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JJ Abrams Confirms Kirk In Star Trek XI April 18, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,STXI Plot , trackback

In the new issue of Star Trek Magazine, JJ Abrams finally breaks his silence….a tiny bit. Trek XI’s producer/director  tells the official Trek mag  "James T Kirk appears in the movie." Although this has been the rumor and essentially working assumption, it is actually the first time that anyone associated with the film has officially disclosed any plot detail about the film. Still no word on who will actually play Kirk in the film or any other official details from Paramount, but Abrams did offer this…

The respect we all have for Star Trek canon – and for a brand-new audience – is massive. The script is done. We’re now starting pre-prep, and we can’t wait to start shooting! Many more details to follow!

Although more of a confirmation than breaking news, it is still a bit of a coup for Star Trek Magazine to be the first to get Abrams on the record, and TrekMovie.com is told we should expect more Trek XI exclusives from the mag. It is also heartening to see Abrams finally break the total ‘cone of silence’ and to commit to ‘more details.’ 


For more pick up Star Trek Magazine (#132  in the UK#5 in the US) on newsstands this week.



The area of Kirk’s life that Trek XI will focus on is still not known officially. Vote on where in Kirk’s life you would like Trek XI to focus on.  


1. Sleeper Agent X - April 18, 2007

First! But this is not really news, just confirmation.

2. Cameron Boehme - April 18, 2007

I can not tell you how exciting it is for me to learn that my single favorite *and best-loved* childhood hero (followed by a closely second held space filled by Superman) … THE Captain James T. Kirk, will be appearing in the new upcoming movie, a new saga involving my most-beloved fictional characters…

As usual, my thanks go out to you, Anthony for providing me with my much-needed “fix” for this drug called “Star Trek,” and my best wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones.


Cameron Boehme

3. Cameron Boehme - April 18, 2007

(I thought I had first, but someone beat me to it!)

It’s juvenile, yes, but I enjoy all of it so much – that I just don’t care how childish I appear!

Best to all!

Prospering with long life!


4. stallion - April 18, 2007

If this movie is about how Kirk became captain of the Enterprise or the first mission of it then Gary Mitchelle should be in it.

5. Doug - April 18, 2007

Unless he’s talking Bill Shatner as Jim Kirk, then Kirk is NOT going to be in the film. Just some punk ass usurper to the role doing a bad Shatner impression…

6. The Gospel Truth - April 18, 2007

Shatner is the only Kirk.

7. snake - April 18, 2007

Listen theres NO WAY shatner can be Kirk again – he’s too old (maybe he can be in it via an X Men 3 style cameo where we see K & S pre Generations going on about their early years at the start of the film)

re casting is the only way.

The only other thing they could have done would be to have done the film with Pike as the main character on his final voyage as captain aboard the NCC 1701 and have had him hand over the ship to a CGI 1960s Shatner Kirk in the last few minutes of the film….

8. Sleeper Agent X - April 18, 2007

Why has no one mentioned the possibility of doing the movie entirely with hand puppets? That way not only would you save a _ton_ of money on production but you could have the original cast return to do the voices. For those who really need their Shatner fix, you could occasionally see Shatner or Nimoy peeking their heads above the puppet stage…

9. snake - April 18, 2007

for the shatner fans maybe they could do a special film all about shatner..it would follow him around as he does his daily business like that Shatner vision on his site..on this would be 70 mm and only in cinemas..

10. Big E - April 18, 2007

I can’t wait for more!
Has anyone read the full article? are there more details?

11. Jon - April 18, 2007

Talk about spoonfeeding plot details…Kirk will be in the film.Wooooo.Second? the film will take place in outer space.

12. Anthony Pascale - April 18, 2007

Big E,

I not sure if anyone has the issue yet. It will be in the US next week and going out now in the UK. I have an advance copy. But the rest of the article only reporting things that have been covered such as the official press release and some off the other rumors. Bear in mind that STM is bi monthly so it has to ‘catch up’. That being said it is a good issue and recommended

13. Anthony Pascale - April 18, 2007


well the other way to look at it is that this is the beginning of Abrams ‘opening up’ He does say many more details to follow. But if his history on LOST is any indicator, then dont expect the whole thing to come out officially.

….but leaks are a whole other story ;)

14. snake - April 18, 2007

it sounds increasingly like it’ll be a Bond or batman – “Star Trek Begins” or “Kirk Begins” probably to centre on Kirk and the events leading up to his taking command of the Enterprise

Look at how critically acclaimed Casino Royale, Batman Begins and Battlestar Galactica have been – Paramount will want that for star trek – going back to the classic characters origins..(especially since they weren’t explored in TOS)

I doubt it’ll be a prequel in the same way the Star Wars prequels were (i.e. adhering exactly to the original films continuity)..it’ll be more of a reboot showing some of the events talked about in TOS and movies like the Kobiashi Maru test, the Academy (maybe briefly skipped over in a similar way to the academy scenes in The Departed starring Matt Damon), maybe Carol Marcus, the USS Farragut incident, eventually leading to Kirk taking over the NCC 1701 from Pike etc but totally re-doing it at the same time (i.e. it wont seem in perfectly with TOS like the star wars prequels did with the original SW films costume/set wise etc)

Perhaps like Battlestar Galactica – not as rebooted as that (changing characters genders) but sorta that way…taking the basic premise, story, characters, ship designs, elements of the music score and rejigging it..

However Abrams says he will adhere to and respect the continuity (and he did design that wonderful Teaser poster) so it’ll probably be something of a prequel as well as a reboot.

15. John Pemble - April 18, 2007

Yes hand puppets and please add another crappy cgi Enterprise. This of course a jab at CBS D’s Enterprise. The Enterprise in the series Enterprise was excellent and perhaps the best first CGI model for TV that was fitting for film.

16. snake - April 18, 2007

How about Chris Evans (Sunshine, Fantastic 4) as Kirk?

I’ve a feeling Damon wont do it as he’s hit the big time with being in mega succesful Scortese films and Ocean films and Bourne films etc…why would he want to do star trek?..even if he was a huge fan? plus have everyone compare him to Shatner? – he’s too big a name..i mean he’s cost alot wouldnt he? and what about sequels?

I saw Sunshine recently and Chris Evans had me thinking that he wouldnt be a bad Kirk

17. JohnW - April 18, 2007

I really hope they wont pick big names for the leads. Tobias Menzies (Brutus in Rome) would be perfect for Spock.

18. snake - April 18, 2007

as long as they get Nimoy for a cameo as old spock along with El Shat the fans will be happy….

not to have those 2 in it while they are still healthy will cause a massive out pouring of grief from trek fans the world over..

19. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 18, 2007

It’s time to face the following facts:
1. KIrk and Co. are the most interesting/or at least the most well known characters of STar Trek.
2. Shatner can’t play a young Kirk, but it would be cool if he could still make a cameo as older James T Kirk.
3. Whoever they get to play James T Kirk is going to play the role differently, like it or not. The same for all other familiar characters-as fans we need to have an open mind and get over it. We can’t have The Shat, Leny, and co. come back. Isn’t this better than never seeing the characters again.
4. For those of you that just answered no, I’ll agree if they butcher the characters and make them “evolve” into some other personality types. But, if they are written correctly, Captain Kirk and Co. could be exciting to see again, even if Kirk doesn’t overact or have “pregnant pauses”!
5. Abrams WILL be a departure from B&B. We HAVE to give this a chance. We have becoem SO cynical thanks to the numerous disappoitments we have endured recently.
6. Abrams respects Star trek canon, B&B used to whine about it,
7. Many say Star Trek movies need to go in a new direction, well, here it is!
8. You have a 100% chance to get “Joe movie goer” more interested in this movie with Captain Kirk’s charcter than you do even if you combined Archer/Picard/Sisko/Janeway together!
9. Star Trek needs to live long and prosper!

20. Sleeper Agent X - April 18, 2007

Well said, Jim J.

21. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 18, 2007

Gollee Gee Whillikers!

22. ZoomZoom - April 18, 2007

I agree-Well said Jim. I’m excited and yet nervous by this film. Surely, the best of times!?

23. Dr. Image - April 18, 2007

I’ll second that, Jim.
(Abrams should change his name to James R. Kirk though…to fit in with… established canon.)

24. Dusty - April 18, 2007

I’m keeping hopes up for Nimoy to appear in “XI”…
Has anyone noticed lately if he is growing his hair out, pointing up his sideburns and shaving off half his eyebrows?

25. Ruthless Nate - April 18, 2007

“The respect we all have for Star Trek canon – and for a brand-new audience – is massive.”

I hope that holds true. While I know I could handle a complete reboot eventually, I’d really prefer a prequel that won’t negate the forty years of canon that have already been established.

Also, I’d still like to see an early scene with a young Kirk meeting a very old Archer, just to give a nod to the other series. The biography in the Defiant’s data banks shown in “In A Mirror, Darkly” showed that Archer died the day after the NCC-1701 was launched. Kirk would have been 12 when Archer died. Perhaps a chance meeting led to some inspiration for young James T.?

26. Anthony Pascale - April 18, 2007

dont forget to vote in the poll on the right

what Kirk do you want to see? (Cadet Kirk? Commander Kirk? )

….also if you like the story…then DIGG it (click Digg button above)

27. Lukas - April 18, 2007

Someone mentioned Zachary Quinto for Spock a few months back. He’s got the build, the look, and the demeanor, but not the voice. That deep Spock voice is pretty important in my opinion.

Sinise = perfect casting.

Damon needs a tan for the part, but I can’t really think of any other options.

28. Bryan - April 18, 2007

No one can play Kirk or Spock except the original actors…period.
I’m willing to accept them at their current 76 years of magnificence in some sort of wrap-around…rememberance sort of plot. Shatner & Nimoy has to at least bookend the main part of the movie!
If JJ adheres to the classic canon, then he must have the original stars in it, before they become far too aged and possibly we’ll loose them as Kelly and Doohan. Time waits for no one.

29. Lukas - April 18, 2007

Oh, and right on, Jim! I agree completely.

30. Dennis - April 18, 2007

I recently saw a Boston Legal where they cut in a young Shat with a current actor. Perhaps with a little work they could cut Shat and Nimoy in as the age of the characters just before Kirk died.

31. Lukas - April 18, 2007

Shatner and Nimoy will always be Kirk and Spock in the same way that Connery will always be James Bond.

I don’t think that makes anyone some sort of traitor for thoroughly enjoying Casino Royale.

Likewise for the new Trek.

32. Jon - April 18, 2007

13 OK Anthony .After I wrote that I did think that maybe I was being too sarcastic.I’m with you on the Abrams ‘opening up’ as relevant.

33. Michael A. Padgett - April 18, 2007

To quote Spock, “Change is the essential process of growth.” I’m 47 and have been a fan since 1972 (I’m from the “Star Trek Lives!” generation). I and others from my time are the reason why we’re sitting here debating this issue – we kept Star Trek alive. In 1987, I refused to call ST:TNG “Star Trek.” I thought it an insult and called it “Starfleet: The Next Generation.” I, thankfully, turned out to be wrong. “Star Trek” has evolved beyond the original triad of Kirk-Spock-McCoy into a whole universe. So long as the producers remain true to the sense of hope and the focus on humanity that is behind all Star Trek(s) I will have no problem with XI. As for who should play Kirk, I don’t care. I do think however, that it would be nice to see William Shatner as an aged Kirk before the film flashes back to earlier days………

34. Praetor Kirkus Overactus - April 18, 2007

I’ve seen an actor in a movie on TV recently, Emile Hirsch. I think he’s being tapped to play Speed Racer in a remake, but for some reason I see a little of young Kirk in him. But, he may end up a little too young if it’s James Kirk’s first mission on the Enterprise.

35. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - April 18, 2007

I like Lost. Best Show on t.v. Fans hate a character , producers brutally kill them off. J.J. listens to the fans. We are in such terrific hands. I’m stoked. Now that the official unoffical confirmation has been made the well of tidbits will start to flow, casting, sets, effects, ect. If we can’t get Sinise for McCoy I vote for Sawyer from Lost, he’d be terrific as our crumudgionly loveable heroic southern doctor. Now Marta will perform a most erotic dance for J.J.

36. Trekmaster - April 18, 2007

One of the more interesting rumors (and again, just a rumor) I have heard is that the film will involve a crisis for the ‘older’ Kirk. Spock and he will be trying to find some way to save JTK from some disease that is ravaging his body. Spock (and possibly some other Medical type) will decipher that the Captain Kirk contracted the disease when he was much younger, and it has taken this long for the pathogen (or whatever) to cause a problem. Kirk will then have to remember when and where he may have gotten it so that he can somehow go back and warn his younger self. It may somehow be related to the temporally active micro-organisms that Johnathan Archer had in that Episode of Enterprise where he was sick with amnesia everyday and T’Pol had to take care of him. I believe the episode was called “Twighlight.” The main bulk of the film will be the ‘young’ Kirk and Spock through a series of flashbacks — ala’ Abrams and Company’s “Lost” television series.

Sounds interesting, but again, just a rumor. I’m stoked that we finally know Kirk will ‘appear’ in the film.

37. Kev - April 18, 2007

Old Kirk or new Kirk? Both? From the excitement I’m assuming the Shatner one./

38. Tim Handrahan - April 18, 2007

For those of you wondering about Nimoy being involved, it was Nimoy that told Abrams to contact Richard Arnold about reading a message about the movie at the recent Grand Slam convention. That alone tells me that he has some involvement. I firmly believe that Shatner and Nimoy WILL be back as Kirk and Spock for one last appearance.

39. Jon - April 18, 2007

Maybe they can get David Hassellhoff to pick up where Shatner left off in generations and play Kirk in a continueing storyline.that way they would have an actor that’s round about Shatner’s age at the time.then Nimoy can play Spock again suffering from a post-genesis aging syndrome.

40. Ted - April 18, 2007

#5 Doug –

I hope the actor (whoever he may be) doesn’t do a Shatner impersonation — that would make for an awful portrayal of Kirk. I’m hoping the new actor is good enough to do his own thing and still convince me he’s Captain Kirk (no Shatnerisms required).

41. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - April 18, 2007

Yipee, let the rumors roll!!!!!!! Fun aint it!!!!!!!!! Evengilline Lilly from Lost for Kirk’s love interest!!!!!! She’s entoxicatingly lovely and very natural!!!! Bruce Boxleitner for Kirk’s Daddy!!! Jack from Lost for Captain Pike (in or out of the chair) Wouldn’t it be heartwrenching to see how his accident happened!!!! Sinise for McCoy, if not Sawyer from Lost!!!!! Daniel Day Kim for Sulu if not then Takeshi Kaneshiro from House of Flying Daggers and Cofession of Pain!!!!!God Damn this rumor mongering is fun. Boy George for Picard’s Great Grandfather!!!!!

42. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - April 18, 2007

39…. Wrong Shatnerisms are required because Shatnerisms are Kirk!!!!! But I agrre that whoever plays Kirk it can’t seem like a contrived impersonation. But they have to be there tonally. Especially if Shatner does indeed appear as older Kirk. Shatnerisms For Kirk!!!!!!!!! Yippee multiple posts like Josh T!!!!!!!!!! John Dykstra and Douglass Trumbull for FX!!!!!!

43. Michael Appleton - April 18, 2007

Abrams better not open with an exciting battle scene with a young Kirk in command of a ship, having him vanquish the enemy, just to have us be told that we’re watching him in the Kobyashi Maru test where he “changed the conditions” to win. A cheap rip-off copying of the opening to TWOK is not an auspicious beginning! Let’s hope for something a little more original than THAT!

44. Adam - April 18, 2007

With the exception of season three (when it became clear Bill was starting not to care), I don’t think William Shatner overacted. Shatner is actually a great actor. They don’t hand out those Emmy awards to anybody.

Also, I completely understand that only a new actor can play a young Captain Kirk. I understand that the new actor will play him differently. I have an open mind just like the next guy. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy for me to simply “get over it”.

This isn’t like James Bond, Batman or even Superman. All of those characters have been played by many many different actors. Captain James T. Kirk has been played by only one actor, and has been played by that actor consistently for 40 years. I know I have to get over the fact that this will all change very soon. But that still doesn’t change the fact that, for me, accepting this will be harder than a long-time smoker waking up one morning and giving up cigarettes cold turkey. When I think about James T. Kirk…I get an image of William Shatner in my head. This might be easy for Jim J. to get over, and that’s great. I envy him. I want this to be easy. But this will probably end up being awkward for me. All I ask is that you understand this. I really hope the casting for this movie will be like Superman Returns. Where they went with an unknown that looked like the iconic Christopher Reeve. Casino Royale went with a well-known but still small name actor. But even Daniel Craig had Sean Connery’s nose and mouth. But if they go with big name actors or even actors that look absolutely nothing like the original cast, what can I do? I won’t complain about it like the other childish purists. I know I’m in the minority. But so what? I have a right to express my opinion in a civil manner. Even if it isn’t popular.

45. Adam - April 18, 2007

I hope the next actor that plays Kirk will have a few subtle mannerisms of William Shatner when playing the role. Please don’t flame me for this. If you don’t agree with me, just say that. I fully realize the new actor probably won’t add in a few Shatner mannerisms here and there. It’s like winning the lottery. The average joe probably won’t win it, and he knows this. But that doesn’t mean you can roll your eyes and laught when he states that he hopes to win. At least not in front of him. :)

46. Jon - April 18, 2007

# 38 …PSYCHE!!! Well,maybe in the’ theatre of the absurd’ .Joking aside . Any actor that portrays Kirk will have to get into the spirit of the character,not copy Shatner.

47. Jon - April 18, 2007

Maybe they can have a reality show contest like they did with Grease.they could call it “I Wanna Be Kirk”

48. Jon - April 18, 2007

“I (pause) , Wanna (pause) , BE (pause) ,Kirk!

49. Xai (One Kirk per movie please.) - April 18, 2007

I guess that we should expect more of the Shatner vs. (unknown actor) stuff until the casting is announced.
IMO…. we need a recast. I cannot see using Shatner in the role at his current age. I know that a recast just cannot be accepted by some among us and I accept that as your opinion. In my opinion a recast costs less, allows more freedoms for action (fights, etc.) and truly frees the storyline(s) (future movies?) from the dreaded flashback sequences. There should only be one man portraying Kirk in the film. I don’t want direct comparisons between Shatner and the new actor, it will hurt the story and flow of the film.


50. Xai - April 18, 2007

awaiting Stanky now…. I suspect the word “fake” will be in his thoughts if not in his post… correct, Stanko?

51. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 18, 2007

49. Xai
I don’t WANT Shatner to be in it…and yes, fake does come to mind regarding any recast. Thanks for the invitation to have my message of fakeness brought to the masses once again.
You will, of course, excuse me if I don’t share in the enthusiasm over this “announcement.”
And only my close personal friends like you may call me “Stanko.” :)

52. Veridian - April 18, 2007

Kirk is bigger than Shatner (and I am speaking metaphorically here, he was never bigger in girth than the Shat is now). I love Shatner, but it is the role, the character that matters.

Get Shatner back? Don’t be ridiculous (although I would dearly love to see any and all of the surviving original stars in a flasback scene).

What we do need is a great actor who will do the role of Kirk justice. A great actor that will capture perhaps not just the essence of the character but may perhaps also mimic some of the great Shat mannerisms, much like Phillip Seymour Hoffman succesfully mimicked the late Capote (before anybody get’s the wrong idea, I am neither proposing Hoffman as the new Kirk nor comparing Kirk to the snivelling Truman Capote).

I think the casting for Spock is at least as critical, if not more so, than that of Kirk. If they get a Spock actor that brings the sort of cool mystery that Nimoy brought to the original role, then the new Spock will be an icon for the revived series, just as he was the iconic character for the original.

McCoy? A little less important. DeForrest Kelley was exteremely likable, but he never had Shatner’s or Nimoy’s acting chops. While Sinise would be a great choice, but even if they get an unknown of lesser caliber I don’t think it will drastically diminish the film (let’s hope he gets to say ‘He’s dead, Jim’ at least once. Knowing Abrams, we’ll here all the cliched lines ‘Beam me up, Scotty’,’Captain she’s gonna blow’,’I’m a doctor, not a ____.’

The supporting cast? Out of the bridge crew only Scotty is critical. Next to Spock and Kirk, Scotty is the most iconic character from TOS. I’d love to see a great actor playing the brooding Scotsman. And who knows, maybe we’ll see Mr. Kyle, Kevin Riley, etc.

And our favorite star of all, the Big E? While Shat is too old, they could perhaps bring the still-trim and ageless 11 footer out of the Smithsonian… (just halfway kidding). A world-class, cinema-quality, absolutely photorealistic CGI model would be a good substitue.

My fears? They will update the look and feel too much. Sure, show a little more realistic detail on the sets, costumes, and props, but leave the feel, the ultra-saturated colors, the visual essence that still makes the original series so distinctive.

Now the real question is whether the Klingons will have bumps.


53. last o' the timelords - April 18, 2007

it will be a sweeping ‘novel-style’ epic. the story will jump around different periods of Kirk’s life providing more of a cameo for Shat & Nimoy yet not a time consuming effort, think Tarantino without profanity

54. Redshirt - April 18, 2007

Wasn’t this a given months ago? I mean they have had the Desktop Wallpapers on the official Site giving an inkling of what its going to be. Well its a story about Kirk….. well duh. It would rather be redundant if it was going to be Picard and Data and they use the Original Series stuff to help promote the teaser. I had no idea magazine news was faster than the Internet…

Ive never heard one producer of a film or TV show say “you know my film is gonna suck.” All it comes down to is if your audience loves you or just utterly despises you with the finished product.. if they can retain some of their hype and come off cloud nine a little I might be more intrested.

55. Josh T. ( The Phantom Shatner Returns) Kirk Esquire' - April 18, 2007

Kirk is bigger than Shatner,

Kirk is bigger than Star Trek

Kirk is bigger than Roddenberry, Berman, Myer, Abrams, Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures, CBS, CNN, The United States, Congress, George Bush, Klingons,

you can’t contain Kirk is a single script, film or episode, there’s just too much power. Directors don’t know how to handle Kirk – Wise, Myer, and Carson were all overwhelmed, Nimoy only succeeded because he understood he was second to Kirks unbound power.
Kirk couldn’t be properly incorporated into Generations or Enterprise, Manny Coto couldn’t handle the power.

Kirk is a sentinel, a monument, a meme. Kirk is nature and nurture.

Kirk laughs before petty mortals and their tv shows and films.

Kirk questioned God. Gods. Routinely.

Kirk threw away many cultures Bibles and ways of life and arbitrarily dictated to the lesser culture how HE thought it should be.

Kirk didn’t recognize the rank of Commodore, or Admiral, or even Federation President.

Kirk disrespected not one, not two, but three different Captains of the Starship Enterprise. He owned them. Decker. Harriman. Picard.

Kirk disrespected Decker Sr. , Ronald Tracey, Bob Wesley, Stockard, etc.

Kirk disrespected Klingons and their anger issues.

Kirk disrespected Khan, General Chang, Kruge, Vejur, and a whale probe.

Kirk disrespected twentieth century culture.

To hell with “Star Trek”, just call the film “Kirk- The Motion Picture”

56. Michael Appleton - April 18, 2007

Hey, Stanko! Is “fake” really your secret code for saying Forever A Kirk Enthusiast? Er,……may I have the honour of calling you Stanko? Pretty please?

57. Josh T. (The Phantom Shatner Returns) Kirk Esquire' - April 18, 2007

For some reason my posts are not appearing, beguiling and bizzare this is, I shall contemplate it’s ramifications.

58. Josh T. (The Phantom Shatner both Returns AND Strikes Back as well as Attacks and has Revenge) Kirk Esquire' - April 18, 2007

Ah, I stand corrected, my apologies.

59. Driver - April 18, 2007

Quick, J.J., put the script out so we can dissect, bisect, laugh at, ridicule, fume, or, …maybe praise? Nah and Hah! You’re AFRAID!! By the time it comes out, it’ll be too late to change it! Trust us, Your Pals Who Know.

60. CmdrR - April 18, 2007

Never mind all this pettiness, folks. More importantly… what the heck is “Digg It” and why do I feel like I’m registering to worship a cereal-hawking frog?

61. JB - April 18, 2007

Anyone that thinks they could make a successful film with the Shat as Kirk in anything other than some sort of flashback or cameo is not looking at this objectively. There will be a recast. That said, the casting decision could be the most important and difficult decision they make on the entire project. There can’t be many characters/actors in the history of television more closely intertwined than Captain Kirk and William Shatner. My question is, how different will the interpretation be, and how closely will the atmosphere of the film follow the show? Remember the differences between Donald Sutherland’s Hawkeye and Alan Alda’s in M*A*S*H? Were you able to accept both, or only one? As a kid in the 70’s, I saw the TV series long before I saw the original movie, so for me, Alan Alda was Hawkeye. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. But when I saw Sutherland in the film, I thought his portrayal worked very well within the context and atmosphere of the film – which was obviously very different from that of the TV series.

On a lighter note, look at it this way – anyone they get is bound to do better than that Tiny Elvis guy in the fan films.

62. CmdrR - April 18, 2007

As for whether Shatner and Nimoy are back as Kirk and Spock…
Only if those roles are relatively minor. That is, if younger actors play the characters in their prime. (I hate to cite this as an example of anything, but did anyone see the excellent semi-biopic that Dawn Welles did on Gilligan’s Island? That was genius, going from the original cast members to new actors playing the actors playing in behind-the-scenes moments. See also “American Splendor.”) That kind of hand-off would be sad and sweet, but would work.
As for our two dear friends reprising their roles now… I’m very very sorry, but they are too old. Shatner is the most spry 76er I’ve ever seen, but in the last few appearances, Nimoy’s face and voice (his voice, folks) have changed so much. Vulcans are supposed to live to be 202 years old. Nimoy looks 202 years old.
I love these guys too much to see them push their famous performances into the realm of self-parody.
Let’s trust that JJ feels strongly about presenting a GREAT movie.
We’ll know in Dec. 08!

63. JB - April 18, 2007

#62 – Well said. I completely agree. However, I think it’s way too late to prevent the self-parody; IMO that started in ST:III and continued in IV, V, VI and Generations.

64. Mike T. - April 18, 2007

I like the idea of not knowing alot of the details of a movie before it’s released. I like to read rumors but I miss the days before the internet when I could go into a movie and be surprised by a plot twist or the ending.
I think the movie “Sixth Sense” is the last movie I was truly surprised by the ending and it would be great if Mr. Abrams can give us a great story that has some surprises in it for fans and the audience in general.

Even in TOS in episodes like “Doomsday Machine” when Scotty was trying to beam Kirk back to the Enterprise you knew Kirk would make it but it was very suspenseful and when I first saw the episode I actually thought that Kirk might not make it.
Special effects are great, but a great story will put this movie over the top.

65. urseus - April 18, 2007

They need to make it like GodFather 2. Set the early part during the handover from Pike to Kirk on his first mission, and the later part with Shatner and the decomissioning of the Enterprise A.

A lovely contrast.

66. Jon - April 18, 2007

Urseues made me think…the Enterprise A had a very short life.It went to Nimbus 3 then through the’great barrier’ to the klingon rural penetentary (rura pente)then to Camp Kittimer.What happened to it?No refit ? Does anybody really officially know?

67. Jon - April 18, 2007

What’s the point of showing Kirk at the decommissioning of Enterprise A when canon has already shown Him at the commissioning of B (in Generations).Besides He’d be much older looking at an event that supposedly took place years before the commissioning of Enterprise B

68. urseus - April 18, 2007

Actually he looks pretty good. Hes slimmed down alot, and he would look pretty much the same as in Generations.

Jon, there were alot of years between Trek 5 and 6. Even if they wanted to explore those instead.

69. Sam Belil - April 18, 2007

In the perfect world, Shatner will have to play Kirk’s father in this movie, give him fairly significant screen time 10-12 minutes maximum and the let the “newcomer” actor be young James T. Kirk circa Farrgut/Pike handing over the reigns — and that is when the “Adventure Can Begin”. This would serve twofold, celebratinng Shatners’ 40+ years with Star Trek, and the official handing of the baton to the “Young” Kirk — (PLEASE NO MATT DAMON). I nominate Josh Henderson from Desperate Houswives as “Young” James Kirk.

70. Demode - April 18, 2007

I really hope SHATNER and NIMOY appear in the new film, even if it is basically as a glorified cameo.

71. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 18, 2007

#44-How little you know me. This will be the hardest thing I have done. Heck, I wrote that whole tireade on my #19 post as much for myself as for anyone else!

I was one of the first to flip out about a bald captain (I got over it), I was furious about Star Trek Generations (the death and everything about it-I never got over that), and so on. I grew up with ONE hero…Captain James T Kirk. I was furious when the Star Trek Phase 2 died. Happy when TMP was announced, was angry when Decker was the captain in TMP, for god’s sake. I didn’t like what they did to Kirk in TMP. Made him look lame.

What I am saying is, I am gonna try my damndest, because I want more Star Trek and I want THESE characters. Also, if it means a chance to see SOME of the old guys reprise their roles as cameos, that would be like icing on the cake.

Is it gonna be easy? Hell, no! But it IS gonna be easier than another failed series or movie by B&B AND it may reivigorate the franchise with new fans. With B&B that wasn’t gonna happen. Their ideas became stale. New fans weren’t there to be had. Frankly, TNG got good when Piller got involved. He even burned out, though.

Hang on for the ride and give JJ a chance. If he fails, Star Trek goes down in flames bigger than the original Enterprise in Star Trek 3.

Regarding post #55-As funny as it seems, there is a LOT of truth to that post!

72. Olde Timey Fan - April 18, 2007

No Archer. No Carol Marcus. No bastard children. No ugly aliens.

Space babes. Men with chests (CS Lewis). Kirk with guts and ambition. Miniskirts. Colors. Ass-kickin’ space fights! Right vs wrong and right wins. Beehive do’s. Military bearing. Concise writing. No technobabble. Blondes. Brunettes. Redheads. Tailored tunics (chicks only).

Opening arpeggio with Theremin and saxophone section backup!!! WOOHOO!!

73. Michael Appleton - April 18, 2007

Don’t forget to have a young Kirk leering at every pretty yeomen that walks by!! Gotta have that!!

74. VOODOO - April 18, 2007

Kirk will only really be in this film if he is portrayed (at least in a cameo that saves Kirk from the nexus) by William Shatner.

75. Michael Hall - April 18, 2007

“Kirk is bigger than Roddenberry, Berman, Myer, Abrams, Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures, CBS, CNN, The United States, Congress, George Bush, Klingons,”

My pet parrot is bigger than George Bush. Smarter, too.

76. Lukas - April 18, 2007

To #14 the only reason BSG is critically acclaimed and working is 2 words RON MOORE bring him back to Star Trek ……..

77. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 18, 2007

Gads, more political crap! Give it a rest!

78. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 18, 2007

#76-The man who helped kill Kirk, I think NOT!

79. MichaelJohn - April 18, 2007

I just hope that whoever plays a younger Kirk, doesn’t take his cue from ST: The New Voyages and try to mimic Shatner’s acting.

Mike :o

80. Shaye - April 18, 2007

As long as Shatner (and hopefully Nimoy) are in it…..even as book-end cameo’s…whoever plays them playing them… THEY will have no choice but to live UP to them!!!

Honestly….I am hopefull ….w/the colly wobbles ( kiwi for not steady on my feet) about it!


Bless this movie…. oh Lord G-D!!!


81. South African Dude - April 18, 2007

I’m concerned about one thing – The Future.

This new film, which I’m sure will be excellent, is I think, essentially a prequel. Having Kirk would be great, but how many sequels can they make after this film. They dare not interfere with the logs of the Original Series, so where will they go?

I love the trek universe and the idea of seeing the Enterprise again sends ripples down my spine. My thoughts are just that if they really wanted to revamp the franchise, why not start a new and take us where no man has gone before. Nevermind what happens in this film, we all know that the principle TOS characters would prevail and go on to be in TOS and TOS movies.

Does anyone have ideas of what will happen for trek after ST XI?

Best Regards

Fan from a distant world.

82. Demode - April 18, 2007

81# … I believe that after Star Trek 11, they are going to be making a Direct-to-DVD movie of Kirk and Spock… staring Shatner and Nimoy! This movie will be directed by Jonathan Franks, and will have the 24th Century Spock rescuing Kirk from the Nexxus. This will be made to give a proper send off to the classic crew, and won’t leave the ‘”Future death of Kirk” hanging over the new ‘prequel’ movies.

Sorry, I have to go now. The nurse is calling me back to take my medicine…

83. Whinger - April 18, 2007

Movie news coming this fast…….at this rate we will still be getting pre release news after the movie comes out.

84. Jon - April 18, 2007

82#…I heard the same thing,but in order to save money on the actors fees they’re going to use sock puppets

85. Whinger - April 18, 2007

#82#84…NO NO NO….After Trek 11 they are going to make a TNG prequel. With Tom Hardy as a young Picard, a shaved Jonathan Frakes as Riker, a new mannequin as Data…..

86. JTK - April 19, 2007

The Trek 11 cast should be as follows:

Kirk – William Shatner
Spock – James Spader
McCoy – Rene Auberjonois
Uhuru – Candice Bergan
Sulu – David Dean Bottrell
Chekov – The Russian Guy from the Sopranos who washes his b#$%s in ice
Scotty – Mike Meyers

And somehow get James Gandofini in there….

87. spsblue - April 19, 2007

Personally I have an issue with the new voyages fan-film – because the actor playing the character called Kirk isn’t playing Kirk as portrayed by Shatner.

I also had similar issues with the way the crew were drawn in the Star Trek Manga. It didn’t stop me enjoying the amazing stories though.

If Star Trek 11 is done like this I would have trouble identifying with the characters as the characters I know. I would much rather see a new crew of that era and walk on parts of a younger Cadet Kirk or a teenager to put Kirk in the movie.

I’ll watch it and enjoy it, but it will be more difficult.

I don’t want another Itallian Job – a remake that didn’t have any relation to the original so much so that it was a different story.

88. spsblue - April 19, 2007

Quote “I really hope the casting for this movie will be like Superman Returns. ”

Yes, he looked like Superman, but a Superman way too young for when the movie was set. Five years spacetravel make you look 5 years younger anyone?

89. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 19, 2007

I think it’s possible to do more movies set in the time period of post Pike as captain of the Enterprise but before “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Or, post “WNMHGB” but before the next stardate (wasn’t that “The Corbomite Manuever”?).

My two cents!

90. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 19, 2007

There are so many people with so many ideas and so many expectations that so many are going to be so disappointed.

91. Cervantes - April 19, 2007

C’est la vie… but I’d rather see another mega budget cinematic release out there by a director that loves the source material, than no new Movie at all… ;)

92. Josh T. (The Phantom Shatner both Returns AND Strikes Back as well as Attacks and has Revenge) Kirk Esquire' - April 19, 2007

I think David Hasselhoff should star as James Thermopolous Kork, the well respected and reknowned son of Tiberius Chase, who we all know was inspired by Jonathon Archer and his powerful command style.

The film can be a bottle adventure in that the entire film takes place on the bridge of the starship Entrepreneur.

All the guest actors any fan can possibly imagine can conviently show up at the turbolift Threes Company style, say their peice, then quickly exit.

The Hoff as the Kork.

The film will no doubt recieve a new ratings classification worthy of the films merit consisting of F.U. – Forgive Us general audiences, No not what you were thinking knuckleheads!

93. Josh T. (The Phantom Shatner both Returns AND Strikes Back as well as Attacks and has Revenge) Kirk Esquire' - April 19, 2007

James Kirk will return in “For your thighs only.”

94. StillKirok - April 19, 2007

There is a huge difference between Kirk and Bond. Bond started in books. Kirk was brought to life by Shatner. I’m not saying they can’t do a younger Kirk. In fact, I’m looking forward to it, but it would be for the best to fix Generations and let Shatner have that final torch passing moment where the character rides off into the sunset–alive and well.

95. Sleeper Agent X - April 19, 2007

94 – The differences you point out between Bond and Kirk are inane and prove nothing, as even you yourself are forced to admit.

There’s no good reason for them to fix Generations with this movie. Abrams should not sabotage his own movie by attemtping to deal with the baggage of the past. You, StillKirok, should settle for William Shatner’s “The Return.”

96. Jim J (Jim...my name, is Jim) - April 19, 2007

But, Sleeper, sometimes the garbage stinks so bad you HAVE to take it out. In this case, I think it fits the bill. You could do it in a way that is very “unimportant” to the overall movie story itself, taking only 5-10 minutes and allowing cameos all at the same time. Then, the torch will be TRULY passed, plus all will be right with the world.

97. James T Kirk - April 19, 2007

I.. am.. Captain Kirk!

98. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - April 19, 2007

#93. Josh T.

I am crying… F#2king hysterical…

“James Kirk will return in “For your thighs only.”

There’s a great sketch in there :)

99. Jim J - April 19, 2007

#97-And I suppose it’s your ship, your ship!!!! It’s yours???

100. Wessel - April 19, 2007


101. Terra Incognito - April 19, 2007

There is a tremendous opportunity here to end the film (ala Godfather Part II) with Nimoy and Shatner reprising their roles. Even if its a brief two minute exchange before they part ways to go on their respective assignments, what more perfect way to honor the fans and bring their most famous characters to a close.

102. James T. Kirk confirmed for Star Trek XI - April 19, 2007

[…] According to Trekmovie, in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, J.J. Abrams finally let it slip that James T. Kirk would, in fact, be appearing in the film. […]

103. StillKirok - April 19, 2007

#95, the differences are pretty huge. William Shatner IS Kirk. He is the image used when novels are written.

There is one MAJOR reason to fix Generations in this movie.


Captain Kirk dying like that, or at all, goes against everything Star Trek ever stood for. It was literally the single dumbest move in Trek history, and it was the turning point where the franchise began it’s nosedive.

The baggage is there. Kirk’s lame death is hanging over this movie. Whenever Kirk does something good, it will be nice, but we know the stupid fate that comes.

Star Trek is always about optimism and friendship. There is no better way to show that than to have Spock return the ultimate favor.

We can see the origins of the friendship and know that these guys are still out there.

Settling for The Return is simply not enough for one simple reason–it’s not canon.

If Abrams and Paramount were to make those books canon, that would be great. But until that happens, Generations remains the last official appearance of Kirk, and something that still needs to be rectified.

Since Generations was released, there has been a strong contingent of fans clamoring for Kirk’s return. Trek kept fading in popularity and never played this one GUARANTEED trump card.

William Shatner as Kirk puts asses in the seats.

They need to pull out everything in this movie. Give the character the happy ending he should have had in 1994, and pass the torch properly.

104. JK - April 19, 2007

Kids, the quote says Kirk _appears_ in the movie. No official guarantee that this is the prequel or the post VI-pre-Generations plotline.

Just ’cause he appears doesn’t officially mean he is the focus. Could be a cameo, could be the star. Only people involved in the film thus far know.

105. Jeremy - April 19, 2007

You people are all ignoring the obvious. Not to give the empty minds at Paramount an idea that they may not have thought of, “Kirk” (the young Kirk) can be played by Shatner through CGI quite easily.

Those alive at the time will remember that Shatner was a staple on TV in several Twilight Zone episodes (all saved in excellent quality) as well as several movies in the 60’s and 70’s during the course of the first series. Same with Nemoy actually. Both of them also appeared on several high profile 70’s shows like Columbo many times.

It would be fairly easy to take bits and pieces of these performances, or even just the faces and audio tracks and blend them into new footage or over the top of stand-in actors.

A movie with anyone else as Kirk besides Shatner is literally doomed to be an awful failure with an absolute certainty. Given that they haven’t put out a good Trek movie for many years now, it’s possible that Paramount is indeed traveling down that sui9cidal path, but if they are smart, they could make the “ultimate” Trek movie, weaving together the old show and the new and visiting all the characters at many times in their personal histories. that is the movie that I would like to see and the only one that could possibly be “good.”

Let’s hope that Paramount still has a single creative person on staff and sees it that way also.

106. CmdrR - April 19, 2007

86 – Great news! James Gandolfini has signed on as the new Klingon baddie, K’Targinelli or the battle cruiser K’Badda-K’Bing. He’ll bring his boys over to the E late at night and bust Chekov’s knees, then convince Kirk he must pay a respectible fee.

107. Jon - April 19, 2007

106 Gilbert Godfreid has been cast as an annoying transporter chief.

108. Jon - April 19, 2007

I’d be up for Shatner playing a villian (or something)in one of the sequels once the new cast has established itself in the new film.

109. CmdrR - April 19, 2007

107 – Sam Rockwell as Crewman #6. Just beam him over.

110. Xai (one Kirk per movie please) - April 19, 2007


Ok, I respect your opinion and all that. Let’s get that out of the way first.

IMO… this movie should be entertaining. That’s why I will go. I want a good, truly Star Trek movie to sit back in the dark and feel the chill up my spine as I hear the theme song and see the Enterprise glide past for the first time. I, and I feel many, want this.
I don’t feel the need for this film to heal the wounds of movies past. It should not be used to fix Generations, or as a vehicle to showcase Shatner and Nimoy one more time. Mind you, I have no problem with either of them and their presence will not keep me out of the theater, I just want a straightforward Trek story without the distractions of resurrections and the additional storyline needed to “bring back Shatner”.
I want this to be hugely successful because it was a good story with broad appeal, not just a piece of sugar for the rabid fans. Don’t weight the story with the baggage of the past. Someone said words to that effect above and I completely agree. I like paying homage to the earlier works and actors, but a little goes a long way. Fans will recognize the hidden tidbits of visuals or dialogue on their own but don’t muck up the whole thing for the fanboys please.

111. Xai - April 19, 2007

#105 Jeremy,
Your thought has been discussed months ago on another thread and debated heavily. I don’t believe it can happen yet, technology-wise, but I’ll eat my words if you can cite examples of this.
And let me point out… I doubt any actors would want this to happen. It would literally kill their craft. Would you wish to be replaced with a virtual twin on your job and not get paid?…or paid far less?

112. Michael Appleton - April 19, 2007

#93 “For Your Thighs Only”
Funny, I thought it was Thigh Another Day!

113. Doug L. - April 19, 2007

re post 5…

I’ve been posting as Doug, but don’t want to be confused with whoever posted #5. This is not me.

Now going by Doug L.

114. Dennis - April 19, 2007

What matters is how many people go see it. If people don’t show up for it, there will be less Trek in the future. The only reason we got TWOK was because we went to see TMP. Trek producers in the past have missed so many wonderful opportunities, so many really interesting characters have been let slide into oblivion. Heck, I would pay to see a Captain Sulu movie. This one? I don’t care what reviews might say, I’ll go see it because I like SF. JJ Abrams? Whatever. He’s doing it because he really wanted it. Maybe he’s one of us. Maybe he’ll give us a different sort of Trek. In fact, I’ll bet he does. It doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll go see it just because. Because I don’t know what some people mean when they say things like “even numbered treks don’t suck”. I liked them all. Even Spock’s brother.

115. StillKirok - April 19, 2007


The Return of Kirk, post Generations IS entertaining. There’s a market for it. The Return was one of the bestselling Trek hardcovers of all time.

This is the best plotline they have left. Nostalgia sells. Shatner is the biggest draw they have. You really think people give a hoot about Matt Damon?

Shatner as Kirk is the ONLY version of Trek to appeal to the wide mainstream audience. It’s hardly just a fanboy desire.

116. Ethan Long - April 19, 2007

So…what if Spock visited Kirk’s grave and took him to Vulcan to revive him…..

117. ozy - April 19, 2007

I hope so that Trek XI won’t be a reboot.
Only prequel.

118. johnboy - April 19, 2007

Guys, guys,guys!
Shatner is Kirk, always was, always will be. Likewise for Nimoy and Spock. For 40 years now, longer than Connery was Bond, so I don’t think its comparing ‘like for like’. Casino Royale wasn’t regressive in its outlook, Craig, became the new ’00’, as did his predcessors. The fact that it was the last novel turned into film was a copyright thing, I think.
Batman, Superman, Flash Gordon, etc have had several actors take on the role that it has become an almost established tradition! Not so for Trek.
Trying to take Kirks character and go back to Shatners good ole days in the original series or even before won’t really do it for me! Its always going to be a cheesey Shatner impression. Better just go for some unknown / lesser known characters that have a big role to play in the canon of Trek. (The Enterprise doesn’t have to be the only ship in range of some impending disaster, galactic crisis etc, etc.)
Kirk and Spock could have a role on the periphery, in a younger or current guise. (or maybe heavily made up as aliens, just for the keen eyed Trekkers to spot, could be cool!)
I hope they don’t do a Battlestar Galactica with it. Trekkers won’t accep a reimagining of their beloved show. Just do a different one.
I can’t help but feel Paramount got a little to greedy with the franchise and saturated the market for the last 20 years! TNG was a succes, DS9 was even pretty good, but things, I feel, got a little stale after that. Stuff was just churned out, expecting Trekkers to lap it up, hence Generations ect. (First Contact was the only TNG movie that hit all the right spots in my opinion)
Anyhow, its certainly got everyone talking. Lets just hope they deliver the goods, or lets face it, it could kill Trek off for good.

119. Demode - April 19, 2007

All joking aside, I would rather see a Direct-to-DVD movie staring Shatner and Nimoy, then just seeing them in cameos in Trek 11. They might even be able to do a movie loosely based on ‘The Return’ this way.

I think a DVD with these two actors starring would be the best selling Direct-to-DVD movie off all time.

120. wahlbergtrek - April 19, 2007

Mark Wahlberg as Kirk and Donnie Wahlberg as Spock

121. Curt - April 19, 2007

I’m delighted to hear that there will at last be another STAR TREK movie, but the surest way to destroy any posibility of it being any good at all would be to cast *any* of the original cast in their original roles – particularly William Shatner. I love Star Trek as much as any of you, but Shatner is, what, 70 or so? The only Kirk he can possibly play is a 70-year old Kirk and we kind of *saw* the old Kirk get killed. To magicly revive that corpse would be to condem STAR TREK now and forever after to the basest level of cheap pulp fiction. Sorry Bill…

However, the character of Kirk and all the others has quite a lot of life left in them and that’s their younger life before the “5-year mission”. I think the best possible Star Trek film that could be made today would be one set at the StarFleet Academy on the day that Cadet James T. Kirk arrives for school. And the actors should all be fresh and unknown faces.

Shatner, Nimoy and the others have played their roles and their day is over. Let them retrain their dignity and keep them out of the new movie.

122. Spaceflightengineer - April 19, 2007

Yes, Shatner’s been the man since September 1966. But this will be about how they all came together- or something along those lines. JJ seems to be a true fan and will make an attempt to uphold canon (something Berman and clan haven’t done all that accurately). Having a more youthful Kirk of course requires new casting. It doesn’t disrespect the magnificent Seven original legends, it will, if done properly (in other words- respectfully) enhance the roles and what they’ve meant for many of us. Try giving them a chance- this could be just awesomely enjoyable. JJ’s got my support- and did from the first episode of “Alias”. He’s a good maker of fine entertainment with integrity to know he does and still make good products. Perhaps we can finally see follow on Trek in this pre-TOS storyline that will support the legend- and maybe give us a decent new thread to see the Trek universe continued on.


123. Still Kirok - April 19, 2007

It’s not so much a disrespect but it’s important to pass the torch properly, which was NOT done in 1994. That’s a big reason Kirk has to take the torch back.

124. Tim Handrahan - April 19, 2007

How about Shatner as the Enterprise 1st Captain Robert April and Nimoy as Sarek?

125. Xai (one movie, one Kirk) - April 19, 2007

#115 StillKirok,

I didn’t mention Matt Damon, and whoever plays Kirk was not the point of our discussion.
I did read The Return and found it entertaining…. and over done. I recall it took TNG era technology (Borg…yes?)…to do it.
How many TOS characters can we revive over the course of it’s history on TV and movies? You might be able to suspend disbelief of Kirk’s revival among fans but I doubt it among the general movie going public. (“Didn’t they kill Spock off and revive him too?”) will be the whisper. Why fight to overcome that overwhelming event in a movie?
Frankly, the biggest draw Trek has is…itself. The crew’s adventures based on quality stories. The name of the show is “Star Trek”, not “Kirk”. Shatner and other actors fleshed out these characters and will be forever the baseline for them regardless how many times they are recast over time. But a breath of fresh air is needed. Kirk must live, but in the TOS era… the adventures must continue fresh. Not resurrecting corpses one more time just to gratify a few. People, even some heros, die common deaths.
It’s too complicated of a storyline to have a TOS adventure AND simultaneously revive old Kirk in the TNG era. Every indication we have so far indicates a TOS-era storyline.

126. Still Kirok - April 19, 2007

How many TOS characters can we revive? The answer is two: Kirk and Spock.

And like it or not, Star Trek without Kirk has tanked.

You are not seriously trying to argue suspension of disbelief? It’s ok to travel with aliens, go warp speed, beam stuff from one spot to the other, use phasers, and do mind melds, but you draw the line at some sort of return from the dead?

You have to be kidding.

And don’t go into the “people die common deaths” argument. This isn’t reality. It’s science fiction. You want reality, go outside.

That is a very weak line of reasoning. TOS is about optimism, and a story about the great friendship of Kirk and Spock can certainly be bookended with Shatner and Nimoy.

Yes, the majority of this story is going to be in the TOS era. But they are talking to Shatner for a reason.

127. Anthony Pascale - April 19, 2007

looking at the poll, there does not seem to be a consensus on ‘which Kirk’ they want to see, but a majority want pre-TOS over TOS or post TOS.

only a fraction (7% for now) want ‘Cadet/Ensign Kirk’. The leading contender seems to be the time immediately prior to Kirk boarding the Enterprise as a Commander.

If you havent voted yet do so now!

128. Sleeper Agent X - April 19, 2007

#105 -“fairly easy to take bits and pieces of these performances…and blend them into new footage or over the top of stand-in actors.”

What the–????? I’d just like someone with any degree of ability in creating CGI/special effects to comment on that. I’m no expert myself, but somehow I just can’t see how it’d be even POSSIBLE to do on a movie-length basis or attainable on a limited budget, to the degree of realism needed for this to come off looking like a live action film.

129. Sleeper Agent X - April 19, 2007

#110, 125 — Hear, hear, Xai. I couldn’t agree more.

130. Sleeper Agent X - April 19, 2007

StillKirok — a book doesn’t have to be bought by that many people in order to be a bestseller, compared to the numbers needed to make a movie a hit. The hardcore purist fanbase made “The Return” a hit bookwise, but will not bring in the numbers to make a blockbuster movie successful.

Let the past go. Let’s get a fresh start with this new film!

131. Michael Hall - April 19, 2007

“Still Kirok”: unlike others here, I won’t debate the wisdom of tying the hopeful rebirth of this franchise to a mostly forgettable film that came and went over a decade ago, because if the relative lack of interest on a Trek specialty website isn’t enough to convince you that your notion of “fixing” GENERATIONS perhaps isn’t the best way of winning over the general moviegoing audience, I surely don’t know what else will. But with all respect I will make this prediction: you’re in for one hell of a disappointment next year.

132. Thomas - April 19, 2007

Hopefully Shatner will cameo. He could be some minor character who appears once or twice in the film, until its revealed at the end he is really Kirk from the future, continually changing history to guarantee his younger self’s success in the past. That would be in character and a real fan pleaser. Nimoy could also appear as Spock sent from the future to retrieve his old friend after the main events are concluded. Just a thought.

133. VOODOO - April 19, 2007

Still Kirok:

They are talking to Shatner for a couple of reasons.

1/ Paramont knows a Star Trek film w/out Shatner + Nimoy is just another prequel. With Shatner + Nimoy it is an event. They will add a legitimacy to the project that no other actor in the world can bring to a ST project.

2/ They will bring back the people who only care about ST if Kirk + Spock are involved. Face it people nobody outside of boards like these even know that Enterprise,Voyager or even DS9 exisit. To the vast majority of the public Star Trek is Kirk + Spock portrayed by William Shatner + Leonard Nimoy. The bottom line is with them in this film as Kirk + Spock it makes more money than without them. Money talks and that is why Paramont is talking to them.

Is it just a coincedence that The Return is the best selling Star Trek book ever out of thousands of books? The public wants Kirk back.

3/ Abrams is a huge fan of both TOS and Kirk. As a fan he wants to give the character the ending he deserves. While at the same time introduce a new cast to take the series into the future. This is the ultimate no lose scenario for a fanboy and the director/executive producer of Star Trek XI.

My bet is this. The film will be about 90% of the new cast in a film that introduces Kirk + Spock in their first voyage aboard the Enterprise.

The other 10% will feature Shatner + Nimoy in a story that somehow connects them with the new cast. As well as allows for Spock to complete the circle that Kirk started in ST III. When Kirk went back + saved Spock.

In ST XI Spock will do the same for Kirk + they get to ride off into the sunset together + at the same time introduce a new cast to move the franchise forward.

It’s a no brainer.


Surely, they don’t care about Shatner + Nimoy’s opinion on who they should cast as the younger versions of their characters. Or any of the other nonsense some people have been talking about. Shatner himself is on record as saying Abrams wants him to appear in the film.

Shatner + Nimoy = publicity + legitimacy for the film which equals more money for Paramont. .

Enough said.

134. Michael Hall - April 20, 2007

*Sigh* And you could just as easily argue, whilst conducting long-distance mind-reads of Abrams and the bean-counters who employ him, that the current guard at Viacom has concluded after the success of “Batman Begins,” “Casino Royale,” and even “Battlestar Galactica,” that the sure path to riches is to completely rebuild the whole shebang from dilithium crystals on up, and that the last thing they want bogging down their expensive new film and its hot director are a couple of actors from an era most current moviegoers don’t relate to. And while I myself would have considered such a notion sacrilege just a few years ago, at this point the truth is that they may be right.

We’ll all find out one way or the other in the months to come, but my best guess is that the purists who think that Paramount holds them in awe because a few thousand of them went out and bought “The Return” are in for one heck of a shock.

135. Tim Handrahan - April 20, 2007

BRAVO VOODOO with post 133. Couldn’t have said it better.

136. Sleeper Agent X - April 20, 2007

134 – I believe you are in the right of it, Michael.

As for Voodoo…please don’t confuse wishful thinking with what’s really likely to happen. With Brad Grey now in charge of Paramount, there’s a whole bunch of new executives at the studio now, with no real familiarity for Star Trek, and they may not respect the hardcore purist fanbase as much as you think they ought to.

There are a lot of reasons why they’d be more willing to just go for a movie that appeals to the general audience, than complicate things by bookending the movie with a Spock saves Kirk kind of thing.

137. Steve K. - April 20, 2007

Kirk died in “Generations”. So how would “old” Kirk even be able to be in this new one?

Don’t go with Matt Damon. He’s already older now then when Shatner played Kirk in the original TV show. There’s no way he could pass for a “young” Kirk in the “academy” which takes place years (maybe a decade?) before Kirk gets to command of the Enterprise.

138. dm - April 20, 2007

it’s not gonna be 10 years before Kirk gets to the enterprise…
Who wants to see that?!?!
People want to see CAPTAIN KIRK. It could very well be 2 weeks before WNMHGB… Shatner was 35 then. Damon is 36 now but could easily pass for 30. He’s the right height, basic type. If they go with an unknown, nobody outside the diehards will go. Paramount will lose $.

139. Arran C. - April 21, 2007

Shatner could play Kirks’ Grandpa, with an insecure Kirk cadet played by Toby McGuire….no idea who could pull off a mature kirk…would have to be from a different era than TOS

140. David - April 22, 2007

I never read the Star Trek Comics so this may sound kind of dumb but as a fan of the movies I always wanted this plot to happen. THe old crew gets pulled into some fabric of space on their way to space dock (From Star Trek VI)… now obviously with respect to James Doohan and others who have passed away, they would be deceased from the ship but the old enterprise A would be met by a new enterprise.. possibly F or another ship from the time frame the E was destroyed. THey would obviously be in their old uniforms (much like the Enterprise D met with C in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Obviously aged, the ship in shambles…. It would be their new voyage home….

Just an idea… let me know how good or bad that idea is….

Your New Generation of Treckies… My first movie when I was a kid was Star Trek 5… I was only 9 or 10 years old.

141. StarTrekRocker - April 23, 2007

I love the Shat as much as anybody else here, but for the Shat diehards, I hate to break it to ya, but not everything he touches turns to gold, even as much as I wish it were so.

Perfect example? Star Trek V, one of the biggest dogs of the bunch. And the Shat even directed that one!

So saying that the Shat will make or break this new film is far from true. The franchise needs to get a fresh start, and begin building a new audience base. We can still have the same skirt-chasing alien-butt-kicking Kirk that we all know and love, but he’ll be reborn and brought back to life as a new brand of action hero for a new crop of fresh trekkies to love and adore for generations to come.

Those that can get on board with it and support it will doubtlessly be in for a wild ride, and have a good time. Those that don’t, won’t. I hope we can all move forward, and enjoy this new film for what it is in whatever new direction that JJ Abrams decides to take.

Peace out! \\//_

142. DC - April 23, 2007

Everyone is WAY too excited at this point. Please take note that Abrams said Kirk [QUOTE] “APPEARS” in the movie. He didnot say the film was ABOUT Kirk, not any other TOS characters. It could very well be a “twisting” of the truth. Kirk very well might make an appearance. it could be a Shatner cameo as an older “retired” Kirk, or it could be a brief handover scene as mentioned in someone earlier post (Pike handing Enterprise over to a young J.T.K.)
Either way, all of you need to hold your breath a little longer. Nothing to get excited about yet.

143. xai - April 23, 2007

#126 StillKirok
To answer your post…
“How many TOS characters can we revive? The answer is two: Kirk and Spock. ”
…..My point is that death has no meaning and thus no drama if they can’t die.

Your second line…”And like it or not, Star Trek without Kirk has tanked.”
Tanked?…. hardly. If you disliked TNG and the following series that’s your opinion… and not fact. All the series and movies had their high points and low points.

Your next response…”You are not seriously trying to argue suspension of disbelief? It’s ok to travel with aliens, go warp speed, beam stuff from one spot to the other, use phasers, and do mind melds, but you draw the line at some sort of return from the dead?”
….Yes I do. Trek has already established aliens, transporters and warp drive. I do have a problem with continually dragging characters out of the grave. If this movie is to truly succeed, it needs to do it on it’s own merits… not rely on stunt casting.

You said…”That is a very weak line of reasoning. TOS is about optimism, and a story about the great friendship of Kirk and Spock can certainly be bookended with Shatner and Nimoy.”
…. I don’t recall insulting your opinion. I’ve given mine and defended it.

It’s time for this legend to take the next bold step… without the “training wheels” .


144. Michael Appleton - April 23, 2007

“without the ‘training wheels'”.
Are you sure we’re ready for that, keptin?

145. Xai - April 23, 2007

I am very ready for it.

This movie needs to step beyond the old shadow of past actors and just do it they best they can. Let’s get a good story and move forward. Give Shatner and Nimoy a title behind the camera and let ‘er rip.

146. sloopjohnb - April 25, 2007

I may be missing something here, and I appreciate the desire to see Shatner reprise his role in some capacity, but I don’t see who James T. Kirk can feature in old age. This is because he was seen to die on screen and be buried by Picard following their battle with Tolian Soran. To get around this would require some very implausible messing about with alternate timelines, time travel and/or parallel universes. It might be possible to get Shatner to play the role of Kirk’s father though.

147. Da68 - April 27, 2007

they commented during Generations… that once you have entered the Nexus.. part of you remains… Kirk is still in the Nexus… Guinan said something to that effect

148. spsblue - May 1, 2007

Agree with 142. DC.

Hope this is the way they are doing it.

149. King Zit - May 8, 2007

I agree with Josh T “Kirk is bigger than Star Trek….Kirk is bigger than Paramount”. Kirk is an ARCHETYPE. Kirk resides inside the soul of every human who has ever existed or will ever exist. Kirk is almost a god himself. Can his spirit ever be recaptured? Should it? I can not answer these. But for those who choose to, I wish them the best. Perhaps we should clone the Shat and wait….19 years and make the clone portray young Kirk, I don’t know. I would love to see a realistic young Kirk again.

Let’s be straight here for a moment. The original (60’s) series was pure frickin’ magic wasn’t it? The gang did exactly what they said they would do in the opening sequence (explore strange new worlds etc.) This was NOT some cerebral, character driven, soap opera where the story took place on board the ship 95% o the time. These were often very physical & gritty. But here was the magic (for me,at least): the gang got into predicaments that looked IMPOSSIBLE to pull through…..then they did! And it was awesome. And they worked as a team. The magic was 1.) a sense of the heroes being in real peril 2.) the gang working together and solving problems against overwhelming odds.

In Next Generation episodes, I always felt like everything was taking place on board the ship, and that some cheap plot device to solve an issue (i.e. Data or LaForge coming up with some technical mumbo jumbo).

If they go back to the 60’s formula, it’ll work.

150. mikemars - May 13, 2007

ILM could probably make a fully digital shatner etc. that could be overlayed onto the real one thats alive today. or maybe not. Mat Damon, i think, is a good choice. He can embody that kind of arrogent craziness that kurk was all about. I think that paramount has been to harsh to the old writers and the fans have blown it by not supporting thier work more. they did a great job, its not easy comming up with creative and enlightening stories every week. I agree that it would be nice to see a movie in the distant future after TNG. maybe the federation has become decadent and lazy and its citizens ignorant of its slowly evolving into a military dictatorship. the mission of the crew of the enterprise is to _____.

151. Sloopjohnb - May 15, 2007

It must be great to be a Star Trek plot developer, because the possibilities are limitless. Theoretical physics and in particular M-theory points to the existence of a potentially infinite number of parallel universes. Basically every time we have to make a decision another universe may be created with a version of us in it that made the alternative choice. That being the case, the writers could easily set the events of the new movie in a parallel universe in which Kirk didn’t die. TOS has already explored these possibilities with the mirror universe and Lazarus’ so called “antimatter” universe in The Alternative Factor.

Having said all that, however, I still think the writers would wish to “stay in” the Star Trek universe in which the majority of the series episodes and films were set. This would predicate against featuring an aged kirk played by Shatner. That being the case, I think we’re left with Bill playing a Kirk ancestor possibly in a flashback to a meeting with Jonathan Archer or Robert April and/or in a cameo role giving advice to the young James T. played by a younger actor. And by the way, I agree with an earlier contributor that Chris Evans, of Sunshine, would make a fantastic Kirk.

Generally speaking, as a great fan of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, I’m very excited by the prospect of the TOS era getting a makeover and I love the thought of familiar characters getting new lifed breathed in to them by younger actors. Gary Sinise as McCoy would be superb, although, Matt Damon would be too wooden, for me, to be a good Kirk. There’s also a great opportunity to develop earlier more minor characters such as Christopher Pike, Dr Mark Piper, Number One etc.

152. Jeannie spock - May 29, 2007

I have listened to all your comments and arguments!
Now listen good!

First – Nimoy is Spock
Second – Shatner is Kirk
Message ends!

153. Sloopjohnb - May 31, 2007

Characters are characters, actors are actors. To confuse the two would be to suggest that, for instance, the role of Hamlet could only be played by Lawrence Olivier.

I don’t have a problem with different actors playing familiar characters as I’m interested to see what they can bring to the roles. The simple fact is, that if the film is set in the 2350s, the TOS stalwarts will be in their 20s, 30s and 40s and therefore cannot be played by actors who are now in their 70s.

It’s going to happen, so deal with it, embrace it and enjoy it!!!

154. Lt. Hans T. Dracow - June 8, 2007

Of course!!

Jeannie spock is totally right!.

Nimoy is Spock and Shatner is Kirk. That’s all !!… No other way will work. Everybody would like to see old Kirk and Spook in action again!. If they were capable of travelling to the past in search of whales why don’t return for kirk?!!. Sometimes I can’t understard why Paramaount doesn’t limit to make a movie just like their fans request!. They do what they want and then they say that it has been a commercial disaster!!!.

155. Ruth - June 22, 2007

how about starting kirk’s life when he was leaving his beloved home in Iowa to the academy?

156. Star Trek XI News Roundup « The Official Star Wars Blog - August 20, 2007

[…] J.J. Abrams Confirms Kirk In Star Trek XI (Trekmovie.com) […]

157. lovecraft - August 27, 2007

I haven’t read any of the books, or comics, etc. I only know the various tv shows and movies.

What I’m expecting:

A Nimoy Spock revives a Shatner Kirk. They reminisce about all the crazy scrapes they’ve been in. They flashback (with new actors) to the first scrape, set prior to TOS. Back to Shatner and Nimoy for the ride off into the sunset that is also a teaser for the new-actors sequel.

158. Bernie - September 12, 2007


I am a great fan of the original tv show and movies.
Like in another post say:
Kirk = Shatner
Spock = Nimoy.
Any other actor does not fit in this role.
Its like in Miami Vice.
The tv show is cool. The movie is, in germany we say “der größte scheiß”.
In the New Voyages episodes i see Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy not the other actors.
Why the can´t bring us a James Bond like movie but in the timeline of TOS. New characters, new storyline.
I think the new Star Trek Movie will crash in cinemas.
To boldly go, where no man has gone before says all. Not to boldly go, where we was before.

Greetings from Hamburg/Germany

A trekkie of the old kind (since 1976)

159. Lee - September 25, 2007

A revised Shatner in the 24th century and where ever it takes him from

160. brandon - October 17, 2007

JJ Abrams is a dick head and is going to ruin the franchise for The Star Trek faithful who have been waiting for a quality movie.

161. I Like The Movies » Blog Archive » JJ Abrams Confirms Star Trek XI Is About Kirk - October 30, 2007

[…] read more | digg story […]

162. al rodriguez - November 13, 2007

How the heck are they gonna revise the Spock role and not the Kirk role? Spocks old as crap himself. I’m sure Nimoy will play an age appropriate rendition of Spock as should Shatner. Friggin new jack directors don’t give a crap about Shatners contribution to the series or what the fans want.

163. Brandon - November 15, 2007

JJ Abrams is a douche and is going to ruin the franchise for the Star trek base…Thanks ass hole

164. fornetti - August 30, 2008

I do not believe this

165. Chris Dalenberg - April 21, 2011

Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!

166. Reba Balkin - April 21, 2011

At this time it sounds like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

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