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James Cawley To Appear In New Star Trek Movie + Talks About Visit To Set January 23, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,New Voyages/Phase II,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

EXCLUSIVE: As the creator of the independent fan production Star Trek New Voyages, James Cawley has sought to recreate an exact replica of Star Trek The Original Series, right down to the braid on Kirk’s sleeve and the color of the bridge railing. So it is not surprising that he has been on the skeptical side with regards to JJ Abrams’ Star Trek ‘re-invigoration.’ But a chance encounter on the Paramount lot has turned the purist Calwey around…so much so that he is now literally ‘on board.’ In an exclusive video interview (below) Cawley tells TrekMovie.com all about his new Trek adventure and what he now thinks of Abrams and his new Enterprise.


(View/DL at VEOH.com)


Below is a summary of the interview with some select quotes from Cawley regarding his time at Paramount with director JJ Abrams and his new crew.

Cawley on his chance encounter with JJ Abrams on the Paramount lot

As we walked past the entrance to [stages] eight and nine, it was like the hand of fate. There was JJ Abrams walking out. He looked at me and I looked at him….as I turned to say hello he instantly said to "I know you, you are James Cawley."

After running into Abrams, Cawley was invited to visit the set where they are currently shooting scenes on the bridge of the Enterprise. Cawley offers his thoughts on his visit.

On Abrams:

He is such a normal down to Earth nice man. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but to experience his generosity and his humor was the best of it all.

Does Abrams get Star Trek?

One of the conversations with JJ I had was about his feelings about Star Trek. And that’s what absolutely sold me on JJ Abrams. He said how much he believes in the philosophy of Gene Roddenberry, the humanity, and the message that The Original Series delivered. That ‘s his focus. That put everything in perspective for me. I thought ‘things don’t have to look the same as long as the message and the heart is there.’ And he’s got it

On the sets and the bridge

I like the set. The bridge is spectacular, absolutely stunning, but it is not what I would  have done. But I think the fans are going to go ‘woah’ I think people are going to be genuinely stunned. I think people are going to be impressed. It is a beautiful set.

On the costumes and uniforms

The uniforms are perfect, spot on perfect. I wouldn’t have done anything any different. When I saw the look of what he was going for, he’s got it.

On actors’ performances

Brilliant. I think these people I the characters. And I think these peole have a handle on these characters and keep them familiar to all of us…These guys are going to be very well respected and I think they are going to shock a lot of people. When they come out people are going to say ‘why did we ever think nobody else could play these parts.’

After James’ visit at the Star Trek set last week he was offered a role in the film. He has been fitted for a costume and has to report for work on the set today (Wednesday Jan 23rd). All he knows is that he will be playing a Starfleet officer on the Enterprise.

James still considers himself ‘a purist,’ and admits that he would have done things differently, but rejects the notion that he has been ‘assimilated’ by the offer of a role. Cawley explains

No two people are going to share the same ideas. I can like aspects of it, even though they are not my choices…If I had been in his position I would have done things a little differently because I am not JJ Abrams. He has an idea and is going to follow that to the end, just like we do with New Voyages…We can have differences of opinions and still enjoy each other’s work. Would I have made some design changes? Sure! Would I have made a red button, blue? Ya! Are his sets spectacular? You better believe it!


TrekMovie.com thanks James for sharing his adventure with us and wishes him the best on his exciting day today on board a different Enterprise.


Cawley (seated) on the set of “Star Trek New Voyages”


For more on James Cawley and Star Trek New Voyages, visit startreknewvoyages.com



1. Devon - January 23, 2008

Wow that’s pretty cool. Congrats to James on that!

2. Larry - January 23, 2008

this is pretty cool, I’m glad he has gotten the opportunity to be in Star Trek

3. Superman - January 23, 2008

Wow. Some people wish they could be Bill Gates or win the lottery, today, I just wish I was Jim Cawley.

What an opportunity…I would have passed out for a chance to see what we’re all dying to just get glimpses of these days…the sets, the uniforms, etc…

Congrats, Jim, and keep up the good work on New Voyages!


4. DarthLowBudget - January 23, 2008

Cool stuff, I’ll be interested to see the reactions of other purists in this talkback.

5. Clock - January 23, 2008

Can’t wait to see the bridge … and I like the notion that JJ gets the ‘heart’ of Trek. Also, ‘perfect’ uniforms? Sweet!

6. Tox Uthat - January 23, 2008

If JC can wrap his arms around XI, so can most others. Get off the high horse and see the future.

7. Devon - January 23, 2008

Come to think of it.. it must kill Shatner to know that the Kirk of a fanfic is in the movie.. but not him!

Not a pro/anti Shatner thing, just funny is all! But cool none of the less!

8. nscates - January 23, 2008

Wow. Congrats, James. That would be the highlight of my year. I wonlder how many times he had to walk past stages 8 & 9 before the ‘hand of fate’ took over? LOL. I would have camped there all day….

9. New Horizon - January 23, 2008

James! Congratulations! That is an absolutely amazing opportunity! Would you have believed you would be doing this when you started up New Voyages? :) All the best!

10. sloan47 - January 23, 2008

Wow if James is on board with all the new ideas then so am I!

11. The Silly Wabbit - January 23, 2008

He’s definitely star struck haha. Down to earth yada yada. What the heck is a purist? I grew up watching star trek it was about tech and it was based 100’s of years ahead of us. Our tech has changed since 1960. All I have to say is they had better change a lot and this better not be a Brady Bunch reboot. HAHA

12. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

Wow, now James will be a “real” Trek actor! Double the honor.

13. Chris - January 23, 2008

It’s bound to be awesome if James Cawley gives his approval!

Oxford – England

14. CmdrR - January 23, 2008

Lt. Elvis to engineering!

What a cool guy JJ is. It’s like it’s Christmas (already) at Paramount and he’s being a very careful Santa. I know most of these favors will be one-liners or no-liners, but what fun! I’d give the third toe on my right foot to be a blur behind Chris Pine going into a turbolift.

15. Kirokwannabe - January 23, 2008

Congrats James!

As a STNV fan, I am very happy for you. The ultimate TOS fan gets to be in the new movie.

Your endorsement of JJ’s team, that they understand and have the spirit of TOS in the new movie, is a fantastic endorsement.

Can’t wait til Christmas!

16. Jim - January 23, 2008

This is the best news I’ve heard in some time. Thanks for posting this interview Anthony!

17. CEBG - January 23, 2008

That’s awesome.

Goes to show, and I’ve said it before, it’s all about the story.

Get the story, and a good execution by the actors, and you’ll have a winner.

Look how popular ST was in the 60’s and even today! My 6 and 8 year old sons are hooked on the original series.

BTW…I posted that the trailer did nothing for me yesterday…I pumped up the volume and watched it again…it rocks.

18. Captain Robert April - January 23, 2008

Our spies are sleeping on the job.

We should’ve had a leaked script by now.

19. star trackie - January 23, 2008

” I thought ‘things don’t have to look the same as long as the message and the heart is there.’ And he’s got it”

That’s true, I guess, to some degree. For some, the look is as much a part of why they like TOS as Kirk and Spock. And for others, Trek is just an fun-sci-fi action adventure show that has real people facing unreal situations. The whole pie-in-the-sky idealism aspect of Star Trek gets a little blown out “of proportions at times. .

The bridge is spectacular, absolutely stunning, but it is not what I would have done.”

Nice. Can’t wait to see that. Hope pics surface soon!

“The uniforms are perfect, spot on perfect. I wouldn’t have done anything any different. When I saw the look of what he was going for, he’s got it.”

Knowing James is an expert who worked with the master Bill Theiss himself, they must be pretty damn cool and true to TOS. The “TOS uniforms are corny and will be laughed off the screen” crowd won’t sleep much tonight with this revelation.!

“When they come out people are going to say ‘why did we ever think nobody else could play these parts.”

Naturally, coming from someone who is playing Jim Kirk, this reaction is expected. Having said that, I do hope the chemistry is there. It’s that fun friendly feeling you get when Kirk, Spock and McCoy are all three bouncing off one another that makes it worth the visit.

All in all, it sounds like it’s really shaping up to be one heck of a ride.

20. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

Getting James in on the production, although a gamble, was a good move by JJ. Getting a good buzz from Cawley would go a long way toward bringing like purists into the fold. And I think this will do just that.

Smart man!

21. PatsPhan - January 23, 2008

Anthony…this was awesome. GREAT content, sir. Thanks for bringing it to us and thanks to James for taking time to sit down with you.


22. doubleofive - January 23, 2008

I am not a purist by any means, but all of my doubts about this film have been put to rest by James Cawley here. If one of the most vocal purists can be converted, anyone can.

23. Michael - January 23, 2008

This makes me feel good like you wouldn’t believe. I love JC’s work and see myself in his place and must say that if they impressed him then I’m impressed.

24. SPB - January 23, 2008


…as much as some people (including myself) might scoff at THE NEW VOYAGES, it’s a pretty classy move on J.J.’s part to include Cawley in the film.

Of course, the cat-calls of “Cawley’s in, but Shatner’s OUT?!?!?!” will be deafening and more than a little annoying…

25. Trek Nerd Central - January 23, 2008


Yes, a big thanks to Anthony for pulling this stuff out of the ether every day.

26. Thelin - January 23, 2008

A vote of confidence from a TOS purist! I love what Cawley has done with STNV and if anyone who loves TOS has not seen them, you MUST check it out.

I am also a TOS purist, and I am glad to hear what James said about the new movie. I knew we would never get the type of Enterprise or bridge that us purists want, however, I agree with what he is saying about JJ’s vision, and I think in order to capture a new worldwide audience, the new directors and producers have to be able to do their thing in order to tap into the “pulse” of a new and different audience. The fact that Cawley says JJ respects and honors the core message of Star Trek speaks volumes to me about what the new movie will be about. It’s kind of another Easter Egg for TOS fans that Cawley will actually be in the new movie too.

What a cool interview! Thanks TrekMovie.

27. Mr. Mike - January 23, 2008

If James has put his blessing on Trel XI, than I think it’s quite certain there is nothing to worry about. But then again, seeing as how he now has a part, I doubt he would go on trashing the thing would he? However, I doubt he would take a role if they were making an abomination. At the end of the day, it is becoming more and more apparent that this movie will be true to the original in pretty much every detail with the exception of the updated sets which suits me fine as long as they keep some references to the original.

28. Shatner_Fan_2000 - January 23, 2008

#7 “it must kill Shatner to know that the Kirk of a fanfic is in the movie.. but not him!”

Shatner has valuable uses for his time. He’s a big millionaire iconic star.

But it is killing me! [rolls eyes at JJ] GROAN.

29. Marian Ciobanu - January 23, 2008

-Well ..the tos fans have now reasons to be happy…i like tmp and the rest of the canon..but tos it means nothing to me..i’m a non tos fan..altough i readed very good books about original trek..

30. trekofficial - January 23, 2008

this is very very promising!

31. stallion (Archer is the best) - January 23, 2008

With Blood and Fire and this new movie this is going to be a great year for trek. My only regret about the franchise is that Enterprise never got the chance to finish it’s run. Manny Cotto was doing a great job with the show. I have so much respect for James Cawley.

32. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - January 23, 2008

What a great endorsement! Congrats James!

33. Chain of Command - January 23, 2008

See, it’s going to be OK! LOL

34. Allister Gourlay - January 23, 2008

wow james bet you dont get any sleep the night before your shoot!
congrats… sounds amazing!

35. Noleuser - January 23, 2008

What do I have to pull to get in the movie. I’ve seen Alias, Lost, MI:III, Cloverfield, surely that could get me in!

36. AJ - January 23, 2008

James: If you’re lurking here,please give Chris Pine your best Janice Lester-as-Kirk imitation, “I’m Captain Kirk!!!!!!!”

37. Sybok Amok - January 23, 2008

William Shatner created James T. Kirk while Abrams was still in diapers, now JJ owes The Shat his rightful place at center seat!

It’s the human thing to do, and as The Shat says, GOOD BUSINESS!

PS: James Cawley, Congratulations, wish you were the one directing XI.

38. Viking - January 23, 2008

Nothing but net, Jimbo – kudos. This is due dilligence and hard work come to fruition. It must be surreal for you – I bet this was the last thing you’d have thought would happen a few years ago, when you were starting to build the STNV sets. Let’s just hope J.J. doesn’t redshirt you so you get killed by an exploding console. ;-)

39. thebiggfrogg - January 23, 2008

See the interview? He’s already wearing the new uniform–the Big E is for “Enterprise.” See JJ is doing a great job, no worries! ;)

40. D. McCoy - January 23, 2008


I feel better now.

41. AJ - January 23, 2008

Perhaps James, as a purist, would relish the red-shirt treatment (especially if he gets a red shirt).

42. sean - January 23, 2008

Wow, that’s shocking. I mean it really impresses me that Abrams even knows who James Cawley is (I’d bet half the Trek fans don’t!). I suppose that means he watches New Voyages? I’m just amazed. He certainly didn’t have to offer him a visit to the set, let alone a part, given the criticisms Cawley was leveling at the production design. All this does is reassure me that Trek is in exactly the right hands. I’m glad he could make a believer out of Cawley!

Now he just has to offer Stanky & Iowagirl a visit! I keed, I keed.

I think it’s very interesting that Cawley was so approving of the costume design. Wonder if we’ll be seeing something closer to the 60’s designs than we thought?

And I love the subtle New Voyages plug on the monitor in the background! Haha.

43. Pragmaticus - January 23, 2008

Congrats, James! Hopefully this gets the rest of the purists to calm down. This is going to be a fantastic film.

44. Smike van Dyke - January 23, 2008

Gosh! It’s getting better and better every day…I’m a BIG fan of New Voyages and I really feel relieved that Cawley approves what JJ is doing. As for him being part of the movie (while the Shat isn’t)…well, it’s interesting to say the least…

I think it’s time to release a remastered version of New Voyages on official Paramount DVDs…they could make it a charity release with its incomes donated for a good purpose…”In Harm’s Way” needs serious SFX updates but the two episodes with Koenig and Takei are brilliant as they are…NV could soon become an official part of the legacy…In my book it already is!

45. Red Shirt - January 23, 2008

Okay, what does “spot on perfect” mean, in relation to the wardrobe? I wonder how much of Orci and Kurtzman’s MacGuffin is the Romulans going back before the primary crux of the movie. I mean we see Kirk’s parents, Spock’s parents, etc., right? If they (the Rommies) are going back before the primary part of the movie, then Roberto and Alex can get away with there being “changes” in the look of the ship, the uniforms, et cetera, because there would be reasons for change, i.e. a change in the timeline that would cause subtle changes.

I am from the camp that accepts that change is not always just for change. Let’s be honest here, Gene changed the way the Klingons looked when he had the resources to make them look closer to the way he originally imagined.

I don’t think James is being emotionally bribed with his cameo role on JJ’s ST. He made it pretty clear that he liked “this” but would have “done this differently.” I am envious though! It would be funny, if like my nom de plume, he were to wear a red shirt, and get zapped, instead of Chekhov.

If Roberto and Alex have any sense of humor (which I think they do) they should zap Pavel, right? It’s a long tradition to torture him on screen!!!

46. reptileboy - January 23, 2008

If James feels comfortable, then that reasures me to no end. I love how he has given absolutely nothing away in terms of spoilers, but has managed to answer so many fans questions. And considering this guys is one of the most informed fans in the world, I feel as though a weight has been lifted over whether this movie is going to be ‘true’ Star Trek.

47. Nelson - January 23, 2008

Great interview and set report from James. I think what he’s said will make a lot of fans feel good about the new film and JJ Abram’s approach to it.

48. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

See, and you people thought I was just making this all up about Cawley being in the movie.

Nah Nah.

49. Ali - January 23, 2008

Elvis on deck!

50. British Naval Dude - January 23, 2008

‘Tis brilliant!

Puts me in mind of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” as a fitting recipe fur this picture…

It also goes ta show ya that thar’s world enough and time for all us trek fans to serve all our days together, and not fractionalize, so this bit of news can be our last battlefield of the purist debate…

Harrr! Righto! How silly o’ me ta think that… I’ll have shat nerds ‘fore we stop debating TOS vs JJ

Useless Sailor Trivia: I tried out fur a part once… or rather auditioned fur one I made up… as the bilge scrubber fur the latrines on Voyager… turns out they don’t have potties in Star Trek…


51. Ed - January 23, 2008

If you don’t get excited listening to James Cawley talking about his expierence there and how he is excited about the film, then somehtings wrong. Is it December yet?

52. NZorak - January 23, 2008

11 – “All I have to say is they had better change a lot and this better not be a Brady Bunch reboot. HAHA”

It’s funny you mention that because I was pondering yesterday how sad it would be if they were to put Shatner in the film in some role other than as the very aged James T. Kirk. It would be like putting Florence Henderson into the Brady Bunch movie as a truck driver.

Seriously, I think that this has potential, though I’m beginning to fear that the big E is still going to have that dorky dish in the front of the drive section of the ship. Some things are meant to be changed! It also worries me that James describes the uniforms as “perfect.” It seems to me that the only thing a purist like him would describe as perfect are the original uniforms from the show, and I just don’t see those adapting well to the big screen, hence the reason they were changed for the movies in the first place.

I really hope they start leaking some images soon.

53. The Master - January 23, 2008

This is excellent news. I also most wet my tardis with the trailer, now the ant Cawley iis in it how many days to this movie opens??


54. Ryan T. Riddle - January 23, 2008

Congrats to James Cawley. I look forward to your work on Abrams’ Trek and in the upcoming New Voyages episodes. Boldly Go!

55. Viking - January 23, 2008

#41 AJ – eliminating the competition, so to speak. LOL ;-)

56. joe1306 - January 23, 2008

I think James Cawley should now be listed on the “cast-page” as “unknown starfleetofficer” ;-)
and on the “creative & crew-page” Stratton Leopold is still listed, isn´t he out of the production team?
just thought there should be an update on those pages.
Greetings from germany :)

57. Chris Peterson - January 23, 2008

This is very cool news, and I’d give my right arm to be a redshirt in this movie. Come to think of it, I’d give both arms to see Tom Cruise killed by an exploding console even more… :-)

58. Q - January 23, 2008

I don’t like and I don’t trust people that can turn their opinion on something so drastically. One might say that he was sold for a part in the movie. And that someone could be right.

I’m not saying that that was the case, I trully believe that he liked what he saw in Paramount because from day one I believed in JJ, but he should have kept his mouth shut about the new movie, knowing that he knew nothing about it. It’s easy to trash something, and a virtue to wait, hope for the best, expect the worst and than form and defend your opinion AFTER watching the movie.

Best Regard,

59. CanuckLou - January 23, 2008

Cawley’s thoughts are very heartening. Interesting how he is more at ease with the interior look of the Enterprise than the exterior.

Come on Christmas 2008!

60. Viking - January 23, 2008

I’d imagine James will drop in and spill what few beans he can, when he gets the chance. Anthony, you got one shit-hot clearinghouse for the new movie going on here. :-)

61. Andy Patterson - January 23, 2008

Cool deal….good for you man!

62. Jon - January 23, 2008

I guess the above posts demonstrate that this interview is one of the best things to happen to the fanbase’s attitudes towards the new movie. I’m sure we’ll continue to have our naysayers, but it looks like James’s stamp of approval has helped a lot of people get over their skepticisms.

63. EM In Canada - January 23, 2008

I have been aware of James C and his “New Voyages” for about a year now. I just watched “In Harms Way” last night for the first time and enjoyed it very much. I am lookig forward to watching the next two episodes in the series soon. It made me laugh to see this article. I look forward to seeing James in the new movie. Good luck!

64. Ralph - January 23, 2008

Thanks Anthony for a great interview. And thanks James for giving us an insite to what is to come.

65. SPB - January 23, 2008


“Viva Las Vega”

“Return to Ceti”

“I Just Wanna Be Your Pet Selat”

“You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Targ”

“Suspicious Mind Melds”

“You’re the Devil in the Dark in Disguise”

“Are You Lonesome T’Pring?”

(Okay, I’m bored and in a goofy mood…) :)

66. SB - January 23, 2008

#58: “I don’t like and I don’t trust people that can turn their opinion on something so drastically. One might say that he was sold for a part in the movie. And that someone could be right.”

How about about people who deny anyone else the right to change his mind, lest he be suspected of impure motives?

Just sayin.

67. dalek - January 23, 2008

#48 nah, you said they’d cut his cameo out. They haven’t even filmed it yet. Anyone with connections to New Voyages would have known he had a cameo.

68. newman - January 23, 2008

what was Cawley doing on the Paramount Lot anyway?

PS did Chris Doohan ever get a role in the film?

69. crazybeach - January 23, 2008

James’ most important point was that it was JJ Abams’ vision and perspective towards this movie. Not James’ or anyone else’s. The naysayers may not get over themselves completely after this, but when their very own Master Skeptic gets turned to the Trek Side….hmmmmm.

70. Ivory - January 23, 2008

They can find a spot for James Cawley, but not William Shatner?

You guys put the wrong Captain Kirk in the movie.

71. crazybeach - January 23, 2008

Ah, yer killin’ me! LOL

72. Clinton - January 23, 2008

Nice. Congrats, Jim!

73. OM - January 23, 2008

“All he knows is that he will be playing a Starfleet officer on the Enterprise. “

…He’ll be playing Admiral E. Aaron Presley, Chief of Starfleet Morale in charge of USO Shows around the galaxy :P

74. GraniteTrek - January 23, 2008

James gets a well-deserved nod from JJ for his help in keeping Trek not just alive, but thriving. And if anyone can speak on costumes and sets with authority, it’s him. Just the chance to see what he winds up doing will be worth the price of going to the movie (not that there aren’t other reasons, obviously). Congrats to James!

75. OM - January 23, 2008

“You guys put the wrong Captain Kirk in the movie. “

…Sadly, John Belushi is dead.

76. theARE - January 23, 2008

#68 He said in the interview. He had a business meeting about New Voyages. I’m sure there is regular contact between NV and Cbs/Paramount.

This is really good news, and big congratulations to James. If JJ can convince James, one of the biggest die-hard purists, then I’m sure he can convince most of the fans.

77. ster j - January 23, 2008

#65–Thanks a lot. Now I have filksongs locked cluttering up me head!

78. The Master - January 23, 2008

Can you say Admirl April or perhaps a young Capt. Matt Decker there to see the launch of the Enterprise.

79. Valar1 - January 23, 2008


If you look at his old post about the exterior of the ship he wasn’t histrionic about it- he was disappointed in the design and said as much. Now he’s excited and impressed. It’s not two polar opposite positions, more of a fluctuation around a median value, IMO.

80. Ivory - January 23, 2008

I love James Cawley’s enthusuiam for Star Trek.

I also trust his opinion on Abrams the crew and the film itself, but it won’t be the same without Shatner.

Keep up the great work James.

81. Dave Roberts - January 23, 2008

As long as the new movie is going to preserve the heart and soul of trek / Roddenberry I am going to be a happy camper. As purist as Cawley is, he obviously understand where J.J. is going with this one.

Cool stuff.

82. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

Here’s a better, brighter image of one of the new corridor sets… not bad! Bigger than the dark version looked….


83. Dennis Bailey - January 23, 2008

Congratulations, James.

84. Berenixium - January 23, 2008

Congrats to James. :)

Will defnitely be going to see the new movie,

85. Kirk's Girdle - January 23, 2008

So, James. Ummm, how long did you wait outside that door until J.J. just happened to come out. :)

86. Dom - January 23, 2008

Glad to see Mr Cawley’s been brought on to the project. He was the unwitting lightning rod for many of the knuckle-draggers (as opposed to genuine ‘purists’) who were foaming at the mouth against the movie. Now he’s ‘on board,’ the idiot brigade can get lost!

87. Marian Ciobanu - January 23, 2008

-Maybe he will be a cardassian…

88. Dom - January 23, 2008

Oh and congratulations, James!

89. Curt - January 23, 2008

I remember the same concerns with the release of Star Trek: TNG… and look how that turned out.

I’m psyched.

90. The Vulcanista - January 23, 2008

Pretty cool, James! Pretty cool indeed! Congratulations! Please come back and tell us what you can.

Seriously, with all the secrecy on this project, the CIA/FBI/Homeland Security should just “privatize” their operations and subcontract out their duties to Bad Robot.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

91. Kirk's Girdle - January 23, 2008

…this is my fried peanut butter banana sandwich and coffee.

92. Kirk's Girdle - January 23, 2008

Yeah, really. J.J. Abrams could easily run the CIA at this point.

93. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

#70… Cawley comes with a lot less baggage. For one, they don’t have to first ressurrect his character.

94. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

Funny, everyone screamed about the “small dark corridor” shot, but no one comments on the better image of a larger corridor?

95. NCC-73515 - January 23, 2008

I know that I will cry when I see this movie. I know it because I’m crying right now. TREK PHILOSOPHY SAVED
I’ll force all people I know to watch this movie… I’ll point all the 9 phasers I have at them and tie them to the cinema seats :D

96. mctrekkie - January 23, 2008

ok, if James Cawley is in, I am cautiously optimistic.

Love his work

I think It’s great he’s in the movie.

Cameo or speaking part- was that discussed?

Still worried about why they need a casting call for little people…


97. Cheve - January 23, 2008

I want at least 6 hours of documentals in the DVD!

98. SPB - January 23, 2008


“Khan-tucky Rain”

“Want I You, Need I You, Love I You” (sung by a Horta)


“Little Sisko”

“I Got Stunned”

“Wear My IDIC Around Your Neck”

“Blue Suede Shatner”

(Oh, my brain…)

99. Marian Ciobanu - January 23, 2008

– I want to see JAMES starring as cardassian…..seriousely…!!

100. cameron - January 23, 2008

Hey if Mr. Cawley like it I think everyone will too.

101. Kosher Coder - January 23, 2008

I don’t post on here much, but just had to come here to say,
I feel MUCH better.
I trust Cawley’s opinion. I feel much better.

102. Agent 47 - January 23, 2008

Congratulations James…all the best

and a well nice interview too Anthony :)

103. hitch1969© - January 23, 2008

Dear James Cawley,

Of any of the many many folks involved to any degree with Star Trek in any shape or form over the years, yours is a perspective I trust and respect most. You’re a class act. Please don’t ever quit doing New Voyages and I know that you will never deviate from keeping Trek true to what it is and can be.

I’m very happy for you and this chance to be involved in the new movie. And I think it does reflect well of sir JJ himself to openly show you that respect. Enjoy every minute of what you are doing – you have earned it.

What a great week it’s been – the teaser trailer, the OrcSter dropping by, and now James Cawley on board for the new Trek movie. Wow. Old hitch1969 is very very excited and thanks to everyone (including you, BIG DAWG AP) for making this time in Star Trek so fun to look forward to everyday.

You east coast / west coast folks are very much in the happenings of the times, but old hitch1969 out here in the midwest of Windsor Colorado, well there ain’t as much happening in real time out here. Drink beer, chase tail… lather, rinse, repeat. Next thing you know, you’ve got all kinds of child support payments and you’re fat and old and you look for that next thing to keep you going. Thats what old h69 is talking about here.

I think we’ve captured that optimism here today in binary digitalis. At the trek movie.com, preserved on the interwebs for all times. Load it onto a microchip that holds gigaterrabytes of info and send it out into space the final frontier to be discovered by advanced life forms. Thousands of years from today. Right here, right now, just like Van Hagar told us back in the 1990s.

Reminds me of a gal that I used to love. Years ago, and all is lost today, but the memory. But it was real and it was good, and it did happen… contrary to the lack of evidence today to prove it. THAT is what I am talking about, J.C™. THAT is what you bring to our table. We thank you, good sir, for that. And for the memories made.



104. Rainbucket - January 23, 2008

The bridge set is great news, after the scare about everything being green screened.

Asking for a perfectly consistent, canonical, “pure” visual design is asking for a movie with no inspiration, imagination, or artistry. I can’t understand people who get their panties in a bunch about details like the E being built on earth, or uniform hem lines, etc. That stuff didn’t make Star Trek what it was, the characters and greater story arc did.

Nemesis was visually faithful to everything that came before, but had a weak story and poor use of the characters. Fan films often recreate the look exactly but are undermined by unconvincing performances. The writing, direction, and acting make or break Star Trek.

105. Shatner_Fan_2000 - January 23, 2008

93. “For one, they don’t have to first ressurrect his character ”

Oh, you mean that problem we fans seem to find ways of solving here on a daily basis?

106. Sam Belil - January 23, 2008

James Cawley is just passionate about TOS as any harcore TOS fan. The fact that he stated that he would have done the bridge differently proves “HE’S NOT ON THE TAKE”. The fact that he is positive about this project, especially when discussing the uniforms is GREAT!!!. If this is good enough for James Cawley, then for sure it should be good enough for us!!!!

107. Da Big Fire-Chief! - January 23, 2008

Congratulations James! Have fun and enjoy the gig!


Al I can say is a quote:

“A foolish consistency is the hobgolin of … “

108. Tom_Fleetlord - January 23, 2008

I have known James and the NV crew for a few years now and i am very happy he has this role. I was also happy When Jack (Marshall) got the job offer to work on the new BSG. It’s exciting to see people’s hard work and dedication pay off and get some recognition.

But.. the bigger question is what role will Anthony be playing!!!!!!! Or do we have to start a ‘Get Anthony a cameo in Star Trek 2008: campagn LOL

109. Spock's Brain - January 23, 2008


110. hitch1969© - January 23, 2008

six degrees of trekmovie.com:

Shatner—–> Kirk
JC™———> Elvis
Elvis———-> Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell —-> dat pic o’ Sir JJ that BIG DAWG AP uses here
Sir JJ—————> blowing smoke up Shat’s butt
Shat’s butt———> Shatner

See… even without Shatner in the movie, his Katra® somehow is going to be in the movie. Yo OrcSter – hows THAT for creative storytelling??? And everyone’s happy – those who want Shat, those who do not.



111. TomBot2008 - January 23, 2008

Okay, great for James… I’m envious to be sure!!! ;-) The thing is… I still say the Shat will be the “secret” weapon of Star Trek XI, probably dropped in at the last sec, as a cameo or something… *shrug* But I’m not counting on it, nor does it matter that much. The interesting thing is that James seems impressed with the character work by the actors… but until we get the “story” in total… I’m kind of thinking that’s optimism speaking there.

112. Marian Ciobanu - January 23, 2008


113. CW - January 23, 2008

AWESOME!! One more reason to not miss Christmas Day’s opening!! I think JC is great, and look forward to it.
Shatner was great, now all I see is Denny Crane (not a bad thing, he just doesn’t look like Kirk anymore. He looks like DENNY CRANE, and that would be a distraction, for at least me)

114. Doug - January 23, 2008

Okay, I’ve accepted they are going to change the Enterprise, BUT if they change the Romulan Birds of Prey one little iota… then they’ve gone TOO da**ed far! I will walk!!!

I am so kidding!!!!

115. non-belligerency confirmed - January 23, 2008

this interview was more exciting than the trailer, which was fantastic. james’ enthusiasm is infectious.
we assume that anthony was interviewing here, so why don’t we get a few cutaways to him nodding sagely like barbara walters?
i vote anthony’s cameo to be a communications officer, as that is what he has always been to me…

116. Thomas Jensen - January 23, 2008

I think it’s great James is ‘on board’. If he likes the costumes, I’m very interested in seeing them. He’s surely got his knowledge about them from a primary source.

I just wish these N.V. episodes were available for download. Also it would be great if the fans would have access to the music cues from the third season that N.V. has that have never been released to the general public.

Congratulations James!

117. Robert Saint John - January 23, 2008

THANK YOU so much, Anthony and James! Your mutual enthusiasm and clarity were a joy to watch.

118. TheVamp - January 23, 2008

Congratulations, Mr. Cawley… break a leg!

119. S. John Ross - January 23, 2008

Congrats, James Cawley; you definitely earned it.

120. Sean4000 - January 23, 2008

Now I’m shaken. I was okay with the new E being a prequel ship; that I can swallow. But if the TOS time frame has been re imagined then this is a one time view and forget for me. I don’t care how great and grand his sets are.

Good for him that he got a cameo though.

121. rien - January 23, 2008

#82 http://www.sonfishstudios.com/corridor.jpg

Is this really one of the new Enterprise sets?

122. Star Trek XI: Fakten, Gerchte, Infos - Seite 80 - SciFi-Forum - January 23, 2008

[…] Nachdem sich James Cawley (von Star Trek: New Voyages) ja vor einer Weile negativ ber das Design der Enterprise geuert hatte, hat er seine Meinung ber den Film nach einem Setbesuch offenbar gnzlich gendert. In einem Interview-Video berichtete er Trekmovie.com einige sehr interessante Details und wirkt ziemlich euphorisch: James Cawley To Appear In New Star Trek Movie + Talks About Visit To Set | TrekMovie.com […]

123. Captain Presley - January 23, 2008

James, congratulations from one Trek-lovin’ ETA to another! Keep up the great work on STNV. We LOVE them! You have kept TOS fresh and alive.

#65. & #98 SPB – That’s hysterical! I may have to use those in my show sometime.

124. Dr. Image - January 23, 2008

Can ‘ya feel THAT now, Jim baby?!!

Awesome news. James, if it’s good for you, it’s a-ok with me- with my horrible, evil, purist beliefs.

Now they need Andy Bray and John Lim- the REAL new Chekov and Sulu!

125. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

#122… yes, it is… an image from the flickering shots at http://www.ncc1701.com. Looks pretty good!

126. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

#121…. come on… did you REALLY expect to see exact replicas of the TV show sets and models? If I wanted to see that I’d watch the old show.

127. rien - January 23, 2008

thanks, Diabolik.

128. Driver - January 23, 2008

Not to rain on parades, but lotsa stuff gets cut and ends up on “the cutting room floor”.

129. Daniel Broadway - January 23, 2008


Yes it is.

130. Sean4000 - January 23, 2008

No, I expected to see a prequel with different sets that CAME BEFORE TOS and would eventually lead up to TOS at the end of JJ’s run.

131. Ty Webb - January 23, 2008

Good interview. Glad they got him in the film.

132. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

Okay, but I doubt even more primitive sets than the 60’s show TOS era would fly in a big-budget movie….

133. SPB - January 23, 2008


…that STAR TREK XI will feature at least 2.5 Kirks (Pine, Cawley and Mama Kirk’s bun-in-the-oven), but the “real” one will be nowhere to be found.

HOWEVER… if Shatner DOES indeed end up in the film, you KNOW they’ll keep that a secret about a month before release and then BAM! Interest will go through the roof.

134. The Realist - January 23, 2008

Can’t stand STNV – acting is crap and is just good for a laugh, James Crawley….same opinion. “but it is not what I would have done” him saying that makes me even better about this film. JC is a hack.

135. Michael Hall - January 23, 2008

“Oh, you mean that problem we fans seem to find ways of solving here on a daily basis?”

That would depend on what your definition of ‘solving’ is. :-)

“No, I expected to see a prequel with different sets that CAME BEFORE TOS and would eventually lead up to TOS at the end of JJ’s run.”

I feel for you, but given the realities of technological change since 1966 and a budget that’s greater than all of the TOS episodes and movies combined, that was never a very realistic expectation. OTOH, why not see the film yourself before deciding that the changes are more than you can live with? Urban has described the new production design as a ‘high def-stereo” take on the original, and Cawley’s opinion, as he himself has pointed out, is just that–one man’s opinion.

If what you’re willing to do for the love of this franchise counts for anything, no one deserved this opportunity to ‘live the dream’ more than James Cawley. My sincere congratulations.

136. hitch1969© - January 23, 2008

Look…. old h69 is going to roll it to the homies pure an simple. An listen up, cuz you ain’t gwine wanna miss THIS: The fact of the matter is, in reading all the comments and speculation, and the “I’m in IF…”, or “if no THIS, then I’m not in” etc etc, the reality is that this new movie will either deliver or it won’t. It’s going to be a massive success, or a massive failure. No in between for this one.

Since 2006, I’ve not seen ONE shred of evidence that would indicate that this new movie won’t be a SLAM DUNK home run. Dat’s what dat bloke Kirk Russell and the likes of the OrcSter™ are bringing. In fact, not only are they bringing it, but they are also singing it. And it’s sweet music to the Trek fan’s ears my friends. Have no doubt – this movie is going to work. It will be massively successful. And ALL the doubters – and I’m even talking the Stanky McFibberich’s of the scene – I promise all of you – in one year’s time – they’re gonna look back at these days and these doubts and wonder what the fuss was all about, having seen the best Star Trek movie – nay I say perhaps better than – since Trek II.

Mark my words. Old h69 never overpromises and he always delivers. IN ONE YEAR PLEASE COME BACK TO THIS COMMENT AND QUOTE ME. Heck, do it now for that matter. It will not change what is, and what is to be. Mark my words.

There’s a buzz happening here and it’s so happening, so euphoric – some would say that the man made equivalent perhaps being that of the coke and smack speedball – It’s gonna make your heart pound with excitement until it explodes! It’s gonna make you chill so deep that your respiratory functions cease! ALL AT THE SAME time! Speedballs, baby. Just ask Belushi.

The only difference being that speedballs eventually kill you. This is a more natural high – therefore a safer, healthier high. Listen, man… what was the Bible – storytelling. Then you got the King James version, the Motel 6 version, the Hebrew version – etc and etc, you dig – all variations of the same great story being told in slightly different ways through the ages, you follow? But the story never really changes, and its intergenerational. Star Trek Generations. Do you see the intersection of the ideas here people?

Of course you do. WHO showed it to you? Old h69, baby. Peace out, bretheren.



137. Q - January 23, 2008

I love that JJ-san knew who James-san was! That is so cool. Did JJ-san ever watch New Voyages? Well, I guess he must have considering he knew him. If he did watch, many, many props.

Congrats on the part in the new movie, btw James-san!

138. theARE - January 23, 2008

#134 Whatever you feel about James and NV, you can not possibly doubt his attention to detail in both set and costume design.

You may have a problem with his acting or the acting of his cast, but the sets and costumes are as authentic as they could possibly get.

The guy knows his stuff.

139. Sean4000 - January 23, 2008

The E 1701 being built on the ground. Fine.
Having a new cast playing younger versions of the crew. Fine.
Having a different 1701 in a time BEFORE TOS. Fine.
Even if the design looks more modern that TOS. Fine. Enterprise did the same thing and I was okay with it.

I am NOT FINE with them overlapping classic trek with these new people. If it’s a prequel then let it be a prequel. Leave TOS alone. Kurtzman and Orci are good writers, they don’t need to re-write anything. I would hope that this/these new movie/movies have a logical tie into the classic series. This should be known as JJ’s time in the academy years of the TOS crew.

If they’re going to tell us that TOS is now being rewritten with this new style and character set then TELL US IT”S A REBOOT AND THE BEGINNING OF TREK REVISION B.

BTW, the 60’s style and design aesthetic held up flawlessly on Enterprise’s “In A Mirror Darkly.” Don’t anyone tell me the style is outdated and can’t be accurately reproduced because Eden FX did it, and they did in in spades.

The retro-futuristic Defiant sure did a number on the “modern revisionist” Avenger. ;)

140. The Vulcanista - January 23, 2008

#115: “i vote anthony’s cameo to be a communications officer, as that is what he has always been to me… ”

Perfect occupation for our Bringer-of-All-Things-Trek. Too bad the shirts are red. Oh, well, not many comm officers get blown to smithereens on Trek. I guess he’ll be okay.

Can someone run Anthony over to wardrobe for his fitting?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

141. Adam - January 23, 2008

Hitch, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around. Welcome back (?).

It’s great that Crawley is supportive of the project now, hopefully other ‘purists’ will follow suit.

142. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

I think after we see the ideas and style of TOS sets and ships amped up to a current-day level of bidget and effects, many will start to say “that’s the way it was in the series, they just couldn’t show it back then.” Just like the Klingon improvements made in TMP.

We’ll accept it as the way it was, and was meant to be, and enjoy our old Trek brought up to today’s standards. Big, bold and exciting! And the “canon” question will be forgotten.

143. Michael Hall - January 23, 2008

“JC is a hack.”

Whatever the virtues or faults of NV, Cawley clearly loves what he does. That he invests a great deal of time and effort into a production for which he receives no recompense is beyond dispute. Since the definition of a ‘hack’ is someone who churns out work with no care for money, your characterization is not only needlessly rude, but inapt.

144. Woulfe - January 23, 2008

Okay, no need to worry about the new film at all anymore.

– W –
* Happy Fan *

145. Sean4000 - January 23, 2008

“JC is a hack.”

Almost as bad as my Challenger reference but not quite.

146. nscates - January 23, 2008

@139 …..”BTW, the 60’s style and design aesthetic held up flawlessly on Enterprise’s “In A Mirror Darkly.” Don’t anyone tell me the style is outdated and can’t be accurately reproduced because Eden FX did it, and they did in in spades. ”

I don’t believe the question was whether it COULD be done but whether it SHOULD be done. I am withholding judgement until I see the film.

147. AJ - January 23, 2008

Paramount/JJ have quite a bit to gain from this. First of all, it’s like a 5-year old getting to ride with Santa Claus. What a story for the press. It’s DVD extra material.

Also, it gets a storied Trekker “inside” the set, and he has JJ’s ear. It provides the fanbase with an ally inside, but who is now contractually obligated to not spill beans. Cawley can be a strategic ally for staged leaks, and perhaps will show up on the “Blank Screen” once in a while.

The “hand of fate” indeed.

148. hitch1969© - January 23, 2008

is JC™ in the writer’s union? Is he crossing the picket lines? I don’t know, and please school me on this whole strike thing, OrcSter™, please. I have a hard time understanding it all. Remember, this is old h69 in rural Colorado. About the best way for me to identify with this is by way of analogy to something that I know. Let’s take new home construction for example because that’s big out here. SO you’ve got an engineer who makes a blue print for a house. Then you’ve got all these plumbers, electricians, etc doing their thing to complete the house. OK. House is done – these dudes have been paid. House is sold. 5 years later, it’s sold again, and this happens many times down the road… the house keeps generating revenue for someone. NOW- the idea is – the the dude who drew the plans for the house – and maybe also the specialized construction dudes too – should get ancillary percentages of the profit each time the house is sold to a new buyer?

Looks like old h69 might have a future out here organizing the various trade unions and coordinating the strikes. What do ya think, baybeeeee? Of course, I will give a percentage to the writers union for setting the precedent. Call it a royalty, brotha!



149. Sean4000 - January 23, 2008

@146 “I don’t believe the question was whether it COULD be done but whether it SHOULD be done. I am with holding judgement until I see the film.”

I’m waiting until X-Mas too. Final thoughts will be made then.

150. star trackie - January 23, 2008

#142 “We’ll accept it as the way it was, ”

No, I’ll accept is as the way it is.now, as the direct result of an altered timeline.

151. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2008

James Cawley in the new Trek = Elvis
(Sorry, 49, 65, 73, & 110, but I did say that first here days ago) ; )

Plus I can’t help but remark that Mr. Cawley did NOT just happen to meet JJ on the lot accidentally, HE WAS THERE FOR THE MEETING.

But Kudos anyhow. It is very nice to read new articles about the movie everyday though. THANKS TREKMOVIE!!!

Diabolik. WHERE did that image come from again? Looks very light on design lighting and concept. I hope that’s not real.

Oh, and I still say the bridge will be much larger than TOS.
And if there ARE no buttons on the bridge consols, I will be VERY dispointted in you, James.

152. Go Spock! - January 23, 2008


153. Diabolik - January 23, 2008

#151… It’s been seen on the flickering images on http://www.nnc1701.com.

And JC said he was there for another meeting unrelated to the new movie and ran across JJ as he was passing the soundstages.

154. Andy Patterson - January 23, 2008

Maybe Cawley’ll be an Andorian and since he’s ever the purest he’ll insist they put the antenae on the back of his head. Which would delight me.

155. non-belligerency confirmed - January 23, 2008

i’ll admit that JC was a bit of showoff and sometimes went overboard during the sermon on the mount, but hack? that’s hardly appropriate for the dude who made crucifiction a househould word…
wait a minute. unless you mean james cawley. he’s no hack either. he’s a fan like us.

156. Closettrekker - January 23, 2008

#37–Roddenberry created Kirk while JJ was in diapers, not William Shatner. How could you think that? Bill did not create Kirk any more than George Reeve created Superman/Clark Kent!

157. pcg - January 23, 2008

I’m just glad Shatner’s not in it.

158. Ron - January 23, 2008

#105: Yeah, that one. Of all those ways you’ve come up with, if you happen to find one that a.) actually makes sense, b.) doesn’t rely on knowledge of a fourteen year old movie that most non-Trek fans probably never saw or don’t remember, c.) doesn’t feel shoehorned into the script, and d.) doesn’t read like bad fanfic, let us know.

159. Olaf - January 23, 2008

okay – James says, that the Set has changed…

But if JJA refitted the Visual-Gadged from Mr. Sulu´s Console and Uhura´s Ear-Plug out of the Movie – I will start WW3 against JJA and “the planet Hollywood” !!! Some things shouldn´t change!!! NEVER!!! EVER !!!

And the uniforms…. ? James said something about the “fitting” of the uniform as he wear it… sounds like the TNG Spandex-Material…

Greetings from Germany to the rest of the world…

160. S. John Ross - January 23, 2008

#156: Actors always create their characters to some extent, especially when they originate them. George Reeves did in fact create a version of Superman, in collaboration with the show’s writers and directors. His creation is less distinct than Shatner’s only because other versions of Superman existed and were popular prior to the version Reeves created, while no version of Kirk existed prior to Shatner (and even still, there’s a generation of Reeves fans for whom his version will always be “the” Superman). Chris Pine will be in a position closer to Reeves, since he’ll be creating a James Kirk that some folks will inevitably compare to the prior versions … but Chris Pine will still be _creating_ the character to some extent, because that’s part of what an actor does. A new actor playing Sherlock Holmes today is, in part, tasked to create that character anew.

The level of contribution varies and depends a lot on how much leeway the actor is allowed and how many of their own creative choices make the final cut, but in some cases it can be very major (for example, had someone besides Brent Spiner played Data, he may well have been a Vulcan as originally intended, but he took an active role in character creation, one that another actor might not have taken, or would have taken differently).

I don’t think we’ll ever know to what extent Kirk was created by each of the many people responsible, but a TV character is almost never created by one person, and it’s certainly fair game to credit Shatner as a “creator” of Jim Kirk, if certainly not the only creator.

161. nscates - January 23, 2008

@ 160 – well said.

162. D.J. - January 23, 2008

Congratulations James! I enjoyed the great trekmovie.com interview and I hope other purists wil take note of your comments. I agree that it has been wrong for some to think nobody but the original actors could pay these characters. I love the original cast and over the last 30 years have met or at least seen each of them in person at least once but wih the right casting the characters can live on through many generations of actors and productions. I am dumbfounded by those who oppose a reimagining of the sets, etc

163. Bill Cox - January 23, 2008

James has done a lot to keep Trek in the public eye since there has been no official productions for several years, and I salute him for that. But landing a role in the the upcoming movie is the icing on the cake. Congratulations, James!

164. Jack - January 23, 2008

James is one of us at heart. If he is excited and happy about JJ’s vision then so am I. I actually got to visit the Next Gen sets many years ago and the experience was something that will be with me forever.

165. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2008

If Chris Pine does not incorporate Shatner’s style is some way, at least two or three times throughout the movie, I WILL be dissapointed.

Who could ever forget the way Shatner always played it over the top?
Spock!…Transmit now! (STTMP) or, in another classic moment… Miramony!!!! (Paradise Syndrome)

166. Closettrekker - January 23, 2008

#43–We’ll see.

#62–I hope so. I am not comfortable sometimes with all of this polarization going on when we have something so potentially wonderful to look forward to. Someone on another thread mentioned, “two camps”. I cringed. How horrible. There are too many good things about this project already for there to be so much anger and second-guessing of things we have yet to see.

#70–Well, so much for calming the naysayers.

#80–A step in the right direction, Ivory, I’ll give you that. Of course it won’t be the same. How could it be? It hasn’t been for a long time, with or without Bill. At least Mr. Crawley has given us some hope about how the new cast is handling their iconic roles. Sounds good.

#104–Excellent point of view.

#105–You only solve it in your minds. Most of the time it leaves too big of a mess, and none of it has ever once been proven to be crucial to JJ’s story (especially since we do not yet know what it is). All you do is tell him that “yours” is the story he should tell, and that he “must’ find a way to use a certain actor. Well, Paramount did not give you an estimated $135 million to make a Star Trek movie. They did give that budget to JJ, though. Should it not live or die on his ideas? Or should he put its future in your hands? I think the answer is clear. He should not allow armchair quarterbacks to influence his art. Otherwise, it isn’t really his.

#146–My thoughts exactly, but this news just reaffirms my faith in the upcoming film. I think it’s great.

I’ve started to believe the earlier reports (rumors) that Bill stated he would not take a cameo role in the film. If JJ would go out of his way to do this for a popular fan-film maker, then it is certainly plausible that he would have found a spot for Bill, eventually (outside of the Kirk character). Now that Bill has hurled insults at JJ, I think he has probably shut that door in his own face.

167. Closettrekker - January 23, 2008

#160–I certainly disagree. You do not audition for a part and then create it. Kirk is Roddenberry’s character, just as Hamlet belongs to Shakespeare, no matter who played him first. You can say that Bill added to the character, thus helping it evolve, but “creating” and “evolving” are two distinctly different things.

168. Lancelot Narayan - January 23, 2008

I couldn’t help smiling all the way through that interview! Smiling ’til it hurt. Great news JC.

169. NK - January 23, 2008

Hey… Did u give a tip or two to Chris Pine. And one more thing Jim. Whatever happens, DON’T WEAR the RED SHIRT!!!

170. Bono Luthor - January 23, 2008

I hope the uniforms keep the yellow/blue/red differentiation of TOS.

171. Jan - January 23, 2008

I think we need an update on the casting list. James Cawley, Randy Pausch, Anthony Vitale (if he’s actually not only seen in the teaser)…

172. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - January 23, 2008

So Here’s what I think we know:

The uniforms will apparently be very true to TOS

The sets and interiors will be quite dfferent but stunning and more spacious

The Ship looks much more like the TMP E, with TOS style engines and flourishes

The new ship is enormous. Prob about 800-900 meters which means we can kick the crap out of The Galactica or a Star Destroyer (not that we couldn’t do so already based on guile and phaser power)

So far so good !!!!!!!

173. Classic trek - January 23, 2008

well if james is impressed thats got to be good news for classic trek fans like me. this guy is a purist so it must be good if he’s excited about it.

good news indeed


174. Da Big Fire-Chief! - January 23, 2008

James was at Paramount with another person regarding other business unrelated to the JJ Abrams encounter. The other person there was Marc Zicree as he says on his new podcast.

You can hear it and/or subscibe at http://zicreesimkins.wordpress.com/

175. lodownX - January 23, 2008

I’m really glad for James. If you’re reading this congrats.
Everyone who checks this site daily knows who you are and has to be ecstatic for you. You’ve officially landed in Gene’s universe James. good on ya. cheers from Canada.

176. Harry Ballz - January 23, 2008

#172 Lord Garth “So far so good!”

Right, now all they need to do is slap a dead rat on Pine’s head and the illusion will be complete! :)

177. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - January 23, 2008

nice. Very nice. Glad to hear he got not only to see the set, but to be in the movie as well…..


178. jon1701 - January 23, 2008

Fantastic Interview.

My excitement levels for this new movie just went up to eleven.

Congrats, James.

179. Riverside - January 23, 2008

Congrats James,

And WHY are a few twisting this into a Shatner thread? Good or bad… this story isn’t about him.

180. KHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN! - January 23, 2008

Okay, I finaly got a chance to watch the video (it’s blocked at work). I am absolutly GIDDY!!! What a fantastic interview. Nice job!!! Keep up the good work!

181. ShawnP - January 23, 2008

#176 – LOL! I literally laughed out loud. :-)

182. Scott - January 23, 2008

Aww…Cawley sold out to the MAN!

Fight the Power!!!

Seriously, congratulations James. As someone said above, it’s like a kid getting tapped by Santa to help deliver toys on Christmas Eve.

I’m looking forward to looking for you in the movie. Too bad about the writer’s strike, or they could give you a throwaway line like, “No, ensign, that button should be GREEN.”

And I’m glad you’re digging the uniforms!

Scott B. out.

183. Greg2600 - January 23, 2008

Incredible! James Cawley is like Star Trek’s version of Ben Stiller, the game is everywhere. Glad he was so enthusiastic. Sheesh, the question soon is who isn’t going to be in this movie? D’oh, oh yeah, Shatner. J.J. has two Kirks out of three. It’s really have your cake and eat it to if he could have brought in Shatner. But man, that would have been a great cake! :(

184. K. Kirby - January 23, 2008

They probably won’t be continuing the red shirt tradition. More likely the ill-fated crewmember will have a look of doom about him. Cawley looks like he could easily wind up inside a carniverous plant.

185. VOODOO - January 23, 2008

James is the man!!!

Mr Cawley imho has done more to keep Star Trek alive than the last three series combined.

I’d go as far as saying his New Voyages episode with George Takei was among the best Star Trek of the last 15 years.

I trust your opinion on the new film and the cast.

ps: Hey James, tell your buddy J.J. that VOODOO said he should slip Shatner into the new movie + good luck on the new film. I’m sure you will have a blast.

186. Mark Anton - January 23, 2008

I’m glad that James Cawley is impressed with the new movie. I’m equally glad that he is going to be in it. He definitely deserves to be a part of it, and I truly believe that his New Voyages series effectively demonstrated that these classic parts could be played by other actors. I’m sure that J.J. Abrams and company must have realized this after watching Cawley’s series– and helped give them the confidence to go forward with their project. May this new Star trek movie live long and prosper, and may James Cawley and New Voyages continue to do what they do so well. It is very exciting to be a Star Trek fan right now, and I’ve been there since the very beginning. As a young kid I remember sitting in front of the TV watching TOS in prime time. It aired on Friday nights, by the way.

187. J. Parker - January 23, 2008

Hi, Anthony and James, thanks for the report. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Now, some of you may know the syndicated radio reporter Mike Evans; I’ll provide the link below. His report made the rounds yesteerday.

Here’s what he wrote, but take it with a grain of salt — how much of this film has been filmed? Who did he talk to? Same for Harry Potter, which he said on my local station “Not one of the better [movies]”


Mike wrote (and as he asked, don’t send the guy hate e-mail); no publicity is bad publicity — maybe):

Here’s some early scoop on some upcoming movies people are talking about and the early grades from insiders …

Opening January 25, The new Rambo with Sylvester Stallone. This time Rambo is living in the mountains of Thailand, and plays a humanitarian helping missionaries deliver medicine to needy kids, but he has to pass through a gauntlet of danger! (3 stars)

Opening May 22nd, the new Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull starring Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchette. The scoop is, it’s really good! (3 stars)

Opening July 18th The Dark Knight is the new Batman flick with Christian Bale as Batman, and Heath Ledger is the new Joker! (3 stars)

And Opening November 21st Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (3 stars)

It’s not all good news. I hear the new Star Trek movie with Leonard Nimoy and without William Shatner, could be a huge bomb! Please, all you TREKIES, don’t write me any hate mail!

188. Buckaroohawk - January 23, 2008

Watching Cawley’s interview reminded me of a similar situation from a few years back, when Sci-Fi was premiering the new Battlestar Galactica. Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original series, had been trying to re-launch his own version of BSG for years with no luck. Hatch was dead-set against the new series and seemed genuinely unimpressed with the mini-series.

Then he got a call from Ron Moore to visit the set, and was later offered the role of political dissident Tom Zarek. After seeing the production in action and working on the show himself, Hatch had a big change of heart and embraced the new show, saying that while it wasn’t his Galactica he was excited to be a part of the new BSG.

Cawley’s words sound very much the same. I’m glad he had a chance to really see what Abrams’ and his crew are doing and I’m really glad he got a chance to tell us about it. I’m so damn jealous of him!

And finally, a question. Anthony, is that you off-camera conducting the interview with Cawley? If so, I’m jealous of you, too. All this inside info you’re getting…you must be bursting at the seams!

189. Rainbucket - January 23, 2008

I shouldn’t feed the Shatner hijacks, but this is pretty far down the commentary…

When Spock was brought back from the dead, an entire movie was dedicated to it.

If Shatner’s Kirk were brought back from death, it should not be set in a movie that’s about something else in a different time period. A major character coming back to life should not be treated lightly. It would cheapen the entire series, worse than changing someone back from a salamander during commercial break.

190. Anthony Pascale - January 23, 2008

J. Parker…Mike Evans is the same guy who reported last month that “Shatner says he hopes the film bombs”…something I haven’t been able to confirm. He is probably just repeating that

RE: is that me
Yes all video interviews for TrekMovie.com are done by me.

191. Vulcan927 - January 23, 2008

Great interview…James, congratulations. Has my green blood burning & heart pumping for the new release! :-)

192. Crusty McCoy - January 23, 2008

I’ve never seen this man’s New Voyages but I was impressed by his enthusiam for JJ’s film. It all sounds so good and so right, and I know I’m going to enjoy the movie when it comes out, but I just can’t help think that without Shatner it’s gonna feel incomplete. I know most of you have accepted his absence and are happy with the way things are going, but I really believe his particpation in the film would be the icing on the cake and make this film the ultimate Star Trek we’ve been waiting for.

193. Q - January 23, 2008

It will be a great movie! You can tell that the buzz is fantastic! (news reports,etc.) Nemesis came and went with a wimper, but, this movie is getting great press and p.r. and I think that Nimoy’s involvement proves that it is true to the story, Nimoy would not be involved if it did not. It will be fantastic!

194. Magic_Al - January 23, 2008

It would be a lot of fun if the movie has a gag where Cawley is the first person we see in the captain’s chair, like this is the new Kirk, then it turns out he’s the night watch or something.

195. PhilDee - January 23, 2008

Ref. the uniforms, James Cawley said that “When I saw the look of what he was going for, he’s got it. “, that to me DOESN’T mean that the TOS uniforms have been reproduced. This is set BEFORE what we’ve seen already so there’s no reason that the crew would be wearing the same uniforms, in fact you could argue that if they are wearing anything that we’ve seen before it wouldn’t be the black collared uniforms that we’re used to seeing Kirk (Shatner & James Cawley) in but the uniform that Pike wore in The Cage.
As a full-blooded Trekkie I’m still a little unsure about what’s going to be produced but I’ll give it a chance!!

196. Paperback Rider - January 23, 2008

I really don’t like New Voyages, but I am glad that a self-styled “purist” can put aside nostalgia and embrace a bigger Trek. I do like that he admitted that they were cruising by the sound stage trying to catch whatever they could. There is now way he would accidently walk right by the production and not know what they were filming inside.

197. Stanky McFibberich - January 23, 2008

Read the article. Decided not to read the comments for now so as not to influence my reaction to what I read.

I like how his comments are complimentary, yet he took the time to point out that he would have done things differently. He doesn’t really reveal how things are different, and that he bought into some of it, but not all.

Glad to see he is not going all ga-ga over it just because he was given a role. Most of the other people who have been involved in the production to any degree have pretty much just been spewing out the “It’s-great-no-matter-what” lines.

I have no doubt that much of what they are doing could be considered “spectacular” according to some point-of-view. Whether or not that will be according to my own remains to be seen.

Odds are I will not agree with much of what they do when it comes to this “Star Trek”, but I appreciated the way Mr. Cawley presented his point-of-view on the goings-on as much as he could.

198. Intrepid - January 23, 2008

seriously, that corridor looks like it has a limbo pole going through it…


on second thought, maybe its just the angle…

199. WannaBeatle - January 23, 2008

I like that James Cawley kid, he seems to be pretty damned cool. He’s one lucky guy to be in his position right now.

200. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

He really needs to work on the hair color though. Looks utterly fake.

201. NCC-73515 - January 23, 2008

I gave the link to the teaser to a lot of people. Most replied that they’re not interested in Star Trek and never will be. How could you possibly change that? Most of the people I know think I’m just crazy about trek (crazy in a negative meaning) and don’t want to see anything about the new movie :(

202. Viking - January 23, 2008

Finally got to watch the vid (damned field laptop – I do computer and network support in the field for a living, and you’d think that if they’d give me a friggin’ portable with Sprint wireless and all the audio hardware built in, they’d also make sure it had SPEAKERS BUILT IN!!!!!!!!!).


Anthony, that was one (dare I say it) fascinating interview. Being somewhat circumspect, it doesn’t surprise me that J.J. might ask Cawley what he thought after each take. Most of the behind-the-camera principals from TOS have long since moved on, and Cawley himself admits he’s a purist. Given the amount of resources he’s poured into preserving the TOS legacy, and the notoriety he’s garnered in the process, he’s probably as close to a walking Wikipedia on the subject as Abrams will find. The whole ‘chance encounter’ aspect of it makes the needle on my B.S. meter flutter a little, but that’s not a hair worth splitting. For whatever reasons, he worked at it, and he got rewarded. The American Dream, baby. ;-)

203. Ban An Appeal - January 23, 2008

Very cool. I respect James’ opinion because he IS a purist, as I am. I’m really hoping I’ll love this movie. All this hype and build up for a two hour film…could any version really live up to it? Probably not initially but with the passage of time I hope those in the negative camp will warm up to it and accept it for what it is.

The teaser is superb. If the rest of the film is of the same quality I think we’ll have a winner, and I can hardly wait.

204. I AM THX-1138 - January 23, 2008

Well, for me that would seem to seal it. Extraordinary coolness being exhibited by JJ Abrams towards Cawley. This obviously shows that JJ is not an insulated film-maker. He is aware of the world of Star Trek, it’s fans and it’s goings on. And he IS respectful of it, to boot. We all, as fans, have been offered an olive branch of trust and good faith through the person of James Cawley by Abrams. I interpret it as a way of saying that the respect for the original series is there. The man must be allowed to make the movie he envisions now.

And my respect for James Cawley has gone up about 5 dozen notches. I wasn’t purely a detractor though, as I straddled the fence when it came to his production. WEaT was excellent Trek, but some other offerings were uneven at best. I also didn’t like his initial comments about the Enterprise about a month ago. But after hearing that interview, I like the guy. And I don’t think he wasoffered a part just to get good publicity and to win skeptics over. I think that JJ genuinely respects James and his love of Star Trek. And who couldn’t respect one person’s single-minded devotion?

JJ and James, I am still waiting for the call to be a sacrificial red-shirt. At no expense. Call Anthony, he has my e-mail.

205. NCC-73515 - January 23, 2008

I hope for a 3 h movie… EPIC

206. Ali - January 23, 2008

I am still betting there will be a double decker bridge set

207. Gravitic Yours - January 23, 2008

Mr Cawley,

You are truly living your dream and it shows on your face. Good luck to you, sir!

208. Rainbucket - January 23, 2008

#198 It’s the angle, there’s a railing along the walls. From the near corner on the right it juts out far enough to appear to cross the corridor behind it.

The corridors are supposed to be from a camera during construction, so these would be the “unfinished” look.

209. JB - January 23, 2008

Okay, so the sets are cool, the cast is young and beautiful, the E looks close enough, Nimoy’s on board – so far, so good. Now gimme a good script. More often than not, the script is the weak link. Most of the ST films were, IMO, mediocre stories compared to the original premise and what it had to offer. No space opera, no cheesy Kobayashi Maru scenes, please. Getting the characters right, with so much prior work and history to draw from, is important but ultimately not the measure of success. ST will truly be reborn and reinvigorated if this movie gives us a real science fiction story that both entertains as compelling drama and makes us think. If they can do that, the franchise is in good hands. But good SF is typically hard to write. And from what we’ve heard about the script so far, which, granted, is not much, I’m skeptical.

210. sean - January 23, 2008


So his ‘insiders’ gave every movie 3 stars? Including Rambo (a film each and every person on this planet knows will be dog feces). Can’t say I’m terribly worried about his opinion.

211. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2008

174. Da Big Fire-Chief!
[James was at Paramount with another person regarding other business unrelated to the JJ Abrams encounter. The other person there was Marc Zicree as he says on his new podcast.]

Then we have caught James in a LIE already!

In the interview he mentions it was a “SHE” the he was accompanying on a walk through the lot. (See comment @ 1:40)

tisk, tisk James. Has fame goes to your head so quickly?
Please do’nt stop what your doing on New Voyages either! I hope Paramont is going to offer you a deal on more. Think of what you could do with just 1% of Trek XIs budget!

Nice analysis too, (#188) Buckaroohawk!

212. Chirs M - January 23, 2008

I would give anything to be in James situation right now!

Set design sounds awesome and sounds like the uniforms are gonna look great as well. It’s good to hear those kinds of things from someone who has seen shooting take place. Oh and it sounds like the performances of the actors are great as well.

I just get more and more excited about this movie as each passing day goes by.

213. Jabob Slatter - January 23, 2008

I don’t think New Voyages is that great, but I think Cawley has done a terrific job with much of it. I don’t care for the term “purist” however. To me it just means stuck in the 60s. Abrams is smart enough to know better than to emulate a low budget look.

But congrats to Jim! That must be very exciting. He seems like a nice guy and I’m glad for him.

214. T Negative - January 23, 2008

This whole “Suddenly there’s JJ Abrams” thing isn’t cutting it with me. I have a feeling Abrams invited him to the set. It sounds too good to be true and made up.

Either way I’m jealous. :)

215. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - January 23, 2008


If Pine’s hair is like his pappy’s he might just need it in the next 10 years!!!

216. Magnetized - January 23, 2008

Get over it, folks.

Fate has a wonderful way of happening. I believe Mr. Cawley’s story.

217. Rastaman - January 23, 2008

Exciting news. James is among the purist of the pure when it comes to being faithful to the Original Series. If he endorses JJ, then I am fully onboard.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled!

218. steve adams - January 23, 2008

Like most, I’m reeal happy to hear the uniforms will pretty much stay the same. They totally pulled off the retro-uniforms on Enterprise’s 2-parter “in a Mirror Darkly” they looked great.
Its very incouraging to get Cawleys indorsment on this. I’m betting he dosnt get a Red-shirt because he will also have parts in the sequels.

Thanks Anthony for this great interview. !

219. OR Coast Trekkie - January 23, 2008

Keep in mind folks, the uniforms are going to be similar to those we saw in “The Cage” and of Finnegan’s uniform in “Shore Leave.” Now, I don’t recall seeing a red shirt in “The Cage.” Was there one? I realize that people are talking in jest about putting Cawley in a red uni… but SHOULD there be red uni’s in this?

Off topic: I wonder if that’s how they figured out how to kill Spock: put EVERYBODY in red.

220. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2008

219. OR Coast Trekkie

[Off topic: I wonder if that’s how they figured out how to kill Spock: put EVERYBODY in red. ]


Hope not. I was not impressed with those spy pics from a month ago.

221. Blowback - January 23, 2008

I look forward to the continued efforts of the Trek team to ease us into their “take” on the original series. Maybe Trek’s future is in good hands.

It’s too early to tell of course but at least the signs are positive so far…

222. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

That blond hair on Cawley’s head really has me puzzled.

Hasn’t anyone told him that it just screams out BAD DYE JOB?

I should know.

223. I AM THX-1138 - January 23, 2008

Just got back from checking my in-box.

JJ? James? I’m ready! Hello?

(is this thing plugged in?)

224. longwinded - January 23, 2008

#36 Too funny man, too funny.

So instead of the Shat we get James C.? I’m cool with that. So if or when they bring ST back to tv James could have a real shot at being in it. They could do “ST: After TMP Wonder Years”. That’s an area that has some potential.

But seriousily, after all James has done, the time & money he’s spent he deserves a reward like this. Now as long as it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor is another matter…I’m kidding. Good luck James.

225. Falvoant - January 23, 2008

There was indeed RED Shirts in the cage …also Blue and Gold…they are very pale they can be seen clearly in the remastered version the regular TV series had deteriated on the true greyscale and thus such suttle colors cant be seen well.
I have never known James to Embelish or BS anybody
he dosnt have to.
Any other fanfilm actors been asked by an established studio to do real work??
I can’t wait to see this movie now

226. Harry Ballz - January 23, 2008

#222 Edith Keeler “That blond hair on Cawley’s head”

You’ve got that right! He looks like he stepped off the set of a Beach Blanket Bingo movie. Let’s hope JJ gives him a trim before they start shooting! Yikes!! :)

227. Stanky McFibberich - January 23, 2008

After reading and viewing the Cawley material above, I must admit my curiosity got the better of me and I went to the New Voyages site and watched “World Enough and Time.”

I was surprised at how it held my interest and was entertaining. It’s hard to suspend disbelief with some of the acting, but all-in-all it was better than previous outings (which I never watched in the entirety.) I’m no big George Takei fan and I thought his costume was, well, “not the way I would have done it” ;) ….but Mr. Takei did a nice job with this. Christina Moses was quite fetching, I must say, as his daughter.

Kind of a strange hybrid of original sets, good-but too “modern” effects, and a combination of sixties and non-sixties style production and performance.

Having seen the preview for the next installment, I can’t say I’m really anxious to see that (or that Koenig one), though.

On a related note, I would very much like to see the conclusion to the Exeter episode. I like that idea better than watching people try to play Kirk and Spock, etc.

I’ll tell you what, though. I give Mr. Cawley and company credit for their efforts at making this production respectful to the original ship and set designs and coming up with an entertaining story. A definite step above the average “fan film.” All-in-all I enjoyed watching it.

228. Captain Dunsel - January 23, 2008

Not trying to trash Mr. Cawley here but this is the first thing JJ has done that worries me a lot. Up until now he has been casting the most credible and talented actors available. Not a crowd Mr. Cawley has much in common with.

Mr. Cawley gets a real salute for everything he does except as an actor. I suspect one of two things will happen: JJ will either do take after take after take trying to get a barely passable performance out of him or he’ll end up on the cutting room floor. I doubt the latter.

229. Xai - January 23, 2008

Ok, who’s pretending to be Stanky? A positive post?

230. D. McCoy - January 23, 2008

It is somewhat weird how much Cawley has flipped on his purist point of view. There’s quite a bit praise for AJ in the interview. Almost too much.

Like how you sudenly love your job after getting a raise.

231. Stanky McFibberich - January 23, 2008

re: 229 Xai

Listen, Bucco, I can be positive about things I’m positive about. ;)

In this case, I just pointed out the aspects of The New Voyage episode that I liked, as well as some of those I was not that thrilled with. If you want to take that as some new-found positivity, then so be it.

You might notice that I did not really mention the “movie”.

But if you are looking for me to become the same type of Abrams bootlicker as some of the people who inhabit this site, then you will be sorely disappointed, Mojambo.

232. chrispikeswheelchair - January 23, 2008

Wow, I have to say after watching the interview w/E…er I mean JC, & reading all the comments, my excitement on the new film is doubled. Don’t know how much of a speaking part (if any) this would be due to the writer’s strike unless it was already a secondary or background character written in the script but it’s great!

NOw we have to look for James Cawley & Dr. Randy Paucsh (on the bridge) from Carnagie Mellon in the film- a great lecture I might add!

Anthony thanks for that story posting last week-watched the entire thing and was captivated. Congrats to James again!!!!!!!!

233. Eidith Keeler - January 23, 2008

What’s with that comb-across on Cawley?

Is that his real hair.

He does have a great talent for recreating sets and costumes, but the New Voyages episodes are terrible.

I do appreciate his enthusiasm, and hope that he’s not being used as a tool to generate fan support.


234. Christopher - January 23, 2008

Now that I’ve seen this interview and have heard James Cawley’s opinion about it, I have no worries.

235. OR Coast Trekkie - January 23, 2008

I can’t imagine Cawley having any more than 3-4 lines. I’d imagine he’d be one of the engineering assistants, or a security guy, or his voice call the captain while he is in a meeting with the senior staff…

236. Harry Ballz - January 23, 2008

# 231 Stanky “Listen, Bucco……then you will be sorely disappointed, Mojambo”

Well, which is it, Bucco or Mojambo?? :)

237. Driver - January 23, 2008

Every S.T. film must have its cringe moment(s).

238. Darth Quixote - January 23, 2008

Good call, Edith. I can’t stand Cawley’s “Jim Carrey-inspired” take on Kirk. Does anybody else remember that old In Living Color skit? Cawley should stick to producing, directing and anything else that keeps him off screen.

239. Sarge - January 23, 2008

222 & 226

James has dyed his hair black for years in his role as Elvis. His natural hair color is sandy blonde. It looks this way because of all the black dye.


240. Sarge - January 23, 2008


James, I’m jealous! Congrats!


241. Elrond L. - January 23, 2008

Wow, what a great story — J.J. is a class act. Congratulations, Mr. Cawley! A few months ago I watched “World Enough and Time,” and was pleasantly surprised. I had never been able to make it through a fan film until this one; sure, there were moments that lost me, but overall I was really impressed with how you were able to nail the essence of classic Trek.

It’s exciting to read your reactions about the costumes & bridge set. You’re living the fan’s dream, that’s for sure!

242. steve adams - January 23, 2008

#219, I predict the the uniforms will look like the ones used in the cage in the beginning and then end with the traditional ones… This just seems like the logical thing to do with the cannon of the uniforms. IMO :)
I was expecting the worst on this uniform look. Now I’m releaved.

243. Stanky McFibberich - January 23, 2008

re: 236 Harry
“Well, which is it, Bucco or Mojambo?? :)”

Sorry, I meant to say “Buccambo” and “Mojucco”.

244. seangh - January 23, 2008

Cool – what a dream come true for James.

JJ sounds cool and it’s encouraging to hear his thoughts as it relates to the new Trek and the Roddenberry philosophy.

245. Jabob Slatter - January 23, 2008

Cawley didn’t say the uniforms looks like TOS. He said “When I saw the look of what he was going for, he’s got it.” You’re assuming that because Cawley is a “purist” that the uniforms are TOS style. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Frankly, the original uniforms are pretty silly from a military/space exploration perspective. I can’t imagine Abrams using them. I hope not, at least.

246. turd furguson - January 23, 2008

I didn’t think it possible that Abrams could further dilute the film. I admire Cawley, but he can’t act. Shame.

247. Levois - January 23, 2008

This makes me want to give this movie a chance. A purist is digging it! Not that there’s much doubt in me going to see this movie anyway.

248. Jacques Chirac - January 23, 2008

That dude can be in ST XI, Shat can’t. Disaster.

249. non-belligerency confirmed - January 23, 2008

edith, will you please stop the cawley bashing? it cheapens the site.
i mean really.
one fan to another.
lose it. it’s a troll.

250. Tiberius Kirk - January 23, 2008

You go James!!!


251. AJ - January 23, 2008

I wouldn’t worry about Cawley chewing up the scenery. He is getting a chance to be on the bridge (a la Bryan Singer in one of the last 2 Trek films. Can’t remember which). JJ can’t legally write him any dialogue, so he’ll probably be an extra.

252. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

So what does Cawley actually *do* for a living?

Clearly the StarTrek fanboy stuff is not making him any money – if it did the lawyers would be hot on his trail.

Does a blond hair Elvis impersonator really pull in the dough?

P.S. Your roots are showing….

253. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

VIDEO: “he looked at me and I looked at him… He sat me next to me he and he would say “what do you think, James?”

Oh, gimme a break.

This guy Cawley will be strolling Santa Monica Blvd with the other ‘has-beens’ soon enough – with his dark roots and over acting and all of that …

254. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2008

SO noone is going to back me up on my post #211?

I do think where there is smoke there is fire. Once one tells a lie, there is surely another.

255. Edith Keeler - January 23, 2008

It is really hard to get on the Paramount lot – on any lot – these days.

Cawley’s slip (see #254 and #211) is a hint …

Cawley is there on a “business” visit? How can that be if his fanboy films (some are rather good) cannot turn a profit – by definition.

As such, how can “business” visit be a part of any visit he makes to Paramount?

Is there an overacting Pinocchio with Elvis hair in the 23rd century?

256. Mark T. - January 23, 2008

I am sure Mr. Cawley’s involvement is simply a cameo, just like Randy Pausch. I can’t really see it being more than that.

I guess this proves the old adage that Mr.Pausch himself, brought up in his lecture; “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. I have to admit, I take issue with the fact that Mr. Cawley is now heralded as some sort of Trek “Expert” whose opinions on the new film are somehow newsworthy. To me, he is simply a fan who made a fan film. What makes him more of an expert on Trek than many of the dedicated posters on this site? For my money, a “trekspert” is someone like a Bob Justman or one of the Okudas, people with actual history producing the show. Yet, I can’t deny that Cawley’s efforts producing New Voyages have granted him interesting opportunities. J.J. and co. obviously feel his opinion has some merit and have wisely courted him.

While I am not a fan of the New Voyages, I do appreciate the work that has gone into them. It is nice to see that effort being rewarded this way.

257. The Realist - January 23, 2008

138. theARE – January 23, 2008 – Given I will not deny he has captured the 60’s set well. I like some others don’t trust people who seem to have an about face as drastic as his appears to be as he nows has a part in trek he now appears happy. Funny that.

258. Doug - January 23, 2008

#200: ” He really needs to work on the hair color though. Looks utterly fake.”

Of course his hair is dyed waaaay black. Not only is James C a TREKKER, he is also an Elvis impersonator… a man of many talents. I think his band of happy TREKKERS have helped keep “Star Trek” alive in our minds with their new adventures.

259. Thomas - January 23, 2008

Is it just me, or does Cawley look like one of the Omegas from Animal House?

260. Jacques Chirac - January 23, 2008

He is member of Leningrad Cowboys. :D :D :D

261. Doug - January 23, 2008

#249: I am with NBC; please knock off the bashing… it’s unbecoming… it’s as bad a people bashing Mr. Shatner (for whatever reason) or any other person or topic. I’d sure like to think we TREKKERs can be more respectful of people and opinions.

262. ShawnP - January 23, 2008

#253 Edith Keeler: Wow, you’re mean.

263. ShawnP - January 23, 2008

And Edith, what’s your obsession with Cawley’s hair? You have several comments on it.

264. PaoloM - January 24, 2008

This whole story is pretty good!
Cawley’s passion is deep and he has all my respect. I am not a direct fan of New Voyages because I find it too “fanboyish” and those guys are not too good at acting. In my opinion there are not Trek experts or Trek authorities, just fans as we all are.
Nevertheless, I greatly admire Cawley’s honesty and Abrams humility. They are rare virtues!

265. Battletrek - January 24, 2008

Has this turned all you sheep around then? BAAAAHHH! I mean good.

266. ottervomit - January 24, 2008

Great! I have a lot of respect for James Cawley and his opinion. As a purist myself, his endorsement is a big reassurance!

267. TOS Purist - January 24, 2008

REPRESENT, James, represent!! Us Purists have to have a voice, and you are that voice!! KEEP IT REAL, brother!!

268. Kirky - January 24, 2008

#263 I agree, Cawley and the others are bad actors, it what keeps me from watching the New Voyages.

269. DJT - January 24, 2008

Thank you, James.

It’s good to hear that those in charge get it.

270. Tom - January 24, 2008

# 267 >>

Wow, a ghetto Trekker. I’m going to shoot myself.

271. Cheve - January 24, 2008

“218. steve adams – January 23, 2008
Like most, I’m reeal happy to hear the uniforms will pretty much stay the same.

He didn’t say so. JC has said that, after watching what JJ is going for, the uniforms are perfect.

We may find that the TOS uniforms where inperfect in order to be used in what JJ is going for, and therefore, we may have something that works better when used here than the original ones would have.

272. PaoloM - January 24, 2008

Original TOS uniforms from the 60s cannot be reasonably used in a 2008 blockbuster movie. IMO there will be strong similarities, and that is good for me.

273. Yendis - January 24, 2008

ok, objectivity check here

A guy who has recast the original cast and made new episodes with different actors is not going to say he dislikes the idea of a movie recasting the parts. That’s not a criticism of recasting or even of New Voyages but it’s like asking Peter Jackson if he thinks remaking King Kong is a good idea.

Still I think this movie will be great, even though I don’t think there’s any reason to take Mr Cawleys word for it.

274. Captain Neill - January 24, 2008

Its cool that Cawley’s impressed with the new sets and the uniforms. Makes me feel a little at ease that a fellow purist is at ease with what JJ is doing.

I am a purist and like James I would have kept the sets and uniforms as they appeared in TOS. I say this because if the writers are saying this is going to be canon then everything has to look like TOS to actualloy fit in with canon.

My friend believes this is a reboot, if it is then I will be ok with a new look as it will not be the proper Star Trek universe but a Uninerse 2 in a way. If it is a reboot I will not put it in canon.

I just hope JJ does not screw it up.

The only thing I am dreading are people liking this new cast better than the originals. Shatner will always be the ONE and ONLY Kirk.

To me Pine will play him but will never be KIRK

Remember Shatner folks

275. Yendis - January 24, 2008

GENE RODDENBERRY had a vision of Star Trek that has been expanded on ever since his passing. He died shortly after viewing Star Trek VI and he reportedly hated it because it was too militaristic and he thought there could be no corruption in Starfleet.

He also thought Earth would be a nudist paradise by the time The Next Generation came around, some of what he would have liked Earth tobe be can be viewed i the episode “Justice”.

So yes he was a great visionary, but his vision would never have included something like Deep Space Nine, the series I personally love the best.

Star Trek needs to change and evolve in order to stay fresh.

276. Captain Neill - January 24, 2008

I know it needs to change but with canon I feel things have to look like in the original series.

THe BSG look will be wrong for TREK and will go against the Roddenberry look and vision

277. J M Enterprise - January 24, 2008

I echo the words of #275. DS9 was not the purest Star Trek but it was one of the best.
The story telling was fresh and daring.
Like the Next Generation episode ‘Conspiracy’ in season 1, DS9 just made us stop and wonder who is our friend.

And now a new vision of the Classic Trek.
May it too be fresh and daring.
Bring it on JJ and co.
Let’s create a Trek that will be remembered for years as a landmark movie in the franchise

278. Producer of Star Trek:New Voyages Gets Movie Role | PeteRepublic.org - January 24, 2008

[…] This is a fascinating interview I picked up on at TrekMovie.com (note, if you want the summary only, follow the link…but here’s the video…. […]

279. Cheve - January 24, 2008

#276 THe BSG look will be wrong for TREK and will go against the Roddenberry look and vision

The colour uniformes where forced to him because the TV chanel wanted a colorful series to show how cool they where in colour tv.

280. diabolik - January 24, 2008

Wow… we’re getting big screen, big budget TOS and most can only complain.

Just… wow.

281. ctiii - January 24, 2008

Glad to know they got the uniforms right(presumably), though it’d have been nice for them to get everything else right too. I’m growing tired of the whole “spirit” and “message” of Roddenberry’s Trek speech we keep getting fed. Thats just an easy way out for the filmmakers who wanna do their own thing and not take the time to fully do their research/give creative set design credit to the original series…”even though we dont have the same look, we feel we captured the spirit of Trek as set forth by Gene Roddenberry”.

Another thing is, while I’m happy for Cawley getting a cameo, I feel even worse for Shatner now, as this cameo, regardless of Abrams supposed good intent, is rubbing it in Shatner and his fans’ face. The studios wouldnt really acknowledge New Voyages enough to take it and turn it into a non-fanfic show, but they’re now allowing Abrams to put its star in a cameo, while a celebrity who’s made them a lot of money over the years in the franchise via film, TV, and merchandise, has no place in the new film? It’s just sad.

If I were Chris Pine, I’d be weary of the studios and how they’d treat me in 20, 30, 40 years from now if he continues to reprise his role as Kirk and make them a lot of money like Shatner has done. Both he and Shatner would have been smart to get a clause in their contract stating that any future portrayal/incarnations of Kirk required their involvement in portraying him…otherwise Pine might end up getting the cold shoulder like Shatner is. How sad.

282. admiral kent - January 24, 2008

If it weren’t for the monitor in the background, Cawley’s hair would make me think this was shot in ’79.

283. Falvoant - January 24, 2008

Ive never seen such a bunch of whiney wannabees in all my life


You wish you could have a part in JJ Abrahms Movie

You wish you could win a TV GUIDE AWARD beating the PANTS off BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and th 4400

You wish you had Geroge Takei and Walter Koening on you SPEEDIAL

You wish you were working with Eugene Roddenberry and Majel Roddenberry. Darin Dochterman. Doug Drexler , David Gerold , George Clayton Johnson , Dianne Carrey Barbera Luna and other profesional people who take their time to work for this “Fanboyish” production WE PROUDLY CALL NEW VOYAGES…
What have you produced again??

and you WISH you spent the day with Willaim Shatner

284. falcon - January 24, 2008

Allow me to insert my two Lincolns into this conversation –

I have followed STNV since the “pilot” episode, “Come What May.” At the time, I thought the episode was cheesy, a pale imitation of the original, and the acting was horrendous. Cawley’s/Kirk’s hair was horrid (he must have just come from an Elvis gig), the guy who played Spock (Jeffery Quinn) was creepy beyond words, and the dialog was a complete ripoff of probably a dozen different episodes. I didn’t think it would last long.

Then I saw “In Harm’s Way.” Much better, at least in terms of set design, lighting, and cinematography. The effects were also much better, although the idea of a flexible Doomsday Machine gave me pause. The acting was better, though not by much – the guy playing Pike got it completely wrong. But the addition of BarBara Luna, Malachi Throne, and William Windom were big surprises, and added some credibility to the production.

After that was “To Serve All My Days,” a D. C. Fontana script with Walter Koenig reprising his role as Chekov. Bigger surprises there. And it wasn’t a dredged-up old original Trek script from 1969 – Dorothy wrote it specially for STNV. The effects were top-notch, the acting – especially Koenig – was head and shoulders above the previous efforts, and the plot – essentially a sequel to “The Deadly Years” – actually made some sense. The final scenes where Chekov returned to the bridge as an old man actually made me a little teary-eyed. Again, marked improvement over the previous efforts.

Then I saw “World Enough and Time” with George Takei. By now, I’d been used to the surprises brought on by the names of the guest stars, but Takei and Grace Lee Whitney? Wow. And Majel Barrett as the computer voice – it really, for the first time, felt like Star Trek to me. This episode had pretty much nailed the feel of the original. The sets, cinematography, lighting, special effects, music, and even the acting (yes, the acting) was on a level reserved for Hollywood.

With more episodes in production, it seems as though STNV is destined for a long, prosperous life (as fan films go). And now that James Cawley is moving to the big screen (albeit in a small, perhaps non-speaking role), is it possible that Paramount may finally bless (if not partially fund) STNV and give it the professional recognition it deserves?

Who knows? All I know is that I have seen STNV grow from a throwaway fan film to what could be the first, legitimate, internet television series, and I applaud James for sticking to Roddenberry’s legacy.

Now, if he thinks that J. J. Abrams is also sticking to that legacy while bringing something new and fresh to the franchise, who am I to argue? Cawley’s been on the inside (by now – it’s Thursday where I am), and he’s “seen” the new movie, so his perspective is important. I’m becoming very excited about December.

285. Dennis Bailey - January 24, 2008

With all of the meanness expressed in some quarters from anyone who aspires or accomplishes *anything*, this place is beginning to resemble the AICN talkbacks more and more.

286. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

James, if you are reading this, we have a mutual friend, one Roger Romage. Just thought you’d like to know.

Anyway, congrats on your honor and thanks for the encouraging words about the new Trek!

287. yellowdogsc - January 24, 2008

James Cawley and John Edwards should exchange hair dressing tips.

288. Yendis - January 24, 2008

JUSt a bit of trivia.

From wat I understand the sets for New Voyages were used in the Mirror Universe episodes on Enterprise.

So I think Mr Cawley is getting all the credit he could possibly wish for.

289. Chris Roberts - January 24, 2008

My predicition is that The Trek Life’s Dave Reddick will get an extra role too.

It feels inevitable somehow…

Carl, in full Andorian make-up… coming to a cinema near you! lol!

290. Chris Roberts - January 24, 2008

Do you suppose if I asked nicely, they’d fly me over… I could make the tea!

291. Ivory - January 24, 2008


I couldn’t agree with Dennis more.

292. GraniteTrek - January 24, 2008

Edith Keeler – please change your nick. The character had more grace and class than you could ever hope to possess, given your posts.

FYI, he makes his living as an Elvis impersonator, and the blonde is his real hair color. And he makes far more money that I’m betting you’ll ever make, too. He can spend six figures on Trek props and memorabilia and from what I hear live a comfortable, happy life. We should all be so lucky. :)

I know James is more than capable of defending himself, but I had to say something, because these comments were so classless.

293. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

It’s just the crabs in the bucket trying to pull down the one that climbed to the top.

294. Doug - January 24, 2008

I’ve mentioned this before, the internet shows “The New Voyages, Exeter, Farragut, New Frontier,” and all the others are, in my opinion, 21st versions of the old fanzines.

They may not have the best acting (at times… and they are getting better with each new episode), but they have tackled some subject matters the televised franchise has not.

I think they are so cool! “Keep on trekkin!”

295. Marian Ciobanu - January 24, 2008

-I want to see 2 tos klingons knockin’ their heads…:and yelling -KABLAHH

296. Edith Keeler - January 24, 2008

#292 If Cawley is so rich then why does his hair look so fake?

Why can’t he afford to take acting lessons?

Why can’t he hire actors who are actually good – instead of his neighbors, cousins, and fellow Elvis impersonators?

The sets are great. Most of the plots are fair, several are good, and the one with Sulu was VERY good.

297. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

Okay, James… what happened yesterday on your day in costume, filming on the set? SPILL!!!!!!!!

298. Dennis Bailey - January 24, 2008

NDA, dude. :lol:

299. Closettrekker - January 24, 2008

#281–I hat to sound petty, but if Bill had said the kind of things about me that he has said recently in regards to Mr. Abrams’ “decision-making”, I would not be in a hurry to get him a cameo, either. At least Mr. Crawley’s prior criticism was professional in nature, and about things that James is widely considered an “expert” about. Bill, on the other hand, has resorted to, once again(according to so many who’ve worked with him), making it all about him–i.e. (leaving him out was a) “stupid business decision”, a “stupid box office decision”, and a “silly oversight”. Not very nice, Bill. No cameo for you!!!!

300. non-belligerency confirmed - January 24, 2008

i agree (as usual) with you dennis. may i suggest we’re closer to youtubes’ comments (“THAT STUFF IS GAY! TRAK IS STOOPIT! HAHAHA”) when keeler & co. are in their cups, or whatever fires the bile. this site disenigrates when they rant.

but i’m not as ghandiesque as i wish i was. i’d permaban trashtalk here because there are so many other places to do it.

301. Marian Ciobanu - January 24, 2008


302. Jon C - January 24, 2008

Battletrek 265. You see it too.

303. star trackie - January 24, 2008

#299 “#281–I hat to sound petty,”

..not really. any chance to get a dig in on Shatner you’re there with bells on.

And yes, I agree, it is petty.

304. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008

Edith Keeler
Final warning for trolling and spamming
comments to http://trekmovie.com/about/feedback

305. Frank - January 24, 2008

#288 – Not correct. Paramont built those TOS sets on their soundstage.

306. Elrond - January 24, 2008

#285 and #293: Thanks, well said.

307. Dennis Bailey - January 24, 2008

There was at least one element of the NV set that was borrowed for the “Enterprise” Mirror episodes – the helmsman’s targeting viewer. There may have been others, I dunno.

308. SPB - January 24, 2008


“Glad to know they got the uniforms right(presumably), though it’d have been nice for them to get everything else right too. I’m growing tired of the whole “spirit” and “message” of Roddenberry’s Trek speech we keep getting fed. Thats just an easy way out for the filmmakers who wanna do their own thing and not take the time to fully do their research/give creative set design credit to the original series…”even though we dont have the same look, we feel we captured the spirit of Trek as set forth by Gene Roddenberry”. ”

So if the acting and music is great, the story is compellingand well-written, and the themes of TREK XI reflect the ideas that Roddenberry originally put forth and offers a hopeful take on humanity in the 23rd century…

…you’re really going to be sitting and stewing in the theater because the colors and designs might be different and/or modified when compared to the shoe-string, 1960’s, weekly television budget of the Original Series? Talk about misplace priorities. TREK was never about sets and costumes. It was about ideas. You’re getting hung up on all the wrong things.

309. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

TOS done with a big budget, up to date effects, new sets and costumes that keep the style of the old in mind… I am SO TTHERE.

310. SD - January 24, 2008


First of all, I admit I don’t watch “New Voyages” or any other of the fan-made projects, as I can’t deal with the optical difference to the pictures in my brain. For me, written material (fanfic and old pro-novels) is the medium that feeds me.

But listening to this interview makes me squee in delight. This sounds so very, very good and warms my heart and kindles my hopes. Please, dear gods and great birds and JJ, let this movie be good.

311. Mark Lynch - January 24, 2008

George Takei sent me an email in response to my email to him via his website complimenting him on his performance in WEAT (never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get a response from the man himself)

Does that count? ;)

312. non-belligerency confirmed - January 24, 2008

i have always thought that “in a mirror” would not have happened if it hadn’t been for the popularity of fan film productions (and coto said as much).
furthermore, there would be no TOS based film like jj’s as well. anyone who has a modicum of enthusiasm for the new film owes a debt to the passion of the fanfilm.
and although these fanfilms may have roots in the fanzines of old, i believe they are “of a differant, more advanced order”, as is the immediacy and liveliness of a site like trekmovie. a fanzine may have taken some work to produce, but getting exeter to fly requires professional talent and real dedication by alot of people working together. historicaly, they are unique in the field of mass media and should be viewed as (in trek lore) a new life form deserving of great respect. hollywood knows this. fan production makes it’s own rules and will only get better as it grows.

313. Captain Scokirk - January 24, 2008

Giving Mr. Cawley a cameo is hardly a slap in the face to William Shatner, Shatner is not interested in a cameo, Shatner wants a plot relevant role that resurects his character in a meaningful way. Something that could not be done in the scope of a cameo and he would not fade into the background if used in a non-speaking role…

No one fought for Nimoy in Generations… I don’t get how Shatner is integral, and he doesnt deliver an audience, Generations had no real percivable increase in attendance because of his involvement. Now granted it would be cool if he would have been worked in, but If this film follows Trek story canon as it seems to be doing a small part is a disservice. Nimoy will look great as a craggy old Vulcan, we have known for years that Vulcans live to be hundreds of years old.

New Voyages sets and cinematography wonderful, professional scripts, awesome,

Acting is weak, but then they are volunteers right?

314. SD - January 24, 2008

P.S. Regarding Shatner – thanks, Captain Scokirk for your entry.

My own feel on the theme is that all those fans JJ includes are TREK FANS, while Shatner IMVHO and to my deep sorrow is only a fan of himself. I never feel he cares about Trek, he only cares about his ego – and Kirk as an extension of said ego. He sold Kirk in “Generations” – my opinion – and now that he realized he made an error (and OMG, more money can be made!), he wants others to fix it.

Actually I’m a big Shatner fan, but the debate around this movie made me stop reading anything with “Shatner” and “trek” in the same line. Duh. Let’s hope he’ll have many fantastic appearances on Boston Legal, but I can live without him in this movie.

315. Devon - January 24, 2008

# 281

“while a celebrity who’s made them a lot of money over the years in the franchise via film, TV, and merchandise, has no place in the new film? It’s just sad.”

There’s a TOOOOON of difference between someone being a background extra than a major character whose entire existance would possibly cause the plot be re-written to explain how he suddenly back came to life after rotting for 14 years +.

316. AJ - January 24, 2008

I have to chime in with Dennis and others that the vitriol here is a bit soul-crushing. But if some think that James makes a bad show, then do it yourself and make one better. Or don’t watch.

But when it gets to insults to someone’s physical appearance, or a poster in an earlier thread calling our guest writer a “moron” when his concept of Trekscience doesn’t jibe with his own…have you actually watched Trek? Give it a try.

What he says to the public is now officially owned PR from the studio, so it’s all going to be positive, but still secret. Don’t slag Cawley off on that.

317. PaoloM - January 24, 2008

#314 “I never feel he [Shatner] cares about Trek, he only cares about his ego – and Kirk as an extension of said ego”

I have that feeling too. I don’t know if that is a misunderstanding, but in every interview Shatner seems to lack any form of passion and love for Trek, as if he is making a mockery of fans.

318. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008

To all here…
and esp. since noone has replied to my posts above. (#254 & #211)
Cawley LIED in the interview (Period.)

That makes all of his comments from that interview very suspect.

This meesage board does seem to make it hard to establish any meaningful conversation. Perhaps I should take a note from Edith and painfully shout… BAD HAIR! BAD HAIR! BAD HAIR!

No Caw’s hair is fine. I would argue more about the lighting and camera angle and sound quality from that interview.

And gees, did Cawley show up with his own Powerpoint presentation to be placed fullscreen on the monitor behind himself? I think we all know (here) that Cawley is producing NVs.

I am also waiting for more info on the corrdor pic. The link provided gives NO meaningful details. That pic alone should be worth 200 posts!

319. sarpok - January 24, 2008

I have to admit this article makes me think. I was unhappy the Enterprise did not look like the Enterprise I grew up with, but James Cawley says the movie looks OK, I must reconsider.

It has been many years since we last saw the Next Generation or new episodes or movies of the Original Series. After “Star Trek Enterprise”
which I avoided and watching the news since the begining of the 21st Century, it has become hard not to be cynical about the future.

I don’t know if I can bring myself to see the new film yet, but at least there is a possibility. I sometimes forget that there are always possibilities.

320. Dr. Image - January 24, 2008

#198 – Holy crap! What’s up with that corridor shot? Real??
If not, it should be!

James C.- Filming report, please!
(One of US! One of US!!)

321. Closettrekker - January 24, 2008

#303–It may be petty, but I live in the real world of business and business relationships. If you own a business and two vendors offering you the same neceesary product are out there, yet one of them has insulted your decisions publicly, it will absolutely affect which direction you go. If that is all it takes to be “petty”… then to be petty is to be human. As for my ‘digs” at Shatner, well, I have my own opinion and you have yours. I would like to see an example of where I made one which was not a response to another post by someone who wants Mr. Abrams to squeeze him in. I just think his best days of being Jim Kirk were over around the mid 80’s, and “squeezing him in” would require cleaning up a mess, considering the circumstances. For the record, I still love watching him in that role on my TOS dvd’s from time to time. Is it wrong to be more of a Star Trek fan than a Shatner fan? I hope not.

322. doubleofive - January 24, 2008


You have no evidence that Cawley lied. Who says that he and a girl could be on the lot to meet Zicree? None of these stories are mutually exclusive.

The fact is that Cawley is behind Abrams and his vision of Trek, and gets to be in the movie. The how and why doesn’t matter.

323. Closettrekker - January 24, 2008

Anyway, I feel even better about the movie now that one of its greatest (and more respected in the Trek fan community) skeptics is converted. Have a bit of faith….there are always…possibilities.

324. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

#320… re: the corridor image. Yep, it’s a real image, glimpsed on the Enterprise construction-cam site.

325. Alex Rosenzweig - January 24, 2008

#172 – The only thing I tend to disagree with is that I don’t think the Enterprise will be radically different in size. Unless what ends up in the film is vastly different than what we saw in the teaser, I think we’re looking at a ship pretty much in the same general ballpark as the original version, size-wise. (And, yeah, I checked out a high-res version of that teaser and not only compared the sizes of the people walking around on the hull sections, but started counting decks, too. ;) ) I think part of the illusion of greater overall size is because the upper superstructure may be wider compared to the overall saucer than on the original version of the ship. Also, people might be confusing the small dome at the very top with the whole bridge, which it doesn’t seem to be. That’s the upper nav dome. Decks 1 and 2 are still partly open in the teaser.

#272 – “Original TOS uniforms from the 60s cannot be reasonably used in a 2008 blockbuster movie. IMO there will be strong similarities, and that is good for me.”

I’ve always thought that if anything was likely to see significant change, it’d be the uniforms, just as an adaptation from the medium of TV to the medium of a big-screen film. If they can make that jump, while still evoking the original uniforms, I’ll be quite happy.

#308 – “……you’re really going to be sitting and stewing in the theater because the colors and designs might be different and/or modified when compared to the shoe-string, 1960’s, weekly television budget of the Original Series?”

Just to be clear here, yes, TOS was a TV series done in the late 1960s. But it was NOT done on a shoe-string budget. In fact, it was one of the most expensive series made to date. $180,000+ an episode, in 1967, was *big bucks*. That said, I certainly expect some level of change in translating that to a feature film made in 2007-2008.

#311 – Mr. Takei is great in terms of responding to e-mails. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had several conversations with him over the years, and he is as gracious in e-mail as he is in person.

326. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

Here’s the bigger image posted here by Trekmovie.com


327. Mark T. - January 24, 2008

I don’t know. I think the ratio of sweet to sour in the commentary here is actually greater than in other talkbacks on the subjects of Shatner or set design. Most people seem to be happy for Mr. Cawley, despite what they may think of his product.

It is true. The name-calling is completely unnecessary. It does permeate this place with a decidedly AICN stench. However, IMO, the more “legitimate” vitriol in trekmovie talkbacks seems to stem from a need to counteract a majority opinion. It is not that the “majority” is bad or wrong. It is that, in many cases, some in this majority assert that their opinions are fact, and everyone in the world agrees with them. Further, if one doesn’t agree, then they are not true Trek fans. Dennis Bailey has gone toe-to-toe with these “majority opinions” before. I, too, have wanted to respond to these people. However, I type so damn slow that the thread is closed before I can get out my clever “oh YEAH?” Best to let Dennis and others fight the good fight.

I think, in this case, if we can dispense with stupid comments about hair and such, opinions about the quality of New Voyages have a direct bearing on this discussion. While no one should begrudge Mr. Cawley his moment in the Trek spotlight, his opinions on the quality of the upcoming movie should not be considered more valid than anyone else’s.

328. Don Ho - January 24, 2008

This Cawley fellow sold out. Plain and simple. You fanboys sure are gullible.

329. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008


I hope that is a Romulan hallway. The corners seem a bit illogical. Looks like it would be commonplace to trip over the corner lights on the floor, or injure yourself on the corners when passing by. Whats up with the lights too?? Spot lights? That would give me a headache woalking down those halls. TOO submarine like. It gives me a hostile feeling yeeech!! Seems like a step backwards from any from any the other series’ or movies’ sets.

And could you give us a little more detail on the image. The Enterprise construction-cam site? What’s that all about?! How did you know about that site in the first place? Are there any other images out there?

322. doubleofive
[You have no evidence that Cawley lied. Who says that he and a girl could be on the lot to meet Zicree? None of these stories are mutually exclusive.]

Read your first sentence again. Cawley LIED in the interview (an omissision of truth is still a lie.) Why are you covering for him in the first place???

Oh, and if I may be so bold to say this here. Has Cawley gained attention from Paramont with his new Gay Friendly episode of New Voyages? Whas he there to screen that movie in advance? Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that! ; )

330. Charles Root - January 24, 2008

Hey TrekMadeMeWonder

Ok, I’ve held my tongue long enough, I will now “respond” to your post #211 #254 and #318 seeing that you really seem to need to get some level of acknowledgment of a situation you have absolutely no knowledge of.

James was on Paramounts lot with a few other people one of them being a women for something completely unrelated to Star Trek XI, it was after that group of people finished what they were doing that they then drifted over to the sound stages where ST:XI was being filmed. James then told you the rest of what happened.

What he and others were there for at Paramount is their own private business and if James ever elects to tell anyone that’s his decision. That he had a moment of serendipity, because he WAS there is fantastic and he did decide to share THAT information with you.

You sir simply do not have the entire story, and to go off at the mouth and call some a liar “period” not only is insulting to the person you are defaming but also an insult to this board. As well it shows a complete lack of grace and maturity on your part.

James has lied to no one about his adventure. If anyone feels the need to editorialize based upon incomplete or facts they’ve made up in their head, then that is their problem, but on no account am I going to continue to denigrate my friend and colleague.

Charles Root
Retro Film Studios, Inc

331. Don Ho - January 24, 2008

In the interest of putting an end to this whole Cawley thing:

– nobody can blame him really for selling out as I’m sure most of us would do the same given the chance to be in the movie – I’m sure that’s the only reason he happened to be by the studio, & JJ kissing up to him to get his fanbase support.

– my father made toupees for a living & he is definitely wearing one.

332. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

Crabs, leave the one crawling out of the bucket alone.

333. Kev-1 - January 24, 2008

I doubt most.

334. non-belligerency confirmed - January 24, 2008

thank you, mr. scott. it needed to be said.

and while james was on personal business, can we at least hope that it had to do with paramount giving you guys a much deserved cut o’ the pie?

335. Diabolik - January 24, 2008

Okay, on one hand some are complaining that the corridor seems a step backward, but others are complaining becuase things are not more primitive the TOS era sets.

This is why JJ is doing what he thinks best. If you please 50% of the fan base you are displeasing the other half. So just make it good and for today’s audiences.

336. Closettrekker - January 24, 2008

#334–I like that attitude. It is “today’s audiences”, as you put it, who will make this film sink or swim in theaters.

337. OneBuckFilms - January 24, 2008

I for one think it’s cool that JJ has invited James onto the set for what is presumably a walk-on part.

This is probably the best way to both keep the new film a surprise, as well as reach out to the fan community.

He probably respects what James is doing with New Voyages, and also wants to reassure us that he’s not going to let us rabit Trek fans down.

One thing I will say, is that other projects from Bad Robot have come across rather well.

I liked Mission: Impossible III; both contemporary and up to date, but with a lot of homage to the original television series that started it all.

Cloverfield is a clever way of trying to re-invent the Monster Movie, Godzilla, Mothra and the like, and it works marvelously.

JJ seems very much in tune with popular culture in general, and Sci-Fi/Cult Television in particular.

He is also an absolute genius when it comes to marketing via Viral web sites and keep-em-guessing secrecy.

What this means to me is that maybe we should simply have fun guessing, and trust that he’ll do Roddenberry’s legacy proud.

If the film fails, then we can either villify him, or simply reject his film as a failed reboot.

It WILL be different, I suspect, but as a believer in the ideals of tollerance and openness espoused by Star Trek’s weekly morality plays and what-if adventures, I want to see beyond design, lighting etc., and enjoy a good olid adventure.

Please, everyone, stop and think about this endless devolution into sniping and personal insults. Is it logical?

338. Doug - January 24, 2008

#336: I agree with your sentiments completely.

339. Anthony Thompson - January 24, 2008

There seems to be a very small, but vocal, minority of Trek fans here who are petty and mean-sprited and perhaps just a bit jealous. But there words reflect badly only on them; not on Trek.

On to other things. Mr. Pascale, when are you going to get your casting call? Of course, if that were to happen, you would be sworn to secrecy and we wouldn’t get any news for the next 11 months! Don’t do it!!! : )

340. Chris Doohan - January 24, 2008

Congratulations!!! You deserve it, James.

341. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008

330. Charles Root

Hard to take that in a positive light Charles. As you noted in YOUR above post I did ask THREE times before I decided to get “a BIT” obnoxious. Funny how being mean spirited gets the replys here.

again, I was only asking.

What is this board all about anyhow. I took it as a place where fans could EASILY trade info and comments on the new movie. It does not help if you “hold your tounge” How am I supposed to know???

Don’t you recall the Next Gen episode “Clues?” It makes us fans very suspicious of the nature of things.

So take another look at my above posts again (objectively).

I did have three posts prior that were not concerned with Cawley’s apparent “lie.” or “omission.” Why is he omitting ANYTHING??? AN EXPLANATION on why he was there in the first place! Not that I deserve one either. Just an explanation. Like, “Sorry fans, I can’t or won’t go into details. Sorry.”

2nd (My Concerning my QUESTIONS above).
My Post #211 was not meant to be spirited, but worded spicey enough to warrant a reply. I try to make my posts intriguing, Charles.

#211. TrekMadeMeWonder
[Then we have caught James in a LIE already! In the interview he mentions it was a “SHE” the he was accompanying on a walk through the lot. (See comment @ 1:40)]…tisk, tisk James. HAS fame gone to your head so quickly?]

—-Get a second skin Charles! The last line was JUST a question.

Please don’t stop what your doing on New Voyages either! I hope Paramont is going to offer you a deal on more. Think of what you could do with just 1% of Trek XIs budget!]


Then, my second query…

254. TrekMadeMeWonder
[SO noone is going to back me up on my post #211? I do think where there is smoke there is fire. Once one tells a lie, there is surely another.]

Then my post #254. TrekMadeMeWonder
]To all here…and esp. since noone has replied to my posts above. (#254 & #211) Cawley LIED in the interview (Period.) That makes all of his comments from that interview very suspect.]

THEN 80 posts later I get a response?
With TrekMovie becomming so popular I must reiterate that the site does need a redesign so we do’nt have to wade through so much garbage (not you, Charles) to get the info we are looking for.

Once again a omission is still NOT the full Truth. Is there something wrong with being INQUSITIVE here?

[…but on no account am I going to continue to denigrate my friend and colleague.]

I never asked you too and how sweet a comment, I am sure he is touched. BU, this board is supposed to be about what is good for Trek. Not what is good for each of us personally. Do you ever tell James the truth?? I wonder. Or, do you just bite your tounge all the time? Sheesh…”personal feelings and commitments.” This does sound very Next Gen.

Just ask me to go away Charles. AND I WILL! So you can have you own safe little world here full of those who are not supposed to ask AND EXPECT a reply. IDIC and all, included.

342. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008

339. Anthony Thompson
334. non-belligerency confirmed

I guess I will include you two on the above offer (final line) as well.

343. Doug - January 24, 2008

#340: Chris, did you get cast in any roles (or cameos) for the film? that would be cool, if so.

344. Anthony Thompson - January 24, 2008

341 and 342.

No, I don’t want you to go away. And I don’t want you to stop asking questions. But, please, can we all treat each other (and Mr. Cawley) RESPECTFULLY here? I wasn’t just referring to you, BTW.

345. Kapitän Stephan (Mittelstrass) - January 24, 2008


Congratulations, James!

I mean, a month ago, it were all rumors! And now it`s confirmed!

That`s so awesome!!!


346. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008

I think I explained myself well enough. If it matters at all.

347. Doug - January 24, 2008

#310: “For me, written material (fanfic and old pro-novels) is the medium that feeds me.”

Cool.. to each his own, I do think the new internet voyages are today’s “fanzines.”

Give them a try sometime, you might be surprised by their quality, especially in light of the fact that a huge load of original (and newer) production people have become involved; i.e., D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, and let’s not forget many of the professional actors as well.

Oh. And I love the novels too (I own every novel published [but please don’t ask me if I have read every single one of them –blush–].

348. Doug - January 24, 2008

#222: “Hasn’t anyone told him that it just screams out BAD DYE JOB?
I should know…”

What? You dye your hair too?


Put your phasers on simple stun, guys… and I’ll be the first to admit I am good friends with Lady Clairol (I have a rule: I can be bald; I can be grey, BUT not both at the same time!!! –wink–).

349. BorgDrone - January 24, 2008

OK, I’ve held back long enough.

#331 “- nobody can blame him really for selling out as I’m sure most of us would do the same given the chance to be in the movie – I’m sure that’s the only reason he happened to be by the studio, & JJ kissing up to him to get his fanbase support.”

” – my father made toupees for a living & he is definitely wearing one.”

Your comments are way out of line, along with many other of the detracting comments on this board. Not only are they out of line, they’re despicable. I realize that James is a big boy and he doesn’t need anyone to defend him, and that if he wanted to respond to these comments, he would. Though he probably realizes it’s a waste of time and energy. I also realize that when you are in the public eye such as James is, you will always have your detractors.

What I fail to understand is the vitriol and near-hatred being expressed for someone whom I’d venture to say that the majority of people posting on this board, myself included, don’t even know!

And what bothers me even further is that so many of you don’t realize what James Cawley has done for Star Trek AND Star Trek fans, all on his own time, expense and out of his love for Star Trek! James has done something that many of us only dream of doing, make STAR TREK! He’s resurrected TOS by making QUALITY episode-worthy shows, and he’s worked with some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi to do it. If you would only take the time to watch New Voyages, you will see his loving and pains-taking attention to detail. Yeah, sure Come What May, the concept episode was a bit hokey, I’m sure even James would acknowledge that. But if you’ve paid attention, you know that that is all that particular episode was. A concept episode to see what they could do.

The acting has increased in quality 10-fold since that episode. Same with the FX. People don’t dedicate their time, talent and treasure either to something that isn’t important to them or to something that isn’t quality. I am out on the NV forums quite a lot and I can sense the love and affection that the people who work with James have for him. I believe that’s partially because this man puts his money where is mouth is, and I am sure there is way more to it than even that.

I for one do NOT believe James has sold out to anything or anyone. I do not believe his comments were garnered in exchange for a Cameo Role in this film. Yeah, OK, so he’s changed his mind about the film. Personally, I was just as apprehensive about this film as anyone. I mean really, it is quite difficult to think of anyone else playing the characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy (New Voyages not withstanding), other than the originals. But that’s not reality. No doubt, TOS was successful because of the 3 actors who breathed life into those parts, but ever since the move away from the TOS franchise, every movie since ST:FC has gone down in box office take. Personally, I feel that part of the reason was due to the death of Kirk in “Generations”. I always thought that was one of the worst moves that B&B ever did. And I do wish that JJ could find some way to bring him back, but the fact of the matter is, the character was killed off. I for one don’t want him brought back on some cheesy or hokey way that would dis-respect the character. But I digress. Bottom, line, I trust the comments made by James about the movie, and yeah, I feel a little better about it. That not withstanding, I’d personally already decided to give it a chance, because I love Star Trek. So James comments did nothing to persuade me in that area. It is nice to have a re-assurance that Trek seems to be in good hands.

So I personally think it’s awesome that James has a small part in this movie. He is very deserving of it, and I feel that we as fans should be expressing our support of him (and I know that the majority are). For crying out loud, he’s one of US!!!! He is a fan!!!!! I’m sure it’s going to be the thrill of a lifetime for him! But to denigrate him and insult him for whatever little thing, especially when you don’t know the man is just plain wrong. James and NV has re-defined the fan film genre, and they have set the bar very high. I for one am grateful he chooses to release his episodes for the world to see. For goodness sake, not every TOS episode was great, there were a few stinkers as I recall (“Spock’s Brain”, anyone?)

To say that JJ bought him off simply for the support of his fan base is just wrong. Many of the fans of NV, from reading on the forums, while apprehensive about the film, were generally looking to it positively before this even took place. I agree with FalvoAnt, some of you are just jealous because you don’t do what James does, you CAN’T do what James does. I agree with another posting out here: IF you think you can do better, what are you waiting for? Get off your duff and do it. Stop complaining and insulting James Cawley just because he’s had success. His success is our success. It means Paramount is paying attention! Think about that before you post.

Congrats James!!! Looking forward to an update soon!

350. Charles Root - January 24, 2008



Dude look I’m not trying to muzzle you, I’m certainly not trying to create a pollyanish world for me and buddies where we live in a self induced utopia.

BUT you did continue to bring the whole Cawley lied thing up over and over, almost to the point of demanding a response. I took the liberty of providing one for you.

You know sometimes when people ignore something you say or do, it’s because they are giving you an opportunity to save face They are well aware of how badly you are embarrassing yourself, even if unfortunately you do not.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a million times. Hey don’t like New Voyages, fine, don’t like our acting, no problem, hate our props, sets and SFX, more power to you. Say whatever you want about that, but really, really, when you start to call someone (who is a friend of mine to boot) a bold face liar in a very public forum and don’t think you aren’t going to get taken to task for it, then that’s just crazy

I can completely understand being inquisitive, and wanting to get the whole story, it’s just human nature, but on the flip side, there are instances and circumstances where it simply can’t be done, or even addressed. Omitting certain information for gain, is certainly duplicity, but omitting information simply because you can’t or don’t wish to talk about a situation is not.

By the way thanks for pointing out this typo for me:

[…but on no account am I going to continue to denigrate my friend and colleague.]

It should have read:

…but on no account am I going to continue to let someone denigrate my friend and colleague.

and of course making light and humor of a typo is the hallmark of internet forum board skulduggery so I should have expected it.

But on any account “TrekMadeMeWonder” please stick around, if anything you’ve made my day interesting.


Charles Root

351. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008

Trek Made Me Wonder
Cawley did not ‘lie’…I know why he was on the lot and who he met and who he was with, etc. Don’t you think I do any due diligence? You are out of line and will be banned if you keep up this line of BS

352. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008

And to those who ask about my casting call. To be honest I am not sure I would want to be in the movie. I have no experience or interest in acting and I am not sure I can be objective if I was literally on the payroll.

But if Roberto Orci wants to name a planet, captain, character, alien creature, infectious disease, etc after me…I am all for it!

353. steve adams - January 24, 2008

Well, personally I would love old style uniforms !

354. BorgDrone - January 24, 2008

Here’s to “Pascale IV”!!!!

355. AJ - January 24, 2008


356. non-belligerency confirmed - January 24, 2008

sherman’s planet? yeah, it’s right next to anthony’s planet. named for captain anthony, who saved the pascaillion race from the pascantonal flu epidemic back in 2068.

357. SPB - January 24, 2008


“The Conscience of the King Creole”

“The Wonder of Yar”

“Heartbreak Holodeck”

“It’s Nog or Never”

“Big Boss Morn”

“Plomeek-Salad Annie”

“I’m a Roustabout Intruder”

“An Andorian Trilogy”

“Rock-a-Horta Baby”

(Okay, I’ll stop. But that was fun!)

358. BorgDrone - January 24, 2008

SPB. . .

Too funny!!!!!! Loved the other ones too!

359. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008

#352: “But if Roberto Orci wants to name a planet, captain, character, alien creature, infectious disease, etc after me…I am all for it!”

Now, wouldn’t that be a really cool, fun Easter egg for the faithful minions of trekmovie.com?

C’mon Roberto, Alex, do it as soon as you can! That strike can’t last forever!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

360. AJ - January 24, 2008

Could just do the “Pascale Maneuver.”

361. AJ - January 24, 2008

By the way, off-topic, Feb 8th is the Ultimate Computer from CBS-D

362. Doug - January 24, 2008

#357: you don’t have to stop on my account. I think they’re hysterical!

363. Edith Keeler - January 24, 2008

#304 Gee everyone else who is critical of Cawley seems to get a pass. What’s a girl from the 20th century to do?

You folks seem to forget that I was the one who posted that he would have a cameo and no one believed me. Guess what, my sources were right.

Might I suggest that you folks visit Lucy’s El Adobe at Melrose and Gower a little more often. Lots of gossip to be (over)heard there.

364. SPB - January 24, 2008


“A Little M’Ress Conversation”

365. JB - January 24, 2008

85. Kirk’s Girdle – January 23, 2008
“So, James. Ummm, how long did you wait outside that door until J.J. just happened to come out. ”

Idon’t think it happened that way at all!

JJ is a Sneaky Genius!

I’ll bet it was like a scene from Alias. Agents all over the studio with Bluetooth earpeices informing him of James Cawley’s wearabouts.
“He’s headed for the studio.”
“Cawley is truning right!”
“J.J., He’s walking towards the south doorway.”
“Nearly there… Get ready, Mr. Abrams.”
“Don’t forget to not recognize him at first… Ready… 3 … 2 … 1 …GO!”

J.J. knew if Cawley could see what he was doing he’d love it. Now all the ‘Purists’ will be on board. JJ is a Sneaky Genius and I can’t wait for this movie!

366. Star Sailor - January 24, 2008

I’m still not sold completely.

While the look and feel of the film have somewhat pleased Mr. Crawley, and have given me a slight comfort from his words, there is still details of the script.

How is the dialogue? Are there some groan inducing laughs or scenes in there courtesy of Roberto and Kurtz’s style of writing (which I happen to find not so great)?

I dunno. While Nimoy and now Crawley’s comments of the film have made me not so worried, I still have to proceed with caution at what I have not seen of the actual film itself before singing absolute praise.

367. Star Sailor - January 24, 2008


I meant Cawley…

368. Myself - January 24, 2008

This is an utter joke. You know he flew to Paramount and was just hanging around to get the opportunity to talk to JJ. What else could he possibly be doing there? This man is no actor and just because he made a few poorly amateurish shorts does not qualify him. Let’s face it, all of you who say good things about him wish you were him and hope he sees your nice comment and invites you to be in his next round of poorly made jokes. Kind of like Paris Hilton being considered an actress.

369. Michael Hall - January 24, 2008

Uh-huh. Paramount security is notorious for letting people through the gate just so they can “hang around” a set so secretive that the extras have to wear burkas when they’re not in front of the camera.

Ow, the stupid! It buuurns!

370. BorgDrone - January 24, 2008


You got it wrong. You’re the “utter joke” for opening your ignorant mouth. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to know what it is.

“Amateurish shorts” you said. Hmmm. Let’s see. Eugene Roddenberry and Majel Roddenberry. Darin Dochterman. Doug Drexler , David Gerold , George Clayton Johnson , Dianne Carrey, Barbera Luna, Walter Koenig, George Takei and other professional people have worked on NV. Doesn’t seem to “amateurish” to me now does it when you can get quality people like that to give of their time and talent? You’re just jealous because you wish you had 1/10th of James talent.

I don’t know James and am not associated with New Voyages. Quite frankly, I don’t care whether or not James “sees my nice comment”. James doesn’t have to “invite” anyone to be part of the next production, because people are clamoring to be a part of it, because they want to out of their love for Star Trek, which is more than I can say for you.

You’re probably not even a Star Trek fan, probably could care less about the new movie or anything associated with Trek, so what’d you post here for? Why do you have to insult someone you don’t even know or have a clue about? To compare James to Paris Hilton is just plain low and shows a complete lack of class on your part. You’ve probably never even watched a New Voyages episode.

Criticism and sharing your opinion is fine. Just do it without being insulting.

371. non-belligerency confirmed - January 24, 2008

i think i see your point, troll. you seem to have the worse case of cawley envy yet. good luck with that. try AICN maybe.

372. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008

#369: “Ow, the stupid! It buuurns!”



Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

373. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 24, 2008


So sad that a forum such as this that is SUPPOSED to be a place where we trade ideas has become Trek’s Fallujah. It will be nice when every one here must submit to an Iris scan to get in. That’d be fun.

I’d really like to know what I said. I really would. But keep this in mind. When you read a post, that inner voice you here is your own. Don’t project on me Anthony. And by the way, where were you throughout this whole discussion anyway. Probably hovering over the red button getting ready to sanitize anything that you do not agree with. Oh well, So much for my contributions here. I REALLY did give it my best effort to provide provocative and interesting comments. Was’nt that the point?

It has been fun at times though. Especially the praise and positive feeback that Mr. Orci gave me for my Trek XI story synopsis. A BIG three page post that took me several hours to dream up and post. And the funny thing is, I did it all for you guys – THE FANS!

I guess I am just like Cawley, in some ways.

Sure I tried to pull a fast one, saying the synopsis was real. But that’s just me being TRYING to be provocative and interesting. I DID COME CLEAN IN THE END. Remember that!

But don’t worry about banning me. I am leaving on my own accord. But still, I’d really like to know what I said. But Really. Perhaps you can email me and invite me back sometime. In the meantime, I just can’t take the abuse here any more. Nice to know I’ve been the object of laughing and ridicule. It really helps my day.

But, I stepped out of line and proposed a risky supposition? That perhaps Cawley was not telling the complete truth. IT WAS JUST A SUPPOSITION.
Yeah I said he lied

All SHOULD hail and praise James Cawley!!! I sure do. REALLY, I DO!!!!
GREAT JOB CAWLEY!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WITH THE NEW VOYAGES!!! I, for one, will watch them over and over.

Live Long and Prosper Everyone!

TrekMadeMeWonder ; (


374. Falvoant - January 24, 2008

#370 you got it right!
and I do know James
and I am very PROUD to be with New Voyages…There are so many things going to happening in the near future your head is going to spin…..
it does irratate me to see people talking about James when they don’t know him or have a clue to what he is like…I have worked with him and I will call him friend and l continue to spend MY hard earnerd money to make TREK for you guys…as we all do..there was somthing like 12 negative comments here out of 370 thats a pretty good ratio so most of you get it…
Anybody who has not SEEN or heard of New Voyages…Now is your chance….I invite you to our website http://www.startreknewvoyages.com
and to our forums …we love to hear constructive criticism …and YOU SUCK is not constructive or condusive to making anything better a…we are always looking to make it better …
311 I am now part of New Voyages on George Takei’s Invitation …I met him at a convention and he coudn’t stop talking about New Voyages…
He is one of the most cordial people I have ever met….He does not treat you like a FAN …but more like friend


375. roberto Orci - January 24, 2008

I met Cawley today on the set. It was great to meet him and talk Trek. Saw him in uniform and he looked PERFECT. Like he truly belonged on the ship. Even his hair was classic. I was jealous. Congrats to Cawley!

376. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008


He does have a Starfleet-y look, doesn’t he? :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

377. Edith Keeler - January 24, 2008

Ug – Star Trek fanboys on steroids ….

378. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008

Edith, are you a disgruntled ex-wife? Or an ex-would-be-lover who found out that Cawley doesn’t “play for your team,” whatever that team is? Or just an ex-would-be-lover that just simply didn’t measure up? Whatever it is, get over it and get it out of here. We don’t care what your personal grudge is.

The Vulcanista }:-|

379. Edith Keeler - January 24, 2008

I like Star Trek. Indeed, I LOVE Star Trek.

Trekkies, however need to adhere to the simple, eternal truth offered by the Great Shat himself: GET A LIFE.

Its just a TV show/movie.

380. James Cawley - January 24, 2008

i just returned from 4 days of an AMAZING adventure on the sets of STAR TREK, at Paramount. I am flying home tomorrow, and will share some of my encounters with you all when I get home.
I did not lie about my chance meeting with J.J.
I was on the lot with Leslie Hoffman, a Dear Friend and former Stunt woman, who worked on Trek for many years, we were accompanied by Patrick Bell, the young man who plays Xon on New Voyages. We were on our way to a meeting with Marc Zicree, and another Gent who works at Paramount. I made a comment to My Friends that we should go by the stages to see what we could see, as I had heard that security was really high. As it happened they were breaking for lunch, and J.J. came out, I asked my Friends if I should say something to him, and they said why Not! As I approached him, He recognized me, and called me by name. He then invited ALL of us on set, when we were thru with our other business.
I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts about Mr. Orci, and all the others who treated me so well, they treated me as their equal and colleague.
James Cawley

381. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008

368 Myself…warning for Trolling
370 Borg Drone…warning for Flaming

it is as simple as this…I do not stand for people making false accusations and calling people names like ‘liars’, especially when I know it isn’t true. You are welcome to stay, but you should apologize and move on. Your choice

comments to http://trekmovie.com/about/feedback

bottom line people…keep it civil.

382. Anthony Thompson - January 24, 2008

380. Congrats to you, James, for YOUR human adventure the past few days! Will look forward to your further reports.

381. Thanks for putting the hammer down. “Free speech” should be civilized speech. Period.

383. hitch1969© - January 25, 2008

#380 James Cawley

PLEASE do not reveal too much about your grate times, if you are like any of the other actors YOU had to sign non-disclosures. In watching this interview… man, you are cutting things close.

It’s like getting the opportunity to lay down with the hottest chick in school. GO lockerroom for bragging rights, and when it gets back to her – no more in and out for you.

Don’t EFF this up, man.


384. Sam Belil - January 25, 2008

Mr. Cawley — it is with great anticipation that we look forward to more news from you. I watched your interview, it is great that you make no bones about being a “purist:, and that passion CLEARLY SHOWS in your excellent body of work wth New Voyages. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, KEEP THE FLAME BURNING!!!!

385. Melrose Regular - January 25, 2008

Cawley is a fanboy and a bad actor. And that blond hair looks as fake as his impression of William Shatner.

386. BorgDrone - January 25, 2008


You’re right, Cawley IS a fanboy, just like most of us posting here! But more than that, he’s a fanboy who has manged to live what most of us only dream about.

Why do you begrudge him his success? What has he ever done to you?

387. Marian Ciobanu - January 25, 2008

A…STAR TREK..should be a show..for young generation…even for smart children …so..i think that..the new unoffcially TOS series..aren’t very welcome to me..

388. Diabolik - January 25, 2008

380….. James, looking forward to hearing you tell what you can about your awesome experience. We have a mutual friend, Roger Romage.

You are to be congratulated on the recognition you received as a result of your devotion to Trek. Can’t wait to share in your adventure by hearing you tell about it. You represent the rest of us!

389. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 25, 2008

174. Da Big Fire-Chief!
[James was at Paramount with another person regarding other business unrelated to the JJ Abrams encounter. The other person there was Marc Zicree as he says on his new podcast.]

#211 TrekMadeMeWonder
[Then we have caught James in a LIE already!]
I apolagize. Sincerely.

And if anyone wants to keep count on the typos, or errors in wording, then consider that my initial ‘L’ bomb posting (#211) should have read.

[Then HAVE WE caught James in a LIE already?
As my followup question in the same post asked…
[HAS fame gone to your head so quickly?]

I REALLY try not to ever deal in absolutes. If you don’t believe me, consider that obvious typos happen here all the time. the re-read [#350. Charles Root]


#380. James Cawley
[I did not lie about my chance meeting with J.J… I was on the lot with Leslie Hoffman, a Dear Friend and former Stunt woman, who worked on Trek for many years, we were accompanied by Patrick Bell, the young man who plays Xon on New Voyages.]


There have now been (3) THREE different stories on the “chance encounter”.

1st he was with a ‘girl’. (video post @1:40)
2nd he was with Marc Zicree (#174)
3rd he was with a girl and one ‘Patrick. (380}

I am glad to know we finally have the REAL story.

Although I still feel (somewhat) justified in my initial reaction to James’ video blog and the comments that followed. The simple ‘truths’ did not match up. Sure I am splitting hairs, but what I have read is now THREE DIFFERENT STORIES. I am sorry that there was such confusion on a simple point.

Remember, It works both ways fellas. I, for one, hinge on every word comming out of Trekdom. Seeing Cawley assumed into Trekdom has made me suspicious of his motives for the post provided. I must now take his every word under the same scutiny as I would the Writer’s or a Set Designer. Again, Sorry, but I care about Trek that much.

Perhaps it would have been appropriate for the moderator to chime in much earlier, and ask me to rephrase (or apolagize) because I did not have my facts correct. That would have been fine with me. AND I WOULD HAVE MUCH EARLIER. BUT, Tell the story straight the first time, or correct others TOO when they misspeak (#174), and I will not be so anxious, OR QUESTION, when I hear CERTAIN discrepancies in all of your stories.

NOW IF I STILL HAVE MY FACTS WRONG PLEASE CORRECT ME. BUT DON’T THREATEN ME WITH BANISHMENT!!! That’s freakin rediculous and in no way helps with an open discourse of the facts presented.

Again, I apolagize if I have offended anyone.
And specifically you, Mr. Cawley.

I have to admit, this whole topic ALMOST has me turned off from seeing this movie at the theatres, AND has completely altered my preception of some of the ‘fans’ here as well. I am dismayed at how some get a free pass commenting on subjects that are completely out of line. Consider the above hair color jokes or the MEAN demeanor of some of the other prior posts directed at me. I WAS NEVER MEAN, remember that. My questions are ALWAYS presented in a fair and considerate manner, once you look at the facts, and times that my comments were presented, I think you may yet agree to some of my points.

And, by the way, I LOVE TREKMOVIE!!! I REALLY DO!!!

390. Don Ho - January 25, 2008

I just find it ironic that they did end up getting a bad actor who wears a toupee to do a cameo after all. Congratulations all the same.

391. DarenDoc - January 25, 2008

This will probably go unread, as most of the folks here have moved over to asking JJ the same 5 questions over and over again… :)

But I’m just gonna put in a couple comments about what’s going on here, and about my friend, James.

I’ve known about “New Voyages” for some time… since their first episode. My first reactions are well documented on my blog, and a little over a year ago, I put in a bit of a put-down to New Voyages, commenting that it was interesting, and the sets and effects were pretty good… but that the acting was more akin to a high school play.

As they started to put out other episodes, however… you could see that they were getting better and better at it… and that their enthusiasm and drive were carrying them through. It looked like they were having a great time playing “Star Trek”… and their love for it was apparent.

A week or so after I put up my commentary about fan films in general, I got an email from James Cawley. He had seen my earlier work on ST:TMP the Director’s edition, and my TOS Doomsday Machine pitch. He wanted me to consult with them to get their effects more in line with TOS, and he wanted a critical eye in his camp to help him maintain objectivity.

I then got to see “World Enough, and Time” a couple months later, and saw the quantum leap from a bunch of kids in a garage to an enjoyable part of the Star Trek mythos. It was refreshing, and invigorating, and made me remember the feeling of being a fan in the mid seventies. Fan film projects are today’s answer to Fanzines of that time… (as I think I’ve heard someone say before…) This is the creative outlet for frustrated fans who haven’t been seeing what they want in Trek, so they begin to fashion their own.

I am pleased to call James a friend now, a year after he contacted me. And happy to know that there are people out there who’s love and knowledge about the Original Series is equal to, and often surpasses, my own.

I know this has been an exciting week for him, and I’m glad he’s been able to get some recognition and enjoyment from something that is a labor of love for him. I hope he can parlay it into something that is equally rewarding in his career… because many fans have dreams, but only a special few have the determination and guts to make them happen, and to inspire those around them to as well.

I haven’t enjoyed playing “Star Trek” this much since I was 7.

392. Diabolik - January 25, 2008


I think it’s true that the only difference between us as kids and adult are the price of our toys. I also think it’s awesome that the toys have come such a long way in helping fans like yourself and James not only recreate but surpass the original show in many ways. Who would have thought it, all those years ago when we were kids in pajamas watching the show?

I would love to see some type of Trek on TV again, with you doing the effects. Or even a series of made-for-TV and DVD movies.

393. Dr. Image - January 25, 2008

#380 James- If the film has your stamp of approval, then it’s got mine too!

So life imitates art, which imitates life again, on and on.
Strange and fun times for Trek- and lots of it courtesy of this site, too.
I think my fanboy level will have increased from FB5 to around FB9 before this is all over.

394. Diabolik - January 25, 2008

This level of invited-fan participation hasn’t been seen since the Rec Deck scene in TMP. It shows that the people involved are fans themselves, and want to have other fans involved. Otherwise the typical “Hollywood types” could care less about fan involvement and fan cameos even less.

Truly, the Trek is in good hands. And I can’t wait to see James in uniform on the movie! I’ll probably cheer in the theater.

395. Diabolik - January 25, 2008

Of course James looked good in the new movie uniform! He looks good in the original.

396. Ty Webb - January 25, 2008

Good to hear from Darren and James in this thread, I share their enthusiasm.

397. VTMoondog - January 25, 2008

James does NOT wear a toupee….

Trekmademewonder……..once and for all, dude…just because James chooses to not tell you, me or anyone else, the whole miniscule details of his Paramount adventures….its HIS choice and his private deal. I suspect that he was probably protecting the privacy of others that were in his party ( Leslie, Patrick, Marc)
There are not 3 “truths” just more information now from James, about the details….and its it any more juicy??? nope. So chill…..really:)

Scott Moody
Producer/Camera Operator
Star Trek: New Voyages

398. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 25, 2008

I have! Totally!

Thanks for the forbearance on this subject everybody.
it’s all best forgotten at this point.

399. Captain Crawford - January 26, 2008

I’m just glad to hear they got the uniforms right. And now that James Cawley’s involved, you know it’s gonna be good.

400. Daren Doc - January 26, 2008

Just wanted to be 400.

401. Anthony Pascale - January 26, 2008

daren…you are better than that my friend

i am glad people are calming down. I look forward to James’ report

402. non-belligerency confirmed - January 26, 2008

just posting to make sure anthony doesn’t have the last word.
god i love this site.

403. Harry Ballz - January 26, 2008

Yeah, me too!

It’s addictive, damnit!!!! :)

404. The Vulcanista - January 26, 2008

Last word!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

405. Falvoant - January 27, 2008

Anthony still gets the last word!!


406. non-belligerency confirmed - January 27, 2008

okay, you guys win. you got the last word, dammit.

407. Portland182 - January 27, 2008


Get JJ measured up for a costume and put him in the next New Voyages to return the favour!

408. David - January 28, 2008

I’m so happy that Elvis approves……

409. Captain Robert April - January 28, 2008

I won’t go so far to say that Cawley has sold out, but I think he has been sucked into the hype a bit.

My thought is, if Abrams has such a handle on Star Trek conceptually, then he shouldn’t have a problem doing his story with the original set designs and the original ship (appropriately upgraded for the big screen, but still THE SAME DESIGNS).

If the designs HAVE to be changed this drastically, that tells me that the story isn’t as strong as advertised.

410. Ivory - January 28, 2008

Bob Orci:

If you are out there. I think it would be cool if Anthony got a cameo (kind of like James Cawley + James Doohan’s son) in the film for all the great work he has done with this site + for S.T. in general.

It would be like we (the regulars here) were being represented.

Just my two cents.

411. Stuntrek - January 28, 2008

Hi all, my name is Leslie Hoffman. I have loved and watched Star Trek from the beginning. I have been a Trekkie, a Trekker and now I hear it is fashionable to be a Trekkie again. I really don’t want to make my first post too long but just introduce myself to all of you.

If you go to IMDB.com and look up Leslie Hoffman and then chose Leslie Hoffman (I) you will see my credits. Or my website is stuntrek.com.

It was a dream come true to work on DS9 and Voyager. Now I am the Stunt Coordinator for Star Trek New Voyages. Little did I know that being born in the Adirondacks of New York State, I would have Star Trek around me most of my life.

You can see by my name, email address and website that I love Star Trek. I know, I know by taking out the second middle “T” it now can be stun trek or stunt REK!!! not a good name for a stuntwoman but it is Stunt Trek.

Those who have questions about James’ visit to Paramount. Please feel free to post a question here and I will do my best to answer it.

Just to start off part of what has been discussed, it WAS a chance meeting with JJ Abrams. James, Patrick and I had gotten on the lot early, I asked them if they would like to see anything around my old “haunts”. James expressed or wished that he could see the sound stage where the Feature was being filmed BUT due to Security at Paramount he had heard that there was NO WAY.

Never say “NO WAY” to a stuntperson : )

Leslie Hoffman

412. abstractdream - January 28, 2008

I just recently discovered STNV and fell in love with the vision and the manifestation of the vision of James Cawley. I’m no purist. I can dig any attempt when it comes from the heart. Hearing James express his satisfaction makes me more excited for the release of the new Trek movie. BTW, whether planned or not, the meeting and subsequent cameo have already helped the production. Like it or not.

413. Gabriel Bell - January 28, 2008

Great job, Leslie. Thanks for the post. I had the good fortune to be an extra on Enterprise (and fire the phasers!), so I am personally thrilled for Cawley (and Chris Doohan and Randy Pausch [sp?]).

Anyway, let this serve as a welcome greeting from a true Trekkie who loves all 700 hours unapologetically.

This is a great site. Anthony has done an awesome job keeping the snarky posts to a mimimum, so mostly everything is very positive.

All the best.

414. Stuntrek - January 28, 2008

Thank you Gabriel Bell for your welcome to this site. Did you meet Vince Jr. when you worked on “Enterprise”? His Dad, Vince Deadrick Sr. worked on TOS and then his son, who was the stunt coordinator of “Enterprise” hired Sr. to work. I think Vince Sr. is about the only stuntman that has accomplished that.

My Friend Tom Morga has probably worked on the most series and Features. http://memory-alpha.org is also a great site to look up stuntpeople. Thomas Luckau is the best when it comes to researching us.

Yes, Anthony has done a wonderful job. Maybe someday he will do an article on Star Trek stunts.

This is James Cawley’s thread, he works very hard to keep the original vision of Gene’s alive. He deserved the luck and honor to work on JJ’s Star Trek. It was wonderful to watch him on set. JJ has put him in spots that it would be very hard to end up on the cutting room floor so we all will be seeing James on the big screen.

but truth be told

James IS the “Captain Kirk” of the internet.

415. Falvoant - January 29, 2008

Leslie that’s what you get when you work there a number of years
You know everybody!
you “Have friends in all the right places”
as James said months ago……

Hi Friend…..

STNV video/audio Engineering

416. Gabriel Bell - January 29, 2008

Great stuff. And sadly no, in regards to meeting the names you mentioned, my one day on the set there was no stunt work, but a few “shakes” on the bridge and even some exploding sparks over my head. So I met the effects guys, but no stunt folks.

The stunt work in Trek has been awesome through the years, so you should all be commended.

Hope to see you on another thread.

Peace and long life.

417. Francesco V - February 1, 2008

TWO hundreds and SIXTY THREE post the first day only!
James, do you realize you’re more popular than many beautiful actresses interviewed in this website?
You are my mith: you’re the new Kirk, you produced the TOS again, you created a new fan film world and now this world is merging the official hollywood cinema.

Your fan-square.

418. daz cummins - February 3, 2008

who transcribed that interview?

a drunk monkey?

grammar, people – GRAMMAR!

oh…. and spelling?

gooddamn text shortcuts and blabla have NO place in journalism!!!

let the flaming commence…

419. James Anderson Merritt - February 8, 2008

I have enjoyed STNV since the first, and thank James Cawley for bringing us a Captain Kirk that is somewhere between the Shatner-Kirk-that-was and the Jack Lord-Kirk-that-might-have been, with a pinch of Jeffrey Hunter’s Pike thrown in for good measure. In short, I don’t have any trouble accepting Cawley as Kirk, and am happy that he resurrected the old series in so spectacular a fashion as we see in STNV. I especially enjoyed World Enough and Time, and Cawley’s work in it (not to mention that of George Takei). With all the crap that the studios and networks seem to like to toss at us Trek fans, it is so refreshing that someone who obviously said, “I can do better than that” actually went out and did it. Hats’ off to James Cawley. I’m not going to like Abrams’ Trek just because James Cawley says so, but if he likes it, I will at least show my respect for his opinion by keeping an open mind and giving the “reimagining” a fair chance. (I am a Lost fan, after all.)

420. Suicide Clutch - February 10, 2008

God I hope i live to see this. Great job James, on your flicks and on representing us. I really believe that New Voyages opened the door for TOS to be resurected, and you SHOULD be the ‘resident expert’. I envy you, and love ya too! CAN’T WAIT!

421. James Careless - February 12, 2008

Good for Cawley; if anyone deserves this opportunity, it’s him. (Frankly, I would have even given him a shot to be Kirk; I have been that impressed with his work.)

I would be interested to know if Abrams’ staff ever checked STNV. Cawley’s work is so authoritative, in terms of respecting the ST canon, that I would see STNV as a good resource for Paramount.

When the next stage of Star Trek is written, I think Cawley and the rest of the talented people at STNV will be recognized for ‘keeping the flame alive’ during the darkest days since TOS was canceled.

Again, as an ST fan and a freelance writer who has covered ST, I am extremely pleased that, for once, a nice guy got to finish first this time!

422. James Barrett - March 24, 2008

Great work James, and congratulations on your role on the new film!

423. Jerry - June 8, 2008

It’s just nice to see the studio cater to the fanbase again. We want Trek, not some half-baked derivative thereof. I think the lumps they got with Nemesis and Enterprise, and the surprising success of true to form fan productions like New Voyages and Star Trek: Excelsior may have just woken them up to that fact.

424. tirdsamwitch - June 29, 2008

James Cawley AKA Elvis Kirk played an Extra the man can’t act. Hes a wannabe

425. Mad Yank - January 6, 2009

It’s been disappointing, to say the least, that Paramount has so consistently ignored it’s OWN ‘canon’ of what the ST “History” is supposed to be. The Continuity department, both within the written end of things, wherever that resides (Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, Paramount, or whoever) and the TV and Film divisions at Paramount/Viacom/CBS, seem to ignore each other and their OWN manuals and Continuity Bibles! The back stories for each series have been totally blown away as the production history has progressed, until by the time Enterprise was in production, NOTHING was sacred in the search for bigger and better plotlines.
JJ Abrams and James Cawley seem to have one big thing in common; they will stick to the original history as far as possible, even at the expense of the later series.
Although, the second trailer for the film, with Kirk roaring up to the construction site on his motorcycle, has me wondering about one thing:
WHAT HAPPENED TO SAN FRANCISCO? NCC-1701 was fabricated in San Francisco Yards, then flown to orbit in sections for final assembly at the Fleet SF Yard facility in Geo-sync orbit over San Francisco; only the Warp nacelles were fueled in orbit with matter/antimatter.
JJ: You goofed!

426. scottishtreky - January 17, 2009

once a STAR TREK fan always a STAR TREK fan thats what i say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

427. Heidi Steinborn - April 15, 2009

Way to go James “Jimmy” Cawley, Heidi here, you remember me! What a dream for you to meet him. See you soon. Star Trek fan all the way here!

428. BishopAsh - April 27, 2009

Hey I don’t know James Cawley in the slightest, but I gotta say, I am completelly jazzed FOR him. I can mentally put myself in his shoes, and, damn, that’s a great story! This feature film didn’t exist when James and friends started “their trek”, I would say, look where it got him, but the journey is the reward. If I were in shape enough to throw on a red shirt, I’d take some random styrofoam boulder to the cranium to be a part of Phase Two (sadly my waistline has “Gone the way of Shatner”, and I say that with love for the man, so nuts to you squawkers) but I’ll be happy to sit back and enjoy Jim’s efforts “for the fans”.

I also think it speaks volumes for who J.J. Abrams is, that he recognized James right off the bat…he’s obviously been doing his homework, and that allays my fears a bit. There are a lot of cameos in this film, (just look at IMDB) and who knows if Jim (I got tired of calling him James, so sue me) will be on screen for even two seconds, but even if it is, that’s two more seconds than any of the rest of us out her in fan-land.

…just my two cents.

429. Regina - May 10, 2009

I just watched JJ Abrams star trek twice now, two days in a row. I had no idea James cawley was in it!!!! Where on earth was he? Please point him out to me. don’t tell me he was olsen, the one who crashed and burned in the suit flying through the atmosphere with sulu and kirk… was that him?? Lots of love to you james, missing you and your elvis concerts too on the boat and at the park. sincerely Regina your one double western ny fan Ps yeah, that new “old” enterprise bridge JJ abrams used really surprised me too! But its nice. gotta admit it.

430. tom - May 17, 2009

where was he in the movie? I don’t see it listed on imdb.

431. JMK3421 - July 3, 2009


Here is James telling everyone that he is “Dear Friends with Leslie Hoffman. Then she backs him up in her post.

Why then on Kitumba did he threaten us all if we even talk to her, we would be kicked off the set?

432. e sağlık - June 5, 2011

Very nice web site. I follow have been doing a really good job.

433. Spock's Brain - December 11, 2011

James Cawley’s cameo occurs at around 1 hour 35 minutes into the movie Star Trek (2009). He plays a bridge officer in the gold uniform. It’s only for a second or so. Just after Spock talks with his dad about his mother.

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