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Watch First 6 Minutes Of Star Trek Phase II’s “Enemy: Starfleet” November 22, 2009

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As promised the Star Trek Phase II  team is making up for the long wait for "Blood and Fire, Part 2" by releasing the first six minutes of their next episode "Enemy: Starfleet", which gives you the teaser, opening credits and some of Act 1. The preview lets you get a look at Phase II’s new Spock, Brandon Stacy, who was Zachary Quinto’s double for JJ Abrams Star Trek.  


Preview of Star Trek Phase II "Enemy: Starfleet

From the official site:

"Enemy: Starfleet" comes from a story by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur.

Star Trek: Phase II’s sixth episode launched into production in June, with principle photography taking place from June 15-June 25th at Retro Film Studios in upstate New York. Veteran actress and Star Trek alumni Barbara Luna (“Marlena Moreau” of “Mirror, Mirror”) joined the cast of “Enemy: Starfleet” as as a space terrorist that steals a starship and retro-engineers it to create a marauding fleet. “Luna” had this to say about her experience: “…my discovery was that your special love and devotion for Star Trek with a loyalty that lives in your hearts, which gives you a very deep connection to each other, allowing everyone in your presence to feel that joy. …it is an experience worth treasuring forever…”

The production of the episode, written by prolific Trek novelist Dave Galanter & Greg Brodeur, and award winning fanfic writer Patty Wright has left Senior Executive Producer James Cawley thrilled with what was accomplished. “What I’m seeing is flawless: the best we’ve ever done,” he said. “This is Star Trek.”

It takes place partly on an alien planet, with location shooting and principal photography in New York. .

Video can also be seen at


Full episode coming soon
According to Star Trek Phase II producer/star James Cawley, the full “Enemy: Starfleet” episode should be available to view online after the Holidays, in the first quarter of 2010.



1. Ciitizenp - November 22, 2009

number 1!!

2. Odkin - November 22, 2009

Get those boys a haircut! (except for Spock – he needs longer bangs.

Seriously though – very nice work as always by the Cawley team. The music stings worked to great effect, and the SFX were outstanding.

3. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

Hm, comment doesn’t appear… next try:
TNG tricorder sound ;)

4. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 22, 2009

That’s All??? Six minutes?!!

OK, I can wait.

High marks again. Nice opening shot.

5. JAZ - November 22, 2009

Looks like another one out of the park! Congratulations to the Cawley team. I’m consistently blown away by the top-notch production values of this series. I look forward to the rest of the episode, which I hope is soon!

I also like how there’s continuity by acknowledging events of the previous episode.

6. J_schinderlin56 - November 22, 2009

I LOVE THE KIRK NINJA DIVE!!! Great work James! You’re really getting into Kirk now. And good work with the pyrotechnics.

Keep it up!

7. Captain Dunsel - November 22, 2009

As I said before-KICK ASS!!!

Full ahead!

8. Nick Cook - November 22, 2009

Loving it! Really looking forward to this one!

9. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

Do you use the AA/DST phaser/tricorder/communicator toys?

10. J_schinderlin56 - November 22, 2009

Security Chief Dickerson! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
That’s great. James, how many times did you watch “Arena” before you did those stunts? It was spot on.

11. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#9- only the phasers!

#10- “Dickerson”is from “The Savage Curtain”

LOVE THE SHAT! Had to do it his way.

12. C.S. Lewis - November 22, 2009

Nice work as always, with luck it won’t be so “in your face!” preachy.

In any case, Kirk should slow his de- liver y by

C.S. Lewis

13. Bren - November 22, 2009

That was great.

I’d love to be James Cawley. It must be great to be so awesome.

14. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

I am not awesome.

I am just having fun. This what I always wanted to do a slong as I can remember.

15. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

Utterly fantastic!!! This looks better than anything PII has done to date!!!

All I can say is Wow!!!!

16. Shatoupee - November 22, 2009

Wow, what a teaser! Love the filming on location. Looks great.


17. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

Shatoupee ? is that French? lol!!
Love your screen name dude!

18. New Horizon - November 22, 2009

Fantastic James and Co. Simply stunning! :) This IS Star Trek, yes indeed.

19. screaming satellite - November 22, 2009

James – dont mean to be nosey or rude but how do you afford to do all this stuff? i mean if you dont get paid by a studio, dvd sales etc

did you win the lottery or something?

its amazing how like TOS it all is.

20. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

It is a massive effort by ALL involved. We all give and do what we can do,
and we do it together. IDIC at it’s finest!

21. Viking - November 22, 2009

James – ‘slong’?

22. Anthony Lewis - November 22, 2009

I enjoyed the first six minutes. Not entirely sold on BS as Spock just yet. I thought I was going to hate Toplin but I’ll be damned if he didn’t grow on me.

Either way I think all the hype for this series is building around Kitumba which I am looking more forward to than anything else on the schedule.

23. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

Is the tricorder sound on purpose? Does it have some meaning, like it’s a new version of it?
So you made the tricoder and communicator yourselves?

24. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

This a temp soundtrack and the sound has no meaning.
The communicators and Tricorders are all props by HMS CREATIVE INC.
They are available at

25. Aldo F. Rodriguez - November 22, 2009

Well Done, Mr Cawley! Congrats to you and your gallant crew! Big fan of New Voyages/Phase II for over 5 years and can’t wait what you have in store for 2010!

Live Long and Prosper!

26. davidfuchs - November 22, 2009

Excuse me, but as this is (IIRC) the only Phase II episode I have seen…

why the decision to stick with the 60s-sounding music?

27. Michael Hall - November 22, 2009

. . . “with luck it won’t be so “in your face!” preachy.”

Coming from you, “C.S.”, such a sentiment really makes my day. :-)

A fun, promising six minutes, Mr. Cawley (however heavy the debt to the opening of “Arena”). Very much still hoping to have the opportunity to contribute to your efforts myself at some point in the future.

28. Craiger - November 22, 2009

I am glad this isn’t a real Trek series on TV.

29. B. RADY - November 22, 2009

28… Don’t be a HATER ;)

30. James R. Kirk - November 22, 2009


“Up your shaft.” Hehe.

31. dalek - November 22, 2009

Felt just like the beginning of a classic TOS episode to me with some superb special effects. The production values are outstanding!

32. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

Oh and thank you very much for interacting with the fans! You are the first Trek actor I had contact with :D
I just wish more people would do this, just chat with the fans every now and then…

33. Valar1 - November 22, 2009

lol, hey Cawley’s got the Shatner run and roll behind a hill down pat!! All you need now is a girdle and then your fall to the dark side will be complete!

34. I'm Dead Jim - November 22, 2009

Excellent work James C! I hope you and your crew are able to create many more episodes to come. Do you have any plans to move into the movie era, like when you’re approaching your golden years? ;-)

35. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

Mr. Crawley, I don’t know how you guys stand the snippy remarks from some people in here.

You and your people’s work just gets better and better!

36. Big Bill C. - November 22, 2009

Keep up the good work James. Looks like you have another winner here. And I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend Ronn who worked on this episode.

37. CaptainLordBat - November 22, 2009

#28 no it is a REAL Star Trek series on your computer, for free.

38. Anthony Lewis - November 22, 2009

@26 My understanding is to not create a “new” series per say but to continue the original show as it would have happened if the show had not been canceled and been picked up for a fourth season, obviously they have thrown in some new things from canon that have popped up since then.

The upcoming Kitumba episode has the smooth headed Klingons and the the Klingons we’ve come to know from the first movie on.

39. Kirk's Girdle - November 22, 2009

Does the rolling help?
Yes. Yes, it does.
Where’s your gun?

40. somethoughts - November 22, 2009

Very good, Gene would be proud. Style is very similar to TOS episodes. Wish spock had a deeper voice and was more wooden (the face of a man full of wisdom and emotion free on the surface).

41. Kevin Rubio - November 22, 2009

Looks good James. The Shat, should be proud.

42. The Bear - November 22, 2009

Wow! Mr. Cawley, this looks like another good one! I’ve really enjoyed what you’ve done. I’m looking forward to seeing this new episode.

But, tell Peter Kirk to get a haircut… it’s not Star Fleet regulation. :)

43. Pan Always Bored Me - November 22, 2009

Mr. Cawley, I’d just like to say that you are living EVERY Trek fan’s dream and I’m envious. If I had the cash,time and resources I would be doing exactly what you’re doing.

Keep up the good work. Your love for Trek is obvious and done from the heart. THANK YOU!

44. Hat Rick - November 22, 2009

Great stuff. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

The SFX are neat, too. Love how the Big E looks serene and untroubled — even as it’s being pummeled by disruptor fire.

45. ety3 - November 22, 2009

Is there a reason those vessels looked like the Starfleet fighters from DS9? (Also seen as the Maquis vessel in Voyager.)

46. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#45- If they look like something else, it is co incidental.

47. Vaylon - November 22, 2009

Fantastic efforts and lots of great talent.
Everyone involved should be very proud of this.

48. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

And Peter does get his haircut by the time we get to “Kitumba”

49. Frederick - November 22, 2009

I am digging this bnew Spock more than any of the others… although they did fine work, he just looks the part.

50. Frederick - November 22, 2009

James, I saw you last night on the ST DVD… just as Chekov is coming over to explain his plan, you are passing him on the left. Awesome!

51. JimJ - November 22, 2009

I think this looks even more promising than the one they just released. No offense to the last one, but this one has some location shooting (planet show) which makes it feel more open and epic, rather than boxed in (bottle show). It’s weird, when I was a kid, I loved the bottle shows but I have learned to appreciate the planet shows now.

52. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#50- Yes, that is me passing Chekov.
What a fun time that was!

53. Chuck Watters - November 22, 2009

Nice Job James ……….Its fun to watch !

54. John Gill - November 22, 2009

Just watched it, and it must be the location setting, or the color hues, but this looks amazingly like a fourth season from Paramount in 1969 would look, except better visual quality and better shots of the Enterprise!!! This is the best from Cawley and his team so far, James Cawley is living the trekker’s dream, and doing it right!

55. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! - November 22, 2009

LOVE the kirk roll James.. Fantastic!

56. Shatoupee - November 22, 2009

I like Peter’s hair!


57. Neumann - November 22, 2009

I like the fact that the enemy hostiles look like early versions of the Maquis ships and fly a little like Cylon Raiders.

I’m going to second that comment about the awesome jumps and rolls, feels very old school Trek.

And can I say, James, that I really like how the events of one episode play into the next… it’s always a nice touch, but since some of the actors change (new Spock, for example), it really helps solidify these episodes as a series.

58. DJT - November 22, 2009

I love how when that one guy goes to rescue Dickerson 1) he doesn’t let anybody know he’s going in 2) nobody covers him when he does.
That aside, the preview had good FX, good location, and good action.

However, the overall endeavor still needs some tweaking to get it feel “alive” and not just a cartoon of the original. It is almost there though.

59. P Technobabble - November 22, 2009

James, you guys just keep getting better all the time!

60. Balok - November 22, 2009

Looks good James and Company. Dr. McCoy seems to be growing on me…

61. MorbidGorn - November 22, 2009

Very cool. Must of been a blast to make.

Looking forward to seeing the rest!

62. p.e.b. - November 22, 2009

great work james. another great piece of star trek to add to the vault. my boyfriend has been giddy ever since you responded to his comment the other day on here. he talked about how your series and bobbyrice helped him come out to his parents and some of his fellow marines… anyway thanks for making his day with that. and keep up the awesome work! hopefully one day i’ll be able to help you and your team with these. that would be a dream come true.

63. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#62 – Please have him email me at
I would like to share his story in our emag.

64. Rainbucket - November 22, 2009

These just get better and better. Brandon Stacy looks promising, this series has made me appreciate how difficult a role Spock is.

While the FX are just stunning, I have to say bravo to the design of the jamming device, and bravo again to how Spock disables it. That couldn’t have been more perfectly TOS.

65. starfall42 - November 22, 2009

I think it’s great; but how the heck is Paramount/CBS allowing it? Even if they’re not doing it for money they could get them for using the Star Trek® trademark.

66. Trekluver - November 22, 2009

@James Cawley

This is great! Just for the record the hair isn’t right. The acting is spot on! Have you guys ever been offred a full time tv show by CBS? You guys would do great bringing this show to the small screen!

67. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

Thank You
That design was by ME and Tony D
He designed the aststeics and I designed the Electronics

68. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

Why must we keep focusing on the gay relationships? Do you really have to put the story in your magazine about how you inspired some guy to come out to his parents? Who cares?

The preview looked interesting… but I’m just really not a fan of guys kissing. It totally ruins the series for me. I don’t care if two guys want to shag, just don’t make me watch it. I really wanted to download the last episode but after all the talk about the long gay scene just made me skip it. Now this episode seems like a continuation talking about the kid’s loss so I assume more preechiness is in the episode… which is a shame.

As far as IDIC… you should really read the story behind it as a marketing ploy before you start to attribute it as the goal of Roddenberry’s philosophy. Read “Star Trek Memories” for the real scoop on it.

In the end, it’s your fan-fiction so you can do with it whatever you like. Just letting you know my take. I get preeched to enough in real life. I’d like to skip it during my entertainment.

69. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

#65 – I believe Mr. Cawley has a legal agreement in place with CBS/Paramount. (I have nothing to do with their production… I just recall reading that on their discussion forums at some point…)

James – Bravo sir. Another one out of the park! As others have said, the dive-roll rocks. :)

70. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

I think we should jsut make everyone gay in every episode from now on
Kirk and Spock have always had a thing for each other
So why not
In fact I think the whole crew should be gay
What do you think

71. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

That’s why they call it Fan-Fiction. Do whatever you want…

72. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

#68 – All I’m gonna say is this. Fully aware of the origins of the IDIC. Doesn’t make it any less poignant. While it may have been created for marketing purposes, it’s still powerful stuff. And no less valuable as a result.

… personally, I think it’s a shame you’re going to write off what appears to be a good story simply because a couple of characters comment on the loss another character has suffered… no matter what type of relationship it may have been. To each their own…

73. NCC-73515 - November 22, 2009

#68 “Why must we keep focusing on the gay relationships? Do you really have to put the story in your magazine about how you inspired some guy to come out to his parents? Who cares?”

I care. It is in the best tradition of Star Trek to make people aware of those who are not yet equal.

74. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

#72 If I thought it would stop there I might agree with you. My bet though is that those comments are just the very tip of the iceberg. When you watch the full episode let me know if I’m right :-)

75. Patty W - November 22, 2009

#58 – Good pickup on that! Trust me… the fact that Peter ran out to help Dickerson without telling anyone (and Chekov diving to stop him) did NOT go unnoticed by the rest of the crew. Stay tuned for the rest of the episode…

#64 – the design of that prop was due to a long, heart-felt design process by our Art Director, Tony DeGregorio. He discussed ideas with Dave and I, and the director, Vic, in detail, made several sketches and scoured the world wide for parts.. and made parts he could not find. Like most NVP2 stuff.. it all came together brilliantly at the last minute, and Tony Falvo added the lights on set that made it come alive. HUGE kudos to Tony D…. another member of our crew that believes heart and soul in making TOS Trek come back alive – right down to props that “feel right”!

Thanks Tony.. and the rest of the hardworking NVP2 crew for making real what we put on paper!

76. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

#73 Really? I guess we have very different views on the “best tradition of Star Trek”.

77. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#74- You make me SIGH.
And just so you can relax, it is not the focus of this episode.
Gene wanted Star Trek to affect people in a positive way, and make them actually think and be more aware. I think the man’s story of how that episode affected him is very cool and should be shared.

78. Patty W - November 22, 2009


Ignoring the fact that a main character in our series just lost the “love of his life” – and how it effects his mind and work performance – would be idiotic of us as writers. And if we did so, folks would be accusing “Peter” of being a cold, heartless bastard.

Personally, I LIKE Peter and it’s my intention to share why with our fans…because he’s a young man worth getting to know… WHOEVER who he’s interested in dating when he’s off-duty. (Thanks to David Gerrold and Carlos Pedraza for introducing us to this wonderful young man in BAF!)

79. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

James, I’ve been following TNV since your original pilot. Loved what you guys do since day one…

Question for you… your uniforms have always astounded me with their accuracy. (I know that is directly attributable to you.) I know you are obviously based on the third season designs/materials. The badges and braid you use… is that the stuff from

Thanks man. You & your crew continue to inspire this actor. :)

80. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

James.. I have read your responses many times. One thing that greatly annoys me is when you describe your actions as the furtherance of Roddenberry’s works or ideas. I think you have even recently responded with a comment saying “It is what Gene wanted Trek to do all along”.

To me that is the epitomy of arrogance. You could have said you THOUGHT this is something that Gene wanted, but instead you make blanket statement assuming his support. Very presumptuous as far as I am concerned.

As I said.. it’s fan fiction and you are a fan. The fiction is yours. Take responsibility for it as your own work and ideals. Take the credit as well when it is given. I just hate to see it stated as fact that THIS is what Roddenberry envisioned.

Anyhow.. good luck in the future and while I hope that you will understand that there are many that do NOT want to be preeched to over and over, I support your right to make whatever fiction you like.

81. Patty W - November 22, 2009

James worked with William Ware Thesis on TNG and the patterns for the uniforms, braid and badges are HIS… given to James before he passed away. (You will see Phase II and other seasons uniforms introduced soon.)

82. falcon - November 22, 2009


Another fine effort. The best thing about your project is that you employ folks who actually know a thing or two about film production, pacing, editing, etc. That’s what sets this a notch above other efforts.

An aside: The server at Dragonfly doesn’t seem to be working. I really wanted to see “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969,” but for some reason neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer seem to be able to connect. Is there some sort of server problem that you’re aware of (knowing you’re not affiliated with Dragonfly)? Thanks.

83. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

#78 (sarcasm on) Yes.. because that NEVER happened in TOS between episodes right? Why.. the very episode after Kirk lost his brother we had an in depth psychological analysis of how he felt! The whole Edith Keeler loss was covered completely in the following episode…(sarcasm off)

Oh.. that’s right. It wasn’t. And nobody thought Kirk was a cold, heartless bastard (well.. maybe people did.. but not for those reasons). I also don;t think anyone considered the writers “idiotic” either…

.. that said. It’s your show and you don’t have to explain your reasoning behind your stories to me. I just simply stated my thoughts on the matter.

84. Chris Doohan - November 22, 2009

Well done, James (and crew). Gene would be proud. I can’t wait to see the rest.

85. Todd - November 22, 2009

Wow, the first few minutes blew me away. Thought I was watching old TOS ‘Arena’. Bet you enjoyed the stuntwork James! Great job Phase 2 crew!

86. AqAZAr - November 22, 2009

Spot on performance…can’t wait to see more.

87. Patty W - November 22, 2009


Eugene Roddenberry Jr. says “it’s what Gene wanted Trek to do”… and he’s the best authority now on what he father may have envisoned.

You, however, seem focused on preaching to others that have put the work in… despite your claim you “support our rights”. Pick a side already.

88. AqAZAr - November 22, 2009


“I’d like to skip it during my entertainment.”

Then don’t watch it. Simple as that.

89. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

#81 – Thanks Patty. I knew James worked with Theiss… wasn’t sure if the braid was commercially bought or had been recreated somehow. That’s why I was asking. :)

#80 – Dude… you need to stop. Phase II has many kudos directed to them, not the least of which is from Rod Roddenberry, who personally said that they “are the closest thing” to his Dad’s vision… or something to that effect. So yeah… I have no problem with James & Co. saying “it’s what Gene would’ve wanted”. I think Gene’s SON would know. However…. again, I’m simply going on what I’ve read on their forums over the years.

90. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#80-James.. I have read your responses many times. One thing that greatly annoys me is when you describe your actions as the furtherance of Roddenberry’s works or ideas. I think you have even recently responded with a comment saying “It is what Gene wanted Trek to do all along”.

You forget that I have and continue to work with David Gerrold, and D.C. Fontana. They have conveyed Gene’s wishes to me as they were conveyed to them byt he man himself. So it is my intention to try and capture what He would want, taught me by the folks who knew him and worked with him.
If you don’t like what I do, no problem. I don’t expect everyone to.

91. Maltz - November 22, 2009

Good old, vintage Star Trek, the way it used to be. It’s nice to have the new JJ Abrams Star Trek. But it is equally nice to have James Cawley’s. Don’t stop!

92. OneAdam12 - November 22, 2009

Looks to be a strong year for New Voyages.

Opening shot of Enterprise….beautiful
Opening Captain’s Log…Well Done

Close up of Jamming Device…not so good. Might want to just cut to the long shot of Spock’s approach.

Need Foley Artist to replace sounds of plastic props hitting the ground.

93. NX01 - November 22, 2009

Is the spin off show with Peter Kirk and Xon still going to be filmed?

I remember reading about it in the new voyages digital magazine, a while back.

94. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

#87 Patty

The fact that I support your right to make whatever fan-fiction you like has absolutely ZERO to do with enjoying the results.

Do you not see the difference there or the reason that your snide “pick a side already” comment misses the mark?

#89 The difference is night and day. When someone calls Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player ever it is a great accolade. If MJ was to make the statement about himself it would be arrogant and presumptuous. See the difference?

95. Craiger - November 22, 2009

#66 The acting is terrible and in my opinion it’s just a fanboy production.

96. AqAZAr - November 22, 2009

Hey James, for the record, are you ever going to have a TOS style Kelvin-class on the show?

97. Patty W - November 22, 2009

James – don’t forget Jon Povill.

SIGH – you’re right. They never worried about how previous encounters affected Pike’s mental status, or how an engineering accident affected Scotty’s.. oh, wait…. never mind.

And you’re right, it’s fan-fiction taken to the highest level, with the ultimate Trek fans.. alumni such as James noted, participating. Any day I’ll put the show’s Hugo and Nebula nominations, the TV Guide Award and my personal awards against your… uh, never mind.

Please don’t watch. Your universe is too small to enjoy Roddenberry’s version of Trek.


98. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

No. Because that isn’t what we’re discussing. Your comparison carries no relevance.

You came down on James for saying “It’s what Gene would have wanted”. James has not only worked with the people who KNEW Gene, but Gene’s SON said the same thing. If those who were close to Gene said such things, who are YOU to question it?

I find your vehemence regarding this strange. These people are doing amazing things, and continuing a tradition in the best way they can…(with the support of those who were involved in the original creation) for no reason other than their love of the original. So again… who are you to question?

99. BPS - November 22, 2009

Awesome! Looks great guys!

100. DGill - November 22, 2009

Is this is the third or fourth Spock they’ve had on the show now?

101. chris2 - November 22, 2009

Wow, the homophobe has successfully trolled many of you. I’m sure he/she is really enjoying the attention.

102. Flint - November 22, 2009

James Cawley never even met Gene Roddenberry and Roddenberry never met Cawley and never saw one second of these fan productions. The actors Cawley uses can’t get a job anymore, and young Roddenberry was born after TOS went off the air. And yet Cawley somehow *knows* what Gene Roddenberry “wanted” the original ST to do and that these fan flicks are what he wanted ST to be. Gimme a break.

103. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

I just love the intollerance demonstrated above (except for JC who actually responded thoughtfully and politely). IDIC indeed… as long as it exactly matches your own viewpoint. Continue to shout down anyone who might disagree, no matter how politely. It will serve you well going forward.

But I will at least take Patty’s advice and leave you to your own intollerance of anyone with a differing perspective. Farewell.

104. NX01 - November 22, 2009

Flint and Craig er “give me a break” maybe you should not watch the show.
I am sure sponge bob is on some where, maybe that show would be more to your liking.

105. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

When you do a production where people dont get paid and that production is very well known and recognized many times people get offered jobs that do pay …this makes it hard to keep the same people
in the same roles year after year …if they had a contract and a salary they would still be here
but this also allows us to find talented people for those roles
Brandon Stacy was Zach Quintos double for Spock in ST09
Ben Tolpin ha s been in more commercials than i can count
look for him in Fedex and TGIFridays Bud light Snapple and Wendys commercials
Jeff Quin went on to work in hollywood ..
its the nature of this type of production

106. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

I love it when people who demonstrate intolerance so thoroughly accuse others of the same thing. I don’t expect people to have the same viewpoint. I expect people to have an OPEN viewpoint. :)

101.. You’re right. … and yet I can’t seem to help myself. :)

107. ThePhaige - November 22, 2009

Nice work…Looks great…I really have appreciated these films from the beginning. I think the fact that the new movie went forward into a new time line only makes the craving for these even more fun. Thanks!

108. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

#102 Please read #90.

109. The Invader (In Color!) - November 22, 2009

The visual effects keep getting better and better…kudos to the Phase II team on yet another outstanding first six minutes…:-)

The only nit I have is a continuing one of — those balls on the back of the nacelles look WAY too big.

Oh come on…I’m a Star Trek fan. You think I can do a critique post without nitpicking SOMETHING? ;-)

110. Sean4000 - November 22, 2009

You guys put CBS-D to shame!

Can’t wait for the full show.

111. Jeyl - November 22, 2009

@1. Ciitizenp: “number 1!”


112. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

109 – Now thats funny right there …I dont care who you are

113. CarlG - November 22, 2009

Epic Ninja Kirk roll FTW! :D

Seriously, though that was some great work. Amazing production values. And I really dig that re-imagined phaser rifle.

@62: That’s pretty intense stuff. Best of luck to you and your boyfriend. I hope all of you guys’s friends and family were cool with it when he came out.

114. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

Yes indeed the phaser rifle is cool! it was designed by Mike Bednar and Paul Sieber. Two amazingly cool fellas!

115. Brett Campbell - November 22, 2009

Great homage to TOS, folks!

Looks like these productions keep getting better and better!

I don’t live that far from where you shoot these, Mr. Cawley — Central Vermont.

Once I finish my doctoral dissertation, I’d love to help out any way I can — have June and July off from my job each year. ; )

Keep up the great work, and congratulations to all!

116. Balok - November 22, 2009

hmmm… those who squirm at the guy kissing thing (yeh I did a little) is probably how some felt 40+ years ago at the Kirk kissing Uhura thing… Guess we’ve got a few more hundred years to go…

117. The Invader (In Color!) - November 22, 2009

But…but…James…what about those balls on the back of the nacelles?

Only when those are shrunk to their proper size will the episodes be perfect.

And you know what they say about that which is imperfect….

118. Syd Hughes - November 22, 2009

That is absolutely fantastic stuff! I actually groaned when it ended, because I want to see what happens next.

Mr. Cawley, thank you for doing this! (I’d still like to see you put a little less Shatner and more Cawley into your Kirk, but I’m not complainin’!)

119. Steven - November 22, 2009

Terrific stuff. “Blood and Fire: Part II” was by far the best episode from the Phase II crew, touching on themes like the best of Trek. Cannot wait for “Enemy: Starfleet!”

God bless!

120. Phase2Fan - November 22, 2009

Wow, this looks better than the last episode! Great action, action, special effects, story, the whole package! Something to look forward to in the Trek Universe! Thanks James!!!

121. Phase2Fan - November 22, 2009

Oops, I said “action” twice, I meant to say action, acting, etc. Great job James!

122. The Invader (In Color!) - November 22, 2009

One other thing…can we get a sequel to Spock’s Brain? I’d like to know what happened to the Morgs and Imorgs after Kirk and the landing party left Sigma Draconis.

Oh come on…it would be a chance to cast a bunch of hot chicks in skimpy mini-skirts and go-go boots…you can’t lose with such an episode!

I could write it and it would win all kinds of awards…and the fans would send you gifts in appreciation!

I kid you not, James! It would be the episode of a lifetime! Just think of all the overacting potential…

You know it would be great!

On a serious note — your shows DO put CBS-D to shame! ;-)

123. mntrekfan - November 22, 2009

My only problem I have is finding hte episodes! This is exciting! I like this show! ;)

124. SPB - November 22, 2009

“Enemy: Bad Wigs and Man-boobs.”

125. STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' - November 22, 2009

Dear #103 (AKA ”SIGH”)

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

126. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

Yeah Cawleys toupee is just awful

127. Patty W - November 22, 2009

126.. Tony, don’t feed the fire….

128. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

Ok Ill be good….

129. Ashley - November 22, 2009

looks good :)

130. sam I Am - November 22, 2009

The people you had in for the pyrotechnics must have been real professionals. Are these your own pyro people or do they do this for other venues?

131. Spaceghost - November 22, 2009

Hmm.. this is the 3rd time trying to write this so I apologize if it ends up as a double(triple?)post at some point.

#106 All the guy did was state his personal preference. he even said that they could continue to follow whatever story line they wanted, just that he personally didn’t want to be preeched to. That seemed pretty tollerant to me. He got a lot of hate thrown at him for saying that he personally didn’t he didn’t want to watch guys kiss. Or hear about it in the following episode.

#102 While some of your points may be valid.. no one will read past the vitriol

#101 Resorting to namecalling just proves #103s point

#97 Patty… listing awards as a way of proving you are better? Just a bit childish maybe? Whats next “NAH-NAH-NAH”?

J Crawley: I know you keep listing David Gerrold as a supporting factor in saying this is Gene’s vision. I’m pretty sure that he is himself an openly gay man so I’d say he doesnt exactly have an objective perspective on matters. But you know what.. I think you need to stop saying you are following Gene’s vision. this is YOUR fan film. It’s YOUR vision. Be proud of that but don’t expect everyone else to have a similar vision and don’t criticize those with a different vision. Be comfortable in what you have created and enjoy it for what it is… the realization of your dream.. not the furtherance of someone elses.

Peace… Always.

132. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

Howard Brown is our pyrotechnics expert He is Liscened and owns his own business Industrial Pyrotechnics and effects Limited

He is available for hire…but its not cheap..

133. RaymondJ - November 22, 2009

Seriously, James: have you actually considered approaching CBS and having them either air these maybe once a month or even go under contract and make more of them? We could have our Star Trek series at the same time we’re waiting three years for JJ’s next adventure. Would you encourage some sort of letter writing campaign to CBS to make this happen? These shows are on the verge of greatness and would/could be a Trekker’s dream come true if you could make them for actual broadcast television. Hey, stranger things have happened! This is literally the best new Trek in many years and I don’t want to see it end…

134. sam I Am - November 22, 2009

Is this a division of Georges Luca’s Industrial light and Magic?

135. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

#131 – …and I have no problems with his not wanting preachyness (yeah… made up word…lol). I *did* have an issue that he wrote off what appears to be an excellent production based upon two characters lamenting that a third character was hurting. That exchange wasn’t preechy or in-your-face…or even homosexual. It was human.

It seemed an over-reaction on “SIGH”s part, based on his … ill-at-ease with a same-sex relationship. (Would he have had the same objections, had it not been same-sex?)

However, to each their own, and I believe I said that.

That said, I did take exception to his calling the show’s producer arrogant, when said producer has a lot of backing from people who would know such things. However, as Mr. Cawley has answered this with his own words, I don’t think I need to defend him further. I *DO* stand by my thoughts that if GR’s son thinks GR would approve, no one else should be making assumptions.

I don’t think SIGH was looking for a fight. However, I did find him coming off as somewhat hostile. I certainly didn’t see any “hate” thrown his way.

Regardless, the main thing is I found someone writing off an entire production based on a few lines of dialogue to be judgmental. Just my viewpoint.

136. Pyroboy - November 22, 2009

Our company is not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Ltd or and of is companys or divisions. We are federally licensed by the ATF and licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvainia and the state of New York. Our parent Company, Republic Fireworks and Display, Limited is based in Harrisburg, Pa.

137. Spaceghost - November 22, 2009

#135. See #101 and your response in 106 as an example of what I mean. Also, it is fairly obvious that there will be more than the few lines shown so far dedicated to the subject and it was confirmed by one of the writers.

Even if it wasn’t.. why judge the man on his reasons for writing off the show? Why say things like “Who are you to question”? Everyone here is a fan… and everyone here has a right to their own view. Since it’s all fanmade fiction, there is no right or wrong. Why belittle someone else because they have a different viewpoint?

And for the record I agree that it is arrogant to make statements about yourself or your own production. That doesn’t mean they aren’t true, but it’s generally better to let other people heap the accolades on you than to do it yourself. If other people with Rod Jr. think JC are furthering “the vision” of Gene that’s great… let them keep saying it, Just don’t start switching to the 1st person of “I AM” which is real dangerous territory. I’m trying… or I believe I am.. are much better ways to go about it…

Peace… Always.

138. Flint - November 22, 2009

You people are hopelessly confused: dedicated fan does not automatically = good acting. Cawley sucks as an actor, but he excels as a fan.

139. E.T. Moody III - November 22, 2009


140. E.T. Moody III - November 22, 2009

Popcorn anyone?

141. Falvoant - November 22, 2009

This is what David Gerrold had to say a few minutes ago in response to the same type of retroic on our forums says it all……..

(David Gerrold)

But now … I’m going to take one more step. I’m going to pull rank. Quite simply, I know more about the original Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s intentions and Gene L. Coon’s intentions than any other living person — except Dorothy Fontana. And BTW, she signed off on Blood And Fire before we shot it. I was Roddenberry’s friend for more than twenty years. I was in every planning meeting for TNG. I know what Gene said in public because I was there and I know what Gene said in private because I was there. I know what Gene believed, I know what he wanted for Star Trek, and I specifically remember him telling me that he felt I understood Trek better than most people he’d worked with. That is the one thing he said to me that I am proudest of, because it was the one thing I aspired to the most.

Quite simply, it is my belief that this episode represents exactly what Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to be — a serious examination of moral issues, without limits, without constraint. He wanted Star Trek to include all facets of humanity: black, white, yellow, red, whatever. And he publicly and privately stated on more than one occasion that he wanted to see gay characters on TNG. It didn’t happen because of other people’s resistance, not his.

But regardless of that — in the planning, in the writing, in the preproduction, in all the weeks and months of meetings and phone conversations and discussions and wrangling over plot points, in all of that we spent an enormous amount of time getting ourselves clear that our job here was simply to do the very best Star Trek episode we could. It had to have action and adventure, drama and conflict, a strong science fiction dilemma, and an ending that was true to the Star Trek theme that humanity is at its best when we put aside violence. We also wanted to keep Gene’s promise to include gay people. And after considerable discussion, the decision was simple and obvious — we have two crew members who are planning to get married, and they happen to be gay. They are hard-working, intelligent, skillful, well-trained, capable, and in love with each other.

There was no “hidden agenda” there. It was right out front. We want to show that there are gay people in the crew who are doing their jobs. Period. We also wanted to acknowledge that gay people fall in love, get married, and plan a life together. Because they do. And because it hadn’t been seen before. And because it hadn’t been seen before, that was why we wanted to show it — because Star Trek has always been about taking the next step outward.

142. James Cawley - November 22, 2009

138 = internet bully.
Does it really make you feel good to insult people anonymously?

If you don’t like something don’t watch. It really is that easy.

143. E.T. Moody III - November 22, 2009

Pyroboy rocks!




I am so reduced to fanboy gibberish!

Yup, all terrible actors, almost as bad as the original cast.

I love every sweaty imperfect moment of it.

and uh, guys, if there’s anything I can do to help keep speed up on post production, Sarge has my phone number, as does Pony.

More more more. Get the vault empty and we’ll all come help fill it up again.

144. Ran - November 22, 2009

Just finished Blood & Fire part II. Bravo Mr. Cawley!
That was the best Trek released in 2009. Well done!

145. Pyroboy - November 22, 2009

This is James version of Kirk. He’s not trying to be the Shat/Kirk. Your trying to see somthing that’s not there. The P2 actors are taking elements of the original series and making it their own, with their own feelings and expressions. It may be not exactlly the way you want them portrayed but the love and the dedication that each and everyone of these actors have is amazing! They have come along way in 5 years and every year they get better. Yes, I agree each and everyone of them have some work to do on there abilities as actors, but don’t we all have places in our own lives that need worked on? Lord know I do! I hope this was food for thought and hope you all continue to enjoy these episodes!

146. Bren - November 22, 2009

What is it about Trekmovie comments that make such compulsive reading?

It must be something in the presentation, I always find myself swallowing up an hour watching people bicker about some piece of Trek minutea, or some moral or social issue.

People seem to keep finding wrong ends to every stick on this site.

Oh well, it’s better than boredom.

If anyone finds a way to take issue with this post and argue with me over it, they get a free hug.

147. Pyroboy - November 22, 2009

Get over it! Free Hug Please!!!!!

148. Spaceghost - November 22, 2009

#141 Falvoant perhaps you honestly do not know, or perhaps you intentionally leave out this very pertinant information:

Gerrold has been pedalling his gay-themed story for quite awhile. He even already wrote a novel for his Star Wolf series with the same name and story:

Blood and Fire (2004) (ISBN 1-932100-11-3) which is a rewrite of a planned Star Trek: The Next Generation script featuring gay characters and an AIDS metaphor. The novel contains several slams against the Star Trek franchise, such as stating how another starship nicknamed “Big E” (the US Navy’s unofficial nickname for the Enterprise) was too valuable in terms of propaganda to risk on the front lines, and a dead crewmember named “M. Okuda.”

To sit there and claim there is no “agenda” is quite insulting. The writer is an openly gay man.. and was hell bent on getting his “agenda” out in whatever form he could.

I don’t really care what he writes.. or what you film, but please..both of you should be open and honest about the “agenda” here and stop the preechyness (the word was coined by another poster above) both in the episode and on the forums.

You made the episode. You enjoy it. That should be enough. Stop trying to tell people there is something wrong with them if they don’t agree.

Peace… Always.

149. chris2 - November 22, 2009

Seems we have more than one homophobe.

Stay classy.

150. JMAN - November 22, 2009

Kudos to Cawley and crew, both for the excellent Blood and Fire, Part II, and for what we’ve seen so far of Enemy:Starfleet.

I’m just totally thrilled by this stuff, not just because I’ve been a Star Trek fan for almost my entire life and I love seeing new Trek… but because what these guys are doing is really, truly, one of the first steps in making Star Trek as close to immortal as it can possibly get. If you guys think Trek is influential now, just wait and see what happens next!

I say this because it is only when people have the desire to make quality adaptations of an original novel/play/TV show/etc. that it really becomes part of the cultural landscape in a lasting way. Think about how many different imaginings we’ve seen of, say, Hamlet. How many different actors, settings and so forth? How many people have made it their own? If I recall correctly, Gene Roddenberry said that he would love it if people came along and made their own versions of his creation in the future. That’s what it is when you’ve really become iconic.

To have two crews (Cawley and Abrams) continuing the exploration of Trek is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what both of them (and perhaps others) come up with next!

151. Gabriel Bell - November 22, 2009

This is an absolute treat, James. Kudos to everyone involved.

You guys have a fantastic vision for extending the five-year mission, and it is fun to see it executed so faithfully to the original series. Fantastic.

I love every incarnation of Trek, and think you guys have done a great job in staking a claim to this particular vision.

Great job!

152. Gary Evans - November 22, 2009

In the early sixties, we use to have a silly game. Went something like this:

Say something, then I’d say, “Ask me if I care?” Then, you’ d. say, “Do you care? Then I’d say, “Funny you should ask!” Promptly turning my back and walking away.

So, ask me if I care about those who are crabby back-biters? If a post offers NO useful critique I just walk away, LOL!

Again, I challenge EVERYONE, pro or con, to go out and put together YOUR take on Star Trek and offer it to the fans for free. Please, allow us ALL to benefit from your ideas and Star Trek interpretations.

Showing those of us at Phase II how others would present Star Trek from the TOS era would be so very useful and instructive, whether or not we actually like the episodes.

I went to see the lates Trek film. Except for the lens flare and the brewery room scenes I found the movie interesting, though-provoking and even huporous. I even found much of it informative.

One key point it slammed home to me is to avoid lens-flare UNLESS it is crucial to the story line. Avoid too many shiny reflective surfaces. But, this film was a big positive because the film has renwed interest in Star Trek among a large and world-wide audience. That ONE fact is enough to make the film worth watching.

No, I do not think I really care for this new timeline, BUT, hey, it is a new interpretation of Trek and the film met its business goals as well.

I would have done this much differently BUT that does NOT mean I must personally attack Mr. Abrams nor his writers Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman, nor deman them personally nor all the other BS that is posted by a few who seem to glory in being negative! LOL

When, elsewhere, I posted online about the parts of Trek XI that I did not like I was very specific and civil. FWIW!
Gary Evans

153. MC1 Doug - November 22, 2009

Those six minutes are incredibly exciting. The exterior shots of the Enterprise are flawless. You guys are just getting better with every production. Someone already said it, but it bears repeating… your SPFX look better than the remastered shots for TOS.

Patty, I am curious as to what motivated Ensign Kirk to run into the clearing while under fire. I think if I were Captain Kirk I would be dressing Peter down for endangering his life in such a reckless fashion.

The dialogue is most excellent and the acting better than ever. I enjoyed the interplay between Cawley and Kelley as they spoke about Peter’s presence on this mission.

I look forward to seeing the rest of this production next year!

154. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - November 22, 2009

Let the haters rant all they want…their posts here are the sum total of their contribution to fandom. Is Phase II perfect? Nope….but I remember it taking 60 episodes for DS9 and TNG to become watchable for me and Im already enjoying Phase II more then the first three COMBINED seasons of those two ventures and all of Voyager combined.
Phase II is obviously a labor of love and knowing some of the folks involved I can vouch for that love and the passion for the subject matter. Theyre not getting paid…quite the opposite…and theyre doing what every one of us would love to do…spend some time on the ‘E’. Im far more impressed by what James and company have done with limited resources and a lot of love then I am by 160 million dollar budgets becuase IMHO Phase II ‘honors’ TOS far more then Trek 2009.
Phase II has shown a steady improvement over a handful of episodes that when compared to TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise is remarkable. All of those professionally produced shows took forever to hit their stride.
Keep on Trekkin’, James…

155. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

Spaceghost –

“Also, it is fairly obvious that there will be more than the few lines shown so far dedicated to the subject and it was confirmed by one of the writers.”

Obvious? How so? Regardless… it’s characters dealing with another character’s loss. It shouldn’t MATTER what or who that loss was. A character lost a loved one. It’s simply writing to the characters, and showing that these episodes don’t exist in a bubble with a reset button at the end of every one. I, for one, think that is grand! Wish TOS had done that more often! (Plus… sorry… Where did the writers say there would be more?)

“why judge the man on his reasons for writing off the show?”

Didn’t judge him. Simply was expressing disappointment and confusion that someone would write off a quality program based upon so little evidence.

“Why say things like “Who are you to question”? ”

The way “Sigh” came off, he was speaking like “how can anyone put words in GR’s mouth.” The evidence indicates that the production team would be in a better position to know than any of us. So yes, I asked who he is that he questions people like GR’s son, David Gerrold, and others?

“Everyone here is a fan… and everyone here has a right to their own view. ”

No argument there.

“Why belittle someone else because they have a different viewpoint?”

Didn’t intend to belittle. Until the argument became trollish. Then perhaps I gave into my more base instincts.

“Just don’t start switching to the 1st person of “I AM” which is real dangerous territory. ”

I don’t think Mr. Cawley, or anyone else, said “I am”. The simple statement was “GR would have wanted this”. Don’t know if that was JC or someone else’s exact words, or if paraphrasing has gotten us ALL into trouble.

However, it seems to me that such a statement was meant to honor GR.. .not to steal his thunder… or come from a place of ego.

Just my two cents… :)

Anyway.. let’s move on, shall we? I’ve had one too many Internet arguments this weekend. LOL!

156. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

OK.. 1 more post because I didn’t know about the Star Wolf books. After seeing the post above I went and looked them up.

Lo and Behold.. on page 2 (It’s a forward by DC Fontana) and this is a direct quote:

Gene had a new opinion of Blood and Fire. It was “aesthetically displeasing” with it’s slimy bloodworms and plasmacytes as a metaphor for AIDS. That would have to change. As for the gay couple, they would have to be eliminated or become heterosexual. It seems they, too, were aesthetically displeasing, despite the fact that they were drawn as professional and well regarded members of the Enterprise crew.
(more text)
Gene laid down his decree, not to David’s face but through one of the other producers. The script would either be rewritten as he directed or it would be shelved.

Those are the words as published the David Gerrold’s own novel!!!! For everyone to now come here and say “this is Gene Roddenberry’s vision” is absurd, arrogant, and VERY disingenuous. Gene specifically had these characters removed from the script and called them “aesthetically displeasing”

If you mistrust me, just search on Amazon for the book and search inside for the words aesthetically displeasing.

Go ahead.. make your fan-fiction. Just stop attributing false support from others. As proven above (in David Gerrolds OWN BOOK!) Gene personally and specifically objected to these very characters!

157. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

#152 – The frequency of lens-flares made me promise myself to NEVER use the lens-flare filter in Photoshop EVER AGAIN. ;)

That said, I love how they generated the CG shots to match the anamorphic lens work. The unique lighting artifacts, the “lens gunk” and so forth. Really made the CG come alive to me.

Still too many damn lens flares though. :D

158. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - November 22, 2009

Yes, and now you should also include Gene’s own rebuttal to those statements that he made later on after reflection wherein he acknowledged his own myopic view. Continue with your research. BTW…if it wasnt for a lot of the gay professionals in Hollywood you wouldnt have a Star Trek to be a fan of. Food for thought.

159. AzarN - November 22, 2009

I still cannot for the life of me understand how these fan films get the praise that they do.

Cawley’s absurd delivery makes every single moment he’s on screen look like an SNL parody skit. In fact, most of the performances make Phase II seem like an absolute farce.

And incidently, why the terrible dialogue recording? Any time someone speaks on that planet, you can hear wind hitting the boom. They can manage ace, top notch visual effects that put TOS: Remastered to shame, but not ADR?

160. AzarN - November 22, 2009

Correction ^^

I didn’t realise it was temp soundtrack.

161. Patty W - November 22, 2009

153: Thank you, and I agree. The work of every team… from VFX, to pyro, to directing, to the talented actors… gets better with every outing and I think this is some of the best 6 minutes of Trek I’ve seen in a long while.

Good point about Peter’s recklessness… but then James Kirk ran after the injured Peter… maybe there’s more than one problem here…

156: The ONLY “homosexual” reference or “gay scene” in the TNG “Blood and Fire” was one man asking another “So how long have you been with him?”. THAT’s what the producers objected to. So if David Gerrold was displeased about it, I can see why.

James told David when it came to NVP2 “no holds barred”.

We’ve come a long way…. and I’m grateful for that.

162. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

@157 – Interesting how you missed the part of the story where Gene said “Everyone loves your script”, and then that changed after Gene’s lawyer got a hold of it. Not hard to read between those lines. Plus, GR is known to have rebutted those words later…

I still see no evidence of “false support”, and both you AND I remain in a position where we couldn’t POSSIBLY know.

However, I *do* tend to believe the words of Roddenberry Jr, Mr. Gerrold, Ms. Fontana, over any of us fans. :) They’d certainly know better than either you or I.

Trek, above all else, is about a positive future for mankind. ALL of mankind. A future without prejudice, poverty or hunger. Where everyone is equal. While I don’t know if that will ever happen… it’s a great place to visit…and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

(…and I have yet to see anything from Phase II that doesn’t present that same future.)



163. Patty W - November 22, 2009

158: “if it wasnt for a lot of the gay professionals in Hollywood you wouldnt have a Star Trek to be a fan of. Food for thought.”

Including the guy that designed all the iconic uniforms fans are so proud to wear.

164. Canadianknight - November 22, 2009

Of course, that last was directed to #156… not talking to myself. Guess I’m getting tired! LOL

165. capnjake - November 22, 2009

Dammit Jim, I need double cheeseburger, 4 large orders of fries and 3 apple pies.

wow when did Bones put on that much weight.

166. SIGH... - November 22, 2009

#162 Please show me the rebuttal of those words. Honestly i cannot find them searching. I’m not talking about vague statements by Roddenberry about having gay people in trek. I’m talking about somwhere that he says he wanted to have these specific characters put back into the Blood and Fire script. The only words I have found from him regarding the script are those I have linked above.

It’s amazing what you can find by searching though. Lots of other Star Trek “insiders” like Richard Arnold and Ernie Over have plenty to say about Mr. Gerrold and his “agenda, which was to get gay people onto ‘Star Trek.'”

Whatever. It’s after 1AM here. I’ll look back for your link in the morning. good night.

167. hollywoodman323 - November 22, 2009

Ive seen better acting in a third grade production of a christmas carol then what i just saw on this pile of garbage.

168. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 22, 2009

You know, it is actually painful to watch these sellout “TOS” wannabe “episodes.” Sorry to be the only naysayer, but it would be nice if I wasn’t the only person in the world who gives a crap about TOS.

169. hollywoodman323 - November 22, 2009

I love how the guy who is playing spock in this claims he was Spocks stand in on trek2009.
this guy is nothing but a glorified extra, there were littearly 4 or 5 different people who were stand ins durring filming and guess what mr stacys name is not listed in the credits. in either the press packet that lists the entire cast and crew or in the credits as they roll on the screen.

like that idiot crawley who claims he was featured in trek 09 and worked all of one day and isnt even seen on screen.

170. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 22, 2009

@169 – Cawley WAS seen on screen in ST09. I saw him in two seperate shots on the opening night, and I wasn’t even looking for him.

And although I might not agree with his methods, I think it’s a little out of line to personally attack the guy and call him an idiot. Insult the product, but not the man.

171. Imrahil - November 22, 2009

Looks good! Enjoying the location shoot, though I was suprised to hear McCoy’s “god dammit”–figured you were sticking to 60s standards and practices there, which is why he says “devil” instead of “hell” later, I figured. Anyway. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Love the effects shots, and everyone seems to be coming along with acting.

172. Space Age Meterologist - November 22, 2009

The way they cast some of the legit star trek actors in these, reminds me of Tim allens character on Galaxy quest, and his side job of “Playing captian” for fans wanting to have their own space adventures.
NOt only that but next to the legit actors people like Cawley, and Stacy and Shaggy hair kid look laughable. I really hope the guest actors get a nice paycheck and hotel to stay in while they work on this garbage.

I will say this it shows how dedicated to trek fans, these guest actors are.

173. Trekluver - November 22, 2009

@James Cawley

I am curious, does production costs go up for you all or down? I just wondered since you guys must have a good sized prop department by now and since quality just keeps getting better! And also, any idea how many episodes until the end of season 1? Thanks!

174. Trekluver - November 22, 2009


They must dislike comments like that! The episodes are top-notch and the ONLY I repeat ONLY thing I’d change is the hair length and ONLY because it bounces too much during fight scenes. Otherwise this in my opinion is the BEST fan made Trek production,EVER! Top notch acting, wonderful props, ILM quality CGI, TV worthy story lines PLUS guest Trek actors! Hope we see The Shat in one of these some day!

175. Canadianknight - November 23, 2009

Nice try at steering my words into a corner. However, I’m gonna play that game. Plus I love how you ignored everything else in my post. Like Trek being about equality for all.

Fact: GR wanted gay characters in Trek. This has been confirmed by his son, his friends, and more. Once again, neither you nor I should presume what he wanted. However, those that knew him DO have that right. You speak of arrogance, yet continually question those who knew the man in real life?

It’s obvious that I shan’t be able to convince you of such things. It’s not my place anyway.

Rather, I’ll say that in MY opinion, these people are doing work that I think lives up to GRs ideals.

To you, I’ll simply say .. Live Long & Prosper.


176. Canadianknight - November 23, 2009

… And that sentence should have read “I’m NOT gonna play that game”.

Damn iPhone.

177. David D. - November 23, 2009

sweet job. Makes me pine for the days of my old B&W set in ’69

178. Paul Fitz - November 23, 2009

I really have to ask, would it be called preaching if it were a straight couple in Blood & Fire? . . . . No, I didnt’ think so.
I really dont see how its preachy?

179. ryanhuyton - November 23, 2009

To James Cawley and co.: I think you guys do an outstanding job, especially when you spend so much money and time all the while not being paid. I still haven’t seen all your work but I have seen Blood and Fire part 2 and bits of your other episodes. The only minor quibble I have is sometimes when James emulates William Shatner’s inflections.
But that is something that will happen less and less as his portrayal of Captain Kirk continues to improve. The set design is awesome and absolutely true to the original series. The costumes hit their mark and the visual effects are great with the rendering of the original Enterprise even better than what appears on the Remastered episodes. Even though the acting isn’t at the same level as the original cast, or the new cast, you guys take your roles as seriously as they do and perhaps one day we might see you in upcoming ST productions as more than background characters, while gettting a well deserved paycheck.

As for the detractors calling this endeavor a “piece of garbage”, all I can say is too bad for you. James Cawley and Bob Orci are gracious enough to come on to this site to talk to us fans and answer some of our questions.

And finally to Mr.Anthony Pascale, I would really like to thank you and your hardworking staff for such a great site. I have only posted a couple of times prior, but I felt it appropriate this time because I see Mr. Cawley as being a true fan as well as you doing such great work.

180. Zebonka - November 23, 2009

I’ve only this to say – a Kirk Roll, FINALLY!!

Well done Cawley and the rest of you guys!! Can’t wait to see the rest.

181. Frank Fischer - November 23, 2009

Dear James Cawley and Phase II-team,

just one word: awesome! :-)

No I really can’t wait to see the rest of this epsiode as well as the upcoming ones.

Is there anyway that you can live without sleep and accelarate production? ;-) Just kidding! :-)

Best regards,


182. Anthony Thompson - November 23, 2009

LaSalle should plot a mutiny against Kirk. He’s more credible as captain. Bones stole his hairstyle from Ted Koppel. Is that Chekov with the emo hair? As for Xon, no blond vulcans, please!

183. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) - November 23, 2009

I love all of these ‘separate’ new posters have the same hate agenda againsr Phase 2. Be interested to compare ips…I love it when trolls talk to themselves…..

184. cspm - November 23, 2009

this is gay

185. Jody @ - November 23, 2009

*Sigh*, I’m thinking that you didn’t look very hard.

“…My attitude toward homosexuality has changed. I came to the conclusion that I was wrong. I was never someone who hunted down ‘fags’ as we used to call them on the street. I would, sometimes, say something anti-homosexual off the top of my head because it was thought, in those days, to be funny. I never really deeply believed those comments, but I gave the impression of being thoughtless in these areas. I have, over many years, changed my attitude about gay men and women.”

—David Alexander (March/April 1991). “Interview of Gene Roddenberry: Writer, Producer, Philosopher, Humanist”. The Humanist. Retrieved 2006-07-20.

“In the fifth season [of Star Trek: The Next Generation] viewers will see more of shipboard life [including] gay crew members in day-to-day circumstances.”
—Gene Roddenberry, to The Advocate, 1991

“I’m sorry I never had a homosexual relationship, because I know there must be many joys and pleasures and degrees of closeness in those relationships.”

—Gene Roddenberry, in Gene Roddenberry; The Last Conversation (by Yvonne Fern, 1994)

I think it’s fairly obvious that Roddenberry came along way in his beliefs and attitudes, much farther, indeed, than many of the posters here. He was never able to get gay characters onto the big screen, be it because of lack of will, illness, or just the realities of a Hollywood TV production. There can be little doubt that Roddenberry would approve of what James, David, Carlos and whole slew of others have done with his vision.

186. Klingon to this !!! - November 23, 2009

They all look like 80s porn stars. McCoy looks like a British retro store mannequin…

187. Captain Rickover - November 23, 2009

That’s great. Can’t wait to see the full episode!

188. HiTrek Redneck - November 23, 2009

Cool show, Cawley. Keep doin’ it and don’t look back. And don’t worry about the naysayers. Having them is part of what IDIC is all about. If I agreed with every message Star Trek put out there, I wouldn’t be an individual, I’d be a lemming. I sure do enjoy the stories though, so keep up the good work and hold your head high. (and BTW, you don’t suck as an actor. It takes cajones to do what you do, so hats off….)

189. karanadon - November 23, 2009

Okay, WOW. This. Is. AWESOME. Hats off to you, Mr Cawley, you’re doing an exceptional job!

190. MC_Trekkie - November 23, 2009

Nice! And a pleasant surprise for the Holiday

This time out, the music and action work very will together.

MInor nitpick- you’ve updated the effects (WELL!)-

So perhaps an update of the hair? One can look late 60’s/early 70’s and still be believable. I mean Starfleet is paramilitary.

The nephew’s long hair and crazy platinum wig on the Navigator are each taking me out of the story and scream SILLY when the actual situation (and music) is grim.

Miss Andy Bray as Chekov, and new Spock seems a little maudlin- otherwise this preview hints at what may be your best effort/story,

Keeps getting better and better.

191. James Cawley - November 23, 2009

The VERY FEW naysayers do not bother me at all.
The comments all over the web, are very positive and far outweigh the negative. We will continue to fill the gap,and keep the Trek torch lit, and that helps till J.J. is finished with his next outing!
My Thanks to all,

192. pleasenomore - November 23, 2009

I really find these fan films annoying. Production values are no where near what I would call watchable.

The computer animation is nice but the cast, please. Your kirk is laughable, and so is the rest of the cast.

What is with all the overweight Star Fleet crew? I guess there is no gym on your enterprise.

193. KevBell - November 23, 2009

I love the fan films – even if they aren’t perfect, they are fun :-) The first few minutes of Enemy: Starfleet was very reminiscient of ‘Arena’ – looking forward to the full episode.

Congrats to Cawley and the entire New Voyages team,
– Kev

194. SIGH... - November 23, 2009

#175 I expected as much… or I guess I should say that I didn’t expect to see proof (since it was widely known) that “Gene rebutted those words later on”.

Sadly all I see are his exact words stating that he didn’t want those characters in the story yet people will willingly ignore the mans own words because it fits into their personal agenda.

Let the work of fiction stand (or fall) on it’s own merits. It shouldn’t be buttressed with false support. The man said no. Repeatedly. To these characters in this story. Now suddenly people have the gall to claim (posthumously) that THIS is really what he wanted… and of course anyone who might object is a narrowminded bigot. IDIC indeed.

As for #182 Feel free to check my IP. This is my only one. Typically arrogant intollerance however to assume that anyone that disagrees with you MUST be the same person.

Anyhow.. I said I was done last night, and now I am. I merely returned because I was SHOCKED to see that this story was pushed by Gerrold over and over and even published in his other book series under the very same name. It’s obvious to me that anyone who still doesn’t see the agenda after finding that info out will never be swayed to reality. So I bid you Farewell again.

195. Daoud - November 23, 2009

Thanks, JC and Patty for dropping in as much as you have. You’ve done great work again, and you all deserve raises. Unfortunately, twice a salary of $0, is still $0. If only some folks would realize there’s no profit here, this is free work, done by both pros, amateurs, and fans because of a common love for Star Trek.

I cannot fathom these folks who troll here at all. But, I also think calling people “homophobe” is just as trollish. The relationship introduced in Blood and Fire was done in an organic way, that David Gerrold did a superb job with. “SIGH” expects others to do his work for him, yet it isn’t that hard to get out there and find out the history of the production of TNG, and how Gene’s attorney started mucking things up, along with the horrid tenure of Maurice Hurley. To think the now-mocked Berman actually manged to clean all that up and get TNG back to where it got…

Anyway… to claim Cawley doesn’t approach Roddenberry’s intent is unsupported. Why, simply use Roddenberry’s own quotes:

“I believe in humanity. We are an incredible species. We’re still just a child creature, we’re still being nasty to each other. And all children go through those phases. We’re growing up, we’re moving into adolescence now. When we grow up – man, we’re going to be something!”

Gene Roddenberry, 9/4/1985… (emphasis added)

196. James Cawley - November 23, 2009

Internet trolls and bullies are so much fun! Reading their comments are very amusing. I sometimes feel like they are so lost and out there that even Jerry Springer would not have them on his show!
It is however, such a shame that their lives are so empty and their souls so mean spirited.
I will never understand what other people might get out of insulting others whom they do not know.
Here is a suggestion, try turning that vitriol into creating something, anything,
who knows what you might accomplish! You might even surprise yourself.

197. Anthony Thompson - November 23, 2009

188. James Cawley

My earlier posting (181) was unfair, superficial and flippant. It was a late-night post that at the time I thought was funny. I apologize. I actually very much admire and enjoy what you do.

198. Starship Conductor - November 23, 2009


My Wife and I look forward to each and every episode. We both grew up with Star Trek TOS when it was in production and aired on NBC. Your take of Star Trek in my humble opinion is spot on and in some cases better! The storys and plots are excellent! The story within BAF was fantastic! I’d like to thank you and your crew for continuing the dream!
Don’t stop believing, LL&P!


199. Sam Belil - November 23, 2009

Mr. Cawley –
What can I say? You and you’re team continue to create story-telling that so honors the original series. Your passion and desire to create a storyline that is so true to the STOS is second to none. I have always enjoyed your stories and look forward to seeing many more from you!
My only complaint is having problems downloading — I tried to download Blood and Fire part 2 and it gave me fits, usually I wait until they come up on YouTube!

200. Charles Root - November 23, 2009

#82 Falcon – You’re right that the Dragonfly links to our new and past episodes are down.

Retro Film Studios has partnered with Digital New Age Entertainment to be the exclusive first “broadcaster” of Streaming High Definition versions of our episodes. BaF Part 1 and 2 are being coded for HD as we speak.

All our previous episodes such as “To Serve All My Days” will begin to show up there as they to are encoded.

The site is:

While there isn’t anything Trek related there yet, you can bookmark it and check the Phase2 site for more formal announcement.

Expect things up in about a week or so.

201. Starship Conductor - November 23, 2009

The “url” link didn’t work on my above post, it’s now back online.

202. 05Ric - November 23, 2009

Hats off to you James,
One, because your show is moving from strength to strength and Two, for the courage and conviction to follow your dreams and bringing them into our reality, no small feat!

I’ve been watching from day one and you have a fan here!

Cheers from the UK

203. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 23, 2009

Hey James. As i have said to you before. Whe I watch your show I sometimes forger that you are not the Shhat. You have taken an Iconic role and made it all yours and you have done a fantastic job. I havt to think what you could do with a Big time budget that most series like this get on network Tv. With what you have you have done better then most of the net work tv shows. Thank you for keeping Trek Alive and May you live long and prosper.

204. falcon - November 23, 2009

@197 Charles –

Thanks for the info! It really does pay to read all the way down to the end of the comments. I’ll be sure to bookmark that site.

BTW, nice take on Scotty. A suggestion on makeup: perhaps a little more eye-liner and some faux grey in the mustache…

And don’t be afraid to ham it up! “Cap’n, mah wee bairns canna take much more o’this!” :-)

205. BenPrince - November 23, 2009

This is absolutely magnificent. It’s hard to believe this is a fan production. Looks like the lost 80th episode or something. Downright amazing. I can’t wait to watch it in full.

Oh, by the way…is there anywhere online that I can order the New Voyages/Phase II episodes as DVDs? I’d like to catch up with the series so far.

206. noleknight - November 23, 2009

Mr. Cawley,

Keep up your great work and passion, it is much appreciated. And no, you can never satisfy everyone in this world, that’s just life. Glad to see you pretty much ignore the internet bulleys and take any criticisms openly. We all strive to make ourselves better, whether it’s acting, being a parent, our daily jobs, sports, whatever it is in life. That’s what Star Trek stands for, and you continue carry on the Gene’s passion and legacy.

Best Regards

207. Exocomp 4 - November 23, 2009

James and Co…

“Enemy: Starfleet” looks promising, more on-par with (and possibly exceeding) your previous efforts, excluding BaF.

I am not trying to hate, start a flame-fest or anything like that, but I really did not like BaF…at all. It seemed like a wrong turn for Phase II and just didn’t seem like the right fit for you guys. It’s troubling that I had to edit it like crazy just so my young daughter could watch it. Here’s hoping that “Enemy: Starfleet” gets Phase II back on the road.

James, I know you and your gang do this for the fun of it, and without monetary gain. I salute you and admire your work. I cannot wait to see how the rest of your episodes turn out! :-D

208. Holger - November 23, 2009

At first I hesitated to watch the teaser because if it’s good I’ll have a much harder time waiting for the rest of the episode. And of course that’s how it turned out: it is absolutely exciting.
I love the TOS look of that transmission device on the surface. Space shots CGI is amazing. @James Cawley: nice Shatner roll!

209. TomBot3000 - November 23, 2009

Rubbing my eyes… is that the top of a swingset peeking at the edge of the ravine as McCoy & Kirk first walk down? The security guy falls twice! And it looks like you can see the stopper on the squirt gun of the alien that is kicked away by Kirk. Peter needs a hair cut unless in his off duty hours he’s in a metal band? And that phaser rifle really seems unwarranted unless hostilities are EXPECTED.
Still a promising and fun beginning, thanks for sharing.

210. Demode - November 23, 2009

Some of those wigs need to be trimmed… lol…. reminds me of angry Checkov in Of Gods and Men. But seriously, this is amazing stuff. The effects and acting are top notch.

211. Demode - November 23, 2009

James Cawley :

By the way, I do voice work for animation in Toronto. If you ever need anything recorded for background voices or aliens or whatever, drop me a line! :)

212. Nick Cook - November 23, 2009

@ SIGH. The only people who will truly not be swayed are those, like you, who insist on living in the dark ages.

Glad to see you’re happy there. Don’t expect those of us who live the 21st century to join you.

213. BigRedBri - November 23, 2009

Very Good.

James & Crew thank you for continuing the 5 year mission.

214. Dave Galanter - November 23, 2009

#206: that’s not a swingset. it’s a core-sample rig which was previously set up, and indicated they should be looking for different samples farther down the ravine. ;) Why do you think they were walking down from there?

215. Andy Patterson - November 23, 2009

Yeah, effects are great. Ship looks great. Fun to hear that music in there too. Good job. And oh yeah….I love Barbara Luna.

216. Patty W - November 23, 2009

207: Sorry, the ship’s barber shop has been closed for maintenance. It’s our crew’s real hair that needs trimming… don’t worry, it’s not closed for good.

217. bugs nixon - November 23, 2009

Bit by bit this series keeps getting finessed – it never looked better. Cawley looks like Arnie though.

I dont know if he was spotted in JJ’s movie in the end, did anyone spot him?
[apologies if thats been discussed]

218. Dave Galanter - November 23, 2009

#64: “I have to say bravo to the design of the jamming device, and bravo again to how Spock disables it.”

I basically described it as an egg shaped thing and they came up with that wonderful prop. Are they awesome, or what? As to how Spock disabled it, that was way more important to me than the look of the device. I really believed he’d do just as he did and Patty made sure to express that to the director for me. :-) I am continually impressed by these folks, and the hard work and dedication they have to making Star Trek feel like Star Trek.

219. Raul2106 - November 23, 2009


You are so awesome. love all the episodes you have done and look forward to each episode more than the previous. I was just wondering if there are any plans to feature Enterprise characters in a future episode? Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to keeping TOS alive. I was not thing biggest fan of JJ Abrams re-imagining of Star Trek. I didn’t hate it but through subsequent viewings I’m finding it to be less and less appealing as a Star Trek film. Glad you got a chance to cameo. Keep up the excellent work.

220. cmdrdiaz - November 23, 2009

Thank you James & crew, your love of TREK spouts out in your work. Really, really wonderful productions

saludos from mexico!!!

221. Matt Wright - November 23, 2009

Finally had a few minutes to watch the teaser, bravo! great stuff guys!

222. Kirksgirth - November 23, 2009

Four things:

TOS phasers rule.

That phaser rifle rules.

The design of the jamming device rules.

The effort these guys put into something close to their heart, namely TOS-era Star Trek rules!!

223. Brad - November 23, 2009

I love how Trekmovie now sensors ANY comments that don’t agree with the topic.

224. They call me Stasiu - November 23, 2009

This was a really cool teaser; can’t wait to see the rest of it!

225. HelenofPeel - November 23, 2009

It’s not fair to berate the work of Cawley and company who make no money on this thing and do it for the fun and joy they get related to their love of Star Trek.

Or as one over-hyped Britney Spears fan once cried on YouTube:
“Leave James Cawley alone!!!!!” ;)

They do great work on a slim-to-none budget. Be glad for what you get.

ps – Please standardize StarFleet haircuts, James. It IS distracting.

226. Daoud - November 23, 2009

@222 (Nice room # by the way)… That jamming device really does rule, doesn’t it! Reminds me of Nomad, Flint/Brack/Brahms’ robot, the Romulan Cloaking Device, and Spock’s Brain Decanter… all classic TOS looks. :)

@JC I just wonder… James, if you get a chance… what more help can you use from all of us in fandomland?? How can fans (other than by spreading the word) help you get more STNVP2 out there??

Also, has there been any consideration now that you have pro-writers involved, including those with contacts at S&S who’ve written TrekLit….
how about some tie-in novels and novelizations of the STNVP2 stories? That could give you a chance to “retcon” a few things here and there that refilming would never allow, etc.

227. TrekDude - November 23, 2009

Really great stuff here. Looking forward to see the entire episode. :)

228. Patty W - November 23, 2009

226: The S&S tie-in novels have been discussed. It boils down to: they said no.

229. Jackson Lake - November 23, 2009

This is a fan-film?! It looks better than some of the nineties Trek episodes.

And to the posters above, I never would have thought I’d find Trekkie homophobes.

230. John Broughton - November 23, 2009

Per comments #114 (and recently #222) – the phaser rifle was a collaborate effort between Paul Sieber, Mike Bednar, John Broughton Sr. and myself. The idea was posed by Paul, I worked on some concept drawings, my Dad made the wooden master, and our talented propmaker Mike Bednar finished it off by detailing, painting and adding electronics.

Just wanted to get the facts straight – just as with these TREK film project- its the culmination of numerous people’s contributions.

Congrats to the cast & crew of Phase II – the beginning sequence for ENEMY STARFLEET looks great.

231. denny cranium - November 23, 2009

James Cawley,

I have a brother who is gay. My twin brother actually.
We both were teased and bullied growing up.
I was labelled as gay because he was gay and we looked alike.

I got in a lot of dust ups when we were younger protecting ourselves.

While we were different in many ways growing up we always had a love of Star Trek in common.

Thanks to you for having the bravery to make this episode.
It was way overdue

232. Captain Wowser Uk - November 23, 2009

That was wonderful! well done boys and girls.. seriously well put together. Best fan produced work I’ve seen to date.

233. Captain Wowser Uk - November 23, 2009

It must also be so gratifying or satisfying or whatever when James takes time out to read everyone’s comments and we pick on hairstyles. My, how far we’ve come. :)

234. Jovan - November 23, 2009

James Cawley: Thanks for this. While the acting isn’t always spot on, even considering personal interpretation of the characters, the series has mostly been a joy to watch. The effects are great, but the stories are greater. Sadly, my girlfriend isn’t a fan from the snippets I’ve shown. Her favourite character is McCoy and she doesn’t really like John Kelley. I hope she can look past that as I did because (no offence to any of the performers) I didn’t quite like the Spocks either, and Spock is my favourite character. And while people may criticise your performance of Kirk, I have to say that the dialogue in these episodes has done more than three seasons did to flesh him out as a real person.

Live long and prosper,

235. Captain Wowser Uk - November 23, 2009

Shatoupee and Denny Cranium seem close…

236. Kev -1 - November 23, 2009

Very nice. It’s amazing what can be accomplished no money, but with a bit of heart.

237. Captain Serek - November 23, 2009

The anticipation of the new episode is killing me, I hope it lasts.

238. RGClay - November 23, 2009

Great fun and good work!
Would have loved to have seen a typical Spock close up raising his eyebrow at the tricorder reading right before he breaks off the antenna on the jamming device… as if to convey the simplicity of disabling it.

239. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

#68 Sigh:

*I* care… and I know a LOT of people on our production team who care (and yes, most of them happen to be straight, by the way). We care because it is a beautiful, amazing, heartwarming thing to know we touched someone else’s life in a positive way. That we managed to help someone who is perfectly normal have the courage to accept and embrace that.

Sorry you dont look at the world around you and embrace and enjoy where you’ve made a positive difference… but we do. We’re also quite proud and happy about the emails we get from US servicepeople overseas who’ve sent us notes thanking us for the entertainment and hope we’ve given them. I dont need to know someone to be happy (thrilled) that I have made a difference in their life… I am thrilled whenever I can do that, for whomever. And I am sure the rest of our team is as well.

I may not be a doctor, an EMT or anything like that (nor do I have the skills to ever be one), but at the least I can, through my small part in the project, provide some entertainment to others, and sometimes even some hope for their future.

240. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

#207. Exocomp 4:

I’m sorry to hear that you had to edit out the bloodworms scene and Hodel’s euthanization, as well as Alex’s and the Copernicus’ crew member’s suicides. I guess that would be tough to explain to a young child. I am sure of course that is what you needed to edit, and not the scene of two people in love.

241. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

234. Jovan

Hi Jovan! Perhaps the problem is that Spock is your favorite character, as perhaps that is a similar problem your girlfriend has. No, I’m not picking on you… it is probably more difficult to accept someone else in a role of a character that is one of your’s (or anyone’s, for that matter) favorites since much of the original actor is part of what makes that character a favorite for us. When I saw the zeroth episode (the pilot) way before I joined the team, I felt the same way about Quinn’s portrayal of Spock – and again, I chalk it up to the same thing… Spock was always my favorite character. Quinn, followed by Ben, followed by Brandon, all grew on me though; and I am now very comfortable (and impressed) with Brandon’s take on Spock (of course, I’ve had the advantage of seeing Brandon as Spock in 3 episodes so far…) ;-)


242. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

116. Balok

Brilliant, thoughtful, honest, introspective, and forward looking all at once and in such a short post!

Thank you for that!


243. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

159. AzarN:

Yet you continue to watch our episodes… including the latest bit from Enemy Starfleet.

Why exactly is that? Wouldnt that be liking sticking your hand in the fire, realizing it hurts, and then doing it again? That makes both your motives and comment suspicious – especially considering how negative your comments are.

Just stop watching our episodes. We arent forcing you to watch them. Then you wont have watch “an absolute farce” as you put it.

I’m not slamming you for not liking it… or for even disliking it as much as you obviously do… I’m just suggesting that you simply dont watch the episodes if doing so is so painful to you.

244. RobertMfromLI - November 23, 2009

225. HelenofPeel

Thank you. You should know though (everyone should) we also do it for all of you and our millions of other fans. We are always happy to know people enjoy our hard work, and hope you all enjoy everything that is yet to come.

Thank you to everyone for the praise, compliments and constructive criticism. It (and the wonderful second family have made) are big reasons why I come back every shoot and every pickup to do this again and again.

Robert Mauro

245. The Invader (In Color!) - November 23, 2009

What’s with the people who feel compelled to trash ST:P2?

I don’t get it. P2 is made by fans who are doing a DAMNED GOOD JOB! I am constantly amazed at the quality of work they are doing.

I think a lot of what I am reading is just sour grapes.

As Cawley has said — go out and make your own if you think you can do better! But be prepared to spend a lot of money and invest a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears in the process — and don’t think you can do it without a talented, and dedicated TEAM either!

I don’t care for every aspect of P2 — but give Cawley and his team due credit!

It’s a fan production that looks as good or better than the original series and the FX work is sometimes even better than what CBS did for the remaster. That — to me — is pretty amazing!

And again…if you jerks think you can do better…go for it!

246. RaymondJ - November 23, 2009

I identify with Cawley because as a boy my friends and I shot our own Star Trek adventures on Super-8 movie film. We used a lot of exteriors and my parents’ basement for the bridge of the Enterprise. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see a quality fan production of the magnitude of Phase 2! As hard as mine were to make and laughable today to look at, it was still a blast getting everyone together to make these, and doing our special effects was fun too.

I really like Cawley’s Kirk. I look forward to it now. He’s not over-the-top, he’s just doing an homage to Shatner and the character. Good job!

247. Christopher Seeley - November 23, 2009

I Love This Stuff!!! Did we go back in time to 1970? I mean this is TOS’s fourth season isn’t it?

248. MC1 Doug - November 23, 2009

#245: ” What’s with the people who feel compelled to trash ST:P2?”

Part of the problem in this day and age is that the internet, for some reason, encourages people to say anything and everything they want, no matter how hurtful, tactless or rude (or on the positive side of the argument–insightful). After all, websites are basically anonymous; who is going to know who you are if you trash someone?

I mean if I were to call you every name in the book, there are few consequences… you don’t know who I am.

So a lot of “brave” people act like little trolls. We get people who come in here who trash JJ Abrams, the Supreme Court, Mr.Cawley, PII productions or feel free to spread homophobic diatribes… or you name it… you don’t like something, feel free to say what you want.

Thankfully, Anthony monitors this great site closely… he can delete a posting or he can ban someone from returning to spread more hate.

It’s shameful, really that some folks cannot live by the old dictum “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.”

249. Rastaman - November 23, 2009

James, thank you for all your great work here. I had a lot of fun watching “Blood and Fire.” And this looks just as promising. Please ignore the naysayers and keep up the good work! I am amazed by the high quality of the special effects, and the acting gets better with every installment.

Nice to have Trek back on the small screen again!

250. bill hiro - November 23, 2009

Very nice. I am properly teased.

251. EdDR - November 23, 2009

Mr. Cawley,
Will you be incorporating more of the late Mike Minor’s envision of some of the interior of the Enterprise which would eventurally bring it towards the STTMP vision of the Big E? The one thing I felt and understood from the first night in 1966, watching the boob tube , Channel 4 in L.A. was that Star Trek was about the best of humanity finally reaching out and trying to do something to fit into the scheme of the whole Universe.. After reading what a small minority of the commentators have written, I am just left with is “Those who can’t do, teach.” Well it should be extended to ” Those who can’t teach, can’t do do-do.”

Keep up the great work James.

252. TD - November 23, 2009

It looks AWESOME! -was sorry it was suddenly over….

253. xon - November 23, 2009

Cawley: I was killed in STMP – I prefer the afterlife to hanging around with you and your amateur actors. Kill me off again, please.

P.S. lose that smirk. Kirk/Shatner never had it.

254. James Cawley - November 23, 2009

253- Xon was never in TMP, that was Commander Sonak.
Although the actor who was originally to play him was in the film as the Epsilon 9 commander. And if you think Shatner/Kirk never smired in TOS,
You really need to go back and watch some episodes!

255. Gabriel Bell - November 23, 2009

Is this thread really still going? Man, these haters are damn entertaining. Herberts and grups, all of them.

Keep it going, James. Once again, great job.

256. Eric Holloway - November 23, 2009

Looks really good. Love the fact you’re doing a lot of outdoor filming. It re-enforces the fact that the crew are explorers and it reminds me of Arena with a touch of the beginning of Shore Leave when Bones & Kirk are trying to track down the rabbit and they are just talking. The filming seems especially good, are you filming in HD or is it just me? The shots just seem so clear now. I don’t know but it looks great and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks and good luck.

257. Falvoant - November 23, 2009

253 Cawley: I was killed in STMP – I prefer the afterlife to hanging around with you and your amateur actors

Yeah were all ” just a bunch of Fracking – amatuers”
and proud of it

258. Patty W - November 23, 2009

257: “Yeah were all ” just a bunch of Fracking – amatuers”
and proud of it”


MANY of us get paid to do this stuff professionally: and get paid well. We just choose to volunteer for New Voyages for the love of the project. While you don’t have to be a professional to work for the production, it’s because there are so many pros involved that are happily willing to teach anyone with any interest to learn.

And that DOES include our professional actors… James, Brandon, Jonathan, Kim, Bobby… and our semi-pros.. Charles, Jay, Paul… all who get paid to act on other projects and we’re lucky to have them on board. They’re a bunch of talented folks and if it wasn’t for them we’d be filming some pretty sets with pretty lights shining on them.

Which wouldn’t be very interesting at all….


259. Sag member since 1986 - November 24, 2009

@ 258
Name ONE movie or tv show that James Cawley has acted on (and no being an extra is not acting) and been paid for. A legit hollywood movie. same goes for the others as well.

260. PhaserMan - November 24, 2009

Just curious, Mr. Cawley, why the upcoming episode to be produced has the same plot and the title of a fanfilm called “Star Trek: Origins” …We hope that the true producers of “Star Trek: Origins” be advised of your desires …
Anyway, Baf and Enemy Starfleet! are Great stuff. I can’t wait to see the whole thing..
Best, Rick Ashley

261. Smilin Bob - November 24, 2009

Will Decker ever show up?

262. Bryan - November 24, 2009

I actually really like Phase 2, it fills that gap of new material that is missing on TV… one minor detail that threw me off was Spock’s Tricorder – it sounded like the old early 90’s Playmates toy Tricorder for TNG… hopefully that was just a filler cause it really didn’t match up to the awesome accurate effects that Phase 2 has used for all of their shows.

263. Holger - November 24, 2009

I believe that the bashing and flaming Phase II receives from some people is a clear indication that Phase II is a huge success.

264. James Cawley - November 24, 2009

#259- For the last 23 years I have been a PAID professional actor.
Appearing nearly everyday on stage for major productions in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach. L.A. , Florida, Chicago and too many more to name. I have worked for “Legends In Concert”, Hollywood Superstars”, “The King In Concert”, and various other shows. Google them. They are not amateur Hour, Never have been. You try standing on a stage in front of a 3.000 seat showroom, with a lIving, breathing audience, who demands perfection,because they idolize someone, they paid to see brought back to life! You see I am paid to be somebody else! Yes, I am an actor.
Performing on stage has earned me my living and afforded my hobby.
So my little Troll with a SAG card, have a nice day! I intend to!

265. Admiral Archer's Prized Beagle - November 24, 2009

This looked great, as usual.

But surely Captain Kirk should know that sending his nephew down on an unknown planet in a RED shirt is sending him to his ultimate demise!

Just kidding! Keep up the good work.

266. Anton Karidian - November 24, 2009

Ah, so Mr. Cawley now claims that he is a thespian. Bravo, good sir. Dinner theater, Elvis impersonations on cruise ships, ah yes, the real stratosphere of accomplishment – one few mortals ever achieve.

267. Anton Karidian - November 24, 2009

We have just received an incoming transmission – Elvis has entered the Great Escape theme park – watch as swarms of fat tourists stand in total awe at the apparition before their eyes.

268. Dave Galanter - November 24, 2009

Wow. I don’t get the hate here. I seriously don’t. This is what Star Trek is about? Backbiting and belittling? Sad.

269. James Cawley - November 24, 2009

Sorry Mr. Karidian (Hide behind that name)
You keep working at McDonald’s, I will enjoy my occupation and what it affords me in life. I have never worked dinner theatre or cruise ships but had I, I would be proud. I earn a living on the stage, that is enough for me.

270. James Cawley - November 24, 2009

Dave G.,
That is all these type folks get out of life. They enjoy their internet anonymity.
The ability to trash people, that they would not otherwise have the…. to do.
They are so unhappy in their own life, they must try to make others feel the same way. SO, SO SAD.

271. Anton Karidian - November 24, 2009

Hmm, Doing Elvis impersonations at Great Adventures Vs Cruise ships … now there’s a difficult choice … which one is cheesier?

I’ll think about that while I am flipping burgers on the late shift tonight.

272. James Cawley - November 24, 2009

You just don’t get it Anton, the question is which pays better.

I’ll keep working a few months a year and Playing at my hobby the rest.
Enjoy the cheese it’s on me!
Hailing frequencies closed.

273. Patty W - November 24, 2009

259: I think all the “paid actors” that work in theatre, radio, commercials, television, etc, would be very insulted to know they are not professionals because they haven’t been credited in a major motion picture. James has appeared on stage in “A Christmas Carol” (as Scrooge), can be seen as a raving ghost in the “Haunted Fort”, and has various other theatre and radio credits to his name… OTHER than the grueling feat of becoming Elvis: which is a total transformation.

Jonathan works steadily as a host, and in “Ugly Betty”, and most recently was on Sesame Street. Kim Stinger works steadily in theatre, and in commercials. Brandon….yeah, I’m not going to go any further.. except to say you need to check your facts before throwing mudd out randomly.

260: It has the name “Origins” because that precisely says what the story is about. It had nothing to do with any other fanfilm.

Sorry, the “plot” (actually the series theme) of “Star Trek: Origins” was actually following Robert April and various earlier characters around to see how our familiar TOS universe came about: it was not centered on young Kirk and how he met the folks we came to know as TOS. We’ve spoken to the folks from “Star Trek: Origins” and they are enthused about this episode and fully behind it. (Their series is on haitus, BTW)

271: If you’d like, I can give you the entire list of “cheesy” places James has gotten paid to perform in order to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. The venue doesn’t matter when the reason behind it is worth it. I’m sure that would impress you far more than the number of weeks he did his Elvis act to sold out audiences in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. He wasn’t named the #1 Elvis tribute artist in the country for no reason. (97) So, yes, go back to flipping your burgers and working on your carpal tunnel. Maybe in a year you’ll make what James makes in a week destroying his back.


274. Andreas - November 24, 2009

The first 6 minutes of “Enemy: Starfleet!” give me a thrill!
What a classic beginning to Star Trek episode.

The first location shoot of P2 is amazing; reminding of great episodes like “Arena”. The strange new world gives an epic scope to the production and allowes to show some action on a new scale.

The dialog between Kirk and McCoy is dead-on. My compliments to the actors and writers!
I still have to get used to yet another Spock.

Please keep on doing this, P2-Team!!!

275. AdamTrek - November 24, 2009

272. James Cawley – November 24, 2009

You’re living your dream. Obviously others don’t get that and/or want to knock you down for it. Pathetic excuses for humans in my book.

Everyone should be so lucky. Instead you’re all a bunch of idiots. How many of you get to do what you love everyday? And I sincerely hope that everyone figures it out and gets the chance.

No skin off your back, James. Just keep doing what you’re doing.


276. The Invader (In Color!) - November 24, 2009

Man…I CAN NOT believe the hate being spewed at James Cawley.

Some of you people are PATHETIC!! And you really do need to get a life.

It would suck being you.

277. Anton Karidian - November 24, 2009

What is truly hilarious is how all of you are blind to just how truly awful the acting is in these fan flicks. But, you have all had a nice dose of Koolaid (or Saurian brandy, I suppose) so you think that anything that has some connection to Star Trek is great and that fan devotion is more important than the quality of the product. Curiously, the other aspects of these fan flicks – the props, special effects – even the writing – are rather good – in some cases, exceptional. Maybe if Cawley took acting classes instead of singing along with old Elvis records in a costume that makes him look silly, he’d be able to complete the equation – and have some acting that is equal to the high standard of the other parts of these productions. Only then will all of the money he has donated achieve something special. Right now this is clearly a hobby – and it shows.

278. Holger - November 24, 2009

277: What you’re doing is called digging yourself in, you know.

279. Patty W - November 24, 2009

To ease folks mind.. you should know that “Karidian” and several of the other posters here are one in the same person, and we know who it is. And yes, in fact, that person has a sad life – obsessed with slamming James Cawley everywhere they can find a public forum to do so.

Which means, of course, James is so awesome, this person can’t get him out of their mind!! LOL

280. The Invader (In Color!) - November 24, 2009

There’s truth in what you type, Patty! LOL!!!

281. Anton Karidian - November 24, 2009

279: Busted. You are right. I am exactly who you think I am but I am from a parallel universe so I guess I am not *exactly* who you think I am. In my universe Cawley is a good actor but the sets look like crap.

282. Patty W - November 24, 2009


…soo.. you’re obsessed with him in TWO universes? Man.. that’s power. James truly is awesome.

tell me.. in your universe does James’ fan club have NEGATIVE 1100 members?

I hope you don’t stop posting. I couldn’t afford to pay to see a comic as good as you. Thanks for the laughs!

283. Adamtrek - November 24, 2009


Hey, are you one of those guys just like those “scientists” that made up global warming data (or disregarded it) to affect agendas and policies? If you are making up other names to post hate, that makes you the villain of the story. You do realize that, don’t you?
That’s a line. Looks like you crossed it.


284. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2009

#281: Dude, lose the bitterness. It’s not becoming of a TREK fan… or anyone for that matter.

285. TomBot3000 - November 24, 2009

Weird. Are bashing burger flippers here? Anyway, the bashing is silly… even if it is a “hobby” and “amatuer” acting, it’s an awesome accomplishment in both realms. I haven’t seen all of these “fan” films but each one improves on the last by leagues.

286. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2009

AND to James and the crew of PII, please don’t let this hater (and others) get to you. This guy, whoever he is, is wanting to wallow in the mud and doesn’t seem to care who he pulls in with him.

Thing is, this kind of hate is more like quicksand and not worthy of your attention. If people don’t like your productions they shouldn’t watch them.

I enjoy your work (PII)… and I am obviously not alone. So to the haters, go play in your own universe. As Kirk and Kang said (in the ‘Day of the Dove’), “go, you’re not wanted here!”

287. Captain Dunsel - November 24, 2009

Anton, get a life. Thanks for the youtube link-James actually has a good voice.
Keep it up James!

288. RobertMfromLI - November 24, 2009

#258 Patty: My lights and lighting are pretty, aren’t they? ;-)

289. Anton Karidian Prime - November 24, 2009

My other self is such a hater.

290. Captain Anderson - November 24, 2009

Great job, even better than the original in alot of ways, but I dare say I agree with post #2. Mr.Crawley please get Captain Kirk a haircut. The cut that you had for your cameo in the new movie was very much closer to early Captain Kirk. I am am not at all complaining as I think you and your assocaites to a OUTSTANDING job keeping Captain KIrk and crew alive.

291. Gary Evans - November 24, 2009

James Cawley and I have been aware of Star Trek: Origins group since Autumn, 2006. Mike Dempsey. Star Trek: Origins creator has a standing invitation to visit Phase II and participate in our shoots. Unfortunately, his fulltime job and family commitments have not yet allowed that to happen.

James personally described what our Origins episodes will encompass with Mike Dempsey..
Gary Evans

292. Gary Evans - November 24, 2009

@260, sorry, I forgot to add that the theme of Star Trek: Origins is Starfleet pre-TOS, Post ENT! The Origins episode at Phase II will be regarding James Kirk and others while at Star Fleet and after graduation. It is two totally different stories, set in two different eras of Starfleet.

AFAIK, Mike Dempsey has expressed no misgivings, qualms or other concerns about the Phase II episode.

Now, I have answered your questions about Star Trek: Origins.

And, Oh, I have been part of Mike’s project team since Autumn 2006 as well.

I am very eager to see Mike and crew bring this era of pre-TOS Trek to life.
Gary Evans

293. Christopher Seeley - November 24, 2009

# 245 Questioning The Haters

I don’t know why people trash it. Some people just have to hate on something no matter what. Star Trek: Phase II is a superior production in every way. I my humble opinion Star Trek: Phase II saved Star Trek as a whole. When there were no new television episodes or movies coming out Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II was there. James Cawley and his crew took what made Star Trek so great brought it back and made it better. This happened at a critical time in Star Trek’s history. Going with what works they created an excellent production for everyone to enjoy. This is Star Trek’s fourth season! I am grateful for Star Trek: Phase II! I would love to able to be on the show. A redshirt or a crewman walking down the corridor of the Enterprise it wouldn’t matter to me. Long Live Star Trek: New Voyages!

294. The Invader (In Color!) - November 24, 2009

#293 — PII may very well have saved Trek. I’ve never read or heard anything to officially confirm that, but what PII does is show that the original series was still viable and that there was something special about that cast and that OS setting that people continue to want to see.

It’s timeless. May that was the influence it had (if any) on the new film?

Anyway, the PII episodes truly do feel like a Year 4. Now if they could put M’Ress or Lt. Arex (via CGI) then that would cement the deal…

Regardless, I agree — Long Live STNV:PII!

295. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2009

#294: I agree… it would be cool to see M’Ress or Arex in “live” action.

296. Ken - November 24, 2009

I just watched “Blood and Fire” in its entirety, and it was fantastic. It captured everything Star Trek means, good story, good action, compelling morality tale… and its focus on the love between Peter and Alex was beyond exceptional. Yes, it was a bit risky. But, they pulled it off beautifully. And, you know what? Kirk’s mantra about “Risk being our business” was Roddenberry’s mantra as well when it came to producing Star Trek and getting ideas well ahead of their time to the public. James Cawley and his team should be applauded in nearly every way for what they are doing, and how they are doing it. I believe Gene Roddenberry would be proud. And I know that the people I have Star Trek with in my life, who are no longer around, would have loved to see New Voyages/Phase II.

Thank you guys!

297. Patty W - November 24, 2009

You’ll see Arex soon!

298. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2009

#297: Fascinating. I look forward to see how you guys pull that off.

299. Sag member since 1986 - November 24, 2009

wow thats funny mr cawley, But being an elvis impersantor is not the same as being an actor.

And for the record I have stood infront of and ACTED in front of crowds ranging from several hundered to five thousand plus.
Ive acted on stage at The Pantages Theatre, The Kodak Theatre, The Ahminson Theatre

I hold a masters in theatre arts from UCLA and have been proffesional stage and screen actor for many many many years.

I am the first person to applaud and recognize a talented person, and let me tell you, one of the great things about the internet and online sites like youtube is that it gets talented people who might not otherwise get the chance to be noticed, a shot at getting a break. but for every good original dramatic or musical production. there is stuff that is absolute garbage.

Dont take it as a personal attack iam sure your a decent enough person, but i asked a legit question, and you still cant answer me with an answer as to what films (or plays) you have ACTED IN.

And again being a Elvis impersantor is not the same as acting.
One of my very good friends Eddie is one of the premiere Michael Jackson Impersantors.(hes even played michael in movies, and on television and of course the E trial re enactment) and has live stage show seen by thousands and even he doesnt think being an impersantor is acting.

You might be talented as and elvis impersantor but as an actor you have a long way to go to work on your craft.

300. Sag member since 1986 - November 24, 2009

Ahmanson theatre,
really would be nice to have a edit button these threads

301. Sag member since 1986 - November 25, 2009

James one final thing and i will let this go.

But I just want to make it clear that while i do find the acting of your main cast members sorely lacking on your production . I do agree the special effects are pretty impresive as are the makeup effects.

And i have attempted to watch your fan films on several occasions, and I am not beyond giving the episodes another glimpse in the future.

and i do apologize for comming off mean spirited, in my first post but i really was asking a legit question of patty in asking what films and tv shows you had acted in as a proffesional actor.

ps patty my post only asked about what productions mr cawley and not anyone else in your crew or cast had worked on.

and with that iam done commenting on this thread.

302. ryanhuyton - November 25, 2009

I really find it facinating how some “fans” on this site are slamming the efforts of James Cawley totally unfairly all the while posting under a name other then their own. It is ironic since no one knows what anyone else looks like anyway. It also gets me as to how they can repeatedly insult people who are fans doing something we (as fans as well) appreciate. A lot of fans, including myself, have the upmost respect for all those who are able to add to a rich mythology while doing it for free, and most importantly, love of Star Trek. And it is expensive and time consuming as well. I would love to do do what Mr. Cawley does and I defend him even though he has shown a lot of class to those who those who have no problem with ripping into his acting. James has shown a lot of class, patience and graciousness toward “fans” like Anton Karidian Prime when he could have easily responded more harshly or even left. It is okay to dislike something without being condescending and mean-spirited.
And if you don’t like a particular article, then don’t keep posting. It is that simple.

303. Anthony Pascale - November 25, 2009

I see a lot of people who seem to think they can say who has a right to post here….quick tip…you don’t

Everyone who is here is a “fan” we are all fans

And everyone has a right to like or dislike whatever they want, as long as they are civil.

I know that James can handle being critiqued. You put somethign out there, it is going to be analyzed.

And, no, you do not need to create your own series in order to be qualified to critique. THis site runs reviews of lots of things, but we dont make toys, DVD, series, movies, etc. Just like I dont only accept critiques from those who run their own websites.

304. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

James: Really enjoyed this preview! Top-notch work again! Can’t wait to see the whole ep! Thanks again for giving us fans new Trek to look forward too!

305. AdamTrek - November 25, 2009


Agreed. I do think there is a difference between bullying and constructive criticism. I think some of the basement dwellers on here do not realize the challenge of media in today’s age. Every millisecond of audio/video has to be perfect to pull off the realism the viewer demands. Cawley and his team pull that off in spades. As far as the acting goes, could it always be better, sure, and I’m sure the cast is well aware that they are not Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, et al, incarnate. Saying “You suck Rigelian worms, Cawley!”, not constructive. If you are in front of people, on a stage, “acting” as someone else, in my definition that makes someone an actor. A paid one at that. Is there anything better? Someone doesn’t need a SAG card to be an actor. I suppose all of us should rise to the occasion and take Sir Paul McCartney’s advice and “Let it be”.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


306. James Cawley - November 25, 2009

There are only a very small minority here who are slamming our efforts or taking personal shots, and that is fine, really it does not matter to me. I am an adult, and a professional and I can take it. I consider the source.
After reading the many snarky remarks directed at Trek 09′ by the same vocal minority , I would say I am in rather good company.
I do what I do, with what I have to the Best of my abilities, and I constantly push to make it better. I will continue to do so with everything I do in life.

307. Fez - November 25, 2009

@ 306

James, having met you this summer… I know that you and everyone around you does the best you guys can to put out the best product while respecting the original show. I hate the fact that people are bashing you and our effort to bring Trek to everyone. I hope you and everyone else have a good holiday.

I hope to be up at the studio for the next shoot.


308. SIGH... - November 25, 2009

#303 Anthony… Well said!

#305 Funny that your first line notes the difference between bullying and constructive criticism and then your next line calls people “basement dwellers”.

I agree that making fun of the actors is in poor taste (just like telling someone I have more “awards” than you so your opinion doesn’t matter) and I have never done so. My issue is with the content, not the production values.

Happy Thanksgiving

309. Waldomiro Vitorino - November 25, 2009

I think Mr. Cawley is a happy man. Making those fan flicks with such dedication and devotion to TOS must be very, very fun and exciting. And their quality is increasing a lot, no doubt of that. I salute him, honsestly. Thanks, Mr. Cawley. To you and all of your associates.

310. Patty W - November 25, 2009

301: ps patty my post only asked about what productions mr cawley and not anyone else in your crew or cast had worked on.

not true:

259: name….. A legit hollywood movie. same goes for the others as well.

311. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

I just have to echo my agreements with @302 and others who’ve defended James here. I know that James doesn’t need defending. His work on NV/P2 over the last 5 years and that of his team speaks for itself. Has everything about NV/PT always been perfect? No, but then, what television show is? From what I’ve seen, every TV show strives for excellence. James and his team have been doing the same over the last 5 years. For instance, I think John Kelley has improved tremendously! Overall, (and I got hooked on NV/P2 when they just had CWM and IHW out), the series has improved by leaps and bounds!

Where I personally get bothered are by the people who come out every time NV/PT is mentioned, and just attack it and not only that, but attack James and others on a personal level. And this bothers me because none of you who make these attacks knows James personally. And if you do know James personally, I think it’s pretty low that you’d come on here in virtual anonynimity and attack him. I do not know James myself, but from everything I’ve read, he sounds like someone I’d like to know! Based on his posts, I can see he is very gracious, and warm. I so much appreciate that he takes the time to respond to us! Even the naysayers. Please understand, I don’t have a problem with the critique of the show itself. Every TV show is subject to that. But for reasons I have never understood, much of the criticism often degenerates into personal attacks on the people themselves, their hair, they suck at acting or whatever. If you want to critique their acting, do it in such a way that would help them get better, but don’t just say “it sucks”. That doesn’t help.

Now I haven’t seen B&F yet. I’ve been waiting (patiently) for Part 2 to come out so I could watch it in it’s entirety. (I hate waiting a week for “To be continued. . .” on television!). Now that Part 2 is out, I’m going to take it in this weekend, and I can’t wait to see it. From the clips I’ve seen, it looks great. As for the theme, I am not too concerned about it. Much has been written here about it, especially from SIGH. On a personal level for myself, I am an Evangelical Christian. Because of my beliefs, I will say up front that I do not agree with homosexuality or the homosexual lifestyle. I believe the Bible is God’s Word and I know what the Bible says about it. But this is not going to deter me from watching B&F or enjoying it. Why? Because above all, this is Star Trek! I love Star Trek! Star Trek has always at various times been a commentary on the social and political issues of the day in a SciFi format. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think that NV/P2 had to feature this particular aspect in such an overt or obvious way. But it’s not my show. Personally, I never agreed with some of the sexually charged things they did on Enterprise to “spice” it up. I’ve never felt that Star Trek needed that. It’s always stood on it’s own without gimmicks. Sure, in TOS, there were the times when Kirk “got the girl” and what have you. Remember “Wink of an Eye”? We knew that when we saw Kirk putting his boots back on (when Dela was in his room) what had happened. But they didn’t have to show it. I don’t really need to see people (hetero or homo) “rolling in the hay” on a show to enjoy it. (I’m not saying that is portrayed in this episode either).

For me, what people do in their private lives is their business. I really don’t want to know about it. I’ve worked with Gay people, and I really didn’t care. I never feared that they were going to “hit” on me or that their “gayness” (if that’s a real word) was going to rub off on me. I went to lunch with them, had conversations with them and what-have-you. We even talked about Christianity and my beliefs and vice versa. In fact, my one friend told me one time that it bothered him personally that the entertainment industry (This has nothing to do with NV/P2) sometimes tries to be so blatant in their portrayal of homosexuality. He said he felt that it sometimes brings more attention than is necessary to him and others, because in the vast configuration of things, all he really was interested in was living his life just like the rest of us and it didn’t matter to him whether or not anyone knew he was Gay. His family knew and accepted him along with many of his friends and co-workers. That was really all that mattered to him. He never advertised, and the only way that I found out was when I asked him if he had a girlfriend. I don’t work with him anymore, because I’m not at that company, but we are still friends, and I’ve been glad to know him. My point is this: things are not always black and white. Now I’m not saying that I agree with how my friend lives or that he dates other men. But I still care about him and that doesn’t make me want to not be his friend. Heck, there are things he doesn’t agree with me on too! The point is, it’s not making or breaking my friendship with him. All of that to say simply the fact that B&F has chosen to portray a same-sex relationship is not going to keep me from watching the episode.

I know this is getting long, and I apologize. I have such strong feelings of support for NV/P2 and James and crew. I don’t agree with everything that’s been done, but those disagreements are miniscule, and certainly don’t warrant personal attacks. Sometimes, I feel like the people who come here and do this are, at times, no better than the Westboro Baptist people. I’m sure many are familiar with them, but in case you’re not, they claim to be a “christian” (their term, not mine), group that spews all manner of hatred upon homosexuals in particular and America in general. One wonders why they continue to live here. They have a web site which spews hatred, and they’ve protested at our soldiers funerals where they hold signs that spew just the most vile things you can think of. And they attribute it to God. That might be a bit of an extreme characterization for what the minority detractors here are doing, but it makes the point. Hate is hate. And maybe hate is too strong a word, but why can’t an opinion be shared on something without going to the lengths of a personal attack or disrespect towards someone? Or something, such as NV/P2? It’s been said before, but if you really don’t like it then don’t watch it. In fact, one wonders why you would. There are things on TV that I don’t like. So I don’t watch. It just seems common sense to me. Perhaps it is because of the anonymity afforded by the internet, but courtesy and respect have become hard to find. Opinions, even strong opinions can be shared with such. That IS one of the things that Mr. Roddenberry’s vision was all about. Respect and care to one’s fellow man. When you watched Star Trek on TV and saw this ficticious crew interacting,you knew they respected one another, and skin color or other things didn’t matter. I can not like something about NV/P2, but I can share that in a respectful way. I could work alongside my Gay friend, whose lifestyle I don’t agree with, but afford him the same respect and courtesy he afforded to me. In the end, the things that make us different do not change the fact that we all desire to be treated with courtesy and respect. The folks who provide this wonderful forum to keep us updated on all things Trek and a little more, and for us to be able to share our thoughts about those things, I’m sure never intended for people to be so nasty in some of their posts. I’m not saying either that I’ve never said a wrong thing or have never written a nasty note, because Lord knows, I have. I’ve always regretted it as well. The thing is, we always have a choice in how we respond. I hope that the detractors will choose to respond to information and articles regarding NV/P2 in a more respectful way.

Thank you James and crew for again taking the time and such extreme care that you put into these episodes! In the years I’ve been watching, I’ve never ceased to be amazed! Again, I apologize for the long post. Peace!

312. SIGH... - November 25, 2009

#311 The Drone

I am responding because you mention me by name in your post. Please keep in mind that I never disparaged the casts ability or made fun of them. I also have never said that they couldn’t have a gay scene or any other mix and match sex scene in their fan fiction. I simply stated my opinions which are:

1. I had no desire to watch any gay sex scenes and would personally skip the product.
2. Mr Roddenberry personally had the scene in question removed (and it was a MUCH less graphic scene) from the original script so I personally have an issue with people saying THIS represents his vision. I have no problem with people stating it is their own vision.
3. Mr. Gerrold has been peddling this story in various formats for decades. It’s not a Star Trek story.. it’s a mechanism for him to push his agenda regarding sexuality onto the screen. As proof is the undisputed fact that he published this very same story (and same name) under his Star Wolf series. He simply changed the named from Riker and picard to the names of his Star Wolf characters. Then he changed them from Star Wolf to TOS. Again… not a Trek story.. just a story he wants to tell in as many forms as possible.

Now, for simply stating my opinions in a polite manner I have been called a homophobe and belittled repeatedly. At no time did I make fun of the cast or belittle their skills although some of their responses did exactly what you complain about above. I agree that many of the disparaging posts show a lack of class, but so do many of the responses “defending” the production (Burger Flipping anyone?).

313. PYROBOY - November 25, 2009

312 SIGH
I wish you would have told us you feelings in this format at the very beginning. It’s more understandable and less degrading than your previous posts. We understand your position and thinking. Thank you for your post.


314. Christopher Seeley - November 25, 2009

#294 AND #295 – I have not read anything stating this, it’s just how I feel. I am sure that it has been written somewhere, I just haven’t seen it. What’s truly amazing is that James and his crew do this for free. All we have to do is sit back and enjoy! I would love to see M’ress and Arex make a return as well. I would love to see Harry Mudd make a return. That would be fun.

Take Care


315. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

@321 SIGH:

Yes, I did mention your screen name, but only in reference to the content of B&F. I agree that you did not make fun of the cast or disparage them in any way, so I was not referring to you in that area, and as well, I did not mention any other screen names in reference to that. I don’t feel I need to get into a verbal scuffle with anyone who did so, and if you will so note, I didn’t mention any particular comments. We’ve all read them, and others have responded specifically to them. I didn’t feel a need to do this.

My post is not a complaint. But rather, one long question that asks, “Hey, why can’t you post a disagreement or criticism without a personal attack?” Since I’ve been reading out here on TrekMovie off and on for the better part of a year, I know that Anthony has been saying these same things. For reasons which are beyond my understanding, there are apparently some people who continue to post here that just don’t “get it”. I don’t post often myself. I don’t have a lot of time to do so. But once in while a subject will interest me, such as the NV/P2 clip above, and the subsequent discussion of NV. It is good to see that so many more have enthusiastically come to appreciate NV.

As for your personal opinion, I have no issue with it. In fact, I am in agreement with it. As I said above, “I don’t really need to see people (hetero or homo) “rolling in the hay” on a show to enjoy it.” In fact, I would much prefer it if many of the TV shows that are on would tone down the “sex” factor. Not because I’m a prude or think that sex is bad. But because many times, those scenes do nothing to advance the plot or storyline. Most times, it’s just there for “shock” value or because the shows think it will garner ratings, or whatever else. And you would be surprised to learn how many “regular” (not Hollywood-type or activist-type) Gay people feel the same way. (I use quotes around regular, because if you listen to most news or Hollywood, they make you think everyone is like them). Many whom I’ve talked to through my friend have felt like in a lot of cases that what is portrayed on TV screens with regard to same-sex relationships is either stero-typical or completely inaccurate. Most of them don’t even care whether or not they see a same-sex kiss on TV, just like I and so many others don’t care whether or not we see a hetersexual kiss on TV. I mean, get your mind wrapped around this for a minute: how many of us have ever sat there and said “OMG I hope they kiss!” Well, I gotta tell you, from that standpoint, most Gay people ARE NO DIFFERENT than us! They just want to watch good TV too! Now I realize that sometimes portraying such things on television is just a part of life. But so many times, the promos and advertising for the show focus on that one small aspect, rather than the rest of the show.

Now because I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t comment fully on B&F. I may watch it and it might totally offend me. Then again, I might watch it and think it was well done. I don’t know that yet. But if I were to be bothered by the episode, I would post any comments I wanted to make in a respectful fashion and wait for the next NV/P2 episode. I won’t judge a series by one show alone. I am a fan of the Hidden Frontier fan series. After a while, I did feel that they spent way too much time on the Nevin/Astor relationship, and I just skipped over those shows. I feel that Star Trek has always been at its best when they’ve tackled a social issue without the viewer knowing that they have. Like the season 4 TNG episode, “The Host”. Where Dr. Crusher falls in love with a Trill male who in the course of the episode becomes injured and the symbiote has to be transferred. And is then transferred to a female. Yep, the good old Doc was a bit uncomfortable with that. And while that episode was not a statement in any way on same-sex relationships, it did put the possibilty out there of “what if?” So to me, that was vintage Star Trek. Social commentary that makes you think, while at the same time telling a good story. Plus, look at TOS. I mean seriously, Bill Theiss was a genius! His “Theiss Titilation Theory” and less is more designs for the female characters was ahead of its time in my opinion. He was able to add spice and sex-appeal in such a way that was completely tasteful but not over the top. I like that I can watch TOS with my kids and not have to worry that they’re going to see something inappropriate to their age. Which is slightly dissapointing about B&F, because I don’t believe I will be watching this one w/my kids.

As for David Gerrold having an agenda, I don’t feel I can comment on that. I don’t know the man. He’s certainly given us some entertaining Trek tales over the years. I read your previous comments regarding this, and the information you cite with it, but I don’t know what is in his heart. I’m not sure that anyone except for he himself can say for sure. Personally, when you get down to it, I think every television show has some sort of an agenda. Some more than others I think. Some I believe just want to do well enough to stay on the air. As for what Gene’s vision was, I really don’t want to get into that. He’s no longer with us, so there is no real way to know. Even if he were still here, it’s possible that vision would have undergone some changes through the years. I’m not sure anyone can know completely for sure. I’m also not sure why it makes a whole lot of difference. From interviews and writings we do know what Mr. Roddenberry’s thoughts about Star Trek were years ago. And I feel relatively confident that Rod Roddenberry has some idea regarding his late Father’s thoughts and feelings with regard to Star Trek. Anyway I feel that argument is somewhat immaterial. I think that as long as James and crew keep in relative step with what we know, and as far as I can tell, they’ve done just that, and continue to do good stories, I will continue to watch.

Sorry for another long one.

316. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

Sorry. That should have been @312. There is no 321.

317. Atos - November 25, 2009

299: I am glad to see that a professional actor is able to provide the distinction between being an “actor” and whatever it is you call someone who does impressions of Elvis or Shatner

318. The_Drone - November 25, 2009

OK, I know this isn’t article isn’t referencing B&F in particular, so at the risk of getting WAY off topic, here are my thoughts:

Episode itself: 10! Great work on the episode! There were many great moments. I especially liked John Kelley’s line, “We don’t put bulls-eyes on the red shirts anymore”. Just classic! It was also great to see Nick Cook from Intrepid in a part!

I thought Bobby Rice’s Peter Kirk was slightly over the top, acting wise, in some instances. Mainly with some of his opening dialogue, and the scene with Xon seemed rather wooden, the anger too feigned. The blood worms definitely gross! But no worse than some other creepy things we’ve seen on television.

I thought Ben Tolpin did a great job as Spock, and I hope we see him again. FX as usual, top-notch! The story was definitely well-written. As for the same-sex relationship, I don’t feel it was over the top, and I don’t feel that time spent on it was out of line. True, I didn’t care to see two men being affectionate with each other the same way a man and woman are. Sorry, but it just goes against everything I believe. To be honest, I think that the idea that the 2 were involved could have certainly been advanced without that part. Once again, as with most TV shows, that small part did nothing to advance the story itself OR make me care about the characters in particular. Having said that, it in no way diminishes the episode as a whole. A great addition to NV/P2.

319. Gary - November 25, 2009

I surmise that none of the male crew of Phase 2 are married. This is because wives would not allow what is obviously a huge amount of lucre to be spent on these productions. ;)

Also, I am amazed that Phase 2 got Paramount to sort of them alone. The costumes fit! There’s another production that has costumes that fit, but all the others don’t! The sets! My God! Then Phase 2 gets original actors to show up! Say what!? Except for some bad acting and bad haircuts, the episodes are almost flawless. This project is truly incredible.

So please, is it possible for posters such as Anton Karidian to not be insulting to JC and his crew?

320. Gary - November 25, 2009

@319 Also, I am amazed that Phase 2 got Paramount to sort of *leave* them alone.

321. Falvoant - November 25, 2009

319 You would be wrong
My Wife is more involved than I am
being a department head …When I got involved I thought it would be nice to take the wife up and see what we did..
Then She took over the show….LOL

322. Gary - November 26, 2009

@321 It’s a joke! I am glad I am wrong.

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the explosions was “Oh man, they found something to blow some cash on and therefore a new way to top themselves.”


323. Falvoant - November 26, 2009

That is the work of Pyroboy
James always said ..were going to beam down but were going to do it right or not at all..
I think we did it right
It is very difficult to film outdoors evrything gotta be just right and if you miss something you have certain window to get it on the same day otherwise it wont match cant make light you can only control what is there…by screening or reflecting it..
Its a test of our abilities for sure …the results speak for themselves

No offense taken your lucky my wife isnt here….LOL

324. Falvoant - November 26, 2009

Another thing I forgeot to mention
There is “one ” explosion seen on screen that is not real its CGI
Can you tell wich one it is?
If I hadnt known I would not have been able to tell

325. MC1 Doug - November 26, 2009

#324: “which one it is?”

The blasts that hit the Enterprise deflectors screens? KIDDING!!!


Making an educated guess, I would say either the weapons fire that hit Security Chief Dickerson’s back, the one that grazed Ensign Kirk as he ran to rescue the security chief (in vain) or the one trailing Captain Kirk as he took off after Peter.

My best guess is the the one that nearly hit Captain Kirk (my third choice) is the CGI blast.

326. Falvoant - November 26, 2009

We have a winner…..
Its one of the three……
How did you arrive at your conclusions?

327. MC1 Doug - November 26, 2009

I think the two blasts… the one that hits the security chief and the one that (nearly?) hits Peter seem (to me) to be incredibly well-placed charges, well-choreographed action and very well executed, clever camera angles… however…

I am going to stick with my original assessment and state it is the third blast, the one that nearly cuts Kirk off that is the CGI blast. Something about it looks just a teeny bit different… but it is so well done that if you had not mentioned it I would not have been looking for it.

These actions shots are impeccable and furthers my opinion that ST PII is getting better and better. This trailer is VERY impressive… I think the acting is the best yet, very natural and just plain well-done!

328. MC1 Doug - November 27, 2009

#326: uh, what do I win? (grin)

329. Falvoant - November 27, 2009

For your very outstanding performance
you are awarded one “attaboy”
One Thousand Attaboys qualifys you to be a leader amongst men
work overtime with a smile explain assorted probelms to manageent
all without an increase in pay
(one awshitt wipes the slate clean you have to start all over again)

330. Pyroboy - November 27, 2009

What Tony? Pyroboy wasn’t there. There were no Big explosions. I thought this was done in the studio against a big green screen!?!

331. Falvoant - November 27, 2009

It was James was running on a tread mill and we just moved the scenery to make it look real

332. JoshS - November 27, 2009

@James Cawley and the rest of the STNV crew:

You don’t have to justify yourselves to anyone. A friendly word of advice – don’t deign to acknowledge rude critics. You’re above that, and when you act as though you’re above it, they look all the more silly. Let them rant, and ignore them. Far more effective than giving them the attention they so clearly want.


Who gives a rat’s behind whether you want to watch gay scenes? Cry me a river, Polly PrissyPants. We gay folk have been watching straight love scenes our whole lives, and we’re not crying in our Cheerios about it. Grow up. You’re a member of self-centered, reactionary, mean-spirited cohort of bigots whose sun is setting. You’re on the losing side of history.

333. RobertMfromLI - November 28, 2009

#327: The explosion on Dickerson was very very real. It was beneath his shirt, with me and two of my Grips just off camera ready with big fire extinguishers, a burn kit and fire blankets; just on the off chance something did not work out properly.

Everything worked out exactly as expected though. Pyroboy is quite good at what he does, and “Dickerson” was well protected with an underlayer of fireproof/impact proof material under his shirt.

Then… it was just a matter of the CGI guys going in and adding the weapons fire… sadly, we haven’t figured out how to do that for real yet. Maybe by next episode… :-)

334. JohnSmallberries - November 28, 2009

Nice to see the red shirt comes in size 3X. Starfleet, here I come!

335. Patty W - November 28, 2009

327: the explosion that “almost” hit Peter was real and, in fact, the actor was off his mark.. which made it REALLY close. It caused a couple hearts to stop, but no one was injured and it made it look great on film.

The explosion that almost hit Kirk as he ran out after him is the one that was “copy and pasted” by the editor from an earlier explosion. (which is why it looks so good.. but “not quite the same”. This was due to the light disappearing out of the sky. There wasn’t time to set the charge.

334: huh? everyone in a red shirt in this scene wears a small, or x-small.

336. Allen Williams - November 28, 2009

I still think this production is amazing. You can’t please everyone. It seems like there are “true” (i would disagree) trek fans out there that believe that only TOS is star trek. The movies don’t exist for them nor do any of the other shows. No one else can play kirk, spock, or the others.

I find that sad as they don’t know what they are missing, An additional 650+ episodes and 11 top notch movies for one. I also have enjoyed all of the new voyages (including the pilot) episode as well as the faragut episodes as well. I even feel that both elite force games were so good they should be considered cannon.

FYI someone meantioned that XON is dead. Cawley responded that, that was Sonak and not XON. Even if that was XON, this is all before TMP anyway isn’t it?

337. MC1 Doug - November 29, 2009

Patty W and Robert: thanks for the additional production notes. I had no idea just how involved using pyrotechnics can be.

“under his shirt…” but but but that would mean the uniform would be unusable after that (grin)… thankfully, not the case for the “red shirt actor.”

338. Rich - November 29, 2009

@ James Cawley

As a longtime fan of TOS & TAS (having watched them in their first run on TV, and in syndication), all I can say is you have done the series PROUD! You brought me back to my youth and I seriously anticipate with glee each new episode you premiere. While you have demonstrated you have the capacity to continue the legacy with integrity, you have also demonstrated you are able to take up Gene’s mantle and push the boundaries beyond the status quo and move our collective consciousness ever forward. Your last triumph, “Blood & Fire” parts 1 & 2 was simply AWESOME and touching. The symbolism at the end was wonderful and worthy of “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” himself.


I have three questions:
1) I read on your forum that you intend to introduce Lt. Arex “soon”, and I believe that he will be CGI. I am ecstatic! WHEN? What episode? And will we be privileged with Lt. M’Ress as well. She would actually be easier, considering a bit of good costume & make-up (re: “Cats: The Musical”) would do the trick. [It would be awesome is Playmates made action figures of you and Arex & M’Ress as a result… I mean they made “Species 8472″, so it’s not like it’s impossible to do a 3-limbed being).

2) Since you are planning to begin production on your new BUCK ROGERS series, does that mean you will cease production of PHASE 2 episodes? If so, it is my understanding you plan to do a transitional episode which ends the 5 year mission with Enterprise’s refit and uniform changes, like a bridge to TMP. How many episodes are then left to film/air?

I know for me, it will be a sad, sad day when you cease making new Star Trek episodes (but I’ll live, I guess). ;)

Best of fortune and happiness in all you endeavor!

Oh, and for the homophobe that keeps spamming:
To paraphrase Spock, “Your posts are illogical.”

“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. It is only judgment and opinion that separates anything from the Divine.” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

The dream of Gene Roddenberry is probably best summed up in this quote:
“We must have faith that the Universe will unfold as it should.” – Spock (ST:VI)

James, “Live long, and prosper!”
-A fan

339. Phil Smith - November 30, 2009

Gotta work on the acting, uniform fit, haircuts, etc.

340. Tony D - December 1, 2009

In regards to the alien jamming device. I wish to go on record to thank all of the members of the Phase 2 crew who contributed to the design and construction of this prop. William “Bill” Teegarden was instrumental in his contributions to the design of the pedestal as well as other components. Charlie Miller assisted in the design process as well as consruction. Doug Caprette also assisted and Tony Falvo designed and built the electronics. Te parts that could not be purchased outright were fabricated in our workshop. It is the efforts and dedication of these people that make my job as Art Director easier. I could not do what I do without their assistance. Thanks guys.

As for wives being involved in Phase 2… In addition to FalvoAnt’s wife, my own wife is involved in the production as are the wives of several other men on the crew. Phase 2 is truely a “family” production.

Finally… for those of you who wish to slam and malign James Cawley because he earns is living impersonating Elvis, I have this to say to you. Don’t judge James’s talent by a poorly shot home video on Youtube. You cannot know this man’s true gift unless you have sat in an audience full of cheering fans and watched him perform. He truely channels Elvis. I have been there and seen him work and I know how exhusted he is after a perforance. He works hard and his fans know and appreciate it.

Thanks James for all your efforts to entertain us.


341. RobertMfromLI - December 1, 2009

#337 MC Doug:

“under his shirt…” but but but that would mean the uniform would be unusable after that (grin)… thankfully, not the case for the “red shirt actor.”

Correct on both counts… :-)

342. Patty W - December 2, 2009

#341 – re: #337: Rob, in response to MC1 Doug – sorry, you’re wrong Rob! The back of the uniform is removed by opening just two seams and a new panel is dropped in quickly. So Chekov can wear it again! (shh.. don’t tell the security chief we blew up his uniform!) Anyone care to buy an exploded uniform back?! =D

#338: Rich – The appearance of Arex will be a suprise to fans… he’ll show up when you least expect him!

No, we are not ceasing production of NVP2 episodes. We have three planned for next year… the two part “Origins” in June (directed by David Gerrold) and “Mind-Sifter” in October (directed by Vic Mignogna)!

343. RobertMfromLI - December 2, 2009

342: Patty, yes but it is currently unusable. :-)

344. RobertMfromLI - December 2, 2009

342: Patty, I think our Dickerson earned first dibs on that uniform piece – but that’s just my opinion…

345. Patty W - December 2, 2009

#343: It is?!?!? Rob, did you UN fix it after I fixed it over Halloween?!? Darn.. I gotta get the keys to wardrobe away from you……!

346. PYROBOY - December 3, 2009

Man, I was going to put dibs on the shirt! frame it and everything!

347. Adam - December 8, 2009

I am amazed at the level of professionalism that has been attained by the talented team at Star Trek Phase II. The special effects are great. Great work. Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode.

348. Rob F. - January 22, 2010

James Cawley,
First I want to say that I’m looking forward to the rest of the episode. What was it like kissing Barbra Luna? You hound!
Next I would like to say that at first I thought making a main character gay was a big mistake. Especially scene the episode Blood and Fire was rejected because of its one sidedness of the argument. (Why ells do you think they made the other gay episode in which Riker falls in love with an alien with two sexes but feels like a woman in side?) But now I realize that there is a potential for another story to be told. I have such a story and if I give it to you will you agree to tell it exactly as I envision it, with no Liberal or conservative slants on the story? My story deals with whether or not homosexuality is a choice, or are they born with it. The end of the story ends with no answer.
I will put it on Microsoft Word and send it to you if you are interested, but I want final approval of the script and final cut.

349. Rob F. - January 22, 2010

James Cawley, PS. I will double check my grammar. This was just a quick posting under an alias. I have to be careful, my ideas were stolen before. Have you ever heard of the pasta pro? I told some one of my idea of a lid for a pasta strainer and just before I could afford the copyright fees…
You can guess the rest.

350. pyroboy - January 26, 2010

Rob F.
There is a procedure to follow for script submissions for Phase 2. Please got to When your on the main page click on the contact link. Write out you request and it will be fowarded to the approprate department. Thank You!

351. Rob f. - March 5, 2010

350 pyroboy, I was not talking to you. I was talking to James Cawley.

We are fans. Not a film industry. We don’t have procedures. If we fall into that solrt of thing we become just as bad as the people who killed Star Trek.

352. Pyroboy - March 31, 2010

I didn’t mean any disrespect to you. Yes we are fans of Star trek, But Cawley Entertainment/Retro Film Studios is a professional Studio and a part of the industry. We also make professional productions. That being said, we do have security procedures that are followed for both script submission and Volunteering for crew placement. I was just kindly showing you the right door to go through.

Pyroboy is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.