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Kurtzman & Orci Sign New Film Deal With Universal – Van Helsing & Mummy Movies First Up May 1, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Orci/Kurtzman , trackback

Star Trek writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are adding yet more franchises to their plates. Today it was announced the pair have signed a new deal with Universal Pictures, with reboots of Van Helsing (with Tom Cruise as star) and The Mummy at the top of their to do lists for the studio. More details below.


Bob and Alex join Universal

Since not renewing their deal with DreamWorks, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman have been free agents for the last year or so, but now they are back (returning to the Universal lot) but this time signed on to Universal Pictures. They have a new two year first look deal, with a Van Helsing movie starring Tom Cruise already in development along with a new Mummy movie. However, Trek fans shouldn’t worry, the pair are multi-taskers and the new deal still allows for Orci and Kurtzman to continue work on the franchises they are already part of (like Spider-man and Star Trek). So congrats to Bob and Alex on their big new deal.

press release

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA, May 1, 2011—Universal Pictures today announced the studio has signed a two-year first-look production deal with one of the leading writing/producing teams in the entertainment industry, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and their K/O Paper Products banner. The duo will kick off their new relationship with Universal by reimagining titles from the studio’s library including Van Helsing and The Mummy. The announcement was made by Universal Pictures Chairman, Adam Fogelson and Co-Chairman, Donna Langley.

Kurtzman and Orci have collaborated with some of the industry’s top creative minds including J.J. Abrams, with whom they wrote the third installment of Mission: Impossible, which grossed nearly $400 million at the worldwide box office. In 2007, they wrote Transformers and went on to write Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 2009. Together, those films grossed more than $1.5 billion worldwide. More recently, the pair wrote and executive produced 2009’s Star Trek, which grossed more than $385 million worldwide. Accompanying their impressive film resume, Kurtzman and Orci have found tremendous success in television, having created the series Fringe, writing/producing Alias and in 2010, producing the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. They also currently executive produce the highest rated show on Hasbro’s The Hub, Transformers Prime.

“Alex and Roberto are extraordinarily talented writers and producers who know the value of a great story in building successful tentpole films,” Fogelson and Langley said in a joint statement. “They have been a major part of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and television shows in recent history, and we’re eager to have them build on that success at Universal.”

“We’re thrilled to call Universal Pictures our home,” said Kurtzman and Orci. “From the moment we sat down with Adam, Donna, Peter, Jeff and the entire Uni team, there was an instant flow of inspired ideas. They really understand the importance of building a strong creative team and giving our shared projects their full support. We’re proud to start making movies that will live as part of Universal’s enduring legacy.”

Kurtzman and Orci’s K/O Paper Products will develop and produce a modern reimagining of Universal library titles including The Mummy, alongside producer Sean Daniel and writer Jon Spaihts. The pair will also develop and produce Universal’s reimagined Van Helsing, with Tom Cruise attached to star in and produce the film.

Kurtzman and Orci’s upcoming projects include writing Sony’s next installment of The Amazing Spider-Man; producing Now You See Me, for Lionsgate Summit, set for release in March 2013; and producing Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, also for Lionsgate Summit. Kurtzman and Orci wrote and produced People Like Us, which marks Kurtzman’s directorial debut and is scheduled to be released in June 2012, and wrote and produced the second installment of Star Trek, set for release in 2013. The pair most recently rewrote All You Need Is Kill for Warner Bros., with Tom Cruise attached to star, Doug Liman to direct and Erwin Stoff to produce.

Kurtzman, Orci and the rest of their K/O Paper Products team, including President Bobby Cohen, will be housed on the Universal lot. Former assistants Ben Kim and Kim Cavyan will come aboard as creative executives. Kurtzman and Orci are represented by CAA and attorneys Michael Gendler and Kevin Kelly of Gendler & Kelly, APC.



1. Blake Powers - May 1, 2012

I’m excited for Ender’s Game….

2. Mike - May 1, 2012

Congratulations Bob and Alex!

3. Allenburch - May 1, 2012


4. Magic_Al - May 1, 2012

I remember before The Phantom Menace was released Card was looking at Jake Lloyd as Ender. Ender’s Game seems unfilmable as written. Rather than rewriting child characters as older I’d rather see CG realistically combine performances of people old enough to act with the appearance and voices of little kids.

5. porthoses bitch - May 1, 2012

Congrats mr o and mr k….I think its a mite to early to reboot Van Helsing that movie left a bad taste in my mouth…( and thousands of unsold action figures in the aisles)…..maybe if Cruise plays a bad ass version.

6. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - May 1, 2012

Transformers was written and had scripts?!? Wow … You couldn’t tell …

And as for Trek 2009 their plot had more holes in it that Swiss Cheese..

7. Ahmed Abdo - May 1, 2012

I seriously think they should write a new Star Wars trilogy.

8. somethoughts - May 1, 2012

Grats guys!

9. El Chup - May 1, 2012

Is Khan the new Mummy?

10. Blue Shirt - May 1, 2012

Great news… should see Star Trek 13 in 2022.

11. rogue_alice - May 1, 2012

Makin’ your parents proud.

12. shamelord - May 1, 2012

Congratulations, guys!

13. Chris Doohan - May 1, 2012

Who is this Orci fellow people are all talking about. :)

It couldn’t have happened to two nicer / talented guys. I will be sure to send you my screenplay.

14. Do You Wanna Dance - May 1, 2012

We need a reboot of Van Helsing?!

15. Mantastic - May 1, 2012

Tom Cruise as Van Hellsing..


16. Thorny - May 1, 2012

3. Good God, no. I really think Hollywood should place a moratorium on movies featuring CGI characters like in “Polar Express”, “Christmas Carol”, and “Adventures of Tintin”, all of which are just plain creepy to watch.

17. Peter Loader - May 1, 2012

Congrats to Bob and Alex on their big new deal.

Doubtful both these movies will be box office successes though, but that won’t be Bob and Alex’s fault.

18. porthoses bitch - May 1, 2012

Farin Tahir should surely get a part in this….

19. dmduncan - May 1, 2012

Keep knocking them out of the park, boys!

20. NCC-73515 - May 1, 2012

The Mummy and Van Helsing are only 10 years old and already need a modern reimagining?! Glad nobody can reboot me! XD

21. Sebastian S. - May 1, 2012

Jeezus, a reimagining of 2004’s “Van Helsing”? That’s like a copy of a copy…..

Can’t say I’m particularly thrilled with any of those projects. They already screwed the pooch with the reimagined Mummy movies by turning it into a dumbed down Indiana Jones movie franchise (and spinoffs). Totally missed the tragedy and pathos (not to mention the gothic horror) of the Karloff/Lee versions.

I would imagine the Mummy remakes will be remakes of the Brandon Frasier versions? If so, then thanks, but no thanks…. ;-)

22. Greg2600 - May 1, 2012

Congrats. Hope they get better films to do than Van Helsing and Mummy though.

23. sean - May 1, 2012

Anything would be better than the original Van Helsing, which was truly terrible despite having good people involved. And The Mummy movies went downhill after the first one, so I have no problem with reworking those. I just hope they use the original Mummy as a guide instead of the Brenden Frasier versions.

24. Oddness - May 1, 2012

Hey good for you guys…Grats!

25. Vultan - May 1, 2012

Fun question: what’s your favorite Universal monster?

Mine is the Gillman from “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Incredible creature design for its time. And the story’s not too bad either.

26. dmduncan - May 1, 2012

Latest Batman trailer is out. Awesome.

@25: Hey I watched that on Netflix not too long ago. That is the best monster of any old movie ever. It looks so convincing!

27. dmduncan - May 1, 2012

Yeah, note to Bob: If you guys get a shot at a Creature From The Black Lagoon remake, please do NOT change the creature. The 1950’s design is absolutely flawless! He looks like a real, plausible, humanoid fish man.

And no CGI! If they did that with a real guy in a suit in the 50’s, imagine how much better they can do a guy in a suit today!

28. Vultan - May 1, 2012


Yep. The design holds up well—a beast designed by a beauty!


29. dmduncan - May 1, 2012

Hey, she is beautiful. And she did fantastic work with that creature.

30. dmduncan - May 1, 2012

Looks like Universal was going to remake it, but they put the project on hold.

They must have been waiting for Alex and Bob. ;-)

31. Red Dead Ryan - May 1, 2012

I do like the Brendan Fraser “The Mummy” movies. But, yeah, the first one is the best of the bunch. The classic Boris Karloff flicks were great too.

Not sure I want to see Tom Cruise as Van Helsing. Not sure I want to see another Van Helsing for that matter. Kind of vampired out.

32. Vultan - May 1, 2012


Here’s some other photos of Miss Patrick with her creation. Talented lady.


33. Jeyl - May 1, 2012

I’m kind of Kurtzman and Orci’d out if you ask me.

34. Jack - May 1, 2012

25. I had a little glow in the dark model (from a kit) hat I had to hide at night because it scared me (I was 7). Same with a Chaney Phantom of the Opera kit.

I’m not trying to start anything, but sometimes it seems like the instant reaction on here is “we don’t need another…”

Gotta admit that’s my initial reaction sometimes too when I first hear of these things. But, well, what if it ends up being pretty darned good? A movie based on Battleship sounds, well, dumb, without knowing any more about it. Maybe it WILL suck — but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Bob and Alex have, generally, a pretty decent track record — so, if anything, these movies should be entertaining.

35. Phil - May 1, 2012

I didn’t have any issues with Hugh Jackman in the role….

36. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 1, 2012

BobOrci, so will the new mummy movie be in the same universe or style as the Brendan Fraiser Adventure/Indiana Jones mold or more along the lines of the very underrated Wolfman.

Looking forward to seeing your guys take on the Mummy.

37. MJ - May 1, 2012

Star Trek III in 2020.

38. Craiger - May 1, 2012

MJ, good point! Would ST III suffer with Orci and Kurtzman having too much on their plate?

39. Craiger - May 1, 2012

Then the next Trek TV series wouldn’t come out until 2022.

40. Battle-scarred Sciatica - May 1, 2012

congrats to them.

sick of frigging reboots/remakes, etc.

lets face it though, they couldn’t do any worse than the recent versions of VH and the Mummy. They were a pile of awful shite in my opinion.
Make them better than Cowboys and Aliens…not a bad movie just a “meh” movie.

but hey, I am no movie maker/writer.

props to them :)

still pissed off with the Khan news.

Cheer me up Orci et al. I wait with baited breath for 2013 but i do not hold a lot of confidence.

41. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 1, 2012

Congrats Mr. Bob Orci!

;-) :-)

42. Steamblade - May 1, 2012

Well, at least they are keeping those movies at a consistent level of talent as they have been.

43. darkwing - May 1, 2012

I was so excited when I read the title and it read Van Helsing. I thought “finally!” And then I did a double take. Tom Cruise? But what about Hugh Jackman?

44. VZX - May 1, 2012

And my envy for them has increased. Kind of like entropy.

45. Red Dead Ryan - May 1, 2012


“Star Trek III” came out in ’84. :-)

But yeah, “Star Trek 3″ coming out in 2020 is probably right on the money!

46. Basement Blogger - May 1, 2012

@ 37

I laughed until it hurt. That’s when I realized you might be right.

47. Basement Blogger - May 1, 2012

They’re going to reboot Van Helsing with Tom Cruise? I didn’t hate the first one but the critics savaged it. According to Wikipedia, it did very well at the box office. So why did it take so long for them to try to make another one?

48. Clinton - May 1, 2012

All I can tell you is that when I read the news this morning, I Tweeted to Bob Orci asking (for selfish reasons, admittedly), if this would have any effect on his Trek work. He was nice enough to respond. His reply: It shouldn’t.

49. BitterTrekkie - May 1, 2012

Jeez, all these guys seemt to do are reboots/remakes/reimaginings.
Can’t they start their own franchise of their own?

50. captain spock - May 1, 2012

27. dmduncan – May 1, 2012
Yeah, note to Bob: If you guys get a shot at a Creature From The Black Lagoon remake, please do NOT change the creature. The 1950’s design is absolutely flawless! He looks like a real, plausible, humanoid fish man.

And no CGI! If they did that with a real guy in a suit in the 50’s, imagine how much better they can do a guy in a suit today!

there was 2 movies made with the creature from the black logoon& return of the creature from the black lagoon if my memory is right

congrat guys have fun remakeing the mummy

51. Buzz Cagney - May 1, 2012

#38 probably not as somebody else may get to write III.

Tom Cruise is Khan Noonian Van Helsing.
Got any original idea’s guy’s?

52. VZX - May 1, 2012

51. Exactly. Since they are too busy with all these other projects they won’t have time for Star Trek. It’s time for some new blood. Now’s my chance!

53. The World's Smallest Violin Just For Me - May 1, 2012

I’m super happy for the guys, but I won’t lie…I’m not happy for me. Maybe when they stop with the “this doesn’t make sense but just go with it anyway” approach to screenwriting I’ll be happier.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff they do (as in some of each film) is great, but each story always seems to have a few big “this happens next because we need it to for the next-next bit to work” moments.

I hate whining in comments sections, I hate myself for giving in yet again. :(

54. Vultan - May 1, 2012


Don’t hate yourself. That’s one of the most spot-on, fairest analyses of their work I’ve read here.

55. Charla - May 1, 2012

Very happy for Bob and Alex on their new venture! I admit I am not a great big fan of Tom Cruise as Van Helsing. I loved Hugh Jackman in the role. I thought Tom Cruise was excellent in the MI franchise though- Will have to give it a chance though huh?

56. Viking - May 1, 2012

OK, Bob, serious mode for a moment, if you will so indulge. I’m sure you know what sort of hallowed ground you and Kurtzman are treading upon with this. Please have the reverence to treat the material as the classic horror theatre it is. It doesn’t need to be Lady Gaga-ed for the current microwave-in-a-minute mentality. Let the likes of Karloff, Chaneys both Senior and Junior, Lugosi, Lorre, Price, Carradine, and even the Hammer contingent be your muses. There are only so many ways of decapitating, dismembering, and disemboweling someone onscreen for the sheer gross-out factor. Go for the noir atmosphere. Suspense. True fear. A palpable feeling of dread.

In summation: DON’T EFF IT UP. I already have Plan 9 From Outer Space in my DVD library. Scare me. Don’t bore me. Like the lyrics say, she has a doorbell sign that says bring it, or don’t ring it.

57. Buzz Cagney - May 1, 2012

#53 thats not whining, you are stating an opinion. You don’t have to just blow smoke you know.
I’m also happy that these guys are making a great living and enjoying themselves but they are now, officially, The Reboot Kings. I do wonder how happy i’d be wearing that crown.
They must surely want to do more original work? Who starts a new career saying ‘i’m going to take everything that came before and redo it’. ?
I’m somewhat confused by them to be honest.

58. Basement Blogger - May 1, 2012

Sorry I forgot. Congratulations Bob and Alex. Now, if you could allay our fears that Star Trek might be placed in dry dock. How about getting a franchise runner? What’s Bryan Singer doing?

59. Admiral Waugh - May 1, 2012

Congrats Bob! I guess this is what they call “GOOD” busy, eh? :)

60. Jim Nightshade - May 2, 2012

Congrats to our franchise writers—I luv universal studios…but i missed the et ride..they just closed it to start to build the mummy coaster…i hear its still in florida but no money to go there or see dizzy world for that matter..damn unemployment…maybe there will be a roberto n alex ride there..whhhoo hoioooooo

61. J - May 2, 2012

“However, Trek fans shouldn’t worry, the pair are multi-taskers”

And that’s the problem. They have to much on their plates to give special attention to Trek – special attention is obviously something that such a big franchise with such a big universe (sic!) needs.

62. La Reyne d'Epee - May 2, 2012

The US film industry certainly leads the world in recycling…

Congratumilations though.

63. Anthony Thompson - May 2, 2012

Congrats Bob! But I’m guessing that Trek 2 is going to be your last contribution to the ‘franchise’ (I hate that word). It sounds as though you will be Universal-centric for the forseeable future.

64. captain_neill - May 2, 2012

Congrats on the guys

Reboots, Reimageings and Remakes, is all that Holywood do these days?

65. P Technobabble - May 2, 2012

Congrats Bob and Alex. You guys are an inspiration.

66. dynamicstereo - May 2, 2012

Man can these hacks come up with anything original??

67. George Zip - May 2, 2012

Bob — what’s up with MICRONAUTS? (Of course, the perfect story is written; issues 1-11 of the late 70s Marvel series)

68. Marc McKenzie - May 2, 2012

#65: Can you?

69. CAPT KRUNCH - May 2, 2012

This is awesome for the dynamic duo….but why does hollywould keep rehashing movies that were just out….Spiderman etc…. I guess we’ll see a Harry Potter or LOR remake before long……

70. CmdrR - May 2, 2012

OK, but Cruise has already played Lestat. So, if he’s Van Helsing, won’t he have to stake himself?

Congrats, guys.

71. The Last Vulcan - May 2, 2012

boborci: Dude, you are living my dream. I’ve tried for 35 years to get where you are and the best I can do is produce infomercials for scam products that get shown at 3 am on local indy stations in great markets like Peoria and Fresno. Talent rises to the top and you certainly have what I lack! :)

Since you have a lot of time on your hands inbetween writing and taking over Hollywood (gonna run for Governor soon?) I’d love to direct you to a SNEAK PEEK 100% PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL site for a scifi project that is about to go on Kickstarter and integrates the web into the TV and movie unlike anything else before. THERE! HOW DO YOU LIKE THE PITCH? Sneaky to stuff it in a Trek forum, huh? But how else do I get to someone like you? Stalk you and throw scripts over your fence into your swimming pool? :)

72. Daoud - May 2, 2012

What?!? They left out some of the best parts:

Kurtzman and Orci’s K/O Paper Products will also look at television and develop and produce modern reimaginings of Universal Television library titles including Johnny Midnight, Angela’s Eyes, Kojak, Punky Brewster, and a new version of Wagon Train–but set in space! The pair will also develop and produce Universal’s reimagined Woody Woodpecker, with Tom Cruise attached to star in and produce the film.

I keeed. Then again, those are all Universal properties…. so who knows fer sure!

73. Greenberg - May 2, 2012

Is this a joke? The Mummy? Van Helsing?

Some things weren’t worth doing the first time around, let alone restarting a mere decade later. Man, I used to think I was just imagining an incredible lack of integrity permeating the people behind ST09, and then I see this article.

Vindication, man – there’s nothing else like it. Have fun at the sausage factory, you useless hacks.

74. VZX - May 2, 2012

Will Stephen Sommers be involved?

75. Steve J. - May 2, 2012

I think the 2009 Star Trek movie needs to be rebooted…Actually, I wish I could go back in time and prevent it from being filmed…

Amen to # 72 Greenberg!!!

76. Charla - May 2, 2012

One question, Bob if you see this, are you and Alex still a part of Bad Robot? I hope so because if not, you and Alex may not work on ST III right?? I mean, you couldn’t give up on Star Trek and especially the last movie….

At least I think you couldn’t. Hoping you can’t :) with good conscience anyway. I hope you and Alex (and Damon) see it through to the finish.

77. Daoud - May 2, 2012

@73 How about Jaime Sommers, Bionic Woman? That could be redone *smirk*.

78. Anthony Thompson - May 2, 2012

72. Greenberg

Your envy is showing.

79. dmduncan - May 2, 2012

I think there is, or should be, an unspoken rule to follow when deciding to remake or not to remake.

DO NOT remake classics of the art.

A shot for shot remake of Psycho? No sir. Bad idea from the git go.

You don’t mess with the classics, like Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Raiders of The Lost Ark, a whole bunch of stuff by Francis Coppola, Blade Runner, Alien, etc.

The converse rule is DO reboot or remake movies that had potential greatness which for whatever reason was not achieved. Batman falls into this category, and so do The Mummy, Van Helsing, and Spiderman.

There is an exception when the source material is a book or short story and it has already been made once very well, and a remake follows the original source material more closely than the first movie did.

We got two movies about The Thing that way (based on Who Goes There), and both were good. But they violated this rule and made a goofy prequel that was also a sequel to the John Carpenter movie, and it was just mediocre.

There is also an exception for episodic franchises, like Star Trek, Batman, Superman, Transformers, etc., because those really are designed to be the gifts that keep on giving, generation after generation.

80. BitterTrekkie - May 2, 2012

AbramsTrek was supposed to be a gift?
That’s not how I saw it.

81. banned - May 2, 2012

deleted by admin

82. dmduncan - May 2, 2012

70: “I’d love to direct you to a SNEAK PEEK 100% PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL site for a scifi project that is about to go on Kickstarter and integrates the web into the TV and movie unlike anything else before. THERE! HOW DO YOU LIKE THE PITCH?”

Well it’s not going to be private or confidential if you really are going to put it on KickStarter.

Post the link after it’s up.

@79: Apparently not. I see your name.

@80: Horrible thing to say.

If Bob and Alex didn’t sign up for the Universal deal, Universal just would have found someone else. Bob and Alex are NOT the problem.

Most wannabees complaining about Bob and Alex doing these movies would JUMP at the chance to do the same thing. At least with Alex and Bob I trust them to write the best stories they can.

And there’s plenty of variety on Kickstarter for you to fund. Put your money there if you don’t like what Hollywood is doing.

83. Danpaine - May 2, 2012

80. phil – May 2, 2012

You’re an idiot. You go first.

84. P55 - May 2, 2012

@6. James Cannon – Runcorn Trekkie UK – May 1, 2012

Well, a few prominent, respected critics liked the 2007 Transformers movie (Ebert, for example), as for the second movie, I’d put the blame on Michael Bay. From what I remember, Orci and Kurtzman did a treatment for Revenge of the Fallen two weeks before the writers strike, then they had to stop work. So, it was very rough and very rushed. Bay either couldn’t wait or the strike dragged on for too long, so he started production with the treatment they had, and after the strike ended, Orci and Kurtzman worked on the script as the movie was being filmed, and it shows. Certain things were not in their script and beyond their control (such as the depiction of the Autobot Twins).

I believe they had some disparaging things to say about Bay in the audio commentary for Revenge, and soon after left writing duties for the third movie to Ehren Kruger. These days they’re executive producing Transformers Prime, which was how they would have liked the Transformers movies to have been handled. It’s been nominated for six daytime Emmy awards and has won two, so things are going well there.

As for Trek2009, despite it’s plot holes and it’s lack of the philosophical arguments that Trek usually has, it sure was better (or at least more entertaining) than Generations, Insurrection and Nemesis.

85. Charla - May 2, 2012

80 & 81 – no class-

81 who are you referring too? I hope you get banned for that statement.

86. BrF - May 2, 2012

It’s only a matter of time before they are hired to reboot Star Trek.

87. Anthony Thompson - May 2, 2012

81, 83 and 85.

Agree that phil should be perma-banned. He made a crackpot statement that is hateful and frightening.

88. VZX - May 2, 2012

I smell an insta-ban coming….

89. VZX - May 2, 2012

Anyway, I hope that Orci and Kurtzman know what their doing. I am a little concerned about Van Helsing. While I am a Star Trek fan first, I am also a huge vampire/werewolf fan. (No, not the sparkly kind). I read Stoker’s Dracula many times and watched almost every move version. Bela Lugosi created the original look, but my favorite was Frank Langella.

The Van Helsing movie by Sommers was actually OK: their Dracula, played by Richard Roxburgh, was a great protrayal. It’s true the movie got silly at times with all the swinging, but what really bothered me was how it took “werewolf venom” to kill Dracula. Weak, very weak. The production value was amazing, I loved the little Transylvania village and Castle Dracula.

Well, I just hope an updated version avoids the silliness of the first but keeps the art designs. And please have van Helsing’s first name be Abraham and not Gabriel.

90. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 2, 2012

Anthony when are the tabs on the main page going to be updated? Especially the tab with trek 2009 to trek 2013…

91. Charla - May 2, 2012

VZX- I hope so. I reported him.

92. The Last Vulcan - May 2, 2012

@82: It’s private and confidential NOW. If boborci were to see it and say, “HOT DIGGIDY DANG this is the best thing since sliced bread” it sure as heck wouldn’t end up on Kickstarter trying to collect fivers from high school students. :)

And yeah, there SHOULD be a way to insta-delete moronic comments by the imbecilic flamers around here. Get phil and his ilk outta here, they ruin it for all of us.

93. dmduncan - May 2, 2012

92. The Last Vulcan – May 2, 2012

This wasn’t funded by high school students with $5 bills:


Nice chunk of money they raised.

94. boborci - May 2, 2012

66. Yes. PEOPLE LIKE US in theaters June 29!

95. boborci - May 2, 2012

76. We’ve never been part of Bad Robot. We havd always been indeoendent contractors who often team up with Bad Robot. Nothing precludes us from working with Bad Robot.

96. The Last Vulcan - May 2, 2012

Hi boborci! I’m a good robot! Check out that scifi web/TV/movie project and work with me! :)

Ok, ok, I promise not to hound you any more! I appreciate your contributions around here too much to scare you away. I know every waiter and taxi driver is pitching you scripts anyway! ;)

97. Ahmed - May 2, 2012

boborci, can you confirm or deny the Khan rumor ?
if not, can you at least, inform us, when we will have official news about the story.


98. crazydaystrom - May 2, 2012

phil, I’m not incredibly happy about this whole Khan thing, AT ALL, but that’s uncalled for.

Just uncalled for.

99. Daoud - May 2, 2012

@97 Ahmed: So you’re asking for Bob to say “I can confirm there is a Khan rumor.”? He’s linguistically good that way you know!

100. Ahmed - May 2, 2012

@99. Daoud

lol, I forgot that Bob talk like a Vorlon

101. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 2, 2012

Amazing careers you guys are enjoying. Congratulations. No pressure now, eh?

102. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 2, 2012

I meant “Congratulations!”

It should have had the exclamation mark. Sorry. Kudos though!

103. Charla - May 2, 2012

Shew! Glad you answered that one, Bob. I was sweating bullets here after reading the article! That does make sense that you would be contracting your work out. Anyway, this means you and Alex will be doing ST3! Yay!

It is also wonderful to have that kind of freedom to contract your work as you want~Good for you and Alex!

104. Walter Kozlowski - May 2, 2012

More people like Star Trek now because of ST09! All my friends and everybody at my job knows I’m a Trekker and they asked me what’s happening, when is the next one coming out? They say they weren’t big Trek fans but they really enjoyed the last film! So Thanks Bob Orci!
Congrats on the new gigs!!!
LOVE 5-O!!!

105. captain spock - May 2, 2012

81. phil – May 2, 2012
i hope these guys die, if only to have more variety

shame on you talking like that,Phil

106. dmduncan - May 2, 2012

Watched Dr. Horrible for the second time in two days. What a treasure.

Bob, when are you going to do some internet stuff for fun? Know you have the soul of an indie! Come on, man. Let’s have something from you!

107. Greenberg - May 2, 2012

Envy? Of what? Mediocrity??? I could draw Kirk and Spock on my buttcheeks and make a movie of that – it would be less of an embarrassment than another Mummy remake.

108. boborci - May 2, 2012

106. So tempting. Have some things brewing. We will see:)

109. captain_neill - May 3, 2012


Has it made you friends check out the other Treks as wel an see how greeat it was before?

110. captain_neill - May 3, 2012

And Van Helsing was a terrible movie ( I refer to the Hugh Jackman one), nice to know that in the age of the overkill of the reboot, remake and remimagening that even the crap movies are being remade.

Regarding the three R’s it seems as you get older your favourite stuff is ruined.

111. Adam Clark - May 3, 2012

Wonder what Stephen Sommers has to say about this?

The Mummy doesn’t need to be reimagined.

112. Tiberius Subprime - May 3, 2012

Sounds like these guys have turned into “The Reboot Team”.

Reboots can be done well–and even have original stories, such as James Bond, Trek, batman, etc.

But it seems that they are mostly the lazy-man’s writing job.

“Let’s start a production company and create an original story.”

“Sod that, let’s take someone else’s and tweek it here or there.”

“By Scott, you’re right! It’s much less work. And we’ll still get paid millions to do it!”

Ah, Hollywood…

113. Tiberius Subprime - May 3, 2012

Now, I’m not saying the original Van Helsing was good. It wasn’t. I am sure these two will do a great job.

But the Mummy? It was fine as it was.
Unless they are thinking of a darker, horror version.

114. Cap'n Chris - May 3, 2012

This is great news! Maybe it will help keep these two hacks away from future Trek movies and allow it to reagin some originality and respect once more.

115. Charla - May 3, 2012

I liked the VanHelsing movie with Hugh Jackman, didn’t love it, or think it was even an A movie, but enjoyed it. I think Bob and Alex can make it better.

I’m just not a huge Tom Cruise fan. He was great for MI- WotW- Top Gun-but Hollywood needs another manly man- I don’t follow the main stream too closely to know if there is someone out there. Am I missing someone? I got it. Another Harrison Ford is what I’m thinking we need! But you can’t replace that kind of person. Talent, looks, attitude. :D

As for the Mummy, I feel bad for Brendon Frasier. I think he is one of Hollywood’s better actors that you just don’t hear anything about. It’s like he’s almost ignored for his work. IMO I liked the first installment of the Mummy, but the last ones lacked something, but couldn’t tell what it was.

116. phil - May 3, 2012

i wish i could applaud these guys on their good writing. sorry, they are efficient .
enjoy the ride guys.

117. MDSHiPMN - May 3, 2012

#33, I agree. All they do is big budget Summer blockbuster type films. Nothing wrong with that, just the stories are usually shallow.

118. Anthony Thompson - May 3, 2012


You’re still around? Your death wish for them hasn’t gotten you banned yet? Standards have fallen.

119. Daoud - May 3, 2012

@112 Tiberius: I think they’ll have to rename from K/O Paper Products, to something like “SCRIPT DEPOT: Hollywood’s #1 Script Improvement Company”…
Maybe with a big orange sign, too!
Universal has the rights in toto to Woody Woodpecker. C’mon guys, let’s see a CGI modern retelling of that!!

120. Nick Cook - May 3, 2012

Van Helsing? Well I suppose it can’t be any worse than the first one.

121. crazdaystrom - May 3, 2012

Mr. Orci,
I don’t imagine you and your partner would want to be pigeonholed as science-fiction or genre writers, and I don’t think that’ll happen but I’m really glad to hear about Ender. I want quality science-fiction in the theaters. Are you familiar with the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson? Or the Uplift Wars saga by David Brin? I’d love for you guys to take a stab at Arthur C Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama or Childhood’s End. Heilein’s Stranger in a Strange Land or Asimov’s Foundation series? It’s amazing to me these have not been made into movies yet. And since we makes are all the rage now how about Forbidden Planet?

You’re the only Hollywood writer I’ve really had a chance communicate with in this way that’s why I’m asking you. Thanks and congratulations to you and your partner.

122. crazdaystrom - May 3, 2012

That’s ‘remakes’. Damn Siri!

123. Craiger - May 3, 2012

Bob do a new live action Trek TV series. What about one set on a future Enterprise with Kirk and crews ancestors?

124. crazdaystrom - May 3, 2012

#123, Craiger-
Thing is, an Enterprise crewed by the descendents of the current Enterprise crew smacks so much of contrivance that it almost makes me groan just thinking about it. Your idea is even more contrived than a crew of amazing and intelligent officers staying on the same positions on a ship for 20 years or more . I know “It wouldn’t be the Enterprise without a Sulu at the helm.” But then again wouldn’t it?(TNG?)
I know fiction by definition is contrived and science-fiction even more so but the best fiction does not call attention to its contrivances. We need help to suspend our disbelief not stumbling blocks to that end.

With respect and of course IMHO. :-)

125. dmduncan - May 3, 2012

108. boborci – May 2, 2012

Don’t be shy, man! Give in! I would love to see some stuff like that from you.

126. Anthony Pascale - May 3, 2012

goodbye phil

127. The Last Vulcan - May 4, 2012

@126: Way to go Anthony! Great to see the BANhammer when it’s needed!

128. William Kirk - May 4, 2012

I think, someone should reboot the new rebootet Star Trek….

129. Charla - May 4, 2012

**Applause** for Anthony!

130. Daoud - May 4, 2012

So, what’s so bad about the idea of a rebooted Woody Woodpecker, Bob? WW is a Universal-owned property. I mean, it could be like Howard the Duck, but better. Woody could be from an alternate universe where Woodpeckers are bald and have tattoos. He could inadvertently end up in Dayton, Ohio, where he meets a young struggling rock singer played by… oh, maybe, that iCarly actress. And then he pecks apart the USS Kelvin….
@126 Bob is going to produce a rebooted Phil. It’ll be like a Stepford Phil.

131. Charla - May 4, 2012

Hey Daoud! I was born and raised on the outskirts of Dayton & used to work in Dayton, Ohio as well.

132. Azrael - May 5, 2012

@121. Morgan Freeman owns the movie rights to Arthur Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama.

133. crazydaystrom - May 5, 2012

So I’ve heard. He says he’s been trying to get RwR going for years now. Of course the screenplay has to be written by somebody, Azrael.

btw, cool moniker.

134. Azrael - May 6, 2012

@133. Thanks.

135. Cervantes - May 6, 2012

Regardless of any issues with the quality of writers that Universal are using, I’d just rather that the studio would give us a decent-budgeted ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ re-imagining or ‘R’-rated ‘At The Mountains Of Mountains’ instead of covering the same old projects again.

136. Azrael - May 6, 2012

@133. I would also be very interested in Brin’s Uplift War, or almost any Heinlein, not to mention Phule’s Company, hey I would even like to see Peter Jackson take on The Belgariad.

137. crazydaystrom - May 7, 2012

Not familiar with Phule’s Company or Belgariad. Have to look those up.

138. Azrael - May 8, 2012

@137. Please do, you won’t be disappointed.

139. William Lutz - May 8, 2012


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