Certain Pisters to whom I’d love say just that.

    “Pists” … shorthand for pissants, LOL.

  166. 159. Marja – February 21, 2016

    Cygnus, most movie trailers now are impressionistic, giving only hints of the story or characters’ motivations, while giving ample displays of CGI.

    I’ll tell you what Marja—I’d love to see the movie that this trailer suggested was in store:

  167. Cygnus, Hee! Good ol’ tricksy JJ. He makes cohesive-seeming, exciting trailers!

  168. Now they’re saying there will be a Batman v Superman “R” rated director’s cut released on video following the film’s theatrical run.

    Looks like Deadpool is the new standard for superhero success!

    Batman: “F*** You, a**hole!”

    (punches Superman, who dodges, gingerly stepping aside at super-speed)

    Superman: “F*** YOU, a**hole!”

    (Burns Batman to an ashy cinder in 1 second with his heat vision)

    Something like that could happen…

  169. I’m really surprised by the change in the comment section on the main side. I think it’ll encourage people to participate more with the whole upvote/downvote thing.

  170. 174. AJ – February 25, 2016

    Now that movie I’d like to see.

  171. @172. Except you don’t.

  172. Come now, AJ, seeing Sup’s dispatch the Bat rated R style might be entertaining…like this.

  173. Audience: “Couldn’t we have a little peril?”

  174. 178:

    Phil, that would be wonderful to watch.

    “I’m invincible!” “The Batman always triumphs!”

  175. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | February 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm | Reply

    Ok. Nick Meyer now with the new Trek Series. This could be really Awesome.

  176. Nick Meyer. Wow…I didn’t see that one coming!

  177. I’d kill for just one ‘rocking decks’ sequence in the new Trek.

  178. @182. AJ – February 27, 2016

    “Nick Meyer. Wow…I didn’t see that one coming!”


    Neither did I…

  179. #182. AJ – February 27, 2016 , & 184. Aurore – February 27, 2016

    Really? It’s weird to me how the collective group mind seems to have total amnesia that Meyer was an Abrams’ family friend and even attended JJ’s Bar Mittzvah. I recall Orci and Kurtzman commenting on meeting him too:

    ”I saw most of the original [STARTREK] series. Actually I watched a lot of them with my kids, and they loved it so much more than I ever thought they would. They were scared to death in parts, and it was so cool to see these episodes through the eyes of an 7 or 8 year old.

    But I want to speak a moment about Nicholas Meyer. He was an amazing director and writer. He was friends with my parents, when I was a kid. And when I was a kid, among the other embarrassing things I would to, and there is a list of stupid things, I would make these dumb comic tapes, like with friends, Greg Rumberg and I would do countless moronic comic tapes. I did remember one night though when Nicholas Meyer was over for dinner. He came into my room and I was probably nine, and he and I made a tape together. It was some stupid interview tape, where he and I were playing characters interviewing each other. And he was just sort of a guy who was willing to be silly and goofy, and I knew that he was a writer. But I didn’t really know much about what he did…

    But that idea that later he would go on to direct a Star Trek movie, and then even later I would is so weird to me, and I’ve never discussed this because, its obviously so painfully boring, but its one of those things… And years later he came to my Bar Mitzvah, and he gave me Unabridged Sherlock Holmes, which I still have, and it’s just bizarre to me, cause I was such a fan of the films he did. And really that was the height of my Star Trek fandom when his films came out, I just loved them. So anyway I felt a bit of a kinship because I knew that guy! It was very surreal for me to finally be in those shoes and saying “Action!”” — JJ Abrams 10/15/09

    ”Kurtzman: We met Nick Meyer when we were doing STAR TREK DVD interviews. We actually passed on a soundstage.

    Orci: And I actually kneeled before him.

    Kurtzman: Bob fell to his knees, and I grabbed his hand. (Laughs) He was so kind and generous. He’s literally the reason that I wanted to make a STAR TREK movie.” — Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman 5/4/09

  180. Hoping Leo’s teeth get the Oscar tonight.
    They act up a storm while Yogi is buggering him.
    The Martian for Best Comedy.
    Tom Hardy for Best Silent Actor for Fury Road.
    The Big Short for Best Documentary being ignored by Americans.
    As usual, I haven’t seen most of the other movies, but neither did The Academy.

  181. @185 Cygnus will likely be suicidal after being reminded of this. A few people are starting to point out that Meyer’s fingerprints were all over The Undiscovered Country, a bit of Trek that has aged badly.

    @186. In a shocking upset, the bear wins best actor for The Revenant…

    Here’s something fun at Voyagers expense. Just where did all those torpedo’s come from, anyway?

  182. In what way has TUC aged badly? It’s my fav, after TWOK.

  183. Gravity Boots.

    Now, that sucked.

  184. Gravity Boots.

    Now, that sucked.

    ??? – Sucked so badly, that we got them again in First Contact. I just don’t get the hate that seems to be building against TUC. It’s a good movie with a good plot, and there are certainly worse Treks. (Looking at you, Insurrection!!)

  185. @188. There are two substantial departures from Trek canon the writers needed to use to get the story to work. First, most of the Enterprise crew, including her captain, are pretty much raging open racists. And, as the movie pans out into broader Federation civilization, it’s pretty prevalent there, too. Trek canon doesn’t ignore racism, but does portray it as isolated…except in TUD.
    Second, for this wide ranging intrigue to work, the Federation has to be pretty corrupt. Starfleet is portrayed as being highly militaristic, and for Starfleet admirals to be openly boasting to being able to clean the Klingon’s clocks, either the Federation has boosted it’s military capacity substantially, or the Klingons are not nearly as fierce as portrayed. Again, both are departures from Trek canon.
    I know there are counterpoints to both of these observations – they just tend to stand out to the casual fan as a departure from Trek lore. To me, this episode almost stands out as an alternate universe tale – either way, it’s a pretty ham fisted morality tale that’s not told well. I don’t hate the movie, it just isn’t a good send off for the crew of TOS.

  186. 191 – Phil — I can see how you might view TUC as out of step with Trek in general. I felt that it was a reminder of just how hard it is to maintain utopia, even for people committed to it. Also, TUC is certainly not the first time Kirk has openly hated on The Klingons. Before TNG’s Worf, Klingons were “the enemy,” plain and simple. ‘Errand of Mercy’ predicted peaceful cooperation and ‘Day of the Dove’ saw Kirk swallowing his distrust to save his ship/crew. Even so, they’re baddies. They’re what the Federation is working against in ideology and in military actions. TUC offers a more introspective view of how fighters must eventually lay down their arms and hatred. The Kirk-Spock ‘dining on ashes’ scene in TUC (OK, with special thanks to a balding Victorian) perfectly illustrates this aspect of Kirk’s character development.

    Or, TUC could suck. Your choice.

  187. But, if any of the pics of Valeris naked in the captain’s chair ever appear, you damned well better email me copies!

  188. Meant ‘balding Elizabethan.’ Can’t wait til we get edit ability in the chat.

  189. The racist retcon of the Enterprise crew in STVI is reminiscent of latent prejudices laid bare in ‘Day of the Dove,’ for sure.

    However, when Kirk calls them “animals” when he finds out their planet is at risk – well, that’s somewhat over the top. Would Spock ever have a Donald Trump-style bigot as a BFF?

    STVI has its head screwed on right, for sure, but all the la-la-la Gene Roddenberry ‘values’ supposedly inherent in 23rd century humanity seem to get the short shrift.

  190. AJ – 195 – We can agree to disagree. In TUC, Kirk is remembering David, which is good continuity. The audience may have forgotten that moment in TSFS, since we got the HA-HA of pregnant whales followed by the jaw-dropping horror of Vulcan fart jokes in TFF. I think, though, that Kirk has motivation. Again, this is not the Kirk of TOS. This is the Kirk of the movie era where there are some losses and regrets. It’s definitely slippage from the utopia that GR retrofit TOS to include. (Um, Gene, aren’t you the guy who had sex slavery right there in the ‘cerebral’ pilot?) The utopia layer of Trek builds only after TOS has had its run. It’s a nice thought, but it’s not always on the page in TOS. Klingons and Romulans and Gorn don’t sing Kumbaya with Federation types. It’s the 1960’s and TV is about f-ing and fighting. Kirk does both. Then, there’s peace in the galaxy (in the mind of fans) and that’s followed by TUC, which is about paying the upkeep for peace. The characters, especially Kirk, let their ideals slip and must pay a price.

    Again, just my two quatloos. Hate the flick if you want. You can always watch STID. **ducks the flying tribble thrown at head**

  191. I won’t argue any more on TUC. Promise.

    I would say that what’s important here that the new TV series will likely toss utopia out the porthole. I think we’re going to get a very dark take on the Trek universe. The ideals may still be there, but I suspect that, in keeping with current entertainment trends, we will see very venal characters doing things that would make TOS Kirk & Spock cringe. At a guess, we’ll be dropped into a war arc, or possibly the aftermath of a war that has left the Federation in tatters.

    We’ll know in 10 months.

  192. If it was just Kirk harboring a healthy dose of bitterness over David’s killing, that would be understandable. It’s just that everywhere you went on ship, there were crewmembers and officers spouting slurs about the Klingons.

    I do agree, though, that for that wide ranging of a conspiracy to exist, something was rotten to the core of the Federation, Klingon and Romulan empires. I don’t hate TUC…not sure I hate any Trek (yeah, even Generations), but it’s not hard to see where STID got it’s moody tone from.

  193. @196 CmdrR “we will see very venal characters”

    So, if convicted, those types would serve their time at the VENAL COLONY on YOU’RE A PRICK?

  194. CmdrR, Phil, The major turnoff for me was when the senior officers were making racial remarks after dinner with the Klingons. Ugh. Senior officers?! Not to mention the ridiculous scene of Uhura “translating” Klingon, fumbling through thick textbooks. As Eric over at Trekcore said, I’m glad the NuVerse has a polyglot Uhura. Only makes sense.

    Kirk’s prejudice, I could understand, after David’s death — if he had displayed it only in private. That he was so up-front about it seemed “conduct unbecoming”. (As did the after-dinner conversation.)

    And the Major Conspiracy in Starfleet, oh, please. A theme done to death. I know it may have been a take on “7 Days in May” but I didn’t think it was very well done, especially considering the mind-rape of Valeris by Spock. Ugh.
    ————- ————- ————-
    OSCARS — well, Hollywood publicly took their drubbing from Cjris Rock, so now they can do the same ahite next year. Just kidding. Hopefully they have learned something from #OscarsSoWhite. Weee shall see.

    -Could NOT believe winner of Best Song. Bleah-phoo!
    -Happy Rylance won for his superb work in “Bridge of Spies.” -He was the center of that movie. Well, besides Hanks ;-)
    -I’m sure deCaprio acted his little heart out, but I had rather he’d won for some other role. Now every Oscar aspirant will be lining up to play hardship roles. Leo won bc of his many fine performances in many fine films, and the AMPAS finally shrugged and said, “’bout time to give this kid an Oscar.”
    — Glad that “Spotlight” won Best Film and Original Screenplay. I’ve seen a very similar film before — “All the President’s Men” — and this was another great film about the grand old days of journalism. And man I loved Mark Ruffalo and Stanley Tucci in it.
    — ————- ————- ————-
    I like and hate the new format on the main page. I HATE SCROLLING THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. And still no edits? Why tf don’t they just use Disqus? I’m disqusted.

  195. Marja, Leo’s character in The Revenant is pretty one-note, as is Mr. Hardy’s.

    I want to like the film, but there’s not much there. All that talk about the director insisting on location shooting is crap. He put the whole film under a blue gloom filter, plus all the amazing nature scenes — bear attack, horsey fall down and go boom, Indian attacks, an avalanche, etc. were nothing but an army of Koreans banging out fake thrills on computers — no better than Transformers. Meh! The revenge plot of The Revenant will probanly be less influential than using cgi to replace actual practical effects, or basically anything at all. No more: Dances With Wolves, Jeremiah Johnson, or The Fugitive. All films will now be emailed in.

    Yes, the Oscar went to Leo for several other, better films.

  196. @201


  197. Eh, Marja, the format will take a little getting used to. It’s a godsend for Cyg, though, he can have his little chats about god knows what with a bit of isolation and others can just leave him alone….

  198. If the 23rd century utopia thing only came out after TOS’s initial run, it was beat to death by TNG, especially in the early going when GR had the reins. “Encounter at Farpoint” spelled it out for morons, and then we had 7 years of conflict-free mostly decent ‘Star Trek” where everyone else was an a**hole, but the Captain and his crew were totally decent folks.

    TUC still ‘works’ in an odd way, and it is classic old school Trek in that Kirk fixes everything in 5 minutes at the end and then makes a terrible speech. Also, coming off of the horrors of STV, we really needed them to go out with more dignity (before Kirk’s was destroyed once again for the purposes of money-grubbing in ‘Generations’). Pretty much anything with David Warner (EXCEPT STV) is worth watching anyway (though his scenes are fine if you cut out the rest of the film).

  199. Phil, I actually don’t like the new format.

    Dozens of people expressing rather predictable opinions isn’t interesting to me. I prefer more in-depth discussions, and the new format limits participation in those. If someone replies in a sub-thread, there’s no way for others to know about it without having to scroll through the entire thread every time. And who wants to do that? With the old format (this one) you could simply go toward the bottom of the thread and pick up reading the new comments posted, and you wouldn’t miss anything. Skipping over comments you weren’t interested in was easy.

    And this business of anonymous people being able to down-vote and up-vote posts without even having to log in or provide an email address is really awful. The whole human element is removed from the process. When people had to express an opinion with words, you could judge that opinion on its merits. You could judge by their language whether they had an agenda and what it was. With anonymous upvoting and downvoting, it might as well be scripts or machines or expressing opinions. It could be low-level corporate employees doing the bidding of their bosses, or PR firms doing it for their clients, and nobody’s the wiser. It’s really shitty and has downgraded the quality of discussion here.

  200. Well, like it or not, Cyg, it’s not going anywhere. I’m actually sympathetic, When I finally had to replace my Blackberry I was able to find a phone with a keyboard because I liked it. Well, that phone is now dying, and I’ve not been able to find a replacement with a keyboard. Not happy about it, but I’ll just have to get with the times.

    I’m getting used to the format, because all the comments aren’t sequential, the general consensus seems to be it is easier to skip the comments you weren’t interested in to begin with. I’m not inclined to disagree with that observation at this point. We are all anonymous here, so I really don’t personally care what is up or down voted.

    Overall, I see more people commenting, which isn’t a bad thing even if they aren’t going to deep – it’s not a crime to be a casual fan. There was a comment thread on the Axanar thread where it was obvious those posting had looked into case law a bit deeper then most – so there is some hope that people are paying attention. As for those who have gotten something out of Trek that’s a little off the beaten path, live and let live. It makes them happy, so drilling in on some inconsequential point may win the argument, but if it diminishes their enjoyment…well, there’s always chat. I can talk about my wife’s Yorkie, gripe about FINRA, or Pearl Harbor (the base, not the movie) and not have to worry about life being to short.


  201. I don’t touch the new format boards. I tried to enter my long-time handle, “AJ” after a comment, and it said it needed more letters, so not really interested anymore.

  202. 206. Phil – March 3, 2016

    Well, your Blackberry example is apropos.

    When I first was forced to buy a smart phone, I wanted to get a Blackberry or some other phone with a keyboard. But when those proved impractical, obsolete or excessively bulky for my needs and preference—I’m not walking around with a 6” x 3” object bulging in my pocket—I went with the smallest, thinnest android phone available. Typing on it is a pain in the ass because my fingers are larger than the keys, so the fallout is that I keep my cell phone text discussions to a minimum.

    As for more people commenting here now, that seems a trade-off of quality for quantity: there are now more people saying less interesting things. And 10 or 20 or 30 variations of the same idea—“I like it and I’m excited!”—just isn’t interesting to me at all. Whether or not it should, the up/down-voting does seem to have greatly limited the scope of opinions expressed—as dmduncan pointed out, it encourages group-think. And group-think isn’t interesting to read.

    Whether or not one feels that the whiners who whined about not wanting to read certain comments—“Wah! I don’t like those comments; make it so I don’t have to see them!”—and by doing so appear to have motivated the format change, had a valid complaint or not, you’re simply not going to see the sort of interesting back-and-forth, arguments with Bob Orci and so forth, that you saw before. And to me, that back-and-forth was the charm of this site. That’s where you saw the humanity come out. That’s where you saw people doing research to support their arguments. That’s where you actually got enlightening information about a host of subjects that you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. And you got a bunch of petty shit, too. But, that was never hard to scroll right past.

    And now it’s gone. And it’s been replaced by three-dozen varieties of, “I’m excited! Yay!”

  203. Cygnus, Phil, I sympathize on the keyboard thing. Geez I dislike typing on a smartphone. That’s why you’ll see some of my entries have beaucoups mistakes.

    The new format, ironically, was probably installed because of our bitchin about having to scroll backwards 50-100 entries to comment in an interesting conversation. (Just step away for 10-20 hours and an exciting thread could build 100+ comments!) Now, one has to scroll through the WHOLE FRIKKIN THREAD to see if anyone has answered your comment.

    UGH. I REALLY WISH THEY’D SWITCH TO DISQUS. Scrolling, perhaps, but pictures to help you find commenters. Sounds dumb but it helps.

    Discussions on TrekCore, however, don’t seem to last more than a couple of days :-(

    I’m just glad TrekMovie hasn’t goofed around with Chat, and I hope they don’t.

    Cygnus, if you are really determined, I think you can engage in substantive discussions.

    The upvote/downvote satire you did the other night was hilarious.

    And Leonard Nimoy was a great man! :-D

  204. Well, even if my phone wasn’t crapping out, it’s tiny little memory was going to force a change anyway. In the !nsur@nce industry, the ability to take an app over a encrypted device is speeding right along, the compliance folks love it, so anyone with gray hair is going to be dragged along, kicking and screaming…

    I could never really get into how some of the other Trek sites were formatted. I’d just Google search Trek related stuff, and if I found something interesting search out from there. There were Wall Street types pegging CBS to creating more Trek content a few years back, so it really wasn’t a surprise when the announcement was made.

    Not sure I’d agree that there are more ‘gee wiz’ comments on the site then normal, but considering how comments are a bit more compartmentalized, I can understand how that impression could be made. I’ve never been one to up/down vote, it’s basically another tool to gauge site activity. If I don’t feel the urge to comment, I’m not going to vote, either….except in the general election.

    Oops. Wasn’t supposed to say that. :-)

  205. 210 Phil, If you can, please vote in the Primaries too. I know — depending on what party a person is — that some states (like FloriDUH) prohibit Independents from voting in Dem-Rep primaries. If I’m violating site protocol by urging people to vote, I apologize.

  206. As to the upvote/downvote thing, I gave up on it. Seems pointless. Didn’t know they were a measure of site traffic!

  207. I’m registered ‘decline to state’ here in the great state of California, so all I get to do in the primary election is weigh in on mostly pointless ballot initiatives. Still, as a bit of a political junkie this is proving to be an interesting election cycle, for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

    Yeah, up/down voting holds little interest for me. Cyg and PS seem to be having some fun goading people along. Sometimes it can be a barometer of sentiment, though. On the Angela Basset thread, simply pointing out there may not be a captains chair fired up ire in a few people – one could infer from that that for all the chatter about going new directions, there is some nostalgia out there for not straying to far from the ‘captain & crew’ format.

  208. Phil, I tried to be a political junkie but every time they talk about that real estate guy with the yooooge mouth or the messiah who looks like Joe McCarthy I just want to be shut my ears. Not to mention our crazy right-wing Flori-duh State Legislature is in session, passing laws like “open carry” (of guns) on college campuses. … I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE


    I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. But “Dog-Whistle Politics” has upset me too. But there’s not only an anti-minority thing going on. The oligarchy is turning their party even more anti-poor. “Entitlements” is a nasty word when used by some people.

  209. Thanks Marja.

    I’ve been engaging over at TrekCore and it seems a better vibe.

    They still have the up/down voting thing, but it’s not obnoxiously used by people. Having a system whereby the option to be negative and poo-poo somebody’s thoughtful comment is spring-loaded and set up for anonymous people to simply click on is obnoxious, in and of itself. The facebook system is better, where the easy click is to be positive and like the comment. If you want to take issue with a comment, you actually have to use your words to say why. Here now you have a bunch of people who just poo-poo any opinion that is analytical or critical, which really has given rise to more of a group-think atmosphere overnight. For whatever reason, the up/down voting isn’t so obnoxious and stupid at TrekCore. Maybe it’s due to less traffic, maybe a more thoughtful crowd over there, maybe both.

    But, I think it’s the people who complain about not wanting to see conversations about certain topics here that motivated the change. Frankly, I think those people are more obnoxious than people being petty and mean with their words. At least the people that were engaged in the discussions weren’t trying to impose their will on everyone else, for the most part. Now those people who don’t like “ana|ysis” and criticism and “nit-picking” and lengthy discussions have gotten their way. Frankly, I’m not motivated to scroll through the entire thread every time searching for discussions being had, especially when it involves seeing the manifest group-think.

    At least this chat thread is still the old format.

  210. P.S.

    Actually, looking at TrekCore now, I think the reason the up/down voting thing isn’t obnoxious is because it’s not anonymous. There, you need to log in with a Disqus account in order to up/down vote comments. So, I guess people figure if they’re going to take issue with a comment, and everyone is going to know who it is that’s taking issue anyway, might as well do it with words.

  211. The up/down thing is getting positively stupid on the Angela Bassett thread. Sides are being taken. It’s painfully obvious not to mention a boring ego-fest, sidelining the discussion.

    Yeah, I like the Disqus format at TrekCore. I wonder if anyone can keep a discussion going for more than a couple of days over there, though. I bet it could be done. Lookin at you, Cyg ;-).

  212. Yeah, Marja, I may have to concede Cyg’s point – I figured the up/down vote nonsense would fade after a few days, at least on the Angela Basset thread, people are really barking at each other about that.

    Personally, I don’t see why it’s that much of a stretch to imagine a Trek show not built around a ‘captain & crew’ format, but that seems to be where everyone is. Granted, the thread is about Fuller’s comments about Basset as captain – there’s little there actually to tip the audience what direction Kurtzman is going with this.

    Wait and see, wait and see.

  213. Cygnus, Marja, Phil –

    We’ve tweaked the new system so that you have to be logged in in order to vote. Hopefully that’ll help curtail the abuse of it.


  214. 219. Brian Drew – March 6, 2016

    Logged in to what?

    I just tried it and couldn’t up/down vote anything either before or after I posted a comment. Not that I mind—I’d do away with the up/down voting altogether—but I’m wondering what you mean and how it works now.

  215. @ 216. Cygnus-X1,

    “Actually, looking at TrekCore now, I think the reason the up/down voting thing isn’t obnoxious is because it’s not anonymous.”

    A few years ago, it used to be anonymous then they changed it.

    btw, it’s good to see the old comment format is still here.

    @ 220. Cygnus-X1,

    “219. Brian Drew – March 6, 2016

    Logged in to what?”

    Perhaps Zion mainframe!

  216. 220, Cygnus, I don’t know what I’d log into here, if I cared to vote up/down, but since I don’t, I guess the point is moot ;^)

  217. Well, as you brought it up, I’ll give it a try….

  218. Echoing Cyg’s sentiment here – not entirely sure how to log on…not that I plan on voting much, though.

    If it’s an either/or proposition, I’d much rather be able to edit then vote. Just sayin…

  219. 224 Phil I cannot say enough how much I agree!

    Mods, an edit function … pretty please? (Anorher reason I like Disqus)

  220. Appreciate the feedback – we’ll try and make some more adjustments.

  221. I know this has come up before, but here is a nice little talking point on …The Trouble with Transporters.

    Do we dare strike up this conversation with up/down votes?

  222. FYI, and for all who care, Deadpool has now out-earned Man of Steel’s final cume worldwide (and still going!).

    For those who need facts, that 673M vs 668M.

  223. Phil – If you haven’t seen “The Prestige,” you’ve got a great two hours ahead.

    AJ – Yeah, and if I could afford a babysitter, I’d love to add $23 to that total.

    Brian – Abslty, we need an edit fuction.

    Hey, what’s happened to The Walking Dead? The last two episodes had… characters and a plot?? Whuuuuuh?

    George appears to have a serious addiction to attack men with bad hair:

  224. CmdrR, he probably doesn’t know the answer. Now if those numbers were followed by six zeros, he might — but the guy’s gone bankrupt four times. Doesn’t say a lot for his business acumen, but it says loads about the excellent accountants and lawyers he must have surrounded himself with to find every available loophole.

    Phil, as to the up/down votes I say be like Mel Brooks’s King in “History of the World Part 1” — “scrrrew them!”

  225. New Captain America trailer.

    Keep your eyes open for a certain Wallcrawler at the end.

  226. @231

    That’s a good-looking trailer. Seems like they’re trying to redeem themselves for Ultron.

    Thanks for sharing, AJ!

  227. Harry, Marvel’s handed the keys to a new director (or directors – they’re brothers Anthony & Joe Russo) who did Winter Soldier, this one, and are signed on for the next two Avengers flicks.

    I hope it’s good; “Ultron” left a lot to be desired, and director/legend Joss Whedon made his dissatisfaction with the whole process publicly known. Still pulled in $1.5 billion or so.

  228. Ultron just felt like a big meal of empty calories. But then, many Marvel films feel that way. How many times can we watch a city, landmark, or planet destroyed by a vengeance-seeking villain bent on ruling the world? Are there no other types of stories for these guys and gals in plastic jammies? Couldn’t The Avengers fight global warming?

  229. Didn’t see Winter Soldier in theaters, the trailers left to much an impression that it was going to be another superhero slugfest. When I finally caught it on cable, I was surprised that it was a pretty decent movie. So, now, here’s Civil War, which is shaping up to be another superhero slugfest. We know Cap doesn’t die, we know the good guys work things out, so where’s the suspense?

    I’m not feeling it for CW, or BVS at this point. That’s not to say I won’t see them, but I can’t shape the impression that this genre is nearing the end of it’s run.

  230. Yes, it’s pretty sad that I remember a number of compelling storylines from the comics when I was growing up, but Hollywood can’t even get close to what those writers came up with. Not just sad, but down right pathetic.

    I kept beating Orci over the head with facts like these, but for some reason, he didn’t want to hear it.

  231. Harry, I wonder why they don’t just go with thise old stories.

    Phil, I imagine you meant to say “I can’t *shake* the impression that this genre is nearing the end of its run.”
    Producers of the DC Vomics series have TEN more movies planned and a few in the pipeline. It’s been predicted that giant SFX/CGI spectacles would bankrupt the film industry. I stand by it; that won’t stop me seeing a few more though. As long as they stop destroying the Eiffel tower, the Golden gate bridge, the British Parliament, and the Empire state building.

    CmdrR, Yeah! At least Stark Industries should be able to figure it out!

    Joss Whedon … wish he could’ve done Star Trek Beyond. ….

    So Ben Carson has endorsed Trump — proving Carson has actually been asleep this whole time.

  232. OK, I’ve talked up The Expanse before. Now you guys have to see it to watch the new Starfleet High Commander. Seriously, TEx is hard sci-fi done right. (So far, minus the vomit zombies from the first book, but we’ll see how season two shapes up.)

  233. There is a minuscule hope that “Deadpool” signals a slight shift in the aim of comic-movies, or at least it shows that adults may want to enjoy these movies without watered-down least-common-denominator plots and characters.

    Of course, then “Deadpool” becomes the new least common denominator, and we have Black Widow boning Hulk with a strap-on becoming the new normal (actually, it was “Ted” that mainstreamed this kind of stuff for average theatergoers a few years before Deadpool).

  234. Black Widow boning the Hulk?

    I’d pay “real money” to see that!

  235. Is there any way to add Shee-Ra to this scenario?

  236. 241/CmdrR:

    She-Ra is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    I suppose they could sign a deal with Filmation a la Spiderman, and do co-branded things with her and the other Avengers; you can use your imagination until that actually happens.

  237. How about Flo from Progressive?

  238. Flo from Progressive? Gee, CmdrR, you sounds like a guy posting from prison!

  239. sound


  240. Does Flo have any super powers?

  241. She’s managed to keep getting a paycheck. That could be a super power.

  242. Singlehandedly made fire engine red lipstick not something automatically associated with hookers.

    Wham! Pow!

  243. Red lipstick looks fantastic with dark hair and blue eyes. And she’s a working actor! ;-)

    “Where is your husband?”
    ————- ————- ————-
    Harry, I could see her with Dr Banner, but your mind sometimes boggles me :-p
    ————- ————- ————-
    AJ, You have just made me very happy that I’ve skipped both “Ted” movies.

  244. There is a very funny sketch clip with Jimmy Kimmel, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck spoofing BvS. Can somebody find it and post it here? Thanks!

  245. Thanks, B Kramer! I appreciate the effort!

  246. I hope the BvS movie is worthy of that clip. Very funny…

  247. Welcome Harry.

  248. Kramer, LOL, awesome–“I got Batman and Superman right here”!! And the end is priceless.


    Not that we didn’t see this coming. Since both Spielberg and Ford have more money than they know what to do with, Disney is offering them eternal life plus unlimited rides at Disneyworld.

  250. CmdrR, After Ford’s two accidents last year, I thought he already had eternal life ;-)

    I hope the movie will be better than “Crystal Skull” … feh!

  251. Glad you liked it Marja, LLAP.

  252. 257 – Crystal Skull didn’t put me off nearly as badly as Temple of Dumb. The tone in Temple is so… gory gross blecch!… plus, that awful blonde harpy Indy kept dragging through the jungle. What a pain. Whatever happened to that actress anyway?

  253. #259. CmdrR – March 16, 2016

    Kate Capshaw? She married Stephen.

  254. #259. CmdrR – March 16, 2016

    make that: Steven.

  255. Ninety minutes of Harrison Ford reading a phone book would be an improvement over Crystal Skull


    Well, they both look fabulous in a cape.

  257. Yeah, I was pretty unimpressed by Temple of Doom.

    “Raiders” is just so perfect, like “Back to the Future,” that no sequel can ever do it justice

  258. #264. AJ – March 17, 2016

    Recently re-watched INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, and I thought “Spielberg sure does seem to have a strange fascination with his paramour’s screams.”

  259. CmdrR, I was annoyed by the eternally screaming girly girl Kate Capshaw, and the gross details (live monkey brains anyone?) in ToD. Compared with capable Marion in Raiders, Capshaw was a drag. I think ToD was even more closely modeled on ”30s movie serials with its boyish fascinations and impatience with silly women.

    CmdrR — B v S: And their voices! So yearning yet masculine.

    Did anybody notice Batman”s like, long underwear in that scene where he looks restrained? Was that Affleck’s “muscles” suit? ;-)

    265 Dis, yep. Lots of discomfiting stuff goes on in Hollywood. …

  260. Just saw “Dead Pool” — quite bracing for a Marvel movie. Even the opening credits were hilarious. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast and it was great to see him wisecracking, etc., with Morena Baccarin. Absolutely loved him constantly “breaking the fourth wall”!

  261. Watched the movie “Room”.

    Well done for the premise.

    It’s worth watching for the kid. He carries the whole movie. He was robbed for a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Academy Awards.

  262. Hmmmm…. Critics are silent 4 days before BvS officially opens. Obviously, Warners is keeping the thing under wraps for as long as possible to maximize pre-sales.

    But perhaps the critics’ voices have been delayed because the movie actually sucks….Hmmmmm….

    They’re already ‘teasing pre-production’ of the first full JLA film, but we Trekkers have heard that with every single Trek film. Means nothing.

    But perhaps it’s a smokescreen meant to make fans think all is well while, in fact, the movie actually sucks….Hmmmmm….

  263. The sad part about these comic-book movies is that some of them have really good concepts that could have been developed into a strong movie that stands the test of time, like Richard Donner’s Superman (one of the script-writers of which was Mario Puzo, writer of “The Godfather”). The Dark Knight was my favorite comic-book series, so I should be the target market for BvS.

    And part of me is curious to see Ben Affleck playing a grizzled, resentful Batman. But the rest of me wants to spare me the disappointment of yet another big, dumb action movie. The CGI in the trailer didn’t even look good.

  264. Batman v Superman is a flawed premise to begin with…it’s such an uneven match-up, it’s laughable. Never should have been given the green light to proceed. Kind of like the plot for Star Trek Into Darkness.

    Aw, DAMN, there I go again……….. :>)

  265. 271 – Ballz, you fool! BvS is NOT kind of like STiD. It’s exactly like Generations: fanboy service without regard to the actual content or the core values of the characters or a good story.

  266. “Ballz, you fool!”

    So, CmdrR, you DO know me, don’t you? :>)

  267. I think I saw as much of B v S as I want to, in the Jimmy Kimmel / Ben Affleck sketch CmdrR posted, above ;-)

    Best part: no CGI!

  268. 274. Marja – March 21, 2016

    I think I saw as much of B v S as I want to, in the Jimmy Kimmel / Ben Affleck sketch CmdrR posted, above ;-) Best part: no CGI!

    That’s pretty funny.

  269. 271. Harry Ballz – March 21, 2016

    Batman v Superman is a flawed premise to begin with…it’s such an uneven match-up, it’s laughable.

    …Unless there’s another angle to it, like homo-erotic aggression. That’ll put asses in the seats, ay? Somebody should do that rom-com trailer.

  270. @276

    It’s funny you say that, Cygnus! Somebody has pasted together a trailer as if it IS a romance between the two men. Not sure where you’d find it.

    I’m sure one of you geniuses can figure it out!

  271. Well, just as we all suspected would happen….

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is tanking on Rotten Tomatoes (33%).

    That other flick’s reviews should be revealed later today.

  272. AJ, I’m not surprised. The trailer was gawdawful!

  273. 278 – See 263.

    Yes, It’s BrokeBat SuperMountain.

  274. This seems to be the year for sequels made decades after the original. So, what other hit made in 1996 do we want to see more of? Arnold seems to think Terminator 6 will get made…

    Yeah, still not feeling BvS. There is no ‘verses’, so that pulls all the tension out of it, no one dies, oooohhh, Doomday, so we get a little ‘enemy of my enemy’ so all we are left with is two hours of Rockem Sockem Robots. Not saying I won’t see it, but it won’t be this weekend.

    Yeah, Cyg, scroll up for the BvS rom-com trailer. It’s pretty funny.

  275. Excuse me, I just read a review. Two and a half hours. That’s a hellva long time to watch streaking CGI characters duke it out.

  276. If I read the chart for Rotten Tomatoes correctly, so far B v S is trending around 41%.

    That’s not good.

  277. The critics seem to agree on BvS. In a word, it looks: funless.

  278. RT is at 38% now; “bloated” is used a lot. One review says it doesn’t ‘set the rules’ of the DC cinematic universe very well. Takes itself way too seriously. Better than “Man of Steel” and not as good as the “Dark Knight” films.

    I liked MoS better than any of the Batman films, so I will go see it at some point. Will be interesting to see how much cash rolls in.

  279. Chicago tribune calls it “Yawn of Justice.” LOL

    That’s up there with “Star Trek: The Motionless Picture”

  280. @ 286. AJ – March 22, 2016

    “Chicago tribune calls it ‘Yawn of Justice.’ LOL”


    “LOL”, indeed…


    Regarding what you said @ 285, the movie will probably make “tons of” money, anyway…

  281. Well, the reviews are in…….B v S is a piece of dogshit.

    Why do the wrong people get to keep making these movies?

  282. Most critics blame Snyder and the writers… but also love Gal Gadot. So, here’s to hoping her movie will be better… and fun.

  283. Wow, somebody go to Youtube and please post the MovieBob Reviews of BvS.

    It’s 9 minutes 27 seconds long and full of many spoilers. It’s hilarious to listen to, you’d think it was me talking!


  284. Thanks, AJ, I knew I could count on you.

  285. Well, Harry, from what I’ve read it’s suffering from about 40 minutes of no editing, and Jesse Eisenberg. If that equates to dog s**t, it remains to be seen.

  286. Harry, Bob really needs to quit trying to hold it all in. Keeping that anger pent up will lead to ulcers.

  287. C’mon, CmdrR, you gotta admit, it’s a classic rant, no?

  288. I have my tickets for BvS Saturday night.

    I don’t think it will quell my hopes of ever seeing Superman’s “Rebuild the Great Wall of China-Vision” again.

    At least I can get out from under the weight of the reviews and the one apologist friend of mine who saw it and maintains that everything written by 138 of the 199 reviewers aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes is absolutely inaccurate.

    If the thing makes tons of money, you wonder if they’ll still tell Zack Snyder (or whomever) to lighten up a bit. I mean, seeing Jason Momoa play someone called “Aquaman” cannot be taken seriously no matter how hard they try. Once again, though, they are writing that the film needs to break a billion to justify moving forward with the JLA under this director’s tutelage. That’s the million-dollar question.

  289. These giant greed targets studios set create an equally crazed expectation that audiences will react the same (with their wallets) to recycled bits and pieces they’ve seen in other movies. That is, if a long fist fight worked in Avengers, it MUST work in BvS; if ST09 made good money, then putting the exact same Beastie Boys pos song into STB will definitely boost box office sales. Greed leads to paranoia, which leads to “safe bets” which are still bets and therefore not safe at all. People like stories. Give us good stories and we’ll show up.

  290. Here’s a quote of death from the NY Post today:

    “Oh, it’s going to pull in a lot of cash on its opening weekend. That’s not in doubt. But so did 2014’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and that movie was so reviled, it killed a planned franchise and forced its studio, Sony, to cut a deal to lend the character to rival Marvel Studios.”

    BvS could make money AND suck hard and still cause heads to roll and a major rethinking of what’s gotta happen with the whole slate going forward.

  291. Harry, you and Bob Orci seem to be having a civil discussion in the Book thread. Are you mellowing, Sir Ballz?

    BTW – A very joyous Easter to all. Whether Christian or not, may we all seek peace in these days when hawks are screaming so loudly and God is used as an excuse to kill.

  292. CmdrR, I posted a comment and Orci simply replied to it.

    No, I haven’t changed one bit and Orci is as big a dick as ever.

    Case in point: B v S is proving to be a steaming pile of dogshit. Once again it proves that the morons in Hollywood don’t know what the f*ck they are doing. I am so sick of them f*cking up over and over again.

  293. I do think MovieBob got it right when he said that the cinematography looks suitable for the side of a panel van. Now THAT’s some good snark!

  294. OK, NOW I’m pissed at Zack Snyder. I can’t link the article, but I have read about the killing of one particular character in this horrible movie of his. I can’t link the article because some genius put the character’s name in the addy even though it’s not in the headline. Anyhoo… Point is that somewhere in that massive, bloated, sea of gratuitous punching and killing, a bullet clips a guy in the head. Bam. Dead. And he’s not named in the film. Later, you may be surprised to discover who he was. Just sayin’. Snyder took a character you know, did not identify him by name, but killed him… because… needed one more death, I suppose. It’s the same absolute lack of respect for the material that makes Generations painful to watch. I now officially have NO plans to pay money for BvS and NO plans to see it ever.

  295. Yeah, I have no desire to see the B vs S. And if I do, it’ll be free at the library. Instead of trying to do these origin stories and versus movies, they should’ve did a popular arc to bring in multiple characters at once. Then later if they felt the need to do origin stories, they would have already introduced the characters to audiences previously. Or at least have the character cameo in the arc movies. Kind of like what Disney is doing with Star Wars. They could’ve alternated the arc movies with individual stories.

    DC’s The Blackest Night/ The Brightest Day saga would’ve been perfect for the DC movies.

  296. I just had a blast at Batman v Superman. Ultra-serious, and Lex Luthor is pretty awful, but I really liked it. Ben Affleck does a great Batman, and Henry Cavill takes Superman in the right direction, but it is not a kids’ film at all.

    I can quibble with not only Luthor, but also how the other member of the JLA were shoehorned in (Wonder Woman aside, with whom Gal Gadot does a pretty nice job), and that Metropolis and Gotham City are across the river from one another, and as I sleep on it, I may find more. But as a whole, it is far and away not a disaster from my point of view (and I wanted to hate it). I will see it again on video.

    It is dark and not funny at all, and brings some of our real world to bear in a situation where ‘the’ Superman exists. It also has Batman question his own motivations and change direction in a genuine on-screen arc for the character.

    The FX are great, and the Batcave/mobile/plane are cool. Jeremy Irons is a great Alfred, and Batman does some bad-ass fighting. Superman does loads of heat-vision stuff, and when they briefly fight, it works.

    And for all its length, you can see they made more of it, and had to cut. It is not a fun romp with a happy ending, but a more mature take on things; maybe ‘what happens when Superman and his world show up in a Batman movie.”

  297. AJ, thanks for the review. I trust your judgement and will try to watch the movie with an open mind.

  298. @ 304. AJ – March 26, 2016

    Thanks for the review, AJ.

  299. AJ, so you’re saying no fun is cool? But, not cool for kids.

    OK, that limits my chances to see it. I have EnsR in tow most of the time. But, I’ll reconsider.

    Did the guy getting shot in the head register during the film?

  300. CmdrR:

    Who is the dude who got shot in the head?

  301. OK, found one without the spoiler in the link’s title:

    spoiler inside:

    I just get the same empty feeling that the deaths of Robert and Rene provided in Generations. WHY???

  302. Sheeyat, CmdrR. No mention of the guy’s name at all.

    And, even if there had been, it’s still not the right place for the character. He belongs where he has always been (as Bryan Singer knows, with his tribute to the George Reeves version of the character in Superman Returns).

    But, it doesn’t really make or break the film.

  303. I saw BvS, too. And I would not see it again.

    There aren’t any cringe-inducing moments in the movie, which actually came as a disappointment to me. After reading all of the bad reviews, I was hoping for a so bad it’s good effect to the movie. But, no. There’s no single element of the movie that you can zero-in on as being “bad.” The descriptors that stand out as most apropos now that I’ve seen the movie are “disjointed” and “Yawn of Justice.” My god, does this movie drag. I was ready to leave about an hour before the movie ended. I kept shifting around in my chair hoping it would wrap up soon. But, the movie just trudges on, blow after blow.

    I do agree that there was too much stuff crammed into this movie. A more positive spin would be that BvS was an overambitious endeavor. Snyder’s reach as a filmmaker exceeded his grasp. Ultimately, Snyder does not seem to have been clear on exactly what story he wanted to tell. The action and the plot all revolve around Batman being angry with Superman. But, very little time is actually spent showing (as opposed to telling) why that is the case, i.e. Batman’s rationale. The reason given, at the beginning of the movie, for Batman’s grudge against Superman is pretty flimsy and stupid. Without spoiling it, it’s similar to Nero’s reason for holding a grudge against Spock Prime in ST09. Not a strong reason to serve as the premise and thematic through-line of a story.

    I agree that Lex was lame. Far too much was made of Wonder Woman in reviews that I read. She does not “steal the show” by any stretch of the imagination. Unless seeing a scantily-clad hot chick with her legs occasionally spread open (by accident, on purpose) steals the show for you. Fair enough, I suppose, if it does. Holly Hunter is unrecognizable in her new, lifted face, save for her distinctive voice. Affleck is OK as Batman later in the film, when he’s angry. But, his weak acting and poor facial expressiveness took me out of the movie at the beginning. Cavil is fine as Superman. No complaints there. The stand-out performance for me was Laurence Fishburne, who brought a lot of character to this movie with a relatively small role. There was no need for Kevin Costner to be in this movie. Cutting his role would have shortened the length, narrowed the focus, and lost nothing in terms of character development, theme or story.

    On a positive note, BvS did not insult my intelligence like Marvel movies do. I really have grown to hate Marvel movies. Marvel movies offend me with their stupidity and how they pander to the lowest common denominator in the audience. BvS doesn’t pander and it’s not stupid. It’s just poorly organized as a piece and suffers for want of a better story editor during the writing stage.

  304. BvS hauled in $424m worldwide over the extended launch weekend, so success for the franchise looks to be within reach.

    That’s a serious boatload of cash.

  305. 312 – And that boat will carry at least two JL movies.

  306. OK, just finished the penultimate episodes of both The Walking Dead and 11-22-63.

    WD: 3 really good episodes all season. 3. The rest: fake-outs (Glen’s NOT dead!!!!! — oh, sorry. Spoilers!) and filler.

    11-22-63 — Mostly filler. There are some good moments, but there’s no tension and no possibility of tension. Only two things can happen in the conclusion: JFK dies (either because James Franco fails or because he must choose between his blonde and the president)… Or James Franco saves JFK. Either way, why should I care? Also, why are they including scenes without James Franco? If he’s affecting the past, shouldn’t the entire thing be what he sees?

    Meanwhile, The Americans is off to a great start… again. Truly, one helluva well-planned, well-executed series. Likewise Better Call Saul. THIS is how you tell stories!!!!!

  307. Or… JFK lives, the futures turns to crap, Franco hits the reset button. Same old same old. I’d still recommend watching Dr. Samuel Becket play this game… or watching Kirk Douglas almost stop Pearl Harbor.

  308. I’m enjoying Better Call Saul.

    And The Expanse.

    Haven’t seen The Americans. I’ll check it out.

  309. I went into Batman V Superman really wanting to hate it and expecting the film to truly be an unmitigated disaster in every regard because of all the rumors and abysmal marketing. I loved it! Absolutely loved it! It is one of the very best comic book superhero movies ever and definitely my second favorite of all time behind the legendary Christopher Reeve Superman film. There are just layers upon layers to Batman V Superman that are incredible and I can only hope and dream that Star Trek will step up it’s game to deliver that kind of depth again with the new show and future movies.

    If you’ve seen the movie or don’t mind spoilers I highly recommend going to documentary filmmaker Brett Culp’s youtube channel and pulling up the video where he brilliantly reviews the film and becomes very emotional doing so. Culp really lays out what a lot of people missed about the journey the two titular characters take.

    Everything in Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice is about the eventual triumph they are headed for and reach.


    Better you should read it here than hear about it on the school yard. It’s not all the sordid actually… Shat’s no Cosby.

  311. Funny story….over the years I’ve a met a guy through friends who hints that he is Shatner’s son. His parents knew Shatner at the time and he thinks his mother may have fooled around with Shatner. I’ve got to admit, the guy bears a pretty fair resemblance to Shatner. Not only in appearance, but in his verbal and physical mannerisms. The guy doesn’t want to go public with it, but has intimated his thoughts to friends. Probably respects his parents too much to do anything about it.

    I’m not kidding, this guy is for real. And you know what? It pretty much rings true to me.

  312. Jeez, does Shatner even have $170 million?

    Sounds like he’s had a few blonde lab technicians pushed his way….

  313. Again, this seems like two consenting adults, so… “c’est la vie.” <== mispronounced in true Shat style.

  314. Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig are filming a movie in Toronto this summer. They’ll be spending about a month filming in Leaside (my neighbourhood). I’ll be reporting here if I see anything.

  315. It was originally going to be Damon with Reese Witherspoon, but she dropped out. Thank the sweet baby Jesus!

  316. I like Kristen Wiig a lot better than Reese Witherspoon, too.

    Although I recently read the transcript of Howard Stern’s interview with John Goodman wherein the actor mentions that he was at some Hollywood party and walked up to Kristen Wiig excitedly to tell her he’s a fan of her work. As she happened to be in mid-conversation with someone else at the time, she sort of rudely told him, “I’m talking to someone,” and continued her conversation. This little story was part of Goodman’s greater narrative about how he doesn’t fit in with other actors that the works with and never socializes with them after work, though he’d like to.

  317. Damn it, every time I turn around I find myself defending some point Donald Trump made. Damn damn damn……Shatner should fight this, it’s strange that he’s refusing a paternity test. Unless, of course there’s a chance that Peter Shatner is his. 50MM for pain and suffering, though? Considering that Bill seems to have a well earned reputation for being a pain in the ass, I don’t see a jury awarding him more then three bucks for that….

  318. I couldn’t even get my dad to pay for college. Sheesh, Hollywood really is another planet.

  319. #326. CmdrR – March 30, 2016

    As a couple of my brothers had to learn the hard way: a unguarded moment can turn into an 18 to 22 year child support obligation.

  320. Two hours of pleasure can lead to a lifetime of pain!

  321. 327 & 328 — I hope there’s another option besides $170M. That’s just cold. Maybe a judge could order Shat to take this guy to the circus, explain the birds and bees, and drive him to swim practice three days a week.

  322. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | March 30, 2016 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    #328. Harry. Are you trying to tell us something. Lol.

  323. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | March 30, 2016 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    Hey CmdrR A Judge could have the Shat put on a Darth Vador hat and have him say ten time’s. I am your Father. Then do a deep Breath in and out. Lol

  324. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | March 30, 2016 at 9:11 pm | Reply

    Hey CmdrR. I loved Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen in The Final Countdown. Except for the Temperal Storm there was no CGI used. Loved Quentin Leap. The best Time Travel show ever on T.V Scott Backula has had one hell of a Career.

  325. Harry: “Two hours of pleasure”?

    Guys can do their part in the baby-manufacturing process in 5 minutes ;-)

  326. Well, what can I say, I like to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves in the process.


  327. Back to BvS, here’s an interesting, if not predictable, take on all the bad BvS reviews.

    Essentially, movie critics are taking out their dissatisfaction with the genre’s existence and longevity on the film itself, which, as such an icon of superhero excess (look at the title), encapsulates what has gone wrong with film in general.

    However, the BO numbers ($500m and counting so far) say the genre fans are the ones it was made for, and they are a multitude, and are showing up in droves for it.

  328. AJ, I’m still staying home in drove.

  329. Shatner is being sued for 170 million. A man named Peter Sloan is claiming that Shatner is his father. He’s even calling himself Peter Shatner. He’s in Florida. He’s got a website. According to CNN, he’s been trying to reach out and get a paternity test since the 1980s. He met Bill on his TJ Booker show, where allegedly Shatner told Peter (who was given up for adoption) that he was indeed his father. When Peter tried to follow up with a phone call, Bill was agitated and hung up. Since then he’s claimed he’s been attacked by Shatners’s legal team and attempts to get DNA tests were “rebuffed” by them. He wants a paternity test and a jury trial. Wow.

  330. Shatner sent a tweet today, seemingly in response to the claims:

    “My children are my life. I have three kids in total: Leslie, Lisabeth & Melanie. They are my reason to get up.”

  331. I would think the Shat will have to submit to a paternity test at some point, so if that guy is his kid, he might as well ‘fess up now. Even if the Shat died, that guy could still prove DNA through his daughters and get money from the estate.

  332. If Shatner is the dad, the kid will get closer to $170 than $170 million, for sure.

    I mean, David Marcus didn’t sue (though he was conveniently killed…maybe TOO conveniently? Kirk destroyed all the evidence).

  333. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | April 1, 2016 at 5:09 am | Reply

    You know. I wonder how many Kids James Kirk had. I mean. How many woman was he with. A lot through out the Galaxy. Lol.

  334. #340. AJ – April 1, 2016

    Destruction of the evidence would have been immaterial as the precedent set in the episode, COURT-MARTIAL, would allow the many ear witness testimonies that Kirk said David was his son.

    Also, at this time in the United States, unpaid back child-support debt is not erased by the death of the child. And the government agency in my state that manages those payments doesn’t wait for DNA tests to start garnishing wages, i.e. they’ll start solely on the mother’s ID and it’s up to those that may be wrongfully accused to pay for their own lawyer to stay the action.

  335. #341. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire – April 1, 2016

    Well, I suppose not using an STD barrier which would also serve a contraceptive purpose, IS one way to boldy go.

  336. Phil (Phatner) | April 1, 2016 at 8:34 am | Reply

    About the only way Peter hits the Shatner DNA Lottery is if he manages to coattail off the famous last name. They’ll settle, and as AJ mentioned, after legal fees, the guy ends up with $170.00

    Now, if you proof isn’t an issue, and it turns out Bill does love his fans…one at a time….I could be Phil Shatner (Phatner??) for a while…

  337. @343

    I take that to be a CONDOM NATION.

    (runs and hides)

  338. If he settles then he’s practically admitting he’s the guy’s father. Just get the DNA test and be over with it. If not, well then, Peter may get his wish after all (trial).

  339. #346. LizardGirl – April 1, 2016

    Exactly, and while he may not be directly on the hook to the kid why set himself up for owing decades of back childsupport to the mother if the DNA might clear? And if it doesn’t clear him, there’s no need for Shatner to be a ….err…..well, I’m sure Harry will POINT out that Bill already was one about it?

  340. He was put up for adoption, so I don’t think child support is going to be an issue – even if it was, it would be his mother who’s entitled to it, not Mr. Slone/Shatner.

    I see a celebrity edition of the Maury Povich Show here. William Shatner, the DNA tests show you are/are not the father!! The audience goes wild….

  341. # 348. Phil – April 1, 2016

    ” I see a celebrity edition of the Maury Povich Show here.” — Phil

    And Maury pays more than $170!

  342. Wow, I just typed in the name “Peter Shatner” and “photos” and a bunch popped up. There is one of him as a young man where he looks like the Shat as a young guy. Spooky!

  343. There is some chatter floating around out there that in SW:TFA behind the scenes video that Karl Urban and Simon Pegg got to climb into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Man, I hope someone got a picture of that…..

  344. 335. AJ – March 31, 2016

    Essentially, movie critics are taking out their dissatisfaction with the genre’s existence and longevity on the film itself,

    I saw it with three friends and we all pretty much agreed that the reviews had been accurate. Two of us liked the movie despite its flaws, and two of us didn’t. But, we didn’t argue about whether it was too long, too stuffed with stuff (overambitious), too boring or too disjointed. We all agreed that it was.

    As for the box office receipts, part of the reason that we saw BvS is that there wasn’t anything else playing that we found compelling. I’ve found lack of competition to be the case with many of the high-grossing movies. The first Toby Maguire Spiderman comes to mind. That movie does not, by any reasonable measure, deserve to be considered along side the likes of Star Wars. And yet it is because of its high box-office during a period of low competition. The day that studios start making good action movies again is the day that these comic-book movies stop doing so well. But, Hollywood operates on the principle of inertia. If people are paying to see it, then Hollywood will make it. And if that’s all that Hollywood is making, then people will pay to see it rather than nothing. People want to go to the movies on the weekend—regardless of what’s playing, the demand for a theater experience is there.

  345. I mean, of course there are comic-book fans that specifically want to see superhero movies. But, the general movie-going public does not fall into that category. If it’s a big-budget, special-FX-filled action movie, the general public is in.

    Which reminds me of another criticism of BvS that my friends and I all agreed on: there was no need for it to be in 3D. The 3D was so underutilized that it left us all wondering why Snyder had made it in 3D.

  346. One day in 1982…

    Shat: So, you claim to be my love child. Well, I’m not going to acknowledge that, but I have a new movie out. How about we go see it?

    Peter Sloan: Sure!

    Watching TWOK, as Kirk hugs David…

    Shat: **awkward**

    Sloan: I have a tennis sweater just like that one.

    Shat: My lawyer will do my talking for me.

  347. I’m sure the Shat was with a lot of women over the years.

    Is it really any surprise that a few of his “swimmers” got through once in a while?

    What would he owe this guy? Maybe a million? Pfft! Chickenfeed!

    Even though that would set a precedent, with maybe another half dozen little bastards stepping forward, the Shat can afford it! :>)

  348. Cygnus:

    To your point, it goes both ways: People will flock to a BvS because nothing else new and interesting is in the theaters, and the studios will also make sure not to put up blockbusters in direct competition for opening weekend box-office. BvS had its weekend (actually 2, with the current one, where it’s reported to be down 71% over last weekend), and it will be replaced by Jungle Book or whatever else is on for what is now the pre-Memorial Day summer blockbuster period.

    On another note, I am more worried now than ever about ST: Beyond, as there is once again no ‘buzz’ for it after a bad trailer came and went. We are three months out. BvS, Star Wars, and even Deadpool have been on multi-year PR rampages, and ‘Trek’ seems like a small blip in comparison. ‘Axanar’ has had more free coverage on the Web due to its court case than “Beyond” has, and it’s obvious they are once again using ‘secrecy’ as an excuse to mask a tiny marketing budget.

  349. “…it’s obvious they are once again using ‘secrecy’ as an excuse to mask a tiny marketing budget.”

    Why does this keep happening? I know Trek has yet to have a billion-dollar movie. But, it’s made billions. Isn’t that worth a full effort? Also, one way or the other, the movie will reflect on the series… and launching a ppv based on one series is a crazy stupid idea if all you’re going to do is ignore that series and its franchise.

    The studio really needs to put me in charge. I literally cannot lose more money than the current team.


    For what it’s worth, here’s another pic. Looks like Kirk in an escape pod.

  351. @ Harry
    Shat’s off the legal hook on this one – junior was legally adopted, so even if Shat was the sperm donor, he doesn’t owe him a dime.

    Got to admit though, the 50MM for pain and suffering is still a mystery. I’d be pretty thankful if adopted parents had spared me an existence with a narcissist…

  352. Long time no…whataever this is, fellas…

  353. Mr. Google mentions a “daniel shatter’ When Shat’s own Tweet mentions only his three daughters.’


  354. Damned Typonians. Daniel SHATNER Ugh.

  355. I sort of get maybe an adopted person’s wishing to know his biological, but the addition of monetary demands into the mix baffles me, too. Wonder what his impetus is to now, of all times, to demand Shatner’s recognition of his parentage…

  356. 357. AJ – April 2, 2016

    Good point.

    Regarding STB, the lack of promotion might be related to Paramount’s serious money problems. Viacom is reportedly offering to sell a large percentage of its stake in the under-performing studio.

    As for the movie, the lack of promotion is related to it in either of three ways: (1) the studio doesn’t have much confidence in the movie, and hence is not throwing good money after bad in promoting it; (2) the lack of advance promotion at this point is not related to the movie, but rather to Paramount’s general money problems; (3) Paramount is planning to promote the movie closer to its release date, and is keeping it under wraps at this point for strategic reasons.

  357. @362 ‘Beach

    Yo. ‘Beach, my man! What been happenin’, bro?

  358. Cygnus: Money problems with “Transformers” as its cash cow? Also, I think TMNT is theirs. GI Joe?

    It’s all sh*t, isn’t it? Certainly doesn’t justify paying high salaries when everything they produce is junk written by committee. They killed a new Jack Ryan series because it was crap, and God knows what else.

    It seems that Justin Lin has a good idea of what sort of property Trek is, and with SImon Pegg writing, it does seem like a long-shot that this film will be worth our time. But, it takes money to make money, as they say, and perception is reality (as they also say), so PR and building anticipation is all part and parcel of building anticipation, especially amongst the non-initiated punters out for a decent night at the movies.

    Hey, ‘Beach!

  359. AJ
    Excellent point. They marketed the shat outta Force Awakens and it did a gazillion at the box office. Troubling how little they’re doing for STB. That is if one translates into the other.

  360. #369. ‘Beach – April 3, 2016

    The problem could be that in order to win in the marketing game, one ha to be able to bet BIG but Paramount’s got no bank. We’ll know if this indeed is the case if Trek’s marketing magically kicks into high gear once Dauman sells a piece of it off.

  361. I was under the impression that Skydance was also involved in acquiring financing for the Trek films.

    I mean, with Bad Robot and Justin Lin running the show, just how broke can Paramount be? I would have newfound respect for them if they put out a superior product and shorted the marketing to please the beancounters, but once I saw STV, my faith in ‘Star Trek’ maintaining its own high standard went out the window.

  362. Paramount has had the lowest market share of the big 6 movie studios since 2012. Maybe it’s the tentpole business model, that Lucas and Spielberg warned of years ago, that’s at least partly to blame. I haven’t looked at all of their market caps, but I recall Paramount being one of the smaller studios, if not the smallest. Warner Bros., for example, has other businesses that contribute to its cash on hand—Time Warner Cable, being chief among them—and has a market cap of about $70 B. Paramount by contrast has a market cap of about $3.5 B. When your business model is based on high-investment/high-return projects, you’re at greater risk being small and having fewer eggs to put in your baskets, like Paramount.

  363. 354 CmdrR, LOL!

    356 Harry, So that’s why Shat never stops working …!

    358 CmdrR, We’d better see some lobby stand-up displays soon or I am going to be PISSED.


    Disney was marketing “The Finest Hour” 4 months in advance. Disney’s got bongo bucks.

    Disney had “The Force Awakens” movie previews about 2 months out — but it seems like there was plenty of other marketing before that.

    WTF, Paramount?

  364. WTF, Paramount?

    The studio suits are Klingons (TOS period, not TNG, of course!)

  365. Cygnus: The generic product is a tentpole film, which requires $150-$200M for production, and $50 to $100M for marketing/PR. A gross revenue number of $X million (I forget the formula) is needed for break-even.

    Tentpoles are not rocket science, and unless Paramount (or whoever—New Line was broke when they made LOTR) has some secret success formula fior doing things on the cheap (they don’t), they will lose unless they stick to those cookie-cutter corporate budgets and spend on those typical items which grab new customers for a franchise.

    Trek has always suffered from lack of historical exposure in international markets, which are now more important than N. America to hit those big box office numbers. Hence, Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance in STID. If there is no further investment, no one will give a crap, and as they do here in Russia, the punters will think it’s just a Star Wars knockoff.

  366. The figure that I’ve seen mentioned repeatedly is that a movie has to make roughly twice its budget in order to break even, due to the cost of advertising & promotion, which you mentioned. But, there are a lot of variables. Domestic grosses yield a much higher percentage to the studios than foreign grosses. Advertising budgets also vary. STID, for example, cost so much to advertise, and lost money over ST09 in its domestic gross, that even though its foreign plus domestic grosses were about $440 M, it was said not to have started turning a profit until its blue-ray sales.

  367. Star Trek ’09 made $385m (production budget $150M) and STID made $467M (production budget $190M). I don’t know what Box Office Mojo includes into its budget numbers, but $40M extra for the latter film is quite a jump.

    If the promotional budget was also higher than that for ST09 (and it was, internationally, for sure), I can see where that put the film into the red. Idris Elba wearing a latex mask is NOT the same draw as scowling Benedict Cumberbatch in a long black coat, so I am guessing the international push will be more limited this time around. With this as the third film in a 3-film deal for the actors, this one will probably make a big impact on what happens next with our franchise cinematically.

  368. Add to all of that the need to make MOST of the money on opening night. Sure, it’s measured over the opening weekend, and the next few weekends… but if opening night is not huge, studios begin shutting down the pipeline to future projects.

    Truthfully, I would love some smaller stories, anyway. Maybe one or two space battles (a la TWOK) and a lot more humor, character moments, and just plain good story telling!!

  369. #377. AJ – April 4, 2016

    Star Trek Films With Biggest Box Office Bang:

  370. Ackbar.

  371. R I P Admiral Ackbar.
    ————- ————- ————-

    @378 CmdrR, I’d like smaller stories too, better character writing, and so on … but would the mere fact that the Enterprise and its surrounds require a budget for CGI mess up Paramount’s calculations?

    Umm, halfway thru typing that I realized they do SFX in fan films ;-p

    SO WHAT IS PARAMOUNT’S PROBLEM? Are they unwilling to reposition Trek as a more thoughtful franchise after they erred and tried to give it the ol’ tentpole?

  372. “halfway thru typing that I realized…” I hit this problem all the time. But, by then it’s already typed. Nothing can be done.

    Frankly, I just can’t think of any more excuses. Hollywood has a mindset like every other business. Money is the only thing. It prevents studios from trying things, such as mixing a franchise’s releases so that some are big splosion-filled messes and others are quiet character-driving stories. It works in a TV series and should work on the big screen. But, Hollywood won’t try it, because it would mean small movies with small jackpots.

  373. OK, on to TV.

    The Walking Dead. Yes, the finale sucked. If you haven’t been online since Sunday, then someone has come to your door to tell you that. Beyond that, the problem remains the same: There’s no plot to this thing. There is still no end game in sight. It’s filled with filler and lazy, repetitive writing, and also cheap stunts. So, you want to introduce a new super villain in the last ep of the season. Great, make it a 90-minute ep. And in so doing, make that ep drag like hell. FOUR blocked roads. A pointless Carl scene. Several pointless Carol/Morgan scenes. And the world’s longest, ramblingest, dullest villain speech on TV ever. I clocked Negan’s introductory speech at 13 minutes!!! Rick’s people were begging him to use Lucille and not bore them to death.

    11-22-63 — No spoilers. The finale is not as bad as I had feared. Plotwise, there’s nothing there. But, there’s nothing there in the entire story. It’s a great big fake out. But, the execution was well done. James Franco is a very limited actor who’s getting too old to be the hunky young man. Daniel Webber is very good as a creepy… urm, even creepier… Lee Harvey Oswald. The rest of the cast ranges from adequate to pretty good. But, there’s not much for much of them to do besides scream: “Kennedy’s gonna be shot!” Bottom line, it’s an enjoyable three hours, stretches over eight hours.

    Best bets:
    Better Call Saul
    The Americans (excellent!!!)
    The Expanse (excellent!!!)

  374. Awaiting the great “Game of Thrones”

  375. So, Star Wars: Rogue One now has a trailer. The movie is set for December. The trailer’s main job — imho — is to tell you that this is a side story set at the time of Ep IV, with all the ATAT’s, Death Star 1, and Rebels v Stormtrooper paraphernalia you love. Good job, little trailer.

    Where the f*** is the promotion for STB?

  376. Oh wait, there is a new Trek trailer:

  377. @387

    CmdrR, that cheesy trailer entertained me more than all of Star Trek Into Darkness.

    Yes, STID was THAT bad!

  378. Wow, CmdrR, that Rogue One trailer looks boss!

    Actually, imo, Rogue One looks more interesting than the SW movie that just came out.

    I had someone explain to me the timeline because while it looks awesome, I wasn’t sure when it took place. This story apparently takes place before(?) A New Hope, which is the very first SW movie.

    Disney’s going to have to make sure that people aren’t confused about the timelines. Other than that, they’re doing well. While I didn’t particularly love The Force Awakens, many people did so still a plus for them.

  379. In typical Hollywood-think, Rogue One takes place just before A New Hope (it’s how the rebels got the plans that show the hole over the exhaust that the Empire felt should be covered, but didn’t want to cover with plywood because that would lower property values). BUT, no one is allowed to use the word ‘prequel’ any more. HA! If it has half a story, the ATAT’s and vintage Death Star will do the rest. It’ll be interesting to see how they do or do not get Darth Vader into the story.

  380. 389 LizardGirl

    Disney should just indicate at the beginning of the film that “This films takes place before “A New Hope” (aka “Star Wars”). If they want to get all nerd-centric, they can say “X years after the events in Episode III, Revenge of the Sith” which would validate that film’s pathetic existence in the new Disney Empire and make many audience members lose their lunch while nodding their heads in utter subjugation.

    And the trailer does rock, except for that endless alert signal

  381. A Star Wars Story…..Somewhere Else in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

  382. Kirk (in Janice Lester’s body): I can’t believe you want me to… you.

    Lester (in Kirk’s body): It must have been your life’s ambition.

    Kirk: OK, you got me there. At least I won’t have to go to the chiropracter this time.

  383. @394

    And then, in the heat of the moment, one of them yells, “go f*ck yourself!”.

    Calamity ensues…..

  384. Well, at least it’s getting a plus in #$@in’ Dubai!

  385. Did anyone else catch the Icabob Crane reference to THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER in last Friday’s SLEEPY HOLLOW ON FOX?

  386. Just watched the new trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. It looks great!

    Maybe someone could post it here? It’s 2.02 long.

  387. Harry, one day you will learn how to cut and paste…

  388. AJ, as in cut people up and paste them to the wall? Thanks for the link! :>)

  389. 399 – I loves me some good Tilda Swinton, really, but couldn’t they find ANY Asian actress to play non-descript Asian chick? The trailer kinda looks like a cross between Batman Begins and Inception. I also have concerns about Bene Gesserit Cumberbun. He’s a decent actor, but has trouble finding scripts that make sense. As for Doctor Strange, it’s not on my a-list of childhood loves. I’ll wait to hear what people think before getting too excited.

  390. Wasn’t feeling it, either. Dr. Strange is digging deep into the Marvel lineup, so far they have had a decent run introducing some of their ‘B’ listers. All I saw in this trailer was a knockoff hybrid of ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Batman Begins’. If they are going to have a winner on their hands hopefully they’ve figured a way to get the audience to connect with the character. And in a hurry – I’ve no interest in watching the good doctor get taught….

  391. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | April 13, 2016 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    Wow. Great news about the series being set in the prime timeline and after the undiscovered country. I like where this is going.

  392. @404. It also looks like marketing for STB is also about to kick into high gear. Is should hopefully be a good run for Trek in the near future.

  393. Trailers seem to be dropping everywhere. If you are a retro Godzilla fan, GODZILLA RESURGENCE just dropped a new one. Trailer, that is. How about that, also an end of July release…

  394. @Kayla Yakov Smirnoff
    @Brian Drew a pretty picture
    @Matt Wright the ship
    Et al

    You should see this:

  395. Kirk Cameron?

  396. Phil — Either the audio is missing a channel or there’s a heck of a lot of lip flap in that trailer. I guess the dialogue consists of “Crap! Godzilla’s here!” — urm, I mean “Hai! Gojira! ゴジラをファック!”

  397. Iron Man was a b-level Marvel superhero as well,but with a great backstory. Dr. Strange’s story is similar: A rich dickwad who has a come-to-Jesus moment where he a) realizes he has been acting his whole life like a rich dickwad, and b) now has a chance to make a difference in the lives of others by wearing garish clothing and being less dickish.

    Iron Man was also brought to life by a talented actor whose best scenes are when he acts out of costume (i.e. when it’s really him and not voiceover over CGI). Cumberwhatshisname can also do this, and we’ll have to wait and see if he can own the role the way Robert Downey Jr. has done. Disney keeps hitting homers, so he will probably do a great job.

    BvS looks like it will park itself somewhere around $800m. I bet they wish they had done Deadpool: $56m budget and $750m box office. Deadpool is a grade ‘Z’ Marvel character and Batman v Superman was Warners shooting its load too early. Now they will introduce their grade C & D heroes in search of payback, and we’ll see how that goes. Two words: “Green” and “Lantern”

  398. DC is f*cking it up so far.

  399. @335. AJ – March 31, 2016
    The general audiences of today are not comic book experts but they are the comic book generation, Batman V Superman was definitely made with them in mind and not just the movie itself. Warner Bros is making a fortune off of the merchandising alone.

    @410. AJ – April 13, 2016
    Deadpool’s an interesting comparison, I remember seeing people predict it was going to bomb at the box office and realizing they had no idea how popular that character is. That’s the same thought I have for what’s upcoming for Warner Bros. next few DC films: Suicide Squad, 2 Justice League films, and Wonder Woman are hardly the C & D list. Suicide Squad may surprise everyone the most because for at least 10 years DC Comics has put a major emphasis on their villains resulting in many of them becoming as popular as their main heroes.

  400. Wonder what Trump would look like if he EVER realized what a dickwad he is and decided to spend his billions on crime-fighting.

    I guess he’d be Agent Orange.

    btw – when I run 409 through the translator, it’s much funnier than what I put in the first time.

  401. Well, those clips of Spiner impersonating Patrick Stewart are the funniest thing that I’ve seen/heard in months. I’m surprised at the underwhelmed response.

    Not only Spiner’s uncanny vocal impersonation, but the story he tells about Patrick not liking it. The thought of Patrick Stewart with a grimace on his face at hearing Spiner do a dead-on impersonation of him is hilarious to me.

  402. At this point, the only way Paramount can be forgiven for the current string of f**k-ups associated with the new film’s launch is by surprising everyone and releasing best Star Trek film ever made.

    No PR or marketing exists, except a panned awful teaser, some pics and an unremarkable Entertainment Weekly segment. Not even “secret” pics of actors glimpsed on set, or a bit of plot detail. The thing launches in July, and it’s May in two weeks. Where is the full-swing marketing, and trailers attached to BvS and Jungle Book? They won’t even make the next Captain America film with their current schedule.

    Maybe I am just being paranoid, but Paramount has turned into the worst kind of sh*t-factory, with only Transformers, TMNT and GI-Joe to keep it going. They have brought Star Trek as a film property down to b-grade by meddling too much creatively.

    I mean, how can you re-order a new Star Trek script so late in the game because the last one was “too much like Star Trek” for a film being launched to honor the 50th anniversary of the property?

  403. @415. AJ – April 17, 2016

    “…Maybe I am just being paranoid, but Paramount has turned into the worst kind of sh*t-factory…”


    Get out of here!

    Everything is just fine. Paramount is doing great.

    Espèce de pessimiste…


  404. What colour is the sky in your world, Aurore? :>)

  405. Observed a post on one of the main boards – check out Seems there is plenty of 50th anniversary stuff going on, and stuff to buy, too.

  406. 415 AJ, My bet is that the original script for JJTrek3 was pure fan service, tying the profitable NuVerse back the original timeline, which I guess is something maybe 1,000 diehard fans want, but would baffle the general audience, tie Trek into an already choked-with-canon Universe, and affect future profitability. Thus, “too Star Trek-y.”

  407. Canon vs. Enjoying a danged fillum.

    Does Bond, Batman, or Supes have all this concern over canon? SW doesn’t, at least not unless you’re a militant geek talking about every book, comic, cartoon, and trading card. I just wish JJ has left us in the Prime universe, as seen by a new creative team. But, I suppose that starship has sailed. As we go back to tv, it certainly looks like they’re going to be in the Prime universe, sandwiched between STUDC and TNG. Lots of room to play around in there. (I hope they don’t make a big deal about inventing dust-busters.) As far as I’m concerned, the new team is welcome to liberally interpret all that’s gone before. Dr. Who seems to be on-again, off-again with its own canon. That’s cool.

  408. Do, sted does. D’oh!

  409. Marja & CmdrR:

    Star Trek’s canon is pretty much a “thing” in the world of mass-market fantasy/sci-fi franchises. Even casual fans get riled up if the violation is too obvious, or a new interpretation too “original” (Spock/Uhura as an example).

    I give Mr. Orci credit for participating in the Trekmovie discussions to the extent that he has, and understand that whatever he wrote for the latest Trek was probably a story about “exploration” or the “human condition” as Star Trek tended to do it back in the day (“Too Star Trekkie”). Not so sure about “fan service’ other than that it would bring Star Trek back to what the fans think it’s supposed to be. I mean, Nimoy and Tribbles showing up in two films, plus Khan, Kobayashi Maru, Praxis, Carol Marcus and dozens of other references in the first two JJ films were quite a lot of service already.

  410. AJ,

    “..what casual fans think [Trek is] supposed to be” is a broad statement. I, for one, enjoy the flexibility of an alternate timeline, and to me, an alternative to canon is what it’s supposed to be. For traditionalists, that is a Sin of the First Order, beyond the pale, but they, and I, love Star Trek in one form or another.

    And I thought the “original” take on Spock/Uhura in the NuVerse a welcome addition. I like it very much, despite certain scripting flaws.

  411. Marja:

    I grew up with canon, and it just sticks to my brain like an extra lobe.

    I do not mind the “What If?” gobbledygook scenario JJ used to create his timeline. However, I do not get that, while Spock’s upbringing was SO strictly canon-based (even referencing TAS), Kirk was made out to be a prattish dick who kept getting promoted without experience for no reason. TOS Kirk, as we know, earned every one of his medals by the time he was promoted to be the youngest Captain in Starfleet at 34. He was also a “stack of books with legs” who served on board the Farragut as a Lieutenant. A womanizer? Yes. But he stayed in school and earned his stripes in the field.

    I will be curious to see how the new show handles canon. If they actually do a season post-ST6, they will be smack-dab in the middle of two series with some serious limitations. I say Go For It.

  412. AJ, the NuTrek movies had to showcase how a young twerp with attitude could make Captain in two days. How else can the young folk watching rationalize getting great success in their own lives without working for it?

    The new motto is “forget about working hard, you deserve success for no reason whatsoever.” Want to become rich and successful? Don’t worry, it will come.

    I weep for the young people embracing these “values”.

  413. AJ, I agree with you on Kirk, the characterization [as Harry points out] was probably to make Kirk “more relatable” to the young and spoilt. Geeze, you can’t have some brilliant history-reading dweeb doing thrilling things, can you?

    Oh wait. In TOS they did. But that was the grand ol’ days.

    Harry, I think the motto would be more like, “forget about working hard, you deserve success if you come up with a Great Idea!” [Silicon Valley, vidgame designers, I’m lookin’ at you]

  414. I just read they’re going to be filming the new Trek TV series here in Toronto.


    Our city seems to get more than it’s fair share of interesting stuff going on!

  415. Here ya go, Harry:

    I know you meant in your heart to post that link…

  416. OK, AJ, now you’re just rubbing my nose in it! :)

  417. Dang. Now I’m jealous.
    Atlanta’s got The Walking Dead.
    Trade ya, Harry!

  418. CmdrR, trade Star Trek for The Walking Dead?

    Um, no.

    Tell me, does no work for you?


  419. No.

    Want Trek!! (Not endless zombie dicing crap.)

  420. A buddy of mine does extra work in stuff shot around Toronto. I’m going to “strongly encourage” him to audition for Trek.

  421. What would a STAR TREK zombie sound like?:

    Brains, brains, brains, and brains. Wants brains?

  422. All the zombies in ‘Star Trek’ would accusingly shout: “‘Harcourt Fenton Ballz…Have you been drinking again!?” and would relentlessly pursue Harry through the streets of Toronto until the inevitable end…

  423. What, with me letting them catch me only to prove their pursuit was pointless?

  424. An endless sea of walking red shirts….

  425. Star Trek Zombies wouldn’t sound like anything. They’d be wandering around Paramount/CBS looking for brains, so they’d be too weak from starvation to speak.

  426. I don’t post as much on this site anymore as Keachick (among others) has ruined it for me.

    Their twisted lunatic-fringe ravings have spoiled the whole environment.

    I like our little corner here, but I have little patience for the rest of it.

    Keachick should be banned, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  427. #436. Harry Ballz – April 24, 2016

    Pointless? Oh come on, Harry, I would think even in zombie form, Marj Dusay would look good enough that you’d opt to go out with a bang?

  428. Disinvited, tell me, if she gets to eat my brain, what do I get to eat?


  429. Marj Dusay is still lovely at 80.

    In answer to your question, Harry … “what do I get to eat?”


  430. CmdrR, I was kind of picturing Marj as she looked in “Spock’s Brain”, but I appreciate the pun.

    Hmmmm, “Edible Depends”. Doubt there’s much of a market for that.

  431. 439 Harry,

    Talk about twisted lunatic-fringe ravings, at least I Am Not Herbert has gone off to La-La Land. I think he’s getting ready for the imminent arrival of aliens.

    If they ban Keachick they should ban TUP too. He has a weird fixation with Keachick that makes reading some threads very unpleasant.

    Both of them have days of good behavior [reasonable, non-attack posts] and days of bad behavior [perhaps drinking or nasty moods are involved].

    Whereas, you are uniformly grumpy and sarcastic on the threads ;-)

  432. 436 Harry, Zombies do the witless pursuit of brains, not the brainy pursuit of wit.

    438 CmdrR,
    If only they would eat the bodies so replacements had to be ordered up.

  433. @444

    Marja, sweet darling Marja. Me, grumpy and sarcastic? I’m a PUSSYCAT!



  434. 447 – In that case, I’m 28 and fabulously wealthy. Also good at cricket.

    (I hope Melisandre doesn’t notice we’ve been playing with her necklace of self-deception.)

  435. Here is something for Paramount to focus on before they blow their $3 wad on the 2-month PR window for “Star Trek: Beyond”

  436. @448. AJ – April 28, 2016

    “Here is something for Paramount to focus on before they blow their $3 wad on the 2-month PR window for ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ ”



    And, in the end, they’ll do the right thing. As usual…
    You know this to be true.


    …Um…Thanks for the link, AJ.

  437. More product placement??

    Motorbikes — Powered by Exxon, and we’re not going anywhere!

    Bud Light Lime — Drink it now, york until 2266.

    Subway Sandwiches — Jeez, it’s the 23rd Century. Haven’t you forgotten about Jared yet?

    Beyoncé — Surprising us with an album that’s not for white men every few months for 250 years.

  438. Funniest product placement is, of all things, Volkswagen in Woody Allen’s “Sleeper.” Also note the mention of the National Rifle Association.

    I doubt it was negotiated the way “Transformers 4” was:

  439. ‘Sleeper’: Big Brother’s nose! Google cars. The Orgasmatron. Diane Keaton, before she got all serious and weird. Great film!

  440. 446 Harry and
    447 CmdrR,

    Did I mention I looked just like Diane Keaton?

    [At least, a date told me that when I was 21] ;-)

    Plus, I can do the entire “Single Ladies” Beyonce routine

    In my dreeeaaams

  441. Marja, pre- gloves and turtlenecks, DK was one hot cookie.

  442. Just watched “Sleeper” again for the 20th time. What a classic!

  443. Our Leader’s Nose.

  444. Way Beyond….certainly shaping up that the five year mission got cut a bit short.

  445. Either Chekov is now a captain, too, or the jackets make it really hard to discern rank. Plus, with the delta shield, they’re very Captain America. OK, so we’re on the Franklin now. We’ll beat up Idris Elba in a 45 minute fistfight, pick up George and Gracie, and voyage home to get a new Enterprise. Check.

  446. *Sigh* Maybe (Please?) Just MAYBE (Pretty Please?) they’ll replace the JJ-prise with a classic version of the ship that we love? For the 50th anniversary?


  447. Yes, the current Enterprise gets destroyed, the crew makes it back to Earth in the Franklin (NX style), only to be given a new ship called Enterprise that looks EXACTLY like the ship in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


  448. Hey look, there’s a chatroom!

  449. dmduncan, this chat room has always been here. This is where the civil discussions take place.

  450. Just binge-watched the 8 part miniseries “The Missing”. Superb British drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  451. I binge watched the SF CBS series, Extant, starring Halle Berry. Weird that ONLY S1 is available on CBSAA, and I then discovered that a S2 exists on Amazon but NOT CBSAA. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

  452. New format. Yowza, this chatroom looks funky.

    The new season of Penny Dreadful is underway, if you have a yen for classic monsters and Eva Green. (I always have a yen for Eva Green.)

  453. Dude… This is weird. It’s like a different site. I miss the old TrekMovie. It was more community-like with one thread. Like in here. Now there are sub-threads all over the place out there and it’s impractical to read all of the comments.

    At least there’s no up/down voting in here. Somebody tell me how having anonymous people judge peoples’ comments is a good thing. A downvote at this site means that a complete asshole or a very nice person with good taste and judgment—there’s no telling which—doesn’t like something (there’s no telling what) about a comment. How is that helpful or productive?

    Brian Drew appeared to share this concern initially, and then the system was just reinstated with no changes. I don’t get it.

    • I was baffled when Kayla said they’re using Disqus.

      This ain’t like no Disqus I’ve ever seen

      I mean WTF, no “edit”

      Stupid up/down voting


  454. Holy Crap, that’s big!

  455. @ AJ

    “Holy Crap, that’s big!”

    Yes, it is!

  456. Uhh…this is right? It’s soo…different. Not bad but a little shocking. Don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I’ll need some time to absorb this.

  457. When did they haul this old girl in for her refit?

  458. Post vanished. Not sure what I might have said that wasn’t kosher.

    Anyway. Much improved. Very impressive. When did we get hauled in for a refit?

    • I’ve noticed if something is amiss, it’ll at least tell you you’re in moderation…

    • Apparently not always. I just noticed a comment with the word !n$urance in it just got sucked into the void.

    • Apparently stuff that gets sucked into the moderation black hole here is gone for good.
      I feel you on the separation, happened to me back in 08. Went from near six figures in engineered lumber to low fives in !n$urance. What’s a middle aged guy with a HS diploma to do? At least the hours are agreeable.

  459. Oh, there it is.
    Guess my ‘puter did’t want to play we’ll with the new chat. Oh well.

  460. So. How is everybody?
    I seem to have a lot of time on my hands of late. Position elimination will do that.

  461. Sorry, Beach. I know the feeling. Love the exciting world of Uber driving at age 53. Tutoring is better for the soul. Plus freelance anything, everything. Whoever wins in November, don’t expect giant corporations to grow a heart.

  462. Harry Ballz | May 2, 2016 at 11:52 am | Reply

    Beach/CmdrR, sorry to hear that. It can be pretty brutal out there! I hope you both land on your feet doing something you enjoy, or at least pays well.

  463. Harry/CmdrR
    Thanks, fellas.
    I got headhunted by a division of a major tire and rubber corporate entity, but the kicker was they wouldn’t give me any idea what the salary was, and the training period was 90 days. In Indianapolis. I’m not in Indy. I would’ve had to commute home–five hour drive–on weekends. I have a special needs child that is a handful for one person on a good day. It usually takes both of us.
    Irony of ironies, their corporate offices are moving to—wait for it–the town i live in.
    What. The. Actual. Fug?

  464. Sorry. Didn’t turn off the italics properly. Idiot.

  465. I’m picking up freelance gigs. If I can string enough together I should be fine. I phone interviewed for a tv news producer job. It would mean overnights… again… so, I’m not terribly interested. Meanwhile, I ‘m motivated to write. 4 short stories in the can. Will try for a long project if I can. Point is, you never can get the years back, so you’d better do something you feel good about doing.

    • Yeah, I feel that way about being able to put my hand to something, the potential for growth is there, as long as I maintain my client base.

  466. Harry Ballz | May 3, 2016 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    Beach/CmdrR, thanks for sharing.

    We’re all a long time dead, may as well try to enjoy now.

  467. Harry, ‘Beach, CmdrR: I often think like that. Take what you can from each and every day. Too bad they’ve turned our favorite show to garbage again. That’s an hour a week I’d like back. Maybe the new show will be decent, but I expect the new flick will stink like a sweaty Mugatu scrotum.

  468. sweaty Mugatu scrotum <<== considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac by the Bajorans.

  469. AJ
    Do I want to even KNOW how you know what that smells like?

  470. ‘Beach…Mugatus are fictitious creatures. I am just extrapolating backwards from the first “Beyond” trailer and recalling the impression it made on me…

    • Oh you’re a riot you are… ;-P

    • I dig that.
      I thought the trailer was fast=paced and interesting. The thing that took me out of it narratively speaking was that stupid and blatantly obvious TERRAN motorcycle on a planet in the middle of relative galactic nowhere. WTF?

  471. Hey, I noticed I’m the only one replying ‘in comment’. If you click on that little reply next to the time stamp, it’ll let you nest the comment.

    If you’re so inclined, that is….

  472. My comments I made last night may be along by today. I used the symbols for cuss words in one, and whiskey tango foxtrot in another, so who knows.

    I also wondered if we are really on Disqus cos this don’t look like no Disqus to me.

    • I posted a reply to Beach that that dirty word, !n$urance, and it disappeared forever. My guess this is some sort of open sourced Disqus clone, tough I’m the first to admit I don’t pay anymore attention to software sourcing then I need too. That’s why I keep the 20 year old son around…

  473. Ahhh, so desu ka.

    I looked back and realized I’d done everything as “replies” so they were nested in above.

    My bad :-)

  474. I’m glad the mods are looking out for the sniping between TUP, Prodigal Son, et. al. TUP is sooooo very sensitive, poooor bb. Then at other times he’s perfectly rational and doesn’t attack in return to comments. Go figure.

    • Harry Ballz | May 5, 2016 at 1:52 pm | Reply

      [This comment has been removed by a moderator]

    • Perhaps. I admit to being part of the et. al., and while the rest of the et. al’s. acknowledged accountability to some degree or another, TUP was pretty consistent in deflecting any and all requests for similar consideration. The boy doesn’t like it when people push back, there’s no getting around that.

    • **Best 5th grader voice** Haaaaaarrrryyyyyy… woooooooooo!!!! You got in truh-bull. woooooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Medication management is a touchy subject, apparently.

  475. New topic – Captain America: Civil War seems to be trending very well. It doesn’t seem to be shaping up to be the misfire that BvS was (reported. I’ve not seen it to this point, and probably won’t until it hits cable).


    • Cap has pulled in $260m overseas already. Should be another ‘Avengers’ at the Box Office. Reviews all seem solid.

  476. Harry Ballz | May 5, 2016 at 11:41 pm | Reply

    Wow, this place is suddenly strict! How unsettling.

  477. Harry Ballz | May 6, 2016 at 11:15 am | Reply

    Not to mention, over on the latest thread, people are still sniping at each other with “what are you,brain dead?” comments, and I get scolded for hinting someone might be off their meds?

    • I guess I’m about to find out how sarcasm plays….not that it ever translates well in print to begin with.

    • I have suspected exactly the same thing at times, or perhaps a coupla beers where no beer was needed ….

  478. Harry Ballz | May 6, 2016 at 10:58 pm | Reply

    The producers of Independence Day 2 just posted a pseudo-documentary style promo for the movie. It’s about 4 min 20 sec long and it’s called “The War of 1996”. It’s great because, unlike with Paramount, these guys want to show the audience some respect.

    • Probably more of a refresher course. Twenty years between movies and all. It’ll be interesting to see how they explain Dr. Okun, as he was very dead in the first outing….

    • Phil, 7.44 am,
      Maybe Okun’s engrams have been downloaded into an android which bears a startling resemblance to his young self?

    • Beware, Alien Scum! We still have our 30-pound 90’s laptops–somewhere in the back of the thrift shops–and we’re not afraid to give you another dose of computer virus 101!

      I think Will Smith will crash into heaven and knock Doc Brown, I mean Data, I mean Dr. Okum loose.

  479. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | May 7, 2016 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    WOW!. What did I miss. Lol.

    I just saw Captian America and here is my Review.

    Great story, Check!.
    Great Action!. Check!
    Great Fun! Check!.
    Great Acting!. Check!

    This movie had it all. I think this is the best Marvel Movie Yet. Seeing Spiderman and they way he was presented was well done. His Brief Interaction with Captian America left me wanting a lot more and I for one can’t wait. On scale of 1 to 10 I give this movie a 11.

  480. Happy May 9th – V/E Day everyone! Moscow will be awash in tanks, troops, choppers and fighter jets tomorrow, and this American gets to pretend it’s “Red Dawn” for real, except for the day off, friendly locals and the beautifully sunny weather. Click on the player here for Russian WWII music, and if you’re up at 3AM east Coast time, you can watch the parade live from Red Square on the same page.

    • No idea what they are singing, but hey! While the Russians did repel the Germans, it came at quite the human cost. Something the Western world tends to forget. Find a friendly local, and drink a toast!

    • Thanks, AJ!
      Enjoy yourself on this “beautifully sunny” day!

  481. Disinvited | May 9, 2016 at 4:18 am | Reply

    One “problem” that I’m having with the new comment system outside of this one is here my FireFox browser recognizes the form fields as such and remembers what I want in those fields for future comments that I may compose.

    The new system’s name and email fields elsewhere with the articles are not recognized by my various versions of FireFox as form entry fields that it can remember and I have to hand type in those entries with unintentional typos going to moderation. Anybody have any hints on how to get FireFox to, as Nimoy said, “Remember.” these new form fields?

  482. Finally took EnsR to Jungle Book.
    He liked it. I made the mistake of not staying in the bomb shelter. I got hit by all the hype and kind of expected something more. While the story holds up (it’s the one you know, folks), the heavy ‘borrowing’ from the Disney animated film is a bit clunky. It’s one thing to hear Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong sing otherwise forgettable songs in a cartoon. It’s another to cringe through Bill Murray singing the song’s one verse twice, WITHOUT the on-screen action even following the lyrics and then hear **gasp** Christopher Walken hack his way through the same kind of thing. BTW, I had to wait until the credits to see that it was Walken, even though I knew the voice. It’s hard to recognize, because he never pauses. Some genius edited out the Shatneresque gaps that make Walken Walken. Having said all that, it’s a purdy picture. Murray tries his best, but again, his character is edited poorly. And yes, you get a lengthy cg battle at the end in which physics and spatial relations go up in a glow of red flower. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

  483. RIP William Schallert, Nils Baris & Patty Duke’s dad.

  484. Okay, it’s my turn to gripe. What numb nut went through the contest thread and downvoted all the comment entries (except the complaining ones, of course)???

  485. So, we’re one week away from the big ST:B “reveal.” Or did we miss it already? I honestly don’t know.

  486. AJ, is that don’t know or don’t care?

  487. Harry, I still care. I am, however, expecting the movie to SUCK BIGTIME.

  488. AJ, I have greater hopes for the new TV series.

  489. I’m also looking forward to the series. It’s funny how Trek, as run by Bad Robot, is so secretive when it comes to plot information, yet lets the cat out of the bag when the films have issues with their writers. STID was a mess, and we knew that it was delayed due to script issues and that Damon Lindelof had to be brought in to patch it back together. The movie, as we know, sucked. This next one also had a script completely thrown out along its writer as first-time director, and then Simon Pegg was brought in to rush out a new one which he admitted is more a ‘cops and robbers caper’ flick in Trek clothing than a real Trek film. AND it’s directed by a Fast & Furious director. Once again, we know zip about the film except that it’s been a mess from the word “go.” Also, it went in for re-shoots with a brand new castmember as a new character to be inserted into the existing film. It’s had NO publicity except a trailer that its writer and co-star said was terrible. Just how bad is this thing going to be?

  490. A good deal of the luster has worn off of JJ et al. Which is odd, considering the success of SWTFA. Assuming Hollywood watches all possible numbers, I wonder whether JJ’s work is pulling in repeat ticket sales at the theatres as well as home sales in the aftermarkets. I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane. It’s certainly watchable, but like many of JJ’s films, there’s an odd after taste of “so what?” When you learn what’s actually going on, you (the viewer) kind of want the main plot of this film to get out of the way and let the bigger story begin. That’s an odd story structure. Otherwise, I would certainly recommend 10 Cloverfield on the basis of the performances and direction, one or two plot holes not withstanding. As for whether STB will redeem the franchise after the infuriating STID, I just don’t know. All signs point to business as usual: cg bs and explosions with a paper thin plot; all character moments fed from outside the actual film you’re watching. The series is almost a clean slate. My only qualm is that it’s set BEFORE TNG. While not a TNG prequel, there are things they probably can’t do in terms of fundamental story arcs. The Federation cannot fall in a war. The new crew cannot discover technology that never shows up on Picard’s Enterprise. In fact, it would be odd for them to have a ship named Enterprise, since we know too much about the B & C. So… we’ll have to see.

  491. CmdrR, I think some of the luster wore off of JJ when he directed TFA, which is basically a re-run of every beat of SWars Episode IV. I think he’s capable of originality but the evidence is not strong in this one ….

  492. CmdrR, I think JJ’s reboot was meant to bring the old characters back via new actors, and not to break ground in terms of moving Trek’s overall story arc forward. Theoretically, the Federation could fall, as JJ’s alternative universe was meant to remove the ‘canon is baggage’a argument while making sure canon is acknowledged and left intact. I hold out hope that, if the Enterprise is destroyed as we have seen in the current trailer, that we will be given a new one closer to what we have seen in TOS or TMP. The regular punters wouldn’t give a crap, and it would make us Trekkers cry for the 50th Anniversary. It will obviously not happen, and the film will be a treasure-trove of lost opportunities and cut corners. Paramount execs get their bonuses when Transformers movies are released, so I am sure ST:B will suck, and be gone in the Wink of an Eye.

  493. Gee AJ, pessimistic much? I hope the movie will suprise you and be much better than you expect!

    Personally, I like the new Enterprise, but I know I’m in the minority of first-generation TOS fans.

  494. I love parts of the JJ’s E. I like the idea that it’s MUCH bigger, because it really feels as though it’s the size the E should have been in TOS. The hangar deck looks like it can hold enough shuttles, finally. I love the circular atrium in STID (**gasp!** I actually said I like something in that cursed film. Actually, I enjoyed that movie right up to the moment when Cumbersnatch says he’s Khan.) While I hate the brewery equipment, I love the size of engineering. I don’t like the warp core, either. It looks like what it is: 2014 tech. I like the bridge; I just don’t like JJ’s retina-torture approach to lighting. Plus, it could use a little more red/orange and black. I like the transporter room. I like sickbay (minus the tribble — jeez, I get it, everyone’s heard of tribbles so tribbles are everywhere now.) I like most of the exterior, except the DD-implant nacelles. Take those bad boys down a few sizes and she’d be a pretty ship indeed.

    HOPING for the best on July 22nd (the day before my birthday!)

  495. Marja: I am just wary of the corporate mentality that feeds off of Transformers and TMNT movies, and makes a point of dumbing down excessively “Star Trekkie” interpretations of Star Trek when the property is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What they are saying is that they need high-earning tentpoles, and that they must pander to an interpretation of the “least common denominator” which is based on those who buy tickets for Transformers and TMNT films. Transformers makes billions, so make more films like that. That means story and characters take a back seat to action and FX. In fact, if you look at films like the latest Captain America, story and characters are in the forefront of what is a super action film, and it is not assumed that all the moviegoers are ADD-addled 8-year-olds who have never before heard of the characters. “Star Trek” is a property with loyal (and older) fans who have been told that what they love about the franchise needs to be excised from the movies in order to make money. And the last two JJ-Treks were far from billion-dollar earners. They were failures. So, I expect this one to be worse. So there.

    • AJ, I have been against the placement of Trek as a tentpole franchise from the beginning. Simply by doing that they have limited the possibilities for certain kinds of stories, placing too much importance on Action! at the expense of characters, exploration, intelligent discussions, debates, and plots that mean more than Villain vs. The Whole Galaxy.

      November. December. These would be ideal release times IMO.

      Paramount was trying a money grab and has succeeded to some extent but not to the billion$ of their dream$.

  496. Harry Ballz | May 17, 2016 at 1:07 am | Reply

    AJ “So, I expect this one to be worse. So there.”

    Hmmmmmm, AJ, sounds like you have just a “so-so” opinion of the next Trek film.

  497. Harry, always best to start with low expectations and be surprised (and happy) when they are exceeded.

  498. “…always best to start with low expectations and be surprised (and happy) when they are exceeded.”

    AJ, I agree …We may be pleasantly surprised by the upcoming Star Trek film, after all.
    That’s what I want to believe. Even though what I’ve read and seen so far (concerning the movie) does not make it easy…

    We’ll see.

  499. Harry Ballz | May 17, 2016 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    I just watched Mission Impossible 5. I enjoyed it.

  500. Woo hoo!!

  501. Harry Ballz | May 18, 2016 at 2:32 pm | Reply

    No, Phil, John Woo directed Mission Impossible 2. :>)

  502. New series. “New villains.” There’s a crack in the Delta shield.

  503. I have to say, this conversation about Orci is fascinating:

    The Fox TUP • 7 hours ago

    Orci did leak it and shatner said its bullshit.
    They had a telephonic conversation about having a face to face conversation for a cameo in the movie.
    But it was one of the fake stories that he kept announcing whenever his script was rejected and thats whats got him blacklisted. Posting all the shit.

    The Plantet of Titans was a rejected script owned by paramount pre-TMP.
    Funny enough, the USS Titan was pitched by Frakes in April last year. CBS was interested, they even ordered provisional budget estimates and realized it would cost to much per epsiode.

  504. I don’t think a screenwriter can be ‘blacklisted’ for posting stuff when he has a track record of multi-hundred-million dollar films and TV shows under his belt. On the other hand, I find it interesting that Orci’s last “Spider-Man” film was considered a franchise-breaking failure when it grossed over 700 million. Trek 09 and STID both made far less, and are looked upon as having successfully ‘revitalized’ the franchise by most. And we know the latter had super-sized problems with the story. In a world where the new Cap movie will have done a billion in two weeks, maybe $700m is chump change. They just shook up DC’s org-chart after BvS sputtered out under $900m. In any case, Orci is still co-producing “Beyond” and Wikipedia shows he will do so for the “Mummy” and “Van Helsing” re-boots as well.

  505. Van Helsing’s still on? **sigh** So overdone. Penny Dreadful is a better choice for viewers. The Mummy? I liked the first one… ONLY… from the last incarnation. It seems too soon to go at it again, just as Spider-Man’s reboot came too soon.

  506. Voting seems to have been turned off in the main threads…

    • Looks like it. While generally not paying a lot of attention to it, the clowns who were busy downvoting the fan event contest entries really needed to get a life….

  507. What’s that on the breeze? Coming closer? Tomorrow? Could it be? Dare we hope?

    New trailer smell?!?’

    So much hope!!

  508. AJ | May 18, 2016 at 10:11 pm | Reply

    You touched on many interesting issues there.

    I don’t think a screenwriter can be ‘blacklisted’ for posting stuff when he has a track record of multi-hundred-million dollar films and TV shows under his belt.

    It’s happened. Orson Welles comes to mind. And, really, do you think there’s a shortage of writers who couldn’t do what Orci does? His high-earning movies have all been tent-pole action movies. Audiences don’t go to those movies primarily for the writing. For every Orci there are a hundred starving, more talented writers who’d kill their own mother for the chance to make a $250k paycheck for writing a big dumb action movie.

    I find it interesting that Orci’s last “Spider-Man” film was considered a franchise-breaking failure when it grossed over 700 million. Trek 09 and STID both made far less, and are looked upon as having successfully ‘revitalized’ the franchise by most. And we know the latter had super-sized problems with the story.

    I’m not sure that STID can be said to have been a financial success or to have “revitalized” the franchise. Reports are that STID didn’t make money until its home-video release, and it’s been widely cited as an example of disappointing financial performance in the era where studios are putting all of their eggs into relatively few tentpole movie baskets. ST09, I concede, was a financial success and did revitalize the franchise in a way, though it polarized the fan base in the process.

  509. AJ | May 18, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    In any case, Orci is still co-producing “Beyond” and Wikipedia shows he will do so for the “Mummy” and “Van Helsing” re-boots as well.

    I raised those points as well. The Fox’s rejoinder was that Orci’s attachment as Exec.Prod. on STB is contractual, and that all movies currently listing Orci’s involvement attached him contractually prior to the Shatner/STB incident in question. It is true that those Shatner news releases got sent to the media somehow when they weren’t true. The story that Orci and/or BR were behind them, and that Paramount took offense, stands to reason. Whether or not that sort of shenanigans would get someone like Orci blacklisted is another matter. But, if there’s one thing a big, powerful corporate movie studio is not likely to tolerate, it’s a rogue contractor (like Orci) spinning his own PR as a means of pressuring the studio into giving in to him. Was he blacklisted for it? I guess the future will tell—how many new projects Orci gets going forward.

  510. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Beastie Boys…..

  511. On the trailer premiere thread… Sounds as though Paramount is really responding to fan criticism of empty-headed action in STID and the forst STB trailer. Hints of a return to Prime?? Nice tribute to LN. I truly hope STB reflects all this.

  512. Trailer 2 has some balance to it, though it still sells action, dirt bike and killer spermbots included. Two months to go.

  513. Can somebody please post the link to the video (on Youtube) called “Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less” on the thread discussing the new trailer for Trek? I think Orci should see it and learn where he f*cked up!

  514. Harry Ballz | May 21, 2016 at 9:58 am | Reply

    Thanks, Phil, I appreciate that. Could you please post it again on the new trailer thread to spoil Orci’s day? That would be sweet. You could even say I asked you to do it.

  515. Harry, when you and Bob Orci meet at the Motel No Tell, are you responsible for remembering quarters for the magic fingers bed or is he?

  516. Harry Ballz | May 21, 2016 at 2:13 pm | Reply

    CmdrR, the only fingers involved are when I tell Orci to pull the thumb out of his ass and at least try to write a decent script! Personally, I think the challenge is beyond his abilities.

  517. Harry Ballz | May 21, 2016 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    CmdrR, I’ve responded twice, but it keeps getting deleted.

  518. I’m sure it was something nice. I do find it interesting that Orci is so vocal in the thread on the new trailer. I know he’s contractually a producer for STB, but it’s never a certainty whether the title and actual work go together.

  519. Phil | May 21, 2016 at 7:24 am |

    Didn’t notice this before. At about 2:40, check out Alice Eve in the background. Just kinda looking around at ….stuff.

    Phil, that’s hilarious.

    It’s worth asking Bob Orci what the hell is going on there. I’m gonna post it and ask him.

  520. She’s probably coming off the ecstasy she took while boning him to get the part.

    (ooooh, i’m going to pay for this one)

  521. I was able to find the first “Beyond” trailer for the Russian market. The title translates to “Star Trek: Infinity.” Sounds kinda cool,actually. STID was translated to “Star Trek: Revenge,” which is less BS-y than “Into Darkness.” Can’t find Trailer No. 2 yet…

  522. OK, those were the first trailer… but, they had one or two diff shots. Here’s the 2nd German, with a few more diff shots:

    Now that I’ve seen it a dozen times… do Kirk and somebody really jump through the bridge viewscreen? And it… breaks? What the hell held it together at Warp 9? (Plus NotKhan already did the bust out and slide down the hull thing.)

  523. I haven’t posted to Trekmovie in quite a long while, but some people on another site are asking a question that hopefully someone here can answer:

    Does anyone know what happened to Anthony? Did he bow out of the site? Did he sell it? Was he simply too busy to keep running it himself?

    This is something I’ve wondered about for quite a while and am curious as to an answer, if anyone has one. Thanks.

    • No one has really offered up an explanation. AP seems to poke his head in every couple of years, announce he’s back, then transports out. The staff has been pretty much running the show for quite a while now…

  524. New X-Men is supposed to blow chow.

  525. Lucky Chow!

  526. “Warcraft” also apparently sucks the big one….

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I thought the trailer was great.c

    • I have played WoW on and off since 2004, so I will go see it; I am hoping that will be enough to make it enjoyable for me. Otherwise, I think the project was pretty much doomed from the outset.

    • Well, if we want to discuss a genre of movies where the bar is automatically set low, movies adapted from video games would probably be at the top of the list.

  527. I hope this is true about Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton:

  528. Must be new, they threw in a Kylo Ren reference…

  529. Stop hiding from your shelf, Phil!

  530. I will see Warcraft this weekend. It’s out here now, whereas America gets it mid-June. I have played World of Warcraft on and off since 2004, so I have to see what they’ve done with it. I know it will stink, but the reviews say there is lots of ‘fan service,’ which will suit me just fine.

  531. Yoink! Wallpaper!

  532. “Warcraft” was nice eye-candy, with a wafer-thin plot, and characters that eventually get killed or go nowhere. If you play World of Warcraft, or ever played it, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of the film than if you don’t know the game at all. It’s out in a few markets now, but won’t hit North America until June 10th. “Lord of the Rings” it is not.

  533. Who is DIGINON? They’re giving me grief over on the swimsuit thread.

  534. @ Kayla….thought you might be interested in knowing Paramount is reaching out to those who got locked out of the fan event. Apparently there are gift bags and tickets to the 7/20 premier on the way.

  535. Harry, I can’t believe you spoiled the entire film for Diginon. I hope you at least enjoyed the sexy Starfleet bathing suits. Nothing like wearing something revealing on the beach that says “I watched this TV show 29 years ago.”

  536. Harry Ballz | June 2, 2016 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    Yeah, AJ, I can see how stating when McCoy says one line in the movie could prove devastating! :>)

  537. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | June 2, 2016 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    Hey. Did anyone here get a chance to watch the new Star Trek Continues.
    I did and it was actually pretty good.

    • I just watched it! It was released 5 days ago and I didn’t even know about it until an hour ago!

      The guest actor, Gigi Edgley, was outstanding!

      The editing is so tight and seamless that I actually forgot that I was watching a fan production. STC has gotten so professional looking that I’m actually a little worried, with CBS being in a litigious mood.

  538. Enjoyed STC Dragons. Gigi is wonderful.

    Hi to all from Shichuan Province. If you visit, check out the roasted yak! It’s delicious.

  539. Swingin’ version of the TOS TV theme from Leonard Nimoy’s “Music From Outer Space” album:

    Why isn’t this on the radio more often??

    Michael Giacchino just posted a 20 sec soundtrack clip from the Beyond scoring session today…it includes a familiar TOS theme!!

  541. And yet another familiar TOS theme here as well!

    • Impressive version. Giacchino has shown proper and consistent respect to AC’s old theme.

    • AJ,

      I expect to be thrilled with Giacchino’s unchained BEYOND score.

      It’s been my experience with Giacchino’s scores dealing with other franchises’ sequels and/or spinoffs, that he’s rather brilliant in how he subtly weaves pieces of their previous scores’ musical cues into his work. However, I find his STAR TREK work diverges from much of that and I put that directly on JJ who MG said rejected his early scores.

      With Lin, I expect less adherence to the original new Paramount dictum, “must not hint that it may appeal to Trekkies/Trekkers”, and something more along those other scores’ lines which one would logically expect in an anniversary score, anyway.

      But to be fair, I won’t definitively be certain until FILM SCORE MONTHLY digs up those early attempts and releases them possibly as part of their nod to STAR TREK’s 50 years.

  542. Good post, Disinvited!

    As Homer Simpson would say “Oooh, him write good!”

  543. All of this ancillary Trek stuff, and not a peep about the STC episode released two weeks ago. I can’t but wonder if it’s about placating CBS by not covering fan Trek.

    • The reason there hasn’t been a review is because the person who is writing it hasn’t had a chance to finish it.

      This notion that we’re somehow suppressing news about fan productions is way off the mark.

  544. Brian Drew | June 11, 2016 at 9:57 pm |

    I’m glad to hear it.

  545. Shouldn’t we go ahead a get that countdown clock up and running? We have a little over a month left.

  546. PM weighs in on Trek movies. Not sure that I agree with many of the rankings, but then, everyone is entitled to their opinions…

  547. LizardGirl,

    38 days and a wake-up ;-)

  548. Marja

    Chyeah! We should be getting stoked about right now.

  549. Oh, yeah! Is this the thread where we can write: “Woo-Hoo! Star Trek’s ‘a’ comin’ next month!” ? IS there a thread like that? Woo-Hoo!

  550. Wait? A new movie? Where’d you hear that???

    Mongol humor in latest thread. And before you say it… Hitler was a hack who stole his symbols.

  551. @AJ and LizardGirl

    35 days and a wake-up


  552. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | June 16, 2016 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    Did Someone say. Star Trek Mongo.

  553. Mongol. On the Berman thread that no one’s reading. (But, Mongo would enjoy the sword.)

    Getting psyched for the flick. HOPE it’s a good one!

  554. Thing is, when Karl Urban and Simon Pegg tell you the movie is good, you feel inclined to believe them. They actually love Star Trek. Pegg wrote it, for Pete’s sake. Justin Lin has said all the right things as well. I am cautiously optimizing at this point….

  555. Happy Father’s Day! And to you hatchlings, sentient fungi, droids, clones, and 11,000-mile-long amoebae, Happy Sunday!

  556. Every Father’s Day I check my mailbox, but………….nothin’!

    (I never had kids, but you never know) :>)

  557. Captain Anders | June 19, 2016 at 11:36 am | Reply

    Changing subjects completely, but I just read on MSN, that Anton Yelchin is dead at age 27. He died last night (06/18/16) in a car accident.

  558. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | June 19, 2016 at 11:46 am | Reply

    I’m so sad about Anton yelchin. He was great in Star Yrek.

  559. This is terrible news about Anton. I’m so sad for his family. He was such a great actor and came across as a top bloke in inteviews. I loved him in Charlie Bartlett, so cheeky! Thoughts for his partents at this unbearably sad time.

  560. It seems Anton’s death was a senseless tragedy. his body was found pinned between his car (still running in neutral) and a brick mailbox. The car appears to have rolled down an incline and pinned him. So sad.

    • I was on the phone with my friend around 7 p.m. and she had a news channel on and saw “Star Trek” and screamed it out at me because she knows I’m a Trekkie. Can’t believe it!!! Hubby and I watched their first one up to the point where Spock is just beaming down to get his parents but hubby has to get up early for work so I paused it and we’ll finish it tomorrow night. He didn’t remember it and I SO wanted to see Anton do his thing. I am beyond sad…

  561. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | June 19, 2016 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    Dear Mr Death. From now on take any politician. Khardashien or the like. Leave the good ones alone.

  562. So very, very sad about Anton Yelchin.

    Emperor Mike, I can’t help but agree. Selfish a-hats go on forever, while decent people fall.

  563. Absolutely devastated to hear this news. Needed to come here to commiserate with fellow Trek lovers. Poor guy… My thoughts go out to his family and friends and the ones who came to love/appreciate him by working with him. So, so sad.

  564. I was so looking forward to seeing Yelchin’s work in the next decade or so … such a good actor, and gone so young.

    I agree with you Emperor Mike. I wish Death would take more “deserving” candidates.

  565. Terrible news about Anton Yelchin. Poor guy; what a tragedy. A talented young man with a great future. Rest In Peace.

  566. I know this is trivial, but I need a change of subject… Did anyone else read the article on the ships of STB? Apparently, the Franklin is a pre-NX-01 warp-4 ship with a motorcycle-equipped rec room. Ah, he said. Maybe it has a pregnant whale in storage, just in case.

    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Commodore Appleton!

  567. Thanks, CmdrR. I appreciate the thought.

    61………………and counting!


  569. 61?!!
    You’re old, Harry!
    Hahahahahahahaaa **laughs for 7 years, then cries.••
    54 next month. Time to jump in the transporter to reintegrate using our “younger patterns” in the buffer. (TAS reference.)

  570. Didn’t they rejuvenate Dr. Pilarski the same way in TNG?

    Sign me up!

  571. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | June 21, 2016 at 12:39 am | Reply

    Happy B Day Harry. May your day be free of Ericka’s.

  572. Thanks, guys! Erickas? No worries, I don’t usually encounter human slugs!

  573. Happy Birthday Harry, I have 11 years to get to your wisdom!

  574. Or lack there of. Thanks, Spockchick! :>)

  575. So the studio is at the panicky stage with ‘Justice League,’ where one suit screams through a coke haze about the need to be more like the last big success, so they’re reportedly retooling and cutting from two to one movie. (Yay!) The villain is Steppenwolf, whose superpower is apparently an ability to fire all of the guns at once and explode into space.

    • Not a bad idea to actually get all the separate members represented in their own films before investing simultaneously in two bad JLA films. Gives a chance to work out the kinks and make everyone hilariously funny so that the DC movie universe ends up being more like “Super Friends” than what was portended by BvS.

  576. André Tremblay | June 23, 2016 at 8:04 am | Reply

    Here are the rules for fan films
    the 15 minutes is…difficult.

  577. Da svidaniya long-form fan productions! 15 minutes tops…. Can we go back to the 50th Anniversary now?

  578. Next Time on STAR TREK CONTINUES…

    Scotty: We’ve only got 15 minutes!

    Kirk: Scotty, nothing’s even happened yet in this episode. And who are you, anyway? Where’s Chris Doohan?

    Scotty: I’m Dwayne from marketing. Doohan’s out, along with Vic, who usually plays you, and all the writers who were worth a damn. By the way, 13 minutes left.

    McCoy: I’ve taken longer dumps. Dammit, Jim, I’m an Apple Store assistant manager playing a doctor, not a —

    CBS/Paramount Lawyer: Sorry, you’re out of time. (To the crew:) OK, let’s set up for the next one: We’re doing a YouTube of a monkey washing a tribble.

  579. The UK is leaving the EU?


  580. Yikes indeed Harry. Scotland voted comprehensively to stay. There is now a real possibility that Scotland will leave the UK. This is a clusterfrack and no mistake. Morgan Stanley is yanking 2,000 jobs out of London (who also voted to stay) starting right now. Others will no doubt follow suit. I have a day off today as I’m working the weekend. Been sitting in my jammies glued to BC and Twitter all day, it is like being in a paralell universe, surreal and odd. I don’t think any good can come of this.


  581. Oops, BBC!

  582. With the possibility of Trump leading the US and Boris Jordan leading the UK next year, I think I’ll stay right here in Russia where nothing bad ever happens….

  583. Lol AJ! BoJo as PM is a total joke, his face during his ‘victory’ speech said it all. He engineered this for personal gain and didn’t think it would actually happen. Careful what you wish for Boris! And Cameron could well go down in history as the PM who broke Britain.

  584. I’ve been thinking the US voters cannot be so dumb, uneducated and ignorant enough to vote for Trump… Then you have the UK voting for Brexit… Anything is possible.

  585. Indeed Silvereyes.It has literally gone to hell in a handcart.

  586. Interesting Science News, New Horizons’ reports Pluto has a liquid ocean. Somewhere along the recent line Earth picked up a quasimoon. Google struggling with whether its autonomous cars should sacrifice its occupants for the greater good.

  587. I honestly don’t think the UK will leave the EU. Cameron won’t “invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty” because the UK may find itself threatened by its own extinction. The unthinkable unification of Ireland, and Scotland considering independence again are two new issues resulting from the UK’s membership to the EU being central to the cohesion of the Union itself. It will be a matter of national security, and then just a waiting game (for all the old racists to die so that it won’t happen again).

    • Yeah, it’s been pointed out that it’s a non-binding referendum. Will need to wait and see if cooler heads prevail.

  588. @Spockchick, My sympathies. Britain has left the EU. The dingdongs have won.

    I hope the same does not hold true in November in the US. We have “isolationists” here and they love Drumpf. Who could very well totally f— us …

    Peg, may our nations be unf—-d in the years to come
    As to guidelines for Trek fanfilms, can’t they just split a long-form story into 15-minute segments? Going to read the guidelines.
    @CmdrR, Is this Steppenwolf fella a true nature’s child?

  589. @Andre,
    Guidelines are a total bummer. Guess there will be no more “STContinues” or “PhaseII”

    They f’d up ol’ Alec Peters pretty good, but everyone else too :-(


    • We’ve been hearing so much about how Trek fan films are a labor of love, a good creative type should be able to work within these guidelines. They are similar to the SW guidelines and there are plenty of SW fan films out there. Part of the problem with the Trek films is that they kind of evolved into a way for washed up professionals to pad their resume a bit. This could inject some genuine creativity into the process, instead of it being a recycling bin for industry professionals to mine existing material to build their careers.

  590. @AJ Europe already politely showing us the door. I’m amazed it has come to this.
    @Marja, yup, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Trump and Boris,what a pair of *&^%$£s


    • Except Germany. UK is not going anywhere fast.

    • The very fact that Cameron resigned will incur a significant delay in going through the article 50 process. Plus let’s not forget the 2+ million Brits who now regret their decision and want a second referendum. Since the Leave vote won by only 1.3 million votes, it’s not difficult to see that a new referendum would now be for the Stay.

      It’s normal people are regreting their votes. It was a vote dicted by emotion. Now they see the impact it has and they’re going “oh sh… What have I done!”

      The referendum is not legally binding. It’s strictly advisory. Are they now really going to risk worldwide economic turmoil because 1.3 million people voted without thinking and are even admitting it?

    • Well, if the polls are to be believed, Trump gets beat like a rented mule in November. As he’s managed to thoroughly piss off every voting block except the white racist middle aged male, I don’t see to many people walking into the voting booth thinking maybe all he needs is a chance.

  591. @Silvereyes. You are right, it was a vote to ‘sock it to the man’, now they are all like Err… wut ave we dun? EU are pissed at us and are saying get out now. Funny all our leaders are saying ‘no rush’ (coz I want to work out how to get out of this mess). I was at a seminar today involving lots of artists and creative people. They are really worried as they get a lot of EU funding. As do poor areas who voted out.

    Ps, how do you reply to or ‘nest’ a comment?


  592. Phil — Oh, man, you never rent a mule. You lease that surly bastard.

    I truly hope Brits figure out this mistake. If I were the incoming PM, I’d go to the EU right now and say… “Um, I guess you see we could leave. OR, you could make some key concessions and I’ll somehow tell the voters we beat your sorry asses, but we’ll stay.” But, that’s just me. Me real fear is that Trump supporters really are stupid enough to think that punishing Hillary and being xenophobic are reasons to put a dangerous moron into real power. I guess we’ll see.

    • Yup CmrdR. It all sems so childish! I hate x so I’ll show you! Errr… oops, my bad, it’s all turned to cr*p. Very sad.

  593. Just saw the new Quicken Loans spot, using some guy playong Spock.

    Oh yes, this use of the brand is SO much better than those awful fan films. Sheesh!

  594. The good people at the Smithsonian have finished their work on restoring the original studio model of the USS Enterprise, and she’s back on display today!

  595. Doug Drexler posted an actual pic of the finished model at its new location. SO GOOD! Can we just have a movie that uses this model???? JJ!!!

    • That is just beau-ti-ful! You can see your face in her. What a pristine job. It is such a wonderful museum (never been but hope to at some point, seen many documentaries). Hats off to the Smithsonian for the preservation of the Big E and seeing the value in ‘People’s Heritage’. I work in heritage and what we preserve for future generations is a big debate at the moment. Some professionals are very slow to get their head round the fact it is not big castles and historic sites.

    • She’s a real beauty. Put her in the movies, ASAP!

  596. Has anyone seen this new cutaway image of the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise, the Franklin, and one of Krall’s ships? Kinda nifty.


    As someone who never bought into the whole “I love Trek, therefore must hate X,” I am glad to see LiS getting another pass. At its core, it’s a great idea. MAYBE, they’ll go light on the cheese this time. If not… Oh, the pain! The pain!

  598. Zach Quinto on Colbert discussing Trek and Anton Yelchin:

  599. The Big E restored and on display (videoclip):

  600. So you’ve written a post-colonial, structuralist critique of the original Star Trek?

    “That’s exactly what it is!” Simon Pegg in Sunday’s Guardian:

  601. The Big E restored. The interview…

    …AJ, AJ, AJ…

    As far as links go, is it all you got?!

    I want mooooar…


    Anyway…a “post-colonial, structuralist critique of the original Star Trek”, eh?
    M’kay. M’kay…

  602. Happy E Plebnista, everyone!

  603. Happy 4th of July to my American friends.

    I’m in Miami right now, and holy H*ll it’s humid… the heat is not the issue, but the humidity is out-of-worldly… and I’m used to humid Summers in Montreal… Anyway beautiful city.

  604. Happy 4th of July to my American buddies!

  605. And a belated Canada Day to you, Harry. I hope you had a big plate of that mystery meat you call bacon and a tall glass of Moose Juice to celebrate Canada’s independence from interest by the rest of the world. **Looks down. Adjusts bullseye on shirt to make sure it’s straight. Waits.**

  606. CmdrR, you made me chuckle with that one.

    If memory serves, didn’t we burn down the White House when we fought you guys?

    p.s. In Canada we call your beer “bottled water”. :>)

  607. On August 24, 1814, British troops set fire to the White House. Little known fact: Dolly Madison served several kegs of beer to Canadian troopers who were standing around uselessly and they ‘put the fire out, eh.’

    • I live in SoCal and the local evening news of July 5th on Disney’s KABC made a big deal that William Shatner’s been confirmed to be on the SDCC’s STAR TREK 50th Anniversary panel on July 23rd that your cite details.

    • I want to respect both George and Simon. I also want a movie that doesn’t suck (take that any way you want). While it doesn’t bother me to think of Sulu as gay, George saying Sulu is straight feels like the final word. The JJ-verse keeps adding details onto Trek that don’t quite fit. In another thread, I compared it to loaning your car and having your friend return it with flame decals on the sides. My plan is to forever think of the JJ-verse as separate… kind of the way I truly believe the SW prequels never really happened.

  608. @CmdrR
    Just like Yeltsin’s Chekov in the JJ-verse was much younger coming into things than Koenig’s, and Pine’s Kirk promoted to Captain much younger than Shatner’s, so could Cho’c Sulu have been gay all along. It was clearly defined as a separate, alternate universe, so why can’t the smaller details be shifted a little to one side, so to speak?

    Not to mention Spock was hooked up with Uhura, which as far as is known did not happen in the Prime timeline.

  609. Yelchin. Damned autocorrect.

  610. ‘Beach, I absolutely HATE emo Spock in the JJ-verse. The net result of all the changes is that we’re simply leaving behind the franchise we love in favor of something being built piece-by-piece into… whatever this is. I didn’t feel this way about the reboot of BSG; hell, I love the new one, but only kinda enjoy the old one. Trek is diff. It’s something that shouldn’t be massively changed. And I just don’t think JJ has hit all the right emotional levels: Uhura usurping Bones; Spock being WAY too emotional through two movies; the Enterprise being raped three films in a row; and now changing Sulu to a gay man … because? Because it was too hard to show two male extras holding hands? It feels like all of JJ’s emotional beats: calculated and not quite organic. It’s my opinion of JJ’s movies. God bless IDIC.

    • I cannot disagree. But this ain’t the Star Trek of our youth anymore.

    • Nolan made a cool Batman without trashing what makes Batman what it is. Some of the Supermans: ditto. JJ’s adaptation is not in the range of Will Smith’s Wild, Wild West or that late 90’s abortion that was Lost in Space, but it’s not what it could and should be. I really hope STB changes my view. I have learned (I hope) not to form my opinion walking out of the theatre, but to wait a few days until the film replays in my mind. We’ll see.

    • Nolan’s Batman was close to brilliant. I think it’s Bale’s portrayal I can’t seem to love. Of all the casting (love Gary Oldman in ANYTHING, and Michael Caine as Alfred was inspired) Bale’s Batman was hard to stomach. Maybe it was his choice of voice. His Bruce Wayne I had no trouble with, just the Caped Crusader I could’t get into.

      Start Trek not showing any depiction of a gay character in any form is largely because of the way today’s world looks at such things, since it is of course in OUR world where such productions are made, and it is to OUR current mores and ideologies that it is made. All things being equal, there is absolutely no reason that same-sex ANYTHING would be so acceptable as to go unnoticed in the twenty-something centuries. As tor Sulu, I’m a little weirded out by it because all these decades he’s been assumedly straight, though I’ve known people who wondered about him because his portrayer is an openly gay individual.

    • Sorry. Same-sex anything WOULDN’T be so acceptable as to go unnoticed. Mistyped that one…

    • I agree, Emo Spock bugs the C**p out of me. We only ever saw him enraged in TOS when Kirk provoked him to get rid of the spores. This bashing seven bells out of ‘NotKhan’ at the end of the film was totally wrong and mis-represented the character horribly. Man, this is going to be a tough film, I was inordinately fond of Checkov, not sure I’ll make it without blubbering.


    Couple of new overseas trailers… that include Doug Jung on screen and yet another Kirk uniform (still not torn!!!!).

  612. @CmdrR
    As far as Beyond goes, I guess like you said judgement will have to be reserved until it is actually watched and experienced, and seen as far as how Sulu’s life choice is ‘handled’, and to what extent if any it impacts the story, or if it is simply a minor moment or even throw-away dialogue.

    • Any publicity is good publicity, and when money is tight, you drum-up a controversy and exploit it in the press for free (Ivanka as Trump’s VP, anyone?). Everyone is politely agreeing to disagree, so really it’s all BS in the end. I like the idea, personally. Looking forward to the film at this point.

  613. Just letting all the Star Trek fans that a brand new Star Trek pop-up channel is launching July 22 on FOXTEL movie channels. For more information about it head to FOXTEL Movies Facebook page. As link below.

  614. Had the most bizarre and funny conversation on FB with Colm Meaney.
    He posted an article about kids playing PokémonGo inside the Holocaust Museum. I reposted it, adding that America is going to hell. It went from there…

    Cool that he actually finds the time for such wonderful nonsense.

  615. CmdrR – You’re joking about that being Colm Meaney, right? I mean, I just spent less than 40 seconds skimming his page, and I’ve seen ample, obvious evidence that it’s not Star Trek’s Colm Meaney including several PHOTOGRAPHS of the guy whose account it is.

    It’s very, very, very obviously NOT Star Trek’s Colm Meaney. Seriously, his FB page intro says this: “I’m a fun-lovin’ pile of raging garbage. I don’t fully understand the concept of a movie.”

    Yeah, that’s *really* convincing sockpuppetting. As in “not even remotely convincing.”

    I mean…wow, CmdrR…just wow…

  616. Happy Bastille Day to all our friends from France!

  617. Man, 2016 is shaping up to be such a crappy year. No rest for the wicked. RIP the 84 killed in Nice, France.

  618. I have pre-purchased a ticket to go see Star Trek Beyond here in Moscow on Thursday the 21st. First showing of the day (not including midnight). I feel like a geek, but I can take the afternoon, so I AM DOING IT. I will come on here afterwards and go BWAHAHAHAHA and reveal nothing….or EVERYTHING….

    • “…I will come on here afterwards and go BWAHAHAHAHA and reveal nothing….or EVERYTHING….”

      I see. Ready to “play hard to get”, are we? Such a tease…



    • I have a pass for the 20th in San Diego. I can be bribed….

  619. 88% on Rotten Tomatoes as of Saturday morning…

  620. And Ice Age XXXIV gets only a 17%. Phew! I was worried about that head-to-head competition.

  621. Stuff seen one week out:
    –Toys R Us: zip. Absolutely not one Trek toy of any kind; 4-5 full aisles of SW’s stuff.
    –Books-a-Million: Mego Trek action sets: a) Spock (with changeable head and hands) and Mama Horta … Kirk & Khan fighting in engineering, complete with Kirk hands holding whatever that convenient rod is he found in the panel; hope it’s not important.
    –AMC Theatre: A Jaylah poster that says “Beyond.” So, there’s a movie called “Beyond” that’s all about a vanilla n fudge swirl gal with rainbow eyes. I heard something about Sulu being gay in a new movie, but I didn’t see any sign of a new Star Trek movie. Seriously, that poster alone helps the movie not at all.

  622. Anton Yelchin’s mom & dad thank the public for their support after his death:

  623. I look forward to seeing “the picture.”

  624. Star Trek Four: The Wrath of Thor (tagline: The fans get hammered!)

  625. I’m Thor, but not complaining!

  626. Here is a new trailer. I don’t thinks it’s on Trekmovie yet (not the RED ALERT spoilery one):

  627. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 19, 2016 at 6:02 am | Reply

    Ok. Time for a Erica Durance Joke.

    With out Hideously Deformed OMG Ugliness!.. There can be no beauty.
    So thank you Erica for your Sacrifice.

    • Erica Durance was laying out sunbathing at Malibu Beach the other day. The children playing there, mistaking her for a whale, kept trying to push her back out into the ocean.

    • OK Harry, grammar joke

      Erica Durance was laying little baby whales, which for some reason, hatched from eggs. After she laid a big male whale.

  628. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 19, 2016 at 6:04 am | Reply

    I am so looking forward to seeing Star Trek Beyond. I can safely say that I am 100 times more Excited about this movie then I was on Into Crapness.

  629. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 19, 2016 at 6:05 am | Reply

    Hmm. The next Star Trek Movie could be called.
    Thor Trek.

  630. The fourth Trek film should pay tribute to Anton Yelchin’s death by noting that he has been given command of the Reliant. Make him an even younger captain than Kirk in Trek 09, and send this Chekov into the fans’ imaginations as captain of his own ship. (Maybe a cameo of the Reliant leaving with a snippet of Yelchin/Chekov on screen using unused footage.)

  631. OK… in keeping with the spirit of JJ-Trek and the very real possibility that we are getting now, or will get in the next film, your basic Sci-Fi where the Sci gets fried… (My doodness, what a set-up): Here are two films I actually like that will hurt your brain, so I recommend you watch them while your brain is busy doing other things: “About Time” (2013) — Young man learns the perils of personal time travel; very charming twist on the romcom. “Upside Down” (2012) — Young lovers from different worlds… that are about four feet apart. The worlds, that is. Yes, planets that are stupid close. Again — these films make zero sense, so don’t think. Just watch. I’m sure STB & ST:Thor won’t strain our craniums at all.

  632. Sunday, saw “Ghostbusters” — pretty funny. What can I say, everyone but Kristen Wiig is great at comic acting.

    But no preview for “Beyond!” Jaysis on a popsicle stick!

    Two days and a wake-up. I’m pretty stoked :-)

  633. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 19, 2016 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    I went and and see Independence Day 2. Was ok. Not nearly as good as the first. They basically made it into just another Alien Invasion movie. Some good parts. But only a couple. Scale of 1 to 10. I give it a 4

  634. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 19, 2016 at 7:27 pm | Reply

    For a really good Time Travel Story. Try. The Final Countdown.
    It was made in 1980. It stared Kirk Douglas as a Skipper of the U.S.S Nimitz. A Nuclear Aircraft Carrier that some how got transported to December 6th 1941 just off of Hawaii. It also stared Martin Sheen,Katherine Ross,James Farewntino and Charles Durning. Great Acting and Great Story. The Ending is a nice twist.

    • I LOVED that movie. The twist at the end is terrific. The plot could’ve been lifted from a Star Trek episode (or inspired one, say “Yesterday’s Enterprise”). A modern nuke carrier vs. Japanese Mitsubishi Zeros.

    • You know, those Mitsubishi engines could’ve flown for 300,000 miles with regular tune-ups

      Except for those poor pilots doing “Tora! Tora! Tora!” I didn’t know until recently that some of those young men had been conscripted — they were not all volunteers. Ugh.

      I thought that movie was “The Philadelphia Experiment.” Anyways, it was one of my ex-husband’s favorite movies. He also loved “Patton.” WWII knowledge, he had in spades. He should have been a historian. Idiot. Could’ve pursued a history degree whilst on active duty in the USCG.

      But then I could’ve pursued an English degree myself, so I’m an eejit too.

      One day and a wake-up! Or just a wake-up if I choose to blow $$ on a midnight premiere ….

    • Oh, yeah. One of my favs too.

  635. Is “Beyond” in 3-D and IMAX? If so, I hope they did a better job with the 3-D than last time.

    • Yep, but it is still an afterthought conversion. Haven’t heard any word on whether any of the Barcos are 3D.

    • Dis,
      Awww crud.

      What is a barco?

    • Marja,

      Barco Escape, the last conversion they did to BEYOND. A super wide screen presentation along the lines of CINERAMA, which needed 3 separate projectors but Barco does it all with one.

      JJ went into the editing room with Lin and they basically expanded the fx sequences left and right where true IMAX would do it up and down. Supposedly they also expanded green screened vistas as well.

    • Marja,

      Done some further investigating and I was wrong about the projector. Sorry about that. It is still a 3 projector theater phenomena. They’ve got the cameras down to one; although obviously depending on the use the director wants to put the other two screens to it can benefit by as many different simultaneous cameras as he feels is neededs.

  636. Hi Everyone! Glad to see most of the gang is still here!! Hope all is well with you and yours, and have a great time Friday!!

  637. Marja “Erica Durance……laid a big male whale”

    What, you’re saying Durance had a fling with Shatner??

  638. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 20, 2016 at 10:15 pm | Reply

    What does Madusa and Durance have in common,
    One look and you are are turned to stone.

  639. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 20, 2016 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    Ok. My top rated Time Travel shows. Not Star Trek.
    1. Quantum Leap.
    2 Dr. Who.
    3. The Final Countdown.
    4. The Philadelphia Experiment.
    5. The Time Tunnel.
    Honorable Mention to several Twilight Zone Eps. Twilight Zone. Back There. Russell Johnson. Aka The Professer on Gilligen’s Island. Goes back in time and confront John Wilkes Booth.

    • Top 3 TV or Movie time-travel
      1. Quantum leap (obviously)
      2. The Time Machine (original only)
      3. Dr. Who (John Pertwee my first era, then Tom Baker, but I love Matt Smith)

  640. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 20, 2016 at 10:22 pm | Reply

    I got my Ticket for Imax 3d for Saturday for Star Trek. So can’t wait.

  641. 6 hours and counting!

  642. Sounds like Paramount did a hell of a job at the event in San Diego yesterday. Kinda regretting that I had to decline the passes to go….

  643. Well, I’ve seen it. (NO SPOILERS). It’s definitely payback for STID, and it honors 50 years of Star Trek by actually doing a ‘Star Trek’ story, and then honoring what has come before. It is actiony and moves fast, and, yes, the antagonist’s backstory could be fleshed out more, but the main characters are acted fantastically, and shine in a big way, just oozing chemistry all over the screen. The FX are satisfying (with the Starbase being a standout location), and the character of Jaylah makes a nice addition to the usual boys and girl. My biggest worry was that the 50th anniversary would be low-balled by this film, and I came away absolutely satisfied that both Simon Pegg and Justin Lin knew just what to do to make sure that didn’t happen. There is a decent amount of fan-service (once again, we have references to Star Trek: Enterprise), and it wraps it all with a nice party favor at the end. Go see it!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Star Trek Beyond, AJ.

    • Would that party favor be the reveal of a new, rebuilt Enterprise?

      Ok, you’re right, no spoilers… Never mind. But thank you for your thoughts AJ!

    • Silvereyes, they play Rihanna’s new single over the closing credits. What better party favor than that for any true Trekker on the 50th anniversary?!

  644. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 21, 2016 at 1:54 pm | Reply

    AJ. If memory serves you and I and all the others hated into darkness. To hear you sing praises about beyond is the most awesome thing I can hear right now. Thank you for making my excitement go to maximum warp.

    • Emperor Mike, I wouldn’t get too excited if I were you. I saw the movie tonight and give it a 6 out of 10. My review is over on the Spoiler thread.

  645. hi some body know where I can buy the mug with stylized Starfleet insignia?

    • Yeah, of course! Go to, scroll over “shop”, click on “home and office”. They should appear at the very top. I’m not sure where you can buy Star Trek mugs in stores though.

  646. My (mostly spoiler-free) review of Star Trek Beyond.
    a) It’s a movie. No joke. It is absolutely a film of 2016. The cg is incrementally better than anything before it. The action is ramped up beyond comprehension at times, though nowhere as bad as a Michael Bay film. The story is sparing. No trope goes untouched. And, as a sequel, it heavily references previous films in the franchise. On the plus side, that includes pre-JJ Trek films.
    b) The characters are vivid and familiar. Spock still has more emotions than a TOS Vulcan should (“No Vulcan would cry out so.” “Pain is an illusion.” Doesn’t jibe with: “YeeeeeOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!” echoing off the hillsides.) But that’s a quibble. The new cast feels very at home with and seems to be enjoying their alter egos.
    c) There are no surprises. Don’t worry about spoilers. The major plot points basically warn you that they’re coming. And that’s fine. I for one do not need another M. Night Shamalamadingdong plot with a ‘big twist.’ Just set up the problem, solve the problem, and have fun in the process. In other words, I honestly figured out the villain’s motivation shortly after they arrived on the planet.
    d) I totally agree with AJ that the party favor is wonderful!
    e) And… plot holes. What would a Trek film be without plot holes? I’ll wait to run down the list of internal/external contradictions until pretty much everyone has seen it. Suffice it to say, major part of the film make no sense. Now here’s my twist: Remember I said this is a film of 2016? Well… we don’t need no steeenking sense. I honestly believe that JJ represents mainstream Hollywood to the degree that he’s totally in line with ignoring things like continuity (The Franklin is older or newer than the NX-01? Both!); physics (Spock and Bones bounce off mountains and crash land in a ship that remains largely intact, then Bones yanks a chunk off with his bare hands); and logic (prophylactic-like escape pod comes with a change of clothes??) Modern films tell us what the rules are as we go. We discard those rules, like the 3-D glasses the movie provided. If you think it through, you’re in trouble. So what? They’ve already got your money. Meanwhile, you’ve been “entertained.” Would I like to see a film that makes sense? Yes. But, it’s increasingly hard to find.

    Bottom line: Star Trek Beyond is soft Trek. No big ideas, but no “giant green hand” yanking it off course, either. The character moments and the references to all fans know and love are worth the price of admission. I made the mistake of going to an early afternoon show, with a small audience. I’m sure a larger audience would do a lot of laughing and applauding. Bottom bottom line: While some Treks have sent me home with a warm glow, this one leaves me with the thought: “Yeah, I’m glad they did that.” Oh… and stay at least until Rihanna sings.

  647. Happy Birthday, CmdrR! Have a good one!

  648. Thanks guys/gals. I unwrapped my present yesterday and was delighted; just what I wanted! So, I’m 54. So far, non-fatal.

  649. Happy 54th CmdrR. Four years older than Star Trek.

  650. Happy Birthday CmdrR! Still not seen the film, been in the wee outer scottish isles for a week. Peg :-)

  651. I sure wish BND could’ve been here. Would’ve loved his take on the movie.

  652. Spockanella — at least, at the end, Kirk notices the critter that doesn’t wear pants. I’ll take that as a BND honor.

  653. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 24, 2016 at 9:09 pm | Reply

    I finally got the see the new Star Trek and here is my Spoiler free take.

    On a Scale from 1 to 10. I give it a 9. I was very impressed with the story. While the action was intense. The Story was solid. While not perfect. It was a Solid Story.
    Into Darkness I only saw it at the Theater once. This one. I will be seeing multiple times.

  654. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 24, 2016 at 9:10 pm | Reply

    Oh and a Happy B Day to CmdrR. May you have all the Rumulan Ale you can handle.

  655. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 24, 2016 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    Speaking of our Absent Friend BND. Here is his review once again of Trek 09.

    British Naval Dude | May 9, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Reply
    I want me a gremlin like Scotty had…
    “Get down from thar’!”
    “What or who the hell is that up there, Mr. Scott?”
    “Well it’s… it’s… it’s green!”

    Very different actually from what I expected. Very good, though. And indeed darker but yet withoot tha’ customary ruminations o’ morality and life… well, unless ye’ count Spock’s tale o’ how tha’ previous reality wuz’ grand fur’ Kirk and how tha’ previous reality wuz’ being changed fur’ tha’ worse cuz’ o’ Nero or how ye’ have destiny despite quite different circumstances… and a good electrician can really brighten up tha’ place.

    A “9” I will give it. But I reserve me tens fur’ films like “Thar’ Will Be Blood” and “Tha’ Outlaw Joesy Whales.”

    Tha’ perspective o’ tha’ ships wuz’ well done… and how great be it ta’ peer deep inta’ tha’ hangar bays. Soooo… arrrrrrr tha’ ships smaller or larger than ye’ always thought? Both it seemed dependin’ on tha’ shot.

    Finally see tha’ ship upside down as well! Guess Rick Berman had his upsy-daisium in check all those years as thar’ really be no up nor down in space.

    Vulcan lost… sad but yet daring since thar’ wuz’ no re-set button in site…

    I’ll say Nimoy did dominate his scenes and wuz’ captivatin’… but maybe that’s just our own partiality speakin’. What’d he say at tha’ end? “Thrusters on full.”? Indeed.

    And boy did transportin’ seem really harsh! Looks like it hurts! Hurts sooooooo good, though…

    Ouch! Quit injectin’ me wit’ that shalaly, Bonesy!

    Maybe it wuz’ me but except fur a few shots ye’ didda not have a lot o’ time ta’ ogle o’er tha’ ship… and engineering looked like a tha’ factory where they make me chum-burgers.

    Great! Excitin’! I thought it wuz very well done. Which is how I like me chum-burgers.

    Me brother did say that now Amok Time! and Jourey ta’ Babel canna happen since Vulcan went bye-bye. But that’s tha’ way tha’ red matter ball bounces.

    I want more o’ Scotty and his gremlin!

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrr ye’ still readin’ folks’ reviews? Oh, my… It’s a good film and, indeed, “I am relieved.”

    Hey- how did this beagle just appear in me bathroom?


  656. I caught the movie a second time (this time in English), and it certainly holds up. The character moments are so good, that the plot just rides along. You have no jaw-dropping stupidity (“Khan” beams from his helicopter in SF all the way to Kronos once Kirk disables it with a firehose), and any light inconsistencies seem to bounce off the wonderfully fun sheen of having our characters properly portrayed together on screen in more than small doses. As of Monday morning, it’s hit almost $90m in all markets where it’s currently showing (with more on the way), so there is quite a lot of work yet to be done.

  657. Happy Birthday CmdrR (a little late). Haven’t seen the movie yet… Maybe next weekend…

  658. My review of STB.

    Well it had a lot of good points, but unfortunately I still think it fell short in the writing. The movie started VERY strong and was doing GREAT up and until the Enterprise was destroyed. For some reason I had the strong urge to get up and leave the theater. It just seemed sooooo wrong.

    The Enterprise did not hold up well and it seemed a bit contrived how the crew was reacting. Every problem seemed to have a solid mechanical solution, all while the ship is being destroyed. How are any of those systems going to stay functional?

    Then the planet fall sequence came and it seemed to me that everyone on the bridge was NOT doing anything constructive, just complaining that Kirk was supposed to get the saucer separated, and it was not happening fast enough. For some reason those personell on the bridge really started reminding me of the Democrates. More concerned with someone else doing the job, while they complained. But then it was Uhura that scrambeled out to help Kirk, who seemed to have it in hand until Uhura trumpted Kirk to the Saucer separation control system. It just seemed like Uhura really stole Kirk’s hard effort. Kind of like how Hillary takes claim for everyone’s good work.

    Sorry it is the political season.

    But the escape sequence was thrilling to watch and once the crew made it to the surface it was fun to watch the true character moments. Which were fun, however this seemed to become a problem once we meet Jayla. It just seemed that she was as undefined as Krall. Who was she? She had a bit of a backstory, but that was as unrealized as was the lighting in half the planet scenes. Really too hard to watch the crew make it back to the broken saucer section.

    And where was Spock in this movie? It seemed like he had very little to do. Could he have not been working on a solution to the RF signal throughout the movie? It would have made his solution make more sense. But then that was another problem for me. The story was a bit undeveloped and simplistic in MANY areas.

    Like Kirk firing the E’s thrusters up with that pistol blast (sorry, I can’t call them Phasers). And it just seemed WAY wacky when Kirk broke the view screen with a simple pistol blast. What? There were no meteors in the nebular that impacted that viewscreen with more force? And then they slid down the saucer and flipped the ship over. That was just as rediculos. MY POOR (alternate and still distorted) ENTERPRISE!!!!

    And Kirk seemed to be on that motorcycle for like a half hour at the climax of the planet sequence. And he and Jayla beaming out was not well enacted onscreen, IMO. And when it came to some of the planet set decorations I think that crew dropped the ball a bit. Seriously, some of those rocks and aliens looked very poorly rendered and simply spray painted.

    And then the overall plot line with Krall was just way to over the top as well. Not that it was not appropriate for Star Trek, but just it was an aw geez, are they really going there?

    The Yorktown WAS amazing onscreen and it made me wonder if they really went there. So kudos and thank you for that JAW dropping world design.

    The ending seemed to be a bit simplistic, with a nod to those RF (TVs signals from the 60s show?) signals. I would have tied that effect into the deflector emitters with the fx more. But it was fun to watch. But it just begs to ask. You built the Yorktown next to this mysterious nebula where ships disappear from time to time?

    So in the end, the movie had some great character moments, but fell way short in story development.

    That’s All for me.

    And for gosh sake, Paramount. LOOSEN THE REIGNS on your copyright claims.
    Its just hurting Star Trek and your Fans.

    IF NOT? Then I think this may be ALL the Star Trek I need to see in my life.
    It’s been 50 years of entertainment, and I think they have explored all they can with this or ANY crew. It may be time to take a twenty year break from ALL Paramount products. You darn Lawyer snakes screw it all up EVERY TIME.

    Don’t you guys get it? It was the Fans that made this series popular!

    Here’s one your stupid copyright claims!!!!


  659. Stopped reading your review, I mean rant, when you started bitching against the democrats, which you misspelled by the way. Your backhanded comments made no sense. Lost all credibility there. Since this is not a political forum, why don’t you keep your opinions on politics to yourself?

    • Agreed.

      Everyone’s got an opinion, political or otherwise, but in his case he should check ’em at the door.

      Hiya Silver! How ya been?

    • I think the expression is: “Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone’s got one.”

      I just thought I should mention that.

    • From Dirty Harry Callahan, my hero… Deeper words of wisdom you will not come across often…

  660. Been good ‘Beach! Seen you drop in occasionally here and there. How are things with you, mon ami?

    • Still, tragically, jobless, Silver. Yes, i drop in every now and then, when a comment strikes my fancy. I mean, I’m following the campaigns, but there is a time and place to discuss such matters, and this chat ain’t it.

      Chat used to be a place where we regulars used to get pretty silly. And now it’s just, I dunno, DIFFERENT, somehow.

      Oh hello, AJ.

    • Yes it’s different. Of course BND is gone, but also Denise, who got Harry excited a lot so this added to the dynamic… TOG, Vulcanista… I came in in response to something AJ had written. I thought “My God these people are insane!”… Now we’re all grown up! It’s been 8-9 years (for me anyway). Sorry to see job hunting is so hard for you. For having been to the US so many times, I know it’s cutthroat where the work market is concerned. The American Dream is alive, for those who can afford it. For Mr. and Mrs. Normal the daily grind is tough. Hang in there my friend and God Bless America, it’s still a great place to be.

  661. Silvereyes,

    Well enough, given the circumstances. I am, sadly, still a free agent. Yes, it is cutthroat, especially when most employers want version 2.0 of the dude who just left the position they’re hiring for, when the reality is never quite that cut-and-dried.

    I miss the silliness and off-color stuff, it was fun. A lot of the ‘Old Guard’ (from 2006 or so) is gone, save for AJ and Harry and CmdrR, among others.

    BTW happy birthday (late) CmdrR.

  662. Sorry. Not garnering sympathy. Just stupidly forgot i had already mentioned being jobless. Duh.

    • A lot of people are jobless. I’m just stringing things together. My career took a left when I turned right. Apparently, 54 is way too old to work… especially when your old bosses can replace you with young part-timers who work for less.

    • And I just mean… Don’t get bummed. Get a plan. You WILL succeed as soon as you stop playing by the other guy’s rules.

  663. ‘Beach, sorry to hear about the job situation. What line of work are you looking for?

    • To answer your question, I am in the architectural field, by education and ‘temperament’ so to speak, and spent the past fourteen years or so in a manufacturing setting in various engineering and project management functions.

      Thanks, my friends. I appreciate your support.

  664. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 29, 2016 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    It does seem like ages ago back in 07 or 08 that we were all here and being silly. I was Writing little stories and BND was being. Well. BND. Lol. Being Married is great for me. But sometimes I miss the craziness. I do miss BND and his Antics. Thats why every once in a while I’ll post something of his. But het. At least we can tease Harry with an even older Erica Durance. That always work’s. Well. From at least. Lol.

  665. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | July 29, 2016 at 6:51 pm | Reply

    Hang in there Beach. If I can do it. Anyone can. I mean it.

    • Mike

      I do get replies but after interviewing (both telephone and in-person) i get the same old “we’re going in a different direction’ emails afterwards. Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.

    • ‘Beach, you just need to remember to pick your nose and scratch yourself AFTER the interview…

    • Oh is THAT what I’m doing wrong?


    • I DID get a call back from a pre-engineered steel building company locally for a sales position.

      Luck, wish me, please.

  666. I have noticed how, especially after this 1701 to sort of 1701-A makeover of this site, that certain language and/or ribald commentary is much more closely monitored. I would be willing to bet some of the ‘hard-PG’/borderline-R stuff we used to get away with probably wouldn’t fly now.

    • You’re right,’Beach. I guess that’s just the way the motherf*ckin’ ball bounces!

    • Well, let’s put it this way, HB. I doubt I could get that one I wrote about Spock doing Kirk up the nose past them now.

    • Kirk: Spock, get your nose out of my business!

      Spock: Certainly, Captain, if you will get your business out of my nose.

    • Apparently ‘1nsur@nce’ is still a forbidden word. Haven’t tried $ecurities yet. Ironic, as I can put my website link in and that’s fine…

  667. OK. Update on some sci-fi on TV now.
    The Expanse is still your best bet. Season One awaits. Season two is a few months off.
    Dark Matter. Hmmm. Very uneven first season. They spent way too many episodes literally running around their ship for no apparent reason. Now on Ep 5 of Season 2 and the show is starting to cook. Forgive my spoiler: The android — named “Android” — just got her emotion chip. I know. I know. I nearly threw a brick at the screen. BUT, the writers are handling it nicely. She is turning out to be a real bad ass, which is something the show needs. The others are bad asses… all of them… but, just haven’t been that interesting. This is a nice addition.

    Yours for better sci-fi,

  668. Okay, taking a break from getting killed by ten year olds in the addictive but stupid game called Destiny. Here is my short review of Star Trek Beyond.

    It’s a good action movie with a Star Trek wrapper. Call it Star Trek Light. It’s not smart, or thought provoking. Justin Lin is all wrong for Trek. Too many fast cuts which is common. This editing made many action set pieces absolutely confusing. Too fast. Too furious. Um…. sorry. Action can be shot without a reliance on such editing. See “Gravity”‘s tracking shots. And when you see Krall’s motivation, you will howl. My friends at Chat, we’ve seen this villain before.

    Skip the 3D version. Nothing to see here. It’s converted. Did not notice the 3D until the CGI end credits.

    The grade is B. Here’s the full review with trailer featuring Rihanna’s song. At least she, didn’t act. See Battleship or please don’t. Also embedded is the opening credits for TOS Star Trek. Great Bird of the Galaxy, there someday might be great Star Trek. Maybe it will come with the new TV series.

  669. ‘Beach, just a suggestion…..tape record all your telephone interviews and then listen to them. It’s a great way to refine your speech patterns and answers. Also, maybe role play an in-person interview with a business associate you trust, someone who knows your field. Videotape the interview and watch it to smooth out the “rough edges”. Allow your friend to be your harshest critic. Practice over and over until you’re “finely tuned” with effective answers. We can all sharpen our soft skills when it comes to this type of effort.

    • I’ll certainly consider that, HB. Thanks. I think I’m communicating effectively, but one never can tell.


    Sorry, but nothing in the trailer makes me want to see Suicide Squad, so I guess I’m just another supporter of Crooked Rotten Tomatoes.

    • The thing turning me off is that, Will Smith and possibly Margo Robbie aside, who ARE these actors? Hard to enjoy a film when you’re scratching your head at the cast wondering from where they dredged them up.

    • What bothers me is that Joel Kinnaman keeps getting cast in shit movies like Robocop Reboot and now, this thing. He was so damned good in “The Killing” opposite Mireille Enos. What a waste! Hope he gets a new agent.

  671. So, apparently Suicide Squad is a piece of sh*t. As if we couldn’t tell from the trailer! Why do these so called “professionals” always get it wrong? How hard is it to make a super hero movie?

    • Well, Harry, the stakes soar ever higher. Every time a comics flick succeeds big, the ones in the pipeline must change course to match. Remember, SS went back into a reshoot to “add humor” after Deadpool became a big deal. Plus, each plot must look marginally different. Instead of just looking at a successful graphic novel and blowing it up, they have to blow it WAY THE F-UP… then add everything the suits want… then call in a hot, new director whose style is even faster and furiouser (reference intended) than the last one. Enough! Just tell us good stories!

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 3, 2016 at 7:53 pm | Reply

      They all try to copy Marvel. But they keep missing the part of telling a good story.

    • Marvel figured out the formula of making a good MOVIE first and foremost, which subject matter just so happens to be characters and situations in the Marvel Universe. They (Joss Whedon in particular) start with good writing, then cast good actors for the RIGHT roles, and then make sure that the drama and the action and VFX serve the story, instead of becoming a jumbled mess. That said, I thought GOTG was a bit of the latter.

      DC seems to be trying to force out a Justice League origin movie, sort of checking all the boxes, and sort of suffer from the ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…” syndrome.

    • Ya, geez Harry, you’d think they’d have it down by now. They’re all starting to seem the same to me, at least.

      I still want to see Wonder Woman though, the movie and the female star look pretty badass.

    • I actually had a little interest in it after the first trailer. By the second and third ones it was coming across at a GOTG retread, and that little interest passed….

  672. Happy Birthday Tony Bennett. Here he sings “This is All I Ask’ on Stephen Colbert’s show last night. He gets a special gift from somebody who knows all about it’s hard for special people to “Die Hard.” Um… sorry for that.

    Yeah, I’m a big fan of Tony Bennett. Sorry not a fan of the Beastie Boys. Consider my tastes along the lines with Commander Riker. And what about that clever metaphor on the TNG episode, “The Big Goodbye.” They used the song “Out of Nowhere.” Get it? Holodeck malfunctions while Picard lives his film noire fantasy.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 3, 2016 at 7:52 pm | Reply

      Ah Tony Bennett. One of the All time Greats.

    • Yeah, I got that “Out of Nowhere” — great reference in that ep!

      Nice to see you, Bernie. Even if you didn’t like “Beyond” that much ;-)

    • Thanks for the clip, Bernie. Someone once asked Frank Sinatra, “Who’s your favorite singer?” Sinatra replied, “Tony Benedetto.”

      He’s not only a great singer — his paintings are BEAUTIFUL.

      Sorry to hear his smooth tone receding, but hellz, he’s NINETY YEARS OLD and still swingin’ …!

  673. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 3, 2016 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    The reason Marvel does so well. They tell good stories. IE Captian America Civil War. Great Action and Great Story = Big Success D.C has a long way to go.

    • Emperor Mike, Actually I didn’t like “Civil War” that much. Too steeped in the Marvel Formula. Something needs to change.

      I hope DC’s “Wonder Woman” isn’t shite …

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 7, 2016 at 9:02 pm | Reply

      Well Marja. I guess we will have to have a Civil war to agree. Lol

  674. Saw STB for a second time tonight, this time with AdmrR and EnsR. So, add another three tickets to the pot. Still think it’s a good summer flick. I wish they had added something to ponder, but I guess that’s just not how movies are made now. I did notice one more item: As the Enterprise pulls out of Yorktown early on, you can clearly see the gangway still attached with people walking around inside. Also wondering how the first crew of the Franklin managed to back their way into a parking space atop a four-mile high cliff. I’ll just ponder those things. Still like the movie.

    • Haven’t seen it yet, though with the granddaughters in the house for another week, it may take a few days to add my thirteen bucks to the pot…

    • CmdrR, The gangway is detaching. So any folk walking around in it are either Missing Movement [crew not there in time for departure and about to undergo court-martial, heh-heh] or belong to Yorktown.

      For myself, I wondered how the Franklin and the ship McCoy and Spock used managed to scrape so many mountains/cliffs and remain usable, but [throwing my arms up in the air] ‘IT’S JUST A MOVIE’


    I don’t feel like I’m 60. Especially when I’m watching good Trek :-)
    Or joking around here ….

  676. Happy Birthday, Marja!

  677. I LOVE our little intimate group, secure here in this very small part of a very big universe.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 11, 2016 at 6:12 am | Reply

      I agree Harry. This is a great small group of people. All are very Smart and Intelligent.

  678. I really enjoyed Star Trek Beyond, but it didn’t do as well opening as Suicide Squad (60 million vs. 113 million). I think the reality that Paramount needs to wake up to is that Star Trek isn’t Star Wars, it isn’t Marvel and it isn’t DC and never will be. But it is a solid franchise that if they treat and market well, will bring in a decent return.

    I understand that it’s human nature to compare what you have to what others have. It doesn’t seem logical or fair that a okay or even terrible movie will make good money on the simple merits of being a Star Wars, DC, Marvel or even Nolan movie (love Nolan’s films but you have to admit…his name alone will bring in crazy money).

    Paramount (and we as well), have to learn to be content with the success that we do have.

    • While I have no problem wishing that IV be a smaller-budgeted, intimate film about our Trek heroes, I don’t think trimming the costs is the real answer. The simple fact is that Paramount has NEVER gotten Trek and never will. I’m finishing reading ‘The 50-Year Mission.’ The moment Paramount took over Desilu, things went south for Trek in many ways. Sure, it’s still around, but it’s never enjoyed the proper promotion and there have been colosally stupid mis-steps. No Trek toys… STILL… at Toys R Us or WalMart. Lots of other missing pieces of a promotions package like the one that propels films such as Suicide Squad, GotG, and SWTFA. Plus, the idiotic mistake of staggering the release dates. Of course the opening weekend fell short of breaking records. Huge chunks of the globe were missing! China finally gets it September 2nd. Duh, Paramount. FLIckin’ DUH!

  679. Paramount has definitely been doing Trek “on the cheap,” and without investment between films in gear, toys (for kids), and the fans (a site that isn’t dedicated only to nostalgia and e-commerce), the demographic for fans will continue to age. An animated series from CBS would allow the franchise to stay top-of-mind every year for the kiddies as well. The new show has a chance, of course, but Paramount’s undies are definitely showing now that “Beyond” has under-performed. Or, maybe the “Star-Trek-ish” film Paramount keeps trying to avoid should be embraced and made, God forbid. We’ll never know.

    • That little pi$$ing contest Paramount/CBS had with Bad Robot is why there aren’t any toys and ST Beyond merchandise out there. Too bad. I think JJ wanted too many dollars for toy sales, so he kinda shot himself in the foot, but alas, the franchise isn’t getting marketed like SWars. Oh well, yet another opportunity missed Paramount, GORRAMMIT!

    • Disney’s acquisition of SW seems to have revitalized that franchise in ways I imagine Lucas never imagined.

      That said, a question for the group: Star Trek owned by someone else, benefit or detriment?

  680. Oh! And thanks all for the birthday wishes! I went crazy! I saw Beyond a THIRD time!

    And enjoyed some lovely French cuisine the night before.

    1. Anticipation
    2. Excitement
    2.a. Excitement tempered by worry about promotion [trailer was crap!]
    3. Enjoyment; really liking the movie; w00t!
    4. Analysis
    5. Nitpicking
    6. Criticism; constructive and -un
    6.a. “Enjoyed it despite minor/major flaws” “The whole thing was a major flaw”
    7. Defense of positions, LOVE IT! I hope they make more! They did a good job. HATE IT! Curse JJ, Bad Robot, and all their doings! And curse those stoopid popcorn-munchin’ eejits who love this sort of noisy dumb@ss fluff
    8. Criticism of people who oppose your position (“Don’t call me uncritical”)
    9. Degeneration into near-trolling (“your [sic] an idiot”)
    10. Wondering when the next one comes out, as if half the people on the board even seem to care

  682. 11. Envying the success of SW and every superhero movie that does promotion right.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 11, 2016 at 6:13 am | Reply

      Marvel has always done a fantastic job of Marketing. Helps the you put out great movies as well.

  683. It’s a bit early for the post mortem on STB, but there is some consensus that a strong foreign close in its remaining markets should be able to justify another outing. Don’t count on a budget of more then 150MM, though.


    Tony Bennett is a name that was more WASPish than his Italian name. Probably that’s why he changed it. That leads to our discussion of whitewashing in some upcoming Asian themed movies. My opinion may surprise you all. This relates to Star Trek too.

    First, let’s go over the upcoming movie list with a fun trailer link below.

    1. Scarlett Johansson is playing the lead in the anime classic, “Ghost in the Shell.” That character was supposed to be Japanese.

    2. Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, who is supposed to be a Tibetan man. Sigh. The movie is “Doctor Strange.” And now my favorite…

    3, “The Great Wall.” Donald Trump will keep Mexicans out of China by building a Great Wall. Um…. sorry. MATT DAMON SAVES THE ANCIENT CHINESE IN “THE GREAT WALL.” I’m not kidding about Damon. White man saves the Asians. Check out the trailer.

    Being a Chinese American, I’m kind of offended. I mean there’s no modern Bruce Lees? Then I researched it. The Great Wall is partly financed by the Chinese. I hate to say it but maybe Chinese and Asian audiences like their movie stars to be well, …white. Bill Maher made the point that Chinese can be racist when it cones to movies. And yeah, they can be generally racist. Trust me, I’be been around a few.

    So ho does this relate to Star Trek? One of the production companies for the STB was Alibaba, a Chinese film company. They are probably hoping that Star Trek Beyond will do better in China. Big problem here my fellow Trekkers. Changes are often made to film to appease China. See Iron Man 3; the Mandarin is not Chinese and he’s changed quite a bit. (I won’t spoil it for you but the change is significant.) In fact, his name in the Chinese version is Man Daren.

    Was Star Trek Beyond dumbed down for a Chinese audience that loves action? I know some of you really like STB. But let’s face it. It lacks substance and meaning. Let me put it this way. It’s possible to make a big budget movie of the TOS “Arena.” You could have plenty of action. But if you remember that episode , it had substance. Facing our mistakes and learning from them. Mercy. Themes like those were missing from Star Trek Beyond.

    I like Beyound but it’s a good action movie with a Star Trek paint job. That’s what Pegg meant by the first script being too “Star Trekky.” I can only hope the TV series will be Star Trek.

  685. Blogger, I’m offended too… Still disgusted at the casting of a white Brit as Khan…

    As far as Damon saving the Chinese, there is no question that Asians (namely Japanese and Chinese) are obsessed with the American culture…

  686. Blogger — You make good points. I’m not sure these films serve the greater good of building a movie legacy that’s historical and appropriate. They serve the momentary grab for cash. The Damon flick looks AWFUL! He’s not fighting Mongols, but a big bad monster (which would not be stopped by the wall in any case.) My wife is Chinese, so I know all about racism there. And I’m not pointing fingers, or if I am I have to point in all directions (ouch!!!) We are in a very, very, very racist age! America’s dive into the Trump-espoused sewer saddens me. I think it has something to do with the population; we’re all rubbing up against each other now and forming groups in anticipation of war for stuff/food/survival. Back to your point, if you want to see an Asian project that uses a bone fide Asian actor… check Marco Polo. Season Two is better than One, because Benedict Wong’s Kublai Khan (Khaaaaaaan!) just pushes Marco off the screen. He is tremendous. Nerds in this chat will remember him from Sunshine, Prometheus, and The Martian. He’s also in Doctor Strange. The rest of the cast is strong as well. Michelle Yeoh and Tom Wu have a wonderful love affair that consists of lengthy ass-kicking sessions. Anyway — Hollywood will always sell to its its audience. Until one or the other changes, we have what we have!

    • CmdrR, Perhaps I’ll check out “Marco Polo” on Netflix then. The lead actor pictured looks like a cross between the guys who play Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones” … it just weirded me out.

  687. About Star Trek DSC:

    I don’t want to seem negative, but I’m just a little bummed that this series won’t be set beyond DS9. Also, I kind of had it in my heart that we’d be getting an anthology series. Of course that was a rumor anyway, but still.

    Also, I’m feeling lukewarm about the ship design. My interest in general ship design isn’t the biggest (I’m not very technical about it), but I do appreciate a good looking ship. With that said, I’m kind of like “meh”.

    To end on a positively, I do have faith that the writing will be great considering the talent involved.

    • UGH. That ship.

      I certainly hope the cast and stories make up for that, because it looks like they’re sticking with that awful design!

  688. Don’t worry about the look of the ship in Star Trek Discovery. If tradition holds, with Hollywood being out of original ideas, the ship will be destroyed by the end of season one, with a new one being unveiled.

    F*ckin’ dim-witted knuckle-draggers!

    • I hope not. It’s always tough to get used to the ships (I never did with the DS9 station, or the Defiant. Enterprise “D” took a while, too). Of course, Starfleet is incredibly rich, and the ships seem to be just lying around (except when the Enterprise is the only one in the sector), so they just hand the things out whenever a Captain destroys one.

  689. AJ,
    Wouldn’t it be great if car ins-r-nce worked the same way?
    “Oh … you wrecked your car fighting off a student-driven SUV? Here ya go, new car, better than your last one!”

    • Officer: “Sir, do you know how fast you were driving when you smashed your Corolla-E into that dump truck?”
      Me: “Plenty of letters left in the alphabet.”

  690. Anybody remember,
    “f u cn rd ths u cn gt a gd jb”?

    And whatever happened to shorthand? I wish I remembered my Gregg shorthand. I could keep the most mysterious writing outlines and shopping lists in the world! AND transcribe them later.

  691. Could this be Red Matter?

    Warning: New force may kill yer daddy, cause you to plagiarize lines, and make you gay.

  692. Finally saw Beyond – a decent, serviceable Trek movie. It’s a shame it didn’t catch with the broader audience.

  693. Man, The Bluecut made for an interesting night aiding relatives cutoff from their home. Felt good to be able to help out.

    Zero percent containment as I type. Not sure what the future holds for them.

  694. Happy Birthday, Gene Roddenberry!

  695. Paramount’s summer will end with the Christian film, Ben-Hur, which cost $100m to make, and which Rolling Stone writes, “is a digitalized eyesore hobbled in every department by staggering incompetence.” It bought in a few pennies on opening weekend, and will lose big for the studio, compounding the losses which are coming from Star Trek Beyond and TMNT 2. The only way for them now to rationalize a ST4, which would not be “saved” by the star power of Chris Hemsworth (see “Ghostbusters” reboot), is if Star Trek: Discovery is a hit, and re-invigorates the franchise when it is launched in 179 countries. Trek as a film franchise tends to do well financially when there is fresh, good Star Trek on the air internationally (not including ENTERPRISE, which had limited release overseas). This is the only way, as Paramount/CBS do almost zippo to support Trek between films. Even now, in the thick of the 50th anniversary, all seems quiet. At least BEYOND was a decent one to watch, which means a lot, but Paramount is in a major pickle again, just waiting to be saved again by the next Transformers film next year.

    • AJ

      Ben Hur, like The Ten Commandments, weren’t as much movies as EXPERIENCES, which you had to sort of let flow over you. Both epic examples of classic filmmaking.

      The trailers for the Ben Hur remake left me cold, and failed to even spark the wish to see it at all.

      Some stories are simply better left un-remade. Odd, I know, to say such on a site based and built on the very notion of a pre-existing film/TV property being remade, but tis wot tis.

      How are you?

    • Doing OK, ‘Beach. Living in Moscow, and working for peanuts. Life is more peaceful than it has been, which is nice.

  696. When Morgan Freeman has more lines in the trailer (culled from a role obviously shot in 2-3 days) than the film’s star… YER IN TRUBBLE!

    Paramount needs to take a firehose to clean out its top offices.

  697. Please, Paramount/CBS, do a Star Wars and sell Star Trek as an entire IP to someone who knows what to do with it. Like that other franchise’s fans, we’ll all fuss for a moment, then when new, well-made, well-marketed content starts coming out, we’ll shut up.

    I mean, seriously, why are they clinging to a property that they refuse to cultivate properly with which to make themselves any money, save whatever modicum of profit the Kelvin movies make?

    • ‘Beach – This would be a “best-case” scenario. What may very well happen is, since Star Trek: Discovery is based 10 years before TOS, i.e. Kirk-and-the-gang are all working in Starfleet, they will re-cast the original TOS crew as their younger-regular-universe-selves, and make them relevant to 21st-century TV viewers around the world. Then, the sky’s the limit for putting the TOS crew in their own show with cheaper actors, and perhaps moving them to the big-screen later on. Makes too much sense ;-)

    • AJ

      Not a bad idea. But would the fanboys scream bloody murder because it’s yet ANOTHER recast? And frankly if that ship is gonna look like that it should be ten years AFTER TOS, because MAN that thing looks SO 1970s…

    • Well, let’s see. Kirk is a what?Lieutenant on the Farragut? Spock as we have seen is a Science Officer under Pike’s command on Enterprise. McCoy is probably a Doctor, but is not yet assigned to Big E, if he’s in Starfleet yet at all. Scotty is a (probably junior) Engineer somewhere, while the younger bunch, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura, are likely either still in whatever the 23rd century equivalent of high school is, or freshmen in the academy.


    • The biggest “fanboy” issue would probably be retreading over canonical events such as Tarsus IV and the Farragut. But some of those would be terrific in terms of building up the original timeline’s Kirk, whose backstory is a damn site better than the one they did for Christopher Pine’s character. Maybe Pike’s Enterprise could have a series with a young, smiling Spock-o on board shagging all “the women!”

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 24, 2016 at 8:51 pm | Reply

      Hey AJ. Asking C.B.S to make sense is like Asking Harry to say nice things about Erica. Won’t Happen. Lol

  698. I remember reading that the Star Trek IP could have been acquired from Paramount in circa 1974 for something on the order of $175,000. It went on to say that Roddenberry was strapped for cash at the time and couldn’t even buy back his own thing.

    Wonder what Star Trek would have been like if someone HAD bought it back then?

    • Beach,

      It was $150,000 in 1970, one year after the show’s demise. From a 2005 interview with Herbert F. Solow by Michele Hilmes and Michael Lowell Henry in their 2007 book, NBC: AMERICA’S NETWORK, page 218:

      “Paramount didn’t want STAR TREK because it was losing too much money each week and didn’t have enough episodes to syndicate successfully. That was a wise business decision at the time. They did not have the Kaiser Television figures available, as it hadn’t happened yet. Recall that Roddenberry was also offered a chance to buy all of Paramount’s equity in STAR TREK. He passed at a price of $150,000. Who knew the property would gross near $3 billion?“ — Herbert F. Solow, 2005

  699. Proxima Centauri (aka Alpha Centauri) could have an Earth-like planet. Holy crap! Who’d have thunk ‘Lost In Space’ would get some science right!?

    • OK, actually Proxima Centauri may be tide to AC, which is a nearby binary. Still…

    • CmdrR,

      Re:Who’d have thunk ‘Lost In Space’ would get some science right!?

      After it steered around its creator’s obsession with “HOT” comets and before Harris ran away with any semblance of a rational plot, LOST IN SPACE was, believe it or not, a science-fiction based series and got plenty of science right.

      For example, long before this confirmation of the existence of its primary planetary objective, when exoplanet searching was in its infancy, the extreme eccentric orbit of Pre-Planis, the first planet upon which the Jupiter II actually alights, was confirmed as an actual real stable exoplanet orbit.

      The Robinsons grew their food hydroponically which is relied upon in some of parts of the real 1997 world to now to provide sustenance.

      Long before a STAR TREK script was ever written to feature the concept of a “Prime Directive” in a first season episode The Robot, its programming free of Smith’s espionage tampering, mentions “The Prime Directive” as the reason why it would be wrong to kill and why it could not kill humanoid life as ordered by Smith.

      Carey Wilbur, a LOST IN SPACE writer, wrote STAR TREK’s ‘Space Seed’.

    • CmdrR,

      You got it right the first time. The Jupiter II was going to the Alpha Centauri star system to find and settle a habitable world there. It was a known triple star system since 1915:

      Now, whether “Hot Comet” Irwin Allen knew or cared about that is debatable.

      He does have a narrator sounding much as a televised news reporter covering the event say, “Reaching out into other worlds from our desperately overcrowded planet a series of deep-thrust telescopic probes have conclusively established a planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri as the only one within range of our technology able to furnish ideal conditions for human existence.”
      The problem with that “reporting” is there is no single star named Alpha Centauri. It’s a binary. But new reporters get things wrong all the time.

      Just most recently my local morning news created a buying panic when they reported an hd Samsung big screen TV was being marked down to $400 neglecting to say it was “$400 OFF” its normal price. So I can imagine a news reporter dropping the word “system” in “the star system Alpha Centauri” reportage.

    • They’re once again working on a LiS reboot. Dunno if it will see the light of day — urm or space. The premise of pioneering the stars is wonderful. In fact, I’ve read that CBS called in a young buck named GR to explain his theories of M-Class planets and why you’d keep running into humanoid ETs… then kicked him out the door and made LiS. GR did something else; I forget what.
      For extra bonus fun: Cyrano Jones shows up as Tybo the Carrot in LiS (one of many cross-over actors); the Jupiter II’s freezing tubes get sold off for use in The Empath; and the make-up used on Michael Conrad in “Fugitives in Space” is a left-over from “Planet of the Apes.”

    • CmdrR,

      Re:the make-up used on Michael Conrad in “Fugitives in Space” is a left-over from “Planet of the Apes.”

      Actually, the Conrad make-up wasn’t any sort of left-over but the actual proto-type test appliances the FOX make-up artist, John Chambers, was churning out in prep for finalizing the molds for PLANET OF THE APES pre-production makeup tests. Conrad in his LIS stint was Chambers’ PLANET OF THE APES makeup guinea pig.

    • CmdrR,

      Just for fun I dug around the transcripts of the episodes to see if LIS ever improved on that Alpha Centauri pilot ep flub, and would you believe it? They did, in their space hippie episode, THE PROMISED PLANET, of all things!:

      “[ Robot Beeping ] All hands, hear this! My astral calculations indicate that we have a lock – on the star system of the Alpha Centauri!” — Peter Packer, ‘The Promised Planet’, LOST IN SPACE

      “[ Man ] Jupiter 2? This is Interstellar Relay Station 9, transmitting from planet Delta in the binary star system of Alpha and Proxima Centauri.
      Bartholomew speaking.” — Peter Packer, ‘The Promised Planet’, LOST IN SPACE

      The syntax is stilted and its meaning isn’t entirely clear, but as Bartholomew was lying through his teeth and Alpha is the binary star in the system so with that in mind it does parse your way. And the Robinsons bought it, so I declare a win for you.

  700. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | August 24, 2016 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    Say Shats new Show. I thought it was really good. Of course it helps to have some good people with him. Lol.

  701. Yes, I watched Shat’s new show, too. It’s pretty well packaged and it makes you laugh.

    Henry Winkler and Bill Shatner have a good rapport.

  702. a series of deep-thrust telescopic probes

    [mopping forehead] Whew! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  703. RIP Gene Wilder

    That’s a nasty habit.
    I know a nastier one!

  704. OK, if I could edit my posts, that would help… a little.

    It’s actually: “Spitting’s a bad habit.” “I know a worse one.”

    In penance, I offer:

  705. I met Gene Wilder about 10 years ago when he was in Toronto promoting his book. Like a lot of people, I bought his book and lined up to get it signed. He chatted with each person for a minute or so. Thinking back, he was kind of detached and out of it back then. A very nice man, though.

  706. I enjoyed Gene Wilder’s films in the 1970s; loved his style and delivery; he was great as a co-star (Silver Streak, Blazing Saddles) and had some cool-as-hell lead roles (Willie Wonka, Young Frankenstein, the doctor in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* among them). RIP to someone who was a major part of my childhood cinematic universe.

  707. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 2, 2016 at 1:55 am | Reply

    Gene was simply the best. I just loved him singing Pure Imagination in Willy Wanka. His Roles were always well acted and incredible. Blazing Saddles is such a classic. He just added so much to that movie. Gene Wilder will be missed and he will never be forgotten.

  708. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 2, 2016 at 1:56 am | Reply

    Dear Death. Please. Take the Kardashians, Please take these so called realty stars. But leave the great ones alone.

  709. I watched ‘STC Embracing the Winds.’ Anyone have opinions, observations, abject adoration, snide rejoinders?

    Tonight, The Smithsonian Channel is debuting ‘Building the Enterprise’ about the Big E’s recently completed ‘refit.’

  710. And either Tuesday or Wednesday, Amazon is due to deliver Volume II of the ponderously engrossing “The Fifty-Year Mission.” It’s a good read for anyone who wants to know Trek through adult eyes. In Vol. I, Shat comes in for far less bashing than GR does… which is a whole lot. Still, it gives valuable perspective on what a Herculean task Trek continues to be.

  711. ST:Beyond sucked in almost $40m in Chinese weekend box office. Worldwide gross is over $285m at this point. Be nice to see this one settle in with a decent worldwide haul. If they earn another $23m, the overseas BO will reach the US number ($154M). Go Chinese Trekkers!

  712. Watching Smithsonian Channel’s “Building Star Trek” (actual title) and noting two things:
    a)Star Trek’s audacious vision of the future contains ideals that inspire people even after 50 years…
    b)David Gerrold shot in XCU is scarier than any Gorn.

  713. There is a plentitude of articles marking ST’s Golden Anniversary this week. Most may seem like Trek 101 to folks in this chat, but I think you’ll want to scan these:

  714. Happy Trek Eve!

  715. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 7, 2016 at 12:39 pm | Reply

    Happy B Day Star Trek.

  716. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 7, 2016 at 12:42 pm | Reply

    Reality Stars. Man. I can’t get anything past you guys. I will have to assanate. Oops I mean ask my Chief of Security to re check the Enscription Protocals.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire,

      Re:I can’t get anything past you guys

      It’s not us. It’s your subconscious just dying to make political commentary.

      I’m still reeling over it’s new Trumpian commentary with a word like “assanate”.

    • What was the line I saw a few days back?…Ban shredded cheese. Make America Grate Again.

      Of course, after the debates shredded cheese may take on a whole new meaning….

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 7, 2016 at 9:10 pm | Reply

      Lol. Typos on my phone. Ot is that a Trump experience .


  718. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 8, 2016 at 4:23 am | Reply

    Happy B Day Star Trek. May you Live Long and Prosper.

  719. Happy 50th Birthday, Trek! Only 250 more years to go to the final frontier. I can hardly wait!!!

  720. MeTV is airing ‘The Cage’ this Saturday evening, if you have access to that particular channel.
    Happy Anniversary, Trek…and many, many more.

    • Weird day on OTA. Usually MeTV would arrange all their various shows to air episodes in which prominent Trek actors were cast. But near as I can tell, nada.

      The only broadcast network noting today is DECADES and they are just airing old documentaries and a 15 minute segment they did for their THROUGH THE DECADES show on regular rotation. They note an episode was preserved by the SMITHSONIAN but neglect to say which.

  721. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 8, 2016 at 10:09 am | Reply

    Tonight on Star Trek. The Man Trap. In its original form. Also. In living color on most NBC stations.

  722. I would like to run something by you fine folks. Proximity Phasers. There seemed to be a little confusion on the re-mastered DVD commentary, concerning exactly what they are. I never thought much about it, since my thoughts were that:
    The sound FX was a that of a photon torpedo. It must be, a photon torpedo that was fired.
    Since the photon torpedos are “enveloped” in phaser energy at launch, and this is maintained by the torpedo itself in-flight, a Proximity Phaser is actually a torpedo, set to overload the phaser energy envelope emitter at a pre-set location. This will cause a radiating blast of phaser energy, over a larger area. When considering how a cloaking device works, and why they cannot typically fire when cloaked, this offensive tactic would work pretty well. The cloaking field brings the image/energy signature, and mirrors it through the ship, to the opposite side, to create the illusion, both visually, and by sensor readings, that there is nothing there. If the cloaked weapon fires, the energy weapon poses a risk of being re-directed to the firing ship itself. Also, any energy weapon fired in close “proximity” of the cloaked ship, would have that energy inadvertently redirected to the target ship by the cloaking field. It would be referred to as a proximity phaser, instead of torpedo, because the torpedo is, in this case, the delivery system for the phaser, instead of an explosive force of the torpedo itself. At least, that is how I rationalized it over the years. Thoughts?

  723. Oh boy, a list! Will you like it? Yes. Will you disagree with it? Hell yes! (You’re not a true Trekkier unless you bitch about lists.)

  724. OK, everyone… sssshhhh!! It’s officially the 9th in Moscow. Get into position, then when I flick on the lights yell: “Happy Birthday, Andrew (AJ)!! — Put down the vodka and the проститутки, and party!”

  725. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 8, 2016 at 7:10 pm | Reply

    I am in the mood for a little Court Martial. Captain Kirk has been accused of Perjury. Apparently he called Red Alert during an Ion Storm before he jettisoned the pod that help Lt Cmdr Finney causing his death. But according the ships Computer. Kirk Jettisoned the probe during Yellow Alert. As everyone knows. Computers don’t Lie!.

  726. I would like to run something by you fine folks. Proximity Phasers. There seemed to be a little confusion on the re-mastered DVD commentary, concerning exactly what they are. I never thought much about it, since my thoughts were that:
    The sound FX was a that of a photon torpedo, not a standard ships phaser sound FX. It must be a photon torpedo that was fired.
    Since the photon torpedoes are “enveloped” in phaser energy at launch, (To help penetrate the targets shields, and initial hull armor prior to detonation.) and this is maintained by the torpedo itself in-flight, a Proximity Phaser is actually a torpedo, set to overload the phaser energy envelope emitter at a pre-set location. This will cause a radiating blast of phaser energy, over a larger area. When considering how a cloaking device works, and why they cannot typically fire when cloaked, this offensive tactic would work pretty well. (The cloaking field brings the image/energy signature, and mirrors it through the ship, to the opposite side, to create the illusion, both visually, and by sensor readings, that there is nothing there. If the cloaked weapon fires, the energy weapon poses a risk of being re-directed to the firing ship itself.) Any energy weapon fired in close “proximity” of the cloaked ship, would have that energy redirected to the target ship by the cloaking field. (this would, at the very least, disrupt the cloak/shields, or directly hit the hull itself.) It would be referred to as a proximity phaser, instead of torpedo, because the torpedo is, in this case, the delivery system for the phaser, instead of an explosive force of the torpedo itself. At least, that is how I rationalized it over the years. Thoughts? (Other than I read waaay too many Trek Tech Manuals)

  727. Sorry about the double post, I didn’t know the 1st one took. the second one is a little clearer, though.

  728. Happy birthday AJ!

  729. Happy Birthday, AJ!

  730. Thanks, you guys!

  731. A belated happy birthday wish to you, AJ sir!
    Did Pavel send vodka or whiskey? I send you both, in “spirit,” ar-ar-ar-ar …!

    Boy the sexist pigdogs are out in force on the STC thread. They made me mad, and I posted responses, may Bast forgive me.

    • Thanks, Marja! I don’t imbibe anymore, but if I did, I would probably choose the vodka due to its ultimate versatility and more manageable hangovers.

  732. Box Office Mojo is showing that STB has now hit $318M, and the scale has shifted now to just over 50% of the sales coming from outside North America. The tragedy here is that it pulled in just under $157m in domestic sales. Blame it partly on the type of summer it was for films in general, but better to look again at how Paramount handles the property when there are only movies being made, and no ongoing series, i.e. zippo happens between launches, and as a first for this one, most people didn’t know it existed until right before launch. This time, there was no foreign advertising and no bankable star (Idris Elba is great, but not covered in latex, and he is not Benedict Cumberbatch in terms of attracting bums in seats). I guess it could have been far worse: it could have had proper worldwide marketing like the new Ghostbusters, which ended up at $100m shy of where Trek is today. Another lesson for Paramount from that film: Chris Hemsworth is also not Ben Cumberbatch. He won’t save your sh*tty movie.

  733. I think I have a right to a contract as a Paramount executoad. I’ll take the salary, the bennies, the stocks, the office, the meth (well, maybe I’ll skip that part) and I can still 100% guarantee that I won’t do a worse job than the current batch o suits.

    • CmdrR, feel free to contract anything you can, while boldly going where no man has gone before!

    • God, me too. The first thing I’d do would be to fire the marketing department … and stop treating Trek as if it’s something to be embarrassed about! Jeebus, it’s inspired generations of scientists; isn’t that something to be proud of [although I think the series had more to do with that than the movies — but the movies, even the BR movies, did drive people to check out TOS and other series]!?

      Jaysis on a unicycle! Trek is cursed by that TV/Movie division wrought by two studios. Can’t we all just get along …?

    • The Organians should mediate between Paramount & its arch rival, CBS.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | September 16, 2016 at 9:29 pm | Reply

      I got a better idea. Let’s send in the Q. He will make it fun again.

  734. I think once Discovery comes on, and Star Trek is once again “Top of Mind” due to its presence on the airwaves weekly, the films will get a boost which will have nothing to do with marketing. Transformers, GI-Joe and TMNT are heavily represented in the market as toys and cartoons first and foremost, so the kids are always aware of them (though TMNT 2 was a failure this time, and God only knows where GI-Joe went). Star Trek suffers from no ‘buzz’ between films, so the new series will at least put the brand in front of faces again, and if the show is good, it should get more butts in cinema seats. The other example of Paramount’s lack of marketing is the biblical “Ben-Hur” remake, which was purported to suck wind, and lost a shipload of cash from day one. I guess lack of a decent film also makes a difference in this case. “Star Trek Beyond” was definitely a crowd-pleaser, but was placed in the unreliable hands of corporate idiots surrounded by the requisite bean-counters.

    • AJ, “Ben-Hur” just looked disastrous from the previews. I, a person not known for my great perception of cinematic trickery, noticed CGI in the depiction of the white horses. And I thought, Ugh. Forget it.

    • Paramount just announced another 100MM plus write down today. Seems that they’ve had second thoughts about ‘Monster Trucks’ being a winner AFTER they made it, not before.

  735. I have to wonder how much of a gamble the new series will be. What is the audience threshold, beyond which you go from a generic Netflix offering to the first two seasons of House of Cards… or Orange is The New Black? If STDSC doesn’t hit the zeitgeist (sp?) will it help STIV, The Wrath of Thor.

    • According to CBS, it’s already in the black. So it’s just on them to put something out there that doesn’t reek, and they should be okay. A couple of industry op-ed writers have observed that the movie franchise, keeping their budgets at 130MM or so, should do okay, as the secondary Marvel movies have. The question remains, if Paramount keeps chattering about Trek being a tentpole, when are they going to treat it like one?

    • Oh, I hope it helps. My gosh cinematic Star Trek needs some help from somewhere. Ain’t gettin’ any from Paramount.

  736. I went to see two films at the Toronto International Film Festival. The first was “American Pastoral”, starring and directed by Ewan McGregor. It was gawdawful, a really bad film. The second was ‘Manchester By The Sea” starring Casey Affleck. It was a really good film, with great acting in it. Affleck will probably get an Oscar nomination for his acting. Boy, there’s a sentence I thought I’d never say!

  737. William Schallert, they did an in memoriam:

    at the Emmys and I knew his face from COMMANDO CODY, as Dobie Gillis’ instructor, and numerous sf roles. I first put a name to the face when he played the Patty Duke acted character’s father and uncle.

    It felt sort of odd and warmly special that the two pictures they used of him seem to be from THE PATTY DUKE SHOW and STAR TREK. Odd, because I seem to recall him
    more readily for being the Admiral in GET SMART and his WILD WILD WEST stints.

    Anyway just shared watching THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES with my great nephew and remembered the warm feeling his screen presence always brought to my heart.

    I’ll miss not having any further opportunities to discover him appearing in something.


  738. Dis,
    It’s funny, “Tribbles” is the first time I remember seeing Schallert in a role other than a nice fella.


  739. I am losing my faith in the intelligence of humanity. I was over on the ‘deleted scene’ article and these dudes were literally throwing down because one mentioned how Keenser sneezed on Kirk in the clip and the other threw a beech because he ‘spoiled’ for him.

    What. The. Actual. F…?

  740. While the Baris character was being a bureaucratic jerk, I never had the sense from Schallert’s performance that that was all that he was. I mean I had the sense that his concerns, while overly exaggerated to his and there’s detriment, were genuinely for the planet’s colonists and not his personal aggrandizement.

    But in defense of your point of view, I did notice in my recent reviewing that Baris doesn’t immediately swallow his pride and apologize to Kirk when his personal aide is revealed to be a Klingon and I suppose that puts him in the category of candidate for world class jerk?

    But the Kirk character’s reactions, while natural, to Baris never exactly gave him a clean slate either in the matter for my money. If it weren’t for the tribbles, I have difficulty seeing how either man would have ended up being the colonists’ hero in the matter?

  741. Depth and layered performances are not common on television, then or now. Your main characters tend to get some range, but the guest stars are given one note to hit and that typically winds up looking ‘familiar,’ aka cliché. It is to the enormous credit of all concerned with Star Trek that we even remember the supporting cast. Try to recall the bit players from other shows of the 60’s. Good luck.

  742. Paramount does it again:

    A major write-down for Viacom based on another crummy film from a Paramount division.

    Let’s all go take it over!

    • “…Let’s all go take it over!”

      Alright…YOU lead the way…


    • AJ,

      Maybe we should just count our lucky stars that BEYOND’S Kirk wasn’t straddled with a Monster Trunk on Altamid in a coordinated preparatory publicity campaign?

      In a related note, what would constitute a Monster Starship? Vengeance? Romulan Bird of Prey with the artwork? Narada?

      Come on out to the Alpha Quadrant’s biggest knock-down, drag-out monster starship smash-up!
      SEE: A tranya-soaked Balok and the Fesarius take on The Borg Cube.
      SEE: Cap’n Kirk’s nacelles of fury face down Khan’s dreadnought donut ship.
      SEE: The Space Amoeba’s Prius.

      It’s 11,000 miles long!
      So, beam on over.
      Free tribbles for the kiddies!

    • Starfleet. It’s a mess. A disaster. Really. I’d tear up that treaty with the Organians. Take their dilithium. I have the biggest f**king starship in the galaxy, they won’t dare taunt me…..

  743. i would make the enterprise have big super turbo warp rockets and a propeller on each side and warp drive and phasers and photon torpedoes and proton torpedoes and it would 100 trillion miles long and hold 7 billion people, and it would be the biggest most powerfulest ship in the universe and the captain would be kirk and darth vader and galactus (from the comics, not the movies) and it would beat everyone in the universe and the parallel universe and the death star and the emperor.

    • “i would make the enterprise have big super turbo warp rockets and a propeller on each side and warp drive and phasers and photon torpedoes and proton torpedoes and it would 100 trillion miles long and hold 7 billion people,etc,etc…”

      Awww, AJ…
      That was so nice, sweetie. You are so creative…Brilliant really.


    • “…That was so nice, sweetie. You are so creative…Brilliant really.”

      By the way AJ, let your…”inner child” speak out more often. Who knows? Some Paramount executives may be watching…

  744. So, Disney may buy Twitter, which means audiences could soon be treated to the $345M, 14 second epic film “You’ve Got Trump,” exclusively shown in IMAX at 3:00am.

  745. TrekMadeMeWonder | September 29, 2016 at 1:58 pm | Reply

    Treks cast and crew sign petition against Trump.
    SEE? I told you all their vision of the future was clearly OFF.

  746. Ahh! Got it!
    God bless Trek Against Trump … keep on Trekkin’
    Has anyone else noticed that the caricatures of Trump look better than the actual person of Trump?

  747. Michael Appleton | September 30, 2016 at 1:07 am | Reply

    Focus people! The US election is the biggest clusterf*ck ever!

    You have to pick between an arrogant clown with a hair-trigger, or pure evil incarnate.

    Either way, you lose.

    • Trump vs. Trump, Harry?
      I’d be hard pressed to identify anyone who has qualified as a spectacular candidate since Clinton 1.0, but Hillary hardly rises to the level of pure evil. At the low end of expectations, she may rise to the level of Jimmy Carter, but considering that what Trump is selling is a bit of good old fashioned authoritarianism….I can live with her in the WH for eight years.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 6:41 am | Reply

      Ugh We have an Imposter here!!!. Security Alert!!!!! We have an Imposter aboard.
      Security Here. It’s actually a female It’s called a Durance.
      Red Alert!!!!!

  748. Damn, that should say HARRY BALLZ!

  749. TrekMadeMeWonder | September 30, 2016 at 11:48 am | Reply


    I am a supporter of some god dam_ed piece of paper called the Constitution.

    Perhaps you have heard of it? According to Trek There is going to be a line of Starships named after the great experiment that “saved the Earth,” and one they plan to use to use t again to “save the Galaxy.” Right?

    Hillary is a globalist. Not a believer of the Constitutional.
    It appears to me, that to Hillary, it is just a fool’s way to grant all of her [nefarious] global desires.

    I am saddened that it appears that the “new” crew is ALL supporting her. It just does not make sense to me AS AN AMERICAN. What could be their inspiration for helping her? Doen’t ANYONE read the news past the basic headlines, anymore?

  750. TrekMadeMeWonder | September 30, 2016 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    Here is the article I was posting about.

    Phil you should try and get both sides to a story. Or at least ONE.

  751. TrekMadeMeWonder | September 30, 2016 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    That was a funny typo tho, Phil.

    Sorry for being so passionate around this voting season. But it looks like I am not the only one.

  752. From the article…

    “Donald Trump, on the other hand, announced his presidential bid by referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, and has been stoking the fires of racism, sexism, and fear on an almost daily basis.”

    He never said that.

    He said SOME are criminals. SOME. and Some are.

    This is why we to have boarders. It helps us protect what is ours.
    I think some in Hollyweird have trouble with LAW.

    That’s probably why this crew never really cared about Star Trek Canon, or this country, even.

    JJ & those listed in that article ARE LAZY and will never care to pay attention.

    Its just too hard for them to even try to remember what it stands for.

    • Here’s the transcript….

      Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

      Tell you what, lets drop this. Trump is getting obliterated in the polls, and rightly so. The Trek cast has the right to do what they want, so it’s time to move on…

  753. Trump is mentally ill. He is also a racist, sexist, narcissistic pathological liar. And, to top it off, he is also a liberal NYC Democrat. Anything he has said to bring conservatives to his camp has been a lie. Judges, taxes, border, immigration, terrorism, security, Christianity, etc. If you believe in that stuff, fine. Good for you. If you do, and believe him, you are a bad judge of character, and drinking Kool-Aid. We New Yorkers have lived with him for 40 some years, and we know all of this. Living in Russia as I do now, I see that he has their daily official support 100%. The US electorate who needs to get a clue right now.

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 6:38 am | Reply

      Hey AJ. You seem to be holding back. Please tell us what you really think. Lol.

    • M’yeah, you’ve pretty much nailed Trump, AJ. And, if you really study what disgusting evil acts Hillary has committed over the years, it makes for a really sad choice for America!

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 9:10 pm | Reply

      Where is Mr. Brewster when you need him.
      Vote for. None of the Above.

  754. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 6:42 am | Reply

    Ok. On this one. I will quote from the Great Richard Pryor in Brewsters Milion’s.

  755. Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 6:49 am | Reply

    Sorry I have not been on much. I’m with my wife celebrating my 4 year Anniversary here in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Wonderful Resort and wonderful People here. If you ever want to go to a 5 star resorts . I highly recomend this beautiful place.

  756. Hey, Mike. Well, Star Trek has finally gone political with that massive petition, and I thought I’d toot my horn. I’ve been following you and your wife on FB. Looks like you two had a blast down in Mexico. Happy Anniversary, and many more!

    • Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire | October 1, 2016 at 9:08 pm | Reply

      Thanks AJ. It’s been a lot of fun Hard to believe it’s been 4 years now that I have been married. .

      As far as politics. I try not to get too far into that. I don’t like either Clinton or Trump. But. Alas. one of them will win. Lol.

  757. TrekMadeMeWonder | October 2, 2016 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I’l still take Trump over Hillary ANY DAY.

    And as for the Polls?
    Why don’t you take a look at how many are attending Trump’s rallys vs. Hillary’s.


    Americanism, not Globalism.

    Wake up Trekkies.

  758. Wow.

    TrekMadeMeWonder has made me wonder all right.

    Yeah, TMMW, I believe in the Constitution. I also believe Trump is mentally ill. So, my vote’s going to be for the admittedly not Bernie Sanders candidate, who’s had decades of public service, vice Trump’s decades of self-service, self-aggrandizement, and bankruptcies.

    [trying to avoid mention of sm-ll h-nds i/c/w self-service]

  759. I’m not a big fan of Hillary. She’s hawkish and interventionist and in most respects, a moderate Republican. But she’s a Republican I can vote for.

    And she has accomplished far more than That Other Candidate, and, unlike him, can live with criticism. She’s been living with criticism for about 25 years now.

    Interesting documentary

    Judge for yourselves.

  760. TrekMadeMeWonder | October 3, 2016 at 7:27 am | Reply

    Thank goodness your lack of judgment about Hillary is NOT going to make a difference.

    Trekkies (as it now appears) can be SUCH liberal jerks, who only seemed concerned with their genital rights.

    LOOK! Here is some good news from the Fascist front….

    Dallas Morning News Headed For Bankruptcy for Attacking Trump

    Due to the one of the most asinine endorsements of the century, revenue has hit rock bottom for the Dallas Morning News as thousands of the Dallas newspaper subscribers are cancelling their subscriptions.

    The moronic endorsement broke a 75-year streak in the paper’s history of endorsing Republicans, and generated a lot of reader pushback in the form of angry comments and vows to unsubscribe from the paper. Although Dallas is relatively liberal, the state hasn’t gone Democrat in a presidential election in 40 years.

    On September 6th the Morning News foolishly announced that they were refusing to endorse Donald J. Trump for President in 2016. The board of the Dallas based newsp