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Karl Urban Up For ‘Star Trek’ Role (But Not Villain) + Casting & Plot Updates September 28, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast,STXI Plot , trackback

This seems to be a week for Star Trek casting rumors and news. TrekMovie.com has confirmed that Karl Urban (Eomer of Lord of the Rings) is being considered for an unnamed role in the new Star Trek movie. IESB.net is reporting the Kiwi actor has been made an offer to play the villain in the film, but a source close to the production tells TrekMovie.com that Urban is not up for the film’s villain (nor is he being considered for Kirk). The source would not go further when pressed, but based on the Actor’s age (35) either Scotty, Bones may be a good guess (or possibly Captain Garrovick?). Regarding the casting of the villain a studio insider recently told TrekMovie.com that they are looking for well known brand name actor (especially one who will help the film play in foreign markets). This fits with the report that there is interest in Russell Crowe for the part.

UPDATE: Orci talks about Urban’s Trek connection
Like with other rumored and actual cast Star Trek actors, Karl Urban has a connection to the team behind the new Star Trek. Urban had a recurring role on Xena: Warrior Princess while Trek co-writers and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were showrunners for the series. Urban played Julius Ceasar (see clip below). In the comments section below Orci talks about working with Urban.

We worked with Urban back in the day, when Alex and I were the showrunners on Herucles and Xena. He always came through for us, and he is such a decent guy. None of what I just said, however, should be taken as a sign that any decisions have been made. Our only point is that, whatever happens, we’ve always loved Karl, and we all got our start in the same place.

Vote – pick a role for Urban
We just don’t know yet what role Urban is being considered for, so what role do you see him in. Vote in the current polll (right).
POLL UPDATED…added Kirk, Villain and Garrovick…vote again


Vogel/casting update
IESB’s other rumor this week about Mike Vogel being the ‘leading candidate’ for the part of Kirk has been partially confirmed, but a source tells TrekMovie.com Vogel is "just one of the people being looked at" for role and that they are still mulling options. Vogel’s publicist also tells TrekMovie.com the original article as written was "not true." According to sources, no major roles besides Spock (Nimoy & Quinto), Chekov (Yelchin) and Uhura (Saldana) have been cast at this point and that auditions are still ongoing.





The IESB.net Urban article ties into the earlier Aint Cool news plot spoiler report. IESB are reporting that the villain is to be a Romulan and that the plot involves Romulans going back in time to destroy Earth. TrekMovie.com has confirmed that elements of the original  AICN  rumor report are true (such as the inclusions of the Romulans and time-travel), however a source tells us that much of the original AICN story is still pure speculation.

Kobayashi Maru
TrekMovie.com has picked up on a new plot element. We have previously reported that even though the film is not (as originally rumored) an ‘Academy Movie,’ it still will involve at least some scenes at the famed Starfleet Academy. TrekMovie.com can now confirm that one of those scenes will show James T. Kirk’s solution to the famous Kobayahsi Maru ‘no win scenario’ simulation (first described in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).


1. flier1701 - September 28, 2007


I don’t remember him from Lord of the Rings, but based on image alone I think he’d be a good bones

Oh! and First…I think…

2. biodredd - September 28, 2007

Karl Urban… not a viable choice in my opinion.

3. JCool - September 28, 2007

Oooo I like.

Hello new Scotty or Bones!

4. JCool - September 28, 2007

Hmmmm Bones Yes !

Hello new Bones!

5. PD18 - September 28, 2007

So we’ll finally see how Kirk solved the Kobyashi Maru… Cool! Still not sure about the whole time travel thing. Urban as Bones?… hmmmm… Different, but could work… The fact that they are including the Kobyashi, hopefully means this WILL be Star Trek.

6. Craig - September 28, 2007

I hope they dont do a time travel put Earth in danger again. That was done in Enterprise and that failed. Also hasn’t time travel been overused?

7. Joe - September 28, 2007


8. JCool - September 28, 2007

deja vu


9. Craig - September 28, 2007

The IESB article also said old Spock talking to young Spock. They also did that in Voyager. Admiral Janway talking with Captain Janeway.

10. Harry Ballz - September 28, 2007

Hickory Dickory Dock
The Spock met up with Spock
The Romulan struck
They ran amuck
Hickory Dickory Dock!

11. Aaron R. (Sisko for president 08) - September 28, 2007

awesome! sounds very interesting!

Aaron R.

12. Aaron R. (Sisko for president 08) - September 28, 2007

oh and #7 earth is not always the target! both Generations and Insurection had small never before heard of planets as the target and a shit load of fans whined and complained!!!! Its like not matter what is done someone crys and plays like they are a little girl that skinned there knee.

13. JCool - September 28, 2007

It’s astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I’ve got to keep control

I remember doing the TIme Warp
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me and the void would be calling
Let’s do the time warp again…
Let’s do the time warp again!

It’s just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let’s do the Time Warp again!

It’s so dreamy, oh fantasy free me
So you can’t see me, no not at all
In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention
Well-secluded, I see all
With a bit of a mind flip
You’re there in the time slip
And nothing can ever be the same
You’re spaced out on sensation, like you’re under sedation
Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Well I was walking down the street just a-having a think
When a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink
He shook me up, he took me by surprise
He had a pickup truck and the devil’s eyes.
He stared at me and I felt a change
Time meant nothing, never would again
Let’s do the Time Warp again!

14. Nathan - September 28, 2007


Good to see spoilers and juicy details start to roll in!

15. Rob - September 28, 2007

I hope not, but… judging by that picture, that is one ugly dude.


16. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 28, 2007

The eyes do sort of say “McCoy”…


17. roberto Orci - September 28, 2007

We’re getting some great ideas from all these rumors!

18. Horta Hears a Q - September 28, 2007

Re: #17 – Roberto Orci… will you hire me as a writer for Bad Robot?

19. Penny - September 28, 2007

I want him to be McCoy.


20. Dennis Bailey - September 28, 2007

This would not be Urban’s first film in a spaceship:



21. roberto Orci - September 28, 2007


I don’t technically work for Bad Robot. Ask Bryan Burk.

22. tin man - September 28, 2007

Maybe he’s captain pike?

23. Penny - September 28, 2007

I want him to be Captain Pike!


24. Craig - September 28, 2007

So Mr. Orci throwing some fake plots out their to mess with our heads? :)

25. roberto Orci - September 28, 2007

We don’t do that, though we’ve considered it.

The natural rumor mill tends to do it for us.

26. Lou - September 28, 2007

I’d love to see him in this movie. He’d be great at EITHER bones OR McCoy.

as for the plot… I think it sounds better than previously rumored. I’d love to see the Enterprise do more of an Investigation type of thing, though. hopping from planet-to-planet trying to figure out something… maybe the origin of a quelled rebellion? I want to see how Kirk would respond to a type of situation that Picard had to deal with.

27. Anthony Pascale - September 28, 2007

so Bob…does that mean that the rumor I heard about the film actually being a musical wasn’t misinformation?

28. eb - September 28, 2007

Karl Urban is HOT!!! If he plays McCoy, I’d find it very hard to believe a girl would pick the rumored Kirk over him (unless you’re a teen). This really appeals to my sense of humor.

But then, Bones was grumpy.

29. Penny - September 28, 2007

What a hunk! So manly.

Captain Pike? I like

I like alot

30. Lou - September 28, 2007

27. Musical? Does Kirk sing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? lol!!! I hope so!

31. Craig - September 28, 2007

Mr. Orci just curious does shooting in Nov. mean the sets are built? Or will the set building start in Nov? I also am curious as to what the new Enterprise will look like outside and in.

32. Anthony Pascale - September 28, 2007

Hey Craig why dont you ask him to forward you a copy of the script while you are at it? (btw if he does can I get a copy?)

Next week I will be doing one of our regular nuts and bolts kind of updates regarding the pre production, but I can tell you they are hammering nails as we speak

33. Craig - September 28, 2007

Sorry about that. I wasn’t sure if he could answer a set constuction question. I’m not even sure if I want to read the script if it ends up online.

34. Heywood Jablome - September 28, 2007

It’s just a jump to the left…
And then a step to the right!

Man, I know if I watch Star Trek long enough, I’ll see the Enterprise go whizzing past a DeLorean and a blue police call-box going the other way in a temporal particle slipstream… with as much time travel that goes on I don’t see how it CAN’T happen.

35. eb - September 28, 2007

I want him for Captain Pike! I loved Pike. I’m with you, Penny!-#29

36. Penny - September 28, 2007


He looks like a leader! A captain!

CaPtain Pike! Captain Pike!

37. Kev-1 - September 28, 2007

Not sure about that plot. What’s really with the Kobayashi scenario that ‘s left to tell; Kirk reprogrammed a computer, got chewed out then got a commendation. Is there new stuff to tell? Give us new stuff.

38. roberto orci - September 28, 2007

27 LOL

Sets are already being built.

39. JCool - September 28, 2007

Star trek Enterprise FAILED because of the Time Travels FYI


40. Ampris - September 28, 2007

Okay, after looking through this guy’s IMDB gallery and watching a few clips… I’m sold. Completely. And I’ve been more worried about McCoy’s casting than anyone else’s since the beginning, so this is excellent news for me!

… If the rumor is true. *crosses fingers*

I mean, just fix his hair, give him some contacts, and he’s perfect for the good doctor. C’mon, casting crew, let this guy be cast as McCoy! I only hope that he can play grumpy well. :D

(Well, alright, I guess he could probably play Scotty well, too… but I wanna see him play McCoy, darn it.)

41. Cranston - September 28, 2007

I’m actually geeking out over the Kobayashi Maru news. No, it’s not “new” (cf. #37), but it’s a rare touchstone to Kirk’s early days that we know about, so it’ll be fun to see it in context.

Now if we can just get Gary Mitchell in there….

42. StillKirok - September 28, 2007

The plot sounds suspiciously like Of Gods and Men and First Contact. More interesting than FC because of the Spocks, but pretty much the same story.

43. StillKirok - September 28, 2007

#39–Enterprise didn’t fail because of time travel. It failed because it ignored continuity and wasn’t well written. A good time travel story will be fine.

44. JCool - September 28, 2007

40 :)
Karl Urban for McCoy.

45. Kirk923 - September 28, 2007

The guy is obviously Bones… Look at him next to a pic of Deforest Kelley as McCoy… Warpspeed now, Sulu…

46. JCool - September 28, 2007

Im very happy with the casting news.

Good job guys!!

Zachary Quinto- Spock
Zoe Saldana-Uhura
Paul McGillion-Scotty
Karl Urban-Bones
Anton Yelchin- Chekov

Wow! This might work! Hallelujah!

47. Viking - September 28, 2007

Hmmmmm. I still say McGillion gets Doohan’s role. But, if you can’t get Sinese, I can see this guy as McCoy. The expression of his face above captures the character quite well.

48. Greg2600 - September 28, 2007

I vaguely recall Urban from LOTR, but I remember him for sure in Chronicles of Riddick. He did a good job. If he can get the southern accent, might be right for Bones, although he’s fairly big and muscular and De Kelley was neither.

As for those plot spoilers, I can just hear the screaming over how it copy cats First Contact. On the other hand, I have always been a fan of the Romulans, and we were just beginning to see some really sinister and intriguing elements in their relations with the Vulcans during Enterprise season 4. Unfortunately, the Romulans were stuck in the middle of the insanity known as Nemesis (which if there was ever a Trek film to de-cannonize). It’s certainly not what I would have done for this film. I would have done something more like The Motion Picture. However, if this is true and there is time travel, and they still can’t figure out how to bring back Shatner as Kirk, shame on them.

49. Vejur - September 28, 2007

Question to supposed Roberto Orci how do i know you are really you, instead of impostor using your name hmmm.

50. Greg2600 - September 28, 2007

Ah, stupid me, I did not bother to read the comments, where Roberto basically laughed off the plot rumors. Wish this website had an EDIT button Mr. Pascale!

51. steve - September 28, 2007

Yuck. Time travel AND the second Trek movie in a row featuring the Romulans as villains. Hope these are just rumors…

52. Anthony Pascale - September 28, 2007

it is Roberto Orci, just like it was Brannon Braga posting here recently. And just like Rick Sternbach, Daren Dochterman, Dennis Bailey and other \’real\’ folks who post here. I always verify and when I see people try and spoof a name i delete and ban.

53. Dennis Bailey - September 28, 2007

I am not, in fact, a real person.

54. Penny - September 28, 2007

classic TOS prequel > Time Travel TNG Rick Berman crap

55. Ampris - September 28, 2007

45, how about this?


Any other takers?

56. JCool - September 28, 2007

He better not play Scotty!

Karl Urban for McCoy!

57. Dennis Bailey - September 28, 2007

Looks more like Riker to me. :lol:

58. Xai - September 28, 2007

#43 ENT failed because it was initally poorly written and got far better in it’s final season. A primarly reason was it’s network and timeslot. UPN wasseen in what… only 60% of the nation?


I could see Urban as Scott only if he can do the accent. More likely McCoy.

Time Warp? Dammit Janet! Not in the living room…

59. JBS - September 28, 2007

In that head shot above, he definitely could pass for a younger version of McCoy. But based on the youtube clip, he would have to lose a lot of weight and stop exercising those biceps. Deforest Kelley was reed thin. Actually, in the youtube clip (#20 post), his acting and buffed physique made me think he would be a good Capt. Kirk, just lighten his hair color a little.

60. Gary Lee - September 28, 2007

Kirk or Pike Urban is 35 I would think Pike would be older around 45 .

61. Headless Redshirt - September 28, 2007

OK, this is great! The first actor from Xena and Hercules to get a major role in Star Trek!

62. StillKirok - September 28, 2007

UPN was seen in more than 60 percent of the nation.

Enterprise’s ratings went down annually. Enterprise’s ratings were cut in half in the first season alone. UPN is not the reason Enterprise failed.

UPN is the reason it was on the air for four years. Any other network would have canceled a show like that in half a season.

Enterprise failed because it wasn’t any good.

63. Rhett Coates - September 28, 2007

RE: #17. roberto Orci – September 28, 2007
“We’re getting some great ideas from all these rumors! ”

Roberto: THANK YOU, and everyone working to make this a film to remember. You’re sparking some REAL LIFE into Star Trek again—just by writing whatever it is you’ve written that has Paramount (and JJ, and Leonard Nimoy) so excited. It’s making US excited!

Hey, if you can’t figure out a legitimate way for Shatner to be included, have Anthony contact me offline: I’m willing to help ghost-write something in for you guys. And I can do it! I wrote a 2-hour Guinan story intended for the still-hoped-for 5th Season of Star Trek: Enterprise……. (Oooops; I’ve just given away my idea of how to bring on Shatner—through Whoopi G. She WOULD have been around then, too.)

Karl Urban, huh? He has what appears to be a “plyable” face (I’m thinking like a casting director; YES: I’m in the film industry, as an actor.) YES: he’d probably perform well in ANY role you’ve already written.

Roberto, what about RIVERSIDE, IOWA? What about the characters of Gary Mitchel … and Finnegan? … And Carol Marcus? … And Capt. Garrovick? … And Kirk’s parents, George and Winona (as well as bro’ Sam)? … And [an elderly] Jonathan Archer—who Mike Sussman wrote into filmed canon (seen on a viewscreen aboard the starship Defiant) as the man who actually christenend the starship Enterprise, Naval Construction Contract-1701, only a day before he died peacefully in his sleep in up-state New York…….? And, did T’Pol sponsor young Spock into Starfleet Academy?

I’m SO grinning like a Chesire cat as I type this response, don’t you know! But like the song goes, “Anticipation is making me wait…..”


64. Rhett Coates - September 28, 2007

RE: #30. Lou – September 28, 2007
“27. Musical? Does Kirk sing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? lol!!! I hope so! ”

LOL!!! The first thing I thought of when I read that was not The Beatles, but rather, Lucille Ball—as original studio head for Star Trek. REMEMBER, EVERYONE??? At the end of EVERY episode of TOS Seasons One and Two, we saw: DESILU…………..

Lucy in the sky with diamonds……. Or, maybe, DILITHIUM CRYSTALS.

65. homelite - September 28, 2007

As excited as I am about the new film being a musical, now I wonder who will be cast for the Broadway version. God, I hope Julie Taymor does the set design so we can have “Puppet Romulans”.

…and Anthony, many thanks for what you’re doing here. The site rocks.

66. pizza hotdog - September 28, 2007

Romulans going back in time to destroy the Earth. I doubt it! They already told that story. Anyone watch First Contact? Borg going back in time to destroy the Earth. Now we go back in time to TOS, so that we can go back further in time and do it again. Use different costumes and actors. Repack it and call it Star Trek 2008.

As Mr. Orci said, “The natural rumor mill tends to do it for us.”

I’m just as hard a Trek a fan as you will find anywhere, and I will absolutely be there opening night. Maybe even think about going to Vulcan Alberta if they pull that off. But I hope they have something a little more original than First Contact: The Prequel.

454 dtST

67. Lou - September 28, 2007

#64. Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Shatner’s rendition of L.S.D. ( :P I love acronyms!)

68. Cranston - September 28, 2007

Urban is way too big and pumped-up for McCoy.

69. Danya Romulus - September 28, 2007

I said this before on another thread but no one responded, I’m going to say it again because I think it’s such a good idea…how about ADRIEN BRODY (who was clearly disappointed at not being in the movie as Spock) as the Romulan villain?

I think it would be perfect, he’s a name but not too huge of a name that he would overshadow everyone, he is weird looking, has never played a villain, but still would be totally believable as a Romulan I think. Anyone agree/disagree?

70. Xai - September 28, 2007

#62 Kirok

You are entitled to an opinion, but that’s not really what facts indicate.

71. Boney Bones - September 28, 2007

so what part of the IESB report is false? They said that Mike Vogel was in the running and you confirmed that, so what part wasn’t accurate?

And if you knew this stuff why did you not report on it until after the news broke somewhere else?

72. Steve - Oh? - September 28, 2007

Time Travel = Failure.

73. CmdrR. - September 28, 2007

Romulans, yes. Time travel? Do we have to?
Ah well, I bet some seroius exec meeetings looked the STIV and First Contact and figured Trek + Time Travel = Us Richer.

Gonna have to refresh my memory on who Eomer was exactly. I’ll see ya in ten hours or so.

**sparkle, dissolve, wierd lake and wax figure effect**

There. I’m back from time traveling.

Eomer of Rohan was a valiant warrior who became a great king. He led his Riders into battle against the forces of the Enemy and followed Aragorn to the gates of Mordor.

And he’s gonna be Bones or Kirk? ??

74. Steve - Oh? - September 28, 2007

One primary reason Enterprise failed is because just like the update OS nobody knew when it was going to be aired – on. This has happened with other series too – such as.
1. Married With Children
2. Futrama
And others that I can’t think of…..can anyone think of more?

75. CmdrR. - September 28, 2007

^ Firefly

76. Anthony Pascale - September 28, 2007

The part of the IESB story RE: Vogel we were told wasn’t true but two sources is that he is ‘the leading candidate’ for Kirk, but he is a candidate

Casting rumors have to be looked at carefully, including our own. Here are some of the various levels of casting rumor stories
‘is interested’ (actor wants the part)
‘is interest in’ (studio thinking about actor)
‘has audition’
‘in contention’
‘leading/lead/top tier candidate’
‘in talks/negotations’
‘been offered part’
‘signed on’

Sometimes people ‘move up’ the scale…especially when one site reprorts something from another site. TrekMovie.com is careful to ensure we are reporting the right level as we know it. We reported the Saldana story first and had her as ‘being offered the part’, when reprorted the Quinto we first reported his interest, then that he was ‘in talks’. With the recent McGillion we reported that he auditioned and that he is still in contention.

Often I see other sites take our reports and turn them into something else…usually moving it up a notch or to…to ‘saldana signed’ or ‘McGillion is leading candidate’

…that is not to say I can always be sure we are 100% accurate. I just report what I can learn, but with casting I have been pretty careful. In fact I do worry AMC reported our McGillion story and noted that we have a good track record with Quinto, Nimoy and Saldana, but for the record we are not saying he has been signed or offered. Like Vogel with Kirk, there are many actors in contention.

I did make a note in the article to make that part clearer…that we were just saying the ‘leading’ thing was off on Vogel. It is not a critique, only reporting what we are hearing.

I hope that clarifies things

77. Jeff - September 28, 2007

Looks like Bones to me!

78. Penny - September 28, 2007

Anthony you rock!!!! Thankyou so much! You are the best!

P.S I want to hear Karl’s southern accent :)

McCoy 2008

79. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 28, 2007

Time to repost this message.

Oh well, I guess I’ll miss seeing this one.
I am deeply disapointed.

Don’t you guys get it. Its STAR TREK not TIME TUNNEL!!! : (
Oh, no I said Time Tunnel. Guess there are several talking
about that as a new movie now.

Give us the characters and the high tech hardware we all love to see.
Did anyone notice the let down after the first epsisode of ENTERPRISE.

How about showing how the transporter actually works. Or show the
power of the ship. The Enterprise main engines were huge! Let us all
remember too how powerful the Photon Torpedos were too. Kirk used to
launch them and they would have to worry about the fabric of space
ripping apart. That still what makes me made about everyting post TOS.

The phasers turned into a little ray gun. PHASERS, PHASE THINGS OUT
GUYS! And they have multiple settings too. Remember the Kangs. That
captain killed thousands before draining his hand phaser (and they still

MY GOD! I sat in front of the TV till 4 AM all through high school watching TOS to see the power and wonder that the show depicted. I WAS SPELLBOUND!

DOES ANYONE remember KIRK!!! CEASER travelling the stars. This universe IS big enough!!

AND PLEASE, do not give us that rehashed sh_t of Spock assaninating JFK to fix things or something along those line. We all rememeber that plot too (even though it never made it to film – in the first movie.)

Oh, yea. This is my first post anywhere. AND thiere are legions just like me. Trust me. Rewrite while there is still time. Please e-mail me if you guys can’t or don’t understand what the show was about. I’ll be more than happy to help in a rewite. I have low rates too! I have so many thoughts about the original show. It just takes a little imagination and a love for the orginal. Sadly it seems that imagination is a rare commodity
these days.

Lets just make good Star Trek again. And if you are going to make all those sets again, then lets do a series again, please! WE WANT STAR TREK!! Not a reason for the studio to have a tent pole tax dodge every two years. Yes it’s that obvious. What is the budget this time? $300 mil? Lets ask Cawley how they did it. If you guys are realy interested in saving a buck (or an Amerio – look it up).

UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time Travel? puke. puke.

Hmmm. was’nt that the reason the creators of the show created the Warp drive in the first place? So that the ship doesn’t travel to Rigel, or where ever, and then return to find everyone a 100 years older?

Sorry, I am so mad. But if I could travel back in time…la, la, la, la.
Trust me that’s Fantasy, Not Science Fiction. WE WANT SCIENCE FICTION! I have enough trouble suspending my belief and accepting everything else in the show to accept a twisted time travel plot.

We had better see Kirk in a fist fight too, boys and girls.

I am still hoping this Time Travel plotline is just all a rumour.

Live long and profit Paramont.

80. cd - September 28, 2007

# 25 – I hope that applies to time travel and Romulans.

Karl Urban: maybe Gary Mitchell, maybe Finnegan. I don’t really see him as MCoy or Scotty (too tall for one thing).

81. Adam Clark - September 28, 2007

Karl Urban was also in the Doom movie.

82. jonboc - September 28, 2007

This guy doesn’t even bear a passing resemblence to McCoy. I doubt he is our new charming southern country doctor.

Pike on the other hand, yeah I can see that, or even Scotty. Or maybe just some other Starfleet officer, captain, commodore etc.

I’m really glad to see interesting people with interesting faces getting cast, I’m so tired of the cookie cutter ken and barbies out there. Movies are all about the great character actors as far as I’m concerned. They are the ones that steal the show ( as they often did in the original Trek series). I hope Trek 08 is full of them.

83. ZoomZoom - September 28, 2007

a Romulan plot to destroy Earth? What was Nemesis about? jeez, if that is the story, come on guys, try harder.

84. Penny - September 28, 2007

I think the producers/writers/directors should rent Nemesis and
ST: Enterprise series.

Awful show Awful movie

fail fail fail

85. Ben - September 28, 2007

I loved the casting so far but these two (for Kirk and Bones/Scotty) don’t go down well with me.

story seems to be allright, I have nothing against time travel.

86. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


True enough. We worked with Urban back in the day, when Alex and I were the showrunners on Herucles and Xena. He always came through for us, and he is such a decent guy. None of what I just said, however, should be taken as a sign that any decisions have been made. Our only point is that, whatever happens, we’ve alwyas loved Karl, and we all got our start in the same place.

87. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


It’s me.

But that doesn’t mean I want you to cut me any slack.

88. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


I apologize if I sounded like I was laughing off rumors. I don’t mean to be glib. Anthony asked me at one point why the heck we were so secretive. We talked about things like — from our point of view, we are trying to throw the audience and the people who care about Star Trek a SURPRISE PARTY — but at the same time, everybody wants to know when the surpise party is actually happening. Know what i mean?

However, we understand that certain info will come out and will be impossible to contain, and that our story must rely on more than mere suprise alone.

All we can promise is that we won’t lie, and that we don’t mean to be coy.

Anthony and I also discussed the fact that your opinions matter, and that reading your reactions does inform and affect our thinking and our decisions as we move forward into production rewrites. and shooting itself.

Thanks for all sincere opinions. Everything helps.

89. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


Thanks for kind words.

Without giving anything away, let me just say that those are all good questions and and observations.

90. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


without confirming or denying what you mean, let me just say that I understand what you mean.

91. cd - September 29, 2007

#88 – Thanks for listening to us. It IS appreciated.

92. roberto orci - September 29, 2007


Thanks for speaking up smartly. it is appreciated right back. Trek belongs to all of us.

93. cd - September 29, 2007


94. Cygnus-X1 - September 29, 2007

The clip from “Julius Cæsar” got a laugh from me.

I’ve never heard of that particular film adaptation, however.

One of Mel Brooks’ lesser known works?

Judging from those two lines and nothing else (I don’t remember Urban’s performance in LOTR), I’d say that Karl Urban has the gravitas to play Bones or another character of stature, like the President of the Federation, for example.

He seems to have good comedic timing as well. Might be good to give him some one-liners.

Actually, I’d love to see them work in that “salad” line. That’s gold.

95. Horta Hears a Q - September 29, 2007

Re: 21

Bryan Burk if you’re reading, poor starving writing here. Will work for peanuts.

Roberto Orci… I’m glad you’re working on the new Star Trek. If you want to hire me for anything or if you want to read anything of mine, I’m just an email away.

96. dalek - September 29, 2007

So what if this is the plot? Sounds more like a premise to me. The meat is in the story, what happens AFTER the set-up. And let’s face it what we’ve heard is merely set-up for the movie likely to happen in the first 20 minutes of the film. The proof is in the pudding and main course, not the starter. This isn’t the same people recycling an old plot. This is new blood with a new take on the Star Trek universe.

Nothing has been said about what happens DURING the actual movie except both Spock’s working together. The Kobiashi Maru was mentioned, what fan can possibly object to seeing how Kirk defeats that? It’s a massive part of Trek history.

Oh and add me to the list of people who can help with a rewrite if you still need to figure out how to put Shatner in. If time travel is indeed the plot, Kirk’s essence exists in a timeless corridor so bringing him out to fight another day alongside Spock in the past is an option. How’s that coming by the way Mr Orci ;) *expects silence* lol

BTW just bought Xena series one boxset, not seen the show before where you show runner from day one? And what should i expect from the first season?

#63 what was your guinan story for enterprise. you can spill the beans now unless you want to write a book. Where you a member of the writing team or a hopeful freelancer?

97. Father Rob - September 29, 2007

Since we are all dishing up personal opinions…

My ‘nervous’ meter went up a few points after reading the updated plot points today. If it were known that continuity was being totally rebooted in TOS with this movie, I wouldn’t have quite as much of a problem with a Romulan time travel plot (save the fact that time travel has been waaaayyyy overused in Star Trek).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be hunting down a theater on December 26 (I sorta have something else that has to take priority on December 25… perhaps a screening could be arranged for me on December 24th> ;) ) regardless of where I am in the country that day, but I really will be dissapointed at least a bit if the new film returns to the time travel crutch.

Just my point of view.


98. Jay - September 29, 2007

wow thanks Roberto! its not everyday that ‘joe public’ gets to speak with film writers, well not me anyway! and I think its really cool that you guys actually listen to the fans and take our thoughts and feelings on-board.

enough brown-nosing…

Roberto… if you really want to make this film good and trekish and appeal to the vast majority of fans, then please oh god please bring back the shat!!

Shatner needs to be in this film… i need to know that generations wasnt the end for such a legend. This is such a good opportunity to heal some deep wounds and complete the chapter. Kirk’s lines in movies past ( turning death into a fighting chance to live for example.. oh and “I’ve always known that i’ll die alone” – he wasnt alone!!!)… these lines really make it possible for kirk to come back… WE NEED HIM!

so there we have it…

*gets up off knees*

99. dalek - September 29, 2007

# 96 just to clarify i was joking re: the rewrite i would never presume amatuers like moi could ever do justice to anything pro’s snap up.

Not to go all Columbo on you, but just one more question sir: As we’re rumoured to be seeing Kirk at the academy, Is there a possibility we might see his best friend Gary Mitchell in this?

100. Craig - September 29, 2007

I forgot if it’s been suggested that Shatner be Kirk’s father? Or maybe Shatner could play a Starfleet Admiral giving the new Kirk his orders?

101. Kuvagh - September 29, 2007

Regarding Spock and time travel:

As much as I’ve been hoping that Trek could leave time travel alone for a good long while, I can see this working if done properly.

I’ve been imagining 153 year old Spock from 2385 (The TNG era “present” year corresponding to 2008) witnessing some kind of catastrophe or identifying some sort of problem with the continuum and determining that he has to go back over 120 years to fix it. Perhaps he monitors the arrival of the threat and the attempts at stopping it, seeing readouts of destroyed Starfleet assets including Enterprise-E, Defiant, Voyager, USS Galaxy, etc. Maybe he’s in San Francisco. Perhaps just as he takes off in his ambassadorial shuttle, Spacedock falls out of geosynchronous orbit and crashes in the bay. Evading the threat (if it’s that kind of threat), he begins calculations for timewarp. Majel’s computer voice: “Procedure is not recommended. Odds of success less than 1,000,047 to one.” Spock: “Computer, has anyone on record successfully executed timewarp?” Comp: “Affirmative.” Spock, in Nimoy’s cool interrogative tone: “And that person was?” Comp: “Captain Spock, StarFleet inactive.” Spock: “Who is piloting the shuttlecraft?” Comp: “Ambassador Spock.” pause, beeping noises… “Helm control restored.”

Or… something like that. Or not!

102. Scott Gammans - September 29, 2007

^^^ LOL… although the joke wouldn’t be as funny for anyone who hadn’t seen Star Trek IV…

103. Vejur - September 29, 2007

#87 I had to ask sorry. It is very cool and SMART that you take your time to check on what Star Trek fans are saying specially on this great site dedicated for upcoming XI movie. .
I must say that casting off Quinto, Saldana(my first pick way back) has been spot on congrats to Abrams and co. I haven’t seen any of Anton Yelchin works so he is big unknown to me. Those new rumors on Karl Urban is great(he is good actor) and Mike Vogel look promising as Kirk but as stated before only a rumors. However i am borderline with Mr Nimoy casting because i think XI movie scold stand on it own(obvious that mean i don’t want Shat either)
I do favor reboot or reimage for XI movie(clean sheet) and dont like prequels or time travels and this plot with Romulans going back in time to kill Kirk or his father is, how can i put it is pretty lame.
Thou i will still keep open mind and not be over critical.

104. tom - September 29, 2007

It is gret to hear from Mr. Orci. The more I hear the better i think this will be. It is great that they listen and go to the site. We are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised by all the canon they will fill in. With all that plus a great story that will appeal to all, still a possibility of Shatner. This seems to be a Star Trek fans wish come true.

105. Dennis Bailey - September 29, 2007

#62: “Enterprise’s ratings went down annually. Enterprise’s ratings were cut in half in the first season alone. ”

Pretty much true of DS9 and “Voyager” as well.

“Enterprise” didn’t fail simply “because it wasn’t any good.” It failed largely because it was “Star Trek,” period.

106. Dennis Bailey - September 29, 2007

Oh, and you’re offering “UPN was seen in more than 60% of the nation” as if that’s a *good* thing?

What tripe.

The other way to put that, of course, is that “almost 40% of the nation didn’t receive UPN.”

107. "Uncle" Clay Farrow, the interstellar minstrel - September 29, 2007

So, since someone suggested doing a musical…
(of course, sung to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”):

Picture yourself on the bridge of a starship,
lights flashing brightly, computers sounding of gears.
Somebody calls you; you answer quite slowly,
A boy with such strange, pointed ears.

Engines are thrumming; a voice on the com,
worrying over “his bairns.”
Ask the nice Russian to engage the Warp drive
and you’re gone.

Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Ah… Ah…

Beam yourselves down to a strange alien planet,
Beware of the guy in the red velour shirt.
Because when you’re attacked by Mugatu or something,
he’ll be the first to get hurt.

Beam back on up to the U.S.S. Enterprise,
Waiting to take you away.
Wink at your crewmates, ask for one-quarter-impulse,
and you’re gone.

Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Jim Kirk in the sky with Dilithium
Ah… Ah…

Picture yourself on the Starship Enterprise,
you see doe-eyed young Yeoman with plasticine hair.
Suddenly someone is at the Science station:
those ears, they could give you a scare…


108. Vejur - September 29, 2007

#105. You are right regarding DS9 and Voyager annual ratings dropped drastically that when Enterprise was aired, many had already lost interest or gotten tired of Star Trek. Enterprise was no worse then DS9 or VOY.

109. Thorny - September 29, 2007

Assuming the basic plot outline is true, then I’m a little worried.

I’m not wholly opposed to a time-travel plot, but Abrams and Co. will need to do it very, very well, otherwise they’re opening themselves to “yet another convoluted Star Trek time travel story” critiques in the mass media. It will be very tempting for the Star Trek fence-sitters (long disenchanted by Voyager, Enterprise, and Star Trek: Nemesis) to just say “Yawn. Okay, Nothing new here.” That, and the dubious December 25 release date could well doom the movie to being money-losing.

On the plus side, at least they’re not using Klingons yet again. Romulans are a good choice.

110. Thorny - September 29, 2007

83. ZoomZoom…

“Nemesis” might have technically been about the Romulans, but there was almost nothing recognizably Romulan in the bulk of the movie. The villain was Shinzon (Picard’s clone) who was about as Romulan as Michael Jackson. And Shinzon’s henchmen were those weird Vampire guys. The only real Romulans we saw were the Senators that were killed at the beginning and those who came to the rescue at the end.

I wouldn’t use Nemesis as a reason to exclude Romulans from the new movie.

111. ZoomZoom - September 29, 2007

#110 nevertheless, it did have me shifting uncomfortably at the thought.
I’m personally hoping for a smaller more personal kind of threat- as has been mooted elsewhere. Perhaps a threat to younger Kirk or parent (by Romulans if needs be!). Casino Royale proved the world doesn’t have to be in peril to make for a great story.

112. Gottasmoke - September 29, 2007

The Enterprise crew was introduced to the Romulans in
” Balance of Terror “. Is this movie’s time line taking place after this
TV episode?

113. JCool - September 29, 2007

please no alternative universe timeline

114. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 29, 2007

100. “I forgot if it’s been suggested that Shatner be Kirk’s father? Or maybe Shatner could play a Starfleet Admiral giving the new Kirk his orders?”

I could see your point if this was a total reboot, and Nimoy wasn’t in it as Spock. But he is, so the only role suitable for big Bill is Kirk!

Mr. Orci, I know you cannot comment, but I will be very interested to hear what the reason for Shatner’s lack of involvement is, if in fact he turns out not to be in it. I’m sure that lurking and posting here you’ve noticed that it is something many people want. And judging by your own words earlier this summer, it is something you want too: “We’re certainly hoping to include him in the shoot,” Orci added. “Because we have nothing but reverence and awe for the man.”

I’m still holding out hope that he’ll be there! :)

115. VulcanBabe - September 29, 2007

He would make an awesome Bones, I think. ^^ I like the other Scotty better, though.
The plot looks nice, too…I’m dying to know the solution to Kirk’s issues, lol. ^^

116. JCool - September 29, 2007

Hmmm maybe alternate ‘universe’ might work

117. BStu - September 29, 2007

Not as good as the Vogel/Kirk I just did, but here is a mock-up or Urban as McCoy…


And as Pike…


118. Bob g - September 29, 2007

#107 The Beatles and Star Trek. The only thing missing is Admiral Nelson and the Seaview. Then we would have a movie.! I”d prefer a good action adventure drama type story . without time travel.

119. Rhett Coates - September 29, 2007

#96 Dalek asked “…What was your Guinan story for Enterprise? You can spill the beans now unless you want to write a book. Where you a member of the writing team or a hopeful freelancer? ”

Answer: For that story’s most basic notes, SEE “The Would-Be Season Five” at Star Trek: Enterprise (Memory Alpha website), or here:

A lengthened, potential TV Guide LOG LINE might have been: “Guinan [Whoopi Goldberg], and Skon (grandfather of Spock), visit Capt. Archer’s starship Enterprise, and try to help avert a 22nd Century moral issue disaster when a dangerous, unborn fetus—still in its mother’s womb—MAKES ITS OWN CHOICE if it will live or be aborted.”

Pure Star Trek, pure optimism—inspired by Gene Roddenberry himself: …..take a moral issue dilemma of our time, and give it a TWIST……. but leave it open for viewers to honestly ponder the implications, and really THINK about it afterwards, even after the episode ends. And all the while, INSPIRE them to WANT to go where no man has gone before! That’s what Star Trek has always meant to me, and thanks to Rick and Brannon’s creation (ENTERPRISE), and Gene’s original vision, which I ASPIRE toward in my own life, I almost got the chance to make another one of those Roddenberryish-like statements with this story. (It’s still availalbe, should CBS/Paramount renew the show for another go-round on the SciFi Network. I’m a S.T. fan from the show’s original series run on NBC as a DESILU Production, and a freelancer writer and actor. As many of us know, Manny Coto had stated that he wanted to re-open the opportunity for freelancer writers again, and I immediately proceeded to write up a doozy of a story linking ENT with TOS and TNG (as well as tying up loose ends as to what Guinan was doing on Earth from Mark Twain’s time through ours).

As for Roberto’s story for the eleventh movie, I am beginning to perceive that he and his co-writer (and JJ as “show runner,” in effect—like Manny on ST:ENT) are doing for the ‘Trek FILM franchise what Manny Coto, Mike Sussman and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens did for the Enterprise series: they did, AS TRUE STAR TREK FANS, and industry professionals, what Brannon Braga actually stated, recently, that perhaps they should have done with ST:ENT from the beginning: show the way humanity proceeded in co-forming the Federation with other alien species (tying into TOS, TAS,* TNG, DS9 VGR and the movies), while exploring where no man has gone before aboard the NX-01. I honestly feel that is the case with this eleventh movie, and if in fact they can get Bill to be in it, there are those other rumored roles that he CAN play!

*Elements of The Animated Series were about to make a BOLD leap into filmed canon: with an episode called “Kilkenny Cats” — about the Kzinti race!

There have already been discussions posted on the internet that Bill could play an elderly Kirk, or Kirk’s father George,in Star Trek XI. If you look VERY closely at TOS episode “Operation Annihilate,” Jim’s brother SAM, who was killed by those flying [egg-looking] parasites, WAS IN FACT WILLIAM SHATNER! All they did was to give him a moustache, color his hair (and give it a different “look,” and he became Jim’s older brother (“George Samuel Kirk, Jr.” — “Sam” to Jim). It makes you wonder, after reading the novels, and hearing how Jim always kept the upper hand, who might have taught him poker: SAM probably did! And young Jim likely got into more trouble than most kids in Riverside, Iowa: witness his line to Spock on one occassion about dipping little girls pony tails in water, and other pranks. I wonder if Sam is the one who finally brought young Jimmy into his own sense of self-worth, and why Jim is the only one who calls him “Sam.” That’s one powerfully close bond, and only Spock and Bones would eventually achieve that kind of close, personal relationship with him afterwards. (….BONES portrayed by the man shown at the top of this thread? Or, perhaps, Gary Sinise? Or someone else? We’ll know soon enough.)

And then, what happened to Jim Kirk at Starfleet Academy regarding the pranks pulled on Jim by upper classman Finnegan probably brought things home: but thanks to Sam, Jim was prepared! (Even if he never got to “beat the tar out of” Finnegan until TOS episode “Shore Leave”—and THAT was only an artificial recreation of Finnegan, too!) If Roberto and his co-writer actually do consider “SOME” things from the novels as “potential” canon, perhaps we might see some of what makes Jim Kirk JIM KIRK. ‘Know what I mean?”

Yes, I pay THAT much attention to such details, and how other stories across the ENTIRE S.T. franchise often harken back to those little details. That forms the rich tapestry that Gene Roddenberry created, and that Lucille Ball bought into way back in 1964, 1965 and 1966.

BTW, Jonathan Archer might have been another one of Jim’s greatest heros, alongside Abraham Lincoln, and the others he often mentions throughout the series. Could HE have been the man who sponsored young Jimmy into the Academy, after Capt. Robert April (a good friend of George Sr., in the novels) prodded him to? And what better ship of the line for Jim, other than the one named after Archer’s NX-01? Maybe Chris Pike had something to do with that, as well. (??)

I’ll bet Roberto & Co. have sprinkled Star Trek XI with tons of little tid-bits that will have us “finding those things during second and third viewings” of the movie. (Like when G. Lucas popped in a group of ET’s in one of the Senate boxes in Star Wars: Episode One. How many of us caught THAT 2-second shot the SECOND time we saw it?) STAR TREK has so many more possibilities in that potential, and I can only imagine us long-time fans will eat this movie up with a spoon! CHEERS, ROBERTO! I sure do wish I was on YOUR Star Trek writing team! Hmmmm…………….

For those wondering about Bill portraying SAM KIRK, Go look at that episode of TOS again, and see for yourself. It really is Bill, I sware!

Roberto, once again, I’m WITH you on this, my friend ….. and am looking forward to beaming aboard, once again, the Naval Construction Contract 1701. Bring it ON!

120. Penny - September 29, 2007

Eion Bailey looks like a young William shatner

hope the link works


121. dalek - September 29, 2007

#119 cool thanks for the info sounds like it would have tied in a lot of Trek history very nicely. I think its safe to say Enterprise will never be resurrected as a TV show so if you ever feel like posting a screenplay or synopsis im sure it would make an interesting read.

122. Penny - September 29, 2007

Eion Baily was born to play the young James T. Kirk

Just look at him:



123. dalek - September 29, 2007

Penny, he does look a bit like Shatner, I can see more command presence in his face and posture than Mike Vogel (who looks more wussy and David Marcus like than Kirk like) Would like to see his stuff tho rather than just pics ;)

124. Penny - September 29, 2007

here’s a fan-made video I found on youtube
Eion Bailey.

125. JBS - September 29, 2007

ANTHONY – Please add Kirk to the “Pick a roll for Karl Urban” poll. He may not be “officially” considered for that roll, but some of us do want him considered for that roll. He does seem to have that man’s man, born leader quality – and he’s good looking too. I’m not voting until you add Kirk to the list.

126. Kuvagh - September 29, 2007

122, 123: He resembles Shatner quite a bit as he squints in the sun in the first picture. One almost wonders if a Gorn is about to emerge from those red rocks. Vogel looks like a heartthrob for the ladies (and maybe only the young ladies, at that), but not a “leader of men” as someone said earlier. It’s unfortunate that we tie things like that to outward appearance, but c’est la vie. The most important thing, of course, is that they cast a talented actor… someone who can become a character on screen. I’d rather have an actor who’s a 6 on the Shatner-resemblance scale and a 10 in acting talent than the reverse. The role is James T. Kirk.

127. Cranston - September 29, 2007

123 and 124 — I looked for some footage of Bailey playing a role, but could only find this interview with the actor. I don’t have a strong opinion yet, but I wouldn’t be appalled if this guy were Kirk:


128. Anthony Pascale - September 29, 2007

OK folks I added a new poll with more possible roles, including my personal favorite…Garrovick!

If you have already voted you should vote again…poll put up this morning is gone 

129. TrekNerd - September 29, 2007

I was originally hesitant about the idea of recasting the TOS characters, but the more I follow this movie’s developments, the more I can’t wait to see it now.

Obviously, the biggest thing that has helped is the casting of Nimoy to reprise his classic role of Spock. This one element of the movie has made it easy for me to accept the recasting of the original characters, including Quinto as Spock, because Nimoy’s involvement is proof that the filmmakers care about those characters and the original incarnation.

I’m also excited by the time travel aspect of the story. People are hemming and hawing about how time travel has been done to death in the franchise. Maybe it has in the TV series, but not in the movies, which are generally designed to appeal to a more broad audience than just the hardcore fans of the series. And this will only be the third Star Trek movie to feature actual time travel (Generations was not really a time travel story), and three out of eleven is not “done to death.”

Plus, the other two Star Trek time travel movies are among the most popular in the series, meaning not just with fans, but the mass moviegoing public in general. In fact, Star Trek IV’s only true detractors are hardcore fans who won’t accept anything other than the usual convention of a spaceship crew fighting enemy spaceships in space (this explains why many fans love First Contact yet loathe The Voyage Home, because in First Contact the crew was still on the Enterprise fighting the Borg, while in The Voyage Home the crew was aboard a beat-up enemy ship stopping harpooners, saving the whales, and eating pizza). All the non-Star Trek fans who saw Star Trek IV loved it, especially the time travel aspect.

I dare say that the original cast is the only Star Trek cast that could pull off that script, as it played to their affable charms and interpersonal chemistry, which were major reasons for that film’s universal success.

As long as Kurtzman, Orci, Lindelof, Burk, and Abrams present us with richly written characters that honor the originals, as well as an intelligent and entertaining plot, the movie will be fine (time travel or not).

Which brings me to another point: While it is great that Orci and the other filmmakers listen to and take into consideration what fans say, ultimately they can’t do everything the fans say. Otherwise, the result would be a chaotic mess. That’s why most films “written by committee” are generally bad. While they can and should take note of little things here and there, filmmakers ultimately should stick with their primary vision so that the movie remains solid and consistent rather than a pastiche of ideas and opinions and tangents. I’m sure that Orci and his colleagues understand this. After all, they are the professionals.

Finally, I think that the following poem by Harry Ballz sums up the new movie perfectly for me:

“Hickory Dickory Dock
The Spock met up with Spock
The Romulan struck
They ran amuck
Hickory Dickory Dock!”

Now I’m psyched!

130. Rhett Coates - September 29, 2007

RE: #128. Anthony Pascale – September 29, 2007
OK folks I added a new poll with more possible roles, including my personal favorite…Garrovick!

I just HAD to add my own vote for that character, as well.

Anthony, if [Paramount] casts Karl Urban as Capt. Garrovick, perhaps JJ & Co. (Roberto, comment?) might consider propmting them to also cast James Culhane as HIS NEPHEW, [Cadet] John Quincy Garrovick, as a member of young James T. Kirk’s graduating class at the Academy…..? For those not “in the know,” Culhane portrays Capt. Garrovick of the starship Exeter, NCC-1706 (re-registry number), in an absolutely AMAZING fan-film from Austin TX:

They could potentially add in a small bit with Culhane as the [younger] nephew of Capt. Garrovick, and one of young Jim’s pals from his own Starfleet Academy graduating class! (Dennis Bailey: what do YOU, and the people of the Exeter studio, think about that idea? I for one would LOVE to see even more tie-ins like that in ST-XI: has anyone else here seen the Exeter episode “The Tressaurian Intersection” and loved it as much as I have? It honestly plays out like “a lost episode” of TOS! Or maybe another spin-off series episode. Or, at least, it should be.)

Yeah, I can already see the credits including:

KARL URBAN as Capt. Anthony Garrovick
JAMES CULHANE as Cadet John Quincy Garrovick

131. dalek - September 29, 2007

Thanks. I’m pretty convinced Eion Bailey should at least have a shot at the role, but the question is has he auditioned?

As for Urban i’ve yet to see him act to think what role would suit him best. Charm would be important for McCoy. Garrovick has no preconceptions so pretty much anyone would suit that role. Pike would have to be from what we’ve seen of him an introspective actor who can internalise as well as emote: he was quite a complex deep thinking man in The Cage. Scotty should make us laugh and smile (McGillion is a perfect choice).

Until i see more of Urban i can’t pin down who i’d like to see him as.

132. Etha Williams - September 29, 2007

#112 — Good point. Based on the ages of the actors being cast, it doesn’t seem like this would be after BoT, so the only contingencies I can see are:

a) A movie that completely disregards the cannon information set forth in BoT. (This would really upset me — I don’t think every tiny facet of cannon has to be strictly adhered to, but this would seem like a pretty major breech of canon…even Enterprise didn’t have them seeing the Romulans.)

b) A completely alternate universe being formed once the Romulans go back in time, as has been previously suggested. This would put future movies/TV series in this universe as well and would indeed be a radical “reimagining” of the series. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea, but maybe it could work.

c) Time travel using temporal anomalies that would prevent the crew from remembering what happened once the time line had been put right. Eg, Yesterday’s Enterprise. This would also involve an alternate universe, but it would put the crew back into the “original” universe at the end of the film, which would be the universe in which any future movies/series would take place. I am much more comfortable with this option.

d) The Federation Time Police are involved and resequence the crew’s memory engrams after they put the time-line right. (They did not do so to 7 and Janeway because they hadn’t seen any of their futures, but obviously the crew seeing the Romulans and seeing older Spock would be a problem.) Plots involving the Federation Time Police seem somewhat convoluted to me, but I would be interested in seeing them developed further.

e) …or maybe the producers are developing a totally different form of time travel that we haven’t seen before…

133. Cygnus-X1 - September 29, 2007

Well, if Pike’s definitely in the new film, I gotta go with Urban as Pike.

Maybe give Pike a Roman fetish…have him gallivanting through space wearing a toga and making imperial announcements to friend and foe…

But, then, I can see Urban as an ironically comical Bones also:

“Captain…I have an announcement to make. I’m a doctor, not a gladiator.”

And, this could even lead to a Trek TV mini-series, starring Urban:

“I, Bones.”

134. JBS - September 29, 2007

Anthony – thanks for updating the poll. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site – it has really become addictive for me (can’t let a day go by without checking it out. Sometimes multiple times a day. I am getting too excited about this movie. Dec 2008 seems so far away. waaaa)

#129 – I agree with you on everything, especially “filmmakers ultimately should stick with their primary vision so that the movie remains solid and consistent rather than a pastiche of ideas and opinions and tangents.”

135. Jack Thompson - September 29, 2007

“IESB are reporting that the villain is to be a Romulan and that the plot involves Romulans going back in time to destroy Earth. ”

^if this is true, the movie is doomed and a waste of money and time. Period.

136. jonboc - September 29, 2007

^if this is true, the movie is doomed and a waste of money and time. Period.

You might as well go ahead and remove “Period” from the end of that statement. I love old school TOS romulans, and would love to see them as the villains in this movie….and nasty Romulans going back in time to destroy earth is a dastardly thing to do. I like it, as do many others…so your absolute observation is null and void.

Eion Bailey…this guy really looks the part. If he has the same tonal qualities in his voice as Shatner and can play up Kirk’s charisma as well as his strength, he would be great. (that’s also assuming he has a good on screen raport with Quinto…which is a must)

137. Time Line - September 29, 2007

#112 When it comes to time travel if you travel back in time and things change it doesn’t start to change until you get there and start changing things. So if the Romulans go back in time before “Balance of Terror” the story of “Balance of Terror” is still there until the Romulans get there to change time the only ones who would know the difference is the Romulans ( like it hasn’t happen yet until the movie starts).

138. Anthony Pascale - September 29, 2007

wow seems like I started a Garrovick trend

Just to be clear…I put that out there as a total wild guess and not based on a single thing I have heard. But I have always loved “Obsession”. Back in April 2006, before this site existed and when it was reported to be about ‘the academy’, I wrote on a bbs about my theory (based on no inside info) of the movie. I had thought that the film may be a sort of ‘kirk begins’ and cover the time period in kirk’s journey from the Farragut to the Enterprise. Capt. Garrovick was ‘the finest man I ever met’ according to Kirk, and then Kirk felt he was responsible for his death and the crew as a young Lieutenant. I always thought that the 10(?) years between that event and getting the Enterprise is interesting. How did this young Lt. who lost his crew and his mojo go from that to the youngest cockiest Captain in the fleet? Did a certain southern doctor and/or a certain pointy eared science officer help him on that journey? Both Conscience of the King and Obsession show that even after getting the Enterprise, Kirk still had some baggage with his past and both times it came back he got a bit unglued. Imagine what he was like back in the day.

Rhett….boy you certainly like to write…your comments are longer than our articles. Anyway I dont remember if Capt. Garrovick ever had a first name Anthony…or was that from the novels?

139. Gary Lee - September 29, 2007

How about Daniel Craig as the Romulan villain ? or a Vulcan ?

140. Rhett Coates - September 29, 2007

Anthony, “Anthony” Garrovick is derrived from the cast bio of J.Q. Garrovick on the ExeterStudio.com website. And while the Ens. Garrovick aboard Kirk’s Enterprise in “Obsession” would be Capt. Garrovick’s son, John Garrovick would be his nephew (again, according to the Exeter Studio website main cast bio). SEE “Main Cast” at:

And you’re right. I certainly like to write—and the Star Trek saga has PLENTY of “future history” to ponder, does it not?

141. Jack Thompson - September 29, 2007

jonboc #136:”You might as well go ahead and remove “Period” from the end of that statement. I love old school TOS romulans, and would love to see them as the villains in this movie….and nasty Romulans going back in time to destroy earth is a dastardly thing to do. I like it, as do many others…so your absolute observation is null and void.”

ok remove the period.
I love the TOS Romulans too. That’s why I don’t want them to be in a movie that is set before “Balance of Terror”.
If they just solve it with a mind wipe or a reset button ending that’s definitely “a dastardly thing to do”.
But I can’t believe they’d do any of that. It’s probably just Bull.

I believe Abrams will stick to canon. He will get the uniforms and everything right. He also won’t show Romulans I’m sure.
That would be such a blatand disregard of canon it would put “Mine Field” to shame.
I am also unwilling to believe J.J. would come up with such a rehashed and, basically crappy, premise (I admit it worked 3 movies back, but c’mon…). I want a 23rd century story, not some time hopping.
And please, no villain that “wants to destroy Earth”. PLEASE.

142. Obsessed With Film » An Urban STAR TREK? - September 29, 2007

[…] Now, obviously when I hear a bit of TREK news, I have to go over to TREK MOVIE. They are the best source for all things on the new movie, no doubt about it. […]

143. TK - September 29, 2007

Hmmm, I can see Eion Bailey as Kirk….

144. snake - September 29, 2007

hey surely we got scotty with the stargate guy…plus urban is too big 2b Bones. anyway hes too big a name for one of the 7…they should be all sort of unknowns. he’ll be pike or garrovick or the like..although i thought they were gonna go with a real BIG name for pike…(i think jim Caviezal would b cool casting)….regarding the story ..treks strongest eps have been Time travel – ‘City’ is always quoted as the best ever..and Yes Ent the best TNG ep. plus TVH & FC are the most popular & profitable movies

145. Anthony Pascale - September 29, 2007

I see Rhett…you were referring to the fan film. I think they have a lot on their hands tying the movie to the 40 years of filmed trek canon…trying to lump in the fan films may be a bit much to ask for

…so there is no canon ref. to Capt Garrovick as Anthony Garrovick I assume. That is one of the cool things that Orci and Kurtzman get to do as they write this film. They get to add these little details like character first names or more backstory details. For fans like them it must be such a geekasm

146. I AM THX-1138 - September 29, 2007

OK #143, I think I’m in that camp as well. I like Eion Bailey as Kirk. I went to youtube and checked out some of his stuff from Band of Brothers and I like what I saw. There is a definite spark there. Sorry about not linking anything, I suck. But check out Webster’s mini speech if you happen to go there. Help me out with the link, please? I’ll do better next time.

BTW, TK, is your last name 421? Because I think I know you. Hehe! And why the hell aren’t you at your post?

EION BAILEY FOR KIRK (unless you can find someone better)

147. Jack Thompson - September 29, 2007

That’s also why Enterprise was so successful with its Temporal Cold War arc! Oh wait…
and what about the Romulans? Is that ok too? I mean we had a Romulan villain in the last movie and he wanted to destroy Earth, too. Didn’t work out that well. I suppose not even 5 time travels, whales and Sisko would’ve been able to save that one…
J.J. Abrams is the man and he won’t deliver something so generic.

…or they are REALLY desperate. If so, they better put Khan in the movie.

148. Jack Thompson - September 29, 2007

oops that was to snake btw

149. Dennis Bailey - September 29, 2007

#130: “They could potentially add in a small bit with Culhane as the [younger] nephew of Capt. Garrovick, and one of young Jim’s pals from his own Starfleet Academy graduating class! (Dennis Bailey: what do YOU, and the people of the Exeter studio, think about that idea? ”

Unfortunately, the pseudonymous “James Culhane” is tied up full time for the next year with a fan-film version of “Boston Legal.” He plays a high-powered, narcissistic lawyer named “Lenny Blane.”

150. Penny - September 29, 2007


Here ya go
eion bailey
Band of Brothers:



151. Andre - September 30, 2007

to everyone who talks about the last movies villain (shinzon) being romulan
he is Reman!
just a thought to keep in mind

152. Cygnus-X1 - September 30, 2007

Reman by citizenship.

Human by DNA.

153. snake - September 30, 2007

147/148 – Enterprises time travel season (season 3) was good! twas only season 1&2 that werent. there was that great TT ep Twilight and that mirror 2 parter from 4 which was also time travel was better than the last 2 films put together. everytime treks done tt its been good. its me of the stapels of trek and has only been used twice in the movies (or 3 if u count VII) plus the romulans were hardly in Nemesis. it was mainly bout remens &the khan wannabe.

154. raulpetersen - September 30, 2007

when i tell anyone about this movie and i mention the budget (rumored to be 150 million!)
non trekkers ears litterally stand up!!!

this film is going to be huge!!!

155. snake - September 30, 2007

taking in2 account previous trek takings id estimate the boxoffice 2b around $150-200 Million domestic & $100 million overseas. if its good plus they get a couple of big names…btw i thought the budget was $100 million ?

156. snake - September 30, 2007

oh and regarding getting crowe for the villan…if the main villan is a romulan can u honestly see crowe agreeing to wearing pointed ears? what casting agent would want to risk having a phone bounced off their temple for suggesting that?

157. TK - September 30, 2007


Unfortunately, 421 is not my second name… :P

158. TK - September 30, 2007


Anthony, how can I edit my previous post? I didn’t mean to put a smiling smily there…

159. snake - September 30, 2007

maybe crowe as pike or another captain etc…but i cant see him as a romulan. itd b tremendous to have him in the movie…and how come there hasnt been any rumours about uberfan Hanks yet? i thought hed be begging to be in the movie (he was nearly Z Cochrene in FC)..maybe he dosnt know about it…if so i can see him bawling full on like a baby when he finds out too late(think the Castaway scene when he loses Wilson)

160. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 30, 2007

I think Star Trek needs a Karl (spelled correctly with a K)

161. JERRY - September 30, 2007


162. Schlumpf 2000 - September 30, 2007

# 160
His real name is Karl-Heinz!
hilarious (for a German, anyway).

163. DRE - September 30, 2007

Add me to the list of “Eion Bailey for Kirk” supporters. He is already working for JJ Abrams in the untitled HBO Project.

The only thing working against him is his age. If all else fails, Jensen Ackles for Kirk! I could see either of them in the role over Vogel.

And Karl Urban would be a great choice for Bones, I believe.

164. DRE - September 30, 2007


Eion Bailey and Zoe Saldana have already worked together in the film Center Stage. Just a neat little tidbit.

165. JCool - September 30, 2007

164 Interesting.

Eion Bailey is only 1 year older than Zachary Quinto

they were both born in June

just like William Shatner n Leonard Nimoy were born the same
month: March.

166. STFAN - September 30, 2007

He looks like a young McCoy!

167. TJ - September 30, 2007

Well as age has constantly be brought up, I doubt he’s one of the main characters (Karl is 35), unless he’s playing Scotty or McCoy. But my money is on ‘Captain Pike’. I really dont see him as Scotty, Paul McGillion is a much better fit for the role! Can Urban do a Scottish accent? One of the things I love about McGillion is he is actually a Trek fan (as are his folks), and watched it growing up, Scotty being one of his heroes. He tells an HILARIOUS story about his folks getting confused when he called to tell to say he’d been cast in ‘Stargate’, they kept insisting it was ‘Star Trek’! Its on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtBrfh88hRk

168. Alex Rosenzweig - September 30, 2007

A lot of the latest news, as well as Roberto’s comments, intrigue me. In reply to #97, who wrote:

“My ‘nervous’ meter went up a few points after reading the updated plot points today. If it were known that continuity was being totally rebooted in TOS with this movie, I wouldn’t have quite as much of a problem with a Romulan time travel plot (save the fact that time travel has been waaaayyyy overused in Star Trek).”

I will say this, though:

Speaking solely for myself, a total reboot is about the ONLY thing the current team could do that I’ll say, right up-front, is a sight-unseen dealbreaker for me. As long as I can have some basic comfort that, when this movie is over, the Trek Universe goes on (no reboots, spinning new movies into alternate continuities, etc etc etc.), what the actual story is, what “devices” (plot, literary, or otherwise) get used, what recasting is done for the beloved characters, what production design updates are made, and so forth, are all things I can and will be open to. (I’m not a huge fan of more time travel, but I’d be open to it, in part because it allows some opening to give even the fans of latter-era Trek a hint of what’s going on at that end of the timeline, too.)

Based on Roberto’s comments, I remain hopeful that he takes very seriously the responsibility of working on a Star Trek film, and that what was said from Messrs. Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, et al. very early on about embracing Trek’s world for this film remains true. So for right now, I’ll continue to look optimistically toward December 2008.

Oh, and I do have to say, Karl Urban as McCoy might well work. Ditto Paul McGillion as Scotty!


169. TJ - September 30, 2007

Oops just noticed you’re posting here Mr Orci! Very cool…may I respectfully request you…CAST PAUL MCGILLION AS SCOTTY. He’s perfect for the role! Scotland’s biggest Sunday paper, ‘The Sunday Post’ ran an article because of the one on this site today…they have over a million reader circulation!!! Plus Paul’s legion of devoted fans would definately be putting ‘bums in seats’ at the box office!

170. snake - September 30, 2007

i dont get how people can be suggesting Urban as Bones. what u wanna a big Bones towering over kirk with bicepts and an almost brad pitt look? plus the guy is KNOWN! Hes headlined Doom and Pathfinder, was the main villian in Bourne 2 & was in LOTRs. so all the other in the trek team 7 wud be practically unknown to moviegoers but McCoys the doom/viking/bourne\lotr guy? wtf? ..same if he was scotty. anyway the stargate guy is perfect for scot…urban’ll be garrovick or the villian or pike or some captain!

171. I AM THX-1138 - September 30, 2007

Thanks Penny. Let the rally cry be heard. Eion Bailey for Kirk. THX for sacrificial red-shirt.

172. Gary Lee - September 30, 2007

Do you think JJ wants Tom Cruise to be a Romulan villain not Russell Crowe as the villain?

173. Harry Ballz - September 30, 2007

If it comes down to casting the Romulan villian based on sheer testosterone, then Crowe should be chosen as the bad guy and Cruise……well……Cruise should be a tribble!

174. gord - September 30, 2007

Romulan villain sounds cool but not too keen on the time-travel Earth in danger storyline. All a bit First Contacty if you ask me. Hope it’s just a rumour or a smokescreen to disguise the true plot.

175. Tull - September 30, 2007

Bones had blue eyes guys! unless we’re gonna see color contacts i dont like Urban at all for the roll. I agree fully with snake’s post… not the right choice for any of the bridge characters or even a villian if you’ve seen his past work…

176. Robert April - September 30, 2007

“Urban had a recurring role on Xena: Warrior Princess while Trek co-writers and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were showrunners for the series.”

Cool, I never knew that. Guess I should have watched that show more. I actually got to sing on the soundtrack for one episode of Xena, but that is about the only episode I ever saw.

And regarding the Kobayahsi Maru solution…I posted long ago that I hoped the movie would have that scene. This is exciting news!

Finally, Anthony…quit posting spoilers dude! You know that none of us have any self control here and can’t help but have a peek! :-)

177. Gary Lee - September 30, 2007

I think the rumors are just rumors also.

178. Cervantes - September 30, 2007

‘Time travel’ storylines are so yesterday i’m afraid…

179. myspace.com/startrekcasting - October 1, 2007

I like Karl Urban and would love for him to be in the movie… judging from his role in “Riddick” I think he would make for a better villain than anything else.

Of all the none villain roles I think he would be better suited for Pike… but I’m still hoping for Clive Owen for Pike!!!

I think he’s probably too old for Bones and Scotty, but not TOO TOO old… I’d still like Jake Gyllenhaal for Bones and Sean Biggerstaff for Scotty.

180. Snake - October 1, 2007

I think he’ll probably end up as the villian…Obviously hes not an A list huge name like Crowe but should be good….he was an effective villian in Bourne 2 and Riddick.

Actually i sorta doubt they’ll get any huge A list star like Crowe or Cruise in the film…and do they even need them? the star of star trek is the film itself and the star trek ‘stars’ ….in this case Nimoy…with a fairly well known actor as the villian. (e.gs of the past – Montoban, Lloyd, Plummer, McDowell, Abraham)

So the villian will probably be Urban and Pike will be someone of similar statue like Jim Caviezal or maybe Ray Liotta…(as he looks a little like Jeff Hunter plus pike would be alot older than everyone else) maybe there’ll be a few other well known actors put not A list mega stars in other roles too – like Garrovick, Finney etc…

Then again Cruise did appear in Abrams MI 3…..thats got to count for something…

oh and 179 “Jake Gyllenhaal for Bones ” – LMAO

181. Time Line - October 1, 2007

I love time travel movies or tv. But I think some time travel movies get so twisted that the general public can’t follow the story line or it’s to simple it’s boring like when a scene is repeated again and again. Some movies will have the scenes shot at different angels to help with the repeats. So you need the right kind of writters for a time travel movie.

182. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007


He’s the one on the right. Hey, you’re supposed to be looking at Urban, you pig!

183. Gary Lee - October 1, 2007

Karl Urban is Pike not Bones or Scotty but think Ray Liotta should be Pike

184. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

Karl Urban can’t be in the movie, because otherwise people will be calling it a Keith Urban movie.

185. TJ - October 1, 2007

Karl looks more like a Captain Pike, but I could sorta see him as Bones. If they’re going about 5-10 years younger then the original cast were, he’s the right age for Bones. And having someone whose ‘known’ but not an A-lister because Trek was Kirk, Spock and Bones most of the time, makes sense. Karl isn’t a BIG name like Crowe, McAvoy and Cruise. Why do they need A-Listers anyway, ‘Star Trek’ IS the A-list name!!

186. Cygnus-X1 - October 1, 2007

Some of the most recent films roles played by Urban:

Pathfinder (2007)
Out of the Blue (2006)
Doom (2005)
The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

Not to take anything away from the “salad” bit, but I’m beginning to suspect that one’s opinion herein would almost certainly benefit from seeing more of Urban’s work.

Perhaps no one has noticed, but some of us may be falling into the trap of type-casting Urban based upon the above clip from “Julius Cæsar.”

187. Damon Wahlberg - October 2, 2007

How old do you think Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg really look? I think they could pass 8 or 10 years younger than they are to play Kirk at 30. I don’t know about a real unknown actor playing Kirk.

188. Admiral Harry IV - October 2, 2007


189. TB - October 2, 2007

I could see Kurt Urban playing Thor or Hercules, but in no way, shape or form could he be Dr. McCoy. I think he’s really just a pal of the writers & producers who would like in on the film in some sort of role.

190. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Casting (fast) komplett - October 12, 2007

[…] bislang unbekannte Rolle: Karl Urban […]

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