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Landru Commands You Watch The “The Return of the Archons” Preview December 4, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

The remastered “The Return of the Archons” airs this weekend, Video Preview courtesy of STARTREK.COM


1. Mr. Atoz - December 4, 2007

Always liked this one.

“You will know the peace of Landru.”

2. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007


3. Mr. Atoz - December 4, 2007


Your daddy can put them up, can he?

4. Plum - December 4, 2007

It’s almost the red hour!

5. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007


6. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007

Finally… of my all time favorites. The lighting, character developement, those spooky guys witht he hooded robes, Marplon and Reger,that cool lighting panel, and of course Landru himself.

….”You will come to know the ultimate good

you will be…….abosorbed. The absolute good of the body”

and then my other favorites……”Come for Festival, eh’ya?” You’re Dad-dy can put them up. Can’t he?”

“Peace be with you. Peace and tranquility.”

7. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007

I……… Landru.

8. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

This is probably Stephen King’s favorite episode too.

9. Diabolik - December 4, 2007

Festival looks like what goes on in Key West on Halloween. Except tamer…. from what I hear.

10. Michael Hall - December 4, 2007

This episode has some unusual touches that give it a unique feel, even though it’s at best an average first season show. As an owner of the new DVD set, I can tell you that the reworked opening shot of the Enterprise in orbit over Beta III is (for TOS) pretty spectacular.

11. Marvin the Martian - December 4, 2007

You might be interested in knowing that Brioni Farrell, who plays the young Tula in this episode, is married to Eugene Robert Glazer, who portrayed Operations, the head of Section One, in the “La Femme Nikita” TV series.

They’re the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and she still looks gorgeous after all these years.

12. Kirok Fan - December 4, 2007

I always wondered why Return of the Archons is never listed as one of the best TOS episodes. It is one of my three or four favourites for sure, and the most underrated one in terms of how much credit it gets. Very spooky. I read a book called Innerverse that reminded me of Return of the Archons. Good book (by John DeChancie).

I love the beginning of Return of the Archons. Sulu and the other guy running along, and hoping to get beamed up before they are absorbed.

The other episode I like that is routinely rated rather poorly is Paradise Syndrome. Maybe not as good at Return, but also given less credit than it deserves.


13. CmdrR - December 4, 2007

Totally cool episode. Of all the times Kirk outsmarts a computer, I like this one and Nomad the best. I wonder how this got by the censors in 1966. It’s so anti-religion. I love it!

14. Randall - December 4, 2007

#6 Andy:

Oh man, I totally agree. This episode is fantastic… why I don’t know… when you get right down to it, the plot isn’t much… but the lines, the lighting, the wardrobe… the creepiness of it…. I still remember when I first saw this one… when I was a boy, in the EARLY early 1970s… and was so completely creeped out by it, from the first scene with Sulu and the other guy running through the streets… followed by the guys in the robes… it was almost like a Hammer film in its look.

That echo-y, deep, mechanical voice… “you will be…. absorbed.” See…. kids these days are too jaded. That shit was SPOOKY back in the day. :-)

15. Russ.... a Trek Fan from way back - December 4, 2007

You will be…….. absorbed! With those words when I was a kid watching the original, I ran behind the couch. Those creepy guys with the hoods really scared me… and their voices! Whew!

Overall a good episode… creepy.. moody… .plus how cool to see hand phasers stunning lots of people. Not done too often on the original series.

Will we see the big E being pulled out of orbit by Landru?

16. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

The robed guys were the prototype Borg drones. You can almost hear Landreau saying “Resistance is futile”.

17. Awdraper - December 4, 2007

The light panel they pull out of the cloth bag absolutely floored me as a kid. Very cool…

18. bill hiro - December 4, 2007

Hey, let’s start a fight: “NextGen Borg ripped off Landru’s Lawgivers! ATTACK!!!!! and Bring Back Kirk!!!!” :-)

19. ensign ricky - December 4, 2007

Ah, the original Borg concept!

Are you of the body?

aw crap!

20. tronnei - December 4, 2007

Sure got a lot of use out of that dungeon, didn’t they? Archons, Catspaw, Errand of Mercy–am I missing any?

21. girl6 - December 4, 2007

And how cool was Landru’s hair? “Flock of Seagulls” totally ripped him off, man.

22. Marvin the Martian - December 4, 2007

#19 and others:

Actually, this is NOT an original take on the Borg concept. The Borg, at least as conceived by Maurice Hurley, was designed as a hive mind with no central authority figure. It wasn’t until later that the idea of a Borg Queen was introduced, which basically destroyed the concept right then and there. Yes, it gave you a singular villain for the audience to boo and hiss, but by falling back on such tired storytelling conventions, the Borg lost their ability to frighten, and became just another stock villain in the Trek universe–albeit with creepier outfits and a compelling actress in Alice Krige. Unfortunately, the Borg have never been faithful to Hurley’s original concept since “Q Who?”, and IMHO, we’ve missed out on a lot of interesting stories because of that.

23. John E. Kirk - December 4, 2007

I hope the remastered version has an updated computer in the climax!

24. jonboc - December 4, 2007

Great trailer for a great episode. Seeing Spock sleep with his eyes open alone is worth the price of admission.

Damn shame these remastered trailers weren’t included as extras on the HD DVD..they really are well done and fun to watch.

25. Classic trek - December 4, 2007

i always liked this episode.
the hall of audiences!! take us to landru

26. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

Relax. You are reading into the comment far too deeply. It was a humorous comparison, not a analytical comparison.

27. Pragmaticus - December 4, 2007

YES!!!!! Finally, my favorite episode of ALL TIME.

Has anyone else noticed that Bones is at his best when he’s out of his mind?

“You speak in strange whispers… are you not of the Body?”

28. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

No one can bulge their eyes out like the good old country doctor.

29. JeFF - December 4, 2007

I LOVE the line… “Are you of the body?”


30. Dave - December 4, 2007

The Borg are NOT ripped off from this episode.

They’re ripped off from the Cybermen from Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!

31. diabolk - December 4, 2007

Sulu was so open to thse kinds of communal mind-control things. He fell right into the same trap in “This Side of Paradise.”

32. Tony Whitehead - December 4, 2007

I don’t think I could ever see the faces of “Landru’s boys” before this new video transfer…always seemed to look murky before….
Love the way the image pops off the screen. Gotta go set the DVR now.

33. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

They are not Borg, They are not Eyeborg.
Borg and Borg. What is Borg?

34. Harry Ballz - December 4, 2007

#22 Marvin the Martian “the Borg lost their ability to frighten”

Boy, you are so right with your eloquent argument of how the Borg became diminished over time! Couldn’t agree more! Nicely stated!!

35. Dr. Image - December 4, 2007

Landru! Guide us!!
#22 Martin
The Borg in “Q Who?” were MUCH creepier than in later incarnations- all the tubing and varied costume detail. Much more like the abominations they were supposed to be.
The FC Borg looked like a buncha guys lumbering around in wetsuits by comparison. And since when can they tolerate a vacuum- outside the ship? Don’t get me started…

36. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

#22 & #34
I agree. This has happened with almost all of the Trek “Bad guys” (I didn’t want to use the word Nemisis on this site – it makes people very upset)
Klingons, Romulans,Cardassians, Borg,Ferengi, etc… they all end up working things out more or less with the Federation. Well not the Borg so much, but they get their asses kicked somewhat regularly, and due to the queen issue added in they have lost their “scare factor”
we need a real villan that won’t roll over to easily.

37. I AM THX-1138 - December 4, 2007

#31- He didn’t fare too well in Catspaw either.

I still say to people to this day when they don’t seem to get a concept I’m trying to convey with that line, “You are not of the Body.” Which usually gets me a confused look.

This is one of the all-time good eps. Love it, love it.

Well, it’s almost the Red Hour. Time to get my funk on.

38. Krik Semaj - December 4, 2007

Q who
One of the finest TNG episodes ever. I still get creeped out when I see the hull section being sliced up and taken out.
I want that kind of Borg back, not “Hugh”
I want my baby borg baby borg baby borg baby borg back. (time for some ribs now)

39. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007


Very interesting.

28 I’ve long said that Kelley was cut some slack for his bit of over acting at times. Nobody could play ridiculously evil like Deforest Kelley.

“You speak in strange whispers friend.” “YOU’RE NOT OF THE BODY…YOU’RE NOT OF THE BODY!” Even when he and Spock were bickering he could get evil.

40. neal - December 4, 2007

#31, yeah both times that Sulu got mind-controlled, that same creepy music was playing. This episode has more of that music during the walk thru town as the town-zombies come chasing. My favorite music.

41. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007


I’ve quoted this episode for years and another episode I’ve defended The Way to Eden for years. Partly because I reference it all the time.

I was parked in a faculty parking spot on campus one summer-mester back in college. And summer-mester no one was is on campus. Teachers or students. A graduate assistant came out after seeing me do this a few days and told me to move me car. To which I replied, “you’ve got a hard lip, Herbert!” He just looked at me and I walked away.

42. I AM THX-1138 - December 4, 2007

Brilliant, Andy, I had forgotten about that one. You shall rest assured that the next person to give me flak will get that line in return. And I will give you the credit. I mean for the line, not summer-mester classes.

43. Woulfe - December 4, 2007

Robed guys : You are not of the body !

Me : I’m not ?

Robed guys : No you are not of the body !

Me : So i’m dead, funny I don’t feel dead…

44. I AM THX-1138 - December 4, 2007

Oh, and sorry to be a post-hog but my only complaint thus far about the remastered DVD’s is that they don’t include the preview ads that we get to see here. They NEVER show them on my local carrier that airs the remasters. Those things are great! Season two should include a bonus of the first and second seasons ne previews.

45. NitroTab - December 4, 2007

This is one of my fave episodes as well, I just love the feel of it, the lighting, costumes etc etc, the sense of hiding (the dengeon) and rebellion (Reger, Marplon and the underground).

I always imagine myself hiding in that dungeon with a group of rebels, rebeling against Landru when I watch this, it’s ace!


46. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007


Thanks. Yes, footnote me. I use that line all the time. And Adam’s line near the end of “Eden”…”You’re making me cry.” and “Ain’t that just awful.”

I could have used credit on that class. I was retaking it.

47. Smitty - December 4, 2007

A very surreal story.

I always liked it.


48. CanuckLou - December 4, 2007

Not one of my favourites. Too predictable, too easily resolved.

49. FDRLincoln - December 4, 2007

Given the monk-robes and the talk of joining the Body, it’s amazing this episode isn’t understood as the anti-Christian allegory it truly is….right down to the teachings of the original good guy (Landru/Jesus) being twisted and perverted by the thing originally intended to carry his word forward (the computer/the church).

50. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007

Well on that note….. This one…and the one with Vaal, and the one with spores that turns everyone, especially Sulu, groovy, and The Way to Eden are all religous themed episodes and could be combined together to be doctrine for a new church.

51. The Lensman - December 4, 2007

“Will we see the big E being pulled out of orbit by Landru?”

“I hope the remastered version has an updated computer in the climax!”

No on both counts. The opening shot is gorgeous….the shot after that is something we’ve never seen before from orbit.

Agree with those who say this ep is creepy. Creepy when I was a kid, and still kinda creepy now that I’m 40.
The hooded guys, creepy voices, Landru, the Red Hour and especially that guy that tells them about the hotel. Guy looks like a friggin serial killer.

52. T Negative - December 4, 2007

This is one of my all time favorites. Kirk doesn’t take any crap from Landru and in the end destroys him.

This is definitely one of the better “Kirk-centric” episodes.

Kirk: “You are the evil!! Fulfill the Prime Directive!!”

Landru: “Help me, help me, help me!!!!”

53. max - December 4, 2007

Man, I love this one. The greatest Kirk vs. the Computer episode of all time, and one of the most fascinating TOS episodes. Its the old classic “utopia isn’t worth the price of free will” sci-fi schtick done very well.

54. Gary Seven - December 4, 2007

Great Episode; nice to see people giving it’s just due as it doesn’t get talked about enough. You guys are right to point that out.
As we all know sometimes Star Trek could be “way over the top” campy, but this episode strikes the right chord- passionate with only a few times of being overdramatic. It tells a good story and let’s the story speak for itself. And it is a good, topical, and thought-provoking story.

As to the great and useful quotes in our lives, my friend said when he is brainstorming at work with colleagues and they get stuck he says “Landru…Guide Us…Landru….”

55. Captain Pike - December 4, 2007

I agree, Return of the Archons is an under-rated episode for sure. I further agree about the Borg. Every time they appeared they got less threatening. As an impersonal hive mind they were somewhat original in TV SF. What they became is yet another iteration of the Cybermen, Cylons, etc.

And “you’ve got a hard lip, Herbert!” What a missed opportunity. How cool would it have been for Captain Archer to face down an officious self important bureaucrat named “Herbert”?

56. Buckaroohawk - December 4, 2007

A fun episode, to be sure, but most certainly the one with the worst hand-phaser effects of the entire series. I’m betting CBS-D didn’t bother to spruce them up at all, did they?

57. steve adams - December 4, 2007

There’s some pretty funny bloopers around on this epsiode…
I’ve seen one where the Absorbed McKoy walks into where Kirk and Spock are chained to the wall and Shatners scratching his balls…. DeForest looses it as well as the rest of the cast.. Its pretty funny…!!
To all the negative comments on this post (peace be in the mind, peace thru Landru)

58. trektacular - December 5, 2007

There are probably 5 or 6 good episodes of TOS, this isn’t one of them.

59. steve adams - December 5, 2007

#58 I disagree!

60. MichaelJohn - December 5, 2007

#58…Why in the world do you visit a website that is dedicated to the next TOS based Star Trek film, and the TOS remastered project, if you honestly feel only five or six episodes of the original series were any good????

Unlike your ignorant posting, this episode is one of the better TOS episodes and one of my personal favorites.

Mike :o

61. Iowagirl - December 5, 2007

Another very good episode stating that individual freedom and self-determination are the basic requirements for a society‘s advancement.

“You said you wanted freedom; it’s time you learned that freedom is never a gift – it has to be earned.”

Peace which is deceptive since forced and not achieved will lead to stagnation and bondage and is, therefore, inhuman(e).

“How often mankind has wished for a world as peaceful, and secure, as the one Landru provided.”
“And we never got it. Just lucky, I guess.”

In addition, I’ve always liked the lingering surreal atmosphere.

You should watch the other 73/74 episodes as well to see all the good ones.

62. Jim Smith - December 5, 2007

Gene Roddenberry listed this as one of his own favourites from the show. Which as far as I’m concerned is a pretty solid endorsement.

63. Engon - December 5, 2007

It always seemed odd that Tamar is summarily executed for asking in reference to the Lawgivers, “Are they not infallible?” Such a rhetorical question is no more mocking of the Lawgivers (as Hacom claims) than Hacom’s own earlier rhetorical question, “Well, have they no Lawgivers in the valley?”, yet Tamar is killed for it on Hacom’s word alone.

Of course, “Hacom” is an old hand at this sort of thing. Actor Morgan Farley also played the hotel clerk who refuses Gregory Peck a room in “Gentlemen’s Agreement,” believing him to be Jewish.

And Jon Lormer died more than once for ticking off the hiden computer controlling a society (see “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.”)

64. trektacular - December 5, 2007

Iowagirl I have seen all of them.

65. Oldschool Zone - December 5, 2007

I also disagree with #58. This is one of my all time favorite TOS episode and with most of the postings on “The Return of The Archons” reflects that with the fans. Here are some interesting facts about “The Return Of The Archons”

-The actor Ben Stiller who is an avid TOS fan, named his production company Red Hour from this episode. “Better Hurry- It’s almost the Red Hour”.

-The actor Sid Haig who plays the first lawgiver that absorbed Sulu and kills Tamer went on have a very successful horror and B movie career. But, we never really get to see his face or the other lawgivers.

And thanks to #57 for reminding me that they are some funny bloopers. My favorite is when the landing party is trying to take cover from being stoned by the townspeople, Just before they run into Tamer’s house. We clearly see a rock bounce off one of the heads of the landing party.

“Peace be with you. Peace and tranquility”

66. Olympus1979 - December 5, 2007

One of my favorite 1st season eps! This is VERY underrated over at

67. Krik Semaj - December 5, 2007

#63 It really doesn’t seem all that odd. Just look at the world around us. Fanatics were calling for the EXECUTION of a teacher because her students named a teddy bear Muhommed.
Life imitates art.
Peace and tranquility…. or I’ll kill you.

68. Randall - December 5, 2007

trektacular, sorry… but, to quote a great sage, “if ignorance were cornflakes, you’d be General Mills.”

If TOS were as bad as you imply, then how the hell did it manage to survive beyond cancellation to build a bigger and bigger audience in syndication (this IS the way it happened—I was there) for 10 years until finally it spawned films and eventually new TV series? How did it become one of the most iconic, most beloved series in television history? At the height of its syndication, in the 1970s, Star Trek (TOS) was on in *every* television market. *Every* single one. I grew up in upstate NY where, for several years, “Star Trek” could be seen, *individually syndicated,* on Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany AND Binghamton TV stations… *all at once*—-so that if it were possible to do so, you could watch at least FOUR different episodes every week! A “bad” series with only “4 or 5 good episodes” would NOT have been picked up by that many stations, in those numbers, for that long.

The fact is that out of its original 79 episodes, TOS had at least 30 that rank as some of the greatest TV ever presented in episodic, dramatic form, and another 20 that were at least “good” in any general sense of the word. For a series that was only on for three seasons, those are great numbers.

You may not agree, but then you’d have to face the fact that you are *sorely* in the minority in your opinion.

Along with a handful of other TV series, TOS was one of the best ever presented on network TV in the 1960s. If this wasn’t true, then this website wouldn’t be here today and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

69. Cervantes - December 5, 2007

I agree with those that have pointed out these excellent preview trailers that have not been put on the initial ‘remastered’ HD-DVD / DVD set, should have been. I originally thought that would have been a given, but then I expected a lot of things from this project originally… I sure hope they are all put on the remaining set (s) to come.

70. Jim Smith - December 5, 2007

#68 – Right on, brother. I wasn’t there to witness what you did, I’m too young and from another country entirely but you couldn’t be more right in the essentials, TOS is the motherload, the prime-mover, of Star Trek, it’s the gold standard and the progenitor of it all. Some might prefer some of its spin-offs (although I’ll never understand that) but the fact that they *are* spin-offs remains. Whatever some people may think of TOS the fact is that the other series happened *because* of it, not in spite of it.

A TOS like episode like ‘Mirror, Mirror’ didn’t just spawn off imitations and sequels and prequels, it practically defined a genre’s icongraphy. Evil doubles almost always have beards in SF and Fantasy because of ‘Mirror, Mirror’. A make up decision made for that one episode of a TV show has a massive influence on pop (and not so pop) culture and there are dozens of other examples of equal merit.

The very best TOS episodes, episodes like ‘City…’, ‘Arena’, ‘The Doomsday Machine’, ‘The Menagerie’, ‘The Devil in the Dark’, ‘Where No Man…’, ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘Spectre of the Gun’ (etc, etc) are as good as production line TV ever gets. That’s why they’ve survived for forty years and still win audiences now, like (say) ‘The Phil Silvers Show’ still does.

There’s a reason Paramount are going back to these characters and concepts to rescue the property’s financial future, after all.

71. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007


And “you’ve got a hard lip, Herbert!” What a missed opportunity. How cool would it have been for Captain Archer to face down an officious self important bureaucrat named “Herbert”?

Si Senor. I agree. I’ve used it several times. “Oh Herbert, you are STIFF!”

I also use the Tongo Rad line, “Why do you where all of those clothes?” “How do you breath?”

72. Randall - December 5, 2007

#70 Jim: Well of course I agree 100% with everything you said… with only the minor exception that I wouldn’t include “Spectre of the Gun” in a list of the best episodes of Star Trek… but to each his own.

You know… I have a theory (a rather offensive one, actually) as to why some people seem to prefer the spinoff shows over the original. But I feel, from experience and careful observation, that I’m right. Trouble is I have no doubt few will agree with me.

It’s this: I’ve noticed that the more a person prefers the “new” Treks over TOS, the more geeky and less socially adept they tend to be. Now, for a TV show famous for its geeky, nerdy fans, this is saying something. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s honest to god true; I’ve watched these people over the years, noted everytime I talk to one…. and it seems inevitable that TNG fans, for example (that is to say, those who PREFER TNG over TOS… not simply those who like both) tend to be… “ultra-geeks.” Now, god knows the original ST fans were largely a load of giant nerds… but there seems to be degrees–even of this phenomena.

I think it boils down to WHY people would prefer the characters and plots of the spinoff series over the original. It always seemed to me that all the characters in the successor series—with *maybe* one or two exceptions—were exactly the kind of creations you’d expect some dorky teenager to cough up. It’s not just that they were one-dimensional—TOS characters were often that as well—-but that their behavior, the lines they were given, the way they were played, the situations they were put into—-were always tainted by a certain level of adolescent awkwardness. When they were “serious” they were a little too earnest, or a lot too earnest. When they were “funny” it fell flat, and was embarrassing. When they were put into wildly sci-fi-oriented situations, they were loaded up with technobabble. Drama was absent; the closest they ever got was *melodrama,* and I wouldn’t even dignify the shows with *that* term.

It’s not that they didn’t manage some good episodes here and there, nor am I saying that TOS didn’t have its own flaws; I’m of course generalizing–but overall I think I’m correct.

73. Iowagirl - December 5, 2007

@ Randall, Jim Smith

Amen to your posts from a (just slightly nerdy) TOS purist! ;-)

TOS created the technical devices that eventually became ST trademarks. TOS characters and storytelling, as well as its phrases, became famous beyond the series and have continued their track record to date – they were the blueprints.

74. bmar - December 5, 2007

Actually, according to the research we did for the Special Edition on Sci-Fi Channel, and according to Leonard Nimoy – this was not written as an “anti-christian” allegory. Rather it’s an “anti-communism” story…the good of “the body”, docile population conforming to rules, secret society of enforcers (Lawgivers = KGB/secret police) that are ever-present and watching for any revolutionaries…etc.

75. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007


bmar, You work for SciFi? I loved all the extras you guys did for that SciFi showing a few years ago. I raced home from work everyday to catch every bit of it.

It looked like you guys had tons of extra footage that wasn’t used. Any chance that’ll ever be released? Great stuff! That’d be great extras on a DVD release.

76. bmar - December 5, 2007

Yeah, it was a fun project and I had a ball working on it. Lots of great stories of working with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

We shot over 50 hours of footage, interviews with the entire original cast, guest stars, behind the scenes folks, etc. Much of it ended up gathering dust on the shelves at Sci-Fi for the last 10 years, as the Special Edition was pulled mid-airing, never to be seen again.

It would appear though, that Paramount must have struck a deal with Sci-Fi as it looks like a lot of the material is being used as extras on the the new HD-DVD set. I’ve seen a few shots from it and I’ve gone “Hey! I remember that shot! I did that interview!”

77. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007

Good and bad. Some of that stuff was god. However, I’m guessing we won’t ever get to see all of it. I remember the interview you did with the crotchety old guy who played Cloud Williams in Omega Glory who just recently passed. . He seemed like a salty old dude. Was probably a hoot to interview. “I don’t care about that damn show”, he said. Or something to that effect.

78. Iowagirl - December 5, 2007

bmar, I’m looking forward to seeing the footage on the new HD-DVD set as it is HISTORIC material. Thanks for sharing this with us.

79. Diabolik - December 5, 2007

#74.. thank you for pointing that out. America is the kind of society you get when it is based on Christian principles. Communistic society is what you get when you base it on athiesm.

80. bmar - December 5, 2007

No, probably never get to see all of it. Nor the enormous set we built to do the interviews in. It was FILLED with original and recreated props and set peices from TOS.

Most of the guest stars we interviewed expressed a fair amount on incredulity that they were still talking about small parts they played over 30 years ago (at the time).

William Windom was particularly funny, as he came in fresh off the tennis court, sweaty and plopped himself down in front of the camera. We had to convince him to clean up a bit…

William Campbell, if I remember correctly, came in dressed in some really outlandish tie, and carrying a picture of him and Elvis, from one of the Elvis movies.

They were all great, all willing to talk, and even the most jaded of them had fond memories of their time working on Star Trek.

Roy Jensen (Cloud William), rest in peace, messed me up big time. Knowing that this would probably be the only time that we ever gathered this many people associated with Star Trek together – I arranged for an extremely large cast photo 3′ x4′ to be on set, matted with a wide white border. I had the original cast sign the picture and the guest cast and crew were supposed to sign on the matte border around it. Well, Roy Jensen goes and signs his name squarely in the middle of Leonard Nimoy’s chest. The only guest star to do so. Nonetheless, I prize that picture and it hangs proudly at home…

81. JBS - December 5, 2007

bmar – interesting stories. Please feel free to share some more, please (yes, I’m begging. I have no shame, thank you).

82. bmar - December 5, 2007

Happy to. It was a great experience all around working with all of those people, and working closely with Shatner and Nimoy.

What do you want to know?

83. JBS - December 5, 2007

Did you learn anything new (or unexpected) from Shatner and Nimoy? Any funny stories related to your interviews with them?

84. Lyle - December 5, 2007

Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy, I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!

Sorry, with the Way to Eden quotes above, I had to get that in… Way To Eden (and most of the 3rd season) gets a bum rap in my opinion, much better than most people seem to think…

But as for Return of the Archons, I agree it’s an excellent episode. I don’t think it would be in my personal top 10 TOS episodes but that is simply because there are so many excellent TOS episodes…

And Kelley was great… You are NOT of the body!!!

85. bmar - December 5, 2007

Anything new? Well, I learned that these two are really good friends, almost like brothers. This isn’t new news, but it was interesting to see their relationship in play.

I’ll give you an example….

At the same time that we were shooting this Trek project, we were also prepping a live show of HG Wells’ “The First Men on the Moon” – presented as a radio play, acted out live on stage by Leonard, John DeLancie, and many other Trek alumni. So we’d go from shooting the Trek project to rehearsing the other one. Shatner had a small “walk on” part in the First Men in The Moon – he played the alien king and had about ten lines. Well, Leonard wanted Bill to come in and rehearse his scene. Bill didn’t see the point, as it was only a few lines, and he would have his script in has hand anyway. Leonard really wanted Bill to rehearse and Bill just refused.

WELL…I was lucky enough to be having lunch with Leonard one day during all of this and Bill called him on the phone. It seemed that Bill was getting married a few days later (to his now late wife Nerrine) and Leonard was going to be his best man. Bill wanted Leonard to come to the wedding rehearsal, and Leonard, totally deadpan, refused to come, saying “why do I need to rehearse? I don’t have any lines…”

Needless to say, Bill showed up at the next rehearsal.

These two guys are very fast friends. De Kelly was very good friends with them as well, but I don’t think as close as Leonard and Bill are. Bill’s relationship with the rest of the TOS cast was (as has been noted over the years) somewhat strained. Leonard seemed to have a good relationship with just about everyone.

I worked very closely with Leonard on the scripts for his “host” part of the special edition. It was a rare pleasure. Basically, I would watch an episode on tape, and make notes – story points, historical obeservations, comments. Then I would send my notes to Leonard, who would sit down and watch the episode himself (some, for the first time in 30 years) with my notes in hand. He’d make his own notes and observations, sometimes comment on my notes, etc. Then he’s send his notes to me. From his notes and my notes, I would write the scripts, and he’d go over them, make changes, etc. It was a great experience, and I still have all of the notes back and forth as well as all of the scripts.

Lots of other stories.

86. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007


Roy Jensen goes and signs his name squarely in the middle of Leonard Nimoy’s chest. The only guest star to do so. Nonetheless, I prize that picture and it hangs proudly at home

That is cool stuff man. You need to put a DVD docu out and an accompaning book. I’d buy it. Get the guys who did the Frazetta “Painting With fire” DVD. They did an excellent job on that. Sounds like u[p their alley.

87. NitroTab - December 5, 2007

#72 but each to his own

In your own words, exactly.

If #58 decides that he doesn’t like this episode then thats his choice/preference and all those that do like TROTA (including myself) have no right to bash him for it just because he doesn’t like it, it’s his preference at the end of the day just as it’s your preference to like this episode.

Choice and Free will, remember?

88. bmar - December 5, 2007

Well, when I heard Leonard was coming back to Star Trek, I mentioned to him that it would be cool to put together a book of all of the notes, back and forth comments, etc. and posssible other materials that we created – but he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, and this isn’t a priority for him (understandably so.) Maybe someday…

89. JBS - December 5, 2007

I agree with Andy #86. I would buy the dvd and book too.
Thanks again.

90. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007


Oh, what am I saying? You’ve probably got the where with all and resources to do your own documentary. Truly there was some historic golden stuff there. Including, va va voom Sherry Jackson….who still looks smoking HOT. Man, you were lucky to have worked on all that. Great stuff. Roy Jensen. “Freedom” (with the soundtrack slowed down a bit to give it a low animal feeling) Great stuff!

91. JBS - December 5, 2007

re: your post #85
I could just see that exchange between Nimoy and Shatner, funny stuff. Someone posted a video made of Shatner and Nimoy at a convention where someone from the audience asked Nimoy what it was like to direct Shatner. Nimoy had fun with that one. Those two are hilarious, I take it you just have to put them in a room together and then just stand back and wait.

92. toddk - December 5, 2007

thanks bmar! priceless!!!

93. Ty Webb - December 5, 2007

I agree Randall, although I wouldn’t necessarily say TNG falls into your bracket so much as DS9, Voy and Ent do.

94. Robert Bernardo - December 5, 2007

bmar wrote:

> What do you want to know?

What was it like having the beautiful Sherry “Andrea” Jackson speak of her Star Trek experience on the episode, “What Little Girls Are Made Of?”?

Wish I could see all of her Sci-Fi interview. :-) Thanks for all the info you’ve given us.

95. Andy Patterson - December 5, 2007


“Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy, I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!” “ha ha ha” “You know Irena?”

Love it.

96. trektacular - December 6, 2007

Thank you bmar you are awesome.

97. Jim Smith - December 6, 2007

79 # Would it be unfair to point out that many of your own founding fathers could be considered deists or even atheists or antitheists in a philosophical sense and that there were plenty of Communist leaders who considered themselves Christians? Which is not to bash either America or Christianity (or Communism come to that) but just to say the situation is a bit more complicated, and the influences on both societies wider and more dispersed, than your statement might imply?

I mean, just asking. Not ragging on anybody.

98. bmar - December 6, 2007

#94 >What was it like having the beautiful Sherry “Andrea” Jackson speak of her Star Trek experience on the episode, “What Little Girls Are Made Of?”?

She was, indeed, still beautiful. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the footage of the interview since we shot it back in ’97. If I recall correctly, she became a producer, at some point. She had great things to say about Bill Theiss, the costume designer on ST. (I’m sure we all remember her costume.)

We cycled all of these folks through in half-hour increments, and we had quite the list. Some folks I thought we’d never get, we did – and some folks I thought would be easy to get, wouldn’t do it – or couldn’t in some cases.

Every one of the guest stars and crew that came in did it for free. Even folks like Bob Justman and Herb Solow. I’ll never forget the Harlan Ellison interview. It was amazing – it was one of only two interviews that we did that, when it was over, the crew (about 20 people) applauded. Harlan was his regular, cantakerous self – equal parts genius and madness – but was so enthralling, so interesting and entertaining, that we eventually stopped asking questions and just let him talk.

The other interview where the crew applauded was De Kelly. I mentioned this before in some interview I did about the project – but at the time, De was pretty frail. He has just been ill and had gone through surgery. I’m not sure if it was his last interview, but probably one of the last lengthy ones. He wasn’t going to do it at first, but Leonard convinced him. We spoke for about an hour and when it was over he stood up and said “I envy you people, so young and just starting out in this business. I wish you all success.” What an amazing moment it was for all of us.

99. Andy Patterson - December 6, 2007


We spoke for about an hour and when it was over he stood up and said “I envy you people, so young and just starting out in this business. I wish you all success.”

That’s cool. What a cool story.

As far as I’m concerned we could keep this thread open a long time. Keep it coming when you have the time. I’d love to hear more of this stuff. I just ate it up when it was airing back then.

100. JBS - December 6, 2007

I concur with Andy….we can keep this thread open a long time as you long as you have more stories to share whenever you can. I don’t buy ST merchandise (no pointy ears, no uniform), I just buy the books and dvds because I love these behind-the-scenes / background stories.

101. Andy Patterson - December 6, 2007

Yeah, I’ll bookmark it the way I did my article on here so as it gets bumped down the line I can check from time to time. At any rate, bmar, that is if the spirit moves you.

Did you by the way, get to interview Keith Andes who played Akuta, the leader of the people in “The Apple”? I hear he died last year.

102. bmar - December 6, 2007

Thanks for the compliments, guys.

No, we didn’t get him – nor, as I really wanted, David Soul – who played the young guy (don’t remember his name) in the Apple.

Leonard told a story about that episode though. It’s public knowledge, as the story has been told before. Apparently, duing this episode, they had some pretty loud explosives on set – if you recall the “exploding rocks.” Well, during the filming of one of these scenes, one of the explosions went off too close to Leonard and Bill, and damaged both of their hearing – permenantly. They both have tinnitus – which is a permanent “ringing” or high pitched noise in your ear. Leonard has it on one side, and Bill has it on the other, since they were standing on opposite sides of the explosion.

103. Andy Patterson - December 6, 2007

Yeah, David Soul was pretty groovy in that episode. That was all pre Magnum Force, pre “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby”, and pre Starsky and Hutch. Funny episode.

I’ve heard about those ridiculous explosions.

104. Randall - December 6, 2007


I thought the explosions that caused their tinnitus happened on the set of “Arena”?

105. JBS - December 6, 2007

I heard it was during “Arena” too. But, if Leonard says it was “Apple,” then it must have been “Apple.”

106. steve adams - December 6, 2007

Good stuff bmar!!!
Paramount 2 things: we want the previews on the next HD-dvd release of TOS.
And we also need these interviews Bmar spoke of on dvd.
Do it!
Also Trektacular what series of Trek do you like??
Lonzak , RIP….:(

107. JBS - December 6, 2007

Andy, I never knew that was David Soul! I used to watch Starsky and Hutch religiously; now I’m going to have to go and watch that episode again. I learn something new everyday on this web site, very cool.

108. bmar - December 6, 2007

I’ll go back and check my notes, but I’m pretty sure it was in “The Apple.”

109. OR Coast Trekkie - December 6, 2007

looks like we once again dont have fixed phasers. lets see what is imporved for this episode.

110. JBS - December 6, 2007

It would make sense if the episode where their hearing was damaged was in “Apple” because they would have both been on the set at the same time when the ‘rock’ exploded. During Arena, Mr. Nimoy spent his entire time on the bridge, where there were no explosions. He would not have any reason to be on the set when Shatner set off the ‘cannon’ on Arena since he was not in that scene. Plus, that Arena scene was filmed outdoors at Vazquez Rocks, so there would not have been any concusion resulting from the doors being left closed in an enclosed studio.

111. Andy Patterson - December 6, 2007


Yeah, Funny.

He was the stuff for a while. My mother-in-law used to have a poster of “Hutchy baby” as she called him in her bedroom. My father-in-law would come in and punch it every night.


And I’d always heard it was Arena too. Remember Shatner and Nimoy are running from those explosions and they both do some of their own stunts at the beginning of that episode. Shatner’s stunt man is diving and flipping and Shatner’s doing some of it too. Then Spock comes out to tell Kirk something and the aliens lock in on his tricorder. Lots of loud explosions in that episode.

112. trektacular - December 6, 2007

106. I like TNG primarily, most of TOS is hard for me to sit through now, with the bad sets and acting, but I think Trek IV is still great.

113. steve adams - December 6, 2007

I liked TNG as well. TOS does look dated but with these new remastered dvds the show looks very up to date…

114. steve adams - December 6, 2007

I liked TNG,Ds9
and Voyager series as well…
These new TOS remastered versions are very well done and bring the shows quality way up. You should check them out.

115. trektacular - December 7, 2007

I don’t like it remastered and thats the problem, which ties in well with bmar since Sci Fi was the first channel to start remastering.

116. bmar - December 7, 2007

Morning all. Went back and checked Leonard’s notes. Looks like he’s not 100% sure either, but here’s what he said:

“Bill Shatner and I both have a case of tinnitis. In both our cases it’s a ringing or hissing in the right ear and some loss of hearing. We believe it was due to an explosion set off by special effects in one of our episodes and this may very welt be it. The explosion was off to our right and both of us had our right ear affected and I believe DeForest Kelley had some impact as well. The explosion I’m referring to happens when Spock throws away the piece of material that he finds on the ground early on in the episode.”

Straight from the Vulcan’s mouth.

117. Randall - December 7, 2007

#110 JBS:

Come on, pal. You’re completely wrong there. Nimoy is not “on the bridge” the entire time—he’s there on the planet during the attack and plays almost every scene with Shatner.

This is a classic episode that’s been around for 40 years. Anyone on here offering opinions ought to know better.

118. Randall - December 7, 2007


There’s more to a show’s worthiness than what the sets look like, for god’s sake. Are you so superficial that all you can see are sets and special effects?

I can only shake my head…

As for acting, dude—let’s be real. There’s no sweepingly great acting in ANY of the Star Trek series, from TOS down to Enterprise.

TOS was generally more theatrical and dramatic–in a very real sense more ‘grown-up’ (comparatively speaking anyway)—and that’s what you don’t like. TNG was far more adolescent and flashy, and easier in that sense for certain people of that mindset to relate to.

119. Andy Patterson - December 7, 2007


Take your word for it. I just remember a lot of loud pyrotechnics in Arena but I do know the scene you speak of in The Apple. I hear Shatner finally found some treatment for his condition. Wonder if Nimoy did too.

120. Derek Evans - December 7, 2007


I’ve really appreciated reading all that you’ve had to say. I REALLY think that the SCI-FI Interviews —all of that material should be on a DVD. I WOULD buy it in an instant. I would LOVE to see and hour long interview with De Kelley. that would be so cool. Is there any way that this would / could happen? PLEASE!

121. bmar - December 7, 2007

I no longer work with Sci-Fi, so unfortunately, have no say in what happens with the material. As I mentioned above, it would appear that Paramount must have struck some sort of deal with Sci-Fi for use or ownership of the material, as some of it is on the new HD-DVD set.

As for the rest of it, hopefully, someone will be able to get it out there. It’s a wealth of material. About 52 hours worth, if I remember correctly.

122. trektacular - December 7, 2007

Randall whats the point in trying to change how a feel about a TV show? You like what you like and vice versa.

123. JBS - December 7, 2007


You were a bit too harsh (did we get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?).

Yes I was in error; I forgot about the explosive scenes on Cestus 3. Arena is not one of my favorite episodes, so I have not watched it too many times (my interest in Star Trek was dormant for the last 25 years; I just rediscovered my passion for it last year. It’s not a bad episode, just not one of my personal favorites. I remembered it as the one where Kirk fought the guy in a big rubber lizzard costume – which I thought occupied way too much of the episode’s time. So I rewatched some of it this morning, up to the point where Kirk confronts the Gorn (still not interested in watching that part again). The scenes on Cestus 3 and the interplay between Kirk and Spock on the bridge prior to Kirk being whisked away are my favorite parts of that episode, so I am surprised I forgot about it – must be getting senile early.

Yeah, those explosions on Cestus 3 were awesome; it’s hard to imagine them not doing some damage to their hearing.

124. JBS - December 7, 2007


You were also too harsh with trektacular.

TOS is my favorite because I grew up with it and it was the best damn thing on tv at the time (for a long time in fact); it has a special place in my heart like no other tv show ever has.

Trektacular may have grown up watching TNG, and it was a different era at that time. I had a passing interest in TNG, but it never hooked me. I was an adult by that time with a demanding career, little time for tv, and had much more discriminating taste when it came to entertainment.

Remember IDIC. TNG’ers are our younger siblings, and everybody is entitled to his/her own opinions.

125. trektacular - December 7, 2007

For the record I watched both TOS and TNG as a kid, I just prefer TNG now, no big deal. I still have a huge nostalgia for TOS which is why I like reading bmars posts.

126. Robert Bernardo - December 8, 2007

bmar wrote:

> As for the rest of it, hopefully, someone will be able to get it out there.
> It’s a wealth of material. About 52 hours worth, if I remember correctly.

52 hours! What a treasure trove of material! Hmm, doesn’t NBC Universal own the Sci-Fi Channel? They would be the ones to contact.

127. Andy Patterson - December 8, 2007


128. Engon - December 8, 2007


Just curious if you know why the Sci-Fi Channel pulled the plug on the Special Edition halfway through. I have no idea, but I remember speculating at the time that perhaps “someone” with influence felt that the interviews were a little too “honest,” too “open” (to paraphrase Khan).

For instance, one of my favorite moments was when the cast was asked what other Star Trek role they would’ve liked to have played and Shatner sarcastically responded, “Well, I wanted to be Nurse Chapel!”

129. bmar - December 9, 2007

Re: 126 – Yes, NBC Universal does own Sci-Fi. However, as I said above, it looks like Paramount may have struck some kind of deal for either use or ownership of the footage.

Re: 128 – The reason the Special Edition was pulled was because it occured during a change in ownership of USA Network and Sci Fi Channel. Barry Diller purchased the company, and most of the execs (including myself) left. It was decided that ST was too retro for the direction they wanted to head, and it wasn’t pulling the ratings they wanted – so, it disappeared into a black hole.

130. Engon - December 10, 2007

Re: 129

Too bad. Done in by low ratings. I remember when my local affiliate started to show Star Trek in a two hour block with some other sci-fi show, having aired just Trek alone for quite some time. They had a great ad for it which ended with a shot of Kirk from “Plato’s Stepchildren” saying, “I guess we weren’t sufficiently…”entertaining!”

131. antani - January 9, 2008

These are the clothes they wear not these!

132. Pam - January 19, 2009

Id make a remake where the lawgivers get phasered and beaten with clubs. Have a revolt against them totally. Destroy the town too. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.