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Rumor: Mike Vogel As Kirk? September 26, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: 1-18-08/Cloverfield,Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

A new name is now linked to be in the running for Kirk. reports that  28-year-old actor Mike Vogel (Poseidon) is " the front runner" to take on the role of James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. IESB cites ‘two studio insiders,’ but acknowledge no confirmation. cannot confirm or deny anything except that has no Kirk deal has been done. Sources have recently told that Abrams and his casting team have found the task of picking a new Kirk quite challenging. Vogel does have a connection to the Trek team as one of the stars of next January’s untitled monster movie (aka ‘Cloverfield’, aka ‘1-18-08′) being produced by J.J. Abrams and fellow Trek producer Bryan Burk.

Vogel began his career as a model, including modeling for Levis. His first work as a professional actor was in 2001 as a recurring character in the TV series Grounded for Life. If he were to land the role this wouldn’t be his first stint in a remake/reimagining – Vogel had a supporting role the 2003 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In addition to his roles in 1-18-08, Chainsaw Massacre and Poseidon (pictured) Vogel has 8 other feature film credits in his short career; including acting along side Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner in the 2005 romantic comedy Rumor Has It (see clip below).

In IGN’s report on this rumor, they add this interview clip of Vogel being interviewed for Poseidon

More on Vogel: official site  |  Wikipedia  |  IMDB 


1. Ty Webb - September 26, 2007

First, bitches.

2. number one - September 26, 2007

haha second

3. chain of command - September 26, 2007

Uh, second?…. People.

4. chain of command - September 26, 2007


5. Buckaroohawk - September 26, 2007

Ty, it doesn’t count unless you say something meaningful.

“Something meaningful.”

So that means I’m really first. Ha ha.

From the picture above, I don’t see any problem with young Mr. Vogel portraying Kirk. Haven’t seen him act, but it seems he looks good enough, I guess.

6. DRE - September 26, 2007

Vogel is a decent actor. He’s no Ryan Gosling but he is capable enough. He is sort of a pretty boy, I guess that works in favor of Kirk but I personally don’t see him as Captain of the Enterprise. He may surprise me so I’m remaining open minded about him.

I certainly never figured that a future James T. Kirk would be sawed up by Leatherface. Poseidon would be the film of his to watch, as far as acting ability.

7. CanuckLou - September 26, 2007

Same here. Don’t know anything about him. He looks studly enough I guess.

8. max - September 26, 2007

I guess he was okay in Posieden. The film didn’t have the greatest script for him to work from so its hard to judge his talents on that. I don’t know that much about him otherwise. JJ has made some good casting choices so for, so he’s earned a lot of faith from me. I’ll keep an open mind about Vogel.

9. JCool - September 26, 2007

Hmmmm : ?

Test him out with Quinto and the new Bones

Chemistry is the key…to you know.. :)

10. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 26, 2007

Never heard of this guy. In this picture, he does sort of have Kirk’s “beaten down but about to jump up for more” face…

And he does look more like Shatner than Matt Damon!

11. pizza hotdog - September 26, 2007

Good looking, relatively unknown. I said relatively unknown, or perhaps small Hollywood resume. That works for me. My preference for the main characters are good actors with little notoriaty.

By the way, I wish you guys who clammer to say “First”, “Second” and whatever else your pubescent minds focus on, would grow up! A lot of ‘new’ people to this site may only read the first few posts. What a wasted opportunity to attract new thoughts and opinions.

456 dtST

12. Mr. Atoz - September 26, 2007

#9 JCool


I would be really cool to see a screen test with Quinto, Vogel, and Bones…
Whoever will be playng him anyway.

13. New Horizon - September 26, 2007

Yeah. Piss off with this first crap again. If you want to keep it up, you should get a temp ban.

14. Lendorien - September 26, 2007

Kirk is a dynamic character with presence. I don’t see Vogel having that type of stage presence… and no, I don’t mean the Shatner swagger. As long as he doesn’t trun into another Haydn Christianson. Gosh…there was some terrible miscasting.

On the bright side, as it seems that the casting is ending as a challenging endeavor, they’re obviously putting a lot of time and thought into it. That bodes well at least

15. dalek - September 26, 2007

He looks very much like Kirk’s son David Marcus in that picture. Maybe that’s a good sign.

I still have the gut feeling Kirk is hardly going to be in this movie. I hope i’m wrong, wouldnt quite feel like Star Trek if it was about a timeline without Kirk — plus that appears to be the central plot of Gods and Men (time travel to erase Kirk’s existence). If the older Kirk is there to fix things tho, it wouldn’t take long to sort things out ;)

So maybe there will be a showdown… Gods and Men vs Star Trek XI…. which will come out first?

16. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 26, 2007

Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) on “As the World Turns” is a better casting choice as Kirk.

17. Kobayashi Maru - September 26, 2007

It works… I suppose.
Let’s be honest, anybody casted as Kirk is in the unfair position of having to please certain expectations that millions of rabid fans project upon this role.
Chemistry is key though, even more than resemblance.
I was watching Star Quest yesterday and, silly as it is, the chemistry of Tim Allen and Alan Rickman evoked a certain other duo, not because they were trying to be spot on, but because there was chemistry.
I really hope it works.
Now, about William Shatner…

18. Michael - September 26, 2007

I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into this site. The thoughtful, and often humorous responses of my fellow fans.
Have to agree completely with #’s 11 & 13.
I have said before that anyone who feels the juvenile itch to “First”, should be banned. Pizza is correct, there are a lot of ‘new’ people who visit this site. Hopefully, many of them are the new fans that are needed to put this film over the top, and convince Paramount to keep the franchise alive for many years to come.
They need to see the Trek of TOS that we all Love. The Trek with a hope and a promise for the future.
Not some Moron calling them “Bitches”
It’s just uncalled for, and rude.

19. Anthony Pascale - September 26, 2007

guys commenting about ‘first’ comments wastes as much space (and for some of you) even more. I dont like it, but I am not going to ban people for it. So just move on….but please dont make it worse by making it the subject of the thread discussion

…any feedback should be given to

20. DavidJ - September 26, 2007

I’d be able to buy him as Kirk. He seems to have a strong voice and a fairly commanding presence. It’s not hard to see him strutting around the bridge barking out orders.

If nothing else, he would certainly draw in the female audience for this movie. lol

21. T Negative - September 26, 2007

This is a huge decision for the film. I’m glad Abrams is taking his time on this part of the casting. My first impression is good with this guy. He looks like he would work as a young Kirk. Does he have the presence required to fill the Shats shoes?? That is the question. I’ll have to watch Poseidon to get a better idea. The side by side shot with him and the Shat at IESB sells him very well.

22. George Armstrong Custer - September 26, 2007

Now how old was Kirk when he took command from Pike. This guy is 28 so how old was Shatner when we first saw him?

23. I AM THX-1138 - September 26, 2007

I don’t know. Is there something about the lack of intensity in his eyes in that IESB picture next to Shatner that bothers anybody else? I know he was probably going for dreamy and sensitive for the ladies whereas Shatner obviously was going for “intense, confident captain”, but still. Also, that clip doesn’t do the young man justice. A little too fluffy for comparisons sake.

24. Buckaroohawk - September 26, 2007

I just watched the clip. His voice sounds good and some of his mannerisms in this role echo a young Kirk (ever-so-slight pauses in his lines, the emphasis of certain words). He seems to have the “charming young guy” thing happening as well, damn him.

There are worse choices they could make, I suppose. I can see him in the role, dependent on how he looks with a hairpiece, that is.

Did I just say that out loud?

25. Gary - September 26, 2007

I still think Nick Wechsler comes better at playing a young kirk

26. cd - September 26, 2007

I don’t think so.

27. cd - September 26, 2007

Let me clarify. Mike Vogel, from what I seen, won’t cut it as Kirk.

28. SHANE S. - September 26, 2007

The guy is just not old enugh for starters, if all the crew is under thirty the cast is going to start to remind me of Starship Trooper, young and just not believable to have so many people of such young age in such high authority. Kirk was 34ish, this guy looks 25ish and not someone u would hand the command of a starship to.

29. spock34 - September 26, 2007

too much a pretty boy to be kirk, need more of a commanding scren presences.

30. cd - September 26, 2007

Jensen Ackles: no.
Ryan Gosling: hell no. (Also, hell no for him as Batman in Justice League, but I digress…)
Casper Van Dien, ten years ago: maybe. Not the greatest actor, but has more of a commanding Kirk-like presence then those I’ve seen suggested.
Any other candidates? We talked about Paul McGillion as Scotty, and maybe us discussing it here got to the powers-that-be. Maybe we have a chance to put our suggestions in, and if the suggestions are helpful, they might be paid attention to.
So, let’s try to come up with some good candidates for Kirk, and McCoy, and Pike, and Kevin Riley for that matter. Maybe we can make a difference.

31. Kobayashi Maru - September 26, 2007

When does principle photography commence on this flik, any way?
Shouldn’t these roles be casted by now?
I hear the climax is involves the Farragut sinking through a black hole,
Leonardo DiCaprio as Kirk, Kate Winslet as Carol Marcus, they tread space till the Enterprise spots them,.
Billy Zane is Christopher Pike.

32. George Armstrong Custer - September 26, 2007

The rumors are starting to spread all over the internet. One guy said he heard it on his car radio tonight. Now how old was Kirk when he took command from Pike. Would Starfleet turn over a Federation Battlecruiser to a 28 yr old?

33. Prem - September 26, 2007

Anyone got a good dramatic sequence from Mr Vogel’s career that we can use to screen test him on?

At this point he looks plausible, but there are careers hanging on this casting choice, so caution won’t be thrown to the wind here.

34. Mr. Mike - September 26, 2007

He looks alot like a young Shatner, that’s a good start. I’m liking how the casting has been going so far, it looks like they are trying hard to find people who at least resemble the originals.

35. Harry Ballz - September 26, 2007

#6 “He’s no Ryan Gosling”

AHAHAHAHAHAHA…………………no, wait…..AHAHAHAHAHA…..HAHAHA….(gasp)….HAHAHA………….whooo…………Ryan Gosling is the shittiest actor on the planet! How dare you even mention his name in connection to the subject of who will play Kirk?!!! PUHLEASE!!!!!!!

36. Chain of Command - September 26, 2007

Daniel Craig was blasted when he was cast to be the new Bond, but he turned out just fine. It all comes down to the story and just how much energy and effort is put into the product by the director and the crew. Whoever is cast will pull it together and do the part justice. There is so much positive energy being spent on this project that there simply is no choice for it to be anything less than great.

That said: Whoever is chosen to be Captain Kirk will be chosen based on their inner qualities (especially their believeability as a leader) not on appearance. True, he has to ‘look’ like Kirk, but there are other qualities that are more important. As Robert Justman put it, (This is not an exact qoute) “Shatner was a man who said, ‘Follow me, men.’ And you believed it! You believed he was a leader.” Whoever is cast will have to demonstrate that ability above all else.

I have faith that the right choice will be made.

37. Harry Ballz - September 26, 2007

I don’t know…’s not like Mike Vogel jumps off the screen with charisma, does he? Out of the ENTIRE world, this is the best we have to work with????

38. Anthony Pascale - September 26, 2007

I believe that once the decision was to go with relative unknowns then whoever they cast it will be ‘hard to see’ and be somewhat taken of faith. It will be like Brandon Routh for Superman…where most people said ‘who?’

With a big star like Damon you would have seen him in enough leading roles to see the ‘Kirkness,’ but with an unknown we will not. This will be something that they see back at Paramount and Bad Robot.

For some, any new actor is going to be hard to accept. Abrams and his team have shown they know how to cast. I for one have faith they will make the right choice. They are certainly putting a lot of time and effort into the decision.

39. George Armstrong Custer - September 26, 2007

So if we have relative unknowns for the crew. Who will be the main draw to the movie besides Nimoy? Will there be a Pike? A Gary Mitchell has to be there if the Enterprise is in it or will we see Pikes number one and his helmsman from the cage and crew. Over at another website they are releasing a video of a enterprise reimagined by a guy that is tied to Abrams on lost. I will get a link to it.

40. Dennis Bailey - September 26, 2007

Well, I like him in that clip. Definitely can see him as a younger version of Kirk.

And “pretty boy?” Shatner and Hunter were both pretty, pretty boys.

41. Harry Ballz - September 26, 2007

Anthony, I understand and agree that it will likely be an unknown for the part of Kirk. That doesn’t preclude that it has to be someone bland and boring. As an example go to Youtube and type in the word “screentest” and a batch of little known footage will pop up displaying actors, we now know, back in their “salad” days as young unknowns. It would be nice to see Abrams cast someone with the same raw charisma and appeal as these people. Your example of Brandon Routh in Superman Returns is a good one. He was fine in the part, it was the movie that sucked due to storyline! Of course, it goes without saying, the final choice for the actor playing Kirk should have a mountain of acting talent! God, I hope they get it right!!

42. cd - September 26, 2007

#34 – you said it!

43. cd - September 26, 2007

#37 – I wouldn’t use Brandon Routh as a positive example of using an unknown! To be fair, Routh could be good as Superman, if he was ever given the chance, which he hasn’t yet. (Superman Rechurns was not much of a chance to play Superman. But again, I digress…)
But yes, it should probably be an unknown, but a good unknown, not another Hayden Christensen.

44. Penny - September 26, 2007

The actor who is going to play the young Kirk needs to have CHARISMA!!

not a pretty face.

45. SolFlyer - September 26, 2007

He certainly looks the part. Does he have Kirk’s confidence and ego, and does he have that chemistry with the other leads?

I’ll have to check out Poseidon. Is it worth watching?

46. Penhall - September 26, 2007

I dont want some pretty-boy teeny bopper type actor as James T. Kirk.

I dont see it with this guy at all. Hopefully its just a rumor……….

47. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 26, 2007

Mr. Vogel’s face is too angular and the nose is wrong. Hair is good.

48. Flake - September 27, 2007

hes got the look

49. Al - September 27, 2007

Weren’t there generals and colonels under 30 during WW1 and WW2? Can’t see that in a time of peril talent wouldn’t be promoted. Kirk at 28 sounds OK, though he can play him older. It is called acting after all

50. jon1701 - September 27, 2007

Yeah, he looks ok to me.

You cant really tell from that one scene. Though one suspects if he’s truly in the running jj and co will have tested the shit out of him by now.

I trust TPTB to make the right choice.

51. Snake - September 27, 2007

well he’s the right age…the right build and height (5′ 10″ – Shatner was about the same…u cant have someone over 6ft for Kirk as it wouldnt look right whenever he was with Spock)..has the right look (but do i see blue eyes in his pictues? – Shats had brown eyes…so maybe he’ll wear brown lenses like brown eyed Brandon Routh had to wear blue lenses for Superman to look like Christopher Reeve)

He sort of reminds me of Casper Van Dien (Jonny Rico in Starship Troopers) – actually when that film was out in 1997 i remember thinking he’d have made a good young Kirk too.

He does look (young) Shatner-esque in that photo at the top.

I can see this panning out…

So if this guy is cast and the StarGate guy gets Scotty – thatd just leave Sulu and Bones…(and Rand, Chapel if they bother with them) of course Pike (hopefully Cruise or Hanks or Liotta etc) and the villian (hopefully Crowe)

This is exciting

52. Snake - September 27, 2007

17 – Its Galaxy Quest ..not Star Quest. Thats a great movie. Star Trek’s Spaceballs only better.

in fact its the best ‘star trek’ movie since First Contact. It mainly rips off the original Star Trek and actors (not going to go into how as theres literally too many to mention – check out the triva on imdb for a few) but there are a couple of nods to The Next Generation too (the kid at the helm…the shot from Tim Allens eye when he was returned to earth – similar to the opening shot of First Contact..The design of the NTE ship is based on a comm-badge..and while Rickmans English Shakespearean actor character was obviously modelled on Nimoy it also had references to Patrick Stewart)

Curiously I noticed that ‘Enterprise’ which came 3 years after GQ had a similar alien design to Sarris species (the Xindi seen in season 3), a vaugely similar ship design as the NTE, somewhat similar uniforms and even a young black man at the helm! – Wonder if that was intentional from the Star Trek Enterprise makers?

53. Vejur - September 27, 2007

Firstly I don’t give shit how old Kirk was when he took command over Enterprise or what Shatner age was when he was on TOS.
I just watch the clip ,,Rumor has it´´ and he is good looking but more importantly he seems to have charisma that is acquired for playing Kirk. So maybe he is right.

45# I’ll have to check out Poseidon. Is it worth watching?
I found it mediocre, It was okey disaster movie but honestly i found the movie too short(98min) also introduction to the characters is lacking at the beginning of the movie.This kind of genre movie need to be least 2 hours done right..

54. Cervantes - September 27, 2007

Quick nurse…Stanky will need the smelling salts… ;)

I am pleased if it’s a reasonably unknown actor like this…but of course, if ‘Cloverfield’ hits big, then he’s going to be rather well known…

And I KNOW this is a trivial thing, but I’d hoped the new ‘Kirk’s’ eye colour was somewhat similar to William Shatner’s…but Mike Vogel is very blue-eyed…and I doubt they will insist on ‘contacts’ unfortunately…

Still, it could have been worse, so fingers crossed we get a good performance from him if it is confirmed.

55. Notbob - September 27, 2007

At last!

They name a possible–and at this point in time–I would guess likely winner for the role. I could be wrong.

It’s been a while since I have seen the Poseidon and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes.

Was he the guy who got his leg cut off and hung on a meat hoot in the basement of Chainsaw Massacre? Shatner freaked out because of a little gremlin on a plane and this guy got killed by Leatherface.

If he was that guy and if my memory serves me right, then it seems that he might actually look a little older than he does in the pic above. Which is probably good thing because he looks like about 20 in the pic above. And I honestly hate to see Kirk played by a guy a year younger than me who looks at least five years younger than he really is. They have to keep in mind there’s Hollywood 28 and then there is the rest of the world 28.

I give Abrams credit because casting Kirk has to be a royal pain in the ass. Because you know their will be tons of folks who will complain no matter who you cast. I give him credit for taking time, but I still feel justified in my rants in other posts.

Get that Paul McGillion guy for Scotty, and Gary Sinise for Bones and that’s two more down.

That leaves Sulu, Pike, the bad guys….and that leaves the most important question of all.

Will there be space boobies?

56. StillKirok - September 27, 2007

Doesn’t really matter. The lack of Shatner being in this film is the statement Abrams made. From what it sounds like, Abrams is making Spock, not Kirk, the main character. Shatner’s lack of involvement overshadows any younger Kirk.

57. Snake - September 27, 2007

56 – well Abrams came out and said Spock was the main guy in the film a while back didnt he? – and i just realised u been banging on about the Shat and Abrams and how bad the film will be without the presence of Shatner as resurrected Kirk for a while now ..why dont you give it a rest?

Your like a voice of doom…this film will be shit cause it dosnt have Shatner etc

I want to see Shatner in the movie too – but not to the detriment of the story….and the only way that can happen is if they set the Nimoy spock scenes pre Generations (which is unlikely – its more likely Nimoy as Spock before he travels back in time or whatever will be set post TNG in the 25th century…) OR they have Shatner as Jim Kirks old man in a brief cameo…i wouldnt mind that actually..

they Cant spend time doing “The Search For Kirk” in order to bring him back

let it go

58. Vejur - September 27, 2007

I am glad Shatner isn’t in XI movie and quite frankly Nimoy shouldn’t be in it either. I feel having Nimoy in it a mistake but having Spock as main guy in XI movie is interesting thou Abrams shouldn’t forget Kirk is Captain of the Enterprise(not Pike) so Kirk part in this movie must be as big as Quinto

59. Bryan - September 27, 2007

From the photo comparison on I have to concur he does at least resemble Shatner’s facial features. I don’t see him as “too pretty”. As long as they comb his hair like Shatner’s 60’s coif and put in brown contacts, I’ll accept it. Have not seen him act, he must be somewhat theatrical/Shakespearian to mimic Shatners acting style, if that is a consideration.
Ray Lolita for Pike. (maybe Neal McDonough (Lt. Hawk) (First Contact)
Crowe definetly for bad-ass scene chewing villian!!!!!!!
We need a “Gary Mitchell”, “Finnegan” (Shore Leave) and “Ruth” (Shore Leave).

60. Kobayashi Maru - September 27, 2007

William Shatner has said many times, in interviews, that he thought of Kirk as a kind of Alexander, who ruled all he surveyed at the age of 30.
Remember also, that the franchise needs longevity, and at a rate of 2 and a half to 3 years a picture, Vogel will age quickly, this is not episodic TV now.

61. Magic_Al - September 27, 2007

I can see it. I don’t know why but I can see this working.

62. Jan - September 27, 2007

I have my doubts… I don’t know if Mike Vogel ist charismatic enough for this role

63. VulcanBabe - September 27, 2007

I can see it too, lol…
it’s not perfect, not “omg yay”, but no problems with it either.

64. Snake - September 27, 2007

Anthony – i think that Brody Spock video is messing up the internet connection – can it be just on the Brody Spock page and not the main news page? (I don think it works anyhow – states “Video Not Accesable”)

The main page keeps freezing like its having trouble with the vid or something

65. Stanky McFibberich - September 27, 2007

re: 54. Cervantes – September 27, 2007

Quick nurse…Stanky will need the smelling salts… ;)

It’s nice to be remembered in my semi-retirement.

They can cast Gumby as Kirk if they want.

66. Ivory - September 27, 2007

Get ready for Star Trek 90210.

This guy is too much of a pretty boy to play Kirk.

67. Driver - September 27, 2007

Yeah, he looks alright for the part. I can see it.

68. trekgeezer - September 27, 2007

I’m getting tired of this “How old were they?” Here are the main cast birthdays, do the math. Interest that George is actually the youngest member of the crew.

Deforest Kelley – Jan. 20, 1920
James Doohan – March 3, 1920
William Shatner – March 21, 1931
Leonard Nimoy – March 26, 1931
Nichelle Nichols – Dec. 28, 1932
Walter Koenig – Sept. 14, 1936
George Takei – April 20, 1937

69. Adam Cohen - September 27, 2007

He made a good impression in a terrible movie a couple of years ago (Rumor Has It) and I think he could be a decent choice. But as others above have said, it’s all about the chemistry– I do not envy anyone trying to recapture the magic of the original cast.

70. Snake - September 27, 2007

69 – yes thats incredibally important – its a factor Superman Returns didnt quite pull off (with Lois)

71. Snake - September 27, 2007

Ok this is cheesy as hell but it’s a montage of Vogel in action in his various films – I think he’s at that old Trek favourite Vasquez Rocks in one movie

72. John N - September 27, 2007

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but has a neat image manip of this guy as Kirk:

73. Ivory - September 27, 2007

Sorry, but he seems like a poor choice to me. I hope I am wrong,but this guy is too OC/90210 for me.

This guy looks like he would be more at home on MTV rather than in Star Trek. Never mind playing Kirk + stepping into Shatner’s shoes.

74. Snake - September 27, 2007

actually he looks a little like David (Kirks son) in that main pic..(from Posedien)

75. Scott Gammans - September 27, 2007

With Vogel as Kirk and Quinto as Spock, I can just imagine the reaction of the K/S crowd. :)

76. Kevin Greene - September 27, 2007

Hm. Gotta say, I ain’t really feelin’ this guy as Kirk… And whoever mentioned Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles? I was thinking the same thing. He could play Kirk.

77. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 27, 2007

#73 “This guy looks like he would be more at home on MTV rather than in Star Trek. Never mind playing Kirk + stepping into Shatner’s shoes.”

Agreed! Whoever plays Kirk has to be able to project MANLINESS. Like Bob Justman said, “a leader of men.” In the Fantastic Four movies, I hated what a wuss they turned the character of Reed Richards – who is a confident leader in the comics – into. I’ll die if that happens to Captain Kirk!

78. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

I looked at the YouTube clip that snake posted. Oddly enough, it was the clips from the skateboarding movie that sold me.

Yep, this guy can do it. I doubt they can find a better Kirk.

79. Rich - September 27, 2007

#16: Interesting choice. What do you guys think?

80. Snake - September 27, 2007

78 – yes that close up of his face – you can imagine him on the bridge facing some agonising decision..

81. StillKirok - September 27, 2007

#57–First of all, I have not been claiming the film will be horrible because Shatner isn’t in it. I have been claiming that they blew off fan demand and as a result will lose money because of what they did. They were dishonest and Shatner’s lack of involvement, no matter who the new Kirk is, will hurt the film. You may not like that myself and a lot of others feel this way, but tough.

And you are absolutely wrong about the only way they can bring in Shatner is to make the scenes pre-Generations. In fact, that would be a waste.

There is NO WAY Shatner’s presence would be a detriment to the story. It would only enhance it. But we’ll never know that because despite claiming they were trying to get Shatner in the movie, they never bothered to write a role for him. The two kind of go hand and hand.

Shatner’s ABSENCE is a detriment to the story. Nimoy already said as much.

Look, you may not like that people are upset, but guess what? People are upset. You and others who feel like you have the right not to respond to these complaints.

The producers have ignored the fans quite nicely. It cost them a lot of money, but hey, since when does that matter to Paramount? They’ve been letting Trek rot since GR died.

The film will begin with a disappointment. For their sake, hopefully they can overcome it.

Casting a boy band guy probably won’t help, but we’ll see.

82. TB - September 27, 2007

71. Watched the montage….

Vogel may be 28, but like someone said, he looks 20, which means he would be great as Kirk if they were doing an academy days film. What I did notice from the montage is that he would have been a kickass Johnny Story AKA the Human Torch, but Kirk? No way, no how!!!

Like most of you, I would like to see an unknown in the role. But until they find one who is perfect, give me Jenson Ackles. He’s 29, 6’1″, & every character he plays has that cocky, confident & somewhat egotistical swagger of James T. Kirk.

83. CanuckLou - September 27, 2007

@38 Excellent Post Anthony. I totally concur.

84. Master Blaster - September 27, 2007

Um… is it too late to call Matt Damon?

85. scott - September 27, 2007

They need a Canadian who has stage experience.
Not being famous would help.
Like I said in a previous post, famous people ruin genre films.
The unknown the better. Its oblivious JJ & his team know this.
Matt Damon might be too old to play young Kirk, but he is also too famous to be in anything cool.

86. Rhett Coates - September 27, 2007

It is interesting that the scene played above features Jennifer Anniston. She has been rumored to be one choice for a potential young Carol Marcus, so if Vogel gets the role as young Kirk……….

87. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

#81: “They were dishonest and Shatner’s lack of involvement, no matter who the new Kirk is, will hurt the film. You may not like that myself and a lot of others feel this way, but tough.”

Who was saying that if we didn’t want to read complaints about Shatner not being in this film, we should stay out of topics about Shatner?

This topic is not about Shatner in any way, shape or form. It’s about the new James T. Kirk and who’s in the running to play the character.

“A lot of others feel this way?” Yeah, let’s see some numbers. Judging from posts on the Internet, it’s a couple of thousand at the outside. :)

88. scott - September 27, 2007

One other thing. JJ said at Comic Con they are trying to come up with a way to include Shatner. Shatner says he is not in it. Thats just BS.
If JJ says they’re trying, its still possible. Shatner himself is a BS artist & I think all of this stuff that is says in public is just part of his negotiationing with the suits. I really think this about a beefy role & not money. Shatner has plenty of money, its his ego that needs feeding. A big Kirk comeback would do nicely. Plus the fans demand it. I have been waiting for Kirk to comeback ever since they fired Bad Rick. Its a lot like when Kiss came back with makeup in the 90’s.
The demand of the people create the spark.

89. CaptainlordBat - September 27, 2007

I can see him as a young Denney Crane :)

90. CmdrR. - September 27, 2007

^ You can’t have Bill Shatner without the BS.

As for Vogel, the clip doesn’t really let him shine, but it’s not much of a scene. Hopefully, he’ll shave if he gets the big chair.

It’s really hard to tell a good Kirk until he’s in full swagger mode. So much of the character is the ‘getting away with s**t.’ We’ll know soon in any case.

91. VanEdge - September 27, 2007

anyone notice how much this guy looks like the actor that played Kirk’s son David in ST II and III?

92. Snake - September 27, 2007

88 Yep they gonna have an in an all action pre titles credits sequence (like Bond)… Spock goes into the nexus in a thruster suit and rescue Kirk come out of the nexus and defeat Malcolm MacDowell again with Picards help – but this time Picard buys it with a shot to the back…

They both carry him up a huge mountain (Kirk on the legs..Spock on the arms) and the huff and puff till they get him up there and then they look for rocks to bury him under but Kirk slips and falls off – Spock goes back down the mountain and sees his friend die..and then charters another shuttle craft to take him to the nexus to try again!

anyway after about an hour of this the titles come up STAR TREK and we have Spock go back in time to meet Quinto

Or something

93. JBS - September 27, 2007

24. Buckaroohawk “…… I can see him in the role, dependent on how he looks with a hairpiece, that is.” LMAO, you made my morning with that comment.

71. Snake – thanks for that montage. He is delicious (from a girl’s POV)

I will pay good money just to see this guy in the ripped shirt / no shirt scenes.
Yummy! Hire him now!

94. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 27, 2007

This clip does not exhibit any screen presence in the guy… it would help if his lines were less of the “whoa… dude” variety. I think what we need to see in a prospective Kirk, however young, is evidence of the “life of the mind”. Kirk, after all, is a man who thinks, not just a man of action or one who blindly follows orders.

95. Fergie - September 27, 2007

# 73 said it all.

This guy looks like he is an annoying MTV reality star.

96. Fergie - September 27, 2007

# 87

I think you are wrong about Mr. Shatner. Many people will be upset if he is not in the film.

Cleary there was a a major split in Star Trek fandom when Kirk was killed off for no reason other than poor writing.

Mr. Shatner’s return would be a healing of that fandom.

97. DavidJ - September 27, 2007

Have you guys SEEN pics of the young, 20-something Shatner? He looked just like every other hunky young Hollywood actor out there now.

98. JCool - September 27, 2007

Lets get a photoshop pic of Vogel and Quinto as Kirk n Spock.

Ready…get-set go!

99. Bobby - September 27, 2007

this guys acting leaves much to be desired. sorry mike, but i wouldn’t cast you.

100. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 27, 2007

#97 … True, but he was also a classically trained dramatic actor who carried (even then) a powerful dose of built-in intensity into every role. Especially the role of Kirk. Let’s hope this guy if hired can deliver at least some of that.

Somebody confirm or deny this one already.

101. StillKirok - September 27, 2007

#88–JJ was obviously trying to steer focus away from the Shatner issue. The fact is that if he wanted Shatner, it would have happened. It’s kind of hard to accept that they were trying to get the man in the movie, without writing him a part in the script.

Shatner’s the only one who’s been remotely truthful throughout this whole process, just like he was with Enterprise.

#87–by your logic, judging by the posts on the internet, there are only a couple dozen who don’t want to see Shatner in the film. But you’re right about one thing–it’s not a Shatner topic.

It’s a Kirk topic, and a movie topic. The two are related.

I’ll reserve judgment on Vogel. I’d be curious on his physical size compared to a young Shatner and whether he could take a leading role. I haven’t seen him act so I can’t say for sure.

102. Fergie - September 27, 2007

I don’t think this Vogel guy has the chops to pull this off.

103. Fergie - September 27, 2007

Truth be told. I could care less one way or the other.

Shatner + Nimoy are Kirk and Spock. These new people (whoever they are) will just be walking in their shadows.

I would enjoy the film more if Nimoy and Shatner are both in it. Beyond that I don’t think I really care.

104. Snake - September 27, 2007

97 –

Shatner pre Kirk:,%20William

105. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

#101: “It’s a Kirk topic, and a movie topic. The two are related.”

So much for the “stay out of Shatner topics if you don’t want to hear complaints” claim. Obviously the obsessive ranting is going to go on wherever and whenever.

A couple of thousand – maybe hundreds – of people care whether Shatner’s in this movie or not.

106. Fergie - September 27, 2007

The guy (Vogel) looks like a stoner.

107. Fergie - September 27, 2007

I must disagree with Mr Bailey (#101)

Many, many people care if Shatner is in this film. It may be a silent majority, but I think you can take this site and others like it as a microcasm of the fanbase.

As a long time lurker (and other Star Trek sites) it seems William Shatner’s return is a very big deal to a lot of folks who really love Star Trek.

A film with the original Captain Kirk is better and bigger than one without him.

108. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

#107: “Many, many people care if Shatner is in this film. It may be a silent majority…”

Prove it.

“Silent majority” is always code for wishful thinking – ie, “there’s no evidence, but I’m sure they’re out there.”

109. King Anthony - September 27, 2007

tsk, tsk.

abrams’ making certain it’ll bomb, and it will.

110. Kev-1 - September 27, 2007

I don’t know the actor, so I can’t make any fair comments. But I sense that this will not be a Star Trek with Kirk as the main captain or even main hero. I think that’s a strange way to go with TOS, since Kirk was an important element of that show and people will be expecting a large role. Even if Matt Damon wasn’t perfect, he could have pulled off the larger than life aspects of the character, the “superhero” aspects, well . I don’t feel that’s where there going with this movie. Good or bad. So Kirk may not be the big important obstacle here .

111. Fergie - September 27, 2007

Mr Bailey:

By silent majority I meant people who do not post on these sites etc…

But, on the most popular Star Trek web sites there is strong support for William Shatner to return as Kirk.

112. Snake - September 27, 2007

110 – yeah i get that impression too..Kirk in this might just be a sort of background character with Spock – Nimoy/Quinto as the main ones (for this film anyhow)

After all Abrams did state its more about Spock than Kirk

113. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

#111:”But, on the most popular Star Trek web sites there is strong support for William Shatner to return as Kirk.”


TrekBBS is one of the larger Trek sites on the Internet, still, and the folks pumping there for Shatner are about as few and far between as here. There are a couple of real obsessives on TrekWeb but hey, TrekWeb is a “special” place. :lol:

114. Fidgit - September 27, 2007

I can’t say one way or the other whether there are a lot of people who care if Shatner is in the film. However, I can say with confidence that I, personally, do not.

I can say with even greater confidence that I am *sick to death* of hearing the endless whining. We get it; we’ve heard you. Please for Zarquon’s sake shut up already. Is anyone else losing interest in these talkbacks because of this phenomenon?

115. DavidJ - September 27, 2007


I don’t know how Kirk could POSSIBLY be a background character in a Star Trek movie. Yeah the story may follow Spock’s journey a little more closely, but Kirk is still the captain of the ship, and the one leading the missions.

Besides, even if this is “Spock’s movie”, he still needs someone to talk to and interact with. I doubt he’s going to be hanging out with Checkov or Uhura instead.

116. Anthony Pascale - September 27, 2007

2 points
1. I see a lot of comments about \’not right\’ due to exact height, bone structure, etc
Please people…they are hiring actors not impersonators or look alikes. What matters is if he can do the work on the script that they have. I am not saying that Vogel is confirmed, but he is certainly in the ballpark for the character description…then all that matters is if he can act. And as I stated earlier, the screentests are the key for Kirk and so we will never know until we see some clips. Regarding pretty boy…Abrams and his team are clearly taking their time and there are millions of pretty actors out there…the fact that this guy is a former model is likely to be just a coincidence.

2. Shatner derailments
I will not tolerate any more campaigning and derailments of topics into people\’s private little obsessions…so stop it

specifically for Still Kirok…this is your absolute final warning. Next time you make false claims about the film makers and/or try and derail a thread to your obsession….you will be permabanned

comments to

117. ZoomZoom - September 27, 2007

If this fella really is up for Kirk then his life is about to get VERY interesting! He certainly looks the part, handsome but not so much that you want to punch him out!
Wonder how good his flying leg kick is? ;)

118. toddk - September 27, 2007

someone said that the actor resembled kirk’s son david marcus, but frankly, I didnt ever see the resemblance in wrath of khan. I see casting kirk as almost completely impossible but goodluck!

119. Dom - September 27, 2007

Remember, as Trek fans, we all know more about this movie than most people. If you ask about out there, you’ll find a lot of people don’t even know there’s a film in production. They certainly don’t know who’s in it or which crew will be featured. Even after the official cast announcement, the majority of the public won’t know about the film until trailers start hitting the cinemas.

People won’t ***mind*** either way about who’s in the film. Some might express disappointment at Shatner’s non-appearance, after seeing the film, but it’s unlikely to ruin it for them.

By the sound of things, it would be difficult to feature any of the original cast beyond Leonard Nimoy, if the story rumours prove to be true.

120. cd - September 27, 2007

#59. – Not sure why we need Ruth. Carol Marcus – yes. Ruth – not so much.
And Finnegan, only if this is a Starfleet Academy movie, which by all accounts, it is not.
But we might need a Kevin Riley and a Bailey.
I would like to see Dr. Mark Piper, because I think Philip Baker Hall would be a good fit. John Glover as Dr. Boyce. Ray Liotta as Pike wouldn’t be bad.
Not really convinced Gary Sinise would be a good McCoy. Rainn Wilson, if he could do a convincing crusty doctor with a Georgia accent, might work.
But I think find the right Kirk will be crucial.

121. star trackie - September 27, 2007

He looks the part. But he comes off like a surfer dude and his delivery isn’t very re-assuring. Of course it could have been that particular role and maybe he can pull off the silent commanding presence needed for a starship captain.
I’m sure JJ gave him some beefy scenes and paired him with Quinto, to see if he has the acting chops to pull it off. If not, I doubt we’ll see him onscreen as Kirk. But If he can pull it off and the chemistry is there, great, because he has the look.

122. JCool - September 27, 2007

According to IMDB April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg r in charge of the casting.

123. Multitrek - September 27, 2007

Has anyone noticed this…. Comment 72 has a link to a picture of Vogel in a TOS uniform wearing what seems to be a Next Generation insignia and standing on what seems to be a Pike era bridge. This doesn’t seem to be a Photoshop job to me. Could it be a picture from the audition? One of the finished sets?

124. JCool - September 27, 2007



125. Multitrek - September 27, 2007


Would that make them the A&W’s with those initials? ;)

126. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

It’s a Photoshop job.

127. Jeff - September 27, 2007

Hmmm. Not overly convinced. But hey, Shatner is a hard act to follow. So long as the actor who gets the part can do kirk without doing a cheap immitation of shatner we’ll be set.

128. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

April and Alyssa are in charge of casting? Oh, great! Probably means that surfer dude will walk in, they wet their panties over beefcake and we, the fans, get no sizzle in the film! Try to remember to pick AN ACTOR WITH TALENT, dammit!!

129. TK - September 27, 2007

(-delurking-) It pains me to think of a non-shatner version of Capt Kirk, but I guess we have no choice at this point…. I’ve been very happy with all the other casting choices so far, but I’m not quite sure if Vogle is right for this role so I had to voice my opinion….I am almost prepared to accept him as Kirk, but if I was honest he doesn’t do it for me personally.

Comparing Bill shatner’s photos from back in the 60’s that someone posted here and Vogles’ (who is good looking), the difference, in my opinion, is in the eyes.

Bill shatner was very good looking in TOS, but it wasn’t just that that drew me to his version of the captain, it was also the expressive eyes. Besides that, I think I’d have a problem with a blue eyed Captain Kirk – he really should have hazel eyes!!!! :) All of the actors that have been suggested so far for the role of the captain kind of lack the playfulness that I associate with Bill Shatner and the captain as well.

Another point I want to make is that I was very impressed with the way in which Shatner had command over his pet doberman (I saw a clip of the Blackman home video of TOS behind the scenes on youtube a while ago-don’t know if it’s still there). I guess it’s an ability that you are either born with or don’t have. In my opinion Captain Kirk should be played by someone who can command a dog as well as Bill can!!!

130. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

“In charge of casting” does not mean what you think it means. :)

131. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 27, 2007

Wet panties, beefcake and no sizzle. Yup, sounds like a bad recipe to me too, Harry!

Please, God, no Hayden Kirkstensen!! As I said, I will die if new Kirk sucks ass, instead of kicking it like he’s supposed to!

132. cd - September 27, 2007

Picture looks like Rik Mayall from The Young Ones! >;>}

133. JCool - September 27, 2007

I think the executive producers and JJ have the final say on the casting thing..


134. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

April and Alyssa…..
what, were Tiffany and Candi busy? Sheesh!!

135. Plum - September 27, 2007

I think he’s great but, he’s a model? There’s a reason William Shatner could play Kirk so well, he could do it large like Shakespeare. And a Shakespearian actor is what Shatner was.

136. DRE - September 27, 2007



I’m not sure what Gosling film you’ve seen but the guy is a damn good actor (track down The Believer, one of his best), not that I think he should be Kirk or anything.

Back to Vogel,

I’ve seen a lot of Mike’s movies, from the skateboard flick Grind and MTV’s “Wurthering Heights” remake (Terrible film) to his more recent stuff and I have to say, I’ve not once seen him play a take charge/man’s man type role. Does that mean he can’t do it? Of course not. But it’s still of no comfort to fans who just can’t see him as “Captain of the Enterprise.”

For me, it’s not about whether he measures up to Shatner or not, but can he stand there and truly be believable as the leader of Starfleet. As I said before, I will remain open minded about everything until the lights come back up in the theater and I’ve seen the end result of this…enterprise.

137. TB - September 27, 2007

129. I’m not even a fan of Ackles, but he has all the qualities you mentioned. I’ve said this before, but every ST Captain is basically the same character. The difference is the actors own personal stamp on the portrayal. I hated Picard at first because he was so stern & seemed uncaring of his crew. But he finally came around & was essentially like an older British version of Kirk. Likewise, Katherine Janeway was the feminine version, etc.

138. acb - September 27, 2007

I have seen some of Vogel’s work (that and with the assistance of my own collective years in acting training under my belt) and he is more of one of those actor’s who are good at playing themselves on screen more than they are creating and developing a character……at least at the stage he seems to be in now.

I hope they continue to look a little harder for their Kirk. I wonder if this is going to go the same way casting the role of Wolverine did for X-men. Singer had to start shooting that film before Jackman was cast, and they even did open casting calls up to 2 weeks before production.

P.S. Anyone else thinking Matt Damon is starting to have looked like not that bad of a choice anymore.

139. Kahless - September 27, 2007

This Vogel guy will ruin the movie if cast as Kirk.

140. Guille - September 27, 2007

Here is an idea of the timeline of the new movie:

Original Actor’s B-Day’s:

Age of Characters at begining of Original Series in 2266 (1966):
Spock-35(In Human Years)

New Characters Ages: Indicates Star Trek XI takes place around 2259 to 2260 (at the end of Captain Pikes last 5 year mission)
Kirk(Mike Vogel)-28
Spock(Zachary Quinto)-30
Scotty(Paul McGillion)-38
Ohura-(Zoe Saldana)-29
Checkov(Anton Yelchin)-18

141. Guille - September 27, 2007

I agree with Jensen Ackles as James T Kirk

142. ewok - September 27, 2007

He’s not Matt Damon, so Im happy with this new guy. It’s great to see Abrams giving fresh faces a chance in this great film franchise.

143. DavidJ - September 27, 2007


True, Shatner had a real AUTHORITY about him from the very start. He talked and acted like someone much older and more experienced than him.

Whoever the new guy is needs to have that same quality. I don’t care how old he LOOKS, he needs to act and sound like a real military commander.

144. Kirk: The Sober Jack Bauer Of Space - September 27, 2007

#136, totally agree. Shatner had what they used to call “screen presence.” And a newer term “gravitas.” He had that certain something.

Hopefully whoever they get will have that. You don’t find that every day though….


145. Kirk: The Sober Jack Bauer Of Space - September 27, 2007

Um… actually I totally agree with 143.

146. Vejur - September 27, 2007

Regarding some Superman Returns negative commit. I found SR to be superior film then Superman the Movie, it is that good. Brandon Routh was great as Superman and matter of fact he portray Clark Kent role better then over the top nerdy like Chris Reeves did.
Kate Bosworth was better then Margot Kidder(her voice is so annoying) PERIOD.

147. Jeff - September 27, 2007

I dunno, they’re too old, but I still think Josh Duhamel or Timothy Olyphant are better choices for Kirk. Expecially Josh.

148. Enterprisingguy - September 27, 2007

Anthony….thanks for bringing some sanity back to this thread! I agree that we don’t need impressions of the original performers. Brandon Roth did a great impression of Christopher Reeve and the new Superman movie suffered for it! It’s time for a new take on Trek!

Dennis…I agree with you that using a Trek site as a barometer of how many people want Shatner back is flawed reasoning! Most people outside of our circle may not even know that a new Star Trek movie is even on the drawing board until much further along in the production process.

And my final word on Shatner being in or out is that I have considered the issue closed ever since I saw him get the girl in The Undiscovered Country. That was sad. But he came back for one more bite of the apple in Generations and had his swan song (at his own request)!

I’m ready to move on. I hope that others can do the same.

149. Robby13 - September 27, 2007

I think they are damned if they, damned if they don’t. Whoever they chose to be the new Kirk will not satisfy anybody(The Shatner crowd anyway) unless they clone William Shatner.
I prefer to have an open mind. I think their casting choices have been great so far. Why would they screw up the most important part?

150. I AM THX-1138 - September 27, 2007

I’ve tried watching the clip again and the youtube link and looked at the side by side pics. I know that’s not enough to go on, but I just don’t know about this guy. He doesn’t seem to have that je ne se quois that Shatner had. Is he a leader of men?

151. VOODOO - September 27, 2007

This guy looks far too pretty to play the role.

I still hope they find room for the Shat.

152. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

The guy is seven years younger than Shatner when TOS began…and so is Kirk.

153. JCool - September 27, 2007

Eion Bailey for Krik!

154. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

Allow me to elaborate on the “je ne se quois” mentioned by my friend, THX.
Two things come to mind:

One, an actor either has charisma or he doesn’t. Look at Marlon Brando or Anthony Hopkins; both men had brilliant technique and style, but it was the inherent charisma of each man that smacked audiences across the side of the head and made their respective performances memorable.

Two, it certainly helps in how the actor enunciates each word. Sure, Brando would be known to mumble some dialogue, but that was a carefully measured behaviour required at that particular moment. Otherwise, it is critical to have clarity in how an actor will project each word they utter, with Shatner being a classic example of someone with a singularly unique take on how to deliver it, but boy, when it works, it really works!
Watching this boy being interviewed, I winced at how his diction could do with considerable improvement. He almost sounded like he had gravel in his mouth. Have any of you ever witnessed the Shat giving such a mealy-mouthed interview? The answer is no, and it goes a long way in explaining why TPTB are having a hard time in casting the Kirk role. Good luck trying to find a gifted, charismatic actor in the current Hollywood crop who can spell the word “elocution”, let alone knowing what it means to effectively employ it.

155. Demode - September 27, 2007

I don’t see this guy as KIRK at all. Just doesn’t have that ‘look.’ I also fear, from what I have scene, that he dosen’t have the acting chops either.

156. JCool - September 27, 2007

Ok I made up my mind.

Dear April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg

Please don’t cast this MTV pretty boy-surfer dude as Kirk

Please find someone else like eion Bailey *wink wink*

p.s. sorry for my poor english

157. Greg2600 - September 27, 2007

Part of the problem here is that, because this is supposed to be a prequel to TOS, you have to use younger actors. That automatically means you’re going to have less experienced actors than previous Trek series. Also, I am sorry but the quality of acting has gone down severely since the 1960’s, largely because there are so few scripted television productions these days.

158. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 27, 2007

Hmmmm…………………. Your Lord is not sure about this guy… Maybe too Abercrombie and Fitchish

159. Cygnus-X1 - September 27, 2007

THIS is where the producers’ heads are – Mike Vogel?

What are we, 13 year-old girls?

Is this the new demographic for the re-birth of Star Trek?

This guy’s a pretty-boy. Period.

He’s not interesting, not compelling, not emotive and not a particularly good actor. Watching that clip from “Rumor Has It,” I felt like I was watching the rejects from the Jeff Spicoli auditions, and this guy’s certainly not interesting enough to play Jeff Spicoli, either. Not interesting enough by half.

Please. I acknowledge that he’s a very pretty, young man, at whom the adolescent female and gay-male demographic will certainly swoon. But, how about a little respect for the franchise and the real fans? I think we both deserve a Kirk who exhibits a modicum of character, guts and heart.

Not some spoiled brat from the cover of Tiger Beat magazine.

James T. Kirk is a man’s man.

Cast one to play him, for Chrissakes.

160. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

#159 is right! Captain Kirk is the type of leader who others would follow into battle. I wouldn’t follow this guy in a game of darts at the local pub!

161. jocke ewing! god dam it. jj is a hack ! - September 27, 2007

#159 right on point

shit if i cant have a shatner understudy scap the whole will be a 30 day staright to dvd release..and it will be the ultimate nemisis..fuvck you jj

162. Penny - September 27, 2007


I 100% agree!!!!

I hope Roberto Orci is reading

especially your post!!!

No Bland pretty Boy! No bland pretty Boy! No bland pretty boy!

163. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

Jocke, you missed your calling as a diplomat for the United Nations!

164. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 27, 2007

I too was disappointed watching his interview. He sounded bored talking about the film! IF he gets cast (important to remember it’s just a rumor at this point), let’s hope he can drum up more enthusiasm for Trek! :(

Compare the fan reaction to this news vs. the Quinto announcement, and it’s not good at all.

165. Dennis Bailey - September 27, 2007

#157:”Also, I am sorry but the quality of acting has gone down severely since the 1960’s”

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Uh, no.

Sorry, I grew up on 1960s television. The quality of acting on TV, across the board, has gotten steadily better.

166. Harry Ballz - September 27, 2007

Dennis, sometimes it’s hard for me to agree with your clinical logic and verbal surgical strikes, but I am on board with that particular opinion you just voiced.

167. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 27, 2007

79. Rich on Jesse Lee Soffer
Thank god! Someone is finally listening to me! Soffer as Kirk!!!!

168. cd - September 27, 2007

#146 – uhh, you must have seen a different Superman Returns and Superman: The Movie than I did. Singer couldn’t decide if he was doing a sequel, or a remake, or something else, this he came up the horrible term “semi-sequel”. (Second only to the term “reimagining” in creative emptiness). I hope the next film is more original and truer to Superman and that Brandon Routh will get a good chance to show his talent. And, while Superman: the Movie had some bad elements to it: specifically Hackman’s Luthor and Beatty’s Otis, it is a classic.(It seems Singer and his writers concentrated on those lesser elements as well as adding lesser elements of their own, like The Kid).
This is off subject but is relevant. The wrtiers of Star Trek might be wise to look at Superman: the Movie and Superman Returns, and learn from the mistakes made, and not make a “semi-sequel.”

169. Notbob - September 27, 2007


I went back and watched some of the clips and I have to say….I just don’t know.

To be honest, this guy doesn’t even really resemble Kirk that much to me.

I have said before that if it were something like 15 years ago and they were recasting I would have seen someone like Russell Crowe as a decent choice for Kirk. I know some will tell me I am wrong, but there are also some that don’t laugh when Kirk does that backflip during his fight in the Search for Spock…Sorry, I laugh.

With that said, someone sarcastically said this is going to be like Star Trek 90210. Which made me think of the 90210 of the 2000s The OC. That made me ask myself what about Benjamin McKenzie as Kirk? He’s only 5 ft 9 and I think Shatner was about the same height, if I recall right. He’s American, about 28 or 29 years old and, while he’s no twin to Shatner, he looks closer to Shatner than Vogel. Again, just my opinion

Maybe this guy Vogal will work….but why not the McKenzie guy? Some will yell, “Get an unknown!” My argument, Quinto is not exactly an unknown.

But what do I know? I thought that Anakin Skywalker should have been older throught all the Star Wars prequels and played by someone like a Jude Law.

170. Snake - September 28, 2007

regarding the link interview link – wow he took Posedien over X Men 3??! know X3 was being done by Ratner but c’mon! he should have done X3..

I image he was offered Angel.

171. Paul - September 28, 2007

how about nathan fillion? the captain from firefly?

172. Vejur - September 28, 2007

#168; uhh, you must have seen a different Superman Returns and Superman: The Movie than I did. Singer couldn’t decide if he was doing a sequel, or a remake, or something else, this he came up the horrible term “semi-sequel”. (Second only to the term “reimagining” in creative emptiness).
Matter of fact Chris Reeves himself had said that people scold only watch first 2 Superman movies and avoid other 2. Singer respected Reeves views(how horrible is that). So to clear this up for you Superman Returns is actually both reboot and sequel(not ,,semi sequel crap,,) but using only some elements of “the first two Superman films with Christopher Reeve,” which serve as, as Singer puts it, a “vague history.” I found Jason or the kid as you say, brilliant idea and gives relationship between Lois and Superman all new meaning.
My advise to the writer of Star clearly opposite to yours cd because i think Singer did a great Superman movie that made homage to original Superman the movie justice.

p.s. Star Trek XI scold follow this guidelines. 1. Reboot ot reimage 2. homage to TOS.

173. Vejur - September 28, 2007

170 regarding the link interview link – wow he took Posedien over X Men 3?! know X3 was being done by Ratner but c’mon! he should have done X3..
I image he was offered Angel.
You are right he was offer the Angel role however i think Vogel took right decision rejecting X3 c´mon how many lines did Angel charagher say in X3 (very few). Mike Vogel part in Posedion was much bigger part then being cuople of minutes playing mute Angel in X3 , who in mine opinion was awful film.

p.s If i might add; Thank god Ratner didnt do Superman movie.

174. TB - September 28, 2007

154 & 159, I couldn’t agree with you more. William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, & Kate Mulgrew are all classically trained actors who possess exceptional ennunciation & diction. If you notice, all the actors from TOS had fairly distinctive voices. Perhaps, then, JJ & his casting agents should be looking to stage actors in their search for the new Kirk rather than up & comers in film & TV

175. TK - September 28, 2007

154 159 and 174
I completely agree. A stage actor with hazel eyes, please! I don’t know enough stage actors to recommend anyone, unfortunately. Does anyone have recommendations?

176. Harry Ballz - September 28, 2007

When it comes to casting the actors for the new Star Trek film,
If they ain’t from the stage,
I’ll be filled with such rage,
better fit me for a cage!!

177. Demode - September 28, 2007

You know what… lets just get RYAN REYNOLDS cast as kirk and be done with it! The guy is Canadian, he is funny and charming, and he is dating the hottest woman in Hollywood right now (Scartlett Johansen.) How much more “KIRK” can you get?

178. JCool - September 28, 2007

*sigh* :(

179. Harry Ballz - September 28, 2007

I’d like to tickle Scarlett’s “tiberius” until her boobies glow!

180. Danya Romulus - September 28, 2007

Vogel’s official site looks like it is run by a scarily obsessive fan, and there are literally thousands of screenshots from his previous movies. I obviously haven’t looked through every one of them, but I’ve found a few like:


where I can imagine him commanding the Enterprise. I think the bottom line is we have no idea what he will be like until he does it, but I do think he has a shot to be good. At this point he is in an unenviable spot, because who can replace Shatner? No one, but I think we should give him a fair chance to do well on his own.

181. JCool - September 28, 2007

Type “Grind Part 1″ on youtube and you can see Mike Vogel’s performance there.

There’s also part 2, 3, 4 ect check it out.

182. Devon - September 28, 2007

I can’t buy this guy as Kirk. Nevermind he doesn’t look or sound like Kirk, but he doesn’t have the presense that Kirk does. Like someone else said, Kirk was “a man’s man,” not a Backstreet Boy.

183. Harry Ballz - September 28, 2007

They should be looking for someone 30ish, with more than a passing resemblance to Shatner, who has the charisma and acting chops of someone like Clive Owen. That would be an effective combination!

184. Stanky McFibberich - September 28, 2007

re:165 Bailey
“Sorry, I grew up on 1960s television. The quality of acting on TV, across the board, has gotten steadily better.”

Do you have any numbers that support that?
Prove it.

185. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » Star Trek Movie News - September 28, 2007

[…] :September 28: News On Captain Kirk And Some Of The Plot TrekMovie is reporting that Mike Vogel is in the running, and may be the front runner, to play the most famous Captain on television. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. He’s the perfect age for the role. 28. That’s in the age range they want Kirk to be. Maybe. I don’t know. […]

186. Trek Defense League - September 28, 2007

J.J. Abrams, whose Mission Impossible III made the CIA look like a bunch of club kids, is clearly determined to staff the Enterprise bridge with embarrassing pretty boys. By casting Quinto, he’s already re-envisioned Spock along the lines of “the serious one” from the New Kids On The Block. Why not this guy?

187. Stanky (How about some REAL news or none at all) McFibberich - September 28, 2007

re: 186
I will give them the benefit of the doubt for awhile with this Quinto, but the other casting choices so far should make no difference, I hope. The reason being I hope those characters have extremely limited screen time. I don’t like the inclusion of Uhura or Chekov if they are doing a pre-Where No Man Has Gone Before story unless they are incidental characters.

I find all these casting rumors to be a big drag. And anytime somebody remotely connected to the movie sneezes, we’ve got to immediately hear about that. Recasting any of these parts is a big mistake IMHO anyway. But, like a train wreck, it is hard to look away.

At least we have Remastered news to look forward to each week to compensate for the movie and TNG stuff.

Oh, and as long as I’m on a roll, Xai, “My Trek is better than your Trek.” ;)

188. BStu - September 29, 2007

I hate being “that guy” (no offense), but I felt compelled to make a Photoshop mock-up of Vogel as Kirk. I wasn’t impressed by the first one as it just emphasized his doofiness. As such, I started out completely not buying his look, but ended up actually liking it.

I trust Abrams on his acting abilities given that he’s worked with him and I generally like his casting so far. I will say that I hope the McCoy isn’t yet another 20-something. I can buy everyone else, but McCoy better be older is all I’m saying.

189. Commodore Wesley - September 29, 2007

154, 159, 174-176;
I totally agree. I also don’t follow stage actors, so someone more familar with Broadway should have input.
Now, I’m going to say something which is going to get me flamed:
When I saw Wil Wheaton do his Picard/Shatner impressions, I couldn’t help noticing, when I squinted my eyes, that (to me) he has a similar facial structure to the young Shatner.
I hasten to add that his impressions of Shatner were (literally) a joke.
I’d like to see Wheaton play a serious part, and see if he has any intensity – it probably doesn’t matter, there are so many Wesley-haters, he’ll forever be saddled with that role.
You’ve got to admit, though; he can swagger; and he can be a smarta*s.

190. Jeff - September 30, 2007

Yeah, I noticed how much Wheaton looked like the young Shat too! Pity his impersonation sucked.

^ the Vogel mock-up gives me hope.

The Eion Bailey suggestion further up is awesome. That guy really has the lead actor quality of the Shat.

My gut feeling with Vogel is, as nice a guy as he appears to be, he’ll get swallowed up by the rest of the cast and the scope of the movie.

191. Jeff - September 30, 2007


and did they ever screen test Patrick Flueger. that kid has lead presence and looks even more like the young Shat than any of them.

192. dundelinger - September 30, 2007

What about Josh Lucas? Might be a bit too old considering Zach Quinto’s age, but I think he’s got the presence…

193. eastcoast86 - September 30, 2007

Jensen Ackles as Captain Kirk!!!

194. burny - September 30, 2007

Ok, I have given this a lot of thought. There really just aren’t that many younger actors out there that can compare to William Shatner at the point he took over as Captain Kirk. They need to be good looking, smart and tough, but have an Iowa-born, farm-grown realness to them.

This Vogel guy? Nope, just doen’t have it. Too plasticy and Californian, sorry ( no insult intended, Californians :-) ). He needs to be be on the cutting edge between real and over the top.

I watched TOS growing up as a kid, and trying to think of someone in a movie or TV series that could compare and be in their late 20’s – early 30’s, someone that has had some actual success in movies but not too well know, someone that has played serious dramatic roles and also has played in films with humor in them ( which Star Trek has always infused a bit of into the show )…. well, the only guy I can come up with is Ryan Reynolds.

Think about it. Kirk always took the SITUATIONS he was in extremely seriously, but anytime he was with his close friends, he never took HIMSELF very seriously. Friends always came first, and he always had that self-depriciating, light hearted humor. This Vogle guy just looks like, I don’t know…. could we be made to believe that he is NOT as shallow as he looks?

I mean, Reynolds has played everything from Amityville Horror, Blade: Trinity and Smokin’ Aces to Just Friends and Van Wilder, so he obviously take a pretty broad look at himself. He’s got the Kirk type look, and I think he would be a lot more believeable than anyone else I have heard mentioned so far. Just my two cents…. Burny

195. elodie - October 1, 2007

Ben Browder for Kirk! Ok, he’ll be 45 next december 11th, but he is an excellent actor! He played John Crichton in the awesome sci fi show called Farscape and Cameron Mitchell in Stargate SG-1 (seasons 9 and 10). And he is a sci fi fan! Ben Browder (Kirk)+Paul Mc Gillion (Scotty)+ Zachary Quinto (Spock) : An incredible movie called Star Trek!

Please Mr Abrams, pick up Paul Mc Gillion and Ben Browder!

196. Olympus1979 - October 1, 2007

Well, JJ would know better then us right now who is right for the role of Kirk. BUT, this guy DOES look like he belongs in a boy band and certainly is NO leader of men, no mans man.

From his look, this is possibly the worst selection you could make for a Captain Kirk. All my males friends loved Kirk. They would rip this guy apart.

197. rob - October 1, 2007

From what I hear from those who work in the industry here, the issue comes along the lines of not finding someone who “is” Kirk. As one might suspect, many actors have already auditioned for the role. However, the same issue arose that was iterated when attempting to cast Superman/Clark Kent in SR a couple of years ago. Out of all the actors who audition you had some who looked like Kirk but could not act, some could act but looked nothing like Kirk and the rest fell into a mesh of a so-so in between.

From what others have heard for the case of Star Trek, however, is that the issue with the “so-so” choices is they have no one leaves them thinking “He is Kirk.” It is more of “he is the best we have out of what he ended up getting” and hoping their choice works out come time to shoot the film.

There apparently were even ideas floating about to do an open casting call for the role (same as was done for the roles of Superman and Wolverine) but someone along the line decided not to.

198. TK - October 1, 2007

Surely there must be someone, one person in the entire world, who can pull off a kirk! I thought that of all the main characters finding a new spock was going to be the most difficult, but looks like that wasn’t the case at all…. interesting.

Oh, can’t we just bring back Bill shatner?? ;) that will solve a hell of a lot of problems. Have a plot that ages Kirk rapidly for some reason to justify his appearance :D that would give us the chance to see a proper modern morph effect that seems to have been missing from this week’s man trap episode. hehe.

But seriously I’m still in favour of having a classically trained theater actor to play Kirk.

199. Snake - October 1, 2007

its risky because no one wants a so so Kirk…they’ll want there to be a collective gasp from the audience of ‘oh my god its Captain Kirk!!’ when they see/hear etc whoever on screen…..

I know the argument of they want actors not impersonators but the Kirk guy has GOT to look, sound, and well – be like a young Shatner as much as possible. (just like Quinto is obviously going to do with Spock) – that sort of goes for the rest too ……

Its a tough assignment

200. Jeff - October 1, 2007

Jeez, yeah this is tough. I really feel for Abrams and the guys making this movie.

201. Buzz Lancaster - October 2, 2007


My bet would go to a very very young Kirk… And my casting would be Edward *Ed* Speleers…!

I liked him in ERAGON and even being so young I thought he had “enough” of a presence to maybe play e young Kirk.

Take a deep look on him… This can be the guy we are looking for…!


202. TB - October 2, 2007

I watched “Poisiden” over the weekend but was too busy watching Josh Lucas & Kurt Russell to even remember Vogel was there. Even his girlfriend had to save him! C’mon, this guy wouldn’t make a pimple on Kirk’s ass. He may be a good up & comer, but he only fits roles of a hotdog, a Starbuck from Battlestar or the Human Torch, for instance. Coach Boomer’s voice from “Sky High” kept reverberating in my head’
“SSS-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-DK-I-I-CK!!!!! He is not a leader, but one of the crew. Captain Kirk? This guy doesn’t have the cahoonas to play Janeway!

203. Vejur - October 2, 2007

I can see Vogel as young kirk thou the other suggestion like Eion Bailey look more leaderish and Jensen Ackles are great choices for Kirk too

204. GMac - October 4, 2007

I can see Tahmoh Penikett being a decent Kirk

205. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Casting (fast) komplett - October 12, 2007

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