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Producer Talks ‘Iowa’ Shoot + VIDEO Of Scene Being Shot April 9, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Earlier on Tuesday, reported that Paramount was in Bakersfield California shooting 2nd unit ‘Iowa’ scenes for the new Star Trek movie. Now we have video of executive producer Jeffrey Chernov talking to the local news about why they chose Kern County to stand in for Iowa. Plus another local news station caught the crew shooting an interesting spoilerific scene.

Chernov told KGET:

We wanted something that looked like Iowa, and we also wanted to stay close to Los Angeles. So, we came out here and scouted and realized that we can kind of make Iowa out of Bakersfield.

According to the report, The Star Trek shoot will be bringing in $2 million to Kern county and will involve local extras who have already been cast.

CLICK TO SEE VIDEO FROM KGET (opens new window)
…and yes, they spelled Chernov’s name wrong


Of course Star Trek lore tells us that James T. Kirk grew up in Iowa. first reported (back in early 2007) that the new Star Trek will include scenes from various points in the life of James T. Kirk (including early years in Iowa). This is common in ‘origin story’ movies like Superman: The Movie and Batman Begins.

Shooting will continue until Saturday, at different locations in Kern County. As reported here before, principal photography ended two weeks ago. As the KGET report indicates, JJ Abrams is at the shoot, however our Paramount source says that the shoot still is ‘2nd unit.’ None of the primary cast, including Chris Pine (who plays Kirk) are at the shoot. The location work in Kern is the final bit of work for the production phase for Star Trek.
















Little Trek Corvette
Bakersfield’s KERO has more videotape (see below) from the location shoot, which clearly shows a 1960s red Corvette convertible being used for one of the shots. It is hard to see who is behind the driver’s wheel, but it appears to be either a woman or a young boy (possibly Jimmy Bennett or Spencer Daniels who are playing the young Jim and George Kirk respectively). The ‘raw video’ also shows the car and truck from the crash reported earlier.


1. SolFlyer - April 9, 2008

Kirk, as a boy, “borrows” an antique and goes joyriding?

2. michael-adam - April 9, 2008

first!!! whats a 1960’s corvette got to do with anything?

3. Jan - April 9, 2008

It looks that way.

4. Sean - April 9, 2008

My grandparents live in Bakersfield. I could have seen the filming of the Academy set, too, because that was at CSUN where I had some friends from high school going.

5. George - April 9, 2008


“They Flivel…”

6. Green ink - April 9, 2008

Is it me or is there a possibility of this film becoming a huge sprawling mess? So many timeperiods and locations.
Or it could just be that they’re doing an extraordinary amount of work on what in the end, for the most part will amount to nothing more than brief flashes and mere cameos?

And of course young Kirk goes on a little joy ride, that’s what spirited little boys do in clichee situations.
Still very Kirk-like to go with the big red flashy one.

7. Justin Olson - April 9, 2008

There making this movie rather down to Earth, aren’t they? As long as Kirk’s ‘Vette doesn’t transform into an autobot, I think we’re okay.

From ‘A Piece of the Action':

Spock: “Must we?”
Kirk: “It’s faster than walking. Are you afraid of cars?”
Spock: “Not at all. It’s your driving that alarms me.”

8. Windsor Bear - April 9, 2008

Sounds like its jumping back and forth with flashbacks… like the TV show “Lost”, except that this one’s in space. OMG… “Lost”….. in space. Nahhhhh.

9. newman - April 9, 2008

is there seriously a 60’s corvette being driven around in the new star trek movie? wouldn’t such an antique be like 300 years old?


10. Devon - April 9, 2008

#2 – You may find out May 9, 2009.D

11. Justin Olson - April 9, 2008

One other thought:

If that’s supposed to be Winona Kirk ( a pregnant-looking Jennifer Morrison) in the car, could it be that legendary James T. Kirk is born in the back seat of a 1960s red Corvette?

12. OR Coast Trekkie - April 9, 2008

As one who grew up in Iowa, I can tell you: Iowa is a lot greener, and you don’t see montains on the horizon line.

13. Devon - April 9, 2008

12. Too bad they don’t have a major Motion Picture FX company working on this who could color correct/airbrush those things out!

14. Devon - April 9, 2008

Oops, that was to #11.

15. Justin Olson - April 9, 2008

Re: #11

That would be front seat… not back seat, obviously!

16. Chris Pike - April 9, 2008

not sure….1940’s ship builders, 1960’s Vette, 1970’s shuttle control panels, Trek IS about the future I thought?!

17. Michelle - April 9, 2008

A young Kirk going joyriding on car? There’s nothing there to indicate such a presumption, so no need to whine about cliches just yet! :)

18. Relentless - April 9, 2008

Why after reading this do I find myself hearing the words to Princes, “Little Red Corvette”?

19. Cato the Llama - April 9, 2008

I’ve gotta agree with #12 here. I live in Iowa (Save me, Dear God somebody please save me) and the nice mountainous backgrounds look nothing like anything we have anywhere in the state.

Maybe they can digitally fix that. Well, at least I hope they can. Since mountains aren’t in the Original Iowa, it simply wouldn’t be canon. ;)

20. A Mad-Man In Love - April 9, 2008


21. Dyson Sphere - April 9, 2008

I doubt they’s get the mountains in the shot if avoidable.

Maybe they can have kirk blow something up in the hearland – kinda ENT-like in the first episode if I remember right.

22. AJ - April 9, 2008

Corvette equals GM product placement.

#16: Look at the DS9 opening titles from later seasons. There are welders working on the station as Colm Meaney’s character name comes up.

23. Holger - April 9, 2008

Uh-oh! I hope this won’t be Nemesis all over again! (I mean the misplaced car-racing.)

24. Cervantes - April 9, 2008

Pity they didn’t choose to actually shoot in Iowa…

Gotta love that Corvette though. I love 60’s stylings. ;)

25. Vulcan Soul - April 9, 2008

I got the suspicion this got all to do with soap opera and nothing with science fiction. You know, SCIENCE FICTION. Think Forbidden Planet. 2001. Not the space opera dreck produced these days.

26. Fansince9 - April 9, 2008

This might be a silly question, so please excuse me if it is, but is this the same place where film makers shot the scenes for “Field of Dreams”? Just wondering, because of the country side and that famous line of Kevin Costner’s when he was asked if “is this heaven”. His answer was “This is Iowa”.

27. Battletrek - April 9, 2008

I can’t wait to see the ‘Bruckheimer’ version of Trek.

28. JB - April 9, 2008

25: I share the concern, although we obviously won’t know for certain for another year. But so far this has all the marks of a space opera, even if it’s a very good space opera, a la TWOK.

29. star trackie - April 9, 2008

Kirk has a “fondness for antiques”, perhaps a red corvette is at the roots of his passion. Nothing unusual about that.

30. ctiii - April 9, 2008

I think (or I hope…) most of us get why they dont actually shoot space scenes in outer space…but are they so lazy that they cant shoot Iowa scenes in Iowa? Come on…. And a corvette…come on…I can kind of understand there being talk of a car in ENT time…but by the time Kirk comes around…arent they using shuttlepods and transporters to get around on earth? This scene could almost be as gratuitous/absurd as Picard usint the ATV in NEM.

31. SteveinSF - April 9, 2008

I hope that Corvette is an automatic, Kirk can’t drive a stick ( Piece of the Action).

32. robin alexander - April 9, 2008

when picard goes to france to have a vacation after his encounter with the borg everything looked like a 19th century earth and a few miles away you see a futuristic city, I love the combination.

So I think it would be pretty cool to see kirk drive an old car.

33. 1701 over Gotham City - April 9, 2008

There is a LOT unusual about it if the ancient and operable corvette is in a wreck with an equally ancient and operable pickup truck. If this is the case and it is a flashback, it best be waaay back.
This seems incredibly goody.

34. Vulcan Soul - April 9, 2008

28 – i wouldnt call TWOK the perfect anti-example even. Yes, it had a lot of action and was obviously much less cerebral than, say, TMP. But TWOK also had prominent big topics, like aging and the end of live vs. artifical (re)creation. I do not have a problem if character examination and development is used for these ends (as Kirk’s in this example), as science fiction concepts are used for it (the Genesis device).

I got a problem, however, if character development is done and characters and their relationships are displayed for their own sake, put into space, and labelled “science fiction”. This is not science fiction. It’s not even good fiction.

So I hope we don’t see Kirk’s first time in a corvette for the sake of it. I got no interest in “mundane Trek”.

35. Sarpedon - April 9, 2008

I’m sure the Corvette could be a replica. Built by some company in the 23rd century that specializes in replica cars of bygone eras. Or Kirk’s father could’ve built it – perhaps a scene of father and son working on it together?

36. Jorg Sacul - April 9, 2008

That Vette is probably converted over to a Hydrogen fuel cell.

37. Redjac - April 9, 2008

Remember, they had that Camaro in Transformers…

I see a product placement trend. I am not necessarily against such things, but in this case it’s going to appear forced.

38. Diabolik - April 9, 2008

#30… we use flashlights and electric lights…. but don’t we see a lot of candles being used because people like them?

We see cars today, but people still ride horseback… because they enjoy it. Not all horses were killed once technology replaced them as transportation.

There are a lot of things that modern tech has replaced, but are still around because people like them. Antiques included.

So, I have no problem with it.

39. Mary Jane - April 9, 2008

People still use bicycles and horse-drawn carriages today (or simply horses for that matter). So why shouldn’t there be cars in Star Trek?

#32 I liked that too about TNG France. Very charming.

40. Dennis Bailey - April 9, 2008

Please God let Jim Kirk drive a Corvette convertible!

I’m more partial to the ’67 Mustang myself, but in an odd reversal I’m afraid ‘Stangs have become too much the flavor of the month.

41. Red Shirt - April 9, 2008

Okay fellas, get out to Kern County and bring your 600mm lenses and your DV cams!

42. Iowa Farm kid - April 9, 2008

It’s not rural Iowa if you can’t see a cornfield!

43. KennyB - April 9, 2008

40. Agreed Dennis……….but I am seeing a ’66 Mustang Fastback GT350……There’s some warp speed fer ya laddie!!!!!

44. Antonio - April 9, 2008


45. jpol - April 9, 2008

I imagine it is a bit of an homage to Shatner… who always had the hot rod in the parking lot at Desilu Studios if I remember my Making of Trek book correctly.

46. Randall - April 9, 2008

I’ve got no problem with boy-Kirk taking an antique out for a joyride… except for one thing…. the damn car would be over 300 years old.

Now come on… a car that old in a MUSEUM, sure. You could see museums hundreds of years from now that have preserved such things. Totally plausible.

But such a vehicle in PRIVATE possession after 300 years? Generation after generation would have had to *lovingly* preserve it… which is kind of hard to swallow. It’d be wild luck that after all that time it would still be in good condition—and of course, by that time, it’d be worth an immense fortune…. and SHOULD be in a museum.

but…. what am I saying? It’s only a freakin’ movie.

47. Jim - April 9, 2008

agreed #46. It’s getting nearly impossible to keep some WWII era planes in operating condition due to the lack of spare parts and that was less than 100 years ago.

I could understand a reproduction – I own several reproductions of Peacemaker era Colt “six-shooters” that function just fine but are clearly not the genuine article. The fact that they are reproductions doesn’t decrease the pleasure of handling or firing them though.

48. Ryan - April 9, 2008

two words: Tom Paris

The guy had a knack for 20th century technology. I see no reason why having a Corvette antique would be a problem in the movie. To me it enhances the feeling that ST is the future, even though it most likely won’t.

49. giskard - April 9, 2008

Writing this from Iowa…the real Iowa…and I can tell you those mountains were definitely built on earth…

50. Diabolik - April 9, 2008

Probably a reproduction, if it HAS to be thought about and justified, just think that as you watch it. Even if they never explain it, that will work. :)

51. Paul B. - April 9, 2008

Great…Kirk goes joyriding… Let’s face it, that’s the most likely use of this car (rather than his mom, etc.). So, will they use Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” or Rush’s “Red Barchetta” for the hip-retro soundtrack? Personally, I think “Red Barchetta” fits better: it’s all about some kid taking an old red car joyriding in the future. (Dibs on making a YouTube mashup to that tune after the movie comes out!!!)

52. AJ - April 9, 2008

37: “They had that Camaro in Transformers.”

They also had the actual Transformers. That entire film was product placement, with Hasbro in the opening credits.

I don’t mind product placement generally, but Trek always seemed outside the realm of consumer products. TVH managed to eek out the word “Michelob” (!), and had a cute scene with an Apple computer, but it was all very much in the background, with no corporate logos in one’s face.

I really hope that the Starfleet issue equipment is brandless in the new film (rumors of Nokia communicators).

I also hope that Kirk’s dad doesn’t collect Corvettes.

“Look at this beauty, Jim: the 2009 Special Edition Z06 in silver with 560 HP and a Bose soundsystem.” Blecch.

I’d rather see a flying DeLorean.

53. Jim - April 9, 2008

I don’t see using a 60’s Corvette as product placement. That car is a symbol identified with an era and less with Chevrolet. Now, if it was a 2008-09 model Corvette, that would be product placement.

54. Sebastian - April 9, 2008

Makes sense; all of the early NASA astronauts were given free Corvettes. Kirk, following in the ‘tradition’ of those guys, would want to drive one, too! As for # 46, and 47; True, WW2 aircraft are largely grounded because of lack of spare parts, but I imagine in this fictional future, replication of antiquated spare parts won’t be a problem. In fact, NASA is already working on that now with machines that can manufacture a variety of parts that would be installed aboard long duration flights (where getting spares can really be a problem). 200 odd years from now, I think it’d be commonplace. The image of a young Kirk joyriding in a ‘Vette just feels right somehow.

55. Jim - April 9, 2008

“Personally, I think “Red Barchetta” fits better: it’s all about some kid taking an old red car joyriding in the future.” – Paul B.

Now that’s a scene with music I’d like to see.

56. AJ - April 9, 2008


It had to be in a private collection or a museum which was not decimated by WWIII.

Corvette-heads are a special bunch. My brother is one. Some buy them, and put a tarp over them, and only take them out of the garage occasionally to keep them functional. Others mod them to death, and drive them at death-defying speeds (my brother) as often as possible, and pay a small fortune in maintenance. Clearly, Sam Kirk is the former. And maybe Jim would be the latter.

57. Jorg Sacul - April 9, 2008

#38 There are a lot of things that modern tech has replaced, but are still around because people like them. Antiques included.

That is very true. I just met a Civil War re-enactor who makes period uniforms with hand-loomed wool, original (semi-toxic)natural dyes, and sews them on an 1860 vintage foot-powered sewing machine. He uses the machine because it works better than the modern ones– and hasn’t broken down, where he’s burned out his modern machine.

And so we have a Corvette in the movie. Maybe he rides it in from orbit like in Heavy Metal? Nah, they’ll never do a scene with Kirk coming in from orbit without a spacecraft… ;-)

58. Izbot - April 9, 2008

37. Didn’t they do something similar in “I, Robot” (that awful Wil Smith movie) with a screen-time explanation on his “vintage” 2003 (or whatever year the movie came out) Nike Air Jordans? Ugh.

I agree with 54 on the logic of the ‘vette’s appearance in the new film, though.

59. rob - April 9, 2008

Is it still definitely set in the 23rd century?? Maybe it’s set a lot closer to now than we assume it is…

60. AJ - April 9, 2008

My favorite product placement is the 200-year-old VW Beetle in Woody Allen’s “Sleeper” which starts instantly. “They really built these things, didn’t they!”

61. GilmourD - April 9, 2008

@ #48

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Tom Paris mentioned really having a car back at home, didn’t he?

Besides, Star Trek is the age of replicators. What’s to say that research wasn’t done to replicate all the parts of a Vette and put it together or replicate the entire car at once?

I’m a Mustang guy at heart but I see no problem with little Jimmy Kirk driving a Vette.

62. GilmourD - April 9, 2008

@ #52

I don’t know if you know this about Transformers, but they were actually toys before they were a TV show. The entire show was product placement, technically. Same thing for He-Man. His origin was actually slightly different before the show.

63. CW - April 9, 2008

2 million to Bakersfield in Economic impact? Living here in Iowa, and recently being in Riverside (future birthplace of JTK) I wish that the producers could have come here instead, that kind of $$ would have been really great in these uncertain times.

64. ster j - April 9, 2008

Hmmm… A nod to reality? Shatner bought himself a shiny Corvette while filming TOS. The pic I saw was in b&w, and it looked like it was a light color, maybe…yellow?

65. demon barber of starfleet - April 9, 2008

This movie’s gonna be better than I hoped ^___^

66. John Gill - April 9, 2008

Did anyone else get sick at their stomach when the anchor man in the TV segment did the Vulcan salute and said “nanoo nanoo” at the end? Oy Vey.

67. Gigastazio - April 9, 2008

I wonder who drives the Prius.

68. Decker's Stubble - April 9, 2008

On the surface, a teenage Kirk tooling around Iowa in a 1965 Corvette getting into wacky adventures seems pretty silly, but we’ll see.

Maybe the plot has Kirk and Carol Marcus on a hot date at the local drive-in. One thing leads to another……a pregnancy test fails…..and Jimmy Kirk runs away to the academy.

69. DarenDoc - April 9, 2008

Yeah, I often have an urge to go tooling around in my horse drawn 300 year old wagon. I never have been a fan of the 20th century stuff showing up in Trek… Even when Sulu shoots the Police Special in “Shore Leave” it seemed a bit silly. “I just found a wooden slingshot… isn’t she a beauty?” lol

70. AJ - April 9, 2008


Was in my late teens when the Transformers came out as toys and a TV show. I never watched the ‘toon, but remember the theme music from the TV ads for the toys. Didn’t know it about He-Man.

I just hope they don’t have JVC bridge monitors, Otis Turbolifts, and bottles of Pepsi products in the briefing room. Maybe a mini KFC/Pizza Hut on Deck 5.

71. DarenDoc - April 9, 2008

On another note, it’s interesting how Chernov bears a resemblance to Roddenberry… anyone else notice that?

72. Lars - April 9, 2008

I have two ideas:

1. This is actually a flashback to a much earlier ancestor of James T. Kirk, who is being targeted by the bad guys with some sort of crash. Hey remember Gary Seven? Right time frame.

2. J.J. Abrams has some money left over and is just messing with you all, or filming his cousin’s short with the money.

73. Chain of Command - April 9, 2008

Wow, two wrecked cars.

74. Anthony Thompson - April 9, 2008

300 years from now gas will probably cost about $1,000.00 per gallon (if it is available at all). And how many vehicles of any kind ( horse buggies, etc.) from 1708 still exist today? Of those, how many are operable? This may be shaping up to be a “C’mon!!!!” movie. I hope I’m wrong.

75. Paulaner - April 9, 2008

Abrams wants to tie Trek universe to our own world, to make us feel that those sci-fi things are for real, and are the result of human work. IMO having a Corvette is part of this plan: a metaphoric message to us viewers, like the wielders in the teaser.

76. FlyingTigress - April 9, 2008


Perhaps he is the 22nd Century’s version of an SCA member/participant? :)

77. Jon C - April 9, 2008

Good product placement .

78. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2008

to those saying this is product placement

if it were (like with Transformers) they would be using a 2009 model car and not a car from the 60s. GM doesn’t sell vintage cars.

79. AJ - April 9, 2008

A Corvette will be as interesting to a 23rd century kid as a snuffbox or an abacus. He’ll get a better ride via virtual reality technology.

While Paulaner and others are correct in terms of the possible reason the Corvette is there (a connection with our own time, or a tribute to the days when Trek debuted on network television), for me it disrupts my suspension of disbelief.

I will wait to pass judgment until I see the film.

80. X - April 9, 2008

“#48: two words: Tom Paris

The guy had a knack for 20th century technology. I see no reason why having a Corvette antique would be a problem in the movie. To me it enhances the feeling that ST is the future, even though it most likely won’t.”

One lame word that you did not ad, Holodeck! I hate Holodeck stories!

Look, 300 years ago, we were driving around carts and horses. That was around 1700 which was 76 years before the revolution, are we still driving around those same carts? True, people ride horses and the amish have carts, but, they are new and improved! Not the same ones from 300 years ago, if this is truly a trek shoot, then they have really lost it! I own 5 classic cars and one of them is a 1921 Chevy which is 87 years old, and I drive it all the time, and you barely see any vehicles around that are older than 40 years old, even at my local car shows! And I live near L..A. This is really streching credulity to even propose that a Corvette, no less, 300 years from now would be out driving and not in a museum or destroyed by, what was that, that was always in trek lore?- World War III! Also, the parts are expenssive enough for vettes, think 300 years from now, will there be any parts available? I hope that the lust of the producers to bring in the regular joe hasnt gone to far.

81. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 9, 2008

30. ctiii : On location shooting outside of California is extraordinarily expensive. Much too expensive for pick up or fill shots unless a lot of them are in that one location. Usually though if thats the case they will just film most of the movie there. Just the realities of the biz.

As for the car scene. I thing its great. Nice little moment. And as Paul B. mentions Rush’s Red Brechetta, I wouldn’t be surprised if that weren’t part of the inspiration to the scene. Now whenever I hear that song I will think of Kirk. LOL

And same thing about Sebastion’s reminder about the astronauts getting the corvettes.

All ties together very nicely. And man, doesn’t Mrs. Kirk look good in that car!


82. AJ - April 9, 2008

Anthony: It’s a Corvette. A classic version of an iconic car which is still produced and sold today by GM Corporation’s Chevrolet division.

I will agree, in general terms, it’s borderline. But for Trek, which never shows “products,” for me, it’s a placement.

83. Jon C - April 9, 2008

77 Anthony.I didn’t mean that GM sells vintage cars but that the ‘Corvette’ hertitage will be enhanced or added to by this movie.After all ,James t. and Corvette are both american icons.

84. the king in shreds and tatters - April 9, 2008

Maybe Kirk was raised by a conservative road vikings, whose quaint ways have changed little since the halcyon days of World War III, when you could drive from one end of the blasted continent to the other pillaging fuel and polishing your automobile.

85. FlyingTigress - April 9, 2008


Although not a particular enthusiast myself, recreational sailing appears to be pretty popular — and, just a guess, is a little more than 2 – 3 centuries old.

I’m not certain that it is the young Kirk character driving. But, in any event, the issue might be that it isn’t “the ride”, but the excitement of the element of risk associated with actually being on the road, in a ground vehicle built to [theoretically] ‘ancient’ technology — and the type of personality that represents….akin to SQUIDs who ride sport bikes/crotch rockets, today?

86. AJ - April 9, 2008

Do they even have roads in the 23rd Century?

87. Diabolik - April 9, 2008

It’s true we don’t know it’s Kirk, it could be Kirk’s mother when she’s pregnant with him.

88. Katie G. - April 9, 2008

Re: #10. Devon

Really? It’s opening on May 9?

What a fabulous birthday present for ME!!



89. Paulaner - April 9, 2008

I remember Picard using the holodeck to enjoy some sailing aboard old british ships-of-the-line of the British Royal Navy ;-)

90. Section 31 - April 9, 2008

16: Gene Roddenberry… This is your life!

91. Myrth - April 9, 2008

Why is this a big deal for people? It could be a replica, it could be a restored, with a converted power supply. Its only 200 years people. Lets think of things and cultures from the early 1800’s we can read their writtings and look at their tech and still understand and use them. There are plenty of antiques and vintage things from that era kept by people that have a love for antiques just like our Jimmy Kirk. So why on gods green earth can’t he have a Corvette?? 80 years later Picards brother can still hand grow grapes and hand make wine, but Kirk cant drive a Corvette. Come on.

92. Myrth - April 9, 2008

#82 three words for you “Craft Marshmellon Dispenser”

93. AJ - April 9, 2008

91: If it’s a Kirk kid driving, it’s implausible. Looking at the ages of the young actors employed to play Jim and Sam, driving a 300 year-old car would not be top of their list. They’ll be doing what their peers in school are doing.

Now, if JJ wanted them to ride horses, a passion of Kirk and Shatner, especially, that would be different.

94. May09---wtf?! - April 9, 2008

Parts for most muscle cars, like my 68 Firebird, are widely available.

3D printers are already commercially available.

So in 300 years, “printing out” a vintage car might not be a big deal… no restoration or expertise required… certainly not when the tech is advanced enough for transporters and ‘tea, Earl Grey, hot” kitchens.

The technology would/could be so advanced that one could print out a Vette for the weekend and then send the “matter” back to the tank to make dinner.

95. Valar1 - April 9, 2008

86- “do they even have roads in the 23rd century?”

They’d need them to walk around- unless everyone has a rocket up their butt.

96. May09---wtf?! - April 9, 2008

I’ve always wondered why the spacedocks weren’t wired like the kitchens. When the Borg attacked, Starfleet Command could simply say,

“Starships, Dreadnought Battle Group, 12″

97. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 9, 2008

91. Myrth:

Exactly. Kirk knew how to drive a fliver. Sulu knew how to flu a helicopter, Scotty knew what a claymore was, Riker played a trombone (what they don’t have more advanced musical instruments?), McCoy knew how to make a mint julip and knew about old medical techniques. “They used to cut and sew people like they were garments!”

Its all ado for nothing. There are still wagons, cannons, (CANON?), ships and et al from the early 1800’s, and that was before we learned a lot more about saving things and before major advancements in technology. The whole point of the car in this instance is that it IS old.

Whats the problem.

Oh and get used to product placement. Its already in most movies and will be in almost if not all of them very soon. Blame that on VCR’s, Tivos and the internet. Did everyone think that advertisers were going to quit? LOL

98. AJ - April 9, 2008

Valar1: If I live in Jerkwater Iowa, and need to be in Moscow for a meeting in two hours, will I roll a tire down the street and catch a Greyhound by the tackle shop? Will I catch a shuttle, and transfer through Chicago, or will I beam directly there?

It was a rhetorical question, actually, as we’ve never seen non-Fleet Earthers in Trek get around their own planet.

99. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 9, 2008

The Kirk boys are the new Buz and Tod from Route 66. Spin off series in the works.

100. Charles Trotter - April 9, 2008

Wow, KGET misspelled *and* mispronounced Chernov’s name, gave an incorrect release date (May 9th instead of May 8th), AND got the Vulcan salute wrong. What a horrible news station. :-P Seriously, a little research would go a long way.

101. crazydaystrom - April 9, 2008


Early happy birthday to you, ‘8 &’09!

My b-day’s in October but this Trek film’s going to be for me a b-day, Christmas, Father’s Day and every other kind of gift for me!

Nay sayers, I-told-you-so-ers and I-thought-so-ers and canonistas, your opinions are all valid as far as opinions go, but I think we’ve got something special to look forward to (waaay too forward for me). So maybe we can try to CHILL as we boldly go.

102. Commodore Lurker - April 9, 2008

Decloaking . . .

Good God! The boys Kirk absconding with Daddy’s Red Corvette is now considered a “Spoiler . . . Seriously” ????

We are seriously hard-up for anything even remotely New Trek, aren’t we.


103. CaptainLordBat - April 9, 2008

I like the car idea! I bet he opens his communicator and says “Hell Enterprise?” We’ll pick you up! :)

104. thomoz - April 9, 2008

If young Kirk beats the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ test driving a
300 year old Corvette, that certainly qualifies as “original thinking”!

105. URBAN - April 9, 2008

Wow ……. this will be a great secne

106. Devon - April 9, 2008

“…but are they so lazy that they cant shoot Iowa scenes in Iowa?”

That’s a very silly comment, sorry. If this is second unit filming, and they have a location NEAR the studios that will work, why not? Plus it would probably A LOT of money to send ALL of those people and equipment out to Iowa and for what? A 10 second shot??? Use your head.

“This scene could almost be as gratuitous/absurd as Picard usint the ATV in NEM.”

Or it may not be. Stop worrying.

107. Buddy Briscoe - April 9, 2008

#2: Congrats on being first!

108. CmdrR - April 9, 2008

So we see Bosephus Kirk in a 60’s sportscar begatting Hezechiah Kirk, who goes on to begat Honorius Kirk, who begat Zacharius Kirk, who begat George Samuel Kirk, who had a coupla sons.

And we get to see all that begatting on the big screen. Yippeee!

109. DJT - April 9, 2008

So Kirk grew up in bakersfield and drive a classic car?

Picard ATV flashbacks for sure.

Maybe Kirk will be driven to the porsche dealer for his birthday.

110. toddk - April 9, 2008

the corvette is in the movie to pay tribute to the dune buggy chase from nemesis which 18 people liked. paramount insisted on it. The suits are still under the false imprsssion that nemesis made $800,000,000 and is still going strong. and to be fair I heard that mark hamil was driving! :P

111. Redjac - April 9, 2008

#69 LOL!!

Excellent point, Daren…I also find this Corvette thing a bit nauseating…in an Argo dunebuggy sort of way…


112. Jay - April 9, 2008

seems everyone is missing the most obvious thing about this Vet…. it’s from the 60’s….. seems like an obvious link to the 1960’s when Star Trek was invented.

If the point of the scene is showing young Kirk being mischivious in some replica – or restored antique car, why pick something from the 1960’s? Only reason – because Star Trek was created in the 1960’s.

Everyone is way over annalizing a scence that will probably last 5 seconds on screen. I’m betting this whole conversation will be laughable in hind sight once the movie comes out.

As for gas prices… 2 things… this car could have a modern (sf future) power plant in place of a gas burning engine, or if it still used gas the cost would be negligable because demand would be virtually nill.

113. the king in shreds and tatters - April 9, 2008

Maybe Kirk was an Iowan from the 60s snatched by time-travelling Romulans. After programming him with a sleeper-agent identity, they used him to replace the *real* Kirk, who died on Tarsus IV.

114. FlyingTigress - April 9, 2008


(pssst… Iowa…. ETHANOL! :O )

115. Thomas - April 9, 2008

People, it is second unit shooting, which means Chris Pine is not in it. The actor to play young Kirk (Jimmy Bennet I believe) is way too young to drive a car. (He is 12 years old) Hence, Kirk is not driving. Problem solved.

116. Valar1 - April 9, 2008

98- first, sorry to sound condescending in that bit about the rocket up their butt=- I was going for humor to make my point.

second, I still think, even if we have transporters and antigrav shuttles etc., people will still want to walk a bit when they are around their homes- just to go for a walk after dinner, at sunrise, to walk a bit around their property, ergo they’ll have roads- maybe not paved, asphalt roads, but at least dirt ones to take a stroll along.

117. montreal paul - April 9, 2008

I don’t see what the big deal is. Kirk grew up on a farm. Chances are that they drove “old” cars. Hell, people these days still have old Model T’s and other cars… some farmers still use a horse and cart! What is the big deal!!!
Just let them shoot the damn movie and wait and see what it’s like when it comes out. Sheesh.. give it a chance already. I can’t stand people that are going to critisize the whole thing because of seeing a glimpse of something.

118. Anthony Pascale - April 9, 2008

montreal paul is a voice of reason
If it is indeed Jim Kirk in the car, then If Kirk can ride a horses…he sure can drive a car…jeez

this debate however may prove the point of so much secrecy. Any given fact about this movie out of context can be twisted. (like the reports of it being an ‘academy movie’ and constant whining of ‘90210 Trek’ because there were just some scenes at the Academy)

119. ChristopherPike - April 9, 2008

Four wheels back in a Trek film.

We’re very pleased. :p

120. nscates - April 9, 2008

Y’know, it’s a shame they didn’t use an old Charger, then they could’ve done The Kirks of Hazzard. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

121. Valar1 - April 9, 2008

I think we’re also all forgetting that bunch of pix that were leaked from “Starfleet Academy” which showed a futuristic car parked to one side- so there are roads in the future and there are cars in the future.

122. Myrth - April 9, 2008

#93 Umm so why is riding a horse more acceptable to young people in the future than driving a car? Who says restoring / building replicas of old modes of transportation is not the fad in 200 years. I know plenty of my college friends that love to swing dance. Several others are very big into reconstruncting Roman and midievil seige weponry ( I helped build a trebuche recently) The point being is that its 200 years. Alot changes, but alot is kept as well, especialy in this day and age where media storage is at an all time peek. I love old movies and reading books written many hundreds of years ago. Whos to say Kirk et al don’t love old american road movies with James Dean and say one day, hey lets use our advanced technology to whip us up a cool car. its not only plausible its likely.

123. Sebastian - April 9, 2008

#74, good point about available fuel in the 23rd century, but just as I posted previously (#54) we have no inkling what future tech will be able to do. Surely one could adapt an old 20th century internal combustion engine to run on an alternative fuel supply (Scotty made a shuttlecraft fly using phaser power packs in “Galileo Seven.”) My point is; if they can replicate parts and restore a 300 yr old car, they will find a way to make it run! But I agree with you that fossil fuels should be long gone by then!

124. LavianoTS386 - April 9, 2008

The car better be an automatic. Kirk didn’t seem to know about a clutch in APOTA

125. NoonienSpock - April 9, 2008


Bosephus?! ^^

126. Paul - April 9, 2008

Don’t worry about corvette and stuff. Whatever they do, we can re-cut and re-do and re-cgi it any way WE see fit. It’s 21st century and the power is ours. :-)

127. AdamTrek - April 9, 2008

To those naysayers here, I object. In “Star Trek”, matter replication from energy should easily be able to create gasoline to run the vehicle. There is no cost of fuel, and fossil fuel use is probably extremely limited due to synthetics for everything, including lubricants such as oil for the engine, etc.

If someone privately owns a horse and carriage used in 1700, then why can’t someone own a Corvette three hundred years old from now?

“Sounds reasonable, practical, and completely undeniable” says Jackie Chiles.

128. Vulcan Soul - April 9, 2008

*Shrugs* Sure we *can* have a 1960s car in this science fiction movie. We can also have a medieval carriage. But why *should* we?

Every recent Trek project gave some character a fascination with 20th century America, probably hoping to allow their audience to better “connect”. Isn’t it kinda lame by now? If the mainstream doesn’t get science fiction, change the genre.

And then I totally do not get this ubiquitious fascination with manually operating a truly antiquated machine (even by today’s standards) that is noisy, stinks, kills people and seriously harms the environment. What is so great about cars even a sci fi movie can’t be without them?

129. D - April 9, 2008

Actually, the novels that talk about young Kirk suggest that they live in a community that includes a number of Amish residents.

Maybe the Amish in 23rd Century are only 300 years behind their “current” technology….They drive old 20th Century Cars rather than use the “evil” and “worldly” transporter and personal shuttlecraft.

130. Enterprisingguy - April 9, 2008

All I can say is this is another scene in an increasingly long movie. Just how much back story do we need to see to get to the action?

I guess this will be a two disc movie like Titanic that you have to go right to the second disc before you get to see some actual Star Trek!

131. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 9, 2008

128. Vulcan Soul: If you don’t get it about cars, then I’m not sure there is a way to explain it. Except it makes you go YEEEE HAAAA!

130. Enterprisingguy: Dude we have seen and heard very very little and none of us have seen the movie or even a real trailer. Jumping the gun a bit aren;t you?

132. US Taxpayer Dude - April 9, 2008

11. Justin Olson – April 9, 2008
One other thought:

If that’s supposed to be Winona Kirk ( a pregnant-looking Jennifer Morrison) in the car, could it be that legendary James T. Kirk is born in the back seat of a 1960s red Corvette?


Dude. There is no back seat to a Corvette.

133. sean - April 9, 2008

Guys, guys…we’re talking about a show where you can timetravel by slingshotting around the sun, Vulcans can place their soul into others by touch, ships can travel faster than light using something called a dilithium crystal and interstellar probes wander around talking to whales – yet, you guys are arguing whether Jimmy Kirk could drive a ‘vette?

134. US Taxpayer Dude - April 9, 2008

128. Vulcan Soul – April 9, 2008

And then I totally do not get this ubiquitious fascination with manually operating a truly antiquated machine (even by today’s standards) that is noisy, stinks, kills people and seriously harms the environment. What is so great about cars even a sci fi movie can’t be without them?********************************************

Haha! Great delivery of that punch line, Soul-man!
Oh wait. You’re not joking? (Dying of cogitive dissonance.) You definitely need to get out more. Maybe in a sixties Vette convertible with the top down and a blonde in the passenger’s seat on a sunny day. Run her through the gears a few times and you’ll “get it” LOL!

135. Vulcan Soul - April 9, 2008

^^^I prefer to be more in touch with nature. You know, take a walk among lush green trees and lay that blonde in the public park. ;)

136. Dennis Bailey - April 9, 2008

I like the Corvette. I always liked the 20th century stuff in TOS – for one thing, they never were really clear in those days just how far in the future the show took place so it was a bit of a moot point.

The show never seemed like it was about the far future, to me. The people and attitudes and language were very contemporary (and now, of course, they’re dated).

137. The Vulcanista - April 9, 2008


Dude. You’ll have better luck if you have a ‘vette. Trust me. ;-D

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

138. Sebastian - April 9, 2008

#127 ; Great point about the horse and carriage! One of the things my wife and I love to do at Christmas time in our city is go for a horse and buggy ride. Centuries old technology, but loved nonetheless. And who here has ever gone on a sailboat? Or for that matter, ridden a bicycle. With the imagined tech of Kirk’s era, a ride in a ‘Vette would be an experience comparable to any of these things. I just wonder if it could be subtitled; “STAR TREK: KIRK’S CORVETTE SUMMER.” Apologies to Mark Hamill!

139. US Taxpayer Dude - April 9, 2008

^137 & others

Seriously. Our high school homecoming parade featured alumni owned ‘Vettes in all their 427-straight-pipes-overlapping-cam-lobes-four-on-the-floor glory.

Just seemed right for the beautiful new queen to take a few laps in the prize of the parade, a ’58 V8 roadster with about twenty layers of hand-buffed carnuba wax. Those truly were better days. BUT – they will come again. In about 200 years :-)

140. Scott - April 9, 2008

Poosibly last scenes. Timeline restored, and Spock smiles as he sees the beginnings of the Kirk family dynasty!

141. Xplodin' Nacelle - April 9, 2008

I picture Kirk doing donuts in the Vette. “Ya-Hoo!!!!!!! Then a bored cop drinking some coffee gets startled, & accidentally spills it on himself. A big car chase ensues, Smokey & The Bandit style.

142. The Last Maquis - April 9, 2008

No No, Maybe The Vette is Dropped from a Space Shuttle and flies down Through the Atmosphere While the Song “Radar Rider” is playing!! ;)

Reference To the Movie “Heavy Metal”

143. EnterprisingGuy - April 10, 2008

131. I Am Morg Not Eymorg…with all due respect I am keeping an open mind about the movie but let’s face facts. Every time you turn around the cast expanded. We have so many relatives of the characters now that unless they are all in a group scene waving goodbye to the gang as they head off to the Academy this movie is going to be long! Even if everyone only gets a short scene they have a lot of ground to cover. We already know that we are going to see Kirk as a kid in Iowa so it’s no stretch to figure the expanse of the story!

144. Jean Luck Pickerd - April 10, 2008

The Corvette is believable, both as the iconic part of an era, as well as having relevance to human spaceflight (especially if its a 1969).

The date isn’t terribly far off in the future, 200 years. Yes many things from 200 years ago aren’t around any more, simply because other things do them better. But since cars are limited in their safe driving speed by human reaction times, cars 200 years from now wouldn’t necessarily be able to drive any faster than they can today. Not without computer assistance, at which point, why drive for pleasure anyways? So while it might be old, and require an expensive and hard to obtain fuel, the device itself is not obsolete. Besides, as stated above, maybe it runs on a dilithium crystal battery?

145. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 10, 2008

143. EnterprisingGuy: Respect noted and returned. Now allow me to retort. This movie’s plot is Spock trying to save Kirk from a Romulan named Nero from wiping him from Existance. The movie’s point is to show us how Kirk and Spock became the men they are and became the best of friends. You cannot do this without showing the people who were important to them. Which means family and friends. You mention the amount of relatives like they were dragging in Kirk’s second cousin by marriage. Its his parents and brother and Spocks parents. Thats it. Hard to tell an origin story without parents and siblings involved. :)

And besides, I know myself and a majority of Star Trek fans have been wanting some of this background expanded on and explored for a very long time.

Old Spock is going to be looking in on and interacting with these people because it is necessary to the plot.

This isn’t going to be an action oriented film like First Contact. Although I have zero doubt it will have plenty of action and adventure, thats what Nero is for. :)

No, this is going to be a Star Trek movie not a Star Wars movie. It is going to tell us a story about two key members of the 23rd century and how they impact that future world and how that future world impacted them. In other words, the human adventure. :)

146. Bako - April 10, 2008

The Bakersfield Californian has a new story on the location shoot:

147. OR Coast Trekkie - April 10, 2008

This response comes late but:

#26 – “Field of Dreams” was actually filmed on location outside of Dyersville, Iowa.. a little burgh of about 4,000 in northeast Iowa. It’s about an hour east of where I grew up. A good childhood memory of mine was going to see a Ghost Players baseball game there and then to the ERTL factory store (ERTL was located in Dyersville) to buy an Enterprise model.

As for the Vette, here’s the answer: Kirk’s family is actually Amish, and by then, the Corvette would not be considered technology. After all, Iowa does have one of the highest concentration of Amish population in the country. However, Jim and Sam both rebel and join Starfleet.

148. Xai - April 12, 2008

117. montreal paul – April 9, 2008
“I don’t see what the big deal is. Kirk grew up on a farm. Chances are that they drove “old” cars. Hell, people these days still have old Model T’s and other cars… some farmers still use a horse and cart! What is the big deal!!!”

We need to get you out to the farm Montreal paul.

Farmers are not owning many Model T’s and old cars, let alone driving them…or horses and carts. I bring this up because a few souls still think of Iowa as backward or farmers as hicks, poor or uneducated. All are false. I know that wasn’t your point, but I felt the need to say it. thanks

149. Yeti - May 5, 2008

The U.S.S. Constitution is 200 years old and is still a commisioned naval ship that I would like to take out on joy cruise. I bet nobody at the time it was built thought Old Ironsides would be used 200 years in the future.

150. Jacqueline Floyd - September 11, 2009

I am really sick of seeing Iowa portrayed as flat and ugly, filmed elsewhere (this time California) — and this film has the Grand Canyon in Iowa, apparently, as Kirk’s car goes over a huge cliff! In reality, Iowa is beautiful and green and hilly. This same director portrayed Iowa as ugly in “Lost” and has country western music playing, people with southern accents, and a mechanic saying that it will take a long time to get a replacement part for Kate’s car because, “This is Iowa.” Iowa is the most literate state in the union, people. It is not filled with southerns, dust, and backward supply systems. “Field of Dreams” was actually shot in Iowa; this was not. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.