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Pine Gets Shatner Hair & Advice + Doohan Trek Role Tidbit March 7, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

The USA TODAY has a new ‘cast preview’ for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek , with pictures and blurbs about each of the new crew. Much of it is old news but there are a couple of interesting tidbits. The first is on Chris Pine (Kirk) getting a hair style (and advice) from William Shatner. There is also news from Simon Pegg (Scotty) on what role Chris Doohan (son of James Doohan, the original Scotty) will be playing.



Pine gets new hair and Shatner advice
Here is the blurb on Chirs Pine about his hair and his correspondence with The Shat:

Pine, whose hair has been lightened to resemble Shatner’s 1966 ‘do, says he has not yet met Shatner, but wrote him a letter saying, “I’m not trying to copy what you did.” Shatner wrote back “a very kind letter wishing me good luck.” Shatner Jokes about their correspondence: “I told him to keep his letters to himself. Stop brown-nosing around here. Just act straightforward.

Pine January 2007 (L) and January 2008 (C), Shatner 1966 (R)

Beam me up Doohan
The blurb on the new Scotty (Simon Pegg) also had some news. He revealed that his Scottish accent is being helped by his real-life Scottish wife. But the more interesting bit was actually about Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan. From the Pegg blurb:

[Chris] contacted me shortly after I was cast. We’ve been e-mailing, and we’re hoping to get together and have a drink. I told him I would do everything I could to make my performance a complete tribute to his father. And I think he might be coming on (for an on-screen cameo) in the transporter room.

It is already known that Marlene Forte will be appearing as the Transporter Chief for Star Trek, but usually the transporter room was a two person job. It would appear that Doohan is giving Forte a hand.

“Star Trek” with a Doohan at the transporter console…again

The blubs from Quinto, Yelchin, Cho, Saldana and Urban had the usual (but nice to hear) stuff about meeting and/or respecting their predecessors and Trek’s past. Check out the rest of the USA TODAY “Star Trek” cast preview.

(Images: Wire Image and Paramount)


1. blake powers - March 7, 2008

A Doohan at the transporter controls is only fitting.

2. maspill - March 7, 2008

this is what we ve bin waitin for

3. Pah Wraith - March 7, 2008

Pine got a tiny wee bit more like Kirk with the new hair. Why not just find an old Shat’s haipiece? ;)

(First? ;) )

4. Pah Wraith - March 7, 2008

not in this life :D

5. SD - March 7, 2008

Love the new shot of Pine. Looking forward to his performance :)

6. hitch1969© - March 7, 2008

DJ Lance says its time to remember what we did today. Are you ready? UhBreak It Down!!!


7. thebiggfrogg - March 7, 2008

Pine got Shatner’s hair? So Bana isn’t the only one to get his head shaved!
; )

8. Chris Pike - March 7, 2008

#3 That’s what I thought, I’m sure the Shat’s got his ’66 hair at home in a drawer somewhere! (I think it was Bob Justman’s book Inside Star Trek said that the hair pieces were $500 a time and used to dissappear suspiciously!)

9. Laserlover2254 - March 7, 2008

It was two-man in Pike’s time. NOt usually in Kirk’s time.

10. Commodore Redshirt - March 7, 2008

Not gonna copy Shat!
The most Pine news we’ve yet had!

11. thebiggfrogg - March 7, 2008

Actually I thought the ’60s Shat hairpieces were pretty d*** good rugs. Especially compared to what came after–those curly monstrosities from the Trek Movies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. When I faced my own hair crisis I looked at those bad Kirk toupees and the calm acceptance of Picard. I took out the razor and now dutifully do so everyday. Patrick Stewart was right on that one.

12. AC80 - March 7, 2008

That’s an awfully nasty scar on Pine’s left cheek. I wonder what happened. Reminds me of another Trek actor who escapes me right now.

13. Pah Wraith - March 7, 2008

Hey, actors and wigs are ol’ friends. hairpieces are as old as the theatre itself. And receeding hairline is something completely diffrent than being almost 100% bald, especially if you’re to play a womanizer ;) Picard – not much of a ladies man, although some like bald women (like Anij ;) )

14. AC80 - March 7, 2008

^^ I think I remember now. Doesn’t George Takei have a similar scar in the same place?

15. Pah Wraith - March 7, 2008

*sorry, not “although some like bald women” but “some women like bald men”

16. AC80 - March 7, 2008

I’m a little disappointed that Chris Pine will not implement a few subtle mannerisms of William Shatner. Brandon Routh did a few facial expressions of Christopher Reeve and Daniel Craig even took it further with his little Sean Connery impressions sprinkled in some parts of Casino Royale.

I wish we had an edit feature with these posts.

17. Sulu was better - March 7, 2008

why does pine look compleatly different in the 2 pics?… its like 2 different people!

18. Kirk's Toupee - March 7, 2008

What’s that about The Shat’s Hair and hairpieces??!!!!

19. Batts - March 7, 2008

About time! a little more info on our Captain to be!!

20. cd - March 7, 2008

Just wondering if Pine will wear contacts to change his eye color…

21. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - March 7, 2008

#3 – The hairpiece escaped The Shat it escaped in 1971 and is rumored to be now living in Argentina

22. cd - March 7, 2008

Didn’t they use Shatner’s old hairpieces for the tribbles?


23. cd - March 7, 2008

About Chris Doohan: that would be cool if he was at the transporter controls and/or in Engineering. And, I was not exactly ecstatic about Simon Pegg as Scotty, but it sounds like he is going to give it his best, and that sounds very good to me.

24. Trek Nerd Central - March 7, 2008

Oh, no. Not the toupee conversation.

The hair is nice. Better still, this kid is a kick-!#@ actor.

25. James R. Kirk - March 7, 2008

Is there actually any proof that Shatner wore a hairpiece?

26. freezejeans - March 7, 2008

Hopefully Pine will at least have Shat’s posture: chest out, always standing straight up. It’s very distinctive in TOS, perhaps to project his alpha-male awesomeness to those nearby. Heh. Frakes tried it in TNG seasons 1-2, but sort of gave it up after they got the new, looser uniforms.

27. British Naval Dude - March 7, 2008

Pine contacting Shatner? A Doohan in the film? Even Crawley with a part and visitations from cast members?

It seems we get more and more reassurance that those who be involved in this here new film are making an effort to keep canon in their own way- and I mean canon on the more contextual matters in the familiarity of the original actors and characters.

Trek needed to boldly go forward. For the 90s shows, while bonny in many ways, gave us the same look over and over again. ENT may have flopped but I think it was a decent experiment to be different than prior Trek.

On the non-human side, I’ll hope that tech Trek in the film isn’t tha star, but I’ll also hope the tech is something we haven’t seen before which makes sense to have in another few centuries, something moreso than phasers and transporters (which never ever worked right anyway as part of a plot point- maybe that’ll be addressed with Doohan and a new transport chief to work the critter.) It’s academic to say, but science fiction is supposed to show us what we could have and do based on what we know now… and boy do we know more now.

I always wondered why, given our own diversity of governments and cultures, that the Trek cultures weren’t more subdivided like us- in appearance and in structure. At best we got, what, maybe two governements per planet?

Hey- hooked on phonics has paid off for me! Hadn’t even blabbed an “arrrr” yet.

‘Course tha whole film may just be a projection Riker plays in tha Holodeck in order ta muster up tha guts ta confess ta Picard that he’s the one who plugged up tha captain’s loo… learns tha lesson that Number One’s number two was less fretful than havin’ a Rommie time-gunnin’ for ya…


28. diabolik - March 7, 2008

I’ma little worried, if Pine is not referencing Shatner’s performance as Kirk, yet he’s supposed to be a younger version of the same character.

I’m not saying he should go overboard, but his performance should at least evoke Kirk as we know him, and bringing in the Shatnerisms we know so well only makes sense. Even McGregor made sure we knew that he was supposed to be Obi-wan by emulating some elements of Sir Alec Guiness.

We should know Kirk by his stance, posture and attitude, and those come from Shatner.

29. AdamTrek - March 7, 2008

IMO, Pine is the luckiest guy to be alive right now.

It would be awesome to play Kirk. I’m 32, too old to play the character, and I unfortunately have a thinning hair line. But with a rug, I look much younger. Fantasizing…

BTW, my wife thinks I’m sexy anyway. At least I got’s the musc-els.

30. US Taxpayer Dude - March 7, 2008

^17 Sulu was better

I dunno, but it looks like Pine has added a few avoirdupois – no doubt to pay further tribute to The Shat


31. Jorg Sacul - March 7, 2008

I’ll tell you up front, that if Chris Doohan is at the transporter console, I’m going to cry like a little girl. No, it’s not logical. I’m just warning ya now.

That January 2008 pic of Pine is really spooky. Will they Bryl-Cream his hair, like early Kirk, too?

Somebody get me a time machine. I want to be in line in May, 2009, and watching this film. NOW! :-)

32. Dr. Image - March 7, 2008

McGregor did Guiness proud. He nailed the portrayal. That’s the paradigm example of how to do it right.
Pegg’s great but I really wonder why McGillion didn’t get the part?
Pine also needs an eyebrow job.
He also is in danger of being upstaged by many others in this great cast, therefore he had BETTER play it big- and Shatneresque.

33. AdamTrek - March 7, 2008

#32 – Good point.

34. desertrat - March 7, 2008



35. Shaun - March 7, 2008

I still don’t think Pine looks like Kirk, and I have little confidence (so sue me) that he’ll convince me that he is Kirk. If he’s not Shatner/Kirk like in his approach, is he really Kirk? Then again, if he plays it broadly is it just a parody of Shatner/Kirk, something we’ve seen a thousand times from a thousand lame stand-up comedians?

Actually, I feel that way about the whole cast (except for maybe Quinto, who seems born to play Spock). Either it ends up being unrecognizable as the Trek I know, or it’ll be a parody of the originals. I’m sure this matters not to Abrams, as he’s looking for something to appeal to a mainstream, non-Trekker audience, but that’s my $.02.

I don’t want to dump on other people’s enthusiasm for this movie, but I’m going to need a lot of convincing, and good word of mouth, before I see this movie.

36. Felkin - March 7, 2008

“It just wouldn’t be the Enterprise without a Doohan at the transporter controls.”

37. Iowagirl - March 7, 2008

“I’m not trying to copy what you did.”

Wouldn’t be possible anyway.

Oh, and judging from your posts so far, the Shat’s hair (full or in pieces) still seems to be much more interesting than those Pine tidbits…;-) But to be fair, the information on Pine don’t actually qualify as “news”.

38. section9 - March 7, 2008


You mean, those ’66 Bobby Darrin Hairstyles were freaking TOUPEES!!!!


“You have raped my childhood!”

That would mean that Senator Vreenak was right about the Shat all along…

“It’s a Faaaake!!!!!!”

39. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

I’m glad to hear we won’t be getting a Shatner impression. That wouldn’t be legitimate art.

No surprise that we don’t get alot of news from Pine, as nearly everything of substance is a closely guarded secret. My guess is, as the movie premiere draws nearer and the real hype begins, “Captain Kirk” will be unleashed a bit.

40. Michelle - March 7, 2008

Pine resembles Shatner’s Kirk close enough for me. I think he’s a whole lot cuter looking to than even Shatner was in his prime too. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play Kirk!

41. orion pirate - March 7, 2008

Even if it’s mainly repeated old news, nice to see Trek XI getting media coverage.

A Doohan at the transporter controls is just the way it should be. ^_^

42. neonknights - March 7, 2008

#31 – Somebody get me a time machine. I want to be in 1966 when TV wasn’t about a commercial every 7 minutes and movies about greenscreen plus CGI and Star Trek was not just another rip-off of itself.

43. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 7, 2008

Pine looks a bit thinner (hairline receding) in the new pic versus the old pic. Don’t joke about the hairpieces unless he goes the way of plugs he may be wearing a Travolta (new term for hairpiece) sooner than later.

44. trekofficial - March 7, 2008

that scar on his cheek is NOT CANNON. Im going to consult with my experts aboard the U.S.S.HelloKitty to confere we may have to boycott this movie

45. OneBuckFilms - March 7, 2008

It’s interesting seeing the slideshow.

It makes it easier for me to see the resemblance of the original to the new, and they are closer to how the cast originally looked than I thought.

RE: Kirk’s performance by Pine:

I suspect there may be one or two shatnerisms, but if he plays Kirk straight and believable, it would be far better than simply immitating Shatner.

I doubt he’s ignoring Shater’s Kirk, just playing him in his own way.

It’s the only way to avoid an unintended parody.

The few sketchy rumors we’ve heard so far is that the Uniforms are close to the Original Series, and the Bridge of the Enterprise apparently “feels” like the Bridge of the Enterprise.

I seem to remember someone saying something to the effect that we would be surprised at how faithful to the original series they were.

Things will be different, but I think we’ll get a good movie out of JJ.

46. sean - March 7, 2008

I’m surprised people are favorably referencing Ewan McGreggor’s performance in the SW Prequels. I love McGreggor, but those weren’t exactly his finest hours. The ‘references’ to Guiness DID come across as parody (to me and most I know anyway) and it’s exactly the kind of thing I hope Pine is going to avoid.

Daniel Craig really made Bond his own throughout Royale, and I hope Pine can muster that kind of unique portrayal of Kirk – keep the broad strokes, but avoid the Shatner Stammer™.

47. Ivory - March 7, 2008

Gotta do something about those blue eyes.

48. J.D. Lee - March 7, 2008

have you guys seen pine’s old interviews? His mannerisms reminds me of shatner….

49. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 7, 2008

And I want Shatnerisms they are Kirkisms. We have Pegg doing Doohan, Sylar doing Nimoy why not Pine doing Shatner (at least a little bit) it’s what makes the character dynamic and not just another bland Trek captain. He can certainly bring his take but even Craig was imbuing Connery Bond in his performance.
Boy the Next Genie fans really don’t like Shatner do they?? You guys get your film in 40 – 50 years or so, so chill

50. Bill - March 7, 2008


A little? Routh spent 90% of his screen time ignoring the rest of the scene to mug to the camera painfully begging us to acknowledge his similarities to Reeves. I expected him to actually break the scene and ask the audience “Isn’t it amazing how I can pretend to be him?”

51. Lou - March 7, 2008

Chris Doohan should be Kyle. :P

52. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#35—I don’t think the question is whether it will have the exact same appeal to us as TOS did when we were kids (after all, we are not the same impressionable kids now), but rather, whether Abrams’ Trek will have a similar effect on kids today.
To expect Chris Pine, as Jim Kirk, to captivate us in the same manner as Shatner’s Kirk once did is probably an unreachable goal. However, it is very possible that Pine will bring the heroic Captain Kirk into the imaginations of new and younger fans. I think that is a very reachable goal.

#49–“Boy the Next Genie fans really don’t like Shatner do they?? You guys get your film in 40 – 50 years or so, so chill”

I’m not a TNG fan at all—strictly TOS. But I still don’t want to see a Shat impression. I will be disappointed if that’s what I get. I have been ready for a recasting of the original characters for years. Now I get MY wish. It is these characters who captured my imagination, and thanks to these guys, they are being brought back to life as they deserve.
Don’t fear change—-embrace it.

53. Jorg Sacul - March 7, 2008

#46 >>but avoid the Shatner Stammer™.

True. That was FULLY stolen by Avery Brooks being Sisko. God in heaven, there would be a pair, acting off of each other, Shatner and Brooks.

OverDramatic…pausesandrushes…IN…EACH…SENtence..(hand gesture inserted here)..SPaaaaahck!

I love ’em both…don’t think anyone else would have been the archetypes of boldly swaggering captains that we’ve come to expect.

54. T2 - March 7, 2008

great to see more on Kirk…got today’s USA Today, there was nothing in it about Star Trek, though.

55. Tamoon! - Everybody's Favourite Sex symbol Drill Thrall! - March 7, 2008

Kris Pine…. he needs to pluck his eyebrows to match the real and only true Captain Kirk .

..that would be William Shatner baby!


56. Iowagirl - March 7, 2008

I agree that Pine shouldn’t imitate Shatner, but try to find his own way to express. Same holds true for all other re-casts. But for all those who think that it’s all about the character and not about the original actor(s), just imagine what we would have without the original characters’ portrayal. IMO, it’s rather strange to discuss characters and their portrayals and to “forget” at the same time that these characters’ traits and their attitude, the qualities we value that much have been visually communicated to us by the original actors – and *that* is how the characters eventually became Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov. Without the original actors, the characters Roddenberry created would have remained mind games.

To expect Chris Pine, as Jim Kirk, to captivate us in the same manner as Shatner’s Kirk once did is probably an unreachable goal.

On that, we definitely agree. Only that I’m *still* captivated. ;-)

57. Garovorkin - March 7, 2008

Face it the guy looks like a young James T. Kirk How people not accept him. JJ should be given credit for finding people who resemble the originals and on top of that, all of them can act. I think the first time we see them together in a scene then maybe just maybe some of the hardcore people will come around, A good actor can make you believe that he or she is the character.

58. Tamoon! - Everybody's Favourite Sex symbol Drill Thrall! - March 7, 2008

Maybe he needs a yeoman again…like me, Tamoon!

It would be a hit!


59. Enc - March 7, 2008

although i have not heard why mcgillion didnt get it. ive had a theory. he just didnd match their vision of scotty. or they CANT have him from a production standpoint. think of this way. at the time mcgillion was seen every week on SGA. In a sci-fi role. And already in a scottish charactor. this makes him dangerous to hire period. its overkill. to have him play both charactors would oversaturate.

we see a then and now pick of pine but how come no compareing photo of kirk ???

60. Doug Abramson - March 7, 2008

#53 Brooks did not use Shatner’s mannerisims in DS9. Those quirks were all his own. If you can find a copy of an episode from late in the Sencer for Hire series or A Man Called Hawk, you’ll see an actor as over the top as the one on DS9. He’s a ham, but i do love his work.

61. Doug Abramson - March 7, 2008

Sorry, Spencer for Hire. Not Sencer.

62. Cobra Commander - March 7, 2008

You gotta respect these actors (and JJ); they are taking a HUGE risk!
They are risking their careers to bring this movie to life. They could be typecast for years. AND they have the seemingly impossible task of portraying legendary characters. As others have said, if they imitate the originals, it becomes comedy; if they stray too far from the originals, it won’t convince the audience that it’s really Kirk, Spock, and McCoy on the screen. If they can pull this off, their acting skills will impress a LOT of people. All my hopes . . .

63. Diabolik - March 7, 2008

Nobosy wants a Shatner impression. But if you want to see a young Kirk, you are going to see Shatner in him. Otherwise it’s an unrelated character with the same name. You CAN’T do Kirk without channelling Shatner some. A good actor will bring enough to remind you this is a young KIRK.

64. Robert J. Sawyer - March 7, 2008

Actually, it’s “Spenser for Hire,” with an S. Brooks became bald on DS9 when they started filming Spenser reunion made-for-TV movies while he was on hiatus; that’s the look he sports as Hawk.

65. MARIAN C. - March 7, 2008

– If the movie it’s a total …’reboot’ ..i don’t see the reason to this ‘changes of look’..really….maybe the movie it’s a prequel afterall….

66. Xai - March 7, 2008

Poor Pine and Quinto… all those comparisons that some less flexible among us will constantly make.
Enough to make your hair fall out.

67. sean - March 7, 2008


They aren’t ‘doing’ Doohan & Nimoy. You can pay tribute to the character without being an imitation. If Pegg goes onscreen and starts doing a Doohan impression it’s likely the movie will detour into unintentional comedy. And I have nothing but fond memories of William Shatner and his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk. So please stop assuming anyone making an honest comment about him is a bitter TNG fan (I loved TNG, but their movies never recaptured the magic of the show). We all know he has that trademark stammer; admitting it is not a dig or insult to the man.

Pine will obviously take some of Shatner with him in the role, because the only depictions of Kirk onscreen have been by Shatner. So let’s not get carried away here. All I (and others) have said is that Pine needs to show us another side, another interpretation of James T Kirk that isn’t a William Shatner impression. Much like Craig did in Royale. He may have taken some cues from Connery, but that was very much Craig’s interpretation of Bond the character, not Connery the actor playing Bond the character.


I don’t think Brooks stole anything from Shatner, they just both happen to be of a certain type of Shakespearean/Theatre player. The stage is a very different format from the Silver Screen or the Boob Tube, so the inflections and line deliveries are more forceful. They both periodically read lines as though it were their last utterance on earth, and they can both come across as too over-the-top or unintentionally funny if you take them out of context. If you put the performances in the right frame of reference though, they work.

68. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#56–“On that, we definitely agree. Only that I’m *still* captivated.”

As am I. But my kids are not impressed with old TOS reruns, remastered or not. They may get a laugh or two out of TVY, and they think TWOK is “pretty cool”, but “captivated”? No. Shatner’s Kirk just doesn’t belong to their generation.
They are “captivated” by Hobbits, Gladiators, Spartans, etc.
If Abrams’ Trek can make Captain Kirk “cool” for a new generation of fans, then it is a success. The truth is, OUR approval is a secondary goal. I have long since accepted the logic of that. My kids and their peers will be the true judge of how effective this endeavor is.
As great as the old cast was, they weren’t winning many new fans with the last couple of films. Were we old guard fans standing in line for our tickets? Of course, but we can all see a Star Trek movie 5 times in the theater, and it still won’t be a blockbuster. However, if kids become intrigued by this “Kirk fellow” and his shipmates, that’s another story.

69. CmdrR - March 7, 2008

3. Pah Wraith – March 7, 2008
Pine got a tiny wee bit more like Kirk with the new hair. Why not just find an old Shat’s haipiece? ;)

Unfortunately, Pah Wraith that was 40 years ago and all of them have gone to Shatshag heaven. We are, however, blessed with many of their descendants happily dancing around the drawers and barking, just hoping someone (like you?) will give them a home.

**In truth, I am in the camp that Shat probably had a weave during the series and a full on rug for the films. I suspect the TMP one was snatched from the set of the Brady Bunch.

70. jonboc - March 7, 2008

#52 “I’m not a TNG fan at all—strictly TOS. But I still don’t want to see a Shat impression. I will be disappointed if that’s what I get. I have been ready for a recasting of the original characters for years.”

You do realize this film IS about Leonard Nimoy’s Spock traveling in time to set things right? Doesn’t it stand to reason then, that the people of Spock’s past should resemble the people that played Kirk, Bones etc, opposite Nimoy’s Spock? You and others are losing sight of the fact that this is NOT a reboot. The movie features Nimoy as the SAME Spock of TOS…..and if we are going to see the characters of Nimoy-Spock’s past they should and probably will resemble the originals a great deal. There will, no doubt, be slight differences that will be explained away as being the result of the altered timeline. And that’s cool.

But save the drastic artistic character changes for the big BSG-style reboot…if it ever happens. This isn’t the movie or the time.

71. crazydaystrom - March 7, 2008


The actors portraying the ‘Big Three’, Pine, Quinto, and Urban do all really look like our beloved Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley. The others, not so much. But the resemblences, while cool, are far from the most important factors here. Much more important are the performances.

Every actor cast in the new trek film, who’s work I’ve seen, is a fine performer. I feel confident they all have the acting chops to pull off these roles. But as has been stated here and elsewhere ‘the play’s the thing’.

What Abrams’ screenwriters’ and what his own direction yields is what, ultimately, is going to determine how we the fans and the general movie audience receive this film.

All I want is-

1) A good movie

2) Good sci fi

3) And great Trek!

Is that too much to ask for?

I think not.

72. Andy Patterson - March 7, 2008

28 I’m not saying he should go overboard, but his performance should at least evoke Kirk as we know him, and bringing in the Shatnerisms we know so well only makes sense. Even McGregor made sure we knew that he was supposed to be Obi-wan by emulating some elements of Sir Alec Guiness.

We should know Kirk by his stance, posture and attitude, and those come from Shatner.

I’ve been saying that. I hate that, “I don’t want to imitate his performance” thing that some actors do. And then sometimes they use, what I think is another cop out of, “not while they’re still alive” stuff.

Try to do some things that are Kirkian, buddy. If he’s not going to attemp to do it then why bother getting somebody who kind of looks like him? What’s the point?

73. crazydaystrom - March 7, 2008


Sensor For Hire…sounds like a sequel to me. :-)

74. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#63–“…if you want to see a young Kirk, you are going to see Shatner in him. Otherwise it’s an unrelated character with the same name. You CAN’T do Kirk without channelling Shatner some. A good actor will bring enough to remind you this is a young KIRK.”

I think that is a bit much. A good actor will portray Kirk the way he is written, and a good director will make sure that actor understands how “James Kirk” would react in a particular scene (Shatner himself often required a strong-willed director to keep him from going over the top), and when it is necessary to bring the “character’s” anger, ego, annoyance, sarcasm, and/or passion to a particular scene. I like that, while some of the other actors are watching old TOS episodes to get to know their roles, Pine is approaching his with the genuine professionalism needed to be a leading man.
I have seen at least a half dozen Hamlets and MacBeths. Not all of them were great, but some of them were brilliant. Not any two of them were exactly alike.
If by “channeling Shatner”, you really mean behaving as Jim Kirk was written to behave, then you are correct. But if you think that Captain Kirk was all about Bill Shatner’s acting, then you’re wrong. Kirk was and is a written character. Bill’s style was and is his own. Pine can remain true to the “character” without mimicking Bill’s style. Someone else posted the opinion that if Pine were to do that, it would come off like a parody. Well, I think that is probably true. I also think it would be very weak acting on Chris’ part.

75. Snake - March 7, 2008

there should be a new poll – fave kirk hair:

TOS Season 1/2 – straight, fine, redish blond quiff
TOS Season 3 – darker, thicker quiff

TMP – thick BLACK curly do – The Italian Kirk…
TWOK – similar to TMP but with a touch more ‘fro…
TSFS – similar to Khan but more blow dried
TVH – same as b4 but blacker than ever…
TFF – same but BROWN..
TUC – Somewhat different, diff texture but still curly..blondy brown with frosted grey…
Generations – back to brown..thicker, hotter – causing sweating when dashing round trying to save the Ent B or trying to kill a man hes never heard of, seen or met b4 on the word of a total stranger….chesnut brown…

76. British Naval Dude - March 7, 2008

maybe Chris Rock would be a good Hawk in a re-boot of Spenser For Hire…


Never before has the part played the actor
Just as he played the role
So undetachable is Bill Shatner’s factor
That he and Jim share the same soul

But for a good movie’s quest
To not be a big bomb
Just ask Adam West
About Mr. Mom


77. crazydaystrom - March 7, 2008


I’m for Shat’s current Denny Crane do.

I think it’s apropos of Kirk forty years after…er, later.

78. Batts - March 7, 2008

Pine has to do something that makes you think of Shatner. Even if its that half laugh or smile that Kirk has. I mean do it!! Thats like Quinto has to at least raise the eyebrow!! Like Nimoy! C’mon now! Even if when we are introduced to Pine/Kirk Can we see him climbing a mountain? On that long sea voyage? Perhaps working out or romancing a girl. In my opinion these are things that shatner brought to that role.
Routh had to at least repeat that same “statistics about flying” line and play a bumbling Clark Kent although not as good as Reeve, but he was filling some crucial shoes. Someone pointed this out earlier.

79. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#70—I haven’t lost sight of that at all. But the only actor who really needs to look a great deal like his predecessor is Quinto, and I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty clear to me that he can pull off a young Leonard Nimoy in Spock-garb!

I’m not looking for “drastic artistic character changes” either, but to me, that has little to do with the actors (except of course whether their performance is good or bad), and more to do with the writing/directing. As long as they behave in the appropriate manner respective to how the characters have been written, I don’t think asthetic physical appearance is all that relevant, other than within the notion that in a scene with Nimoy, Quinto has to be believable as a much younger version.

As for Chris Pine, they are not casting for a Shatner stand-in, nor should they be. How much he does or does not look like Bill did in the 60’s won’t matter one bit to younger viewers who are giving Trek a chance for the first time. I know my kids won’t care. They think TOS is goofy, and they make fun of their old man for still watching it. But they are intrigued about STXI, with faces they know and one of the creators of their favorite show in the director’s chair. While it isn’t a reboot, let’s face it, this film isn’t for you and me either (at least not primarily)—it’s for my kids and their peers.

80. sir num nums - March 7, 2008

lol, Chris Pine needs to do something about those Bushes he calls Eyebrows.

81. Batts - March 7, 2008

I said this in previous posts. In my opinion, Greenwood has more latitude to deliver Pike than the others. For obvious reasons, his character did not have enough talking time. LOL!! Yet still, I am sure he will grab something of a tidbit from Hunter/Pike. That same nerve snapping sarcasm he had while on the bridge. Perhaps??

82. Mazzer - March 7, 2008

As soon as I saw the title of this article, I looked forward to a talkback that centered on the rug! I wasn’t disappointed.

Anyway, what makes people think that his 60s hair was a rug? Clearly, it’s been a falsie ever since TMP, but the original series looked authentic to me — full head coverage, but not exactly full-bodied. Now Pine’s hair looks much thicker than Shat’s did in the original series.

83. Mazzer - March 7, 2008

…come to think of it, Pine’s eyebrows look thicker than Shat’s hairdo from the original series.

84. Spock with a Crowbar - March 7, 2008

Pine may not be a dead ringer for Shat, but he has the ‘Kirk Look’ in that he looks very confident, complex, and thoughtful, while he’s really just thinking about hot green women.

He’s got my vote.

85. RaveOnEd - March 7, 2008

I think some of you are reading waaaaaaaaaay too much into what he said to Shatner.

By saying “I’m not trying to copy what you did” simply means that he’s not going to go in there and do a Shatner impression. That’s all.

You are reading into it that you think he said that he’s going to play it his own way. He’s merely saying that he’ s not going to make it a Shatner impression.

Stop making everything that’s said by the actors into the Constitution! Its what they say and that’s it. Nothing more below the surface than that.

86. Reliant - March 7, 2008

Since Mr. Pascale seemed fit to remove my post for some unapparent reason, I will write it again.

What I said in what should have been a first post, is this: It would be an honorable thing for them to let Chris Doohan to play the role of Scotty. But what is written is written.

What I mean by that Mr. Pascale, sir, is that I know that Chris Doohan was already doing another project and could not be two places at the same time and I was perfectly happy with the actor Chris Pine playing the role and was in agreement with Chris Doohan playing his assistant.

Also, I am not the only person who puts down “First?” at the end or beginning of his post!

If you would email me with an explanation about why my post was removed, it would be appreciated!

87. Spiked Canon - March 7, 2008

#34 …..good. He isn’t as chubby as Shat either. I bet they aren’t the same height either…..sigh

88. jonboc - March 7, 2008

#79 “While it isn’t a reboot, let’s face it, this film isn’t for you and me either (at least not primarily)—it’s for my kids and their peers.”

See that’s where we differ. I’m going to see this and I’m a TOS fan and I want to be entertained in the same fashion TOS entertained me. Not TNG, not BSG, not Star Wars or Hamlet. TOS. The formula that made TOS what it was is what appeals to me.

The “greater good” of STar Trek continuing until we put a man on mars doesn’t interest me in the least. A new “hip” version of Trek came down the pike in 1987 with TNG. It changed how the stories were told, it changed character dynamics, it changed it’s philosophy on music on action and on romance and sex. And it didn’t interest me in the least. Subsequent series followed the 24th century template and were equally un-inspired and, again, whether they were on the air or canceled didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t watching.

If it doesn’t represent the elements that I like in TOS, then I really don’t care one way or the other if it succeeds or not. Selfish? Perhaps. But I don’t listen to hip-hop because the kids like it. I don’t watch American Idon because the kids like it. And if Star Trek evolves into something that the “new generation” embraces, but in doing so, “re-invents the wheel.” to the point that it is no longer round….I wont’ be watching it either.

89. Morn Speaks - March 7, 2008

Can we see some uniformed pics already?!?!

90. girl6 - March 7, 2008

Ok. Yeah. Starting to look like Kirk 2.0. Very nice.

91. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#88—This is not TNG. That didn’t impress me either. But what elements in TOS are you referring to? What formula? Action and adventure? Social commentary? A vision of an enlightened future? Rich characters like Kirk, Spock, and McCoy? I don’t see any evidence that those elements are missing, or that such a formula will be handicapped because Pine’s eyebrows are thicker than Shatner’s or he doesn’t make the same over-the-top dramatic pauses, mid sentence.

Will we hear a score like the ones in “Amok Time” or “Friday’s Child” during an action sequence? That would be terrific, IMO, but who knows?

I think the filmmakers are striving to make a Star Trek movie which is “hip” enough for younger fans, yet still pays homage to TOS and its fans. They have made that much clear. Everyone involved, Nimoy, Cawley, Doohan, etc., seem to agree that we—as old guard fans—will be surprised at how much like TOS this will be, so I am intrigued. I hope that this is a TOS-era film that I can enjoy WITH my kids. I hope that after seeing Pine play Kirk for them, I can show them some of my favorite TOS episodes again and they might appreciate them better, as I did when I was young and continue to now.

If you don’t like it, so what? If it tanks, so what? There is nothing like TOS out there now anyway. What have you to lose? But wouldn’t it be great if it does well for the franchise and respectfully portrays the TOS-era and its characters all over again? I think so. I am embracing it until it gives me a reason not to. More detailed ship’s hulls and a bushy eyebrowed Kirk are not those reasons. I have a feeling that these guys will pull it off. I am certainly going to fork over the cash to find out!

92. Dr. Image - March 7, 2008

Shatner’s best looking movie rug was in TUC, though he has said that he HATED his hair in that movie. Go figure.
Those TOS versions were truly flawless- even in HD.
And hey, when Pegg does Scotty, Im sorry, but it’s going to bring the house down no matter HOW conservative he makes it!

93. I Love My Moogie - March 7, 2008

Star Trek XI should have been about Captain Seven of Nine commanding Hoshi, Dax & T’Pol on the USS Slumberparty. With an all female crew wearing short nighties no one would care if their hair was canon or not.

94. Stanky McFibberich - March 7, 2008

re: 88 jonboc

Wow. That was well-said!
I don’t think what you hope for can be done with recasting, etc., but you hit many nails on the head.

95. Edith Keeler - March 7, 2008

Pine doesn’t have the ’66 hair right – it has to have that thinning look to it.

As for the later hair (70’s and 80’s) – anything synthetic (and cheap) will do.

96. Garovorkin - March 7, 2008

Look at what the film has going for it. An A list Director/producer in JJ Abrams, whose resume in film and televsion speaks for itself

A top notch cast, with PIne, Pegg,Ouinto, Saldana,GreenWood,Urban,Bana and of course Nimoy himself.

The blessing of the surviving original cast members

Paramount is making an impressive effort here to relaunch Trek for a ne generation. How can it possibly fail with all this going for it.

97. Captain Robert April - March 7, 2008

“Actually, it’s “Spenser for Hire,” with an S. Brooks became bald on DS9 when they started filming Spenser reunion made-for-TV movies while he was on hiatus; that’s the look he sports as Hawk.”

Not exactly. Bald with a goatee is Brooks’ standard preferred look. Every hiatus, he’d shave his head and grow the goatee back. Berman made him grow his hair out and lose the beard when he signed on, and eventually earned the right to keep his head shaved when he returned from vacation and started making the role of Sisko his own. Anybody else notice how Ben got a lot more animated, and interesting, when he went bald?

One good thing about Voyager: It diverted attention away from DS9 and allowed it to actually grow.

98. SPB - March 7, 2008


…is that he doesn’t necessarily LOOK like a 1966 William Shatner, but he REMINDS me of a 1966 William Shatner.

Know what I mean?

99. SPB - March 7, 2008


…that dead, black Tribble that sat on his head in THE MOTION PICTURE. Although, it might not have been 100% dead, as it seemed to move backwards and forewards with each new shot! (Check out the size of Shatner’s forehead in each Kirk scene and you’ll see what I mean!)

But why do we only harp on Shatner? Last time I checked, Walter Koenig was rockin’ a fairly terrible toupee in “Of Gods and Men”…!

100. Concerned Fan - March 7, 2008

Dear JJ,

Please tell Chris Pine to pluck his eyebrows before he films any scenes. They are distracting me.

Thank you.

101. I Love My Moogie - March 7, 2008

Shat’s TMP rug was easily the worst, though the early scenes, especially at Starfleet it didn’t look too bad, towards the end it seemed much thicker & styled differently. Best rug was the one Shat wore in his scenes with Stewart in GEN (that was a toupee, the Enterprise B scenes was a full wig & looked very different from the later footage with Picard).

Koenig started wearing the thick bird’s nest rugs in TFF, before that his toupees weren’t too bad.

102. I Love My Moogie - March 7, 2008

#100: “Please tell Chris Pine to pluck his eyebrows before he films any scenes”

Maybe Pine is confused which old Desilu star he’s replacing & is mistakenly trying to look like Martin Landau.

103. Snake - March 7, 2008

did anyone hear shatner as a guest on a radio show a while back when the DJ (MJ) acused The Shat of wearing a piece a few years back? the discussion went something like this..(after all the hey how are ya’s? great etc)

MJ – so Bill…

BS – yep..

MJ – I have to ask…the hairpiece…it is THE best I’ve ever seen…

BS – ……well..uh..I don’t wear a hairpiece…

MJ – no?

BS – no…

MJ – thats funny cause i was under the impression that you did…

BS – You know what…that is a very stupid question from a very stupid person..

MJ – oh now i’ve gone and made you mad…

BS – no no no no..not at all..

MJ – yeah i have..

BS – no no MJ ..MJ? i mean what does that stand for anyway? Most Jerk?

MJ – oh yeah I’ve made you mad at me…

BS – no no..your just a stupid man and other people like your listeners will come to understand that in time…*hangs up*

it went something along those lines anyhow…you can prob find it on google or sumthing

104. Magic_Al - March 7, 2008

In a previous Shatner Hair thread, the consensus was that Shatner was not bald in the 1960s but his hair was thin and fine enough on top for studio lights to highlight his scalp, so he wore a hairpiece behind his natural hairline. That’s why it looks so good in the front.

105. Batts - March 7, 2008

I joke around, but I really dont care what kind of hairpiece Shatner really wears. I mean who cares?? In Season 1 Pine reminds me of Shatner in real close-ups. For example, In Court martial, when Kirk states that he trained his whole life to make tough decisions like that one that supposedly cost Finney his life. look at the zoom in, he has the thick eyebrows, for those of us that are really detailed oriented, like Pine has in that photo. I can see a similarity!!

And yes, I dont expect Pine to do a Shatner impersonation as implied earlier by a previous poster. I am NOT making his or anyones statements into Constitution. I am making them into my OPINION. Thank you fellow trekkies:)

106. jonboc - March 7, 2008

#91- Closettrekker, don’t get me wrong. I want this movie to work. I’ll be at the first show on the first day. But I’m seeing it for me, myself and I. Therefore, it needs to succed on my terms if it is going to entertain me. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m not implying for a moment that JJ’s Trek is going to be a TNG re-tread or some wild BSG style re-imagining. In fact, all indications, from Nimoy to Gerrold point to a very TOS style look and feel. I think that’s great and couldn’t be happier. And I’m a huge fan of Alias and Lost and loved MI:3. Clearly, Mr. Abrahms knows what he is doing and has surrounded himself with a great team. For the frist time since 1991, I really am looking forward to new Star Trek.. I was merely commenting on the percieved notion, by some, including many here, that Star Trek must be radically changed in order to be ebraced by new generations. I simply don’t agree and don’t care if future generations like this movie or not. I’m the one plucking down $8, so I’m the one that needs to like it..

Going back to the roots of Trek and telling a TOS-style story will be a HUGE change from the 24th century Trek that has been the norn for almost 2 decades. It’s my hope that this alone will be “change” enough.

107. jonboc - March 7, 2008

#94. Thanks Stanky. Yeah, the new faces can be a problem for sure, but the way that I can allow my mind to wrap around the re-casting is this. It’s as if this movie is another episode. We have Nimoy as Spock and within the “episode-movie” they are showing flashbacks to his younger years.

If this were attempted on the series they would have other actors playing the “younger” versions of Kirk, Spock, etc. and it would be fine. In Trek 3 we saw other actors portray Spock in younger years. If there was a scene in Arena where Kirk had a flashback to his days as a teen fighting a bully, there would be another actor playing the role and it would be readily accepted. It’s all about how it’s presented.

108. I Love My Moogie - March 7, 2008

Shat used to body wax for TOS, if Pine has chest hair canon will be violated!

109. SPB - March 7, 2008

#108 –

Don’t forget… Pine should also be a little “soft-in-the-middle” if canon is to remain unviolated. Time to start hittin’ the Dunkin’ Donuts!

110. Michelle - March 7, 2008

#108 I and many other women who like our men to have hairy chests will gladly embrace that canon violation.

111. Shatner_Fan_2000 - March 7, 2008

It’s too bad Harry got banned again. He’d have truly enjoyed all this hairy body parts talk…

112. Jabob Slatter - March 7, 2008

It’s interesting how some people are treating this film like it’s a traumatic event in their lives. They’re so worried that it won’t be exactly the way they want it that they are actually miserable worrying about it.

Come on, guys. There is real trauma happening all over the world. This is a movie based on a TV show. I love Trek, but it’s only entertainment.

113. Iowagirl - March 7, 2008

I like his “Most Jerk” comment! ;-)

Hairy. Or. SMOOTHBODYParts. Well, I’ve already made a personal shortlist; a very short one. ;-) And I hope, Piney-Baby won’t use body wax, as it would only accentuate his brown nose if the chest hair was missing.

114. AC80 - March 8, 2008

Actually, I think it is weak acting not to include some of the mannerisms of William Shatner. Folks, it’s called “acting” for a reason. Some of you have mentioned that including any subtle element of Shatner in Pine’s performance would be received as a silly parody. Yes… a bad actor, it would. A brilliant actor could pull it off flawlessly by focusing on not playing the role for laughs. If Pine isn’t talented enough to do this, I would understand completely and support his decision 100%. Right now as it stands, I think Pine is either too lazy and isn’t looking for a challenge. Or is fully aware that he isn’t talented enough as an actor to successfully pull off those traits and should be focusing his time on the role itself. If that’s the case, he playing it safe and rightfully so.

115. Iowagirl - March 8, 2008

Good points.

116. Cervantes - March 8, 2008

#49 Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar

Good point that they are not just ‘Shatnerisms’, but are indeed ‘KIRKisms’!
Definately points to no ‘last minute inclusion’ of you-know-who then…

#114 AC80

Agreed. Very good points, but I’m sure J.J. himself will be largely responsible for indicating to Chris Pine how he expects the ‘tone’ of his performance to be played out in this Movie…

J.J. is the individual who’s going to be responsible for this Movie’s ‘creative choices’ at the end of the day, whether they be ones we like or ones we dislike.

117. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#106—I know you want it to work. Most of us do. Just remember that this new film is not intended to replace, nor is it capable of replacing, classic TOS. Bob Orci once told me (right here on that their hope is that, after seeing this film, it will “enhance” my/our TOS viewing experience. He was, of course, being intentionally vague with his answer to my question, and I’m still not sure what to make of it. But if that goal is achieved, great. If it isn’t, TOS will still be there, and no one can take that away from you or me.

#111—Harry got banned? I hope it’s not a long stint (although I have no idea what he said). He’s good for a laugh.

#114–” …I think Pine is either too lazy and isn’t looking for a challenge”

Agreeing to play a character as iconic as James T. Kirk, when another man has done so alone for decades, indicates to you that he isn’t looking for a challenge? And that he is lazy? Wow. I think it’s actually rather bold. If he can be 3/4 as cool as Shatner was for his first 20 years as Jim Kirk, he’ll have done a good job, IMO.

“Actually, I think it is weak acting not to include some of the mannerisms of William Shatner.”

That’s not acting….that’s imitating. Shatner is an actor. Kirk is a written character. Pine is another actor. His responsibility is to follow JJ’s direction to act as the character is written. He needs to capture Kirk’s Alpha -male ego, his command presence, his passion, his morals, his taste for women, his sense of duty, loyalty, and his courage.
None of that has anything to do with “Shatnerisms”. I want to see what Pine brings to the table.

#116–“I’m sure J.J. himself will be largely responsible for indicating to Chris Pine how he expects the ‘tone’ of his performance to be played out in this Movie…

J.J. is the individual who’s going to be responsible for this Movie’s ‘creative choices’ at the end of the day, whether they be ones we like or ones we dislike.”

Very well said. I’m sure that Chris has shown something already to JJ that he wants to bring to the character of Kirk, or he would not have been cast. With that said, it is the director who is responsible for getting the right kind of performance out of the actor in a particular scene. That is as true now for Pine as it was for Bill Shatner.

118. Iowagirl - March 8, 2008

– He needs to capture Kirk’s Alpha-male ego, his command presence, his passion, his morals, his taste for women, his sense of duty, loyalty, and his courage.
None of that has anything to do with “Shatnerisms”. –

You list all the important traits, but we are aware of those traits and the character’s stance because Shatner portrayed Kirk that way – with his way of acting, with leveraging his body language, with each look, with each nuance of his voice, whether it was commanding, or, well, expressing his interest in a particular woman. Each time Kirk pulls himself visibly together when facing a crewman’s death we feel with him and are aware of his sympathy and his strong command personality at the same time, when we see him lose his temper with McCoy while facing a deadly situation, when we watch him becoming obsessive and then retransforming to command presence, when we are exposed to him becoming “evil” and being two completely different personalities at the same time, and when we are shown his more guarded attitude which right away makes us aware that we’re witnessing a very rare and special moment in which he’s sharing his feelings – all those moments, visually given to us by Shatner, provide us with facets of this great character which add up to…Kirk.

Roddenberry created Kirk, the writers and their scripts are immensely important, and again, I’m not saying Pine should go for imitating Shatner (although my reasons for this view are differing from your’s and others’).

But Kirk has not become instantly recocnizable due to the scripts, but due to Shatner’s portrayal which is characterized by “Shatnerisms”.

119. Batts - March 8, 2008

To my fellow trekkies! I had no idea Harry Ballz and Mongo are not posting here. They both made me laugh to tears! Does anyone know why or shall I say when they will return??

120. Katie G. - March 8, 2008

Re: #119. Batts

Either they snuck away to a warmer clime for March Break and didn’t tell us or they’re not interested in this article (too many people arguing, etc.). Don’t worry. They’ll be back.


121. Katie G. - March 8, 2008

Re: #17. Sulu was better

“why does pine look compleatly different in the 2 pics?… its like 2 different people!”

I was thinking about posting a comment about it when I saw yours. If they weren’t labelled I would have thought they were two different people. Wow.


122. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#118—It’s true that scripts cannot bring a character to life. It is the interaction between the actor and the director on set which makes that happen. And yes, Shatner’s acting was effective in making the character’s traits come across on screen. Is Pine talented enough to do so in this film? I hope so. The director obviously believes he is, or he would not have been cast as James T. Kirk.

“…I’m not saying Pine should go for imitating Shatner (although my reasons for this view are differing from your’s and others’).”

I’m not sure those reasons are all that different. My opinion is that if he imitates Shatner too much in his performance, it’s disrespectful to both. I don’t think he can pull it off in the exact same manner as Bill did, or that anyone could for that matter. Beyond that, I think it would just make Pine seem very limited as a professional actor if he were to go that route. If Pine is as talented as JJ thinks, and the director has the right idea of who Jim Kirk is, then we should see a dutiful portrayal of our beloved Captain.

The only place where you and I may significantly differ on this is the relevance of personal mannerisms specific to William Shatner. I think the character traits mentioned before, and the appropriate applications of those traits, are the keys to Pine’s success in pulling off a young Jim Kirk. In other words, does he react (emotionally) as Kirk would to a particular catalyst? I think this can be accomplished without Shatner’s very theatrical style of expression, but with Pine’s own individuality and personal style as an actor. I’ll be able to take this much more seriously that way.

I’m glad to see Bill being playful with Pine about this whole thing. Perhaps he is beginning to feel as honored by this production as I felt he should have all along. I just wish that he would be as interactive as some of the other original actors have been with their successors. Maybe that will change, and Bill will eventually give Pine some real insight into the character which Bill should know so well. We heard awhile back that Chris had reached out to him. I’d be disappointed if all he ever got back was a bit of playful ribbing.

123. Batts - March 8, 2008

Thanks Katie G. Always a pleasure to have you straighten things out! :) Not just you but Vulcanista and Denise de Arman as well! They all have gone AWOL.

124. Katie G. - March 8, 2008

I guess we don’t want to see Pine being Shatner being Kirk but I believe if he doesn’t slip some of the familiar things in it wouldn’t work. IMO the characters cannot be too different from their 60’s counterparts or we won’t recognize them and it won’t ‘feel” right.


125. Katie G. - March 8, 2008

Re: #123. Batts

Thanks, Batts! I had to help. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one… or something like that… :-)

Anyway, this one has to get something done today. Have a great weekend!!

P.S. Since I know Harry lives in Toronto (as I do) he’s probably out shovelling snow!! We’re getting creamed!!


126. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#119, #123—Apparently, Harry got into some kind of trouble with Anthony (oops!). The Vulcanista is in Cancun, and I don’t know where Denise is. Mongo’s appearances have been less frequent, but between him, Harry, and British Naval Dude, I stay entertained here…Oh, and the articles are great too!

127. Batts - March 8, 2008

Thanks Katie G. You have yourself a wonderful weekend as well. Here in NYC we are getting drenched.

#126 Closettrekker. I appreciate the details you gave on my favorite people to talk with on this site. Perhaps, I can add you the list??! There are always possibilities :)

128. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 8, 2008

You know I have read all of this thread and it occurs to me that there is a possible disparity here.

Why is it that when an actor plays a famous person or celebrity it ‘s not only perfectly fine if the actor imitates the person he is playing, but its more or less expected.

Isn’t this what got Jamie Fox an Oscar?

But it’s considered “non acting” if Pine were to do so with informing Kirk with “Shatnerisms”? That seems inconsistent.

Imitation IS acting. Its all in how well you do it and whether you are playing it for laughs or not.

I recall Hal Holbrook’s excellent work as Mark Twain in his one man show back in the day. How weird would it have been if he hadn’t of used the mannerisms we expect from Twain?

129. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

Based on that little blurb, that i read , I think that Simon Pegg is going to be really good Mr Scott. Like the rest of the cast i think ,that once the movie starts rolling on screen most trekers will forget about all their objections and misgivings and accept him with no problem. The man is a really good actor its that simple.

130. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

I think one thing which seems to get overlooked a bit in these discussions is the point that any depiction of Kirk prior to his command of the Enterprise is likely to offer us a different (at least less-evolved) personality to some degree. After all, what would he have been like before he ever had Spock and Bones at his side? Before he had the Enterprise? These are external factors, coupled with age, which have an effect on a man’s personality and behavior.

We know that he cheated on the Kobiyashi Maru Test (TWOK), so his ego was always there. But how would that ego have affected his personality back then, without McCoy to temper it? We know that he dutifully put his friend on report for deriliction of duty, despite a personal relationship (“Court Martial”). However, his much deeper friendship with Spock and McCoy caused him to take a much different view of rules, regulations, and general orders later on. We also know that, in the eyes of Gary Mitchell and others, he was a demanding instructor at the Academy (“WNMHGB”).
So really, to some significant degree what we will see of who Jim Kirk was before TOS will be dictated to us by this film. It also gives the director some room to develop Jim Kirk into the man we know as Captain of the USS Enterprise. Just as we see the onscreen evolution of Spock from TOS to TMP and beyond, we’ll now see the evolution of James Kirk from childhood and the Academy, to his days as the youngest Starship Captain in Starfleet history. I think that puts an interesting spin on this discussion, as well as Pine’s brief comments in the article.

131. Iowagirl - March 8, 2008

– I think this can be accomplished without Shatner’s very theatrical style of expression, but with Pine’s own individuality and personal style as an actor. –

You’re right, we differ on this, because I think Shatner’s “theatrical” style of expression rather often is an important Kirkism and his mannerisms became Kirk’s. Just think of his famous Armageddon speech. Without that pause before saying “…today”, it would have been far less significant. Or the “No beach to walk on.” scene when he’s pulling off some theatrical style. In slightly overacting, he’s convincingly presenting us Kirk almost losing control. That style of expression always made me feel directly involved.

We’ll probably always disagree on the Kirk/Shatner issue (with all their implications), but that’s alright. We’ve had a healthy debate with some good output. I think we’ve done a good day’s work. ;-)

132. Iowagirl - March 8, 2008

Some very good points in there. And they would also explain why he hasn‘t developed those…mannerisms yet, which characterized him later on. ;-)

133. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#128–“Imitation IS acting. Its all in how well you do it and whether you are playing it for laughs or not.”

Not to completely disregard the merit in your argument, but acting (IMO) is more about interpretation than pure imitation.
I get what you’re saying, but there is a difference in portraying a historical figure and a written fictional character. I think imitation of an actor’s take on a fictional character soured my experience with Superman Returns. That guy wasn’t cast to play Christopher Reeve—at least he shouldn’t have been. They may have even sacrificed talent to get a look-a-like. It didn’t work for me. He should have approached the role of Clark Kent/Superman the way Reeve did in comparison to his predecessor—with his and the director’s own talents.

By the same token, Chris Pine has not been cast to play William Shatner. He is cast to portray a written fictional character named James T. Kirk.

I’d rather walk out of the theater feeling the way I did after Superman: The Movie, than the way I felt walking out of Superman Returns. That’s just my opinion.

134. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 8, 2008

128: Closettrekker

I understand your reasoning. And certainly I would agree with the example of the two Supermen. However I am willing to lay that at the feet of the actor and the director in general than the fact he attempted to ape Reeves.

And don’t get me wrong. It is not easy to do. And if Pine isn’t up to the job then it would likely turn out to be a terrible performance. But I can’t agree that an actor should never do it.

135. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

I think before we throw Chris Pine under the bus on this one we should at least wait to see him in some film preview clips first. the maybe decide?

136. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 8, 2008

I’m not making any assumptions about Pine at all. Indeed I have ever confidence in him based off the fact that JJ cast him.

That is why I used the term “if” :)

137. Yammer - March 8, 2008

#35 re waiting for good reviews before seeing this…


All of us reading this site are by definition geeking out massively on this movie… I have no problem confidently predicting that every one of us, if alive and well, is gonna be seeing it the first weekend. Gee-zus.

138. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

#136 its just that im starting to feel sorry for pines and other actors.Imagine the scrutiny they must be under and hoops that they have to jump through. There are more then a few fans who would take a personel glee to see them and Abrams fail.

139. I Love My Moogie - March 8, 2008

#138: “There are more then a few fans who would take a personel glee to see them and Abrams fail”

What makes you think they’re seeking a personal glee & not simply being realistic?

140. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

# because Moogie the spiteful tone of some of these comments tends to be a dead give away. Moogie let me pose this one to you. IYou cant accept the abrams film for numberous reasons Why not try viewing the film differently. like the trek novels which are not considered canno, but side stories. why not view the Abrm film as a side story to trek,. Think of the film as an alternate universe versin of trek. Enjoy it for what it is a scif film with the trappings of trek. Moogie ive already mentioned this idea in other sections and have gotten no response, maybe my idea is a bad one. I don’t know. But try looking at it that way.

141. Battletrek - March 8, 2008

I like what Walter Koenig said that the whole TOS cast is replaceable except Spock.
You guys need to lighten up.

142. Anthony Pascale - March 8, 2008

i have updated the above pine pic to have a comparison to season 1 shat

143. Batts - March 8, 2008

Thanks Anthony, I assume you read my post at #105. LOL. Now we all can see Shatner/Pine. Ha HA!

144. I Love My Moogie - March 8, 2008

#140: “ive already mentioned this idea in other sections and have gotten no response, maybe my idea is a bad one”

I don’t want to be accused of trolling but out of respect I’ll respond to your post. I cannot blindly pretend that something that challenges the exsistence of my second family is acceptable by simply pretending it’s irrelevant. If it makes acceptance of this movie easier for you, then more power to you my friend.

145. Iowagirl - March 9, 2008

Just my personal opinion, no attack on Pine and no premature depreciation of his acting abilities, but those updated pictures make it rather obvious that Pine is bearing an increased resemblance to the Shat, but is definitely lacking his expressiveness.

146. Garovorkin - March 9, 2008

#145 Iowagirl maybe not Shatners expressiveness but he does look the part.

147. AC80 - March 9, 2008

114# Closettreker, having study acting as a film student, I must disagree with your opinion.

“Acting” is imitating. Acting is the art of convincing imitation. An actor must be observant and pick-up on certain human expressions and actions, whether they come from the actor himself or the people around him.

Ask any acting veteran. Most will tell you that, as artists, one thing they hate is being paid to play themselves or being nailed down by the “character actor” label. When taking on roles of famous people or iconic characters, an actor should try to capture the spirit of that role with as much accuracy as possible while still leaving room for personal interpretation. This is what Anthony Hopkins did with Nixon. Go too far and you invite exaggeration and unintentional humor. I don’t think Pine should do a flat-out impression of Shatner or even try to find a balance. This isn’t a bio-pic on the life of William Shatner afterall. Captain James T. Kirk is a fictional character. However, since the previous actor was not only the first to protray this character, but the longest, I feel Pine should at least try to incorporate a few subtle traits of William Shatner as both a homage and to establish to old fans that this is the same character and not a reboot or remake.

Keep in mind, I’m well aware that this film isn’t 100% for the old fans (35% I’d say). JJ Abrams probably instructed Pine to make the role completely his own. I’m just stating my personal opinion like everyone else. :-)

148. jonboc - March 9, 2008

#147 “However, since the previous actor was not only the first to protray this character, but the longest, I feel Pine should at least try to incorporate a few subtle traits of William Shatner as both a homage and to establish to old fans that this is the same character and not a reboot or remake.”

Not to mention the fact that it is verly likely that PIne, as Kirk, will have some scenes with Nimoy as time traveling Spock. It’s those scenes, where there is a Pine-Kirk/Nimoy-Spock exchange, that will tell the tale.

149. Snake - March 10, 2008

i want to see pine with the black shat fro in trek 12

150. I Love My Moogie - March 10, 2008

#149: “i want to see pine with the black shat fro in trek 12″

If Pine plucks his eyebrows there would easily be enough to make a TWOK Kirk toupee. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.