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George Takei Marries – Koenig and Nichols Attend [UPDATED w/ Photos + Video] September 14, 2008

by Damon Romine , Filed under: Celebrity,TOS , trackback

George Takei (TOS: Sulu) wed his partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, today in Los Angeles. The couple married in a ceremony in the Democracy Forum of the Japanese American National Museum,the museum Takei helped create to honor those forced, as he was, to live in WWII internment camp. In attendance were some of his Star Trek co-stars.


Officiated by a Buddhist priest, the ceremony featured koto music and the san-san-kudo sake ritual. Takei, 71, and Altman, 54, exchanged matching turquoise wedding bands designed by Navajo silversmith Clyde Woody. As the couple exited the service, hands clasped, Takei declared in true Star Trek fashion, “May equality live long and prosper!” The famous Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles performed at the reception.

Among the 200 wedding guests were U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii, Los Angeles City Councilmember Jan Perry, humanitarian Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton, the couple’s best man Walter Koenig, (Chekov, Star Trek), and “best lady” Nichelle Nichols (Uhura, Star Trek).

News of the nuptials was celebrated by equal rights advocates. “The lifelong promise George and Brad made to each other, in the presence of friends and family, is an affirmation of the love and commitment that they have shared for twenty one years,” says Neil G. Giuliano, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

The couple was the first to receive a marriage license in the City of West Hollywood when California began granting licenses to gay couples on June 17 of this year.

Takei and Altman will honeymoon in Argentina and Peru.


Brad and George exit the ceremony trailed by Koenig (behind George) and Nichelle (GLAAD)

Brad and George cut the cake (GLAAD)


More hotos from Just Jared (with many more available)

Brad and George exiting the ceremony (Just Jared)

Koenig and Nichols (Just Jared)

UPDATE 2: AP reports on more including the vows, plus has this picture.

Nichols, Altman, Takei and Koenig


Report from the CBS early show


Procession (from YouTuber markj517)

More video at


Article cross-posted at the glaadblog. Damon Romine is the Director of Entertainment for GLAAD.


1. Anthony Pascale - September 14, 2008

On behalf of the entire team, may I be the first to congratulate George and Brad and a big ‘live long and prosper’ to the happy couple

This is a joyous occasion and so lets try and keep the comments in the spirit of the celebration and happy event.

2. Son of Sarek - September 14, 2008

Congratulations Brad and George! Live long and prosper in your marriage.

3. HoochaHoocha - September 14, 2008

This is awesome. Good for George and Brad. I hope they’re very happy together!

George is 71?!!!! He doesn’t look a day over 50!

4. The Angry Klingon - September 14, 2008

Happiness and Blessings to George and Brad *raises glass*

5. Sean - September 14, 2008

Congratulations, George! We share a harsh experience in losing family members to Alzheimer’s so I’ve always felt closer to you than any other celebrity, and I’ll never forget that awesome day where I met you at the Alzheimer’s Walk a few years back! Best wishes!

6. Spocko - September 14, 2008

Peace and long life.
May you both cherish the wondrous and vigorous experiences in the times to come.

7. Samtheman - September 14, 2008

I sincerely hope they are happy together, although I personally cannot morally condone this kind of union.

8. MattTheTrekkie - September 14, 2008

Congrats guys! I wish you both well. Have a happy honeymoon!

9. ShawnP - September 14, 2008

Haha, thanks for qualifying your well wishes, Samtheman.

My best to George and Brad! With any luck, my partner and I will be able to do the same in the next year (a union that I can certainly morally condone). Here’s hoping that everyone can experience the same kind of happiness.

10. MattTheTrekkie - September 14, 2008

Shawn P, I wish you both good luck! I hope it is sooner rather than later :)

And yes, everyone is entitled to that kind of happiness.

11. Mike - September 14, 2008

Congratulations on your marriage, George and Brad! How wonderful that the two of you can finally legally share in each other’s lives. Live long and prosper!

12. Chris Clow - September 14, 2008

When two people in this world find love and commitment, there are few things in this world that warrant more celebration. Congratulations!

13. Anthony Pascale - September 14, 2008

please people we dont need this kind of thing, it will only devolve this whole thing and then i will have to close it and so lets just skip this kind of stuff shall we.

14. Lousy Canadian - September 14, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad, I wish you both the best. May God Bless the future you two will share. :)

15. Wes - September 14, 2008

Did they not already get married once a few months ago? Seems to be a dead subject since they already did, ET did a big thing on it when it happened a few months ago.

16. Energize - September 14, 2008

Yeah, I thought this happened awhile ago?

17. DirectorVFX - September 14, 2008


18. Daoud - September 14, 2008

Oh, my! :)

Thank God, *they’re* here. ;)

Peace and long life George and Brad.

19. Charles Trotter - September 14, 2008

Congratulations, George and Brad! Cheers!

20. Energize - September 14, 2008


21. Michael Hall - September 14, 2008

I once had the unexpected pleasure of having breakfast with Mr. Takei at a convention in West Palm Beach, FL in 1973. Interesting guy to talk to, full of informed political opinions and a real gentleman as well.

Congrats and best wishes, Mr. Takei.

22. Dustin - September 14, 2008

We all live for a future with complete equality. George and Brad have taken the first steps in securing it for all of us. Many blessings to two wonderful people I’ve never met, but would be proud to call my friends.

23. The Vulcanista - September 14, 2008

#15, 16

You may be thinking of when they got their marriage license at city hall in West LA coupla months back. There was quite a bit of media there.

Anyway, best wishes to the happy couple! Cheers, dears!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-)

24. Trekkie16 - September 14, 2008

I think it is very cool that with all the friends they both must have, that they chose Nichelle and Walter to be best man and best lady. Nice to see the Star Trek friendship has endured 42 years.

May you both have a long and happy life together.

25. Tanner Waterbury - September 14, 2008

I met Mr. Takei at the Star Trek 40th Gala Conference in Seattle, he seemed like a very kind and warmhearted man. Ive had the pleasure of talking with him, and I wish him well. May You Live Long And Prosper George and Brad!

26. The Enterprise - September 14, 2008

Mr. Takei is awesome. Back when I first got the net, I found his email address and he actually emailed me back. Great guy.

27. Kigs - September 14, 2008

Congrats George and Brad! Many happy years together!

Kigs :)

28. Brandon - September 14, 2008

I’ve met Mr. Takei on two occasions, and both times, he was the warmest, kindest, most friendly individual. May you have years and years of happiness, and may equality and love always, always, ALWAYS and forever reign true over bigotry and narrow mindedness!

29. Kevin - September 14, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad! Best wishes to the happy couple! :-)

30. The Enterprise - September 14, 2008

Is Brad Altman related to Mark Altman?

31. CanuckLou - September 14, 2008

Congratulations! Joy and happy lives together.

…the adventure continues…

32. girl6 - September 14, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad! *sniffle* Weddings always make me cry.

Many happy years together!

33. Cmdr. Roykirk - September 14, 2008

I thought they had allready done that. Did I miss something?

Wonder how Demora feels about this.

34. Gary Seven - September 14, 2008

Today is my Birthday. I consider this joyous occasion, this manifestation of IDIC, this sign of progress, as one of my birthday presents. Thank you George, and I wish you all the best.

35. Cmdr. Roykirk - September 14, 2008

Mr. Pascale, why are we not allowed to speak freely on here? At the risk of being deleted, I support “samtheman” at least he was willing to speak his mind. Yes, I know this is not a debate forum, but shouldn’t we be able to say what we want? as long as it’s within reason, which I think his comment was.

36. Commodore Z - September 14, 2008

#35: Of course you are allowed to speak freely. This, however, is Anthony’s board, and he has every right to ask politely that on this board, we honor the joyous event being celebrated.

Naturally, if you feel otherwise, you are free to say whatever you wish, elsewhere.

Congratulations, George and Brad!

37. Salamander Cakes - September 14, 2008

This is NOT a joyous day…still no pictures of the E or a trailer to keep us going…c’mon, we’re dying here.

38. MORN SPEAKS - September 14, 2008

I think to find true love is a very special thing that many people take for granted or don’t realize, I hope I’m as lucky to find someone one day.

39. LorienTheYounger - September 14, 2008

For some reason, I thought they were already married. I think I mentally confused their engagement with their marriage. Well, congratulations to George! (And to Brad)

40. Jared Butcher - September 14, 2008

Best of wishes to George and Brad, love can come in so many forms and we should all celebrate it’s expression. It is so difficult in this world to find that person who you love, and who in turn loves you so much that you wish to spend your lives together. I am so happy for these two fine gentlemen on their wedding day.

I feel sad for those who can not enjoy this expression of love, and hope that they find some peace and love in their own life and maybe then they can appreciate the sanctity of love in all of its forms.

Best of Luck, George and Brad!

41. joe p - September 14, 2008

Live long and propser :)

42. Q - September 14, 2008

YAY! Happy moon cake/wedding day, George-san and Brad-san! Dif-tor heh smusma! Have fun on your honeymoon! WOOT!

43. Shatner Lover! - September 14, 2008

Where is Shatner? LOL!

44. R0gueD3m3nt0r - September 14, 2008


and chekov and uhura were part of the wedding party!

i find that exceptionally adorable :P

45. Bob - September 14, 2008

Congratulations! I met Mr Takei when I was a page on the Paramount Lot back in the early 1990s when they were filming the “Star Trek – Voyager” episode titled “Flashback”. He was a very kind man that always had a smile on his face. May he and Brad have many more happy years together!!

46. Televixen - September 14, 2008

Great news! Many congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. It’s a beautiful thing that Brad and George have found lasting true love and can now be honored with the rights and dignity everyone should have.

47. Capt Mike Of the Terran Empire - September 14, 2008

Well. George and Brad. Congradulations on your Wedding and May you to Love birds. Live Long and Prosper. Now. George and Brad. This may not be traditional but can you give us a present. Like getting J.J to give us a Trailer Anyway All our best to you and Weather it be in the Federation or the Empire or The U.S. Be happy and be Blessed.

48. Jabob Slatter - September 14, 2008


49. William Noetling - September 14, 2008

Congratulations Gentlemen:

All the best

50. Kevin - September 14, 2008

They’re both wearing white… in their 70’s? Who are they kidding!

Just kidding. I’m sure they’re very happy. At the rate things are going, I won’t be married till I’m in my 70’s either.

51. fred - September 14, 2008

Certainly a long overdue ceremony. Sounds like a great honeymoon.

52. The Enterprise - September 14, 2008

Looks like Gorkon was right.

53. Anthony Pascale - September 14, 2008

I have had to delete some posts of people who are trying to turn this into a debate and attacking other posters and myself. If you have any comments about site policies make them to

if you want to attack other posters or any group of people…just skip this thread

54. Dave - September 14, 2008

Nichelle Nichols looks stunning!

55. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 14, 2008


The important thing to remember is that two people are happy together and not being resentful and mean. Everyone could use more love.

56. The Enterprise - September 14, 2008

As Spock would say, “To each according to his gifts.”

57. Lyle - September 14, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad! True love is the greatest thing ever, and I hope that your union is blessed and happy!

And I must say, George is looking very fit and healthy for 71! I hope I do that well when I get there!

58. Bobfred - September 14, 2008

takei looks like he’s going to kill someone in that first picture, LOL!

and poor koenig, he gets his face completely blanked out of the picture by someone’s shoulder!

59. Kayla Iacovino - September 14, 2008

Congratulations to both! This was a wonderful way to celebrate your love, and it looks like a beautiful ceremony. Live long and prosper!

60. Mr. AtoZ - September 14, 2008

“Best wishes to you both!”

61. Brett Campbell - September 14, 2008

Wow, 43 whole posts before somebody made the inevitable and obvious “where’s Shatner?” comment. Sigh.

Nimoy didn’t appear to be there either did he? Sounds like Mr. Takei has some truly “supporting” players in Mr. Koenig and Ms. Nichols. And I’m sure Messrs. Shatner and Nimoy also wish the couple happiness.

I think most of the “Trek” cast has by now caught on to the vision of IDIC that the show espoused, and that we fans should embrace that same spirit in this matter — and in all matters.

Congratulations, George Takei and Mr. Altman. May you both have as many years of happiness as those that “Trek” has given and continues to give its fans.

62. the king in shreds and tatters - September 15, 2008

What’s up with the lapel thingies?

63. Brett Campbell - September 15, 2008

62 – They’re called “Boutonnières.” Were you too shredded and tattered to make it to your high school’s prom? :) I was sure you would have been crowned king! ;)

64. Neil - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to Brad and George!

65. Cato the Llama - September 15, 2008

Congrats! So happy for ya guys!

Also, love the big Trek Logo in the background. :)

66. Harry Dog - September 15, 2008

Brilliant – congratulations to them both. And on another note just how regal did Nichelle Nicols look? Very special all round

67. Iowagirl - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad! They do look happy indeed.

Nichelle and Walter look fantastic, too.


68. SD - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad – cheers for love in all forms!

69. DJ Neelix - September 15, 2008

Congrats to them both, finally it was their turn to make their love bonds official. May they live happily ever after!

Jeez indeed…

70. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 15, 2008

I am truly happy for the couple. It seems like it’s an awfully long time for them to have waited, but I am sure that they themselves just feel relieved and overjoyed that this day has finally come, and in their lifetimes.

“let no one put asunder” indeed.

71. Finny - September 15, 2008

Expect Howard Stern to be talking about this on his show today :)

“Oh,My”! :)

72. Darth Ballz - September 15, 2008

What the hell’s a Jonas brother, a cult?

Darth “S&F” Ballz

73. Crewman Darnell - September 15, 2008

My sincere congrats to George and Brad; two human beings, mutually celebrating/living their lives as they choose.

74. S. John Ross - September 15, 2008

Congrats to the couple, envy to those who got to attend, and a big ol’ geeky Vulcan salute-thingy (and tacky IDIC marketing pendant) to everyone who’s been taking this step toward understanding, equality, and grooviness.

The future of Star Trek may well be an impossible dream, but it never hurts to try.

75. Irishtrekkie - September 15, 2008

I am totally against this short of thing, yea thats right in this day and age why do people need to get marryed at all , we should all just live free and easy like the space hippies from “The Way to Eden ”

Herbert! Herbert! Herbert! Herbert!”

but yea really on a more serious note best of wishes guys , any wedding where you dont get attacked by Romulans half way through is good one.

76. Harry - September 15, 2008

Congratulation on getting married, Bradge (did you see what I did there)!

And doesn’t Nichelle look fantastic?

77. helenofpeel - September 15, 2008

Congrats to the couple.

I don’t see how anyone can be a Star Trek fan and not believe in equality for all…

78. CmdrR - September 15, 2008

Many happy years, gentlemen.

79. shinzon of TARDIS xd - September 15, 2008

while i do not support gay marriage in a religious format, i do feel if a gay couple wants to get married secularly they should be able to. I hope George and Brad are very happy together; when i was a kid i met George at a convention in 1991 and he’s one of the kindest people, gay or straight, you will ever meet… :)

but why am i against religious gay marriage? because religions cater to individual groups while civil marriages have one standard for all…

should christian demoninations be forced to let a practicing wiccan in and adapt its tenets to allow spellcasting? no, because religions, like departments in starfleet, cater to individual groups…you don’t see a doctor in starfleet training people in tactical procedures…

anyways, i’m all for tolerance; i’m merely stating that even in tolerance individual beliefs and groups must be respected and allowed to exist as-is, or else we risk becoming a Borg Collective without the cybernetic implants or telepathy…

therefore in the context it is in, i congratulate George and Brad on their union and i hope their love endures forever

P.S. to might help if you could post a thread detailing the clues hidden within filmed trek footage pointing to George’s sexual orientation, such as in the very beginning he was in botany, sulu and chekov’s excursion in the woods in star trek v LOL and the way sulu drank his tea in star trek vi, with his pinky extended,…any others?

80. Hallbjorn - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to the happy couple !

81. ~~TARA~~ - September 15, 2008

Congrats to the happy couple. I met George and Brad at Shore Leave this year and they are genuinely nice people. I wish them all the happiness in world. They deserved their day.

82. Starship Conductor - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad! May you continue to find everlasting love, joy and friendship! Live Long and Prosper!


83. JP - September 15, 2008

Yeah I mean I might not approve of it morally, but hey, best of luck to the both of them!

I met Mr. Takei, Nichols, Koenig, and Doohan at a special meeting thing after a convention and got their autographs. I must say Mr. Takei was really cool… that is, STILL IS pretty darn cool! lol

Koenig was the only one that was iffy. He sounded like he didn’t want to be there. It was late, but still. I was eight years old.

I also met the Shat when I was five I think. He called me a little alien. rofl

84. thatguyoverthere - September 15, 2008

Come on people, It’s like the the awesomeness of Star Trek ideals of equality, tolerance, and love, in real life today! How could Roddenberry object, I says. ;)

Best wishes on 21+ more years.

85. Odradek - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad!

86. tadayou - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to both of them – live long and prosper, indeed!

And I love the photo of Walter and Nichelle! They look both so touched.

87. Tiako - September 15, 2008

As a fellow gay man I have to say this, “Live long and fabulous!!!!!!!”

88. SteveinSF - September 15, 2008

Two people in love, make the ultimate commitment to spend their lives together till death do they part. What could be more “moral” than that? IF there is a great being that has the power to create everything in this amazing universe, would he/she or it really give a rat’s butt who falls in love and get’s married?

The pictures are great –loved seeing Walter and Nichelle, they look great!
I’m very happy for them both and wish them all the happiness in the world!

89. G-Boss - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad.

90. JWW - September 15, 2008

woah, look at nichelle, still a babe!

well done, lads.

91. The Underpants Monster - September 15, 2008

What gorgeous pictures! I wish I was half as elegant as Ms. Nichols.

92. NX01 - September 15, 2008

If George Takei is gay. Does that mean that Captain Sulu the character is gay? Hopefully one of you can answer that for me, I have always wondered.

93. Dab - September 15, 2008

A hearty congrats to George and Brad. What a joyous occasion for you both!

We have had equal marriage rights up here in Canada for a bit now, so I am glad to see that right is spreading.

94. Wrath - September 15, 2008

Nice one George. Congrats.

95. Harry Dog - September 15, 2008

No 92 if Sulu was gay – he’d also be a gay dad as Sulu’s daughter was in ST:Generations

96. DJ Neelix - September 15, 2008

Is Tom Hanks gay because he played such in Philadelphia? Is Jake Gyllenhaal gay because he played a homosexual and kissed another man in Brokeback Mountain? I believe the answer is no.

Why is it then so complicated or hard to understand that the charachter of Sulu was straight?

97. Duncan MacLeod - September 15, 2008

92. NX01

The mother of Sulu’s daughter is never mentioned in Canon. I don’t see why Demora cannot be adopted or concieved via surrogate or an egg donor. I can’t imagine in today’s era where we can have test tube babies, that the technology has not getting more sophisticated in the “Latter half of the 23rd century”

Huzzah to Brad and George. Myself and my lovely girlfriend are huge supporters of Gay Marriage. Morally, how does it affect me as a straight man? NADA NOT A BIT

98. Marc B. Lee - September 15, 2008

To my good pal George, congratulations! It’s about time !!! Take care of that guy Brad. Good to see you two making that solemn committment.

99. jon1701 - September 15, 2008


Congratulations to Brad & George.

100. mat - September 15, 2008

Good times !!

But no Shat cameo again ?

101. mat - September 15, 2008

ps what are the confetti string things on their wrists ?

102. SciFiMetalGirl - September 15, 2008

A super huge giant CONGRATS to the happy couple George and Brad!

Very proud and happy for you both! \\//_

103. Joe - September 15, 2008

Anyone who sees how happy they are can simply tell that this is just such a good and right thing for everyone…. Look at all those smiles!!!… I am happy just looking at the pictures…

I met George at a convention once.. ( as have most of you, I am sure..) and he is truly a warm and genuine person…

Thanks, Anthony for getting us these pictures…

104. thomoz - September 15, 2008

“I sincerely hope they are happy together, although I personally cannot morally condone this kind of union.”

Same thing might have been uttered when Shatner kissed Nichols on tv 39 years ago . . .

Be a better Christian and judge not! Just wish them the best!

105. Dennis Bailey - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to the happy couple!

106. deleted - September 15, 2008


107. Riley Martin - September 15, 2008

I’m surprised Brad still wanted to go through with it after what George did at his ‘bachelor party’ on Howard Stern. He was feeling up other guys, staring at naked men….very surprising to see that side of George.

108. Raphael Salgado - September 15, 2008


It’s a shame it took the our country (and only parts of it, no less) this long to acknowledge their right to do marry in the first place. Out of all the things our government has to stick their nose in, this shouldn’t be one of them. But enough of that.

I hope the both of you continue to find and enjoy the peace, the passion, the comfort, and the joy in each other all the days of your lives.

109. Raphael Salgado - September 15, 2008

P.S. It never would have been an Enterprise without a Sulu at the helm. Thank you for the past 42 years in Star Trek, Heroes, and even Ninja Cheerleaders. ;)

110. steve623 - September 15, 2008

Congratulations, gents! Many happy years together.

Doesn’t Nichelle look terrific?

111. GilmourD - September 15, 2008

Nice. :) I’m glad to see that George Takei has stayed so close to some of his Trek castmates. And to whoever said that he doesn’t look a day over 50, I agree! He’s keeping himself in good shape!

I wonder if they had the guy playing the bagpipes in honor of James Doohan?

112. Jerry Seward - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad, and Continued Happiness!!

113. Robert Gillis - September 15, 2008

I met George in 1990 and we had lunch at Quincy Market and took a trolley tour of Boston. He is articulate, passionate about humanity and community, funny, and may I say, a role model. I love the guy. It makes me so happy that he and Brad can, in George’s words, “Dignify” the relationship. George’s legacy was never about Star trek – it’s about fighting for dignity and equality. He has fought for equality for Japanese-Americans and the rights of others for years – this wedding is not just about his happiness and life with Brad but yet another shining example of how we are all equal and should be treated as such. Deforest Kelley used top speak about how many letters he received from kids who had entered medical school because of Dr. McCoy. I believe George and Brad’s high profile and very public, loving wedding will encourage many gay people that they can be public about their love, and have the relationship and wedding they want. God bless George and Brad! Happiness always!

114. Captain Hackett - September 15, 2008

Congratulation, George and Brad! I wish you to have a happy married life and enjoy your trip down in South America!

115. ster j - September 15, 2008

#111 I think the bagpipes were to honor Brad’s heritage, sort of equal time for George including Japanese rites.

I was surprised , then not, to see that George did not wear the ritual Japanese marriage garent (the one I accused of having tribbles on the sash at last year’s Oscars!) But then someone would have felt compelled to sing to him, “Here Comes the Bride.”

Brad and George must have sore facial muscles from all that smiling! And I agree that Nichelle looks GORGEOUS. Like a fine wine, she just improves with age.

“Happiness at least, sir(s).”

116. JohnnyMoo - September 15, 2008


117. ster j - September 15, 2008

Uh, make that “garMent.” Sheesh!

118. Dark_Lord_Prime - September 15, 2008

A very sincere and heartfelt congratulations to George and Brad!

“Second star on the left, and straight on till morning.”
“The human adventure is just beginning…”

119. Dark_Lord_Prime - September 15, 2008

er.. “Second star on the right,” even. >_>

120. ster j - September 15, 2008

Hey, here’s a video of their procession, piper, silly string and all!

121. Robert Gillis - September 15, 2008

Anthony, can’t you just delete posts like #79? Do we really need that?

122. Robert Gillis - September 15, 2008

I must admit Nichelle Nichols always looks beautiful! What a classy lady :)

123. Crusade2267 - September 15, 2008


124. SolFlyer - September 15, 2008

Congrats! A day long over due. Peace and long life.

125. RaveOnEd - September 15, 2008

My sincerest best wishes and congratulations to George and Brad! Also, I feel it was very nice and poignant to have it held at the Japanese American National Museum, given George’s involvement in it (both personally and organizationally).

Also, it was fantastic to see Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols as the wedding party. A lot of times you rarely see friendships last that long, especially those formed from a cast of a television series from over 40 years ago. It is wonderful to see them by George’s side on his happiest day.

My family wishes them nothing but the best for a great future.

126. cellojammer - September 15, 2008

Best wishes to George and Brad. Looks like it was a very happy day for them!

I hope they come to this site some day so they can see all the good vibes we’re sending their way!

127. serial killer - September 15, 2008

I would totally do Nichelle Nichols. She looks like Storm from X-men in that outfit.

Man i’d bang that all night.

128. AdamTrek - September 15, 2008


What the hell is wrong with post #79?

I think you read it and took it the exact opposite of the guys meaning.

BTW, TOS clearly established Sulu’s sexual orientation.

But anyway, this thread is about the actor. People should be able to post what they want. Anthony, I hope you don’t sensor words posted here just because someone may not like what they’re saying, unless someone makes physical threats to George and Brad. That is uncalled for, in any case, whether you agree or not.

129. Mack Patron - September 15, 2008

129: That’s like banging your grandmother! WTF is wrong with you?

130. Wolf Trek - September 15, 2008

Best Wishes George and Brad! You give the rest of us hope.

131. Craig - September 15, 2008

I’m truly upset and disgusted…. wheres the Enterprise cake topper?

21 years together… WOW!

132. Splurch - September 15, 2008

Congratulations, George and Brad!

Do you think that they did “The Sulu Dance” at the reception???

133. number6 - September 15, 2008

At long last!! I hope they have many happy years of wedded bliss!

I got to meet Altman at the con in Vegas. Takei brought him over to our table during our luncheon and introduced!!

Where’s Shatner???

134. R - September 15, 2008

I want that tux!
It looks awesome!

135. trekboi - September 15, 2008

Congratulations boys- “Oh My!” i guess thats all i can say on this site- lol
Oh and i chose to believe Sulu was gay- as there would be no laws against gay adoption in the 23rd century…

“Oh My”

136. OM - September 15, 2008

….Ok, the most important question about this union is this:

Who caught the boquet?


137. Robert Gillis - September 15, 2008

My problem with post 79 was twofold:

1-The “botany” line, pinky comment and the rest contribute to STEREOTYPES

2-Takei was asked if Sulu was gay. His response was that he was an ACTOR playing a character.

Can’t we just congratulate Brad and George and stop blurring reality with Star trek?

138. newman - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to Brad and George!

139. SpikedCanon - September 15, 2008


140. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 15, 2008

So much for the little training mission.

Congrats you two!

141. me - September 15, 2008

No Sulu was not gay, because the autors didn’t know George was in the 60s, I think. At least officially – if i am informed correctly – it didn’t come out during his Star Trek times. And so they made him straight.
Don’t know what they would have done nowadays, with the knowledge and a world that slowly becomes adult towards sexual orientation.

142. John Trumbull - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George & Brad!

The geek in me thinks it’s so cool that Chekov and Uhura were the best man & woman at the ceremony. It’s wonderful that TOS has fostered such strong real-life friendships among the cast (Shatner & Nimoy, Takei with Koenig & Nichols).

143. bman - September 15, 2008

All my best to George and Brad. I’ve met George at conventions many times over the years, but Brad has always stayed in the background, or was not present at all. How can anyone say that such relegation of a human being — the love of George’s life, no less — to the shadows is “moral” is beyond me. Finally, this year, I managed to chat with both of them in the full light of day. It was a pleasure to finally meet Brad as Brad, not just George’s manager or “that guy in the corner”.

Interestingly, George and Brad married on my eleventh “anniversary”. I put anniversary in quotes, because in our state, the basic right to marry who you love is still withheld. Someday, we’ll be able to walk in George and Brad’s footsteps.

144. magnumpc - September 15, 2008

With all of the hate and vitriol in the world, it’s wonderful that two people who love each other can find happiness!

Making it official has been a long time in coming but perhaps the tardiness of the legislation will make the final victory that more more sweet…

Congratulations, George and Brad!

BTW, love the tuxes! :) Also, it’s very cool to see Nichelle and Walter in attendance.

P.S.: Will there be an online photo scrapbook of wedding photos posted in the near future? Video of the happy couple (along with Nichelle and Walter) kicking up their heels perhaps?


George Takei’s To Do List
1. Roast Shatner. (check)
2. Get married. (check)
3. Get my own series as Captain Sulu. (in progress…)

145. tHE tRUTH iS oUT tHERE - September 15, 2008

IDIC! IDIC! IDIC! How can you be a fan of Star Trek and take offense to this Union? Congratulations George and Brad on furthing the ideals of Star Trek and staying true to your own course! Best Wishes to you both.

146. ObiWanCon - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad!

I hope they live long and prosper together.

147. Nika - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad!

I had the honor to meet George at the very first convention I attended 16 years ago. He set the precedent as a gracious and warm guest. I will always cherish the memory of shaking his hand and having him thank me for attending in that deep, sincere voice we all know and love.

I wish you at least another 25 years of happiness!

148. Xplodin' Nacelle - September 15, 2008

Is Walter Koenig gay too? …………..Does anybody know?

I’ve never heard him mention a wife, or girlfirend before.

149. Orb of the Emissary - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George & Brad!! May you and your love Live Long & Prosper!

150. Paulaner - September 15, 2008

They love each other. They are really happy to share their lives. This is the true celebration of human feelings, heart and spirit over prejudice.

151. eclecticism » Blog Archive » Links for September 12th through September 15th - September 15, 2008

[…] George Takei Marries: George Takei wed his partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, today in Los Angeles. The couple married in a ceremony in the Democracy Forum of the Japanese American National Museum,the museum Takei helped create to honor those forced, as he was, to live in WWII internment camp. In attendance were some of his Star Trek co-stars. […]

152. Raphael Salgado - September 15, 2008

I hope JJ Abrams pulls off ST:XI so much so that more fans will be clamoring for a Star Trek series set in the time of Star Trek VI. Captain Sulu of the Excelsior! If Paramount won’t do it, LET THE FANS DO IT!

153. Pragmaticus - September 15, 2008

148 – Walter has kids, at least one of whom has appeared on a Trek series before.

154. GilmourD - September 15, 2008

#153, yes, he’s married and has two kids. His son has not only appeared in Trek, but he was also Mike’s best friend on “Growing Pains”. I tried to post that before, but I think the name of his character got my post automatically thrown into the garbage bin. LOL

155. GraniteTrek - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George & Brad! Good to see them get to celebrate their union and have it accepted the way my wife and I got to celebrate our love publicly and have it accepted, because, really, aside from gender, it’s the same thing.

156. The Underpants Monster - September 15, 2008

“It’s wonderful that TOS has fostered such strong real-life friendships among the cast (Shatner & Nimoy, Takei with Koenig & Nichols).”

I KNOW! I can’t imagine meeting somebody at work and still being that close 40 years later.

157. Chris Dawson - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad,



158. star trackie - September 15, 2008

Congrats to the newlyweds!

159. Alex Rosenzweig - September 15, 2008

George and Brad, congratulations to you both! May you have many wonderful years together.

I felt very fortunate to be among the folks at Shore Leave who got to offer congrats in person, as well. George has always been one of my favorite convention guests, going back for many years, and it was wonderful to see him again in July, and to meet Brad, as well. Such nice people deserve all the happiness the world can offer them.

160. sean - September 15, 2008

Congrats, George & Brad. Awesome news!

161. stelpavlou - September 15, 2008

Maybe it’s because my wife and I just celebrated our first anniversary, but I got a little choked up seeing the pictures. I’m really pleased for them. Congratulations!

162. Thorny - September 15, 2008

141… “No Sulu was not gay,”

Also, Trek producers over the years made several references to either Lt. Hawk (“First Contact”) or Malcolm Reed (“Enterprise”) being intended as the first gay characters in Trek history. So at least as far as the modern Trek senior staff is concerned, Sulu was not gay.

Best wishes to George and Brad!

163. JimJ - September 15, 2008

#131-I’m sure he was “counting on Excelsior”!

164. supesguy - September 15, 2008

Congratulations Brad and George! I wholeheartedly condone happiness between any two people. Morally and otherwise! :D

165. Carlotta's Twin - September 15, 2008

Congratulations!!! This is so cool. I can’t imagine loving somebody so much and not being able to marry them. As the bumper sticker on Facebook says– “You [heteros] are allowed 2 or 3 marriages, and we can’t even have one?” I’m glad they’re married. It’s time for equality at last. Congratulations and may they live long and prosper together!
On an unrelated note, I love their tuxes.

166. James Heaney - Wowbagger - September 15, 2008

I’m happy to stay out of the thread because of my inability to say anything congratulatory, but would it be too much to ask that, since there is a “no condemning this union” rule, there also be a “stop calling everyone who has a problem with it a narrow-minded bigot” rule?

There’s been a lot of side-swiping in this thread of a very political nature, all directed at marriage traditionalists (10, 22, 28, 46, 77, 145, 150, to name a handful), and I think it’s rather hurtful and deliberately provocative. Please stop. As Tony, said let’s keep this thread about happiness, not political sniping.

That’s all. I’m not making a political comment; I’m just expressing a perceived double standard. Other than that, carry on. I’ll leave.

167. VOODOO - September 15, 2008

Best wishes to George and Brad.

168. Jon B - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to the both of them. I wish them a long and happy marriage.

169. NoRez - September 15, 2008

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.
All you need is love.

170. Adrian M - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to the both of them! And what a ceremony! It was thoughtful, tasteful, beautifuly done, and historically relevant.

I thought the CBS Early Show clip was really well done.

Happiness to them both.

171. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 15, 2008

Contrats George!!!!!!! 21 years together is fantastic!

172. Michael - September 15, 2008

Whereas as I enjoy a growing Domestic partnership license of sort in Washington state…it may be short lived, as a Governor to be in this state may get elected and undo what the current governor put into place. Homopohbia is alive an well in the good old USA. I pray George and his partner haven’t celebrated in vain, after California’s voter’s in Nov. have a chance to revoke the amendment. 1 step forward, and decade or more back.

173. American Raven - September 15, 2008

It’s good to see some of the old cast without Shatner trying to hog the limelight. It’s great to see Nichols, Koenig and Takai, all looking so young and happy.

Good wishes to George and Brad. May health, happiness and prosperity follow them forever.

174. Lou - September 15, 2008

They’ve been together so long…
may as well.

most couples don’t last nearly as long as they have.

Congrats to Takei and Altman.

175. Natalie - September 15, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad!!! I wish you all the best now and forever.

176. Dave - September 15, 2008

So! How is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

177. David P - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad

178. Leonel - September 15, 2008

Congratulations to George and Brad. Here’s hoping people will honor Anthony’s request and call a truce in this thread, so that others can congratulate the newlyweds as well.

179. Travitt Hamilton - September 15, 2008

Sweet, sweet IDIC.

180. Astroboy - September 16, 2008

All the happiness to George and Brad!!!

181. Denise de Arman - September 16, 2008

All the best wishes and happiness to George and Brad. They are certainly deserving after all these years. I love Walter’s raised fist in the last picture – “Finally!”

182. bman - September 16, 2008

I think Walter has his fist raised because he failed to make the Vulcan hand salute. That snapshot may have been taken when he finally gave up on it. In the CBS video, you can see him trying, and only has a flat hand raised, in a “how” gesture.

183. Trek Nerd Central - September 16, 2008

Congrats and many blessings!

How sweet that Uhura & Chekov were there, too. They all look adorable together.

184. ARGTREK - September 16, 2008

Congratulations to the happy couple. I live in Bariloche, one of the “must see” touristic places in Argentina. Would be great to meet them. I’ll keep my eyes open.

185. Doug from Afghanistan - September 16, 2008

#127: Please grow up and keep your potty mouth to yourself.

186. Doug from Afghanistan - September 16, 2008

#148: Speaking from experience, just because one hangs out with, or is friends with someone who is gay does NOT make them gay.

Walter’s wife Judy have been together since the 60s… and they have two kids. I believe his son used to be a semi-regular on the 80s “Growing Pains.”

ANDI have to congratulate George and Brad!!! I met George in the late 90s and he is a class act… and I thought he was gay even before he announced it (I figured it out when I read his autobiography).

Blessings to them both (from Afghanistan even)!

187. 8 of 12 - September 16, 2008

Congratulations! You guys are symbols of hope for me!

188. Anthony Pascale - September 16, 2008

Again a reminder (although I dont know why I keep having to say this) for those trying to turn this into a debate that will eventually have to be shut down, just skip this thread

189. Fred - September 16, 2008

Again, if you IGNORE THEM, they will go away. The fact you keep addressing them, is what fuels that kind of thing.
As for your feedback forum, you just delete those you dislike so its pointless.

190. John from Cincinnati - September 16, 2008

It’s good to see George, Walter and Nichelle have remained such good friends after all these years. How come Leonard wasn’t there?

191. krikzil - September 16, 2008

Lovely! I’m so happy for them. Wonderful pictures. George is such a nice guy and deserves this happiness.

192. j - September 16, 2008

Congrats, George. Proof that love can transcend all hatred and ignorance.

193. Xai - September 16, 2008

189 Fred.

I am taking your advice and perhaps you shouldn’t worry about it so much? It’s Anthony’s site.. his rules.

Good luck to the couple.

194. Matthew_Briggsuk - September 17, 2008

Congratulations guys.

My wedding is turning is to a fiasco. Guess when my partner has booked the Honymoon for. 05/08/2009 for 2 weeks. There better be an english cinema in Gran Canaria

195. Lyle - September 17, 2008

Call this a beautiful relationship that has lasted many years…

Call this a statement of love that all of us who value IDIC should respect and celebrate (as I do)…

Call it great that George, Walter, and Nichelle have remained close friends after all these years in a industry known for backstabbing and broken friendships…

Call George (and Walter and Nichelle too) very fit and healthy-looking for their ages…

Just don’t call him Tiny.

196. SpaceMonkeySteve - September 18, 2008

I must say, George Takei is by far, the absolutely awesomest gay man ever, and he pretty darn high up on the list of awesomest people ever. The fact that he’s always been so cool about everything regarding not only himself, but human rights in general is totally cool. He is by far my favorite Trek actor period, all shows/movies.

I remember meeting him one time at a convention (surprise!) My mother came with me (also a Trekkie) and she told him how much she loved his voice. He responded in the coolest, suavest, most manly sounding voice, “Well, I’ve been trained, you know.” Man, that guy is awesome. I think he’s one of my greatest idols, because he’s taught me to be what I am, and do what I want without having to fear what other people think about it.

When I heard about him getting married, I thought that it was a really cool thing. Nobody deserves this more than Mr. Takei does. The things he’s done for humanity, gay or straight, are enough to warrant several lifetimes of happiness.

And so, I say to you, Mr. Takei, you are awesome. Don’t change. And, of course, congratulations.

197. Georgia Brown - September 18, 2008

A very late Congratulations to the happy pair. Here’s to you…Cheers!!!!

198. Smack Callahan - September 18, 2008


“Nimoy didn’t appear to be there either did he? Sounds like Mr. Takei has some truly “supporting” players in Mr. Koenig and Ms. Nichols. And I’m sure Messrs. Shatner and Nimoy also wish the couple happiness.”

I bet he spent the day with Shatner, depressed because he wasn’t invited to Sulu’s Big Gay Wedding or Abrams Big New Trek movie.


199. Balok - September 18, 2008

Raising my glass of Tranya, congrats!

200. Alejandro - September 18, 2008


Lo mejor de la vida para los dos…

201. Makenzie - September 21, 2008

Wow. Best wedding ever. at a museum, with a Buddhist priest, and Navajo wedding bands? If I ever get married, I hope it’s this cool.

202. Peter Cheong - September 22, 2008

Go (Sulu) and Brad! May the wind be in your backs!

203. Goran Stojanov - October 5, 2008

Congratulations George and Brad. I hope you live happily for the rest of your lives. Live long and prosper, and may the wind be at your backs.
Your time is just begging, spend it well.
Best Wishes- Goran Stojanov

204. Maryanne - October 11, 2008

It is wonderful that after so many years together you could finally get married, so here is my belated congratulations and hope that you live happily together for the rest of your lives. It looks like it was a wonderful and well planned celebration, certainly something to remember.

Peace and Long Life.

205. mike - October 17, 2008

i’m happy for you guys!
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