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Update On Blu-ray Releases Of Star Trek Films November 10, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Feature Films (TMP-NEM) , trackback

It is now looking more certain that Star Trek movies are headed to the high def Blu-ray format in 2009. Friend of the site and periodic contributor Bill Hunt of the Digital Bits today has a follow-up on his recent report of rumblings at Paramount Home Entertainment regarding at least some of the Trek films.

TOS first
From the Digital Bits Rumor Mill:

Also, watch for a Blu-ray Disc box set of all of The Original Series-based Star Trek feature films, including Star Trek: The Motion Picture (the theatrical cut, NOT the extended cut, as all the extended cut CG effects were produced in 480p and would have to be redone for HD release), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Star Trek: Generations MAY or may not be included as well (as it features Kirk and a few other Original Series crew members).

Confirmed by TrekMovie sources
Not that Bill needs it, but TrekMovie sources also confirm that work is ongoing now on a TOS movies Blu-ray box set (also likely to be sold individually). Timing is expected around the time of the release of the new Star Trek feature film in theaters. According to sources these are to be new remasters of both the film and audio and there are new special features as well.

Still no word on the four TNG feature films or the five Star Trek TV series, but the first two series to be released on Blu-ray would be The Original Series and Enterprise, as both are already HD ready. The final season of TOS Remastered is released in the next week on standard DVD (review coming up shortly).

CBS and Paramount are still not commenting on the record regarding any Blu-ray Star Trek releases, so consider everything above subject to change and not officially confirmed.

More info at the Digital Bits


1. Andrew Howe - November 10, 2008

Trek on Blu! Finally!

2. Spock's Brain - November 10, 2008

I’m saving my pennies…

3. Jason - November 10, 2008

So- no director’s edition for TMP?!? Why not go all out, and restore all the multiple cuts of each film (I, II & VI all have multiple versions), give us like some big monster 15 disc set for all six films (two discs each, then throw in a 2 disc for XI, and a bonus disc- maybe digital copies of the films?)

4. Mark Anton - November 10, 2008

That sure was poor planning to do all those new effects for TMP in lower resolution. Man, that is really disappointing. The current dvd has a lot of specks in the print. Really too bad, because the Director’s cut is really a superior film to the orginal. I was hoping we’d get a better print of TMP Directior’s cut when it came to Blue Ray. Do you think they would really do all those effect in higher resolution again?

5. Daniel Shock - November 10, 2008

I was CERTAIN… and now I’m less certain… that Darren Dochterman had stated that the effects WERE rendered in HD.

6. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 10, 2008

Where the F is Dirty Daren??????????????????????

I bought my 65″ and now my other 73″ specifically to see TMP Directors edition in HD

If they go cheap once again and release the old video version I wil be extremely F-ing pissed and will BOYCOTT ALL TREK ON BLU-RAY

7. Izbot - November 10, 2008

I’ll say it again — why, if Blu-Ray discs have so much more space on them, are new movies like Hellboy 2 being released in special 3-disc sets?!? Waste, waste, waste.

8. Bill - November 10, 2008

Yeah, the effect team mentioned over and over again how they were hoping to get the director’s cut in theaters or high def. Also the remake wasn’t exactly an extended cut. There was the 79 version which is on film, the ’80 version which may not be possible to copy to Blu and the 2002(?) version which I’m certain has higher quality. Perhaps they meant the extended ’80 cut wouldn’t be on board.

9. John Ozdundar - November 10, 2008

No they were not. It has been unfortunately stated several times by all involved that the fx render passes and composites were only conducted in standard def.

Paramount wanted to keep costs in check when producing a special edition of TMP. They probably were sure how marketable the first film would be beyond devoted trekkers.

It was poor planning as #4 already said, but this release came out in 2001, about seven years before blu ray hit it big. So it’s not suprisiing.

10. Vulcan has no moons - November 10, 2008

You suppose we’ll get that deleted scene from Star Trek II, where Spock says Savik was half Vulcan and half Romulan?

I only have it in a poor quality, I’d like it in SD or HD quality. :)

11. Lousy_Canadian - November 10, 2008

Yay! Where Star Trek belongs! :D

12. Dave - November 10, 2008

This is ridiculous. TMP isn’t going to be the Director’s Cut?! THEN DON’T RELEASE IT UNTIL YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT!

Jimminy Christmas, folks. This is one case where the general concensus is that the Director’s Cut is far superior to the original. At least release both Day and Date instead of jerking us around, because we all know that the DC will eventually come out on Blu Ray. I guarantee you, Paramount is just fishing for that fat double-dip money. As uninspired as the transfer for TMP: DC is on standard def DVD, I will stick with that until further notice, thank you very much.

13. ScottDS - November 10, 2008

My first reaction was, “I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.” On the other hand, it would be nice to have the original theatrical version on HD for posterity and if Paramount wants to take their time to redo the new FX, then I’m all for that.

14. VOODOO - November 10, 2008

Blu-ray is nothing short of amazing.

I can’t even watch my old dvd’s now that I have a Blu-ray player.

15. OneBuckFilms - November 10, 2008

The effects were rendered at 480p as a cost cutting measure.

The creative team wanted to render at Film resolution, but it would have been expensive at 4k or 8k resolution, and at that time, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD did not exist in the general market.

The DVD was targeted for DVD, and there was no reason to render and composit at a resolution higher than 480p at the time.

I would like to see this material re-rendered, and released on Blu-Ray, since the Directors Edition is as much a tribute to Robert Wise as it was a definitive version of the film by his hand.

16. Ziptick - November 10, 2008

No Star Trek VI? Am I missing something?

17. Sean4000 - November 10, 2008

Hope they’ve done something to spruce up TOS-R’s inconsistencies.

Bring on Enterprise Season 4!!!

18. cpelc - November 10, 2008

Why do most sources say that TOS-R S.3 releases on the 18th not the 11th?

Has this been changed?

I was sure it was the 18th…I do work for a video rental company as well.

19. Anthony Pascale - November 10, 2008

sorry my bad on the TOS 3 release. I just got my copy and new it was coming out on a tuesday, got tomorrow and next tuesday confused. I am working on my review now.

20. DaveM - November 10, 2008

#7 – The films being released on 3-disc sets are for DVD. While Blu-Ray may have more space on the discs, the higher resolutions of the films and the enhanced sound tracks eat up a lot of that space.

Blu-Ray is not considered by many to be the killer app that replaces DVDs. The studios and many in the industry still consider DVD to be the main product of choice by consumers. The initial expense of Blu-Ray and all the discs is still out of reach of the typical consumer.

Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits has expressed these same details on his web site numerous times. DVD is here to stay for a long, long time. Blu-Ray is nice, but DVD is more affordable and that makes it the first choice of the studios and consumers alike,

21. Will - November 10, 2008

I’m glad to hear that the theatrical version of TMP will finally be released. While it’s not as good as the director’s cut in either visuals or plot, it was the movie we saw in ’79.
On the other hand, why on earth didn’t Paramount spring for the new effects in 1080p? It’s not as if the rise of HDTV was unknown in 2001.
Ideally, we should be able to get both versions. Do you hear that Paramount? I want to buy two more copies of a movie I’ve already bought 3 times!

22. CaptainRickover - November 10, 2008

No plans for the TNG movies (at last First Contact?). Well, then I don’t see a reason to buy the blue rays, the necessary player and a HD-tv.

23. Splock - November 10, 2008

Look at the numbers people. A small poll conducted on this very site states that 40% aren’t even considering purchasing a Blu Ray player EVEN for Trek. Spinning discs are primitive technology and Blu Ray is Sony’s death rattle. And don’t get me started on DRM. I’m not putting down HD, but really how far away are we from having the capacity to put the entire Original Series on a single USB stick?

24. Dave - November 10, 2008

Paramount in another”doesn’t plan ahead” shocker. As soon as the new cut of TMP is on Blu Ray I’ll have my excuse to actually go buy a player. Right now, not so much.

25. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 10, 2008

Ok. Tos on Bluray is fantastic. But Tmp The Directors Edition has to be on Bluray. It’s Simply a far Supiror Version the the origanl. I like the first just fine but please have tmp dr edition on there. Also. On the Tos Series there are some Deleted scenes from the Episode Where no man has gone before. Please do something with that and put that on there in the deleted scenes file along with any other Tos Deleted Scenes. That would be so kool.

26. Canadianknight - November 10, 2008

I’ll snap up the BD releases of the movies, PROVIDED they have all the previous special features included, and the same options. So, I will NOT purchase TMP on BD until the director’s cut is re-done with 1080p effects. (I hope.) As for the rest of the flicks, like I said… must have the same options.

27. They call me Stasiu - November 10, 2008

Even if the TMP Blu-ray is just the theatrical cut, I’m hoping the image is seriously cleaned of dust and scratches (but not the grain).

28. G-Boss - November 10, 2008

It’s about time!

29. StalwartUK - November 10, 2008

No TNG films, no director’s cut of TMP, no deal. TMP probably could’ve benefited more from the Blu-ray format than any of the other films.

Theatrical Cut + Director’s Cut + Extras could’ve been an ideal package. If Paramount can remaster the audio and video, then how much would re-rendering the new footage in HD cost over that? Especially then many consider the director’s cut to be the superior version of the film.

Shame again about the TNG films. Seems like these days any Star Trek that doesn’t feature Kirk or Spock gets shunned.

30. Thomas Jensen - November 10, 2008

I certainly won’t be buying a box set if ST:TMP Special Edition isn’t included with HD CGI. Looks like I’ll wait for the separate releases of each movie.

What is the problem? I thought the Special Edition was rendered for possible big screen release?

31. Dave - November 10, 2008

@29, I don’t think Paramount is “shunning” TNG films. More, I would suspect that TNG films are being held back to 1) More specifically market the new film and 2) to allow for yet another major roll-out of Blu-Rays, possibly timed to the release of the new film on Blu-Ray. I doubt anyone at Paramount is dissing TNG.

32. jason - November 10, 2008

I would pay $1000 for TNG on Blu-Ray. Then again, I’m pretty dumb.

33. T Negative - November 10, 2008

You have got to be kidding me Paramount. Robert Wise does this awesome Directors cut of his movie and you cheap SOB’s won’t release his version on BD???

What a slap in the face to Wise, Dochterman and all the fine folks who worked on that release.

Sheeesh Paramount, get your s–t together. :(

34. dalek - November 10, 2008

Excellent news about Blu Ray episodes!

As for the Theatrical cut, thats good news, because that wasn’t released on DVD as far as im aware, and I like to own all. Hopefully the Director’s edition can be re-rendered!

35. Brian - November 10, 2008

It’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re only getting the theatrical cut. Paramount’s ineptitude continues to amaze me…. of course, it’s always possible they’re gonna release a “30th Anniversary” Edition of TMP next fall so that we all double-dip.

36. Brian - November 10, 2008

I’m definitely not touching the theatrical cut but I’ll buy all the other films.

37. Glenn - November 10, 2008

I was disappointed that they never released the original version on DVD anyway, so I might actually get the blu-ray if it’s the theatrical edition. At last I could retire another laserdisc!

38. Mike T. - November 10, 2008

I agree with #23 SPLOCK, in a few years we will have movies on USB flash drives, music is already being sold on it now.

Just think, not having to worry about scratched or dirty discs, no waiting for the player to read the disc, instantly hopping to the scene you want.

We will have come full circle, from the days of playing music and video games on ROM cartridges to movie and video game DVD’s and Blueray Discs and then to compact USB flash memory drives.

39. Vulcan has no moons - November 10, 2008

@ 20,

What bothers me about Blu-Ray is that Sony’s top scientists said they don’t expect the format to last more than 5 years… and this is a kick in the DragonBallz! I mean, I just bought a PS3 and I’ve started to collect BD films, they now tell me that it’s just a step towards another format much better than BD and mine is already useless?

Well gee… Thanks a lot $ONY!

I have around 1700 DVDs, don’t feel like RE-Buying my movies again for the sake of the BD quality when I’ll hear it’s going to die in 5-8 years. DVD lasted a bit longer!

Upsetting to say the least.

40. Gorn Captain - November 10, 2008

So much FUD going around…Blu Ray will probably be around for a good long time.

Some people predicted DVD would fall flat on it’s face back in ’98.

Not everyone has the bandwith to dowload movies let alone HD content. Some providers are putting limits on how much you can download in a month.

Having all of TOS on a memory stick sounds nice in theory, so long as the stick doesn’t go bad or you lose it! ;)

41. Vulcan has no moons - November 10, 2008


This isn’t some lame attempt to whip up a tension between DVD Vs BD. The facts are clear, Sony’s people and even some of their partners have said BD won’t last as long as DVD.

If THEY say this, who else has more authority then those who created the format?

Sure, Memory Stick media is in circulation already, I have one with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it was only SD quality. Not even close to HD. Yet the stick it’s self was capable of storing a BD disc.

Holographic storage which has been around for at least 10 years now, has STILL not reached the mainstream and yet, it’s capacity is far greater than BDs. They are much more environmentally friendly and can store incredible amount of data on a single credit card chip sized square.

Yet we’re here with the so called next Gen. media and it’s still a spinning disc. What’s wrong?!!?

Going from VHS to DVD was a revolution… Going from DVD to Blu-Ray is an update. Same physical format, different encoding… Sure it’s slightly different, but not revolutionary.

My hopes were to have these holographic storage instead of spinning discs!!!! I’ve seen working models 4 years ago! It simply read a small square and it stored 60GB! And no spinning discs! It wasn’t going to be rotten like some DVDs and some poorly made BD discs. Holographic storage comes in spinning discs today and in simple squares…

Sorry but I’m confused as to why we’re still at spinning discs and not data crystals, storing holographic data.





42. RD - November 10, 2008

TNG is DEFINITELY being re-mastered in HD. Major post houses in LA have been bidding for the massive project. The company that did the TOS gave me this info.

Everyone MUST remember that 7 seasons of TNG is a MASSIVE undertaking when you consider the 80’s video FX technology comprised a much larger percentage of the episodes than TOS. Clearly CBS is planning to move forward with it. Likewise Paramount would be foolish to ignore the TNG movies. Likely both will be part of a major marketing campaign following the release of XI film and Blu-Ray TOS versions.

Just stop and think it through. Further, it is likely that DS9 and Voyager re-mastered will not be released until TNG project is released. Especially since their more recent FX and general condition will hold up in syndication, even over HD digital broadcasts for a few more years. Again two MASSIVE projects of 7 seasons each.

43. Sean4000 - November 10, 2008


I know there were people interested in this endeavor. My company, LucidSFX, was one of them. We were negotiating with SideFX software to have them bid on our behalf.

If this is true, please feed us more insider tips.

EdenFX had BETTER get this one!

44. Simon - November 10, 2008

41: “This isn’t some lame attempt to whip up a tension between DVD Vs BD. The facts are clear, Sony’s people and even some of their partners have said BD won’t last as long as DVD”

They said no such thing.

They said that it would probably not be *as successful* as DVD, since that format’s success is unprecedented. They DO believe it will last a good while and be profitable.

“Going from VHS to DVD was a revolution… Going from DVD to Blu-Ray is an update. Same physical format, different encoding… Sure it’s slightly different, but not revolutionary.”

VHS lasted 25 years. Tape itself was used for decades (and still is).
DVD is 8.5GB, Blu-ray is 50GB, hardly just “different encoding”. You also go from a red laser (CD players had red lasers) to a blue-violet one. BD construction is a lot more rigid and less prone to scratches.

1080p has 6x the pixel density of 480i (which DVD is, it’s not true 480p).

BD has multichannel (up to 7.1) lossless audio, exact replications of the studio master. DVD is limited to either 2 channel lossless (PCM) or multichannel lossy.

The programming possibilites of the Java interactive have only been touched upon. BD is only 2 years old!

I’ve heard about holographics since the 80’s (I’ve been in electronics/computers since 1986). These days when people talk about it, it’s for HDD (hard disk) replacement, not video media.

45. VOODOO - November 10, 2008

“Going from VHS to DVD was a revolution… Going from DVD to Blu-Ray is an update. Same physical format, different encoding… Sure it’s slightly different, but not revolutionary.”

I agree to an extent, but for a true film lover their is no comparison. Blu-Ray is superior in every sense of the word.

46. lieud vejgrint - November 10, 2008

#32 and apparently pretty funny, too.

47. lieud vejgrint - November 10, 2008

I’m not buying BD. Too expensive and tired of this double-dip unless there are really great extra features, like DeKelley and Doohan tributes. I’ll just settle to watch them on my holo-deck instead.

48. Vulcan has no moons - November 10, 2008

@ 44 and 45,


I love my PS3 and I didn’t think I would. I love Blu-Ray, that’s why I bought the PS3.

I really wish that the format will live long enough for me not cursing down the road for having bought the same movies thrice or more.

One thing I’m having a bit of trouble with is getting used to the menus. Also it loads a bit slowly but as you say it’s a software based format so it takes time to decode etc.

I’m not one who’s for Digital Downloads, for me it HAS to exist on a shelf in my living room, apart of my collection. I don’t want it on a HDD.

As a real collector I think you’ll understand, when you collect things you’d like to own them fully and completely with inserts, cover and disc art work (remember Disney always put that as being a special feature? Geesh!)


Anyway, big question…

Should I invest in a BD player from Samsung or is my PS3 still ok to go with my series 4 Samsung 32 inch LCD?

49. Brian - November 10, 2008

I’m BD all the way….if people want to watch stuff in SD or compressed downloads with no features that’s their business. I like my stuff looking as good as possible. Even if BD were to become an enthusiast format like LaserDisc was that’s fine with me so long as the studios keep churning the stuff out.

#47- I believe there was a De Kelley tribute on the Star Trek VI disc.

50. Brian - November 10, 2008

#48-Stick with your PS3 for now. The hardware running that machine is far greater than anything Samsung is offering. Unless you’re afraid of excessive wear and tear on your PS3, I’d say hold off for now.

51. Prologic9 - November 10, 2008


There’s no way DS9 or Voyager will ever get a true HD release, the demand just isn’t there. What’s more they don’t need it from a quality stand point. That is to say; while lower in resolution their effects still hold up quite well, while TOS and even TNG’s effects work has become extremely dated.

52. Hooray For Blu Ray! - November 10, 2008

I’m glad that the TOS movies are finally coming to BluRay. As far as the original TMP coming to the format thats not the Director’s Edition, this can be a good thing. I, for one, did not like the sound effect changes they added for the DVD. Most of the bloggers here probably never EXPERIENCED the first movie in a theater when it came out back in ’79, but on small tv screens where you lose a lot of the theatrical impact. The DVD ambient sounds are nice and play well but they’re basically sounds we’ve heard from the series and on TNG. These are tv sound effects. To me, it cheapens the fact that Star Trek had moved up to the movies. They had the opportunity to liven up what was a rather darkly lit bridge but wasted the opportunity on old sound reels. Its a rip.

They also ruined the sound effects for Vger’s plasma energy weapons and the warp drive whooosh. In the theater, there was a more dramatic travelling sizzling sound as Vger’s plasma sphere goes from the left to the right. It properly introduces Vger and the destructive power it has as it travels towards earth. Impressive.

Also, when the Enterprise jumps to warp there was a build up of the engine hum as it crescendos to an almost shrill, as the ship goes transphotic and into warp. My very first reaction to seeing the film on a large 60 foot movie screen was to be thrown back into my seat. On the BIG SCREEN, it was like going on some roller coaster ride. Credit should be given to Doug Trumbull’s work to bring first-person cinema experience to the visuals. The DE DVD mixed some kind of 50s, radio frequency screech that ruined the theater experience.

Another sound effect I missed in the DE was the klaxxon alert and computer voice. In the theater, I remember the audience..well, okay some of us, jumping at the alerts as it did what it was intended to do; stand up and take notice..ALERT! The computer voice had the cool effect of filling the theater that was almost HAL-like. Having the computer voice there to alert, warn, give readouts probably took away from the supporting actor lines but I thought it was cool to have it there as an interactive component of the ship.

The Director Edition DVD dumbs down these sound effects and, at least for me, lessens the impact of what was The Motion Picture theatrical experience.

53. Vulcan has no moons - November 10, 2008

@49 Brian,

Thanks I’m glad to hear my PS3 is worth all the money I invested in it. :)

54. Enterprise - November 10, 2008

Yeah, for buying movies again.

55. thomoz - November 10, 2008

I’d take the 480p upsampled to 1080 fx over the original edit, anyday,
on ST-TMP. The original edit is hard to watch. I actually felt sorry for
Robert Wise, et. al when I saw the film the 2nd time. It looks like a rough cut plain and simple.

56. Franbro - November 10, 2008

#5, you would e certainly wrong….


57. Dan - November 10, 2008

I love the Robert Wise Director’s Cut of TMP, it’s the only cut I watch, or will ever watch!!!! So much for seeing it on Blue Ray!!

58. Lancelot Narayan - November 11, 2008

I too like the director’s cut of ST:TMP, but can everybody truly say the dig ALL the new effects shots? The nacelles visible in the observation lounge? Ewwwww!

A lot has changed since it was first released on DVD. It’s so easy to up-res the pictures. You simply run the master through a Nitris suite, press one button, and lay it back to a new master. Done. A new Hi-def master!

59. Chris Pike - November 11, 2008

58, agreed there were some misses with the DC TMP edition, along with some unsubtle sound fx, but it was RW’s preferred version and a vastly improved edit. There’s no doubt RW thought of TMP as unfinished in the rush to release in 79, and it’s an insult to a legendary director to not release HIS final version in BD!

60. captain_neill - November 11, 2008

Great to hear that the Trek movies will be coming out on Blu Ray

But why not realease all ten of them. Has JJ Abrams new film made everyone forgety about the other Star Trek shows.

Please TNG was a great show in its own right as well.

Don’t forget the spin offs.

61. Paul - November 11, 2008

This is very bad news then as sounds like Paramount is being cheapskates as usual where Trek is concerned. ST5 will be unlikely to get new FX & STMP not being the Directors Edition (which is Wise’s preferred cut) is a major mistake and backwards step. Nowadays the cost to hire a render farm to redo what 90 TMP or less CG shots @ HD res would be so cheap its an insult to Trek fans everywhere they are not prepared to do so!!

62. Bryan With Pointy Nacelles And Large Disk - November 11, 2008

Well the Paramount cash cow will finally be issued on Blu-Ray. Now to make all you Trekkers pony up for another version, they will finally throw in the original series bloopers and NBC tv spots to make you swallow. That is all they have left to release left in the vaults. Both the bloopers and NBC promos ARE public domain…and there is NO reason to hold it back any longer…..except for greed as a separate release at a exaggerated price.
Where do I put my money down?

63. Hilde-man in Texas - November 11, 2008

I agree with all the previous posts about TMP. This is the first I’m hearing about TMP DC having 480p shots in it. That’s really pretty amazing. Paramount was so cheap back then, not that things have changed much now. However, I would like to have the original cut just for completeness’ sake. I feel confident, as many of you do, that TMP DC will see a blu-ray release – maybe with Trek XII?

64. Imrahil - November 11, 2008

Well, I had put my TOS movies up on ebay until I saw this. I’ll hold on to my TMP DE for awhile, I guess.

65. Steve Short - November 11, 2008

Will a remastered “The Cage” be in this Remastered Star Trek Season 3 DVD?

66. iamspock - November 11, 2008

Both versions of TMP should be part of any forthcoming blu-ray release for the Trek films. That’s the beauty of blu – it has it all. Paramount should really reconsider if the plan is to go with the theatrical version.

67. Toonloon - November 11, 2008

I can’t believe some of you guys at times!!

You complain about cheapskate, money-grabbing Paramount but you fail to realise that if they can make an extra buck and release the Directors Cut later on, then they will. Whoever mentioned the 30th aniversary is right on the money.

And if they hadn’t released the original version of TMP then you cry-babies would have complained that THAT version should be the first one released on BD.


The only thing you should be worried about is whether or not the movies get remastered with new 4k scans or whether they just take their old masters and bump them up to 1080p, which if they do that, they had better add some great new features to the supplemental material. The new featurettes on The Godfather BDs are superb and that was Paramount, so lets just wait and see, eh? and stop all this bitching.

68. Jorg Sacul - November 11, 2008

Enterprise, Season Four on Blu-Ray. My victory is complete!

69. trekboi - November 11, 2008

im glad the theatrical version is being released- the Directors Edition may be a superior cut but it is a different experiance- we can have both.

i hope they have to redo the effects- at least the san fransisco bridge shots- they were made with plates from pictures taken from a digital camera on the bany of the bay and it shows.
they were the only fx shots that didnt match the quality and cinematography of the original fx.
they have no demension or contrast- just a blury soft tourist photos with flat drawings of buildings pasted on- so ugly i made my own directors edition re-inserting the one air tram shot and ufp seal.
their previsualisation work is better than the tourist shots they photo shopped- everything else was a beautyful enhance ment.
but we should have both versions avalible.

70. utterlee - November 11, 2008

42. RD – November 10, 2008
TNG is DEFINITELY being re-mastered in HD.

I’m very excited if that’s the case. I was watching a couple of ropey old smeary NTSC-PAL convertions of TNG Series 3 episodes on the television at the weekend and was thinking how much better they’d look if they were re-transferred from the original negatives.

Fingers crossed this happens.

And yes, it is a shame that TMP Directors Edition is not HD ready.

71. Andreas -horn- Hornig - November 11, 2008

hopefully, the BD version will have the remastered AND the cleaned TOS episodes in seamless branching in HD, and not as full episodes wasting space.
I really would love to see the new shots and switch to the restaurated but still unchanged hd shots of the show.
That would be my feature!

greets, Andreas

72. Bill - November 11, 2008

The Digital Bits never mentions the Director’s Cut. It mentions the “Extended Cut” had no effects ready. We’ve known this since 1980.


From the podcast audio commentary for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (47 minutes – 14 seconds)

Recorded in July of 2007.


“The goal was for a theatrical re-release of the film and when we went to the studio there was a question of what we could do with this. In the end our goal was always for theatrical presentation, but when we were given an opportunity to do it for DVD, the entire project was designed, planned, still is for is ready for being completed in the higher res high def and theatrical formats, so this version which Bob has now proclaimed is his final version of the fim is to withstand the test of time should be in it’s highest resolution for high def or otherwise. The point is that the 30th Anniversary coming up it’s a goal of mine [to see it released theatrically].”

73. Bill Hunt - November 11, 2008

Just a quick note – just because The Motion Picture: Director’s Cut isn’t being released on Blu-ray this time, doesn’t mean it won’t be revisited at some future date. The fact remains that the new CG effects for Wise’s preferred cut were NOT rendered for 1080p resolution. They can certainly BE re-rendered at this resolution for a future BD, and I have in fact personally forwarded Daren Dochterman’s contact information (along with word of his willingness to contribute to an HD master) to the proper personnel at Paramount Home Entertainment. But the costs are not insignificant and it would take time in any case to create a new HD master with re-rendered effects. It’s somewhat unreasonable to expect it to be done in time for this first release. But if these BDs sell well, you can probably assume that the title will be revisited at some point, and this way you’ll eventually get to have both versions in high-def. Blu-ray is still a fairly new format, guys. You just can’t expect to get EVERYTHING you want right away. These things take time.

74. Alien Face - November 11, 2008

Hell, if rendering cycles are a problem, I’ll volunteer my server. lol. Seriously, I’ll render it in no time flat.

75. Bill - November 11, 2008

Thanks for the info Bill. Both the original info and this update!

76. Brian - November 11, 2008

Thanks for the info Bill! Love the bits!

77. ScottDS - November 11, 2008

I wonder if they’ll record a new commentary for the original theatrical version. If they use the commentary for the Director’s Edition, they might have to edit some of Robert Wise’s comments (which appear to have been scripted in advance) that pertain only to the DE.

IMHO, they should bring in Robert Meyer Burnett (documentarian and director of Free Enterprise) and film/music historian Jeff Bond (who has recorded commentaries for many Fox titles and wrote a book several years ago called The Music of Star Trek).

78. DVDnotBluray-guy - November 11, 2008

I’m assuming these will also be released as standard DVD, yes?

79. Benjamin Adams - November 11, 2008

Sorry, Paramount. I won’t touch these until TMP’s Director’s Cut is released in Blu-Ray. I’m not going to pay — again — for an unfinished film when the finished version is already on my shelf.

80. CsMisi - November 11, 2008

I know, that there was a reason I didn’t buy TOS Remastered or Enterprise or any other Star Trek on DVD … Blu-ray is the way to go for me.

81. Xybr - November 12, 2008

If they choose to remaster TMP Director’s Edition for Blu-ray with the new F/X, it would be cool if they could supply the original versions of the redone scenes and offer a Special Feature that lets you see those scenes side-by-side. They could also enable you to watch either the Final Version or Theatrical Version of the film, besides 50GB’s is a plenty of storage for uncompressed audio and a superior MPEG-4 AVC or VC1 1080p video stream. then they could show the true power of Blu-ray (also happened to be a capability of the defunct HD DVD, but I won’t quell on unfortunate choices). Also, I hope Paramount makes these releases count, no one wants a repeat of the crappy original DVD releases that were released backwards (from ST9, ST8, ST7, ST6, etc) til they got to TMP and then they moved forwards releasing the Special Editions til they got back to Nemesis.

82. Holger - November 12, 2008

Maybe in a few years.

83. Joshua J. Slone - November 12, 2008

78: They’ve already been available on DVD for years, unless you’re that into whatever new special features there are.

84. Matt Wright - November 12, 2008

So no proper director’s edition of TMP, I understand the 480p problem, which was just terrible, terrible planning on Paramount’s part considering it was remastered in this decade.

Darren, do you know if any one saved all the raw render files, etc.?

If so it could be spruced up and then re-rendered targeted for say 2k resolution archival uses, and then it could be released on Blu-ray.

The D.E. will very likely be a double-dip version in a few years.

On the plus side, I’ve never liked the new sound mix for the D.E. you can tell the bridge sounds aren’t really quite right, they never felt like they belonged into the sound mix.

And I too am looking forward to an Enterprise season 4 set. It’s really the only season that doesn’t feel like “history according Voyager.”

85. Sean4000 - November 12, 2008

But, Matt, this is Paramount. Should we EVER expect proper planning on their part?

I’ll volunteer to render on my nickel if at all possible.

Bring on Enterprise Season 4! “In A Mirror Darkly, Part II” in 1080P, WAHOO!!! Look out CBS-D!!!!

86. Matt Wright - November 13, 2008

Sean4000 — yep, yep, this is true, I don’t expect much from Paramount these days when it comes to back catalog. Now if they’d only pay attention to their past films like Warner or Sony or even Disney (which just started to) has.


87. Eric Phillips - November 13, 2008

I thought that the Director’s Cut was transferred at HD, and the project files are at HD, but to save money rendering was limited to 480p (which would have shaved off at least 4x or more rendering time over 1080p), but that when called for they could easily bring up the files and finish in HD,

I swear this is talked about on the download commentary for TMP Director’s Cut from the crew who finished the VFX. They had wanted an HD output to make a 35mm print for projection, but were denied.

I absolutely love TMP-TDC. I can’t go back and watch the original. The worst part is the unfinished soundtrack. And the pacing is slow in comparison.

Maybe they should have split the difference and shot to get a 720p master back then as it seems that Paramount will not do the right thing for the fans (or else they will withhold it and market it separately to get more of our cash).

88. Sean4000 - November 13, 2008

Matt, that is so true. I only hope that the releases are of at least good quality. I can confirm that Lowry Images got to clean up FC and TVH. So, there is some level of care being given to the films. One thing we can be certain of is that if there’s money to be made, a double dip will occur. We’ll see.

You’ve got to see this review of Fox’s Young Frankenstein:


89. Matt Wright - November 13, 2008

I’m glad Lowry was in on FC and TVH, as of course they are the most popular of their respective movie series.

I was just watching the First Contact trailer here on TrekMovie and it reminded me just how much I love that movie.

90. Sir Real - November 14, 2008

Don’t buy Bluray!!!!

Wait for it to come out on isolinear data chip!!!

91. Kapt K - November 17, 2008

What I don’t see here is any outrage or old fashioned head-scratching that the NEW remastered TOS sets are in the now defunct HD-TV (Toshiba) format and NOT Blu-Ray. This was to be my Christmas request this year until I realized the discs won’t play on Blu-Ray players. WTF !?!???

92. Sean4000 - November 17, 2008

They are coming out on Blu-ray, we just have to wait a little longer.

93. C. Hall - November 18, 2008

I just hope that all of the original films will be completely uncut, especially on 3 & 4. They didn’t even mention about deleted scenes. To me I feel that’s important. If they are going to make this the best dvd boxset. They’re going to have to add more than just interviews and documentaries. Add the deleted scenes back in to make them worth buying. I know 3 & 4 had alot of scenes cut from those two. The two films were three hours long when I went to see them back in the 80’s.

94. Flux Chiller - November 28, 2008

Guys, if you need the original TMP version in a half decent format, there are still LD’s out there, and they look and sound great with the sound effects as God intended (sorry but the new Klaxons are so, so wrong).

Fingers crossed someone at Paramount sees sense (yeah, as if!) and we actually get both versions out there. Would be nice for them to listen to the fans for once in life!

95. Lee - December 11, 2008

It sucks that they are even thinking about releasing the theatrical cut of TMP on blu, the extended cut is superior however, we need a brand new master made , cleaned up and with new HD effects shots. I watched the extras on disc 2 and some muppet was on about how they made the new effects shots grainy to match the original footage???? like he thought he was being clever? ……

96. Robert - December 17, 2008

Maybe when the new Star Trek movie comes out . I hope they will, and it’ll be nice to see the original versions in high definition while I really enjoyed the director’s cuts.

97. Star trek lost me. - January 7, 2009

I dont even know what Star Trek is anymore. It is almost a forgotten past.

98. Enterprise - January 17, 2009

oo ooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooo oo
oo ooo oo

99. Joe piskapo - January 19, 2009

A new master for the TMP definitely has to be done, but how hard is it for them to go back, grab the original data files used to make all those fancy new CGI effects, and re-render them? I’m sure it is slightly more complicated then telling the PC to use the original data and generate a 1080p or higher image, but shouldn’t be impossible. I figure the more expensive part would be getting the artists to render and design all the new shots in the first place? Putting it through the render farm again shouldn’t be that expensive right? It’s all 3D data right?

100. hood - January 19, 2009

paramount would rather wait see how good sales are before they release alternate cuts or wait until future star trek projects when the hype for these would be at its peak just be happy that we are getting trek on blu ray its a new format u cant get everything at once

101. Phillip - March 17, 2009

I really thought once Blu-Ray became THE winner that movies like Star Trek series would be rushed out to take advantage of Blu’s momentum. I mean those are the kinds of movies I bought a Blu Ray player for. If they don’t hurry it’s gonna become an expensive doorstop.

102. James Powell - May 14, 2009

Blu Ray is more than an upgrade. It is far superior to DVD. I still haven’t been too keen on repurchasing movies. Only ones I really love will be on Blu Ray. DVD’s have gotten better, but it is still a compromise in mastering. I have noticed newer DVD releases tend to look better, when upconverted better than older DVD’s that look grainier.
I can see why studio’s have the struggle to re-render fx for older movies. It is expensive and probably hard to recoup the cost, especially when competing with newer movies.
My point of view if there is a demand for it, than do it right. Don’t piss off people that by your product.
I expect a lot from Blu Ray and I am very pissed at SONY for producing 720P games for the 1080P 47″ Phillips LCD, I purchased. I bought the PS3 mostly for the Blu Ray.
They should call 720P Yellow Ray and 1080I Green Ray. 1080P Blu Ray.
I like the classic Star Trek films and all of the series. I want to see them done as best as possible on Blu Ray and no executive bullshit decisions to leave things out. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

103. Kate - May 17, 2009

so am I right in thinking only the motion picture is not in this set as a directors cut

also any ideas on when the remastered season 2-3 of the orignal series will be out I am debateing on if its better to wait or buy the dvd versions next month

104. Ethan - November 30, 2009

I justed watched the Director’s Cut on a film print about 2 months ago and the effect shots looked fine. When they printed it out to film they must have used HD special effects shots otherwise the transfer to film would suffer greatly.

It would be a huge mistake to print 480p images onto 35mm film. I should have asked Mr Dochterman as he was at the screening.

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