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Interview With Leonard Nimoy – Part 1 August 1, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,Nimoy,ST09 Cast,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In a exclusive, Leonard Nimoy talks for the first time about returning as Spock in the J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. In this first of two parts the original Spock talks about the script and new team, why he didn’t appear in Generations and why he decided to come out of retirement for this film.

click more for the full interview I know you first talked to J.J. Abrams and his team late last year, but when was it first clear to you and them that you were going to be in the film?

Leonard Nimoy: When I first read the script…which was about three months ago. I immediately contacted J.J. and said “I think it is terrific…I think you guys have done a wonderful job. There is still work to be done, but it is very clear that you and your writers know what you are doing and you know how to do this movie and know what it should be about….and I am very interested.” Then as time went by we worked things out with Paramount, but the most important things were J.J. and the script. I can tell you is that they have a very fine script and that J.J. is an awesome director and they have done a wonderful job of finding Zachary Quinto who not only is going to look enough like me to make it work, but is also the perfect actor. I am very pleased about that and I am very comfortable with where this is going. I think the writers have done a terrific job. They have a real sense of the characters and the heart of Star Trek and what it is really all about. and I think we have a chance to make a really fine movie When you say a sense of the heart of what it is really all about, what do you think that ‘heart’ of Star Trek is that they have captured.

Leonard Nimoy: It is the camaraderie…I am talking the original Star Trek, I can’t speak for The Next Generation or Enterprise or Deep Space Nine or any of them. I am talking about the original concept of the camaraderie between these people. The professionalism of these people. Their sense of humor…which I think is terribly important. And the idea that these are very professional people that work together to solve problems. And the problems are not between these people and amongst themselves, but the problems are from outside forces of various kinds that they have to encounter and deal with. These are people who you enjoy rooting for and you have confidence in and I think that is terribly important. And also to know that when they joke with each other it is out of respect for each other – they respect and admire each other and count on each other. All those elements I think are available and [co-writers Bob] Orci and [Alex] Kurtzman understand that and J.J. certainly understands that and has a grasp of that. You mentioned humor. Humor was a key part of The Original Series and of course the films you were most involved in…especially IV. So is this movie funny?

Leonard Nimoy: [laughs] I think it is going to have its share of humor. It is going to be a great adventure. I think the idea of the origin of these characters is going to be wonderfully handled with great sense of respect and a light touch. I expect they are going to do it very well. Many Star Trek fans have voiced concerns over the new film and its place in Star Trek’s so called ‘canon.’ From what you know, do you think the film fit within the Star Trek universe?

Leonard Nimoy: Yah…I don’t have any qualms about that. I think these writers and J.J. have taken great pains to see to that they honor the Star Trek history and the Star Trek canon. I don’t think there is going to be any problem with that at all…this is not an issue. I have seen quibbles on the Internet with people very nicely concerned. Saying “who else can play Kirk and Spock…it is not possible.” Well it is possible. Don’t worry. Once people see this film and see how good it is all those quibbles will go away. Are they respectful? Are they trampling on history? Will the canon be intact? None of that stuff is going to happen. back in 1993 you were approached to be in Star Trek Generations along with Bill [Shatner] and you declined…

Leonard Nimoy: [interjecting] There was no Spock role in that script! There wasn’t?

Leonard Nimoy: There was not a Spock role….there were five or six lines attributed to Spock in a scene with Chekov and Uhura and Kirk and whoever else was there, but it had nothing to do with Spock. They were not Spock-like in anyway. I said to Rick Berman “you could distribute these lines to any one of the other characters and it wouldn’t make any difference.” And that is exactly what he did. There was no Spock function in the script. I have always tried to make a contribution to these movies. There was no contribution to be made in that movie. It was just sort of ‘lets get Nimoy in here too.’ I said there is nothing here I can do so I said “thanks, but I’ll pass.” Now in the case of the new movie you have been retired from acting for years. What was it about this one that made you want to act again and go through the make up again? What was it that made you say ‘I really want to do this?’

Leonard Nimoy: You are right, this is a special situation. First it is Star Trek and so I have to pay attention. I owe that to Star Trek. Second place is that it is J.J. Abrams who I think very highly of, he is a very talented guy. Then came the script and it was very clear that I could make a contribution here. The Spock character that I am playing, the original Spock character, is essential and important to the script. So on the basis of those three elements it was easy to make the decision. So those three things: Star Trek, J.J. Abrams, and an interesting Spock role. So you have a meaty role in this film?

Leonard Nimoy: I would not refer to it as a cameo, it has been referred to as a cameo in various press and I wouldn’t describe it like that. Cameo is a brief appearance in one scene. This is a functional role in the film. So you have multiple scenes in the film?

Leonard Nimoy: Yes Could you say if they are woven throughout the film or are they bookends or just at one end or the other?

Leonard Nimoy: Don’t push it [laughs] After working as a director, is it at all difficult to be an actor and take direction again?

Leonard Nimoy: No…particularly when I have respect for the director like J.J. I am looking forward to this film much more so than I  have looked forward to acting in anything for a long time…I really am. Because I have a great expectation that the character is going to play well and that it is going to be extremely well directed with a sense of what the characters are all about with a sense of how to create drama in a scene. I am looking forward to being part of that I really am.


Part 2:  CLICK to read part 2
Mr. Nimoy talks more about his role, Zachary Quinto, William Shatner and J.J Abrams as a director 




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1. doubleofive - August 1, 2007

I have tears in my eyes. This is going to be incredible.

2. Vam'Pyr - August 1, 2007

Sweet!! Already looking forward to the movie!!

3. Jon - August 1, 2007

Awesome, simply awesome! What a catch for trekmovie :D

4. Roberto Orci - August 1, 2007


I get chills, too.

5. Penhall - August 1, 2007

I feel a lot better about the whole canon thing. I was kinda worried it would be kinda a “reboot” or “re-imagining”, but it sounds like that wont be the case.

Thanks Mr. Nimoy! Can’t wait to see him back on the big screen.

6. Robin Alexander - August 1, 2007

Great interview! looking forward to part II

7. Father Rob - August 1, 2007

This is why I love this site!

I am gratified to hear Nimoy open up a bit more about his feelings on the script, the new band in charge, etc. I know that, at ComicCon there was only the chance to get in a very brief amount of information…

That Nimoy thinks so highly of this project continues to bolster my hopes for the new film. As I said in a previous thread, I haven’t seen anything that the creative team has done previous, but I’ll really be looking forward to this flick.


8. Anthony Pascale - August 1, 2007

i got chills when I was talking to him…it was hard not to just have a total fangasm! But I had to keep my journalistic integrity and all that until interview was over…then I just gushed like a little girl!

9. Jon - August 1, 2007

Isn’t it just absolutely superb to hear Nimoy so enthusiastic about this project? I’m honestly thrilled, I think these guys might just do it and give us a Star Trek story to be proud of once again.

10. Father Rob - August 1, 2007

I can just see it now… Anthony gushing like a little girl.

Now, if we could get ILM to do the SFX for that gushing, we might have something…

11. Aaron R. (Spock is the man and Nimoy is ten times as awesome) - August 1, 2007

Simply amazing… Anthony how do you get these great interviews! It warms the heart to hear his confidence. I mean I know that with any actor in a situation like this their would be a ammount of BS coming out you know the new actor is great perfect to replace me I have so much faith in the process etc etc… But then Nimoy isn’t known for that is he. We all know that if the script was bad or that he didn’t dig the part no ammount of money could bring him in and get him to say those things…

Aaron R

12. Driver - August 1, 2007

THANKS and Cheers to Leonard Nimoy!

13. CmdrR. - August 1, 2007

Is there something wrong with gushing?
I love that he’s in more than one scene. I don’t know if that means bookends, or something more elaborate, but I suspect JJ will play greatly with the story structure. I love that. I have long felt that the Trek movies were too linear, too predictable. That’s very noticeable when they play in the same Googleplex as movies like “American Splendour,” “Flags of Our Fathers,” and even “MI3.” Storytelling doesn’t have to follow the paradigms of 1960’s TV. (Gad, did I just say paradigm? I can’t even pronounce it.)
Anyway, nice to know Spock reads our rants.
Hello, sir! Nice to have you back onboard!

14. billy don't be a hiro - August 1, 2007

My hat is truly and justly off to you this time, Anthony. This is quite an achievment for the site. Huzzah. Huzzah and kudos.

15. Floydhead Max! - August 1, 2007

THIS is why I come here for my Trek news FIRST!!

What a great interview!

Any concerns I’ve had in regards to this movie, (and I must say that considering whose producing and directing, there aren’t really very many), are pretty much allayed at this point. Not many people know Star Trek better than Nimoy. I don’t believe in million years he’d be a shill for it if it sucked, (as the Q&A regarding Generations attest), so if it passes the Nimoy smell test, that’s good enough for me!!

I can’t wait for next Xmas!! Other than a new reunited Pink Floyd album, (which ain’t gonna happen! LOL!) this is the best X-mas present I could want!!!

Looking forward to Part 2 of the interview!

Keep up the excellent work,

16. Devon - August 1, 2007

I for one am relieved to know that his part IS important and they just aren’t throwing him in there. Leonard seems like a great guy and I am TOTALLY pumped about this here movie.

17. billy don't be a hiro - August 1, 2007

“I am talking the original Star Trek, I can’t speak for The Next Generation or Enterprise or Deep Space Nine or any of them.”

And the petty TOS-first fan in me loves that he couldn’t even be bothered to think of, let alone mention, Voyager. :-D

18. Big E - August 1, 2007

Excellent! Simply excellent!

19. star trackie - August 1, 2007

Very comforting to have the blessing of Nimoy. He “gets it”. The only thing that can hurt this thing is the casting of Kirk. I’m so glad they aren’t rushing into it and now can pair up any likely candidates with Quinto to check the “Chemistry” factor.
The last hurdle, casting Kirk, is the largest.. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and everything else, that the perfect choice for Kirk will surface and Trek can scream into theaters in 2008, reminding everyone that Trek is back, it’s cool, it’s funny, it’s exciting. And most of all, finally, after all these years, it brings back the fun.

20. Flake - August 1, 2007

Nice interview, having Nimoy as enthusiastic as he is about the new movie gives me lots of confidence in it!

21. trektacular - August 1, 2007

cool to finally read something more specific regarding the movie

22. cheer - August 1, 2007

Nice interview, Anthony! I especially was pleased to see you bring up the “Generations” thing. I personally suspected that his role must be more than a cameo for him to be involved after he passed on Generations, and it’s nice to see him confirm that.

Even if it’s a small, bracketing role or something similar, it will be great to see Nimoy one more time.

23. Adam Cohen - August 1, 2007

Excellent interview, Anthony!

I can practically hear Nimoy’s gravely voice coming through in his responses too. And “Original Spock” plays a role in the new movie. Fascinating.

24. Adam Cohen - August 1, 2007


Anthony, congratulations on the “dream-come-true” interview ih Nimoy. All your hard work has paid off, and then some.


25. Adam Cohen - August 1, 2007


Anthony, congratulations on the “dream-come-true” interview with Nimoy. All your hard work has paid off, and then some.


26. DJT - August 1, 2007

Good stuff, gentlemen. Good stuff.

27. Well done! - August 1, 2007

Anthony proves yet again that is the best Star Trek site on the ‘net.

J.J.. – if you’re reading any of this, please allow Anthony to visit the set during filming. Knowing your penchant for guarding production secrets, you can establish an agreement about screening anything before Anthony posts it. Let’s see a stronger connect between the filmmaking process and the fanbase via this site. With a year and a half to go, you don’t need to spoil the plot. Just hearing a soundbite on this site of you saying “Action!”

You want a multitude of geekgasms and ever-increased excitement about this film? That’s a great way to do it. :)

28. Anthony Pascale - August 1, 2007

hey thanks guys…but this isnt about me…it is about the movie and Nimoy

and hey we had Orci and Quinto this week….what are they chopped liver?

29. Xai - August 1, 2007

Anthony, Thanks. I was wondering who you were hinting at earlier.
Excellent, excellent.

30. Harry Ballz - August 1, 2007

Yowza! We’ve gone from being STUMPED (not knowing if it’ll be good), to being PUMPED (Nimoy’s assurance of quality). Star Trek lives again!!!

31. Lao3D - August 1, 2007

Awesome interview, can’t wait for part 2! I agree with other posters, if this movie was a dog, Nimoy would have nothing to do with it. Granted, a lot can happen along the way to undermine a good script, but it’s looking very promising.

32. mctrekkie - August 1, 2007


Chopped liver?

No they were a delicious…


Kudos, Anthony and nice job.

How the hell am I gonna get any work done when the site keeps pulling me back?

33. Irene - August 1, 2007

Wow, you are ‘besting’ even yourself in this insightful
interview with Nimoy !!

Well done, my son !


34. Ro-Dan - August 1, 2007

17. “I am talking the original Star Trek, I can’t speak for The Next Generation or Enterprise or Deep Space Nine or any of them.”

And the petty TOS-first fan in me loves that he couldn’t even be bothered to think of, let alone mention, Voyager.

Oh my god…I thought the exact same thing. :D

35. THX-1138 - August 1, 2007

Great job, Anthony! If Nimoy likes it, I would say there is a fair chance that the movie is going to be tremendous. It is so wonderful to have a positive feeling about Star Trek’s current state. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I am so totally geeked out about how this movie is going and it’s only in the preliminary stages. To have the high level of Star Trek posters on this site paying attention to what we think makes it feel like it has been worth it to be one of the “regulars” here.

I probably would have screeched like a 13 year old girl if I had a chance to talk to Nimoy. I am grown up man, but in this I am afraid I would not be able to keep my dignity. Fanboy.

36. Rastaman - August 1, 2007

“And hey we had Orci and Quinto this week….what are they chopped liver? ”

haha … certainly not. Nice to see Roberto shares your chills on this board as well. Thanks.

Nimoy’s involvement excites me to no end. The peak of my Trekdom had to have been his appearance as Spock in “Unification”. It looks like I may be in store for yet another peak of excitement …

37. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran - August 1, 2007

*bows repeatedly*

We’re not worthy!

Seriously, I am thrilled that Nimoy is returning. I do hope Shatner is able to return, as well, but if he can’t, at least they tried and at least they have Nimoy.

38. Tim Handrahan - August 1, 2007

This just keeps getting better! Nimoy’s enthusiasm for the script is amazing! They have to get Shatner in now!

39. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Fantastic interview, Anthony!

It really is exciting to see that Nimoy is enthused about this project. I respect him so much, and the fact he’s eager to take part in this movie is more thrilling than any poster or casting rumor.

40. Al - August 1, 2007

Congrats. I am so jealous.

41. Adam Cohen - August 1, 2007

Who’s your next exclusive interview with? God? ;)

42. Jon - August 1, 2007

I hope Kirk’s demise in Generations has nothing to do with the Shat not having a role. Can’t you guys just… reimagine that never happened? :D hehe

43. Harry Ballz - August 1, 2007

Somebody tell Shatner to stop holding out for megabucks and kindly accept whatever Nimoy is getting! Last call for Outer Space…ALL ABOARD!!! Whooo, whooo! Chooo, chooo, chooo……..

44. - August 1, 2007

Yeah Nimoy on board is good.

Nimoy on board and HAPPY with the script is even better!

Looking forward to reading the next part of the interview.

45. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - August 1, 2007

Orci and Quinto are celebrities. Leonard Nimoy is a god.

What I mean is… Those guys, Orci and Zach, are essentially going out on a first date with Trekkies. We’re interested, we’re even attracted, but we’re also wary and so are they. We don’t know each other yet. Hopefully it will blossom into something beautiful, but, for now, that’s all mere potential. Much of what we say is either flattery or small talk, and it’s hard for the other to discern the one from the other.

Even though our relationship with Nimoy has been tumultuous, with mistakes on both sides (cough “I Am Not Spock”), it all began with a generation of teenaged girls swooning over him and continued right through our tears of grief at the end of Star Trek II until his final appearance in “Unification.” We love him dearly and we have for forty long and wonderful years. The excitement generated by an interview with him for us can not be compared to interviews with another living soul except Jim Kirk. Er… Bill Shatner.

All the interviews this week were examples of Trek reporting I wouldn’t have imagined getting as little as six months ago, and all were fantastic. But Nimoy is of a caliber unto himself.

Great article.

46. Trekkie33years - August 1, 2007

I’ve expressed doubts, but if Mr. Nimoy says it’s great, than I accept his word. He is abrilliant actor, director, and photographer and I think I speak for all Trekkies everywhere when I say that I am extremely pleased that he’s going to be in the next movie.
I respect his opinion highly because he has always delivered quality.
Many thanks to Trekmovie for presenting this interview. It was fascinating.

I feel I must echo his statements about Generations- there was no Spock role, the lines could have been given to any character.
There was no Kirk role in that movie either and for exactly the same reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Genreations, but I have always felt it was the weakest of the Trek movie outings.

47. VOODOO - August 1, 2007

Sounds cool.

I am so happy to see Mr Nimoy back in Star Trek.

48. VOODOO - August 1, 2007


Once again, many thanks for this great site that has quickly become the #1 Star Trek site on the net.

49. JeFF - August 1, 2007

It’s just so freakin awesome…. that feeling I used to get when Trek was 25 years old… it’s back, and for that, I am so grateful. I feel like a kid again!

50. Viking - August 1, 2007

The magnitude of Nimoy jumping aboard isn’t lost on me (or anyone, methinks) – if he’s that high on the concept and quality of the story, and The Shat is champing at the bit for a proper encore, TWOK could have some competition for ‘Best Trek’ crown. I’m beginning to think this may be one helluva ride. But, this is coming from someone who thought Star Trek V was way under-rated. LOL

51. Thomas Jensen - August 1, 2007

Anthony, I know how you feel…. years ago I was in line for Mr. Nimoys autograph. I handed him the standard photo of Spock and I slipped him a letter I had on original show letterhead that Gene Roddenberry wrote to me when I was 14. Mr. Nimoy read it and looked up at me put out his hand and said, “thank you”. I was floored by that. Truly a great fan experience.

Excellent interview, lots of information, looking forward to part II.

52. Paul Martin - August 1, 2007

I have not been this excited in years, Nimoy is such a great actor/person and I trust and respect his views on scripts and producers/directors very very much, December 2008 can’t come soon enough (even though it means i’m pushing 30!)

53. Plum - August 1, 2007

A exclusive interview with Leonard Nimoy!

Wow! Thanx! And nice work! :)

54. Lou Sytsma - August 1, 2007

Hey Anthony relatively new here – so thanks for all the great interviews you have managed this week.

From Nimoy’s comments it appears canon will be preserved. And his presence is a driving force. Good, very good.

Perhaps drama can be built within the context of the movie that if his actions fail then all the continuity will fall apart? That would be a good way to break through the box that surrounds the franchise. At least for this movie.

55. Admiraldeem - August 1, 2007

As Spock would say–Fascinating! Well done, Anthony.

56. Nathan - August 1, 2007

Whoo! Great interview, and good to see everyone finally stop griping and admit that this is gonna be a great film after all (even if it doesn’t have Shatner in it).
Long live Nimoy! Long live Star Trek!

57. IMOY - August 1, 2007

I must say that after reading this interview(and it’s only part one!) I am feeling better about this film. I have enormous respect for Mr. Nimoy and if he says they are respecting cannon then they are. THANKS!

58. DavidJ - August 1, 2007

Hmm, it sounds like originally Nimoy (or old Spock) wasn’t part of the script, which leads me to think he’s more of a “bookend” device added later than something woven into the main story. I could be wrong though.

59. non-fanatic - August 1, 2007

My current theory is that Spock is dying in this film and his life experiences are being ‘captured’ somehow before he dies.

Sorry, didn’t mean to bring you all down.. I’ll get my coat.

60. Kevin - August 1, 2007

I am amazed at how big this site has gotten in just a short time. The powers that be look at this site. You get interviews with the big wigs and now Leonard Frickin’ Nimoy!

With the writers being interested in what we have to say (even if some of it’s way out in left field) and now the way Nimoy talks about this script, I’m actually getting excited. Canon, characters, humor and the great lengths this team is going to in casting the right actors. All I need now is to see some production designs and if I like those, I’m gonna freak.

Great interview! I can’t wait to read the rest.

61. Ro-Dan - August 1, 2007


That was my theory too.

62. DavidJ - August 1, 2007

I don’t know why everyone was freaking out about the canon anyway. I thought they made it pretty clear that it was just the LOOK of the show that was being modernized and reimagined.

63. dalek - August 1, 2007

Excellent interview. That the characters are well written and Nimoy’s role is substantial is encouraging indeed. Can’t wait for part 2…

64. dalek - August 1, 2007

Anthony did you interview him at comic con or is this a seperate entity?

65. Greg2600 - August 1, 2007

Anthony, can’t say how thankful I am for your hard work. Nobody else has Nimoy yet, and his words were incredibly powerful. Very relieved that he IS playing Spock, and is more than a cameo. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Bill!

66. T.J. Trek - August 1, 2007

Hey, I wonder if this means more Time travel. That wouldn’t be so bad if they do it right. What do you guys think?

67. Woulfe - August 1, 2007

Did I call it or did I call it ?

I wasn’t worried, I figured if Leonard liked it, that was good enough for me.

– W –
* Does the Vulcan salute with both hands *

68. Tim Handrahan - August 1, 2007

Re: #59&61: Even if this is about Spock on his deathbed, we still get one more chance to see Nimoy as Spock and (hopefully) Shatner as Kirk. IMO a small price to pay.

69. Stanky McFibberich - August 1, 2007

Well, here goes:
I’m very impressed that you were able to get Mr. Nimoy for an interview – and one that was fun to read. From what he says, it is easy to get the impression that he is very excited to be a part of this.
I’m not easily convinced regarding this project, but I have to say that upon reading this, for some reason I feel a little better about it. I still have some major concerns, but maybe for the first time I can entertain the idea that somehow, they might possibly do this right – or at least as right as the conditions allow.
Now that Mr. Nimoy is on board and having read earlier that a possible appearance by Mr. Shatner in the film has not been ruled out, I hope that somehow they can find a way to work him into it. This is a change from what I previously have thought. I don’t know how they will do it, or even if they CAN do it, but it just seems to me if Spock can be worked in in a way that is acceptable to Mr. Nimoy, then they both should be. The whole Generations/Nexus thing means very little to me, so I hope that won’t be a factor in holding this back. It will be interesting to find out, I guess.
As for the movie itself, I really hope they can find a way to make it look and feel right, despite the non-original (notice I did not say “fake”) :) actors. This, to me, would include reasonable adherence to the style and design of the series, naturally updated in materials and construction.
I would like to see some homage paid to some of the original music cues in the soundtrack.
It would be interesting if Gary Mitchell and Captain Pike would appear, as well as some of the other characters from the pilots. As for Carol Marcus, I’m not really that gung ho on that storyline being pursued at all.
So, I guess I am still not won over, but I might be willing to cave slightly, at least until they come out with some designs and other details.

70. Magic_Al - August 1, 2007

Nimoy’s quality assurance is more credible because he has said no to Star Trek, not only Generations but going way back to Phase II. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on Star Trek V — did he objectively think that movie looked good on paper or did he go along because he felt obligated to return the courtesy of the cast accepting one of their own in the director’s chair? (Not that that isn’t a good reason.)

71. Russ T.C. - August 1, 2007

Great to learn that he’ll be in multiple scenes and it won’t just be a cameo. Still inching to find out whether his role will be some sort of time travel one, or more likely, a looking back sort of role. It’s obvious it has to be one or the other considering both Nimoy and Quinto will be playing Spock.

Thanks for the interview, can’t wait for part two!

72. Russ T.C. - August 1, 2007

Hmm, that’s “itching”, not inching.

See, all this excitement is making me a poor speller! ;)

73. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - August 1, 2007

Other people have mentioned it, and now I also am feeling that same sort of excitement and buzz about this movie, in the last few days since Comic Con. There hasn’t been this feeling for a ST movie since ST VI.

The teaser for ST VI with the scenes played out on the Enterprise is still in my opinion the best teaser every made for a movie. It still gives me chills.

And if Leonard Nimoy says it’s gonna be good, then it’s gonna be good. :)

74. Thomas - August 1, 2007

Please, in the name of all that is holy, no more time travel. That dead horse doesn’t need to be beaten again.

75. Dave - August 1, 2007, you guys better still be around after all is said and done with this movie. You give great information cudo’s.

Awesome interview! Nimoy to have a non- cameo role. I am stocked with excitment and emotion. tears of joy.

76. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 1, 2007

Gushing is logical. The cause is more than sufficient.
Yeah, the writers can blow off Generations if that’s a stumbling block to resurrecting Kirk. But it would be easy for Spock to have a premonition and then rescue Kirk when he’s blown out of the airlock of the Enterprise B.

77. Nelson - August 1, 2007

Great interview Anthony! Thanks for bringing that to us. Nimoy’s comments and feel for this film is very positive! Look forward to part 2.

78. Robogeek - August 1, 2007

First off, Anthony, congrats on (and thanks for) a great job. You’ve done wonderful work with this site since its launch, but it’s been particularly exciting and impressive lately. But clearly, this takes the cake (and the Romulan ale). Wow.

Anyway, at some point I want to write a longer piece for you, but I just had to share something this interview brought to mind…

At the end of Star Trek VI – really, the last Star Trek movie (at least, the last with the original crew) – there’s a lovely exchange, where Kirk says…

“Your father called the future the undiscovered country. People can be very frightened of change.”

…coughcoughStankycoughcough… ;-)

As a “lost fan” (who also happens to be a “Lost” fan, but that’s not as relevant), I am starting to feel “the wonder” again, and oh how I’ve missed it. While some might deny otherwise, we Star Trek fans have been pretty horribly abused over the past decade or so, with the likes of “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” and “Enterprise”, which were hardly worthy of the mantle. Because there was once a time when Star Trek was almost _great_ – not just great sci-fi, or a great movie, or great TV, but something that dared to put itself within sight of true greatness. And then it just stopped trying. Then it just became “a franchise”.

With this new film announced and unfolding, and especially with these (downright amazing) words from Nimoy, I find my faith beginning to be restored (like Azetbur’s father’s and Kirk’s son’s). There are so many ways Star Trek without the original cast could go horribly wrong (coughcoughStarfleetAcademycoughcough), but it was bound to happen sooner or later, and I think we are enormously, _profoundly_ lucky that the universe has conspired to put people at the helm who are truly worthy, and true fans. The mere fact that they may also be seizing on the opportunity to tie up the “Spock plot-thread” (left mysteriously dangling since TNG’s “Unification”) while they’re at is just, well, too awesome for words.

I for one can’t wait to buy my ticket to the undiscovered country. I’m actually _excited_ about Star Trek again.

79. Nexus - August 1, 2007

I am very excited that Leonard Nimoy will not only be back,but will play a good size role in the film

Imagine how crazy this site will be the day it is announced Shatner is coming back as Kirk.

It will be an all out mad house.

That alone is reason enough to put him in the film.

80. Captain Pike - August 1, 2007

I’ve been reserved up until now, but if Leonard Nimoy thinks the movie will be good then I’ll have to lean to wards being a booster.

But it still has to LOOK like my Star Trek. LN can’t tell us that from reading an early daft of the script.

81. Robogeek - August 1, 2007

79.: Um, actually, that’s _not_ reason enough to put Shatner in the film, at all. (Did you miss Nimoy’s comments/lesson about Generations?)

If they can make it work within the context of the script/story (that is, if the film will be made substantively better), then I’m all for it. But if not, then it’d just be a distracting indulgence, and I’ll be thankful for the filmmakers’ restraint.

82. Demode - August 1, 2007

I hope they have him rescue Kirk from the Nexxus, and have it be a bit of a surprise towards the end of the film. If Kirk is in the Nexxus, maybe he has the power to call out to Spock (kind of like what ‘God’ did to Sybok in ST V.)

83. cap10kirk - August 1, 2007

Great Interview Anthony, Thanks 76 that give me an Idea since Spock will be Post-nemesis Spock, him helping rebuild the Romulan Empire. In the Idw Movie tie-in,written by Roberto Orci, Spock takes a cloaked romulan scoutship back in time to rescue Kirk from the Enterprise-B. Spock rescues Kirk but there is the echo left behind like Guinan. Generations happens but we still get our Kirk and Roberto gets to write a fantastic story of what motivates Spock to do this (Mccoys is ill and an antibody from kirk’s blood can save him?) if not maybe this is the next story for fanlib Spock Saves Kirk

84. Ralph F - August 1, 2007

Leonard Nimoy will play Sarek.

Just my hunch. This is why he’s involved and not Shat. Though I think Shat as a full-makeup Klingon Warlord would be great.

85. dalek - August 1, 2007

Ralph F they said he would play Spock at comic con. Nimoy says in the interview he’ll play spock lol

86. Demode - August 1, 2007

83… interesting, but why would Spock have to travel through time to get Kirk, when the Nexxus is still in the 24th century? Kirk’s echo would be alive there, so no need to go back in time.

Also, with McCoy… I just hate the thought of seeing another actor play the “old” McCoy. A young McCoy with a new actor is fine, but DeForest no longer is with us, and I think the role of an elder Dr McCoy should be retired. The only way I can see DeForest’s character being brought into the storyline, is if Spock finds out that McCoy has just passed away.

87. Nexus - August 1, 2007

Ralph, they have already made it public that Nimoy is playing Spock.

88. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Re: 79

Hi Nexus/StillKirok! I do want to emphasize Shatner is not confirmed for the movie and for all we know, might not appear in it at all!

I wonder when Orci talked about visiting us at the end of August, if that’s when the next big announcement is planned?

89. ObiWanCon - August 1, 2007

GREAT article Ant looking forward to part II.

Another possiblity for KIRK is JOSH DUHAMEL he’s already played a Captain in Transformers I think he looks good for KIRK go to the link to see.

90. mctrekkie - August 1, 2007

#76 Jeffrey-

I’ve written similar devices/remedies for the Kirk problem in previous threads… I had Spock scolding Kirk before he makes that orbital skydiving jump (cut from Generations)

But your solution(as was mine) is half canon – If he saved Kirk, then no Nexus- does that you want to count Half of Generations?

Please elaborate.

As for me, I’m just glad Spock is back. and I hope #59 is wrong and this is not just some sort of Katra/Mind Dump”.

Oh, and yes Gary Mitchell and Pike please.

91. Elrond L. - August 1, 2007

Wow. I am so excited. I had chills, too — I can’t imagine a greater person to bless this film than Leonard Nimoy. His thoughts are just wonderful to read. His assessment of the crew’s camaraderie . . . now THAT’s what I love about Star Trek.

A role that’s uniquely Spock, multiple scenes . . . wow again. I can hardly wait for Part 2 (and Christmas ’08!). Thanks, Anthony — this was a thrill.

92. Ben - August 1, 2007

This film is going to be fantastic.

93. Xai - August 1, 2007

welcome back.


94. Formerly Todd Ramsay, but I edited my name, hastily, to meet a firm release date. - August 1, 2007

2008 is shaping up to be a nice little movie year for me (us). We’re getting Nimoy back as Spock, Ford back as indy, Karen Allen back as Marion. Now they just have to make sure the Big E appears in all her unaltered TOS glory (they’re using TOS remastered as practice, I tells ya!) and sneak a little Shat in there, and it is “pinch me” time!!

95. Lao3D - August 1, 2007

88 ObiWanCon — not a bad Kirk match! If they’re casting real young, he may be just on the wrong side of the age line, but maybe not. Looks like there’s a Lindelof connection in there too…

96. Shadow6283 - August 1, 2007


Mr. Nimoy’s still one of the classiest actors in the business, and it’s a reputation well-deserved.

Why would Mr. Nimoy presume to speak on behalf of something he had no involvement in whatsoever? That’s not only arrogant presumption, but oppurtunism, something I find all too prevalent in certain quarters in this industry, and in more mundane places.

TNG. DS9. VOY. ENT. Mr. Nimoy, his prior associations aside, he had no more involvement in those shows than their actors or production staff had in the history of Classic Trek; and in my opinion, they have no business inserting themselves into Classic Trek’s past or future history, all things being equal.

97. DJT - August 1, 2007

On a side note:

I was watching “Mind Meld” on you tube and was surprised that the chemistry between Shat and Nimoy is still there. It’s undeniable friendship.

Maybe Nimoy would agree to doing a fews of Boston Legal. It would feel like TOS season 4(or 42). because the friendship still shines though. Give them some scenery to chew up.

End side note.

98. dalek - August 1, 2007

#95 shadow

“arrogant presumption” & “all things being equal”

Is that YOU Mr Spock? I thought i was watching Star Trek 6 then lol

99. mrregular - August 1, 2007

Anthony, I can imagine what it must have been like to interview Nimoy..I’ve interviewed internationally known musicians, legends known around the world and it’s really hard not to be awe-struck in their presence. You did a GREAT job!
Keep up the good work!

100. steve623 - August 1, 2007

Leonard Nimoy is a very, very classy individual. His involvement in and endorsement of this project takes it to a whole other level.

And no, Anthony, Orci and Quinto aren’t chopped liver. But its Leonard Nimoy. He would trump practically anybody, and I bet Orci and Quinto would agree. So like the man said, just take the damn compliment ;)

101. Ro-Dan - August 1, 2007

Count me in the Josh Duhamel as Kirk camp. I liked him in Transformers and after checking out his pics at IMDB I can actually see him as a young Jim Kirk.

102. Dr. Image - August 1, 2007

You go, Anthony!
Ask those hard questions, and keep pushing it!
GREAT job!

103. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 1, 2007

mrregular, I too have interviewed a few big celebs, but speaking as a Trekkie, this is just AWESOME. Anthony, thanks again for making this THE site for Trek XI news. I think it’s very telling that other sites are now reading this and then reporting YOUR scoops. Excellent job, and I agree with whoever said that once shooting starts you should be granted a set visit so that you can file reports and help the film’s buzz grow louder in the months leading up to release. That said …

LEONARD NIMOY. Just WOW. I am now officially as excited as I was back in 1991 as I awaited TUC. If Nimoy had simply said, ‘It’s an honor to be part of Star Trek again’, that would’ve been one thing. But the man is practically raving about the script & director!! You cannot top that. And I like that he told JJ, “There is still work to be done” … it shows that he’s taking his usual passionate interest and that he and JJ are going to work as a team until the finished project is as good as can be. JJ has such huge respect for Nimoy, it is unlikely he would not listen to his suggestions. And the fact that he said, “I am looking forward to this film much more so than I have looked forward to acting in anything for a long time” …. damn. TOO COOL.

I just love the fact that all these years later, a new Kirk and Spock adventure is on the way. And it looks to be huge. That knowledge will make watching TOS reruns over the next year and a half even more fun! Bring on the Interview Part II!!

104. Greg2600 - August 1, 2007

97. DJT – Mind Meld is definitely a treasured DVD for me. I was always a fan of both Nimoy and Shatner, but I too was astounded that they were in fact that close of friends. Prior to that, you rarely heard from those guys, and they seldom talked about their experiences like that.

Despite Shatner’s bugging him, Nimoy won’t do Boston Legal. Following ST: VI, he’s done very little on screen work, and has always been very selective.

105. Buckaroohawk - August 1, 2007

Okay, a few things…

1. Anthony, you’re wrong. It IS a little about you, at least for us. You’re our leader here, our “Captain” if you will. The fact that you’ve scored interviews with such notable people involved with this film when most of us fans just get a handshake and an autograph in a convention line means a lot. Listen to your mother (who posted at #33). She’s proud of you and so are we.

2. The fact that Nimoy is involved and has now publicly set some fan fears to rest is going to have a profound effect on how this production is perceived. There will be a paradigm shift as fans who are “on the fance” decide to get behind the film, and fans who were against it at least move to sitting on said fence. You just watch this project gather momentum now.

3. Stanky, I add my voice to Xai’s; welcome back. Glad you weren’t gone for long. I’m also very happy to hear that your stance may have shifted, at least a little. I truly believe that you will be won over as we learn more, and I’m glad you’ll be along for the ride with us here.

4. Finally…it is just so freakin’ COOL that Anthony’s mom posts here to pat her son on the back! It’s like we’re all at a big party at Anthony’s family home, and his mom looks in every now and then to make sure everything’s going well. I love that! The only thing I want to know is, when are we gonna have cake?

106. trektacular - August 1, 2007

This just begs the question why did Nimoy agree to end classic Trek with TUC? Was that just for box office? Seems like we could have seen more TOS if everyone hadn’t agreed that TUC would be the last classic Trek film

107. T Negative - August 1, 2007

This is absolutely fantastic. Nimoy has given his blessing to this project 100%. That is all I need to know.

Great Interview Anthony!

108. Robert April - August 1, 2007


What an unbelievable week here at!

Your son is running an amazing website. You must certainly be proud of him.


(Anthony-fantastic interview with Nimoy! You must be quite the tenacious journalist.)

109. T Negative - August 1, 2007

BTW, On the previous Orci thread I was kind of joking about the bowling alley being in the new movie. However, if it ends up in it, well…..:D

110. Gary Seven - August 1, 2007


I know you are not “won over,” but still…one thought in terms of your slight change of perspective:

“Only Nixon can go to China.”

111. Ky-Malairn - August 1, 2007

Re: #106

I remember reading an article back around the time Trek VI released about further original crew movies. Brandon Tartikoff (sp?), who was the head of Paramount at the time of VI’s release, was beaming about the film at the premiere party. Apparently he was with a group of people, Nimoy was among them, and Tartikoff said, “Why is this the last one?” Everyone in the group turned and looked at Nimoy. I believe his response was, “Make me an offer.”

Honestly, I never understood the hurry to get Next Generation to the big screen. There were still 3 seasons left of Next Generation when VI came out. Obviously, it was a profitable enough film that they wanted another. Why not one more original cast movie, figure Christmas 1993, to keep movie audience interest alive until the Next Generation could have their turn? They could have scheduled the first Next Gen film for Thanksgiving 1996, a milestone year, to pass the torch and celebrate the longevity of the series. Generations was hurried and flawed from the conceptual stages. As the saying goes – “you can make a bad movie from a good script but you can’t do the other way around.”


112. StarTrek2 - August 1, 2007


They ended with TUC because of the popularity of TNG at the time. In hindsight, the should have given the DCM to TNG and stuck with TOS. TNG was just a FAD.

113. cap10kirk - August 1, 2007

86 demode i didn’t mean for a a older McCoy to be in the Movie, that was only a suggestion of a non-video way to bring back Kirk and give Spock a Logical reason to do it. As for the Nexus If a echo of Kirk still exist after Generations then no Spock would not have to go back in time to preserve Generations and save Kirk. Kirk would have to Power to Travel Anywhen. In this Scenerio He can just show up(who says you don’t age if you give up the Fantasy but lack bearing to escape) when he senses Spock in danger. He could relieve the past (Letting us see Shatner in parts written for young Kirk, the bridge crew sees young Kirk( Damon/duhamel/unknown)

Would we settle for Shatner Kirk and Quinto Spock?

so you would have Shatner Kirk see Quinto Spock as Nimoy Spock for
those few Scenes where Shatner is Kirk,giving Nimoy More Scenes

1) one scene would have to be Kirk on the Bridge for the First Time

Everyone do we Agree with this Kirk by Commitee Approach?

Dennis, Darren and the other Special Effects Wizards that visit this site

could they film the Scene with young Kirk then later digitally insert Shatner/Nimoy?

114. Sleeper Agent X - August 1, 2007

Re 112:

Hardly! Four movies is a bit more than a fad. TNG’s era faded because the quality of the storytelling plummeted. Which is why I so desperately want this new movie to have a great storyline–otherwise it too will flop, whether Shatner is present or no.

115. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 1, 2007

90. mxtrekkie (with golden arches from the nexus)

Just a small ripple to create an alternate timeline where the nexus didn’t snatch Kirk. Or future Spock goes back in time to save Kirk, but that creates all those pesky paradoxes with two Spocks. And I believe the filmakers want to concentrate on the main story…so the briefest explanation to resurrect Kirk is desirable. So, Spock and his premonition…quick rescue…no further explanation…and off we go…boldly.

116. cap10kirk - August 1, 2007

off topic
there is a polls on which sci-fi tv actor should play Kirk

the Poll leader is Smallville’s Justin Hartley (age 30)

no he’s taller than Quinto we can’t have that can we?

117. Cranston - August 1, 2007

Awesome score, Anthony. You’re on a roll.

Great to hear Nimoy’s comments, even if they might (conceivably) be at least partly spin due to his involvement (although an earlier poster noted that Nimoy is actually one of the few TOS actor’s who has actually turned down Trek projects that he didn’t like in the past.)

But here’s my favorite part of his comments: “The professionalism of these people…..And the idea that these are very professional people that work together to solve problems.”


I’ve posted multiple times about the fact that I think the overly clubby and, frankly, unprofessional behavior of these characters was what killed the later TOS movies for me. In the original series, they did an excellent job of portraying a group of people who were highly competent professional and colleagues working together (as opposed to the “I love you guys” feeling the later films overdid). I’m very encouraged by the fact that Nimoy mentioned professionalism *twice.*

I’m psyched now. (But no time travel, please.)

118. Shadow6283 - August 1, 2007


Why, thank you, Doctor.:D

119. Demode - August 1, 2007

Justin Hartley is fine for Smallville, but I don’t think he would make a good Kirk at all. To boyish. Kirk has to be a bit more manly for the character to work.

120. Bobby - August 2, 2007

Love the Vibe here TODAY!!! Everyone on board…everyone feeling the love.

My thoughts…not that they matter…but i cannot contain myself. I was re-watching TWOK (probably the 100 + time), and realized what the new team loved about that movie. It really was a great example of how the “universe” was so well presented. Chekov on a different ship, Kirk and Spock doing their thing, the bad guy-Khan seeking revenge and how all these elements came together and effected all the characters…presenting new technlogy…uniting the cast on alien planets and dogfighting inside strange nebulas. ST:TMP was beautiful and amazing but many people like TWOK because it really opened up the “universe”. Plus, the characters were perfectly written and performed, much like they were during TOS era. My feeling is this is the direction the new team is going to take.

Any thoughts?
Live Long & Prosper

121. trektacular - August 2, 2007

I really wish the crew hadn’t signed off in Trek VI, made it seem way too final and there was no real reason to do that other than to grant Rick Berman final authority.

122. Moonwatcher - August 2, 2007

I am guessing, as I’m sure most of you are , that the “Nimoy Spock” will bookend the film. He’ll be on his “death bed” or in some kind of vast and ancient Vulcan hall, recanting his life’s adventures with the fabulous crew of the Enterprise. If this is the case, how could they include an old Kirk? As much as I would like to see the “Shatner Kirk”, I Hope they don’t sacrifice a great story just to satisfy the Star Trek community.

123. Decker's Stubble - August 2, 2007

An interview with Leonard Nimoy – quite a coup! Nimoy is pretty picky about his roles, and he seems really enthusiastic about this one. That gives me good vibes about this movie. Bring on December ’08!

124. StillKirok - August 2, 2007

I’m looking forward to part II of this interview.

125. KevinA - Melbourne Australia - August 2, 2007

I think I’m gonna have to spend Xmas 2008 in the USofA.

In 1996 I visited the states in time for all the hype surrounding INDEPENDANCE DAY. What a thrill it was to be there watching the Movie on July 4 with fireworks blasting out side the cinema. A time and experience I’ll never forget.

Now we have STAR TREK 2008 and I’m as bigger fanboy as you all. I had scrap books and posters and all that in the 60’s and Captain Kirk was my hero (It’s Denny Crane these day’s LOL). As much as I would like to see Kirk on screen again, if the story pans out as I suspect with SPOCK relating his memories before his ultimate death (or second death!) There is no room for an old Kirk unless he plays Captain Kirks Father or something corny like that.

Still if the writers can find the right approach it would be good. At the end of the day though, SPOCK was there in the beginning as the only character strong enough to carry over into the 2nd Pilot. I think it would be a honour to Leonard Nimoy to just give him this Movie! He deserves it.

126. Bryan - August 2, 2007

I am very excited at the movie now that Nimoy is included. It gives it credibility. However, my TOS is the original crew, and other incarnations have been entertaining nonetheless.
For all the technical wizardry and skill fanfilms may have (i.e. New Voyages or Exeter) they fall short of emotion and passion when someone else fill the shoes of the original cast. Sorry. I applaud their verve and passion.
Star Trek for me will always be an NBC network, Desilu/Paramount production filmed in 1965-1968 starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Science Officer Spock and other original cast .
The movie must have one or more of the original magnificent seven included trekking the galaxy in the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, D or E!
Thank you JJ for casting Nimoy as Spock. Let’s try to get Shatner or anyone of the original cast before they too pass. I do not care if they are old. They ARE Star Trek.

127. Stanky McFibberich - August 2, 2007

re: 109. T Negative – August 1, 2007
“BTW, On the previous Orci thread I was kind of joking about the bowling alley being in the new movie. However, if it ends up in it, well…..:D”

Bowling is no joke. Except for my own ability at it. :)

Would be fun if somehow some characters were engaged in conversation and walked past the bowling alley.

128. Jim J (TOS addict) - August 2, 2007

Great interview, Anthony! With Nimoy this thrilled, it gets me even more pumped up. Now if THE SHAT could make an appearance and the rest of the cast falls into place in as good a way as Quinto…WOW!!!!

129. Jeannie spock - August 2, 2007

Anyone who had misgivings can sleep easily. This movie is going to be GREAT!. Nimoy will be there keeping an eye on things.

LOVE YOU Leonard – The Nims is back!!!!

Actually I thought the young Nimoy was a bit better looking than Quinto and he will need to work on the deep voice a bit – but they seem to have made a good and ‘logical’ choice.

Hope they have Dr McCoy in the movie because the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship was one of the most endearing qualities of TOS.
Don’t care much about special effects – they could use an old tin can for the Enterprise flyby – as long as our beloved characters are there and intact.

Prediction: I see an Oscar nomination or a LifeTime achievement award coming up for Nimoy.

130. ORIONSKIES - August 2, 2007


131. Zed - August 2, 2007

This blog keeps getting better and better each day. Well done!

132. Jon Witchell - August 2, 2007

very much looking forward to this and seeing Nimoy play his character again. although Zachary Quinto will, undoubtedly be brilliant at the role, it is great to see Nimoy return to the part we all know him to be.

133. TomBot2007 - August 2, 2007

Man, this fence is hurting my butt…
Still, I guess this is a good sign if Nimoy’s assertions are to be believed, and no one has even dared suggest that. they aren’t :-)

134. Agent 47 - August 2, 2007

that was indeed a very good interview, and i look forward to part two.

it’s nice to see Mr Nimoy really enthusiastic about it (the script) also.

as for Shatner, i think fellow Shatner fans have to face reality that it isn’t meant to be and not going to happen, as much as Mr Orci and JJ have their hearts in the place, i accept there’s no place in Trek XI for Shatner…..

however, what i will say though is this, if JJ and Mr Orci wish to bring in Shatner in a meaningful way, talk to Leonard Nimoy, his opinions on a way to bring in Shatner are far more valid than those of fans

if anyone can think of non contrived meaningful way…’s him :) (after all, Nimoy has the advantage of seeing a script)

135. Cervantes - August 2, 2007

Nice interview Anthony, and it is interesting to confirm that Leonard is not just involved in some fleetingly short “cameo” appearance…thank goodness… It is also good to hear that the integrity of the crew’s “camaraderie” is retained in this script, along with a bit of humour along the way…rather than some over-earnest, po-faced adventure… The more I read about breaking snippets on this Movie at this site, the more I look forward to it….and although there are many unknown details to be confirmed and revealed along the way yet…some of which will no doubt disappoint some of us here… it is great to read how much Leonard has enthusiastically embraced this endevour. Oh, and Leonard…you STILL look fantastic in that above photo…

136. Cervantes - August 2, 2007

Bring on PART 2…!

137. Captain James B. Quirk - August 2, 2007

Anthony, Thank you!

This really makes me grin. I’m soo happy to hear Nimsy’s psyched about the project. I don’t think that it would warm my heart to any greater degree to hear it from someone else.

I remember when Doohan said..” They can’t do it, they can’t do it without us…”

He was right. Looking back over the years of Trekdom, I don’t think any other series, or movie EVER captured the spirit that TOS has.

I kept trying to explain this over at Trekpulse and Trekcore, but they didn’t get it. They were consumed with the TNG era and frankly that era never had the attraction for me. There was never that Esprit de Corps, never the interaction amongst the characters. Lighting was never caught again, However, I have high hope for this project.

This is truely exiting! I can see and believe that TPTB are going to pull it off, as long as they stay away from the lame-*** characters of some of the *other* series.

We all want our heros to be hard chargers, ladies men, swashbuckelers, adventurerers! Not politicians and archeologists, or weak willed individuals.

I am sooooo looking forward to this movie. I believe this is going to breath new life into a franchise that was suffering from to much pablum and PC content.

I would venture a bet. Knowing that Nimsy is a bit of a conservative, RE: Undiscovered Country and comments at the Cons,…. I would lay odds that this is going to deal with the Romulan war, or something similar and tie into the Terrorist and Extremest thread, much like Ron D. Moore did with the begining of BSG.

Watch and see.

Can’t wait for part two, thanks again Anthony!

138. Anthony Pascale - August 2, 2007

i am pleased to see some of the reluctant take another look now that they see Nimoy’s thoughts. Nimoy would not do this movie if the script sucked…and that is a fact. The man has better things to do than put on the ears for some crappy movie.

It was an honor to interview him and it is my honor to provide this site. I launched it shortly after comic con last year to give Trek fans more insights into the current state of trek…I made it because it was the site I wanted to see.

Also thanks for behaving around my mom!

139. CJBQ. - August 2, 2007

How can an old school fan, not be warmed and psyched over this? Nimoy did more for Trek than any other individual, or than the two Gene’s.

I’m sorry but, to me TMP was a big let down, TWOK was the shiz-nit and everything up Generations was Great! Yes, I include V in that bunch. I know V gets bashed a lot and there were some inconsistancies, but the *Spirit* of Trek was still there.

I know some fans are going to bash me, but the nearest thing to old scool Trek was Voy, yes, it had it’s drawbacks and mishandlings, but it had more *Spirit* than some of the other incarnations.

Considering who’s involved with this and the entire body of work… I am truely psyched. Can’t wait to see Part II!

Thanks more.

140. THEETrekMaster - August 2, 2007

Nimoy being aboard was a “litmus test” for me about whether or not this film would be worth a damn. It’s going to be a good film….now we just need The Shat to make it GREAT!


141. Saxon - August 2, 2007

This will be the best Star Trek feature film since The Undiscovered Country, and Nimoy’s participation makes this work.
Am happy to see not everyone is using the all too frequently used catchphrases of “reboot” and “prequel” which are truly used way too often in the media about movies these days.
This is clearly not a reboot as it is not tossing everything out and starting from scratch, which is the meaning of the word, you know.

As for prequel, well, anything that takes place before something else in the same timeline could be a prequel, but so what?

One could say the original series is a prequel to TNG or TNG is to VOY. I sure don’t, that is just an example of the illogic of the word.


142. Mike - August 2, 2007

I can understand some of the enthusiasm, but let’s not go overboard. ComicCon is a promotional vehicle and all guest are going to spin and peddle their products. Come on, how can Nimoy call Abrams a great director?! Robert Altman and Ingmar Bergman, both of whom we lost this year, are great directors; Hitchcock, David Lean, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese are great directors, but Abrams? Please. Also, Nimoy seems to imply that TOS was the only series devoted to camaraderie and heart. DS9 excelled at character, heart and camaraderie. This isn’t true either. More spinning. I know he states he can’t speak for other TREK productions, but he surely knows they have these elements. With these kinds of statements, a bit of caution concerning the possible quality of the film and the script are definitely due.

I’m a little disappointed also with the direction of the film. I realize it’s too early to comment on these things, but I must, especially in the face of all this hero worship.

First. So far, it appears too much canon is going to be followed in the making of the film. No broad, creative strokes like making Starbuck a female as in BSG or making M a female as in 007. If any franchise needs to be shaken to the core, it Star Trek. A broad stroke like making Uhura, who is a communications officer, a tele-path or an em-path, for example. This is the kind of bold move that will make this movie interesting and exciting and contemporary! I doubt the makers of the film or the fans are willing to make these kind of changes and also why I am so skeptical about this enterprise so far.

Second. Abrams as director. I still believe a stylistic, cinematic director is needed for this production. The TREK movies have always come across as too TV oriented in style, and after looking at Abrams’ television-like direction and cinematic style in MI3, there are definite shortcoming ahead. More is going to be needed than just story shifting back and forth–a trick Abrams uses that is getting a little worn.

Third. The producers are actually thinking about including Shatner in this film!!! This is a bad move on so many levels I don’t even want to take the time to describe them! They’ve been written on too many boards recently. A dreadful move if followed.

Fourth. I truly had hoped that Nimoy’s presence would be slight, not necessarily a cameo–god forbid, but maybe voice overs and a few scenes only. Now, it appears he occupies, if we can believe him, a good portion of the film. I thought this new film was about a new TREK? Though it’s obviously moving backwards to the TOS time frame, I had hoped it would move forward in terms of ridding itself from any connection with past TREK movies. The inclusion of Nimoy, in such a serious way, is going to provide too much of a link to past TREK movies and this might effect BO in a negative way. I don’t see this as a wise move. Potential ticket buys should in no way believe this is your fathers’ Star TREK! And what’s with TREK and this “passing the baton” nonsense most new production seems to have? I see TREK still hasn’t grown-up enough to rid itself of these kinds of Berman-like commercial stunts.

143. SciFi Surplus » Blog Archive » Spock’s Role - August 2, 2007

[…] that his upcoming role in the next Star Trek film is more than just a cameo.     Read More    Post aComment […]

144. Cranston - August 2, 2007

#137 Capt. Quirk:

“Not politicians and archeologists, or weak willed individuals.”


And what, exactly, is so wrong with archaeologists?

145. DGill - August 2, 2007

Now this is just speculation on my part, but I am strongly convinced that Nimoy will more or less narrate key scenes of the movie, which would explain his deep function in it as a contribution to canon without confusing the fanbase or newcomers. However, JJ Abrams said at ComicCon that he would don the ears one last time…but to what degree? It’s still hard to tell at this point, but that’s my guess. It’s just nice to know he’s coming back.

146. DGill - August 2, 2007

Just a side note: a major way that JJ could bring back Nimoy AND Shatner while making this installment the most talked about film in the series would be to have the older versions of Kirk and Spock recount their early days, then at the end turn to each other and say, “Look how far we’ve come”…and share a tender kiss beneath the stars. This would definitely cause riots, but it would be a historic reboot of the franchise.

P.S. – For the record, I hope that doesn’t happen either :D

147. Buckaroohawk - August 2, 2007

Mike (#142)

I can appreciate your comments, especially given the celebratory atmosphere of Comic-Con, but Nimoy has always been known for his candor. He isn’t one to engage in “spin,” and since he retired a few years ago, there’s no need for him to start now. I believe he decided to be a part of this new production because it means something to him. Not because it’s Star Trek, but because he feels he read a good script and found it worthwhile to add his contribution to it. Plain and simple, if he felt it wasn’t worth doing, he wouldn’t have done it.

Next, many Trek fans know that the TNG-era series all contributed their own quality to the Trek mythos, but Nimoy may not. He’s never said that he followed any of the later series, even TNG in which he co-starred for an episode. We know the camaraderie the other characters shared, but he may well be ignorant of it, simply because he didn’t watch the shows or follow the press about them. Sure, he’s talked to fans and cast members of those shows, but if he didn’t watch them, he’d have no first-hand knowledge. He stated as much in his quote, which is why he said he couldn’t speak for them.

Further, I think a wholesale “reboot” of Trek from the ground up (as in your Battlestar Galactica example) would never work. The original Galactica was (and I apologize to any fans of the show here) a poor-man’s knock-off of Star Wars that never capitalized on it’s own premise. It lasted a single season after being savaged by critics and abandoned by SF fans. The recent reboot on Sci-Fi works because it stuck to the premise established in the original and jettisoned all of the trite television idioms that saddled the original. Star Trek is vastly different. It has a strong foundation and a proven track record. Even people who don’t consider themselves fans know what Star Trek is, and they know what it is not. If you give them something that isn’t Star Trek, they’ll ignore it as surely as the die hard fans will, and that won’t serve anyone well. As a concept, Trek can be polished and refined, but it’s rich characters and history are well worth keeping intact as much as possible.

Like I said, I understand your trepidations. It’s true that we can become a bit overenthusiastic about this project here. I’ve been guilty of that myself. At the same time, however, I’m taking the people involved with this film at their word, and nothing that has been said gives me reason to be worried. We’ll find out in a year and five months if they were lying to us or simply engaging in “spin.” Then it will be our turn to make our final decision, the only one that really matters to Paramount. We’ll decide with our wallets, pocket books, and purses…and then the truth will be known.

148. DGill - August 2, 2007

Nicely put, Buckaroohawk.

149. Nuallain - August 3, 2007

With ZQ aboard, am I the only one thinking his Heroes stablemate Adrian Pasdar (32) would make a brilliant Kirk? He has the perfect physicality (he’s the only one I can see pulling off that sitting-in-the-centre-chair-with-one-leg-over-the-other thing), he’s got a great sense of comic timing, handsome enough to make the alien babes falling all over him believable and fit enough to deck someone with a karate chop to the back of the neck.

Pasdar for Kirk I tells ya!

150. KevinA - Melbourne Australia - August 3, 2007

149 – Nuallain
Adrian’s to old at 42 this year. JJ’s made it clear he’s going around 30 with Spock

151. Cervantes ( looking forward to the new INDY Movie also... ) - August 6, 2007

#137 Captain James B. Quirk

Archeologists are great…

Check this out… :)

152. Cervantes - August 6, 2007

Apologies… I mistyped…try this… :)

153. Entrevista con Zachary Quinto, Sylar de ‘Héroes’, sobre su Spock en ‘Star Trek XI’ « FRIKADA - August 14, 2007

[…] Qunito añadió que estaba contento de contar con la bendición de Nimoy. Ya que el antiguo Spock dijo en una entrevista que se puede leer completa siguiendo este enlace que el actor de ‘Héroes’ se le parece lo suficiente y que es el intérprete perfecto. […]

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