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Conscience of the King Remastered Screenshots and Video September 23, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

SFX Video




New and Old














Additional Enterprise shots 



Tom Leighton (aka Phantom of Planet Q) 

Uhura sings for Riley

Karidian is Kodos?


Death by Windex 

Hidden Phaser on overload 

Final curtain for Kodos 


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1. Greg Stamper - September 23, 2007

Enhancements are minimal this week. The original version like this one rely on the actors to deliver and they do. Arnold Moss & Shatner in a great confrontation scene . . .

Shakespeare performed Live is still regarded as the crux of culture and the Klingons love it!

2. Granger - September 23, 2007

Nice shots of the Big E, but evidently there was too much rotoscoping involved to address the re-used city background from The Cage. I had hoped they would show the phaser exploding outside of the ship, but that didn’t happen either. And the phaser blast for Kodos looked untouched to me. So not much new to see, in my opinion.

3. Interositor - September 23, 2007

First? I’m going to say that i prefer the brighter coloured planet of the original, and i’ve generally been pretty pleased with the more realistic looking M class planet look. Maybe the greys and greens are getting a bit dull.

Thanks for posting everything.

4. T Negative - September 23, 2007

Why did they use the original theme music in the opening credits?? It wasn’t the new remastered version. Did anyone else notice this? Strange.

5. Penhall - September 23, 2007

With so little work to do with the episode, why not at least touch up the phaser shot? I think CBS digital messed up in that if they touch up one phaser shot from an episode, they should touch up ALL of them. But I guess there’s just no time for that.

6. Greg Stamper - September 23, 2007

#4 T Negative – “Why did they use the original theme music in the opening credits?”

You are right, I noticed it last night. Forgot to mention it. Must have been a mistake based on the fact they did replace the opening in earlier episodes.

7. The One That Wonders - September 23, 2007

I could be wrong, but I thought there were a few more new effects than this, specifically a shot of Enterprise in orbit of the Benecia colony and leaving the colony at the end of the episode and one or two more shots of the Big E in orbit of Planet Q.

8. Nelson - September 23, 2007

I think the new orbit shots are terrifically choreographed. The only downside I saw is that second shot shown above. On my HDTV display, it really looked gamey, or I should say dirty. Too much muddiness to the texture mapping, especially towards the ends of the engines around the detailing, like too much airbrushing. But then maybe it will be better on the HD DVD’s.

The stars outside the observation room windows were a really nice touch.

9. Nelson - September 23, 2007

Oh yeah, if you want to get technical, Kirk orders the helmsmen to warp one at the end of the episode. The last shot shows the Enterprise leaving orbit, with impulse engines fired up.

10. Dennis Bailey - September 23, 2007

The music in this episode seems particularly “old fashioned” tv scoring, very much of its time. I like it a lot.

11. Holo J - September 23, 2007

5. Penhall

I agree… why not fix that phaser shot?

Sounds like they rushed this one to me, I was looking forward to a new matt painting outside the window and to find out they didn’t bother just goes to show how rushed they have been here. I mean when they don’t even bother to fix one on the things they set out to fix eg Space shots & matt paints, then you know they are really short for time. I am guessing this is one of the many season one rushed episodes we will see because of the need to get them finished for the season one HD DVD release.

I really hope this isn’t the end of the remastering, I am hoping for a special edition version in the years to come, with a far more complete update. I was really hoping they would have done all they could have for this one being that there wasn’t much to do, but from the comments on here about what they have and haven’t done again I feel disappointed yet again.

12. T Negative - September 23, 2007

I was looking forward to this episode because of the opportunities presented to CBS digital. I thought for sure they would fix the “cage” city out the window because anyone can tell that city is a freaking cardboard cutout!! Also, why didn’t they put in a shot of the shuttlecraft down in the hangar deck? Or at least a view across the shuttlebay to the other side?? Very disappointing. I thought I remember Dave Rossi saying now that they had a full “library” of shots of the Big E that it would free them up for other stuff??

Basically they have rushed this whole thing and half assed it so they can get it out on DVD. What a joke. Not impressed Paramount!! I Doubt I will be buying the set.

13. Holo J - September 23, 2007

It’s such a shame this project is being so rushed. I keep getting over the fact its not the complete update I hoped for when I first heard about the remastering, especially when I see the good stuff the do, but its all the missed chances that have become so fustraighting when I think about what could have been done if they had the time and money, I feel sad at what a wasted opportunity this whole thing has been.

It’s stupid I know, I have the originals on DVD so I think I’ll stick with them for now and wait in hope for that day when they really go all out and are given the time and money to do a more complete Job enhancing the visuals they haven’t had the time to look into this time around.

14. Commodore Z - September 23, 2007

Look at the camera angles in the observation lounge. The camera is fairly level (not looking down). Which means that all you’d see in the shuttlebay is the opposite wall. You don’t see down, which means you wouldn’t see the shuttles below. (Which is probably why they shot it that way to begin with.)

15. biodredd - September 23, 2007

I thought I re-called reading before these aired that the theme was scored twice. With vocals and without. Not sure on this, but a thought none the less.

Best music in this episode… phaser hunt in the captain’s cabin.

The music and the tight editing as the phaser slowly gets closer to overload always sends a chill down my spine. Of my top ten favoite scenes in the series.

16. Plum - September 23, 2007

I’m thinking it’s great they keep some FX, such as the phaser shot on Karidian. Stylistically, I feel it fits with what some people complain is a “cartoony” slant with the new VFX. I agree in that I feel the CBS CGI team are looking for a middle-ground stylistically, so as not to distract so much in juxtaposition of a 40 year old sci-fi TV show.

17. Earl Grey, hot - September 23, 2007

Enjoyed the jazzy rendition of the theme music played during the cocktail party at the begninng! I never noticed that before.

18. steve623 - September 23, 2007

This is an episode that has really grown on me over the years. Great performances, excellent direction, and the score is wonderful.

I was pleasantly surprised they found a way to keep Spock and McCoy’s first discussion of Kirk’s behavior, with the “drop of the true” and “now I know why they were conquered” dialogue. That scene had always been cut for time in every broadcast I had ever seen before. I assume they made up the time by their deft editing of Uhura’s song later in the show. Kudos there.

As usual, the remastered changes that are there are excellent. The Enterprise orbit and flybys look just about perfect to me at this point, and the choreography of the ship’s movement and the camera in some scenes are especially wonderful. Also, I *really* appreciated the moving stars out the observation deck windows. It was such a small change, but it so complimented the already strong performances, lighting and music. The moving stars just accented and punctuated the dynamics of the scene and it just made everything ‘pop’. A wonderful addition.

And, as usual, I can’t help being sorry for the things they didn’t change, whether for time, budget or both. The Planet Q set always made the episode feel on-the-cheap, and I am so sorry they didn’t have the time or funds to find some way of enhancing it – both the “out the window” cityscape and the “Kirk and Lenore take a stroll” scene, which is a fairly short scene. *Something* would have really helped sell that as more of a genuine location. Ah well. I was also sorry that the final phaser blast wasn’t beefed up a tad and that the “file photos” of Kodos and Karidian retained that bland pale blue background of the originals. This was also the case with young T’Pring’s photo in “Amok Time” but they did a beautiful enhancement of that image, with the Vulcan house background that I’m sure many of you will remember, and it would have been nice to have seen something similar, especially on the Kodos image. Smaller details and additonal work, but it would have been lovely to see.

Regarding the hangar deck, I agree with Commodore Z – if you look at the shot, there wasn’t anywhere to add an image of the shuttle or the hangar, and I’m sure it was staged that way deliberately in 1966 because it would have cost more money. But the scene works so well as it is, and especially with the observation window enhancement, that I don’t think it needed a hangar deck at all.

Finally, regarding the opening credits theme music – I too was really surprised when I heard it, since it sounded pretty much exactly like the early version of the original series theme, which had that odd electronic sound to it. I would bet money it was the original music and not some kind of heretofore unknown re-orchestration done for the remastered series. Either someone made a decision to keep it as-is, or somebody screwed up and didn’t make the change. Personally, I’m glad they left it alone.

19. Ron Mosher - September 23, 2007

Re: 7.

If you think your missing any effects shots remember that these are all 51 minute episodes that are edited(or hacked!) to fit current time slots with commercials. So that makes them roughly 42-43 minutes depending on who’s doing the hatchet job. The HDDVD’s will have the all of the effects so we’ll be seeing new things when they show up.

20. Al - September 23, 2007

Lovely fanfare. I wonder why they couldn’t at least have put some sort of glow or distant blinking light in the hangar deck?

21. seangh - September 23, 2007

Does anyone know if the CBSD folks will be tweaking any of these episodes further. I like what I saw in these episode, but I think so much more could have been done. I’m a little annoyed that they would spend considerable effort on Doomsday and Amok Time, but little gems like this episode they back off. I don’t care for that trade off. Like my Pa always said, if you’re gonna do it – do it right.

22. New Horizon - September 23, 2007

I’ll never buy these remastered versions, never. I’ll gladly wait until someone does it right…which may never happen.

I’m not an overly picky person, but the effects for these episodes just look wrong. They’ve gotten it pretty close a few times, but as I’ve said before…it’s all over the place.

What I really can’t stand, is how they have desaturated the film to look so dull and lifeless. The originals were so colorful…these just look so abysmally boring compared to the vibrancy of the originals. What is up with that? At this point, I don’t know whether it’s a lack of time or that they really don’t have a firm grasp on the style of TOS. Perhaps both. I’m sure the team is reading this and thinking…”yeah yeah, another know it all TOS fanboy”. Well, that may be true…but I’m a fanboy who can tell the difference between what fits and what doesn’t.

23. Kev-1 - September 23, 2007

Death by Windex. Ha Ha! Good one!/

24. dil - September 23, 2007

Double Red Alert!

25. Al - September 23, 2007

22 – I agree, the originals look brighter and more saturated, especially Lenore by the window

26. Kyle Nin - September 23, 2007

How come a new more realistic background wasn’t used for the city you see out the windows down on the planet? They did it for “Wink of an Eye” and “The Menagerie”. Were they just lazy for this one?

27. Dale Hunt - September 23, 2007

I liked it overall. Did miss the opportunity they had to create a nice shot of the phaser exploding outside the ship.

Did anyone notice the ending credits were from “Galileo Seven”?

28. Andy Patterson - September 23, 2007

All this power, surging and throbbing, yet under control.

Now there’s one that got past the censors.

29. diabolk - September 23, 2007

HOLY COW! Am I the ONLY one who thought that extended opening shot of the ship was the most awesome flyby YET?!?!?!?!

You guys are too jaded to enjoy this.

30. Stanky McFibberich - September 23, 2007

29. I agree. It is great.

31. Commodore Z - September 23, 2007

#22: You must be watching an entirely different show than I am. TOS-R is more vibrant, more colorful, sharper, and clearer than TOS has ever been. Bob Justman himself said that the remastered episodes look the way he always wanted them to be.

#29 and 30: Ditto! Love the opening shot!

32. neal - September 23, 2007

The title card scene was a disaster.

The way the ship turns and the planet’s angle unfolds, it feels like the planet is about the size of Manhattan. Which is to say, not massive like a real planet, but on the same scale as the ship.

It sort of looks like you’ve got a plastic model, and you’re squinting as you make it orbit a big beachball. Y’ever do that as a kid? Looks cool if you keep your eyes squinted, but of course there’s no sense at all of the scale of a real planet.

Little tip to computer animators. Why not program using the actual numbers from real life. Like: ship is 1000 ft long, and planet is 7000 miles in diameter, now off you go!

33. Bernie - September 23, 2007

they couldn’t splice in a new hand with a hypo instead of the sprayer from the 99 cent store!

34. Dan Kampling - September 23, 2007

I liked this week’s theme song.
I still don’t get that the sky is Pink on Planet Q, but from and orbital view, it’s rocky green. What gives?

35. Commodore Mendes - September 23, 2007

The music playing at Leighton’s cocktail party is a slower, jazzier version of the Star Trek theme. I never noticed that before!

36. starfall42 - September 23, 2007

Many opportunities for an extra effects shot would require removing an existing shot to keep the soundtrack timing. This was done to great effect in “Amok Time”, but I think that’s the only time they have done it.

The original series staged the action to avoid such shots to save money. Jerking the camera and having the cast fall out of their seats was much cheaper than filming an effects shot of a weapon hitting the Enterprise.

I like this episode, but there’s one huge plot hole: they have a photograph and a voiceprint of Kodos, yet they can only charge him on the basis of someone’s 20-year-old memory? Kirk would have been a teenager at the time.

37. Harry Ballz - September 23, 2007

Maybe I’m a purist, but if Paramount is going to remaster TOS, then they should do it to perfection. To get some shots good and others half-ass is, frankly, unforgiveable. If the Catholic church can take years and unlimited resources to clean up The Last Supper by DaVinci to it’s original beauty, then TPTB, who have made a BILLION DOLLARS off of this particular golden goose, can take the time and money to do it RIGHT!


38. MichaelJohn - September 23, 2007

Is it just my eyes again or do many of the original photos above have better color, contrast and brightness? As much as I like the new CGI effects for most of the episodes, I don’t care for the “toned down” colors and lighting in the new TOS-R prints.

Mike :o

39. Father Rob - September 23, 2007

RE: Strange Opening Theme Music

When “The Conscience of the King” was originally aired, it aired with the theme they used for “Where No Man Has Gone Before” as opposed to the other version.

If you spin up the DVD version (at least the one I have, the season 1 set), you’ll hear that version of the theme. I believe there are one or two other episodes that used that theme as well.


40. MichaelJohn - September 23, 2007

#22 New Horizon…

I agree with your post and I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed.

TOS was originally filmed when color TV shows were finally becoming the norm in the 1960s. It’s understandable that the producers wanted to highlight the use of color, and I think it’s no accident that they chose to make the Star Trek TOS sets and costumes as bright and colorful as they were.

The producers of these new TOS-R epsisodes have done a great job of not going “overboard” with the new effects. But I do wish they had just cleaned up the original prints and kept the original color, brightness and lighting effects untouched. They looked great just the way they were!

Thats my two cents!

Mike :o

41. Sulu_Love_Child - September 23, 2007

Overall a very good effort.
The opening flyby was great.
The other ship shots were very nice.
The Jazzy Theme was cool.
They should have changed the planet view through the window.
Anyone else notice how Riley changed uniforms from red shirt to gold after escaping sickbay to the play?

42. Michael Hall - September 23, 2007

Sheez, #32. The “exaggerated circular orbit” perspective was a staple in just about every TOS episode, and some of the movies too (though not TMP, since Doug Trumbull valued technical accuracy more than his counterparts at ILM). So while your observation is technically correct, it’s pretty darned selective.

43. Magic_Al - September 23, 2007

Everybody complaining about lost color/brightness/sharpness, remember the “old” footage is captured from DVD and the “new” from non-HD broadcast. Wait for an apples-to-apple comparison before you judge. The high-res screenshots sends out are more representative of the real deal.

44. Jackie Chiles-Mugatu's Lawyer - September 23, 2007

Kodos’ beard wasn’t digitally fixed! They didn’t improve upon the windex bottle effect! The nacelles, my God, the nacelles!

45. Batts - September 23, 2007

Was this not the same orbital shots seen in Return to Tomorrow? I could have went to sleep!! They have other chances to impress me, The Ultimate Computer and one of my favs, Return of the Archons to redeem themselves.

46. steve623 - September 23, 2007

You folks complaining about the lack of vibrancy of the colors in the remasters versus the originals – are you actually watching the remastered episodes, or are you basing your opinions on the screengrabs above? The show as I actually watched it at 4 o’clock in the morning today was much brighter and more vibrant than the images used above. I don’t think the screengrabs do justice to how the actual episodes look. Or you might want to tune your television’s color and brightness.

47. seangh - September 23, 2007

40. MichaelJohn – Actually, color shows were not the norm in 1966, many shows were still shot in black and white – for a good reason – only about 9% of TV viewers owned color sets.

The vibrant colors we are used to seeing actually did not materialize until the first set of re-mastered episodes (struck from the original release prints) made it into syndication back in the early 80s. Prior to that, what most of us actually watched through the 70s were telecined 16mm film prints – which were horribly scratched, grainy and grew worse with every airing.

THe bright colors we fondly remember from TOS could be, in my estimation, crudely over-saturated in order to compensate for fading prints. The current re-mastered effort uses a digital restoration process and are more realistic based on the film stock values used to shoot the show (which was likely Kodak’s color neg 5247 – which produced bright but accurate colors.)

48. Mr Regular - September 23, 2007

KXVO in Omaha REALLY DROPPED THE BALL this weekend on this episode-the TV Titan schedule said it was going to be on KXVO Sat. Night at 9pm. So did the Omaha World Herald. But at the appointed hour a totally unrelated health program was aired instead of this Trek episode. Suddenly the box set of these remastered Trek episodes seems much more enticing than further attempts at viewing it from the local affiliate.

49. Jamie - September 24, 2007

Why are they keeping the old phaser shot SFX?

Seems crazy to me. They go to all that effort to make the effects look better, and leave in some really ugly old-fashioned effects like that.

It might not have been so bad if they left ALL the phaser shots untouched, but re-touching some and not others is just weird.

I find it really disheartening, personally. It’s like they’ve given up caring about this project. Surely phaser shots are the EASIEST thing to replace?

50. Greg Stamper - September 24, 2007

#49 Jamie – “Surely phaser shots are the EASIEST thing to replace?”

According to what we have been told they are not that easy to fix. Plus, redoing Phaser Beams is not a Priority Directive of the CBS Digital Team, they do them when they can.

I’m like you, I wish they would/could each time but CBS Paramount have them on a tight budget and timeframe. They feel that 70 to 80% reclamation of the series is sufficient in order to milk the cash cow once more (This very site’s Community voted a “B” Grade overall to the Remastered effort thus far). Never mind what the series has done for the studio in the past. It’s business, all about the money. Once you accept that you can move on.

Steve623 – how sad that 4:00am timeslot is. A long way from Saturday at 1:00pm last season we enjoyed.

51. Jim J (I think these stations are run by monkeys) - September 24, 2007

#48-Yeah, you noticed that too, huh? I’m so sick and tired of them messing with Star Trek. Maybe I’m biased, but I never see them mess with ANY other programming.

To add insult to injury, a “sister station” of their’s from Sioux City, IA (KMEG-14) was supposed to air it at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning and they were all messed up, too. The picture froze when Kirk was looking at the picture of Kodos on the small screen. Froze for like 5-10 minutes….then dead air…….then a bunch of commercials, then it finally came back on when Kirk was on the bridge and discovered the stuff about Riley (transferring him to engineering).

I eevn called and left a message at THAT station. All I can say is…..ARRGGGHHH!!!!!

52. Jeffery Wright - September 24, 2007

i like the idea of cgi remastering, but i have to say, i prefer the original footage of the studio model, it looks more real to me.

i’ve also noticed that the b. ramscoops on the 1701 seem to be active when the ship is using impulse propulsion, which never seemed to be the case in the original series.

too bad there wasnt a way to enhance the footage of the original studio model, and add cgi around it. the current renderings arent very convincing, fun to watch, but still dont look like a substantial, real object.


53. bdrcarter - September 24, 2007

I almost didn’t TiVo this weekend’s episode since I assumed there wouldn’t be much to see in the way of new effects. I’m so glad I did! The establishing shot of the Enterprise under the title card was simple outstanding! It was a long, loving look at one of the most enduring/iconic spaceship designs in the history of science fiction. CBS-D delivered their most fully realised exection of our favorite starship so far…and frankly, I’m not sure if can get any better. From the detail of the hull plating to the slightly distressed markings on the forward section of the saucer, the model was “alive.” They’ve now beaten anything that ‘s been done before in the CGI realm on a Constitution-class ship. I hope we see that shot again as it goes into their repertoire of images. Stunning!

54. New Horizon - September 24, 2007

#52 – too bad there wasnt a way to enhance the footage of the original studio model, and add cgi around it.

I’m sure it could be done. Amazing things can be done with computers these days. :)

I’m sure that the enterprise could be cut out of the background, cleaned up and adjusted.

55. Thomas Jensen - September 24, 2007

As the good father has said above, a few of the early episodes had that ‘electronic’ sounding opening title theme. Since it was that way originally, I think they should leave these few episodes title music alone.

It’s bad enough they inserted the new recording into WNMHGB with the Shatner voiceover. The original didn’t have the voiceover, which made it unique among the shows. Now it’s just like all the others, which I think takes something away from the originality of the history of the show…

56. Scott Gammans - September 24, 2007

Well I’m glad you enjoyed it, bdrcarter. Here in the nation’s capital we were treated to “professional” wrestling instead of Star Trek. Grr.

57. Buckaroohawk - September 24, 2007

This episode and last week’s “The Galileo Seven” were both disappointments. The shots of the Enterprise are almost always perfect now, but the inconsistency CBS-D is showing with other changes is making me rethink my original support of this undertaking.

I realize that they’re working under intense time and budget restrictions, but once they set a precedent (by recreating a matte painting or fixing a phaser beam, for example) they should stick to that for all future episodes. There were scenes in both of these latest shows that screamed to be fixed, yet they passed them over. They fixed the stars outside the hangar observation window, but they couldn’t show us something through the windows behind Kirk?

After some of the magnificent changes they made in episodes like “Amok Time” and “Wink of an Eye,” I had thought that CBS-D had reached a plateau they could maintain regarding the updating of TOS effects. “The Galileo Seven” and “Conscience of the King” have been a big step backward, though, and I’m afraid I find myself falling into the “if they can’t be consistent with their changes, then they shouldn’t be doing it at all” camp. Hopefully, future episodes may bring me back around, but at this point I’m sad to say that my enthusiasm for this project is beginning to dwindle.

58. New Horizon - September 24, 2007


My two main gripes with this project have been.

1 – Consistency with the original material
2 – Consistency within their own established work.

There is none for either of these points. The whole project has been one huge ‘just get it done as quickly and as cheaply as possible’.

I’m really quite concerned when I read people saying that the CGI effects are excellent. On their own, they’re ok…but within the context of the episodes…they’re far from fitting in with the source materials.

59. Jamie - September 24, 2007

I wonder why the phaser shots are not so easy to re-do?

Could it be that the special effects were actually put onto the original film, so they would have to be somehow removed before the new effects could be put on?

If not, I really can’t see how it could be that difficult to do a phaser shot. The hardest part I can think of is tracking the camera movement by tracking points on the background. So maybe that would take someone an hour or two? Isn’t it worth the time?

60. New Horizon - September 24, 2007

Phaser shot replacement would require that there is enough footage ‘without’ the phaser fire. That way, I think they simply freeze the frame and draw in the new phasers…otherwise, they would have to paint it out frame by frame, and that would be very time consuming.

61. Jamie - September 24, 2007

Wow, I never realised those effects were on the film! That explains why they haven’t just re-done all the phaser shots.

Presumably, the ones they haven’t touched are ones with particularly heavy movement/acting during the original effect.

Remastering TNG should be a lot easier work, then, since those effects were all done on video ;)

62. Jon Witchell - September 24, 2007

#39 RE: theme music

Yes, all episode up to and including Conscience of King used the Where No Man theme (although from Corbomite onwards with Kirk’s voiceover). Galileo Seven was first to use an updated version. Since the DVDs are tranmission order its a bit jumbled up, however in production order all up to and including Conscience used the original theme. I personally prefer that theme as it distinguishes more so, that this is season 1.

63. JL - September 24, 2007


“I’m really quite concerned when I read people saying that the CGI effects are excellent. On their own, they’re ok…but within the context of the episodes…they’re far from fitting in with the source materials.”

OMG dude, I have been thinking the same thing. Okay, granted, some of the revisions are nice but come on. The freaking Enterprise – by and large – does not look like it exists in actual, true space. It comes off fairly computer-rendered and fake.

I admire the attempt to make things look less grainy, jerky, hokey, etc – but when they throw believeability straight out the window to acheive some flashy new look, then what’s the point?

If they (the special effects industry) are not to the point where they can replace a real, three-dimensional model with a digitally-created one – and do it CONVINCINGLY – then why the F are they doing it at all? For practice? Wait ten years and do it right. Make it look REAL! Just my 2cents, over n’ out

64. Iowagirl - September 24, 2007

Re-watching this episode reminded me once again of what TOS really made so special in the first place: great writing and acting (the confrontation scene between Kirk and Kodos is a timeless classic), and universal topics in all episodes like understanding between men, peoples, races; standing up against injustice and for friendship, freedom, etc.

The technical aspects added to the suspense of the show and were performed as convincingly as possible, considering the century in which they were produced, but they were not the main focus of TOS. So, I agree if you say that enhancing the episodes’ effects should be done right, but you should also remember that TOS remains – in whatever technical version we will watch it – a brilliant show that was way ahead of its time and that should be valued by its messages which won’t ever date.

65. Auraveda - September 24, 2007

Unfortunately I did not get to see this since the Milwaukee stations keep moving the air times and stations around that are showing this. Used to be 6PM every sunday, now it’s on a different station at 11:30PM saturday, midnight sat night/sun morning, or 2AM sunday morning depending on which channel guide you look at. I’ve sent an email to the station asking when it’s actually on, but haven’t recieved a reply. :(

Anyway, looking at the screenshots above I’m concerned about the color saturation and tint. The color difference in the shot with the young blonde woman is striking. In the old version on the right the color is very bright and vibrant, her dress is blue, aquamarine, purple, and brownish-orange. The lighting has a definite purplish tint. In the remastered version the colors on her dress are all shades of green with a little blue, the purple tint on the lighting has turned to a dull green, and overall the lighting is darker and less harsh.

I’m not sure which is correct, by that I mean which version is more true to what was shot in 1966, I’d be really curious to find out. It’s possible the super saturated older version may be the result of some over zealous color fiddling on the previous DVDs. But then, maybe the new subdued colors are an attempt to make the show look more modern.

Personally I think I like the bright and vibrant colors more than the subdued version, but they both look good really, just strikingly different from one another.

66. Robert Bernardo - September 24, 2007

seangh wrote:

> MichaelJohn – Actually, color shows were not the norm in 1966,
> many shows were still shot in black and white – for a good
> reason – only about 9% of TV viewers owned color sets.

My father was a working class guy (I remember his paycheck… $600 net every month); my mother was a homemaker. Yet, we had an RCA color tube t.v. and were able to watch Star Trek in color in 1966.

67. Jeff Bond - September 24, 2007

I’m amazed people are talking about the color and film transfer–that at least has been consistently the best reason to watch remastered Trek and while some episodes (“Friday’s Child” being one) have deteriorated too much to get great results, for the most part these gorgeously saturated prints are, frankly, delicious. :)

I do wish they’d redone the planet cityscape–recall that these opening episodes are among the last four first season episodes that were unfinished and had to be completed for the DVD release so I’m assuming there may have been less time to do them.

As for the main title music, this early version was never rerecorded for the remastered episodes because it was felt that it would be impossible to recreate the electric violin performance well enough…

68. GlennRay - September 24, 2007

Local station problems here in the Albany, NY area. MyTV-15 broadcast MOST of CotK 8 pm sunday — from the three-quarter point, when Riley’s in Sick Bay recovering from the poisoning, we go to over ten minutes of commercials, then — the closing credits! Supposedly, CotK was to be shown again at 10 pm Sunday — but, instead, they broadcast “Galileo Seven” again! Was there a problem with whatever signal or disk or memory crystal sent out to local stations?

69. OneBuckFilms - September 24, 2007

67: I think they re-recorded the theme for all 3 seasons.

The theme for the first season did not include the vocals, so the re-recording didn’t.

I didn’t see the episode itself, so I was wondering, did they actually broadcast this episode with the original recording for the main credits, or the re-recorded main credits?

I’ll have to watch it at home, since I can hear the difference.

70. billy don't be a hiro - September 24, 2007

“i’ve also noticed that the b. ramscoops on the 1701 seem to be active when the ship is using impulse propulsion, which never seemed to be the case in the original series.”

I think that’s your imagination filling in the blanks on your own. There wasn’t that kind of consistency put into the original opticals. Particularly in the first season shows, they were making do with the shots they had, and using them over and over again, just to make their airdates and budget. If you watch closely, shots of both pilot versions of the Enterprise and the regular series version are used interchangably in the same episode – spinning caps, spired caps, big deflector dish, small deflector dish, tall bridge dome, short bridge dome, different impulse engines, vented end caps, domed end caps – so if they weren’t concerned about being consistent with even the version of the model onscreen, they certainly weren’t paying attention to when the caps were spinning versus what speed the ship was moving at.

Re: the consistency of the redone shots from episode to episode – I also wish they *could* be consistent, which is I’m sure almost completely a matter of time and budget, but they obviously can’t and are doing the best they can from show to show, fixing more when they can, and sticking to the ships-space-and-viewscreen mandate they started with when they can’t. I wish it could be perfect too, but since I know it can’t, I’m not going to allow what wasn’t changed to prevent me from enjoying what was. After all, the original shots didn’t prevent me from enjoying the show for the past 30 years. I understand the impulse, but the attitude of “if they can’t change every matte or phaser beam shot, then they shouldn’t change any” just isn’t realistic. And I certainly wouldn’t trade away those gorgeous matte shots in “The Menagerie” and “Wink of an Eye” and “Amok Time” just because they didn’t have time to track and rotoscope everything in “Conscience of the King”.

You guys who’re still saying the digital Enterprise looks fake and game-y … sorry, guys, I just don’t see it. The Enterprise looks gorgeous in nearly all of the more recent episodes. They’ve really got it nailed down tight. And you guys who are basing your opinion of the color of the shows on those screencaps are not getting the full picture. The screencaps don’t look nearly as bright and colorful as what I see on television. Don’t judge the show if you’re not actually watching it.

71. Cranston - September 24, 2007

Speaking of colors (and apologies if it’s already been mentioned above):

Did anyone else notice that, in the HD-DVD packaging above, Kirk’s green wraparound tunic is now gold?

(Not that it matters, but it’s a little annoying to see that sort of modification — kind of like all of the pictures of TNG/DS9 Romulans in the TOS Season 1 DVD set booklet).

72. MichaelJohn - September 24, 2007

As a historic note and correction. In 1966 NBC became the first network to begin 100% color broadcasts of all it’s current primetime shows, including Star Trek. ABC and CBS quickly followed in 1967. Some of the smaller markets in the US were a little slower in getting the equipment needed to broadcast in color.

If you were lucky enough to have a color TV in the mid 1960’s and live in one of the larger television markets like New York, you had lots of color television programs to watch. But it’s surprising to note that it wasn’t until 1972, that 50% (half) of all US households finally had one color television set.

Mike :o

73. joker - September 24, 2007

i think for once the original shots were better than the remastered. on that babe’s picture on the original you can see her nipple and breast shape under her clothes but on the remastered you can’t see as much!

74. Scott Gammans - September 24, 2007

#72: Yup, we didn’t get our first color TV until Thanksgiving 1972. I know it was 1972 because I remember how excited I was that we got to watch the liftoff of Apollo 17 in color.

75. T Negative - September 24, 2007


It was the original opening credits theme from 1966. Not the re-recorded theme from 2006.

76. Donald Gillikin - September 24, 2007

Re 65 and others commenting about the lack of color intensity in the remastered episodes based upon the screencaps here:

The screencaps do not accurately capture the intensity of the color . What is being aired looks more like what is on the DVDs but often more intense. There is something in the process of screencapping which is dimming and darkening what we see posted in the comparison pics.

Often on the over-the-air transmissions of the re-mastered episodes, the colors pop in a way that they haven’t for years. Sometimes, as in the case of the remastered “Tholian Web”, I’m reminded of the intense colors you get when you make a homemade PAL to NTSC transfer of video tape, for anyone who has ever done that, or had friends with a multistandard VCR dubbing PAL material for you.

77. Dr. Image - September 24, 2007

That opening flyby rocked! (29- Yeah!)
Now this is the kind of ep JJ should be looking to for inspiration- character driven- with that unique First Season quality that really makes the early episodes stand out.
All this phaser replacement talk is getting old. YES, it was shot on FILM, that’s why!
Makes me wonder, though, if they would have been better off building a miniature of the E and shooting it digitally instead of screwing with CGI.
At this point, I think it would have been LESS trouble!

78. Magic_Al - September 24, 2007

^71. Not the first time that mistake has happened! The command tunics were all green to start with, but velour, lighting, film stock, and NBC trying to color-correct the green out of Spock conspired to make green shirts look gold on TV and eventually the production had to accept that gold was what viewers were seeing.

79. sean's clone - September 24, 2007

Robert Bernardo wrote:
“we had an RCA color tube t.v. and were able to watch Star Trek in color in 1966. ”

LUCKEEEE! I had to watch TOS in B&W until 1974 – then it was pure Color Trek Heaven – it was a whole new experience on a chromatic level and really helped me understand the importance of color in the show.

80. sean's clone - September 24, 2007

#77 – Dr. Image

I agree! Isn’t that what Eden Effects did for the “Enterprise” episode with the constallation class ship?

81. steve623 - September 24, 2007

Thank you for the shoutout, Greg! Glad we’re both sticking around here! And, yes, that 4:00 a.m. timeslot is pretty rough. I set the VCR and yet for the last two weeks I have still stayed up and watched some of the show. I think I made it through most of Galileo Seven last week but I was gone after the second commercial last week. I miss those early Saturday afternoon broadcasts.

82. steve623 - September 24, 2007

last week, this week – that Saturday night into Sunday morning thing always confuses me :-)

83. Greg Stamper - September 24, 2007

#82 steve623 – Check listings for this weekend – – No Sunday morning airing at all.
Must wait until 4:00am Monday morning for “The Man Trap”.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse – – –

84. Auraveda - September 24, 2007

#76 Glad to hear the actual colors were more intense than depicted in the screenshots here, as I said I was unable to watch it due to local TV station scheduling snafus.

85. starfall42 - September 24, 2007

#61: The original elements that were combined to make the effects shots are all lost. All the remasterers have to work with is the version as broadcast.

86. steve623 - September 24, 2007

ah Greg, say it ain’t so!
as if my life wasn’t hard enough already!
¡ay carumba!

87. Engon - September 24, 2007

Hmmm. Didn’t anyone else notice the erractic way the stars moved in the observation deck window when Kirk crossed from right to left into a two-shot with Lenore? The original shot trucks and/or pans and this seems to have thrown off the compositors. The result breifly looks like one of the less impressive window composites in “Fantastic Voyage” or (horrors) the sky in “Damnation Alley.”

88. OR Coast Trekkie - September 24, 2007

For the little they had to do… why NOT do the phaser? Makes no sense… but for what was done… fantastic. Although I still pine for a warp stretch/flash. I know I speak herecy…

I’m sorry for those of you who are missing these episodes b/c they are on at ungodly hours in your market. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t anyone at that particular station at 3 am in a market any smaller than Cleveland. But Cleveland and larger probably only has Chad the 20-year old community college intern just trying to work his way “up” to cable access. (My apologies to anyone in here named Chad or to any community college students, or anyone who worked at a small, local broacast station or for cable access).

To make everyone jealous… KLSR, the Fox affiliate in Eugene, OR shows the episodes at 6pm Saturday and a rebroadcast of the previous week at 11:30 pm Sunday. There must be an appreciation for Star Trek amongst Ducks.

89. TomBot2007 - September 25, 2007

Oh, screw the phaser shot, couldn’t they have removed the cold sores on Kodos’ daughter during the finale? Aweful distracting. ;-) No wonder she was evil.
Sure, we may all pine for more changes, but let’s be frank… they aren’t going to happen, so let’s have fun, complain, critique, and give kudos, but remember that.

90. Dr. Image - September 25, 2007

#80- No, Eden’s fx were cgi- just more…. tangible. (Well, better.)
The Tribble ep of DS9 used Greg Jein’s miniature. It had its own accuracy issues, but I remember being blown away seeing it nevertheless.
They really could have invested in a decent miniature and AUGMENTED it with CGI. Works great for WETA!
And I still say the nacelle balls are rendered too damn small. AND I’m serious.
Again, look at the screen caps.

91. Woulfe - September 25, 2007

It’s been done….
Quiet you….
What can be said ?
People chew scenery, things happen, people chew scenery some more, more things happen, more scenery chewing from masters, windex, Uhura sings ‘Beyond Antraes’, people who aren’t red shirts die, actress in Hamlet goes insane, morals are questioned, Shatner plays Shatner and it WORKS, all this and Shakespear too, what’s not to like ?

92. eagle219406 - September 25, 2007

#88. I agree with you on the warp effect. It had become standard since the next generation and was even used in Enterprise. Why they didn’t incorporate it in this is unknown. BUt I’m Not complaining. Though I think they could have eliminated the sound of the engine when they went into warp. I understand their need of it in the 60’s but “Enterprise” which was supposed to be a prequal, didn’t have that sound so they could have eliminated it.

93. mntrekfan - September 25, 2007

I didn’t have a chance to tread everyone’s comments, but I thought the sound of the show sounded dull, like it wasn’t cleaned up. It seems someone dropped the ball withe overall sound of the show beginning with the theme. The ship looked too…unreal this time around. Looked very much like a bad CGI job. Hopefully, it was afluke.

94. Harry Ballz - September 25, 2007

“I didn’t have a chance to tread everyone’s comments”
Boy, there’s a Freudian slip if I’ve ever heard one! Sometimes I feel like stepping on a few things said, too!

95. bitter dregs - September 25, 2007

the cgi ent looks totaly false and the colours and sharpness pales next to the originals.

the redone shows suck!

96. steve623 - September 25, 2007

“I agree with you on the warp effect. It had become standard since the next generation and was even used in Enterprise. Why they didn’t incorporate it in this is unknown. BUt I’m Not complaining. Though I think they could have eliminated the sound of the engine when they went into warp. I understand their need of it in the 60’s but “Enterprise” which was supposed to be a prequal, didn’t have that sound so they could have eliminated it.”

The original Star Trek does not need to be changed in any way to conform with what was done in later shows. That goes for warp effects, engine sounds, streaking stars, and Tholian ships. The point of this project was not to standardize and conform all the Star Trek series to one standard. It was to make the original series look as good as possible for HD while trying to conform to the production’s original vision and/or intent, if not to its execution. How well that’s been done is obviously open to dissent and discussion, but it definitely doesn’t include adding TNG warp effects or taking away engine sounds because they weren’t on “Enterprise”. That is George Lucas territory and he’s welcome to it, but I don’t want it mucking up the original Star Trek, anymore than I want them to get Shatner to re-record the opening narration so that “where no man has gone before” can be replaced with “where no one has gone before” since that’s how they did it on TNG. The original show has a character and an identity of its own and it should be preserved as much as possible, just as TNG and DS9 should also be paid the same respect.

They can do anything they want with Voyager though :-)

97. steve623 - September 25, 2007

” … couldn’t they have removed the cold sores on Kodos’ daughter during the finale?”

was it my imagination, or did she not have that in the scenes before she kissed Kirk? He *did* get around quite a bit.

98. Chad the Intern - September 25, 2007

Hey #88, it’s really hard sometimes to remember what button to push at 3am. And when you have to call the station manager b/c you accidentally pushed the wrong one, he gets really pissed.

99. Harry Ballz - September 25, 2007

#97 “cold sores on Kodos’ daughter…..Kirk? He did get around quite a bit”

SHAT= Space Herpes After Touching!

100. Leonel - September 27, 2007

#65 – I too miss it being on at 6pm Sundays here in Milwaukee. WMLW in their infinite wisdom changed their lineup AND kept Lost In Space. I’ll never understand. Milwaukee TV has not been the greatest to Trek fans for as long as I can remember..

Anyway it is scheduled for 1:30am, wee early Sundays on CBS 58. Depending on what is on Saturday they’ll push it closer to 2:30am.

101. eagle219406 - September 29, 2007

Many are saying how they used the opening Credits of the Original sequence. It sure looked like the remastered opening to me. Are you sure you were looking at it right.

102. jackizmack - September 29, 2007

Ya know, again…I just don’t get it…Whats up with all of the imaginary dead-lines for CBS?? Why the rush to get the Episodes done?? The show is 40yrs old!! What would it matter if they just spent a straight 18 months to get it all done corectly and then just release it??????? This, in my book, is soooo stupid. Just do it, do it right. Nope, instead, the folks at CBS wanna mimic the same head up the proverbial *** that existed at Paramount in the 60’s…What a shame, what a sad, sad shame to blow such a golden, truely golden opportunity…

103. vankite - March 31, 2008

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104. Gary - April 19, 2008

@103 “vankite”

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