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“The Corbomite Maneuver” Screenshots and Video December 9, 2006

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Here are the usual assortment of screenshots from the remastered Corbomite Maneuver.

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SFX Video


New and Old
Saucer shot from the opening teaser
The buoy
The Enterprise is blocked by the buoy

An alternate buoy shot

The buoy gets dangerously close
The Enterprise fires phasers at the buoy
Hanging dead in space after the buoy explosion
The Fesarius approaches the Enterprise
The Fesarius
The Fesarius fills the viewscreen
The Fesarius zoomed out
Sulu’s Chronometer
The countdown
Being towed by the smaller ship
Being towed — angle two

Being towed — alternate angle three
The Enterprise breaks away from the tractor beam
The pilot ship disabled


Assorted Shots

The young Mr. Bailey

A rare glimpse over Kirk’s shoulder

You’ve been reading your textbooks again…

…zap — hot coffee

Spock proclaims that the Fesarius must be a mile in diameter

…may heaven have helped your mother

The wavy "scary" Balok

Kirk strikes a pose with his hand phaser

The real Balok… Tranya addict?


1. Orbitalic - December 9, 2006

Thanks for the shots, Anthony. Looks like a winner…
But not to start another “scandal”, but I don’t remember the bridge being so “tall” in the original shots..
“Saucer shot from the opening teaser”

2. darendoc - December 9, 2006

I’ve got to say… It’s looking pretty darn good to me…

3. Orbitalic - December 9, 2006

pardon me… I should thank Matt…sorry, bud

4. Matt Wright - December 9, 2006

#1 you mean the old shot? The bridge was taller in the pilot model, it was changed out when the series went into production (along with the deflector dish and nacelle caps). That saucer shot is a reuse of the shot from the Where No Man Has Gone Before, which itself was a slightly modified version of the zoom in on the bridge from The Cage. The new CGI shot is of course based on the series production model with the changes I noted above.

5. Lti - December 9, 2006

#1 The original used the pilot model. It had a slightly different bridge height

6. Major Joe Ely Carrales - December 9, 2006

I don’t get to see any of this since it does not show in my area. Thanks.

All in all I am impressed with the alternate shots. Its like “rediscovering” TOS. I’m a long time lurker here.

Major Carrales

7. Skippy 2k - December 9, 2006

Wow! Can’t wait untill I can see the actual episode. The caps above look great! The ships look great and love the new angles, awesome! Thanks for the preview.

8. Jim J - December 9, 2006

Damn cool….especially loved the shot when the Enterprise broke away! CBS Digital is getting their space legs, that is for sure.

9. Orbitalic - December 9, 2006


10. Orbitalic - December 9, 2006

I like the alternative angles too. the “The Fesarius approaches the Enterprise” new shot looks similar to an angle used for the “D” on TNG. I like.


11. shane s - December 9, 2006

I’m impressed, I’m just wondering when I can buy this on DVD.

12. Dave - December 9, 2006

They certainly pulled out all the stops in this one. The Enterprise is shown from a lot of new angles and it looks great in all of them. The cube storyline is chopped all to hell which is disappointing as this is my favorite Trek episode of all time. But the new effects shots were simply amazing. Each time a new one appeared on screen, I could feel my jaw hit the floor. Fantastic work on this one.

Now its three weeks of reruns before a new episode shows up again. :(

13. Dave - December 9, 2006

Forgot to mention….

Why, after replacing all the shots on the main viewscreen with new travelling starfields, didn’t they replace the starfield on Spock’s overhead monitor with a new starfield?

14. Matt Wright - December 9, 2006

#13 I didn’t think it needed replacment, did you?

15. TomBot2006 - December 10, 2006

This looks *sweet* !!!! I can’t wait to see it!!! Now, we are talking great shots of the Enterprise!

16. Josh - December 10, 2006


17. TheVamp - December 10, 2006

I wonder if the repeats will have the new CG Enterprise retro’d into them?

18. Trekweb Forever!!! - December 10, 2006

I love that overhead shot of the original Enterprise, it looks so great from that angle… Makes me wonder why they didn’t really use any originally.

19. Ralph - December 10, 2006

I loved it! Even though a girl wanted to talk all night. LOL

20. Kang - December 10, 2006

The changing colored reflections of the spinning cube on the Enterprise are quite effective. All in all, great work!

21. Al - December 10, 2006


22. joe coatar - December 10, 2006

the clip is up

23. DJT - December 10, 2006

Did they alter “the wavy scary Balok” ?

24. joe coatar - December 10, 2006

it looked the same to me

25. PerhapsOneOfYourMen - December 10, 2006

#23-24 If so, it’s a shame. While the effect as a whole is an old fave, the stiff head and mouth movements always seemed more laughable than menacing to me.

26. PerhapsOneOfYourMen - December 10, 2006

In fact, I always thought the “real” Balok was 10 times a scary. I’m talking “secret room” scary! But I digress (Poor Bailey…)

27. PerhapsOneOfYourMen - December 10, 2006


28. CmdrR - December 10, 2006

Loved the new Enterprise views. I always found Balok scary as a kid. That’s the level that scary hits, so I still enjoy that sensation.

When the cube spins fast, it stops looking like a cube… but that was true in the original. Starts to look like a ten-sided die.

Much as I enjoy these episodes, I’m kinda glad for three weeks of repeats. I need the rest. It’s on at 2:05 a.m. in Atlanta and the recorders don’t like DISH, so I have to stay up. It’s been as late as 3:00 a.m. after WSB runs football and (please someone make Whoopi go away!) Showtime at the Apollo. If the original run had gone like this, it never would have made it through three seasons.

By the way Balok doesn’t tick off every minute of the countdown, cause that would get dull, not because they left it out. Sulu’s line “I knew he would” is to show he, unlike Bailey, is able to channel his nerves. (That was a thread from an earlier page.)

29. CmdrR - December 10, 2006

Yes, I’m inept with my DVD recorder. At least I don’t store my starship’s information on “tapes.”

30. Aphelion - December 10, 2006

Am I the only one who thought the new shot of the Ent breaking away from the tractor beam looked awkward?

Hey, didn’t they superimpose new graphics onto the briefing room table monitor at the start of that scene?

31. Magic_Al - December 10, 2006

My only gripe with the CG Enterprise now is its navigation lights need to be way brighter. They’re barely visible in closeups and in the distant shots you can’t see them at all.


32. Scott of the Morgites - December 10, 2006

22 joe coatar – Thanks for posting the vfx reel! Haven’t seen the episode yet but what a wonderful teaser.

Effects-wise the show looks pretty solid… love some of the new angles and the cube’s light playing across the Enterprise’s hull… cool stuff, for sure.

30 Aphelion – yeah, the break away shot looked a little off… not bad, necessarily. It just seemed very two-dimensional in its movement or it was too quick, I dunno… awkward seems an appropriate description.

Nevertheless, keep it up CBS Digital… fine holiday gift giving, indeed!

33. Dave - December 10, 2006


34. CmdrR - December 10, 2006

33 – The only time in TOS when the tractor beam has light is in Tomorrow is Yesterday. Glowy tractors don’t show up until TNG.

Speaking of glowy thingies… I love seeing the IM engines glow when they’re on. (“Now, Sulu! Impulse engines, too! Then, get out and push!”) But, it’s hard to see the impulse deck’s ports in shots when they’re not on. There are dark parts still. It’s not bad but it’s something that could be improved.

Oh, and is it BAY-lok or BAAH-lok?

35. Magic_Al - December 10, 2006

33, does it bother you in Star Wars too? Even Lucas didn’t touch that one.

36. jonboc - December 10, 2006

….just watched the FX reel and noticed the moving starfield on Spock’s over head screen. Can’t believe I missed that scene when I watched the episode. Very nice. Let’s hope for more similar shots when the scene is static and the screen stays still long enough for them to easily drop something into it.

37. Joe Coatar - December 10, 2006

actually i think that effect was unchanged from the original, that shot should not have been in the Remastered VFX reel (my apologies)

38. Picardsucks - December 10, 2006

This is all so cool !!!!!!!!! I agree with #36, (although the overhead screen shot was original) I am dying to see them do something with those overhead screens. They always looked like airbrushed paper and even more so in remastered form. Even on the new Starship Exeter the overhead screens have slicker looking planetary , and ship board schematics. The bridge looks sooo good and always has, if they did something with those overhead screens I think the bridge would be damn near perfect

39. Adam Cohen - December 10, 2006

I’m nothng short of dazzled by this episode. Fantastic work, CBS-D. I never thought I’d be so captivated by a spinning cube! Amazing.

40. Nelson - December 10, 2006

Overall, excellent effort by the team! It’s become transparent, the new effects are becoming semmless and integrated with the live action.

The light off the cube and the Fresarius lighting up the Enterprise model was a nice touch, but I thought it was a tad bright.

The only 2 criticisms I have was the way the cube was rendered, it lacked the original’s colored gels that lit the cube’s sides more evenly. The other effect was when the Enterprise breaks free, it did look awkward, almost like the kind of efforts from Star Trek New Voyages or the way Anikan Skywalker as Darth Vader looked when he forst steps off the operating table in Revenge of the Sith. Nooooooooo! : -)

But the rest of the effects were splendid! Nice job!

41. Axinar - December 10, 2006

Did anyone notice that it seems like SOME of the “wood creeking” background sounds from the bridge set were cleaned up?

42. Sean's Clone - December 10, 2006

Here’s the remastered clip of Baylok – the eyebrows never looked bushier!

43. John N - December 10, 2006

All in all, great work!!! Fantastic!

Only areas for improvement would be:

a) loved the cube glow on the ships hull… perhaps it should have bee visible when they fired phasers as well?

b) smooth out the break-away from the tractor beam

But primarily, great job!

44. Cafe 5 - December 10, 2006

Great new shots. Love the reflections from the buoy dancing along the
ships hull. The different shots using other POV’s were marvelous. This
is really like seeing new treks. Looking forward to many more. Bravo to
the CGI team at CBS.

45. John N - December 10, 2006

#40 – Nelson

I liked the uneven lighting of the cube… I thought that it gave it more depth. In fact, I was almost hoping that they would texture it somewhat…

46. Dave - December 10, 2006

Re: 14 – The only real difference between the main viewscreen and Spock’s monitor as far as the travelling starfield goes is simply the main viewscreen had them travelling much faster through that area of space then the original starfield shots. When they cut to Spock’s overhead monitor the speed is not as fast as the new starfield on the main viewscreen.

I would figure when making star charts / mapping a new area of space you are not going to race through it. They should either have slowed down the rate of speed on the main viewscreen, or replaced Spock’s monitor starfield with one that matched the speed of the main viewscreen.

Over all Spock’s monitor did not necessarily have to be replaced in order to answer the question in #14, this is one rare instance where the animated starfield was not a mirrored animation.

47. Nelson - December 10, 2006

Fair enough John! I was referring to the way the cube looked from the bridge viewscreen, it looked great in the views outside next to the Enterprise

48. Sean's Clone - December 10, 2006

#41 – Good point about the cleaned up soundtrack. Does anyone know to what extent the sound track is getting worked on.

In particular, the scene where Kirk orders phasers to standby (about 21 minutes into the show ), Bailey repeats order to weapons, then weapons reports back via intercom “Forward phaser will comply. All weapons at operational ready.”

Can anyone confirm that that last bit of dialog was in the original episode – it sounds like it was added – there’s something about the way it sounds compared to some of the earlier bits of intercom voices.

49. Greg Stamper - December 10, 2006

#13, #14, #46

#13 may also be referring to the fact that “flashing white specs” on the monitor appear throughout the starfield. Not that bad, but they do show up. They should be cleaned up before the DVD release. No doubt not doing so was a slight time saver.

As always, thanks Matt for the screenshots.

50. neal - December 10, 2006

Some nice details:
–Just before the E breaks free from the mini-Fesarius, the impulse engines are dark. Then Kirk says, “Now, Mr. Sulu, impulse engines, too.” In the next exterior shot (the glorious swooping break-away shot), the impulse engines are indeed lit up.
–Close-ups of E suggest you can see stuff inside the windows. I wonder if we’ll see actual movement inside those windows when we can view in HD.

Minor Observations:
–“Quite unnecessary to raise your voice, Mr. Baliey.” Excuse me, Spock, but weren’t you a little loud yourself in this particular outing?
–It would’ve been nice if Uhura had alerted the crew, like: “We’re going to try a violent sheering maneuver. Y’all strap yourselves in.” Instead, a whole ton of people just walking around the corridors on this or that business, only to get thrown about like rag dolls.

51. neal - December 10, 2006

Anyone else appreciate the fact that the aspect ratio on the old bridge screen was SWEET! I mean, they could have made it look like a 1960s TV, 4:3 and sort of oval, but instead it looks as modern as anything you’d find today at Best Buy.

What a drag that the rec room had those tiny little screens. I’ll bet when Kirk was asleep, Sulu and Uhura would invite some friends up to the bridge to watch some rented videos on the big screen.

52. JON - December 10, 2006

I like the phaser emitter and phaser stream visual articulation.The windows on the “E” are getting better too .Almost getting a sense of dimesion into the ship.It would be cool to see some crewmembers at the windows at some future point witnessing what the people on the bridge are seeing on the screen from either inside or outside point of view.But ,yeah.It’s Christmastime for us original series fans.

53. neal - December 10, 2006

#48: the phaser crew audio was in the original. it sounded funny back in the old days, too.

fyi, puppet-balok is still scary, according to my kids.

54. John C - December 10, 2006

I was critical at first of these guys but they are really getting their space leggs now. Wow this is great stuff. I think they are making their mark with original and TNG Trek fans. Good job guys.

55. John C - December 10, 2006

Now I know why I like Classic trek over modern trek. The sets were so colorful and never boring. Everything was brighter on the classic E.

56. trekmaster - December 10, 2006

The best effects so far!

57. Josh - December 10, 2006

Where is Daren “I got to play with the refit Enterprise you petty mere mortals” Dochterman at??

I want him to begin a new series where he includes what changes he would have made to each episode as he comments upon each new Remastered project that airs. I think that would be a fascinating “alternate history” insight into a creative mind.

How about it Daren? If not here, then on your website perhaps.
Include a little segment about what you would change and what specifically you would do as an artist.

I would genuinely be interested in reading that.

58. Kevin - December 10, 2006

On the phasers. It’s a two cent opinion, but nobody else holds back, so why not. I know they probably decreased the angle between the beams do that they would look straighter, but we don’t know if these energy beams are guided in any way so who knows if that’s right. I don’t like the color change but that’s been addressed as being for the sake of consistency. But what is really glaring is how puny those beams are; little “scalpel beams” as opposed to the wide, dynamic looking rays they replaced. This looks to be case where someone is using logic instead of what works visually. There is little sense of the power of that ship in those beams. I’m sure when they did the show orignally they experimented with how those beams would emanate and settled on what looked good; so it’s their pissing contest, not mine. Can’t see them cutting up any planet killers with those things. Think of the classic third season shot of the ship firing phasers from just under the starboard side. While we’re at it, I think the photons are bolts of energy, not devices, at this time. They were in TMP, also, according to the big ship cutaway poster. Great looking CGI, though.

59. Paul - December 10, 2006

#58….I think that the phasers were made to look “narrow” to account for the fact that their target (the cube) is now directly in front of the “E.” To have a “wide” beam might not make sense in terms of targeting an object so close to the ship.

60. Kelvington - December 10, 2006

Wow over six minutes of effects! I was surprised at how good it was. While we get a break for a few weeks, I have to say CBS did a great job on this one. Now wouldn’t it make the perfect stocking stuffer for them to release one or two of these in the next week on DVD for all us fans? Come’on CBS, you can do it!

Plus finally this week, no more nacelle talk. Thank god for that.

61. Chris Pike - December 10, 2006

Good point about the phaser shot continuity error with the E not being lit by the cube. Agree with the point that the phasers look a bit weedy somehow and the photon torps were always meant to be bolts of energy (derived from a matter/antimatter reaction emitting high energy photons??). And I always assumed the original thought process was that the unlit tip of the sensor dome was the (360°) phaser emitter? The E is starting to look much better, although it would be to see an HD cap – more realistic colour/texturing/specular/reflectives etc much closer to the 11 footer and the nacelle effect almost there (amazing how effective that original effect was!). Nice but necessary touch showing window interiors. Agree the tractor release breakaway move needs more work. Can’t help thinking…it would be interesting to scan the vfx neg plates and cleanup/recomp them (E model unit shots and live action eg transporter) with new starfields etc?

62. Scott of the Morgites - December 10, 2006

57 – Josh Great Frakin’ Idea!

Whaddaya’ say there, Herr Doktor?

63. Paul - December 10, 2006

I’ve read that the powers that be have decided to standardize the phasers to be blue in color and be emitted from just above the lit dome (which makes more sense than the middle of the bottom saucer section). I really like how they have narrowed the focus of the beams, although I suppose the beams themselves could be wider in diameter?

I just hope that, in future episodes, they do show the red phasers (perhaps a different power level?). I like the contrast in color against the bluish-gray E, and red phasers just appear more powerful a weapon. It would also be cool to see the underside of the saucer section reflect a red glow from these phasers….IMHO.

64. Lee - December 10, 2006

“Three weeks of repeats”? Is “Friday’s Child” scheduled for Christmas week? I realize it’s not an effects-heavy episode, but it still counts…

65. EBAR - December 10, 2006

Looks like I disagree with almost everyone on this episode. First, I think the best work by far was the change in the phaser beams. They were much more realistic than the wide cartoon-like red beams in the original. Having narrow beams is better because, in addition to just being more realistic, it makes the Enterprise look like it has real mass. Great job on this! This is one of the only times where there was a huge improvement in the FX shot and they even chose a more appealing angle on the shot—closer in with excellent framing of the ship. This is virtually perfect in my opinion.

However, I am still very dissatisfied with the most of the other shots of the Enterprise. Except in a few close-ups, I still don’t think it has much of a sense of scale and often continues to look like hunk of plastic with little detail in the wide shots. The worst effect was the “breakaway.” They still haven’t figured out how to do this type of shot well. The fluidity and appearance just looks wrong to me. In fact, virtually all of the shots of the Enterprise from the rear looking forward look bad.

I also think more work needs to be done of the Enterprise with respect to the star field. The opening shot of the Enterprise traveling through space still doesn’t look right to me. It really doesn’t appear to be moving. Look at Daren D’s Doomsday Machine of the Enterprise traveling through space after the Enterprise encounters the asteroids/planetary debris and you can see a huge difference. Daren’s Enterprise appears to be in space and moving through it, unlike the CBS digital efforts which continue to fall short here.

66. Paul - December 10, 2006

#65…EBAR, I agree with you regarding the way the Enterprise looks in Daren’s work. Both the ship and the space field around it look sooooo much more realistic and better visually.

Perhaps it is a lack-of-time/budget issue for CBS, but I really wish that they would make more of an effort to get the Enterprise and space field to look as good as those from Daren’s work. He really nailed it…IMO.


67. Josh - December 10, 2006


The opening credits haven’t been revamped to feature the new CGI Enterprise model yet, it is still the initial CGI model.

If memory serves the new Starship Enterprise will make it’s opening credits debut in a Third season episode.

A little patience is in order.

These artisans have outdone themselves given their budget and time constraints,
once the season 1 and 2 opening credits are altered, and the initial batch of what, 6 episodes is revamped, all will be right in the world again.

They have earned a break for awhile.

68. Jim J - December 10, 2006

I don’t know why everyone seems to be disliking the “breakaway” shot. I loved it and the glowing impulse engines made it even better. Frankly, I thought it was 100% better than the course change shot back on “I, Mudd” with the old model. I think what bothered me about it, besides the model, was that the picture was from “too far away”. It made the ship look small. In this episode, it’s still from “far away”, but needed to be so you could get it, Balok’s ship and the breakaway manuever all into the shot. I don’t know. I’m thinking some people are just way too critical.

I saw “The Galileo Seven” on another station a week or two ago. My God, the effects looked terrible. It wasn’t that they were bad for the time, but the picture itself had so many lines, dirt, and what even looked like holes in it. It was time to do this and preserve it.

69. StarTrekkie - December 10, 2006

I’m not certain about the photons that were mentioned. #61 (Chris Pike) said they were a matter/antimatter reaction emitting high energy photons. I agree, but I don’t think that means there weren’t any actual torpedos to generate the matter/antimatter reaction. A burst of energy would not be very different from phasers.

70. StarTrekkie - December 10, 2006

BTW – I posted this in an earlier (dead) forum, but I found Balok’s line in a DJ mix http://www.startrekkie.com/exclusives/BalokSkillspinzSample.mp3

71. Sponge - December 10, 2006

43 – physics. Enterprise was full reverse travelling faster than light so the light from the cube would not reach the hull. Inertia may explain why the enterprise had difficulty breaking away from the tractor. The tractor aims to keep ENT in one place while the ENT’s warp drive is doing the opposite…

72. Dave - December 10, 2006

you would really think the remastered team would have added in some kind of rumble noise on the shot with 1701 approaching the big ship really quikly. that was missing and is missing in a lot of space shots still…THE RUMBLE/HUM

73. Shatmandu - December 10, 2006

The folks did a terrific job with this one. This is not one of my favorite episodes, and I had so much fun watching it this time!

Thanks for all the hard work.


74. Magic_Al - December 10, 2006

^72. I believe they’ve said that they’re not altering the soundtrack of any episode (other than rerecording the main title theme music).

75. Horn - December 10, 2006

KWGN in Denver changed the time slot from 11:59 PM Saturday to 10:00 PM Saturday!!! I Usually waited until Sunday morning to watch, now I can watch it before cashing in on Saturday night. Thanks Channel 2!!

BTW, I thought this was CBS-D best work. The only thing I would like to see them fix is the horrible creeking of the Bridge set when anyone walks or gets up from their chair. Sometimes it is jarring to the ears it’s so loud.

76. StarTrekkie - December 10, 2006

what’s their reason for not altering the soundtrack? I thought the rumble in the floorboards was horrible, and a very easy fix.

77. Horn - December 10, 2006


When Spock says “She’ll blow soon!!” there is that funny sounding alarm going off that keeps rising in fequency/pitch. To me it sounded like they changed that sound effect slightly. It’s not nearly as quirky as the old one.

I could be wrong, but it definately sounded different to me. Did anyone else notice this??

78. Alan - December 10, 2006

I liked the new effects; the only thing I would have done differently is keep the ship size the same as the old when the Fesarius approaches. The gigantic ship looming over the tiny E was great in the original.

The scale of the E vs. the cube and the Fesarius doesn’t match the dialog, but it didn’t match in the original either.

79. Holo J - December 10, 2006

I was looking on U-tube at the reels from the earlier remastered episodes. You can really see the vast improvements in the CGI CBS have made since they began this project. The Enterprise is looking so much better now. And CBS are giving us more new shots, Instead of sticking to the same angles from the originals. With the reruns coming up I wonder if they have yet had a chance to go back and make the changes. And if so I wonder if they will give us some new angles for these episodes as well.
I was looking a the Balance of Terror reel and I just thought most of it looked bad when you compare it to this, their latest work.

I agree it would be cool if they would add a rumble/hum for the external ship shots it would add the feeling of size of the ship, especially for when this is shown on a HD TV in stereo it would be great

#38 “The bridge looks sooo good and always has, if they did something with those overhead screens I think the bridge would be damn near perfect “…..

Definitely agree with you there. I really wish they would do something with the view screens. I guess the decision not to touch them has come down to time and money. Its annoying because again it’s another thing I think could really doing with being looked at. I think it would really add something to the set of the bridge.

I think someone made a good point the other day about the same thing happen all over again for this Series. Star Trek has had to wait 40 years for the treatment its getting now but yet its suffering from the same problems it had over forty years ago, lack of time and money to do the things I expect they would truly like to do. It’s a real shame, I just keep hoping this is a test run of sorts so they can get feed back and ideas from the fans. A bit like the Beta testing of game that game designers have started to do.

There is a lot of potential in all the episodes to make them visually breathtaking. The improvement made so far are a good sign and show what they can do in the little time they have been given so just image what could be done with a lot more time and the money. I really do hope they are given plenty of time to go back and do all the things they want to do that time isn’t allowing. Because I believe it’s a truly worthy of the time and extra cost.

Maybe when they have done all the 79 episodes they can sit down and see what has worked and what hasn’t and go through and watch them with a fresh pair of eyes and See what they could improve on or add too. The work on this episode again has raised the bar they have set for themselves again its looking better and better all the time.

80. paustin - December 10, 2006

holy sheepshit…ambient light on the hull of the big “E”…im in heaven

81. Rick - December 10, 2006

#79 I agree. I hope before all this new revamped episodes are released to the DVD market they really go over them now with all the feedback and tweak them at least one more time. Of course they will never be 100% perfect for everyone. I do work in illustration, imaging, etc. and there are times you could go over a shot, single image, etc. forever and ever and never please everyone.;) It is a frustrating part of creating anything. We all bring are interests, bias and opinions of viewing imagery/stories and all and all come away seeing something a bit different at times. But I think so far the CBS crew is closing in on a look and few at least the majority is enjoying. Of course in the end it is just a tv show (a good and creative one at that) and it won’t be the end of the world if it is not so perfect to every single person.;)

But at least one more going over all the episodes with at least a longer production schedule, etc. should be fine. After all I would think CBS/Paramount would look at these as an investment and want to at least release the best product. I hope at least there is a clean up version with the original effects only. Maybe you can have a seperate set for those episodes, as the work done by the first effects crews are just as important I believe!

All in all I recall back in 1998 when there were samples and talk about this happening. For many years after I thought it was something that was shot down for good, but boom out of no where it came back. What a fun ride it as been and a fun way to bring STTOS back fresh for these new generations of viewers. What really would be fun is to show one of these episodes to a fan of these that doesn’t know it is happening and get their reaction. Believe me I have friends/family that know the orginal series and are on the net and still did not know this remastering was going on till I told them.

You know looking back if some CBS/Paramount executive would of had foresight on this whole deal, imagine this last Sept.08 was it ? The 40th anniversary showing a remastered version of THE CAGE and WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE on CBS that night. Oh well that moment is gone. ;) Of course they are showing these in the middle of the night with virtually no promotion. ;) Forty years later and still a bit of lack of respect.

Oh well Live Long and Prosper all.

82. LD - December 11, 2006

my only beef is that the cube bouy is supposed to be 1500 meters in front of the Enterprise during the timew they are “waiting” and the CG shot has it much closer.

83. DJT - December 11, 2006

Does anyone have the rest of the effects on Youtube? It seems that the previous link doesn’t include all the effects…

I totally laughed when I saw the bouys’s lights dancing on the E’s hull.

It sooo looked like they got pulled over by some intergalactic cop. I want to see the Fesarius en vivo.

84. Gary - December 11, 2006

My comment vanished. Please come back!

85. Scott Gammans - December 11, 2006

I’d give this episode an A-. The Fesarius was nothing short of stunning, and most of the shots of the Enterprise worked really well. I didn’t particularly care for the opening shot of the Enterprise, though… for some reason that swooping camera angle just didn’t look “real” when all was said and done. (I wonder if it has something to do with the focal length of the “camera” CBS Digital is using to render these shots?)

There’s also a couple of minor nits that have been bothering me for a while, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed them:

(1) You can’t really see the running lights on the port and starboard sides of the saucer anymore! Yeah, they’re still blinking, but it looks like the intensity of the blink has been dialed way, WAY down.

(2) The font and character spacing on the upper saucer looks slightly off on the new model. Look at that first set of comparison images above and you’ll see what I mean–the characters in “USS ENTERPRISE” and “NCC-1701″ look *thinner* than the characters on the eleven-footer, and the spacing between the characters in “NCC-1701″ looks greater (although that might just be a function of the thinner font).

Like I said, these are minor quibbles, but they’ve been bugging me ever since the new model made its debut so I thought I’d mention them. All in all though, I think CBS Digital has been doing a marvelous job lately. It’s an absolute crime that these artists aren’t getting the credit they deserve–when is CBS going to recognize their work in a rejiggered end credits, huh?

86. Capt. James B. Quirk - December 12, 2006

To quote myself from another thread.

“I loved this episode and all of the new work that went into it. I’m amazed by the fact that no matter what is done , someone will find something to complain about. Sheesh!

I was one of the great unwashed, that had the audacity, years ago, to ask “What if they redid the FX for TOS?”

I for one am damned glad they did. Considering they have no budget, I think they’ve done a stellar job and I for one, am glad to see the changes.

The new Fesarius didn’t take anything away from the original and only added to the beauty of the ship and show.

I can’t wait for more and will definately be in line for the new DVD sets. I’m proud to be an “old school” TOS fan, but I’m also proud to see the new effects.

I think they are magnificent. Watch your old DVD’s and leave it alone. No one is bashing cannon. At least this isn’t the travesty that was “Enterprise” wanna be Star Trek.”

87. SPOCKBOY - December 12, 2006

I’m going to finally settle the nacelle problem once and for all.
If you’re listening CBS DIGITAL grab a cup of joe and lend an ear.
Are you ready?


If you look at any films with Christmas lights from the 1960’s. Those big ones flashed very slowly. Because they were BIG OL’ lights, when they turned off they wouldn’t just shut off sharply, they would almost fade.
It is ironic because when Scott Gammans was first doing his thing long before CBS digital started, the ONE thing I critisized were his nacelle globes. My reasoning was that they were too much like the original “Christmas lights” which looked cheesy and dated, although extremely authentic. Scott stuck to his guns and when I saw CBS’s first Enterprise I was appalled at how awful they looked. I thought “surely an entire professional digital company can do better than some guy on his MAC/PC?
I was wrong.
The CBS nacelles HAVE improved immensely but I still think the flashing is too quick.
HE’s probably going to be pissed but I took a piece of video from his website and zoomed on the nacelle so you guys could see what I mean. I think he totally has timing of the flashing DEAD ON.
What do YOU guys think?


88. John Pemble - December 12, 2006

I’m not feeling this. I love CG, but the way it’s being used with TOS almost makes it looke like an animated series. Sometimes, bad looking but gruzzy sci-fi shots from the 60’s need to stay that way. I wish I could see these episodes all cleaned up with small “corrections” in the visual effects. I want to like this as a big fan of Trek, but the 2.0 is distracting and feels out of place when the visual effects come up.

89. JON/ 4 technoGeeks only... - December 14, 2006

Here’s a question for Trek techno geeks…Where are the phaser emitters on TOS enterprise?when I was a kid I thought they came out of the dome on the underside of the primary hull and could emit anywhere from outsidethe dome’s surface .In this photo they look like they emit from the ring around the dome (theoretically so they can fire in just about any direction).then sometimes they re located halfway up the underside of the primary hull in pairs facing forward ,starboard and port.(like in Wrath Khan).

90. Matt Wright - December 16, 2006

#89 – The show was really inconsistent as to just where phasers came from. This is one of the reasons why CBS Digital has standardized the shots. The now always will come from emitters just above the sensor dome. That dome is a for sensors and the ion pod (that last one is conjecture).

91. Kevin - December 18, 2006

#69 the torpedoes are in fact objects. Hence the word “torpedo” and not ray or bolt. They do use matter and antimatter which are stored seperately in the torpedo and then combined and detonated. They glow (and always have from TOS through VOY) b/c of the propulsion used by the torpedoes.

#79 I too wish they would do something with the bridge screens. Unfortunately it was not b/c of time or money. Okuda has said it’s b/c they don’t look right animated. It’s too bad, b/c they were always meant to be animated. It was dropped after the first pilot b/c of the time and money involved paying people to operate the slide projectors from behind.

92. B.K. - July 3, 2008

This is a disgrace. They’ve ruined part of the charm of the original series with this “upgrading” of effects. Some of us like the fact that there are rolling numbers on Sulu’s chronometer and the rocks are styrofoam.

It’s like trying to “upgrade” “Stairway to Heaven”.

“Well, Page’s guitars just aren’t good enough here. Let’s get Steve Vai to come in and play them all over.”


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94. bill - May 18, 2009

I agree with B.K.!

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