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New Voyages Revamping Koenig Episode November 25, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

A year ago the independent fan production Star Trek New Voyages released their second episode “To Serve All My Days” featuring Walter Koenig reprising his role of Pavel Chekov. The episode was well received by the fan film community, but was also critiqued for not fully meeting the STNV goal of truly seeming like it was from the ‘4th season’ of Star Trek The Original Series. The STNV are now hard at work creating a new version of the episode to be released this Christmas which they call the ‘Night in 1969′ Edition. “We are making it feel like it came right from NBC in 1969,” executive producer James Cawley tells

Playing like it was 1969
In essence the STNV are retrofitting their 2nd episode with the more TOS-like look and feel of their third episode “World Enough and Time” (which has been nominated for a TV Guide Online Video Award and got a quite favorable review here on Primarily the team are going out of their way to remove all that was anachronistic to a 1969 TV show. Assisting Cawley in this effort are veteran Trek visual effects professionals Doug Drexler and Daren R. Dochterman. All the original visual effects (such as the appearance of the movie-era Klingon Bird of Prey) are being replaced with new more TOS-like digital effects. In addition the original music created for the episode is being replaced with genuine Original Series music. Although all the music will be from TOS, some was never released on soundtrack before. They are even going to add some period commercials to complete the 60s feel.

Re-edit and new ending
In addition to the music and effects, Cawley’s team is also re-editing the show. This includes some new scenes cut out as well as shortening other scenes. They have also added some new lines of dialog to make the episode make more sense in the Star Trek canon (based on issues brought up by some fans). “Overall the re-edit makes it work better and makes the performances much tighter,” says Cawley. Most interestingly they are going to make a change to the controversial ending of the episode. Cawley wouldn’t say what he changed except to say that it was going to be “a surprise.”

The ‘Night in 1969′ edition of “To Serve All My Days” will be released December 25, 2007 using the more robust Dragonfly/Verisign streaming system that was used for the ‘releaunch’ of “World Enough and Time.” The next episode “Blood and Fire” is in post-production and it looks like that it will come out in early 2008, but Cawley would not commit to a date. Production on the follow-up episode “Rest and Retaliation” is scheduled to start in March of 2008. Cawley still hopes to release it and possibly another episode during 2008. More on STNV at their official site.

New effects shot for the 1969 Edition of “To Serve All My Days”


1. Son of Sarek - November 25, 2007

Love their work! Fantastic. Only hope new movie is as good!

2. scifib5st - November 25, 2007

This will be a great Christmas present to the fans.

3. last o' the timelords - November 25, 2007

Was that only the second episode of STNV? Thought there were more.

Don’t worry about release dates. It’s always a pleasure whenever a new one is released. Amazing work.

4. Jeffrey S. Nelson - November 25, 2007

So Chekov doesn’t die is my guess…fixing that black hole in continuity with the feature films.
I thought this “One Night in 1969″ was gonna be put out on dvd??

5. Chris Gray - November 25, 2007

I think 2007 style effects are fine as long as they avoid the “barrel roll” Enterprise shots, and the ridiculous “whipping tail” of the Doomsday machine. Keep things slow; otherwise it just looks like a video game.

6. Phil123 - November 25, 2007

Anyone know why Jeof Quin has left new voyages? i won’t judge the new spock they have too harshly as i havn’t yet seen him in action, but from what little you see in the trailor for the next episode, he doesn’t seem as good as Quin.

7. Oregon Trek Geek - November 25, 2007

I love NV. But I must say I was baffled by this episode. Loved it, but was baffled. I look forward to a more “continuity”-based ending…

As for the Enterprise and its movements–I always figured that the E was capable of some pretty impressive evasive manuevers, due to it’s structural ingegrity field and inertial dampeners. How to make them look “right” on screen? That I don’t know. I’m just a fan :D

8. j - November 25, 2007

That hanger deck still looks pretty 21st century CGI to me. But I’ll reserve judgment until I see the final product.

9. CyberZiggy - November 25, 2007

Sorry… but until Cawley steps back, and lets someone other than himself play the part of Kirk… the “new voyages” will reek of fan-boy-ism. He’s a scrawney Elvis impersonator at best (he is NOT impressive!), and will never command the screen with the kind of presense that Kirk deserves.

If he truly wanted to honor the origainl series (which he doesn’t), he’d be diligently looking for someone to replace him in the role. But that’s not what he wants. He just want’s to play Kirk, because it’s his long time fantasy… despite his inabilty to pull it off. So sad… so very very sad.

I shed a tear for what could have been…

10. Robo-Dude - November 25, 2007

Ok…..I missed the prior episode with Chekov in it or why he would even be in another. Could someone please explain? It must be a good reason to support Chekov as he is now. The outright
contrast between him appearing so old and the Captain being young is laughable and stupid too.
Are they so hard up (in this episode) that they must use Chekov on the bridge where obviously
he’s portrayed in this episode as being so old that he should be in a wheelchair playing cards etc?
Thanks for the explanation.

11. Dr. Image - November 25, 2007

I give Cawley LOTS of slack and credit.
We ALL have long-time fantasies. His is certainly no worse than anyone elses- and it’s a very productive one to boot.
Without him there would BE no NV.
The one thing I just couldn’t give him slack on was the ending of TSAMD.
Despite the crowd that says, “ooh, it’s just a stand-alone episode,” I could never accept it as working within the Trek universe at all in ANY way.
It wreaked of writer’s block. And the FX? A last-minute job that was BAD.
Glad Daren is on the case.
The music was ok though. That I don’t get.

12. Scott - November 25, 2007

The shows have always been a good effort.
All of the stories are top self.
And the sets are just awesome.
They always seem to nail the lighting & mood as well.
The Elvis Kirk grows on you.
The Spock, the Uhura & the Sulu are also good.
However both the McCoy & the Scotty
are so bad it throws the whole thing off in what
ever scene they are in.
Still I will always check this show out.
Long Live TOS!
Keep cranking them out.
By the way I really love the first one with Matt Decker
& the Movie Enterprise!

13. Mark Anton - November 25, 2007

I think it’s the ending that really needs to be fixed. Improved effects are always welcome, but anyone who watched that episode the way it stood would naturally assume that Chekov had died. It is such an obvious thing to fix that I’m surprised that would have ever been released in that condition in the first place. I would also like to say that I really enjoy New Voyages. It is always a treat when a new episode comes out– and I am certainly looking forward to the Chekov refit, as well as the other new episodes being released. The one thing that I’m concerned about regarding Blood and Fire is the homosexual theme. My seven-year-old son and I always watch the episodes together, and I know that he will automatically want to see it. But for the first time ever, I’m not sure if a TOS episode of Star Trek will be suitable for him. I certainly don’t want him seeing two men in bed together, or anything like that.

14. Kirk's Girdle - November 25, 2007

I’m confused. Isn’t Doug Drexler “Max Rem”, whose superior shuttlecraft chase sequence visual effects seen in the trailer were dumped in favor the supposedly “more TOS-like” effects seen in the final product?

Funny, one year and these guys are already coming out with NV-R

15. Adrian Anansi - November 25, 2007

Am I the only person who thinks all of these New Voyages have been terrible? Geez….

16. Granger - November 25, 2007

I really liked their Sulu episode, but this Chekov episode was a disappointment with laggard pacing and a weepy boring plotline that did not hold my interest. I’m glad they’ll be revisiting it.

As for the acting, it varies in quality as one would expect from any fan effort. But their latest episode shows that with some talented guest stars and time to hone the effects and plotline they are quite capable of producing a high-quality product.

17. Captainfirst - November 25, 2007

Okay, long time lurker here.

First off, let’s give everyone associated with NV a big round of applause. These men and women have given of themselves time and time again purely out of love for Star Trek. Their most recent episode, “World Enough And Time” raised the bar on what we expect from them.

“To Serve All My Days” was clearly rushed into completion, and I’m looking forward to the makeover, and I’m looking forward to “Blood And Fire”, since I first expected to see it twenty years ago- remember, it was Gene Roddenberry who nixed its filming in season one of Next Generation.

And, let’s be honest, does anyone here think Paramount would be doing a TOS-era film if not for the success New Voyages has had? There have been hundreds of thousands downloads of their shows, which proved to the suits that people still hunger for adventures of NCC-1701.

So Cawley’s acting isn’t perfect- for the sheer amount of time and money he has put into this, he damn well deserves to play whatever role he chooses.

18. NZorak - November 25, 2007

Wow dude, I guess you showed him with your internet badassery.

Seriously, these are fan films and taking a big old dump on a guy who has worked so hard and brought so much talent to the screen with no compensation for himself is not cool. Seriously not cool. It’s people like you that gives fans a bad name.

19. New Horizon - November 25, 2007

10. Robo-Dude

I have no idea what you’re rambling about. Chekov succumbed to the aging disease in this episode. That’s why he’s so old. Look before you leap.

20. raulpetersen - November 25, 2007

well thats my christmas night sorted!!!! cheers cawley!!!

21. Cox of Seagulls - November 25, 2007

I can’t believe people thought they’d kill Chekov and not bring him back in a later episode.

22. jonboc - November 25, 2007

#17- “And, let’s be honest, does anyone here think Paramount would be doing a TOS-era film if not for the success New Voyages has had? ”


23. JC - November 25, 2007

I like Cawley.He’s got good screen presence,and I enjoy watching him.A real ‘type’. I don’t see him as Kirk though. I’d like to see him again in something else.

24. Greg2600 - November 25, 2007

3. last o’ the timelords – You are correct, there was an episode back in 2004 (the first one) but NV are not considering that ep. 1 in their series. I forget the reason, but James has said he intends to keep going until a full “Season 4″ is finished and leads into ST:TMP I guess.

I never got to see the episode the first time around, but I am looking forward to the new version. It’s a fan film people, so take a chill pill, but for fan films STNV are very well done.

25. New Horizon - November 25, 2007


I think they were going to do two seasons of 12 episodes each. Pretty ambitious. :)

Cawley as Kirk. I can buy it. He’s not Shatner, but that’s not what acting is about…it’s about portraying a character as interpreted by the actor. James has definitely grown as an actor over the episodes and is obviously more and more relaxed in the role.

26. Ron - November 25, 2007

#13: I share your misgivings about Blood and Fire, but for what it’s worth I doubt we’ll be seeing anything so blatant. That never would have flown on 60’s Trek — the closest hint we ever got to a sexual encounter on TOS was a fully-dressed Kirk pulling on his boots after the fact — and to Cawley’s everlasting credit, that’s where he’s been aiming STNV’s tone and content. Though they’re clearly not shying away from controversy, I’m confident that discretion will prevail.

27. anotherq - November 25, 2007

They are working on other projects (Wild Wild West, I think) with
Cawley in one of those roles. I think he makes a pretty good
KIrk and the majority of the original cast have certainly endorsed
him as the lead character (for whatever reason). I just wish they
could speed up their process on creating the shows OR make
them motion picture length with an understanding that it will be
a while before we get to see the next one.

28. Thomas Jensen - November 25, 2007

Ok fine, do the episode again. And what’s with not being able to download these episodes? And where do we fans get the soundtrack background music which hasn’t been released to the public?

29. Oregon Trek Geek - November 25, 2007

It’s Cawley’s money, it’s his idea–NV is HIS! If he wants to play Kirk, then fine. If he wants to play Kirk while wearing an adult diaper, then fine–it’s his show.

That said, let’s hope he does stick with a standard TOS captain’s uniform ;)

I have nothing but wonderful things to say for NV. I think CBS/Paramount otta buy it from him and start a series. How about that? New TOS on TV and new TOS on the big screen? Hot damn!

30. CanuckLou - November 25, 2007

I don’t get with the Chekov episode the need to kill off the character. Continuity issues aside it made no dramatic sense.

The Sulu episode rocked.

31. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 25, 2007

Where’s my Exeter update???????? I appreciate James efforts but I much prefer Exeter

32. GraniteTrek - November 25, 2007

9 – Um, if he wasn’t a good Elvis, he wouldn’t be making so much money at it that he can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the various memorabilia from Star Trek and other shows, not to mention help fund NV and do other good things. I’ve seen videos and heard recordings of his Elvis, and he sounds pretty much exactly like him, and his costumes – which he does himself, having trained under William Ware Theiss – a name you should recognize if you’re really a Trek fan – are spot on for the period he’s playing Elvis as (and Elvis wasn’t always overweight). He really lives the part when he’s onstage. So get your facts straight before you dump on someone.

I think he does a real good job as Kirk, and I can also see him as Jim West (maybe even more than as Kirk).

33. Wellshaved Scrotum - November 25, 2007

actually i believe NV and other fanfilms did indded help make the new film happen. manny coto stated that “in a mirror darkly” was very much inspired fan work, and paramount certainly saw the spike.

like many here i dislike the bashing of fanfilms. i see no greater tribute to trek then these efforts, and am very happy they chose to share it. (poster dennis bailey has said it very well here in the past)

and i don’t know why, but jeff quinn totally sells me as a vulcan. great deadpans! looking forward to seeing him in ‘of gods and men’ this christmas.

and yeah, exeter is astoundingly well done too.

34. Jack Ass - November 25, 2007

All the fan films are great. It’s great to see them even if there are varying degrees of quality…

35. Alex - November 25, 2007

So – can anyone explain to me *why* they killed Checkov in the end of Ep.2? And why, all of a sudden, he was back in the Sulu-Episode without even a passing reference to the previous episode and what happened there?

36. seangh - November 25, 2007

As ususal, I will avoid STNV like the plague and wait patiently for the part 4 of “Starship Exeter – TI”

Sorry, but Elvis in Space in not my cup of tea – thank ya very much!

37. TheGreatBird - November 25, 2007

If it were a “Night in 1969″ will the picture be in 4:3 or 16:9?

I mean, if they’re going for more authenticity it must be 4:3.

Just sayin’. ;)

38. Thomas Jensen - November 25, 2007

-32 You covered it all nicely from established fact. And I can see Mr. Cawley as Jim West as well.

39. toddk - November 25, 2007

forget nimoy! Captain Chekov For Federation President in the new star trek movie!

40. star trackie - November 25, 2007

I think the sets, costumes and props on the New Voyages productions are superb. The stories aren’t so hot, yes including DC Fontana’s (sorry, I LOVE her TOS work, but she had a clunker in B5 as well…can’t hit a homerun every time) and the production values were very bad at the beginning. George’s episode, however, finally had the New Voyages team up to speed. Lighting, sound, all seemed to be top notch. The acting, aside from a pro pulled in here and there was, and is, pretty bad, often cringe inducing at times. I won’t single anyone out as they are all equal opportunity offenders in that regard.

All in all, it’s all a noble effort, and no doubt great fun for all involved, but I can’t get into it.

But clearly, they are all having a blast and they wont stop having fun just because I don’t like the shows, and that’s as it should be. More power to them!

41. Wellshaved Scrotum - November 25, 2007

ya know, i always thought killing checkov was really ballzy. at the time they stated that this is fan work and it takes its liberties as only fan work can. surely the dramatic impact of the death of a beloved character is something a writer would find interesting to portray. dunno if d.c. fontana wrote it with that in mind.

i will say that it had one of the funniest trek lines ever. as checkov muses the fact fact that he’s discussing metaphysical concepts with his younger self (in a rather doystoveskian way) he proclaims “this is getting really RUSSIAN!”

42. Sam Belil - November 25, 2007

I was not crazy at all about the way the killed oof Chekov. Having said that (and I have no problem with Cawley as Kirk); Cawley and crew do an outstanding job — I thoroughly enjoy their work and efforts. Keep up the great work!!!!!

43. Jack Ass - November 25, 2007

Having that Bird of Prey class ship in there killed the “1969-ness” of it for me…they just wouldn’t have had a design like that back then. All the ships on Trek were smooth skinned in 1969.

All those ships with the plating didn’t come along until 2001-Star Wars had an impact on ship design.

44. MichaelJohn - November 25, 2007

It’s obvious to me that a lot of time, money, work and effort go into producing all these fan films, so I’m a bit hesitant to criticise them. But like others here, I do find the quality of the acting to be quite a distraction while watching these films. If not for the amateur cast, these episodes could be great, instead of just good.

Mike :o

45. Jack Ass - November 25, 2007

Barrell rolls suck.

46. Scott - November 25, 2007

My hat is off to these people for living the dream, and sharing it with us. I’ve seen the ambitious “In Harm’s Way” and the well-told “World Enough and Time,” and was entertained by both.

I look forward to seeing the revamped version of “To Serve….”

I’ve also enjoyed Starship Exeter’s work. “The Tressaurian Intersection” is quite impressive.

Here’s a (dumb?) question I haven’t heard asked: have these two groups ever considered working together on a story? I always wanted to see an Original Series era story where two able captains team up.

Scott B. out.

47. seangh - November 25, 2007

#31 – Lord Garth –

You can check out the Exeter forum here:

48. seangh - November 25, 2007

#46 – Scott
I Know STNV and OGAM worked together – I think OGAM borrowed Jame’s props and sets.

It would be awesome to see Exeter and New Voyages team up on an episode – they could even shoot their respective parts independently and cut it together as both a NV episode and an Exeter episode – each giving their version of the story.

I think the Exeter team has nailed the TOS “look” as it were – lighting, camera, pacing and of course props and effects. STNV has been a little uneven on that score, but still has a nice TOS feel.

49. Andy Patterson - November 25, 2007


50. Dr. Image - November 25, 2007

As being no stranger to character re-creations (it’s a long story…) I support the NV effort all the way. Yeah, the Exeter team has nailed the “feel,” but NV’s effort is attempting to evolve PAST 3rd season Trek.
An admirable effort. Successful? We shall see.
I still predict that in spite of the new movie, the true future of TOS we have come to know and love lies with NV.

51. Bubba Hotep - November 25, 2007

Regarding, “To Serve All My Days:”

I thought that it was a rather good story but with an incomplete and failed ending. It seemed to me that Chekov was dreaming and/or delirious and did not really die. Rather, the older Chekov of his dream/delirium moved on. How else could one explain that Chekov appeared in the following episode?

Regarding, “New Voyages:”

A couple of years ago, when I found the original pilot episode of New Voyages on-line, I was beside myself. On one had, I was extremely impressed with the look of the show. I thought that most of the special effects were professionally done and rivaled the work of the big studios. I loved how the starbase and space dock seemed to be designed with a 1960’s sci-fi flavor. Matt Jefferies could have designed them himself. Of course, the attention to detail in the sets, lighting, props and uniforms are simply amazing.

But in that pilot episode, it was hard to take anyone seriously. James Cawley, with his Elvisian über-pompadour, was simply laughable. I did not know he was an Elvis impersonator at the time, however, my initial thought was that this guy would make a great Elvis impersonator. And he was trying so hard to impersonate Shatner, that he was coming across as a parody of Shatner. I could not help but laugh any time he was on screen.

The other acting was equally bad. Generally too stiff and it reminded me of those days in 10th grade English when we had to dry read Shakespeare. So though the cast and crew had taken the project seriously, it was difficult not to think of it as a big ol’ joke.

As Cawley has gotten his Elvisian pompadour under control and toned down his Shatner impersonation, the New Voyages productions have gotten better. I liked the, “Doomsday Machine,” episode, though the plot got to be far too contrived towards the end of the episode. “To Serve All My Days,” was great character exploration, but suffered from a confusing ending and Klingon ships that we a bit too advanced. Other than being another time travel transporter multiple reality episode, the Sulu episode was generally pretty good.

Considering the fact that these guys are running the show themselves and paying for it out of their own pockets, they are doing an exceptional job. And I would much rather watch an episode of New Voyages over an episode of Enterprise.

One aspect of New Voyages I found interesting was this:

When I first came upon New Voyages, the NV website explained the NV philosophy. That philosophy being that the characters of Kirk and Spock (and the rest of the crew) are bigger than the actors who played them. The characters are Shakespearian in nature, being larger than any actor who portrays them and therefore timeless. As a result, anyone can play the characters, bringing unique twists to the performance.

Now we are going to get to see if this philosophy really is true. Are the characters of Kirk and Spock really bigger than the actors who played them? Are they so compelling that with a completely different set of actors in the roles will we see the characters for who they are? Or are the characters dependent on those who created the roles?

We will know the answer next December.

52. Bubba Hotep - November 25, 2007

A couple of comments on Exeter:

If I recall, as far as the ships are concerned, the Exeter crew is doing good ol’ fashioned model based special effects. And I think that is why the ship looks so damn good.

I also think the reason it is easier to accept Exeter is that it is a different crew altogether. The actors, no matter their ability, are not trying to portray characters we have come to know and love through the performances of specific actors. If the acting is bad, it does not impact the perception of the character because we have nothing with which to compare it.

53. seangh - November 25, 2007

#52 – Bubba

As for acting – I think both Exeter and NV suffer there the most. Unfortunately, the NV cast made the mistake of imitating some well established actors, as opposed of just making the character their own. However, it looks like the cast is getting away from imitating and actually attempting to make the characters thier own.

The Exeter model form “The Tressaurian Intersection” I believe is CGI but a damn nice one.

54. Dr. Image - November 25, 2007

Exeter’s latest, The Tressaurian Intersection, has brilliant CGI fx, courtesy of a poster here. Objectively, their acting is better, overall, IMHO.
NV has the distinction (misfortune?) of taking on iconic roles- first- beyond the originals. That takes balls. Good for them. So laugh away.
They are etched in history.

55. DRE - November 25, 2007

People seem more willing to accept James Cawley as Kirk than Chris Pine. I just have a simple question….

Are you more willing to accept Cawley because he is not an official Kirk whereas Chris Pine will be the official James T. Kirk of the 21st Century?

I have heard fans refer to Pine as “Fake Kirk” but I’ve never heard that in relation to Cawley (Well, there is the Elvis Kirk thing), I find that strange and amusing all the same.

56. Alternate Factor Chris - November 25, 2007

In regards to Exeter, I think what multiple people have said is pretty accurate here.

They’re easier to accept because they’re not trying to portray any established characters.

I also find the stories much more unique and (from what I’ve seen of NV) much more original. I haven’t been up to date with NV, but much of what I’ve seen in terms of dialogue and one-liners seems ripped straight out of original series scripts. Please try to use 100% original dialogue as recycled stuff sticks sorely out of place.

Exeter seemed to get the “feel” right away. NV only started showing signs when I stopped watching.

57. Vinceman - November 25, 2007

First, my gratitude to the cast, crew and everybody else involved in NV. The time, effort and care you put into this really shows. Thanks.

So what is this about TSAMD not being canon..? Honestly I don’t care. The story was good, the characters were rich, and the ending was a fine example of beautifully done symbolism. Yes symbolism. Am I the only who noticed that?

People have asked me about NV (been loving Trek since the 60’s) and I tell them TSAMD was a great ‘stand alone’ episode. That works for me. It’s not a difficult concept.

People have talked about continuity here. Well with NV, you’ll get more continuity then you every would watching actual 60’s TV. Remember back a bit, 60’s TV was mostly light entertainment. Nobody sent letters if Elly May’s critters were a little different from week to week. So cut the NV people some slack. If they want to push the edge a bit, let them. That may be the only way we can see what Star Trek’s potential really is. How can we ‘go where no one has gone before’ if we insist upon a overly structured, all the ducks in a row, universe? Isn’t pushing the edge a little bit, the point ; in Trek and in life..?

IDIC is still a big part of Trek.

58. Driver - November 25, 2007

Hey Cawley, how ’bout an episode where the y’all go back in time to 1969, abduct Elvis-you in a dual role of course-and make him part of the crew. Elvis’ real fate with drugs would be avoided and he could entertain the ship every night. Call it “Rockn’ the Enterprise”.

59. Oregon Trek Geek - November 25, 2007

#58 – THAT is actually not a bad idea at all! :D

Bring on the King!

60. Mike - November 25, 2007


That’s great, be sure to cover his eyes when the black people come on screen too. Oh right, that’s different… somehow.

61. MrRegular - November 25, 2007

After wandering in the desert of the first 2 seasons of Enterprise and the last two NG movies, finally the calvary is coming to the rescue!!
Ok I’m being a bit Shatneresque here in my missive but I have to commend Mr. Cawley and his outstanding crew. I saw World Enough and Time last week and was really impressed. Rebooting the Koenig episode in the 1969 package will be the best Christmas present this fan has received in a long time!!
Thanks again Mr. Cawley!

62. Meh - November 25, 2007

What do they mean make it like it came straight from NBC in 1969 they gunna make it corny and make it look like crap?

63. 05Ric - November 26, 2007

My hats of to Mr. Cawley and crew!!
World Enough and Time was a great episode. It very much represents to me what I like the most about Trek, where the end product exceeds the sum of it’s parts. In a world where people are mostly complaining about their daily lives, I find it wonderful/courageous that Mr.Cawley is following his dreams, regardless of what anyone thinks. Biggest reason why he is successful is this investment of time/energy/love.

ST New Voyages is a physical manifestation of what Star Trek/Rodenberry is all about, and I for one am very grateful of James Cawley reminding us.

64. Diabolik - November 26, 2007

#62… Surely your time would be more fun and better spent in a forum where you actually like what the forum is about?

65. JoeMama - November 26, 2007

The death of Chekov in the first version of this episode was stupid and NOW they finally realize it? Amateur stuff. Their work is appreciated and I generally enjoy it, but killing a main character that violates future plot lines was nonsense.

Let’s hope the next one, the David Gerrold gay plot, is not too political and social message oriented. I want Trek, not a gay rights production.

And Crawley needs to still work on getting rid of the Elvis hairdo. Thank you very much.

66. TenaciousMC - November 26, 2007

I think at most, it should look like a TOS Remastered episode. The FX would still look modern but the ships would ideally have the TOS 23rd century design.

67. ZoomZoom - November 26, 2007

#9 as others have said, James C. is the one ponying up the dollar, so its his baby. Besides, his Kirk has improved with every outing. I don’t dislike his take at all. He’s no Shat- but then he’s never said he was!
Continue having a blast James C. ;)

68. New Horizon - November 26, 2007

65. JoeMama – November 26, 2007
The death of Chekov in the first version of this episode was stupid and NOW they finally realize it? Amateur stuff.

– You do realize that it was D.C. Fontanna and Walter Koenig who came up with the story don’t you, and that the New Voyages people likely didn’t have much say in what happened to Chekov? It was Walter’s wish to have Chekov die in the end. Don’t go blaming the NV crew. In my opinion, they honoured Walter’s wishes at their own expense… and I believe the episode suffered for it. It was Walter’s mistake, not the crew.

I was a bit put off by Walter’s reaction to the fan’s disapproval of the character’s death. He seemed to be mystified, perhaps even annoyed, that we didn’t ‘get-it’. I think the fans were hoping for a real episode and not ‘a special guest star’ show.

I personally felt that Walter took the predictable route with his time on NV’s. He went for the stereotypical ‘death’ that actors love. I respect his intentions, but I don’t agree with them..because he basically ended up using New Voyages as his own soapbox…making the episode a stand alone, when it should have rightfully been part of the series. George Takei played well with others and made a proper episode. World Enough and Time has been my favourite so far…my wife loved it too. :)

Ok…I’m really not trying to rant on Walter. Love his work. Just had to get those thoughts off my mind. I’m looking forward to this new version. :) Can’t wait to see it.

69. CmdrR - November 26, 2007

Hoping the new cut makes more sense. Also hoping it trims some of the very very long scenes in Chekov’s quarters. I understand why Walter Koenig would like this ep as it was, but it’s a bear. From the disease of the week (warmed over from a previous ep, yet!) to the silly fade out in the corridor, to the ‘Chekov is the only one in all of Starfleet with reflexes so full of wonderfulness that he can shoot straight, even though he’s older than Dick Clark, it’s a hard swallow. There are nice moments, but the whole ep doesn’t really hold together.

As for the gay episode, I do hope it’s not preachy. I like that issue dealt with subtly. Gay rights? Sure. Gay preachiness — Meh! If the point is that there’s acceptance in the 23rd century, then wouldn’t the orientation of a character simply go without comment? I really, really hope Peter’s homosexuality isn’t played as a “gays are evil” kinda plot point. We’ll see.

70. COMPASSIONATE GOD - November 26, 2007

“In addition the original music created for the episode is being replaced with genuine Original Series music. Although all the music will be from TOS, some was never released on soundtrack before. They are even going to add some period commercials to complete the 60s feel. ”

THIS is the most fascinating part of the revamp. I wonder if they’re only going to use 3rd season scores? Whatever the case, this should be something to see and hear.

71. neal - November 26, 2007

I would also like to pipe in with GREAT INTEREST in unreleased original music. I wonder if someone might put this out on the internet. If Crescendo doesn’t think it monetarily feasible to release the music commercially, why not throw it out onto the net? (Yes, I know the answer to that question, but a boy can dream, can’t he?).

72. utterlee - November 26, 2007

69 – “As for the gay episode, I do hope it’s not preachy. I like that issue dealt with subtly. Gay rights? Sure. Gay preachiness — Meh! If the point is that there’s acceptance in the 23rd century, then wouldn’t the orientation of a character simply go without comment? I really, really hope Peter’s homosexuality isn’t played as a “gays are evil” kinda plot point. We’ll see.”

I think a potential problem might be that it’s based on an 80’s script when the gay issues tended to be dealt with in a much more heavy handed Big Issue manner, mainly due to the social conditions around that subject at the time. Nowdays the situation is somewhat different, people are on the whole more accepting (though given some of the comments here clearly not everyone is comfortable with it still), so the approach to the subject should indeed be different, like you say it could be more matter of fact and less “We’re tragic unfortuante gay men” which would be so outdated.

Of course well eventually find out if they adjusted the script for 21st Century sensibilities…

73. crazybeach - November 26, 2007

My half-dozen quatloos…
I like TNV overall. Like any new concept, they took time to get going, but now I think they’re pretty good. The love and tiem put into them has always been evident, but after all, they’re FAN FILMS. they is bound to be some rough spots, e.g. wooden acting, weak storylines, etc. Hell, ALL the Trek series had moments (and/or entire seasons) like that. But overall, I think they’ve captured TOS remarkably well.
The only complaint I’d lodge about TNV is this: Charles Root’s accent as Scotty is fingernails-on-a-blackboard cringeworthy. And I say that in a completely affectionate, tongue-in-cheek way.

74. crazybeach - November 26, 2007

So it would appear…

75. crazybeach - November 26, 2007

Don’t knock a parent for trying to protect his seven year old from things he doesn’t think it approproate for someone of that age to see. I too have a seven year old son who loves Trek, and I agree that I wouldn’t let him see B&F either. It just isn’t apprproiate for such a young viewer. It has NOTHING to do with homophobia or narrowness of mind. It has to EVERYTHING do with #13 (and myself and others of like mind) trying to be a good parent.
Besides, this is a forum for comments about TNV. We would all appreciate it if it stayed that way.

76. New Horizon - November 26, 2007

– 13. Mark Anton

I guess one question is whether you would or have allowed him to see a man and woman in bed together in other shows? If so, why not two men? I seriously doubt that it’s going to be sexually explicit, it is Star Trek after all. :) My parents exposed me to a lot of things in life at an early age, but then they would sit me down and explain what I saw. If it was something like murder, they explained why it was wrong and how there are people who cross those lines, with little regard for life. Something like homosexuality, well…they explained it to me as best they could at the time. I grew up during the early eighties, so homosexuality certainly wasn’t as accepted as it is today. Regardless of that, they somehow managed to put their own feelings about it aside, explain it to me in the simplest of terms and let me decide how I felt about it. Once I understood that it was simply two people of the same sex who loved each other, I could really find no fault in it and my parents were extremely proud of me for being able to reach beyond their personal boundaries. I’m proud of them for having the insight to do this, considering they grew up with extremely religious parents, in a back woods community. I don’t think a child of 7 is too young to watch this episode, if’s the perfect time to watch it…because they have not yet had their conclusions imprinted upon them by society. Trust me, take the initiative to teach your child about this now…it truly does pay off. :) Perhaps even have a little chat about the episode before watching it, and let him know that there may be some things in it that he won’t understand right away, but you’ll discuss it later. :)

77. Dennis Bailey - November 26, 2007

#72:”I think a potential problem might be that it’s based on an 80’s script when the gay issues tended to be dealt with in a much more heavy handed Big Issue manner, mainly due to the social conditions around that subject at the time.”

Actually, I read the TNG version of the script years ago – the “gay issues” weren’t “dealt with” at all. There was a gay couple in the story, and one or two lines of dialogue to indicate that they were a couple. The main story wasn’t about them at all, and if Gerrold was pushing any issue or “agenda” in the story overall it was to encourage viewers to donate blood – something that the author has advocated in various ways throughout his career.

Real good script.

78. COMPASSIONATE GOD - November 26, 2007

rE: #17 Captainfirst – November 25, 2007

“First off, let’s give everyone associated with NV a big round of applause. These men and women have given of themselves time and time again purely out of love for Star Trek. Their most recent episode, “World Enough And Time” raised the bar on what we expect from them.”


“And, let’s be honest, does anyone here think Paramount would be doing a TOS-era film if not for the success New Voyages has had? There have been hundreds of thousands downloads of their shows, which proved to the suits that people still hunger for adventures of NCC-1701. ”

Agreed! NV/Cawley’s favorite ST is TOS, but in my opinion, he’s tapping into a general understanding that for a couple of generations–innumerable fans around the world (hardcore and casual and average “joe” & “jane”), TOS is THE Trek series (most recognized characters, stories, etc.), so why not revisit the heart, soul and face of the franchise.

Without a doubt, “New Voyages” (and “Exeter”) capture the essence of the Trek concept more than much of the Berman era TV series and movies.

79. James Heaney - November 26, 2007

Poor Berman. He’s -never- going to stop being bashed, is he? Can’t we all, bashers and fanboys alike, just agree to let the man off the hook now that he’s left the series?

Anyhow, I had relevant comments, but I submitted them and, as this system sometimes does to my comments, they vanished without a trace, and I’m too lazy to retype. Just imagine that I put together a cogent, well-reasoned “sympathy for #13″ post.

80. Utterlee - November 26, 2007

#77 – Actually, I read the TNG version of the script years ago – the “gay issues” weren’t “dealt with” at all. There was a gay couple in the story, and one or two lines of dialogue to indicate that they were a couple. The main story wasn’t about them at all, and if Gerrold was pushing any issue or “agenda” in the story overall it was to encourage viewers to donate blood – something that the author has advocated in various ways throughout his career.

Cool, that’s encouraging to know, looking forward to seeing the episode.

81. Ryan T. Riddle - November 26, 2007

While I think that the episode could use tighter pacing and editing, I thought the effects for this episode were top notch. Although, I understand that the NV team wants to streamline some things to make them sanguine with the effects of WEaT. The ship movements in TSAMD was quite “realistic,” especially the rolls in the climatic battle scene; much better than the banking and rolling seen in the previous two episodes (“Come What May” and “In Harm’s Way”) or the WW II bomber-style movements of the ships in ENT.

82. Admiraldeem - November 26, 2007

As someone who was royally raked over the coals by Mr. Cawley when I vehemently objected to the finish of the Checkov episode, I find this retooling ironic. In the inaugural version, Chekov died. Except we know he could not die in year four. Major canon error and all the producer could do was point fingers and say we just didn’t get it. Now that he is fixing it, will he come out and say all right–you guys were right and I was wrong?

Per earlier comments about him as Kirk, Mr. Cawley the producer’s greatest failing is his inability to cast someone as Kirk who is up to the challenge. I for one thought the Sulu episode was a big improvement but as an actor he is a lead weight on the production.

James–people make fun of Shatner. People ridicule you. The difference between the two is the difference between New Voyages getting the respect it has versus the respect it deserves.

83. Ty Webb - November 27, 2007

Nice. I look forward to the new version.

84. James Cawley - November 27, 2007

Ridicule me all you want. I can take whatever you have to throw out at me. You Miss the point of New Voyages entirely. I certainly receive many more positive comments both about the show and my performance than I ever do negative ones. Can I improve, you bet ! and I am alway’s working to be better. I am doing this for my enjoyment, and I choose to share it with all of you, If you do not like this lead weight in the lead role, Please, feel free to watch anything else. No one is going to diminish my experience, I get to live out a childhood dream, and meet many wonderfull people from all over the globe while doing it. I have made so many Great Friends, and I am forever greatfull to all of them.
James Cawley

85. sean's clone - November 27, 2007

I enjoy New Voyages. For me, it’s not really about the acting or the effects so much, but to see how other people interpret the Trek vision. I think James does a solid job – it’s fun – and it sounds like it fun for James too – a WIN WIN in my book.

86. J. Parker - November 27, 2007

# 84. James Cawley

First, a big thank you. Sure, anyone can criticize. William Shatner when he got the part was a stage trained Shakespearian actor; I think the cast of TOS were extremely talented people.

For The New Voyages to capture so much of the heart of Trek — if people remember IDIC — is gratifying.

As I wrote on the Award thread, please make an NSTC DVD version available.

And who knows? Maybe “The Shat” will co-write and direct an New Voyages.

Even to the critics, my best wishes for you all to live long and prosper.

87. Dr. Image - November 27, 2007

#84 Jim baby- Well said, dammit!

88. Krik Semaj - November 27, 2007

#84 Well said Mr Cawley. It’s your baby. Do whatever you want with it. So far it’s been a great ride.
#86 A nice fantasy, but i doubt you’ll ever see Shatner anywhere near the NV set. No cash = No Shat.

89. Astro0 - November 27, 2007

#84 – James (Jim), STNV is brilliant! I thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy that you and your able crew have been able to produce such an exciting and brilliant series of episodes. All of the performances have been great. I have completely forgotten that it’s not Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley in the lead roles…you guys rock! I just accept that this is Star Trek and that the human adventure continues. Can’t wait for the next offering.
BTW – I totally got, and loved the ending of TSAMD.

#82 – Admiraldeem, “Get a Life!”

90. Duckeroo - November 28, 2007

Maybe this is a naive question. But to all those who claim the acting is “wooden,” a “lead weight,” or some other version of bad; and to all those who say that NV (or any other fan film/series) misses the mark;

Where are your productions?

These folks have done a lot more than the rest of us. Maybe some encouragement is a better idea.

91. GaryP - November 28, 2007

Criticize Cawley all you want. He is DOING while were are all TALKING.

92. Alexander of Platonius - November 28, 2007

I had never even heard of the Starship Exeter till reading these comments — just went to their site and watched both their episodes.

The Savage Empire is amateurish and clumsy, with some of the worst over-acting in Klingon history, but holy cow did they improve with The Tresaurrian Intersection.

I’m totally cynical about these fan films in general — while recognizing the hard work involved, I just can’t take them seriously. But the Tresaurrian Intersection is just amazing. The acting is solid and even excellent in some cases, the sets and effects are perfect, and the script just feels like TOS of the best kind — it’s like The Tholian Web meets Arena with a hint of The Alternative Factor (in a good way).

Just watch the teaser to it and you’ll see that it’s light years ahead of any other fan-made Star Trek. The shot where they reveal the fate of the lost starship at the end of the teaser is just amazing. And even better, the actors’ reactions really sell the moment.

It’s actually better than quite a few TOS episodes. And it doesn’t have the distraction of trying to recreate Kirk, Spock etc.

I’m a convert. Those guys just nailed it.

See for yourself:

93. Paul - November 28, 2007

What James Cawley and his team have done is nothing short of amazing. I’ve really enjoyed the episodes they’ve released and look forward to more. I can only imagine the staggering amount of work and dedication it’s taken to produce the show. Their recent award is very well-deserved and will certainly not be the last, I’m sure.

94. Todd - November 28, 2007


Keep making the episodes and I will keep enjoying watching them. Keep up the excellent work. We are all fans here!

95. Another Paul - November 28, 2007

#93 — Hear, hear!

As I see it, NV, Exeter, and all the other fan films are genuine acts of devotion. It’s wonderful that there are people who hold ST in such esteem that they are willing to put their talents, time, and money into a public homage which they then share freely with all of us. The enthusiasm and sincerity come through in every scene. Their works are gifts, and pretty amazing ones at that. So to Mr. Cawley and his crew, and to the casts and crews of all the other fan film projects out there, I offer a HEARTFELT THANK YOU! You have made this old fan’s eyes misty on many occasions, watching that old gray lady fly once again. I will gladly buy you all a round should we ever meet.

96. Stuart Duvall - November 29, 2007

Geez, where to start? Yeah I gotta agree that Cawley & crew have taken on a lot and have done a pretty remarkable job of recreating a familiar & beloved world we all know and love. But my criticism about the poor attempt at acting is fueled by my frustration at just how close they are to “getting it”. With so much obvious work involved, would it be asking too much to get some actors that wouldn’t distract from everything they’ve worked so hard to create?
I spare no one here, they’re terrible especially the guys who play spock, McCoy & Scotty. Even Cawey shines compared to them…..and no one wanted to love it more than I.
Regards & happy holidays.

97. bman - November 29, 2007

I guess no one has read David Gerrold’s “Tales of the Star Wolf”. Book three of that trilogy is “Blood and Fire”, where he turned his TNG script into a novel set in a non-Trek universe. The story is not about homophobia, it is about a fatal disease (blood worms). And the main infectee just happens to have a partner who is of the same gender. It is not heavy-handed, prurient, or preachy. Not in the least.

98. Sam Belil - November 30, 2007

#86 you could not have stated it any better. NV truly captures the essence of TOS. My favorite episode was the Doomsday Machine/Time Travel Episode — to me it personified all of the elements that make Star Trek the franchise that it is. I think the critics out there are being way too hard on Cawley and Crew; for their incredible efforts alone they should be applauded. Again — keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing not 72, but 720 MORE new NV episodes!!!!!!!!!1

99. DEMODE - January 7, 2008

I like New Voyages. Very impressive work. I do hope we can see some stand alone SULU episodes on Excelsior in the future that have nothing to do with New Voyages though. James Cawley… I’m sure Kirk’s nephew could serve on Excelsior. I don’t think he would want to be Captain of a museum ship forever :) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.