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Orci Ready To Engage Trek Fans July 31, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

I had a chance to talk to Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci at an evening event during Comic Con. For the most part we just chatted informally just like any two Trekkies, but I did ask him about some fans’ questions regarding how the new film will fit into Trek’s canon. Orci admitted that in the case of his (and writing partner Alex Kurtzman’s) recent film Transformers –  they did make some significant changes in the universe, but that that film was translating a cartoon to a live action film. However, he also made it clear that any changes to Star Trek would be much more carefully considered. Orci (emphatically) said:

We are ready to engage any fans…lovingly…over the plot of Star Trek.

Even though our conversation was informal, Orci did want me to share that with the readers of TrekMovie.com (a site he says they do visit). In talking to the writer further he also made it clear the team plan to ‘engage’ in a dialogue with the Trek fans (something they have done with the Transformers fans for the last year). Although they are not planning on breaking their pact to keep plot details secret, they do want to hear about what is important to Trek fans.

This was the third time I have had a chance to chat with the writer and after each meeting I am more and more convinced that he and the new team are on the right track. I was again impressed with how enthusiastic he is for the film and how respectful he is for the franchise and the fans. I very much look forward to this dialogoue with the fans.


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1. scott - July 31, 2007


2. ncc1701 - July 31, 2007

here we go: wish list:
bring back kirk
leave the enterprise the same as seen in tos
have darren dochterman do the effects! ( imean it) he gets it
use the original bridge set (maybe with minor tweeks)
use the original color scheme
kee the uniforms (3rd season material/fit)

3. Bully - July 31, 2007

Am I the only person who believes that any commenter who posts “First” and then hits the submit button should receive a forty-thousand volt shock back through the internet?

It’s nice to see that the pros working on the movie are looking at trekmovie.com. I hope they don’t take everybody’s comments seriously or to heart–we’d wind up with a bloated movie only suitable for the most hardcore of fans. But that they are at least looking at the fan comments is heartening. Thanks for reporting on the talk you had with him, Anthony!

4. LK - July 31, 2007

I want to see the ship! THE NEW SHIP! Hey! ENGAGE me!! The new ship and some production design sketches! I, ah… ahem. Sorry–… carried away… um, ah, third?

5. norm - July 31, 2007

They can throw everything out after TOS. Or ignore some of the canon.

6. Dennis Bailey - July 31, 2007

#3: “Am I the only person who believes that any commenter who posts “First” and then hits the submit button should receive a forty-thousand volt shock back through the internet?”

We’re working on that. ;)

7. DC - July 31, 2007

#2 actually, since this is pre-tos, the enterprise will either be in a variation we have yet to see, or the pilot version ie: bigger bridge, pointy nacelle caps, bigger deflector dish, etc.
and if the bridge is as we remember it, it would likely be as we remember it from the pilot ie: very gray, silver, and more “formal” than the tos-bridge

i hope they take this into consideration when making the sets and such

8. Craig - July 31, 2007

I say keep the outside of the ship the same and update the interior with with either the 1701 A, D or E’s type of interior and computer system. Then have the tricoders and phasers be a cross between TOS and TNG’s.

9. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

How about GREAT ACTING, AMAZING STORY and TOP NOTCH SETS!!! Oh yeah, and make sure the Director knows what the hell he’s doing for pacing, editing, etc.
If the tone set by the Director isn’t spot on, he could really stink up the place!! Please, puh-lease, PUH-LEASE get it right!!

10. LK - July 31, 2007

Seriously, though, if we’re being engaged, I’m going to drop a few questions:

1. For a new big-budget movie you’ve obviously got to redesign everything. WIll the new designs resemble TOS a little? A lot? How drastically is the ship being redesigned? Who is your production designer?

2. What other TOS and trek films characters can we expect to see?

11. THX-1138 - July 31, 2007

Dear Producers,

Please note which contributers on this site that you SHOULD NOT look to for advice.

12. Ozy - July 31, 2007

Star trek canon is great. Don’t change anything ( only add something new )

13. VOODOO - July 31, 2007

I have to agree with Anthony when he says he is “more convinced that the new team is on the right track”

When I saw Leonard Nimoy take the stage at Comic Con last week I knew these guys were going to pay the Star Trek legacy the respect it deserves. Which is more than could be said for Berman and co.

I would like to see a tough tight version of Star Trek (think Wrath of Khan) that is character driven (those characters are what made the original a classic. TOS is proof you don’t need a ton of cgi to make great entertainment) that has some attitude.

What I don’t want to see is Berman’s watered down pc version of Star Trek (think Data singing Irving Berlin tunes in Nemesis) where all the fun was taken out of the mix. The man did the near impossible. Over time he made the ST universe bland.

Berman’s version of Star Trek in many ways plays like a soap opera (some of the TNG/Voy character episodes should be shown as Lifetime movies of the week) rather than a shoot from the hip fun sci fi series that tackles the big questions.

What I would like to see most from a personal point of view is the return of William Shatner as Kirk.

If Kirk was never brought into Generations and just tossed of a bridge (for no apparent reason) this would not be an issue.

That said, Kirk’s end (the worst of any major fictional character ever) has left such a bad taste in my mouth (and many others) that I don’t see the series in the same light as I did prior to Generations.

I understand from the writers point of view you don’t want to just throw Shatner in just for the sake of having him in it.

On the other hand more than anything I want to see Kirk + Spock ride off into the sunset the way they should have before Generations.

In a perfect world Star Trek XI should close out the first era of ST (give Kirk + Spock good endings) while at the same time show the way to the future with a kick ass film with great new actors to play these iconic roles.

14. DavidJ - July 31, 2007

I want to see something that really feels like a modern, big budget reimagining of TOS. With more sophisticated versions of the ship, costumes, and sets. I want them to just go all out.

15. Dennis Bailey - July 31, 2007

I’m in the “change everything” camp.

But uh, Anthony, that picture you use of Orci disturbs me.

I keep thinking that “Star Trek’s” being written and produced by Joey Tribbiani. Where’s Chandler?

16. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

yeah, just go all out in space, the full-blown frontier!

17. Craig - July 31, 2007

Anthony ever thought about creating a forum for the site? Or is this the best way to communicate? I wonder if you should also have an email news alert feature? This is the main site I go to for all Trek news now.

18. DavidJ - July 31, 2007


Yeah, speaking of TWOK, I’d really like to see another tightly focused story like that — one which doesn’t veer off into time travel or alternate realities or any of that other crap the TNG movies always did. Keep it grounded in the “real” world like Nicholas Meyer did so well.

19. last o' the timelords - July 31, 2007

Kirk, Spock & McCoy (who may or may not be in it.) Had charm and chemistry back then. Lightning in a bottle, catch it if you can. Thats what I suspect we’re all really worried about.

20. Anthony Pascale - July 31, 2007

RE: a forum
now that the site is on a new server, work on the new forum will begin shortly. It will be done before the one year anniversary of trekmovie.com (later in august). Bob will obviously have an open invitation….we will see what happens

21. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Hey, if Shatner isn’t in this film, that’s okay by me, as long as you tell a good story. I suspect that’s the case with most _reasonable_ fans. So don’t worry too much about the BBKers here!

And I apologize for people posting here who don’t seem to realize that as the SCREENWRITERS you probably have very little say in how the new ship, sets, and uniforms look!

Plus, I suspect you have a gut sense that listening to advice like in post #2 would just cause Trek XI to become an Ishtar-level flop… Best not even to mention stuff like that to J.J….

22. Roberto Orci - July 31, 2007

Production designer is the awesome Scott Chambliss who has worked with us for years.

23. Tim A - July 31, 2007

It has to have William Shatner as Kirk. Kirk and Spock together one more time to officially pass the torch to a newer generation of trekkies who will discover the life of what TOS is.

24. Anthony Pascale - July 31, 2007

if anyone is wondering that really is Roberto Orci

anyway…any questions on who is involved in the film are answered in the ST08 info section

the crew are specifically here:

I will be updating the crew section soon with some more folks names. By the way it was great to finally removed the ‘(rumored)’ notation next to some of the names on the cast page:

25. Robert April - July 31, 2007

OK, here is a partial wish list for the production team.

First off make Kirk a woman…Ha ha, just kidding. Seriously though, good luck casting him.

1. Do whatever it takes to bring William Shatner in as a 24th century Captain Kirk. Nimoy without Shatner will never work.

2. Ignore Generations if you must.

3. Keep the exterior of the ship similar to what we saw in TMP.

4. Update/re-imagine the interiors and uniforms (as much as I like the miniskirts from TOS they do not belong in a modern movie.)

5. Do not be a slave to “canonists.”

6. Include Captain Pike, Gary Mitchell and Carol Marcus.

7. Show us Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru solution as a film opener.

26. tralabela - July 31, 2007

I would like to see Spock and Picard talking about the dead Kirk in the 24th Century as somekind of introduction.

But I don’t want see William Shatner as Kirk. He died in Generations. Maybe, now the time has come for Spock to die in the 24th Century.

27. Kregano - July 31, 2007

It has to have a good plot, well written dialog, and some action.

If it has that, I could probably stand cheesily colored sets.

28. Craig - July 31, 2007

Anthony why are they being so secret about the plot? Is the plot going to be announced when they announce who the new Kirk is? Just curious.

29. Anthony Pascale - July 31, 2007

Craig…and everyone

it is impportant to bear in mind that we are still 17 months away from this film. How much do you know about the Indy 4 plot? not a lot…not even a name and that movie opens in 10 months. Plus this is JJ Abrams/Damon Lindelof/Roberto Orci/Alex Kurtzman….how much do you know about how Lost is going to end or how Alias was going to end? These guys play it close to the chest that is just their way. They relish in the mystery and I believe that they think it helps both the experience as well as the promotion. Look at the hype around 1-18-08

But that does not mean they wont talk about stuff….this is just the beginning really…they dont start shooting for over 3 months

30. Jim E - July 31, 2007

The TOS Enterprise is my favorite of all Trek ships – but I’d like to see it and the sets re-imagined – make it feel like it’s in the future again AND keep the TOS/60s aesthetic. (no fax machines on the bridge)

31. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re 22:

Hi, Roberto! It’s exciting to have you here with us!

32. Plum - July 31, 2007

Orci ready to engage Trek fans? Well, I’ve been doing that online for a few years now and … it’s not pretty.

33. Admiraldeem - July 31, 2007


No you are not. Being first doesn’t make someone a winner and strutting about like one has actually accomplished something of any importance at all makes one mostly a loser imo.

As to the subject matter–I would like to see the Shat back as well but I’ll go no matter who is in the cast (except perhaps for Paully Shore).

34. RandyYeoman - July 31, 2007

Wow…..Bob…Hi…welcome to tm.com….this is the place to be…..now more than ever. Can I say I think you are kind of cute?

….well he did say he was ready to engage the fans ;)

anyway What I want more than anything is to just feel like Trek is real big again….like it is a first rate top of the line blockbuster epic experience. I am tired of of being in the shadow of Star Wars and other big franchises. Trek was their first and is still the best….now go prove me right will you cutie?

35. trektacular - July 31, 2007

Please Mr. Orci, one request, please give us some truly alien planets, I’m tired of seeing earth bound deserts.

36. Bobby - July 31, 2007

Keep the Exterior of the TOS Enterprise shape the same, but then do what they did with the Enterprise from the films, give the ship more texture..as if someone built the thing, and not a model. Otherwise, do what you like.

37. Robert April - July 31, 2007

#22 Roberto Orci – July 31, 200

Good to see you stopping in here. There are a lot of diverse fans who visit this site and some truly interesting opinions floating about. Good luck for the duration. I hope your movie is a smash hit.


Anthony you are doing a great job covering the progress on the new film and this forum gives fans a chance to share in the excitement. Keep up the good work.

I for one look forward to a cheering standing ovation on opening day!

38. Michael - July 31, 2007

#15. Dennis Bailey – “I’m in the “change everything” camp.”

Do you mean to say that you would change the Enterprise?
Are you talking minor changes to make it more realistic for the big screen, or a completely different looking ship???

In response to a “Complete Extreme Makeover”…

I would say that if the overall tone of the script had been a bit lighter, and, the production values, ( costumes, etc.), hadn’t been so “Dark”, then
“Lost In Space” COULD have been a much better film.
They totally Screwed the Pooch when they gave us that abomination of a “Robot”.

39. Dennis Bailey - July 31, 2007

I really admire the artistic contributions made to Trek by people like the Okudas and Andrew Probert over a period of decades, and I’d love to see them contribute to this movie as well. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing all the new ideas that a talented Production Designer who hasn’t spent years steeped in all of this can bring to it.

40. Craig - July 31, 2007

Anthony I wasn’t trying to sound mean about my last post about the plot. I was just curious.

41. DavidJ - July 31, 2007

One other request would be to keep the tone CONSISTENT all the way through, like the TOS movies did so well.

The problem with the TNG movies is they veered all over the place, from light comedy to serious drama back to light comedy. It made it hard to take anything seriously.

42. OneBuckFilms - July 31, 2007

Star Trek is going to be an interesting movie to see.

The real challenge here is how much can they adhere to the original series designs and styles, while maintaining a level of believability that would work for a general audience.

We are dealing with a balancing act, and one wrong move could lead to a disaster.

However, if done right, this could be fantastic.

After Lost, I believe Roddenberry’s vision is in safe hands.

43. Al - July 31, 2007

1) Kirk – hard to have “alive” but why not in a recorded message to Spock?
2)TOS type Enterprise, but not slavish
3) Homage to uniforms but not PJs
4) Forget Finnegan and such stuff for plot, except possibly as character cameos
5) Consider a Spock deathbed scene if you really need to fit Kirk in…
6) Above all, make it character and plot driven, not FX driven

44. Len Krieger - July 31, 2007

leave the enterprise the same as seen in tos
have darren dochterman do the effects! ( imean it) he gets it
use the original bridge set (maybe with minor tweeks)
use the original color scheme
kee the uniforms (3rd season material/fit)

Thank God There Is Someone Else Who Get’s It!!!
Leave TOS The Way It Was & Quick Thinking About Reinventing The Wheel!!!!

45. Ozy - July 31, 2007

Leave TOS the same.

46. Ripper - July 31, 2007

yeh Dochterman gets it… i saw some of his NV footage on the CBS (me and my NV plugs… lol) and he certainly does know the look

47. Kev - July 31, 2007

I’d like to see a good story done in real colors rather than heavily tinted; a little positive idealism, but not mawkishness; like to see Kirk; my only fannish thing is to say TOS photon torpedoes are energy bolts(Making of Star Trek- Roddenberry-Whitfield) without a need for a fancy wheel and pulley track. Otherwise I just hope the movie is two solid hours of entertainment.

48. Ryan - July 31, 2007

#44 and #2

Your analogy of “reinventing the wheel” is poorly used. An analogy comparing Coke to New Coke would be more appropriate. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never watched Star Trek. Would you spend your money and see a movie if it looked exactly like an episode of TOS? Probably not. People my age(18-22) overwhelmingly think that Star Trek is nerdy and uncool. I know this because I live amongst these people. The approach that JJ and company are using is one that will draw all kinds of people by giving it a fresh look, which is necessary to achieve that goal. Though the basic elements will still be present, the look will be drastically different. Plus, I ILM has already been slated to do the FX.

49. Plum - July 31, 2007

39. Dennis Bailey
“I really admire the artistic contributions made to Trek by people like the Okudas and Andrew Probert over a period of decades, and I’d love to see them contribute to this movie as well. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing all the new ideas that a talented Production Designer who hasn’t spent years steeped in all of this can bring to it.”

Agree completely. We need a new Star Trek.

50. Kirkunit - July 31, 2007

Star Trek is about Vision not Committee. Don’t worry about the fans, because no matter what, some of them are going to hate what you do. Those fans aren’t important. If you stick to your vision & make a great movie, then you’ve done your job.

Regarding ‘first’ posters: since doing so seems to elicite negative responses, it’s reasonable to consider those posters trolls. I don’t see any rules of conduct on this site, but other sites find trolling unacceptable — and punishable. Just a thought…

51. JNC - July 31, 2007

First of all the boob who wrote the article used ENGAGE referring to TOS. Dont ever do that again. This is Kirks time not TNG.. Second. Dont ever mix TNG And DOS stuff. MAkes for sloppy writing. And third They better bring SHAT back…

Keep The the old girl as seen on the show and we’ll do fine.

and they better refer to landing part as landing or boarding party not the lame away team.. ugh.

52. THEETrekMaster - July 31, 2007

I personally do not want to see any “Okudagrams” in this movie…

I am tired of that look.


53. Kevin - July 31, 2007

This reminds of me of an episode of the Simpsons in which the producer of Itchy and Scratchy tried to get a focus group of kids together to find out what they’d like to see in the show. They seemed to want everything and all the information was conflicting. In the end the producer shouts “ahhhh you stupid kids don’t know what you want! That’s why your all still kids, ‘cuz you’re stupid!”

…but what the heck, I’ll throw out my wish list.

For the look of the show, I’d like to see it look like the time period it’s supposed to be set in. That is, if it takes place before TOS, it should resemble “The Cage” but with some minor improvements. If the Enterprise is in the film, I’d like it to look like the Enterprise from TOS but with minor improvements. Such as the exterior still retaining the same shape but with a little more detail to give it scale. If it’s set prior to “Where No Man has Gone Before” I’d like to see the pointy nacelles, but with some light in those domes (bussard collectors if that helps). The interior to me should be the same, but still look more metallic and technical. Similar to the movie “Galaxy Quest” where you see the mock up of the original somewhat cheap looking set, then you see the ship built by the aliens. Everything’s the same but looks more realistic. Do something with those viewscreens too. Make ’em look like they serve a purpose.

Actors, I’d like to see actors that resemble the characters (actors from TOS) they are supposed to portraying. I’d like to see them act like those characters, but not doing bad impressions of them.

Know the characters and don’t try to put them in situations that don’t feel like they’d be in (like Picard the action hero, leading away teams).

Canon is canon. It’s been somewhat closely guarded for 40 years. Despite what may be seen coming from the most vocal posters on the internet, there’s a lot of people who loved those other shows. Don’t alienate them. Everyone should be able to view and enjoy this movie. Even people who’ve never seen Trek. I don’t want to have to explain every single detail to people who’ve never seen Trek either. If you have any questions about canon, ask the Okudas.

Aside from that, I just want a good story. Make it feel like Trek, but not a copy of a movie we’ve already seen.

…finding a way to bring Shatner in would be nice too.

54. Xai - July 31, 2007

Mr. Orci, welcome to mayhem.
Since the script is written, I doubt there is little can be done to fit ALL our wants and desires in. I won’t plead for Shatner, or tell you what a bum Berman was (and I cannot fathom why that would come up on this thread) or beg for the Enterprise to be faithful to it’s 1960’s blueprint.
All I want is a good Star Trek story. I’m sure you and your partner worked dam hard on it. Thanks.
(PS… how about starting the movie in Iowa?I got this ideal place, you see…)


55. Dennis Bailey - July 31, 2007

Mike’s graphic contributions to “Star Trek” go way beyond the designs that people think of as “Okudagrams.”

As far as the use of backlit “cels” to represent instrumentation, Jefferies’ TOS Enterprise bridge was literally surrounded by it. Okuda reintroduced the approach in “Star Trek IV.”

56. Xai - July 31, 2007

#51 JNC…..
Which “boob” did you refer to? Did you mean Anthony, the owner of this site who works dam hard to get you the news as you sit at your computer?

There are some manners in here… be civil and don’t threaten.

57. Camaro 09 - July 31, 2007

William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

I am not old enough to have ever seen Kirk + Spock in a first run film. I was only 10 when TUC came out

It would be history to see them together again.

58. 221b - July 31, 2007

I’d like the design of the interior of the Enterprise to be recognizably TOS but updated. Same for the uniforms.
We’ve been revisiting past styles so much recently… always reinventing what’s been there before. Why not do it like that in the movie? Acknowledge that during the 2250’s / 2260’s (whenever the movie will be set exactly) the Federation is going through one of those phases where retro looking uniforms are in? ;-)

I very much liked the suggestion above of finally seeing how Kirk ‘defeated’ the Kobayashi Maru and would love if Carol Marcus (and son?) could at least be mentioned if not be seen.

I’d also like a good fist fight in old Star Trek tradition, but not to replace story, only to complement it ;-)

I’d love to see Shatner come back and have a final goodbye together with Nimoy. But I agree that he should have a role that makes sense and is relevant to the story. Otherwise it would just hurt.

I always loved Nicholas Meyer’s approach to Star Trek best and his movies were immensely satisfying. I want to have that feeling back.

59. Dennis Bailey - July 31, 2007

#38: “Do you mean to say that you would change the Enterprise?
Are you talking minor changes to make it more realistic for the big screen, or a completely different looking ship???”

Whatever the artists and designers and producers think is best.

I liked the “Lost In Space” movie. :)

60. Erehwonnz24 - July 31, 2007

#48. Ryan –

You are absolutely right. In fact, this is one of the biggest concerns I have about the success of this film. Will reinventing ST with modern sensibilities be enough to draw in an audience in that age bracket?

Virtually all of the people I known, or have ever known, in my age group (18-22 or so) find Star Trek, or anything even bearing that name to be extremely embarassing. The name alone would drive many of them away, no matter how good the movie looks. Just asking for a ticket in front of their peers would seem humiliating.

Simply put, everything Star Trek is a source of derision. You’d be laughed at and called a nerd and a loser if you actually went and saw it. And that is a very unfortunate state of affairs — most don’t see the story or the characters as worthwhile, can’t see them, because of the way ST *looks*.

Thus, I think that things really have to be changed to overcome the negatives of the name, “Star Trek,” alone. I really hope they succeed…it’s not an enviable task.

61. New Horizon - July 31, 2007

I think it’s important to realize that this can be a new start for Trek. I certainly don’t want the production team painting themselves into a corner by essentially cutting and pasting TOS onto the big screen. Give them room to enjoy themselves and be creative. Berman’s Trek suffocated under the weight of itself.

We’ve seen in TMP that the Enterprise can be both familiar and different. I think there is room to be imaginative with the old girl and yet be completely faithful to the original design. I don’t want to see a heavy battle cruiser though, the Enterprise is a vessel of peace and exploration. Trek really needs to get beyond the constant Star Wars battles that we’ve been subjected to in all the majority of the movies. Space battles are simply boring, tired, and unimaginative. I want to see some intellectually challenging Sci-Fi.

As for Shatner…the character of Kirk died and I think it would undermine the credibility of this creative team if they were forced to shoe horn Shatner’s character back into existence. Some people seem fixated upon getting Kirk back, regardless of the consequences. I think my feelings on the matter can be best summarized by the following quote.

“After a time, you may find that ‘having’ is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as ‘wanting.’ It is not logical, but it is often true.”

62. Captain Robert April - July 31, 2007

How about what was mentioned with Spock learning of Kirk’s death? Then remembering Kirk say he knew he would die alone? Spock then having flashbacks to their first adventures and he remembers Kirk came back for him and now he must go after Kirk. In the progress he saves Kirk from death through a time travel adventure. Kirk says, I thought I was dead and Spock says – you were never alone!

If we can’t have that, how about Commander Kirk and Lt Spock joining forces with Captain Pike of the Enterprise. TOS NCC1701 with updated interior and minor exterior updates. Updated uniforms, phasers, communicators with Ent/Cage/TOS feel. Show us how it would look if made now, but honor the original.

63. Zazzo - July 31, 2007

1/ William Shatner is a must
2/ I hope the inside of the Enterprise is brought up to date (the hell with canon is this regard)
3/ I’d keep the outside of the Enterprise as is.
4/ Many good looking women in those short TOS skirts
5/ It would be cool to see Captain Pike
6/ I’d like it to have a Batman Begins feel to it.
7/ I’d love the film to have an epic feel to it.

I’m sure it’s too late to add any of this stuff into (except Shatner who I heard you guys are working on) the film.

Best of luck.

64. New Horizon - July 31, 2007

#62 “How about what was mentioned with Spock learning of Kirk’s death? Then remembering Kirk say he knew he would die alone? Spock then having flashbacks to their first adventures and he remembers Kirk came back for him and now he must go after Kirk. In the progress he saves Kirk from death through a time travel adventure. Kirk says, I thought I was dead and Spock says – you were never alone!”

No, no. Please no. This is exactly what shouldn’t happen. No time travel, and especially no sentimental, cheesy references to The Final Frontier. Gah. Let Trek live without falling back on the same tired crap that recent Trek has used. Ground it in a little more reality than is has been afforded of late.

65. Greg2600 - July 31, 2007

I certainly applaud Roberto for mingling with the fans. I wish he and the other production staff well. I am very grateful for their reverence to the hundreds if not thousands of people who worked to make Star Trek what it is for over 40 years.

PS: Get a part for Bill Shatner as James T. Kirk!

66. Cox of Seagulls - July 31, 2007

My only wish is that Dr. McCoy has a big part in it. He’s as important as Spock and Kirk.
To me, at least.

67. Xai - July 31, 2007

Ummmm, the script’s already done. Right, Bob?

68. New Horizon - July 31, 2007

@ Roberto Orci-

Perhaps listening to fans is not the best idea after all. The fans are partially to blame for the current state of Trek. If I were to give your creative team one piece of advice…it would be to keep the original series close to your heart, and then let it grow out of you from there. If you can capture the spirit of TOS…don’t be slaves to the fan base…you’ll never find the answers you seek here. Trek may take place in outer space, but it is partially about our own inner journeys. You will find your own answers there.

69. Ivory - July 31, 2007


You say Kirk died.

I say so what?

Nearly every major character in the series has died and been brought back to life. Spock got his own major motion picture about being brought back to life.

I would much rather see Kirk and Spock on screen again then worry about credibility that does not (and has never) existed in the Star Trek universe.

Besides, how can you have Nimoy and not Shatner? It would seem half baked like Generations did.

I say lighten up and bring back Shatner + Nimoy for one last go around for no other reason than it would be fun.

How serious can you take the “death” of any Star Trek character?

70. Julian - July 31, 2007

The only thing I wish to add is for the writers to respect and MAINTAIN establish canon. Plus, bring back the Shat in post-Gen era and the movie will be a hit. :)

71. Thomas Jensen - July 31, 2007

I’d like to see something of the story behind the episode, “Obsession”, Kirk’s & Spock’s personal backstories and of course, their first meeting.

Maybe with a smattering of Christoper Pike, Gary Mitchell and a 30’s ish Dr. McCoy, if that works. It all depends upon the time they intend to depict the events of the movie.

I’d to see the exterior of the ship stay the same. Love that futuristic smooth look with the weathering. It would be great to see ILM do the original design and it’s detail. I mean, you’re going to change a few things, anyway, and it would be assuring to us older, almost dead fans that, “things change, but remain the same”.

And, since you must, change the interior, do that, but keep it the same.

72. Nexus - July 31, 2007

I am a long time BBK person.

So I guess I don’t have to go into great detail as to what I want.

73. Gsmarty Pants - July 31, 2007

I echo New Horizon at #68

Well said.

74. Robert April - July 31, 2007

#61 “Some people seem fixated upon getting Kirk back”

And some people are fixated on “shoehorns” and keeping Kirk dead. ;-)

My guess is that there are more fans who want him back than not.

I would agree that a “shoehorn insertion” of Shatner as a post generations Kirk that does nothing to further the story would be a terrible idea. But
just because you or I might not see a way to realistically bring him back doesn’t mean the writers and producers can’t come up with a way.

If written well it would bring closure to one era while giving birth to another.

Nimoy and Shatner together again. How cool would that be!

75. Xai - July 31, 2007

#69 Ivory,
None of this is up to the fans. He may join the cast, but it’s less likely every day. If the casting announcement comes for the “new” Kirk and Shatner’s not there too, I’d say it’s not going to happen at all. You may have to accept that.

If death isn’t credible in Trek, where’s the drama? I personally need a good story, not just the presence of a known actor on the screen to make me happy.

76. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

The script’s already done. Production, as I understand it, is supposed to start in November. If the script’s really as good as Abrams and Nimoy say it is–and props to Bob and Alex for impressing two men with high artistic standards–then I say don’t waste too much time altering the script in a way that could jeopardize its coolness factor by _shoehorning_ in some half-baked bring back Shatner as Kirk scenario that really won’t appeal to anyone but a few diehard fanboys. It’s not worth it.

77. steve623 - July 31, 2007

A pleasure to see you here, Mr. Orci. If you’re a Trek fan to any degree, you know how impossible Star Trek fans are to please. I admire your willingness to engage us anyway.

Regarding the look of the movie, my feeling is this: if its a “reboot” or “reimagining” or whatever the buzz word of the moment is, by all means, go crazy Broadway-style on the production design (a/k/a the Dennis Bailey “change everything” approach). If the film is intended to fit into the continuity of the previous shows and movies (and by casting Nimoy, they almost have to go that route), then the production design has to believably fit visually into what has been previously established – which would be somewhere between “Enterprise” and the original series and its pilots. That’s a pretty wide berth, but not an unbounded one.

78. Xai - July 31, 2007

#74 Robert April
I don’t think there are many that want to “keep Kirk dead”. Nice ploy… do you debate?
The point may be only settled by the actual film. Was(would) the story be moved along by the addition of the older Kirk’s presence? If he’s added to just satisfy a few hardcores, then forget it. I want a good story. If he helps it, fine.. if not, don’t bother.
It’s Star Trek, not Bill’s adventures as Cap’n Kirk

79. neal - July 31, 2007

funny how some people care more about shirts and sets.

for me, the essence of trek is captured in a few special moments or feelings:
–the music that went with the title scene of “this side of paradise” – a feeling of mysterious excitement, something weird is going to happen, truly alien. just the anticipation of going somewhere new, beaming down into the unknown, and who knows what’s going to pop out.
–the moment when kirk sort of straightens his body, gets a cocky look, and starts confronting an alien leader or kang or a computer gone amok (landru! — you are a machine! you are imperfect!). he’s confronting the weird and the alien, from a position of confidence, trusting his wits. it’s the unknown, but there’s no fear. confidence!
–mind control, weird spores, nutty alien rituals, stuff that carves to the core of the human psyche (your animal mind is essential for command!; the human half and the vulcan half constantly at war, but intellect wins over both!). personality and character revealed through heart-wrenching exchanges of mind into alternate body.

that’s my vote for the real essence of trek.

80. Mr. Atoz - July 31, 2007

Mr. Orci

I’m sure your story will be great. Heck, Nimoy said it was outstanding!
All I would like to see is something that feels like it took place when TOS occured. Something that resembles TOS themes, sets and special effects. it doesn’t need to be exact, it just needs to resemble TOS. Now, the Enterprise exterior…don’t touch that. :-)

Thank you, Sir

81. VOODOO - July 31, 2007

Hey Roberto:

Even more than having Shatner back as Kirk. I would like to have a shout out to me (well known super fan VOODOO) somewhere in the film.

There is a crisp $20 bill with your name on it if you can get it done.

82. Robert April - July 31, 2007

#76 “some half-baked bring back Shatner as Kirk scenario that really won’t appeal to anyone but a few diehard fanboys.”

I keep hearing this line and how bringing back Kirk will only appeal to a few diehard fanboys. If it were a half-baked poorly written appearance than I agree. Only “fanboys” would like it.

But it seems from what I have been reading that a well written back story that furthers the plot and brings back Shatner as Kirk is what most people want to see.

Oh, and the Generations script was “already done” a number of times before that movie debuted. But you already knew that.

83. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - July 31, 2007

I’m thinking it’s gonna take place shortly before the events of Where No Man Has Gone Before (like six months to a year before). The uniforms and sets were quite primitive. I’d rather see a better look to both, than to stubbornly stick with those looks. I don’t think they’re going to spend all that money on the movie to make it look as cheap as it did in the 2nd pilot. SOOO…. a “reboot” of the look of everything would be best, I think–but with stylistic tributes to the original look.

But of course, I’m sure nobody has real strong opinions about any of this. ;)

84. Capt Jurgen - July 31, 2007

I think it’s safe to say please bring back William Shatner as Kirk, post Generations.

85. Ivory - July 31, 2007


Didn’t J.J. Abrams himself just say (not even a week ago) that they are doing everything they can to find a role for Shatner?

People in here are not making this up.

I would start to worry when they announce the new Kirk + Shatner is not mentioned.

Until then I will take Abrams at his word.

Also, get off your high horse. Star Trek isn’t Citizen Kane. It has no credibility. These are comic book characters for god’s sake. If you want fine art go rent a Bergman film.

We all know you don’t want Shatner back, but it seems you are in the minority.

86. Robert April - July 31, 2007



Many of your posts seem to come right out of an episode of “The Paper Chase” as well.

87. Thomas - July 31, 2007

I may be one of the few people who may not care one way or another if Shatner is in this movie. I think it would great if Shatner were in it, but I think I would still enjoy the film if it were good & he still didn’t appear in it. I still don’t think this movie will be used to un-do the events of Generations if it is also meant to bring in new audiences.

88. Robert April - July 31, 2007

#85 “People in here are not making this up.”

How funny!

89. T Negative - July 31, 2007

If possible keep the classic design of the Big E. Recreate all of the original sets but dress them up just a little to make them appear more modern. Also show us some parts of ship we have never seen before like the bowling alley or extend the engineering set more to reveal a whole other section.

Keep the bridge as close to the original as possible!!!

I hope we see a bad ass Captain Kirk. Not some punk kid like Anakin in Star Wars episode 2. Use this philosophy: “Once a bad ass always a bad ass.”

Live long and Prosper!!

90. Robert Saint John - July 31, 2007

Roberto, here’s what’s important to this (41 year old) fan: capture the spirit of Trek, and try not to violate the characteristics and principles of the original main characters. **Do not** feel constrained by canon. Use it only as guidance to help shape YOUR version. Not just for this movie, but the NEXT 10 movies! I don’t want you or future creators to feel so constrained by what’s come before. Lay the foundation for the next 40 years, that’s job enough.

That’s it, for me. It’s not important if Nimoy and Shatner are in it. It’s not important if you say something takes place in 2208 and “canon” says 2207. I don’t care about shirts or sets. Give us an Enterprise that **reflects** the original as opposed to a pixel perfect recreation of a model built in the 60s. Have fun with Trek. Make us have fun with it. LOTS of fun with it. Let my mother (a casual fan) have fun with it.

No insult intended to other fans, but if you (Roberto & Co) try to squeeze everything to fit “canon”, you will fail. You’ll still do something that makes someone unhappy, so don’t bother. I trust your creds. You’re not going to mock Trek and give us a campy “Brady Bunch Movie” experience, or ignore it completely like Sony did with Godzilla in 1998.

I hope you get my drift. Take the best elements of TOS, reimagine it in such a way that it appeals to the original Trek generation as well as the, um, next. That’s a heckuva challenge, and I suspect you guys wouldn’t take it on if you weren’t ready to face it. GOOD LUCK!

91. Crusade2267 - July 31, 2007

As a serious fan, I don’t want to sit through endless charicter establishment. I know who Kirk is. I know who Spock is. Tell me something I don’t know about them.

And I can accept a refit Enterprise explaination, since this is Pre-TOS. Make it look cool. The Refit Enterprise has always been one of my favorites.

92. Thorny - July 31, 2007

My not-particularly-noteworthy suggestions…

Remember continuity, but don’t be a slave to it. There are hardcore fans that insist Pike can’t be in the movie because Kirk said he only met Pike when he was promoted to Fleet Admiral, or something like that. That’s going overboard, I think. I, for one, don’t mind if Pike makes a cameo appearance, handing over command to Kirk.

Give Gary Mitchell a cameo appearance early in the movie (assuming the movie starts with Kirk taking command of the Enterprise) but have him leave the Enterprise on temporary assignment (he can make some remark about leaving Kirk stuck with a Vulcan XO), that gets him out of the way for the Kirk/Spock friendship to grow, but doesn’t wreck continuity with “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

The Enterprise should look familiar, but not identical to the 1960s ship. Saucer, nacelles, secondary hull. The devil is in the details… the movie Enterprise was a fantastic miniature, the only thing it really lacked was the glowing engine nacelle caps. A cross between the TV and movie Enterprises would be best… how about glowing nacelles as well as the glowing deflector dish (get rid of that silly radar antenna of the ’60s.) Let the new guys give it their own touch, but not so extreme as what their contemporaries did to the new “Galactica” (which looks dull and sterile, in my opinion.)

I like the idea (suggested above) of the movie being bookended by Spock learning of Kirk’s death (in the Enterprise-B or TNG era, whichever) and remembering how he first met Kirk. Perhaps a big Starfleet memorial ceremony, with Kirk getting a marker at Starfleet Academy (similar to famous graduates buried at West Point.) Maybe Shatner could appear in a recorded message for Spock that was to be delivered after his death, a’la “The Tholian Web” (he could make an in-joke about “I hope you watched this THIS TIME!”).

And move up the release date a week or so. Has there ever been a blockbuster movie that opened on Christmas Day? I’m a big Trek fan, but I’m not sure I can get away with going to see a movie on December 25, but I sure want to be in line on opening day. Aim for Dec 18-20, like the Lord of the Rings movies.

I like the idea of a series of five movies, each one set in one year of the Five Year Mission. That would make the first movie “YEAR ONE”. Everyone knows the famous narration and the Five Year Mission, so each movie’s setting would be self-explanatory. Later movies could begin with a short action sequence, recreating the finale of one of the more famous episodes, like the space amoeba or the Doomsday Machine, before going on to a “new episode” we’ve never seen before.

93. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - July 31, 2007

Robert Orci is kinda hot.

Robert Orci as Kirk!

94. Thomas Jensen - July 31, 2007

Star Trek is 79 episodes and six movies….for me. (…and a few more from some of the newer series, too).

So, Kirk’s not dead. In my world, Kirk never died. And he’s going to have some classic scenes with his good friend and contemporary, old Spock….

What a way to pass the baton from Classic Series Star Trek to new Star Trek.

95. New Horizon - July 31, 2007

69. Ivory –

I would like to take the death of a character very seriously….but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be possible. What emotional investment is there if we just bring them back from the dead? Sorry, but I don’t think the whole resurrection of Spock helped Trek in any way. Nimoy was short sighted for having killed the character in the first place. Everyone dies, and Kirk should be no different.

I lost my father back in December, and no matter how hard I wish…he’s not coming back. I personally feel that bringing characters back from the dead is cheap and insulting to the viewer. It’s an easy out. It’s far harder to actually move forward and just DEAL with it.

96. The Realist - July 31, 2007

I agree with many posts, that you can not be a slave to cannon, but instead must respect cannon and not go out of your way to contradict it. I like a good story as well and can over look cannon, if the story is good and engaging. No matter what happens with this movie many will not like it because it was either to “camp” or to “modern” or it to a degree changed “cannon” some wont enjoy for a Space Adventure. As for Shatner, I respect the character of Kirk and how he played it, do I want him in the movie? I honestly don’t care, some seem to believe Shatner to be a god, I don’t, he is just one actor of many who started the great franchise many of the other seem to get over looked, note this is my opinion.

Again I agree with some of the people here, a cross between TOS and TMP/TWOK sets and ship design would be great to see or even a cross between ENT/TOS, would maybe make slightly more sense. But either way I personaly doubt we will see the color scheme of the TOS episodes. Don’t bring in the sonar dish, have the glowing deflector, and as for the Nacel caps…you better get that right or there will be hell to pay! Just ask CBS Digital! In closing, go with your gut, give us a movie that will capture and engage us.

97. The Realist - July 31, 2007

95. New Horizon – July 31, 2007 – Re: Kirks Death. I fully agree, it is a very cheap and easy way. But I don’t think they will ignore Generations.

98. Xai - July 31, 2007

#85 Ivory
I have no horse, high or otherwise. You read alot into my words that aren’t there, so calm down.

You said
“Didn’t J.J. Abrams himself just say (not even a week ago) that they are doing everything they can to find a role for Shatner?”
Yes he did… but that doesn’t mean it’s a lock. I do allow that it could go either way, but the fact he wasn’t present on the stage at ComicCon didn’t look good. I suspect they can’t get together on dollars or maybe screentime. I don’t know.

you said
“People in here are not making this up.”
I’m sorry, but…huh?… making what up?

You said…
“I would start to worry when they announce the new Kirk + Shatner is not mentioned.”
Fine… I was just pointing out a possibility in my opinion.

“Until then I will take Abrams at his word.”
Glad to hear it…too many people on this site were over-reacting to rumors recently and flamed the writers, JJ, Berman and anyone they could think of that would keep their ideals from being seen on the silver screen.

You said..
“We all know you don’t want Shatner back, but it seems you are in the minority.”
You assume alot about me. If you have actually read what I’ve typed, several times in several posts… you’d know that I don’t care one way or another. I want a good story. If he helps it, fine.. if not, don’t bother. I’m going either way.

I wasn’t on the attack in my post as you assumed… I was pointing out that it may not happen.

Perhaps you need to go feed your own horse.

99. Adam Cohen - July 31, 2007

Mr. Orci–

I hope you and everyone else are having fun getting all of us worked up over here! First, the great announcement at Comic Con and now you showing up here at Trek Movie Report? Fantastic!

Ok, here’s my brief wishlist: Green slave girls, bongos in the theme song, non-ridged Klingons AND red railings on the bridge. Oh, and for you and anyone else from “Star Trek” (2008) to drop by and make our collective day! Thanks!

100. Mike S - July 31, 2007

Long time lurker. First time poster

I agree with whoever said the film should have the epic feel of TMP and the emotion of TWOK.

I would have to agree with the people who would like to see William Shatner return as Kirk.

101. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

#79 Neal
I got so excited reading your description of what the essence of Star Trek should be I…I…guhh………hey, anybody got a cigarette??

102. Tim Messenger - July 31, 2007

Ok…Here is MY opinion. I’m Excited about the new film. I want it to continue, and expand on, the adventures of TOS era Trek. Having said that, let me say this. I want Shatner, Nimoy, Nichols, Takei and any other recognizable Trek veteran in the movie. Why? Because this will be the LAST chance to get these people together…We’ve lost De Kelly, and James Doohan, lets not BLOW the LAST real opportunity we have to see our treasured cast one last time!

103. Roberto Orci - July 31, 2007


A first draft is written, but we don’t think a script is ever done, even after it’s shot (the editing room is another forum for adding what we all want). We wrote it with enough flexibility to take other opinions into account, so don’t feel like it is pointless to chime in.

Your preferences are noted.

104. cap10kirk - July 31, 2007

wnmhgb airs this weekend. tell scott not too modern or communicators would have video feeds, one thing that you can change if the clues tell us its 1225.08 is put Spock in his familiar Blue Shirt. hope your flashforwards to Nimoy’s Spock are done in the vain of Shatner’s flashbacks in Captains Peril. If you do have the Farragut (Shatner’s Ashes to Eden has a discription of that scene with the Vampire Cloud) good luck

105. Sean4000 - July 31, 2007

Please bring back Captain James T. Kirk post Generations. I beg you.

106. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

#89 T Negative “show us some parts of ship we have never seen before like the bowling alley”
Hey, what the f….who let this guy in? Orci’s looking for input and this pinhead’s pitching bowling alleys!! I’m in the Fifth Ring Of Hell!!!!!!

107. Driver - July 31, 2007

I want to know how you guys could possibly write a script that’s so much cooler than what the fanboys here could dream up. I don’t think anyone here has nailed what this film has in store for us.

108. Xai - July 31, 2007

#103 Roberto Orci
Thanks for responding. I stand corrected, and as I said earlier, thanks in advance for the work you have all done.


109. Sean4000 - July 31, 2007

Hello there Mr.Orci. I had no idea you were actually going to post! Welcome.

As a VFX guru I would like to chime in on that point. I would hope that your teams make use of the most cutting edge software apps that Linux has to offer! Things would go much smoother, giving you guys more time to focus on other duties.

More to come.

Take care,
Sean Burns

110. Xai - July 31, 2007

#103 Roberto Orci

… and now about that little scene in Iowa at the beginning of the movie. I have this friend, Orbitalic, that has written a great opener and I know just the place to film it….


Thanks again,


111. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

Xai….tsk, tsk, tsk…..are we selling something?

112. TimzShadow - July 31, 2007

I was telling my 12 year old son yesterday that the writers of the Transformers movie were writing the new Star trek movie and he got very excited and said ‘That movie was great…the new Star Trek movie is gonna be AWSOME!…’ I think that if the new movie can be fun for a new generation and have elements of the old guard ( original cast members ) to interest the original trekkies..the film will be a HUGE Box office winner!!

113. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 31, 2007

103. Roberto Orci

Have you looked at actor Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) on the CBS soap “As the World Turns” as Kirk? Pretty strong resemblance to The Shat.
And yes, please have Shatner in the film post Generations as Kirk, too.

114. Xai - July 31, 2007

#111 harry
>.. hardly, I am having fun!
If Mr. Orci is interested at all, I know Orbitalic will offer his opener for free and I do know a good spot in Iowa to film the opener that Orby envisions… and that locale suggestion is free as well.

I just get a kick that I got a response from one of the writers!

What fun!


115. Robert April - July 31, 2007


I believe that the original blueprints or tech manual to TOS had a bowling alley.

116. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 31, 2007


Thank you for joining us. My feelings on this matter are best encapsulated by what # 69 Ivory stated. The FUN and the POSITIVITY of having Shatner in this film as Kirk should easily outweigh any reservations you have about the character being “dead”. Shatner himself very satisfyingly brought Kirk back in a series of novels; you guys can explain his resurrection in a movie tie-in such as a novel or comic book if you don’t wish to waste precious screentime. I also agree with whoever said that Shatner without Nimoy in Generations felt half-baked. These 2 icons are a CLASSIC SCREEN DUO, similar to what the great Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were to the genre of comedy!

YOU have a chance to right a depressing wrong and bring a happy ending to one of the most beloved characters in sci-fi. Don’t let it pass. Recall the joyous ending of Star Trek III, when Spock lived again and rejoined his friends. The ending of that film left fans shedding tears of pure happiness! Your film should mirror that.

Be known as the man who brought back back William Shatner as Kirk!This is likely the last chance anyone will have. Live long and prosper.

117. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

#114 Xai
I know (that you’re kidding), but seriously, while you’ve got Orci’s ear, push the “red railings” thing, willya? There’s a pal!

118. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re: 115

Yes, and they’re even mentioned in Alan Dean Foster’s book adaptations of TAS! That doesn’t mean I really need to _see_ the bowling alley, though…

I mean, isn’t it high time we saw what the toilets look like in the future, instead?

119. Xai - July 31, 2007

#118 Sleeper

Well, there’s this tube thing….


maybe they just transport the…. ummm, you know… out?

120. Robert April - July 31, 2007



121. VOODOO - July 31, 2007


My offer of $20 is still on the table if I get some type of mention in ST XI.

All kidding aside is there any chance of you guys making a lot of long time fans happy + putting Shatner in the film?

The entire nexus concept is so vague and poorly written surely there must be a way to give the character (who had the worst ending of any major fictional character ever)a more dignified ending.

I understand if you cannot answer.

ps: Best of luck to all you guys. I hope you make the best ST film ever and return the franchise to it’s glory days.

122. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

As in “Scotty, beam the shit out of me!”????

123. Josh T. ( The undiscovered warth of spock voyage 11 ) Kirk Esquire - July 31, 2007


J.J. Abrams whether simply to appease certain fans, or actively attempting to, stated you guys are working on inserting Shatner in the film.

No one has to remind yourself, Alex, or J.J. this will probably be the last occasion to have William Shatner in a Star Trek film. I along with many others strongly encourage you not to pass this oppurtunity.

I think this is one occasion where a majority consensus can say to hell with “canon.”

Simply insert Kirk/Shatner into the film and do not even address how and why he is in it. Prior to the release of the film some related marketing can be done to explain all of the nuts and bolts of how he has returned.

Just treat it as an event that has already occured. Then an official movie related comic book or graphic novel can go into all the details.

This is a tremendous oppurtunity to have Shatner and Nimoy together one final time.

124. Josh T. ( The undiscovered warth of spock voyage 11 ) Kirk Esquire - July 31, 2007


I promise you, we WONT raise hell that a certain tidbit of Berman era continuity was thrown out the window.

It won’t be another Han shot first debacle. Put the man in the film and don’t even worry about that aspect of continuity.

125. Cygnus-X1 - July 31, 2007

This thread gives new meaning to “too many chefs in the kitchen.”

God help Orci, Kurtzman et al.

126. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

“et al” Ooooh, you’re GOOD!!!

127. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re 119:

Well, I guess now we know the real reason McCoy didn’t want to use the transporter… Ew.

128. Josh T. ( The undiscovered warth of spock voyage 11 ) Kirk Esquire - July 31, 2007

A note on casting-

I must admit, I was actually bummed that Matt Damon doesn’t seem to be getting the role of Kirk,

however after the announcement of Zach Quinto as Spock, I think the notion of Damon as Kirk should be reconsidered.

Damon physically appears quite young, and you couldn’t ask for a better Kirk as far as the resemblance to Shatner, not to mention Damons penchance for self-assured smirks, his general demeanor, and charm.

I think Matt Damon would actually make a profound Kirk and he is a contemporary of Quinto in age and appearance.

If nothing, consider Damons built in audience that will manifest itself in box reciepts ;)

129. Josh T. ( The undiscovered warth of spock voyage 11 ) Kirk Esquire - July 31, 2007


Not really, when you take into account the overriding consensus that seems to be prevalent, it could be broken down into:

1. Bring back Shatner, to hell with canon
2. Maintain the spirit of Star Trek
3. Tell a good story

That really isn’t alot to request or hope for, is it?

130. ZoomZoom - July 31, 2007

#129- it works for me.

131. Shadow6283 - July 31, 2007


Mr. Orci. Always nice to chat with a fellow writer and professional. I hope your time here proves as fruitful as I suspect it will prove enlightening.

132. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re 129:

There’s no consensus on these boards! My own preferences regarding the new movie would be:

1. Tell a GREAT story
2. Do justice to the spirit of Star Trek
3. Shatner? Eh, if you can make it work well. If not, fuhgeddaboudit!

And I’m sure everybody else has their own lists of priorities.

133. Sleeper Agent X - July 31, 2007

Re 131:

Wow. Shadow6283 actually being polite for once. Although what was that about being a “fellow writer and professional”? Eh?!!

134. Alex Rosenzweig - July 31, 2007

Greetings (and hi, Roberto)!

It all sounds pretty darn cool.

I don’t know if I have that much of a wish-list, but here’s what I hope for…

1] The Trek Universe is a wonderful place, and a new film that’s true to that world would be cool with me. Don’t be afraid of continuity, but don’t let it overwhelm you, either. One of the strongest Trek films, ironically, was the one that was a direct sequel to an episode, but it told its story on its own and did just fine.

2] I don’t think a cut-and-paste of TOS is either necessary or warranted, but I also think that many of the TOS sets could translate to modern versions stunningly well, because Matt Jefferies was just that good. :) By the same token, the movie may give us many opportunities to see things we haven’t before, and full opportunity should be taken to explore them and let the creativity flow.

3] Okay, yeah, I think the Enterprise is iconic, and shouldn’t be redesigned into something different. But just as we saw incredible detail on the TMP version, imagine how pretty the TOS version could look at the same level of detail. It could “look” very different while being essentially the same, and I bet folks who’ve not taken a look at Trek in a long time would be duly impressed

As for the babble about Trek being an embarrassment. Phfft! Tell a real story, with great characters that people can identify with, and Trek will be embarrassing for nobody.

And in the end, that’s the most we can ask. Here’s hoping for a really great film that makes its audience laugh and cry and enjoy the ride. And based on what I’ve seen and heard and read, I’m starting to get pretty optimistic.

Bring on Star Trek!


135. Penhall - July 31, 2007


136. Shadow6283 - July 31, 2007


I extend it to those who not only merit it, but who actually engage in the practice themselves on occasion. You’d be amazed at the results you’ll get, especially in dealing with people who differ not only in opinion, but philosophy, when you practice extending it yourself.

As for the “fellow writer and professional,” the terms are pretty much self-explanatory, I think. Let that suffice.

137. Harry Ballz - July 31, 2007

“fellow writer”?
As Dizzy Dean once observed, “it ain’t braggin’ if you can do it!”

138. Josh T. ( The undiscovered warth of spock voyage 11 ) Kirk Esquire - July 31, 2007

Captain Kirk’s crusted, moldy, broken, battered corpse spirit says:

Help me Roberto Wan Orci ! You’re my only hope!

( Not having died helps also but……)

139. Big E - July 31, 2007

Hello Mr Orci!

I thought about what I wanted to see in the movie, but decided to keep it to myself. Since in the end, when I watch a movie, I want to be surprised by new ideas. I already know what my imagination can come up with, I want to see what you (and Mr Kurtzman) can do…

But I do feel I need to counter balance the “bring back Kirk!!!” issue.
I agree that Kirk got a bad death scene, and I would have liked it if he was brought back. I also know it’s tempting to succumb to the overwhelming fan pressure to bring him back. But, your movie shouldn’t pay for the “sins” of past movies. If you feel that including old Kirk in the movie doesn’t work then just leave him out. I doesn’t matter how much the fans will complain, if the movie’s good, all will be forgiven.

140. Shadow6283 - July 31, 2007


Mr. Orci, it just gets better from here on in. Trust me.;)

141. KIRK MUST RETURN - August 1, 2007

If it’s an older Spock, eg. TNG era or so, why not a holographic Captain Kirk talking with him? (hint, hint!)

Actually, damn that idea. I want a flesh-and-blood Kirk!!!

142. trektacular - August 1, 2007

I wasn’t for Shatner being in this originally, not because of continuity, but mostly for how much a joke hes become, but now I agree having him be in this would be good if only to get the stank of Berman off of Star Trek.

143. April R. (Girls like Star Trek too.) - August 1, 2007

So I have to ask one question some one anyone can ask it please please explain to my why so many need to see GAry Marshall in this fil? WHY!!? WHY? WHy!!!!?????!!

(Mr Orci kudos to you for being brave enough to handle the many fans of Star Trek…I know we are not an easy crowd to please….)

Until next time. \\//_

144. cd - August 1, 2007

I think Star Trek should be done like a period movie: as close as possible to a 60’s aesthetic, in movie making style, costumes, music, etc., but of course take advantage of the expanded budget and SFX capabilities. DO NOT REIMAGINE! Why bother doing Star Trek if you are going to change everything?
As far as Kirk coming back, I don’t think he should have ever died. Bring him back alive. You don’t have to say how. How to put him in and/or Spock in without some contrivance like Generations? It may be best for to start out as an interview of Kirk and Spock for historical research, or some event triggering a reminescence, or whatever.
Give Shatner and Nimoy a chance to ad lib as Kirk and Spock. (Interviewer asks Kirk “Didn’t you die?” Kirk says “I got better.”, he does a double take at Spock. Spock raises his eyebrows, glances away. Kirk (to Spock): “Thanks again, by the way.” Spock: “You’re welcome. It was the least I could do.”)
Just please, NO TIME TRAVEL.

145. Ben - August 1, 2007

Make it entertaining while keeping it in the tradtion and story continuity of Star Trek the original series. Make it a big sweeping epic adventure and give it meaning.

146. trektacular - August 1, 2007

I bet Orci is going huh?! with all this Gary Mitchell, USS Farragut stuff. Would be very suprised if he even knows or cares about the backstories as described and seen on the show

147. Londo - August 1, 2007

My two cents: I don’t want the sets, uniforms and ship exterior to look exactly the same as in the series, myself. The set designer can feel free to not do the bridge in an “In Living Color!” style, and I’d really like it if the uniforms were not brightly-coloured velour tops. And it doesn’t matter to me at all whether the nacelles are pointy or not.

148. Admiral_Bumblebee - August 1, 2007

As everybody is posting suggestions for the new movie and hopes that Mr. Orci is reading and considering them, I will join in :)

William Shatner needs to be in the movie as Captain Kirk post-Generations. He needs to be resurrected.

My proposal: An enemy from the past is threatening the Federation in the 24th century. An enemy Kirk and Spock encountered during their first mission and whom they thought defeated. During some kind of mind-meld between him, Kirk and Spock back then, this enemy can only be defeated by Kirk and Spock. But Kirk is dead. So Spock embarks on a journey to find a way to resurrect his old friend. During this journey he tells the story of how he and Kirk met and what happened during their first mission to cause this dilemma. Maybe during their first mission they visited a planet, on which one person can be brought back to life every 100 years or so when certain planets align or by an ancient computer that needs the cause of the resurrection explained to it and only if it sees it as worthy, it does it (that would be in the tradition of the old TOS-series where Kirk and Co. encountered such machines now and then). This enemy wanted to resurrect his dead wife or child there, but Kirk brought someone dear to him or dear to Spock back to life before him. A battle ensued during which Kirk and Spock thought this enemy to be defeated. Back in the 24th century, Spock reaches this planet again and resurrects Kirk. Together they defeat this enemy once and for all and together they ride of into the sunset…
I think that this way, fans would get back Kirk without removing the focus from the “flashback”-story. Shatner and Nimoy wouldn’t even have that much screen-time and it would still be worthy of them…
Maybe this enemy tries to go back in time to stop young Kirk from resurrecting the person so that he can resurrect his child/wife. But by doing so, by killing Kirk back then, he would alter the timeline and destroy the future. So in the end, “old” Kirk and Spock have to travel back in time, too, to save their younger selfs and the future…
Time travel is a very popular story-device for casual movie-goers ;)

With this storyline no one needs to know how or when Kirk died or even who Kirk is. The casual movie-goer just needs to know that someone named Kirk is dead in the 24th century and has to be brought back to life by his friend Spock to save the world. The Star Trek-fans would have more knowledge – about Kirks death etc. – and would have a different experience…

I think this movie needs William Shatner as I believe that if the name William Shatner as Captain Kirk is attached to this movie, more people – those who haven’t watched a Star Trek movie for a long time and still remember Shatner as Kirk – will come and see it.

149. Cameron Devlin - August 1, 2007

Trektacular, I think that’s unfair – sure, it’s difficult to know every last detail of Star Trek but I think if he’s taking the time to come here and read our comments then you can count on him to have a lot of time for the details.

Which leads me to really one of my only hopes for the film – respect all previous canon (or as much as possible if the story really demands it).. Someone gave an example of “I don’t mind if you say an event happened in 2208 and canon says 2207″ – well I feel the opposite in that such a small detail like that can be easily researched and to not do so just seems like laziness considering all the money involved. Hell, set me up with a paycheck from Paramount, a copy of the script and a gagging order and I’ll watch all Star Trek from start to finish for you and make certain that the little things that will give Trek fans opportunities to bitch are solved – but I’m sure someone’s already got that job!

Also, since Abrams was saying that you’re trying to find a way for Shatner to appear, I did have a thought that the best way would be for Spock to be on his deathbed and Shatner to appear as a vision of Kirk rather than flesh & blood Kirk – although then you’ve got to worry about killing off Spock as well, and you can see how bitter some of these people remain about Generations….

150. Len Krieger - August 1, 2007

Casting Suggestion for Kirk

Jacob Young from All My Children

151. Holo J - August 1, 2007

12. Ozy – July 31, 2007 Star trek canon is great. Don’t change anything (only add something new )


152. snake - August 1, 2007


153. Bryan - August 1, 2007

Dear JJ and Roberto Orci,
Pre-TOS Means:
1. Shatner as Kirk plus young Kirk (who was absolutely grim and a stack of books with legs) (I believe Kirk was spoken about in WNMHGB as an upper classman of Gary Mitchell)
2. Nimoy as Spock plus young Spock (Quinto) (hiding his emotions of his falling out with Sarak as he chose Starfleet Academy over Vulcan Science education (Journey to Babel)
3. Gary Mitchell (WNMHGB), he could introduce Ruth (little blond lab technician) to Kirk
4. Finnegan (Shore Leave) academy days upper classman bully
5. Ruth (Shore Leave) Kirk’s major love interest of his youth, NOT Carol Marcus who was later.
6. Captain Pike (The Cage)(change of command to Kirk)
7. Captain Robert M. April (TAS) turned over Enterprise (Yorktown) to Pike
8. NCC-1701 Enterprise, pilot version with spikes on nacelle caps, large deflector dish, exhaust vents on engines, tall bridge dome on saucer, lots of hull markings. The Enterprise was a concrete gray (greenish/gray) color.
Tie these people, places and things together and you have the core canon from which to build a story.

154. Josh T. ( Let's pimp Shatner as Kirk one last time ) Kirk Esquire' - August 1, 2007

Let’s look at this ….logically.

Shatner as Kirk shouldn’t be in the film merely to right the wrong of ‘Generations,’ or to appease a certain segment of fandom.

Rather, if you are doing a film about the young Kirk and Spock, and you have an elder Spock somewhere in the mix, it only stands to reason the older Kirk be included as well. One of the faults of ‘Generations’ and the episode ‘Unification’ was the other missing crucial element in the dynamic. In the case of ‘Generations’ Spock was missing, and ‘Unification’ Kirk was missing.
It was deliberately decided during the birth pangs of Trek that the duo of Kirk and Spock would be written to compliment and play off one another, so that when you think of one, you think of the other.
In actuality, they are two sides to one single character, with ‘Bones’ to a lesser degree completing that character.
Neither character alone is as interesting or engaging as they are together. The rapport Shatner and Nimoy have is pure joy for writers and an audience.

It is actually a severe disservice to both characters, to have one missing, especially in a film focusing on these two characters exploits and coming together.
It’s beyond an urgency to include Shatner given the scenario of the type of film we are apparently getting, indeed it would be a crime NOT to include Shatner.

155. dalek - August 1, 2007

Spock’s Kirk’s best mate. He wouldn’t leave him in the nexus, missing in action. Reminscing about a past adventure whilst leaving his friend in limbo, however practical for a plot; just doesn’t fit with the characters we know and what they do for and feel for each other.

An article years ago said “Kirk risked everything and lost the Enterprise, his son, and his rank saving his best friend. Spock didn’t even take a tricorder reading of the nexus.”

It will still be somewhat of a downer seeing a young Kirk knowing what happens to the character in the future. Shatner as Kirk can remedy that. I think you know what this fan wants lol

Aside from the Shatner issue: I would love to see the original score in the movie somewhere. Perhaps like as happened in Bond with Daniel Craig, save it til the key moment maybe later in the movie (or wherever it happens) when Kirk gets the Enterprise or first sees it. That theme is as synonymous with Trek as the Starship Enterprise.

Grunberg: redshirt. Definitely :D

156. Storma - August 1, 2007


Eradicate this ridiculous idea of a recast and give us a proper Post-NEMESIS storyline!

157. John CT - August 1, 2007

What I’d like to see. Is getting the look of the TOS era right. That doesn’t mean it has to look ’60s of course. The bridge of the Enterprise and the uniforms from the Cage look more timeless than what followed IMO:


158. Admiral_Bumblebee - August 1, 2007

#155 Exactly. When Spock was resurrected in Star Trek 3, he asked Kirk why he did it. Kirk responded: “You would have done the same for me.”

Now is the chance. Let Spock do it for him.

159. dalek - August 1, 2007

btw Mr Orci, a very warm welcome to the board :)

160. Jeyl - August 1, 2007

Oh dear god. This is the guy who wrote Transformers? I have a bad feeling about this.

161. RaveOnEd - August 1, 2007

I would just like to start by saying how amazing it is to have Roberto Orci coming on here to read the posts, and personally address them. This is something that means a lot to me in particular, taking time to be with the public and not insulated from them, doing what you want and not having regard for the fans. It goes a long way doing this, and its genuine.

What I want to see from the movie is the sense of wonder that I had when I first saw TOS (for me, the first episode I ever saw was the 1980’s video release of “Space Seed” – the one in that sky blue/grey box from Paramount – Gateway Video, had the trailer for TWOK before it)

Of course, I would like to see Shatner in the film, but it’s not a necessity. Just bring us back to a time when we could be taught a lesson in morals or how to be better people now to ensure that future will happen, but do it in a way that we were taught it through a hell of a great adventure.

Don’t hit us over the head with the lesson, we’ll get it through the ride we take on the way.

If we’re in the TOS period, which is my favorite, don’t make it so that you have to throw everyone who has a link to the crew in there, but if you find spots to give us a taste of some of them, that would be cool! If you could find spots for folks like Pike and those who had impact on our characters before heading off on their five-year mission, that would be great!

Bottom line, the feeling I would like to come away with is like the scene at the end of the TNG episode where Picard goes home – I think its called “Homecoming” – when you see Picard’s nephew outside, lying against a tree, looking up at the stars and wondering. That, in a nutshell, is Star Trek.

162. Father Rob - August 1, 2007

Dear Mr. Orci,

Another fan joining in to welcome you to the boards. I know that I am very excited and am eagerly anticipating the new film. I have never seen anything you have written (at least, not that I recall) or that Mr. Abrams has produced/directed, but I am most impressed with what I have seen in interviews and other snippets at this site.

I’ll keep my suggestions simple…

I love Star Trek. I have loved it since I saw my first episode of the Animated series on Nickelodeon in the mid 1980’s. I watched the episodes, read the novels and comics, dressed in the costumes, and even converted my room into my own Captain’s Cabin.

Now, as I have aged, I still find Star Trek as timeless as ever. I find it to be inspiring and informative, heck… I even work it into sermons from time to time.

If your new production can inspire the imaginations of the youth, and influence the perceptions of adults towards a more just, positive future for mankind, then you will have captured the essence of Star Trek, and you will have made this fan proud.

Sure, I have my preferences about a reboot (in favor), costumes and sets (Dennis Bailey of this board came up with some kick-butt TOS uniforms a few years back on the Trek BBS), and who should be in and out of the movie… but in the end, what I care about most is the imagination behind it.

Thanks for reviving my imagination with the anticipation of what is to come.

Stardate 12.25.08 looms ever closer… the adventure is just beginning!


163. Laura M - August 1, 2007

Kirk must return.

His death is the low point of Star Trek

164. Al - August 1, 2007

Is it Or-see or Orkee by the way?

165. Craig - August 1, 2007

What about a scene showing Captain Pike handing over the 1701 to Captain Kirk? Pike could be taking Kirk up to the 1701 in a shuttle and do a flyby scene, maybe not as long as the one TMP. Then have the shuttle go into the shuttlebay where the Enterprise crew would be to see their new Captain take over and be wondering if this new Captain will be as good as Pike?

166. Jim - August 1, 2007

Maybe I’m not thinking straight but, um, shouldn’t they have done this sooner? As in “ask the fans what they’d love to see?” It’s August ’07, the film opens December of next year! I would have thought they would want at LEAST two years to put this together from final script phase… Anyone?

167. Robert April - August 1, 2007

#155 “Kirk risked everything and lost the Enterprise, his son, and his rank saving his best friend. Spock didn’t even take a tricorder reading of the nexus.”

Great point.

168. Robert April - August 1, 2007


I suspect they have been visiting this site from its inception and are well aware of our views.

169. Elwood - August 1, 2007

Whole Fried Chickens (4)
Coke (1)

170. Freud - August 1, 2007


171. snake - August 1, 2007

hey Roberto – i’m so fuking pumped to see this film..i cant frickin wait.

i gotta go eat something now….

172. Ensign Joe - August 1, 2007

I say screw the fans.. If they try to adhere to too much fanspeak, they’re gonna get bogged down in making the fandom happy and not get the big picture. If there is one fan they need to listen to its Gene Roddenberry. I’m not trying to minimize the fan, I’m just saying that they need to surround themselves with their peers who are trek fans and that should be sufficient. Too many cooks in the kitchen makes for bad soup.

173. dalek - August 1, 2007

173 i wouldnt discourage fan input too much. Michael Piller, god rest his soul, was one who recognised the merit of those watching the show and successfully made sure fans could send in scripts. Ron Moore is someone who started as a fan submitting spec scripts.

When Piller left Trek so did the open submission policy and the quality of a lot of inhouse scripts with him.

174. Trekkie33years - August 1, 2007

Mr. Orci,
I would request a return to Star Trek’s science fiction roots. A compelling, exciting science fiction story that just so happened to star the characters of Roddenberry’s universe is what the franchise needs. After all, though it was an excellent movie, Wrath of Kahn was only a single incident and it was not even Roddenberry’s.
Think more along the line of the classic epsiode- Devil in the Dark, Errand of Mercy, Tholian Web, Doomday Weapon. All of those were character driven, very exciting- and thought provoking. Science needs to return to Star Trek in the worst possible way.
The movie franchise has produced a series of great films (I liked every one of them), but since TWOK and Roddenberry’s passing the producers of the movies and the shows (DS9, VOY, and ENT) have taken Star Trek out of the scioence fiction and into either noisy action films or soap opera. While those things have their place as elements in Star Trek, they are suffocating it now. It has become its own genre, and a very limited one as far as stories told and audience watching.
Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to be science fiction first and anything else second. That’s why he pursued scripts from major sci fi authors. People seem to think that he was all social commentary- but such is only soft sci fi. There was a lot of hard sci fi as well. (Oh, and by the way, in case you’vce seen Voyager: technobabble does not qualify as science.) Science fiction is a fertile, unlimited genre because science is always expanding and exploring. Action and soap opera are pretty much tapped out. There are only so many ways to fall in love or blow things up.
Rant aside:
1) Bring back Shatner, and if you can, fix Kirk’s death. Generations was a horribly disappointing film for the fans of TOS. Kirk should die on the bridge of his ship, in action, saving us all. That is what Kirk does.
2) Use the characters of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “The Cage.” Don’t force characters of later episodes and don’t invent a bunch of new characters to clutter up the already cluttered continuity. Explore the characters that exist. Gary Mitchell would be especially welcome.
3) No time travel. Time travel has been done to death in recent Star Trek. It has become the only science left in the franchise- and its the weakest science of all. There’s still plenty of other things to do beside bloody time travel.
4) Think long term. I would hate for this movie to be a one shot. Plan a trilogy. Everyone else is doing, so why can’t Star Trek?
5) Just to emphasize: go out and read some Arthur C. Clarke (especially Rendezvous with Rama), Isaac Asimov, Greg Bear, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, William Gibson, Ben Bova, David Brin, Gregory Benford, John W. Campbell- any of them! That is science fiction. That is where Star Trek needs to live. That is where Roddenberry got his whole vision from. Return Star Trek to science fiction. Give the franchise back its future.

Thank you for working on this movie and for taking the time to listen to all of here. Thanks to Abrams and the whole crew for making Star Trek the object of excitement again instead of scorn. Good luck to all of you!

175. Dr. Image - August 1, 2007

#153 Bryan-
Add to it NO black collars on uniform tunics and each starship having it’s own logo.
Since the film is set BEFORE the series, the visual template that should be used is the one from “The Cage.” (with appropriate and non-distracting updates.)
Using anything OTHER than this look would be a set-up for endless criticism for ignoring the established and VERY well known history of Trek.

176. Harry Ballz - August 1, 2007

If Arthur Conan Doyle, who came to HATE writing the Sherlock Holmes stories and killed him off, could be compelled to bring him back from the dead, then surely Paramount Pictures can be “encouraged” to do no less for Captain James T. Kirk!!

177. Iowagirl - August 1, 2007

Wasn’t Kirk the guy who got an award for creative thinking? So, please, use your brains to boldly come full circle and fix the disastrous error which has been made in “Generations”. Let us see Spock fulfil his duty and his friendship and save his captain, at last. I am sure you will be able to create a story we can re-enact in our minds and our hearts, a story which embraces the past and the future by giving us a chance to learn more of a part of the storyline we do not know much of yet and by giving us back the most vital and indispensable core figure of Star Trek.

178. Andrew J Robertson - August 1, 2007

Hey, re-boot or not? Gives a real answer already! ;)

179. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Re 137:

True enough, Harry! IF you can do it! I’m just surprised because up until this point Shadow has hardly acted professionally, nor have his posts been particularly well-written.

But if we see a sudden dramatic upsurge in both professionalism and writing quality from this point on from Shadow, hey, I’m all for it!

180. Roberto Orci - August 1, 2007



No masturbation jokes or golden showers in Trek!

On second thought…


It’s Or-see



To all:

Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve read every post word for word and we thank you for the time. Since we are still 17 months away, we must be careful not to wear each other out, so we’ll be back near the end of August for another more proper chat.

Take care…

181. Steve - August 1, 2007

With the script written, this point may be moot. Everyone who loves Star Trek knows this, but it seems like no one ever says it specifically. There are two things that really MADE Star Trek, regardless of the costumes, special effects, aliens, ships or whatnot. First, it was the relationship between the characters, primarily Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The conmaraderie, friendship, loyalty and family feeling is what made it. Second, it was the exploration of and what it means to be human, which was best seen through the eyes of Spock and later, Data. That is why the best episodes are not, in my opinion, the fast-paced, action packed, special effects laden ones, but the quieter, character driven ones. Best example: the best episode of TNG is “The Inner Light.” These are the things they got away from in the later series, which made them inferior. These are the things the new gang should be focusing on.

182. Anthony Pascale - August 1, 2007

Hey Bob….thanks again for dropping in and taking a big dose of fan wishlists. Hopefully this first round gave you something helpful or at least was entertaining. I know we all look forward to more dialogue.

183. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Re: 182

Well said, Steve. If the new movie has the qualities you mention, Star Trek XI will be remembered as a classic, regardless of whether or not Shatner is in the movie.

184. Robert April - August 1, 2007


LOL Anthony, you are really doing something special here. Your mom SHOULD be proud of you!

185. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 1, 2007

Some great posts being made here, especially by 148. Admiral_Bumblebee, 154. Josh T. and 155. dalek.

Josh T. hit it on the head when he said “the duo of Kirk and Spock compliment and play off one another, so that when you think of one, you think of the other.” Let’s have Shatner back as Kirk one last time, and kick off this new chapter in Star Trek history right, Orci! You are well aware that we on this site only represent a small percentage of the ticket buying public. And look how many of us want Shatner back! His return would play BIG to the general public.

You are in a unique position, Orci; you have a chance to make history and restore a lot of goodwill and hapiness in the process. Don’t believe in the no-win scenario, my friend! Bring back Kirk.

186. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Re 181:

Thanks for stopping by, Roberto! We’ll see you again at the end of August!

And special thanks to Anthony as well, for helping make this happen!

187. RaveOnEd - August 1, 2007

But Roberto (or can we call ya Bob?) –

If there are no golden showers in Trek, what will you use for a transporter effect?

(no, wait, you mean the other kind of golden shower? Nevermind…)

188. dalek - August 1, 2007

Thanks Roberto really great of you dropping in!

189. star trackie - August 1, 2007

I would love a very cool, retro look. Since Nimoy is in this, AS Spock, the looks should be similar to the progression we saw in the series, from The Cage to the series, to the movies. This earlier era should not resemble the movie era. Make it retro, make the sets larger, with modern production techniques, make them from fiberglass, brushed aluminum. There is nothing wrong with the design they simply need some spit and polish. With Nimoy in this…as Spock….you shouldn’t turn the retro bridge into something that belongs on a death star. It’s Star Trek, old school, keep it that way. Besides, retro is in, retro is cool. Less is more. Keep it simple with clean lines and give us somethign that looks like it belongs in Trek’s adventurous early years. No hotels in space, no comfortable plush chairs, no 24th century sensibilities cluttering things up. Oh yeah, color, lots of color…no more washed out digitally corrected tints (I’m so tired of that) And if you want those colors to really pop….film it in old school 3 strip technicolor. That’ll really get eyes open…these kids today wouldn’t know what hit em.

190. snake - August 1, 2007

I think the ENTERPRISE mirror universe 2 parter showed that you can have the sets etc from the old show now…and they look good…

191. billy don't be a hiro - August 1, 2007

Re: 181 – very classy

192. snake - August 1, 2007

wow Roberto Orci was here?

First James Cawley now R Orci

wow just wow – what a fuking site!

who next…Shatner?

193. Anthony Pascale - August 1, 2007

thanks Snake…and I am sure that James (who I also got a chance to hang with at Comic Con) would be happy to see you list him along with Bob….but dont forget our other regulars like Daren Dochterman, Mark Altman, Rick Sternbach and Dennis Bailey…and the many other writers and contributors.

194. Shadow6283 - August 1, 2007


What Harry said, huh?

Biblical scripture, too, I suppose?

Enjoy the ride.

195. Jim - August 1, 2007

Mr. Orci,

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the fans. I love TOS like crazy. Like so many of us, I get chills every time I see the tricorder screen de-scramble images of history in that little motel room in City On the Edge of Forever. The hair stands up on the back of my neck when I hear Kirk say “Gentlemen… beam me aboard…” in The Doomsday Machine. These are powerful moments filled with drama and suspense. I cannot wait until Christmas 2008.

Here is my two cents on the elements I feel most needed to make this thing truly fly:

• Story = job #1
• Update, alter as you may, but stay true to the visual essense of TOS
• Give us a true sense of adventure (stunning alien worlds, eerieness, sense of wonder)
• Exploit Kirk’s cleverness (i.e; Corbomite Manuever)
• The bond between Kirk and Spock (chemistry)
• Drama (high stakes threat)
• Fun/humor
• Beautiful cinematography (wheatfield scene in the orig. Superman)
• Killer score
• Action (8 minutes hovering around the Enterprise, no matter how beautiful, does not hold most people’s interest)
• Breakthrough FX

These are the things I think most of us want to see, regardless of whether the costumes or sets are done a certain way. Hit these and you will have an awesome reimagining.

Again, thank you so much!

196. Oceanhopper - August 1, 2007

Well, i’m so far down the list I doubt anyone is actually reading this now, but my 2 cents:

– I’d like the ship to look her old self, albeit it can be an “earlier version” that could look reasonably different inside. Of course, she has to look like the Enterprise, or you lose the emotional connection. But the same exterior, the same sounds, the “feel” needs to be the same.

– The characters need to ring true. Audience needs to have some nice moments where the leads do something emblematic of their core nature. Having them walk and talk like Shatner, Nimoy, etc helps, but I want to se Kirk do something courageous because he has to save his friends or, more especially, his ship – which was always his first love. (Hell, he may even need to sacrifice the girl to save the ship – perhaps setting the tone of his later experience). I want to, in the midst of all the jeopardy and the ticking clock, see Kirk think, steel his jaw, and jump into danger.

– Arcs. A thought on character arcs, I think, from what we know of early life for these characters, the arcs for the principals shoud be something like;
Kirk – Bookish obsessive over grades gets in touch with his passion (finds his mojo, if you will) and emerges as the kick-ass hero he know.

Spock – Tight-lipped, conlficted nature, feeling alienated in a world of humans – comes to begin to find his place, and to value his human side a bit.

McCoy – Somewhat jaded, coming out of bad divorce. Comes to realise he can start afresh in space and demonstates his overwhelming devotion to medicine and to helping others.

Basically each othem has the potential to go from a fairly unpleasant place at the start, to a much happier, determined and positive place by the end.
Kirk: Introvert/obsessive -> Shackbuckling hero
Spock: From Isolation to starting to feel a belonging
McCoy: From Depressed to reinvigorated.

That would make a good movie to me.

197. THX-1138 - August 1, 2007


A big slap on the back, Anthony! If you need to get as close to the inside of Trek, at least as a fan, this is where it’s at. I did nothing but lurk today because it was fun to see my fellow fans put up their “Santa” wish lists (and I mean that in the most endearing way). BTW, I’m all for retro. Wouldn’t bug me a bit.

Your turn, J.J.

198. snake - August 1, 2007

196 “eerieness”

yeah I’m big on that too bro – i love the almost Twilight Zone/Outer Limits element of certain episodes (e.g Specture of The Gun…quite a few of the 1st season eps like Charlie X)

I was pretty happy when JJ Abrams said the script was ‘scary’ at one point …i went ‘yeah thats cool’

Trek hasnt been scary for a good long while…

199. Nathan - August 1, 2007

My wish list is:

Nothing. Just give me a good Star Trek movie.

Good luck!

200. Captain Pike - August 1, 2007

I want something that looks and feels like TOS, specifically Where No Man Has Gone Before if that’s the era it was set in. If it the movie is supposed to be canonical, I want it to fit without bending things too much.

That’s it. If it’s called “Star Trek” then I want it to look like “Star Trek”.

201. Xai - August 1, 2007

#181 Roberto Orci

Thank you so much for joining us, listening to us and including us as a small part of the process.

Anthony… you are golden.


202. Spock is God - August 1, 2007

Mr. Orci,

When I was ten years old, I went to grammar school in a Spock shirt. So it’s safe to say I’m a nut for all things Trek – and Spock. And I admit that tears formed in my eyes when I saw Mr. Nimoy take the stage at Comic Con.

My perspective may be a little different from that of most of the other people posting. When I grew up, Spock/Nimoy was my mentor, my idol . . . and my ultimate sexual fantasy. (He’s not now.)

So, as a gay Trek fan, I have one request: Please DO NOT put anything gay in the film. Green babes and shirtless Kirk notwithstanding, Trek was never really about sex. If we did face that final frontier and put a gay . . . yeoman? . . . on the bridge, the film, to me, would somehow feel wrong.

And remember that cringe-inducing episode of TNG where that female-leaning supposed-to-be-gender-neutral alien had a fling with Riker and then got lobotomized! Gross.

But, OK, if someone at Paramount makes you do the gay thing, I do have an idea. Have a setup with a gay red shirt that appears to be the beginning of something important, groundbreaking and central to the plot – and then unceremoniously zap said red shirt before the whole thing gets started.

Hey – gay red shirts in the future should get equal treatment, right?

Thanks for your work!

203. Jim - August 1, 2007

From #196

Here’s your sense of wonder. Right here.


hee hee

204. Rastaman - August 1, 2007

Even though it appears Orci may have beamed out, I just wanted to say …


I hope the crew does not feel overly tied down by the original design of the sets. The simplicity of TOS is noteworthy; however, it is more a product of budget than wisdom.

BIG budget = BIG sets

It is not a bad idea to keep the outside of the ship along the same parameters as the original; however, the inside of the ship, the costumes, and the props should look A LOT different from the original.

I mean, come on folks, we are far beyond having mini-skirts as female professional attire and salt and pepper shakers as medical instruments!

205. DavidJ - August 1, 2007

OK, what’s up with all this Nexus talk? It seemed pretty damn conclusive to me that Picard already pulled Kirk OUT of the Nexus. I think people are really grasping at straws to suggest that all Spock has to do is swing by the Nexus and rescue his friend. It was a stretch to believe Spock’s resurrection in TSFS– this would be even more preposterous.

Besides, the LAST thing I want to see in another Trek movie is that damn Nexus again, or watch someone try to intercept it in space again.

206. mattniss - August 1, 2007

I’ve been following this site religiously since it’s inception, but I’m finally posting rather than just reading… and to the guys that handle the site’s day-to-day operations, thanks so much for keeping us in the Trek loop! And of course, a huge thanks to people like Roberto Orci who actually spend their time participating with the fans!! It’s truly out of respect that I ask you don’t leave us in the next seventeen months, Roberto!

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when considering the ideas of how to bring Kirk/Spock into the picture as Shatner/Nimoy is keeping in mind the significant age difference. You can’t really expect to have a Spock deathbed scene with Kirk present…. oh wait, damn you Generations!

Seriously, though – why not have them kicking back, watching old home movies? I mean, didn’t we see in “Court Martial” that the Enterprise has a sophisticated enough camera system that actions throughout at least the Bridge (and I’m sure the whole ship) to record everything from day one… maybe Stardate 1225.8?

207. AJ - August 1, 2007

“Obsession” backstory should be referenced as a life-changing event for JTK, plus agree re: Gary Mitchell, who was Kirk’s best friend before Spock and McCoy showed up. I agree with those who want NCC-1701 to be exactly the same on the exterior as it was in TOS, but still get the big-screen treatment (Pilot version, of course). I will never forget the feeling I had in the cinema in 1979 during TMP when Scotty toured the ship’s exterior with Kirk. It’d be great to see old Enterprise the same way in all her iconic glory.

208. Montreal Paul - August 1, 2007

Has anyone thought about Ryan Reynolds as Kirk? Just saw him in Smokin’ Aces and I think he could do the job very well. Plus he’s Canadian like Shatner… ya need a Canadian in the center seat! :)
What do you think?

209. Shadow6283 - August 1, 2007

Deja vu, all over again.

210. mattniss - August 1, 2007

Don’t forget about the fact that Kirk taught a class at the Academy – I remember a quote along the lines of “In Lt. Kirk’s class, you either think or sink.”

211. cd - August 1, 2007

#153 – I have never heard of Ruth being the blond lab technician spoken of in WNMHGB; Carol Marcus has been assumed to be the blond lab technician he nearly married. This seems to make more sense than Ruth, who only appeared as a recreation in Shore Leave. We, and Kirk, have a lot more emotional involvement with Carol than Ruth.
Besides Ruth didn’t strike me as the lab technician type…
Also, you described Ruth as THE love interest of Kirk’s youth, again, I am not aware anything supporting this, especially in canon. I can’t really imagine James Kirk with a single love interest. A single love interest A WEEK maybe… >;>}

212. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 1, 2007

143. Gary Marshall

Wasn’t he the host of Hollywood Squares?

213. Eric - August 1, 2007

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I agree with a lot of what 196 was saying.

I’d rather Shatner not be in the film. There have already been enough resurrections to stretch credibility. The point of Kirk’s death in the film was to demonstrate that even mythic heroes sometimes die unceremoniously. The idea to kill Kirk, as I understand it, came from higher-ups, not the writers of “Generations,” and it was the tough job for those writers to come up with a reason to make it fit the story. Ronald D. Moore has recently admitted that it wasn’t executed as well as he would have liked, but I like the concept of a death that’s not filled with glory for a character so beloved because it’s unexpected, but moreso because it’s realistic.

Some of my least favorite parts of “Nemesis” (which in the hands of a different director and editor probably could have been much better), was the idea that Worf and Wesley took a couple of steps backward. They both could have easily stayed in their same positions by clothing them as an ambassador and dimension-jumping civilian respectively, only the people that know their backstories would need to know that’s what’s up. As you said, it’d be two movies in one.

Hindsight being 20/20 another way to go might have been something along the lines of the birography of Archer in “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II” wherein Mirror-Archer peruses his counterpart’s biography and according to the text (though not legible on-screen), Archer died one day after the launch of the Enterprise NCC-1701. It’s a nice nod to deaths like those of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Of course that might have been harder to fit into an action film.

Another thing that episode of Enterprise demonstrated was how great the sets could look with the same basic design as TOS. I believe the only things that looked different were the lighting and cinematography. Apparently, it does take place before WNMHGB, so I think it would make sense to give them the uniforms of that era for any scenes that do take place before then.

The look of the bridge, and other sets, could very well reflect the sets from “The Cage” and “WNMHGB” and look really cool, especially if made with better materials, as has been suggested. Design is neccesarily cyclical as demonstrated by architecture, music, fashion of just the 20th century. As the US Government sought to emulate the pillored buildings and Senate of Ancient Rome, so too might the engineers of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries look to the smooth lines of retro futurist design, in a possible post-post-post-modernism.

I think it’s awesome that you keep a copy of the Chronology and Encyclopedia in the office, I assume you also check memory-alpha.org and perhaps ex-astris-scientia.org as well.

But of course whatever makes a good movie would be most important.

BTW, I really liked the first two thirds of “Transformers,” since it seemed to be about the people, and there was some fun humor, such as the witty Bumblebee.

This is a really good site.

214. cd - August 1, 2007

Also, Spock and Carol knew each other previous to Star Trek II, presumably from her and Kirk’s time together. I think having a young Carol Marcus in this would be outstanding! Elizabeth Banks as Carol Marcus!

215. Anthony Pascale - August 1, 2007

RE: 143 & 212


…if he is not in the movie I will consider my childhood raped

216. dalek - August 1, 2007

David J no one said the nexus was THE solution. I made the point that an article years ago said that after all Kirk did to rescue Spock; Spock hadn’t done a thing to rescue Kirk, not scanned even the nexus… It was a glib comment to demonstrate the poor response on Spock’s part to Kirk being dead in the 23rd century but still rings true.

However, it could still be used merely because its a non-sequitor paradox. If they were resurrecting Kirk the nexus would be my last choice; but it’s one they could use because Braga and Moore wrote so many holes in their “how it works”.

“Why doesnt he just fly into it with a ship”
“Every ship thats approached has been destroyed or severely damaged”

The flaw in the argument there is as we say from the El Aurians, and Kirk on the B, that destroying your ship doesn’t matter, you end up in the nexus anyway.

But anyway there would still be a version of Kirk in there. As was pointed out by someone else not only does time have no meaning; but Soran was stopped in a brand new timeline, one in which Picard never goes in the nexus in the first place to get Kirk out. Thusly if time has no meaning in the nexus anyway, there’s a version of Kirk in there that didn’t leave with Picard now.

Annoyingly ludicrous illogic of the nexus. But the loopholes are all there.

217. TJR - August 1, 2007

3 THINGS !!!!!




……Sorry, couldn’t resist

218. Harry Ballz - August 1, 2007

Face it, the Nexus does perplex us! D’oh!

219. FlyingTigress - August 1, 2007


Only if he can be the tenth adult man of the proper background, among the cast/crew, too.

/inside humor

220. VOODOO - August 1, 2007

In at least one timeline Soran defeated Picard and the Enterprise was destroyed.

In that timeline Kirk, Picard and Soran are clearly alive in the nexus, but the Enterprise is destroyed.

The nexus(what a dopey idea) has so many loopholes in it that the Kirk from that timeline (see above) could clearly be saved with some creative writing.

The film should end on the same note as ST III. This time Spock gets to return the favor and save Kirk.

In that film the dialogue went something like this.

Spock- “You came back for me”

Kirk – “You would do the same for me”

In Star Trek XI all you have to do is flip the dialogue + you would have a classic ending that proves how strong the bond is between the two characters.

This is your chance Spock (I mean Roberto Orci) to return the favor and save Capt Kirk.

Something like this would be the perfect ending for these two characters + would be a huge crowd pleaser.

221. JERRY - August 1, 2007

Eion Bailey (BAND OF BROTHERS) as Kirk please….

222. Robert April - August 1, 2007


I heard on good authority that Penny Marshall will now be directing…

223. TJR - August 1, 2007

….OK now I do a serious post

This is a reboot. A re-imagining. So cannon is at the filmamkers discretion.

You are free from Cannon because you are hitting the Reboot button so to speak.

So I don’t know why everyone is going on about how the sets and costumes have to look like this or that, or that Shatner must be in it because Nimoy is in it……..This is a re-boot after all.

Consider this an alternate timeline or universe if it makes you feel better.

It’s a different version of the original Star Trek.

I don’t see why we can’t have more than one version.

….Oh and I agree with what Father Rob (162) said

“If your new production can inspire the imaginations of the youth, and influence the perceptions of adults towards a more just, positive future for mankind, then you will have captured the essence of Star Trek”

I think that that’s all anyone can really ask for.

224. VOODOO - August 1, 2007

TJR # 222

This is not a reboot.

It may look a little different,but they are staying with the established canon.

Why have Nimoy in it as Spock if it’s a reboot?

225. Capt Jurgen - August 1, 2007

I agree there is a paradox with the nexus.

Timeline #1–Picard and Soran go into the nexus. Picard gets Kirk, and they leave the nexus at a point BEFORE Picard enters the nexus in the first place.

Timeline #2. Kirk and Picard now are facing Soran together. At this point in history, there are two Kirks. One is from the first timeline, the other is safely chopping wood in the nexus, because Picard hadn’t got him yet.

The Kirk from the first timeline dies, but in the process, Picard and Soran never enter the nexus, so the other Kirk is still there, alive and well.

It’s an out.

There’s precedent for the paradox too. In Trouble With Tribbles, Kirk addresses several members of his crew after a bar fight. In one version of this scene, Chief O’Brien is not there. In another, he is.


All we need is Spock to talk about this a bit, and bam, we have our out, and Kirk can be restored. Plus, once in the nexus, we can have Spock not only visualize his first meeting with Kirk, but we can have the elder Spock hang with the Quinto Spock.

Everyone wins.

226. Chaotic Asimov - August 1, 2007

Star Trek IS NOT a shoot’em up scifi franchise like Star Wars. If you want zap guns and 50 ship space battle then go watch Star Wars.

What IS important is that the story be about, DUH, the human condition. No, not a boring movie like TMP. But to just have a bunch of phaser fire and space ships flying around the screen is not what TREK is and should ever be about.

They have to have a story a little deeper than that. A story that makes us think about our selves. A story, as Kirk would say, that makes ‘a difference’.

That’s all I ask…..
um..except that Uhura be real fricking sexy with a real high skirt and a couple of nice perky brea….well…hmmmmm….eye candy.


227. cd - August 1, 2007

#216 – Don’t forget the polar bears and the gay robots!
#222 – They tried to deimagine, err, reimagine Star Trek, called it Enterprise, it didn’t work. Then they started putting in elements from TOS and it started to get better, too little, too late.
This should be Star Trek. If you start to reimagine it, it’s not Star Trek. What would they change? Why? It would be distracting, at the very least. You may argue that the average movie goer would not notice, or care. Then why call it Star Trek? If you want to do a Star Trek movie but gloss over or change what occurred before: you get Star Wars episodes 1,2,3; you get Wild Wild West, you get Star Trek: Nemesis.
As Nicholas Meyer has said: creativity grows from constraints. Using the ‘constraints’ of canon, the writers could create something that satisfies the long time fan, and the so-called average viewer.
Think of this way, not in terms of CANON, but in terms of the characters, the relationships and the events that formed them. The movie needs to be true to that. The easier way to do that is to try to fit with canon as much as possible.
Otherwise, is it really Star Trek?

228. DavidJ - August 1, 2007


Yeah, but do we really want Spock to have to give a big technobabble explanation about Generations in the middle of a movie that’s trying to relaunch the franchise and start fresh? It calls to mind precisely the kind of bad storytelling that sank the franchise in the first place.

As for the Nexus, I think the writers clearly intended for it to exist in it’s own shifting timeline. So no matter when Picard or Kirk enters or reenters the Nexus, there’s only ONE of them that has ever been inside. Otherwise Kirk’s big “awakening” would be meaningless.

Hell, it was hard to believe someone of Kirk’s experience and intelligence would be fooled by that fantasy world as long as he had. The idea there’s ANOTHER Kirk in there who’s just as oblivious would be an even bigger disgrace to the character.

229. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran - August 1, 2007

You know, as long as the film tells a good story, with good characters, action, and drama, and as long as it fits properly into the Star Trek universe, then I’m peachy. Just remember, Bob and Alex, Kirk’s five-year mission takes place from 2265 through 2270, as revealed in the Voyager episode “Q2″. Don’t go by what the Star Trek Chronology says. ;)

Oh, and don’t worry about including things about the Nexus or finding ways to bring back Kirk if that’s not what your story is about. If you have a story and script already, and you think it’s good the way it is, then go with it. Naturally, though, it never hurts to check up on some canonical facts, if you’re ever in doubt. :D

And I don’t know where I’m going with this. m… just make a good movie. Make it so, engage, and what not.

230. DavidJ - August 1, 2007


The problem with ENT was the generic, one-dimensional writing, not the prequel idea itself.

In fact I thought a lot of the design work (NASA-style uniforms, more metalic bridge, etc) was actually really good, and fit in nicely with the existing timeline. It’s just too bad it was all for nothing.

231. Capt Jurgen - August 1, 2007

#227–to answer your question–yes. It won’t take too long, and the results would be brilliant.

It’s not bad storytelling. It’s showing the true nature of the friendship. It would accomplish everything, and keep in mind, no matter what, the bulk would be the young Kirk and Spock era. It would only enhance the story.

In Generations, Kirk being fooled was lame. But remember, from Kirk’s point of view, he just got there. He wasn’t hanging for 78 years.

232. TJR - August 1, 2007

223. VOODOO –

Well if it’s not re-boot / re-imagining it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Everything I have read keeps saying this is a re-boot.

And if it is a re-boot, Why not have Leonard Nimoy in it? He can act in a film that is a re-imagining of the series that he once starred in.

233. Harry Ballz - August 1, 2007

Would you all agree that the Nexus does vex us?

234. TJR - August 1, 2007


Has it occoured to anyone that maybe not having Shatner in the movie is important to the story that they are telling?

Perhaps film has the elder Spock (played by Nimoy) in some way reflecting on the passing of his former captain?

I know that there are ways you could write around that particular scenario (like the person who suggested Kirk recording a message before his death).

But there could be any number of scenarios that might require that Shatner not be in the movie.

If this is the case, I would rather the story come first.

It would be great if he is in the film but not every fan HAS to see Shatner in this film.

We just aren’t as loud as the ones who do.

Something to think about.

235. DavidJ - August 1, 2007


Yeah, but it was still infuriating seeing Kirk acknowledge that something seemed odd… and then go right back to chopping wood and cooking eggs in his kitchen. That just wasn’t the Kirk I remembered at all.

It’s especially galling when you consider how quickly Picard woke up and realized the truth of the place. KIRK should have been the one going “Hey, wake up, this is all just a fantasy!”

236. dalek - August 1, 2007

TJR Mr Orci said it was the first draft.

Characters are written in and out of movies all the time.

Recently Sean Connery was written in Indiana Jones. Lucas said they’d written the part for him. Connery declined.

Star Trek the motion picture was a reworked script which is more or less identical in structure to the tv movie it was based on “In Thy Image” for phase 2 and did not contain Mr Spock.

People come and go in films all the time. Parts are rewritten. Its the nature of the business.

There will probably be many more drafts before they go to screen and the final result wont necessarily be any sort of carbon copy of the first, but an evolution.

237. dalek - August 1, 2007

David J nah it def wasnt the Kirk we know lol i mean Kirk’s ideal heaven making eggs in a kitchen and hugging a doberman… wonderful take they had on him there lol They got the Ent B characterisation more or less right. However how the hell did Kirk know how to configure the deflector? Wouldnt you as Captain of a ship send a tech?

238. VOODOO - August 1, 2007


I guess the devil is in the details.

From what I understand the writers are staying with the established ST canon.

The version of Spock we will be seeing is the one we have grown to know and love and not a new take on the character.

The film (from what I understand) will look different from tos (clearly you can’t have 60″ special effects and dated bridge etc..) but will in essence be the same universe as the one we have seen for 40 years.

I guess it’s re-imagining ST in the same way TMP did many years ago.

It’s the same universe with the same characters. It just looks better.

I think that’s the best way to go.

239. Lou Sytsma - August 1, 2007

Mr. Orci

Thanks very much for taking the time to sample opinions here. You already have a wide variety of responses which make it clear that no matter what you choose to do there is no way to satisfy everyone.

I am old enough to have seen the original series in its original network run as a wide-eyed little boy. So my fondness for these characters has deep roots.

The main things are:

1) Story, story, story. Its the foundation for everything. And the story has to be true and honest. Don’t cheat or take the cheap way out.

2) A sense of wonder and fun – ie the pioneering spirit. We are exploring space here not spending another day at the office.

3) Characters – next to story the most important. Make them layered, complex, shades of grey, avoid cliches etc. Make them work to resolve their conflict. Stress characters over Special Effects.

4) Series Continuity – make it clear whether ST11 is going to follow it or not. Don’t waffle and pick and choose ie Superman Returns. Set up an alternate time line or whatever and go for it.

5) Special Effects are there to support or enhance the story. Not the other way around.

The sets, ships, props etc are all window dressing – an updated version of the original series would be my preference. The original hand phaser still rules. Given the prevalence of cell phones, changing the communicators to something smaller, different makes sense.

Story ideas I’d like to see:

1) if Kirk is in his early twenties that would place him on the Farragut. Perhaps the Farragut enters into a joint mission with the Enterprise and Spock? Could be good role reversal as Spock could outrank Kirk at that point in time.

2) With Original Spock in the film it means either bookends or perhaps a visit to the Guardian of Forever could be in order? Does Picard fit in there anywhere ie getting Spock to the Guardian?

So many more but I’ll stop for now.

Thanks for your time.

All the best with the movie!

240. RTC - August 1, 2007

I am still of the opinion that all, or nearly all, of the so-called ‘violations of canon’ over the past 40 years can be dealt with, and those that can’t can be strategically ignored. The idea of rejecting entire series wholesale — the reason usually given is that someone doesn’t like Rick Berman, et. al. — is ridiculous and, I think, does a real disservice to the many people who worked on those series and did it from the heart. I’m hopeful that the Abrams team will keep that perspective.

241. dwd201969 - August 1, 2007

In general, I don’t care for prequels unless there are some surprises that illuminate or enhance future stories that have already been told. Star Wars is an example of a prequel that I did not like. For me, there weren’t any really ground breaking revelations and the polical intrigue felt more like a weight on the story than an exploration.

Anyway, with Star Trek, we know how the lives of these characters turns out . Definately Kirk’s since we saw him die. Spock to an extent since he still lives in the 24th century. If they can find away of using these characters back stories to move the overall Star Trek story (24th century and beyond) forward, I’d be thrilled. It’s a tough undertaking.

I am definately more interested in character interaction than technobable. Apart from the basics, “Go to Warp” “Beam me up” “Phasers on stun” I don’t want much tech stuff. I don’t care how the ship works, but I do care about the folks driving it. If we are going to be wowed by the technology of the 23rd century, I’d just like to see it. I don’t want too much dialogue about it.

I want to see Spock conduct “cowboy diplomacy”. Under that cool exterior, Spock is a total bad ass. That’s the Spock that I like. I would like more out of the secondary characters than we used to get. Do justice to the entire big seven. I know that Kirk and Spock are central and that’s cool, but don’t leave Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, and Uhura hanging.

I want to see Chrstopher Pike. Someone else needs to be in command of the Enterprise so that Kirk can screw up and learn from his mistakes without the entire universe suffering for it. I like the idea of seeing Kirk before he was “polished”.

That’s all that I’ve got for now.

242. Greg2600 - August 1, 2007

Once again I would submit that J.J. has made it clear their concern would be writing a role for Shatner that is up to his standards, the fans, and the movie’s. The entire issue of how to resurrect Kirk is secondary and frankly probably not that disconcerting to them.

In any case, it’s next to impossible for us to sit here and throw ideas on how to bring Shatner Kirk in. None of us know what the rest of the script is about. If we knew that, then bringing him back would be the easy part. They could pretty much come up with any explanation they want, while avoiding the Nexus altogether.

I am only kind of puzzled that Nimoy’s Spock would be so vital to the story, which one would assume has Kirk as the main character? Just seems unbalanced to have old Spock involved but not old Kirk.

Anyhow, great to hear from Orci, who I would say had a much better reception from fans here than on some of the Transformers boards he went on.

243. J. Parker - August 1, 2007

My message: if you have written a script as literate, passionate, thoughtful, with drama, and *moving*, as the Sowards/Nick Meyer Wrath of Kahn script, who can complain, really.

Use that as your bench mark.

Hell, forget the fans, have Meyer look at your script.

Or Peter Weir. He’s a class act.

If it’s dumb downed and just an action flick, I don’t think it’ll be successful.

Good luck.

244. Dr. Image - August 1, 2007

Oh, and at LEAST bring in the Okudas as historical/tech advisors.
Why re-invent the wheel- and risk doing it badly?

245. Commodore Wesley - August 1, 2007

Mr. Orci:

Just in case you revisit this forum:

I’m with posts #162 and 196, re. inspiring a hope in an optimistic future again, in our pessimistic age; and staying true to the “arc” of the characters, respectively.

As far as the “look” of the Enterprise, interior and exterior: I’m with those who point out, correctly, that since this film is set before TOS, it needs to have a look inspired by “The Cage”/”Where No Man Has Gone Before.” One thing I liked on the TNG-era movie “First Contact,” is when the “Phoenix” extended its warp nacelles, and the front domes were reminiscent of the TOS Enterprise. It showed that that “retro” detail could still look good to contemporary audiences.

Perhaps the ST XI Enterprise could have the same lines as the TOS Enterprise, but with the colors, detailing and texture of the ship from the series “Enterprise,” which certainly did not look dated. Add the insignia (the striping and what-not) of the TOS Enterprise, and I think you would have a look which would be acceptable to both hard-boiled fans and newbies. The interiors could look like those in the “Enterprise” series as well, in terms of their detail – just larger, of course. Notice how the color scheme in “Enterprise” is reminscent of that from “The Cage”/”WNMHGB.” Some sort of uniform that would be a hybrid from those pilot episodes/yet look as functional and be made of quality materials like the “Enterprise” uniforms, might work. Notice, too, that the female crew wore pants in those two pilot episodes; hence, we skip over the believability problem of the later minskirt uniform, for modern audiences.

Re. the “Bring Back Kirk” issue: perhaps it should be named the “Bring Back Shatner” campaign. My understanding is that Kirk WILL be in the movie – the young Kirk, that is. I am a bit miffed with Mr. Shatner for appearing to hold out, although it might just be the latest example of the “Favored Nation” agreement that he allegedly has with Mr. Nimoy, according to his book, “Star Trek Movie Memories.” If this is true, then he will be in the movie, and it won’t just be a cameo.

As for him being brought back from the “Nexus” – I wonder how many non-ST fans even know that Kirk died in one of the movies? How many non-fans know the name of that movie, or even how Kirk died? And, Shatner could be included in one of many ways that have been suggested, such as a “flashback” conversation between Kirk and Spock before Kirk’s death, or a recording Kirk left for Spock, etc. I don’t see how the movie can be devoted to saving Kirk, while still allowing time for the development of the story about the young characters, which I understand will be the bulk of the film. So, I don’t realistically expect that.

I’m with those who believe that this can be a good movie without the older Kirk being saved from death, as long as the young characters are developed, and as long as they face a life-or-death situation, and win in the end, using their camaraderie, their loyalty to each other, their courage, their humor, and the unique strengths of each personality. That’s the essence of Classic Trek to me.

Besides, the whole point of this exercise is to continue stories about the TOS crew, casted with younger actors. Shatner, Nimoy, and their contemporaries are icons; but lets face it! New audiences will be drawn by tight, action-filled, good stories, adequate special effects, and good actors; only us die-hard fans will be drawn by the original actors at this point, such is our “ageist” society.

Well, maybe I’m wrong. Mr. Shatner did FINALLY get his Emmy from his current work on “Boston Legal,” after all… Maybe he could play a crotchety, quirky old Captain with Alzheimers!

246. Storma - August 2, 2007

Dear Mr Orci

Sadly you got it all wrong. STAR TREK is not about going back but forward. In the sense of its creator Gene Roddenberry, who already had the possibility to simply recast the crew but prefered to tell a story from the even more distant future, you should procede to the era after the last movie.

It seems that at least some Americans are in favor of your plans, but I can guarantee you as an active member in the European fan club, a film with the TOS crew will bomb here completely.

I hope you reconsider and just forget about a reboot.

You have a whole universe of great ideas in front of you. You could simply set up a story in the era after DS9, where terror reigns the galaxy, where Empires are unstable… what a great mirror for our present times it could be.
That’s what STAR TREK is about. Mirroring our world.
That’s why STAR TREK VI is considered by many people as the best of the films.

Thank you for your time

247. RaveOnEd - August 2, 2007

Not to be argumentative, but to all those who are suggesting that the new movie be in the 24th Century or beyond need to do some serious reading on this site.

The script is written and the film is being cast. This movie take place in or before TOS, got it?

And, BTW, for those who want a Trek like in #246, remember one of Gene Roddenberry’s issues: he never wanted to write his characters into a war.

And, I would also like to see proof that the European market would not support a TOS era movie.

248. Thorny - August 2, 2007


Uh, how do you explain 75-Years-Old Leonard Nimoy appearing as Spock, then? Is this movie set during “The Deadly Years”? :-)

No, it certainly sounds like at least some of the story is set late in Spock’s life, i.e., the 24th Century. A “bookend” story, similar to DS9’s “The Visitor” or the movie “Titanic” seems very likely.

249. RaveOnEd - August 2, 2007


I’m pointing out the folks who want the whole movie set in a period of either the 24th Century or beyond, completely with a newer ship or concept and a whole new set of characters.

I didn’t mean for the bookends of the movie.

250. ZoomZoom - August 2, 2007

#247 I’m European, or more accurately English, :) I can’t wait to see a TOS movie. And i know i’m not the only one. Bring it on.

251. RandyYeoman - August 2, 2007


sure another TNG movie would have been nice, but that ship sailed after INS and NEM underpefromed. It’s over. Anyway it is clear that Stewart has put it behind him and he is the only real bankable name….or do you really think Paramount should put over 100 million into a ‘riker movie’

I do find your comment that a TOS movie would bomb, but that Star trek VI is considered the best….um….STVI was a TOS movie. And a relevent storyline can be made in any star trek time…they are all in the future….who is to say if TOS, ENT, VOY, DS9 or any other is more akin to today

252. BBK - August 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Orci,

If the Producers are serious about wanting advice they need to read again what #13 Voodoo said because I agree 100%.

Star Trek ‘died’ for me and most of those whom I know (and they dont even really like Star Trek) after the debacle that is/was Generations.

That left such a bad taste in my mouth.

You need to bring back Kirk (NOT via a memory or making him younger like your doing) but actually do what they did to Spock.

Send them both off into the sunset the RIGHT way ala the ending of Star Trek VI.

I echo #13’s sentiment the most when he says this:

“On the other hand more than anything I want to see Kirk + Spock ride off into the sunset the way they should have before Generations.

In a perfect world Star Trek XI should close out the first era of ST (give Kirk + Spock good endings) while at the same time show the way to the future with a kick ass film with great new actors to play these iconic roles.”

For all of you who keep saying that Shatner isnt important to Trek and that his time has passed….baloney.

90% of posts on any Trek board all across the web are about people wanting to fix what Generations did. NOT the other way around.

All Fanboys you say? Ive conducted a mini survey (which I will most likely do again and post the vid on YouTube) of 300 people one day for a college course and I asked the questions:

Are you a fan of Star Trek?

What is Star Trek about?

Who’s the most famous character?

When you think of Star Trek whats the first thing that pops into your head?

These where the responses:

1. 86% said ‘no’ and ‘not really’.
2. 92% said GET THIS: The story of Captain Kirk
3. 79% said Captain Kirk (then 15% Spock and the rest didn’t know any of the characters names)
4. 95% said William Shatner (2% said the Enterprise, 2% said Nimoy, 1% said Patrick Stewart)

All of that tells me that William Shatner as the character of Kirk is VERY BIG to Star Trek no matter how many people try and deny it or hate that fact.

The best way to make this movie appeal is if you include both the new person playing that character and Shatner playing an older post-Gen. Kirk (somehow) so that the transition is made nice and smoothly.

If you want to make money and bring back Star Trek, then bring back Shatner and bring back a post-Generations (ALIVE) Kirk.

Both the fans, Non- fans and your wallets will be happy.

253. Xai - August 2, 2007

#252 BBK,
I admire your determination.
Abrams said they want him and are trying to make it work out. But if it hasn’t happened… what’s the roadblock? Fights over screentime and/or money? We can only guess. My point is that it could be either party that’s holding up the casting, not just the production company.

254. Xai - August 2, 2007

#252 BBK
Also, the poll is slightly skewed. Did you take into account that the results SHOULD look like this because TOS and it’s characters have literally been on the TV for 40 years of reruns? That’s a lot of impressions and I’d hope after 40 years of exposure someone would remember Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.

255. Paul - August 2, 2007

#246. Oh, no… no more friggin’ 24th century. We all had enough of that already, I believe. We’ve seen all four quadrants of galaxy in 24th century. There is nothing, NOTHING to exploit anymore.

On the other hand, there are only less than 100 stories set in 23th century. There is still lot to see, to discover… specially if creators are clever enough to ditch that 24th century baggage and think fresh. Don’ t care if it doesn’ t agree with TNG and beyond… more important is if it logically fits into TOS.
Because this is what we are talking about: returning to TOS and ditching the rest. If this movie is succesful, there will be another series set in 23th century and another movies, eventually leading into THEIR OWN 24th century, which can be (and I guess it will be) radically different from current 24th century.
Face it – everybody knows Kirk and Spock. Nobody knows Janeway and Sisko. And it’s not gonna change.

256. Cygnus-X1 - August 2, 2007

Well, I was away for a couple of days, and, it seems that the party’s over.

It sure was swell Roberto Orci to come visit with us, and, I look forward to his return visit.

re#129: Josh T.

I’m not even a stickler about Shatner. Sure, it’d be nice to have him in the film, but, not if it, in any way, detracted from the end product.

So, my revision of your revised list is:

1.) Story, dialogue and theme are paramount. Even mediocre actors can come across very effectively when they’re speaking good dialogue, within the context of a compelling story. So, if the cost of a good story and dialogue is fewer action/battle sequences, with less CGI, that’s a cost well worth paying. (and, frankly, as often as not, the CGI weakens the impact of the setting anyway.) And, a meaningful theme has been the heart and soul of Trek since its beginning. A good theme will also make the story more compelling, and, the actors’ performances will be maximised, if they feel that they are involved in a meaningful endeavor.

2.) Respect canon. Star Trek is a world unto itself, and, in order to maximise the effect of that world upon us, and most effectively draw us into the story, the events occurring in the Star Trek world must make sense with respect to each other.

And, of course, these two items having been met, get the most talented actors that you can afford. Without question, actors are more important than CGI.

257. Cygnus-X1 - August 2, 2007

re #225, BBK.

I appreciate your poll, but, if 86% of your respondents aren’t fans of Star Trek, then, what would be the purpose in tailoring the movie to cater to their expectations?

And, with respect to those respondents who said that they are fans of Trek, and, that they most identify Trek with Shatner/Kirk, where’s the implication that they want more of that to which they have become accustomed?

More of the same doesn’t necessarily translate into the best experience. Sure, it’d be cool to have Shatner in the film, and, to have the story centered around Kirk. It’d be the safest way to go. But, if the better story and the better film happen to deviate from these two items, then, I’d rather see that film.

Same goes for redeeming Generations. Nobody hates Generations more than I do. And, I’d LOVE to see that mistake redeemed. But, I’d HATE to see that film bring down the quality of the new film, like some white whale that we’re all obsessed with, and whose obliteration we demand.

(TWOK pervades all things Trek.)

258. mikeg - August 3, 2007

Whew, I’ve only read half of the posts and I’m exhausted…
First, I thought Mr. Orci was interested in talking PLOT…. having specific actors, the look of the ship, the look of uniforms, the fx team… what do these things have to do with the plot? We already know the characters, and we know that these characters are going to be portrayed by new actors, and that still doesn’t really have anything to do with plot. Yes, I would love to see Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy together onscreen as Kirk and Spock, one last time, but this has nothing to do with the story… it’s more a sentimental thing than anything else, as is the desire to see the same TOS Enterprise, bridge, uniforms, etc.
As for the story, I am hoping there will be something of an exploration of the unknown, discovering something we haven’t seen before. TOS was best summed up by the intro about “seeking out new life and new civilizations,” and “going where no man has gone before.” Generally speaking, the movies were not about this, although TMP had something of that deep space adventure moreso than the following films.
Gene Roddenberry wrote the series bible, and expressed his ideas often enough so that we know WHAT Star Trek is supposed to be about. Once the Great Bird departed, Star Trek became something else. Some of it was good, some of it was ok, and some of it just plain sucked.
The new team seems to sincerely want to embrace the Roddenberry version of Star Trek, and this is a good thing. This is what, I believe, Star Trek fans really want, if you can get past the sentimental wish lists.

259. TJ Trek - August 3, 2007

If what Orci says is true, and they are listening to the fans, this is a positive sign. I am not in the camp that thinks things should be sign. changed. I think the look should be true to the timeline, which means that it should be TOS based…taken back a few years, before the show was supposed to be. The original design schemes work, why mess with them. Also I think the characters should be true to what they where, do not change how a character would do things, what they would do, there attitude about things. And don’t stray too far from Genes original concept idea. That will ruin the whole thing. Other then that, I say go for, and try something slightly dieffrent as far the format. Don’t be afraid to try new things like they did in enterprise.

260. Dennis - August 3, 2007

Praetor Spock, reflecting on his life at the end of his reign…..

261. Roberto Orci - August 4, 2007

Have read all through to this post.

All good stuff. Many articulating the exact challenges any fan would face weighing the value of various elements.

thanks for articulate thoughts — 17 months is a long time and much can be influenced.

262. Cervantes ( hoping for a truly TOS-flavoured Movie... ) - August 4, 2007

#261 Roberto Orci

Welcome aboard the good ship TREKMOVIE.COM…where one Trek fan’s apple is another fan’s orange…

Now I have no doubt that I may eventually be both thrilled AND disappointed by the way yourself and Alex Kurtzman have written this thing…purely because I have so many pre-release wishes of my own of this project. Just about everyone here has their own particular ideas about what they’d like to see included in a storyline, along with what they ideally would have in the way of production design elements, costumes, settings, ect., including what colours they should be…while others say let the ones actually involved just do their own ( which of course you will ;) ) regardless of whether it looks or sounds like anything that has come before… My own preference, just for the record, is that if this is a supposed ORIGINAL SERIES -era STAR TREK, then I hope it will have somewhat of the colours and look of the actual series in a lot of aspects, along with the adventure and humour that show had in spades…I want crew beamdowns ( or ups )…handphaser action aplenty…maybe some actual one on one fistfights…appreciation of good-looking mini-uniformed female crewmembers…some explosive Starship action…and a triumphant ending leaving us wanting for more… Thanks.

263. Zebecraphy - August 4, 2007

Please let there be a young Uhura in the movie!
and also have Nichelle Nicols in the movie also!.

the only other thing I want is for it to be a good movie, that’s in line with everything that has gone before.

264. Orbitalic - August 5, 2007

Mr. Orci

Maybe it’s past time to put this out there…but this is my attempt at the opening teaser. Xai thought I should put it up again.

Baaa-paa-ba, ba, bum-bum-pa-pa! is heard faintly…
Imagine a tree-lined creek bed in the middle of an Iowa summer. Birds chirp, the water gurgles around a couple of rocks. Our point of view sees a stone being thrown to skip across the water, frightening the deer on the far bank. We see a close up of a black-booted foot using a rock as a stepping stone moving in and out of the frame. The scene steps back to see a gold-shirted man from the back, now standing on the high bank, looking at the water and trees. He now looks to the sky, sighs and opens a communicator. He speaks calmly.
“One to beam aboard”.
We hear the transporter sizzle and the point of view accends as the man disappears… The image of the creek bed moves back now, fields of corn rapidly give way to a patchwork of fields, a nearby town. We start seeing the curvature of the horizon. The POV rotates as we elevate… more Earth, the glow of atmosphere, the glare of the sun and now space. The starscape appears to fill the screen… and we begin to move forward… faster and faster…
Cue the theme… the music swells.

265. COMPASSIONATE GOD - August 6, 2007

Mr. Orci (actually pointed more at Abrams and his associates),

1. PLEASE steer clear of the feel of Berman’s era–which eventually killed the franchise with its definite lack of soul, adventure and compelling characters.

2. In the event you ignore the Berman mess–specifically Generations, it would simply feel proper to have Kirk and Spock as the character/plotting bookends to the film; I feel Spock looking back sans Kirk leaves a gaping hole in the feel of such a tale, as one is not complete without the other…yes, they are joined at the hip.

3. No revisionist 1701. The Berman era was crushed into the artistic ground to the point where too many designes were just retreads, and for the sake of visual interest, run away from the designs seen on “Enterprise”, as that ship had more in common with DS9’s Defiant than any pre-TOS vehicle…and nevermind the horrid costumes and interiors………

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