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Simon Pegg Pegged For Scotty [UPDATE: Doohan Responds] [UDPATE 2: McGillion Responds] October 11, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

The search for a Scot is over… and it’s an Englishman! Variety is reporting that British actor, writer and comedian Simon Pegg has won the role of Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. The 37-year-old beat out a number of others who were up for role of Trek’s most famous engineer, including Stargate’s Paul McGillion.  Pegg, who is best known for starring in the hit British comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, had previously worked with Abrams and many members of his ‘Trek’ team on last year’s Mission: Impossible: III, in which Pegg played IMF technician Benji Dunn (essentially the ‘Scotty’ of M:I:III).

Hailing from Gloucester, England, Pegg began his showbiz career as a stand-up comic before moving into television and film. He first gained recognition as the creator, co-writer and star of the British sitcom Spaced, receiving a British Comedy Award as Best Male Comedy Newcomer. He then starred in and co-wrote the "romantic zombie comedy" Shaun of the Dead, which became an international success in 2004. Two years later, he made the cop comedy Hot Fuzz, which enjoyed even greater success.

Pegg is the second Star Trek cast member with a strong connection to comedy, following Eric Bana. Pegg is also the second actor cast to have previously worked with Tom Hardy (Shinzon from Star Trek Nemesis): Pegg worked with Hardy on HBO’s mini-series Band of Brothers, while Bana and Hardy both appeared in Black Hawk Down. Pegg himself is no stranger to the science fiction genre, having guest-starred on the new Doctor Who in 2005.

Not a Scot?
The original casting call for Scotty required a ‘flawless Scottish accent.’ Most English Actors are capable of doing Scottish (and American) accents and Pegg is no exception. Here is a clip from a comedy show Pegg shows off his Braveheart

UPDATE: Chris Doohan backs Pegg
James Doohan’s son Chris (who himself lobbied for the role) just sent in this note regarding Simon

Well, that came out of left field. I guess he pegged theaudition. I must say that even though Paul McGillion was my first choice,  I believe that Pegg will do a great job. No,he doesn’t look like my Father and he has a little less hair then Scotty did,but his accent is passable and he’s a great actor. I send my congratulations toyou Simon and I hope you “giver all you got laddie”.  

UPDATE 2: Paul McGillion on Pegg
Two weeks ago broke the news that Stargate actor Paul McGillion had audtioned for the role of Scotty, sparking a series of reports and a lot of well wishes from the geekoshere. Paul just sent a message to all the fans who wished him well:

I’d like to thank you all for your tremendous support especially Chris Doohan who rallied behind me to fill his father’s footsteps.  Obviously I have close roots to Scotland; having an opportunity to play an iconic Scottish character would have been an honour.

That being said, I have not had the pleasure of "meeting" Simon Pegg but I am familiar with his work and I think he’s a terrific talent. I wish him and the rest of the cast & crew great success with the new Star Trek film



Pegg at IMDb | Wikipedia

Scene from MI3 (opens new window)


Trailer for Shaun of the Dead


Trailer for Hot Fuzz 


1. Danya Romulus - October 11, 2007

Solid– a nice nod to the indie/foreign/low-budget/whatever genre fans.

2. Jordan - October 11, 2007

what…. seriously? I can’t really see it. They have to dye his hair at least.

3. SirMartman - October 11, 2007

It seems abit odd to read something on the internet that starts with,,,
The search for a Scot is over,,,


anyhow Im looking forward to the “new” crew,,,




4. Danya Romulus - October 11, 2007

Um wait a second Anthony, who is John Cho playing??

5. NZorak - October 11, 2007

So much for the guy from Atlantis. I was pulling for him.

6. JCool - October 11, 2007


He was born in 1967-Age 37
He is not a pretty boy -character actor
he is funny-I love his movies


Looks nothing like Scotty
Simon Pegg-Seriously?

7. SirMartman - October 11, 2007

dam,,, two other messages in the space of 30 secs!

gee it pays to type fast!!

make that,,,


8. JCool - October 11, 2007

oops I mean 1970

9. Pragmaticus - October 11, 2007

Here’s Pegg on a British comedy show lampooning Braveheart, giving us an example of his take on a Scottish accent:

10. JCool - October 11, 2007

If the Alternative universe timeline is true

I have a feeling McCoy is going to be played by a black actor
that would be cool!

11. valentine - October 11, 2007

Even though he looks absolutely nothing like Doohan (the other actors have at least shared a broad similarity). Simon Pegg is made of awesome and win. One thing though… being known, well ONLY, really, as a comedic actor. I wonder if Scotty is going to be more of a comedic relief character in this film. Not that that would necessarily be bad. Especially not with someone as talented as Pegg in those shoes.

12. Skippy 2k - October 11, 2007

Hmm, didn’t expect that one. I was pretty set (hopefull) about Paul Magillion. I remember Pegg from end part I saw of Shawn of the Dead and the Doctor Who ep he was in but not anything else, have wanted to see “Hot Fuzz” which he’s in.

Anyway I look forward to seeing how it turns out, allthough he wasn’t a “good guy” in the who ep I though he was good.

13. Danya Romulus - October 11, 2007

Is John Cho Sulu? Not to like, racially profile or anything, lol… just seems like the only one that would make sense…

14. Anthony Pascale - October 11, 2007

ooops….coming soon

15. Robogeek - October 11, 2007

This is very gutsy, interesting casting.

Simon Pegg is obviously awesome, and brings substantial comedic talent to the mix. The only danger I see is him potentially taking viewers out of the movie, so to speak; at first blush, it strikes me as borderline stunt casting, which could be distracting in terms of “hey, it’s Simon Pegg playing Scotty” instead of “it’s Scotty”. And obviously, this film is / must be a drama, not a spoof. But all that said, I have faith in J.J. and company – and Simon, who is a bonafide, hardcore megageek. I’m sure he’s jumping up and down with glee to join the crew of the Enterprise, and will commit fully and faithfully to the role.

Meanwhile, JOHN CHO HAS BEEN CAST?!?! You just snuck that in there, Anthony. When did that happen? Assuming he’s Sulu, I must admit a slight twinge of disappointment that we aren’t getting a Japanese-American in the role (just as we aren’t getting a Scot for Scotty), but John is another fantastic actor. (Though, if memory serves, in both these cases they seem to be casting a little older than originally announced.)

16. DavidJ - October 11, 2007

He certainly sounds like a FUN choice, I guess. And it’s not like Scotty is going to be central to the plot anyway; he’ll just pop up for a few scenes probably.

17. SolFlyer - October 11, 2007

Can’t argue with the choice, since I love Mr. Pegg, but I do have a lot of trouble picturing him as Scotty.

18. Demode - October 11, 2007

“By The Power of Greyskull!”

Interesting choice. Not my first pick, for sure, but he is a very good actor (I LOVED Hot Fuzz!!!) I wonder if he will end up wearing a wig in the film though, as he is a bit thin on top.

19. Cranston - October 11, 2007

I haven’t seen any of his movies, but I’m cautiously optimistic. At least, I don’t see this as the crushing blow that some on another thread have made it out to be.

With the comedic background, I worry too that Scotty is going to be the “buffoon Scotty” from movies IV-V rather than the tough-as-nails Scotty of “A Taste of Armageddon” (“The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank.”)

Of course, Scotty was always a source of comic relief in TOS too. “It’s … it’s … it’s *green*.”)

If Pegg can combine the two effectively, I don’t really care about the looks. I mean, they can dye his hair, and Doohan did have a bit of a grizzled look to him, even if it’s not the same grizzled look.

(Side thought, though: Pegg has red hair, is only 5′ 9″ tall, can obviously handle kick-ass violent roles, and is clearly not the prettiest guy in any room. Why exactly isn’t this guy playing Rohrshach?)

20. Pragmaticus - October 11, 2007

Thank you, Anthony, for your inadvertant slip-up. John Cho is PERFECT for Sulu.

21. JCool - October 11, 2007

John Cho as Sulu?

JJ sure likes to cast guys with heavy eyebrows !

22. Cranston - October 11, 2007

One other, more general comment about the casting news that’s adding up:

I’m very, very relieved to see that they are casting older than the age ranges listed in the leaked character descriptions from a while back. I was having problems with a 23 year-old Uhura and a 32 year-old Scotty. But the ages are working out to be much more in line with the age spreads of the original actors, making this feel much less like a UFP 90210 in the making.

And, so far, thumbs up from me for all of the casting choices.

23. Michael - October 11, 2007

What do you mean by “ooops….coming soon”?

That tells me that you know MUCH more than you have been saying.
Are you in cahoots with JJ & Company?
Just feeding us the info on their schedule?
I am disappointed, but jaded enough not to really be surprised

So, give us the REAL scoop on Shatner.

24. Anthony Pascale - October 11, 2007

guys keep this article focused on Pegg. make Cho comments in the Cho article

here is the behind the scenes. I had two scoops…Pegg and Cho. I had chuck writing the Pegg while I was doing the Cho. the plan was for the cho one to go up first and that is why he mentioned cho…then godamn Variety scooped me and we had to rush out the cho. The same thing happened with Chris Pine and Hollywood Reporter.

25. valentine - October 11, 2007

It doesn’t matter that John Cho isn’t Japanese. He’s Korean, which looks very similar, and no I don’t mean that in the cliche’ “All asian people look alike” way. Even a Japanese person would be hard pressed to distinguish between the two just by looking at them, the same way you couldn’t tell a Brit from an American just by looking at them.

26. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007


27. Michael - October 11, 2007

OK Anthony, I’ll buy that! LOL
Sorry you were scooped.

You could make it up with some Shatner news!!! LOL

Pegg could be fine in the role. I still have faith in JJ and his team.

28. Noleuser - October 11, 2007

I don’t know. I mean he looks NOTHING like Scotty! I like the guy, but I’m sorry he’s not Scotty, they might as well cast me as Sulu, and I’m a white dude

29. Cranston - October 11, 2007


No, I am the worst choice for Scotty they could have made. Some perspective, please.

30. cd - October 11, 2007

Great. Why don’t they just cast Will Farrell in it? I should have known: time travel, the villain is a Romulan named Nero, and now this? They are either not making a serious Star Trek or they don’t get it.

31. Noleuser - October 11, 2007

Aintitcool news is reporting that the budget has gone way up, and that’s definitely great to hear!

32. TJ - October 11, 2007

I have to say I’m really disappointed. He looks nothing like Scotty and this probably means Scotty will be nothing but the comic relief… :(

33. Pragmaticus - October 11, 2007

You know, Scotty doesn’t necessarily have to be fat in this movie. For all we know, he was really skinny at the start of the 5-year mission. But let’s see how he looks with his hair dyed.

34. Croat - October 11, 2007

Frack. I want Paul McGillon.

35. Shaggy - October 11, 2007

This is really turning out to be an interesting cast. I wonder how many movies they are planning on having these guys do together.

I also wonder what will happen for the next series.

Either way, this is good news on both Pegg and Cho. I guess the only one’s left are Bones, Nurse Chapel, confirmation for Kirk, and casting news on how many Red Shirts the new film is going to have (I’d love to play that!). :D

36. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

Mr. Orci, how can you explain this obvious lapse in sanity on Abram’s part? Simon Pegg is wrong for the role of Scotty on so many levels!!

37. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 11, 2007

This is ridiculous. This is probably the worst casting I’ve heard in a long time.

38. cd - October 11, 2007

#33 – No, Scotty wasn’t fat in TOS. You have seen Star Trek, the original series, haven’t you?

39. Penhall - October 11, 2007

Yikes, BAD choice, IMO. Pegg for Scotty and Cho for Sulu? After a steady stream of solid casting choices, these ones are really a step down, I think. They should have gone with unknowns……..too bad.

40. Cranston - October 11, 2007

#38 — Not only wasn’t Scotty fat in TOS, he was positively wiry in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”:

41. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 11, 2007

It sounds like it’s going to be a really funny movie.

42. Pragmaticus - October 11, 2007

38 – of course I have. And Scotty seemed to get huskier with each episode.

43. sean - October 11, 2007

Oh, shut up, whiners.

Do you know anything about Pegg and how seriously he takes geek stuff like Star Trek? Do you think he’s going to somehow just waltz in and make this a “funny movie”? He’s primarily known for being a comedian, but he can do serious stuff when he wants to. He’s an unconventional choice, but a great one, and one that rises above the caliber of some dude who was once on Stargate.

44. DavidJ - October 11, 2007


Well as long as the STORY is still taken seriously, it shouldn’t matter if more comedic actors are cast in the roles. In fact they would probably bring a lot more life to their characters than your standard “serious” actor.

45. Engon - October 11, 2007

It’s Super-Svelte-Scotty!

46. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

Who cares if he’s into geek stuff like Star Trek? That is totally irrelevent! It comes down to hiring the best cast possible and this man is lacking the talent needed to play an iconic role like Scotty! ANYBODY would have been better than casting this jack-off!

47. TJ - October 11, 2007

#26 Totally agree…Paul McGillion was ROBBED. Honestly, I’m obviously disappointed it’s not Paul but I was hoping it would be someone who suited and honoured the role and Doohan’s portrayal. He looks nothing like Doohan, he’s an englishman playing a Scottish hero (oooww thats not going to go down well) and he’s a comedian, they’re making a joke out of ‘Scotty’. Even if he plays it straight it’ll be taken as satire. This is the worst casting ever! And so much for all those who said Paul was ‘too old’ Simon looks OLDER then Paul!!! I was excited about this film, but now I’m not so sure, they’re making a joke out of it…

48. Devon - October 11, 2007

Easily the worst casting new so far. I have to agree with this last sentence:

“I was excited about this film, but now I’m not so sure, they’re making a joke out of it…”

49. sean - October 11, 2007

“ANYBODY would have been better than casting this jack-off!”

So, you’re basically admitting that you don’t know the work the guy’s done, then — from Spaced, to the movies, to being the voice of Strontium Dog to being in Doctor Who, etc. etc. etc. Great, thanks for playing!

Casting like this is what Star Trek needs — people who can act, who are interesting to watch on the screen, and who don’t slavishly fit the mold of their predecessors.

This is awesome news.

50. sean - October 11, 2007

So, basically, the only significant criticism of Pegg so far is that he doesn’t look as much like Doohan as McGillion does.

Um, okay.

51. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

Oh, I’ve seen this guy’s work……..and I’m NOT impressed! Abrams had THE WHOLE WORLD to pick from and THIS is the best he could come up with?? This is a sad day indeed for the franchise of Star Trek!

52. Robogeek - October 11, 2007

Harry, you are completely out of line to say Simon is “the worst choice they could have made”, “lacking the talent needed” and “anybody would have been better than this jack-off”.


Pegg is one of the most gifted talents working in film today. Don’t judge him solely on “Shaun of the Dead” or “M:I:III”. Seek out “Spaced”. Watch him in “Hot Fuzz”. Heck, watch his guest shot on “Doctor Who”.

And his unabashed love for the genre is indeed most relevant. He will not just approach this as another acting gig, but as a sacred trust. Because HE’S A GEEK.

53. sean - October 11, 2007

Oh, go cry into a Mugato stuffed animal or something.

This is a fantastic day for the franchise of Star Trek.

54. sean - October 11, 2007

Robogeek’s right on.

Anyone who has followed Pegg’s career knows that he doesn’t tread on big sci-fi franchises lightly — have you seen how reverent Quinto’s been toward the fan base? I expect Pegg will have a few fun jibes here and there, but will treat the source material even more seriously.

And, of all the actors signed on, you know this is the one guy they’ve hired who’s actually SEEN STAR TREK BEFORE.

55. TJ - October 11, 2007

#49 – Hey I like Simon, he’s awesome. ‘Spaced’ rocked, and I have it, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and more in my DVD collection…and I am DYING to find time to go see ‘Run, fat Boy, Run’. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is possibly THE worst choice for Scotty EVER and thats not just looks. He’s a comedian, they’re making a joke out of the role and the character AND the film. It’s made worse by the fact the rest of the casting has tried to fit the previous actors as close as possible, and then they have someone like Simon who will stick out like a sore thumb….That I am sooooo not happy with.

56. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

You keep going back to the argument that this “actor” loves Star Trek and will treat it with respect. That means nothing! I’d much rather have an actor with charisma and talent who can bring that to THE PERFORMANCE, than some geek who has been in a few movies and now wets his pants over being in Star Trek….don’t choose enthusiasm over talent, that NEVER works!! It might if you’re digging a ditch, not when you’re making a film!

57. sean - October 11, 2007

If Orci’s reading this, please sneak the line “Skip to the end…” somewhere in Scotty’s dialogue, please.

58. Cygnus-X1 - October 11, 2007

Simon Pegg is a good actor and a fine choice to play Scotty.

I’m excited to see how he’ll play him.

59. catchupwiththesun - October 11, 2007

this guy is awesome. im so happy.

60. Komack - October 11, 2007

It feels good that J.J., Orci, and the gang really scrutinized these roles, and are treating them with respect. I give you all my best wishes when casting Doctor McCoy…. then were off to Iceland!


I feel like a little boy again~

61. Harry Ballz - October 11, 2007

“skip to the end”

See? You’ve already betrayed your own argument! Suggesting that this miscast actor break from character and wink at the audience by referencing a line from some crappy movie he appeared in as a different character! Thanks for proving my point that this casting choice is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

62. sean - October 11, 2007

Well, I happen to think that none of the actors look very much like the original series actors (Quinto included), and the physical appearance of the actor doesn’t matter a whole lot to me.

What DOES matter is that we get an actor who is capable enough to handle the role, is able to have the screen presence to do “what Scotty needs to do” (which is, likely, just make a few frantic “I’m working on it” calls up to the bridge and work a few transporters). We’re talking about MONTGOMERY SCOTT here, people, not Hamlet. What kind of performance are you expecting?

So, yep, to my mind, it certainly does mean something that the actor is one who, I suspect, knows original Trek better than any of the other actors cast in the film so far (save Nimoy, of course). Because, ultimately, Star Trek has a wonderful history, but it’s moving in a different direction starting with this film.

And if that means changing the characterization of Scotty somehwhat, I’m all for it if it means I can watch Simon Pegg do it. I’m excited, NOT because Pegg is “a perfect Scotty,” but because HE CAN BRING SOMETHING UNIQUE OF HIS OWN to the role. See, that’s the kind of thing that actors get excited about, and I’d rather see a movie that has dedicated actors than watch someone else try to slavishly impersonate Doohan.

“Some geek who’s been in a few movies”? You really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you, “Harry Ballz”?

63. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 11, 2007

Dude Sean, the casting is obviously off. Like, really off. I don’t see how you can honestly be satisfied with this guy playing Scotty. James Doohan to Simon Pegg? I like Simon Pegg, don’t get me wrong, but he’s totally off on this role. He might be good for another character in Star Trek. But not Scotty.



(most serious picture i can find where he doesn’t look like a goofball. no offense to the actor at all, he’s a comedic actor. and a great one at that.)

64. sean - October 11, 2007

That “skip to the end” post was a joke, son.


65. sean - October 11, 2007

Hey Wild Man, did you see the part where I mentioned that physical appearance wasn’t something that I personally found important?

66. Skippy 2k - October 11, 2007

Here is my photoshop attempt, still would have liked to see Magillion but will wait and see what he does with Scotty.

67. George Armstrong Custer - October 11, 2007

Didn’t James Doohans son lobby for Paul McGillion as well? Obvious Paul was ready to go in the press reports that he gave and he welcomed Doohans Blessing. There must have been a dispute over money.

68. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 11, 2007

Ah, nope i posed while you put up that post. Eh, no arguement there, that’s your perogative.

69. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 11, 2007

posted* i meant

70. sean - October 11, 2007

How in the world would Doohan’s son lobbying for McGillion have any impact on whether or not they hired McGillion for the role?

With all due respect to the Doohans: It’s quite nice when the original cast’s family have a preference for an actor, but they aren’t putting up any dough for the film. The producers, the studio, the casting director, etc. are banking a lot on this film, and won’t pick someone simply because Doohan’s son expressed a preference.

71. sean - October 11, 2007

And, full disclosure, until today I actually thought McGillion was the most suitable actor for the role — not aware that they could get people of the caliber of Pegg and Cho for the remaining roles (given that all of the others have gone to relative unknowns).

I think it’s unfortunate that both Pegg and Cho are mainly known to audiences for comedic roles, because they’re both perfectly capable of putting in excellent serious performances. This is just a PR timing mistake, and it’s sad to see Trekkies be so short-sighted and blow a gasket over getting good actors for these roles.

72. Robogeek - October 11, 2007

Harry, you’re being an unimaginable ass.

Pegg is indeed “an actor with charisma and talent who can bring that to THE PERFORMANCE”. If you’d bother to look at his work, you’d know that.

On top of that, Pegg _also_ brings a depth of understanding and passion for both the genre and the original material.

This equals enthusiam _plus_ talent (not “over”).

Casting-wise, that’s called having your cake and eating it too.

Which is GOOD.

(And I’d much rather have that than just someone who merely happens to more closely resemble Doohan.)

73. Paul - October 11, 2007

Once again as I stated in a previous thread a few glimmers and then everything goes out the damn window. Honestly how many comedic actors are good in dramatic roles and if they just turn Scotty into comic relief then i definitely won’t go see this movie. If they wanted to put humor in this movie and being the self proclaimed Trek fans that they are why not do like TOS and leave it to the verbal jibes between McCoy and Spock, those were the best. once again I am forced to say that I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now, but if i end up hating this movie you will be burned in effigy like I did for Berman (okay just to make sure nobody’s feathers get ruffled, thats called sarcasm)

74. TJ - October 11, 2007

#60 – Komack…respect???? Casting McAvoy would have been respectful. Casting Paul would have been respectful. Hell casting Compston or Hemphil would have been more respectfulful. Casting Pegg is NOT respectful of neither the role or the memory of Doohan and his ‘Scotty’…that REALLY upsets me. What’s right about him for the role barring he can just about do a passable Scottish accent? He’s an Englishman! And a comic (a damn fine one, but still) And just because he’s a geek has no barring. You dont have to be a geek to like Trek…

Sean. I appreciate your love affair with Simon, but being so aggressive and being the ONLY one trying to shove him down our throats without a decent arguement except your Pegg lovin’ and then being totally disrespectful of a) the character (with your, he’s only a bit part anyway), b) Trek fans and c) the geek BS just proves Harry and the rest of us right.

Calm ya self down son, you look like a numpty.

75. elodie - October 11, 2007

Not Pegg! Paul Mc Gillion was the best to be Scotty! I fear the worst for Kirk!

76. George Armstrong Custer - October 11, 2007

So now it is a wait and see who will play McCoy, Pike and Kirk. I wonder if it will be next week or this weekend.

77. Heywood Jablome - October 11, 2007

Harry I share your dismay somewhat about Pegg’s casting, and kinda wish Magillion had gotten the part, but it seems like simply being fair to me to say that we should wait until the end credits roll to pass judgment on Pegg’s performance, or any of the others for that matter. You never know how it’s gonna turn out until you see it. Let’s give it a chance and hope for the best. I’m just happy that Star Trek is being brought back to the big screen, let alone getting the casting choices that I might have wanted. Let’s not abandon ship before she’s had a chance to leave drydock! I say wait for the film, then we can tear it to shreds, if that is what it deserves. If, on the other hand, it turns out great and everyone hands in a stellar performance, then we’ll be that much better off and all this speculation will be unimportant.

My turn under the Van Gelder machine, now, give it up.

78. Komack - October 11, 2007

Its not what they look like but what they can bring to the roles. They were’nt picked for what they looked like- although there is some consideration given to the appearance- these actors have been screen tested and were chosen for there ability to act. So weather they look exactly like the original character or not is pointless.

79. Darkthunder - October 12, 2007

I have to agree that Simon Pegg is the wrong choice to play Scotty. I’m sure Pegg is a capable actor, but I don’t think he fits in the role of Scotty. Had they chosen Paul McGillion (which was my hope), they’d have an actor that can act both serious, and funny as well as having the accent and looks.

Up until now the casting has been great, but this definitely is a step in the wrong direction. Next ting we’ll hear, is probably gonna be that Robbie Williams has been chosen as the new Kirk :P

80. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 12, 2007

man, the casting is just off. It’s so obvious. I mean Pegg would be interesting in star trek! maybe for a different character on a different ship. But Scotty? 40 + years with doohan engrained in our memories. It’s hard to think of anyone else, for any of these characters. But Pegg? Come on.

81. DavidJ - October 12, 2007

You know, I’m thinking back to Hot Fuzz, and his grumpy demeanor in that DOES kind of remind me of Scotty at times.

So I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that Pegg will only be cracking jokes and doesn’t have the ability to be serious in the role.

82. sean - October 12, 2007

“Casting Pegg is NOT respectful of neither the role or the memory of Doohan and his ‘Scotty’…that REALLY upsets me. What’s right about him for the role barring he can just about do a passable Scottish accent? He’s an Englishman! And a comic (a damn fine one, but still) And just because he’s a geek has no barring.”

How is it not respectful to Doohan? Because he doesn’t look much like Doohan? Because he’s not Scots? Oh wait, I mean, because he’s from Britain and not Canada? I’m getting confused. And of course him being a geek has relevance, we’ve been over it a few times, so I won’t bother to reiterate.

I’m certainly very “numpty,” whatever that means, but you seem very hung up on the idea of “respect” here — I’m not being “disrespectful” of the character of Scotty, just realistic. He’s the gearhead of the Enterprise, he’ll have probably 15 lines total in the script, and that’s it. That’s what “Scotty” IS. You’ve seen Star Trek before, so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, right?

I’m blissfully disrespectful of Star Trek fans who put more emphasis on an actor’s appearance than on someone’s ability and screen presence. This kind of whining is seeming more and more like the “female Starbuck” kinds of complaints of a few years ago — that is, reactionary and not very constructive.

Star Trek’s moving on, and you don’t have to like it. Nobody’s making you go see this film.

But I’ll be camping out.

83. Komack - October 12, 2007

Would you rather have someone who looked like Scotty, acted like Scotty, or a blend of both? Take that into consideration.

84. sean - October 12, 2007

I think Hot Fuzz is a great example of what I’m hoping to see from Pegg in this role. Will he be Doohan? Nope. Quinto won’t be Nimoy, Saldana won’t be Nichols, Cho won’t be Takei, Eric Bana won’t be Joan Linville.

85. Flake - October 12, 2007

Wow im shocked, Pegg came from nowhere! I was hoping for McGillion but Pegg will do nicely, hes a great actor and massive in the UK as well !

Holy shit this film is gonna be huge! Cant wait!

86. USS SANTA - October 12, 2007

Like It Or Not Its Meant To Be

I Guess We’ll Have To Wait And See

But Either Way ITS HERE TO STAY!

Let STAR TREK LIVE On Christmas Day!!

HO HO HO !!!

87. TJ - October 12, 2007

#80 – So far they’ve cast people that ‘fit’ the original mold of the character, one’s who can be true to spirit of the original in both looks and of course acting ability to portray the role respectful to the original one. Go look at the 200+ comments over Pine for Kirk, or Vogel for Kirk the main concern and critism has been whether he LOOKS the part, the acting ability is a given, they’re not going to cast some random halfwit who cant act but is young Shatner’s twin.

Hence Quinto’s casting, he’s a dead ringer for Nimoy. That’s why they’re casting an Asian actor as Sulu, a russian as Chekov who also resembles the original and a black female actress as Uhura. If Pegg is the ONLY one who doesn’t look like the original actor or fit the part then that makes it BAD and disrespectful casting. It says to me, oh its only Scotty, who gives a crap.

And casting an englishman as a Scottish hero when they already had an actor like Paul McGillion who is also a damn fine actor, is a big Trek fan and grew up watching it, is actually Scottish AND Canadian like Doohan, already has a HUGE genre following, got a massive positive approval from fans here and the press, is the right age (1 year older then Pegg but looks younger), looks like Doohan….and the list goes on.

Not to mention Chris Doohan’s comments ARE valid. They’ve spoken to all the original actors for the other parts cast so far. So unless they hold a seyance, I think Chris is the next best thing to his Dad and his opinion IS valid.

As for the geek part, dude seriously? You say geek like its some badge of freakin honor and makes everything alright ! Let me ask you this, are you excited about going to see Trek just because Pegg’s in it, or you’re a Trek fan? I’m unashamedly a HUGE McGillion fan, and I was excited for him to play Scotty because I am also a HUGE Trek fan and thought he fit the role perfectly. And if they’d gotten an actor who fit Scotty I would be happy regardless but Pegg is no Scotty….

88. DavidJ - October 12, 2007


Agreed. These actors are playing CHARACTERS, not other actors.

I’m actually excited at the idea of seeing something new and different brought to these characters (who, with the exception of the Big 3, were never that well developed anyway).

89. Jan - October 12, 2007

As already mentioned Simon Pegg is a great actor. But I have problems to see him as Scotty as well. Seems they somewhat want to go in a different direction regarding Scottys part. Maybe he is more the funny part than the old Scotty was.

I’m curious about it.

90. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 12, 2007

Please tell me they’re kidding??? They had that PERFECT guy from Stargate and they go with this??? Look, I liked Shaun of the Dead, but … Harry is right to be outraged! THUMBS DOWN.

91. Andy Patterson - October 12, 2007

Have to admit I’m only vaguely familiar with the guy, having seen bits of Sean of the Dead, and I’m sure he’s talented, but I don’t exactly see this. I’ve long thought Scotty was the great untapped character; that Doohan was the underutilized talent. The few times we see him on the bridge in charge of the ship; the great episode on Argelius where he’s accused of murder, when he’s drinking an alien under the table, when he’s defending his ship’s honor against the Klingons……these are all glimpses into and facets of the man I just don’t see this guy doing. Scotty had a proud swagger that in no way seemed comedic to me. The comedy came from how fiercely proud he was of his heritage and his position. From what I saw of that McGillion guy he seemed a better choice. Also Scotty seemed more of a real man than this guys seems to be.

We’ll see.

92. Andy Patterson - October 12, 2007

And # 87

TJ, I think you’ve pretty much hit every other thing I didn’t say. Good post.

93. Luke Montgomery - October 12, 2007

I love this guy. He is uber talented. I’m stunned at what an excelent cast this is turning out to be. I almost can’t beleive it. WOW.

94. TJ - October 12, 2007

#92 Thanks. And here, here to your comments! Scotty was one of my childhood heros and to me an important part of ‘Trek’. Yeah he wasn’t in the trio of Kirk, Spock and McCoy but he wasn’t far behind! He brought charm, humour and strength to the role making him a well rounded character. This casting has me worried Scotty will merely be the bit part, comic relief . Even Sean ‘I want Pegg’s babies’ comments reflect that; he’ll only pop up now and then with some random comic moment so its ok for Pegg to play him. Respectful huh? NOT! He’s probably rigjt tho… (so not the best of parts of Pegg either).

I am so disappointed…

95. George Armstrong Custer - October 12, 2007

He will need a wig or hair transplant because is it me or does he hardly have any hair. If they do a multi film deal I do not want a picard looking engineer on the ship. Also will they dye his hair?

96. Chris Pike - October 12, 2007

Pegg is a superb comic actor, one of the best. Very talented. But he is not Scotty. Oh dear…

97. Jan - October 12, 2007

Hey guys, don’t be so prejudiced. Let’s wait and see. Remember: Nobody wanted to have Craig as Bond and he did it great!

You attach too much importance to the look and the origin of this guy.

Let’s give him a chance. He’s very talented.

98. TJ - October 12, 2007

#97 – Considering all the fuss over all the other characters casting, thats double-standards. Maybe they should make McCoy a women too then they can have a wee love triangle between Spock, Kirk and McCoy and incinuate a threesome…ya know throw a little sexual tention into the mix to make it sexy.

Pegg as Scotty…..NARP!!!! ;)

99. Snake - October 12, 2007

oh dear – gut reaction

i thought they were going for relative unknowns for the big 7 (Pegg is far from unknown) plus actors that beared a similar look..

Bet the Stargate guy is pissed – he’s have been perfect…

Also i’m slightly concerned as in the Stargate guy thread i said i was willing to bet my life he gets cast….

God….please forgive me

Btw if a ‘name’ like Pegg is Scotty then maybe Karl urban WILL be Bones after all

100. Cox of Seagulls - October 12, 2007

The more I think about Pegg as Scotty, the better and better it seems.

101. Bono Luthor - October 12, 2007

Relax. It’s all good.

102. dave - October 12, 2007

Will be interesting to see if he does a “proper” scottish accent, (doubtful) or a more theatrical one like Dohhan did which, as much as I do love the guy and Scotty, was a pretty inaccurate sounding scottish accent.
My ex is from England and whenever Trek was on, she and her friends used to laugh and say, “What? He’s suppossed to be Scottish?”

103. Anthony Pascale - October 12, 2007

ballz…final warning for spamming
comments to

104. arcadian - October 12, 2007

Yes! Excellent casting guys… I’ve been a fan of Pegg since series 1 of Spaced. Keep up the good work!

105. MATT - October 12, 2007

Great casting. These boys have been spot on thus far.

106. The Lensman - October 12, 2007

“He’s a comedian, they’re making a joke out of the role and the character AND the film.”

Dude, I hear ya. I mean….Michael Keaton playing Batman? MICHAEL FREAKIN KEATON!?!?!? You know all indications were that Burton was finally going to give us the Batman movie we all wanted. A Batman that was dark and serious. Then he goes and casts a freakin stand up comedian who will make a joke out of the character AND the film. Keaton is totally lacking in gravitas and the abilitiy to act or carry a serious part. I mean, hello….Mr. Mom? ugh

Burton just made a huge mistake and this is going to cost this movie dearly. Batman will flop miserably because nobody, and I mean NOBODY will ever believe that Michael Keaton (MICHAEL FREAKIN KEATON!!!) could be Batman!!
Worst. Casting. EVER.

107. Snake - October 12, 2007

ok i’m gotten over the shock of Pegg as Scotty now – he should be fine..but i still think the stargate guy was perfect for Scot

a couple of points..

Wonder if Pegg will dye black or wear a wig? or do a Craig and just remain…?

Also wasnt Ricky Gervais going to do the Mission Impossible Role but dropped out so Pegg took over? maybe if he had done MI 3 we’d all be crying today over DAVID BRENT playing Scotty !

108. Snake - October 12, 2007

Maybe Cruise WILL be Pike now…the whole MI 3 connection and all…

109. twinchaosblade - October 12, 2007

They did cast who?! I have to admit that I’m fairly disappointed at their chosing Simon Pegg over Paul McGillion. To my mind McGillion would have been an excellent choice and no doubt would have given depth to the character of Scotty. “Some dude who was once on Stargate” is a nasty comment that does in no way justice to the quality of his acting skills.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely opposed to Pegg because I have no idea how he can pull off a ‘serious’ performance, thus won’t condemn him from the start, but I simply can’t picture him as Scotty. It’s not the looks, it’s the associations I have when I see him. No matter how fine a dramatic performance Pegg would give, I still think of him as the comedic geek, which IMHO just doesn’t fit with the role.

110. NotBob - October 12, 2007

The good news is he’s not some young kid. The bad news is–as of now–I don’t see him as Scotty. I can see him play drama. I know he can do comedy (In fact i really enjoy his comedic work) I can see him doing sci-fi. But it just does not have the feel of, “Look, it’s Scotty!”

I did say to myself “Look, it’s Scotty” when I saw Paul Magillion.

When I read they were going to do the original crew I wondered who would play who. I thought Bodie Olmos could play Spock. They got Quinto. And I thought, yeah…I did not think of him; but he’ll actually work.

Same with Uhura and Checkov.

Hell, I was happy with Pine as Kirk. And as time goes on, I see more of a resemblance to a young Shatner in each photo I see of this guy. He’s not a spitting image, but has similar facial mannerisms.

But Pegg—I don’t see him as Scotty. At least not now. This is not as bad as their choice for Sulu. I’m a bit terrified who they’ll get for Bones.

111. Anise - October 12, 2007

Nope, not buying this. Is this a joke? Is this movie turning into a parody or spoof? Firstly, his Scottish accent is FAR from flawless. It is a stereotype. Secondly, he has little grounding in actual acting, and, although he might be a good comedian, I doubt he has the acting chops to pull this off.

Also, they appeared to have been staying faithful to the looks of the original cast with Quinto, Saldana and Cho, but Simon Pegg looks nothing like Scotty. Does this mean that they feel that Scotty’s (and therefore Doohan’s) input was so insignificant as not to honour both the character and the actor’s memory?

I feel that this is a mistake, and, much as I respect Simon Pegg as a COMEDIAN, unless they are looking for Scotty to be nothing but the comic relief, I feel this is a huge mistake, especially considering some of the others who have been touted for the role.

112. Iowagirl - October 12, 2007


I think humour has always been a very important aspect of TOS. So, we shouldn’t be too worried that Pegg being the comedy type necessarily means that the role of Scotty will be considered only as a random comic element. But, of course, your doubts are well justified: comedy and humour are two different concepts and Doohan was perfectly able to distinguish between them.

113. jon1701 - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg is a fantastic actor, but like many my gut says no.

That said, we gotta wait till the credits roll to really judge the performance. Look, we havent seen the script – Scotty isnt going to have that much to do – they need whoever plays him to create a character right out the blocks. I wouldnt be suprised if it wasnt a “lighter role”, which Pegg would be perfect for. I just hope it doesnt bounce me out of the movie.

This seems to be the first casting to polarize internet opinion, but i’m still hopeful. I’ll just point out the Pegg is a MASSIVE STAR WARS fan. As is Abrams.

You do the math. Ah, screw it:

Go PEGG!!!

oh, and whats wrong with Michael Keatons Batman?

114. DJT - October 12, 2007

I like this Pegg gentlemen. Although, I have not seen his movies. The trailers seem humerous.

With that said, I would have rather seen Doohans son portray the role, or that Stargate fellow. However, that is just my humble opinion.

I’m certain the casting people know exactly what they are doing.

Unless of course, if their decisions happen to be mired in deadlines and are forced to choose among the pool they have.

As a famous Vulcan once said, you go to war with the army you have….

Yes. That worked out well too.

Of course, someone higher up in the chain of command could be pushing for comedians. Maybe we’ll see some more T&A too. McCoy could still be played by Jeri Ryan.

Stay tuned kiddos….

115. TK - October 12, 2007

Didn’t see this coming at all. I live in the UK and really enjoyed Hot Fuzz and SHaun of the dead. My friends tell me that “run fat boy run” is good as well. He’s a great actor, I’m sure he’s capable of pulling Scotty off. I’m just surprised that he went for this role, he’s had quite a few movies where he was the main star. With his inclusion, I think the movie just managed to attract a big UK audience. At least it will be easier for me to ask my non-trek friends to come see the movie with me!! Cho sounds like a good choice too, though I reallt don’t know this guy that much. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m seeing this movie in a completely different light now! Also warming more towards the idea of Chris Pine as Kirk. He’s probably one of our best bets. Bring on the rest of the cast!!!

116. Snake - October 12, 2007

115 – yes – how do they keep these things under wraps? I was CERTAIN the stargate guy was gonna get it due to all the hype..rumours etc.

Bana came out of the blue as well – i mean there was literally no mention of him at all before he was announced. no rumours at all…it was all Crowe this Cruise that etc

117. Snake - October 12, 2007

115 again – yes Pegg has abit of a cult following especially in the UK..unlike the stargate guy who is a total unknown really.

The UK audience will certainly be intriged by Peggs inclusion…..and therfore it might make more due to that

118. NotBob - October 12, 2007

113. jon1701
“oh, and whats wrong with Michael Keatons Batman? ”

Everything when The Joker is played by a certain actor named Jack.

119. Cervantes ( Living and wailing under a Scottish sky... ) - October 12, 2007

* Cough* splutter*…what the?….SIMON PEGG???…good Lord…has the world gone mad? This is as bad as having Ewen ‘Spud out of Trainspotting’ Bremner, or comedian Greg Hemphill cast…

Some here may not like this opinion, and it’s only an opinion, albiet a strongly held one…but this casting is just dreadful….

As much as I enjoy the back catalogue of Simon’s work, this casting of the ‘Scotty’ is so awful, I can barely take it in… As I couldn’t get Gerard ‘300’ Butler, I had hoped the film-makers would get some other Scot who had a reasonably ‘commanding screen presence’, and could fit the shoes of the wonderful character fleshed out by James Doohan. And what do I get?…weedy Simon Pegg!

Well that’s it…after the other recent worrying probabilities suggested for this Movie, I can safely say that J.J. Abrams ‘vision’ is too ‘leftfield’ for me, if as the final indignity…he’s casting an ENGLISHMAN as ‘Scotty’…

Stanky was right all along…it’s ‘fake’ Trek… ;)

120. Suekay - October 12, 2007


Pegg is a comedy actor, and I love him to pieces, but he is NOT Scotty!

He doesn’t look like James Doohan in any way.

I was hoping for McGillion, but I’d rather James McAvoy had gotten the role over Pegg.

121. Cox of Seagulls - October 12, 2007

Pegg is also a huge Trek fan. And a fan of most ‘nerdy’ pursuits. He created Spaced, which is famous for being a sitcom for the Sci-Fi generation. He plays a comic book artists who works part time at a comic store. He’ll be great at conventions.
As said above, he is very famous in the UK. So the film will probably make a few new Trekkies over in this little island.
His character in Spaced did once say “…As sure as all odd numbered Trek movies are shit” in one episode though :P

122. Cervantes ( I'm AGAINST this casting I tell you... ) - October 12, 2007

And to think that I was against James McAvoy as being wrong and too weedy for the role… No offence Pegg fans, but James seems a fantastic choice to me now…

Ah well…from here on in I will take this Movie for the ‘alternative time-line’ re-arranged universe it so obviously must be…I mean, an English actor as ‘Scotty’ indeed!

Now bring on that ‘Enterprise’ design, so I can see where the go-faster lines and flames have been added…so I have another excuse for the wife about why I’m hitting the Romulan Ale hard…

123. jon1701 - October 12, 2007

Scotty must have a couple of “funny” scenes

124. TJ - October 12, 2007

#117 – Snake DUDE are you kidding me??? Stargate is the 2nd biggest TV scifi franchise 2nd only to Trek, and Paul’s character was MASSIVE and beloved worldwide. So huge in fact that the outrage caused by them killing off his character had fans compaigning on mere rumour alone nearly a year before the ep was broadcast in the US. Scifi, NBC & the producers got buried under a deluge of letters & press and summarily resurrected ‘Beckett’. NBC/Uni even quoted the reason in a press release as ‘fan outcry’. And this was all BEFORE his characters death had even airred on US TV!!

Oh and dont worry, I’m sure the ‘bet my life’ wont be cashed in on!!! ;)

#111 – Totally with you. It’s a slap in the face to Doohan’s memory that while every other character is being carefully cast to match their predacessors, Doohan’s contribution was obviously too insignificant to be honoured like that. It’s not like they had an actor a mere year older then Pegg, who had the right look, physique not to mention accent to play the role. Inside we get a spoof Scotty played by a whimpy Englishman (ouch) with a Austin Power’s ‘Fat Bastard’ accent… I say again NARP!!!

Next thing you know he’ll be playing bagpipes, eating haggis, drinking Scotch and ‘Scottifying’ his uniform with a ‘See You Jimmy’ Tam’o’shanter (minus the ginger hair because he’s got the natural variety)…thats no’ Starfleet issue…

Really must lay off the redbull….

125. Mark Lynch - October 12, 2007

Does anyone recall all the negative stuff about Daniel Craig when he was cast as the new James Bond?

I could not believe the enormity of the, quite honestly, stupid and juvenile comments about the actor. Wrong colour hair, wrong colour eyes, he was a wimp and would never fill the shoes of any previous Bond incarnations. There were worse comments than those above, but I can’t be bothered to say them, as they were, frankly, insulting to the actor.

But what actually happened? We got the best Bond film ever IMO.

So loosen up guys and trust the people who are making this Star Trek movie.
They won’t be letting us down.

126. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 12, 2007

I don’t doubt Simon Pegg’s acting abilities — on the contrary.

BUT, I was REALLY hoping for a real Scotsman as Scotty!

Scottish people and English people do not look alike, they do not sound alike, and they have very different cultures. Foisting Simon Pegg on us, calling him Scotty, and getting him to spout a canned Scottish accent will simply not cut it. He will never BE Scottish, and he will never quite BE Scotty. Okay, that’s my rant, I’ve said it — it doesn’t mean I’m boycotting the movie or anything…

Oh, and with Simon Pegg in the role, you won’t be able to spin this off into a new series if the movie does well, and that is a real impediment. Because Simon Pegg ain’t going to settle for American TV if you ask me, whereas all the others cast would probably be game.

127. jon1701 - October 12, 2007


Why is it a slap in the face? Were you there at the casting? Did you see his audition? Have you read the script?

For all we know he does a spot-on James Doohan impersonation. The “scottish accent” in that sketch show was at least 8 years ago IIRC. Its the only video that comes up on youtube if you type “pegg scottish”.

I’ll admit, my gut reaction was “no”, but this guy is a sci fi fan. He is.
He wont screw around, that much i am confident of. He’s got the acting chops. I think the Costume & Make up have to sell this one.

It doesnt ring 100 percent true yet, i’ll admit.

But to suggest this is a slap in the face to Jimmy Doohan is ludicrous in the extreme.

128. CanuckLou - October 12, 2007

An interesting choice to say the least. Unfortunately there’s a lot of typecasting going on here. Pegg is an actor not just a comedian. I have to admit his selection for the role is a surprise but Pegg is talented and can pull off a role like Scotty easily.

129. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

Can’t believe everyone is getting whipped into such a frenzy. Simon is a great actor, am sure his Scottish accent will be more refined than the “spoof” version in his sketches, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. I imagine his accent will certainly be more true to life than Doohan’s fairly poor effort.

Remember Mr Scott often provided a bit of light relief in Star Trek, so I don’t think it’s any bad thing to have an actor known for comedy in the role.

And what’s everyone’s issue with him being English? How is that worse than a Canadian playing a Scotsman?

Ho hum…

130. jon1701 - October 12, 2007


Seems we are getting a more measured response as the earth turns and more of us Brits are coming online…


131. Holo J - October 12, 2007

my gut reaction is “Up Your Shaft”
I do like Simon Pegg and have enjoyed many of the things he has done. But he just doesn’t look the part to me.

Yeah I know it doesn’t matter that the new actors don’t look exactly like the old actors who portrayed these characters but surely they have to look a little bit like them. I hope at the least they change the color of his hair and eyebrows because a blonde Scotty suggest to me more of a reboot than prequel. I don’t think an altered time line could change the colour of your hair, unless of course they forced his father to marry a different women ?

He had a small Role in “Land of the Dead” as a zombie because George Romero loved his tribute film to “Dawn of the dead” which was of course “Shaun of the dead”. So given that Pegg enjoys his blood and gore, I say give him the role of a red shirt and a gory death! As for him playing Scotty I am not so sure.

132. TJ - October 12, 2007

#126 – Because EVERY other role (barring McCoy…yet) has either been cast or rumoured, with an actor who closely physically resembles the original. Every. Single. One. So why doesn’t Doohan’s Scotty warrant the same treatment? I’m not asking for an impersonation, I’m not asking for them to play Doohan playing Scotty, but its totally double standards.

#128 – Its a Scottish thing (and considered insulting). And its not like there is an absolute wealth of great Scottish talent out there to play the role. I’d take the BLONDE McKidd over Pegg anyday. And yes, Doohan provided comic relief, but he also provided more serious sides to the role. I have seen A LOT of Simon Pegg’s work, dont get me wrong I love the guy (just check out my DVD collection to see that!) but he’s no Scotty by any stretch fo the imagination. 90% of his work is comedy or comedy cameos. And considering he’s been the lead in 3 big movies now, I’m guessing that also signals Scotty is going to be a ‘comedy cameo’ in this movie, thats the part that upsets me the most.

133. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 131 – Its a Scottish thing (and considered insulting).

Really? We’ve got a Scottish Prime Minister running England, so am sure the Scottish can put up with and Englishman playing Scotty.

# 131 – Because EVERY other role (barring McCoy…yet) has either been cast or rumoured, with an actor who closely physically resembles the original. Every. Single. One. So why doesn’t Doohan’s Scotty warrant the same treatment? I’m not asking for an impersonation, I’m not asking for them to play Doohan playing Scotty, but its totally double standards.

I think that with some hair dye and a shave, Simon could actually look much more similar to Doohan than you think. They’ve both got quite round faces. Though actually I don’t think it matters much if they look like each other or not particularly.

134. Cyberziggy - October 12, 2007


I too felt that Doohan was the underutilized talent. Here’s proof from a show in which he was able to really show his range.

135. Barney - October 12, 2007

Well that was unexpected.

Right now I can’t see how Pegg will look or perform as Scotty, and I am very disappointed that a real Scot (and for my own slightly mad and pedantic reasons I exclude Paul McGillion from this) was not given the role.

I do want to see the tough, dour with occasional flashes of banter Scotty from TOS, like Cranston said at #19. I’m not convinced that Simon Pegg can pull that off.

But…for some very weird reason I’m not totally sick at the idea. I think that’s because I think Pegg is a fine actor, both comedy and serious, and he might just pull it off (as long as they give him a black hairpiece, make him spend lots of time in Scotland and work with a dialogue coach, and send him to the gym to muscle up – Scotty’s an engineer not a tech geek!).

I really hope they don’t waste his peripheral role on comic relief, that would be a shame.

I need more time to think on it.

Still would rather have had Gerard Butler, Kevin McKidd or Jamie Sives though.

136. Tim Handrahan - October 12, 2007

Granted we want the best actors for each role, but there has been a lot of talk that the actors do not necessairily need to resmeble the original cast. I disagree with that with one point: If that were to be true, then why is Nimoy involved in the film as Spock? So far I think that casting has gone well but I am dubious about Simon Pegg. I will withhold judgement until I see him on the screen. Paul McGillion was a good match. Pegg is a good actor. We will just have to wait and see.

137. jon1701 - October 12, 2007


TJ, are you scottish?

I honestly dont understand the Scottish dislike for the English. Scotsmen play englishmen all the time (DOCTOR WHO?), and i’m certainly not insulted.

Are you certain all the actors resemble the originals?

I dont see any resemblence with the girl playing Uhura or the guy playing Chekov (or Sulu for that matter).

Quinto – Yes
Pine – Sort of

138. TJ - October 12, 2007

#132 – I’ll have to agree to disagree on that point, I’ve seen him closely shaved and I’m not seeing it one bit….he’s too weedy, going bald not to mention looks older then Doohan did at 10 years his junior (but that could be the lack of hair). Besides that its Scotty being the ‘comedy cameo character’ that concerns me most. Not to mention casting someone who doesn’t have half the things going for him McGillion did (without wigs, dye jobs etc). Just look at the reaction to McGillion, it was majorically positive or even McAvoy, certainly a lot better then the mixed reaction Pegg is getting.

I really hope you’re paying attention to fans reaction before signing on the dotted line and sealing Scotty’s fate! Can you explain to us this departure from all the great and no doubt painstaking hard work that has been done so far done to effectively cast this movie? It feels like a complete turn around in attitude by casting someone like Pegg for the role which has pushed this from a ‘reinvigorisation’ to a total ‘reboot’ in my eyes at least. It’s certainly destroyed my enthusiasm!

139. Elyse - October 12, 2007

I was seriously thinking about trying to watch another Trek film again, what with the promise of P McGillion possibly being Scotty. Now, it’s more like I’ll catch it on cable. I like both actors but honestly felt McGillion would have done a better job.

I’m still don’t know why they have to make an ‘early years’ Trek as it is…

140. Snake - October 12, 2007

Nick Frost for Kirk!!!

141. TJ - October 12, 2007


Jon1701, I’m a mongrel (bit of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and 100% fiecely proud Celt) but I spend a lot of time in Glasgow, have Scottish friends and family and know how excited they all were at the prospect of a real Scot playing such an iconic Scottish character. Not to mention a talented actor, popular and all round nice guy in McGillion too boot. And say what you like about McGillion he was born there to Scottish parents, looks and considers himself Scottish as well as also being Canadian which was a lovely nod to Doohan (as well as the resemblence).

Quinto, perfect casting. Yeltchin, not a overly strong resemblence but has the right look and is Russian born. Salanda, again good resembelence IMO she has that strong yet gracefuly feminine beauty just like Nichelle (who I’m dying to see more off on Heroes). Pine looks a lot like Shatner too and seems to have a lot of the same mannerisms. So why go with minimum the right look/race/physicality for all the other characters and chuck that out the window on a novelty casting for Scotty?

And I’m with Barney, I’d rather see Gerard Butler, Kevin McKidd, Jamie Sives or any other solid Scottish actor in the role.

142. Snake - October 12, 2007

BBC says its a done deal:

143. Lou - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg?!?!

I never would have thought of that one…………… Can’t wait!!!!!!!

144. Jay - October 12, 2007

I really really hope this is a net rumour… being english however i think its great that an englishman is in there somewhere, but i wasnt expecting pegg. I cant think of a worst person to play scotty, except maybe the cookie monster. Pegg cant do a flawless scottish accent (that video was horse sh!t) and the fact that he’s a fantastic comedian will make alot of people unlikely to take him seriously.

Mr Orci if your reading this i think its obvious that you’ve dropped the ball and ultimately let the fans down. Your previous casting has been spot on, dont ruin it with a comedian – there is still time, PAUL McGILLION for scotty please.

Star Trek: The Joke, damn right!

145. Anaish - October 12, 2007

His ‘Scottish’ accent was abyssmal! (I should know, I am Scottish)

He’s not even that good an actor.

And I’m not sure we want a ‘new’ take on Scotty. We all know what he should be like. If they want ‘new’, they can invent a new character, but don’t call him Scotty.

Will Pegg do his usual dragging of his lumpen mate Nick Frost into the movie? [roll eyes]

Every time a bit of news comes out about this movie, I become more and more despondent. :(

146. gord - October 12, 2007

I think ‘Harry Ballz’ (if that is in fact your real name) is getting a bit worked up. Simon Pegg will be great, he’s a very talented actor, and it’s the big name (along with Eric Bana) the franchise needed to bring in non-Trekkies. Perfect choice if you ask me!

147. eb - October 12, 2007

With Paul as Scotty, I said they could already count my ticket as sold.
Now…I think I can wait for Pay-per-view.

148. 1701 over Gotham City - October 12, 2007

Um, Scotty?
You’ve got red on you….

I think he DOES look enough like Doohan… he has that same worried stare. And hair dye is no big deal. And he’s done dramatic parts… AND he’s a genre fan, so he knows to treat it with respect.

Now, this Pine guy for Kirk? That’s a heavier concern… and get him some colored contacts!!

149. gord - October 12, 2007

I can’t understand why everyone is totally creaming themselves over Paul McGillion? Can’t you just trust the producers to pick who they want in the roles and reserve judgement until AFTER YOU’VE SEEN THE FILM?

Let’s face it, they’re the ones who have the job – not you! So take a chill pill, relax, and go watch Shaun of the Dead.

(and as a Scot, Pegg’s accent in that vid was ropey but it’s nothing a bit of dialogue coaching won’t be able to fix)

150. Martin - October 12, 2007

Absurd. Simon Peg is brilliant, but will be hopelessly mis-cast. Paul McGillion would have been perfect..

151. Anaish - October 12, 2007

I sometimes wonder what drugs these casting people are on, I really do!

152. The Master - October 12, 2007

I agree with Harry Ballz. I hope this just some serious diinformation.

153. The Master - October 12, 2007

aAquestion, I thought this was goingto be a Spock centri story , wo why are we seeing as uncopnfirmed characters the rest of the Kirk clan? and Not more of Sareck and Amanda?

154. TJ - October 12, 2007

Gord…the only problem with waiting and seeing is if it sucks {(be that Pegg or the movie in general), hindsight and ‘I told you so’s’ aren’t going to make the damn bit of difference and kinda damped the great Trek comeback everyone is hoping for.

As for creaming over McGillion…well when you have an actor who fits the role so well, to the point that the majority of fans agreed he was right and some even assumed it was a matter of time before he was cast. And compare it to someone like Pegg who is causing a big love/hate reaction and throws all their previous casting work out the window…it does kinda boggle the mind.

Seriously, I’m hoping this is a really bad joke.

155. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#152 – says on the BBC that the movie covers the crew’s first mission together?

It also says ‘Pegg’s manager Dawn Sedgewick said he had been offered the part, which was now subject to “the usual paperwork”. ‘

156. Snake - October 12, 2007


yeah like he’s gonna turn it down LOL

157. Trekee - October 12, 2007

I’m Scottish and not the least bothered by the fact that the accent is going to get mangled to be honest – James Doohan’s one was OK and based on an Aberdeenshire accent if I recall, so not quite Rab C Nesbitt. It’s something you have to just get used to, look at Sean Connery’s Russian accent in Red October… the rest of the world has an obligation after that one to do dodgy Scottish accents. I’m sure the accent will be fine enough if the actor does his schooling and coaching.

I also don’t mind his being English either… we’re growing up a bit these days as a country and are in the main getting over our anti-Englishness more and more though you’ll still get the odd relic that blames the English for their own failure. Trekkies should know better ;-)

I also think he can act, he’s not going to be mugging to the camera like he did in Spaced. The director will slap him down for that surely unless it’s always planned to be a spoof movie. For all the gushy praise we’ve had for the rest of the decisions, no one has been suggesting that other than for this one piece of casting. OK, two pieces of casting. That and JJ Abhams caught buying all the Star Wrek books for ‘reference’…

However, it is also Simon Pegg’s big chance to be a Serious Act-or if the role is big enough, but remember that it may *just* be a cameo part as they want to focus on Spock for this movie. Servicing all of the cast was a big problem in all the films with the exception of ST4, so we shouldn’t expect that this is going to be an in depth origins story for all the crew unless we want a 6 hour film.

(OK, OK, so we want a 6 hour film).

Whatever they decide to do, someone will flame off about it but if they get this one right, focus on the story and the Kirk and Spock characters, then we’ll have lots of new films to follow Scotty’s new found love for Zombies and have him explain that the ginger hair thing is something that ‘they never talk about’.

My only concern in all of this is that he’s too well known for the part, but if he can act well enough then we’ll be looking at Scotty, not Simon Pegg.

And anyway, I’m really happy for him, he’s SUCH a geek he must be doing somersaults round Hollywood today…

158. startrackie - October 12, 2007

Whoa. that one came from left field. But akk surprise aside, sure, why not, he was great in Hot Fuzz. Never saw Shaun of the Dead. Just hope they don’t tailor make some “funny” dialog for him. Scotty can be funny, but any humour created for this character needs to be in line with what we’ve already seen. He’s for the most part a serious, dedicated worker who knows how to lighten up and can let go of a quip now and again. But he’s not one to crank out one-liners all the time or do anything silly. He was great in Hot Fuzz, with the right words on the page, I can see him being a great Scotty.

Now, who will be McCoy?

159. James Wicks - October 12, 2007

I really don’t get this piece of casting, the problem is Pegg is known for his comedic skills.

He really has to play this completely straight or the film could stray in to parody and that would be a disaster.


160. Aelora - October 12, 2007

I haven’t been this happy since Quinto was cast!!

161. Snake - October 12, 2007

Its certainly big news here in the UK…

162. Driver - October 12, 2007

Pegg as Scotty=Great Choice! Can’t wait to hear to inevitable “I’m givin’ it all she’s got Captain!”

163. Ampris - October 12, 2007

Huh. While I have no idea who this guy is, have never seen any of his movies or other works, and don’t think his resemblance to Doohan is quite perfect, I want to stay optimistic. He must have done *something* right in his audition; like several people said before, it doesn’t make sense that they would go all out with the other characters casting and then pick a random comedian for Scotty, so I’m thinking that this guy went in and really impressed the casting directors. We don’t know exactly how he’ll play the role or what the casters saw in him; it could be that he’s been lobbying for the role for months, working on his Scottish accent and all, and they chose him because his audition was terrific. Maybe I’m being very overly-optimistic here, but we just don’t know.

164. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 12, 2007

As I said above, I am disappointed at the role not going to a Scotsman…

BUT here’s why I think they’re not going to overdo the comic relief element with Scotty: No matter what cutesy little quips he may utter in the more relaxed scenes, when the pressure is on, he manages to save the Enterprise from certain doom over and over again. In other words, likable though he is, Scotty is a serious and dependable engineer.

I can’t imagine that the writers would not honor that aspect of the Scotty character.

165. Leonel - October 12, 2007

Well.. count me among the “he should do alright” side.

I know little about Simon Pegg so who am I to say. I have been wondering what Chris Doohan might think. At any rate, all I want is a good, well acted story. When the news first broke on this site, the only videos to base an impression on were more of a lighter nature. Glad to see the Mission Impossible clip.

166. Bono Luthor - October 12, 2007

It’s brilliant. It’s all good. Just relax.

167. Anaish - October 12, 2007

All I need to make my day complete is for them to cast Tom Cruise in the movie. [/sarcasm=off]

168. sean - October 12, 2007

Here’s something for the McGillion fans:

How many geeks watch Stargate: Atlantis and know who McGillion is? How many geeks watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and know who Pegg is?

Regardless of the merits of the actors, of course, there are a million business reasons for them to prefer kick-starting the king of the geeky franchises with someone like Simon Pegg involved.

169. Nel - October 12, 2007

OK – I’m now officially sad. I’ve been a big fan of Star Trek since I can remember, and I always loved Scotty.

Simon Pegg is a good actor and is popular, but he’s English. I had hoped this time round, we might have got a Scot playing one of the most iconic Scottish characters (certainly within sci-fi).

That was one of the reasons I supported Paul McGillion. He may have spent a large part of his life in Canada, but he has always been very protective of his “Scottishness” in Stargate Atlantis, making the character very genuine without making him into the comedic Scot that appears in so many shows.

At the moment, my main feeling is disappointment.

170. Anaish - October 12, 2007

It’s a weird feeling, but this is the first time in my life I’ve actually dreaded the opening of a Trek film. And that’s from someone who’s old enough to have watched TOS on its first run in the UK. It’s not a good feeling at all.

171. sean - October 12, 2007

Anyone who thinks Pegg is going to suddenly waltz on the set and turn this into a comedy or just half-ass his way through doing a Scottish accent is an idiot. I mean, for the latter, I bet his wife would kill him. :-)

I’m enjoying this news even more, seeing how upset some fans are getting about it. This is what Trek needs — shaking up, and bringing some people who have fan bases that are not from third-rate basic-cable science fiction shows.

172. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

Well this whole project just went to hell for me. I like this guy fine but not as Scotty. This one should give ANYONE with an IQ higher than 5 a very good idea where this ISN’T going.

Thank god for reruns. RIP real Trek and Enterprise crew.

173. CmdrR. - October 12, 2007

Loved Shaun of the Dead.
I guess this means Scotty is ‘comic relief.’ Or will there be zombies in the engine room? Or maybe some Benny Hillesque schtick with Rand and Uhura running around in their knickers? (Hey wait a minute, I just wrote a better movie than JJ!)
Welcome aboard, Simon!

174. theinquisitor - October 12, 2007

So what if he’s not Scottish? Quinto isn’t Vulcan! That’s the scandal here.

175. Aelora - October 12, 2007


Sean – I’m glad someone brought up the fact that the man’s wife is Scottish and would likely give him quite a bit of hell for a bad accent… :P

176. jon1701 - October 12, 2007

“Best I could do in two hours”

Well, actually about 20 mins. I’m no photoshop artist…

177. Kraig - October 12, 2007

Horrible casting. HORRIBLE CASTING! I really like Pegg in various films, but he is the completely wrong choice for Scotty. Getting a big name to flll a role is not the best reason you cast someone as iconic a character as Scotty. My level of trust in this project just fell about 10 steps. Along these lines, maybe we will still see Tom Cruise as Kirk afterall. How about John Voight as McCoy while we’re at it? I think I’ll save my $$$ for another movie next year. :-(

178. dalek - October 12, 2007

I too was hoping McGillon would get the role.

Pegg? Who next Jonny Vegas as Captain Christopher Pike? Peter Kaye as Gary Mitchell? :D

I’d have to see footage of him as Scotty before I’m convinced he is a good choice.

179. Snake - October 12, 2007

Coming soon .net mentions they are searching for KIRKS PARENTS?

maybe The Shat will appear after all eh?

180. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

It makes me laugh how everyone can get their feathers in such a ruffle and keep making pronouncements about how crap this film is going to be. Why don’t you just wait and watch the thing, then carry on with the bitching. Everyone’s allowed an opinion but people should also remain open minded until they’ve sat through it and got to the rolling end credits.

Maybe let the experts who know their stuff get on with the job. I’m sure they can do without a noisy minority of fanatical armchair producers making demands and issuing decrees.

The film may very well be horrendous. But there’s no point getting so worked up about it at this stage. It might be magnificent.

181. sean - October 12, 2007


If you’re already aware of trekmovie and posting here, you’re going to be there on the opening weekend. Stop pretending that your pain at not seeing Paul McGillion in this movie is really going to keep you from going.

182. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

So, it looks like some of you folks have already seen the movie, then?

How do you know what Abrams, Orci, Lindelof or Pegg are going to do in this movie?

None of us has any idea. Yes, its valid to disagree because you liked someone else in the role, but to say he’ll treat the role like this or that is silly.

Not one frame of film has been shot yet, nobody knows how this role will be in the movie, save for only a couple people who visit here, and I defy most of us to say we know exactly what is happening in the movie.

183. Snake - October 12, 2007

Movie hole reports that the budget has increased from $130 mill to 150 – 160 million

“According to our contact, the film initially had a budget of $130 million but now J.J has been handed a few extra biccies – he’ll shoot the thing with a fat allocation in the environs of $150-160 million!

It’s a huge story they’re doing – and boy does it sound orgasmic, even for a Non-Trekkie like me – so not surprised that it’s going to cost so much, just surprised they got it! It’s not only the most expensive “Trek” ever it’s a “major gamble” for Paramount, says our insider. Sounds like someone’s got some high-up pals at Paramount. Nice!”

184. TJ - October 12, 2007

Sean – You’re really starting to border on the offensive and imflammatory. Face it, people who DONT want to see Simon Pegg as Scotty are just as upset as you are smug and happy, the least you could be is civil and not resort to childish behaviour. Proofs in the pudding sweetheart and by the looks of SOME of the press it’s not just the fans on here who are thinking WTF? at his casting….

185. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#180 It’s not that simple. I really don’t like Sinmon Pegg’s ‘body of work’. So that’s the reason I won’t be there, despite posting here.

186. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#180 It’s not that simple. I really don’t like Simon Pegg’s ‘body of work’. So that’s the reason I won’t be there, despite posting here.

187. ACR - October 12, 2007

Wow, did not see that one coming. Brilliant! I am suddenly very excited for this movie! Bana, Pegg, Cho, more $$$ for the budget. This is the real deal!

Thank you J.J.!!!

188. scott - October 12, 2007

No Paul! You bastards! So much for creative casting.
Care to shit on me some more & not put Shatner in the film?
This is a big let down. Hey JJ while your in the mode of bad choices, why not put some bad pop rock in the movie too, like all your crappy tv shows do? How about CAPTAIN WIL TIPPON? Oh & you writer guys should know that TRANSFORMERS SUCKS. Its funny how the original G1 pilot has a better story outline then the shit you guys wrote. How can a childrens cartoon from 1985 be better then your million dollar script?
One answer, HOLLYWOOD BULLSHIT!!!!!!
Can’y wait to see the flames fly when you guys finally tell everyone you shit on Shatner too. I ‘m pissed! So much for going to the movies more then once. The first rule in business is repest customers & pissing off everyone with your 90210 cast is not a good start. Please somebody call Nick Meyer!

189. Snake - October 12, 2007

off topic i know but carrying on from *182*

$150 million is about the same budget as Batman Begins & Casino Royale and around $100 million more than Nemesis! ($60 million)…

(Star Wars III was ‘only’ about $110 million and War of the Worlds $130 million)

190. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 183 – Proofs in the pudding sweetheart

So why don’t you wait for the pudding to have baked?

# -185 – I really don’t like Sinmon Pegg’s ‘body of work’. So that’s the reason I won’t be there, despite posting here.

So you won’t see the film because you don’t like the casting of a supporting character who’ll probably only be on the screen for 5 minutes? I’m glad you’re not blowing things out of all proportion.

191. sean - October 12, 2007

If it’s childish to laugh at the people who are so irate about this one bit of casting that they rush to their computers to proclaim on the Internet how irate they are for everyone to hear… well, I’m proud to be childish, then.

I maintain that the vocal whiners are a minority, and that Pegg’s casting, while risky, has a lot of potential.

192. sean - October 12, 2007

Also, what is it with angry Star Trek fans losing the ability to spell when they hear a bit of casting news they don’t like? Are people so upset that their fingers lose the ability to type accurately?

Is it just me, or is this getting a tad ridiculous?

193. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

#181 Doesn’t matter what has been filmed. Point is that this isn’t classic literature whose characters can lend them to any interpretation. This is Star Trek and TOS no less which originated its success in a visual media being television with THOSE actors establishing THOSE characters. What is so hard to understand in that? Any real fan of Star Trek would respect and understand TOS as the basis for whatever series that came after. So old farts like me who know and have grown with those actors, I would imagine if TNG or DS9 was to be “re-imagined” those weaned on the teet at that time would be livid.

194. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

bizarre casting imo.

195. sean - October 12, 2007

Um, I was weaned on TOS, still rewatch it often, and very much dislike TNG. I think Pegg’s signing is great news.

Don’t try to speak for all of us.

196. Mags - October 12, 2007

The actors chosen may all be good choices, but I am SO NOT EXCITED about the movie anymore. Honestly, PAUL McGILLION was so perfect for the role of Scotty. What is going on here? Like everything else in the film industry, when you guys have a chance to make something great, you screw around with it until you end up making a mediocre film and then wondering why it doesn’t do so well.

If you guys want to revive Star Trek, you’re going to have to listen to the voices of the SciFi fans that come to see the whole scifi genre films to start with! We know who sells guys!

197. Cox of Seagulls - October 12, 2007

Wow, there sure are a lot of childish replies. Have some self respect people, no need to spit you dummies out because you don’t like the casting of ONE minor character.
“The project has gone to hell!” “Thank God for re-runs!” Jesus Christ, how old are you people? Surely most TOS fans will be more than 7 years old? Try and act it.
I do applaud people whom are willing to give him a chance at the very least, that is what every actor deserves. A chance.

198. sean - October 12, 2007

“If you guys want to revive Star Trek, you’re going to have to listen to the voices of the SciFi fans that come to see the whole scifi genre films to start with! We know who sells guys! ”

Actually, you don’t. That’s the whole point of this — if Star Trek is to become a relevant franchise again, it needs to appeal to people who do more than watch the latest Stargate show. Traditional sci-fi fans are not who are being courted with this movie — to be blunt, we’re all going to go to see it regardless of who’s in the role, because we’re sheep.

The signing of Pegg is great from a business standpoint, because it can potentially bring in fans of his other work. Geeky fans of a different sort. Fans who normally wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Star Trek film — that’s what the fan base needs to avoid becoming navel-gazing (or, well, to reverse 15 years of navel-gazing), and also what the film needs to be profitable.

199. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Casting (fast) komplett - October 12, 2007

[…] Montgomery Scott: Simon Pegg (NEU, passende 37 Jahre alt) […]

200. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 195 – If you guys want to revive Star Trek, you’re going to have to listen to the voices of the SciFi fans that come to see the whole scifi genre films to start with!

Do you know what? They really don’t. Doctor Who’s producers listened too much to their fans in the 1980’s and killed the series stone dead. It took a producer with a whole new idea for the programme to revive it and make it the success it is today.

If the producer’s of this film listen to the hardcore minority they’d make a hideously continuity laden beast of a film that no-one outside “fandom” would get and it’d tank at the box office.

Trust the experts and stop thinking fans know it all.

201. Kraig - October 12, 2007

TO 163. That is a very nice thought that the writers would respect the original characters, but remember this is a J.J. Abrams project. He had no problem at all in giving the finger to the Mission Impossible fans and completely change the characters from the show in into the villian (Jim Phelps anyone?). You better start saying your prayers now because this may very likely be another J.J. hack job.

202. sean - October 12, 2007

“If the producer’s of this film listen to the hardcore minority they’d make a hideously continuity laden beast of a film that no-one outside “fandom” would get and it’d tank at the box office.”

Wait, are we talking about Insurrection and Nemesis now? :D

203. Cervantes ( This Movie needs LESS comedians involved... ) - October 12, 2007


As I seem to have missed being able to vote on the Simon Pegg for ‘Scotty’ poll…just for the record…I’d like to register that my vote would have gone towards the ‘Up your shaft’ result…

…which I note is way ahead anyway…


204. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

Well it’s obvious to me that this project has some of the names literally thrown in for the weekend box office numbers, and this will be out on DVD in a couple of weeks for the REAL fans to muddle over. This isn’t going to please the old school fans, and though it may be entertaining for the visual spectacle much like Galaxy Quest it will come and go and that will be it. I will be viewing it for what it is, a parable. And I for one who has actually seen TOS from birth through life will be the first to say “told you so, this aint TOS”. :P

And you youngins who only know from TNG on will never understand that.

205. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#189 – would you pay money to go see a sports team you don’ t like? I wouldn’t, and it’s the same with actors I don’t like – I don’t waste my money on their movies. And to date, there’s been no other casting decision on this film that so fills me with delight that I would change my mind. Perhaps, if they bring William Shatner on board, that will change.

#199 – good point. Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor was meant to be quite dark, but the fans wanted ‘light’, and by God, they got it, to their everlasting regret!! :(

206. sean - October 12, 2007

“This isn’t going to please the old school fans, and though it may be entertaining for the visual spectacle much like Galaxy Quest it will come and go and that will be it. I will be viewing it for what it is, a parable. And I for one who has actually seen TOS from birth through life will be the first to say “told you so, this aint TOS”. :P”

Actually, like I said, I’m personally very excited, and I love TOS.

So, please try to refrain from speaking for all TOS fans, cuz you ain’t all TOS fans. :D

207. Captain Hackett - October 12, 2007

I do not care whether Simon Pegg is a right or wrong choice for the role of Scotty because what I care most is how great the storyline of movie is.

208. jon1701 - October 12, 2007

Lets listen to the fans!!!


Lets Have Seven of Nine’s Great, great, great Grandmother as a Starfleet Admiral and have a really really old Scott Bakula in a space wheelchair.

Lets have a timeship from the 33rd Century, and lets set it on the Enterprise AA (28th Starship to bear the name!!!)

We know what’s best folks. We kept Enterprise going…

209. sean - October 12, 2007

#207 – Game, set, match.

210. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

I rest my case. ;)

211. sean - October 12, 2007

You also apparently don’t understand sarcasm, YUBinit.

212. Dennis Bailey - October 12, 2007

Intriguing casting. Good for Abrams. :)

213. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 204 – would you pay money to go see a sports team you don’ t like? I wouldn’t, and it’s the same with actors I don’t like – I don’t waste my money on their movies. And to date, there’s been no other casting decision on this film that so fills me with delight that I would change my mind. Perhaps, if they bring William Shatner on board, that will change.

If I supported the team but didn’t like one player, of coruse I’d watch them anyway.

# 203 – this will be out on DVD in a couple of weeks for the REAL fans to muddle over. This isn’t going to please the old school fans, and though it may be entertaining for the visual spectacle much like Galaxy Quest it will come and go and that will be it.

Will it? You make it sound like you’ve been to the future and absolutely know for sure.

214. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#212 – my point is, so far, there’s nothing in the casting to make me like the team enough to watch Pegg.

Can’t believe there’s someone in here who thinks ‘Enterprise’ was ‘Star Trek’! ;)

215. cd - October 12, 2007

#201 – Nemesis – continuity laden? Remans, never heard of beforeand Picard driving dune buggies and playing shoot-the-native. Yeah, right, continuity.

216. Andrew - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg ?!! Is this a joke or what ?
This is going to be a complete disaster. He’s a half decent comedian, but he doesn’t have the acting ability for this role, not does he have the right look.
Paul McGillion was without a doubt the man for the job.
The cast was initially looking hopeful, but it’s all falling apart now, especially if that silly little boy Chris Pine gets the role of Kirk !!

And Eric Bana as the villian – an absolute rubbish choice !!

Count me out !!

217. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

#213 – my point is, so far, there’s nothing in the casting to make me like the team enough to watch Pegg.

Well in my analogy, the “team” is Star Trek itself, rather than the cast of characters. We don’t know how well they play together yet, and we never will unless we turn up and watch them. Ultimately you can of course do what you want, but I would have thought most Star Trek fans will be interested in seeing this film, even if it turns out to be a disappointment.

218. sean - October 12, 2007

It’s funny how on most other message boards and sites like Digg, people are posting how excited they are by this news. On the hardcore Trek sites, there’s a lot of vocal dissatisfaction over Pegg’s signing.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, my friends.

219. Imrahil - October 12, 2007


I’m an old-school fan. TOS is my favorite Trek and has been for 30 years. THIS is the first bit of casting that I’m actually EXCITED about.

The only other actor in the bunch I’ve even heard of is Harold from Harold and Kumar. What makes you think that “Old School” fans know anything about some poppy TV-show actor?

Anyway. I’m all about this casting, and it actually makes me EXCITED for the movie, instead of mildly interested.

Good job, JJ. I’m really glad you went with a known factor instead of some body from a bad Sci-Fi Channel spinoff.

220. Snake - October 12, 2007

wonder if Pegg will hate Pine as much as Doohan hated Shatner?

221. sean - October 12, 2007

I can’t wait until Quinto’s “I Am Also Not Spock” comes out.

222. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#216 – well, I suppose by your reckoning I’m not a Star Trek fan then. I must have been kidding myself for all these years!

223. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

I’m gonna go ahead and make one of those statements that I always rail on people for making.. sue me.. If you’re so close to trek that you can’t see the awsomeness of bringing Simon Pegg in to play Scotty you need to take a deep breath.. count to about 1701 (hehe) ok ok not that long.. relax, maybe have a cocktail or two.. maybe get out and shoot some hoops or something.. think about life maybe, meditate… AND FREAKIN REALIZE HOW ABSOLUTELY COOL THIS IS!

224. The Master - October 12, 2007

this casting (pegg=Scottie) has downgraded my excitment, I will probably go see it. instead of Must See. I have been a TOS and animated fseries fan long before TNG , DS-9 was ok Voyager was something to watch when nothing else was on, as was Enterprise.

225. Snake - October 12, 2007

its laughable that some people here are going ‘What PEGG?! well i was excited but now I’m not seeing it – i might catch it on cable in a few years time’


You nutjobs are taking time out to post on a trek site

you are gonna be there OPENING WEEKEND AND YOU KNOW IT!! LOL

226. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

Ricky Gervais for Bones McCoy next?!

227. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

I’ll see it on dvd eventually, then cleanse myself with some REAL TOS soon after. And actually it’s a slow day at work and enjoying the heck out of this bantering. (so easy pushing some buttons to keep the debate alive) ;)

228. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#224 – it’s better than doing the boring day job! ;) But I still won’t be going to see it. You can bet your mortgage on it! The excitement, the desire to see the movie just isn’t there.

#222 – cool? Pegg? ROFLMAO! That’s a strange definition of cool you have there! And why would I want to shoot a hoop? On the one hand, guns are illegal where I live, and on the other, no hoop has done anything to me that warrants such treatment!

229. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

word Snake

230. ObiWanCon - October 12, 2007

I don’t know what to say…………………………………………………………………..

231. Snake - October 12, 2007

How long till we find out whos Bones, and who the other A lister is for Pike or whoever?

Next week I’m betting…prob friday again…

shooting starts at the start of Nov dosnt it?

232. JCool - October 12, 2007

as much as I want Paul as Scotty…..

I have made my peace. :)

like i said in previous threads

repeat after me!!!
They found their Scotty and there is nothing we can do about it!!
Lets see what he can do on screen before we judge him. people!

Lets List the pros
-no ken doll

233. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 227 – it’s better than doing the boring day job! But I still won’t be going to see it. You can bet your mortgage on it! The excitement, the desire to see the movie just isn’t there.

Hmm, just wait until the behind the scenes pictures and the trailers and all the other stuff comes out and whets your appetite. I bet you’ll be more excited then.

234. sean - October 12, 2007

He’s a good actor?

He’s already bringing a lot of interest to the movie from non-Trek/non-scifi fans?

It’s a minor role anyway?

235. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

As Kirk said to Scotty in Star Trek III, “Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.”

A few more thoughts I humbly invite you all to ponder…

It sounds to me that most of those who are objecting to Pegg are doing so based on three issues: his “comedy baggage”, so to speak; his non-resemblance to Doohan; and his non-Scottishness. Oh, and that he’s not Paul McGillion.

I must admit I was rooting for Paul. It was such an obvious, endearing choice. But in fact, I think that was the biggest strike against him – it was too obvious. We’ve already seen Paul play Scotty, effectively, which would bring considerable baggage to the role. If push came to shove and I were casting, I’d be concerned that Paul wouldn’t bring a significantly different performance than he already gave (extremely well, I might add) on Stargate Atlantis for three seasons. Would he have really brought anything new to the role? Having not seen his audition, I can’t know that, but it’s a fair (if tough) question.

I was also concerned that Paul might be a tad too soft/nice for Scotty, who I think needs a bit of an edge, and – pardon me – some real bollocks. For those of us who are Scotty fans (he inspired me to study aerospace engineering in college, in fact), Scotty’s a badass. He has no problem standing up to Klingons, or assuming command of the Enterprise. I’m not sure that Paul could really bring that. But having seen Simon in Hot Fuzz, I know he can. Brilliantly.

Meanwhile, I think it’s very important that the new cast aren’t merely echoing their predecessors, but making these roles their own. Paul would’ve definitely done a great homage to Doohan’s Scotty, but Pegg brings something very exciting and new to the mix. (I can only begin to imagine what his audition must have been like.) Paul might have been a “safe” choice, but as I said in my first post, this is gutsy. And if you look at every single successful reinvigorated franchise in recent years – from Doctor Who to Bond to Batman to, yes, Battlestar Galactica – they’ve been gutsy.

Finally, let’s be frank – no one outside of Stargate fandom has any idea who Paul is, and Stargate fandom isn’t anywhere near the level of Trek fandom (just compare the ratings). He wouldn’t have been an added draw (that is, he would’ve only drawn people who were going to go see this movie anyway). Simon, meanwhile, is quite a name – actually quite a huge name in Britain – and has the potential to expand the audience for the film.

Which, btw, is the whole point of the film, and why Paramount’s spending $150 million on it – not to preach to the converted, but to covert legions of new fans (and reconvert the legions of lapsed/lost fans, who’ve lost their faith due to Insurrection, Nemesis and Enterprise).

So yes, Pegg’s best known as a comedic actor, but Scotty actually does need to be funny when need be, and Pegg can also be a serious badass (see Hot Fuzz). Yes, Pegg’s not Scottish, but neither was Doohan. Yes, Pegg doesn’t much resemble Doohan, but the point isn’t to cast someone to play Doohan-as-Scotty, but to play _Scotty_. (And hey, there is this amazing technology called “hair dye”.) Pegg has the opportunity (and ability) to bring something exciting and new to the role (much like Eccleston and Tennant did to the Doctor, and Daniel Craig did to Bond).

And yes, Pegg isn’t McGillion. But again, we’ve basically already seen Paul play Scotty for three years. Wouldn’t you rather “explore strange new worlds and seek out new life…”?

Regardless of my concern that Pegg-as-Scotty might be potentially distracting, I have to answer yes.

236. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#232 – if I am, I will certainly admit it. But not being a fan of Abrams’ stuff, I’m really not hopeful.

237. JCool - October 12, 2007


good job!


lets keep this going!

238. Snake - October 12, 2007

I d love to see all the naysayers who are saying they arent gonna go see it if somehow they were tracked downa and embargos were placed so when you went to try and see it at 8am Friday morning of the opening weekend they say ‘are you Utterlee? – sorry your banned from seeing this film go away’

Id be so cool to see your little round fanboy face burst into tears and beg on your knees


239. STFAN - October 12, 2007

Wow. This reminds me of the days after the announcement the the movie will be a recast/prequel.

I like Pegg. And I’m curious to see him in a serious role.

240. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

#227 – Shooting hoops = playing basketball.. perhaps maybe a game of cricket instead?

241. Utterlee - October 12, 2007

# 237 – I d love to see all the naysayers who are saying they arent gonna go see it if somehow they were tracked downa and embargos were placed so when you went to try and see it at 8am Friday morning of the opening weekend they say ‘are you Utterlee? – sorry your banned from seeing this film go away’

I hope you meant “Are you Utterlee? – No? Sorry you’re banned…” etc.

242. Anaish - October 12, 2007

I’m really confused by descriptions of Pegg as a good actor or a ‘serious badass’. He’s rank! He was rank in Doctor Who, and the same in Hot Fuzz. Even when he’s supposed to be serious, you can see that he’s ‘playing’ a ‘straight man’ as opposed to his usual ‘playing’ a ‘funny man’.

243. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

If some of you folks aren’t going to see it in the theatre, or wait for DVD, then why are you so concerned about the casting, or this movie in general?

Like it or not, this will be a filmed Star Trek. This will become part of canon come 12/25/08.

244. The Master - October 12, 2007

234 makes a very good argument, I am a bit disappointed, but this incarnation went from must see to I will probably go see it.

245. Barney - October 12, 2007

234. Robogeek

Well said that person!

I second all of what you say…and my initial misgivings are beginning to fade.

The more I think on it the more I like the idea :)

246. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#239 – hockey, maybe (not ice hockey) :)

247. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#242 – ah, but will it be canon? (serious question!)

248. JCool - October 12, 2007

“Paramount is likely not too concerned with what these die-hard fans think–they’ll come see the movie no matter what happens, even if only to hate it”.-Deborah Netburn LA Times

So true!

Christmas 2008! Im so excited!!

249. trekgeezer - October 12, 2007

Wahhhhh!!!!!Wahhhhh!!!!!! Wahhhh!!!!!

This is the most excitement to happen in the Trek world for an awfully long time and all you guys can do is whine because your guy didn’t get cast.

I for one look to be surprised whether it turns out good or bad.

250. JCool - October 12, 2007

lets think positive!

251. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

246 – any filmed Star Trek is considered canon, or at least that’s what I thought.

Sorry if any of you folks want to be revisionist and pick and choose, but even the movies or episodes that you think suck are part of canon.

Spock’s brain was removed and replaced, Kirk was killed in a non-heroic way, and all of Insurrection.

252. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

#242 hmmmmmm well for me if it ain’t Roddenberry or someone originally working in cahoots with him, or AT LEAST spoke with the man, then it aint canon. Sirtis did, had, and what she said in the other report rings true with this… “trek moves forward”.

253. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#250 No I wasn’t trying to pick and choose – ever since the Enterprise debacle, I’ve not been sure about what’s canon and what’s not. Some people think that’s canon too, and some say no.

It’s all once big mess now, as far as I can see.

And I’ve always had a fondness for ‘Spock’s Brain’. :)

254. Dr. Image - October 12, 2007

Right now, I just don’t see it. Stunt casting? Perhaps.
I’d love to know WHAT lead them to this particular decision.

255. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

Filmed Trek = canon

Books, magazines, fanzines, blogs, etc. = not canon

Again, if you’re not concerned with this movie, why are you here and why the concern for this movie? You can’t answer it.

You’re unable to, because you know you’ll be there to see the movie.

256. sean - October 12, 2007

lol @ people still debating whether or not enterprise is canon

257. JamfoFL - October 12, 2007

#200 – You DO realize that J.J. Abrams has NO connection to the original remake of Mission Impossible, right? J.J. Abrams did NOT turn Jim Phelps from hero to villian. The movie was not a “J.J. Abrams hack-job” and J.J. is not listed, in any role, as a member of the crew of MI: 1. That movie was directed by Brian De Palma.

Seeing as how all of our “facts” here are really opinions, why don’t we all wait until a few frames of film have been shot before proclaiming, more than a year before the actual release, that we won’t go see this film. What if the reviews come out and this film is groundbreakingly excellent. Are you still NOT going to see it because Pegg is Scotty? How simple-mindedly silly is that.

Obviously those casting this film saw something in Pegg that compelled them to cast him in the role of Scotty. I’m willing to give them the benefit of doubt until I start seeing sneak peaks and trailers… that seems to be the sensible thing to do.

258. Fidgit - October 12, 2007


I am not sure I would call it stunt casting but it runs a real danger of being very distracting. I can tell you this: every time he appears on screen, it is going to pull me right out of the movie.

Sorry to join the chorus, here, but I do believe this is a misstep, much as I *adore* Pegg.

259. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#254 I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the beginning, that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m concerned, because I think Trek has been f*cked up and f*cked over enough times already. And I’m not yet convinced that this new film will reverse that trend. Just because I’m not slobbering in delight at the prospect of Pegg as Scotty, doesn’t make me less of a fan, or less interested in Trek as a whole. The fact that I really cannot stand the man and don’t want to see him in any movie, let alone a Trek movie, doesn’t make me less of a Trek fan. And it would seem I’m not the only one unconvnced by his casting – they’re still Trek fans. Who don’t want to see the ‘great revivial’ turn into the ‘great trip down the toilet’. Because we want Trek to continue.

Preferably without Simon Pegg….. ;)

260. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

OK here’s one way to look at it.. Who is Scotty? Well.. he’s an Engineer with great dedication to his job, the crew, and his ship. He also finds time to laugh, have maybe a little too much whiskey.. I mean, can you picture Pegg getting drunk and having a row with some Klingons? I can. Can you seem him in “total serious as hell mode” too? Hot Fuzz people. You got to imagine it folks.

261. Paul Martin - October 12, 2007

The only thing I have seen this dude in is our British comedy epic ‘Guest House Paradiso’, I just don’t see him as Scotty at the moment? But I’ll hold off fully on that opinion till I’ve seen the film!

262. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

258 – Well, when you pony up the $150-160 Million to make a Trek movie, then I guess you can call the shots.

263. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#261 If only I had the money! Mind you, with the exchange rate, that’s only £80 million or so. Let me check my bank…… ;)

264. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

#259 But its so damned hard- I haven’t got JJ’s imagination!

265. Paul Martin - October 12, 2007


Why not call it $140 for cash and pay my debts off and have some left over as beer tokens

266. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

#261 – You do know these message boards have been referenced as a goto place for trek insight by the powers that be right?

267. Ty Webb - October 12, 2007

One thing to remember is tha Pegg is a fanboy, he probably knows more about TOS and it’s characters then the people making the film.

268. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

Aint just the capital for the production… gotta have the rights too.

269. Dennis Bailey - October 12, 2007

#265:”#261 – You do know these message boards have been referenced as a goto place for trek insight by the powers that be right?”

Which is not nearly the same as suggesting that the producers are swayed in any decision by the number of negative posters who complain about it.

270. Anaish - October 12, 2007

Buy the rights to Diane Duane’s ‘Sarek’ and film that – bypass dealing with Paramount, and make it canon all at one fell swoop!

271. JCool - October 12, 2007

“The franchise succeeds when it moves forward” -Keith R. A. DeCandido LA Times

When I read that quote … I was so confused

Whats with this mantra i kept hearing from so many?

after i heard the Simon Pegg news

I finally get it!

Its not about Star trek…. its about the fans who should move forward!
Lets open our minds.

272. karanadon - October 12, 2007

To any of the guys who do the awesome photos…

Can we get one of Pegg with Scotty’s uniform and hairstyle…pretty please?

273. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#270 ‘To boldly go’ only where the studio wants us to go???

274. Dragonflygurl - October 12, 2007

I’ve got nothing against Simon Pegg but he’s not trek material. Mind you he’s been in to Dr Who but that’s different.

He’s a good actor but not right for the role of Scotty.

I still wish and hope that Paul McGillion is the right choice.

Simon Pegg would make a wonderful villian though. Sean the trek, lol.

275. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

#269 – I really hope you were joking, because otherwise the illogic of that post is matched only by its ignorance.

276. Andrew - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg !! a serious role !!??
He’s incapable of it – he’ll turn the role of Scotty in this film into a spoof of the original, after all he is a comedian !

Perhaps that’s it ! it IS a joke, this film is one big expensive joke, a spoof of the original series like Galaxy Quest.

The truth is revealed people !!

277. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 12, 2007

#226 – No, Ricky Gervais as Kirk! RICKY GERVAIS AS KIRK, PEOPLE!! LOL
Talk about a re-imagining…

This has gotten ridiculous. Pegg is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “90210” choice. I mean, really, not even! And you know what, even in his comedic roles, he achieves a level of gravitas that is necessary for the deadpan part of the humor — which is what makes his humor funny — we’re not talking about a slapstick, pratfall oriented comedian. It’s not like they are casting Rowan Atkinson as Scotty! So, pooh-poohing Pegg’s acting is outright stupid.

And, like someone else pointed out, Tom Hanks started out as a comedian, and ended up a strong dramatic actor.

Still, I want a Scotsman to play Scotty, and that will continue to be my one big gripe.

278. Kraig - October 12, 2007

#256 Ok, that was my bad on the MI. I admit that. However, I really wouldn’t put too much stock in the critics reviews one way or another.

279. Pragmaticus - October 12, 2007

Just give him some hair dye and few cheeseburgers and he’ll pull it off. He’s a brilliant actor, and it matters more that he gets the accent right, which he will.

And please, stop whining. They can’t make clones of all the original actors and cast them, so why not get the person who will bring the most to the role?

And seriously, how often is there crossover between futuristic sci-fi series? It doesn’t work, and usually muddies the waters between franchises. McGillion may have looked the part, but he was a long shot at best because of his Stargate role. It would be like playing the same role twice in two series.

280. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 12, 2007

Meh, on this one

281. Anaish - October 12, 2007

#274 Oh dear, forgive me for offending you with a joke! I was attempting to take the ‘lighten up’ advice, but it seems that’s not working either. Sigh. Some days, nothing goes right. Never mind, I’ll do my best not to let it spoil my weekend.

282. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

#280 – Whew! ;-) I am hugely relieved you were indeed joking (and not the least offended; reciprocally, please forgive me if I offended you).

May your weekend be blissfully unspoiled!

283. Cafe 5 - October 12, 2007

I saw Shaun Of The Dead and Pegg was ok in his role. Paul McGillion would by many to be a better choice but lets wait and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work then the haggis will be as they say in the fire for sure.

284. jon1701 - October 12, 2007

Joe Public

Simon Pegg as Scotty – Cool.

Paul Mcgillion as Scotty – Who?

End of debate.

285. Barney - October 12, 2007

276. 4 8 15 16 23 42 – October 12, 2007
#226 – No, Ricky Gervais as Kirk! RICKY GERVAIS AS KIRK, PEOPLE!! LOL
Talk about a re-imagining…

Now that’s a good shout at #276!

Gervais has a lot of the right Shatner attributes…especially in the hair and waistline areas! ;)

I’m now a full convert to the Pegg as Scotty campaign!

286. Barney - October 12, 2007

By the way, who says “the haggis will be in the fire for sure”. Let’s hope we never hear Pegg’s Scotty say that! Now that WOULD pee me off! GRRR!

Happy Friday people!

287. sean - October 12, 2007

“Paul McGillion would by many to be a better choice”

I’m not sure it’s fair to character viewers of Stargate: Atlantis as “many.”

288. JCool - October 12, 2007

~epic post~

289. TJ - October 12, 2007

Whether you love or hate the decision, for what has been refered to as a ‘minor role’ (Ha! Scotty rules!) it’s sure as hell generating a lot of decussion. 270+ comments in what, 12 hours????? Holy CRAP! A few more an thats more then the rabid debate over Pine for Kirk! Even the press is devided over this one!

I’ve taken a deep breath, stepped back and thought what the hell can’t change it and I never said I wasn’t going to go see this film!! And just like my not knowing whether to laugh my ass off or cry over such a ludicrously BAD casting choice ( IN MY MIND anyway, prizes for naming the Brit comedy quoted!!)…hahaha can’t take ourselves right too seriously??? It’s only Trek… :S

And Yes, yes Sean, I know, you want Pegg’s babies, you think he’s perfect / exciting / brave casting etc. We shall see where this goes, I still hanging onto the tiny thread of hope its a big fat joke or just wrong like the cert McAvoy was cast!!

Pegg as Scotty??? Dead God NARP!!!! ;)

290. The Master - October 12, 2007

can some one do a shot of him as Scottie? and Cho as Sulu?

291. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

#285 no, Gervais playing Brent playing Shatner playing Kirk. Hey, in for a Pegg-y in for a Pound!

292. RaveOnEd - October 12, 2007

AOL entertainment’s section has the story on Pegg and Cho, but also a photo gallery section with fair A/B photos of the new cast next to the original cast.

(on a side note, I can see more young Kirk in Chris Pine on there)

293. Chris Doohan - October 12, 2007

Well, that came out of left field. I guess he pegged the audition. I must say that even though Paul McGillion was my first choice, I believe that Pegg will do a great job. No, he doesn’t look like my Father and he has a little less hair then Scotty did, but his accent is passable and he’s a great actor. I send my congratulations to you Simon and I hope you “giver all you got laddie”. Chris Doohan

PS. I’m available for a small walk-on role J.J. ?

294. SE4N» Blog Archive » You’ve Got A Red Shirt On You - October 12, 2007

[…] I can’t get over how weird this news is — Simon Pegg (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc.) has been cast as the new Montgomery Scott in J. J. Abrams’ new Star Trek feature film. It’s a weird bit of casting, but one that I suspected a long time ago might happen … Pegg had a bit role in the most recent (terrible) Mission: Impossible movie, and is a veritable sci-fi nerd, so I’m guessing he was pushing for this for a while. […]

295. The Master - October 12, 2007

292 do you have the url?

296. JCool - October 12, 2007

Chris,you are a sweetheart !

See people!! Nothing to worry about!

297. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

I thought Paul was your 2nd choice, Chris? ;)

298. JCool - October 12, 2007

Like father, like son

A true gentleman.

Thank you Chris Doohan!

If James own son can move past the obvious appearance…. we can to!

299. The Lensman - October 12, 2007

“oh, and whats wrong with Michael Keatons Batman? ”

NOTHING. That’s the point! This “controversy” is virtually non-existant compared to the one that erupted when it was announced that Keaton would be playing Batman and that was pre-internet.

Irony, apparently, was lost on many, including people who posted just after me. Keaton had only done stand up and or comedy up to that point. People freaked across the board when it was announced he was Batman and look…..many STILL consider him the best Batman (or a close second after Bale). I guess some people here are too young to know that before Batman, Keaton was comedy only. Bottom line they were all MASSIVELY wrong about the job Keaton would do.

As for Stargate Guy? I wouldn’t have minded him as Scotty.
His Stargate character was too wimpy so that’s how I see him. Plus the fact the he’s known for playing a scottish character makes it harder for me to buy him as Scotty as opposed to a slightly tweaked version of his Stargate character. Sort of like how Patrick Stewarts “Prof. X” is just a slightly tweaked version of Picard.

Bottom line, Keaton and Hanks went from comedy to drama proving all the naysayers wrong. And I think Pegg will too. The role of Scotty isn’t all that complex, nor does it take a jedi level actor to pull it off. Sorry, but after watching Trek for 37 years I think I can safely say that Pegg will do just fine.

300. Mark Lynch - October 12, 2007

Boys, boys lets calm down and get some perspective here!?!

I think Simon Pegg will do a fine job…

And dare I say it? 300th!!!!

301. Kirk's Girdle - October 12, 2007

Holy crap!

And to think, his association with J.J. only exists because Ricky Gervaise wasn’t available for MI:III.

This is where the old, “We’re hiring actors, not impersonators” line comes in.

302. JCool - October 12, 2007

~I was here~

303. The Master - October 12, 2007

can some one do an airbrush of him as the young mR. Scvott not th eold one of the movies!!

304. T2 - October 12, 2007

regardless of casting thus far, I’ll still be there in line when the film opens, it’s Star Trek

305. Cezion - October 12, 2007

Dispite being English, he better to a scottish accent and fix the hair.

306. JCool - October 12, 2007

Poor Simon


I feel so bad.

307. Jay Shea - October 12, 2007

Well, this one may go down as the first “self-produced” Star Trek comical parody. ROFLMFAO!!!

Get a clue J.J!! …And while you’re at it, let me know what you’re smoking…it must be some pretty good stuff!! I mean, Simon Pegg is cool…but as Scotty?!

I’m a Star Trek fan who likes TOS and TNG, and I just don’t see it.

…Hopefully you kept Mcgillion’s phone number.

308. David (who is shocked and impressed) - October 12, 2007

Shock, impressed, and slightly giddy.

The choice of the actor aside, look what’s happening. For the first time in the past decade, Star Trek is getting international coverage by major news organizations. It’s becoming cool again to like Trek in the mainstream media.

Re-imaginings are cool now. So is providing Trek with a BIG budget.

Paramount is rightfully concerned as it’s cash cow (sorry, I meant to franchise); The PTB-(who are never wrong) have placed TREK in the hands of a capable director and two of the hottest screenwriters Hollywood has produced this week.

Anyways, I think Pegg’s casting was brilliant.

309. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 12, 2007

Rowan Atkinson for Scotty’s Assistant Engineer Nigel BlackAdder

310. Stargate Fan - October 12, 2007

A comic to play Scotty? Um…. what are you thinking? I hope they don’t try to make this Star Trek movie a comedic joke. Like the above poster said, I do hope they kept Paul’s phone number. Did they not look at the photoshop picture with PM as Scotty? And that Braveheart skit…..didn’t do a thing for me. Paul McGillion is an awesome actor and would have brought dignity and honor to the part of Scotty. He would have done a fine job – not to mention the huge Stargate:Atlantis fan base he would have brought with him. Oh well. I guess it’s a loss to the movie. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD – and rent it. Unless, of course, Mr. Abrams has a change of heart and calls Paul McGillion back.

311. Rastaman (as shocked and impressed as David) - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg is an inspired choice. I don’t think his history of comedic acting is “baggage” at all. James Doohan’s characterization of Scotty was always a bit of a caricature of a Scotsman. It had an undeniably comedic quality that I think was both purposeful and endearing.

I also have far more confidence in Simon Pegg nailing that Scotty believably than Paul MacGillion. Paul may look a BIT like Scotty, but he doesn’t have the same range as Pegg in channeling both Scotty’s comedic and dramatic qualities.

Judging from the casting decisions, I would not be altogether suprised if some of the tertiary characters like Scotty and Sulu provided some comic relief in this film. Comic relief was certainly a critical element to the Original Series (something which TNG abandoned almost completely).

Personally, I would like to see a bit of a different Scotty for this film. Scotty’s drinking scene in “Journey to Babel” was certainly one of Trek’s funnier moments. We all know of Scotty’s love of the Scotch, and I think it would be appropriate to depict the character as grappling with alcoholism. To be sure, he would still be the Miracle Worker–as the best functioning drunk in the galaxy!!!

That being said, I’ll leave the screenplay to those who are rightfully paid.

312. Andrew Salmon - October 12, 2007

He’s gonna need some hair to play a young Scotty. Remember Doohan’s thick pelt?

And he really doesn’t look much like Doohan either, which is strange.

Well, we’ll see.

Now announce that William Shatner is going to be in the movie and I’ll get in line now!

313. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007

I was rooting for Paul. I won’t get as bent out of shape as some about this choice as it will do no good and I’m still going to see the movie, but I must admit that this one has me disappointed.
And no way in hell am I going to read all these friggin’ posts, so I’m just going to spout off and leave.

OK, Pegg, show us that you deserve this role.

314. Plum - October 12, 2007

SIMON PEGG!!! That’s frackin’ great! What a terrific Scotty he will be!!!

Gotta say, the talent caliber of the cast so far is tops, really interesting actors. If this wasn’t Star Trek I’d still want to see this film!

315. TJ - October 12, 2007

Meh…STILL not happy and STILL think Paul McGillion is the better choice. But if Chris Doohan can be gracious about itand thinks Pegg can do it, I can swallow my pride and say so be it! Who am I to argue? I’ve found my Zen!!

So who’s gonna McCoy?

316. JCool - October 12, 2007


Karl urban..maybe

or he might be Captain Pike…


317. COMPASSIONATE GOD - October 12, 2007

Pegg as Scotty?

Pegg is fine elsewhere, but unless this production is satire (or so we hope) he’s a poor choice for Scott in too many ways

318. Ty Webb - October 12, 2007

“His accent is passable”

Is that praise?

319. Scott Gammans - October 12, 2007

“I guess he pegged the audition.”

LOL! Kudos to Doohan for his sense of humor.

320. EdDR - October 12, 2007

Paul was better and from what I have seen of Pegg.
As Mr. Bill would say::

321. Star Quack - October 12, 2007

I’d never heard of this guy until I watched the video links above (I have 3 kids and don’t get out much), and I must say I think he’s a great choice.

Put a wig on him and shave his beard (which they will do) and he could look a LOT like Scotty. And I agree with all the posters who say comedic actors usually do just fine with dramatic parts.

I’m more concerned about Sulu being 35. Yeah he looks great now, but by Star Trek XV…

322. EdDR - October 12, 2007

Maybe Pegg would be great as a “RED SHIRT”

323. scott - October 12, 2007

#228, Your probably right. However the repeat movie visits are what count. Word of mouth is also another factor. If your hardcore trekkie fan cousin says it sucks or he or she has a problem regarding the contrast of the film with TOS, then yeah I see that as a negative for the box office.
A little fan service would be nice. What was wrong with Paul? Shawn of the Dead was ok, but this guy should not be Scotty. Star Trek to a lot of people is llike a religion, right or wrong its a reality. So why not listen to the followers a little closer? Rick Berman never did & look what happened to that schmuck! He cut the audience down to half of its size.
Data can only get you through so many years before the paint starts chipping. This new film is supposed to bring new life to Trek, not be a parody of its self. The only way to validate the film IMO is to at the least have Shatner. So don’t screw that up Paramount. This may be the last chance for a while to save Trek for a while. If not things like New Voyages will pop up every where & kick your ass. As a example of how lame Paramount works is the fact I check out this site way more then I do the offical site. That should not be the case, but it is. Give the fans what they want before you loose the offical say on what Trek is. The way I see if Shatner is not in the film & he shows on New Voyages in the future, what is going to be considered real canon? I love Spock & Nimoy as Spock, but the fans need more! If your going the cast the movie with a bunch of clowns at least offer all the original actors a small role to validate this reboot or what ever the F you guys want to call it.
Its lunch time & I’m still pissed from Breakfast!!! Call Shatner Now!!!!!!
Don’t hire Pegg, hire Paul!!!!!!!!

324. EdDR - October 12, 2007

This is really looking like an Abrams “family affair” Whatever.

325. scott - October 12, 2007

#324, No shit. Just look out for Will Tippon to show & make it suck like Alias. Just keep ripping off the X-Files, but with shitty Hollywood actors.

326. Plum - October 12, 2007

A family affair? Umm, no, pretty standard way of doing things I reckon.

And I feel the need to say… No one has called me about playing McCoy in spite of my humanistic grumpiness and bags under my eyes. ;p

327. Robert April - October 12, 2007

Paul McGillion is the better choice. Come on J.J., don’t drop the ball on this one…

328. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

#324 I said that in another post not long ago, only implied something more in the way of drunken friends making a circle.

But one thing for sure what ever they do it’s win/win for them as they see the twisted hollywoods wheels spinning… we are all talking about it and have it in mind now don’t we? Much in the same way everyone knows Paris is a slut, yet our 8 year old daughters want to dress and look like her. LOL

329. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

Ugh.. I love how all of a sudden everybody is a casting expert.. sheesh kids lighten up.. don’t get all V’ger and start throwing tantrums… muhahhaahahah!! :P

330. Skippy 2k - October 12, 2007

#303. I did a try at one a little further back at 66. Here was mine, I thought there was another one somewhere along the way as well

331. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

Um… er…



Were you there for Pegg’s and McGillion’s auditions?

Have you read the script?

Do you have any professional film industry experience whatsoever?


Then you can’t assert as fact – much less even informed opinion – that McGillion would be a “better choice” than Pegg, or that “the only way to validate the film” is to have Shatner, etc.

How about, oh I dunno, maybe actually seeing the film before passing judgment on it?

Please. Get over yourselves. Too many of you are turning into a bad fanboy cliche, and it’s embarrassing.

Frakking frell…

332. Dave - October 12, 2007

This kind of puts the kibosh on their being a new series with this cast. Simon Pegg ain’t doin’ a TV show for 7 years. Looks like movies ONLY for the foreseeable future, which is definitely the best decision.

333. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007


Uhh…we have opinions? This is Star Trek, if you haven’t noticed. On occasion, we are given to expressing our opinions.

Do I have to go to film school to have an opinion on who I feel would make me happier playing a part in a show I grew up with?

And just how are the rest of us embarrasing you? Last I heard, we were responsible for ourselves.

How about if I put it like this. At least from my perspective:

It’s like opening a B-Day present from someone and it’s a nice gift but you just didn’t expect it, don’t know what to do with it, and can’t think of how you would use it or want it. That’s how I feel.

334. James Heaney - October 12, 2007

#331 Robogeek:

You are hereby charged 10 cents for the use of the phrase “frakking frell” by me. Even though I made up neither, I like to think I was the first in the world to combine them. If not, then you’re just another crukking dsokdpach from Belgium.

Personally, I’m disappointed. I was really hoping for McGillion. He’s the only actor who’s been up so far whom I’ve known previously and for whom I already have a strong affinity. But… ah, well. Can’t win ’em all.

335. Robogeek - October 12, 2007


Informed opinions are one thing, but what we’re seeing on this thread are a lot of _uninformed_ opinions wrapped up in “I know best”, “my way or the highway” whiny arrogance and ignorance. It’s childish, non-constructive, and yes, embarrassing to be lobbing around uninformed opinion as fact.

If someone hasn’t read the script, didn’t see the auditions, and hasn’t even seen a significant amount of a particular actor’s body of work, it is simply irrational to make a judgment – and yes, even have a strong opinion – on whether or not that actor is or isn’t definitively right for the role.

And your birthday present analogy is wrong on so many levels. First off, that you regard this film as a present for you shows an astonishing sense of entitlement. Secondly, YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN GIVEN THE PRESENT YET, and won’t for over a year. Until you can actually unwrap it, and see exactly what it is for yourself, it’s premature to be making sweeping judgments.

Because then you’re just judging your present merely on the bow, wrapping paper, and a shake of the box.

Or, to use another, better analogy, it’s like judging a meal based solely on a partial list of ingredients, many of which you haven’t ever even tasted before — before the meal has even been cooked, much less seen, smelled or tasted.

Who would even want to cook for someone like that?

336. scott - October 12, 2007

#331, we don’t need experience to know if something is not right for Star Trek. After all we are the end users. Without the fans the property known as Trek would be worthless. Besides people who work in creative mediums still need advice from folks outside of the business.
Everyone has seen a shity movie. There are more shity movies then good ones. Mistakes get made. We are just trying to help JJ & team from the possible up coming doom by casting the wrong people. The whole thought of us not knowing whats best is BS.

337. TJ - October 12, 2007

# Robogeek… Let’s time I checked there was a comments section for people to do just that, comment…with their opinions. Whether you agree with them and whether they’re constructive or not is a mute point. Yes, people didn’t see the auditions (believe me this is a good thing, I find watching auditions if you’re not involved in the casting, decision making or production a little painful and illusion shattering). But they ARE fans of Trek, and therefore whether you agree or not, their opinions are valid, not necessarily right, but valid.

After all, didn’t Orci say they read all the comments and have ‘tightened’ up the script as a result of aforementioned comments/opinions? And I doubt many if any of the posters whose comments were taken notice of are writers or producers.

338. The Master - October 12, 2007

336 your anaalogy is week, based on a partial list of ingrediants you can get a sense of the meal. But I do agree with you that we should wait and see. but people wre loaud to disagree and have their opinions it is what makes the world go round. Just becuase some of us are not film people but are fans and go watch them gives us collectively to say something.
by your logic ( if you have hm a political issue , but are not a politican or studied Poli Sci in school or International relations ) you cannot voice an opinion.

Did you really want to go down that slope??

339. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007

OK Robogeek, help me out. What should my opinion be? Seeing as how you weren’t (presumably) at the auditions, have read the script, but are familiar with the said actor’s’ bodies of work (as am I), how are you any more informed than the rest of us i.e what makes you right?

And saying that we aren’t being rational in our judgements or opinions is rubbish.

And as far as dinner is concerned, how about some haggis? Know what’s in it? Have you tasted it? I have and my opinion is that it’s gawdawful. But to millions of people it may be ambrosia. But I guess that’s two “irrational opinions”.

Sorry for embarassing you.

340. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

Your preconceptions will be your undoing.. you have to ask yourself: what is Star Trek? Does this actor or that actor make it Star Trek? Does Bill Shatner make it Star Trek? Sure I love the characters and what they represent, and that will always be there. But one must realize that there is (for me at least) more to it than who plays Scotty. If you have doubts as to the ability of Pegg to portray Mr. Scott that’s fine, but its up to J.J. and company to pick the actors that best allow them to realize their vision of what Star Trek is. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Bana associated with the project either.

Face it folks. This movie is gonna be a change for everybody. We’re going to have new faces playing familiar characters. Period. I’m more interested if the writers can capture the essence and spirit of Scotty and transfer that onto the big screen. IMHO that is where our efforts in these talkbacks are best suited as fans.

OK rant done. Have a good weekend everybody!

341. flier1701 - October 12, 2007

I have no problems hiring a comedic actor for the Scotty Role. Let us not forget that Scotty had a GREAT sense of humor, moreso than any other character.

342. New Horizon - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg is a brilliant performer, with a much larger range than anyone gives him credit for. He will definitely make the character his own, and will still be Scotty. I have no doubt about it.

I see people on here who are so afraid of change, that they’re crying and screaming in upper caps to essentially clone the original cast. That would be nothing more than a parody of TOS, and would show absolutely no respect. The producers have found actors with a resemblance where they could…without over reaching. Quinto is simply a brilliant choice, as is Cline if he accepts the role.

I embraced Star Trek from my childhood and still do to this day. I accept that where one thing ends, another begins and that the more some things change…the more they stay the same.

Now, if you’ll all settle down, we have a second chance of rediscovering these characters through fresh eyes to look forward to.

343. JCool - October 12, 2007

I want to see the movie now!!!!

Im excited!

344. sean - October 12, 2007

“Please. Get over yourselves. Too many of you are turning into a bad fanboy cliche, and it’s embarrassing.”

Hear, hear.

Go check out forums on any other non-Trekkie/Trekker site and you’ll see about 80/20 approval of Pegg and Cho as Scotty and Sulu. Come here and you’ll see it about 20/80.

I’m all for this BECAUSE of how upset the traditional Trek fanbase appears to be getting about this. The more I think about Pegg in the role, the happier I am with it — we’re going to get a new kind of Trek with this film, and it’s about time.

Because, face it: Old Trek is dead and has been since maybe around 1993.

345. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007

“Your preconceptions will be your undoing..”–341


“you have to ask yourself: what is Star Trek?”–same dude

A TV show?

“Does Bill Shatner make it Star Trek?”–looking at you joe

I KNOW you’ve read these threads before. To some, yes, to others no.

346. karanadon - October 12, 2007

this movie is really beginning to take shape!! i’ve got chills!

now just for bones and jim…

347. Pragmaticus - October 12, 2007

331 – Hear, hear!

348. That's right, Canadian. - October 12, 2007

Ok…seriously…to the people complaining about casting an englishman for the role of Scotty…

You guys realize right that JAMES DOOHAN was a CANADIAN of IRISH decent, right?

349. Al - October 12, 2007

Not a great choice – but it tells me that the Scotty character has a significant role in this movie. Pegg wouldn’t do a cameo.

350. New Horizon - October 12, 2007

– 348.

Yup, he was Canadian.

351. DJT - October 12, 2007

Wait. All this ‘Scotty is comedy relief’ got me thinking of Galaxy Quest and the part of Tech Sergeant Chen/Fred Kwan, played by Tony Shalhoub.

“I’ll get one of my boys up here with a can of WD-40.”

Maybe that’s where they are going with this.

Oh wait! There goes my childhood out the airlock!

Where’s that guy from the youtube KFC commercial when you need him?

352. ensign joe - October 12, 2007

# – 345 The answers to these questions are personal. They are the baggage (good or bad) we as Trek fans bring to the table. They are our conception. Put in reference to a new Trek movie they are our preconceptions. The inability to modify or change these preconceptions is going to make for a terrible experience. I think you said it best with your birthday metaphor. And using your paridigm, the optimal solution to not being let down for ones birthday would be to not expect any presents. Of course this notion is moot in that one reason for this site is to give venue to what we want the present to be. Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, errr.. wait a second I kindof got lost there.. … *cough* … I guess what I’m saying is being conscience of your conceptions will make for more conviction and less “blah blah blah”. HTH

353. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007

Oh well. At least Shatners not in it.


354. ensign joe - October 12, 2007


355. last o' the timelords - October 12, 2007

Paul McGillion is really just a TV actor and would only be passable as Scotty but not “shine”.

I love the creativity of casting Pegg. I was totally off guard, but it could be brilliant. I’m so looking forward to meeting Pegg at conventions.

I feel at ease now that I see they’re not just casting for “the look”.

356. YUBinit - October 12, 2007

#344 OMG that reasoning astounds me! We get a new Trek with it? There was nothing wrong with TOS and that’s what made it evolve into what it is now. It’s what was done with Trek after it. Like uhhhhhhhhhh NOW! LOL

357. Viking - October 12, 2007

I dunno……he does kinda look like a young Anthony Hopkins. Maybe he can pull it off.

358. Rastaman - October 12, 2007

What does Anthony Hopkins have to do with anything?

359. COMPASSIONATE GOD - October 12, 2007

335. Robogeek – October 12, 2007
“Informed opinions are one thing, but what we’re seeing on this thread are a lot of _uninformed_ opinions wrapped up in “I know best”, “my way or the highway” whiny arrogance and ignorance. It’s childish, non-constructive, and yes, embarrassing to be lobbing around uninformed opinion as fact.”

Logically, to attack others for (essentially) not buying everything the new film offers is just as childish, as the “100% pro-New-Trek” crowd are equally UNINFORMED; both sides of the debate have equal access to the news in question! So, are the “pro” side somehow more informed (also not in on scripting/casting, etc.) based on their seemingly blind support of the news?

Francis Coppola cast his daughter in “Godfather 3″ and yes, he’s a film professinal—yet his alleged experience/knowledge FAILED him with that casting choice to the AUDIENCE (remember the folks COMMERCIAL films are made for?), as Sofia was almost universally blasted for her horrendous acting. Was Francis Coppola still the more wise opinion? Apparently not in that case–which is the point here. One does not “need” to be “in” on the production or a pro to recognize bad decisions–for whatever specific reason.

360. VOODOO - October 12, 2007

Paul Magillion would have been a better choice

361. TJ - October 12, 2007

#355. last o’ the timelords

If you’re not firmilar with Paul McGillion’s work please dont be derogatory towards it or his acting. Casting is a subject issue, about the right look/style/demo as much as talent. I’m happy for you that you approve of the casting but stooping as low as to attack Paul’s acting ability as a justification for your choice of Pegg is a low blow indeed. And just as you and others have argued that Simon Pegg is a fine actor (no arguement from me) and for us to ‘wait and see’, then saying Paul would have made a ‘passable’ Scotty is being incredibly hypocritical. How do you know, you’ve not seen him playing the role or his audition….I guess we’ll never get the chance to see it. Ce la Vie. And thats the last I’m saying on that matter period so dont try and bait me.

I’ve made my peace with the casting, not happy about it but theres nothing I can do about it so meh…life’s too short.

Good Luck to Pegg.

362. TJ - October 12, 2007

P.s. And by firmilar I mean more then seeing him in a single role such as Stargate.

363. Snake - October 12, 2007

Jesus this thread is rivaling the George Lucas vs JJ get a free poster thread!


364. Xai - October 12, 2007

I am not informed at all but I think I can say…
WE were not at the audition, we didn’t see who was auditioned and we weren’t asked to make the choice. Given that, there is nothing to be done other than to have an open mind watching this all play out. True?

365. Xai - October 12, 2007

Your attention please..
I will be selling Prozac in the lobby at intermission for those in need of a quick “chill”…

366. Thomas - October 12, 2007

People here seen to forget that this movie is being made with a particular emphasis on bringing in new fans. Simon Pegg (like it or not) is arguably a bigger name than Paul McGillion. None of us knows whether this choice was because of availability of the actors, money issues, pressure from the studio to go with a bigger name, or if JJ and company just thought he was a better choice. That said, I’m staying cautiously optimistic.
Good luck, Simon; you’re going to need it.

367. Thomas Jensen - October 12, 2007

I’m sure we’ll be reading in the future about the producers reasons for casting each actor with regard to the story and how the choice was made.

I’ll wait for that.

…And Scotty wasn’t in “Journey To Babel”.

368. KC - October 12, 2007

I agree with much of post 87, but have to take issue with post 235 saying that McGillion has already basically played the role of Scotty. The response to that is, No he hasn’t. The role McGillion played on Stargate Atlantis was much more analogous to McCoy, he just happened to be Scottish.

Someone else said that McGillion is “just a TV actor.” Wrong. He may be well known because of one television role; however, McGillion has a varied resume that includes the award winning film “See Grace Fly” in which he truly showcases his talent. He is absolutely capable of creating the no-nonsense, warrior engineer & indeed does have that edge. But he also would have brought heart to the role.

Am I disappointed that McGillion did not get the role of Scotty–hell, yes. He would have brought the role to life, a fresh characterization with a nod to the past through physical similarity. I am very disappointed.

I’m fairly unimpressed with the casting of Pegg (yes, I have seen several of his roles) and the choice to go with a comedic actor worries me that they will continue to characterize Scotty in the semi-comic-relief role they used him for in the last few movies. I am highly skeptical of this casting, but I guess we will have to see how it turns out in the finished product. Assuming that the casting stands. After all, in LOTR: FOTR, Viggo Mortenson was the recast for Aragorn! He was brought in after filming began to replace Stuart Townsend.

For the record, I was in the small camp of well-wishers when it came to casting Michael Keaton in ‘Batman.’ I had seen the possibility for such depth in 88’s ‘Clean and Sober.’

369. mayday - October 12, 2007

If memory serves me correctly, isn’t Jim Carey a comedian? Has he done serious roles well? In my opinion, yes. Why get so bothered that Pegg is a comedian? How many people do the exact same job for years without a change? I know that I haven’t. People grow and want to expand. Personally, from the clip, I thought Pegg in the MI role puts a more “serious” spin on his acting. In reality, do any of the actors selected, feature for feature, really look like the original cast? Maybe eye color, hair color, skin color, ethnicity, height, etc. might be the same, but in really I don’t see any spitting images here (even Quinto). I don’t think that JJ is going to gamble on millions of dollars. I feel like the armchair quarterback. I don’t know a fraction of what the professionals in the movie industry are considering. I do know a bit about Trek but I’m no authority. Yes, Pegg doesn’t look like Doohan. Doohan wasn’t Scottish either. In reality, Pegg is closer to Scotland than Doohan ever was. Don’t we want an embodiment of the characters, not mere look-a-likes? That would be keeping with the spirit of Star Trek.

370. Dave - October 12, 2007

The idea that the role of SCOTTY requires much in terms of dramatic range is laughable, at best. The character was an exposition machine for 90% of TOS, with the occassional burst of comic relief. “By Any Other Name,” “Trouble With Tribbles,” etc. The comic aspects of the character got out of control by the tail end of the film series, but it was ALWAYS there.

Scotty is NOT Batman, to whomever compared this situation with Michael Keaton. Scotty isn’t Kirk, Spock or McCoy. Neither is Chekov, Uhura or Sulu. Face it, NONE of these characters have ever had any depth or dramatic thrust. They *want* nothing. They are about nothing. They are window dressing, plot devices partners in crime for the Big 3. Look scared, look sad, say something funny or clever or meaningful every once and while. They are the very definition of SUPPORTING characters. These are garnish characters. Kirk and McCoy need to be serious actors who can bring depth of feeling to their characters. The other ones barely even have any established backstory and they aren’t likely to get any in this movie either.

371. Dom - October 12, 2007

Call me uninformed, or not a hard-core sci-fi fan, but up until now, I had not heard of Simon Pegg. I won’t demean by saying “maybe he’s a UK phenom,” b/c that would just add to the “uninformed” part. I surf and have more sci-fi dvds (DS9, BSG, et al) than any other genre, but obviously, I am not in the know.

My only wish is that this didn’t come from left field. This would’ve been less of a dissapointment *if* there had been some inkling and some debate with PM and SP as candidates. But I am not entitled to know-TPTB don’t have to inform *me* beforehand. Yet, I can’t overlook the division (on this board) that this decision has caused.

I am happy for Pegg fans and the numbers he’ll bring. Hope people from all the actors’ fanbases come out to support the movie to add to the ST fanbase.

Even tho’ I love DS9 and respect Kirk and Spock, by most people’s opinions, I am a ST noob b/c I wasn’t somebody in the theatre line from the get go. I come from the fandom of “that 3rd rate sci-fi show” so I was a fan on the bubble. And unless they have Paul M up for McCoy (wouldn’t that be mind blowing), color me off the bubble.

Bitter? Nah, just uninterested now.

372. Jeff - October 12, 2007

Er, no.



I like Simon Pegg. Like his comedy.

But he is NOT Scotty.

373. Anthony Pascale - October 12, 2007

OK guys i have been sent another message, this time from Paul McGillion….see update 2 above (below the update message from Chris Doohan)

374. Tony Whitehead - October 12, 2007

That’s a classy quote from Mr. McGillion…I think some of the doubters here are going to be quite surprised at how Simon Pegg handles the role of Montgomery Scott. I believe he’ll do a great job.

375. Litenbug - October 12, 2007

The whole movie isn’t cast yet, sets are under construction and there’s no film in the can and some people are saying they aren’t interested anymore?


376. Snake - October 12, 2007

on a lighter note fellas

flight recorder visual – 28.77

LOOK AT THOSE ARMS!!!..oh boy – I’m not too big am I? I dont want to scare the hell outta everyone!

377. Snake - October 12, 2007

“I’d like to thank you all for your tremendous support especially Chris Doohan who rallied behind me to fill his father’s footsteps. Obviously I have close roots to Scotland; having an opportunity to play an iconic Scottish character would have been an honour.

That being said, I have not had the pleasure of “meeting” Simon Pegg but I am familiar with his work and I think he’s a terrific talent. I wish him and the rest of the cast & crew great success with the new Star Trek film”

Paul – if ur reading this (and i know u might be) i just want to say that i think (and many MANY others) you would have been TREMONDOUS as Scotty and its just an godamn shame u werent cast..I for one thought you were a DEAD CERT for Mr Scot due to ur looks, ur age, ur talent and ur heritage but sadley it was not to be

well i hope You as the rest of us…enjoy this new trek movie….

Peace and long life..

378. Dom - October 12, 2007

Classy response from Paul McG, but I am not surprised, he’s really a super guy (from all who’s met him). Sounds like the big farewall so no Dr. McCoy for him either. Oh well, that was just my own wishful thinking.

#375-yeah. No ill will or anything. Just-eh. C’est la vie.

379. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

First off, kudos to Chris Doohan and Paul McGillion for being so classy and gracious. That’s really nice to see.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread at this point (holy crap, there are a lot of posts here!), but I feel obliged to respond to a couple things…

339 / THX, 359 / C.God, etc. – You’re completely missing my point here. Please read more attentively. ;-)

I’m all for opinions, especially passionate ones. Heck, I’m the guy who coined the “George Lucas raped my childhood” phrase (in reference to Episode I) and “Flames on Optimus = Nipples on Batman” over on AICN. I’m neither presuming nor asserting that I know more than you, nor telling you what your opinion should or should not be. In fact, I think 368/KC is a great example of a well-reasoned, rational opinion.

My problem is that a lot of people on this thread are making pre-judgments, and presuming things we can’t possibly know with any metaphysical certitude. Pegg _might_ be wrong for Scotty. We don’t know that he is, and really can’t until we see him in the role in the film, period. That’s pretty basic logic. (Reciprocally, I don’t presume that he is definitely, absolutely right for the role, but I concede – and hope – that he very well could be.)

If you don’t like Pegg and/or think he may be wrong for the role, I would hope you would at least base that on taking a close, considered look at his prior work. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Meanwhile, I would urge you to all heed Spock’s wisdom that “there are always possibilities”, and entertain the notion that maybe he _is_ right for the role – as written in the script none of us have read – and that he may have given one hell of an inspired audition. Obviously, we can’t/don’t know either way, hence we must accept the possibility. (Again, this is pretty simple logic.)

And maybe – just maybe – J.J. and company might actually know what they’re doing. (Based solely on the incredible pilots for Alias and Lost, I personally think it’s entirely reasonable to give J.J. the benefit of the doubt, esp. post-Berman/Braga.)

And btw, 339/THX and 359/C.God, you both (quite ironically) made my point for me with your haggis and Godfather 3 examples, respectively – apparently without realizing it. THX, your stated opinion of haggis is based on having tried the finished dish; C.God, your opinion of Sofia Coppola in Godfather III is based on the finished film – hey, it’s the scientific method! But you have yet to see this film… which, thank you very much, is exactly my point.

See it. Then judge. Not the other way around.

My logic reigns supreme. ;-)

380. I AM THX-1138 - October 12, 2007

Sure wish it had been Paul. Ahh what could have been………

381. njoberheim - October 12, 2007

No offence to Simon Pegg. Im sure he is a fine actor but Paul McGillion seemed perfect for the part. As soon as I read on here that he had auditioned I was thrilled. It just “felt right ” to me. In the acting world as in all other professions, it’s all about who you know. The fact that Simon Pegg had already worked with Abrams on MI III gave him the advantage. This is the first casting for this movie so far that I am disappointed at.

Here’s hoping they realise and bring Paul McGIllion back.

382. MichaelJohn - October 12, 2007

Simon Pegg was wonderful in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Those two movies were quite funny and original!

But to tell you the truth, Pegg being cast in the role of Scotty came as quite a surprise to me. It will be interesting to see his portrayal of our favorite Chief Enginner.

Mike :o

383. ZoomZoom - October 12, 2007

I’ve realised why I’m down on Pegg as Scotty. The guy doesn’t *do* warm or charming very well. Sure, he does sarcastic and bemused which has been fine for his well known roles in Shaun and Fuzz- but Scotty needs more, much more.
As others have said- its rhe first suspect piece of casting we’ve had.
Bit worried now that JJ doesn’t actually (despite all the talk) ‘get it’.

384. CmdrR. - October 12, 2007

Very classy, both from Chris and Paul.
(More) Good things will come your way.

385. steve623 - October 12, 2007

“I’m the guy who coined the “George Lucas raped my childhood” phrase (in reference to Episode I) and “Flames on Optimus = Nipples on Batman” over on AICN.”

I wouldn’t brag about that.

386. Very classy - October 12, 2007

Very VERY classy response from both men.

387. Robogeek - October 12, 2007

385: Wasn’t bragging. It was purely in the interest of full disclosure. ;-)

388. MichaelJohn - October 12, 2007

When it comes to these new cast members I really hope these new actors won’t try to mimic the original TOS crew too closely. Of course I do want them to remain faithful to certain aspects, but I also want them to be fresh and original.

The last thing this Trek fan wants to see on the big screen are new actors trying too hard to mimic the old TOS cast, like they do in the “new voyages” episodes. That would be a disaster!

There’s a fine line and balance here that I’m sure JJ Abrahms is well aware of….

Mike :o

389. bandicoot - October 13, 2007

oh bum…

Was really hoping Paul McG was ‘the one’ for Scotty.

As always… he has been a gracious person by sending that email to TrekMovie. Good on you Paul… (and James Doohan’s son)

As for Simon Pegg… he is definately a funny guy & I think he could provide a great Scotty. Different Scotty to the one I was picturing with Paul but great all the same.

I am dissappointed but can’t do anything about it as others have said here already.

I don’t think Paul McGillion has lost any fans (probably gained a lot more) from all the media attention / reports that have been circulating the past couple of weeks involving him & Scotty. If anything… people who may not have known that much about him before… know a lot more now! :)

Go Paul ! & all the best Simon. :)

390. TJ - October 13, 2007

Once again Paul McGillion shows what a gracious and classy bloke he is, not even remotely surprising to any of his many fans. Kudos to you mate! And also to Chris, another class act. You were and always will be my first choice Paul, but C’est Le Vie, I will take this as a good example and take the highroad!

Good look to Pegg, ya gonna need it (and more hair ;))!

391. Tj Trek - October 13, 2007

Although I would not have “pegged” pegg for this role, I know that he is a tremendous talent. I’ve only seen him in Shawn of the dead, but was impressed. He has British Comady down to a fine art. However, I am now looking forward to seeing him in a dramatic/action role.

JJ. Abrams has been surprising me with his castin. Erica Bana and now Pegg were two choices that were like “Hold on…What?” and then a, “well, that might just work really well”

All in all, I am inpressed with the fact that JJ has been able to bag these actors so to speak. I mean who would have ever though in a million years the Pegg would go for star trek. I never ever did, didn’t even think of him remotly as a choice for anything in the movie. I know JJ has done very good with everything he has laid hands on. So I know that the Pegg choice is a good one.

392. Tj Trek - October 13, 2007

….And I just realized the JJ has worked with Peg before (MI:3) I saw that, and I remember that he did well in that too. So, for all you who think it might be a bit far fetched then watch or retwatch MI:3

393. Cervantes ( Up my shaft indeed... ) - October 13, 2007

Aaargh…I’ve ended up with a ‘Scotty’ that seems to be inspired by ‘The Simpson’s’ Willie the gardener…and an English-born one at that…

Aaargh again…

394. Vulcan Soul - October 13, 2007

Question: what does Pegg have what McGillion hasn’t?

Answer: a part in one of Abrams’ previous projects

Film industry & favoritism just belong together ;)

395. Robert April - October 13, 2007

OK, the Enterprise is in drydock and most crew members have received their orders from Starfleet…

Somebody call me when Shatner is onboard…


396. Saving Carson Beckett » Blog Archive » Role of Scotty Goes to Simon Pegg - October 13, 2007

[…] TrekMovie announced yesterday that Simon Pegg, an English actor known for comedic roles in movies such as “Shaun of the Dead,” has been chosen to play “Scotty” in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. […]

397. Will - October 13, 2007

Did anyone see Shaun of the Dead? Remember the scenes later in the movie with his mom? This guy can act, don’t worry.

398. JACKIEBOY - October 13, 2007

He doesn’t look like Scotty?

Neither did Doohan when you saw him out of character.

This is actually some of the more reassuring casting news that I’ve heard in regards to this movie.

399. Ampris - October 13, 2007

I really cant believe how massive this thread has gotten. All this discussion (read: drama) over one casting desicion? Holy cow. :O

400. TJ - October 13, 2007

#399 – Probably because all the casting up to this point followed a patter of casting actors that ‘fit’ the original molds, some a little tighter then others. And because Paul McGillion fit that mold so well, people got used to the idea then they cast Pegg out of left field and whammo, you get some controversy. It’s one of those ‘love/hate’ things, the biggest way to generate discussion!!!

ANd hahahahaha Willie the Gardener? I never even made the connection but thats hilarious! He’ll be running around trying to save his ‘wee baby turtles’ next…but Willie was buff…Pegg’s a skinny geek, they’re both ginger though!

Oh and whoever said Paul was playing ‘Scotty’ on Stargate, you’ve obviously not watched the show. The ONLY simularities between Scotty and Carson is they both happen to be Scottish; thats it PERIOD. Carson was a self professed technophobe, known for his medical brilliance in genetics, bedside manner and unconditional compassion. He was a sweet, gentle and lovable guy. Very NONE stereotypical Scottish (unlike Scotty…but hey, still loved him) and definately NOT a wimp, just not afriad of saying how he felt. He was both the comedy relief but also the strongest character for emotional drama. Paul is a very fine comedic and dramatic actor.

OOwww excuse me but I have a rugby game to watch….where’s my beer? ;)

401. Jamie - October 13, 2007

I think Pegg looks enough like Doohan. He’s no Doohan lookalike, but he has a similar shape to his head, and a similar “type” of face. IMHO, he has more of an “honest, hard working engineer” type face than a “handsome commander who gets the girls” type face. Pegg is also talented at both straight acting and comedy, which is crucial for Scotty.

The role suits him, and I’d say it works on paper. The question is: will it actually work? I think only the casting team can really know that at this stage. Let’s hope they know what they’re doing!

The only “bad” sign as far as I’m concerned is I didn’t like him in Doctor Who. But then, there is a lot about new Doctor Who I don’t like, including certain casting decisions. Pegg can’t be blamed for that.

I know Pegg will give the job 100% and put his heart and soul into it. And I wish him all the best.

402. TJ - October 13, 2007

I wouldn’t judge him by Dr Who (just as you shouldn’t judge Paul by just Stargate), I detested the first season with Chris Ecceleston personally but David Tennant rocks the house as the doctor. Watch Pegg in things like ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and if you’re in the UK, Virgin have a sale on at the moment and you can pick up ‘Spaced’ season DVD’s for next to nothing. I dont think he looks anything like Doohan, neither does Chris Doohan judging by his comments!!!! Thats hair (lack of and he’s ginger), build, face the works, not to mention he looks older then 37…but oh well.

Watch ‘Hot Fuzz’ as much as I hate Pegg’s casting, Hot Fuzz is an AWESOME movie. The end gunfight just has to be seen to be believed.

403. COMPASSIONATE GOD - October 13, 2007

379. Robogeek – October 12, 2007
“C.God, your opinion of Sofia Coppola in Godfather III is based on the finished film”

Yes, as I posted yesterday, but there were negative views about her being cast in the film in the first place, and the critics (fan and pro) were dead-on correct in their opinion once the film was released. Pegg is just not right for the role and the most physically incorrect choice of all–and no–no one is going to be a dead-ringer for the original actors, but Pegg is simply in another universe of appearance from that of the late Mr. Doohan.

404. Paul Martin - October 13, 2007

You have to give Paul McGillion and Chris Doohan respect, their responses to the casting are very pro and respectful – and JJ if your reading…. I have the uniform, I’ll do a walk on role for a pint and bag of chips – I’m cheap! P.S……. I look like a late version of the shat in his late 20’s (ie…. too much beer and little hair…. I could be Uncle Kirk?)

405. D Pride - October 13, 2007

I am a lot disappointed in the choice for the new Scotty. I was hoping for Paul McG\llion to get the role. Simon Pegg looks nothing like Scotty. Is he going to dye his hair brown. No way I would have preferred James McAvoy or Paul McGillion any day of the week.

406. Janis - October 13, 2007

Damn, the huge majority wanted PAUL MCGILLION, and what do we get? Sorry, I like Pegg, but he’s just seriously miscast. He can’t even pull off the Scottish accent right.

PAUL MCGILLION WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE! How could they pass it up?? Something’s not right.

407. D Pride - October 13, 2007

I really would have preferred Paul McGillion to play Scotty. He has the look and charm Scotty has. Whoever does the casting for this movie has it all wrong. Please a tall blonde Englishman for a athlete build Scotsman come on!!!!!!

408. M. Shepherd - October 13, 2007

Sorry guys, nothing personal. I’m so very proud of the wonderful response by Paul, and I congratulate Pegg. But I probably won’t be even watching the movie now. I’m just tired of the perfect scifi genre actors being pissed over and Paul’s the best guy in the world, and it’s just spoiled for me now.

Again, nothing personal. It’s just time for us to stick up for our guys.

409. Harry Ballz - October 14, 2007

#408 “It’s just time for us to stick up for our guys.”

It’s also time for us to stick up for what’s RIGHT! Either Abrams is just sloppy in simply casting people he’s worked with before, or the “suits” are pressuring him to cast “names” popular in other countries so that the draw will be bigger. Either of those reasons would be wrong, because if you make a GREAT movie by casting the best people in the first place, the box office revenues will be there!

Casting “Willie the gardener” as Scotty was the WORST decision yet!!

410. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 14, 2007

Since Nimoy is in the movie as Spock, physical resemblance to the original cast is a relevant issue. And Pegg is just physically all wrong! James Doohan in his prime was a robust, strong looking man with a thick head of dark hair. Pegg is a blonde, balding shrimp. Sorry, I don’t see it at all.

Humor is an element of the role of Scotty, but a more important element is a sense of reliability – he should inspire confidence. I have the same problem with Pegg as I have with Cho – neither one has any sense of authority about them whatsoever!

411. Dom (the original one) - October 15, 2007

Oh well, someone was bound to come along and use my name eventually! But I’m the Dom who has been posting here under that name since the site started!

Anthony, you and your team really need to get the registration thing going on this site, when you can spare some time in your (doubtless) extremely busy lives. It’s a bit disturbing reading strange posts under my name!

Simon Pegg is a left field choice, but I have no problem with him at all! So far, I like every choice JJ Abrams has made!

412. CallistaZM - October 15, 2007

I love Pegg, I really do, but I agree with most of the people here. He just doesn’t fit Scotty. Not just in his looks but his voice and mannerisms and everything. His voice is too deep and that can ruin more than you’d think it could.

To me, Scotty always had this unassuming innocence about him, whereas Pegg always comes across to me as hilariously cynical and sarcastic. I’m willing to let him try to prove me wrong, but it’s going to be a hard sell.

I stand by my original thought that Paul McGillion would have been the absolute best choice. I adore his character on Stargate for the same exact reasons I adore Scotty, that sweet unassuming innocence.

413. Gary Lee - October 15, 2007

How much will JJ make Pegg look like Scotty or will he still look like Pegg?

414. neo - October 15, 2007

he looks just like doohan in his original series days. that round face with the goofy brows.

415. TJ - October 15, 2007

Neo, you need glasses mate! And I’m starting to get annoyed with myself…I detest this casting like a cat hates water…yet with all the Peggy talk I have an unbarable urge to watch my ‘Hot Fuzz’ DVD again… AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

416. tdatb - October 15, 2007

Oh, so they want to let everyone know beforehand that this whole movie is nothing but a big joke, hunh?

I see McGillion as Scotty and James Kyson Lee ( Ando in “Heroes”,) as Sulu.

417. Dom (the 2nd) - October 15, 2007

#411-Am new and it approved my name when I registered. Am disturbed too b/c we obviously disagree on the Pegg casting. Have used this moniker around the net, but oh well-no probs mate. Won’t be around much anyways.

418. Dom (the 2nd) - October 15, 2007

Ugh, darn computer, cut me off.
I came back b/c I am curious to see what news might surpass this one, being it’s now passed 400. Wondering if Pine as Kirk might do it.

419. EdDR - October 15, 2007

Opinions make the world go around, aside from gravitational fields and other forms of physics. For the most part Mr. Abrams was going for the look of the TOS. Maybe the casting is out of left field, maybe there is a need for the rest of the world to be included in for supposedly a better commercial exposure to the Star Trek phenomenon, but it seems the world accepted an American ( Roddenberry) viewpoint of an ideal world in Star Trek . That viewpoint was that the whole world was needed for us to have a shared experience of going out to space with hope and curiosity.

Does it matter what the script is about? No, of course not. The fact that it takes us back into the Star Trek world once again, to revel in the crew and the Starship Enterprise once again is all that matters to us. However, it better be a damn good story.

Pegg, physically, ( not talking about his acting skills) ,for me, just doesn’t fill the role of Scotty. Doohan , the character actor, was able to fill volumes of who and what Scotty was about with just a stern look from his face before he even spoke a line. From Mr. Pegg , I see some nice moves ,acting-wise, but I don’t see THE moves that I felt that Mr. McGillion had to offer the role.

Again that is just my opinion. And my opinion is that Star Trek is not a game of cricket, but a solid game of baseball that needs to swing for a home-run with the heavy guns and I felt that that Mr. McGillion was one of those heavy guns.

A great outing for Mr. Pegg on his romp in the Star Trek world! An envious position to be in, no matter what role he plays in, except for Uhura and Yeoman Rand of course.

420. OM - October 16, 2007

…Pegg over Adrian Brody? What’s next? Pee Wee Herman as McCoy?

421. neo - October 16, 2007

tj, take a look:

a dead-on lookalike. the perfect choice.

422. TJ - October 16, 2007


Honestly mate, I see absolutely no resembelence and if you look through the comments very few do even if they love the casting. Various sites including EW have articles on the same lines not like it either and even Doohan’s own SON has said Pegg looks nothing like his father! Look at this side by side comparison of Paul and Doohan, now that is a resembelence:

423. Dr. Image - October 16, 2007

I mean… the Scotty on New Voyages is more credible!!!
(Note: I didn’t say better actor…)

424. Marie - October 16, 2007

I was getting quite excited about this film until I saw Simon Pegg had been cast as Scotty. Don’t get me wrong I love Simon pegg, but this is just wrong, he is so not Scotty. The non-Scot thing doesn’t bother me at all, but Pegg is too lightweight for anything other than comedy.

425. Sci-Fi Bri - October 16, 2007

you all are like Comic Bbook Guy

426. Jan - October 17, 2007

You already know this picture?

427. Cervantes - October 17, 2007

#426 Jan

Aaargh!…but this one I came across disturbs me just as much… ;)

428. Jan - October 17, 2007

#427 *lol*

here’s more from the simon-pegg-fanpage (

429. Harry Ballz - October 17, 2007

#425 “you all are like Comic Book Guy”

If we were really like Comic Book Guy, we would say,

“Simon Pegg for Scotty?? Worst casting EVER!!”

And we would be right!

430. neo - October 17, 2007

again, tj, my comparison pictures speak for themselves.

oddly enough, my scotty pic and yours look nothing alike, even though they’re the same guy.

431. Pathetic Casting - October 17, 2007

All I can say is what…the…fk.. now I love Simon Pegg I think he is brilliant but as Scotty? not a chance are they trying to make this a crappy movie? John Cho come on! Really? this is the best you could come up with for Sulu? Christ if they want something done right ask the fans. the only reason this movie is going to do well is because they are playing to a younger audience by casting these people its so sad this movie could truly be magnificent.

432. Emerald - October 19, 2007

Meh. I took a long, hard look at the picture. With a dye job, I think he could actually look like Scotty. I’d have preferred McGillion or McAvoy, but I have faith in JJ. I’d love to see McGillion in another role in the film though.


433. plkrtn - November 13, 2007

Don’t you just love Star Trek fans. They seem to forget that in all of the movies, Scotty was pretty much the comic relief. I refer you to Star Trek V where all the lines he has are jokes almost.

“Don’t you know a jail break when you see one”
“Theres nothing amazing about it. I know this ship like the back of my hand”

So what if Pegg isn’t Scottish, neither was Doohan.
Can he act? Yes. Can he play the role? Damn right.

So Trekkies, try and get some kind of life….

434. Daniel Dierks - February 15, 2008

I have today for the 99 times Hot Fuzz views and Shaun of the Death, I have now seen 159 times!
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost the biggest sin! I know how someone could get autogramme!

The two are my big heroes!
They also demonstrate the dry humor very well received!
Excuse me my English is very bad! That made by a translating program! My E-mail is:

435. Ben Dover - April 28, 2008

I do think it’s a bad idea. I’m sure Simon Pegg is reasonably a good actor and he will create a good enough Scottish accent for his character but still these actors who will be cast as the crew of the original series will have to have some similarity to the original actors but Pegg virtually looks absolutely nothing like James Doohan. Surely there is an actor out there who looks more like Scotty and can act just as good as Pegg.
Besides, Pegg is in his late 30s, about 37 or 38 and the character he is playing is somewhere between 19 and 25 so I think Pegg is a little old for the role, plus Matt Damon was originally going to be cast as Kirk but the director refused saying that he is too old for the role and Damon is about the same age as Pegg.
No excuse for it.
Get a grip Hollywood and at least cast the right actors but making a another rubbish unoriginal film. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.