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CBS Testing Remastering TNG in HD July 27, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TNG,TOS Remastered , trackback

I had a moment to have a chat with some of the CBS team behind the TOS Remastered project at Comic Con about what’s next (after TOS). David Grant tells that they have "had discussions" to bring Star Trek The Next Generation onto high definition. They have also created an HD test for one episode. One concern is the visual effects which were were done in video and therefore more difficult to translate to HD. The team are seeing if the effects can be ‘upresed’ or if they need to be entirely redone (as they did with TOS). Ryan Adams says "that is part of the tests that we are trying to massage and figure out." No decisions made yet on if, when or how, but will keep an eye on this exciting potential project.


1. omf - July 27, 2007

I’d rather see them do a more complete job with the TOS episodes, but I’m an old-schooler… =)

2. omf - July 27, 2007

“Complete” as in “thorough”, I mean…

Boy… I get to have this thread all to myself?!!

3. trekker670 - July 27, 2007

Interesting, but I’m not sure it’s necessary

4. John N - July 27, 2007

Yeah… I’m predicting that this thread won’t get that much love on this site.

For a universe that preaches tolerance, the regulars on this site tend to re-enforce just how fictional the Star Trek universe really is. :(

5. doubleofive - July 27, 2007

If they charge $217 per season, you’d be paying $1500 for the whole thing. That’s almost enough to finance the whole remastering process.

6. 8of5 - July 27, 2007

I hope they do expand the project to TNG. There’s been speculation since the TOS episodes started over whether it would be possible to do TNG, it seems to do it they would have to reedit each episode from the original film footage which would be a much bigger job than what they have to do for TOS, there’s speculation that the original film might make it possible to have TNG in widescreen which would be cool.

7. omf - July 27, 2007

What if they composited Shatner into every episode? Maybe then this would get some love (and people would happily pay $217 per season)? =)

8. DJT - July 27, 2007

“upressed” ?

9. Clinton - July 27, 2007

I think the main thing is that the effects are of a higher caliber in TNG, and may scale-up better as-is. I guess the test will tell for sure.

10. Adam Cohen - July 27, 2007

Wasn’t the live action footage shot on film but mastered only on video as well? Would that mean they would have to re-cut the original film footage?

11. Patrice - July 27, 2007

What a brilliant Idea ! Remake ST:TNG in HD, twink the special effect to bring it up to todays standards … and sell the new sets of episode in HD for 217 $ a pop (or more !!!)

The cow milking gods now how to get in our pockets.

Trekies adn trekers of all countries unite !

12. Fidgit - July 27, 2007

I love TOS and TNG both, though they bear little resemblance to one another. Which is fine. However, as #4 implied above, fans’ hidebound attitudes towards the show are a constant mystery to me. I can enjoy both shows — and DS9 too — on their own merits.

Having said that, I have paid enough money for Trek. Can’t really see myself shelling out even more, especially at the outrageous prices they charge.

13. Cervantes - July 27, 2007

# 3 John N

Indeed… This thread would have been great if they had been talking about a “more thorough” remastering of the TOS episodes… ;)
which they should be, considering the price point of the initial HD DVD / DVD combo sets…

14. Cervantes - July 27, 2007

Off topic

For those interested, go to and see the photos of just who’s been confirmed… Now THAT was great news today… :)

15. THEETrekMaster - July 27, 2007

I am perfectly happy with the TNG DVDs I have.


16. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

“Upressed” That’s the new cheapass buzzterm for TNG:HD, like “inhouse” was for TOS:HD.

I would give my soul for a chance to speak with these people.

17. Kyle Nin - July 27, 2007

Aren’t they releasing a TNG full series DVD set soon?

18. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

I’d love to see them bring TNG to HD, if it’s possible. Re-do the effects to today’s standards? An extra treat. Best of luck to them and I hope they get to pull this off.

It’d be nice if they could make an announcement sometime this year, too. It IS TNG’s 20th anniversary at all!

And yeah, to all of those who I know are gonna bash TNG here–save it. We’ve heard it from you all before. Over and over and over… And you’re still wrong. :-)

19. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

I am tantalized by the possibility that every episode of TNG could have “Nemesis” caliber FX. Reality tells me that is total crap!

20. omf - July 27, 2007

Even if the effects were perfect, the problem with upscaling to HD resolution is that it doesn’t work well unless you have access to higher definition sources (as is the case with film). In other words, they can’t sell TNG to HD consumers if all it is is upscaled video: most people’s existing disc players or TVs are already upscaling anyway.

21. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

I hope this means that the film still exists; which it probably does. They are probably referring to the old digital files that are upscaled and reinserted on top of the film. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a decent phaser effect in after effects and the result is way better than upscaling 20 year old FX.

22. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

Although, #20, this is the same company that cannot make a monumental ship into a believable model, can’t make believable eyelids, or get their ship to fly right. Upscaling video to pseudo HD is not out of their realm.

23. Kyle Nin - July 27, 2007

If the people that did the FX for the movies (and the more recent Trek shows) did the remastering FX for TNG, then it would be really great. But I don’t think that CBS-Digital is THAT good. They’re good enough to update the TOS FX, but the original FX on TNG are so much more detailed compared to the original FX on TOS.

If CBS-Digital does it with the same level of detail as what they’re doing with TOS Remastered, it would just feel like a step back.

But I’d still like to see what they can do with it. I’ll make my judgments afterwards.

24. snake - July 27, 2007

why? the fx for TNG arent too bad…

i guess they could redo the borg to make them look more like they did in First Contact

i think theyd be very few people replacing their TNG dvds with new ones…

but…..i havent got any TNG on dvd (or vhs for that matter) and i was planning to buy the new slim line sets of TNG fairly soon…think i’ll hold off for more news about if they plan to do them all remastered now…

25. snake - July 27, 2007

Will they do the same for the movies i wonder??…especially in light of Meyer saying he was open to the Genesis cave FX being redone…

they wouldnt need to touch TMP as thats been done…

with II i guess they could redo the reused FX they used from TMP and the genesis stuff….III is fine as it is, as is IV…V needs alot of work….VI is fine – and the TNG films are all ok.

26. JohnnyMoo - July 27, 2007

If they do go ahead with this, I at least hope they’ll finish the TOS episodes first, rather than forcing even more onto the CBS:D team’s plate. They seem to be stretched enough already just doing the TOS:R episodes that are aired, plus the remaining season 1 episodes for the DVD set.

I’d be in support of a HD:TNG set if it was possible to clean up the first couple of seasons. While the models they used were very detailed, the video came out quite ropey looking IMO.

27. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

For this last DVD set they should have upscaled to make more detail then reconverted to standard dvd res with a lot more detail. then say goodbye to standard def.

If all of the original film elements are still in existence then they should have all 10 film remastered by the same company that did 20 james bond movies.


THEY ARE TOO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

Snake you’re right, if CBS uses the same level of technique then they’ll look even worse than bad 80’s FX. What a waste that will be!

29. Nelson - July 27, 2007

One thought, if they actually proceed with this project, the down side is that they’ve learned so much from the effort on TOS, the new TNG effort could look much better then the TOS effort.

30. paustin - July 27, 2007

meh….no thanks

31. John CT - July 27, 2007


Frigging hell, decent upscaling DVD players do the same thing, but they want to sell us it predone for $218 a pop.

Cheap barstewards.

32. CmdrR. - July 27, 2007

Will this eventually cost us $999.99 per season?

33. Navarre - July 27, 2007

I think it’s supposed to be:


34. steve - July 27, 2007

Still haven’t seen anything about the TOS-HD-DVD presentation at the Con. Anything come of that?

35. Cpelc - July 27, 2007

yeah…I would like to know what was said then…that was actually before the Abrams presentation

36. redstatesrule - July 27, 2007

I’m not opposed to this, but redoing TNGs effects would be difficult, considering TOS-R effects now are just about as good as TNGs effects by about season 4.

37. TOS Fan Forever - July 27, 2007

Give it all to Gabriel Koerner. Let him do the special effects. :-)

38. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Noch mehr Trek-Gerüchte - July 27, 2007

[…] Jaja, die Gerüchteküche brodelt weiter und gönnt uns keine Verschaufpause. Kaum hat J. J. Abrams auf der Comic Con darüber gesprochen, dass es noch kein Kirk-Casting gab und man noch nach einem passenden Kirk suche, taucht irgendwoher die Meldung auf (UK’s Daily Star), dass Robbie Williams an einer Rolle als Kirk super interessiert wäre und auch einige Verantwortliche meinen, dass dem so sei…Naja, wahrscheinlich hat dieses Gerücht denselben Stellenwert wie einst die Sache mit Tom Cruise als Spock bzw. Daniel Craig als Kirk…denn so ganz passen tut es ja nicht, da Robbie Williams zwar (wie Kirk zu Beginn der Serie) mittlerweile ein Alter von 33 Jahren erreicht hat, doch Abrams laut Matt Damon einen Kirk sucht, der altersmäßig so in den 20ern steckt… Wie auch immer, die zweite Geschichte betrifft Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nachdem man die Originalserie mehr oder weniger einheitlich und erfolgreich für HD mit neuen Effekten remastered hat, werden nun Überlegungen angestellt, wie man selbiges mit TNG durchführen kann. Das Problem bei TNG ist jedoch das schlechte Ausgangsmaterial, und somit muss man erstmal testen, ob es sich lohnt, die Effekte zu überarbeiten oder komplett neu zu machen (wie bei TOS-R geschehen). Ich persönlich meine, man sollte da nicht zimperlich sein. Denn der Kontrast dürfte bei up-to-date SFX nicht ganz so unpassend krass wirken, wie wenn man die Originalserie konsequent mit heutigen Effekten ausgestattet hätte. Bei TNG fiele das somit eigentlich gar nicht auf, denn wie ich einst schon mal schrieb, so ist das Produktionsdesign auch heute noch zukunftsträchtig, so dass moderne Effekte überhaupt nicht unpassend wirken dürften – eher im Gegenteil. […]

39. DavidJ - July 27, 2007

I’m a huge TNG fan, but frankly I don’t think this is necessary. Most of the worst FX are in the first couple seasons, which weren’t that good anyway.

And unlike TOS, those effects still do an adequate job of telling the story (if someone’s looking at a ship on the viewscreen, there’s actually a SHIP there and not a blob of light, etc).

40. Jawinka Smith - July 27, 2007

Well, I for one would love to see TNG’s effects redone… respecially for the earlier seasons. I remember that every time there was supposed to be a “battle” we’d see a stationary Enterprise firing a photon torpedo. It was nice to see the battle of Wolf 359 in DS9’s pilot because those ships moved around a bit…

But at $220 a season, I can deal just fine with my TNG DVDs thank you. But like I said in the TOS thread, the prices will eventually come down. We’ll just have to wait 5+ years.

41. Devon - July 27, 2007

I’m for remastering if they do it right. For instance, there were some FX shots that made me personally want to cringe. Like when the Enterprise was orbiting a planet, and the sunlight was coming from one direction or and the light hitting the ship was coming from another. I know that’s small, but kinda stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

I’d be very interested in seeing what they could do, but might would rather Eden FX do it.

42. Daniel Shock - July 27, 2007

#39 – I think you’ve missed part of the point – its not that the effects aren’t good enough – its that the ONLY way to get a high definition version of TNG is to redo the effects, since the episodes were not finished on film.

43. Dom - July 27, 2007

Redoing TNG would be a huge job: effectively they’d have to rescan the original negatives and resynch them to the standard-def images – incredibly difficult, unless the source video tapes from the original edits carried the film key frame numbers, at the very least, in the underscan area or something!

Then the FX would need rebuilding from scratch. I always thought the TNG FX stank in comparison to TOS anyway. Although at times rough and ready, at least TOS sourced its ships from film. TNG’s FX were all video-sourced and looked like it, too: cheap’n’nasty! And as for that awful going to warp ‘stretch’ effect, followed by a naff ‘explosion’ that dogged all the modern Trek shows . . .

It would be fantastic if TNG and and of its successors’ standard def shows could be remastered fully in HD. But it would be a vast job that would take many, many years and many, many dollars.

Personally I’d rather they got on and made a revised version of TAS with 3D animation replacing the 2D original images. Right now, TOS is the ‘active’ incarnation of Trek and Kirk and Spock-related material should take precedence. I suppose, though that a revised TAS could make use of designs from the new movie . . .

44. Jim J (TOS addict) - July 27, 2007

Why is so slow about TOS-Remastered previews anymore?

45. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

How by any stretch of the imagination are TNG’s effects worse than TOS? Nope, that’s the nostalgia clouding your vision, Dom…

46. star trackie - July 27, 2007

I don’t think interest in TNG ,or the subsequent Treks, in HD, warrants the expendeture at this point. Maybe someday down the road, if there is some resurgence of popularity.

47. Kev - July 27, 2007

To me, everything they did for TOS wasn’t an improvement, though some shots were. Those 3rd season shots of the ship were very convincing, and to me, the obvious paneling on the computer model makes it look like its made of stainless steel sheeting, not the product of super-advanced technology. I’m not saying there work isn’t good, it is, but they have a design philosophy which contradicts the ‘smoothness’ of everything else. Has anybody seen TOS DVD on an HD set to verify how unwatchable they’re supposed to be? Or is that a marketing gimmick to sell the new sets? TNG’s computerized starfields wouldn’t suffer much if they redid them, but they should wait to see how these new TOS DVDs do before stepping into that pool.

48. the dax - July 27, 2007

If they don’t redo the FX, I’m not really interested. They got a huge opportunity here. TNG reused FX too often (like the Angel One matte), and some of the greatest eps like “Chain of Command” or “Redemption” had crap FX, even by that time’s standards and would immensely gain from new FX.
Come on, CBS. TOSR’s FX wipe the floor with 1st season TNG’s FX, we can’t have that, can we?
Plus I GUARANTEE there will be much less of those pesky purists this time.

49. Aaron R. (Sisko in HD too!!!) - July 27, 2007

A lot of moaning and groaning in here and I am guessing th reason is because most of you probably don’t have high definition dvd players let alone a tv that supports it properly. I have to say flat out and truthfully that the remastered epps of TOS look so wonderful in high definition and if they want to remaster TNG I know for a fact that it will look utterly brilliant. Most people still dont have a hi def player and are watching movies on standard DVD and standard while its ok just isn’t the same thing. I am not trying to insult anyone I realize they are expensive TV’s and players but I do believe that until you see the epps in the format they are intended for you should not bash. I for one knew that hi def was coming a long time ago and stopped buying seasons for the specific reason that I figured HD was coming. Hence here we are a lot of people paid top dollar for regular DVD seasons and now are going to feel slighted but shouldn’t… Don’t blame the HD team and the higher ups who made the choice to bring Star Trek up to the next level that it deserves… and it did deserve it. Don’t blame them for you spending money on regular edition DVDs anyone who did their homework like I did could have seen a long time ago that HD was the wave of the future and was to going to be the next big thing. As for the price… come on now. Price goes down inevitably look at TNG regular they retailed for 175$ at many stores and now they are down to 50$ at wal mart 45$ at Costco or Sams Club… I suppose your probably mad about that too??? Don’t derail the process with your negativity because its not helpful for Star Trek in general I don’t care if your a hardcore TOS fan your still a trekkie right?

Aaron R.

P.S. Incase you wondered the only way I have seen the HD epps is through my xbox360 marketplace and they look astounding.

50. Mark 2000 - July 27, 2007

I’d love it if they’d update TNG’s effects to more accurately fit in with TOS.

51. Oceanhopper - July 27, 2007

At $220 a season for the DVD, I couldn’t care less if they rendered the whole series in South-Park style SpOOOky-Vision.
I aint gonna waste my money.

52. billy don't be a hiro - July 27, 2007

“Don’t blame them for you spending money on regular edition DVDs anyone who did their homework like I did could have seen a long time ago that HD was the wave of the future and was to going to be the next big thing.”

Doesn’t your finger get sore from wagging it so much? Or does your sense of superiority make up for it?

53. operations - July 27, 2007

Re-cutting directly from film to hi-def is going to make TNG like you’ve never seen it before MUCH more so than the new transfers of TOS. Videotape produces a horrible image not up to standard anymore these days and when you were to see the series how it was shot on film you’d hardly recognize it. Colour depth, sharpness, it would look amazing.

However, I can hardly believe it will actually be done rather an upscaling of the existing episodes would be more realistic. Unfortunately so…

54. trektacular - July 27, 2007

49. I do believe the studios screwed us, DVD should’ve been hi def in the first place! Personally I thought they were when they first came out, otherwise what would be the point? I feel misled as do a lot of others

55. Dom - July 27, 2007

Sleeper Agent X. The reason I dislike TNG’s FX is that they look like models shot on videotape and they clash horribly with everything else that was sourced on film.

TOS’s FX originated on film and the ships looked like they were actually spaceships in the context of the rest of the shots, rather than nasty, interlaced video FX.

TNG’s FX simply looked like models slapped on a video bluescreen. Look at some of the amateur-hour FX shots in stories like The Naked Now. Horrid! Even the (typically 1980s) oversized viewscreen on the TNG bridge was an example of iffy video compositing.

That said, if they go ahead with the remasters, maybe they could ‘lose’ The Last Outpost completely. That was 45 minutes of my life I could have spent doing more interesting things , , , like staring at rotting potato peelings! TOS had some dodgy episodes, but at least, even when it was bad, it was never boring!!

56. omf - July 27, 2007

54: You’re joking, I hope. That’s like complaining that you feel mislead for having been told the computer you bought in 1995 was fast when it clearly can’t run Windows Vista now.

57. DJT - July 27, 2007

“this is the same company that cannot make a monumental ship into a believable model, can’t make believable eyelids, or get their ship to fly right. Upscaling video to pseudo HD is not out of their realm”


I hope when they choose to ‘refit’ the TNG episodes, they do it right.

58. Storma - July 27, 2007

Oh yes, yes, yes… awesome news!

Please remake all those effects! The crappy model they used from season 4 onwards looked nothing like the original Enterprise-D.

I would kill to see TNG remastered with new CGI space shots, using the GENERATIONS mesh.

59. sean - July 27, 2007

#43, 55

I agree with you about the effects. TNG’s effects look very, very ‘TV’ and don’t play well on a big plasma or high def. The Original Series effects – goofy as they were – do somehow look less cheesetastic. You could tell TNG was made quick and cheap, effects-wise. And nothing beats ‘Code of Honor’ for life-sucking experiences! If I never see that ep again I’ll be a happy man.

60. Dom - July 27, 2007

trektacular, by your rationale, you’d never buy anything because, one day it’ll be superceded. VHS lasted an abnormal amount of time. DVD has been around for a decade now and the new formats are merely upgrades. With a decent upconverter, most DVDs will be fine on HD TVs.

The last few weeks, I’ve been dubbing all my parents’ VHSes on to DVD. The quality of those VHSes is shocking, not just due to the age of the cassettes, but due to the poor quality of the format. It’s amazing, given how rubbish VHS is that it lasted for so long. I guess the novelty of being able to watch movies and TV shows in your own time was a luxury most of us had wanted for years.

But now that we have the ability to view on demand, the quality’s essential. We all complain bitterly about dirt and scratches on film prints on DVDs, yet not so long ago, we accepted watching VHS garbage.

DVD is a superb format and, in a sense, it isn’t going anywhere. Hi Def is still very much a work in progress, especially where TV is concerned. Most people will be watching SD TV for some years to come and even BluRays and the like downconverted for SD.

61. "Star Trek Enhanced" - TOS digital berarbeitet - Seite 45 - SciFi-Forum - July 27, 2007

[…] Will fr die Geschichte jetzt keinen neuen Thread aufmachen: CBS Testing Remastering TNG in HD | Seit die Effektarbeti bei TOS offiziell wurde, wusste ich, dass die GERADE bei den 24. Jahrhunder-Serien die Effekte neu machen werden (offiziell ist es ja noch nicht). __________________ "…wenn ich, Aguirre, will, dass die Vgel tot von den Bumen fallen, dann fallen die Vgel tot von den Bumen herunter. Ich bin der Zorn Gottes, die Erde ber die ich gehe sieht mich und bebt!" […]

62. Xai - July 27, 2007

I’d say do it and if you don’t like it…don’t buy it.

63. trektacular - July 27, 2007

I don’t agree with that Dom I like some movies on tape better, for example STTMP looks dingy on DVD, but on tape, it looks brighter, livelier at least to me.
And all I’m saying about DVD is that I thought the point of it in the first place was for it to play HD, because why bother if its not?

64. Captain Robert April - July 27, 2007

For $217 a season for TOS, don’t bother with TNG. Maybe the top 10 episodes or so. They have to lower the prices on these or they won’t sell. I for one am waiting to see if HD dies out and Blueray becomes the standard.

65. Kregano - July 27, 2007

I really hope this comes true. There is one episode in my mind that would massively benefit from new effects:

1. Yesterday’s Enterprise. The Ent-C’s damage looks horribly fake and superficial and the final battle sucked (Picard calls out new headings and the ship just sits there. WTF?). Also, they should make a mesh for the battleship Enterprise-D that LOOKS like a battleship (and they could reuse it for Parallels too).

Parallels could use some variation in the Enterprises and meatier effects when the Borg damaged Enterprise explodes (debris flying off and hitting other ships), Cause and Effect could use a better explosion for the Enterprise, and they could try to make the Type 7 shuttle’s full scale model look more like the miniature.

66. Kregano - July 27, 2007

I really hope this comes true. There is one episode in my mind that would massively benefit from new effects:

Yesterday’s Enterprise. The Ent-C’s damage looks horribly fake and superficial and the final battle sucked (Picard calls out new headings and the ship just sits there. WTF?). Also, they should make a mesh for the battleship Enterprise-D that LOOKS like a battleship (and they could reuse it for Parallels too).

Parallels could use some variation in the Enterprises and meatier effects when the Borg damaged Enterprise explodes (debris flying off and hitting other ships), Cause and Effect could use a better explosion for the Enterprise, and they could try to make the Type 7 shuttle’s full scale model look more like the miniature.

67. Magic_Al - July 27, 2007

Nowhere in the post is it suggested they would upscale the live action. Of course they’ll use production film for that. I hope no one would think upscaled 1980s videotape is marketable as an HD product. Once the film is transferred, rebuilding the episodes’ editing can probably be done pretty efficiently, if tediously, once they get a system going.

The question of upscaling only concerns the effects. If the video effects were saved as separate elements that can be recomposited on the newly-transferred live-action, a lot of the animated force-field type effects may work as-is. Anything that’s not a fuzzy shape of light would probably have to be recreated as CGI using the same workflow developed for TOS-R.

68. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

I would love to see the FX mentioned in 66 but that job is way above CBSD’s head. Remember they couldn’t get the E to fly correctly let alone make hundreds o debris particles move accurately.

69. Kregano - July 27, 2007

Maybe the money from TOS-R DVDs might be used to get a good VFX house like Eden for the space scenes. CBSD can do planets and other “easy” effects to ease the workload and lower costs by sharing meshes, etc…

I hope that they can do a good job restoring the Wolf 359 graveyard and lessen the stock ships at the Qualor depot. And I bet replacing the Type 7 shuttle would be a tedious task, given that it looks wrong every time the actors stand by it in the shuttle bay, so you would have to make a mesh, then rotoscope the actors, etc…

70. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

And Eden already had a damn accurate Enterprise D for the Enterprise finale too!

71. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

I watched “These are the Voyages” for a glimpse at what TNG-R might look like. I hope they can pull off an Eden-style job. But once again, reality slaps me in the face.

72. Kregano - July 27, 2007

I wonder if they could get access to the original 6 foot model of the Enterprise D to make an even more accurate model (if needed), but I think they sold it at that auction :( .

73. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

For over half a million freaking dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

74. Sean4000 - July 27, 2007

Christie’s Auction house was a gold mine a few months back.

75. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

Re 55–

I’m sorry, Dom. But your bias is clearly showing through, here. :-)

When CBS first planned on transferring TOS to HD, there was no question that the effects had to be redone, because they were so dated and horrible (in today’s context). But with TNG, it looks like the team does not automatically consider it a given that the fx have to be redone–just “uprezzed” for HD.

That tells you all you need to know right there.

76. Dom - July 28, 2007

Sleeper Agent X. The main issue with the TOS FX was that they had endlessly used the same material on the optical printer, meaning that the shots got more and more degraded. If they had been able to find the original elements in suitable condition, they could have recomposited them from the original footage. It’s not that the models and the like were too ‘primitive': it’s merely that the footage was too knackered to clean up.

I am basically a TOS fan, certainly, but I think this would be a great opportunity for TNG to have some work done on it. Not to mention there must be episodes that were hacked down for their timeslot (TNG’s rushed endings were often the biggest complaints leveled at the show!) that could be extended for DVD!

First thing though, IMHO, is the get TAS sorted once TOS is finished.

77. Sleeper Agent X - July 28, 2007

Re 76-

Again your TOS bias shows through, Dom! Why does TOS get to have an excuse for an end result that is visually unappealing, and yet TNG gets no slack whatsoever? It’s clear that in your mind you’re “imagining” TOS effects without the defects, and then comparing that to TNG’s unaltered effects–perhaps even magnifying TNG’s effects flaws in your imagination.

My response in 75 does pretty much say it all, and any reasonable person without a bias toward either show would lean towards TNG’s effects being better, I think it’s safe to conclude.

And what do you mean by “get TAS” sorted? Surely the episodes have been chronologically arranged? I do hope you don’t mean doing some sort of CGI Final Fantasy treatment to that series…the results would be terrible beyond words.

78. Dom - July 28, 2007

Oh, I’d never call TOS’s FX ‘visually unappealing!’ Granted, there were problems due to their low-budget nature, but to call some of the most iconic space shots in the history of sci-fi TV ‘visually unappealing’ is a terrible thing to say! Even CBS’s new shots are based on the original images.

I’m not attacking TNG itself. But I think that interlaced video-sourced FX just look plain nasty, when mixed with film, and they’d look even worse upscaled to HD. Had it been possible for the original FX to be shot on a progressive video format, they would’ve looked better. But modern Trek FX didn’t really come into their own until the later seasons of TNG. DS9’s FX were often superb and, for all their flaws as shows, Voyager and Enterprise often had stunning imagery too.

TNG is a show that needs a little more ‘fizz’ in its visuals. HD transfers and and a decent colour grade would do wonders for the live action shots – especially the first couple of seasons – along with a boosted up sound mix (unfortunately they can’t hire the under-valued Ron Jones to replace most of the other composers’ incidental music from the series!)

But the first time I can remember thinking of the Enterprise-D as a starship, rather than a model, was in Star Trek: Generations. Then they went and blew the damn thing up! It’d be nice to see some more generic exteriors of the Enterprise, some of which could maybe mimic the TOS angles a bit more!

Far from having a ‘bias’ (an unfortunate obsession TNG diehards have on this site is that anyone who doesn’t think TNG is perfect must ***hate*** it on a genetic level. I don’t.) I want TNG to get polished up and given the chance to be as good as it could be. ST:TMP, for example, was vastly improved when the new FX were included, along with an improved sound mix.

As for TAS, I would like to see the thing redone using CGI animation. In fairness to the remark about Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within, we’re talking about a film that is now stone-age in terms of photorealistic CG FX. A modern TAS could be done to a much better standard and the fact that TAS bases its look on that of TOS means that there’s copious visual reference material for both sets and actors. It sounds like you’re showing a bias against animation yourself, SAX!! ;)

Plus, there’s the opportunity to use some more guest actors’ voices rather than just Jimmy Doohan and Majel Barrett. Dig out a few actors from modern Trek shows to provide some voices, perhaps.

I think it’ll do wonders for the remaining non-HD Treks to get a proper buff-up and I look forward to seeing the results if it happens!

79. Kregano - July 28, 2007

I agree that TNG’s early effects were lacking. A bunch of shots looked a bit fuzzy for some reason and the constant use of Excelsior class ships was a bit annoying (I doubt that would change though).

The stock footage, for some reason, really annoyed me. Probably because they used the cruising at impulse footage for combat scenes. And I think they reused the Mutara Nebula backdrop from TWOK in BOBW part I.

80. Sean4000 - July 28, 2007

They did reuse the nebula but it worked.

81. seangh - July 28, 2007

Remastering TNG is no small feat, but within the realm of reason. THanks to timecode, all the original 35mm could be re-scanned in HD and resolved to the original EDLs. The effects shots that did not originate on film could be up-rezzed. There is some software that does a great job of this – i’ve used it and the results are very impressive.

82. CBS Testing Remastering TNG in HD - - - July 28, 2007

[…] In the wake of the success of the remastered original Star Trek episodes, which will be released on HD-DVD this fall, CBS is considering remastering Star Trek: The Next Generation as more | digg story     […]

83. Sleeper Agent X - July 28, 2007

Re 78–

I’m sorry, Dom, but if you think you’re going to get photorealistic CGI so perfectly well done you’ll be able to get a virtual “Season 4″ of TOS from TAS, you are sadly mistaken! The technology is not there yet, or would be prohibitively expensive. Not to mention that the CBS-D team would be hardly the people to attack such a venture, no disrespect to their talents.

Oh, and one last time–by any non-biased measure, TNG’s effects are better, and the fact they might not need to be redone proves it! You’ve never provided a counterargument to that point, because there is none. :)

84. Curtis Kopeschny - July 29, 2007

I would love some updated effects shots, especially planets and ship movement. I personally love the look of ST:Enterprise where planets look like planets and Enterprise moves all over the place in battle. It makes sense that in space you’d go in a 3-D way and not just forward or back.

One of my biggest complaints in TNG was when an enemy ship and Enterprise would sit there staring each other down in the big ‘battle’. One fires, the other fires back, then suddenly the shields would be down from the ‘intense’ firefight! LOL. Couldn’t they replace the space sequences with new CGI where Enterprise moves, fires, takes exterior damage, and then cut back to the actors responding? I mean, they still said stuff like ‘Direct hit to our starboard nacelle, shields down to 60%’. Is it not possible to take out those old stock sequences and replace them with newer CGI like ST:Enterprise?

As for TOS remastering, I actually was hoping that TOS would be given the full new effects and not those effects that still look 60s-ish. The planets still look like crap; like balls with blocks of colour and the Enterprise still has that 1960 cheese look. Of course it looks better than the original stuff. I’m sure that’s what they were going for so that it didn’t look too different for fans. I however wanted it to look more like actual orbit and more like a real spaceship and not just a little better than 1966. The reason it originally looked like crap was because it was the 60’s, not because they wanted it to look like that. I would’ve liked to have seen the full effects upgrade, but that’s just my thoughts!

85. Dom - July 29, 2007

Oh c’mon Curtis Kopeschny! The FX from the 1960s did not ‘look like crap!’ They were and are still iconic.

And, Sleeper Agent X, I don’t know what sort of ‘counterargument ‘you want me to make. The reason they are contemplating upscaling the original TNG FX is a cost matter, not quality. As I keep reiterating, TNG’s FX are video-sourced and will likely clash especially badly with cleaned up live action.

Also, like TOS originally, there’s a paucity of generic shots of the ship. There’s an opportunity now to make the all of the space shots much more dynamic. For all the perceived ‘weaknesses’ of TOS, they FX were great at the time. TNG’s FX suited the ambition’s of TNG’s team ***at the time***, although I have a general dislike of videotaped models on the grounds that I just don’t feel that they look particularly believeable. As a 15-year-old I could tell they were shot on video and therefore looked cheap.

I also found them very bland an unambitious, compared with the TOS effects. A few years later Foundation Imaging showed just how fab and dynamic TV space shots could be! But the TNG team still have access to the materials they need to rebuild FX. TOS does not, hence CBS-D’s new FX. Had the source shots for the TOS mattes been available, recompositing the original shots would have been relatively easy! TOS’ shots might be a bit dirty due to the number of times they’ve been through an optical printer, but the source materials’ excellent quality is certainly not in doubt.

In the end, I think it comes down to personal preference. I’ll take film-sourced model FX, even on a low budget, over glossy video-taped models or even CGI, any day of the week. But having seen how nice many of the Enterprise D shots look in Generations and what a wonderfully huge ship she looked like in them, there’s little doubt that remaking the FX would be a positive step. They’d be presented in 1080p allowing for massive amounts of extra detail, better lighting and, hell, some clever exterior shots like seeing the crew in the briefing room or Ten Forward as the ship goes by: that sort of thing!

As for ‘photo-realistic’ animation, I really like the look of a lot of CG cartoon stuff! Look at Captain Scarlet, Beast Machines, Reboot, Final Fantasy and Roughnecks. Of course they can’t make the actors’ ‘perfect representation,’ but they could still do a bang-up job! And please stop being smug and patronising towards me! I’m not a total idiot. I work in television (ok, maybe that makes me an idiot!! ;)) as an editor and I’m well aware of what the state of technology is like in this business. I know what can and can’t be done in animation and I know how big a task a TNG refurbishment would be. in would still like to see it done properly, though.

seangh, It’ll be very hard to retelecine the TNG negatives to HD and guarantee getting the exact same timecodes as the source SD tapes. It’s the film stock’s key numbers that will determine where the shots go.

86. jonboc - July 29, 2007

The effects in TOS were redone because the old optical printing process rendered many of the shots so full of grain and priocessed so many generations removed from the original 35 mm print that they would not blend in the HD remastering of the original negaitves. It had nothing to do with the effects of TOS being “inferior”. They simply couldn’t clean the original FX up to match the rest of the show.

87. Sleeper Agent X - July 29, 2007

Again with the excuses! I’m sorry, but you can’t say TOS effects were “wonderful for their time” and then badmouth TNG’s effects because they aren’t as good as what can be accomplished today. By any side by side comparison, any independent judge would say TNG’s effects were superior. You need that big dose of bias that comes from nostalgia to say otherwise.

And if it’s TAS ala Beast Machines or Reboot that you’re looking for–I say that’s a monstrous idea that needs to be killed here and now. The final result would be Zombie Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley–a result some TOS purists fantasize about, I know, since they want to extend the original actors in their iconic roles past their natural lifetimes, but it’s horrible, horrible and disrespectful–and there’s really no need to see something like that.

88. Utterlee - July 29, 2007

85 – ” I’ll take film-sourced model FX, even on a low budget, over glossy video-taped models or even CGI, any day of the week. ”

TNG’s models were not shot on tape – the were shot on film and composited on tape which is a crucial difference. I daresay if the elements still exist the could be recombined in HD. What they’ll actually do of course is anyone’s guess.

89. Kregano - July 29, 2007

The early space stock footage is the most likely candidate for remastering because of how bad it looked compared to stuff filmed in season 3 on. I think TNG switched FX houses or something, since everything past season 2 looked a whole lot better and less fake (although it did look fake a few times).

90. Dom - July 29, 2007

It’s actually shocking just how vastly better TNG got from the outset of season three. There was a confidence there right from the start that was utterly lacking in the first two seasons.

And Sleeper Agent X, I know you’re trying to start a fight or at least keep one going, but my issue with TNG’s FX is that, grainy or not, the TOS Enterprise always had substance and looked like it ***could*** be a big ship in space. The video compositing of the Enterprise-D model (thanks for picking up on my garbled sentence, Utterlee!) has an interlaced video look and robs the ship of any bulk or scale.

TNG’s Enterprise looks like a model and I just can’t suspend my disbelief when I look at it. The fact that I ***can*** suspend my disbelief with TOS’s Enterprise makes TOS’s FX superior in my book! After all, the purpose of FX is to convince, no matter what the technical quality!

91. Utterlee - July 29, 2007

“TNG’s Enterprise looks like a model and I just can’t suspend my disbelief when I look at it. The fact that I ***can*** suspend my disbelief with TOS’s Enterprise makes TOS’s FX superior in my book! After all, the purpose of FX is to convince, no matter what the technical quality! ”

I think it’s a completely subjective thing really. I grew up on TNG and only watch TOS later on. I couldn’t believe how cheesy those old 60’s models looked (with a very occasional exception), and when looking at TNG I couldn’t ever imagine the effects looking dated or how they could ever be bettered. Now, 17 years on, I can see that TNG has dated quite significantly too, and frankly, the ships of both series look very much like miniatures, just in different ways.

Am sure if the CGI it, that in turn will look fairly out of date in 10 or 20 years time. Every production is of it’s time, and any update will just set it into *that* time.

Having said that, I still wouldn’t mind seeing the effects redone!

92. Kregano - July 29, 2007

I wonder if CBS would be more willing to go with a real effects house like Eden (I’m not saying CBSD is horrible, but they’re not really suited for a job of this magnitude). After all the backlash and complaints (some of which did have merit), CBS definitely has to plan better for TNG remastered (i.e. doing whole seasons at a time before broadcasting, allowing for more time to tweak the effects, etc…). If they do decide to go forward with this, they should definitely try to avoid the mistakes of TOS remastered.

93. Dom - July 29, 2007

Yeah, Utterlee. I always considered it a subjective thing. I still prefer the TOS FX and think they’re superior, so y’know, that’s me.

And, Sleeper Agent X. Before I forget, what is your big issue with cartoons? ‘Horrible, horrible and disrespectful?’ What does that make TAS then? How can it be any more disrespectful to create new modern animations than to create new FX for HD Trek rereleases?

Perhaps you were scarred for life by a Yogi Bear episode as a kid or something, but to write a post full of words such as ‘horrible,’ ‘disrespectful,’ ‘monstrous’ and ‘killed’ shows you must have a real issue with this. We’re talking about a cartoon based on a fictional show here, not a rewrite of the Bible or the Koran!

Why would it be so wrong to use the actors’ voices, since they’re available? What if the actors or their estates agreed? Why do you have such an issue with the idea? I really fascinated to know! And where does the ‘zombie’ thing come from? Show me one episode of TAS where Kirk, Spock and McCoy start moaning weirdly, ripping people’s arms off and slurping on their brains?

Where are we trying ‘to extend the original actors in their iconic roles past their natural lifetimes?’ If there’s good material there that can be improved upon, it’s a shame to waste a good resource! Most of the Trek cast is very much alive and kicking. To dismiss them with remarks about ‘their natural lifetimes’ is by far the most insulting thing you can possibly write!

My advice to you would be that, if you don’t like the idea of a Trek cartoon with the voices of an iconic cast loved by millions, which inspired people in the 60s to enter the space programme, which gave many of us our greatest heroes, don’t watch it!

94. Sleeper Agent X - July 29, 2007

Hello, Dom! I am glad that you at least now admit that your opinion on this matter is subjective. And no, I am not trying to keep an argument going–I am trying to get you to see that you are wrong. There is a difference, there.

As far as TAS is concerned, you seem to have completely missed my point. You said you wanted to see TAS redone with “photorealistic CG FX” (post 78). I pointed out that achieving a “season 4 of TOS” with CG just wasn’t possible with current technology, and you then backed off from photorealism to accepting something on the level of Beast Machines.

I think such a retooling of TAS would be hideous. You claim to work in television, fine, but are you aware of something people who work in CG animation have to deal with called the “uncanny valley”? The more lifelike you make a representation of the human face, the more the audience identifies with that representation as being human–up until a point when the representation repulses and seems macabre. A lot of people have problems with Final Fantasy type animation because of that very effect. I think redoing TAS with CG would be even worse, because we know how real-life Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley looked, acted, and expressed themselves from TOS. To see grotesque puppet doll versions try to adopt their facial expressions and mannerisms would be disrespectful and Zombie-esque, indeed.

If you can allow yourself to push aside the desire to see more TOS at any price, and imagine the end results of what you propose in your mind without that sort of bias, I think you will agree with me.

95. Dom - July 29, 2007

Sleeper Agent X. Of course everything is subjective! I never said wasn’t! But I’m not wrong in saying that TOS’s FX are better. That is what I believe. I prefer them for all the reasons I’ve gone into over and over in my previous posts.

Animation the like of which we saw in FInal Fantasy: The Spirits Within is referred to as ‘photorealistic.’ It doesn’t mean it’s a perfect representation any more than ‘photorealistic’ drawings are in comicbooks.

You say you and some people have in issue with the representations of characters in CGI, but many of us don’t. ‘Disrespectful’ would be an issue if the actors had a problem with the animation or really obscene things were done to the characters.

I don’t have ‘desire to see more TOS at any price': what the heck does that mean anyway? You make me sound like some obsessive psycho nutcase! I just think a newly animated version of TAS would be a laugh!

I think perhaps our approach to this argument might be down to how you and I look at this site. Star Trek and, to me, is fun. I come here and chat because I enjoy it and have a laugh with nice people. You seem to approach things as more serious and have a debating chamber ethic where every word and sentence must be pored over and ‘debates’ end with a victor and a loser.

I can’t get involved with a site like that. I’d hate it! trekmovie, for me, is like going to the pub with some friends who like Trek and chatting about it.

Anyway, I have to go to bed and I’m out of town for a couple of days, so apologies if I disappear now. If this discussion is still active in any way when I get back we’ll catch up. If not, seeya around on other topics and thanks for the chat. :)

96. Sleeper Agent X - July 29, 2007


Just kiddin’. ;-) See you when you get back!

97. Bart - July 30, 2007

The Enterprise-D looked gorgeous in Generations and in These Are The Voyages. We have also seen many beautiful shots of galaxy class ships on DS9 and VOY.

That’s how TNG remastered could look like if they would choose the right people to do the effects.

98. Curtis - July 30, 2007

In DS9 the Galaxy class ships moved a whole lot more as they fired on Dominion ships. It would be great to see Enterprise moving a bit more and firing with a bit more ‘oomph’! A lot of times on TNG, phaser bursts never did any damage on the other ship. Each would fire and ‘cripple’ the other and then fly away looking fine!

I think some key effects additions would update the show and make it feel ‘new’ again since we’re all used to seeing the movie and ST:Enterprise effects. I always found that the actors communicated the action well but the effects didn’t gel with what the characters were experiencing. I’m recalling an episode where a Cardassian ship attacks the Enterprise and when they show them firing back with a ‘direct hit to their engines’ it just looks like a regular short little phaser burst to the shields. If you hit their engines, have some smoke come out, or lights go dim so that it communicates to the audience that the attack was successful. Otherwise why show us the ‘battle’ at all if it’s all the same firing sequences we’ve seen before?

I just think it’s a great opportunity to refresh one of the most popular ST series and since you can’t bring back the actors, why not update some of the effects to add some new atmosphere and action? Plus, since the ST gaming people have their head up their asses with shit like Legacy and Encounters, we deserve these effects… but that’s another story!

99. Kregano - July 30, 2007

Another thing about the effects is that in BOBW, parts 1 AND 2, they used a shot of the Enterprise getting hit in the engineering section by a Borg cutting beam. It really annoyed me that they reused that shot because of the fact they created brand new effects for the battle between the Cube and the Enterprise.

However, there were some great effects in early TNG, like the destruction of the Yamato in Contagion and the Borg cutting out a piece of the saucer in Q Who, that shouldn’t really be messed with, beyond using CGI models.

100. Kregano - July 30, 2007

Would anyone protest replacing some of the Excelsior class ships with Ambassadors or New Orleans or Niagras? Cause seeing the Excelsior got old fast and it would be nice to see the ships inaction.

101. Sleeper Agent X - July 30, 2007

Re 100:

I’m sure making some of those kinds of changes would be fine. The use of the Excelsior probably had a lot to do with budgetary and time constraints–I doubt there was somebody on the production crew whose “vision” was that Starfleet be composed entirely of Excelsior class ships!

Most if not all of the fx crew are probably still around, so they could help guide any changes to the fx to better reflect their intentions, too.

102. Kregano - July 30, 2007

Re 101:
It’s good to know some people are willing to be flexible with certain things. Hopefully the more hardcore fans would willing to accept these changes without too much complaint.

I wonder if the physical models of some of those ships from the Wolf 359 graveyard are still in a warehouse somewhere. That would make things a lot easier on whoever remasters the show.

103. Bart - July 31, 2007

Wolf359 should remain how it was. No images of the battle like we saw in DS9’s pilot.

The darkness en tension were build up because we only saw and knew what the Enterprise crew was experiencing. The audience did not now any more than the crew. That made the show so great. New battle x would not add anything.

I agree with replacing some of the Excelsior ships with others.

Another thing I was wondering about. Always when the Enterprise orbits Earth, we never see any spacedocks, orbital stations, drydocks, etc. Why do we only see something when the Enterprise is IN the dock? Earth is Starfleets headquarters so there should be something in orbit. We know there is, it is hard to look over the huge spacedock. And don’t tell me they were always on the other side of the planet…

104. Kregano - July 31, 2007

Re 103:
I was talking about getting the models so that they could make new CGI models for normal ships of those types and to create exact models of the damaged Wolf 359 ships.

I definitely think that the spacedocks and shipyards should be added, as well as cities on the moon (like the ones Riker referred to in First Contact). Maybe they can cut down on the use of the Batris model too.

105. Star Trek TNG ebenfalls fr HD berabeitet?! - SciFi-Forum - July 31, 2007

[…] I had a moment to have a chat with some of the CBS team behind the TOS Remastered project at Comic Con about whats next (after TOS). David Grant tells that they have "had discussions" to bring Star Trek The Next Generation onto high definition. They have also created an HD test for one episode. One concern is the visual effects which were were done in video and therefore more difficult to translate to HD. The team are seeing if the effects can be uprezed or if they need to be entirely redone (as they did with TOS). Ryan Adams says "that is part of the tests that we are trying to massage and figure out." No decisions made yet on if, when or how, but will keep an eye on this exciting potential project. Quelle: CBS Testing Remastering TNG in HD | __________________ Sentient life is momentary, lovely, even precious. But in the time of the universe – our time – insignificant. What is life, what is death? Don’t you see… it’s all the same. […]

106. Kregano - July 31, 2007

Re 105:
Ok… Are you trying to say all this bickering is pointless?

107. Izbot - July 31, 2007

I would love to see new effects on TNG. I’ve avoided rewatching Next Gen for years because it really looks and feels dated. I would welcome new ships replacing all those Excelsior-class vessels we always saw and newly designed alien ships, too. All the ship effects in TNG really blew. The shots were always composed the same way: seen from the side. I also agree that CBS Digital probably shouldn’t do the effects, maybe EdenFX or Digital Muse. It would be cool to see that Klingon Vorcha-class cruiser in a way that looks more realistic and less like a plastic toy.

108. Kregano - July 31, 2007

You want to know something funny? Apparently TNG fans are more accepting of changes to the effects than TOS fans are.

I wonder if the effects get remastered, they will show what happened to the Stargazer at the end of The Battle ;) .

Imagine the fun to had at the remastered Qualor depot.

109. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re 108:

I just get the sense TNG fans are a little more flexible and open-minded in general. I mean, if you accepted the changes from TOS to TNG, you can’t be all that hide-bound or locked into just one actor or character.

110. Sean4000 - July 31, 2007

I wanna see those Romulan Warbirds look even more menacing!

111. Syöppö - August 6, 2007

I have one question? why some Trek fans doesnt count TNG as Star Trek? hey didnt Gene create TNG before he’s death and this XI crew like the old TOS more than TNG

112. The UK Shark - August 22, 2007

We in Europe would be glad to see a reconversion of TNG from film to high def, because you would not believe the rubbish NTSC to PAL conversion we had to put up with on this side of the pond. Even more hard to swallow, when you know they actually filmed it on celuloid in the fisrt place, and that the PAL terrortories are bigger than NTSC.
I would be happy for them just to remaster TNG from film, just so we
could then get a decent PAL version, as we got it from Kirk and company
30 years before…

113. Jamie - August 23, 2007

Space stations visible around the earth?

“Always when the Enterprise orbits Earth, we never see any spacedocks, orbital stations, drydocks, etc.”

To be visible around the earth, a space station would have to be hundreds of miles long, at the very least. All the Trek space stations we’ve seen are nowhere near that kind of size! They’re about a mile, at most.

There could be thousands of “DS9-size” space stations orbiting the Earth, but the chance of them happening to be visible in any particular shot of Earth is practically zero. There’s no way you’d see them. The only reason you see the Enterprise when it’s orbiting a planet is because the camera is looking in exactly the right place. If the camera moved a few hundred miles in any other direction, the Enterprise would just look like another star in space.

Think of it like this: if you stand in a big city, you can see all these huge buildings around you. Huge buildings the size of space stations. If you fly up over the city in a plane, those huge buildings start to get quite small. If you fly really high into space, those buildings will be no more than dots. And finally, if you fly 10,000 miles up so you can look at the Earth, there is absolutely no way you could see anything the size of a large building. You’d be able to make out small countries, and that’s it.

Or, imagine DS9 was sat on Earth and you were standing next to it. It would be huge. Then, imagine it flew up into the night sky. After a few hundred miles up, it would just be another dot among the stars. After 10,000 miles it would be utterly insignificant and possibly invisible.

114. Jamie - August 26, 2007

Someone asked if anyone had seen Trek DVDs on an HD screen. I’ve had an HD screen for 3 years now, and have been watching everything on it, including digital broadcasts of TOS. Nothing looks bad on an HD screen, you just realise how much better everything could be.

But I have to say, good quality DVDs do look pretty good on an HD screen. They’re not HD, but there is plenty of resolution. They look distinctly better than broadcast quality digital TV. I haven’t seen HD on my own screen yet, but I’ve seen it in the shops and it doesn’t wow me THAT much. There isn’t a massive difference at normal viewing distance, in my opinion. But that is just my opinion, most people who have subscribed to HD channels say it’s loads better.

115. Me - September 3, 2007

Is it the 1st of April already.

They ruined TOS, now they’re going after TNG. What next DS9, VOY & ENT. Just to fit in with current TV standards.

116. Fek'Leyr Targ - August 29, 2008

Sounds cool.
But please don’t alter the scenes like you did in TOS. Just bring TNG to HD.

117. James - February 4, 2009

If they were to redo TNG, especially seasons 1 and 2, with new FX, especially the planets and a few other bits, that would make my year. I’d buy those seasons. I’m holding off on TNG for the HD Remastered versions. DS9, VOY, and ENT don’t really need the remastering process as much as TNG (early seasons) do.

118. Capt. of U.S.S. Hamburg - February 6, 2009

does anyone know which episode the test episode was?? I think maybe sometime it would come as a bonus on a enterprise blueray set… hopefully

live long and prosper
Lebe lang und in Frieden

119. ethics - April 20, 2009

I would buy a HD TNG in a heartbeat. Price means nothing

120. Borne - June 5, 2009

definitely need some more variety in the vfx shots, i found the re-use of stock footage to be far too irritating. the added variety to TOS-R i beleive was one of its strongest points… TNG-R needs more ship classes, a few less excelsiors, a lot less mirandas, replace the oberths with other vessels, get some beauty shots whenever the main action takes place on another vessel such as the USS Hathaway… the constellation class was a great model but it wasn’t shot very well. Show us the contemporary starships, such as the ambassador and the nebula classes… even a few new designs would be good. New designs for alien ships as opposed to constant reuse of that triangular one that turned up every other week with a different species on board. New matte paintings, new designs of spacedocks… stop reusing elements from the movies. nostalgia is fine, but to reuse those elements out of budgetary constraints makes the whole TNG era look run down as if there’s been hardly any starships built in 70 years

121. Larry Wilson - October 4, 2009

Actually, James, only “Enterprise” won’t need to be remastered. That will most likely be the next series to show up on Blu-Ray, since it’s the one they can get out the door immediately. It was produced in an HD-ready format from the beginning.

However, though, I would rather they did release the other shows. I never liked “Enterprise.” It seemed to me that Paramount knew they had a turd on their hands, which was why they didn’t put the “Star Trek” name on it, then when it was about to be axed, they did in the hopes that its being a “Star Trek” series would save it.

I hope that if CBS DIgital takes the TNG project on, they will do a better job with it than they did with TOS. As good as it was, there were certainly some missed opportunities. I certainly hoped that the ships would have had greater detail, like “Aztec Panels.”

122. Starfleed Advisor - September 22, 2010

I own now first season of tng and also all three seasons of tos remastered. Right now, most of the remastered tos episodes make a better impression in sound and picture than the tng. The picture and sound of the first tng season are so horribly done that someone can`t show it without blaming star trek which is a petty because the episodes contents are still good. I want to have em honered by getting a full remastering including reimaged effects!

123. Logan Liljenquist - April 21, 2011

I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you

124. Tony - May 17, 2011


I really hope they do a remastering TNG, which they did successfully with the TOS. I just bought all the seasons of TNG, but will easily buy them on Blu Ray with new effects!

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