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McAvoy NOT Approached For Scotty February 2, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

Just a quick follow-up to last week’s article on James McAvoy playing Scotty in Star Trek XI. has spoken to McAvoy’s publicist Rupert Fowler and he says there is no truth to the original story in the Sunday Mail. "He has not been approached there have been no meetings or conversations," says Fowler. He suggested that the rumor may stem from McAvoy being a "massive Star Trek fan" and since he is Scottish someone just put those things together and voila…a good rumor. It is of course still possible that someone at Paramount is considering McAvoy but has yet to contact him. However TrekMovie has also not been able to get any confirmation of this rumor from the Paramount side, and are told that no one is being signed until after the film gets a budget.


1. Toonoon - February 2, 2007

I’ve met James once before and although I can’t confirm or deny the rumour, I can tell you that his publicist isn’t bullshitting to curry favour with Paramount, because the primary topic of our conversation was Star Trek.

2. StillKirok - February 2, 2007

I still think he’s a bit young for Scotty.

3. Mazzer - February 2, 2007

So where’s the CBS trailer for Doomsday Machine? I thought we were going to see this before Journey to Babel airs…

4. Holo J - February 2, 2007

Anthony I dont know if you or any onr anyone else here has read this regarding Scotty in the movie… I thought its was worth a mention

Check out the link

5. Michael Appleton - February 2, 2007

#4 Yes, but one key question: Can Chris Doohan act? I like how he doesn’t list that attribute. It’s astounding how many people want to be considered for acting roles but without the training, experience or talent to back it up. It would be like walking into a court of law, looking at the judge, and proclaiming, “I’m going to defend myself! Law School? No, I never went, but why should that matter?” It is show BUSINESS after all; why should Paramount risk millions of dollars on a movie and then practice nepotism? Gawd, the ego on some people!

6. Scott Gammans - February 2, 2007

Mazzer, I’d be willing to bet they’re going to be working on that episode right up to the last possible moment.

7. T Negative - February 2, 2007

That’s what I thought as well. Where’s our Doomsday Preview!!!

Agree with Scott #6, they are still working on it most likely.

8. Adam Cohen - February 2, 2007

You guys! Sit tight, the Doomsday trailer will come in time :) They’re definitely pulling out all sorts of stops with that episode. And we get Dochterman’s too. You all know we TOS fans are getting spoiled here.

9. EdDR - February 2, 2007

Give Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis a shot at the Scotty role, he has the right look and he does act and he is Scottish also.

10. I told you so - February 3, 2007

Peeps, please integrate this experience into your common sense.
When the ONLY source of a showbiz rumour is a British tabloid it is unadulterated BS.

11. Trevok - February 4, 2007

9 good idea and he’ll proberly be a damb lot cheaper.
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