This Week In Trek – Meaney, Manga, Emmys, Family Guy, and… Republican Klingons? |
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This Week In Trek – Meaney, Manga, Emmys, Family Guy, and… Republican Klingons? September 15, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

This week we bring you the new volume of Star Trek: The Manga, a Next Gen-centric Family Guy, new developments in Trek science, Creative Arts Emmy winners, Colm Meaney’s Oscar buzz, Colbert seeing Klingons in the GOP and much more….

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1. pizza hotdog - September 15, 2007

More casting foreplay, isn’t it just fine!

What a shocker, Mr. Shatner still ins’t in the movie. Guess what Bill, neither am I!

Has anyone heard of any news surrounding “Of Gods and Men”?

467 dtST

2. Craig - September 15, 2007

Shouldn’t they be announcing the rest of the cast soon? Shooting is in about a month. Wouldn’t the actors choosen have to have their scripts by now?

3. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 15, 2007

I wonder how long it’s gonna take the crew at Starship Exeter to complete the final credits of this latest episode? You’d think they’d have it as well as the final act done at the same time. Dohhhh!

4. Etha Williams - September 15, 2007

I’ll be at the Chicago con…anyone else?

5. Aaron R. (Sisko never had HD when are we gonna get that???) - September 15, 2007

And Shatner wont be in the movie… Sorry to burst anyones bubble but its not gonna happen. Most people realized this a while back when they realized Shatner is to money hungry to afford.

Aaron R.

6. CanuckLou - September 15, 2007

I thought shooting started in November? How about pre-production? Sets, costumes, props, etc? Hoping for some tidbits soon.

7. Craig - September 15, 2007

Sorry I should have said shooting starts in November. I also wonder if they are done designing the sets, props and customes yet? Is it shooting or set construction starts in November?

8. jonboc - September 15, 2007

Exeter’s latest installment rocked. It gave me a chance to revisit the other previous acts and this latest installment was no disappoinrment.

Anthony, when they finally get that last act out, you should interview some of those guys. . I’m really digging that original score and sound mix as well as much of of the direction. The choice of angles, camera movement, placement etc. is really top notch.

It’s a real pleasure to watch, hats off to all involved.

9. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 15, 2007

Jonboc– Agreed I second the notion.

Dirty Dennis Bailey where are you??? Terrific work

10. Glenn Hendrickson - September 15, 2007

I get more excited the more I read about this movie… only 15 months and 10 days till Christmas ’08 *sigh*

11. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 15, 2007

#7 Craig — Construction of sets and such should have started in August (; I’m assuming it is all still underway. The film will enter production phase in November, which means principal photography will start at that time.

12. IrishTrekkie - September 15, 2007

yea , go Colm Meaney ! you rule !

13. ChurchHatesTucker - September 15, 2007

Exeter has done a bang-up job. They’re the best ‘holding to TOS aesthetics’ fanflic around. The briefing room scenes in Act 3 are just about perfect.

The Naughty Astronaughts seem vaguely interesting, but they’re no No Kill I.

14. Lendorien - September 15, 2007

Part 3 of exeter came out huh? Took them, what? A year?

It’s a great piece of fan work, both thematically and the rest, but their time to produce it is a but offputting.

15. Penhall - September 16, 2007

#5 Aaron R:

So how do you know Shatner is not gonna be in the movie is due to him being “money hungry” ? Where’s the proof? Do you work for Paramount? Are you in charge of negotiating fees for the actors appearing in the new movie?

If you’re gonna throw out a piece of information like that you need to be ready to back it up with facts.

16. Iowagirl - September 16, 2007


Correct. None of us should allow being provoked by mere polemics.

Always remember: He who laughs last laughs longest!

17. jonboc - September 16, 2007

#14, aw c’mon, if someone gives me a free book, what do I care how long it took the author to write it? For such a small crew, the editing and post-production on a project like this has to be a huge undertaking, especially when it is often interupted by that little thing called “life”. It might be a one man show, for all I know, editing it all together.

But I will say this, the selfish part of me wishes for a quicker turn-around, just so I could see more episodes!

18. TJ trek - September 16, 2007

As for those who are complaining about not enough tid bits as far as pre-production and casting go…I would like more about the cast, but as for the rest of it. I want to be surprised. I want to be surprised by what the movie is about and what it looks like. One could argue “hey, then don’t read this web site”. I’m just putting it out there to say, quite you’re complaining. It will come. And if it doesn’t, then what’s so wrong about being surprised.

19. TJ trek - September 16, 2007

Also, I am very interested about the science bits that get posted on this website. I was intriuged when I read about the posible invention of impulse drive. imagine traveling to mars in a week. that would be so awesome if it could actually happen. then imagine a trip to jupiter. How long would that take? A month? Coooooool !!!!!!!!!!!

20. Jim J - September 16, 2007

You know, these fan films often have delays. Exeter’s was driving me the craziest of any of them. WHY? Because, frankly, I think their work is the BEST at capturing the feel of the original series. Yes, it’s Exeter and not the Enterprise…but it feels right. I had about given up, but it was well worth the wait. Now, Exeter crew, please be nice to me and all who have stuck with you and put up the final act/credits soon, meaning, before 2007 is over or before! Thank you!!!

21. DJT - September 16, 2007

That Colbert skit was most gratifying.

22. brady - September 16, 2007

Im a lil lost as to why when STNV has a showing they get a full thread and EXETER has a release and it gets a lil blurb in the weekly? Whats up with that?.Has anyone else wondered that?

23. Craig - September 16, 2007

#22 It could be because NV has former Trek stars in it and Exeter doesn’t..

24. Jim J - September 16, 2007

#22-I agree…

#23-You are probably right.

#24 says: But, Exeter deserves the coverage based on the quality of their work!!!!

25. roberto orci - September 16, 2007

# 18


26. CmdrR. - September 16, 2007

Linda Park back on TV! Empress Hoshi lives!

Wait a minute. Republicans are Klingons? That’s not news.

27. Lendorien - September 16, 2007

#22. Well for one thing, NV puts up a whole hour episode, produced by professional industry people that has actual stars in it. Exeter put up a portion of a film that’s been languishing for almost 2 years. The last time they posted a section of this film was around February of 06. Of course, some of the other fin films out there didn’t get much coverage either.

#17. Sure, a free book is a free book. Still, the last time they came out with a section it was Early 2006. I know I sound ungrateful. It just to me seems a bit overmuch timewise.

That said, I have to agree with #20. Exeter is very well done. Both the efects and the music are very much in line with the Spirit of the original series.

28. Lendorien - September 16, 2007

Hmmm. Colm Meany’s movie, “Kings” apparently was in Irish Gaelic. I find it fascinating how Ireland has managed to keep the language alive through national efforts.

29. Oceanhopper - September 16, 2007

I agree that the current episode of Exeter is outstanding and, in my view, better than many New Voyages at recreating the feel of TOS.

I do share the frustration at the slow rate of work on finishing it though. Probably be better if they just released new episodes when they’re fnished – it’s just too tantalising this way!

30. Dennis Bailey - September 16, 2007

A year? I think it was more like eighteen months to produce Act Three of Exeter.

I certainly hope that we will not take nearly that long to produce Act Four, and I don’t expect that we will.

Thanks to everyone who’s patiently waiting. :)

31. CmdrR. - September 16, 2007

Dennis, did you just imply that Trekkies are patient?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sir, you fill me with mirth.

As I’ve said about NV, I know I don’t have that many committed friends who’d work for nothing to put on a standard-setting production. I’m holding out hope for Exeter.

32. brady - September 16, 2007

What Im trying to say is we get Star Trek funerals as a thread and Act 3 finally comes out and gets a ohhhh by the way. Its been up for 3 days and I figured we could count on that news appearing quickly. Dennis is a contributor to this site, figured they’d let him have a thread on here.

33. sean - September 16, 2007

Guys – Mila Kunis is a really cute girl that LIKES STAR TREK. DIdn’t any of you other nerdlings look up from your streaming fan films long enough to notice that tidbit?

34. Dennis Bailey - September 17, 2007

#33: “Guys – Mila Kunis is a really cute girl that LIKES STAR TREK. DIdn’t any of you other nerdlings look up from your streaming fan films long enough to notice that tidbit?”

I’m not enough of a nerdling to find cute girls that rare or difficult to meet, thanks. :lol:

35. THX-1138 - September 17, 2007

Absolutely did look up. And Dennis, we have to look out for our socially challenged trekkies and make sure they can enjoy the finer points of life, like dating and female company. Hell, I’ve been married twice. Meeting them hasn’t been the problem. Meeting nice ones has.

BTW, Dennis, loved act III. When is act IV coming out?

36. Dennis Bailey - September 17, 2007

A few months, I think. I wouldn’t expect it before the end of 2007, though I’d be happy to be wrong about that.

37. Ron - September 17, 2007

One wonders if the folks complaining about the slow turnaround on fan films have volunteered their own time and/or financial resources to speed the process along. In any event, I like most others would rather see a quality product that may take time to complete than a rushed product of compromised quality.

#33: Thanks sean, but us nerdlings really don’t need your help.

38. Harry Ballz - September 17, 2007

#35 “”I’ve been married twice”
Hell, marriage isn’t a word, it’s a sentence! Marriage is a fine institution, but so was Alcatraz! When I stood at the altar and said, “I do”, my bride-to-be said, “oh, no you don’t!” Sheesh!!

39. Pragmaticus - September 17, 2007

I just figured it out. Shatner’s in the movie.

They’re absolutely brilliant!

If this “going back and changing history” plot is true, then this comment that Leonard made to Shatner back in July may not be as innocent as we assumed:

“If I had been there, I would not have let you die.”

Spock is going to lose control of his emotions and save Kirk from his death. Shatner will pop in at the end of the movie. The whole “Shatner isn’t in the movie” thing is a song and dance routine that Shatner and Nimoy are only too happy to do, and they’re having fun with it. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.