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Shatner Says Abrams Wants Him and Nimoy In Star Trek XI January 4, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Nimoy,Shatner,ST09 Cast , trackback

For months now William Shatner has made no secret that he wants to be in Star Trek XI, and even Leonard Nimoy has said he would come out of retirement for something substantial. We also know that both actors have consulting/promotional contracts for the film and have spoken with producer JJ Abrams. Now in a new interview with IGN, The Shat says that Abrams is writing them into the script:

They seem to be going in the direction of putting in [Leonard]Nimoy and myself. But in order to do that, it’s a difficult story to write. So they’re in the midst of wrestling with all of that.

He also says that if Abrams wants the original Kirk and Spock, it better be more than just a cameo:

I’m not sure what they’re going to do. But in order to entice Leonard and myself into the movie, it has to be meaningful in some way, so I don’t know what they’re gonna do.

The  Shat is resigned to a new actor playing Kirk, telling IGN

Well, it’s going to happen. It’s not so much the character. You know, it’s that old adage about, "Get me a young Shatner." I’m at the "Get me a young Shatner" moment.

Shatner is at a loss as to who that ‘young Shatner’ should be, but he hopes he will be "young, handsome, funny and rich."  See IGN for the rest of the interview.


1. Dave - January 4, 2007

Kirk and Spock deserve a good send off however it’s going to be tricky bringing kirk back from the dead. Perhaps a reset …AKA Bobby in the shower (Dallas).

2. Al - January 4, 2007

Well, if Shatner is to be in it substantially, and at his current age (eg no CGI de-aging) then Kirk will have to come back from the dead, which sort of gives a major plot point away for a start…

3. Al - January 4, 2007

Argh. Beat me to it Dave.

4. JON - January 4, 2007

I think it could be a mistake.Trek is tired.It needs to be totally all new .

5. dalek - January 4, 2007

for this to work it MUST have the Shat in the film. anything less i will NOT stomach. EXTERMINATE non-shatner fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Still Kirok - January 4, 2007

Whatever they do, Kirk needs to be alive post-Generations. It would be the greatest gift Abrams could give to Trek fans who have suffered since 1994.

7. Sean4000 - January 4, 2007


You are absolutely correct ! Could not have said it any better myself.

8. hitch1969© - January 4, 2007

This news is very stnap eht ni cam®.

If you dig what I am saying. AdCo™ does.

YOU KNOW that Bilar® does…



9. Justin RC - January 4, 2007

Maybe they’ll follow along the plotlines of Shatners Star Trek books….um… much as I liked the books that would take like six movies. Nope. I have no idea how they would do it. Probably just have Spock hunt down Kirk in the nexus with some cheesy ” He did it for me, I have to do it for him line, like Picard with Data, in “First Contact”. I don’t really care because I don’t think they can do worse than “Insurrection”. Maybe they’ll have some huge story that ties together all the crews from all the Star Treks and they’re making all the TNG actors seem despondent about their lack of a role and their going to have some code name for the movie like “Blue Harvest” or “The Burly Brawl”, or some BS and it will be the greatest thing ever and touch every Star Trek fan everywhere. It will usher in a new era of hope and commonwealth for the world. Leaving behind it a great sense of love for all mankind and drive mankind to persevere into the future as a symbiotic organism driven by one goal of long life and prosperity for all. Or it could just be a restart with over the top action, a few big stars to draw in the non-ST fans and some dazzling special effects set to a poorly written badly edited story. Wait that was X-men 3…..hell I don’t know.

10. B.Hathaway - January 4, 2007

What about having it pre Generations, post Star Trek VI. A buddy of mine had a fantastic idea of having them attending the funeral of Dr. McCoy, before the launch of the Enterprise-B. Use the CG to fix up Shatner, it won’t be that bad, but have them flashing back to their first voyage on the Enterprise. Having Shatner and Nimoy in some way playing kirk is the only way I will watch this. Having them playing another role would be….illogical.

11. B.Hathaway - January 4, 2007

I for one hate the way Kirk died. I hate it. He should be sent off with a better ending to him, but h3ll that’s just the way it is and you can thank Berman for that one, I’m sure. So, it’s done, history.

If he is going to be back it needs to be done PRE-Generations. End of Story.

12. Jonathan - January 4, 2007

The only thing they should do to bring Shatner and Nimoy back is to make this movie occur before Generations. Forget the whole…”let’s find a way to bring Kirk back from the dead crap.” Sorry, even as a fan I couldn’t handle that. So, you have only two choices for a new movie…Make it “Star Trek VII” and it would be placed before Generations in the line, or make yet another movie w/ TNG with either the Enterprise-E or Riker’s Titan, because Frakes will be all over another Star Trek adventure.

13. Dave - January 4, 2007

It’s going to be extremely tricky to script Kirks return. But they must follow Shatners books post that awful “generations’ Since the book ‘The Return’ by Shatner and others following, Kirk has been alive. It’s the only way I could keep my Star Trek world alive. Thank God for those books. And shame on those that wrote “generations!!

They can do it and usher in a new star trek story line that could take 3 movies to tell with Shatner and Nimoy, Sulu, Chekov and Uhura all with major parts. Bring it on!!

14. demode - January 4, 2007

whether it’s pre-generations or post I don’t care. All I care about is seeing Shatner on the screen. If he wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t be going.

15. demode - January 4, 2007

Oh, Hathaway… Dr McCoy is alive in the 24th century. He appeared in the very first episode of The Next Generation. So going to his funeral would not work.

16. New Horizon - January 4, 2007

>10. B.Hathaway – January 4, 2007
What about having it pre Generations, post Star Trek VI. A buddy of mine had a fantastic idea of having them attending the funeral of Dr. McCoy,

Uhmm, that’s not such a fantastic idea…considering that Doctor McCoy was alive ‘at least’ until the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation! I’m guessing you and your buddy didn’t watch Next Gen’s pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint”?

As for Nimoy and Shatner. I’ve said it before….they should not be in this movie….it’s time to move on folks. I don’t need another nostalgia trip, which is all the last half dozen movies have been. I am comfortable enough to let go of the past and embrace whatever the future may bring. We have many hours of Shatner and Nimoy on film, it’s time for something different. If a bunch of amateur actors can revive Kirk and Spock in the fan made New Voyages, then surely Hollywood can competently pull it off without relying on gimicks…which is all a Shatner/ Nimoy appearance would be at this point. I hope to the heavens that JJ has some guts and will focus on a new vision, instead of trying to shoehorn the original actors into this script. Make a ‘new’ movie….or don’t…enough of this in between crap.

17. New Horizon - January 4, 2007

No offense to anyone, I understand that it would be fun to see Shatner and Nimoy together onscreen again, but doesn’t anyone see how this mindset is actually hurting Star Trek? We have a chance to break free of the constraints and do something new with the characters, but instead…everyone just wants to recycle more Shatner and Nimoy. It’s really no wonder why I’ve pretty much lost all interest in Trek. Credibility is being tossed out the window. I remember watching TOS and believing these people could be real…even Search For Spock was mildly possible….but to resurrect Kirk? Should Spock roll the stones off Kirks grave to find that he isn’t there and that he’s actually Jesus or something?

18. CmdrR - January 4, 2007

I’d LOVE to see a nebulously set flash sideways (with a lemon twist) in which Shat-Kirk and Nim-Spock talk about “that other starship.” Then, bring on Matt Damon or whoever and give us a TOS era story with new characters. Sherlock Holmes died. THEN, years later fans got Hound of the Baskervilles. Nobody cared when the story was set. They enjoyed it.
Oh, and while we’re wishing, let’s wish for REAL sfx, no cgi ships. Save the cgi to cover the gaps on the prosthetic make-up — you know, like they didn’t do in Nemesis.

19. James Heaney - January 4, 2007

It’s interesting to note the particular flavor of this site–and every Trek site–as the community continues to evolve. I mean, you have your canon-enforcing fanboys at places like the TrekBBS, your standard “Trek as nuBSG” fanboys from the board, and your fanboys of the various ratings-forsaken series of Trek (ENT, NEM, et. al.) at TrekUnited.

Here, there seems to be a very strong culture of TOS-fanboyishness. Of the 14 posts above me, 14 of them *presuppose* that Kirk should be brought back from the dead and that Generations sucked (well, except for Hitch, who merely makes no sense). The only question that has been raised is how. In general, I have yet to see a poster say that the TNG movies rocked (personally, IX and X are my favorites of the whole Trek movie bunch), and only occasionally someone who says they were even worth watching. There’s an assumption towards “franchise fatigue,” and most of the assumptions mark the “beginning of the end” not at Enterprise, Nemesis, or even “Threshold” [VOY], but way back in the early days, the good times of Trek (DS9, TNG season 5… I’ve even seen a few posts calling *Star Trek III* the beginning of the end). Heck, we even have a poster with the name “PicardSucks”!

On the one hand, this is a really good sign: news about the new movie is obviously bringing out tons of the old-time fans, the ones alienated by latter-day Trek, in droves. It’s a fantastic sign for the movie. On the other hand, as I sit here reading comments every day, I feel like half of the Star Trek canon productions, including some of my favorite moments, are just assumed to be sub-par.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter much either way. This certainly isn’t the first Trek community with its own brand of Trekkiness. But it is generally important to note that many assumptions made here are not held by the fanbase in general–to get a full range of opinon and ideas, one will have to venture out of here on occasion.

As for the McCoy’s death idea, I like that a lot. The DirecTV ad showed that Shatner really can be “de-aged” well enough to appear as Old Kirk without looking silly. And it’s a lot easier than finding an excuse to resurrect him. (Not to mention that I don’t *want* to resurrect him.)

I *do* want him in a girdle. ;)

(BTW, Generations was mostly from the pens of Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, not Rick Berman. Berman takes a lot of unfair criticism that really is owed to Braga or even some of the really *good* writers.)

20. James Heaney - January 4, 2007

Dang, three posts after I start mine but before I post it. Several of them making some of the same points as I.

McCoy’s funeral obviously won’t work, as pointed out above, but what about… say… Chekov’s? He’s dead by then, isn’t he?

(Plus, did anyone see “To Serve All My Days” from New Frontiers? Or read “Vulcan’s Soul”, Book I? There seems to be a rash of Chekov-killings lately.)

21. Matt Wright - January 4, 2007

#19, well I for one like Trek fairly broadly. I loved TNG and DS9, I watched Voyager off and on (it was pretty so/so). I will admit I got fed up with Enterprise and the total crap that was being written early on (those guys had no respect for canon), I do regret not watching Season 4 however, and will start watching it when it starts on Sci-Fi next week. TOS is my first Trek (I was introduced to Trek before TNG existed) and so it is sort of my first love as it were. However I really like ST:FC, so I for one don’t just like the TOS movies. I have been to see every Trek movie in the theaters since I was physically able to go to movies and sit still through them (say about age 7 on up).

In a small defense of the TOS bias of the community that formed here; would you expect it not to be? …considering the roots of the site were initially the next Trek movie [which has long been rumored to be about the TOS crew era] and then grew to include TOS Remastered.

Now about this resurection stuff, we all know that can’t work. I quite frankly don’t care to see Shatner or Nimoy in Trek XI, why? because any way they would get them in the plot would be hokey. Either we do a “Generations” type of thing, which I think is amusing that people here suggest something similar when Generations is widely considered a rather poor Trek movie — especially for the TOS characters in it. Or they are written in as totally different characters for the sake of a cheezy cameo. Either way I don’t want it. If they are going to reboot the TOS legacy, then do it, let it stand or fall on its own. Nimoy and Shatner are on board as consultants, let them help where is appropriate and move on. Remember if we let Shatner have his way we get ST:V and a Kirk who rides horses and has a cabin like Bill Shatner not like Kirk.

22. Sci-Fi Bri - January 4, 2007

word, James. i think the kirk death was fine, going to great lengths to resurrect him would be lame, imo.

23. Buckaroohawk - January 4, 2007

I’m with New Horizon on this one. Leave Shatner and Nimoy out of it. Give us new actors and let them make the characters their own. Putting Shatner and Nimoy in the film will only reinforce the idea that the new actors are not the “real” Kirk and Spock. And if they do “more than just a cameo” it will only exaserbate the problem.

And people, please, let Kirk rest in peace. He’s dead. He died in “Generations.” Let’s leave it at that. Retconning something that happened in a film 12 years ago will only further stretch the credibility of the new film. Leave it be.

Okay, fine. If they feel they MUST have an actor from the original “Trek” in the new movie, here’s how I think they should do it:
Trek XI begins just after the events in “Generations.” Starfleet is holding a memorial service for Kirk on Earth. The UFP President is speaking to a the huge crowd in attendance. He introduces Spock (Nimoy), who comes up to the podium to address the crowd. Instead of going on about how Kirk and the Enterprise helped shape Starfleet and the Federation, he begins to tell the story of how he first met James T. Kirk. As he relates the story, the scene fades to flashback and we follow that story as it happens. The new actors take over the roles as the story plays out.

I’ll accept something like that. Anything else would do nothing but hold Trek XI back from moving the franchise in a fresh direction.

If we as fans aren’t willing to let “Trek” move forward, it simply never will. Let go of some of your predispositions. The ideas we’ve heard about so far CAN work, but we have to allow them to do so. Let what’s happened in the past stay there, for better or worse, and let Abrams and his people take us somewhere all new, yet familiar.

Can I hear an a-men, y’all? Let me hear an a-men!

24. Jonathan - January 4, 2007

This is what I said…you can’t bring Kirk back…he died…it happens (unless you get shot in a torpedo tube onto a Genesis planet.) So, if you are going to put him in a movie, it obviously has to be before Generations. But, if we can just let him rest in peace, there could be so much more that could be done with the franchise. You can read all the Shatner books you want to, but as far as the story line, Kirk died. So, make a new movie with new stuff, new ideas, a new ship and let Shatner and Nimoy sit behind the camera. People are more worried about that then what happens after Nemesis, which was a pretty good movie, even though it didn’t do well. (The only TNG movie that wasn’t good was Insurrection, but each is allowed one that didn’t make par right, like Star Trek IV)

25. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

Dear Jimmy Heaney™ who said:

(well, except for Hitch, who merely makes no sense).

Like Timberlake as Jesse James Hollywood, I am bringing SEXY back.


Them other boys don’t know HOW to act…

No dude, seriously, I am no longer allowed to say “M_C IN THE P__NTS™ at this site anymore due to poopypants like Bilar™

so i went smartass on y’all in saying:

stnap eht ni cam®.

I assure you Captain, I am quite sane.



26. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

Jonathan, you CAN bring back Kirk.. wtf is this negative nonsense going on here???

The BRING BACK KIRK campaign, I have always respected. Those dudes had it right, all along. Now Shat™, with the clout, has the creative ear of the next TREK movie team.

DId I see any of you dudes on “Beauty and The Geek” the other night? Holy cow. Talking timelines, canon, and plausibility. THIS is effing HOLLYWOOD, folks… money. Creating the backstory to fit the economics and disposition of the franchise. wtf is going on here?

PLEASE atleast think that this is headed in the RIGHT direction – we have the broad strokes of the artwork. Again, DO YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE WRITING THIS MOVIE TAILORED TO YOU??

this all reeks of poopypantalones.



27. Jonathan - January 5, 2007

Your one of those guys that people make fun of about Star Trek, go put on your yellow Captain Kirk jumpsuit and leave the babytalk out of this. I”m not a big “canon” guy, i’d just like for the shows, books, movies and everything make sense and go together as a series.

28. SPOCKBOY - January 5, 2007

Hey, what is Shat and Nimoy are only “IN” the movie as creative consultants?

Nobody knows the characters better, and who better to coach ;
-Matt Damon (Kirk)
-Gary Sinese(McCoy)

Anyway, here’s something I threw together that might lighten up the mood around here….

PS-Don’t be dissing Hitch1969 ma brotha.

PPS-Hitch, where did you acquire, attain, ferret out, discover, locate, track down, uncover, chance upon, detect, identify, come across, FIND that cool TM and copyright font?

29. SPOCKBOY - January 5, 2007

PPPS-thankyou Anthony Pascale for that excellent article.

You Rock.

30. Aubrey - January 5, 2007

I’m with Buckaroohawk. I think his way would work the best to involve one or more of the original actors in the new movie. I suppose you could have Shatner in it playing Kirk’s father or grandfather or something, but that might be as jarring or hokey as some others have suggested his appearance in another role in it would be.

31. Captain Pike™ - January 5, 2007

Good Grief lets NOT revisit Generation in any way, shape, or form. A Shatner/Nimoy™ framing sequence is fine. Just let people assume it’s set before Generations. Don’t let Shatner/Nimoy™ dictate the direction of the script and lose story time to pander to their egos. We’ll end up with some POS about Whales visiting God or something.

I was very enthusiastic about new blood and all that, but now I’m beginning to get anxious about this.

Time for another Dr. Boyce Martini™
“What the Devil? Is that ice?”

32. Sci-Fi Bri - January 5, 2007

i’m just happy that XI is in production. i’ve been searching the web for XI since i saw X ;-D

33. dannyboy1 - January 5, 2007

Don’t forget that the nexus in ST:Generations wasn’t a time travel device – it only created fantasies for the person to live. So the whole trip back to stop Soran was Picard’s fantasy. Kirk continued to live on in the nexus.
Abrams could either use that angle or he could simply include some dialogue that canonises Bill Shatner’s ST books – thereby explaining Kirk’s return that way.

34. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

SpockBoy™, dude, I hope that wasnt your sister or wifey in that YouTube because I need to tell you that I Speeeeeelunked all over greater hitch1969 at the marvel.

She was hotter than my rectal temperature, bro.

TO answer your question, © symbols are easily constructed with ALT codes 169, 153, 174. code One-One-A. One-One-A-Two-B. One-B-Two-B-Three. Zero-Zero-Zero-Destruct-Zero.

You’re mizznac inda pizznants beeeotch!


35. Anthony Pascale - January 5, 2007

a couple points
1. RE: using the Shatner books
There is no way on earth that Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams are going to use the work written by others. Paramount is paying these people the big bucks to be creative geniuses, they arent going to turn around and say ‘ok we are going to use this book’

2. Resurrect Shatner post Generations
I have no idea if this is going to happen, but if I were writing a movie I wouldnt touch this. It would waste precious time dealing with all the exposition, and it would detract from the core story…which is about the younger characters and their prequel.

this last point brings up the whole issue about Shatner and Nimoy in the film. It is a double edged sword. On one hand it is great to see them in action and of course it will help the film with the promotion with both mainstream and Trekkies. But they can end up overwhelming the film and detracting from the prequel story. What if Sean Connery were in Casino Royale….how would that have effected the film and the perception of Craig.

I am truly torn over this issue. But I have faith in Abrams and his team and I certainly am not going to start throwing out demands now on if they should or should not or how exactly they should be portrayed.

In general, all the fans who keep issuing their specific lists of ‘demands’ for Trek XI. Must revive Kirk, must use books, must not change colors, etc, etc are only setting themselves up for dissapointment. And why on earth would you want to go to a movie that only meets your specifications…that is not what art is supposed to be about.

36. Justin RC - January 5, 2007

I know! The greatest trick would be to cast Shatner and Nimoy, and while everyone thinks that their reprising their roles. No. They are the villians of the piece. Yes! Um…they could be Orion space pirates who are after um….the keys to the “Doomsday Machine”. Yeah, and Damon and crew have to reach it first cause if they don’t the Pirates will destroy the Federation. Only they have to overcome a giant ameoba, and ensure the death of a hot charity worker before they can stop them….only they are impeded by the intrusion of an omnipotent being who has taken interest in them. Eventually, they build a rudimentary lathe from Christmas lights and plaster and kill those Orion bastards before they can complete their devilish plan to subdue the Federation. God, I feel like I just betrayed Star Trek. I shall go fall on my phaser.

37. Dave - January 5, 2007

Kirk is NOT dead!!!!! Hasn’t anyone read ‘the Return” by Shatner. He is not dead, and I refuse to believe otherwise!! The writers of Star Trek XI must follow the books written after “Generations” I will never forgive those “generations’ writers. This movie could be the start of a three part movie series with Shatner and Nimoy leading the way!!

38. Cervantes - January 5, 2007

Looks like Bill and Leonard are being incorporated into the upcoming Movie’s script after all, with every new snippet coming along…and as someone who wished for them to have one last hurrah, I really hope this comes about…yes, even if it is for nostalgia’s sake. I just truly hope that very careful casting decisions with the new / newish actors taking on their iconic roles are concerned, IF it is a “flashback” style storyline… I also wonder if it will be TOO jarring to have the original actors in the same movie, but will hope it isn’t and just accept it, and go along for what I hope will be a triumph of exciting and good humoured piece of escapism. I’m not too worried that Bill and Leonard will influence any well scripted storyline too much with demands for more screentime, as I believe any good ageing Thespian will just be happy in another crack at some big screen imortallity once again, which will satisfy their existing loyal fanbase, and garner them another.

39. Dom - January 5, 2007

A DirecTV ad is one thing, but de-aging Shatner for any length of time would be very difficult. If he’s going to appear, along with an aged Leonard Nimoy, they’ll have to face up to it.

Either they set their scenes in the 24th century (given how old Nimoy is now as well!) and brazen out Kirk’s survival or they use the flashbacks to Kirk’s youth to set up some sort of resurrection. Personally, I think it would be a typically Kirk thing to see him dig himself out of his grave on Veridian III. Maybe young Kirk makes a deal with some alien force to go and work for them once his natural lifespan is over.

As far as I’m concerned, Kirk shouldn’t have died on screen. Certain characters have to continue towards an unknown destiny. Spock, like Enkidu, can die. Kirk, on the other hand, can only be alive or dead. I never had a problem with the idea of Kirk being dead in the TNG era, but his fate needed to stay unknown. The last thing we saw of Kirk should have been him sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise-A at the end of STVI. It was a good, open exit for the character.

But nevertheless, we have Kirk ‘dead’ and, if this film is going to be set in the universe of TOS, which often had alien entities resurrecting characters, it’ll have to deal with the fact that a much older, bulkier Kirk is still alive.

40. Trevok - January 5, 2007

“I’m sorry Dave, but Kirk is dead”. A little misquote of Hal fom 2001 but i couldn’t resist the tempation. Anthony your the man. Lets face facts, fans can complain all they want but the movie we end up with will be JJ’s vision. As for Kirk, Spock appearing in XI I personnally hope they do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if Kirk appears it has to be pre-Generations.

41. StillKirok - January 5, 2007

Pre-Generations/Post ST6 would not be good enough. First, the man has aged since then. He’s aged well, but he does not look younger than he did in 1994. Second, the most important thing they need to remedy is the character’s death. Who really cares what Kirk was doing before the E-B launch?

The bitterness since 1994 was caused by Kirk’s death, and any appearance that doesn’t remedy that death would be a disappointing waste of time. Shatner and Nimoy shouldn’t be in this movie to high five and say, “hey remember when we met?” in the beginning and “that was a great story” at the end.

For this movie to be done right, it HAS to be post-Generations, where we see the greatest friendship in Star Trek history begin and how not even death can stop it.

Star Trek is about optimism and overcoming the odds. Kirk cheating death one more time, and Spock showing the human trait of repaying a great debt in the name of friendship in some manner that spans the entire time they knew each other, would be a HELL of a story.

There can be no better story. Sure as hell beats Picard singing to Data or Troi drunk.

42. JON - January 5, 2007

I think Mr Pascale’s parallel to Sean Connery in Casino Royale alongside Daniel Craig is right on the money.As I personally would find Shatner/Nimoy in Trek xi alongside new Kirk/Spock as being a distraction for many reasons.One of which,I feel, would introduce an unecessary competetive “who’s the best Kirk” mantle on the new Kirk actor.

43. JON - January 5, 2007

I don’t think the movie going general public wants to see ANOTHER Trek film about one of the main characters coming out of retirement or coming back from the dead(now,Kirk).That’s just making another version of “The Search For Spock”.Is that what Star Trek’s become to some of you?Ya gotta move on with the times,grow up.These characters were originally written to be men in the prime of their lives.That’s what the public wants to see.More and more it’s becoming apparent to me that what someTrekkies/Trekkers(whatever) are afraid of is that if they bring on a new younger cast makes them (the trekkie/trekker canon crowd)obsolete and irrelevant.

44. Magic_Al - January 5, 2007

I don’t care to see any reference to Generations in a new film. As part of the pre-release hype they should bring Kirk back to life in a web-only short film, a DVD in a cereal box, or even a comic book and declare that canonical to the film.

45. Don Corleone - January 5, 2007

Great,Great,Great news!!!!

People are going to love this.

JJ, please undue the wrong that was done in Generations.

46. Don Corleone - January 5, 2007

Spock is going to save Kirk fom the nexus. Just as Kirk save Spock in ST 3.

The circle will be complete. And it will give Kirk the ending he deserves. As well as introduce a new cast.

Everyone (old +new fans) wins.

47. Don Corleone - January 5, 2007

JJ is going to end the bland Star Trek of the last 12 years. He is bringing back the real thing.

To most of the public Shatner + Nimoy are Star Trek. Their appearance gives this film a level of credibility that could not exist w/out them.

48. jonboc - January 5, 2007

Why does Shatner have to be de-aged at all? I have absolutely NO problem seeing a 74 year old Kirk reflecting on his first mission with his best friend….should the story go that route. Just because the character is Kirk, there should not be an automatic assumption that he will be a two fisted, fighting, green babe-bagging, Kirk. All he has to be, is a well written “aged” Kirk for it to work. I’ve seen Kirk in his youth, I’ve seen Kirk in middle age, and I’d love to see the character in his twilight years. There could be so much great drama there. How often has one actor portrayed a fictional character through so many phases of life over so many years?? “but he died in generations!!” some will cry. Generations? Humbug I say. canon Schmanon, who gives a rat’s ass, it’s all fiction. Give me a good story..if it disregards a previous movie, so be it. I say bring on Shatner..bring on Kirk…bring on Shatner as an 74 year old Kirk…let him share the screen with the new young Kirk and give that younger actor credence by having THE Jim Kirk look back at the younger version of himself. Some call it a gimmick….I say, if written properly, it will make the character of James T. Kirk more alive and real than ever before. Bring it.

49. JON - January 5, 2007

Jonboc…(joking)They could call it “Citizen Kirk” and instead of saying” rosebud” he could say “Enterprise”.Any student of cinema would know what I’m saying here.

50. diabolik - January 5, 2007

I’m all for not EVEN addressing the mess of Generations… just ignore it and carry on with the older Kirk. If someone wants an explanation, say “read the Shatner books.”

51. JON - January 5, 2007

Gee ,if the term re-boot isn’t applicable to story telling here I don’t know what is.This is really just like what you’d do to your computer( a re-boot).Star Trek’s frozen and been creatively spammed to a slow death by spin offs and fan’s wanting to repete go nowhere storylines.

52. Don Corleone - January 5, 2007

I think it is a very interesting idea to have to same actor play the same character at age 35 and at age 75.

It has never been done. It could give the character great depth.

Clearly Kirk at 75 is not going to be written as Kirk at 35. There is a chance for a great character arc here.

Why should characters in the ST universe not age? That is one area the franchise has not really explored.

Besides, we will alsos be seeing the young Kirk. I’m sure any (or most of) the action will take place in that time frame.

53. Kev - January 5, 2007

They should forget Generations as a problem; any fan could come up with a plausible explanation for that one. The story supposedly has flashbacks to Lt Kirk and the energy vampire. That would of course be the young actor. The key is to connect that story to the present; the return of the energy creature? Sounds a lot like current episodes of Lost where the flashback connects to the present. That works well in a few of those shows; sometimes they don’t mesh. I think these guys can do it, though. If there are stakes in the movie for the older characters it will be a lot stronger story. As for Generations, even if Kirk and Spock had a conversation about Kirk’s rescue, that would suit me fine. Let’s hope this is good and it sets up the new crew.

54. John N. - January 5, 2007

I can’t tell how happy I will be when this same tired, recycled argument is finally laid to rest.

55. Dom - January 5, 2007

Of course, we’re assuming this film will only have two actors playing Kirk and Spock! We might have ‘child Kirk,’ ‘teenage Kirk,’ ‘Starfleet Kirk’ and ‘retired Kirk!’

Same goes for Spock. I very much doubt this film will be ‘The Search for Kirk’ but it might well be about the life of Kirk!

56. Steve - January 5, 2007

Bah ….you have to think in terms of “The Sci-Fi universe” …anything can happen ….just gotta imagine it …and start writing. The trick is to imagine it and put it on paper and then eventually film without making it look cheesy.

My thinking is this …remember in generations where Picard entered the Nexus and met “Guinan”? She explained that she was sort of a shadow copy of herself that is back on the Enterprise D …when he asked her to exit with him and help him …she said that she couldn’t because she was “already” out there. Well ….since Kirk died on the outside …it is possible to write the story as though a “copy” of Kird still resides inside the nexus and he could be located and brought out of it. I’m guessing that the Nexus was more closely researched in the years following the Generations time line and perhaps during the study of the Nexus …..the copy of Kirk is discovered. With more in depth knowledge of the Nexus over years of research …they now know …or have a better understanding on how it works and can safely take Kird out of the Nexus. As it is later discovered …the one that helped Picard was but a simple shadow copy of Kirk and the real one ….is the one they ultimately figure out how to safely retrieve from the Nexus. There ya go …that is my way of resurrecting Kirk from his shallow grave that Paramount toss him in back in 1994.

My .02

57. diabolik - January 5, 2007

Spock is standing at the pile of rocks that serves as Kirk’s grave on Veridian 3.

Spock: “Alas, poor Jim, I knew you well…”

Kirk: (Muffled sounds)

Spock: Jim! Where are you?

Kirk: (Pushing through the rocks.) I’m here, Spock! Give me a hand and get me out of here!

Spock: Jim! You’re alive? How?

Kirk: That jerk Picard buried me without checking to see if I was dead! He wanted me out of the way so he could be the big hero.

Spock: Most logical. Welcome back, Captain.

And there you have it.

58. THEETrekMaster - January 5, 2007

“One Anthony to RULE them all!”

Another great article dude…I mean, dude…you are killing the other Trek sites out there…taking no prisoners!


59. THEETrekMaster - January 5, 2007

“Spock is standing at the pile of rocks that serves as Kirk’s grave on Veridian 3.

Spock: “Alas, poor Jim, I knew you well…”

Kirk: (Muffled sounds)

Spock: Jim! Where are you?

Kirk: (Pushing through the rocks.) I’m here, Spock! Give me a hand and get me out of here!

Spock: Jim! You’re alive? How?

Kirk: That jerk Picard buried me without checking to see if I was dead! He wanted me out of the way so he could be the big hero.

Spock: Most logical. Welcome back, Captain.

And there you have it”

BWHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! Dude…you owe me a new monitor. That made me spew Diet Coke all over it! LOL!!!!


60. JON - January 5, 2007

#57 Maybe if Mel Brooks was directing.

61. JON - January 5, 2007

Anyway ,Let’s not forget.To those who claim to want a proper ending for Kirk.He had one.Shatner resigned the role when he lobbied and won to kill Kirk.He got to play Kirk’s death scene.No other actor who plays Kirk again will play the death scene.There.You have it.Kirk’s life span defined.Now you have to go to the past for more stories.Kapisch!

62. Picardsucks - January 5, 2007

It’s all very simple. The Next Generation Era of Star Trek Never happened!!!! If this is a reboot or reimagining , the Next generation era of Star Trek never occured or has not occured yet. Very simple Kirk is alive and kicking and thank god that borefest never actually occured.

63. An olde timey fan - January 5, 2007

Generations? — never happened. Think of it like an embarassing drunken office Christmas party. “We do not speak of it!”

End of problem.

Kirk lives!

64. Flake - January 5, 2007

However bad the decision of killing Kirk was in Generations it must be addressed in some way. Generations is a major motion picture that has been repeated around the world for 14 years by 2008 – not some obscure TV episode. Fans and non-fans would be confused by Kirk living.

65. Picardsucks - January 5, 2007

I wouldn’t be confused it was a dumb movie with more plotholes than a swiss cheese factory. OK Generations occured in Mirror Universe 16, problem solved.

66. An olde timey fan - January 5, 2007


BWHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!!!

Here was my more serious idea:

58. An olde timey fan – October 9, 2006

John and Dom have a line on what could be a beautful story. Think for a moment of “The Shadowlands” or that wonderful James Garner movie (name escapes me) about his wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease… it made me cry at the end for the sheer tenderness and shock at the denoument. James Garner is in the same league as William Shatner and would be a money-making example of class from Hollywood despite its greedy instincts.

So we open at Kirk’s grave on Earth. Spock, mad with guilt cannot stop blaming himself for his death, “I always knew I would die alone” etc. In fact, Spock has entered a strange form of Vulcan psychosis (haunting? Possession?) in which he mind-melds with the ghost of Kirk (what did they call it in TSFS? “Katra”) and perhaps McCoy and Scotty, too in a fuzzy/blurry nightmare reminiscent of Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve!

Wham! Spock’s Mind can no longer stand the intensity and he falls, unconscious, onto the grass of the cemetary. A bright light washes out the screen and we are now on the U.S.S. Enterprise warping out of orbit from Talos IV. And the adventure ensues.

70 minutes later, another flash of white light envelops the screen and we see Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and all the rest just as they were in 1969, standing about the bridge of the Enterprise as though time had stopped. They are laughing and smiling and happy to be alive. Even Spock is grining his goofy grin as seen in The Cage.

Wham! Yet a third flash of light and we see Spock, lying in a hospital-like bed, old, decrepit, shaking and gaunt, moaning in agony and yet smiling through clenched teeth. To the side, we see the Keeper and the Theremin music, eery in its electronic, almost but not human tonality, is joined by a soprano voice singing the strange music of Talos IV.

Spock is dead.

Fade to black.

67. VOODOO - January 5, 2007

I agree with those of you who feel Kirk should be given a better ending. I think it’s great Shatner + Nimoy are going to be in ST XI.

Hey, Shatner is as hot as it gets in Hollywood these days. Shatner as Kirk would bring the fans back to Star Trek.

68. Dr. Image - January 5, 2007

I think Diabolik #57 has hit it on the head!! That’s great.

OR- how ’bout this:

-There’s a Kirk clone (ala Ripley, yeah.. I know…but so what) that the Fed had been working on (covertly- to preserve a Federation icon) who didn’t develop properly due to faulty memory “engrams” and has been living a solitary life somewhere in a state of pain and confusion.

-He’s now the same age as Shat.

-He has had flashes of who he was, but represses the memories.

-Spock learns of this, and via a mind meld, etc. restores much of who
Kirk was- “Spock….what…the hell happened?”
“It is… an exceedingly long story, Jim.”

(Remember, you heard it here first, JJ.)

69. JON - January 5, 2007

They’d have to change the name of the movie to “Star Dreck”.That’s the most convoluted fanboy@#$%^&I’ve heard so far(and I bet it is’nt the worst).

70. John N. - January 5, 2007

#69 – JON

Who are you referring to above…. there are multiple nominees… ;)

71. Dave - January 5, 2007

Once again… all we have here is NON-NEWS.

Shatner making a grand statement about how this is happening and that is happening. No confirmation from any legitimate source that can be verified.

As in the past, Shatner has said he has spoken with JJA. Then he said he didn’t but he did want to be in the film. Then he made dissparaging comments about the JJA Camp not being right in the head and then he pack peddled away from that statement and now he says the JJA wants him and Nimoy in the film which again has started a major battle across the message boards here. Nimoy demonstrating great restraint and remarkable good taste says nothing to reinforce or deny the current rumor.

It all boils down to Shantner’s statments not being worth the air he’s wasting making them. JJA has said nothing. Paramount has said nothing. Therefore there is no offical news and this isn’t worth debating about since it just breaks the boards into major fights.

Hell Shatner is such a stand-up guy, honest, full of integrity, he just bailed on his DVD Club which is now officially defunct. Great guy. You can believe every word that comes out of his mouth as if God whispered it himself. Geesh.

In summary.

Shanter speaks… word stops spinning so all can hear.

Paramount and JJA say nothing.

Nimoy says nothing.

Non-news… not worth wasting additional bandwidth over.

This sarcastic comment has been brought to you by HEAD ON. Blistering headache, just rub a little HEAD ON onto your forehead and feel next to instant relief.

HEAD ON is the offical headache remedy of whenever a Shantner story is posted. ;)

72. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

Dave, I’m sorry but this site just isnt about that particular brand of poopypants. Now I want you to bring me a diapy and some wipeys and let’s get you changed.

Disparaging comments about Shat™ will not be tolerated. BIG DAWG A.P. have discussed what you posted and he has given me the authority to say this. I guess that you could say that if this were a discussion forum that I have been appointed moderator.

Not that I will be outright banning people. Because I’m not about that. Never was. In fact, hitchworld was founded on that very principle. Call it our PRIME DIRECTIVE if you will.

Basically I am just here to remind people about the decorum that we expect at the site and to change the poopypants when needed. In between my duties I will be praising the good posts with a M_C in the P_NTs here, a D_CK in the B_X there all the live long day. E.I.E.I, mothergrabbin O.



73. Sam Belil - January 5, 2007

I think we’re just taking this way too seriously! Kirk was in fact resurrected in “The Return” (as David stated in comment #13) with several follow up books (I thought they were excellent) . That can very easily serve as a logical reference point and an “out” for Kirk “still being a alive”. That IS and SHOULD be the solution…………

74. Dave - January 5, 2007

Hitch1969, what this site is about is discussion about the new star trek movie. With passionate trek fans adding their hopes and desires for the movie. I am passionate about TOS, I am and always will be a Kirk fan, and for that I make no apologies. Call me names..I don’t care, just as long as the writers undo the great wrongs of “Generations” as Shatner did in his books!!

75. THEETrekMaster - January 5, 2007

How about Spock transfers half HIS katra into Kirk…and Kirk busts out of the rocks covered in dust and screams “I AM KIROOOOOOCKKK!!!”

76. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

Dave, I’m sorry. My new authority has gone to my head and I am drunk with power. You sir, are so very very very VYGR in the pants. MASSIVE, my friend, and searching for the creator. That being if the creator is a hot bald chick with legs that dont quit. You understand what I am saying? of course you do. That hip-splitting monster that you pack has been your best friend for years. And why not, my friend? why not?



77. hitch1969© - January 5, 2007

“How about Spock transfers half HIS katra into Kirk…and Kirk busts out of the rocks covered in dust and screams “I AM KIROOOOOOCKKK!!!” ”

Rock Monsters and God™?????

Shatner’s Opus, trek 5, baybeeeeeeeee!!


78. Anthony Pascale - January 5, 2007

boy a lot of people seem to have opinions about what this site is and is not about….and I dont remember nominating anyone as ‘moderator’

the only people who should be listened to are Me and Matt. Other contributors opinions are also highly valued

hitch on the other hand is a barely houstrained pet that may need to be locked out of the house

79. VOODOO - January 5, 2007

Just look at all the traffic this site (and others) get when the subject turns to the return of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (the real ones)

Star Trek needs something to bring attention to itself. It can’t take another film that takes in less than $50 million at the box office.

So what better way to gain attention to the series. As well as introduce a new younger cast to take the adventure forward?

Like it or not, Shatner and Nimoy will be in ST XI. I for one think their return could be great.

80. VOODOO - January 5, 2007

Besides, that whole neuxs thing was so poorly written Kirk could still be alive in it.

Plus, Scotty said Kirk was alive in Relics.

It would be so easy to bring Kirk back and let him ride off into the sunset. Instead of falling off a cliff. Which was the worst ending of a major fictional character in the history of film.

People, this is Star Trek where nearly every major character has “died” and been brought back to life.

Lighten up and bring back Kirk. So he can have the ending he deserves. And boost ST XI’s box office.

Kirk/Shatner’s return is a no-brainer.

81. McCoy97 - January 5, 2007

Greetings one and all,
Do they have to be Kirk and Spock? Why cann’t they play some other characters who are taking some part in Captian Kirk, and Commander Spock adventures. Who should they play? How about Shatner as Fleet Captian Christopher Pike turning over the command of the Enterprise to a young Commander Kirk. How about Nimoy playing some snoopy Vulcan Commander overseeing the duties of a young Lt. Commander Spock, per request of Ambasitor Surak, (Spocks father). The newly refitted Enterprise is then asigned to the Vulcan, Andorian sector to settle a dispute between the two races which so happenly involve more Romulan Espionage, to sabatoge the fledging Federatrion.
Not hard to include the old actors at all. Imagination is all anyone needs to create a storyline.
Nuff Stuff said

82. Xai - January 5, 2007

Whew, I am tired.
A whirlwind tour of massive fantasyland.
A simple solution to all this.
Shatner and Nimoy stay in back of the cameras, “coaching” the new actors and help promote the film. Period. No catering to the ham, no onscreen Shatner means no direct comparison to the new Kirk actor (different mannerisms and method. of. speech.)
XI is to be Star Trek, NOT the life and times of William Shatner baconing his way through the scenes, a mere cartoon of what he made Kirk years ago. We want a new, fresh Trek adventure and Shatner sees one last chance to hit the cash drawer and secure his legacy a bit more.
This eliminates the need to revive Kirk. I don’t want to hear more drivel about the injustice of Generations. It’s been in the film can and done for 12 years, folks. You all hate TNG and yet so many want to use the TNG-invented device of the nexus to bring him back. Always that Trek vs. Trek sniping when there’s no need for it.
Shatner and crew had their last hurrah… ST:TUC. Another bow is redundant.
Shatner could have saved you all from this horrible line of thought 12 years ago. Refuse to appear in Generations, but the cash call was too great. He read the script… he could have insisted on a better death… or none at all… after all he’s the Shat… they would have listened.
I know this is a fun mental exercise for some posters, but a few of you need to lighten up, you are coming across as being very close-minded about a subject that should have us all very happy…. A new Star Trek Movie. IMO

83. Adam Cohen - January 5, 2007

Hitch said it right, this news is absolutely “stnap eht ni cam®”

I particularly like seeing Nimoy imposing his opinion in this instance. Nimoy has had pretty good judgment when it has come to the show in the past. Shatner definitely dropped the ball when it came time to tell Rick Berman “HELL NO!” after reading the script to Generations. Perhaps Shatner realizes that mistake as he has spent the past 10 years undoing that story with a series of books meant to resurrect James Kirk. If they totally ignore Kirk’s death, good riddance to that continuity. If anyone cannot get over the fact that Trek XI somehow conflicts with the misery that is Generations, I am very sorry for you. That movie needs to be forgotten in its entirety.

84. Adam Cohen - January 5, 2007

You know, re-reading that first quote by Shatner again raised my eyebrow-

It sounds like they haven’t locked in the story yet. If they have not broken down how older Kirk and Spock are going to fit in yet, then is it wrong to assume that the script is in serious flux?

85. Dave - January 5, 2007

The wrongs of Generations shouldn’t be forgotton, just ‘fixed’. It can be done and I am excited at the prospects of a Kirk/Spock return. I am not against new characters playing Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and Uhura, but Shatner and Nimoy must play a vital role in the movie, as Kirk and Spock……….. And finally, yes finally, the great wrong and injustice that was “Generations” could be righted!!

86. Adam Cohen - January 5, 2007

#85 Dave,

I’m with Anthony- to spend precious screentime trying to fix Berman’s Folly when you’re relaunching a franchise would be ill-advised. Most people don’t know how Kirk died anyway, and for us who do remember it, we don’t need to be reminded of it.

I get your position, if you address the issue head-on it will correct a glaring mistake, but this is entertainment first and a self-contained reality second. For us rabid fans, we have to deal with both realms, but what better way to shove it in Berman’s face than to ignore his continuity in this regard? Discredit Generations by treating it as if it never happened. Truly, Generations is the most offensive Trek movie ever.

87. Dave - January 5, 2007


88. VOODOO - January 6, 2007

I agree with Adam if it is made clear Kirk is alive post nexus. A throw away line could get the job done.

89. Trevok - January 6, 2007

Isn’t it a pitty none of the above posters are writing XI, he say with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Kirk is dead live with it.

90. James-O - January 6, 2007

I love ole Kirky Spock as much as the next person, but if I have to sit through one more lame crossover/time-travel/anomoly/caught-in-a-looping-transporter-transmission plot device I will LOSE IT!

Cameo’s only! Shatner can play Kirk’s dad, and Nimoy can play his uppity vulcan sidekick.

91. Robby - January 6, 2007

Kirk is dead…bring back Spock only.

92. Jordan - January 6, 2007

There’s plenty of time in which they could insert Kirk & Spock reminiscing about the past. Right after Star Trek VI would be a good place to put that kind of flashback plot.

93. Supreme Emperor of the Known Multiverse - January 6, 2007


Duuude… You look SO |\/|@( 1|\| D@ P@|\|7$ !!!


I, by the power vested in me as the dually appointed Supreme Emperor of the Known Multiverse, hereby declare you Sir Hitch, Instellar Knight and Master of All That Does Not Suck.

I digg it, BAY-BEEEE! You may take your place on the oblate spheriod. :-)

Now go forth, my nizzle, and smite those who art poopypanted!

94. Neal - January 6, 2007

One word… umm, letter… Q

Q always had an interest in Picard, and an odd fear of Guinan. The two were brought together in the Nexus. Perhaps that caught his attention and he took an interest in Kirk, who chose to leave the nexus and thereby displayed that most human of traits like Picard. Who knows what Q could have done at that moment Kirk fell.

Then again, perhaps all of TNG and/or Generations was a fantasy of Guinan and Q, both living in the Nexus. Their dislike for each other results from their knowledge of each other and the intrusions each makes on the other’s fantasies. Shatner’s death would then be a mere episode in a continuing fantasy exploring the nature of humanity. Or maybe they are both really Q and…

lol, sorry. I just enjoyed Q, through TNG, DS9 and Voyager and I’d like to see him return to wreak some havok on Kirk, Spock, et al.

95. drk - January 6, 2007

they should be played as holgraphic-digital memories which help out (or not!!) the current crew in these post-shatner years …

96. Shin Jender - January 6, 2007

About time.

97. Dom - January 6, 2007

Perfect resurrection scene for Kirk.

Spock stands over Kirk’s grave on Veridian III yelling at the top of his voice:


. . . at which point, TJ Hooker climbs out of the grave!!

98. StarTrek XI auf F!XMBR - January 6, 2007

[…] […]

99. dave - January 6, 2007

First of all.. I have liked all the incarnations of star trek WHEN the stories were good, but TOS is my favorite cuz I grew up on after school reruns in the 70’s. Second, Shat & nimoy may be in the movie, but as far as we know, they’re playing Kirk’s Dad & Sarek, Spock’s father (although I’d be disappointed by this)

Third… the problem with Star Trek movies has always been that their mission never continued: seeking out new life, new civilizationa and boldly going where no man has gone before. Vger was the closest thing to it, but the story was another NOMAD. Wrath of Khan was great, but although character-wise things stayed on track, no new life no new civilizations… First Contact was great and then bland bland bland again. ..and what is this about killing off major characters whenever a series or set of movies ends? Data. Dax. Kirk. Trip… see a pattern?

What assignments has the enterprise been on? “Captain’s log stardate unknown… the enterprise is patroling with no new direction… hanging around starbase waiting for something to happen.. so we can yet again save the day” I liked things better when they were the “only ship in the quadrant”.

Finally, there are always possibilities. Kirk was presumed dead many times in the series. and there are many ways to bring him back without a long exposition. just a nicely interweaved storyline. It has to be character driven and make sense and be heart felt to amke it believeable… no mind candy please!

Again maybe kirk wasn’t dead and crawled out of the grave w/ amnesia (picard’s no doctor) perhaps spock returns to the guardian, maybe Tiberius from the mirror universe snagged him Maybe Spock goes back to the guardian of forever and pulls kirk off the bridge before he falls.. who knows? –being dead and resurrected could account for Kirk’s older appearance w/ no de-aging needed.

Maybe they won’t play kirk & spock at all… let’s just wait & see.

100. Shatner Says Abrams Wants Him in Trek XI « Warp Section - January 6, 2007

[…] Source: The Trek Movie Report […]

101. VOODOO - January 6, 2007

Shatner was speaking Abrams wanting him to play Kirk. He was quite clear about that.

102. LOLERSKATES - January 6, 2007


103. Bruce - January 6, 2007

Simple: flashbacks. Show Spock and Kirk reminiscing about their past. It ccan be a time before when he died – they could be discussing the new plans for the Enterprise that he “first dies in” when they hit that ribbon, for example. Then set off into talking about how they got the first Enterprise etc. (or whatever the new movie is about – I admit I haven’t read anything about it). So only 10% of the movie would have them in it perhaps, maybe even narrating some parts as we see young Kirk and Spock doing their thing.

104. Chris - January 6, 2007

JJA could always go with the time-line option regarding Kirk’s death – I remember this happening a few times – Tasha transferring to the Ent B and then having a parallel life giving birth to the character who tried to trap Picard and team on Romulus….. then there is the ‘twin’ storyline – remember the twin version of Riker that was left on some planet……… I agree they should play the same characters but this is sci-fi – fiction and science allow all sorts of options to the imaginative JJA…. after LOST i just hope i can follow it. I’ll still go see it on day 1 whatever happens – I’m mercilessly hooked on anything Trek…. so as you could say – ‘they had me at…, the final frontier….’

105. Kevin - January 6, 2007

First of all these constant comments about rebooting, restarting, or re-imagining Star Trek is ridiculous. You don’t take 40 years worth of carefully guarded cannon and simply say, “let’s just start over.” This is not Bond, Batman or any other franchise- this is Star Trek. With the exception of Enterprise, Trek cannon has been carefully observed through four decades. The reason Enterprise failed with the fanboys is that it ignored that. Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are Spock and Kirk. They, Roddenberry and a team of writers created these characters. To ignore that would be ignoring what made Star Trek popular in the first place. To restart the franchise is a slap in the face to every one who created, worked on and followed the various series and movies through the years. I’ve enjoyed every Star Trek series through the years (even Enterprise had a few good ones… not many but a few). Re-imagine the franchise and I won’t touch it. Wouldn’t give Paramount a single dime of my money.

That being said, Abrams has said that no cannon will be contradicted, no movie or episode will be ignored. The characters are not going to be reinvented, but will be respectfully written.

106. Adam Cohen - January 6, 2007

#105 Kevin

I hear where you’re coming from, but imagine how many hoops Abrams is going to need to jump through to keep this project within accepted canon. And when it comes down to casting younger Kirk and Spock, lookout for a whole lotta dissent over the final choices.

With 79 episodes, 20-plus animated episodes, 6 movies, and hundreds of books, Star Trek: The Original Series is well-represented. Going the prequel route to tread where others have gone before is problematic in my opinion. Whereas a fresh start, a reboot, will give all parties room to be creative with the concept. I think it would be great to see a Kirk and Spock played from a different angle. Star Trek is not like Bond because nothing like a reboot has been done yet. 40 years have gone by, a fresh start is appropriate. A prequel suffers from carrying around the albatross that is too heavy. Enterprise (the tv show) couldn’t manage the task. How do you think a new movie series set within TOS will do? Yikes, I really don’t envy Abrams’ task. Rebooting the show gets us all a clean slate. Scotty can have red hair. The original Enterprise doesn’t have to look like a carboard cutout set. There are plenty of ways of being creative and innovative and still remain respectful towards Roddenberry and Co.

107. Parks - January 6, 2007

They have got to get the original cast, as many of them as they can. The series is so tired. I loved the original TNG, and some of DS9. Everything after I was hardly able to tolerate. In order to ressurect this franchise, nothing less than a return to roots will do. With as many of the originals as possible.

That being said, CMON its Star Trek! You can do anythign in Star Trek. To quote Rob Lowe’s character in Thank you for Smoking, : “It’s easy, that’s just like one line of dialog, ‘Thank God they invented the something whatever'”‘

From multiple universes to the Q like abilities of some beings in the Star Trek universe, the possibilities are literally around ever corner, it should be easy to find a plausible way to bring anyone back.

108. Orbitalic - January 6, 2007

#101 VD,
When Shatner speaks, some listen, but I’d take anything he says with a grain of salt. There’s nothing that says he will be in front of the lens and I am sure he expects Paramount to pay, pay, pay if he’s on screen at all. And no, he’s not worth millions in respect to this film.

#105, 106…. Anthony has reported that this is not reboot, unless I’ve missed something. Canon, supposedly, will be respected.

Lastly…. the solution for you all. I’ve seen Kirk! He must have survived, Hitch be praised…. A Direct TV commercial was on and I saw him!
BTW… Starfleet ponied up for the big screen.

109. Ron - January 6, 2007

I myself have this to say as to bringing Kirk back:
Scrap this prequel nonsense, it’s THE RETURN you should be working on!
But, if this prequel nonsense must ensue, at least bring back Kirk. I don’t CARE how, just BRING BACK FREAKIN’ KIRK!

110. litenbug - January 6, 2007

Kirk Resurrectionists!!
You didn’t know that no one can die in the 23rd century?

Please… Don’t stretch credibilty further with another revival. Find another way to tell a story. This IS NOT Star Trek: Kirk lives again.
THAT would reduce this fine 40 year old, multi-series story down to the level of a saturday morning cartoon show on FOX. Ugh.

111. litenbug - January 6, 2007

Kirk is back… they are casting the part as we speak.

112. Kyle - January 6, 2007

What I find amusing is that Star Trek fans always seem to think they have the answer for everything. And everyone’s answer is different! Unless you have credible writing experience, you probably don’t know the first thing about how to tell a proper story on film, so why not just sit back and see what happens? Instead of giving ultimatums of “unless they do this I won’t go” to nobody in particular? I can understand that everyone has an opinion on the matter, but I just don’t understand why everyone thinks Trek should be written THEIR way. Doesn’t everyone just want to have a good story anyway? Why get caught up in the details? Why are some Trek fans so picky? It’s ok to share ideas here, but don’t expect anyone in the Trek ranks to be listening, and keep in mind that being an expert of Trek doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on filmmaking.

Contrary to popular belief, Trek fans don’t run Star Trek. The real issues of this movie is NOT who or how Kirk will be in it. It’s 1. Can Trek successfully reboot itself? 2. Can they do it without the “family” of people who have been running the show for the past 20 years?

I for one also think that Berman gets too much slack for the downfall of the franchise. People seem to forget that he was there during the best days of TNG and DS9 too. He was the PRODUCER. Meaning he was in charge of getting things done on schedule and on budget. Why not thank him at least once for actually bringing Trek into the larger scope that it became? Like it or not, Roddenberry didn’t do that. (*gasp!*) Yes, Berman did have some crappy writing credits, but he was also part of the reason Trek stayed alive.

113. jonboc - January 6, 2007

112: Berman kept his version and idea of what he thought Trek was supposed to be, alive. He did not keep the idea, of what I think represents Star Trek, alive, and thats the fornula and sensibilities set forth in TOS. So I really have nothing to thank him for. There are numerous fans of his style of Trek-telling, which make no mistake, is vastly different from the original’s….and they can thank him if they want, but I have to pass. JJ is clearly a fan of TOS. He respects Shatner and Nimoy greatly and is going old school in his approach to this, and, for that, I thank him. The old style ways of telling a Trek tale haven’t been explored in so long that it seems new again and I couldn’t be happier.

114. litenbug - January 6, 2007

#113 JonBoc… so you and JJ are tight? You are sure he’ll do TOS the way you think TOS was? He told you it would be “old school”?
Kyles opinion is as valid as mine or yours.
And in my opinion… TNG HAD to be different from TOS…. 100 years or so different. 1960’s vs 1980-90’s different…. other wise it would be accused of even more terrible things…like being the same old stuff.

Being different doesn’t make it bad or better than TOS, just different.

115. Dragonopolis - January 7, 2007

Here’s my take on how they could do it. Remember way back when the TNG Crew met up with Q. If you notice there was a grid like energy shield surrounding the enterprise when they first encountered Q but never again. I always thought that the grid sort of reminded me of the Holodeck on the enterprise. What I thought would be cool, is restart the whole TNG thing from the beginning. The TNG Crew would find out eventually in the movie that they have been living a false holographic life as well as memory and events had been altered. This way all TNG including Kirks Death never happened. However, in order to save the the TNG crew, it would take 2 Kirks (one young – one older) and 2 Spock (same as the Kirks) from the past (as well as other Characters (I was thinking Wesley Crusher and the Traveler). I never liked Generations. I believe if Star Trek XI were to happen with Kirk in it, it would have to be another Generations (but better) By setting TNG all the way back to the beginning you could fix and practically rewrite all the inconsistencies that happened during TNG and bringing in a new Kirk with the old Kirk could open up for a complete Modern continuation of Kirk, Spock, Enterprise. Could also redo the TNG series as well maybe make the star trek universe a bit darker. Of course this would make the Q Continuum the enemy but even that could be explained away since in the TNG series the Q were fighting among themselves.

What Generations should have done was brought all the Greats together for one Grand Adventure that would have Breathed new life into the epic story of star trek. Instead, I felt Generations just buried the Dead. The rest of TNG films were not Bad but it felt more like a prolong Eulogy of the Star Trek Universe rather than an energetic continuation of it.

But that’s just me………

116. Casual Fan - January 7, 2007

After reading all of the posts above, the only conclusion I can come to is that 99.9% of Trek fans are total geeks and know-it-alls. Do any of you even have girlfriends? All you do is critisize every aspect of Trek.

I think it’s great that they plan on using Shatner and Nimoy in the new film and can’t wait to see it. I trust that they will find a way to bring Kirk back. Of course, none of you losers will be happy no matter how they do it.

Of course, I’m only a casual fan of Star Trek, so I’m not all-knowing and super-great like all of you, so I realize that my opinions means nothing here.

117. jonboc - January 7, 2007

#114 Oh yah, JJ calls me every day with an update. You mean he doesn’t call you?? I’ll talk to him about that.

And when he does call me he just confirms everything that we know as fact from previous interviews. That he is a fan of TOS, that he never got into the later series and that he approved the teaser poster that is clearly set in the “old school” days and that Nimoy and Shatner have a promotional contract with the studio for his movie and he has had meetings with both actors. Maybe he will throw us a curve and deliver something more along the lines of TNG….but don’t count on it.

118. Anthony Pascale - January 7, 2007

RE: casual fan
yes your opinion counts here…and in fact this site has gone on record many times saying that Trek XI will be made for harcore and casual fans and mainstream audiences

however please refrain from flaming your fellow posters with tired Trekkie ‘do you have girlfriends’ attacks…that is not tolerated here

Admin Aloha

119. RolandDeschain - January 8, 2007

Kirk is dead in Generations but is he dead in the mirror universe?
Maybe Tyberius could be manipulating events in the our TOS timeline and the Mirror Spock could be out to stop him.
Hows that for a plot device?

120. VOODOO - January 8, 2007

A copy of Kirk could still be alive in the nexus.

121. Don Corleone - January 8, 2007

I also feel that Kirk is alive in the nexus.

There are many,many holes in the whole nexus thing that could allow Kirk to be alive. And it would be quite easy to bring Kirk back from the nexus with a visit by Mr Spock.

I really want to see Nimoy + Shatner as Kirk and Spock in ST XI.

122. Dr. Image - January 8, 2007

“JON” #69:
I beg to differ. The worst “fanboy drek ‘ ever written was written by Brannon Braga (Generations.) I could never hope to top it.
Perhaps YOU have some ideas you’d like to contribute?
PS: Go fuck yourself you stupid cocksucking douchbag.

123. StephenMartin - January 8, 2007

Kirk and Spock will be reminiscing about the time Spock went through the Guardian, or the Nexus, and saved him just before he bought it. That is all that needs to be done.

124. Xai - January 8, 2007

Just watch the DirectTV commercial to get your Shatner fix.
Start fresh in the movie.

125. Orbitalic - January 8, 2007

#118 Jonboc,
I wasn’t suggesting a TNG movie, because I know it’s a TOS flick. I have no problem with the “old style” My point is… you don’t know what the director’s “style” will be, let alone WHO will be directing.

#123 Dr. Image.
Let me contribute this. I disagree with a few people on the posts, but I won’t stoop as low as you just did with that tirade. JON deserves an apology from you and frankly, you deserve a timeout because that was possibly the most juvenile sentence I have seen in the comments thus far.

126. Londo - January 10, 2007

Anybody seen X-Men 3? At the start of that movie is a scene set 20 years in the past with a middle-aged Xavier and Magneto – who were played by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, de-aged on film. There was no CGI involved: they used a film technique where they take old photos (e.g. publicity shots) and “graft” them on to the actors’ faces. It looks totally convincing. They could easily do something similar with Shatner and Nimoy should they appear, using publicity photos from Star Trek VI for example.

I think the idea of momentarily bringing back Shatner and Nimoy is okay. Maybe they can have them appear in “flash-forward” scenes of the Enterprise-A finally coming back to Earth for decommissioning – this is a good reason for them to be reminiscing on how it all started, considering it’s all about to end. But there are three important things they need to do if that’s the route they take: all the younger main cast must have prior billing in the opening credits, the scenes with Shatner and Nimoy must not be any longer than 20 minutes total, and the movie must end with the younger cast rather than Shatner and Nimoy (so it’s clear that this is definitely the new cast’s movie).

127. Various and Sundry » Blog Archive » Wednesday Link Dump - January 10, 2007

[…] Shatner and Nimoy returning to STAR TREK? J.J. Abrams is writing them in. […]

128. I like all the incarnations of ST - January 20, 2007

R U Ready?

Mirror Spock and Kirk go in to the past and end up in the “real universe” in the delta quadant. Hook up with the Borg Queen and with on the way to the Alpha quadrant to take over earth meets up with a broken hearted Neelix who join them. They pick up Cela on Romulus, Find Thomas Riker and Ro Laren in an excape pod and they joines in. save Dukat from the Pa raths, and they go back in time to meet the young kirk and Spock

129. Jeannie spock - March 20, 2007

I know exactly how to get around ALL these problems of ‘canon’.
Just let them create a CGI movie!
The CGI is so good these days that they can create realistice looking charactors. They can set it back to the first Enterprise, just as we remember it, with all the old cast. They could easily use motion capture from the original series from the real actor’s movements. Of course Nimoy and Shatner would do the voices – remember they were happy to do that for the animated series. There voices could be made to sound young with a few tweeks from the sound filters. Hell, they could both do another 20 years of these movies! When they finally both pass away it would not be too much of a jolt to the system to replace them with sound alikes.
Just think, we could still have that wonderful banter going between Spock, McCoy and Kirk looking just as we remember them. Just a pity that the lovely Deforest Kelley has passed on but we can’t do much about that except immortalise him forever in his CGI body. The possibilities of great stories and great special effects would be endless.
Capt Kirk and Mr Spock are not characters in the same sense as James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. They ARE Nimoy and Shatner – always and forever – let’s cling on (no pun intended) to those guys for as long as we can.

130. Movies » Shatner Says Abrams Wants Him and Nimoy In Star Trek XI - April 13, 2007

[…] For months now William Shatner has made no secret that he wants to be in Star Trek XI, and even Leonard Nimoy has said he would come out of retirement for something substantial. Now in a new interview with IGN, The Shat says that JJ Abrams is writing them into the script:read more | digg story […]

131. "Curious...with a raised eye brow" - April 17, 2008

If they can find a creative way to put shat and nimoy in the movie… great. However, Kirk went out the way Kirk would… Fighting to the end in defense of the Enterprise…. You had to end one generation to make way for the next. It was well done.

Nimoy is already doing narration for the trailers and has been assigned a small part. However there has been no confirmation of Shat in the movie at all. I hope that they get it right if they can get him in.

The new cast looks good and I think that they will do a great job if Abrams follows true to TREK.

132. rollie wingo - July 1, 2008

as a die hard star trek fan id like to see a new crew new blood has to take over id like to see the kids of the first generation of star trek operating the new enterprise kirks grandson spocks son and scotty son and doctor mcoy son i would like the new enterprise to be able to cloak and go beyond warp id like it to go slipstream the borg are now are allies and piccards son on the new enterprise also i would like
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