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Zoë Saldana May Be The New Uhura August 29, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

TrekMovie.com has another Star Trek casting scoop (remember we were first with Quinto as Spock). Sources close to the production tell TrekMovie.com that 29-year-old actress Zoë Saldana has been offered the part of Uhura – the USS Enterprise’s communications officer originally played by Nichelle Nichols. Apparently the deal is not yet final and one outstanding issue may be related to her schedule starring in the James Cameron sci-fi mega movie Avatar which is still in production. Sources indicate that Avatar will be doing location shooting starting in October and Star Trek is slated to start shooting in November. Dealing with a busy actor’s schedules is not new to the Star Trek producers – the same had to be done for  Quinto. Insiders tell TrekMovie.com that casting for other Star Trek characters is still ongoing.

UPDATE: Confirmed Zoe Saldana Is The New Uhura 

Active film career + Abrams and Trek connection
Beyond Avatar Saldana has seventeen feature film credits but is probably best known starring along with Orlando Bloom in the 2004 drama Haven or for her starring role in the 2005 comedy Guess Who with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac. The actress also had a small role in the 2003 hit Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, but the lead in Avatar and being cast as the new Uhura puts her into the genre film top tier. Saldana has a connection to Star Trek producer/director J.J. Abrams as she was in two episodes in the recent ABC series Six Degrees produced by Abrams and fellow Star Trek producer Bryan Burk. But the new Star Trek is not actually her first brush with Trek. Saldana played a Trekkie customs officer in the 2004 film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks (see clip below).

More info on Saldana.

Excerpt from Wikipedia entry:

Zoë Saldaña was born in New Jersey to immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Her first languages are Spanish and English. She was raised in Queens, New York, but when she was nine, her father died in a car accident, and her mother moved her and her sisters back to the Dominican Republic. While there, she enlisted in a ballet class and gained experience as a dancer, enlisting in one of the most prestigious dancing schools of that country, which benefited her during her later role in Center Stage. Saldaña returned to the USA after her sophomore year in high school, and enrolled in the Faces Theater Program, an acting course. She also worked in Burger King as a cashier in the mid 90s. She is currently dating actor Keith Britton. 

More Video:

Trailer for Haven introduced by Saldana

AOL Moviephone Q&A for Guess Who with Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher and Saldana (launches new window)



Official Site


TrekMovie.com  "Star Trek" cast page


VOTE: Thumbs up for Zoe?
The new TrekMovie.com poll asks for your thoughts about the Zoe Saldana being the new Uhura (see right column)

Zoë Saldana as TOS Uhura (as envisioned by TrekMovie.com resident artist Steve Moss)



1. Q - August 29, 2007

Ha, First!

Good looking, close to JJ, and it’s TrekMovie’s source. I call that a winning combination.

JJ sign her up!

2. Viking - August 29, 2007

Allow me to be the first to say…..Yeow! I’d hit it.

3. Nathan - August 29, 2007


Well, she certainly looks like Uhura. Apart from that, I have absolutely no opinion. Oh, and is the Zoe-as-Uhura picture another photoshop or a real one?

Keep up the good work!

4. Craig - August 29, 2007

How about Jennifer Garner as Nurse Chapel?

5. paustin - August 29, 2007

in keeping with tradtion Chapel will have to be played by someone sleeping with J.J….hmmm technically Uhura will have to as well

6. Devon - August 29, 2007

Damn damn damn! Hot!

7. Vejur - August 29, 2007

great when cast sheet came out my first pick was acually Zoe Saldana .

8. chancellorjake - August 29, 2007

I hope she gets the part. She’s a great actress and she’s quite hot. Uhura has to be hot, just look at Nichelle.

9. Scott Gammans - August 29, 2007

WOW. What a great choice, if she accepts the part. And congrats on another scoop, Anthony!

10. Paul - August 29, 2007

Zoë is very charming young woman indeed. But still, Tamara Taylor of Bones fame is *true* Uhura in my heart. Have a look – http://www.imdb.com/gallery/granitz/6297/Events/6297/ActressTa_Leste_14561148_400.jpg.html – she simply IS Uhura! :-)

11. DJT - August 29, 2007

She has my vote. In addition to being abso*f***ing* lutely beautiful, she is also a really good actress. She was the best part of that movie Guess Who. All I got to say is that whoever is making these casting decisions is spot on so far.

Bonita Applebaum, you gotta put me on.

12. sean - August 29, 2007


Safe rule-of-thumb with pics is they are ALWAYS photoshopped until official production stills are out. Plus the caption says ‘envisioned by’. Not to mention production won’t begin until November.

13. Agent69 - August 29, 2007

UBER hottttttttttttttttt

14. Kirk's Girdle - August 29, 2007

I wonder what happened to her “Pirates” character?

She seems to fit the bill.

Kirk anticipation is building……………

15. Driver - August 29, 2007

She’s got MY hailing frequencies open.

16. Duane Boda - August 29, 2007

Well…..I guess you can’t have centerfold material but I think that they should reconsider as she looks average at best. Start up with a much better looking actress who can age gracefully over time….this lady may be able to act just fine but if decide to carry on with more films then she has nothing but a uphill battle awaiting her…..Wise up Paramount!

17. JERRY - August 29, 2007

Waitiminnit! Didn’t she play a character who was a Trekker in THE TERMINAL? Cool!

18. Dennis Bailey - August 29, 2007

Very hot…and presumably Uhura will be more of a character than “eye candy” this time around so her age shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

19. Kev-1 - August 29, 2007

She certainly has the look. Let’s hope she has a good part as well.

20. AjaxLou - August 29, 2007

She’ll do nicely.

21. steve623 - August 29, 2007

Well I hope they don’t make her wear that awful Bill Theiss classic costume! They should dress her in something with lots of zippers and pockets that will appeal to young people who have never watched Star Trek! Out with the old! Everything must be completely new except the character names and possibly the pointed ears!

22. Dennis Bailey - August 29, 2007

Don’t worry, they won’t be dressing them up in TOS costumes. ;)

23. Demode - August 29, 2007

They better be in TOS costumes!!! Classic style is still the best. Change the material or whatever, but keep the look the same!


24. Dennis Bailey - August 29, 2007

No way.

They’ll probably integrate the “classic” colors into whatever uniform designs they come up with.

25. Plum - August 29, 2007

No TOS costumes… no velour! Banned!

Now, this is a lovely young lady… but can she sing?

26. girl6 - August 29, 2007

She’s too skinny. Baby needs a little more back. And front.

I’m with #10. Tamara Taylor is a better chioce. They’re both beautiful but Ms. Taylor shapely like Nichelle.

27. girl6 - August 29, 2007

I mean, Ms. Taylor *is* shapely…

28. THEETrekMaster - August 29, 2007

This gal looks good to me! Put her in a red miniskirt and stick a plug in her ear and she’s there!

29. Jesustrek - August 29, 2007


30. reptileboy - August 29, 2007

She seems like a very solid choice. I would be pleased if they producers go with an actress rather than some singer trying to launch yet another aspect of their career.

I’m surprised that there isn’t more buzz about the possible role of Uhura from Hollywood since the role is so historical and iconic for African-Americans. Why there isn’t a gaggle of actresses fighting it out over the Uhura role I cannot understand.

31. Pat - August 29, 2007

Zoe Saldana was in the movie DRUMLINE (2002) which opened the same day as Nemesis, and kicked it’s ass.

Strange but true.

32. Dr. Image - August 29, 2007

Well they could do an awful lot worse!!!
WHAT are you guys bitching about?

And (modified) Pike-era costumes, please.

33. trektacular - August 29, 2007

Will this be more ensemble acting like Next Gen or will the new Kirk and Spock hog up the screen like in TOS?

34. Harry Ballz - August 29, 2007

I’m fascinated with the surnames of actors cast so far…….Quinto…….Saldana…….sheesh, sounds like the model names you’d give cars built in Albania!
Me? Yeah, I drive a ’98 Quinto!

35. Harry Ballz - August 29, 2007

Ms. Saldana can do a fan dance for me anytime, but first, lose the fan…..

36. Adam Cohen - August 29, 2007

I approve. A lot, in fact. :)

37. sean - August 29, 2007


I know looks are subjective, but are you out of your mind? I don’t think Paramount needs to worry about her aging poorly. Casting on acting ability instead of hotness is a plus for this production, not a minus.

Based on the comments, I think you’re in the minority in thinking she’s ‘average at best’.

38. Rich - August 29, 2007

Okay…Yelchin, Saldana and Quinto…30 Quatloos for whoever photoshops their faces in an old cast photo with question marks over the ones that have not been cast yet…

39. jonboc - August 29, 2007

22. ” Don’t worry, they won’t be dressing them up in TOS costumes”

They won’t, eh? For someone who likes to use fact to pick apart the slightest assumptions some have of this movie, you sure painted a pretty broad stroke of generalization with this one!

40. Goodstuff - August 29, 2007

Good. I like her a lot.
Now, here’s an idea: What about Ray Liotta as captain Pike. He certainly has the age for the part as a soon to be retired Starfleet Cap. and also looks a lot more like Jeffrey Hunter than most of the runner-ups.

41. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 29, 2007

A very good choice, I think. I would think she’d be a little bit older than what they’re looking for, though. Loved her in Pirates and she was good in Terminal. She hasn’t done much else that is watchable, though, which is sad considering her talent and the potential for her to become a big star.

Something tells me they’re going to get all of the other crew members out of the way before announcing who’s playing Kirk. Betcha he’s already cast and they’re holding out on us.

For those interested, a preliminary page for Ms. Saldana is up at Memory Alpha (http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/User:Shran/Zo%C3%AB_Salda%C3%B1a). If she’s cast, it’ll be moved to the main namespace; if she’s not, it’ll be deleted immediately. So, in case the latter happens, enjoy it while you can. :-P

42. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 29, 2007

#40 Goodstuff

Mr. Liotta has been suggested for Pike pretty much since this project was first announced. I, too, think he would be a good pick.

#41 Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck)

You goof, you were supposed to make a direct link! GOSH!

43. Brent Enloe - August 29, 2007

definitely looks promising…

44. JustBob - August 29, 2007

Two thumbs here! :D

45. JustBob - August 29, 2007

er.. thumbs up.

46. THX-1138 - August 29, 2007

Yesss…comely…..quite comely. She would be a good choice for Uhura.

#30 What would be so wrong with an Uhura that could sing? Wasn’t that Nichelle Nichols primary talent before acting? I think ALL actors (and people for that matter) should practice music.

As to the uniforms, plant me firmly in the camp that wants the classic TOS unis. The Pike era unis were even rejected by Roddenberry as not working. My opinion is that they are too “clunky”. A revamped version doesn’t interest me as I worry that it would be too far removed with my own preference. But you can take that for what it’s worth.

47. Dom - August 29, 2007

She’s a very attractive girl. Count me out where classic uniforms are concerned, though. I don’t want to see replicas of 60s uniforms: I want to see something new! Even when I see these Photoshopped images of potential actors in classic uniforms, I kinda think ‘Oh Gawd! Not again!’

And I also hope we get to see Uhura be a bit more than eye candy and have dramatic importance (although nude scenes will also be acceptable! ;))

48. Paul - August 29, 2007

I myself am torn i wanna see revamped but….awww screw it…. bring on the miniskirts!!!

49. Big E - August 29, 2007

Glad to see that they took someone who is closer to 30 then 20. I’m not so sure about her voice thought, It doesn’t sound as rich as it should be.

50. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2007

add a video clip of Saldana playing a Trekkie in the Terminal…see below paragraph 2

51. kevin - August 30, 2007

if they get an actress to play nurse chapel…will she also appear as captain pike’s “number one”

i just saw “guess who” and didn’t even think about her playing uhura…will she have 1960s haircut or what? i tend to think that star trek’s 2260s has a look all it’s own just as it’s 2270s had a look all it’s own, and the 2280s looked different…just like every decade or so has its own look. (i know it does make it seem like the 1960s look was repeated about 300 years into the future.)

52. jon1701 - August 30, 2007

From what little I’ve got to go on here – (Photo and clip from the Terminal ) she looks a fine choice to me.

And, as others have remarked – she’s hot.


53. snake - August 30, 2007

42 – i want to see Jim Caviezal as Pike – for the hunter/jesus connection…

plus i think hed just make a great Pike.

54. Cervantes - August 30, 2007

This Zoe Saldana seems a nice choice, and has a very appealing face. Her smile in that clip certainly brightened my day. :)

#10 Paul
Also seems a good choice.

To those that dismiss the idea of something similar to the TOS-era uniforms…are you kidding me?… I truly hope for this ‘supposed’ TOS-set Movie to reflect the iconic designs and colours worn in the series, as they were fantastically ‘cinematic’…the futuristic ‘action man’ look of high black boots, topped off by black, pocketless, shortened black trousers with widened ends, worn with immediately identifiable multi-coloured tunics…and the seriously glamourous and flattering mini-tunics, with open, angled collar-area for the ladies…I mean, come on…

I still remember the disappointment of the first shots I came across of the uniform design decisions for ‘Star Trek:The Motion Picture’, with their bland, colourless look. I don’t want ‘velour’, but I do hope for the ‘pilot’ crew uniform designs and colours to be disregarded in favour of the well-known and ‘established’ colour range. I hope we do see Zoe, or whoever will be Uhura, wearing the short tunic, the black tights, and the short black boots once again…along with the iconic hairstyle also seen in the photo above.

Fashions go round and round in cycles, and the ones portrayed in a ‘TOS-era’ Movie, can easily reflect the original series, only with slight modifications and different materials…and still look dynamic and futuristic… There is a lot of things already right with the overall look of the ST:TOS series in my view…

55. Sci-Fi Bri - August 30, 2007

she didn’t do the vulcan salute right.

56. Obsessed With Film » A second name has turned up online for Uhura! - August 30, 2007

[…] Previously we heard that Grindhouse hottie Sydney Tamiaa Poitier had auditioned for the role of the ship’s sexy female communicator but had not won the part. Now comes word from Trek Movie of an actress who a source close to the production is tipping to be the front runner for the part. […]

57. Kirky - August 30, 2007

She’s a cutie!! :D

58. Dom - August 30, 2007

Cervantes, ‘reflect’ is the operative word. I assume we’ll get something new, with it’s origins in the old. But I no more expect (or want) accurate remakes of 60s uniforms or 60s hairstyles!

59. mike - August 30, 2007

I hope they don’t use the old uniforms….those could use some updating….

60. Dom - August 30, 2007

Check out AICN for their bunch of crazy rumours!

61. SNAKE - August 30, 2007


wow that is some crazy shit

Trek to the Future…Alternate timelines..Nimoy Spock as the star of the movie – guarding the timeline…

62. trektacular - August 30, 2007

I almost feel Abrams will pull out of this project altogether seeing how hard it will be to maintain continuity while still telling an original story, seems impossible to me.

63. SNAKE - August 30, 2007

62 – um…the script will be like DONE now…

64. trektacular - August 30, 2007

I don’t understand this story of Spock guarding the time line, if hes guarding it why would there then be two different time lines?

65. SNAKE - August 30, 2007

i dunno but it does appear that this Moriarty guy has managed to get some insider info regarding the plot/direction Abrams is going in….

It may be crazy..but it also maybe true…

If so it wouldnt be a prequel after all – but a sequel/prequel/reboot.

66. SNAKE - August 30, 2007

if it is true it’d mark the 3rd (or 4th if u count VII) timetravel film – and build on what First Contact touched on – an alternate timeline

67. Cervantes - August 30, 2007

#60 Dom

Wow…if some of those revelations in the AICN article do prove to be true,,I reckon we’re sure to be seeing some ‘changes’ alright…but how much ‘TOS’ series ‘imagery’ will be left is anybody’s guess…

…’rebooted continuity’?…’alternate universe’?…convoluted ‘time-travel’?…again…

Quick nurse, pass me the smelling salts, I may just pass out…

68. Fidgit - August 30, 2007

61 – A reboot that isn’t a reboot? Yet *another* time travel plot? If this rumor proves to be true, my enthusiasm for this project has gone down a bit.

Let’s just reboot the franchise and be done with it. Time travel plots are not just weak dramatically, they have become hackneyed and clichéd. Not to mention they are fraught with inherent contradictions. If a timeline has changed, characters would have no way of knowing it.

One is reminded of Guinan’s wandering around the Enterprise D in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” looking befuddled and muttering about how things are “not the way they’re supposed to be.” Why? Because the plot demanded it of her.

That better not be what they have Spock doing in the new movie, at least not without a better excuse than a “temporal wake” a la First Contact. I might accept the Guardian of Forever but even that seems a bit weak.

Dubiosity factor is off the scale, Captain.

69. Fidgit - August 30, 2007

Oh, to get back to the real topic of this thread, Zoe Saldana would be a fine choice for Uhura. She was very charming in The Terminal.

70. Admiral Kent - August 30, 2007

As far as the uniforms, I always liked Kirk’s wrap around tunic, but perhaps more substantial-looking. Like the tunic Charlie-X wore; similiar in style to Kirk’s but more jacket like. Just have the officers wear those, color coded, with a black T-Shirt underneath with black pants and boots.

It would be reminiscant of the later movie uniform jackets but not so damn hot looking.

71. Cervantes - August 30, 2007

‘Alternate timeline’…


72. Dom - August 30, 2007

I take a lot that’s written on AICN with a pinch of salt, although Moriarty tends to be pretty reliable. Of course, Spock travelling into the past and interacting with his younger self has been known to happen before (when he posed as Selek in Yesteryear, one episode of TAS that even a lot of hardcore cartoon haters grudgingly accept as canon!)

It depends on how convoluted they want to make this film. Everything in Moriarty’s list sounds a bit fanwanky to me. Logically, if dissident Romulans in the aftermath of ST: Nemesis travelled back in time, they’d be out to kill the younger Spock, rather than Kirk, since he’s a major player in the Romulan underground. Which means we’re gonna end up with something closer to Star Trek: Terminator!

If Abrams is going to make a movie that’s a fresh start to Star Trek, I think what Moriarty has reported is probably a little too extreme!

73. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 30, 2007

I wouldn’t take that AICN report *too* seriously, folks. They’re just rumors, and it reads to me like he’s just throwing stuff out and seeing who takes the bait. Besides, the whole “traveling back in time to kill Kirk” has been done before. Anybody remember a little episode of DS9 called “Trials and Tribble-ations?”

Anyway, back to Zoe Saldana. I hope she’ll be able to do the film. According to IMDb, the film’s been shooting since April, so it should be wrapping up relatively soon. The location shooting this October may be the last thing she needs to do on the film. That should give her plenty of time to throw on a red mini-skirt, stick a receiver in her ear, and practice her delivery of the line “hailing frequencies open.” :-P (I kid, of course… but there doesn’t seem to be any reason why she shouldn’t be able to play Uhura.)

74. JeFF - August 30, 2007

I think she looks sexy and smart… the perfect Uhura!

75. Dennis Bailey - August 30, 2007

#39: “22. ” Don’t worry, they won’t be dressing them up in TOS costumes”

They won’t, eh?”

No, they won’t.

And if it turned out that they did, you’d have your opportunity to chuckle then – but not today. :)

76. Ivory - August 30, 2007

Alternate timeline leaves the door WIDE OPEN for Shatner to appear as Kirk + give the series a new start.

Plus, Leonard Nimoy is the star of the new film. This sounds good.

77. jonboc - August 30, 2007

#75- What do you mean, “and if it turned out they did…”?

Either they “wont” or they might.
Now which is it?

78. TB - August 30, 2007

Zoe is not a bad choice. Tamara Taylor has got to be familiar to Abrams because she’s been on “Lost, ” but since she’s half white & 37-years-old, I think she’s all wrong for the part of Uhura who is African & not African-American. I was thinking maybe Megalyn Echikunwoke (“The 4400″ & “Peter Benchly’s Creature”) or either Allison Dean or Ida Onyango from “Tears of the Sun.” I hope they don’t do the Uhura hairstyle. In fact, I wish they would stop photoshoping the actors picture because I believe they detract from how the actors will really appear in makeup.

79. Fidgit - August 30, 2007

#77 – jonboc, with all due respect, the only way they could dress the cast up in TOS costumes would be if they were doing a Brady-bunch-style “parody” (I use the term loosely).

Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up watching and loving TOS, too, just like most everyone else here. But today’s audiences would never accept it. We need to get over this, people.

80. SNAKE - August 30, 2007

i wonder if those Terminal trekkie scenes pretty much got her the part?

Hanks is a big trekkie too

81. Jay - August 30, 2007

#79 I completely agree. I’ve been saying this since the begining. Making a TOS era movie doesn’t mean you need to look anything like the TOS show…. just that you follow the history and stay within what has been established character wise…. the ship will probably look little different on the outside to give it a more realistic look, instead of looking like a model or CGI cartoon…. the inside I’m sure will be very different, i seriously doubt you will see any buttons or switches like in the TOS shows, or bright colors on the walls and doors and boxy props.

Just like the first few Star Trek movies (ship and costumes) looked alot different than the TOS shows eventhough they were set in the same era.

We’re living in a world were most of the stuff on TOS has come to be reality, so if this movie is set 200 years in the future, it needs to look likt it and not like the 60’s.

82. ZoomZoom - August 30, 2007

Pretty. She has a lovely smile. Thumbs up from me! :D

83. Jay - August 30, 2007

oh yeah… I’ve thought Zoe was hot for a long time…. was jealous of Ashton

84. Heywood Jablome - August 30, 2007

We still need a Mugatu.

85. SNAKE - August 30, 2007

no Rand?

i vote for Pamela Anderson.

86. Thomas Jensen - August 30, 2007

I’m all for the original costumes. So fashion repeats it’self in the 23rd century? Sure, add some costumwhich indicate some of the jobs people do on the ship or wherever, but keep the classic look. Keep the classic ship.

The only drawback to the uniforms is that the actor must be in good shape to look good in them. Which these young people won’t have any trouble with. It’s the overweight who don’t ever look good in these.

Some change is good, too much is reboot.

87. Woulfe - August 30, 2007

Just so folks know ILM uses CGI nowadays so no matter how well it will look someone, somewhere will say “Oh god it looks like a CGI cartoon” just look at all the stuff CBS-D gets over TOS-R, even if CBS-D had a trillion dollar budget and the CGI looked photo-realistic folks would still find something to complane about no matter what.

We’re so hard to please aren’t we ?

– W –
* Not me I’ve liked what CBS-D has done so far, and will like what ILM will do as well, after all they’er the best in the Biz *

88. Fidgit - August 30, 2007

#86 – It is not a matter of what we are for. I am sure most everyone here would like to see a return to what we know and love. Seeing the old bridge in “In a Mirror, Darkly” and in the latest New Voyages episode was fun and filled my geek heart with nostalgia but I don’t think we are the target audience for the new film, or at least not the only one.

Velour and bright 60’s color = camp. No one except hard-core TOS fans would take it seriously and JJ Abrams would get run out of Hollywood. Period.

89. sean - August 30, 2007

The problem with that AICN report is he’s basically offering his interpretation on what Abrams might do. He doesn’t even offer a source of any kind, or hint that there is one. It sounds like he’s just coming up with a concept off the top of his head. He says ‘I think’ about a dozen times in there, which is a nice way of saying ‘I guess’. In other words, pinches of salt all around.

If he is correct, and that’s the current framework…ugh. I’m bored already. Enough with the damn time travel. There are so many other concepts to explore in science fiction and Star Trek.

90. DavidJ - August 30, 2007


Actually he said he said he got it from a friend in the busniess, persumably at Paramount.

Personally I think the idea could work, although like others here I’m a bit tired of time travel in Trek. The movies and series got way too contrived and gimmicky over the years with all that “high concept” crap, and I was hoping they’d just get back to doing gritty, barebones adventure stories again.

91. Tony Clifton - August 30, 2007

I can’t belive it. They cast someone black to play Uhura. Wow.

92. Buckaroohawk - August 30, 2007

Ms. Saldana, should she get the part, will make a lovely Uhura. In my opinion she’s another great casting choice.

RE: The AICN tidbit. Moriarty tends to have reliable info, but please remember there are a lot of “insiders” who love to toss out misinformation simply to see the furor that erupts. Until actual production starts, or until Mr. Orci decides to enlighten us himself here, take anything you read about the film’s plot with a healthy grain of salt.

RE: The uniform debate. Jonboc, Dennis has maintained from the outset that the new movie will likely update every facet of TOS designs we’re familiar with. That includes uniforms. The new duds will likely remind us of the originals, but they won’t be carbon copies. Change is inevitable with this project. Some may be subtle, others more profound, but they’re going to happen and it’s best we be prepared for it. Dennis isn’t trying to pick a fight with anyone, so don’t get so riled up about it.

93. Star Trackie - August 30, 2007

#88- “Velour and bright 60’s color = camp. No one except hard-core TOS fans would take it seriously”

Hardly. All we can be certain of is, YOU would not take it seriously.

Me, I like me some mini skirts and bright color. Bring it!

94. DavidJ - August 30, 2007

I think the same basic color scheme could still work (and I hope they use it), they’d just need to make it look a lot more sophisticated than the simple pullover shirts they used on TOS.

95. Etha Williams - August 30, 2007

You know, boys, a good captain needs abilities like boldness, daring and a good velour uniform…

96. Alex - August 30, 2007

#91: It is rather astonishing, isn’t it?

I still like the idea of dividing the new film into shorter episodic segments. Maybe they could open with Kirk leaving for the Academy, where he meets Spock — perhaps as a professor — and has some sort of small adventure. This carries over eventually to the Enterprise itself. Where does Nimoy fit in? I don’t know. I’m not writing the movie. Simply offering my thoughts.

As for Seldana, I approve. And please, updated uniforms!

97. Fidgit - August 30, 2007

#93 – Not true. As I think I made clear in my post, there is a warm place in my heart for old Trek. I am a fan. I love the old look. That is not what matters. The executives at Paramount would never let it happen.

98. Greg2600 - August 30, 2007

I would be very surprised if JJ used the same kinds of uniforms and sets. The same colors and general design esthetics, yes. But to do the same exact thing is not creative, and not much fun for the propmasters and designers. Heck, the Enterprise-A bridge changed 3 times in 3 movies.

As for AICN, I don’t consider them a great source, and this guy’s article seemed to be largely his own inclinations. If true, it would align with some of the earliest rumors, which was that J.J. wanted to have a Trek universe of his own, so he wouldn’t have to be limited. However, Orci has been pretty firm that continuity wouldn’t be wrecked. I do like the idea of Spock going back in time to preserve the time line. But I don’t agree with him being the star, especially without Shatner. That would be absurd. In any case, any kind of time travel would present an easy way of reviving Shatner as Kirk.

99. Agent69 - August 30, 2007

Why would it be absurd for Spock to star in the movie without Shatner????????

100. Dennis Bailey - August 30, 2007

#77: “#75- What do you mean, “and if it turned out they did…”?

Either they “wont” or they might.”

I was speaking hypothetically to be fair. They won’t.

101. Ivory - August 30, 2007

Greg 260:

A time travel film w/ differet timelines is exactly the type of film where it would be fairly easy to bring Shatner on board.

This could be good news for the BBK people.

102. Jon - August 30, 2007

What’s all the commotion about Kirk not being in this film anyway? Spock wasn’t in the last film that Kirk was in so it kinda balances out.The way I look at it.Shatner got to finish his legacy 15 years ago now it’s Nimoys turn to finish HIS character’s legacy.

103. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2007

guys please stay on topic…if you want to talk about the AICN there is an article posted on that

104. Vejur - August 30, 2007

#10 and #26
Tamara Taylor is half white and she is 37 years old and clearly ,,too old” for the Uhura part. Please folks, who are going to suggest someone try check that her age fit the role, if not heck why not then just nominate Nichelle Nichols.

#40 Now, here’s an idea: What about Ray Liotta as captain Pike.
No way. Don’t like him at all. Big No,No

42 – i want to see Jim Caviezal as Pike – for the hunter/jesus connection…
AGREED, Caviezal has been my favorite as Pike from the get go.

#78. I was thinking maybe Megalyn Echikunwoke (”The 4400″ & “Peter Benchly’s Creature”)
Actually she is also mixed as Tamara Taylor but still she is right age hmm.. Good choice..

I want smilier to Tpol cat-suits in 3 & 4 season with darker TOS elements.

105. Jon - August 30, 2007

Sorry.I got a little away from Uhura.Just a little.

106. Klayton - August 30, 2007

Works for me. She’s beautiful just like Nichelle Nichols. You can always count on the people in the worlds JJ Abrams creates to be gorgeous.

107. yeny and jose - August 30, 2007

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108. SciFi Friday: All Star Trek Edition, With Musical Number - Liberal Values - Defending Liberty and Enlightened Thought - August 31, 2007

[…] Other than for Quinto being cast as Spock, much of the casting has not yet been set. The Trek Movie Report says that Zoë Saldana has been offered the role of Uhura. Saldana appreared in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl but also played a Trekkie in The Terminal […]

109. “Trek” Timeline & Uhura Gossip « It’s about …. - August 31, 2007

[…] Aug 31st, 2007 by akumagoro An interesting and apparently solid rumor about the upcoming J.J. Abrams-produced “Star Trek” feature at Ain’t it Cool explains not only the potential plan to reboot the franchise and why there is no Captain Kirk casting rumor as yet.The theory has it that a group of Romulans are thrown back into the past and plan to kill James T. Kirk’s father, and as a result Spock must somehow stop this event from happening. In the process Trek continuity proceeds along an alternate timeline, essentially rebooting the entire franchise.  Meanwhile TrekMovie.com reports that 29-year-old actress Zoë Saldana (”Haven,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”) has been offered the part of Uhura – the USS Enterprise’s communications officer originally played by Nichelle Nichols.One outstanding issue may be related to her schedule starring in the James Cameron sci-fi mega movie “Avatar” which is still in production and doing location shooting starting in October – a month before “Star Trek” is slated to start shooting in November. […]

110. flier1701 - August 31, 2007

She looks great in “The Terminal”, but not so much in that last candid picture of her. But overall, a great choice IMO.

111. Ron - August 31, 2007

#78: By such logic, Nichelle Nichols was also completely wrong for the role, since to my understanding she is also African-American and was 33 while filming the first season of TOS. Uhura is going to be a minor role at best – as long as she looks the part and has a sufficient degree of acting ability, who cares?

112. Diabolik - August 31, 2007

It’s going to take some kinda woman to fill Uhura’s red panties.

113. Harry Ballz - August 31, 2007

The gal playing Uhura is welcome to have access to my Captain’s log anytime she wishes!!!!

114. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 2, 2007

Interesting choice….if only the rest of the casting can come that close

……but can she sing “Charlie is My Darling?”

115. Lendorien - September 3, 2007

#61 + #109

Dear God. Please not another cliche’d time travel story. Time travel is such a tired concept in science fiction and especially in Star Trek. If they do another stupid time travel story, it’ll be dead in the box office. I guarentee it.

AND as big a fan of Star Trek as I am, I’m not sure I’ll be all that keen on seeing it if that’s the general plot. It sounds stupid as heck.

116. Londo - September 4, 2007

Hooray, it’s Anamaria! She should’ve been in the “Pirates” sequels. I realise Uhura’s role will probably be quite small in this (and Chekov’s) but at least this guarantees we’ll be getting good actors for the roles in future films.

My two cents on the uniforms: they had damn well better change them. Please no velour. Please not brightly-coloured long-sleeved T-shirts with sparkly insignias. Please give them some goddamn pockets.

117. Zoë Saldana rumored to portray Lt. Uhura at BlackGeekdom - September 4, 2007

[…] TrekMovie.com has another Star Trek casting scoop (remember we were first with Quinto as Spock). Sources close to the production tell TrekMovie.com that 29-year-old actress Zoë Saldana has been offered the part of Uhura – the USS Enterprise’s communications officer originally played by Nichelle Nichols. Apparently the deal is not yet final and one outstanding issue may be related to her schedule starring in the James Cameron sci-fi mega movie Avatar which is still in production. Sources indicate that Avatar will be doing location shooting starting in October and Star Trek is slated to start shooting in November. Dealing with a busy actor’s schedules is not new to the Star Trek producers – the same had to be done for  Quinto. Insiders tell TrekMovie.com that casting for other Star Trek characters is still ongoing. […]

118. doubledumbassonyou || a colorful metaphor » Blog Archive » Open A Channel, Lt. Uhura Has Been Cast - September 18, 2007

[…] Further Star Trek casting has been announced, this time it is for chief communications officer Lt. Uhura. Actress Zoe Saldana has landed the part, but I have no idea who she is. I saw this story a couple of days ago, however being that I am not one to make outrageous claims … I waited for confirmation. A quick IMDB check shows that she has been in: The Terminal, Pirates of the Carribean, and the modern classic Drumline. Every thing’s been pretty tight on this production, and at this point I’m not sure if I should be excited or afraid. […]

119. Saldana Joins Cast of Abrams’ “Star Trek” As Uhura « Your Entertainment Now - September 18, 2007

[…] As Uhura September 18, 2007 Posted by Russ T.C. in Casting, Movies, News, Star Trek (2008). trackback Previously scooped by TrekMovie.com last August, it’s now been confirmed that Avatar actressZoe Saldana has signed on to play the role of Uhura in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. […]

120. New Uhura < Nerdpocalypse - September 22, 2007

[…] Over at TrekMovie.com, they have confirmation on the new Uhura.  Check it out! […]

121. Roy - July 10, 2008

I like her, a great actress

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