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Spin Up The Remastered Tholian Web Preview March 19, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

StarTrek.com have put up a preview for next weekend’s "The Tholian Web" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

some other key shots:


here are an original TOS Tholian ship and a (Mirror) ENT version




1. DEMODE - March 19, 2007

Oh boy! Oh boy! I can’t wait for this one :)

2. stallion - March 19, 2007

One of the best episode of season 3. I also like that Enterprise episode that tie into the events of this episode.

3. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 19, 2007

Marvelous, absolutely marvelous, this episode is another epic akin to Doomsday and it appears it’s once again in good hands.

4. Mark 2000 - March 19, 2007

wow, its amazing how it does look one drop better than the original.

5. Aaron R - March 19, 2007

Soooo excited… Drool… Drool…. Drool….

6. Mark 2000 - March 19, 2007

I meant does’t. And why was it necessary to make the tholian ship look so enterprise/ds9 looking? It doesn’t fit a 60’s aesthetic at all.

7. Granger - March 19, 2007

The images in the preview show they are being somewhat faithful to the original superb effects in this episode: the Defiant’s exterior being of an odd color, the look of the web (livened up with energy pulses), and the Tholian shields. I like how they are adding some more detail and color to the Tholian ship, and look forward to some fancier camera moves. However, I actually prefer the original more washed-out Defiant exterior coloration better than the vivid green here…but perhaps this green will help sell more color sets.

8. Marvin the Martian - March 19, 2007

I have been a strong supporter of the TOS remastered experiment, but am I the only one not impressed with this preview?

1. The phaser hit on the Tholian ship borders on cheesy.

2. Despite the limited effects at the time, the ghostly Defiant appeared more haunting in the original version. A desaturated green fog is not particularly menacing, plus it’s an obvious color choice for “hey, look–there’s something weird going on here.” Why not blue/violet, like the original?

3. The green fog effect and the Tholian web itself (especially in the quick pan upwards) reminds me of the video-based effects used in “Encounter at Farpoint.”

Are there different teams animating different episodes? It seems for this “big” effects episode, we got stuck with Team B… or C.

9. non-fanatic - March 19, 2007

I have been a strong supporter of the TOS remastered experiment, but am I the only one not impressed with this preview?

No, your not. I find these previews hard to watch anyway but I was quite shocked how unreal the enterprise looks on some shots. It just didn’t look as though it were out in space; it looked like plastic — like an early remastered episode. And the ‘arrow’ thing creating the web just looked like what it is, a computer graphic. Again, it just didn’t look as though you were looking at it out in space some how. I don’t play computer games but it is how I image one to look. Not as good as some of their more recent work. Then again, who’s to say what order they do them in.

10. Cameron Boehme - March 19, 2007

I very (*VERY*) rarely comment myself, I’m more of a voyeur, however I feel the need to pipe up and speak my piece (not peace) on this one.

The phaser / contact shot between the Enterprise and the Tholian vessel looks absolutely Saturday morning cartoon – worthy.

The web effect is fine, I suppose. Better than the original, but nowhere near what I was expecting. It seems to be coming across as a bit too much with all the flickering. It’s distracting. Of course, that’s pure opinion… however I stand firm on my first comment about the phaser / Tholian shot as a fact that would hold up in any court.

The “ghostly” appearance is nice, though I tend to agree that the original is more “haunting.”

The semi – solid human Doctor McCoy is reaching for looks SO MUCH BETTER than the original that I repeated it four times and willed myself not to blink. Kudos.

Overall, (judging SOLELY from the preview) two stars our of ten. Honestly, I’ve recently seen video games with graphics that would shame this preview.

Anthony, best from Austin. Come to town and let us buy dinner, the spouse and I are huge fans, thanks for all you do.

Cameron Boehme

11. Driver - March 19, 2007

on my 19″ LCD, the preview box is 4.5″ diagonal. My RP HDTV measures 51″ across. Then compare that to the forthcoming HD DVD release and no one can argue about “Whaa, it doesn’t blow me away! Whaa whaaa whaaaa!” People, get a grip.

12. Gd846c3 - March 19, 2007

There’s one small problem with the original Tholian ship. It doesn’t look real. It seems that some people are so obsessed with the original look that they are unwilling to accept a new perspective. Many of the people that worked on the Original Star Trek that are still alive today seem to be totally in favor of these new effects. If they could have used these effects back then don’t you think they would have. And as for Mark 2000, I think you are trying to tell yourself that the new effects aren’t better than the original to satisfy your purist view on the show. So what if it doesn’t look like the original. The original was all on budget constraints. Now we are fortunate to see things the way the writers intended. Okay, the style’s not really 60’s retro, but hell, it’s the 21st century.

13. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 19, 2007

People STILL seem to forget these little video clips aren’t reflective or indicative of the final appearance on TV, they certainly never have been when I have watched the clips then the actual episode.

14. Gd846c3 - March 19, 2007

Right you are Josh T. I will reserve my judjement on this episode until I see it on TV. And also, I think the reason some people think the phaser hitting the Tholian ship is corny or video gamy is probably because its hitting a force field, not the actual ship. Think of it that way and it doesn’t seem so bad.

15. Michael - March 19, 2007

Josh – Point well taken. If they would produce these previews in a higher quality i.e. less compression and larger dimensions it would really help. Episode previews go out of the way to hide the story line as well so I put little stock in them. TDM preview was nowhere near as nice as the final episode which will of course look less than stellar compared to the HD DVD release.

16. Michael - March 19, 2007

Looks like shields to me…

17. Kev - March 19, 2007

If that’s a new long shot of the Defiant it looks pretty good.

18. diabolik - March 19, 2007

Looks fantastic to me.

19. ZtoA - March 19, 2007

I think it’s looking pretty good myself. Making harsh judgements based on these QT movies is a bit premature. I really dig the camera moves and the energy of the web. Incorporating the tholian ship design from Enterprise is a no-brainer… why not incorporate it? I say that because Enterprise incorporated the tholian ship design from TOS… the only difference being that they added aft energy pods.

20. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 19, 2007

Remember all of the Hooplah over the Fesarius?

And that ended up kicking ass and silencing people.

21. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 19, 2007

I like this episode because of the obvious allegory and inspiration taken from the popular Bermuda Triangle accounts from the late 60’s and early 70’s, plus, the Philadelphia Experiment, right down to the eerie green glow.

22. Stanky McFibberich - March 19, 2007

Again, people getting all bent out of shape from a lousy preview with millisecond images cut together. You…can’t….see….diddle…on….these…previews.

As Josh T. stated above, the episodes always come out looking better than these previews.

If I had to depend on these previews to make me want to watch the shows, I wouldn’t watch them. Fortunately I know better.

23. Jordan - March 19, 2007

This is definitely one I’ve been looking forward to! Can’t wait!

24. Chunkay - March 19, 2007

This really does look more like one of the earlier remastered episodes. They finally got the lighting down over the last couple episodes, but we’re back to plastic this time.

25. Michael Hall - March 19, 2007

Color me very unimpressed with the way this preview looked, but I’m certainly willing to reserve judgement.

26. T Negative - March 19, 2007

This looks great!! I need my ST Remastered fix soon!!! Even though the preview is somewhat poor quality, I’m sure the version that appears on the tube will do the episode justice.

I never saw “Miri”:Rm so I’ve got 18 sraight weeks of Star Trek: Remastered to look forward to!! Bring it on!!

27. Xai (hailing frequencies open...) - March 19, 2007

#24 Chunkay…. what part of the posts above yours didn’t you read? These clips always look one thousand times better on TV than here.
Honestly… give it a chance.

28. Mike T. - March 19, 2007

My only question is why are they not doing “The Ultimate Computer”? I would love to see the other starships in the war game with M5.

29. Driver - March 19, 2007

This is coming out more than a week earlier than usual. Which may indicate the CBS crew are not pressed for time, therefore the effects are getting prime prep time. The new amoeba for Immunity should look really good.

30. Chunkay - March 19, 2007

I’ve seen both, and I don’t find the differences particularly striking. In my perception at least, the previews resemble the final product fairly well.

31. Michael Appleton - March 19, 2007

#26 Miri Remastered
Let’s see if they really can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear! Michael J. Pollard’s muttering of “Miri, miri…” haunts me (in a BAD way) to this day! This episode is a piece of horse manure! Actually, that description is being kind. “Miri” makes “Spock’s Brain” look like “On The Waterfront”!

32. Xai (hailing frequencies open...) - March 19, 2007

#30 Chunkay… I disagree…. but it’s your opinion.

33. Xai (hailing frequencies open...) - March 19, 2007

#31, Michael A.
And what part is the horse manure? Are you speaking of the episode, the remastering or the station edits?

34. Sleeper Agent X - March 19, 2007

Don’t know if you can tell from the small Quicktime video…but does it look like the Tholian ships are exactly the same as they appeared on “Enterprise,” or have they been “updated”?

35. Michael Appleton - March 19, 2007

No, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m talking about the fabric of the storyline itself! You can revamp, massage and “tweak” a television episode all you want, but if it’s a crappy premise in the first place, good luck!

36. Buckaroohawk - March 19, 2007

Well, I for one like what I saw from this preview. The added detail to the Tholian ship is a real blessing. The original looked like a space-faring clothes iron. The web effects look great as well. The weird “phasing” effect on the Defiant could have been spruced up, though. It looks a little too plain in this preview. The extreme close-up on the Enterprise in the opening shot is simply beautiful. I love the fact that CBS Digital is really trying to give the ship a sense of scale it never had in TOS.

Mark 2000 (#6): Personally, I’m glad that they’ve toned down the “60’s aesthetic” regarding ship design. I wish they could do that with the live-action scenes as well. It makes TOS more modern without diluting the impact of the story-telling. Watching these remastered episodes, sometimes I can almost believe I’m watching an all-new series instead of one that’s 40+ years old.

37. Adam Cohen - March 19, 2007

In terms of the show’s original aesthetic (sets, costumes, physical effects, etc.) I think a little “artistry” with the CGI is okay. I know there is an effort to go “photorealistic” with the ship and the rendering of graphics, but someone above mentioned how the phaser shots looked “Saturday morning” like, and while I agree they didn’t appear “real” I do have to say that they didn’t look bad or out of place in terms of the show’s overall look. No, CBS-D isn’t nor should it endeavor to replicate “cheesy” effects, but at the same time we have to consider that the first priority is to keep the visuals in the same aesthetic realm.

And one thing I do like to say in these instances is “what do ‘real’ phasers look like anyway?” Indeed…

38. Lao3D - March 19, 2007

Looks tantalizing! I’m glad they seem to be sticking close to the original on this one, as fitting tribute to one of the best FX efforts of TOS. What ain’t broke, they ain’t fixin’!

39. Driver - March 19, 2007

Have fun with previews! Load the QT video, slide the button to a frame the same as a still pic from the above selection, put them side by side, cross your eyes to make one pic in the center, that combined right/left pic will be in 3D. Enjoy!

40. Jim J - March 19, 2007

Looks great to me!

41. Sean4000 - March 19, 2007

Blends perfectly with Enterprise.

Now, if they could only explain why it takes them 100 times longer to spit a grid in the 23rd century when compared with their – [22nd] century counterparts, that would be nice.

42. Mr. Mike - March 19, 2007

#19- “Making harsh judgements based on these QT movies is a bit premature.”

You would think it would be pretty much impossible.

43. Josh T. (The Kirk Unit must disclose the in-full-mation) Kirk Esquire' - March 19, 2007

Who in the hell do the Tholians think they are attempting to wrap the Enterprise in a web like that? What nerve. What audacity. What sheer unmitigated gall.

They are just taking advantage of the fact Kirk Unit is lost in transit and not attending to duties, otherwise he’d smoke that Tholian ass with a smirk, a torpedo, and a shakey camera.

Huh. Tholians. Kirk has peices of enemies in his stools bigger than these clowns.

What they should have done is have Kirk beam aboard the Tholian ship, what with it’s protoplasmic enviroment, and drop kick that bastard Losken in her jewel looking chin.

Punctuality indeed.

Which episode was that with the pathetic out of his league Commodre commanding the Enterprise during an attack. That’s another prime example Kirk should have dashed out of the turbolift and drop kicked his ass right out of the center seat.

A drop kick a day keeps bad guys at bay.

44. yo - March 19, 2007

Off-Topic news

——————– TOS IS BACK ON ITUNES ——————–

iTunes now offers TOS in 2 separate sets:

One set is purely TOS Remastered. As of Monday night, this set currently has 11 remastered episodes. Presumably this set should be updated regularly with additional remastered episodes.


Separately, the full first season set (the set that was previously offered on iTunes until it got pulled several weeks ago) has now been restored.


Currently (Monday night), that set is still apparently a ‘mixed’ set (as before), in which some episodes are remastered — just 9 of these are remastered (not 11) according to the full Descriptions of each episode.

So if those Descriptions remain accurate, the ‘mixed’ set is going to create some confusion (as it did before). I hope that perhaps the mixed set may get some further updates and clarifications soon, to prevent confusion. (The mixed set alone was the subject of some complaints by confused newcomers previously.)

The new “Remastered” set also includes newly written episode Descriptions, touting the new remastered FX for each episode. (Note for iTunes newbies: To view the detailed Descriptions, click the “(i)” information icon in each episode’s Description column.)

At this time (Monday night) the new Remastered set does not yet have any user reviews posted. But the old ‘mixed’ set still has 174 user review comments that it had before it was pulled several weeks ago.

45. Skippy 2k - March 19, 2007

#41. Sean4000, a couple of differences. If I recall correctly there were more ships which I would think make it easier to spread a web and it was the mirror universe. The mirror tholians may have devoted more to advancing there web tech.

46. Skippy 2k - March 19, 2007

Oh and very much looking forward to this ep. Great ep and it seems like its been awhile with the little update to Wolf in the Fold.

47. yo - March 19, 2007

^^^ Note about my previous post above: I am not an authority or staffmember with any inside knowledge of the offerings on iTunes. I’m just a user who was glad to see that TOS has been restored to iTunes. None of my comments are intended as complaints, just observations. If there are any errors in my description of the current situation I apologize. Thanks CBS/Paramount and Apple for bringing TOS back to iTunes.

48. FlyingTigress - March 19, 2007


You’re right. There were more in Tholian vessels surrounding the NX-01 in the “Mirror” ep….setting aside any backstory technological differences between the Mirror Universe Tholians and the ‘normal Star Trek universe’.

In our universe, their technology only allows the ability to snare spacecraft passing through the speed trap set up within their small territorial annex — and sentence the crew to hefty fines to support a corrupt Tholian Sheriff and Mayor. “Whee-click-pop-pop…” Trans: “Alien captain, you in a heap o’ trouble” (smile)

49. FlyingTigress - March 19, 2007

And, the ‘new’ Tholian ships look great!


“The original looked like a space-faring clothes iron.”

Or, a token from a Monopoly game set.. But then, I thought the Ent-D looked like a large number of windows/ports with a few structural elements tying them together — with a pair of warp nacelles. Sort of a warp-driven “Glass Bottom Boat” exploring the universe.

50. Skippy 2k - March 20, 2007

Well, little dissapointed now….. was thinking this was for the upcoming weekend, guess its a longer wait afterall. I’m sure it will be worth it though, maybe watch “Mirror Mirror” and “In a Mirror Darkly” along with this ep……not for entertainment though, just to nit-pick :-).

Pretty sure thats the same day the new season of Doctor Who starts… good tv day.

51. Don - March 20, 2007

The preview looks okay, but I admit I expected more. Well, we’ll see. I just hope they fixed that phantom Chekov scream!

52. DaveM - March 20, 2007

I just love all the comments that say “it doesn’t look like that in space….” or “its not lit like its in space…”, or something similar. Its absolutely amazing the large number of annonymous NASA astronauts we have hiding in the ranks who have actually been into space and can make that call.

The people doing the effects have never been into space either.

They are lighing SFX for a TV series for crying out loud.

Stop gripping already. We already know you don’t like the lighting. We’ve read about it every week since these episodes have started. Geepers.

53. Spirit - March 20, 2007

CBS-Digital, you really don’t like color, do you? ;)

54. Lets hate Paramount - March 20, 2007

Gawd TOS is cheesy! Why do people like this better than TNG?

55. Stanky McFibberich - March 20, 2007

36. Buckaroohawk

Personally, I don’t want it to look more modern. I want it to look like Star Trek. So far, the remastered effects have done that well.

54. Lets hate Paramount

I like it better because it is not a snorefest. I like it because the characters and the actors that play them are interesting. I like it because of the design. I like it because the stories are great.

56. Stanky McFibberich - March 20, 2007

41. Sean4000 – March 19, 2007

“Blends perfectly with Enterprise. ”

Now THAT would be something to complain about.

57. Big Bill Cox - March 20, 2007

54. Lets hate Paramount

I like the original series better because it is superior on so many levels. TNG is a bland, effects-driven show with shallow characters and meaningless dialogue. I borrowed an excerpt from a previous post to demonstrate TNG’s dependence on technobabble:

Scotty! can you fix it?
Uh don’t know Sir, she’s broke!

Status Mr. LaForge?
Sir the isolinear chips are misaligned creating a cascading power fluxuation, I can’t maintain structural integrity without rerouting the power couplings through a focused transient direct wave beam. Estimated time for repair 7.37 hours.
Proceed Mr. LaForge.

Original Trek was more interested in telling stories than getting mired down in technological gobbledygook. The cast never spouted a bunch of 50 cent scientific terms at each other. They actually explored space, got into interesting situations, and interacted with each other in a fairly realistic manner. Watching an episode of TNG is about as exciting as watching paint dry on my wall. TNG may have had snazzy effects for its time (which have not aged well, by the way) to draw in an audience, but as far as plot and character development goes it falls way short. The characters were two dimensional, the acting wooden (except for a few fine performances from Stewart and Spiner), the dialogue atrocious and stories that mostly went nowhere. Jeez, DS9 was set on a space station and they even went to more planets than TNG did. Just my own two cents.

58. Josh T. ( The Kirk unit must disclose the In-full-mation) Kirk Esquire' - March 20, 2007

Hey Big Bill cite your sources, that’s MY little excerpt from a previous post ! ;)

59. Big Bill Cox - March 20, 2007

58. Josh T

Sorry. I give you credit where credit is due. You really nailed it on the head with your post.

60. RoadSiren21/Mnl - March 20, 2007

greetings from manila, philippines!

i’m curious if the guys from CBS-D will follow what the Tholians look like in ENT-In A Mirror, Darkly when Spock talks to them on the viewscreen..

61. CmdrR - March 20, 2007


The Tholians exposed… or un-exposed in this case. Cool stuff.

62. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007


I was wondering that myself. They could make the Tholian look like the what they looked like on Enterprise, but keep it still and only show the head.

The ship in this new version does look a lot like the ENT version, except it has a yellow-orange glow to it instead of blue. I think it looks better this way, instead of the orginal, which doesn’t even look like a ship. It looks more like a chunk of metal.

63. Shaye - March 20, 2007

TOTALY like no offense!, but i wish they would leave SOME third season original shots intact, like in this episode….ALONE!

thank you!

Shaye …determined and strong third season original fx supporter!

I will wait till it airs before blasting it…you know how some of these previews sometimes do NOT do the ACTUAL episodes justice after all!

p.s. I despise yet hate the newly reworked third season music intro…….please restore the original vocals subduded, and the original and waaaay cooler 3rd season intro music alone and fx alone…cgs digital!!!

thanks again folks!


64. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

If you don’t like the new FX, don’t watch the new remastered episodes. No one’s making you do it. And it’s not like they’re replacing the originals.

65. thanks a true fanShaye - March 20, 2007

I happen to like alot of them!…especially when they come off right!, Just like they did in the Doomsday Machine, just for example…So please
dont tell me NOT to critique what is my favoute tv show of all time!,

The fact is that i have watched each episode of TOS probably closerto a thousand times for each episode KYLE NIN….So please tell me who you to cast stones at me, and tell me to leave if I dont like it and hurt your feelings when I rightfully say it looks like a cartoon sometimes their “new” cgi fx!?!?, ….are you the ghost of Gene Coon Or Gene Roddenberry?

I thought not….remeember everyone is entiteled to an opinion on this very important matter to millions of Trekkers!

As I said, I am NOT now bashing the Tholien Web/R…. not at least untill AFTER I see it…I do not pre-judge!

I may just like it and will quickly say so!


66. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

It just sounded like you were saying that you’re watching the remastered episodes just so you can complain about them.

You said in Post #63: “I will wait till it airs before blasting it.”

I think that’s pretty clear, unless you meant something else.

I’m watching it for entertainment, not so that I can pick it apart.

67. a true fan Shaye! - March 20, 2007

Kyle Nin, I beg your pardon?

what i meant is that i am taking a wait n see..attitude about it, does THAT meet with your approval!?

See…we all know they have dropped the ball, several times on key sequences in different episodes, and I actually feel bad for the cgi team, as i believe cbs-paramount “rushes” mike okuda and his team too much sometimes with these great shows…

i support their concept always! and sometimes not the results, but i do love several of the new shows so very very much indeed!, such as space seed, doomsday, amok time, etc, as well as the vastly improved colour in nearly all the shows and crisper looking episodes overall!

Say!, there is a right to freedom of exspression and thoughts in my country, how about yours?

“I’m watching it for entertainment, not so that I can pick it apart. “…me too friend…me too.

I just want it to be it’s best, they are getting better all the time..hope they can go back and make the blue flame come out , instead of gold, as was goofed in The Paradise Syndrome…arrgh.

Have a nice morning and good-bye for now Kyle!

Shaye ( one smart cookie)

68. Jeff Bond - March 20, 2007

Ouch, I still drag my feet a little at reinterpreting the Tholian ships this way–and I’ve really enjoyed all the enhancements up to now. I liked what was done with the Fesarius, and maybe it’s because Enterprise is my least favorite Trek show, but it hurts to see ships from Enterprise on TOS. I like the Sixties design aesthetic and I like the idea that we’re viewing different time periods in the Trek universe–I understand improving the effects, but it does rob some of that feeling of history to see certain design elements “improved” like this. What happens in 40 years when we’re looking back at this episode and wondering why the Tholian ships look like “turn of the century” designs while the Enterprise looks like a 1960s design? That’s the slippery slope here–deciding that the current aesthetic is now the ultimate lens through which all Trek must be viewed and modified to fit. That said, I like everything else about what I see here–the preservation of many of the original angles and the overal look DOES preserve that Sixties feel. That’s why the Tholian ships stick out so much to me–it may be a small touch but I still prefer the original Tholian ships, simple as they were–they looked like a mysterious, high technology to me. Okay, rant over! :)

69. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

What is wrong with you? Did I hit a nerve or something? Do I know you and you have a problem with me?

All I said was if you don’t like what they’re doing with the remastered episodes, then don’t watch. You say that you’ll wait until after you see the episode to rip it apart, but you’ve already made up your mind that you WILL rip it apart. Am I missing something here?

If you want to do that, fine. But does everyone here have to know about it?

Now, you want freedom of thought? Well … I think that the remastered episodes are a huge improvement on the originals, which were very campy and unrealistic. It’s too bad that the remastered episodes aren’t even more modern and realistic than they’ve already been made. They want to keep with the original versions as much as possible, but I say don’t.

Down with the original effects!

There, see? Now we’re even.

70. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

That last post of mine was for #67.

71. a true fan Shaye! - March 20, 2007


what i actually said if you had ever bothered to read my entire thought , as i politely read yours was this:

…”I will wait till it airs before blasting it…you know how some of these previews sometimes do NOT do the ACTUAL episodes justice after all!..”

sorry , Why are you being an arse about what i both said and meant?


Anthony Pascale? please invoke a parley here, i bear no ill will towards anything or anyone.

peace out from a kiwi gal!



72. Xai (firing my "canon"...... **Bo0m!**) - March 20, 2007

Fellow posters… cut the personal crap on BOTH ends. Call a truce or agree to disagree. Enough.

It’s as bad as the “my Trek’s better than your Trek” stuff now on this thread and every other. It’s old.

73. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

I’m perfectly fine with stopping it, but Shaye wants his way. I’m not even the one that started it in the first place. He just started lashing out at me for no good reason. I’ve been trying to stay curtious, but apparently that didn’t work.

–> Officially dropped.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since they announced that they were doing the remastered project. While everyone else was waiting for “The Doomsday Machine”, I was waiting for this.

I hope they release some promo pictures for this one, like they did for “The Doomsday Machine”. I can’t wait for it. Why can’t it be this weekend instead of the next one?

74. Anthony Pascale - March 20, 2007

ok people settle down

and shaye….stop calling yourself a ‘true fan’…that is something that really bugs me

…everyone here is a fan, no one is better at it than anyone else

and lets stop the personal stuff….i suggest you all wait for the episode to air….as has been said the previews dont do the show justice.

i look forward to the civil conversations about it after it airs

75. A true fan and girl named Shaye! - March 20, 2007

Alrighty, peace it is…sorry for the misunderstanding of language differences!

FIRST up…Messrs./MS. Nin)….

I am a woman not a guy , and why do you continue to insist that I.am all at fault here in our “discussions” and I am basicaly crazy …?

However…in the interests of intersteller emity…I accept your semi apology…


Say!, check out the original star trek intro in german!..



76. Shaye - March 20, 2007

sorry anthony i posted b4 i saw your reply, i will only ever ask for fairness and consideration id give, i respect you sir, and all the others.


77. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

Sorry. I didn’t know you weren’t a guy. Just so everyone knows, I’M a guy, not a girl. But I guess the name KYLE is kind of a giveaway to that fact.

Anyway, I’m sorry for getting too much into the arguement.

78. CmdrR. - March 20, 2007

Didn’t you explain earlier that the real reason for remastering these eps in the first place is because the old effects CAN’T work in high def? I admit, I am not clear on the technical aspects, but I believe there was no choice about leaving ANY of the old effects untouched. The only alternatives were to replace them as exactly as possible or to attempt to enhance them. I’ll say that for the most part, CBS-D has done a fine job. I’d AGAIN like to beg them to take their time before putting out the DVD’s, or I don’t see why I’d buy them… there are too many spots that can and should be tweaked in this effort.

79. Dr. Image - March 20, 2007

I kind of like the original featureless crystalline Tholian ships better.
Far more “alien” looking.
The new ones- too much ENT for me.
Everythng else looks great. (Except maybe the green… yeah.)

80. pcumby - March 20, 2007

Can’t wait. I haven’t seen one of these remastered episodes yet (they don’t show them in my area), so I eagerly await the posting here each week of the previews and effects clips. I think that the folks at CBS are doing a great job, and they are having fun with it…

Which is what it’s really all about.

81. Holo J - March 20, 2007

Being the geek that I am. I have watched the trailer more than a few times now and I have to say it looks better each time I watch it. I wasn’t so sure at first but after a few viewings, I think its looking good to me even though this is a low res preview. The only shot I have to agree looks a bit off is the phaser firing on the Tholian ship but it might look better at a higher res.

What I would love to see are those bridge display screens animated instead of them being so static and redundant, I am sure they originally intended them to do more but the budget stopped them from showing more than the still images they had in them. I guess it’s not ever going to happen… Shame, but I’ll keep mentioning it hoping CBS digital will give in and do it for the DVD. Yeah I know its unlikely but I live in hope.

I am looking forward to seeing the video from this one, but it’s still another week away yet though. Oh well I am sure it will be worth the wait.

82. non-fanatic - March 20, 2007

What I would love to see are those bridge display screens animated instead of them being so static and redundant, I am sure they originally intended them to do more but the budget stopped them from showing more than the still images they had in them. I guess it’s not ever going to happen…

I read somewhere — sorry I can’t remember where — where one of the people involved with the re-mastering said that they tried animating the screen but it just drew the eye away from the main action and so they didn’t do it. I wish I could remember who or where it was.

83. Kyle Nin - March 20, 2007

They do update the screens when it’s part of the scene, like in “Friday’s Child”. But I think I’d agree that keeping the still shots on the screens would be less distracting.

84. MichaelJohn - March 20, 2007

Wow! Can’t wait for the Spockboy comparison FX video for this episode!

Mike :o

85. Redshirt - March 20, 2007

Personally I am really looking forward to this. It looks really cool. I think The Tholian Web was one of the first episodes I saw when I was a kid during TOS’s Syndication Run during the 70’s. I felt the Tholians were so underused on Trek . I would have welcomed any appearence.

I dont like all the remastered shots in every episode myself but overall it depends on the execution of the final product. If I dont like it I can always watch any of my Trek DVD’s with the original cuts. I’m happy I have that option. If the story is intact than I really dont care in most cases. Overall I think the CBS-D Team has made a remarkable effort in most if not all of the shots they have done thus far. Yes I would echo their are shots that should be a little better.

86. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 20, 2007

I know I’m not the first person to say it, folks, but you’ve just gotta take the previews with a grain of salt. Last night I finally got a real taste of TOS-R from iTunes — I purchased and watched the Corbomite Maneuver — and the full quality show gives a truly crisp image with accurate hue/saturation/color balance, plus the Enterprise looks like a spaceship moving through space and not a model against a starfield. Granted, the effects are not up to movie quality, but they still give the Enterprise and the alien ships the appearance of mass and volume that was missing from the original versions.

87. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 20, 2007

P.S. I can’t wait to see the Tholian Web episode. Next up for me is Space Seed (the proto-wrath of Khan).

88. The Lensman - March 20, 2007

Preview looks pretty good. I’m on the fence regarding the Tholian design. On the one hand, it does make a certain sense to make to try to tie it somewhat to IAMD (prolly both will end up on a collection somewhere).

But on the other hand, I prefer the approach that says “It’s the late 60’s, and we’ve been given a crapload of money to do this stuff.” So that stuff remains visually consistent and doesn’t take you out of the moment.

And I like the distance shot of the Defiant. Reminds me of one or two of the old James Blish adaptation covers from the 70’s. Looking forward to this one.

89. doubleofive - March 21, 2007

I for one am eager to see this episode, if only for the lack of blue spill (http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Image:TholianWeb.jpg).

90. Holo J - March 21, 2007

82. non-fanatic – March 20, 2007

yeah I remember reading that .

83. Kyle Nin – March 20, 2007

I have to disagree that it would be too distracting. I know at first we would all be aware of the changes and we would be looking out for them but after a few viewings they would do their Job and fade into the background but I feel it would enhance the set of the bridge a lot. They could tie in what the display screens are showing with the story. I would be happy if they just replaced a few of them now and again just to show them working instead of always being static. I expect the real reason it isn’t done is because it would require a lot more work. I can appreciate that but I think it would be well worth it in the long run.

I would like to see more remastering added to the live action as most of the new CGI is not placed into the live action, apart from the occasional matt painting. When they have added to those scenes such as the matt paintings when the actors have been on screen its really looked good. I would just like to see more of this introduced into the remastering. The space shots are looking excellent and have greatly improved the action in space but I would love to see more of this introduced on the sets. I know rotorscoping is a painfully long process which all adds to the cost of the final product, and I am aware that that CBS are working to a tight deadline of an episode a week to get these out for TV but I continue to live in hope that they will add to some the live action before the DVD’s are released.
I know Star Trek isn’t just about the effects but I would just love to see more added to this remastering and do all the things they would have loved to of been able to do back in the 60’es. Obviously I can’t say for sure but I reckon that if Gene Roddenberry was still alive he would be asking to do more will some of the live action. Maybe I am wrong. But I would sure love to see it happen.

Put it like this, it’s very unlikely but if the DVD’s came with an option on the episodes to have the additional effects ON or OFF while you viewed the episode who wouldn’t have them ON?
I am sure most of us would want to see what the extra effects looked like and what CBS had done. Most of the extras CBS have added so far like Normans inner workings in “I Mudd” and the Horta burning through the rock on “Devil in the Dark” have been successful and I am hopeful they will do more to all the episodes before they finish all of this project for good.

Apologies for my ramblings and straying off topic. I do love and appreciate what CBS digital have and are doing but I guess I am an FX junky and would love to see more done to this show that has meant so much to me for so long.

91. SPOCKBOY - March 21, 2007

Animated screens wouldn’t be a bit distracting. They have this great expression that’s bandied about in the creative world…. “subtlety”
Holo J’s idea of having the screens tie in to the story is excellent. It would totally add another layer of reality.The truth is it would be a considerable amount of work, money, time and CBS always uses the “too distracting” or “respect for the original” argument instead of just coming clean and saying conditions will not permit it. If they EVER decide to do it, they MUST do it in ‘TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY’ Even as a kid I always cringed when I noticed that the screens were obviously wrinkled paper.
Talk about pulling you out of the moment!
Now that’s a REAL distraction

92. Kyle Nin - March 21, 2007

I suppose if the animated screens were slowly moving, it wouldn’t be a distraction. But, shouldn’t they only move when people are using them?

93. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 21, 2007

The post-TOS series feature screens that are animated (especially VOY and ENT), and they aren’t distracting. It’s because the screens are basically just the kind of computer screen we’ve all got right now — When an application is running without human interaction, there’s not much happening on the screen, just a widget or two spinning to show progress or a level meter measuring input. It wouldn’t be such a big deal to throw that in, but it would probably cost too much.

94. Holo J - March 21, 2007

91, 92, 93

yeah that’s what I mean, if you look at some of the episodes they do actually change the images in the displays from scene to scene occasionally they did replace the odd image here are there. I believe they are using the screen for mapping the universe taking shots of all they see. So it would make sense if they were changing every now and again. It would only have to be subtle and could be kept in the style of the series.

Sometimes the ships that they encounter could appear in on the screens and maybe they could have all the screens turn to red alert instead of just the one screen in the corner that already has “Condition Red” already written on it. I know it’s a lot of work and probably money but surely it would be well worth it?

95. Holo J - March 21, 2007

sorry I meant “Conditon Alert”

96. Granger - March 21, 2007

Spockboy’s comparisons are great fun. Along that line, I certainly hope CBS-Digital encodes the DVDs so that one can use the ANGLE function to see an episode both with and without the new stuff and thus compare the changes quickly, rather than having to load up a different chapter or disc.

97. Skippy 2k - March 21, 2007

In “In a Mirror Darkly” where they recreated the bridge while I don’t remember picking it out I read that they made the screens move slowly. Apparently not that distracting, I’m sure its more to do with the difficulty/time. I mean to line up all those screens especially in moving shots I would think would be quite an effort.

98. Ron Jon - March 21, 2007

I think the point is that the animation on the bridge monitors in “Mirror Darkly” was so subtle that it seemed barely worth doing. I would much rather that CBS Digital put their time and energy into things that make more of a difference in the episodes.

99. Cox of Seagulls - March 21, 2007

I personally like the look of this.
I’ll be watching this and the 2 In A Mirror Darkly’s back to back for the whole saga of the Defiant.

100. EBAR - March 21, 2007

It looks like they really did an awful job on this one. The shots of the Enterprise and Defiant were OK, but I hate the “cartoony” look of the Tholian ships and the web. The original looked much more real to me.

As for waiting for the actual episode to air, I have never liked the end result more when watching it on TV. In fact, it’s always been the opposite for me. The grain of the preview clips and the still shots have been able to hide a lot sins that show up when watching the actual TV show. I count this one as a huge disappointment. Too bad, it was a great episode.

101. Josh T. ( The Prime Directive is for shmucks) Kirk Esquire' - March 22, 2007

“Your….Bible and culture is……wrong.”

102. Mysterious Stranger - March 22, 2007

Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.

BTW, 101 What is your problem with the Bible and Christians?

““Your….Bible and culture is……wrong.” ”

Get a grip dude, you’re not the only one on this board and you’re views are not shared by everyone. Please take your Christian bashing somewhere else,

103. jonboc - March 22, 2007

I hops they did more than just cover the Defiant in a green fog. The original had a shimmering/sparkling effect in addition to the coloring, that was very un-natural and looking. It was very effective, I hope they haven’t stepped things down a bit with a simple “glow”. The rest looks great.

104. Josh T. (The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 22, 2007


Hey moron,

“Your Bible….Is wrong” is a homogenized, condensed, entirely abridged play on Kirks tenacious capacity for stripping a “primitive” society of their most sacred values and precepts, and replacing them with his own arbitrary morality and ethics.

It’s called humor, before you fall on your face thinking someone is attacking your CLEARLY fragile and unstable belief systems, learn about the art of innuendo and allegory jackass. Or perhaps even CONTEXT will suffice, as no mention of ANYTHING pertaining to Christianity or religion was made prior to my post.

105. Josh T. (The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 22, 2007

The fact I have to waste 2 minutes of my time to explain that to you speaks volumes about your mentality.

106. Mysterious Stranger - March 22, 2007

105, You really are an abusive ass. Your attitude of superiority is most interesting, probably masks your true feelings of inferiority and self loathing.

I noticed that you said the same thing in two different threads, then try to cloak it as humor. I guess the joke is on you. You’re transparent and lacking any real integrity.

Are you one of those basement dwelling fans? Time for bed Mellvar.

LOL, what a joke. I actually enjoy watching you make a fool of yourself.

107. Montreal Paul - March 22, 2007

SPACE network here in Canada just ran the “In A Mirror, Darkly 1 & 2″ this past week… what a great couple of episodes. I like the way they tied into TOS on this. I don’t think people gave ENT a fair shake… the last season was great. Fantastic stories and acting. I always found The Tholian Web a bit of a blah episode… but I later learned to appreciate it more. I look forward to seeing the effects reel when it is posted and hopefully Spock boy will do some of his magic too. I can’t wait to buy these remastered eps so I can actually see them in all their glory. You can’t tell anything from a tiny promo on the computer. Keep up the great work CBS-D!

108. Kyle Nin - March 22, 2007


If you look at the preview, the Defiant isn’t just surrounded by a green glow, the “glow” is moving and pulsating around the hull of the ship.

109. Anthony Pascale - March 22, 2007

Josh you have again stepped over the line

stranger you didnt have to follow him

dont get personal…if you guys dont end it then i will

110. ozy - March 22, 2007

The Tholian ship looks great.

111. Josh T. (The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 22, 2007


No Anthony, actually I haven’t stepped over the line.

I don’t particularly think joking about Kirk pushing his value systems on primitive cultures constitutes crossing any lines when ANYONE that has watched the show for the past 40 years should immediately GET saying “Your …..Bible and society….. is wrong” is the condensed essence of what Kirk says to every culture of every fricking planet he visits in every episode.

Anything I say on these boards is in the context of STAR TREK and when these hyper-sensitive idiots somehow pervert what I say into some sort of personal attack against THEM and their faux-victimized pedantic perceptions, the pattern immerges that they cry the loudest, like this Bible thumping moron did earlier, I respond in kind to their post explaining how utterly assinine they sound , then somehow you come in and suggest I’m the initiator of the confrontation.

It’s bullshit and a heavy handed double standard hypocritical perception when as I said before I come here to discuss Star Trek, and anything and eveyrthing I say on these boards is in the context of Star Trek. If some of these people want to contort it into something it isn’t that’s hardly my concern, but when challenged directly I most certainly WILL respond in kind and like fashion.

So since Mysterious Star Bible opened his mouth and once again twisted this into something entirely political oriented when it had nothing to do with politics other than a cursory laugh at Kirks philosophy and dealings with the cultures he meets, then I’ll say yes, “Mysterious Strangers” Bible and society…..is wrong.

112. SPOCKBOY - March 22, 2007

“Please take your Christian bashing somewhere else”
“Hey moron”;
” CLEARLY fragile and unstable belief systems”
“learn about the art of innuendo and allegory jackass”
“The fact I have to waste 2 minutes of my time to explain that to you speaks volumes about your mentality”
“Bible thumping moron ”
Allow me to summarize;
-You’re a bible thumping moron and a jackass who has questionable beliefs, no sense of humor, and you’re obviously quite stupid because you didn’t get my joke.

Dear ; Josh T (the Kirk unit must shut the hell up) Kirk Esqueer.

Stay focused.

“For crying out loud, it’s just a TV show”

113. SPOCKBOY - March 22, 2007

Is it me or does the Tholian ship look like a Colonial Viper when its getting zapped by the phaser fire? : )
I was really hoping that they would add some kind of shimmering inter-dimensional effect on those extremely tedious and repetitive shots of kirk floating around.

If not, I’ll happily throw something together to show you guys what I mean.

Seriously guys,
Let’s just have fun and talk about how great Star Trek is, okay?

114. THEETrekMaster - March 22, 2007

Show us! Show us! Spockboy!!!

Oh…and on the battle royale going on here…all I can say is:

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” ;-)


115. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 22, 2007

Star Trek is just a TV show???

116. Michael Appleton - March 22, 2007

#101, 104, 105+111 Josh T.
I agree with you wholeheartedly!! There was nothing wrong with what you said, or what you ever say for that matter. It would seem that some other people posting here should learn to untighten their sphincters! God, I would have loved to face you on the debating team in college!

117. Cervantes - March 23, 2007


118. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 23, 2007


As it so happens, I’m a Master Debater, and a cunning linguist. Yuck Yuck.

119. Shaye - March 23, 2007

say what you will…im ready to have stones hurled upon me, like miramanee) but some of this remastering is coming off like somebody ran in the louvre and painted a mustache on the mona lisa, while some is exceptional briliant….

i love trek classic, and ds9 & voy, btw. i tried enterprise…it was so badly written at first…that was really sad and too bad!

..there were some good fx and great actors, but they wasted the potential till only late in the supprsingly good towards the end fourth season of the series, i only wish it and them/cbs-cgi-okuda co, Say! cant they just have one new episode a month and have it done REALLY GREAT and special?

im not bashing remastered/tos you great trekkers!
..i am just PASSIONATE about star trek, the show that gave me hope in hell in my young preteen life I was instantly hooked.

oh most wise?” – Natira of the febrini

P.S. Looking forward to Ellan of Troyuis!

120. Michael Appleton - March 23, 2007

#118 Yes, but are you generous? If Jack helped you off a horse, would you help…oh, better not go there! The right wing “fringe” are watching!

121. non-fanatic - March 23, 2007

some of this remastering is coming off like somebody ran in the louvre and painted a mustache on the mona lisa

Probably be an improvement in that case. I really don’t know what all the fuss is about with that painting, other than regularly being told how brilliant it is. Then I don’t really like art, so it’s probably just me and a few others.

122. Josh T. ( The Kirk Unit must disclose the information) Kirk Esquire' - March 23, 2007

My that’s a fat qoutation mark.

123. THEETrekMaster - March 23, 2007

I can’t wait to see what they do with that Ion-powered ship from Spock’s Brain.


124. Grover Sald Jr - March 23, 2007

123. I don’t know if you’re kidding (no offense if you’re not),
but your post reminds me of a funny comment someone posted
when the remastering and re-FXing project was first announced:
‘You mean we’ll get to see a computer-generated Abraham
Lincoln floating in space?? COOL!!’

125. Michael Appleton - March 23, 2007

#121 “I don’t really like art’.
What do we say to someone who has this perception?

126. non-fanatic - March 24, 2007

What do we say to someone who has this perception?

Nothing really, it was just a comment. I like a nice picture of a country scene that looks real but that’s about it. Not interested in pictures of people, or anything that needs to be ‘explained’ to be understood. I’m old-fashioned; I think of art as being a picture so I suppose I like things that others call art, but to me, it’s a television program, or a film or a book etc.

Still, that’s off topic, my fault.

127. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 24, 2007

This must be the mirror universe message board.

128. Chris - March 24, 2007

How come it is not on this weekend?

129. DEMODE - March 24, 2007

“In a Mirror Darkly” … saw it on SPACE the other day in Canada. One really cool thing was that they showed the Defiant fire an aft torpedo and aft phaser. I wonder if there is any chance we will see the remastered Enterprise do this. I sure hope so!

130. neo - March 25, 2007

oh dear god. that looks terrible. there was better cg in the early ninties. why do they refuse to meet the standard set by “in a mirror, darkly”?

131. SPOCKBOY - March 25, 2007

I dont think they refuse, they simply do not possess the talent when it comes to OBJECTS like our beloved starship Enterprise. EDEN FX also had a limited time to create an Enterprise model and did a stupendous job the first time around. It didn’t take months and months and constant bitching and critisizm from fans to make it happen. Think about this, if fans hadn’t circled the wagons, then in all likelyhood we would still be saddled with that terrible cartoony “Balance of Terror” Enteprise that looked worse than an AMT model kit. Sadly, I STILL dont think it they have it down. I think they have it at about 85% but not quite yet. They seem to have a problem with illumination. I’m all for realism and having the ship seem dimmer but if you are going to do that then for God’s sake have the portholes and navigation lights actually noticable. Look at how much brighter lights have become in the last 50 years, imagine 200 years from now!
It just comes down to CBS playing it cheap by using an “IN HOUSE” effects team instead of EDEN FX who already HAD the damn model made and PROVED they could make it work. In CBS Digital’s defence I believe their matte work has been excellent, but they just dont seem to have the Enterprise down, and the Enterprise is just as crucial a character as the Star Trek triumverate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The frustrating thing is that having the Enterprise down shoud never have even been an issue in the first place. When CBS originally had the idea to remaster, they should have broke into song singing:
“Going down to EDEN(fx) yay brother”
: )

132. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 26, 2007

I agree, Spockboy. I think the fans have been more gracious about CBS/Paramount’s remastering effort than is warranted. Illumination is it!! Give me the original model any day…just correct the ship’s tracking shots when movement is off!! Even the original credits are better than the remastered, other than the aforementioned tracking movements.

133. neo - March 26, 2007

i’m not just talking visuals. they should be putting time and effort into the project to remove the grain, fix the colours, put windows in the ship, update the sounds, rerecord all the score, and clean up the dialogue. with some clever editing, they could eliminate those inconsistencies the first season had when they were still thinking the thing out (like “deflector screens” for example)

if they’ve got the original versions on dvd, why not bring the series up to the standards of the other shows? all the interior shots could look like later season TNG episodes, and the exteriors like enterprise. i could do the sound overhaul myself (the bridge floor creaks like wood! inexcusable!)

they’re afraid of a star wars like backlash. but with both versions out, they won’t have that problem. they should go all out. but they’re sticking as close to the original as possible. the point of the project was to do what they would have done the fist time had they had the technology. instead, they’re doing what they already did the first time, just with new technology. it’s cowardly. better to have bad footage that looks like it’s from the 50s with bad effects that look like they’re from the 50s, than bad footage that looks like it’s from the 50s with bad effects that look like they’re from the 90s

134. Jim J - March 26, 2007

The last three posts are frightening!

135. Sean4000 - March 26, 2007

Spockboy and Neo, I thought i was the only one. Glad to see otherwise.

136. Josh T. ( The Mirror Universe Josh T.) Kirk Esquire' - March 26, 2007

The only problem is, the Constitution CGI model on Enterprise, looked like shit.

137. neo - March 26, 2007

it looked great, i was amazed to see a modern cgi model that diddn’t look like it was wet. the remastered one does.

“trials and tribble-ations” was 11 years ago. they had cleaner looking footage, ambient sound effects, and realistic exteriors. but that was a year before the star wars special edition. now they’re afraid to even have the ship fly straight, it still flies diagonally in the exterior shots.

138. neo - March 26, 2007

“in a mirror, darkly” turned the constitution class starship into not only a thing that could be taken seriously, but a thing of beauty.

139. Sean4000 - March 26, 2007

I still say the best episode of TOS-R is “In A Mirror Darkly, Part 2″

Finally someone brought up the weird flying axis of the TOS-E.

Also as far as the story is concerned the second part clearly showed the superiority of 23rd century hardware over 22nd century counterparts. No “de evolution explanation” necessary. Just simple primal destruction of the Avenger was enough for me.

I swear I am going to throw in bid to redo TNG using Eden’s style and technology. I’ll find a way to conjure up the funds and equipment. May be I’ll even steal a few animators away.

This is wishful thinking but if CBS digital butchers Picard’s Enterprise D I’ll be pissed for sure.

140. neo - March 26, 2007

picard’s ship looked pretty good in “these are the voiyages”, though shiny. i want to see them rmaster TNG as well, mainly to get rid of all the reused stock footage. but seeing as they’re reusing so many angles in TOSR, i don’t think they’d be interested.

141. Sean4000 - March 26, 2007

It was about 90% accurate except for some minor scaling, color and shape issues.

I liked it but it could have been better. okay episode too. There is even a book out now that clarifies it.

142. Mike Schaeffer - March 27, 2007

I am with you Sean4000, lets call Eden FX and CBS, and see if they can have Eden remaster TNG.

143. Sean4000 - March 27, 2007

Mike, Neo, and Spockboy please contact me somehow. I think we can make this change really happen. my aim is embryoniccineon

144. Jim J - March 27, 2007

Yup, frightening it is.

145. neo - March 28, 2007

i was actually thinking of doing a demo of a REAL remaster. an opening sequence and some interior clips. i can only do the sound, though.

for the opening, i was thinking of starting with the remastered opening fanfare, but replacing the theme music with that of the motion picture (i despise the bongo-drum main theme). and the last shot would be the long shot of the defiant from IAMD (where the name isn’t seen), but slowed a bit, and ending with the ship going to warp TNG style. but i can’t do any of that, because i don’t do visual effects, i’m purely audio

it would be interesting to make a 3 way comparison video of the original, the remastered, and a fan-made remaster with actual work put into it.

146. Sean4000 - March 28, 2007


VFX and motion picture graphics are my specialties. Let us see what we can come up with.

Contact me please. AIM: embryoniccineon


147. Jim J - March 28, 2007

Replace the opening theme-the REAL theme from the ORIGINAL Star Trek??? Frightening, I say!

148. neo - March 28, 2007

it’s the absolute most dated part of the show. i mean, bongo drums! seriously! and this crazy singing voice!

roddenberry wanted jerry goldsmith to do the original show in the first place, i see no reason not to add his work in now. that theme has been used to represent the enterprise ever since ’79, all the way up to the final shot of “these are the voyages”

besides, you might as well say “replace the opening effects-the REAL effects from the ORIGINAL star trek??? frightening, I say!”

what ever happened to going boldly?

149. Gd846c3 - March 28, 2007

If this preview proves to be an accurate representation of the complexity of new effects in this episode, then my only real suggestion for CBS-D is that they add a bit more color to the deflector dish. If you look at Eden FX’s digital model for the Defiant in “In a Mirror Darkly” parts one and two, their version shows a lot of color and detail in the deflector dish. Although their model is not quite perfect either, it still has good color. Before you, CBS, do the next few remastered episodes, I think you should make the deflector dish look somewhere between what you are doing now and what Eden FX did in Enterprise.

150. Jim J - March 28, 2007

The original Star Trek theme is a cultural icon. It’s a bit different than replacing som e of what you are talking about. Heck, for that matter, why don’t we just replace the actors and the dialogue, too. I’m a music teacher and the original Star Trek theme is not nearly as outdated as you claim.

151. neo - March 28, 2007

it’s a cultural icon BECAUSE it’s dated. every other dated part of the show is a cultural icon. but star trek was not meant to be quaint and corny.

like i say, people who watch it purely for nostalgia have their version, now i think those of us who actually like it should have ours.

152. Jim J - March 29, 2007

So, you assume that watch it for nostalgia reasons and not because I actually like it? Very interesting. I guess because I like the original theme I must not be part of the “those of us who actually like it” members only club?

Next you are going to tell me that the Mission Impossible, Bonanza, Get Smart, and Dragnet themes should be replaced because you don’t like the instrumentation on them, which means they are OLD and OUTDATED!!!

I must be out of the times since my band still uses bongo’s in some songs. Frankly, the entertainment industries music today doesn’t come close to touching what was done 30-40 years ago. Give me REAL orchestras/bands, not the technology electrified crap that is pushed on our listening ears via TV and some movies as well.

One of the sad aspects of Trek’s demise included the gradual demise of it’s music, thanks to Rick “I hate real music” Berman.

153. neo - March 29, 2007

the best debates are the ones where my opponent presents all my arguments for me.

and as a doctor who fan, i found your last bit laughable, as that show had purely electronic music when it started 41 years ago, and in ’05 moved up to a new version of their theme (which doesn’t suck) using the bbc national orchestra of wales combined with the original 1963 electronic peice, and it does not sound dated. no bongo drums there.

154. neo - March 29, 2007

allow me to introduce my opening theme concept:


155. Josh T. ( Tholians are Wal-Mart villians ) Kirk Esquire' - March 30, 2007


Um, that’s because the hull of the Starship Enterprise is slick, it has a glossy sheen and surface, it’s supposed to look wet.

156. Jim J - March 30, 2007

I’ll refrain from commenting until I get to listen to yours from my computer at home. I can’t get it work here at work. I do feel that “laughable” is a bit exaggerated, though it may be a good word to use when talking about Dr. Who or Lost In Space. Star Trek is a wee bit classier and classic!

157. Jim J - March 30, 2007

Ok, I got it to work here at work after all. COMMENTS:
1. Why one Enterprise “whoosh” sound, then no others? Are you taking that away, too?
2. 14 seconds into it, why the extra instrumentation there? Doesn’t sound like it mixes/fits well at all.
3. 24-30 seconds-Sounds like a mess of two themes being played on top of each other.
4. 51 seconds there is an abrupt change in the “motion picture” theme being played. Sounds like poor editing.

General comment-I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t see the point of what you are trying to do and it seems to be haphazardly put together. The music does not mix well…kinda seems like a big stretch just to get rid of bongos. So, why do you hate bongos so much? LOL

I don’t like bells on the motion pisture theme…maybe I oughta create a new motion picture theme……….. ;-)

158. neo - March 30, 2007

1: i put in the whoosh to cover the lame swish that was already there. if i had a video, i’d put in the rest

2: of course, it’s an edit, it’s never worked. but that sound came from the exact same place during the opening fanfare as it was in the star trek 5 end credit music i got it from.

3: yes, i don’t have the monologue without the msic behind it. i’m amazed i got as much out as i did.

4: i know, i have no other way of shortening the peice to the light length and getting the ending i want, so there’s a sudden change in key.

i’m not asking for a commentary on my edit itself, i’m operating on very limited resources, a problem that the people in charge of the remastering wouldn’t have if they did it themseves. it’s just to show what i’m going for. in terms of audio for the opening sequence, i want that god-awful old theme gone, with gerry goldsmith music there instead (like roddenberry wanted in the first place), and i want the ship to sound massive, and not make that stupid swish it currently does.

159. neo - March 30, 2007

by the way, no, star trek is not classic, because classic would mean that it WAS good. star trek IS good.

160. neo - March 30, 2007

also, josh, it’s impossible for anything to be as smooth as in modern cgi, it would require no texture whatsoever, a perfectly flat surface down to the atomic level.

besides, 23rd century vessels have been consistently shown to have an unpolished grey hull material, a dull texture.

161. Jim J - March 31, 2007

Funny how you can sit and rip on a great composers work (because he uses bongos) but you don’t want any of your work criticized. When you put it out there, it’s gonna get criticized. Welcome to the world of Eden FX, Dochterman, and CBS Digital!!!!! Anyone for nacelle caps or big balls?

162. neo - April 1, 2007

again, limited resources. like explaining the design of a building by drawing it in the sand. you’re just supposed to get the point.

the original music is terrible in every way, even without the bongos and the wailing. it reeks of the 60s, and it’s not dramatic. it’s corny. star trek is not supposed to be corny, it’s supposed to be drama.

163. Jim J - April 1, 2007

Funny how Star Trek is what started it all, but now it’s corny? fascinating!

164. neo - April 1, 2007

gene roddenberry is what started it all, and he was quick to make every effort possible to eliminate corniness when he continued the series. he was limited by the technology of the times. apperently cbs thinks they’re limited by the technology of 1992. except with a limited number of camera angles. they’re sticking as close as they can to the old instead of boldly going where they’ve never gone before. it shows a lack of understanding of what the show’s about in the first place.

165. Jim J - April 2, 2007

Apparently neo is the ghost of Gene Roddenberry.

166. neo - April 4, 2007

i share his philosophies, about reality AND fiction. he used the fiction as a medium for his thoughts on reality. he would not want the show to be laughable, quaint, or used as a nostalgia trip. it’s supposed to make you think.

167. Jamika Ennen - April 9, 2011

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