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Star Trek Movie Nominated For Five People’s Choice Awards November 10, 2009

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With recent wins at the Spike Scream Awards and Hollywood Film Festival, Star Trek has been on a roll with awards, so it should come as no suprirse that today JJ Abrams movie picked up five nominations from the People’s Choice Awards. See below for more details and how you can vote.


Star Trek People’s Choice Nominations

The New Star Trek movie was nominated in four categories, here they are.

Breakout movie actress:

Breakout movie actor:


Favorite movie:

And since it is the "people’s choice" you can vote for Star Trek at

The People’s Choice Awards Show will be broadcast live on CBS on January 6th (hosted by Queen Latifah).




1. Pat D. - November 10, 2009


2. George - November 10, 2009

This is great it’s about time Star Trek gets noticed by the general public

3. Markonian - November 10, 2009

Let’s hope Star Trek wins!

4. byron - November 10, 2009

i’d like to think star trek could win, but the twilight spam will overwhelm.

5. thecapn - November 10, 2009

And for favorite movie, I’m sorry guys, but I gotta go with The Hangover.

6. Jordan - November 10, 2009

I am afraid that the Twilight people will overwhelm this and carry them off to victory. What a mediocre film.

7. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 10, 2009

You can’t keep our favorite franchise down. :-) Screw Twilight.

8. P Technobabble - November 10, 2009

As cliche as this sounds, I think it’s pretty awesome that Star Trek was nominated at all. It is an indicator that the majority of people who saw this movie LIKED this movie. If it doesn’t win, its mere presence in the “people’s choice” is a good sign.

9. Charla - November 10, 2009

Twilight won’t stand a chance if we all join in and vote vote vote!!! We can do it!

10. Lt. Liz - November 10, 2009

As much as I’d love to see ST win, Twilight is probably going to take over yet again. So let’s go kick their sparkly asses and show them who’s the REAL boss!!!! >:)

11. OneBuckFilms - November 10, 2009

Put my votes in.

12. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 10, 2009

Okl. Twilight will be Torpedoed and phased out by the Big E. I have already Voted and will Vote again and again.

13. I am not Herbert - November 10, 2009

I’m sick of this “popular” crap…

Give me REAL Sci-Fi, like “District 9″ or “Hunter Prey”!!!

14. Andy - November 10, 2009

Wow, this should be a massive clash between the Twilight fanbase of tween girls and Trekkies.

I hope we obliterate those annoying emo vampires.

15. wickedjacob - November 10, 2009

Pine and Quinto . . . nothing like two nominees from the same film to make sure neither of them wins. I guess it depends on the meaning of “break out.” Quinto’s task was more difficult but Pine is probably the one getting more phone calls.

16. NuTrekFan - November 10, 2009

Nothing says rabid like the original rabid fans…lets show dem Twilighters who’s boss!!

17. The Original Spock's Brain - November 10, 2009

can’t get excited about these crappy awards…

18. Lore - November 10, 2009

#13 Its that kind of attitude that gave us STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE. BTW if the movie is popular that means its making money which is the name of the game, and guarantees a sequal.

19. garen - November 10, 2009

how was Trek not nominated for Favorite On Screen Team???

20. Charla - November 10, 2009

I agree Garen, the screen team should have went to Star Trek too- but evidentally didn’t get the majority votes.

As for sealing the deal, we need to do some serious voting to see our movie succeed!

We can do it!

21. Happy Russia - November 10, 2009

The Hangover, FTW!!!

Seriously, though, funk Star Trek and Twilight. Twilight has its glittering fanspam and Trek has its mainstream, mindless modern moviegoing spam.

Is this “favorite franchise” award nominating the Star Trek franchise as a whole? You know, the 40+ years of awesomeness? Or this one year of mediocrity?

22. Charla - November 10, 2009

I am confused, you can’t vote for fav franchise on the PCA site? It is listed here but not on the PCA website.

23. Third Remata'Klan - November 10, 2009


I was just voting, and the ONLY way to vote for some categories, including Favorite Franchise, is by texting with your mobile phone.

I don’t even have a cell phone.


24. OneBuckFilms - November 10, 2009

21 – Another Flamebait post. 95% on the Tomatometer tallies with the overall opinions of most Trek and Non-Trek fans I’ve spoken to personally: The Star Trek Movie is NOT mediocrity.

You are probably right: the Favorite Franchise was probably spawned by the movie, and would likely be voted on based on that, rather than the franchise as a whole.

25. Ampris - November 10, 2009

24: But one movie doesn’t really count as a ‘franchise,’ does it? I’m pretty sure they’re referring to Star Trek as a whole. Not that the majority of voters will be thinking about that, but certainly most –if not all– of them are aware that Star Trek is bigger than one movie, even if it’s just peripherally.

Cool about Trek being nominated, though. I’ll be voting ASAP.

26. CarlG - November 10, 2009

Twilight? Gah. Cleanse it with fire. Go Trek!

27. Paul-Fitz - November 10, 2009

I dont get Twilight, though I could only stand to watch 30 min of it. . .
My niece is 9 years old, and is obsessed with it, though it may be due to her friends liking it (or being told that they like it by the hype), so is it really the peoples choice or is it a fan dedication test? The results should tell a lot.

28. Son of a Maui Portagee - November 10, 2009


Just so you know there isn’t any meaningful data in these polls Tomato/People’s. It’s not as if there’s any mathematical rigor or science in their design and vote gathering mechanisms. It is a puzzle why people with a professed interest in science try to claim they signify anything beyond meaningless unverifiable anecdotal evidence?

29. VOODOO - November 10, 2009

David Duchovny hit it right on the head when he said the folling about the “Twilight” series.

“It’s lame like that ‘Twilight’ bullsh*t. I have no patience for that crap. It’s not writing, it’s like Bound toilet paper.”

30. captain_neill - November 11, 2009

I hope it wins

just feel about sad that past Trek movies never got this honour.

I hope this helps people recognise the whole Trek franchise and not just the one movie.

31. jezza - November 11, 2009

If Star Trek win it will be because

1. Twilight and Potter splitting the fantasy vote

2. Hangover and Proposal splitting the comedy vote

Star Trek and Hangover are the only serious options nominated. Imagine Tyson punching the Patterson prick to In The Air Tonight with Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper holding his arms.

32. John - November 11, 2009

This film is beautiful to look at, but it sure wrecks up canon!!!

33. wickedjacob - November 11, 2009

When did Duchovny say that? He really shouldn’t be talking about poorly written movie scripts. Some of the movies he’s signed on for haven’t been exactly genius (evolution, 2nd x-files, zoolander).

34. Brett Campbell - November 11, 2009

30 – “just feel about sad that past Trek movies never got this honour.”

I totally agree, as there were certainly others that deserved it more.

35. Seany-Wan - November 11, 2009

Hate to say it, but “Twilight” wins.

On another note, I was watching “The Big Bang Theory” and was thinking how perfect it would be to cast Brent Spiner as Sheldon’s dad. Anyone agree?

36. Check the Circuit! - November 11, 2009

I like Trek’s chances against Twilight. Yes there are a lot of passionate young girls that will vote over and over. But we can take ’em! And remember, despite the rabid fan-base, it’s box office gross was ONLY $191mm while Trek hit $258mm. Yes, multiple viewings were a factor for both films but critical mass is clearly on our side.

@5 I’m sorry, but you’re banished from this site forever. ;) (The Hangover was hysterical!)

37. Losira - November 11, 2009

1st I agree totatoly that that the entire trek franchise should sgare the honors along with the movie! As for twightlight, vampires come and they go.who wuill where fangs next year? Trek has brn with us 40 years plus. HEY I thought vampires lived 4ever?

38. colonyearth - November 11, 2009

The link isn’t working right now. Will check back to vote for Trek.

39. John - November 11, 2009

#33 He said it on his show Californication. Well the character he plays on the show did, Frank Moody.

40. Trekenstein - November 12, 2009

#30 – given the favorite movie winners form previous recent years, it is not likely. Consider: 2009 – The Dark Knight; 2008 – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; 2007 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest; 2006 – Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

It would appear the awards tend to go to the movies that made the most money and have the largest fan base – as well as those that have the most kids voting.

Since the franchise category is new, Trek may have a shot at that, but Harry Potter could easily sweep it and despite its horrible reviews, Transformers could be a wild card.

41. jezza - November 12, 2009

Star Trek will get the older audience votes.

The Hangover is likely to get votes from young males

The other 3 will split female votes.

Should Star Trek lose, who better to lose to than The Hangover. Both are the only sensible choices.

42. jezza - November 27, 2009

@36 I’m suprised Pixar’s Up wasn’t nominated. Up’s Carl and Russel were more critically acclaimed than Star Trek’s Kirk and Spock

43. jezza - January 5, 2010

If those stupid Twi hards ask what “team” we are on. perhaps we can have our own teams like these.

If you like Star Trek

Team Kirk (Pine)
Team Spock (Quinto)
Team Scotty (Pegg)
Team Nyota (Saldana)

If you like The Hangover

Team Phil (Cooper)
Team Stu (Helms)
Team Doug (Bartha)
Team Alan (Galifianakis)

44. jezza - January 6, 2010

I doubt all men will vote for Star Trek either.

All the nerds will vote for Star Trek

The jocks however are more likely to vote for The Hangover, something more rowdier than Star Trek.

45. jezza - January 7, 2010

Well I guess I was right about The Hangover/Star Trek situation. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.