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Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation Theater Event + LeVar Burton Defends Wil Wheaton At NYC Event July 24, 2012

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,DVD/Blu-ray,TNG,TNG Remastered , trackback

Last night CBS and Fathom Entertainment held special one night only theater screenings of two episodes from the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This celebration of the 25th anniversary of the show was also a way to promote today’s release of the first season of the show on Blu-ray. TrekMovie’s John Tenuto share’s his thoughts on the event with a recap and review, including some tidbits shown that aren’t on the S1 release. Also find out what LeVar Burton had to say about Wesley when he attended the NYC screening.


RECAP & REVIEW: Star Trek: The Next Generation July 23 Theater Screening

It was strange to be at a movie theater so close in time to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado to see Fathom’s Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th Anniversary Movie Event. In fact, it was obvious from the police presence to the careful scrutiny all received going in that things have changed, at least temporarily, for American film goers. The experience of going to a theater had shades of what it was like to fly in an airplane immediately after September 11th, 2001. Tragedies can change the way we think about and experience even the most common events, like attending a movie. And yet, appropriately, it was at this Star Trek movie event that good will and humanity shined through everyone’s courtesy and common interests. To say it was heartening to have a great time in a theater full of strangers who are also fellow fans is an understatement. Perhaps they aren’t strangers after all…

My wife Maria Jose, son Nicky, and I went to the Regal Lincolnshire Theaters in Illinois for the 7:00PM showing. Like with all the other screenings, patrons arriving early were treated to a Star Trek: TNG trivia game on the big screen. By the time the program began, there were only about 15 empty seats in the large auditorium. Reports from other locations also indicate full or close to capacity crowds across the country. I cannot remember ever being at a theater that packed before, despite going to many films on opening day. It was a welcomed sign of the continued enthusiasm for Star Trek.

The first item on the program was a Season One Blu-ray bonus feature detailing remastering of TNG into HD. There was an audible gasp when new version of the Crystalline Entity was shown next to its original standard definition presentation. However, it was great to learn how much respect the new team has for the original artists and their concern for not changing anything that didn’t need to be changed. That being said, any effects not done in camera, such as phasers and transporter beams, had to be recreated for the Blu-ray versions. The comment by one of the artists that they are trying to match every single sprinkle and light in the transporter to match the original showing was a good indication of the new effect’s team respect.

Then Denise and Michael Okuda appeared in a special video made for the theater screenings, informing us why “Where No One Has Gone Before” was selected as one of the two episodes showing that evening, mostly because of its spectacular effects and more importantly, its representation of the major themes of Star Trek.

The episode itself was everything promised. The effects are amazing, and I can’t wait to rewatch it again today when the Blu-ray is available. Most enjoyable was watching the episode with fellow fans, whose laughter and applause was at exactly the right moments. This wasn’t a Rocky Horror Picture Show crowd. Instead, we all quietly watched the episodes (no distracting cell phone lights activating that I could see!) and enjoyed the humor and adventure. The biggest laugh was for Chief Engineer Argyle’s well deserved ignoring of the arrogant Mr. Kosinski.

A surprise was the excellent bonus featured in between the two episodes, which featured never before seen costume and makeup tests (Data with green and orange eyes!). The inclusion of bloopers and the joviality of the crew on the set elicited many laughs. Plus, there was a great deal of trivia in the documentary.

Denise and Mike Okuda also shared some great trivia (not on the S1 set) as they introduced “Datalore” including the fact that Mike was almost Noonien Soong! In the original script, Lore and Data look at a picture of their creator, and Mike was slated to be the one photographed. It was also learned that “Datalore” was Gene Roddenberry’s last writing credit for Star Trek.

The episode was very fun, with Brent Spiner’s performance being a highlight. The Crystalline Entity gets a “wow” for certain. And the crowd reaction to “Shut up, Wesley!” was worth the price of admission. Seeing the great demise action sequence of Lore being tossed by Data into the transporter beam was a great thrill on the big screen. 

At our screening, there was a glitch during the scene where Lore is disabling Data. Supposedly a few theaters lost their feed permanently at that point. That is the only technical problem we have learned about. For us, it wasn’t too bad, but for other fans it would have been disappointing to not see the ending of the episode for sure!

The conclusion of the evening’s program was a preview of the Season 2 footage. The Borg look great, and the bonus features which include a reunion of all the TNG cast together looks to be fun and heartwarming. Especially intriguing is the promise of deleted scenes from “Measure of a Man.” Unfortunately, no exact date other than “2012” or “soon” were given.

All in all, a wonderful fun community event. We hope that CBS/Paramount considers this kind of event for each of the seasons…can’t you just see “The Best of Both Worlds” on the big screen?

Signing off screen for TNG event on July 23, 2012

LeVar Burton surprises fans at Times Square Screening + Wheaton’s free eBook reviews

Star Trek: TNG’s LeVar Burton was in NYC yesterday and he decided to check out the event on his own (incognito). TrekMovie reader George Hill sends in this account:

Last night at the Times Square screening, some PR person started giving a speech before the show, and got some lukewarm claps when he mentioned Wil Wheaton. Then, someone shouted out that his “personal friend” should get some more love, and there would be no Wesley hating allowed.

That someone was LeVar Burton.

Other highlights:

  • He gave a lot of respect to the fan who came dressed as Geordi.
  • One fan asked how long it took Data to get made up. He responded that Data never got made up, Brent Spiner did, and that they weren’t actually in that spaceship. When the fans got a little restless at that, he said that he meant they weren’t in it “all the time.” Because they beamed down to planets and Starfleet Academy sometimes.
  • He revealed that he has only seen about 80 episodes of TNG, since watching the show they did weeks ago was difficult to do when it was in production.
  • He talked about Voyager episode "Timeless," and how much he enjoyed being Captain.
  • He talked about his directing experience in "Second Chances" as “a double dose of Frakes.”
  • I asked how he managed to have the time to do both Star Trek: TNG and Reading Rainbow. He answered that given the universe is expanding, and space and time are expanding, there is always more time. Also, Rick Berman was very supportive of children’s TV, and allowed some flexibility to keep Reading Rainbow alive.

Speaking of Wil Wheaton, the former TNG actor and current professional geek, has released a free ebook featuring reviews of the two episodes which were shown at the event. These have been taken from his "Memories of the Future" collection. You can download the free ebook here.

Share your experience below

Did you get a chance to attend one of the screenings? Share your thoughts on the event below? Did people show up in costume? Do you have any fun photos? Post links below or send in photos to


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1. Aaron - July 24, 2012

The feed died at the Stratford Square, Bloomingdale, Illinois showing during the first 15-20 minutes of Datalore and was never restored. Very aggravating. Wish I could have seen the rest of the episode (I wanted to see the episodes, not the Okudas-with all due respect). Otherwise, the episodes looked great!

2. Kara giver of pain and delight - July 24, 2012

Hating on Wesley is one thing but Wil Wheaton doesn’t deserve it. He didn’t write the character, only read what he was given.

I’m glad LeVar Burton called them out on it.

3. PEB - July 24, 2012

I never understood the hate for Wes. He was supposed to be an incredibly smart kid who was a bit awkward and had major dad issues. He started off as a character I wasn’t really into and developed into a good jr officer aboard the ship once he took the helm and was given a standard uniform. The one thing I wish they had done with him would be to make him a character who lost his childhood, who didn’t know how to connect with other kids. He’s super smart, and he lost his dad at an extremely early age so he’d be protective of his mother and would have been forced to ‘grow up’ much faster than he should have. If anything, he should’ve been a much more layered kid.

4. Mark Martinez - July 24, 2012

The event at Century Rio 24 in Albuquerque was very well attended and glitch-free. A few folks came in uniform. Surprisingly, most of the Starfleet personnel seemed to be very young. Interest in Star Trek spans more than a couple of generations now. I enjoyed both episodes. Some of the dialogue was very amusing, more so than the first time around. The screen test footage was striking and the audience really enjoyed seeing the actors doing nothing at all. I hope there will be more events like this in the future.

5. PEB - July 24, 2012

Does anybody remember the Star Trek celebrity edition of The Weakest Link (that show really came and went huh?) Wasn’t there some major tension going on between Wil and Roxann Dawson? The Voyager actors really seemed to have an issue with Wil during that entire show. Not sure what that was about, and hopefully I’m not the only one who remembers that. I’ll post the youtube link if I can find it.

6. trekboi88 - July 24, 2012

The one in Warrenville, Illinois also glitched. It was disappointing because I was really looking forward to seeing the beautiful Crystalline Entity, but at least I got to see the Shut up, Wesley scene, which got plenty of laughs! Overall, it was great. I work at the Regal where I saw it, and we had 6 employees go, myself included.

7. saavik001 - July 24, 2012

5 – I think Wil was flirting too much with Roxann, who was married at the time.

8. John Tenuto - July 24, 2012


Amen Mark to more events like this!

9. spock - July 24, 2012

Wesley was really annoyingly written in season 1. I wish they picked better episodes to show from season 1, however seeing the documentaries was worth it. This set is going to have a lot of cool stuff

10. Driver - July 24, 2012

I got my TNG BD. Where did they get the pic of the Enterprise D that’s on the reverse of the insert? Looks like a JJ Abrams shot from the end credits of STAR TREK. Gunna watch me sum today.

11. kaiento:ton - July 24, 2012

cool it worked! (ive never posted before) my friends and I went to the screening in montreal and it was super awesome! the theatre was PACKED and there were no glitches, people were in costume and were applauded when they walked in and no one was shy to just turn around and talk about trek before and after the screening. It looked awesome up on the big screen and idk about other cities, but in mtl there was a vote of what old movies ppl wanna see on the big screen again and now on the 30th we get to go see wrath of khan all remastered and stuff, it looked awesome! biggest laughs were the SHUT UP WESLEY! moment, the shot where the asian dude in the man skirt walks into the corridor, and Dorn’s screen test where he’s like “don’t f*** with me”

12. The Chad - July 24, 2012

I’ve been listening to Wil’s podcasts where he reads excerpts from his book “Memories of the Future”, and Wil makes fun of the Wesley character many times. He knows the character was poorly written and that fans greatly disliked him. He even does funny voices when he’s quoting his own dialogue. That’s what’s awesome about Wil is that he’s secure enough to not take himself too seriously.

13. Vultan - July 24, 2012

Wow, nice to hear of such large crowds attending this. If a couple of season 1 episodes can bring out the Trekkies, just imagine what Best of Both Worlds and Yesterday’s Enterprise could do!

Hope CBS is listening….

14. mr. boffo - July 24, 2012

packed theater in evanston, il! i was surprised. hopefully they take this as a hint to keep doing these kinds of events, and not just for trekkies but for all teh geeks!

15. Vultan - July 24, 2012

But what pair of season 2 episodes could they show…? Hmm…
How about “Q Who” and… “The Measure of a Man.”

“Contagion” and “Time Squared” are also good choices, I think.

16. Endless Rehashing - July 24, 2012

The HD remastering is really really great. The packaging around it is not.

The most annoying part of being a decades-long fan is the completely disingenuous interviews and phony “reunions” with the cast where they tell the exact same 5 stories over and over and over and over that they recite at every convention every week in every city; complete with fake laughter.

I appreciate that they can’t tell the real stories from the set and what would most likely be the incredible stories of controversy, tensions, etc.

The only people watching these alleged “bonus” features are longtime fans. How many times can we hear the exact same anecdotes over and over again.

There is nothing new to say. So why have these interviews that only contain the Paramount-sanctioned anecdotes?

You want to impress fans? Show new outtakes and flubs. Create some episodes with alternate takes and scenes. Produce something NEW.

Even the outtakes they showed at the screening last night were from that one lame VHS tape of bloopers that have been circulating at convention dealer tables since day-1 and that have been on YouTube for years.

It’s lazy production value. Why save all that film with all that content if there is never ever an intention for anyone to see it?

17. Vice_Admiral_Baxter - July 24, 2012

While I enjoyed the event very much and it was interesting, I still see no reason to go out and buy TNG on blu-ray.

They did the same type of remastering they did with TOS-R which was to go in and replace visual effects with CGI. The difference is that it is not as noticeable with TNG-R.

But then again what do I know I’ve only been a fan for 40 years…

18. Tom - July 24, 2012

I was really hoping they were going to show footage of Patrick Stewart with his hair piece screen test. That would have been a gem! I really enjoyed watching TNG on the big screen. It was a dream come true. I hope they keep doing this for each release. The episodes look amazing!!!!!!! SO HAPPY I CAUGHT THIS EVENT!

19. Someone - July 24, 2012

I’m glad Burton has watched some TNG, but I’m a little disappointed he hasn’t seen all of it after all these years. Still, it is far better than the impression I get from Shatner about how much TOS or any Trek he has viewed. Actors who don’t watch their own performances annoy me; it is your work…you should want to evaluate it, self-critique it, learn from it, and see the bigger picture. To me there is no excuse for not doing it, and it comes off smacking of either laziness or contempt for the very media through which you make your living. /rant

20. JustAThought - July 24, 2012

Actually, that’s not the case. Acting, directing and writing (among other movie making skills) walk a fine line between honoring the structure of the story/scene (to keep the arc intact) and the spontaneity of the performance (to keep the delivery energized and alive). From a professional standpoint, I have found that watching yourself too closely or too often makes your next delivery of the same lines seem oddly hollow. Believe me, a professional is exposed to their own work enough to grow as an artist, without seeking out – or reveling in – past glories (or failures).

21. MJ - July 24, 2012

Agreed on Wes — never really got “the hate” deal with him and most TNG fans. What a backwords fandom we have where a loser like Garrett Wang is revered by many while a great guy like Will Wheaton is despised by many. That is just ass-backwards thinking by many fans who I think are just jealous that they did not have a childhood on the Enterprise like Wes Crusher got…yea, I think this really comes down to petty jealousy from many fans.

22. Kered Olegna - July 24, 2012

Am I the only one who had a crush on Wesley Crusher?

23. Harry Ballz - July 24, 2012


Uh, yes.

24. Dan T. Johnson - July 24, 2012

Never hated Wes, when I got older and started using the web I read about the hate the character got from certain fans, was quite puzzled since I never saw Wes as annoying. He was what I wanted to do/be like in Trek and loved following the characters career to becoming a Starfleet officer, although was a bit gutted how they left the character in TNG (even if it was Will who pushed for this). However as we know from Nemesis he becomes a fully fledged officer lol so glad it worked out…somehow ;)

25. Daoud - July 24, 2012

Wesley was great. Although if Gerrold had convinced Gene to stick with his original idea of a brilliant young *girl* as Crusher’s daughter… that would have been a fascinating role model for young girls in sciences and mathematics and engineering.
Instead we got Eugene Wesley Roddenberry’s image of himself as a child personified….

26. Randy H. - July 24, 2012

#17 – Vice Admiral Baxter — Well I’ve been a fan for 40 years as well, and the Blu Ray version is worth every penny. And probably a few more.

27. (The Late) Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - July 24, 2012



28. MJ - July 24, 2012

@16 “The most annoying part of being a decades-long fan is the completely disingenuous interviews and phony “reunions” with the cast where they tell the exact same 5 stories over and over and over and over that they recite at every convention every week in every city; complete with fake laughter…How many times can we hear the exact same anecdotes over and over again. There is nothing new to say. So why have these interviews that only contain the Paramount-sanctioned anecdotes?”


29. Greg2600 - July 24, 2012

I attended an AMC Theater in Clifton, NJ, and unfortunately the morons there didn’t bother to check the projection. There were diagonal wavy/fuzzy lines throughout, and it looked like I was watching on a giant TV with an over the air antenna. Completed ruined the experience!!!!! I’ve been to other Fathom Events re-releases in the past and not had an issue. This basically wasted my money.

30. PEB - July 24, 2012

@22 nope you’re not. I realised I was crushing on Wesley when I saw him in his cadet uniform. Hey, he looked good in red and he was smart and by that time he wasn’t the kid anymore that I had issues with in the early seasons.

31. MJ - July 24, 2012

@29 “I attended an AMC Theater in Clifton, NJ, and unfortunately the morons there didn’t bother to check the projection. There were diagonal wavy/fuzzy lines throughout, and it looked like I was watching on a giant TV with an over the air antenna.”

That is the problem with trying to present video with only 1080P max resolution to theater-sized screens with need 4K resoultion to match film quality. It looks like VHS playing on a 40-inch flatscreen. They should have published disclaimers on this at the movie theaters showing this.

32. Mark W. - July 24, 2012

17. Vice_Admiral_Baxter –

“They did the same type of remastering they did with TOS-R which was to go in and replace visual effects with CGI. The difference is that it is not as noticeable with TNG-R.”

You understand this is really not the case. TNG physical models were photographed on film and generally composited (and certain rotoscope effects) applied on Quantel boxes, i.e. “printed” to videotape.

TNG planets also used a Quantel video effect where you could wrap a low-rez bitmap around a sphere and get a NTSC-quality “planet” in real time. It was a neat gimmick in 1986, I assure you.

The HD effort is using the original plates of the model shots and recompositing them at HD resolution. Very few CGI replacements seem to have been performed.

>> But then again what do I know I’ve only been a fan for 40 years…

I began in 1973, so you have a year on me. You should understand the technology better than I do by now.

33. sean - July 24, 2012

Wil knows better than anyone how irritating Wesley could be. But actor and character are two separate things. I think most fans understand that.

34. Mark W. - July 24, 2012

@29 That is the problem with trying to present video with only 1080P max resolution to theater-sized screens with need 4K resoultion to match film quality.

Whew, I hate to be “that guy” tonight, but you know that most digital projection you see is not 4k, right? The DCI Spec is only half that, and the more common projectors handle flat (1.85:1) presentations at 1998×1080.

For most images, you can’t tell the difference between 1080 and a more standard DCDM package (the slightly higher resolution distribution master) unless you know what to look for.

Yes, there are 4k projectors, and they will become more common, but the flaws you experienced probably had nothing to do with pixel depth.

35. Phil - July 24, 2012

Why exactly does the title say that Levar Burton defends Wil Wheaton?

36. Fabio - July 24, 2012

I went to the Pembroke Pines (FL) Cinemark Paradise Event. Some fans went dressing the TNG uniform and others like me with star trek T-shirts. It was nice to see TNG remastered nicely in the big screen and see that even though this show was not advertise in the regular media, it brought many fans together again and marked the 25 years of TNG. This shows how much fans are loyal to star trek and that there are lot of us out there. The folks who organized this event could have worked together with the fan clubs to have some fans in uniform in each of the theaters to help to promote the event better, it would be cooler and would encourage local fans to meet more often in their cities.
I also could share some snapshots to many trekker friends I have in Brazil (FFESP – São Paulo Federation –, since the event did not took place there.


37. sean - July 24, 2012


Because he did? It’s right there in the article.

38. MJ - July 24, 2012

@34. 4K digitial resolution to the human eye sitting 1/3 the way back from the screen is approximately equal to the resolution of 35MM film. 2K digital is not as good, and 1080P (essentially 1K) is poor.

Blu-Ray 1080P is certainly outstanding for large home video systems and even small theater screens, but it is not appropriate to provide adqueate resolution for 50-foot theater screens. 2K isn’t that great as well, but it is the starting point for digital projection, so we are stuck with it until all theaters are at 4K or higher.

So, yes, I completely stand by my comments that seeing ST-TNG episodes on a 50-foot screen is not an optimal viewing experience.

39. Dr. Cheis - July 24, 2012

I was worried there would be booing or groaning when Wesley appeared om screen. To my great pleasure there was none, not to say there wasn’t a good bit of cheering at “shut up, Wesley!”

We didn’t have a problem with our feed in Columbus, Ohio, but I did miss my exit ram on my way to the theater, and got stuck in a long line waiting to pick up my ticket. Missed about 5 minutes of the special feature at the start, and I had to sit in the front right corner of the room.

Why do they even put seats there? The perspective is horrible, and it looks like everybody has giant hands!

40. T'Cal - July 24, 2012

I took my sons to the same theatre in Lincolnshire, IL. We remembered at 6:00 pm that it was the 23rd and the day of TNG’s showing so we left immediately. We walked in finding the only three seats together and sat down seconds after the into began. This was a great time. The episodes looked amazing and the extras were fun and informative. Let’s hope CBS does this for each season or, better yet, showing two-part episodes on the pig screen such as Best of Both Words, Gambit, Unification, All Good Things, and the rest.

The showing convinced me to pony up and upgrade to BD for TNG. But what do I do with my complete DVD set???

41. Allen Williams - July 24, 2012

In my theater there were green dots all over the screen. It was even worse in areas of the image that were darker. Brighter scenes wern’t affected as much or even at all. The feed itself wasn’t interupted though. I’m surprised it was a feed. Why didn’t they just have the theaters download a 4k uncompressed master file for the event similar to what they do with movies these days? (I heard somewhere that CBS has been doing this in 4k all along to make it “future proofed”)

42. Vultan - July 24, 2012


Down in front!

43. Matthew - July 24, 2012

just got my copy! on disc 1, there is a promo titled “Season One Promo” — when was this made? after the end of Season 1? I ask b/c it singles out all of the crew members except Tasha Yar and calls Worf the “security chief” — I found this interesting!

44. Justin Olson - July 24, 2012

@ 38 MJ:

Remember that the ‘K’ refers to the horizontal dimension… so 1920 x 1080 is essentially 2K, not 1K. Again, 3rd generation 35mm release prints have a resolution of about 88 lines per mm, so:

35mm 1.85:1 ‘flat’ projection – 1844 x 997 equivalent
35mm 2.39:1 ‘scope’ projection – 1844 x 1542 equivalent (before 2X stretch)

That’s examining the print itself… the perceivable resolution on screen goes because the image has to pass through the projector mechanism and lens. By the time the image hits the screen, the vertical resolution of 1.85:1 film goes down to around 875 visible lines.

So, you see, the 2K standard of 1998 x 1080 already exceeds typical 35mm projection.

45. Captain Crunch, U.S.S. Rawmouth - July 24, 2012

Yes, absolutely. Shut up Wesley, indeed. The following video should be required viewing. Horrible, horrible character.

46. seleya - July 24, 2012

I was at the Times Square showing. Mr. Burton’s staff for Reading Rainbow was doing interviews along the line before the show, which they said probably would go to their website. Inside the theater, while the CBS executive was greeting the crowd and explaining how Geordi “drove the ship”, Mr. Burton came in along the side of the stage with a hat tilted down to reduce attention, and then shouted out the support for Mr. Wheaton at the right point, as a way of greeting the crowd. That was fun, and Mr. Burton was quite animated the whole time he did a 15 min Q&A. It was a very positive experience.

The improved resolution of the program definitely provided enough more to see that it was like a different show. As the producers put it, “as it was always intended to be seen”. This was very satisfying. To give a resolution metric, it wasn’t quite sharp enough to read the joke lines on the various signs, but it did let you see the turbolift was made of painted and not perfectly joined wood. :-)

One of the lines getting a big laugh was towards the end of Datalore where Wes blurts out to his mom “I heard you know how to turn Data on!” while they are trying to revive him. Couldn’t even hear her response.

47. seleya - July 24, 2012

Re Wesley’s character, I think it was possible that visions of Lost in Space and giant carrots might have been on some people’s minds, e.g. network strategy pushing its way in so that they could make it a “family” show. The documentaries screened did show Mr. Roddenberry discussing how much they also faced network demands to do things like put US flags and a chaplain aboard.

48. spock - July 24, 2012

#47 that was for the original series since it was on a network. He stated that he was freer to do things on TNG since they didn’t have a network. However his new version of the future had no basis in reality and killed any sort of drama they could dig up in the stories since the main characters could not be in conflict with one another.

49. Red Dead Ryan - July 24, 2012

I don’t get the anti-Wesley hate. I always thought Wesley Crusher was cool. Yeah, he might’ve been a little too “perfect”, but at least he used his talents for constructive purposes. He was a far better and more interesting character than either Sulu or Harry Kim.

Garrett Wang acts like a clown and gets a better reception than Wil Wheaton, who seems like genuinely nice guy? Really? That’s just dumb. I guess a lot of Trekkies are plain ole’ jerks.


50. chain of command - July 24, 2012

I never really had a huge problem with Wesley. The writing early on in TNG was pretty weak all around in the early episodes so you can’t fault a 15 year-old kid for something someone else wrote. They started writing better for him in season 2 and by the third season he was definitely more “down to earth”.

51. mars396 - July 24, 2012

Cranford, NJ
No glitches. Couple of fans in uniforms. However the entire staff was in uniform, Which was really cool. The crystalline entity was a real highlight for me: breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoyed hearing the crowd reactions to shut up Wesley and that crewman in a skirt too. I’d really like to see this become a tradition for each season’s release.

52. MJ - July 24, 2012

@44. Justin, I appreciate the correction — you are the undisputed video-file here. However, doesn’t the 2K projection, unlike 1080P blu-ray, have 3 separate color channels (RGB) that put out pixels, thus providing three times the information that you would get with 1080P blu-ray?

53. LabyrinthMike - July 24, 2012

The show in Austin was flawless, but there wasn’t anyone in costume that I saw. I almost wore my TNG uniform, but the boots need repair.

As to the Wesley controversy, I have no problem the character or the way that Wil Wheaton portrayed him. I just didn’t like the way that Wes always, it seems to me, saved the day. He became the K9 for the writers, solving the problem at the last minute. Data became that somewhat later, but some how it was more believable. Still, when the other characters ran around calling him “The boy”, it just got really annoying. Everyone in the theater laughed when Wes talked back and said “My name is Wesley”.

54. Douglas - July 24, 2012

I was at the New York City times square showing. The management said the 7:00 PM show would be delayed because they had “2 fire drills during the day” and that pushed everything back. Due to that lateness he offered a refund at the box office but I didn’t see anyone take him up on it. I never heard of a movie theatre having “fire drills” while movies were being screened but it didn’t seem to bother the crowd. It was just a bit strange given police presence at the theatre and the recent movie theatre tragedy.

At first a CBS executive took to a microphone to talk about the blu-ray release but there was so much feed-back on the speakers he didn’t spend long trying to talk to us. When LaVar Burton showed up and was handed the malfunctioning microphone to speak to the audience he just pushed it aside and spoke to the audience without it. LaVar’s natural speaking voice was more powerful and clear than the CBS executive with a microphone. LaVar Burton’s voice was able to project, clear and strong, throughout the entire theatre with seeming little effort on his part. Now that’s a trained professional voice! It was a real treat to see and hear him in person.

As for the presentation, I was impressed by the restoration however the episode, “Where No One Has Gone Before” seemed especially dark. TNG was a very well illuminated show, very professional, yet some areas of this projection seemed to have speckled video noise in dark areas. At one point half of Worf’s face had no features as he was standing on the upper area of the bridge next to Tasha Yar. The left half of his face was barely recognizable and the right half of his face was silhouetted. I think this was some issue with the projection and not a reflection of how the blu-ray discs will appear.

There were also brief clips of extended scenes of “Measure of a Man” in previews of future discs. Those extended, deleted scenes only exist on video tape so their inclusion will reflect a much lower resolution on blu-ray.

It was a fun and unique experience. I hope the issues of enlarging the presentation to a movie theater screen can be worked out but for a first outing, it was wonderful.

There was one fan in a full Geordie LaForge outfit and visor. He looked great, very authentic uniform and visor. LaVar Burton singled the fan out saying, “it takes real cahones to show up like that; you have my sincere admiration”. The audience applauded very loudly their appreciation of LaVar and his impersonator. Everyone was in good spirits and had fun.

P.S. My friends and I loved the t-shirt one fan had. A black t-shirt with large simple bright yellow lettering which said, with one word stacked on top of the other.
What a hoot! Good times with my Trek family.

55. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - July 24, 2012

38, MJ MJ MJ, 1080P can and does look great on a giant screen. There have been several movies that have been shown as part of TCM film festival for 2 years in a row now that were sourced from the bluray players connected to the theatres projectors.
The Chinse Theatre has a screen that when showing a 2D scope presentation is aproximately 85 feet wide and a bluray projected through the theatres Christie Cp 2230 Solaris projector looks great. please quit spreading disinformation.

56. Daniel Craig is My Wookie Bitch - July 24, 2012

further more MJ there have been a number of films that have had their Red Carpet premieres sourced from a bluray.
Furthermore The recently opened AMAPS outdoor theatre in Hollywood.(you know the academy of motion picture arts and sciences) use blurays as the source material for their weekend movie screenings they now hold.
Do you think the Academy would be screening and charging admission for movies using a bluray if it looked like crap?

If your in the L.A. area, you should make a friday or saturday night trip down the Academy Outdoors on Vine street in Hollywood and see for yourself, or swing by one of the screenings for next years TCM film festival and see for yourself.

57. Anthony Thompson - July 25, 2012

The problem I had with the Wesley Crusher character is that I see the Starship Enterprise as being equivalent to the aircraft carrier Enterprise. Has there ever been a brilliant kid at the helm of the carrier? It was an element of TNG that stretched credulity to the breaking point.

58. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2012

sounds like most of the theatres tht didnt lose their feed that image quality was pretty good—all the res/digital projection stuff confuses me…luved hoe well attended they seemed to be so soon after the tragic batman movie massacre is trying to make us terrified to go see movies anymore….ive always loved going to movies…wil wheatons acting in tng always made the most of the sometimes inferior writing of the wesley character–as he got older the stories got better–loved the traveler stories n the wesley starfleet academy stories were excellent especially the starburst trial—-i feel bad that wil had to put up with so much dislike of his character thru no fault of his own…but he sounds like he had gotten past it all with humor n caring bout the fans…

59. Crusade2267 - July 25, 2012


There was actually some sort of emergency. I picked up my tickets around 4:30 and there was an FDNY truck parked outside with firemen going in the building. But they weren’t stopping people from going in either.

60. Visitor1982 - July 25, 2012

Was Diana Muldaur (Dr. Katherine Pulaski) present for the full cast reunion for the bonus features on the 2nd season Blu-ray box?

61. Decker - July 25, 2012

Set phasers on Wesley.

62. Patrick - July 25, 2012

If there are two episodes of TNG to be put on a theater screen, it’s “The Best of Both Worlds”, parts I and II. CBS has got to make this happen! Hopefully, they will when season 3 comes out!

63. Bob Tompkins - July 25, 2012

The screening didn’t go well in my neck of the woods. 12 people showed up at the theater.
I hope the box set sells well enough to warrant continuing the work.

64. trekkie1701d - July 25, 2012


It seems like many theaters were at or close to capacity.

65. PEB - July 25, 2012

@57 that was basically Chekov when he first came aboard in TOS

66. Challengerdyer - July 25, 2012

At the Regal Theatre in Evans, Georgia we lost power in the beginning due to a lightning strike and it took a few moments for the staff to reset the program…but they only started it at the title of “Where No One Has Gone Before” despite our pleas to go to the place where we left off. So we missed the first special with the Okudas and the teaser and opening credits for the episode. OTHERWISE it was a great night, took my son and went with my best friend. Loved Michael Dorn telling Berman(?) “Don’t f**k with me” and Brent Spiner’s James Stewart on the Stargazer bridge. Like everyone else, I hope they do this again for Season 2!!

67. Fubamushu - July 25, 2012

The screening went well here the Twin Cities, as far as I know.

My original plan was to see the 7:00PM screening at the Showplace Icon Theater. I put off ordering tickets until the last minute. When I checked seating at 5:30PM, the theater was about 70-80% full. More importantly, all of the prime seats were booked. All that was left were some seats in the front row and some seats off to the side.

The 10:15PM screening was not as full, maybe only 40-50% full. Most of the prime seats were taken, but there were several center seats open in the front rows. I got a center seat about 5 rows back from the screen.

I knew sitting so close to screen I would be able to see digital artifacts that would not be visible from further back. And this was somewhat distracting. However, I was blown away by the rich vivid color and the details that HD revealed. Especially that close!

Some of the details are, well, flaws that never appeared in SD. For example, the hinge on the surgical scanner on the bed in sick bay looked like a cheap hinge. Sometimes you can see the woodgrain on doors and walls. I could have sworn that in at least one close-up shot of Riker you can see some of Frakes’ chest hair sticking up above the collar of his uniform. In another shot of Worf there is a clear line where Dorn’s makeup ends and natural skin color begins on his neck.


Kind of wonder why, when such flaws were revealed that CBS didn’t take time to clean them up? I would have waited another six months for the discs.

Having said this, it is truly remarkable how much detail the original film negatives captured and how much shows up in HD. I have read that many of the details on the original filming model of the Enterprise D were drawn in at the last minute in pencil. In HD, those lines are clean and clear and visible and the ship looks real. CGI is amazing, but there is something more real about a model. Something physical. Tactile.

There is also something special about TNG. Even though the pacing of these episodes was somewhat slow by today’s standards and even though parts of the story or the acting are somewhat cheesy, these TNG episodes make all of the Trek that came afterwards, well… pale imitations at best.

I also had a strange feeling or realization that I cannot easily explain. Sitting there in the theater, there was a scene where LaForge taps a button on his helm control. And all I could think of was… iPad. Is this an instance of life imitating art? Were TNG’s creators that visionary? Were they not visionary enough? What other Trek visions are just around the corner?

I may have liked to have seen different episodes on the big screen–Conspiracy, Skin of Evil, Heart of Glory, 11001001, The Battle. But all in all it was fantastic to see TNG in HD on a big screen. So much so that I ordered the Season 1 discs today. And I don’t even own a Blu-Ray player!

68. Bob Tompkins - July 25, 2012

64- Glad to hear that. I wondered if things were this bad elsewhere and it put some fear into me as to how well the box set was going to sell.
I live in Indiana, a very strange place, and definitely not an area one would want to check a barometer of popularity for out- of- the- ordinary items.

69. John Tenuto - July 25, 2012


No Diana Muldaur at the reunion, although there does appear to be atleast some discussion of her on the S2 bonus interviews.

70. Erik King - July 25, 2012

I’ve been milked enough times by Paramount. I’m done.

71. Penguin44 - July 25, 2012

Here in toronto the theater was packed minus the front two rows. Laughs at the right spots, especially with mini skirt guy. The best was during the promo for season 2 when they talked about pulaski. Someone went nooo! And booo! Some uniforms were there. I had my phaser and com badge my fiance had her star fleet academy shirt on. A great event.

72. Bucky - July 25, 2012

Not the biggest Westley fan but, The First Duty is a damn good episode and Wheaton’s performance in it is exemplary, so he gets a pass.

73. Magic_Al - July 25, 2012

^18. Patrick Stewart with hairpiece as younger Picard in “Violations”

Some men look better bald.

74. David - July 25, 2012

I was at the AMC Theater in Stony Brook, Long Island, New york and while I did enjoy the show I thought that the Image did not look right. It seemed stretched out from top to bottom and squished in from side to side

75. J.C. England - July 25, 2012

OKC’s Tinseltown Theater:
approximately 150 people (which was
about the maximum capacity for the
theater) , some in TNG uniforms.
Everything went as scheduled and it
appeared that everyone had a good
Not really sure how many BluRay
sets it’s going to sell… As others have
mentioned above, the SPFX for the
1980’s and 1990’s was already pretty
good… unless you’re an episode by
episode fanatic, it’ll be hard to tell what
was modified & improved. Wish they
would have been able to modify the
episodes into Widescreen, but after
watching the episodes, I can see why
they can’t. Oh well…

76. Mawazitus - July 25, 2012

Was at one of the showings in Seattle in an almost full theater. In fact, it looked like they added a second theater (saw ‘Star Trek’ written on the marquee in front of an adjacent theater). Very positive, healthy reactions to the episodes from the crowd. No glitches in the presentation, though there was definitely room for improvement. It did not sound like they were using the 7.1 track, there was almost no bass (the thrum of the ship’s engines was missing). It looks like Fathom uses Directv, which means a lot of additional compression of the signal. The blu-ray’s themselves look even better.
My plan is to watch one episode a week, sort of recreating the original experience. That should time things fairly well (hopefully) with the release of Season 2.

77. Brett L. - July 25, 2012

Wil Wheaton was placed into a “no win scenario.” Imagine being a child actor feeling the pressure of measuring up against folks like Patrick Stewart on THE franchise show you were a huge fan of. Then you have the season 1 writers putting your character in situations where you’re constantly saving the day. And you’re not old enough to understand that fans tend to hate uppity kids who make their adult heroes look superfluous. You’re just trying to give a halfway decent performance. And if that wasn’t enough, you get to deal with that puberty thing too. So while many of us disliked the Wesley character, I think Wil deserves credit for weathering a tough situation.

78. Wayne Burman - July 25, 2012

We have this in Australia tonight. I am dragging my 13yo non-trek fan son along, maybe this will turn him.

Can’t wait to see it all, sound so good.

What other 25 year old TV show would sell out a cinema screening? None.

Long live Trek!

79. Xplodin_Nacelle - July 26, 2012

Re: # 13 Vultan

I second that motion………………CBS-D please release a BOBW/YESTERDAY”S E combo theatrically!!!

80. JohnP - July 26, 2012

I sent an e-mail to Fathom asking when the next Star Trek show would be. Here is the response: “Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to see you as excited about this event as we are! Unfortunately at this time there are no additional plans for Star Trek events. However, I suggest visiting periodically, as all updates and changes will be found there.”

81. Scott - July 26, 2012

Great review John. Wish I could have attended. Thanks!

82. John Tenuto - July 26, 2012

#81: Thanks Scott!

83. Lisa The Trekkie - July 28, 2012

I went to the showing in Pinellas Park, FL at the Regal. It was me, my fiance, my sister, and my best friend who I have converted into a total Trek fan. We all had a blast. The humor and the interviews in between episodes really helped keep the momentum going and the whole crowd was having so much fun. I also don’t understand Wesley hate. I also had a crush on him growing up, and I still do have a crush on Wil. Yeah, the character wasn’t perfect and there are many things that could have been done better, but overall they meant well, and his story arc was nice to watch. I laugh at him just like I laugh at Deanna Troi’s “Counselor Obvious” moments. Part of being a Trekkie is loving the point of Star Trek, loving the characters, but also having the instinct to laugh when things are too corny or poorly written. I’m so glad Star Trek had this event – like others have said the theater was pretty much packed, there were people in costume, and we all had a great time experiencing something we love together. I hope we see more of this as the rest of the Blue Rays get released! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.