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Happy New Year from New Yawk State, everyone! New series, please don’t suck!

“…New series, please don’t suck!”


Happy New Year!

STDISC has a good cast, so far. Now if they include gooseneck viewers and jellybean buttons, and go light on the technobabble, we could be in luck!

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Happy New Years to all of my Friends and non Friends. lol

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

May your New Years Be Durance Free!!!!

Emperor Mike, that should be the universal greeting for the entire world! :>)

Belated New Year’s Greetings to all.

As the early astronauts said, “Maintain an even strain!”

I went to see “La La Land” tonight. Superb! Loved it!

The Bob Orci types in Hollywood don’t have the talent, skill, intelligence or imagination to make a movie like this!

I will take your advice on LA LA Land, Harry.
Although I know nothing of the story.

I will now probably see it before Rogue 1.


TMMW, one caution, it’s one of those films that people either love or think is over-rated.
Gosling spent 6 months of intensive training to learn how to play the piano (yes, it’s really him playing), and Stone and Gosling rehearsed for 3 solid months for the dancing. It shows.

Saw Rogue One news years eve. Would have been better off with Passengers. Anyone seen Hidden Figures?

I am back in Moscow, where we are at -9F (-23C) this morning. It has been snowing since late October. The Russians welcome winters like this. Not only do they build character, they also have been known to stop ground wars on their territory by killing enemy troops on the battlefield by freezing them to death. It’s just like Canada, but without donuts.

“but without donuts”???

Oh, a wise guy! Why I oughtta!!! WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO!!

“…they also have been known to stop ground wars on their territory by killing enemy troops on the battlefield by freezing them to death…”

Yeah.Yeah…I heard something like that a long time ago…

Actually, I lied. Moscow has donuts: Both Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme are here. No Tim Hortons, though. I’d expect they’re due to show up soon.

“…been known to stop ground wars on their territory by killing enemy troops on the battlefield by freezing them to death.”

Hmmm. The weatherman’s calling for war, but that sky makes me think peace!

When I think of any reaction from Russia, I keep humming “Putin On the Blitz” in my head!

I’m just wondering how to order tacos and beer in Russian…hopefully that’s enough when the new management takes over…

If you stay at the Moscow Ritz, pack plenty of Febreze.

7 Golden Globe wins for “La La Land”. I think it will take Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Got to the theatre an hour early last Sunday. Still not early enough to get tickets to “Hidden Figures” which was sold out! Hurrah, not an action movie! I look forward to seeing it soon.

Have heard SUCH lukewarm reviews about “Passengers” … has anyone seen it? Is it any good?

Saw “Jackie” instead. A dramatic, intense film. Great performance by Natalie Portman [who somehow resembles her, even though their faces are completely different — I think she simply inhabits the character very well].

‘Passengers’ looks good and has a good cast, but its plot is one contrived mess after another. You will NOT believe what happens. It’s a rental at best.

It was a good set-up, but a very poor execution. It could have been a great horror/psych film but copped out in the end. Happy new year all!

WHAT??? A sci-fi movie with a … a contrived plot?

Sounds perfect, if you like Sci-Fi B movies … a friend of mine loves the old 1950s ones, anyway.

So yeh, I’ll probs wait for Netflix or Amazon to show it. Thanks CmdrR :-)

Chris Pine earns his pay in “Hell or High Water.” There’s enough shootin’ and action without overpowering the story. The characters are strong. Jeff Bridges is… well, always good. Nice to see the captain get a good role.

The Finest Hours wasn’t a bad outing, either. Pine should have some exposure in the upcoming Wonder Woman pic….coincidently, another period piece. Really not sure I’d want to see WWI as a CGI spectacular, though…

Finest Hours had a good cast, wasted. The writing and directing were criminal… (Pine did what he was told, but the painfully shy act really wore thin; he’s a better actor than that) especially since this was a real event! Read a good book on it; worth your time.

Skip “The Magnificent Seven.” Or rewatch the good version(s). Chris Pratt has less chemistry than a cactus. Even Denzel is cold and aloof, exchanging more banter with the guys he’s about to shoot than with his seven samurai. When the real theme comes up at the end, it makes you deeply wish you’d watch Yul and Steve one more time.

STAR TREK collides with the real world again, and the photo from TNG is an apt one for the article’s subject, namely the specific episode’s sub-plot (“The Neutral Zone”):

Sir Patrick gets the role of his career:

A talented thespian can always sniff out a good role.

Everyone ready to tune in to the new Twilight Zone show that starts today? Oh, and you won’t even need a TV to watch it!

Be careful or the weird kid will wish you into the cornfield.

I’ve read about the Axanar lawsuit being settled today. At least five other sites are reporting it. Trekmovie? Anyone here checking on that story?

The dark times begin.

Alternate fact – It will be glorious!

Apologies to Kor

There was one sign from a Women’s March in Kolkata, India that was most-likely Trek-influenced: “Resistance is Fertile!”

Way to go, everyone who’s out there today!

Well, the first 100 Lies of Trump will apparently NOT take 100 days. Re: the size of his inaugural crowd (actual pictures versus his bs estimate), Trump is apparently channeling Marx. Groucho Marx: “Who are you going to believe, me or your eyes?”

How can you tell when Trump is lying? Easy, his lips are moving!

Star Trek Beyond just keeps nailing it!

Oscars 2017: Best Make-Up and Hairstyling:

A Man Called Ove

Star Trek Beyond

Suicide Squad

We got this one, guys!

Thank you for the info, AJ!

Ha! In your face, movie that bombed and other movie I’ve never heard of!! MAKE-UP Oscar!!!! Yea!!!!

Discovery officially started shooting today.

14 Oscar nominations for “La La Land”? I smell a winner!:>)

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

It’s in the news that Ben Affleck’s “Live By Night” has flopped, making it a $75 million loss for the studio. Why does this jack-off get to keep making films when most of them lose money?


What, is everybody on vacation? :>)

I’m in my hidey hole until we get a sane president.

I’ll pop out to say… Saw “Fantastic Beasts…” Not bad. Not holding-my-breath-for-a-ten-part-franchise great either. Someone needs to tell Eddie and his leading lady to stop pouting. Makes it hard to hear what they’re saying.

Binged and loved ‘The Good Place.’ Sophomoric, in a good way.

OK, back to my hole.

RIP to The War Doctor, Caligula, Winston Smith, John Merrick, Kane, and many more.

It’s not April that’s the cruelest monnth for me, but Jan/Feb. Third senior [16-y/o] cat is about to go into That Undiscovered Country. Three cats over three years.

Add -resident -rump and we have a big, fat, depressing time.

At least I haven’t been turned back at Customs even with a green card. Jaysis.

Going to watch some “Ripper Street” on Netflix. Thank god the series belies its name somewhat and has a great cast/group of writers. See it, if you haven’t. Now withdrawing into my shell ….

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Hey everyone. Sorry I have been away. I just lost my Sister to Cancer. I will try and get back on here and back to my usual self. Mike

Very sorry for your loss, Mike.

Sorry, Mike. Rest in Peace.

Very sorry for your loss Mike, for the loss to everyone who knew your sister.
Peg x

Mike, my sister died years ago. I am sorry for your loss.

No worries, sir. Peace to you and the family.

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Thanks everyone from my Family.

Watched ‘Train to Busan’ (Korean) with my now scarred-for-life eight year old. The zombies on a train story’s gore is cartoonish (Thanks God) but the film is very inventive and engrossing. Worlds better than TWD. EnsR squealed with fun/fright throughout.

Um, not been about for a while,elderly relatives causing much to take a back seat. Please bear in mind here I am not religious, but respect those who are.

This week I spent a while in quiet contemplation inside the spare interior of Dunblane Cathedral. The moving tribute to the fallen children, and their teacher, at the hands of one individual, is simple and appropriate. One thing struck me, at the rear of the misericord stalls, there is an inscription on the wooden panels, carved at the first quarter of the 20th century.’Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God’

I’m sure the peacemakers are no longer heard in the western world, and I’m truly frightened.

Hi, guys. Sorry I’ve been so quiet for so long. I mainly come on this site to read the articles but don’t comment as much anymore. Just wanted to say hello!

Emperor Mike, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s death. I hope your sorrow will be eased by good memories of your time with her in happier days.

Spockchick, ’Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God’ I’m sure the peacemakers are no longer heard in the western world, and I’m truly frightened.

I have been frightened since early November, but it was driving me slowly mad. Then mass demonstrations for peace and sanity and women’s rights happened in the US and other countries on 21 January. Now I am hopeful that the networks of peaceniks and liberationists across the world will speak louder than the eejits in charge. I am hopeful that we will win. We must fight such tyranny, and keep the internet neutral so that all may speak.

Courage, friend!

Well said Marja, I really hope sanity will prevail. Our parliamentarians voted by 75% last night to leave Europe. Bunch of sheep. My family came from a poor, rural area. The EU made sure those areas got a decent portion of funding, not just for roads etc. but also to help preserve their culture. The Right Wingnuts in Westminster will make sure their own beds are feathered and capitalists get the big breaks, Ironically, poor areas voted to give themselves the shaft. *Hugs*.

Rewatched DS9’s “Past Tense.” I had remembered it as being talky and kinda dull. This time, I was genuinely struck by the characters — a mix of hapless innocents and mentally unstable — wandering around the Sanctuary District, asking, “How did this happen?” I hope for sanity to prevail, but I know there is definitely a current that runs to chaos in the human mind. I remain cautiously optimistic, but puckered.

CmdrR, One thing that concerned me as I watched “Man in the High Castle” was the Nazi concept of “useless eaters.” Man, if that makes it into today’s US zeigeist, based on medical issues and going into MediCare in five years, I’m in trouble!

Spockchick, I am continually amazed by the working class and poor who vote against their own interests! I see it happening in Europe as well as the US, and I am completely baffled. I think the Right’s appeal to fear is the big seller. That’s the only rationale I can think of. Apparently we both live in countries occupied by complete idiots.
I need to keep my thinking more positive, for sure.

The working class and poor are led to think that their problems are caused by forces outside their own country rather than those they elect and put into power. The US is besieged more by white American terrorists with guns than by Muslim terrorists. That is a statistical fact. Yet, the solution is to ban vetted Green Card and visa holders from 7 countries with no history of having birthed any actual terrorists. This fits a narrative that the new administration must address: it fanned the flames of this fake issue and must now be seen to be addressing it by the voters. Nothing changes for them in the end, except they feel safer from a non-existent drummed-up threat in a version of the USA which exists only in Trump’s inauguration speech. Sad!

AJ, I think the parallels with Germany circa 1930-33 are chilling. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but the propaganda machinery is already being put into place and beginning to be accepted into the “news” cycle.

And I totally agree with you about American-born white terrorists.

Agreed – if Emperor Trump is so damned hot on the idea of building a wall to keep Mexicans…I mean terrorists out, how come there isn’t one around Idaho, too?

I know what you mean. I mean there aren’t any Canadian criminal border scofflaws in those deportations? Am I supposed to believe there’s absolutely no crime in Canada spilling over our borders?

Well, back to fantasyland for the moment. Not having heard much about Trek 4, I figured a Google search was in order. Turns out Chris Hemsworth was asked about it at the Golden Globes, and, as expected, the response that he’s seen the pitch, and it’s fan damn tastic.
Or at least fantastic. Whatever that may mean in JJ’s world.

It means everyone involved gets a cheque with lots of zeroes in it.

That’s ALL they care about. They don’t give a shit about it being a good movie.

I’d like a check with a lot of zeroes in it, too.

Well, yeah…then again, if they made a Trek movie on a Blair Witch budget, we’d be demanding their heads on a pike, too. You’d get no argument out of me that the quality of the movies would (okay, might) improve if they capped the budget at 125MM…

Well, Frak!

RIP Richard Hatch.


He was great in BSG v2, still one of my 21st C favourites. Also I am young enough to have enjoyed the original Apollo. Did not know until tonight that the original had strong Mormon themes, I am not religious but enjoy the fact that BSG predicted that religion would not go away in the future (was it in the future? – discuss.). As a teenager I thought religion would be done in 20 years. Now we see it seems to be getting stronger and a reason for much conflict.

One final jump.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hatch.

I think with the way the world is shaping up these days, Star Trek Discovery will just write itself for a few seasons. That, if it is truly in the spirit of Roddenberry’s old allegory stories like “Journey to Armageddon” or “A Private Little War.” With Sarek in it as a recurring character, and Klingons, and given the time period within canon, there will certainly be an international diplomacy feel to the show. Hoping for the best.

In that time period, STD could do Kodos’ Executive Order… or Garth’s plan to make Izor great again.

Anton and John Smith from ‘Man in the High Castle.’

It’s Rufus Sewell, who also did a lovely turn in PBS’s “Victoria.” He doesn’t just play American bad guys.

I just saw “John Adams” and Sewell plays the unintentionally funny Alexander Hamilton. [He’s unintentionally funny as seen thru the eyes of Adams, that is — a pest! “Good day to you sir!”]

Another trailer for Ghost in the Shell. Maybe I missed the perfectly logical explanation for this buried in TNG somewhere, but boobs on a female android seem about as useful as Commander Data’s dick. Not sure why this bugs me, other then that sci-fi always seems to get AI wrong….

Phil, I guess the logic might be that, in your attempt to make AI beings more “life-like”, you give them all the proper window dressing to look the part.


Re: Data’s dick

I guess it is more something endemic to us males that we can’t imagine anything about us being replaced by a vibrator or a dildo, let alone one with an AI?

As for the boobs, since most of them on the fashion covers, these days, are enhanced with silicon and plastic. I’m not sure what the distinction is that you are drawing here that bugs you? You want them to dispense milk?

Um, the way I saw her she didn’t have any female attributes whatsoever, just the shape of a female like a shop-window mannequin. I think that ‘Ex Machina’ was a big influence, or vice versa. Wide Open by the Chemical Brothers also has a really creepy, thought provoking video of a woman turning into a cyborg-person and it is quite upsetting.


Hmmm…you mean something more like when the manufacturers give their sports cars attributes suggestive of human females because they think the market’s exclusively male purchasers?

I wonder if there’s been any market research to find out who’s in the market for androids?

Also, aren’t androids, by definition, required to have human physical attributes regardless?

Definitely off-topic here. Romper reported recently that “The Good Wife” will be aired as a spin-off on CBS All Access. Big Deal. The shocking “news” which follows the
article states that J.J. Abrams will helm “Star Trek Discovery.” Am I missing something here?

Would not be surprised to see Abrams (or Orci) direct an episode. These guys did cut their teeth in television.

“The Good Fight” is a spinoff of “The Good Wife,” and since it’s written by the Kings, the team that wrote the “Good Wife,” I would watch it. If I had CBS AA, that is. I can wait till it shows up elsewhere. But my bet is that it’ll be a good legal drama.

I kind of hope Pegg and Jung will take some part in the writing process. I liked “Beyond.”

Now let’s see, if JJ can spare a few months in the next year, could we have a movie soon?

Brand new to this site…(nice site by BTW). Had nothing to do last night, so popped in ST:Beyond DVD and got to thinking at the end, isn’t it time to get some news morsels about ST4. So, I’m dredging the net for ST4 news this morning and see that ‘Thor’ is set in the cast via IMDB. My first thought is please lord no, not another plot that involves time travel. I am hoping the writers (McKay & Payne) have seen previous Trek and have told themselves; you know the time travel thing is really worn out, we’ll need to be more creative. That got me to thinking, if you reintroduce a dead character, what are the other options for that character’s resurrection outside of time travel. Here are some ideas that immediately came to mind: Clone (ala Nemesis) or twin brother (Uncle), He didn’t die (somehow), flashback scenes only, ghost, or my favorite – alternative universe (mirror). In conclusion, if the writers do go down the time travel path again, I think this long time Trek fan may lose confidence in the Kelvin Universe.

Hey, Rick, welcome aboard!

Oh, Trek has been raising the dead for a while now. The TNG episode ‘Tapestry’ did a good job with a ‘what might have been’ story, so there’s some hope there…

Yeah, I’d not seen a lot of info on the next outing, either. A pic of Pegg and Jung doing some writing sparked a little speculation – if it’s going to hit the big screen next summer you’d think there’d be some news, even with the Cone of Silence in place. Hemsworth made a few comments at the SAG’s about the project, and that’s been about it.

Gosh, I’d think any of those scenarios would be fair game, unless maybe Kirk’s dad was just beamed off the Kelvin after his leap toward the viewscreen, and captured by the Klingons at the last minute. The Mirror-Universe would offer many ways for the writers to coast on an old and over-used idea. And Trek practically owns time-travel maguffins, so all we can do is hope it doesn’t blow chow in the end.

Spockchick, I’d check out that video by the Chemical Brothers, but as a woman I’m already freaked out with Resident Rump and the religious zealot Vice Prez Pence in office. O_O

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Hello everyone. Was playing around on youtube and came across a old movie with The Shat. Sole Survivor. About a B51 crew who were lost and a General who lived. Investigation 17 years later and the Crew who were Ghost watching on.

Slow day yesterday. Basically a feature length made for TV movie of the Twilight Zone episode ‘King Nine Will Not Return’….

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

It did seem like a Twilight Zone Movie lol

CmdrR,the difference between “golden showers” and “golden swimming”?


Patrick Stewart Is Becoming A U.S. Citizen So He Can Fight Donald Trump – The Huffington Post

Go Sir Pat!

By the time he’s vetted, extremely, Trump will have been impeached, or resigned.

“Logan” is a wonderful movie, with great performances by a superb main cast. It is ultra-violent, and is sort of a ‘super-hero film as Western + road movie.’ Here in Russia, we did not get the fun preview-thingy that was supposedly tacked onto the beginning of the film in other markets, so that sucked a bit, but the movie itself rocked.

The preview was for Deadpool. Very potty-mouthed, as is the trailer for Chips… which, annoyingly, comes with a trailer to introduce the trailer. Anyway, Logan is what genre films should be. There’s a lot of action and cg, but it does not overpower the story. Most scenes are about the characters.