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‘Back To Space-Con’ DVD Documentary About 1970s Star Trek Cons Premieres Tonight In San Francisco April 14, 2011

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,DVD/Blu-ray,Fandom , trackback

Back To Space-Con, a documentary about the first Bay Area Star Trek conventions from the 1970s, gets a world premiere tonight in San Francisco. The documentary is also available on DVD. More details and a trailer below.


Back To Space-Con looks back at 1970s Star Trek cons

Back To Space-Con: The story of the 1970’s Sci-Fi Conventions is a documentary that chronicles some of the 1970s Star Trek conventions in the San Francisco bay area, including "The Red Hour Festival" from 1975, the first San Francisco area Trek con ever. The full-length documentary created by Tom Wyrsch contains interviews with celebrities, organizers and attendees along with 40 minutes of rare con film footage and rare photos.

Here is the trailer.

The documentary is getting a world premiere tonight at 7:00 PM at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco, visit www.balboamovies.com for more details.

You can also buy the DVD, which contains 2 special features, for $15.00 at http://www.novemberfire.com/dvd/pages/nfrdvd004.html

Back To Space-Con Poster



1. jorDe' - April 14, 2011

How about that. A Non-Creation Convention.
But it is just a Movie.

2. Chadwick - April 14, 2011


….but cool poster!

3. Dr. Image - April 14, 2011

Ah, the years of fan-run cons. GONE.
The high point was the late ’80s early 90s… again… GONE.

4. Phil - April 14, 2011

How is it that Spock always seems to be holding the weapon in these promotional pieces? Just saying…

5. Sunfell - April 14, 2011

I miss the fan-run cons of the 80s- I especially enjoyed BayCon and WesterCon. And I went to an EquiCon as well. Loved ’em. We weren’t herded and fleeced- we were fans and friends. The guests hung out with us. And the costumes were amazing.

6. Tiberius Kirk - April 14, 2011

Just ordered it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. NCC-73515 - April 14, 2011

Annoying music, but nice nod to BTTF…

8. izbot - April 14, 2011

“The full-length documentary created by Tom contains interviews with celebrities”

Tom who???

9. Lt. Bailey - April 14, 2011

When Star Trek conventions were in their infancy…..

but when you think about it, not much has changed , except for the fact that we are all older now.

10. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 14, 2011

I like the poster…

I found this article … it seems interesting … I think!


:-) :-)

11. MJ - April 14, 2011

Very cool. Interesting though how the people now actually seem to have worse hairdos than they had in the 1970’s…I didn’t see that coming! :-)

12. Woulfe - April 15, 2011

There is still ONE fan run convention that I know of

Star Fest, which is this weekend by the way

I’ll be there


13. Thomas Jensen - April 15, 2011

Wow, I went to the Red Hour Festival, still have the tickets.

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