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Rumor: Josh Lucas As Pike? October 27, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

One of last bits of major casting the new Star Trek films need to do is for Chris Pike, Spock’s captain on the Enterprise before Kirk. We know that they are looking for a well known name and now IESB is throwing one into the ring. According to their source the studio is ‘considering’ Josh Lucas (Poseidon, Glory Road) for the role originally played by Jeffrey Hunter. This cannot be confirmed at this time by However, Lucas’ name was once heard in relation to the role of Kirk, but it couldn’t be confirmed and at 36 he seemed too old for that part. He would be in the right age range for Pike. Lucas just recently finished shooting one project and is attached to three other films, including one that will possibly overlap with the Trek shooting schedule (something the Trek producers have dealt with for other actors). (More on Lucas @ IMDB, Wikipedia)


1. Pragmaticus - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas? Huh?

Actually, you’d think it wouldn’t make sense age-wise, but I just watched the Menagerie again yesterday, and it is mentioned that Kirk and Pike are “about the same age.” However, Lucas isn’t doing it for me.

2. Marbals - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas

3. jon1701 - October 27, 2007

Works for me.

The right amount of age and experience I think.

Yeah, i think he’d be good.

4. Cenobyte - October 27, 2007

Could someone please tell me why these Youtube videos always seem to feature the song Hero as the soundtrack? That tune is about as cheezeball as the theme for Enterprise and should be banned from the world! :P

As for Lucas as Pike, I don’t think of Pike when I look at him but who knows maybe he blew em away in auditions. /shrug

5. JCool - October 27, 2007

He reminds me of ….Paul Newman

So I approve!

6. Danny - October 27, 2007

Yoou do realise that at somepoint the ‘Chris Pine’/Chris Pike’ thing will be a favourite on-set joke? LOL

7. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

At least this guy can act and has charisma, which is more than I can say for some other names bandied around here over the last few months………

8. Dennis Bailey - October 27, 2007

Looks good.

9. Snake - October 27, 2007

he was also in American Pyscho, Top Gun-esque flop Stealth and Hulk as Eric Banas nemesis..

bit young for Pike though? Jeff Hunter was 39 in The Cage which would make Pike in his late 40s for this film as The Menagrie is set 11 years after The Cage…then again he could act older than he is no problem…

Like Bana he’s not A list but a fairly recognisable name in movies today…i guess it wouldnt be a problem for him to return in the sequel

10. Jon (30) - October 27, 2007

How about Pierce Bronson?

11. Snake - October 27, 2007

oh yeah and he was basically playing Tom Cruises Top Gun character in Stealth…so theres a Cruise connection sorta

12. Star Quack - October 27, 2007

I remember that quote and it always struck me as odd. Its really a mistake in the script, because Pike may have been the same age Kirk was at the time of the Cage, but the Cage was 13 years prior to the Menagerie. Commodore Mendez should have said “about your age…when he took command of the Enterprise.”

13. Charles Trotter - October 27, 2007

If he is cast, this will be the second time Lucas co-stars with Eric Bana. As pointed out above, Lucas played Banas’ nemesis in Hulk. Now the roles will be reversed: Lucas will be the “good guy,” and Bana will be the “bad guy.” Nice.

14. Cranston - October 27, 2007



I’d prefer someone with a lot more gravitas, and (despite that odd line in “The Menagerie”) someone older. If this is the Cage-era Pike, then maybe. But if it’s TOS-era Pike, I’d prefer someone pushing 50. If Pike really were about the same age as Kirk, and if Pike was a full-fledged Captain “13 years ago,” then Pike would’ve been commanding a starship at age 20. Maybe 19.

And, frankly, I’m already working to cope with Kirk being younger than I am, and am struggling with McCoy being younger than I am, but I don’t think I could handle Pike being younger than I am too! :)

15. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 27, 2007





16. Vulcan Soul - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas? A well-known name? WTF is Josh Lucas?!

17. Viking - October 27, 2007

If I were a Hollywood A-lister, I’d now officially avoid this movie like the plague. The only role left to fill is the Red Shirt who gets killed off before the opening credits stop rolling. :D

18. Viking - October 27, 2007

And you KNOW at least one Red Shirt is gonna buy the ranch. :D

19. Pragmaticus - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas is the poor man’s Matthew McConaughey. So I dunno.

20. Craig - October 27, 2007

After Pike their is just Kirk’s parents left to be cast and isn’t their a Federation Captain or was that Pike?

21. Pragmaticus - October 27, 2007

Pike and the Federation Captain are separate characters.

22. Craig - October 27, 2007

Sorry to post again right after my last one. I forgot to look at TrekMovie’s cast page. Are Kirk’s Parent’s and the Federation Captain not that important roles for the movie? Also could Shatner be the Federation Captain listed in TrekMovie’s cast page?

23. Roger - October 27, 2007

Lucas is a putz and smarmy to boot.

24. Ro-Dan - October 27, 2007


That post was hilarious! :D

25. Dennis Bailey - October 27, 2007

#17 :”If I were a Hollywood A-lister, I’d now officially avoid this movie like the plague.”

I don’t know about that, but it’s true that despite early rumors there’s not been an A-list actor cast so far.

26. Danya Romulus - October 27, 2007

I don’t hate many actors, but I HATE Josh Lucas. I have felt optimistic about every one of the casted people so far, but if Lucas is cast as Pike, I will not be happy. Every time I have seen him in a movie or on Leno or Conan or whatever he’s struck me as a totally smarmy slimebag.


I’m holding out for Joaquin Phoenix…

27. Spock's Brain - October 27, 2007

#7 Ditto!

28. modesto! - October 27, 2007

i love the choice but ray liota still rules

29. Scott - October 27, 2007

Too young to be Pike, compared to the rest of the cast.

And let’s face it, Spock wouldn’t take this guy across the street, much less jeopardize his career to take him to Talos IV.

Scott B. out.

30. jonboc - October 27, 2007

This guy gave a strong performance in Poseidon. I can see him as a good Pike.

31. Trek Defense League - October 27, 2007

Why don’t they just cast Aaron Eckhart while they’re at it? Movie still lacks a real actor.

32. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 27, 2007

Doesn’t seem like a good choice for Pike.

I agree with #10…Pierce Brosnan would be great for Pike. Maybe even Rob Lowe?

33. Noleuser - October 27, 2007

Why not Ray Liotta???? He is a great actor, he lookes like Jeffrey Hunter, and he’s a bigger name than Josh Lucas. I like Lucas, but this would be a miscast.

34. Joe Burns - October 27, 2007

Yeah, ignore the line about Pike and Kirk being the same age: that would’ve made Pike much younger than Kirk when he took command, and it’s established that Kirk set the record for the youngest Captain of a Starship.

Re: redshirts: if this is prior to “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” there will be no redshirts. The red uniform for Engineering/Security/Hotties didn’t debut until “The Corbomite Maneuver” (in production order; anyhow The Man Trap aired before WNMHGB, so airdates make no sense if you consider the second pilot to occur prior to Season One to accommodate the changes in uniforms, sets, the big E, etc. )

There will be no redshirts unless the production evolution is ditched as a proxy for changes in the world of the story. I would be disappointed but unsurprised if the standard series costumes are used. I’m on the edge with spiky nacelles, though. Nacelle caps are a sensitive topic around here since the Smitsonian style of the first 8 Remastereds. I hate ’em, I’ll just say I only really liked the spiky nacelles for “Mirror, Mirror;” actually the spikes are OK, it’s the solid crimson caps I find ugly. A whole movie with the pilot E? I’d be torn.

This guy I’ve seen him in something… not a good feeling. Doesn’t give me a Hunter vibe at all, though I see why some might feel there’s a resemblance. Pike was the anti-slick, the earnest guy who cares too much. Not the vibe I get from Josh here. Easy on the eyes if that’s your bag.

35. Moonwacher - October 27, 2007

“We have our allusion, and Josh Lucas has reality…. may we all find our way as pleasant”.

36. bob flanders - October 27, 2007

Maybe … just maybe they should recast everything… find Alan Hale and Bob Denver look alikes…. I can imagine the theme song….

(To the tune of Gilligan’s Isle …)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, the tale of the big E’s trip,
That started from a starfleet port aboard that warp eight ship.

The mate was a pointy-ear’d vulcan man, the skipper brave, cocksure.
Four-thirty crew set sale that day for a five year long tour. A five year long tour.

The missions started getting rough, the “wee bairns,” they were tossed,
If not for the courage of Kirk that day, the big E would be lost; the big E would be lost.

No warp, no shields, no phasers banks, No way to save his ship
“Not chess, Spock.” Let’s play poker, Let the word cor-bo-mite slip.

So join us here with your shields up, and watch trek a for a while.
From Nancy sucking out your salt ’til Klingons put Kirk on trial!

37. DavidJ - October 27, 2007

LOL, the last thing I want to see is Ray Liotta squeezed into one of those old TOS uniforms!

38. Captain Robert April - October 27, 2007

Hey, he looks the part more than Joaquin Phoenix does. Maybe Joaquin can play an evil Romulan Emperor :) A bit part though, because he sucks as an actor!

39. diabolk - October 27, 2007

#10, Jon… I agree, Brosnan would be good.

40. Mr Catspaw - October 27, 2007

I could see this guy as Pike…it could work…

41. I AM THX-1138 - October 27, 2007

Sharon Osborne for Pike.

I’m with you, Garth. BEEP BEEP to Lucas.

42. I AM THX-1138 - October 27, 2007

Oh, and Brosnan for April.
And Dominic Monaghan for Finnegan.

43. Charley W - October 27, 2007

Tom Cruise for Harry Mudd!

44. CanuckLou - October 27, 2007

Viggo Mortensen for Pike!

45. George Armstrong Custer - October 27, 2007

Well if he is Pike then this wtll confirm that he will indeed be Captain of the Enterprise the majority of the movie. The bad thing is that he is the wrong age when he hands the ship over to Kirk. He would need to be in his late 40s. He is at the age of the time of the cage here so since that was thirteen years before Kirk in the Menagerie then Kirk would have been 20 or 21 yrs old. It is definitely going to be a time trip.

Jim Fitzpatrick for Captain Pike

46. Jon (30) - October 27, 2007

#39 Diabolk.Thanks for the feedback! I thought I heard a rumor they were looking for an “A” lister and when I saw Josh Lucas’ face it made me think of Pierce Bronson.I think Pierce comes across as formidable and accomplished.Sort of what You’d expect a seasoned starfleet captain to be.

47. George Armstrong Custer - October 27, 2007

Problem with Brosnan is that he is 55 yrs old +. Too Old for the Role. Pike should be around 48 when the transfer of Command takes place.

48. CanuckLou - October 27, 2007

@47 Yep – that’s why Viggo is perfect. He even bears a resemblance to Hunter.

49. Danya Romulus - October 27, 2007

Come to think of it I think Viggo would be even better than Joaquin Phoenix. He was unbelievable in Eastern Promises.

50. Thomas - October 27, 2007

This is the only bit of casting news that I haven’t been crazy about. I’ve watched the Remastered Menagerie, and I can’t buy this guy as Pike.

51. The Vulcanista - October 27, 2007

OMG. They’re kidding; right? Right? Please say they’re just messing with us.

The guy looks like an accountant, not a starship captain.

Please let this be a rumor. A false rumor; a big, fat red herring of a rumor.

Bless their hearts.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-(

52. ObiWanCon - October 27, 2007

Tom Hanks or George Clooney PLEASE.

53. Buckaroohawk - October 27, 2007

I like the idea of Josh Lucas playing Pike. He’s a very likeable actor who has yet to find a real breakout role, and Pike could be it.

I guess this is where I have to admit that I really like the movie “Stealth.” Lucas stars in the film (along with Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx) as a high-tech fighter pilot pitted against a jet with wonky artificial intelligence. The critics savaged it and it crashed and burned at the box office, but it is one hell of an action flick. Lucas carries most of the film squarely on his shoulders, and he really pulls it off well.

Based on seeing him in “Stealth” I know he can play Christopher Pike. Now, if they can just work out the scheduling problems. Hmmm, funny how many times that’s cropped up with the casting of this movie.

Anyway, here’s to Josh Lucas winning the role of Pike. Now, let’s see some pics of the sets!

54. Dennis Bailey - October 27, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors working right now, but as a result he’s also pretty busy.

55. Drew - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas is a good actor. Too young for the role of Pike. Its just a rumor.

Lets hope JJ and crew will bring aboard Ray Liotta. Perfect role, perfect age for Chris Pike

56. chrispikeswheelchair - October 27, 2007

#15 Lord Garth, I must concur……….

57. Scotty - October 27, 2007

Josh Lucas doesn’t seem like the right actor to play the role.What’s wrong with having a forty something actor in the role of Captain Pike. I saw him in posedin he wasn’t all that memorale a charcter in that movie.

58. mike - October 27, 2007

So Eric Bana and this guy are as A-list as a Trek film can get? If true A-list-type actors still stay clear of Trek, imagine what the public is going to do December 25, 2008!

59. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

I would like to see an actor in his mid-forties play Pike………..

60. Noleuser - October 27, 2007

ObiWanCon, I think Ray Liotta would be great, but I never considered George Clooney. That would totall rock!

61. Michael - October 27, 2007

#35. Moonwacher-
I think that you might mean that “We have our Illusion”

#33. Noleuser-
“Why not Ray Liotta???” Have you seen him lately???
He has had some “work” done, and would be perfect to play the Post-accident Capt. Pike.

#26. Danya Romulus-
I have to agree…Lucas = “smarmy slimebag”
So far, Lucas would be the only casting decision that I would disagree with. (Unless you count the total disrespect shown to MR. SHATNER).

I say…Tom Hanks as Pike!!!!
He’s a BIG Fan, an A-Lister, and could pull it off without making it a Tom Hanks Movie.

62. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

They first said Tom Cruise could be Pike
But then they went with not casting a tyke
The man must have gravitas
To attract all the senoritas
And the men must be able to like!

63. Michael - October 27, 2007

#62. Harry Ballz- “BEEP BEEP”

Josh Lucas As Pike – GONG GONG GONG

64. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

Hey, I just read on that in December Patrick Stewart AND Malcolm McDowell are presenting Shatner with the Jules Verne Sci-Fi Lifetime Award!! It also said that Stewart has something spectacular planned on how to award Shatner!

Maybe both Stewart and McDowell will suggest the Nexus was all a joke and they were just “punking” Captain Kirk??

Hmmmm……………I smell the possible announcement of Shatner’s involvement in Trek XI!! If so, they have until March, 2008 to figure out how to slot him into the film!! Just enough time for the Shat to get into shape!!

65. toddk - October 27, 2007

the part of captain pike should come off as a hard-ass but likeable guy, much like the pike charactor jeffery hunter played. someone that the kirk charactor would want to emulate.

66. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

I forget, is BEEP BEEP good or bad?

67. Michael - October 27, 2007

Sorry Harry… I meant “BEEP” as in “YES!”

Josh Whats-his-Name…”BEEP BEEP”
As in “NO NO Please NO!!!!”

68. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007

Apparently Pike’s role is significant in the film. If that’s the case, why NOT Tom Hanks in the role? Never mind influence on box office (which would be considerable), he’s a damn fine actor, a big Trek fan and we’d be lucky to have him!!

69. Jeff - October 27, 2007

Meh, Josh Lucas is their ‘big’ name?

They must be using a microscope.

70. Liotta IS Pike - October 27, 2007

Say you watched “The Cage” (or “The Menagerie”) with Lucas in the Pike role, I’d say NO.

An adamant NO.

Ray Liotta. ‘Nuff said.

71. Star Trek Lives! - October 27, 2007

Think of it this way…

Pike was more of a mentor, a figurehead to young Spock. A father figure of sorts.

Kirk was a leader… and friend.

An older actor for Pike would convey that.

72. Harry Ballz - October 27, 2007


Nicely put!!

73. George Armstrong Custer - October 28, 2007

We need someone who resembles Hunter and his voice at around age 48. The age he would be handing the Enterprise over to Kirk. Otherwise we might just get to see Pike in Command during his age around the Cage time and just skip the so called handing over the keys to Kirk. Since it will involve a temporal time travel story it might just flash to Kirk in Command at the end of the film after the sub story of Pike is over. I don’t know. Those guys wanting Hanks or Vigo better take a hard look because they do not even resemble Hunter. Viggo has a gap in his teeth and a Kirk Douglas chin. Hanks is just…..well Hanks. He has no Authoritive Presence. He doesn’t have the deep commanding voice as well. Here is the real Pike they need to mimic.

74. Iowagirl - October 28, 2007


Maybe they change the timeline and Kirk’s mummy is promoted Federation Captain…?

75. Trekee - October 28, 2007


That’s the first suggestion I’ve heard for Pike that I really like… Viggo would be awesome, he has so much brooding depth in him, just like Hunter did. Pike was such a torn character compared to Kirk, with self doubt and in inner dialogue going on that would benefit from an actor who can really deliver that.

I don’t really like any of the rest of the suggestions though I’ve not seen Josh Lucas as far as I know, so don’t want to judge him.

Can’t really see Viggo wanting to do Trek though unless he’s a fan. He does tend to avoid blockbusters (LotR notwithstanding).

@71 – I agree completely, I don’t expect Pike and Kirk to be having some form of peer-based competition for the Big Chair. Been wrong before though… :-)

76. CanuckLou - October 28, 2007

@75 Thankee sai. I naturally agree.

Viggo would perfectly capture the broodiness that Hunter displayed. ‘I’m tired of deciding who lives…and who dies.’ Right up Viggo’s alley.

77. ZoomZoom - October 28, 2007


78. Ensign Red Shirt - October 28, 2007

Geez, just let ’em make the movie. Just make sure Stuart Baird doesn’t get anywhere near the lot.

79. CanuckLou - October 28, 2007

@77 – You know – Aragorn!

80. RaveOnEd - October 28, 2007

fer crying out loud, you folks who are pushing Liotta as Pike, will you please shut up for a minute and look for current pics of him?

He looks terrible now!

81. Moonwacher - October 28, 2007

# 61 Michael- Your so right ( allusion vs illusion). I guess spell check can’t help when you’ve had one to many!! :)

82. Noleuser - October 28, 2007

#80 it’s called movie magic. Yeah, he’s not in the best shape and isn’t that young anymore, but when I saw him in his last movie….guess what he looked decent.

83. Kirk's Girdle - October 28, 2007

Jim Caviezel. 37. Played Jesus. Child nickname “Intense”.

84. FlyingTigress - October 28, 2007


I don’t know of too many FX-driven popcorn flicks that do get good reviews. My experience is that if is ‘good’, it gets the audience despite the reviews (can we point to our own house, say “Nemesis”?). Good example are both Poseidon (the poor remake of an, admittedly cheesy character story, successful-at-the-box-office classic early 70s disaster-genre pic) and Stealth, which, if they’d been any good at all, would have still have gotten an audience.


There ‘ain’t enough’ magic at Hogwarts to make that one work in that role…. LOL

Re: Pierce Brosnan

I don’t know how well he could be coached to do the “American Standard” English of someone who, according to established canon, grew up in Southern California. Does anyone recall whether he’s already done something that required him to do that ‘flat’ A.S. English?

85. Lou - October 28, 2007

his jaw isn’t manly enough. Pike needs to be Noticeably Rugged. not to mention that Kirk was the youngest captain in starfleet up to that point, so Pike would need to be in his early 40’s at least.

86. ZoomZoom - October 28, 2007

#79 sorry, Canucklou, I meant who is this guy they want for Pike. They say he is well known, but he’s a new one on me!

87. Amanda - October 28, 2007

Josh Lucas isn’t as well known as I was hoping for, but I think he’s pretty awesome. For those who think he’s not rugged enough: he usually plays the “rugged” roles in movies. My favorite one that I’ve seen him in is “An Unfinished Life” with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman.

Also, they can always make him look older if they need to.

88. Mr Metamorphosis - October 28, 2007

Why do we have to have a “superstar” in all these roles? I said before when Matt Damon was rumored to play Kirk that the film should go for all unknowns or near unknowns…and I think Josh Lucas would fit right into that train of thought.

The problem with having well-known actors in these roles is that people will just see them as Matt Damon or Tom Cruise or whoever…

Unknowns or near unknowns have a much better chance of success at portraying these characters.

89. ZoomZoom - October 28, 2007

#88 wasn’t it rumoured that they wanted a couple of big (ish) names in the film?.
I agree with you though- Pegg will be enough of a drag for me without having any more over familiar faces in as well.

90. Adam Cohen - October 28, 2007

If they did this movie only a few years earlier, I’d want Lucas to be the new Jim Kirk! He’s a fantastic actor and he’s actually quite diverse in his roles. But since Kirk has been cast, I’d be thrilled to see him as Chris Pike. This is exciting casting if it plays out.

91. sean - October 28, 2007

I don’t think Stealth is a good reference point, as it was a real turd of a movie. No one involved really had to ‘act’, per se, just stand around and look pretty.

That being said, this is the first casting choice I’ve scratched my head at. Then again, I’m not a casting director and maybe this guy gave a hell of an audition. He may just be one of those bit players that needs a breakout role to establish himself. After all, someone mentioned Aaron Eckhart earlier, and I couldn’t stand the guy until ‘Thank You For Smoking’. Now he’s in the new Dark Knight, and he was actually one of the only redeeming things in ‘The Black Dahlia’, a movie chock-full of craptacular performances.

Of course, we didn’t really have any A-listers in Trek prior Christopher Plummer’s appearance in Trek VI. RIcardo Montalban was never exactly A-list, nor was Christopher Lloyd (a fantastic actor, to be sure, but not a box office draw at the time), so I’m not sure where this idea comes from that the movie has to have one.

92. Amanda - October 28, 2007

“Why do we have to have a “superstar” in all these roles?”

I was hoping for a big name just to give the franchise the attention that it deserves. It’s a shame they have to go to such lengths to do it, but hey… if it works, why not?

93. Jim - October 28, 2007

After watching “Band of Brothers” again just recently, it occurred to me that Damien Lewis or Matthew Settle are great candidates for Pike.

But Josh Lucas? Puh – lease JJ, say it ain’t so!!!

94. Stanky McFibberich - October 28, 2007

It doesn’t matter to me who they cast, A-list, B-list, community theater person…whatever. The more this gets debated, the more I find myself realizing what I already knew. It ain’t gonna do it for me.

95. Ron Mosher - October 28, 2007

Who cares!!! Just get the cast and start making the damn movie already!

96. ZoomZoom - October 28, 2007

#94 ‘The more this gets debated, the more I find myself realizing what I already knew. It ain’t gonna do it for me.’

I have a good deal of sympathy with that feeling. It does seem to hold a kind of curio appeal for me though. I’m interested and yet i’m not! Very odd.

97. RisHAZBOT - October 28, 2007


98. Snake - October 28, 2007

91 – Christian Slater was quite famous in the early 90s- he appeared in a 20 second cameo in VI…

The movies have always had fairly well known names as villians etc though (not A list by any means – but known names as actors) –

Ricardo Montoban & Kirsty Alley (although unknown at the time) in II
Chris Llyod in III (although didnt become movie famous until BTTF in 85)
David Warner in V
Chris Plummer and Kim Catrell and David Warner in VI
Malcolm McDowell and Whoopi Goldberg (hey she won an oscar only a couple of years before) in VII
James Cromwell in VIII
F Murray Abraham in IX
Ron Pearlman in X

Theres been some close A list calls though..:

Tom Hanks very nearly appeared in First Contact as Z Cochrane but had to pull out due to directorial commiments to That Thing You Do.

Eddie Murphy was nearly in Trek IV but that didnt happen thankfully ( guess Paramount must have remebered what happened to Superman III)

Sean Connery was persued for the role of Sybok in Trek V but he had signed for Indiana Jones (smart move sean)..i guess after the massive success of Trek IV they thought the sky was the limit….however the makers revealed that they used his name for the planets name ‘Sha-Ka-Ree’ (sean connery said sped up)…

Jack Palance was nearly cast as Gorken in VI..

Jude Law (not exactly A List) was approached for the role of Shinzon in Nemesis..

Thing is though Star Trek has never really NEEDED an A list star in the movies as in Sci Fi terms Shatner and Nimoy were, and still are, A list (Nimoy being in this new film is a BIG coup and if they get Shatner it’ll be even more so) – as is Patrick Stewart….like what Bryan Singer said when he cast him in X Men 1 – ‘you put Patrick Stewart in a serious drama role in an oridinary genre movie and hes a great actor…but if you put him in a Sci Fi movie he’s a superstar..’…i guess thats why Stewart got top billing in X1 and X2…but by the time X3 rolled out everyone else in the cast was more famous than him and he came last LOL ( i jest of course as he was only in X3 a short while and did receive the coverted ‘and’ billing at the end of cast credits…)

99. Simon Ballsmackers - October 28, 2007

I always thought Liotta should be Pike, but now he’s a bloated nip/tuck-looking victim.

Lucas might be ok, and we should all keep in mind that at least all the casting has been at least trying to stay close to the original characters.
Remember James Cromwell as Zephrem Cochran anyone?? At least JJ and crew are staying close to the original and making an attempt to please us, and short of finding some way of putting the original cast through a time machine, we’re never gonna be completely happy.

Wonder if people thought casting this Shatner person to replace Jeff Hunter was a mistake?

100. Snake - October 28, 2007

Just as i’m on the subject of billing and since the cast is just about compleate

maybe Leonard Nimoy will get top billing as there are rumours that he (old Spock) is the star of the film…

but then again Bana is a big name isnt he having been the star in movies like Munich, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Troy etc..

but then again total unknown Brandon Routh got top billing in Superman Returns with Spacey billed last…Hmmm – IMO they will keep the original cast line up of billing – Kirk then Spock, Bones, Scot, Checov, Sulu and Uhura…then have Lucas (if he’s Pike) Bana and then right at the end a ‘and Leonard Nimoy’ (a’la Shatner getting last billing in Generations)….

and if Shatner appears? (oh my ghad the thought of it! i hope it happens..) i reakon he will be absent from the cast a’la Nimoy in Trek III…

101. Rastaman - October 28, 2007

re 68

Reach for the stars!!! I’m totally onboard with trying to get Tom Hanks involved. There aren’t too many A-listers who would consider Star Trek, but I think Hanks just might. How about Damian Lewis, who played the lead in Band of Brothers? Doesn’t look that much like Pike, but neither does Josh Lucas. At least we know that Damian Lewis or Tom Hanks can act like a Captain. I also like Ray Liotta, and he has a history with Star Trek. He was second in the running to play Commander Data!

1. Tom Hanks
2. Damian Lewis
3. Ray Liotta

Josh Lucas is a subpar actor. He just doesn’t command the respect I would imagine from a starship Captain.

102. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 28, 2007

I’d prefer Hanks first, because he’d bring the biggest boost of A-list star power Trek has ever seen, and it’d just warm my heart to see that … Phoenix second because he’s very popular too and an intense actor … and Liotta third (which would never happen simply by virtue of it being something that seems so right).

But Lucas would do as a distant fourth. I really don’t care much about who plays Pike; it’ll be nice to see him, but the character won’t be integral to this film’s success.

103. Kev-1 - October 28, 2007

They need people like William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, William Windom , Percy Rodrigues, Morgan Woodward, Barry Russo, Michael Ansara, Joan Linville, Madge Sinclair, Paul Winfield, James B.Sikking, Robert Hooks, Ronny Cox, Brock Peters and many others I can’t remember to play these Captain parts.

104. Kev-1 - October 28, 2007

Gasp….George Takei.

105. Gornorrhea - October 28, 2007

I don’t understand all of the interest in Liotta. Oh well…to each his own.

106. Gornorrhea - October 28, 2007

Ok, I take it back. Went to IMDB to see some recent Liotta pictures. I can see the Jeff Hunter resemblance.

107. Captain Robert April - October 28, 2007

Here’s another Heroes connection, how about Adrian Pasdar? He’s 42, has the right look and could act and sound the part.

Tom Hanks doesn’t have the commanding voice for Pike, he can’t pull it off. Roy Liota doesn’t look fit enough for a starship captain. I’d go for a lesser known actor anyday compared to these two, they would hurt the movie.

108. sean - October 28, 2007


Christian Slater was never what I’d call A-list, even at the height of his popularity. If we were going solely on popularity, we’d have a movie with the cast of The Hills.

If the story is solid, they don’t need to pull wacky stunt casting to get people in the seats. They’ll be there because they want to. Stunt casting might get an initial draw, but if it’s too forced the film will have no longevity.

I’d rather they get a solid B-list that can pull off the story with decent gravitas. After all, David Warner was never A-list – more of a go-to guy when you need a heavy – but he’s a fantastic actor and any time he’s appeared in Trek (aside from maybe V) he gives it his all.

109. Mr Metamorphosis - October 28, 2007

Ray Liotta NOW would not work as Pike. Maybe back when he made Goodfellas, sure…but one thing about him is his voice. He’s got kind of a whiny voice that I don’t think would fit Pike.

110. sean - October 28, 2007


That’s a great suggestion actually, I had no idea Adrian was 42. He has a strong presence and he can pull off the Jeffrey Hunter intensity.

111. Michael - October 28, 2007

81. Moonwacher-
Didn’t know about the drinks,
but that was what I was alluding to! :)

112. Michael - October 28, 2007

#107. Captain Robert April –
Opinions are like Starfleet Captains…Every Red Shirt has one!

Have to disagree with your take on Tom Hanks.
I believe he is one of the very few A-listers that could BE Pike, without making it a Tom Hanks Star Trek Movie.

113. Michael - October 28, 2007

By the way Capt. April, Adrian Pasdar is an excellent suggestion!

114. Thorny - October 28, 2007

I liked Lucas in “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Poseidon”, and “Unfinished Life”, but I don’t seem him as Pike.

Then again, I don’t see Pegg as Scotty either. So who knows…

115. Lostrod - October 28, 2007

Here’s a recent picture of Ray Liotta:

116. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 28, 2007


(Jamie Bamber, Beep)

117. Cranston - October 28, 2007

#108 – re: David Warner. I agree, but I even think he was great in ST5 — the movie was so deeply and fundamentally awful in many ways, but he still managed to turn in a good performance as the world-weary low-level bureacrat. Much better than most of what was going on around him.

118. sean - October 28, 2007


I don’t totally disagree, though I think even he realized he was filming a turd. It’s a wonder he came back for VI! But thank goodness he did. His performance in TNG’s ‘Chains of Command’ was brilliant as well.

119. Jeyl - October 28, 2007

Nonono. Not Josh Lucas.

120. Sam Belil - October 28, 2007

Maybe Leo Gorcey should be play Pike —- No! No! better yet Huntz Hall should play Pike — No! No! better yet Curly Howard should play Pike — No! No! better yet Larry David should play Pike — No! No! better yet James Gandolfini should play Pike — No! No! better yet Ricky Martin should play Pike — No! No! better yet Woody Allen should play Pike — No! No! better yet Fifty Cent should play Pike — No! no! better yet Clay Aiken should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jet Li should play Pike — No! no! better yet John Travolta should play Pike — No! no! better yet David Beckham should play Pike — No! no! better yet Elmer Fudd should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jamie Foxx should play Pike! No! no! better yet –Stevie Wonder should play Pike — No! no! better yet Johnny Depp should play Pike! No! no! better yet Roger Rabbit should play Pike — No! no better yet Clint Eastwood should play Pike! No! no! better yet Jason Alexander should play Pike — No! no! better yet Fritz the Cat should play Pike– No! no! better yet Ralph Kramden should play Pike! No! no! better yet Adam West should play Pike — No! no! better yet Johnny Carson should play Pike — No! no! better yet Oprah should play Pike — No! no better yet Juliette Bincohe should play Pike — No! no better yet Christopher Lee should play Pike — No! no! better yet Chewbacca should play Pike — No! no! better yet Howard Stern should play Pike — No! no! better yet Captain Horatio Hornblower should play Pike — No! no! better yet Angelina Jolie should play Pike — No! no! better yet Rosie O’Donnell should play Pike — No! no! better yet Bill O’Reilly should play Pike — No! no better yet Pam Grier should play Pike — No! no! better yet J.R, Ewing should play Pike — No! no! better yet W.C. Fields should play Pike — No! no! better yet Buster Crabbe should play Pike — No! no! better yet the Olson twins should play Pike — No! no! better yet Kevin Federline should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jim Nabors should play Pike — No! no better yet Bob Newhart should play Pike — No! no better yet Gumby should play Pike — No! no better yet Al Jolson should play Pike — No! no! better yet Lucille Ball should play Pike — No! no! better yet George Reeves should play Pike — No! no better yet Richard Pryor should play Pike — No! no! better yet Librace should play Pike — No! no! better yet Annette Funicello should play Pike — No! no! better yet Dudley Moore should play Pike — No! no better yet, it’s time for me to get back to my life. Once and for all JIM FITZPATRICK

121. CanuckLou - October 28, 2007


122. Jim J (hmmmm) - October 28, 2007

Hmmm…I’m having more trouble picturing him in this role than any of the others in their roles, but I can’t figure out why. Oh, by the way, has the preview for “Metamorphosis.” Never really cared for that show, especially the “female!” lol

123. Jim J (hmmmm) - October 28, 2007

Remastered version, that is!

124. Snake - October 28, 2007

so it was rumored they wanted Cruise for Pike and Crowe for the villian

and the Cruise like Lucas (Stelth is basically a remake of Top Gun with Lucas in the Cruise role) got cast as Pike and the Crowe like Bana (intense Aussie actor who’s been directed by Ridley Scott and appeared in the Gladiator style Troy) got the villian

125. Stanky McFibberich - October 28, 2007

re: 122 & 123

What I didn’t care for was the “reimagining” of Zefram Cochrane as a drunken boob in the First Contact movie.

126. Dennis Bailey - October 28, 2007

I found the “First Contact” version of Cochrane about a thousand times more interesting both as written and in Cromwell’s performance than I did the “Metamorphosis” version. The TV script was pretty poor and Corbett was pure aged oak.

127. Harry Ballz - October 28, 2007

“Corbett was pure aged oak”

Oh? How “wood” you suggest Corbett have played it?

128. sean - October 28, 2007

Agreed with Dennis. The portrayal of the original Zephram Cochrane was rather tedious. Plus, Cromwell is simply the better actor.

129. Captain Robert April - October 28, 2007

JIM FITZPATRICK who? I can’t even find a photo of him

130. Captain Robert April - October 28, 2007

Ok, found the link in the last thread good choice!

131. T Negative - October 28, 2007

How about Niel McDonough from First Contact?? He played Lieutenant Hawk in the movie and has a remarkable resemblance to Jeffrey Hunter and he’s a good actor.

132. Michael - October 28, 2007

#131. T Negative-
My first impression on seeing the photo in that article was…He looks Gay.
Then I read the text.
Not that I’m a homophobe, but have to say, No Way!!!!

Chris Pike was not Gay!

Plus he looks nothing like Jeffery Hunter.
Not that it matters. Many seem to think that the new actors have to slavishly resemble the original actors.
I don’t think it is overly important, as long as they are quality actors.
Like say for example…Tom Hanks (also not Gay!).

133. Stanky McFibberich - October 28, 2007

Re: 126 and 128
I can appreciate that Mr. Cromwell did a fine job portraying the character he portrayed. I just thought it was too much of a departure from the way the character was established on the TV Series.

This will likely be the case with the new movie based on the TV Series. There may be good performances, etc., but to me it won’t be right.

Some things are just better left alone.

134. George Armstrong Custer - October 28, 2007

Jim Fitzpatrick folks. He is the only logical choice.

135. GaryS - October 28, 2007

i find it puzzling people want brosnan for pike isnt he irish ?

136. Jim J (hmmmm) - October 28, 2007

Is it possible for me to agree with both Stanky AND Dennis? lol Seriously, I didn’t care for the wooden and boring performance/writing for Cochrane and that chick in the TV show, yet I was kinda appalled by the way they had written the character for First Contact. It’s grown on me, lately…though. Probably because Cromwell is a good actor. I also love his “interaction” with Marina Sirtis! Much better than any interaction that Corbett had!

137. Captain Robert April (no, no, the OTHER one...) - October 28, 2007

This is what I get for being offline for two days, someone pinches my screen name. Oh well.

Anyhoo, I’ve been a big Ray Liotta for Pike backer for a long time now, even before this film came along (“Y’know, if they ever bring back Pike, they should have Ray Liotta play him…” that sort of thing), and somewhere around here, I think, I posted a short list of good contenders (probably under one of those Tom Cruise rumor threads), a couple of good ones are William Peterson and George Clooney.

If they actually follow through and cast Josh Lucas as Pike, it’ll only confirm what I suspected when they cast Simon Pegg as Scotty: These guys have no clue what they’re doing.

138. redstatesrule - October 28, 2007

I think this guy would make a better McCoy.

Certainly a better McCoy than the guy they chose.

139. Commodore Robert M. April (Serial # 38-107-129) - October 28, 2007

#137 sorry :) I’ve gone by Robert April on other boards, I think we ran into this a while back here and I went to Captain Robert April. I can go by something else.

140. Jan - October 29, 2007

I don’t understand why they don’t want to cast a real A-list-actor in a supporting role like Pike.
There are so many big names that obviously WANT to play a role in Trek (e.g. Daniel Craig) because they are big fans so I think money is not the problem.

141. Mitch - October 29, 2007

He could work, but why not Clive Owen? Better actor and would bring in a bigger box office!

142. Cervantes - October 29, 2007

*cough*splutter* Josh Lucas as ‘Pike’ now?…

This Movie’s journey to the dark side continues…

143. RetroWarbird - October 29, 2007

Whoever said Viggo Mortensen would play a good Pike is pretty on the ball.

Plus, he’d look cool as hell with shocked white hair, huge scar, and sitting in that weird BEEP BEEP wheelchair.

Josh Lucas on the other hand, could play a pretty sweet Garth of Izar … should that role ever come around (it should … it should). Captain Garth always struck me as a guy who looked good, but inside was all sorts of shades of black.

144. CanuckLou - October 29, 2007


145. Cervantes - October 29, 2007

#125 Stanky McFibberich

Yeah, that was poorly ‘imagined’ I thought.

146. FREAKAZOID - October 29, 2007

hmmm…..Josh Lucas? maybe. I would have to reserve judgement untl I see him in the role.

BTW, everyone seems to think that Kirk and Pike are about the same age. Now I know Commodore Mendez says “About your age” to Kirk when they go see him, but that would mean Pike commanded the Enterprise at the age of 20ish.

I still think it should be Ray Liota

147. TB - October 29, 2007

Lucas?–wrong for the part. Viggo?–wrong for the part. Liotta?–too bloated, so wrong for the part. How about Julian McMahon?

148. Jeff Bond - October 29, 2007

McMahon was so rotten as Doctor Doom in the FF movies I’d hate to see him as Pike. He has a slimy quality that I don’t think would sit well in that role.

Josh Lucas sounds depressingly likely given the rest of the casting so far, I’m afraid. Although I like some of the choices it sure doesn’t seem very ‘A-list’ to me. And I’m still saddened they couldn’t get Gary Sinise as McCoy–he was BORN to play that role! I can’t figure on just how much younger this cast is supposed to be–it’s only a five year mission after all and if it’s not THE five-year mission than why do we have EVERY major Enterprise crewmember in the story, Chekov included? I just don’t see Karl Urban morphing into DeForest Kelley and again, if that’s not the way we’re supposed to see these people than what is Leonard Nimoy doing in the movie?

Oh well–I’m still curious like everyone else. I guess the dream of actually recreating these characters could never be. On to the “new version”…

149. TK - October 29, 2007

Damian Lewis (OK, his hair colour is wrong but he was very charismatic in Band of Brothers)
Daniel Craig
Tom Hanks

Any of these actors would do very, very nicely. For me. :)

150. Trek Nerd Central - October 29, 2007

Who was it who suggested Denzel? It was some other thread. The more I think about it, the more right it seems. Talk about gravitas.

151. Scotty - October 29, 2007

Josh Lucas is wrong for the role of Pike. They need a better actor one who looks like Jeffrey Hunter. Lucas is a boring actor .

152. Norman - October 29, 2007

Kid Rock should be Pike. Mix it up a little.

..or if he is not available… Bill Cosby.

153. JL - October 29, 2007

I didn’t care for this guy in HULK… I especially hated the part when the grenade he launched at Hulk bounced back at him and he blew up like a cartoon panel. That was so dumb

154. JL - October 29, 2007

(actually, that scene is all I will ever remember him for)

155. Cranston - October 29, 2007

#150 — I agree with you re: Washington. If they’re trying to “stick with canon,” it could be a little jarring, but I’d be willing to overlook that. I could easily see DW pulling the “phaser on overload” ending to “The Cage,” as well as running into an engineering disaster area to pull out a bunch of cadets. Works for me, and they’d be lucky to get him.

156. Trek Nerd Central - October 29, 2007

Re: #155. Works for me, too, thanks.

And frankly, anyone who would be “jarred” by the sight of Denzel Washington in any role, in any movie, doesn’t appreciate his talent or looks – and doesn’t deserve to watch! Skin color (eye color, hair color, etc.) has nothing to do with canon, in my opinion. Cast the content of his character first.

157. ster j - October 29, 2007

Too bad Sarek won’t make an appearance in ST11. Joaquin Phoenix would be perfect. There’s a pronounced resemblance, IMHO.

And David Hugh Kelly wold be great for Kirk’s father. THere’s a fammily resemblance, plus he’s done some strong performances (He was in Insurrection, but he also played Ben Cartwright in the Bonanza remake in 2002).

Neal McDonough (Lt. Hawk in First Contact) for Pike maybe? Too bad Ray Liotta is too old–or is he?

158. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 30, 2007

Casting an African-American man in the role of Pike would be as bad as casting a Caucasian woman to play Uhura.

Not sure about Josh Lucas, I looked him up on IMDb, and I’ve seen him in this Canadian movie, The Weight of Water, where he was a supporting actor of substance, playing opposite Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley. He did pretty well in this serious, half-historical, half-thriller a la Polanski’s Knife in the Water, kinda Indie movie. On the basis of that experience, I could support him as Pike.

159. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 30, 2007

^ correction — Knife in the Water is not a “half-thriller” but rather “half-suspense”… “thriller” and “suspense” are not the same thing.

160. Trek Nerd Central - October 30, 2007

Re: #158.

So, should only depressed Danes play Hamlet?

161. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 30, 2007

I can think of some poor choices to play Hamlet… a fat Italian American man like James Gandolfini, a neurotic New York Jewish man like Woody Allen, a street-wise Hispanic guy like (fill in the blank), you get the picture.

162. The Master - October 31, 2007

I think Jaime Bamber or Paul McGillion as Pike even David Tennant would do, is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.