Comments and Moderation

The WordPress comment system will flag any new comment author as needing approval.

A new comment author is any new combination of name and e-mail address entered into the comment box. Once this combination is approved, any new comments submitted should be allowed automatically.

The WordPress comment system also filters all comments.

It will filter for certain keywords, as well as specific number and letter sequences, which will automatically send a comment into moderation. For example: having a number of web links in your comment will automatically trigger it being sent it into moderation. Beyond the standard filtering system, there is also an automatic spam filtering engine, that keeps most of the real spam at bay, however on occasion a legitimate comment does get flagged as spam and sent into the spam bucket.

If your comment disappears within seconds of posting it.

Understand that it has not been deleted, it means the comment system has flagged it for moderation.

From your perspective you appeared to successfully post a comment, however it is being held. Once it is approved the comment will go back to the position it was in. For example: if your comment was going to be comment #209, when it is submitted the timestamp is recorded, so when a moderator approves your comment it will go back to being comment #209, bumping other comments made in the meantime to new numbers.

If you think your comment might have been deleted, wait – give the staff here some time to come through and approve comments, then look to see if it has been approved. If it was approved, it will be back where it was originally in the chain of comments, not at the bottom.

** Do not assume that because you do not see your comment in the most recent few comments that it has been deleted, look back to where it would have been originally.**

Comment Etiquette – use it!

TrekMovie has a strong community, which lives in our lively comments section. We LOVE all of the participation that we get from our readers — it far exceeds anything we’ve seen on any other news site — and we encourage it. However, there are some people who make the experience less than pleasant for others.

Here at TrekMovie, we live by the mantra of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

To encourage a more welcoming and safe environment for our readers, commenters, and writers, here are some guidelines for comment etiquette.

Do not do these things:

  • Attack, put down, harass, insult, or otherwise pick on other commenters, writers, or people in general
  • Try to “gatekeep” other commenters. This includes but is not limited to, things like:
    • Setting your own definition of who a “real” fan is.
    • Making overly broad statements about what “everyone” wants.
    • Making claims about what “real” Star Trek is or is not.
    • Trying to police others’ comments.
  • Use derogatory or overly explicit language
  • Post NSFW content
  • Provide personal information (e.g. address, phone number) of yourself or someone else
  • Be a dick (Wheaton’s Law).
  • Reply rapid fire to comments to try to win a “comment war” with another community member.

Do do these things:

  • Post comments about the article itself
  • Express your personal opinions of Star Trek
  • Say nice things

Why was my comment deleted?

If you do not follow the guidelines here, your comment may be deleted by a moderator. If a commenter continually chooses to ignore these guidelines, the moderators may permanently ban that person if it means making the TrekMovie comments a safer place. It can sometimes be tricky for moderators to decide whether or not a comment should be allowed or deleted. We want to encourage as much discussion as possible, and that includes negative opinions or harsh criticisms. But, if we decide that a comment adds nothing constructive to the discussion, it will be deleted.