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Eric Bana To Be ‘Star Trek’ Villain October 9, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

The villain in the new Star Trek film will be played by an Australian, but not (as rumored) Russell Crowe. Trek’s new bad guy will be played by Eric Bana, star of the 2005 Steven Spielberg film Munich . According to Variety the 39 year-old Aussie has signed on to play a character called ‘Nero,’ but no other details have been provided. In a strange coincidence Bana co-starred with Tom Hardy (Shinzon – Star Trek Nemesis) in the 2001 Ridley Scott film Black Hawk Down – making two Trek movie villains in a row from that movie.

Bana Smash Kirk
The new Star Trek will not be Bana’s first foray into genre films as he starred in the 2003 Hulk film as the the ultimate guy you do not want to get angry…Bruce Banner. Bana’s career spanning thirteen feature films seems to give him plenty of experience to play the role. He has played a stone cold bad guy (Chopper), an epic warrior (Troy), a Roman (Romulas, My Father) and a time-traveler (The Time Traveler’s Wife). He won the Australian Film Institute Best Actor award for the title role in Chopper [highly recommended for a rental by]. Bana is currently filming The Time Traveler’s Wife, but apparently there is no conflict with the Trek shoot which starts in a month.

[minor spoiler]

A source tells that Nero is a Romulan. The name fits with Trek’s penchant for portraying the Romulan Empire as a futuristic version of ancient Rome.

A comedy Trek connection?
Bana got his start in comedy and was a star on the Australian sketch comedy show Full Frontal. That show actually gave Bana his first crack at playing a Star Trek character when they did a TNG parody and he played Worf (turning the crab head into a real crab). Unfortunately there is no available video, but here is a screencap from the opening credits featuring Bana as Worf.



VOTE: Big Bad Bana?

The latest poll (right column) wants to know what you think of Eric Bana as Trek’s latest Bad Boy


Bana at IMDB   |   Wikipedia

Fight scene from Bana in Troy

Trailer for Chopper

Bana showing off his comedy skills in Full Frontal sketch (he plays both parts)


1. Kevin - October 9, 2007

Eric Bana! Awesome!!! (…first)

2. Tassieboy - October 9, 2007

Nice to see an Aussie in Star Trek :)

3. Paul - October 9, 2007

One tiny glimmer of hope and then fphip!!! A Romulan named Nero, you gotta be f#@%ing kidding me, played by a whiny emo Bruce Banner. whew, sorry had to get that outta me. I’ll reserve judgment till I see it.

4. JCool - October 9, 2007


5. chain of command - October 9, 2007

I don’t see how it could be a Romulan if the movie takes place before Balance of Terror.


6. Dierna - October 9, 2007

Grrr!!! Hulk smash Kirk!

7. jonboc - October 9, 2007

I thought the first Hulk was a stinker of a film and also didn’t like his Bruce Banner portrayal at all. Having said that, he clearly has done other things that I haven’t seen and I’m totally open to him as a Romulan. He’s been cast. so I just have to rest easy knowing Abrahm’s knows what he wants and Bana must have proved he can deliver the goods.

8. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

5 good point, even if Nero is from the future, he’ll have to confront Kirk, and that interferes with continuity, unless he’s surgically altered.

I think Eric Bana is a great actor, but I don’t think he can bring the attention to the movie like Russel Crowe would have.

Also, that’s two Trek villains in Black Hawk Down, Shinzon and Nero

9. Xai - October 9, 2007

#5 Chain….

Maybe they just don’t see him. Maybe he crops his ears…
MAYBE he’s a Romulan from the future!!!

(cue the dramatic time travel music)

10. Kevin - October 9, 2007

(re: #5) I never thought of that! Hmmm, it makes me wonder a little…

11. admiraldeem - October 9, 2007

According to Spock in Balance of Terror, “No human, Romulan or ally has ever seen the other.”


If they choose to not violate this bit of canon, then the faceoff could be even less engaging than Kirk/Khan from TWOK. Or no face off. Wait and see…..wait and see…

12. Dave - October 9, 2007

They can just tie everything together.

Nero / Hulk / Eric Bana is FUTURE GUY!!!!!

13. Kevin - October 9, 2007

Oh yeah. You guys bring up an interesting… what’s the word… it’s like the chicken and the egg! The chicken and the egg!

14. Bobby - October 9, 2007

Now we’re talkin ladies and gents!!!

15. Captain Hackett - October 9, 2007

Great choice!

I love him in Munich, The Hulk and Black Hawk Down.

16. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

I guess we can’t expect to have any bigger names announced in this movie after Bana. When we do find out who Kirk is, we’ll all be like ” oh ok that guy is Kirk”. Unless there are cameos. Or if they hire MAT DAMON like they should!

17. Xai - October 9, 2007

#13 Kevin

…. yes, it’s the “all good things” omelet at Denny’s.

#11 Admiral… think about it… t i m e t r a v e l.

18. mattniss - October 9, 2007

I think that this was a great decision by TPTB. Eric Bana, IMHO, is a very versatile actor who will bring a lot to the character and the film as a whole. I can’t wait to see how he’s brought in – maybe a spy under cover? Maybe from the future? Maybe a rogue ambassador on a top-secret mission with Starfleet Command? The possibilities are endless, but I know that Alex and Bob will undoubtedly create the best fit.

My only gripes – naming the character “Nero” is an idea that has its merits, but I just didn’t envision that as an evil Romulan. The other is the way the writers will respect the canon set up by “Balance Of Terror”. As previously mentioned, pre-“Balance Of Terror”, no human or Romulan had seen the other. It will be interesting to see how this will turn out!

19. Notbob - October 9, 2007

So, no Russell Crowe, but yes to Eric Bana. I wonder who would have been next if Bana was busy. Mel Gibson? Geoffry Rush? The Australian guy on House?

Eric Bana’s a good actor. He’s good in Munich and Troy. As for the Hulk movie….well, that was just awful for so many reasons, none that were Bana’s fault.

5. chain of command and 8. Noleuser –

If I recall the rumors a Romulan or Romulans go back in time and alter the past and spacetime continuum thing(I think I spelled that right) The Spock played by Nimoy will be Spock from the timeline of the shows (the one with Balance of Terror) and the new young cast are in the slightly altered timeline. Some have said this will be done to explain some changes that will be made. So, if this rumor is true, then things can change and humans can meet Romulans before Balance of Terror.

I don’t know if the rumor is true or not. It should be noted that one version said that Romulans go back in time to kill Kirk’s father to stop him from being born. I don’t get that rumor because Kirk is going to be in the movie as an adult.

20. Komack - October 9, 2007

Hmm, how could you be at war with a race, faught battles with a race, yet only meet them, what was it? seventy-five years later face to face for the first time in Balance of terror?
One answer.
The Remans

21. TrekNerd - October 9, 2007

#5: “I don’t see how it could be a Romulan if the movie takes place before Balance of Terror.


Remember, the movie also takes place AFTER Balance of Terror.

And with time travel, which TrekMovie previously confirmed this movie involves, past events can be edited a little: for example, Riker and Geordi accompanying Zefram Cochrane on his maiden voyage.

Who in Kirk’s time would’ve thought that Zefram’s mission was accomplished with the help of an Enterprise crew from Kirk’s future?

22. 221b baker - October 9, 2007


James TIBERIUS Kirk facing off with NERO.

from wiki: Tiberius Caesar Augustus, born Tiberius Claudius Nero (November 16, 42 BC–March 16 AD 37), was the second Roman Emperor.

This just makes me smile. So much joy.

So is this guy good? I’ve never seen him (which might be a good thing for watching the movie next year).

23. Komack - October 9, 2007

I was under the impression this movie is pre- Balance of Terror. Correct me if i’m wrong.

24. Daren Doc - October 9, 2007

Ugh. More time travel. If this is true, sounds like a mishmash of “First Contact” and “Nemesis”. Hope it’s not.

25. M_E - October 9, 2007

“Remember, the movie also takes place AFTER Balance of Terror”

Where was that ever confirmed?

26. eastcoast86 - October 9, 2007

Jensen Ackles for Kirk!

27. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

Yeah, I never heard anything that stated this movie took place after Balance Terror

28. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

Eastcoast86, stop with your campaign!! : ) Ackles can stay on the CW, he does not have the charisma of the Shat

29. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

I have to go back and see the DVD but does anyone remember if Tom “Shinzon” Hardy, shares a scene with Bana in Black Hawk Down?

30. Komack - October 9, 2007

Think Remans.
The first clue is in Nemisis when Riker explains that the Romulans used Reman shock troops to fight the Jem’ hadar. This shows that Romulans have a history of fighting proxy wars. It’s clear to me, that when the Feds, and the Roms were at war the Feds were fighting Remans.

31. Kevin - October 9, 2007


“If I recall the rumors a Romulan or Romulans go back in time and alter the past and spacetime continuum thing(I think I spelled that right) The Spock played by Nimoy will be Spock from the timeline of the shows (the one with Balance of Terror) and the new young cast are in the slightly altered timeline. Some have said this will be done to explain some changes that will be made. So, if this rumor is true, then things can change and humans can meet Romulans before Balance of Terror.”

I really hope not. That’s the same crap DC pulled to explain all the inconsistencies in their comics. Jumping from universe to universe and changing whatever they please. It was impossible to follow, confuses people and is just pure lazy. That’s why I gave up on reading comics. I really hope that’s just some fan fiction crap. Like Nimoy playing Sarek.


““Remember, the movie also takes place AFTER Balance of Terror”

Where was that ever confirmed?”

Older Nimoy Spock.

32. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

Kevin, well of course the movie takes place in TNG times after Balance of Terror, where Nimoy is Ambassador, but nothing has ever been suggested that the movie in TOS era takes place after BoT.

33. Gary Lee - October 9, 2007

11# How about First Contact and the Borg? The Borg were first seen in TNG in the future, then in First Contact in the past. Our time is always running forward as in live, but where we are at could be a different time altogether in time travel so you have all the time to change time in your past or future. Not everything has happen yet in Star Trek.

34. Cygnus-X1 - October 9, 2007

Eric Bana is a good get.

Wow, I didn’t even recognize him in that Chopper clip until I failed to see anyone else who looked like Eric Bana.

Interesting note: Bana starred in an Aussie film released earlier this year called “Romulus, My Father.”

Bana played Romulus.

My two cents: If you’re gonna name the Romulan character “Nero,” which is a hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-sledgehammer reference, you should have some kind of reference in the dialogue to the history of that name, or perhaps joke about the name at Nero’s expense….like, maybe…. as Nero and his subordinates part ways, his subordinates pass by the camera as they down the corridor of their Warbird, and we hear them off-camera mocking Nero about his being a Terraphile or being obsessed with “perverse Terran culture” or something.

35. Cygnus-X1 - October 9, 2007


36. Kevin - October 9, 2007

Nope, nothing like that has been confirmed. Everything seems to point to the TOS era being set prior to “Balance of Terror” and even WNMHGB, because there’s been mention of Kirk and Spock just meeting. But what Treknerd said was that it also takes place after “Balance of Terror.” That means that Romulans could be seen at the point in time that we see Nimoy Spock. But we don’t actually have many answers, just a bunch of questions, conjecture and theories.

Oh good Lord this thing is getting confusing. In the words of Miles O’brien… and future Miles O’brien “I hate temporal mechanics.”

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to go un-cross my eyes.

37. NZorak - October 9, 2007

#13 & #17 LOL. I’m suddenly hungry for IHOP’s cellular peptide cheescake, with mint frosting.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this guy, so I guess we’ll have to see. I skipped the Hulk as Bill Bixby remains in his grave.

38. Notbob - October 9, 2007


Part of me–a really, really big part–agrees. I hope those are just rumors. The alternate timeline stories always were the least satisfying to me. There’s nothing to lose. Or gain, for that matter. The writer can literally kill off ,change, etc. whomever or whatever he or she wants to and it doesn’t have any consequences. The Next Generation, ds9 and Enterprise had a few episodes like this (it seems like anytime you saw someone blow up, or killed off on the shows, it was explained away with alternate timeline, or a person from an alternate reality.) I honestly think it’s a weak way to go as a story teller. It’s tantamount to saying, “it was all a dream.”

But, who knows? Maybe it’s just rumor. Maybe not, and it will be one of a few times that it works out.

I also have to admit that a this guy being named Nero–it’s too obvious.
Who’s next? An evil Klingon named Stalin?

39. sean - October 9, 2007

Eric Bana is a great actor, and a choice I can definitely get behind.

Oh and ‘Hulk’ bitching is soooo 2003.

40. SebiMeyer - October 9, 2007

isn’t it odd that Berman and Co would be telling us that the “movie will be awesome” and “totally different” at this point, but JJ and Co are trying to keep everything secret and assure people it’s not that different?

Just a thought.

So Romulan CHill Pill afterall, eh?

41. Pragmaticus - October 9, 2007

Eric Bana is a good actor. He’ll pull it off.

And who says the Romulans have to announce to everybody that they’re Romulans? They could easily say they’re Vulcans, or hell, make something up.

Thus continuity is preserved since they would have no idea that they had ever seen Romulans.

42. Chris Roberts - October 9, 2007

Considering the recent Robert Orci Interview could Eirc Bana be revealed as Future Guy?I have always beleieved The Romulans were behind the Sulbian on Enterprise so this could be a connection for fans being made.Also they have keep saying the Wrath of Khan Is their favorate film.Remember Kirk and Khan never came face to face.It Is possible only audence will know who the villians are.

43. Sharr - October 9, 2007

I wish people would chill and come to understand just because they aren’t able to see the answers it doesn’t follow there aren’t answers to be had or that a good imaginative writer can’t find ways to play with holy “canon”.

And “Nero” is actually the most “Romulan” name we’ve had in Star Trek in awhile its way old school! Here’s hoping these are Romulans without ridges! Though I’m also hoping for a female Romulan as well.

44. Croat - October 9, 2007

Yeah. Croat in Star Trek. :)

45. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

I think that would be cool if “future guy” was a Romulan, but if I remember correctly future guy was from the 27th century, Nimoy Spock would be dead by then, so how would he know their plans of altering the TOS timeline???

46. Robert Meyer Burnett - October 9, 2007


DUDE…you are SLOOOOOW on the news today…

Bana…and now Chris Pine…?

What…are you asleep at the wheel…?

47. Chris M - October 9, 2007

awesome to see an Aussie in Star Trek!

48. KevinA Melbourne Australia - October 9, 2007

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! Sorry can’t help myself. Russell would have been good but Eric is OK.

Don’t know whether you Guys know that Eric was a comedian on Aussy TV in the early 90’s. He was in his own variety show and a show called Full Frontal which did a lot of TV send up’s including Star Trek. I will dig deep to see if there is a video of Eric doing a Star Trek sketch. Could be interesting.

49. Scott - October 9, 2007

I’ve been satisfied with everyone who is working on this movie and happy with almost everything everyone associated with this new Trek film has said, but I have to say that if time travel is indeed involved…man, I’m so over time travel as a plot device. It’s just been done to death in Trek and elsewhere. Time for a clever, new SF plot maguffin, folks, a la the Genesis device in TWOK. That rocked.

That gripe aside, Eric Bana is a fine actor, and should be an asset to the film.

Scott B. out.

50. Kevin - October 9, 2007

re: 46 — what about Chris Pine? I’m confused…

51. Ben - October 9, 2007

great actor, stupid name “nero”

still looking very much forward to the movie


52. Danya Romulus - October 9, 2007

Yep, seconding Robert, according to Hollywood Reporter Chris Pine has been offered the role of Kirk:

53. Noleuser - October 9, 2007

Wow, who the heck is Chris Pine??? This is the new Kirk?!?!

54. trektacular - October 9, 2007

I just hope if this movie is bad its at least inadverdantly funny, I hate bad movies that are just bad.

55. Pragmaticus - October 9, 2007

Chris Pine’s father, Robert, appeared in a 3rd-season VOY episode as an ambassador.

56. Duane Dibbly of Borg - October 9, 2007

Romulans are soooo boring!

57. Tj Trek - October 9, 2007

Alright. For my two cents. i will honestly say that at first loook of the name, I was like “Who is that?!*&^) But when I read he was in Munich I was like “okey” I don’t know his acting too well, so I will reserve review until I see the movie (Or watch something else he is in), But I am pretty sure he is a solid actor, and will probably bring great weight to the role.

Now as for any spoilers about Timeline and going back and forth in it, I for one hope it all is for naguth. I am starting to get tired of time travel being used in star trek. YAh it was cool in the earlier movies. Yah it was cool in YESTERDAYS ENTERPRISE, and that two parter about san fransisco and Mark Twain, but I think that the fourth season two parter from ENTERPRISE just took it’s use a bit too much. But all that said…..I will not condem the film (if it turns out these rumors are in some form true), until I see the film. Then I will rant and rave, or make praise as is appropriate.

58. Demode - October 9, 2007

“45. Noleuser – October 9, 2007

I think that would be cool if “future guy” was a Romulan, but if I remember correctly future guy was from the 27th century, Nimoy Spock would be dead by then, so how would he know their plans of altering the TOS timeline??? ”

I don’t know if that was confirmed or not. My understanding was the human who comes back to warn Archer was from the 27th century, but I don’t remember it being said if Future Guy was from the same century. Its posible they were both from different timelines.

Nero being FutureGuy would be a good little bit of continuity. And even if he is from the 27th century, its possible someone from that time warned 24th century Spock, in the same way they warned 22nd century Archer.

59. Kobayashi Maru - October 9, 2007

Bana will make an excellent Romulan, and as for the pre Balance of Terror problem, who says he will ever be seen by the protagonists, or that he won’t pose as a Vulcan, sans the hideous ridged forehead appliance?
This bit of news opens up all sorts of possibilities…
Remember, Older Spock was last seen on Romulus, so Nero could be his contemporary.

60. cd - October 9, 2007

Eric Bana is a fine actor and all, but… a Romulan named Nero? I hope this, and the Chris Pine rumor are wrong. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this…

61. cd - October 9, 2007

#24 – Agreed.

62. The Realist - October 9, 2007

As an Aussie I am glad that it has fallen to Eric, although I would much prefer Crowe, I feel Eric can pull a bad guy off alot better than Crowe. So as an Aussie YAY!

63. Charles Trotter - October 9, 2007

Wicked!!! Bana was good in Black Hawk Down, was the only good thing in Hulk, was one of the few good things in Troy, and was great in Munich. Didn’t do bad in Finding Nemo, either. :-P

Still have to see Chopper. Looks bloody awesome.

64. Robo- Cop - October 9, 2007

He looks ways too young to portray a convincing villain so who really knows?
Now I know anything is possible so maybe the people in makeup will prematurely
age him. What do other people think?

65. Devon - October 9, 2007

I have to admit the name “Nero” more or less struck me as a comic book villan than a Star Trek villan name.

I don’t have an opinion yet on the actor but seems to be okay for what it’s worth.

66. Penhall - October 9, 2007

Awesome! I like Bana way better than Crowe, so I think he’ll do a good job. He’s a really solid actor. Good news on this one.

67. Danya Romulus - October 9, 2007

65-100% agree, I thought the exact same thing. But I like it…seems like they are having the balls to take things further. It’s like, “well you know the Romulans are kind like the Romans already…but have you ever heard something as crazy as THIS??”

68. Demode - October 9, 2007

Nero sounds no more silly than Khan to me. Is a good, solid name. As for Kik, I’m starting to think Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a good choice.

69. Kevin - October 10, 2007

Too young? He’s nearly forty! How old should a villain be?

70. The Dark Knight - October 10, 2007

Great news. But, as someone already mentioned, Crowe would bring more attention to ‘Trek’.

Like the idea of the FUTURE GUY thing! :D :D :D

71. The Dark Knight - October 10, 2007

Btw: Bana just looks like Ronald D. Moore (at least on the pic)! :D

72. Jan - October 10, 2007

Mh. Good actor. But he is not as big as Russell Crowe, so he will not have such an effect to attract so much non-trekkies than Crowe.

73. Horta Hears a Q - October 10, 2007

Re: #20

“Hmm, how could you be at war with a race, faught battles with a race, yet only meet them, what was it? seventy-five years later face to face for the first time in Balance of terror?”

Because, as Spock explained in Balance of Terror, there was no visual communication between starships during the Earth-Romulan War. Hence, they never saw one another during that conflict.

Think of it like this: Did enemy submarine commanders see one another during WWII? No.

74. Hallbjorn - October 10, 2007

I like this casting !! Looking forward to this movie even more now !!

75. Paul - October 10, 2007

played in the same movie as a crappy Picard clone, I have definitely been pushed from the anxious to the ambivalent camp. mostly people are going whoo hoo for star power, not to belitle Mr. Bana or anything but can anybody tell me a movie that was awesome when the villain was more “popular” or well known than the hero? I’m just saying my good feelings have definitely turned a nose dive, just like when i saw transformers, but in the interest of being a good fan i will reserve judgment till i see the finished movie. when i enter that theater in xmas of 08 my fingers will be crossed and i will be anticipating something great. and I wish those involved the best

76. Snake - October 10, 2007

wow – that IS quite a big name ……..Hulk, Black Hawk Down, Chopper, Munich, Troy

I’m impressed….

no Russel Crowe now though..oh well his schedual was packed full of Scott movies anyway.

Wonder who Karl Urban will play then? – probably Pike or Garrovick or some starshop commander…

77. Jeff - October 10, 2007

Ooooh, Bana. This movie is shaping up to be tasty.

78. TJ - October 10, 2007

Oh yeah Jeff, I agree 100% Thats some cred in the villian stakes there!!

Roll on Xmas 2008! Its gonna be one hell of a Xmas gift!

79. CanuckLou - October 10, 2007

Good choice but Crowe would have ruled.

80. Snake - October 10, 2007

Bana was also in the running to play Bond..who he starred with in Munich..

He’s certainly worked with some big name directors – ridley Scott (he was pretty much the star of BHD) , Ang Lee, Speilberg, Peterson, Curtis Hanson and now soon to be Abrams

He won rave reviews for his bad guy in Chopper

81. 1701 over Gotham City - October 10, 2007

Well, There’s nothing to say that any of the crew will ever even see this guy, so it could still honor the notion in “balance of Terror” that we do not know what a Romulan looks like.
Then again they could completely throw that away, making that episode (one of Trek’s all time best for suspense and story) *completely* null and void.
And if he IS a Romulan… For the love of everything holy, DO NOT put that stupid forehead ridge on him!! Can’t we forget that ever existed???

I for one, am quite taken with the fact that it’s not the Klingons again…

82. TJ - October 10, 2007

I’d put Bana high up there, maybe not ‘A List’ but as near as damn it, and he’s a damn fine actor to boot!!!

He’s been in Troy (awesome movie) as the doomed hero Hector opposite Brad Pitt. He was Bruce ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m ANGRY’ Banner in The Incredible Hulk (not so awesome movie), and I remember him from a completely freaky Aussie serial killer movie, ‘Chopper’ (based on a true story) so he can DEFINATELY play a damn good villian! Not to mention he was great in ‘Black Hawk Down’…

And funnily, he was in a movie called, ‘Romulus, My Father’ as a character called ‘Romulus’…LMAO….considering all the talk about the movies villians, wouldn’t that be hilariously ironic!!!

83. M&M - October 10, 2007

To name a Romulan “Nero” seems very pathetic. After Romulus and Remus, a Senate and so on from the ancient Rome, Nero makes it sound really infantile. Especially as Nero is not an Romulan but an human name.

I hope they can still change the name and find a better version for it. Using pictures from ancient history is okay but you should not overdo it…

84. dalek - October 10, 2007

#83 its only a name. The name of the villain does not maketh a good or bad movie. No one will say “that movie was awful because the villain was called Nero”…

However, is this version of Nero HD-DVD compatible?

85. harris - October 10, 2007

If this guy is the villan and cutie boy is Kirk….then I’m with the villan

86. TJ - October 10, 2007

#83 Weren’t the Romulan’s and there senate modelled on that of ancient Rome??? Emporer ‘Nero’ was known as a incredibly brutal leader…sounds like he was aptly named to me! I love that nod to history! I mean, its not like they called him ‘Bob’ or ‘Dave’!!!! Dude seriously, do you really want an out there name????

87. JB - October 10, 2007

God help us, not another time travel story. That’s the worst bit of news yet about this movie. So much for original thinking and creativity.

88. Ty Webb - October 10, 2007

Eric Banner, the kiss of death to any film..

The guy just lacks charisma.

89. dalek - October 10, 2007

#87 bear in mind time travel is only a framing device, and from what I’ve heard the Romulans find themselves back in time by accident.

In a future time like Star Trek where they have conquered space travel; travelling through time is not that far fetched and is the next frontier, so to speak.

Forget Voyager and Enterprise; they have nothing to do with the original show barring product name.

Some of the best episodes of TOS involved accidental time travel (city on edge, naked time, tomorrow is yesterday).

These guys shouldn’t be judged on the Rick Berman era over-reliance on time travel. This is their take on it now. They haven’t used it once yet.

There is a unique opportunity they are taking advantage of, of a character 140 years plus interacting with his younger self. The compelling nature of that for anyone who enjoys the Spock character is unique in itself. I just hope they figure out a way to do it for the Kirks too.

90. Bronto Dan - October 10, 2007

If you want to see a good Eric Bana Movie, rent Chopper. Then you’ll see the range of this actor!!!!

Like the choice, don’t like the name, does he burn DVD?

91. theARE - October 10, 2007

Much rather have a story about exploration, i.e. a trek through the stars than anything connected with time travel.

I don’t think it will appeal to non fans either.

To a non-fan:

Captain Kirks first adventure
That sounds cool

Romulans change the time line and old and young Spock have to repair the damage
Huhh? Roman who? Doing what?

JJ is famed for his use of flashbacks so you surly can work Nimoy in to the movie without needing him and Quinto to be running around corridors together.

If I want time travel I’ll watch Doctor Who. I want Star Trek to be about space exploration.

92. Admiral Harry IV - October 10, 2007

theory: could this movie be a Romulan (Nero) going back in time and seizing control of The Roman Republic, turning it into The Roman Empire in an attempt to invade and enslave Earth?

93. Ty Webb - October 10, 2007

#90. Yes the only decent perfomance he’s given. A lot of actors pull out the stops in order to break through and get noticed. He’s just been boring after that.

94. theARE - October 10, 2007

Maybe Rom from DS9 can have a cameo in the film. That way we could get a scene of the villainous Nero burning Rom

95. ObiWanCon - October 10, 2007

This casting RULES Erica Bana is a great actor I was blown away by is performance in MUNICH I think he will be great I can’t wait.

96. Ty Webb - October 10, 2007

I have to admit I prefer Trek villains to be a bit older. It would balance better as well against the young cast. A late 40s actor would have been much better. A movie needs to work from visual perspective. That’s very important.

97. Bronto Dan - October 10, 2007

#93. I agree that his other movies have been so so. I haven’t seen Munich though. So I can’t really judge.

But i think that what is most important his how well the vilain his written. I don’t think that Khan would have been thath great if he wasn’t well toughted out. The actor has a limit too how much he can add to the text.

From the last interview with Roberto Orci I have hope that this Vilain will be good.

98. billy don't be a hiro - October 10, 2007

“Ugh. More time travel. If this is true, sounds like a mishmash of “First Contact” and “Nemesis”. Hope it’s not.”


99. Thomas Jensen - October 10, 2007

Bana is fine. Also, TNG screwed up the aliens from the original, changing the look. Originally, the Romulans were ‘cousins’ of the vulcans, who left the planet in it’s distant past. But TNG added an appliance to the head, creating a new race of romulans. That wasn’t needed and just complicated everything. “Oh, but you see, there are different races of romulans, blah, blah.” Right…

Then they flipped the characteristics of the klingons and romulans, giving the klingons honor when they had none. Then making the romulans the sly, honorless group.

In Star Trek it was postulated that many races in the galaxy were ‘seeded’ thus explaining the connection and humanoid look to these three main antagonistic peoples.

I’m more interested in that connection, then to make each of these three alien races completely separate from each other. Other aliens can be completely ”alien” in their look, but these three were connected in a mysterious way in the original series that has been lost.

So, perhaps if that connection was reestablished, we could see a romulan character named Nero.

100. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » Star Trek Movie News - October 10, 2007

[…] Also, it was reported earlier that Russell Crow could possibly play a villain in in the film. Not true. Eric Bana has been cast as the Romulan villain, Nero. […]

101. YES MAN - October 10, 2007

So I’m out of the top 100… Sheewww that was close! If the romulans act like this I will start wairing Trek Uniforms and I’ll even buy that Enterprise phone. Absolutely AWESOME casting. I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

102. Greg2600 - October 10, 2007

Eric Bana was fantastic in Munich and Troy, although that was as a protagonist. Hulk was such a miserable hunk of garbage I can’t blame him on that. Not sure if I can see him being a ruthless villain with those looks. Montalban, Lloyd and Abraham were much more evil looking.

103. TB - October 10, 2007

A lot of you seem to think the name NERO is stupid, but KHAN, that was okay, right? JEEEEEZ!!! Bana is at least an actor who could portray a Vulcan or Romulan without a lot of makeup, same as Nimoy & Zachery. Who says he is Romulan, anyway? Maybe he’s a renegade starfleet Captain or an crazed academy instructor or maybe he’s simply an Italian. Bana too young to play a villian? What are you people talking about? The most boring fight scene on film was between two near 60-year-olds: Shatner’s Kirk & McDowell’s Dr. Soran. I have no idea if there’s a physical confrontation in this movie or not, but I certainly don’t want to see a guy in his late twenties duke it out with a 50-year-old. Where’s the suspense there? Bana’s at least a guy that could kick Kirk’s ass.

104. STFAN - October 10, 2007

The casting is fine with me. But the name is awful. I know you’re reading this Orci: Change that name! please….

105. John N - October 10, 2007


I really appreciate that you keep the spoilers until the end of the articles, and also include the spoiler alerts. It’s a fine line to keep up on current events of the movie without ruining things by taking all of the surprise out of it.

Please keep up the good work in this regards and give fans like myself a choice of how much detail we want to know…

P.S. If you could use the same philosophy for your article titles, it would also be appreciated! :)

106. scott - October 10, 2007

#5, your right on. That seems like more of a writing challange then finding a way to get Shatner’s Kirk in the film.

107. Noleuser - October 10, 2007

Stop bitchin about Nero, the name is adequate. His age of 40, what’s wrong with that?? Romulans with ridges, it’s now canon, so LEAVE THEM! These are small things to knitpick about, get over it.

108. Snake - October 10, 2007

107 – well i’m hoping they have TOS Romulans…sans ridges

I notice in Trek VI the Roluman ambassoder was TOS style not TNG style (even though TNG had Romulans with the rides in the 1st season …does that mean they evolved to have ridges in the 80s years inbetween like Kilingons?? – although the Klingon thing was sorted out in season 4 of Ent wasnt it…)

I never dug the ridges they had in TNG and Nemesis…felt like change just for the sake of it…besides arent Romulans supposed to be the same genetic make up as Vulcans?

109. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2007

Horrible choice! Bana is neither talented or charismatic as an actor! Compared to Crowe he’s a rank amateur! First misstep I’ve seen the producers make!! My hopes for this film just went down a BIG chunk!

110. scott - October 10, 2007

#109, Thats what I thought at first.
However I think JJ knows what he is doing.
We must give him chance on this one.
The Incredible Hulk Movie sucked because of
the lack of respect to the original source material, the comic books.
Ang Lee pissed all over the legend that is the Incredible Hulk.
Eric Bana was ok, the sucking of the Hulk was not his fault.
It was that smug disrespectful Ang Lee.
Please keep that maniac away from genre movies & beloved universes. And Ang can take Michael Bay with him!

111. David Sturm - October 10, 2007

Who’s not to say that the Romulan language name is something like “Nhiierofv”… and for simplicity in the script, Orci’s typing “Nero”.

Works for me. Unless I think about Grover the Sesame Street Muppet doing a parody… “Nero… [runs away from camera to background] (breathlessly says) Far-o [runs back to camera] (out of breath mouths) Nero.”

Well, they can always change the name, and then say “He is the Romulan formerly known as Nee! (ro).”

112. Chawunky - October 10, 2007

“My commander sent for Decius.”

If a Romulan can be named Decius, then Nero isn’t much further a stretch.

Now, if we ever get a Romulan named Scipio Africanus, then maybe…

113. Jay - October 10, 2007

Eric Bana is an interesting choice, would have prefered a brit or Russel Crowe… personally i dont think Bana is hardcore enough for a bad guy.

suppose we’ll wait and see….

114. TJ - October 10, 2007

I’m glad its not Russell Crowe as much as I totally think he’s the dude in the acting department. But if it were Crowe, then Big Bird could be playing Captain Kirk and no one could give a hoot because Crowe is in the movie. Choosing someone who is known but not super A-list oscar winner is much better, we dont want the villian to overshadow the heroes after all!!!! Eric’s a great actor, he’s got the calibre to be a damn fine villian, and a damn HOT one at that! ;) Now if I can just have McGillion as Scotty I’ll be in girl heaven!

115. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2007

Eric Bana commits the one sin that is unforgiveable in an actor…..he’s BORING!

116. Al - October 10, 2007

A Romulan? Now I am worried that the Ain’t It Cool rumor of a while back is true – Time Travel, eradication of Vulcan, Spock the last of the Vulcans, etc.

117. Paul Martin - October 10, 2007

Mr Kirk, don’t make me angry……

118. Snake - October 10, 2007

Bana as a Romulan!

119. JBS (hailing frequencies open from Issaquah, Washington) - October 10, 2007

1. I also don’t like the name Nero. Made me cringe as soon as I read it in Anthony’s article. Please me make it something more ‘other-worldly,’ preferably one syllable. Nero sounds a little wimpy to me. Actually, the Romulan commander in Balance of Terror didn’t have a name – he was just known as “Commander” – and that was fine.

2. Also hated the ridges of the TNG Romulans – absolutely, positively hated them. Also strongly hated the stupid wigs they had to wear.
Much preferred the look and mannerisms of the TOS Romulans (except for the silly uniforms).

There’s my 2 cents.


120. TB - October 10, 2007

Please, oh please quit photoshopping these actors. To me, everyone that I’ve seen makes them look gay–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Operative word, people. “Actors.” Bana may come off as boring because some of the films he’s been in were boring.

I got two words to describe what was wrong with “The HulK:” Nick Nolte!

121. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 10, 2007

Love Eric Bana , terrific actor, he was exceptional in Munich!!!!
He will make an excellent Lord Garth. Lord Garth approves!!!!

122. JB - October 10, 2007

#89 – You’re missing the point. As originally conceived, Star Trek was supposed to be about good science fiction, not space opera. It doesn’t matter who did it, or whether it was good, bad or somewhere inbetween, the point is it’s been done. To death. Surely there is more to the final frontier than overworked plot devices.

123. last o' the timelords - October 10, 2007

I have yet to say anything negative here about STXI. I’ve only been supportive.

So obviously I’m about to dump on Bana. He is wooden and always puts me asleep in the theater. He brings a realism to his roles, to be sure and he also bores. I have a hard time believing he has a comedy background. This has never been on display in his filmwork. Hope that comes through in the new Trek film.

124. Anthony Pascale - October 10, 2007

i added some more videos and a screencap to the article above

125. Beach Bum - October 10, 2007

If there’s time travel in this film (and I PRAY that there’s not), that would be two time travel movies in a row for Bana…

126. jonboc - October 10, 2007

#119- I have to agree. Please let these Romulans be TOS Romulans as seen in Balance of Terror and Enterprise Incident rather than the Next Genified version where everyone wore bad Spock wigs, had crazy Frankenstein foreheads and shoulder pads that Joan Crawford would have died for. I really hope they leave that abomination where it belongs, in the 24th century, and keep it out of the TOS universe!

127. gord - October 10, 2007

Superb choice – Bana is a terrific actor, I’ve thought that for a long time now. So glad he’s going to be part of Trek!!

Unsure about the plot elements though – a Romulan called Nero? Hmm…

And in line with a comment or two above, I’m praying they keep time travel out of this and/or a threat to Planet Earth itself out of this.

128. steve623 - October 10, 2007

“And in line with a comment or two above, I’m praying they keep time travel out of this …”

Thank you. I couldn’t agree more.

129. Cranston - October 10, 2007

Yes, yes, yes— NO Romulan head ridges! Romulans should look just like Vulcans; I really liked the idea that they were the same race/species, but very different cultures (i.e. that the Romulans were pre-Surak Vulcans). That concept is one that you so rarely actually see in Star Trek, where cultural differences and species differences were pretty much interchangeable most of the time.

Plus, you need a Romulan who can, well, act — and it’s hard to act (i.e. convey a character’s mood, tone, etc) when you can’t move your friggin’ eyebrows.

So, yes. TOS Romulans please.

Oh, and Bana’s a great choice.

130. Mr. Quatloos - October 10, 2007

TWOK aside…I am just not a fan of the “villain of the week” plot. I prefer episodes and films like The Doomsday Machine, Immunity Syndrome, Best of Both Worlds, The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home.

In other words, I prefer plot driven conflict over these cartoony, mustache twirling villains.


Because it takes away from the “exploring strange, new worlds” concept.

I’d rather see them encounter something along the way of journey rather than having some person plotting universal armageddon or the death of Kirk…that sort of thing.

It’s boring…and to me, it’s not in the spirit of what Roddenberry would be doing if he were alive today.

For the millionth time…where’s the exploration stories? The adventure stories?

131. Mr. Quatloos - October 10, 2007

There’s nothing wrong with the makeup of the TNG Romulans.

I like it.

Keep it.

The problem isn’t the makeup, it’s the writing. As long as the Romulans are WRITTEN to behave as Romulans would then the rest will take care of itself. To me, the TNG episodes, “The Enemy” and “The Defector” are two of the best Romulan stories ever.

Oh: and as far as mustache twirling villains go…Commander Tomalak was hard to beat!

132. John Trumbull - October 10, 2007

“If any of us get laid tonight, it’s because of Eric Bana in Munich.”

133. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2007

Eric Bana?? Ah, well……………..I was hoping they’d cast a GOOD actor as the villian……….
As Peter O’Toole opined in My Favorite Year, “DULL!! BORING!!”

134. Komack - October 10, 2007

#73, #20
I still would not be surprised to see the Remans play a role in this movie. They have a history of fighting the Romulans battles, and it COULD explain why the Feds and the Roms never came face to face with each other till Balance of terror. (Aside from the fact that they had no viewscreen technology.) You mentioned naval Sub-commanders never seeing the face of the enemy, but does that mean the same for ground troops? It always seemed odd to me that you could be at war for 75 yrs but never know who your fighting.
The idea of Remans in the movie would serve the continuity factor quite well. They were’nt as tough as the Borg, but I think they would give the Dominion, OR, the Hirogen a run for there money.
That’s just my opinion.

135. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2007


Your comments are well thought out, but I, personally, have had enough Reman (after Nemesis) for the time being…………..

136. Rhett Coates - October 10, 2007

134. Komack – October 10, 2007
#73, #20
I still would not be surprised to see the Remans play a role in this movie. They have a history of fighting the Romulans battles, and it COULD explain why the Feds and the Roms never came face to face with each other till Balance of terror. (Aside from the fact that they had no viewscreen technology.) You mentioned naval Sub-commanders never seeing the face of the enemy, but does that mean the same for ground troops? It always seemed odd to me that you could be at war for 75 yrs but never know who your fighting.
The idea of Remans in the movie would serve the continuity factor quite well. They were’nt as tough as the Borg, but I think they would give the Dominion, OR, the Hirogen a run for there money.
That’s just my opinion.

WELL……….. That’s one way to deal with the presumed conflict of canon-between-series’. However, there is another. What if (–this is an ‘IF’ idea–), what if the star war between Earth and Romulus (which apparently takes place during the last 3 or 4 years prior to the forming of the Federation in 2161 — according to canon — took place in a region of space where the ‘more primitive ships’ (before the NCC-1701), of Archer’s era could not filter out certain radiation types, thus no visual communication was possible EVEN IF THEY HAD such technology? The NX-01 had a main view screen, as did many other ships (on ENT), but that would be the most logical way to “explain away” not having visual commuication. Another way: ROMULANS DID NOT ACTIVATE THEIR VIEW SCREENS, since they knew that Vulcan was alLied with Earth.

This, plus the ENT episode where Archer and crew thwart the Romulan take-over of Vulcan, when the NX-01 crew helps avert the war between Vulcan and Andor. The Romulan seen discussing the destroyed results of their [invasion] of Vulcan apparently set off a serious chain reaction of events, and if that is true, it’s NO WONDER they have always wanted Earth out of the picture. And beginning in 2161, by extension, the Federation.

Such a war could have spurred Archer and all the others to CREATE the Federation far sooner than might have happened otherwise, and the Treaty of Algeron in 2311 (forbidding the Federation to develop cloaking technology) only allowed Romulus to continue their own efforts to perfect the device (as finally seen, a century after Archer’s era, in TOS episode “Balance of Terror.”).

What if [“Nero”] decides to kidnap and/or kill ARCHER in his old age (before Christening the USS Enterprise NCC-1701) or some other major event from the ENT era that affects the time-period when Kirk & Co. have just left the Academy to begin their service in Starfleet, and the young crew — with the elder Spock from the future — have to stop THAT from happening? Such an event would need have happened just before Archer was to have christened the NCC-1701, the same general time-period Kirk began his career, so that’s another feasible possibility. FLEET CAPTAIN? Jonathan Archer? Christopher Pike? Robert April? Capt. Garrovick? Capt. Garth? Or someone else?

And, TIME TRAVEL? How might the elder Spock have discovered it? There is a WHOLE GALAXY of possibilities there, and it includes SPACE EXPLORATION—and the fact that not everything we may discover in “The Final Frontier” may be wonderous, but from a practical perspective, dangerous unless we’re REALLY prepared ….. like the young crew led by James T. Kirk and Spock (in their younger years).

And how would the Romulan character of “NERO” figure into such a plot? Hmmm………? (Remember, that name isn’t CONFIRMED for Eric’s character just yet.)

Yeah, Anthony, this one’s also long-winded, but worth discussion in this particular thread. Don’t you think?

137. VOODOO - October 10, 2007

Bana = inspired choice.

I think he will be great.

138. Harry Ballz - October 10, 2007

Some here are raving about Eric Bana being chosen, some condemning it. I, personally, find he has no charisma as an actor. God, just add an L to his last name and I think you’ve got what he’s all about! BANAL IN THE EXTREME! I’d say, “pick someone else!”, but obviously it’s too late!

139. Komack - October 10, 2007

A very bold idea, however it doesn’t explain why Romulan, and, Federation ground-forces never came face to face. You can’t fight a war without ground-forces. And it was a terratorial war, wasn’t it? I’m not 100% sure.

140. the king in shreds and tatters - October 10, 2007

139. What’s been stated so far is approximately crap-all.

141. NotBob - October 10, 2007

#86. TJ – You wrote: “#83 Weren’t the Romulan’s and there senate modelled on that of ancient Rome??? Emporer ‘Nero’ was known as a incredibly brutal leader…sounds like he was aptly named to me! I love that nod to history! I mean, its not like they called him ‘Bob’ or ‘Dave’!!!! Dude seriously, do you really want an out there name???? ”

I cannot answer for #83, but you are right Nero was known as a brutal leader. Tiberious was too and he was a child molester and murderer. So….

As for the name Nero for an alien–that’s kind of cheesy to me. To add to the fact that historians say that Nero numerically was where 666 came from and Nero is suspected to be Satan in The Revolation why not call him Lucifer? Or Satan? That would of course be really cheesy. I’m all for Bob. There aren’t enough villains named Bob. Or Oil Can Harry.

As for those who mention Kahn…well, that’s cheesy but not as much because he was at least from Earth. And there have been other folks named Kahn. Doc Holliday beat a man, with a cane, named Kahn.

142. elodie - October 11, 2007

Yes! Excellent choice! Bana did an awesome job in Hulk. That’s why I don’t wanna see The incredible Hulk (no Eric! that sucks!).

Paul mc Gillion+Zachary Quinto+Eric Bana+ (I hope) Ben Browder=
Mr Abrams, you’re the best!

143. TJ - October 11, 2007

#141 – NotBob (haha that name tickles me for some reason!), ‘Tiberius’ was also one of Rome’s greatest generals and helped lay the foundations for the empires expansion across the norther frontier. However It’s ‘James T. Kirk’ to the masses, only the more dedicated fans know what the ‘T’ means. Incidently ‘Tiberius’ full name at birth (before it was changed when…Roman hinky family crap happened) was ‘Tiberius Claudius Nero’!

I kinda like ‘Bob’, Nero aka The Bob!

144. Snake - October 11, 2007

it must be a good role and a good script for an actor like Bana to sign on…

this guy is used to working with Spielberg, Ang Lee and Ridley Scott!

145. Cervantes - October 11, 2007

I’m someone who actually likes Aussie Eric Bana a lot, but…I just don’t see his’look’ or ‘persona’ as being particularly ‘villain-like’…in fact I don’t see him as an actor who will pull of a good ‘scenery-chewing’ villain at all…and if we have to be given another ‘human-looking’ Trek villain, then I want him to be a memorable one…

Which brings me to the fact that I had originally hoped for a ‘non-human’-like adversary or challenge for this Movie in the first place, as between this, and a likely ‘time-travel’ plot device ( allowing a different ‘time-line’ and ‘liberating’ the film-makers to REDESIGN everything ), this is turning not just into a potential ‘REBOOT’ …but also a…RETREAD…

146. Cervantes - October 11, 2007

Although I am somewhat underwhelmed with Eric Bana being cast as a ‘villain’ in this, and still feel he is too well-known for my liking…making that a distraction for me…I am at least somewhat releaved that it hasn’t turned into a Russell Crowe vehicle, as although he can be terrific, I think he would have dominated proceedings TOO much in this, and definately would have been too much of a distraction because of his now well-established ‘celebrity persona’…

I am one of those that really wanted something new and ‘other-worldly’ as an obstacle to the crew’s on-going mission of exploration, and with today’s techniques and effect’s this could have been something awe-inspiring…
Although I didn’t want Klingons, I didn’t want Romulans ( or disaffected Starfleet Captains? either ) as adversaries in this either. Keep ’em for the sequels if you must.

147. Cervantes - October 11, 2007

Apologies, that link should be this:
I just bet he’d have loved ‘Trekkies’ pestering him in future… ;)

There has been enough hinted at now, by those in the know, for me to accept that I am not going to get the kind of storyline in this Movie that I had hoped for…but as far as I’m concerned, the only useful thing that might have come out of a ‘time-travel’ / ‘alternate-timeline’ plot, would have been the sight of an older, ‘alive and well’ William Shatner-played ‘Kirk’ AS WELL as his newly-played younger counter-part…thus at least giving me back an all-time fantasy hero still battling the odds in celluloid imagination…

Although we are being spared ‘humans-in-makeup’ Klingons again at this juncture in the Star Trek ‘revival’…

…it seems we are probably getting something close to them in ‘humans-in-makeup’ Romulans …

…and although this may make for a diverting enough Movie, it is not the mysterious, unknown ( and therefore more unpredictable ) quantity that I hoped this set of film-makers would conceptulize…

Just my opinion folks, and you don’t have to like it, as I know some here are quite happy with this outcome, but I myself will look forward to some actual ‘galactic exploration’ in the sequel, where something we haven’t seen before will be encountered…and will keep my fingers crossed that the ‘Klingons’ are held back for the second sequel…

148. Cervantes - October 11, 2007

One more go, and that’s it….


Good day.

149. The Master - October 11, 2007

How about Matt Decker as the fleet captin? he was a comodore in the devil the dark

150. Joseph Brown - October 11, 2007

I really like #136 Rhett Coates idea as well as possibly having “Nero” be revealed as the “Future Guy”. One possibility of how to have “Nero” have a face to face confrontation with Kirk pre-Balance of Terror is to simply have him disguised as a renegade Vulcan and only allow the film audience know he’s really a Romulan.

151. I AM THX-1138 - October 11, 2007

Bana, huh? Romulan, huh? Now that has the distinct feeling of not being right. As we know that the two warring parties dont meet face to face, and that the film makers are into TWoK, are we in for another “adversaries never meet in person” flick?

Have to think on this one.

152. Snake - October 11, 2007

btw way anyone else impressed with how quiet this was kept until he was announced?

not once did i hear or read the name Eric Bana on any websites – it was always Russel Crowe or Karl Urban etc

no leaks at all

153. Greg2600 - October 11, 2007

This could be a first, but I do agree with Harry that Bana has not been known as a scene stealer. Not quite as villainy as a Gene Hackman or Jon Voight, but you also have to take into account that many actors simply won’t do science fiction, let alone Star Trek. As for whether Bana is a Romulan, I would rather him be a Vulcan or someone in the Federation. That way, there could be a back story and prior perhaps friendship with Spock or Kirk. Having the protaganist and antagonist have know each other prior always spices up the story.

154. The Master - October 11, 2007

153 I don’t want another I knew him a a child story, or an evil twin story. I think the romulan angel can be done, especailly if they were behind the scenes helping Kronos in being the excutioner. Becuase they were doing experiments that went awry. if the rumors of Sam kirk’s charchetr being in the movie are true.

155. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

#153 Greg2600 “This could be a first, but I do agree with Harry”

Awwwwwwww……………………………..was it good for you??

156. Paul - October 11, 2007

too bad Russel Crowe ain’t in it I actually thought he could make a good Matt Decker that would’ve been awesome

157. USS SANTA - October 12, 2007

Like It Or Not Its Meant To Be

I Guess We’ll Have To Wait And See

But Either Way ITS HERE TO STAY!

Let STAR TREK LIVE On Christmas Day!!

HO HO HO !!!

158. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Casting (fast) komplett - October 12, 2007

[…] Nero (Romulaner, Bösewicht): Eric Bana […]

159. Michelle - October 22, 2007

I watched half of the Hulk once and then i fell asleep. I’m hoping it was just because i was totally out of it and i was tired it ws a long time ago so i can’t really tell i hope he’s better as an actor than that movie was becausee I do not want a romulan putting me to sleep in the movie theater

160. sasha - November 13, 2007

Eric will be a great romulan he is a terrific and amazing actor. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.