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CBS Digital Wraps Up Star Trek Remastered April 22, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS Remastered , trackback

Twenty one months after they began their work digitally remastering Star Trek The Original Series, CBS Digital has wrapped production on the project. With the final new effects shots for the last episode (“The Cage” ), CBS D has now completely brought Star Trek into the digital age. The TOS-R producers have sent a statement about the end of the project:

Visual effects work for CBS’s remastered version of the original Star Trek series has wrapped. The final effects scene was completed just before midnight on Monday, April 21st, 2008. That shot, appropriately enough, showed the Starship Enterprise sailing off into the unknown at the end of an episode.

We wish to thank Niel Wray, Wendy Ruiz, Craig Weiss, and all of the talented artists at CBS Digital for their hard work and incredible dedication to this challenging, amazing project.

-Dave Rossi
-Mike Okuda
-Denise Okuda

A two year mission
The project started in secret back in early 2006 as an idea to honor the 40th anniversary of Star Trek. Work on the new effects began at CBS Digital in July 2006 and the project was first revealed (by in the fall of that year…shortly before it premiered in syndication. Since that time CBS-D digitally remastered all 80 episodes (from all three seasons), creating almost 2,200 new effects shots. These included dozens of matte paintings, a number new ships and four different Enterprises (1st pilot, 2nd pilot, Mirror, & series). The team even worked themselves into a few scenes as tiny ‘extras.’

The project has made Star Trek ready for the HD world (although we are still waiting to see it actually released on broadcast HD and Blu Ray). Although not always even and working under strict time and resource limits, CBS-D has cleaned up the 40 year-old show and brought the effects into the modern age while still preserving much of the feel of the original. The Remastered project has also brought a new consistency to TOS as well as ‘fixed’ errors or re-used shots due to original budget limitations.

CBS-D brought Trek into the HD world, and gave it a new scale,
shots from “Galileo Seven” (top) and Dagger of the Mind (bottom)

What is next for TOS-R
While effects work is complete, there is still some final editing to be done. There are fourteen episodes to air in syndication (see schedule), but by August of this year the entire series will have been seen in remastered form (except for “The Cage”). Also in August, the second season will be released on DVD. The third season DVD set has not been announced, but should be by the end of the year. Still no word on when we can expect to see TOS-R on Blu-Ray. Trek Remastered will continue in syndication for the 2008/09 season, with the only ‘new’ episode being “The Cage.”

CBS Digital on to next thing
CBS Digital is already moving on to the next thing. Work redoing shots of Klingons attacking the Enterprise is being replaced with creating dream sequences for "Ugly Betty" and work on "Numb3rs" and a number of pilots. There has been some talk about giving Star Trek The Next Generation an HD upgrade, but that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon. CBS Digital is getting some recognition for its Trek work in the industry as they are featured in this month’s issue of Showreel Magazine.

CBS-D & TOS-R featured in Showreel


More box art
In other TOS-R news, CBS just released a new high res images of the box art for the Season Two DVD set.

TOS-R Season Two Packaging (Click to enlarge)

Seasons One and Two discounted at Amazon
The Season Two box set is now available at Amazon for pre-order, discounted to $63.99 (Amazon has a low price guarantee that if they drop the price before ship date of August 5th you will get that lower price). Amazon has also discounted the Season One DVD / HD DVD combo disk is to $96.95 (retail is $194.99). If you want to be sure to complete a DVD collection of TOS-R, then for now this is your only option.

Seasons One and Two of
($96.95 and $63.99 respectively)


1. paul - April 22, 2008

so no station can broadcast them in hd then i always see them with black bars and in 1080i?

why couldn’t they make the aliens look better

2. paul - April 22, 2008


3. trekker - April 22, 2008

Should have gotten zoic to do the effects. All the ships look like toys.

4. cyberghost - April 22, 2008

Does this include season 3 release at some time?

5. Spock-boy - April 22, 2008

It sucks that they aren’t going to go back and fix the first few episodes they screwed up. Like the horrendous nacelle caps on the first dozen remastered episodes, and the screwed up shuttlebay rear wall that’s visible in the Galileo 7 when the shuttle launches. I guess budget takes priority over quality…

6. Section 31 - April 22, 2008


7. Plum - April 22, 2008


Is it all over already? Do more!

My personal thanks to the team for listening to my suggestions (on TrekBBS) early in the project as well as being genuinely loving about the project as a whole.

It’s had it’s hits and it’s misses, but the CBS-CGI team has done some daring work bringing Trek into HD, er, Blue… never mind.

Congratulations to you all! :)

8. diabolk - April 22, 2008

Now, TOS is ready for those new fans who come to it after being hooked in by the new ST movie! Nothing to be ashamed of there.

9. BearsBeatsBattlestarGalactica - April 22, 2008

I read on IMDB a few months ago that an unknown named Louis F Pazos was at the helm as VFX Supervisor? Is he planning on returning if season 3 is picked up by Paramount?

10. Chris H. - April 22, 2008

Personally I’ve enjoyed the remastered episodes. Yeah, some were better than others, but overall it’s been a lot of fun.

To the person complaining about black bars: go look up “aspect ratio” on Wikipedia or something; TOS was a 4:3 show and it should remain so.

As to TNG…that seems VERY unlikely. Unlike TOS, a lot of the post-production work on TNG was done on (SD) video, not film, so CBS-D would have to recreate a LOT more material. In fact, there are scenes in TOS where there’s one ship that’s a model and clearly is on film (~24 frames/sec and then telecined) right alongside another ship that was clearly added in video (~30 frames/sec). It’s a mess.

11. cyberghost - April 22, 2008

I would love to LIS season to remastered, especially season 1, before it became campy, to compete with shows like batman. I really liked the evil Dr. Smith, rather than the goofy Dr. Smith in Season 2 and 3. Although I did enjoy the Antimatter Man, the best episode of season 2 or 3…

They really blew it with the movie, although I didnt mind it that much…but poor reviews and box offices results killed a sequal for now.

But the way things are moving in Hollywood, I wouldnt be suprised to see a New Reminagined LIS on the big screen or tv, like the pilot that Woo tried to sell to WB, the robot was wrong, so it was good they scraped the project and pilot, Also I never could find the aboved mentoned entire pilot that was made 4 or 5 years ago anywhere, does anyone know where it could be found…?

12. Sean4000 - April 22, 2008

They had some great moments, like the “Amok Time” bridge crossing, the Doomsday Machine, the rotoscoping if the leaves for the Mojave City matte, and the …….can’t really think of anything else that blew me away. Sorry.

13. Chris H. - April 22, 2008

@BearsBeatsBattlestarGalactica: what are you talking about? All three seasons have been done. They just haven’t announced a DVD set for S3 yet.

14. Galen Tyrol - April 22, 2008

How about a remaster of the animated series? Jimmy Neutron style?

15. cyberghost - April 22, 2008


Question for you or anyone who knows, as we all know some of ST TOS season 3 episodes were completed, did they finish them all, or how many are left to remaster?

16. Anthony Pascale - April 22, 2008

I thought this was clear in the article…i have tried to make it clear. They are finished. they have done EVERY episode, including “The Cage” All three season…the whole thing, all of it, the entire enchilada. It is done

By August of this year, ever single episode will have aired, except for “The Cage”…it still isn’t clear when that will air.

17. cyberghost - April 22, 2008

Thanks, I guess I didnt read closely enough, thanks for the responding..

18. MrRegular - April 22, 2008

I’ll have to look at them on DVD without the idiotic commercial cuts before I form a final opinion. So bring them to Netflix!!

19. Sebastian - April 22, 2008

A worthy effort by Rossi and the Okudas and CBS Digital. There were many hits and a few misses. But a very nice attempt. Despite a rather dim visual presentation by my local theater, the Menagerie seemed a natural on the big screen! If the sets come down in price, I may even buy one or two of them. It would be interesting if other classic series could benefit from this technological “makeover” process. But digital makeover or not, the effort proved one point very clearly: the stories of Classic Trek for the most part, hold up nicely. And if this process makes it more palatable for new viewers…hey, whatever gets them to see it!

20. Commodore Z - April 22, 2008

#5: I guess hyperbole and self-indulgence takes priority over any sense of perspective.

The remastered effects ain’t perfect, but I’ve yet to see any effect in any movie or TV show that is. Despite the overblown shouts of some fans who obviously post only to hear themselves bitch, the remastered effects are a substantial overall improvement from the original opticals. They show considerable respect for the original work, they help tell the story, and there’s even an occasional “easter egg” that is a joy to discover.

Star Trek Remastered has given me a great reason to enjoy watching my favorite show again.

21. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - April 22, 2008

My Remastered project that could have been… but wasn’t. It was the best of times … it was the worst of times

22. Dom - April 22, 2008

Well done to CBS-D for some amazing work! As a new syndication package, they’ve done a superb job. Whether this is the definitive TOS remaster is yet to be seen.

The future? I’d like to see TAS recreated with CGI, featuring the voices of a few more guest stars rather than just Jimmy Doohan and Majel Barrett – and some work done on the movies – Daren’s work on TMP rebuilt for HD and the subsequent Kirk/Spock/McCoy getting a CGI clean-up, where needed, especially STV:TFF.

All in all, this has been an important step forward, but maybe not yet the final word on original Star Trek.

23. roger - April 22, 2008

“How about a remaster of the animated series? Jimmy Neutron style?”

I’ve seen floating around on the newsgroups an episode of ST:TAS in HD recorded from a German TV channel. Wasn’t remastered that great, but the colors were nice.

24. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2008

I’ll mention it again: Court-Martial scene in the briefing room with the judges has fluctuating brightness due to the age of the film stock. Most glaring when you consider the new fx in this episode. But the film stock from the same episode on the dvd release in 2004 doesn’t have this fluctuating brightness. Can someone please run a level one diagnostic?

25. websbestcomics - April 22, 2008

All in all I’m happy with what CBS-D did. Let’s hope they tackle TNG next.

26. martin - April 22, 2008

Here is hoping Blockbuster online carries TOS-R seasons two and three, because I haven’t been able to watch them locally, and there is no way in hell I am buying HD remastered stuff in SD, that is just ridiculous.

27. hitch1969© - April 22, 2008

I’ve been a little critical of remastered TOS lately. In rethinking that, I apologize to the team. Sorry I lost the enthusiasm, the problem was me, not you.

I truly appreciate all of your hard work. It was…. fun. Oh my.


28. Prologic9 - April 22, 2008

“The remastered effects ain’t perfect, but I’ve yet to see any effect in any movie or TV show that is.”

I always allow for a show to have it’s shortcomings, it’s only natural. But this doesn’t really apply to Trek Remastered. It’s one thing when you’re putting together an entire production, you do the best you can and your show is judged on the sum of its parts.

But for Trek Remastered, the show was already there. Their SOLE job was to make it look pretty. That’s the only part– and if it doesn’t hold up, and most of the time it really didn’t, then they’ve failed.

29. AJ - April 22, 2008

I’m still waiting for the next I-Tunes upload.

30. steve623 - April 22, 2008

“What grad would you give the TOS-R project as a whole”

That’s a timely question, what with it being the end of the school year and all.

31. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 22, 2008

Too bad they did a half-assed job on it, with only a few exceptions in actually delivering a quality job.

32. Matt Wright - April 22, 2008

Well a big thanks to the CBS-D team, on the whole I really liked it, and it gave me a reason to watch TOS every weekend, like I used to when I was a kid and it was repeated on the weekends along with new TNG episodes on Saturday nights.

33. lostrod - April 22, 2008


I have the Woo pilot version of Lost in Space on DVD. Was actually very good.

34. Fubamushu - April 22, 2008

While I know CBS Digital had noble goals and did their best to remaster Star Trek, I believe that for reasons unknown CBS Digital simply were not up to the task.

As others have said, the results were far too inconsistent. In one shot, the Enterprise would like a real, tactile, 3-D object. A scene or two later, the Enterprise would look like an animated pencil drawing. This happened more with scenes requiring perspective such as orbiting the K7 space station or with the Vasarius approaching. In some cases, such as the shot of the Enterprise firing phasers against the Gorn, the saucer looks great while the nacelles and engineering section looked hand drawn.

I loved the project and the intentions. I just wish a tested visual effects department had done the effects.

In light of this, I would hope that CBS Digital doesn’t touch TNG.

35. Todd Rivers - April 22, 2008

Conisdering Three seasons of FX were completed in less than two years I’d say they did an admirable job.

Well done guys.

36. CmdrR - April 22, 2008

Thanks Okudas, et al!

37. bitguru - April 22, 2008

I pretty much agree with comment #5. CBS Digital did an excellent job with many of the episodes (minor quibbles aside, one of mine is changing some planets from interesting-colored to earth-colored). It’s a shame they aren’t going to go back and ‘fix’ some of the early episodes. They made some mistakes (and bad tradeoffs) when they were still finding their wings. It’s a shame they can’t go back and reapply what they evtually learned.

As for aspect ratio, I agree it was correct to keep it in the original 4:3. But I did hear a rumor that all the space FX shots were rendered in 16:9, then clipped to 4:3 for distribution. If there is any truth to this rumor (is there?) then we might someday see the shots in 16:9 even though I’m not sure it would be a good idea.

38. US Taxpayer Dude - April 22, 2008

CBS-D: You boys gave me a reason to watch Star Trek again.


Even after 40 years, they still provoke thought and wonder.


39. Mazzer - April 22, 2008

Okay, would someone explain what CBS-D needed to do for “The Cage” that they hadn’t already done for “The Menagerie”?

I always assumed that pretty much all the necessary FX scenes from The Cage were already included in The Menagerie; now I’m wondering…

40. none - April 22, 2008

Thank you Jim Berndt, Javier Bello, Sun Lee, Apollo Kim Ray Kay, Eric Ehman, Chris Barsamian, James (the gun) Holt, Max Gabel, D. Ryan Reeb, Elana Bejanerou, Ryan Swano, Louis F Pazon, Brian Voigt, and the rest of team Hacky Sack!

41. Xai ∞ - April 22, 2008

A “B”…. yes some of the renderings were subpar, but I feel they were balanced out by imaginative additions such as the Vulcan City in “Amok”

42. Batts - April 22, 2008

I am almost sorry I was complaining about the remastered efforts. I hate to see these guys go on,but what’s next?? It’s too bad for the inconsistencies, however you cant appeal to everyone’s taste!! Still, a little mixed with whether they should have left the whole thing alone. My grade for the project is a C+

43. CmdrR - April 22, 2008

Mazzer — have you ever seen “The Cage.” It’s a hoot. There’s a BIG, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG “Hey, lookie, we can do warp drive” sequence right at the beginning. There’s also a library computer search and some longer corridor-walking shots. CBS-D has more work to do, even though they got Gene’s dome shot right after 40 years of cheese-osity.

44. paul - April 22, 2008

yeah i know the black bars ae nessecary but thats not wha you would see on blu ray or dvd so letterboxing would be okay then

45. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2008

Prologic, couldn’t agree with you more.

46. DJT - April 22, 2008

Alright, here’s hoping the suits realize that TNG-R needs a better treatment than TOS-R.

I wish ILM would do it at a discount just so they could keep any future ST projects from getting F’ed up. *Those* guys are my heroes. CBS-D gets an ‘A’ for effort. Execution, not so much.

But alas.

47. RM10019 - April 22, 2008

Thanks to all our friends at CBS-D. We all know it wasn’t perfect, sometimes downright confusing as to choices made, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

48. Batts - April 22, 2008

#43 Cmdr

Although you were not talking to me “The Cage” is my fav. Was there some kind of sneek peek you are referencing or are your comments meant for something else??

49. Izbot - April 22, 2008

Thanks CBS-D. It is true that I grumbled and complained about some of the choices you guys made but don’t get me wrong — I appreciate the work and I’m glad the old girl’s been polished and presented to a whole new generation of fans (and many more to come).

50. Vifx Twokay - April 22, 2008

I’m sorry but compare any VFX shot from the current Galactica or even Doctor Who to all of CBS-D’s work on TOS Remastered and you’ll realize it’s incredibly shoddy work. Sloppy, unrealistic and often inconsistent from shot to shot and show to show. Nowhere near the current state of the art for CGI.

Please CBS- TNG doesn’t need this mistreatment. If you’re going to redo the VFX for TNG, please take the time and money to do it right with a real VFX company not this cheapo lot… In fact before you even go there, start over with TOS and spend the money to do the job right. I think the fans are owed that.

Love the Okudas but VFX artists and supervisors they are not…

51. Commodore Z - April 22, 2008

So when does “The Cage” air? Or do we have to wait for the DVD?

52. Troy T - April 22, 2008

I also say that they should go ahead and do “season 4″. Take the original soundtrack from The Animated Series and give it new high tech 3D animation.

53. Sean4000 - April 22, 2008

Check out Eden FX’s spaceships reel and the demo reel for some great shots of the Voyager, NX-01, and ESPECIALLY the Ent-D!

Click on my name or see the link below.

Thank you CBS-D for the effort, it IS a step in the right direction. I agree to that!

54. 1701 over Gotham City - April 22, 2008

I got to see a Gorn blink :)

I loved it… I would like to have seen a little more heare and there, but who wouldn’t want more??

Excellent work, and great great care taken to not disturb the original emotions, attitudes and expressions of the show.
Great work.

55. Teleportation Girl - April 22, 2008

You guys did a great job at CBS Digital. I thought a lot of the new effects helped with continuity and added to the stories, rather than becoming beauty shots, sidelining the main show. In the beginning I was reluctant to see new efx, but after this series, I am happy with the overall project.

Great job, guys!

56. Nelson - April 22, 2008

Thanks for the news, and thanks to all the artists and people at CBS Digital for all the hard work on the Remastering project. In a lot of ways, a thankless job, but this fan appreciated the effort!

So many people misunderstood or could not accept the Prime Directive of this project. As the article said, the CGI were enhancements that were to preserve the feel of the original. Not to make for whiz bang super ultra realistic renderings. There’s more then one way of course to have done this job. CBS did it one way. The live action is very stylized and unrealistic in many ways by contemporary standards. So the effects were to match that.

Anthony, I hope you get an opportunity to talk to the team and do a post mortem interview! They deserve a round of thanks.

57. Thomas Jensen - April 22, 2008

Heck, check out Scott’s (#45) website with the Enterprise from the “Doomsday Machine”. Now that’s a ship!

I’m glad this project came to pass, but I know what the Enterprise could look like as I own a 5.5 made by a master builder who recreated it exactly as it was 1/2 size to the original. The ship has the original paint color scheme as the full sized model, with all the proper effects. And yes, it’s known what the ship looked like during it’s use during the original series. I have a few pictures of it from back then.

Now, the CGI is very good, with some added detail, but they didn’t vary the internal lighting much and the ship evolved into the team’s representation of the ship. Which again, is very good, but I was hoping we’d see the ship in certain shots exactly lit and shot from the same angles as was done originally. I was waiting to see a few shots with the rust ring and the weathering as it was. I do believe the first CGI version of the model had this, but it seemed to fade away over time. There is other nitpicky business of lights not lit, or even rendered that the original model had, but this surely doesn’t detract from the overall representation of the new Enterprise.

No, I don’t think the project was a waste of time, but I do think that the team had more time it would have yielded a more satisfying result as even more detail and thought could have gone into representing the Enterprise as it was, but with the improvements they added to their rendition.

All in all, with everything that was done, this project really dressed up the series and makes it new again for many people and that’s a good thing.

Congratulations to all involved.

58. demon barber of starfleet - April 22, 2008

I’ve seen a bunch of them on TV but unfortunately missed City on the Edge of Forever (my favourite).

59. Dr. Wh-at now?! - April 22, 2008

Thanks CBS-D! Good job! Smoke em if ya got em!

60. Quatlo - April 22, 2008

Thanks to the CGI artists who worked on the project. It was neat to feel some of the old awe and wonder again 40 years later. Good luck with your careers and lives.

61. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - April 22, 2008

I gave the project a C.

Across the board, the shots are better than the original ones, with their blue-screen bleed, unnatural & unjustified lighting from no particular source, grainy shadows, flickering black crop lines, and candy colored planets (sorry, but M-class planets *must* resemble Earth).

However, the CBS-D team just barely met their mandate overall — for every case where they went above and beyond the call of duty, they produced many more shots just by the numbers, and a handful of embarrassing ones seemingly rushed or asleep at the wheel. In particular, effects shots of alien ships tended to lack visually credible texture.

The grade of C applies only to the new effects shots. I would give an A to the digital remastering, color correction and cleaning up of the original live action footage.

62. DEMODE - April 22, 2008

Well….. I do wish they would go back and fix some of the early Enterprise CGI. I mean… we have 79 episodes… couldn’t they just take some of the newer Enterprise CGI shots from later episodes and use them to replace the old ones? How hard is that?

The Klingon ship could have been better. Overall, I was happy with the Romulan ship. I am glad that we got this series, and I think overall CBS-D did a good job. But those few things I mentione dabove I can not help but wish they were fixed.

63. Sean4000 - April 22, 2008

61: I have to chime in on that.

I am with you 100%. The new FX are C-grade in my book 2. The Film scanning optical sensor and image fixers are A+ calibre.

64. TenaciousMC - April 22, 2008

So what if CBS-D didn’t do entirely a great job on TOS-R? It’s not like TNG’s FX were perfect either. Neither were DS9, VOY, and ENT. All in all, it was mostly good w/ some mistakes here and there but it’s really better than nothing. Look at STV:TFF and see how 10x worse it is than TOS-R.

65. Biodredd - April 22, 2008

#38 – The widescreen versions of the episodes are broadcast in Japan in HD. The live-action shots were cropped to match the rendered SFX. These versions of the episodes are only available in Japan for whateer reason.

Perhaps in the future they will be made available to the HDNet on satellite or cable.

66. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - April 22, 2008

Thanks for the good work CBS-D! :)

67. Finny - April 22, 2008

#22 – Yeh, i’d love to see an all CGI Take on “The Animated Series” :)

68. capt mike - April 22, 2008

Well thank you cbs d for doing a great job under difficult circumstances.You guys had a tough job and im glad you did the remastering. though at times it looked cartoonish it is a big improvement over the old fx.You got me and other true fans excited about star trek again and it kept us busy till the new movie comes out next year.As far as the cage is concerned they should give it a prime time slot on cbs when it is shown. Maybe a couple of weeks befoe the new movie comes out. Now that would be kool. To get everyone excited abouut the new movie by showing the remastered cage before the new movie on prime time cbs.

69. seangh - April 22, 2008

I’ve been a critic of this effort the whole way through, and despite a few stand out eps, I’ve been somewhat disappointed.

But, like some have mentioned above, it did get me watching the show every week and re-discovering the joy of TOS.

Anthony – I hope you get a chance to interview Rossi and the Okuda’s for a thorough post-mortem on TOS Remastered.

A big thank you to CDS-D – I know your hearts were in the right place – but the budget wasn’t.

70. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 22, 2008

Pop the cork off the bubbly guys and celebrate. Thanks for everything.

71. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 22, 2008

Oh and that one shot of the Enterprise up top is gorgeous. Any chance there is a high rez of that, Anthony? That would look mighty fine on my desktop. :)

72. Disappointed with CBS-D - April 22, 2008

Congrats on completing your TOS-R assignment, CBS-D. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the building.

Honestly, I think the remastering project was needed to uplevel TOS in time for the 2009 movie. But it was poorly implemented at times, stellar and shining at other times. Bottom line: It was inconsistent. I think we’ll see fans continue to showcase their CG talents with home-grown remasterings, once the Blu Ray DVD editions are fully released.

The stylings of Eden FX and Zoic would have upleveled this project many, MANY times over. I think we got a very bland set of CG models, horrible lighting, and poorly conceived shots from CBS-D.

I PRAY that another FX company is hired to do TNG-R.

(Sorry, CBS-D. You just didn’t deliver consistent quality.)

73. Colin Campbell - April 22, 2008

I have to agree with those who say, “valiant attempt, but ultimately, a miss.” The C+ letter grade seems about right for the efx shots…

One big problem that annoys me no end – the “quick dissolves.” Apparently, due to missing or unavailable raw footage, every new transition to a new effect has to be hurriedly dissolved in and dissolved or cut out … The quick dissolves are needed to cover the fact that the “raw” material is going to start its OWN dissolve. Well, this really beats the hell out of the pacing. Every time we dissolve to a new effect shot, it’s like we’re in a big hurry to get there. And half the time, it’s not worth it…

Big picture: I think there were, frankly, two ways to approach this problem. (If you consider the fact that the film stock for all of the original effects shots was old and scratchy a “problem” needing solving in this HD age.)

1) Exact re-creations of the original effects using today’s technology. The effects “vocabulary” of the show, such as it was, had long been established and ingrained in our minds. Why mess with a classic? Or..

2) A “Zoic” style make-over, giving TOS some BSG/Firefly style goodness. Not particularly within the tone of the show, but would certainly meet the stated goal of “modernizing” the effects for today’s audience.

Instead, I feel like we ended up halfway in between, in some bizarre “we’re ‘improving’ this, but not by a lot” middle ground that, more often than not, I found to be unsatifying on any but a novelty level. “Hey, the planet is different this week” isn’t a good reason to watch for new effects. The “sometimes we’ll fix 60’s limitations” approach — like the seemingly random digital clock makeovers — only served to point out that the WHOLE SHOW was made in a certain time, in a certain era, and looked a certain way! Why fix only some of these things? Better, I would think, to preserve more of the integrity of the original show by going for a straight effects “cleaning” than these occasional (and, I’m sure, again limited by the source material) quasi-improvements.

I am second to no one in my appreciation for the work of the Okudas. Their place in Trek history is assured, and rightfully exaulted.

But I do wish this project had been handled with a bit more care (read: $$$) by Paramount. Instead, the entire affair (up to and including the ridiculous DVD release plans) has felt rushed, imperfect, and “on the cheap.” It carries with it more than the faint whiff of Paramount AGAIN counting on the fans of the show to shell out more cash for a project that has only marginally been improved.

Side note – Paramount’s TV on DVD pricing is shameful, doubly so when you consider the complete lack of worthwhile features on the vast majority of releases. If the season sets are really worth the $100+ they originally sold for — how was there no money for the types of features that are only now showing up on the remastered DVDs? Billy Blackburn’s movies are a step in the right direction, but still — no commentaries from Original Series cast members??? Shameful…

74. T in HI - April 22, 2008

TOS-R started with the very laudible goal of updating the effects with the aim of using state of the art technology to bring the effects into the HD digital age.

The design of most of the shots was very well thought out. Some aspects–namely, the many new gorgeous mattes (like the surface of Scalos, the Vulcan landscape from “Amok Time, etc) and little treats like the Gorn’s blinking eyes–were superbly executed.

Overall, however, the new shots of the Enterprise, other ships and other space phenomena–from the gaseous clouds in Metamorphosis and Obsession to the highly anticipated Planet Killer–were a huge disappointment.

Despite the limited budget, I had hopes that the CGI of the ships would match the level of quality of DS9, or maybe even the latter Next Gen movies. Sadly, the CGI of TOS-R space shots never approached either level on any sort of consistent basis.

As for more remastering of later series… the case can be made that simply reworking the effects for TOS so that they better match the dialog (e.g., adding ships where they were fudged before, ala Friday’s Child) and other events in the episode made this project worth doing. The same argument can’t be made for later incarnations of ST.

I must agree with what others have said… if this is what we can expect, please leave TNG, DS9, VOY amd ENT alone.

PS–Scott, I can’t wait for YOUR Doomsday Machine!

75. OneBuckFilms - April 23, 2008

The new effects for TOS-R may not have been spectacular, but they worked for the most part.

There have been a few outstanding moments in there, for instance Amok Time and The Doomsday Machine, and the material for The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before and The Galileo Seven were really good.

Unfortunately, there was a lot that was not that great. Clearly there was an A and a B group involved, as it almost alternated between great and not-so-great.

The first couple of episodes produced needed re-rendering with the newer Enterprise model, mostly due to the infamous Nacelle Cap issues.

I am 80% satisfied with what was done.

76. Iowagirl - April 23, 2008

Thanks Okudas, Rossi & Co. for their effort and soul they put into this project.

There may be inconsistencies with respect to the quality of the remastered effects, but I’d attach more importance to the project’s significance as a whole. Remastering a 40 year old show yet remaining true to the original is a wonderful appreciation, and all things considered I think they’ve done a “real” job.

77. Bart - April 23, 2008

PLease give TNG remastered to EdenFX. They showed how that project could look like in These Are The Voyages and the Enterprise-D looked absolutely stunning!

Whenever I watch TNG I can imagine how beautiful and dynamic it would look with new effects from EdenFX!

78. toddk - April 23, 2008

My hopes for the remaing shows is:

that in the “savage curtain” they place the planet behind lincoln as he approaches the enterprise.

In “turnabout intruder” the transferance between kirk and doctor lester will be a little more creative.

In “Whom gods destroy windows will be added , showing the outside, and a better explosion.

I’ll let you know if i think of any other. :)

79. Deano 8472 - April 23, 2008

Sorry i dont know if I have missed this but did they change the look of the Gorn? from Arena?

80. Anthony Thompson - April 23, 2008

The digital effects often didn’t match the quality of the originals – that is unacceptable given the state of CGI art today. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvigorate TOS. But CBS-D delivered mediocrity in all but a few instances. Video game effects might cut it with a few 20-somethings, but I was hoping and expecting more! Grade: D.

81. DJT - April 23, 2008

65. Biodredd – April 22, 2008
“#38 – The widescreen versions of the episodes are broadcast in Japan in HD. The live-action shots were cropped to match the rendered SFX. These versions of the episodes are only available in Japan for whateer reason.

Perhaps in the future they will be made available to the HDNet on satellite or cable”

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Then we might see it in 1080i.

82. AJ - April 23, 2008

I really enjoyed the eps I have seen. I am sure these guys had no budget, and that’s why they had to pick and choose some scenes to ignore re-touching. The fabulous clean-up of the film was A+ in my book.

As time goes on, hopefully we can all watch these eps on a couch in HD, and enjoy the show without simply scrutinizing FX reels.

Anthony, would it be possible for TM.COM to isolate all these reels in one place?

83. Bill Sammich - April 23, 2008

I think the Remastering process has most certainly enhanced the show. I’ve watched a lot of the episodes with untouched and remastered versions back to back. While I always want more (yes and sometimes better) I’m quite pleased overall.

Now if they can just get it on Blue Ray so I can BUY IT!

84. RAMA - April 23, 2008

I don’t think a lot of you guys ‘get it” at all. The FX are NOT supposed to look like Battlestar, they are supposed to look like new, clean versions of FX from the 60s, with some new angles and shots thrown in. That’s why the new mattes sometimes look painted. They weren’t trying to make cities look like Coruscant.

85. New Horizon - April 23, 2008

I give the special effects a C, but the film transfer gets an A.

Come on CBS, give the digital team some extra money so they can have one last pass at these SFX. Three years of effects shots in 2 years? That’s just ridiculous.

86. KevinA Melbourne Australia - April 23, 2008


I know it will be harder because the show was composited in the video world and the original film elements will have to be reassembled but…it never ceases to amaze me how much film footage seems to be stored in Hollywood and around the world. I’m pretty sure most of Next Gens live footage was shot on film which must be around somewhere. Let’s hope so!

87. JB - April 23, 2008

This project had its moments, but not many of them. The matte shots were the best part, but overall the quality was way short of what shops like edenfx can do.

88. 47!!!!!! - April 23, 2008

The Next Generation’s effects are fine! OK, maybe some effects are bad but I just finished collecting TNG’s 7 seasons!

89. j w wright - April 23, 2008

tng was shot on 35mm, then transferred to video. i hope they kept the original footage, if so, hd conversion shouldnt be a problem. the sfx for the first few seasons were pretty cringe inducing…. affectionate space-jellyfish, anyone?

if they re-do any exterior ship footage, i hope they learn from their experience with tos, and use an actual physical filming miniature and not rely on hastily rendered cgi.

maybe in another 50 years or so, they’ll “re-effects” tos again, properly, with real models… think they wont? if there is a projected market for it, they will.

paramount will be milking the trek cash cow indefinately

90. star trackie - April 23, 2008

I’d like to offer a huge heartfelt “thank you!!” to the CBS team for everything. From keeping the whole thing so secret and allowing me to be genuinely surprised to the absolutely gorgeous restoration, I have enjoyed the hell out of these episodes both on syndication and on DVD. The new FX can be breathtaking, the new mattes are inspired and the sound is a delight to hear when piped through a 5:1 system.

After watching these episodes over and over AND over again for the better part of my life and am extremely grateful and it is no small compliment when I say, watching the remastered Trek is like watching Trek for the 1st time. TOS has never EVER looked better.

Well done everyone, take a bow, you’ve earned it.

91. Enterprise Fan - April 23, 2008

It seemed to me that the quality and creativity of the remastering went a bit downhill as the process continued. Many of the shows that came out earlier – e.g. Doomsday Machine, Tomorrow is Yesterday, Dagger of the Mind, A Taste of Armageddon – looked really terrific. Later on I thought the work looked a little sloppy, although it’s a little hard to see past some of the really awful Season 3 scripts. I agree with the majority of posters that TNG should be next; hopefully the master copies are still in the vault! Overall, I believe that the franchise suffers from the fact that ENT is the only series available in true high-definition.

92. Adam - April 23, 2008

Well, I liked what I saw. Sorry many of you did not.

93. Diabolik - April 23, 2008

Well, the Remastered Trek is ready and waiting for the scores of new fans that will start looking at it after being drawn in by the new Trek movie coming.

Now they won’t laugh at the effects coming into it new.

94. Daoud - April 23, 2008

Really good job, considering they did what would today be *4* seasons worth of episodes. 80 episodes after all. Series today, we’re lucky to get 20 new eps in a series.

Even the holy of holies nuBSG won’t hit 80 episodes when they’re all wrapped up. And they’ll have had 6 years to do their effects overall.

TOS-R overall was high and low, just like the original series itself. The few amazing new matte shots though… those were worth the price of admission (free!). For example, the new Dagger of the Mind shot is marvelous. C. Bonestell marvelous. And the By Any Other Name beamdown, and the Catspaw castle… and The Man Trap ruins… and I could go on.

I just wish, too, that they had more time to work with, and could add in a bit here and there to stretch it and restore the last film cuts, to extend the episodes as far as possible. They could always run in a 90 minute slot if anyone still wanted to broadcast them with modern constraints.

95. OneBuckFilms - April 23, 2008

I think I ought to point out that I am very grateful to CMS Digital for the work they put in, and for the most part, I really enjoyed the new effects.

This has also done something successfully: it has revived a lot of interest on the Original Series.

Although there were a number of missteps, they were not as numerous as many seem to believe.

Thanks again, CBS-D. Now to watch the rest of your work in syndication.

BTW, I baulked at the price of the TOS-R Season One set, but Season Two will probably purchased.

Season One may be too (for the DVD side, now that the price has come down a little), along with Season Three when released.

96. Dennis Bailey - April 23, 2008

Thanks to the folks at CBS Digital for a great job on what was clearly a labor of love.

97. Mike - April 23, 2008

ASfar as re mastering TNG goes, I think the chances of the CBS-D team assembling all new FX footage while scanning and cleaning up all the original film (what could be found, att least) is pretty slim. If anything, I’d like to see if they can somehow clean up the broadcast masters used to create the DVD’s. The compression used to make those discs was so bad; it never ceases to amaze me how often the backgrounds behind the actor looked like a tape on pause. There has to be a process for cleaning up SD video and improving the quality; maybe not to HD specs, but at least it can look better.

98. JimJ - April 23, 2008

Report card for Trek Remastered:

CBS/Paramount time schedule and budget=F
CBS Digital Effort=A
CBS Digital Effects shots=B
CBS Digital Mattes=A


Frankly, I have been a big supporter of this project and feel that there were a lot of things done in a fine way. The biggest issue was that they changed some things after the first dozen or so episodes (a new Enterprise used, etc.). I appreciated the changes they made, it was a great improvment. However, it makes those other episodes stand out in a poor way. Getting feedback from the fans and actually making some changes was high class. What is low class is the fact that CBS/Paramount will not allow them the time and budget to go back and fix those first dozen or so episodes. Anyone ever heard of “re-takes?”

PARAMOUNT: Before you put it on Blue Ray (all 3 seasons…you know you are going to), PLEASE give them the opportunity and budget to go back and fix AT LEAST those dozen or so episodes and anything else they weren’t satisfied with. I am guessing that given one more chance… from what they learned, you’d see a bunch of happy fans and higher morale at CBS Digital about this entire project and others similar that may follow.

99. Gary the Gorn - April 23, 2008

Great job!

I’ve gone back and watched the original series for the first time in over 20 years.

My favorites have been.

1. The Doomsday Machine
2. Amok Time
3. Tomorrow is Yesterday

100. Al - April 23, 2008

I’d love them to release the raw renders to fans to do the work unfinished

101. shat hands - April 23, 2008

Im yet to see any of the TOS-R.

Are they being shown online on the Adobe media player??


102. jonboc - April 23, 2008

This whole “remastered” project is more than I could have ever hoped for. Rich, restored beautiful new prints, unveiling colors and details Ive never noticed before and fantastic FX that truly take me where no one has never gone before.

Thanks to this remastering effort I can now throw TOS on my 100″ HD front projector and look on, in awe, at the sheer majesty of it all. The remastering effort makes the already-masterful cinematography of TOS a true wonder to behold. After so many years, TOS is new and fresh again and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Dave Rossi, Mike Okuda, Denise Okuda and the many talented artists at CBS-D for giving us the ultimate gift that, thankfully, will keep on giving for years to come. Well done!

103. Todd Rivers - April 23, 2008

# 102.

I agree jonboc. I agree.

Best post of the thread.

104. mada101 - April 23, 2008

I thought that the Remastered visuals have been excellent – a little ropey at times, but the heart was in the right place. It’s just a shame that, with the advent of the new movie and the ‘new’ visual look for the TOS era coming out of that, it kind of makes these episodes superfluous. Oh well.

105. jerr - April 23, 2008

81. DJT – April 23, 2008
65. Biodredd – April 22, 2008
“#38 – The widescreen versions of the episodes are broadcast in Japan in HD. The live-action shots were cropped to match the rendered SFX. These versions of the episodes are only available in Japan for whateer reason.

Perhaps in the future they will be made available to the HDNet on satellite or cable”

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Then we might see it in 1080i.

NOooo.. that would be terrible. The top and bottom of the picture gets cropped to go from 4:3 to 16:9. There were some samples on this site a while ago and it was terrible. You don’t have to crop the image to get 1080i (though 1080p or 720p would be better). The FX shots were done in 16:9 so you would only have your black bars on the side in the normal scenes. . I would rather see the top of someone’s head than to have the picture cropped to 16:9.

As for TNG-R. I don’t think the FX need re-mastered at all. I’m on season 2 of the DVDs and the FX are much improved and clearer and I would imagine that season three would be even better. I think real models will always look better. I would rather see a blurry real model (because the FX were done in video I guess) than a high def phony looking ENT-D.

106. Aragorn189 - April 23, 2008

The Remastered project was great. I felt that it enhanced the series to what it should have been. Thanks CBS-D for your effort. The Enterprise hasn’t looked better in years.

107. jr - April 23, 2008

re: #2
For a possible LOST IN SPACE remaster, check out the link

108. Cervantes - April 23, 2008

Some of the effects shots, compositions, and ‘movement’ were indeed terrific, while others were downright dreadful. However, the lack of consistency in improving ALL the hand-phaser beams, nor more enhancement of the simpler ‘backdrops’ really let this whole endevour down for me. A pity. However, the cleaned-up restoration of the live-action is great.

Now bring on those effects ‘fan edits’!

109. Nelson - April 23, 2008

re: post 98- I think everyone would love it if they were able to go back and fix the first dozen remastered efforts. Especially Balance of Terror. But if I am not mistaken, it could involve more then a dozen as they reused the same shots in later episodes. I refer to the shot of the Enterprise as it flys away from screen left. It’s an exact recreation of the original shot. It’s the earlier model with the weaker lighting and surface texture map. It would be great if they did the changes before the BD discs came out, but I’m not holding out too much hope.

110. MORN SPEAKS - April 23, 2008

Loved the remastered Trek, and I’ll eventually double dip and buy the Blu-Ray versions when they’re announced.

And if Michael and Denise Okuda are reading this, when are we going to get another Star Trek Chronology edition???

111. bdrcarter - April 23, 2008

It’s a shame Paramount/CBS didn’t make a bigger deal out of this project. I’m amazed how many fans have never heard of TOS-R. (Probably has something to do with the graveyard time slots and lack of publicity.)

It would be really cool if CBS helped build anticipation for the new movie by showing some select episodes as specials in prime time. Maybe in April leading up to the May release of the movie…(and they wouldn’t have to give up precious time during May sweeps.) Doomsday Machine. The Menagerie. The Immunity Syndrome. Other suggestions gang? Maybe even have CBS-D go back and do one more polish on the episodes they’d be airing? New end credits and consistent hand phasers perhaps?

C’mon CBS…don’t let all this work languish in obscurity!

112. TomBot2008 - April 23, 2008

Well, it was a fun ride, checking in each week to revisit an old friend and see what new “beard” was painted on… Hee, hee. Frankly, over time, interest has waned, and a bit of the fun faded out. I’m sure all the intentions of the Remastered group were good, but in fact, when they exceeded their corporate masters’ mandate by showing sparks of excellence, they only underscored the mediocrity of the rest. They were funded, I believe, just to fix “Space” shots and clean up footage, on the cheap. This was never to be some grand, all defining REMASTER… So, as it wrapped up in production, I safely predict, NONE of our quibbles or complaints will be addressed. I’m not angry about it. I’m not sad about it. I had a rather good time… Although, that doesn’t stop me from grading the whole effort as a solid “C+”! The only vote that will matter will be who buys this stuff, and even then, like all things, it can be spun to whatever you want. If it does well, some people would say it was a success and some would say people will buy anything. If it was a failure, some would say that people are just not interested in TOS anymore and some would say the product was not significantly improved enough to justify purchase… And so on. Anyway, I will always have the great memories that original afternoon bleeding aweful quality re-runs of Star Trek gave me, and no “improved” version will disparage that. I think, for the most part, the newer generations have already moved on… Younger Trekkers, I’ve spoken to, as of late, cite Next Gen as their “Trek” of choice… the one that influenced them the most. One was firmly in the DS9 camp! I don’t know if that’s commonplace, those are only, my recent experiences with “Star Trek” fans in real life. Ones, I have met of my approximate generation, have fond memories, but they relegate Star Trek to the past. Perhaps, JJ’s new Trek will tune people back into TOS, but I have a feeling, if it succeeds, it will be on it’s own merits and appeal. The populace will flock to it, if it’s good, but that won’t necessarily lead to a TOS revival. Anyway, thanks to CBS for at least trying, but you won’t be getting my dollars, sorry.

113. Captain Pike - April 23, 2008


114. Dennis Bailey - April 23, 2008

Certainly one really successful aspect of this was the clean-up and color correction of the live action – which is the vast majority of every single episode.

115. Derek Evans - April 23, 2008

I was Excited when the project was first announced. I’ve seen almost every one of the Remastered Episodes. I think, as some of said, that there was ‘some’ good work done. ‘Some’. Over all, I consider the Remastered Project, to be a lost Opportunity. I don’t want to slam CBS. I’m sure they did the best they could with the time and money alloted. Still, a lost opportunity. Sad!

116. David P - April 23, 2008

James Tiberius Kirk has never looked so good and heroic! JJ Abrams are you watching???

117. Balock - April 23, 2008

Hey, sounds like a general consensus here on the effort. I’m sorry to see it come to a conclusion, as it was fun waiting for and watching the episodes roll out.

Now I guess I can focus my futile efforts in objecting to changes on the exterior of the E for the upcoming movie.

118. TJR - April 23, 2008

Overall I enjoyed this project. There where episodes that really shined and there where episodes with missed opportunities. But in the end any critcism should not be aimed at those doing the work but at those setting the schedule and holding the purse strings.

Properly done, & properly hyped, This could have been a project worthy of Prime Time airing. And it would have made a LOT more money.

Think about it…….

The conversion to HD and the re-recording of the score where both excellently well done.

But the new EFX work was put under too much time (and budget) contraints.

My feeling is that if you are going to re-do the effects, do it right the first time and go to town with it. Update all the EFX.

Take the time and money to rotoscope all those shots on the cheesy planet sets so that they no longer look like cheesy planet sets.

Take the time and money to create a realistic digital Gorn fighting Kirk.

Every episode should have been as well done as “The Doomsday Machine”.

A project of this magnitude could have been hyped in movie theaters across the country during the movie pre-show and on the CBS network.

It could have aired once a week on the CBS network in prime time. It could have aired at 7:00 PM before most of their new programming starts, or it could have been aired in place of reruns during the spring or summer.

It would have drawn a huge audience that had never seen Star Trek before. An audience that would snatch it up on DVD, especially if it had been released in various formats and different price points (The more affordable standard def DVD, Blue Ray, special collectors editions, etc).

Instead it was quietly announced with little fanfare, and released on erratic schedule on different channels (depending on where you live) that was sometimes hard to find. And then the first season was only released in one (no defunct) format.

Given all the retrictions placed on them CBS D did a great job, I give them a B+

But I give CBS/Paramount a D for not giving it the proper time and budget it needed and and D – for poor marketing and broadcast scheduling.

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money and this is good example, because I will not be buying this version of TOS. I will wait for them to do it again and do it the right way.

119. Madmax - April 23, 2008

I dont see what all the complaining is about since from the get go it was stated that the FX were to be consistant with the look and feel of the show. Yes there were a few misteps (puppet strings visible in Catspaw) but my god, what they pulled off with the time and money they had.

If you wanted something completely different, I think Mr Lucas will be available soon

120. j w wright - April 23, 2008

#107 i hope they never remaster LIS, i just finished watching the entire series on dvd, i loved hating every minute of it, arguably the worst science fiction ever written? i think it would qualify…

but its awfulness is what makes it special… ‘realistic’ effects wouldnt add any value, and actually, many of the miniature effects of the J2 flying in atmosphere still hold up today very well. first season was the best one.

i thought the motion picture was also very good, too bad they stopped at just the one.

i also finished watching my favorite: “space 1999″ series, and i doubt the sfx would ever need upgrading, the team of johnson and bower was incredible. and the first season was far superior to the second… it felt very ‘trek’ to me, in fact those could easily have been trek episodes.

121. nscates - April 23, 2008


Agreed. The film restoration was top notch in every episode I got to see.

122. Penhall - April 23, 2008

The only thing that really came off as unacceptable to me was when they failed to re-do old matte paintings. If anything, that should have been a must.

123. Izbot - April 23, 2008

52. Troy T –
“I also say that they should go ahead and do “season 4″. Take the original soundtrack from The Animated Series and give it new high tech 3D animation.”

I’ve thought of this before but if you actually listen to the voice recordings from TAS they are very static and restrained. None of the voice actors were working together; each person was recorded in a soundbooth on their own. I think Shatner said in Star Trek Movie Memories that he recorded all his lines in motel bathrooms while on the road doing a dinner theatre tour! The usually gregarious DeForest Kelley is particularly restrained. The conflict between the characters – pivotal to most good TOS episodes – is almost missing altogether.

Still, the show had some interesting stories and some very alien aliens and ships. Who knows?

124. cd - April 23, 2008

114 – Agreed! (Wow, Dennis and I agree on something! >;>} ) The colors are extremely vivid now, and you really get to see all the “light painting” they did on those sets with the colored gels. These episodes really are in living color now.

125. Mazzer - April 23, 2008

43: CmdrR: No, I guess I never saw The Cage by itself, only as part of The Menagerie. Guess I’ll have to catch it when released. Thanks for the explanation!

126. Michael Hall - April 23, 2008

Funny how when reading these postings, I find myself in agreement with both the supporters and critics of this project.

That I’m currently sitting in a restaurant surfing the internet with an iPod Touch puts this project and just how far we’ve come in forty years into some perspective. CBS-D’s mandate was to preserve the feel of a classic space opera, conceived shortly after JFK’s assasination, using the latest digital tools and making some allowances for modern tastes. In spite of the occasional disappointments and some real missteps, I think the artists were largely successful in doing what they set out to do.

127. Balock - April 23, 2008

#122, what episodes where you watching? The matte paintings update was stellar… Too bad the same can’t be said for CGI…

128. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 23, 2008

120. j w wright: To each his own but I find Lost in Space far from the worst SF of all time. In fact it is one of my all time favorites.

The fact is that the first season, especially the first half of that season is some of the best science fiction adventure ever done. And written very tightly. In fact the first half, the better half of the LIS movie uses it. (I liked the movie as well despite the changes and would have welcomed more.)

Late that season the show started to drift in a different direction to be sure and by the second season the show changed into total space fantasy. But funny thing is…they then produced one of the best space fantasy shows of all time as well. The whole thing hinged off of Jonathon Harriss’ incredible performance as Dr. Smith and his chemistry with the extremely likable and talented Bill Mumy as the heroic Will Robinson and the great voice work portrayal of the Robot by Dick Tufeld.

The fourth season was a bit of a mixture, giving us episodes as far afield as the farcical “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” to the weirdly menacing meta-physical “The Anti-Matter Man”.

As both a Star Trek fan and a Lost in Space fan, I would have to say that one of the things I liked about them was that they were nothing alike.

And nothing and I mean nothing is as cool as that sequence of the Jupiter 2 crash landing in “Island in the Sky”

Also they had better planet sets than Star Trek did.

129. star trackie - April 23, 2008

#107 i hope they never remaster LIS, i just finished watching the entire series on dvd, i loved hating every minute of it, ..”

Ah, Lost in Space, oh the pain…what a great show! Fun as hell escapism and Dr. Smith and the robot doing their schtick is as entertaining as ever. And the set designs and hardware were superb, cooked up by the same guy who did the classic Forbidden Planet.

It’s Irwin Allen greatness for sure, and it is in dire need of remastering. And I don’t mean new FX, I mean new, cleaned up prints. I love the first season and would love to see all the gorgeous contrast in black and white, but the technicolor wildness of the 2nd and 3rd season absurdity would pop right off the screen!

All the other Irwin Allen shows got the deluxe treatment while the most popular of them all, Lost in Space was released using the crummy old prints created for the COlumbia House club years ago. 20th Century Fox really needs to go back and re-issue that series with the care and attention that it gave to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Gians and Time Tunnel.

I love me some Lost in Space..but DANGER DANGER, the transfers suck!!

130. OBI-WAN - April 23, 2008

So how about THE BRADY BUNCH remastered? Can you imagine a digital HD MARCIA BRADY…….I can………

131. j w wright - April 23, 2008


i loved hating LIS, i mean, i’m a serious scientific fiction consumer, and what LIS was presenting was pure pulp… it was great because it was so bad… and of course it was a childrens show… so heavy on the fantasy elements, like star wars, where fans often forget its a childrens series (except for episode three, yow! brutal!)

a remastered and restored film transfer to dvd would be great for the series, so we can see every string holding the J2 up and every seem in the silver-painted cardboard sets! love it!

132. Mugsy - April 23, 2008

All in all a stirling effort by the CBS Digital team – well done. I think they just need to correct the first few episodes in regards to the CGI Enterprise so the effects are consistant in tone from episode 1 to 79.

We should be thankful they stayed true to the 60s feel of the production. Paramount could easily have decided to update the Enterprise shots to match the design they’ll be using in the new Trek movie (in fact I’m VERY surprised they didn’t do that to create a link). This care in maintaining the feel of the original series in the new FX is greatly appreciated. Just tweak them a little before the inevitable Blu-Ray releases so the effects quality is consistant throughout all three seasons.

– Mugsy

133. star trackie - April 23, 2008

131-“so we can see every string holding the J2 up and every seem in the silver-painted cardboard sets! love it!”

Also, don’t forget the money saving technique pioneered by Ebenezer Allen himself-complete LACK of sets period. Just turn the lights off so the background is black! Cheap and yet still so very cool looking with that great contrast of color on black. Add to that some of the best TV music ever, composed by the legendary John…whoops…sorry…JOHNNY Williams and you have some totally whacked, totally absurd and fun as hell adventure.

Good stuff.

134. 16309 - April 23, 2008

Great job guys!! It’s been a lot of fun to see something I have seen hundreds of times “for the first time again.

Would just love to see a special Blu-Ray set of Doomsday Machine, The Ultimate Computer and maybe two other heavy FX episodes with some extended FX scenes–Lets see the Enterprise kick some major butt–you know most of us want to see it, and I’m sure the guys at CBS Digital want to see it too!

Please, don’t give me the “It’s not canon crap”! I’ve been a fan since 1975–lets have some fun with it!!!

135. M33 - April 23, 2008

The layer of cheese on Lost In Space would make it nearly impossible to do a decent remastering. God, that was such a lame sci-fi show, but fun nonetheless.

136. Sean4000 - April 23, 2008

134: I’ll drink to that idea!

I will be buying the HD-DVD Season one version because I’m one of the fan edit guys. So, after all of this hoopla I’ll still have to give them my cash.

137. Dr. Image - April 23, 2008

Thanks Okudas, thanks CBS-D.
Overall, I’m very happy.

(#98 JimJ- I agree with your report card.)

Remember, despite all the bitching, the project could have turned out a WHOLE LOT worse.

Prime Directive- WAIT for Blu-Ray!!!

138. Sean4000 - April 23, 2008

Max Gabl’s Matte shots A+ 105!

Film Scanning Crew and optical sensor A+

CBS-D project managers F-

Paramount Penny pushers F-

139. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 23, 2008

131. j w wright: Lighten up, J.W.! Nothing wrong with pulp! I love pulp AND I love science fiction. It doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Let go of the polarizing attitudes of the past. Stop being a hata! LOL

133. star trackie: Oh yeah, LOVE the limbo sets. Trek used that to great effect in Empath as well. That episode and LIS’s “Invaders From the Fifth Dimension” would have been much less effective without it.

And the LIS music is just some of the best ever and some of my fave Williams scores.

140. Windsor Bear - April 23, 2008

I would hate to see the FX shots in LIS remastered. The J2 model was fantastic. The landing and take-off sequences inside the derelict spaceship from “The Derelict” are great. And that full scale mock-up J2 that looked so great in “Visit To A Hostile Planet”… wouldn’t that be fun to have in the backyard??? Get that thing all lit up late at night and put some fog machines outside of it… people would be driving off the road and calling 911.

As for TOS-R, I enjoyed some of it and disliked some of it. I loved the restoration that was done, but the CGI FX shots of the Enterprise just didn’t do it for me. Was it because I was used to 40 years of the original model shots, or was it because those CGI shots looked plain and flat? Not sure, but I can tell you that all the new shots of the Big E firing phasers had nothing on the original model version firing those great electric blue wide beam phasers. And the model’s nacelle caps with those old fashioned Christmas lights stuck in them behind the rotating fan blades… CGI could never duplicate the “look of power” that was there. To sum it up, the original model gave me the impression of a powerful ship in space, while the CGI version gave me the impression of “Love Boat in Space”. I still cringe when I remember the episode where it looked like the Enterprise was skidding on ice as it went by.

141. Garovorkin - April 23, 2008

#129 I have an affection for Lost in Space and yeah even in the first season some of the science was a little wonky but the show was fun to watch all the same. I have seen all of Irwin’s shows mt favorite being Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. That show started out moderately well and then it got sillier as the season progress. I lost count of the number of time that the Seaview was attacked by rogue sperm whales. Allen reused footage from his lost world series numerous times in fact one of the episodes pretty much was an hour long condensed rehash of the lost world. And he would reuse the same monster over and over again and the monster could be any size depending on the story requirements. The most popular guest star monster was old Doubleheader, who did numerous appearance on lost in space as well. They should have given him an acting title credit in the show or at least made him a regular on the show.I think that he has has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, if Im not mistaken.He currently lives somewhere in phoenix Arizona if im not mistaken and i think he’s an Diamondbacks fan. But in all seriousness Irwin Allen shows were not known for their writing, but they had a lot of hart and they gave us thrills, spills and a sense of adventure. They were what they were but they were fun to watch. Irwin Allen always delivered.

142. Scott Gammans - April 23, 2008

Max Gabl’s digital matte “paintings” were definitely a treat and never disappointed. And yeah Dennis, I definitely agree that this was a labor of love for the artists. I just lament the ridiculous time and/or budget constraints that they had to suffer.

143. franbro - April 23, 2008

How about going back and tweaking the botched shots from S3 at least?
1/2 the new FX were really good. 1/4 were mediocre and 1/4 were dreadful and looked much worse than the originals.
Too bad indeed this was a rushed, money grubbing project and not a careful, loving true restoration.

144. Engon - April 23, 2008

“Lost in Space” was remastered. It was called “Star Wars.”

145. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 23, 2008

144. Engon: They did a poor job. LOL.

146. Engon - April 24, 2008

I’m not kidding…

Toe-headed boy and his funny robot(s) are befriended by a space pirate named “Alanso“ (“Han Solo”) who has a giant, furry, bandolier wearing side-kick (“Treasure of the Lost Planet”). The boy’s father and an evil emperor duel with an “energy swords” (“The Challenge”). The boy’s father is possessed by an evil, dark side (“Follow the Leader”) which forces the father to wear a face-obscuring helmet as it takes over his soul. The boy does not at first realize that this villain, all dressed in black, is his father. Then, as the boy is about to be thrown into a chasm by the life force of an evil emperor, his helmeted father is redeemed when he refuses to let his son be killed. The father throws the evil emperor into the chasm instead. The father’s hideous helmet removed, the power of love reunites him with his son (“Follow the Leader”).

There are many more examples.

147. Captain Robert April - April 24, 2008

It might well have been better, results-wise, to have given the job to EdenFX, but CBS apparently wanted to keep the thing in-house, and cheap, so under the circumstances, what we got ain’t bad (and wasn’t there a statement or two about how they DID go back and fix those nacelle caps from the first batch of episodes?)

For TNG, I think they should just bite the bullet and sign EdenFX. After all, they’ve already got a Enterprise-D model of their own, so they’re already more than halfway there.

And yes, if they want TNG in high def, they’ll have to redo the effects. The actor stuff is on film, but the effects were composited on video. Pumping them up to high def in their current state would be laughable, more than trying to crank up the effects shots in TOS.

148. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 24, 2008

146. Engon : Fascinating. I never looked at it that way. I have heard and noticed other lifts of course. But that is very interesting.

149. Engon - April 24, 2008

Star Wars: Music by John Williams.
Lost In Space: Music by Johnny Williams.

150. DonDonP1 - April 24, 2008

20th Century Fox owns “Lost in Space” while CBS owns “Star Trek” and Lucasfilm owns “Star Wars” in which 20th distributes all six S-Dub flicks with a new CGI “Clone Wars” film to be distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment (the same Warner Bros. that also owns half of the CW television network with CBS owning the other half).

151. j w wright - April 24, 2008

thats right, williams work on LIS was brilliant, often contrasting sharply with the quality of what was being presented on screen… like a guy in a carrot suit…

as much as i like alex courage’s score on trek, i wonder how things would have been with john at the musical helm for that show…

alex’s jazzy approach was very futuristic, and maybe would have lent itself to the LIS ‘campiness’ while williams more serious persuasion would have played well with rodenberry’s baby

yes, i always noticed the lack of sets… plain curtains (trek did this, too) or just a darkened sound stage! must have saved a fortune on prod costs….

okay, heres a variation on the ginger or mary-ann dilemma:

yoeman rand or judy robinson?


152. Cervantes - April 24, 2008

Scott Gammans – I meant to say, I am looking forward to your ‘Doomsday Machine’ edit very much!

153. Sean4000 - April 24, 2008

I am almost finished bringing the main render monster online. When completed, detail passes, render cycles, and constraints will be a thing of the past.

154. bdrcarter - April 24, 2008


I checked out the Eden Fx Reel. Really very nice stuff…but the spaceships have the same realism limitations as any other CGI work. There’s a cartoonish/video game quality to it that’s just inherent to the medium. And movement isn’t quite natural looking yet either. I’ve yet to see a shot in any movie/TV show that I couldn’t look at and say “that’s CGI…or that’s a model…or that’s a practical effect.” But I’m not complaining. I enjoy spectacle and CGI has greatly enhanced that in movies. For the most part, I prefer it to models because of the freedom a creative team has to bring a vision to life. But CBS-D, Eden…even ILM are still faced with some limitations by today’s technology. I’m assuming it’ll continue to improve and get closer to total realism at some point in the future.

In the meantime…cut CBS-D some slack. They did a remarkable job under the financial and time constraints they were under. If a more expensive or well known house would have landed the TOS-R job, we MIGHT have seen some better shots…but there would have been far fewer of them. It would’ve probably been just like the original series…having to reuse the same 15 ship shots over and over and over.

155. Commodore Z - April 24, 2008

I really like the CGI ships in Galactica, but there is a grittiness to them that wouldn’t work for TOS. The Galactica ships are TOO real for TOS, although they work beautifully in their own show.

156. Sean4000 - April 24, 2008

I have given CBS-D kudos multiple time in countless threads. I call things the way I see them. Please Don’t tell me who to give slack to. In fact, I have given personal thanks to members of the CBS team.

I do not consider TOS-R “remarkable” by any means. I see this as step 2 of 3 actually. That’s why I am assembling a TOS-R 2.0 project.

I am not aware if you saw Eden’s work on TV/DVD/or HD but they do not suffer from nearly the same problems of CBS-D. VFX is my industry but very rarely did I see realism problems, or mass/weight/inertia issues in ILM or Eden. This is sci-fi, there has to be a cap on what is truly believable. I’ll agree to that.

EdenFX has extremely talented people working for them and I am sure they could have created more FX shots for ST. CBS-D left a lot untouched, not to mention the sound score which sounds marginally better than the SD-DVDs. I know that’s not eden’s forte but TOS-R really is a half remaster because 50% of the show was left unremastered.

If Eden Fx had gotten the project I suspect we would have seen, more consistent fx for all 79 episodes, more phaser remasters, more diverse ship designs, even better mattes, more efficient time management, more levels of CG realism on the models, etc

“Superior ability breeds superior ambition”

CBS-D did this on a dime and left us with a future remaster to catch all of the crap they left behind.

Regardless of one thinks it is “remarkable” that’s your opinion and I do not share it. Do not tell me to share it either.

157. Nelson - April 24, 2008

I’d like to challenge everyone here who believes that CBS’s decision to use CBS Digital to do the CGI effects work and that the budget and schedule was a limiting factor to consider something else.

It’s just a theory on my part, have you considered that if Eden FX or someone else had done the work, the work would probably look pretty much the same?

It was the role of Rossi and the Okuda’s to direct the project. They and other producers probably laid down the directives. And the idea was to capture the “feel” and look of TOS so the work dosen’t jar you out of the 1960’s. Just an idea.

Daren Dochterman’s Enterprise does feel more like the 11 foot model, including the blue-ish cast to it. And I like how he lit the chunks of planet bits with the same kind of colored lighting done in TOS. Daren was the art director of his CGI, so it had his idea of what it should be. Including recreating the way the ship flys by and the stars are streaking by, as was in early TOS. Not realistic, but a stylistic choice.

And some of you guys doing your own CGI versions have your ideas of how it should have been done. So what it comes down to is how the work is driven and what the big idea is in terms of the direction the work should go.

158. Nelson - April 24, 2008

Opps, I see Sean4000’s post above, my post #157 has nothing to do with what he’s saying. It was a thought based on some of the earlier posts and is my opinion not responding to anything said by Sean.

159. Commodore Z - April 24, 2008

#156: What makes you think that Eden would have had a bigger budget or longer production schedule than CBS-D did?

160. Sean4000 - April 24, 2008

Nelson, It’s okay lol.

Commodore Z, It is how you use the budget and who is on the receiving end. I’ve studied EdenFX actually, and the people working for them can do the most amazing things in time spans you would not think possible. I think of the old adage, It’s not the ….it’s how ……. you get the rest. If you want my materials on Eden please email me. Even though we are not on the same side of this debate you seem like a good guy to know.

I am in the first steps of forming my own FX house here in Hollywood South and EdenFX is my model. Immediately after graduating from SCAD I plan on founding the house and hiring people from this very site. If possible.

161. Sean4000 - April 24, 2008

bdrcarter, I would like to apologize to you for coming across as such a D### H$$$. I did not mean to spout the hate on such a level. Maybe cutting them some slack is in order.

Even though I believe TOS-R is only a step in the right direction, at least something got done.

162. AJ - April 24, 2008

How about this? CBS-D was given a budget, and they said “WTF?” And all they could was what they did, and back into the explanation that “we’ll have no barrel-rolls, and be faithful to the original shots.”

Certainly on some eps the original shots were NOT recreated faithfully to the original.

163. Sean4000 - April 24, 2008

Yeah, the best episode of TOS-R, TDDM…certainly not 60s by any means. lol.

they did such a 180 from what was there before and it looked DAMN GOOD!

164. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 24, 2008

151. j w wright : Judy hands down. Can’t beat that wholesome Swede beauty.

But to be frank Penny was my girl, given that I was of similar age to her back when I first watched them lo those many years ago. And Penny was sprouting into womanhood in the last season. And became a model after the series. (And dated Bill Mumy, he has been on record that she was a love of a life time and he had developed a crush on her years before. Understandable. Go Billy!)

So between Rand and Judy, its Judy. But my fave is Pretty Penny, cause she was smart too and argued with Will. :)

165. Engon - April 24, 2008

Penny? You mean light-haired Luke/Will’s brunette sister Leia/Penny?

166. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 24, 2008

165. Engon: Heh, well yes I did like Leia too.

167. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - April 24, 2008

As to the gripe about “unfair comparisons” with BSG-R, I agree on that particular front, but I DO think it’s fair to compare TOS-R’s visual effects with ST:ENT’s visual effects. I know there are a lot of ST:ENT haters on these boards (and they can all jump in a lake, AFAIK), but I don’t think anyone can contend that TOS-R’s FX are up to ST:ENT’s FX; not by a wide margin. And, frankly, I don’t think it’s too much to have asked CBS-D to have used ST:ENT as a benchmark for the FX in TOS-R.

168. Engon - April 24, 2008

Actually, IMHO, The most artfully written and executed outings of “Lost in Space” were the first season Penny-centered episodes “My Friend, Mr. Nobody” and “The Magic Mirror.”

Too bad, like all Irwin Allen shows, it went downhill fast after peaking early.

169. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 24, 2008

168. Engon:

Those two episodes are indeed two of the best. By there are several other top episodes from that season. All five of the first episodes that were cobbled from the pilot, “The Reluctant Stowaway”, “The Derelict” and “Island in the Sky”, “There Were Giants in the Earth” and “The Hungry Sea” were all excellent. “Invaders from the 5th Dimension”, “Return From Outer Space”, “The Keeper parts one and two, and “The Sky Pirate” and “The Challenge” are all excellent as well.

And as for going downhill from the first half of the first season, well that is a matter of opinion. It did transform, there is no doubt. And it may not have been to everyone’s taste. But the more farcical and outright fantasy episodes were loaded with action and a lot of fun, and funny. And unlike “Spock’s Brain” they were meant to be. :)

170. Engon - April 25, 2008

169. The episodes you mention are among the best. For me “The Magic Mirror” stands out because it is entirely an allegory about the transition from childhood to adulthood (and contains some remarkable, and easily missed, sexual metaphors for “kids” show). The final shot of the empty mirror and its poignant, “Peter Pan” implication that Penny has left behind a world that is, in fact, a literal trap – is really quite sophisticated. I would have trouble thinking of a single shot in the original Star Trek that has such emotional weight. It’s more like a final shot from “The Twilight Zone” or “The Outer Limits,” sans narration.

171. planettom - April 25, 2008

“The Cage” was originally 63 minutes. I think with commercials we’re down to about 43 minutes in a hour now, so I wonder if they’ll cut a whole 20 minutes of it, or if it’ll air in a 90-minute airing and so allow most or all of it to be shown?

172. Holo J - April 25, 2008

#118. TJR

I 100% agree with all you have said…this is my thinking exactly.

I also will not buy this version of TOS because I feel it has been rushed and that not enough has been changed to merit buying these again. It’s definitely a step in the right direction by cleaning up the film and colour correcting the prints but in no way is the remastering complete when it comes to the effects. I’ll keep watching my originals on DVD for now.

I hope one day soon they realise what they could have done to enhance TOS and give the effects and all those missed opportunities another go. It would be so cool to see this show given the time, money and care to totally blow us away.

173. British Naval Dude - April 25, 2008

ENT truly had bonny effects.
CBS’ new effects, while I think it’s great they did it and I enjoyed seein’ new shots immensly, just didn’t match the ENT effects.

I t’ink thar’ be a good reason- maybe cuz TOS is from tha’ 60s!!!
There was a time or two when, watchin’ TOS remasterdoo, I was taken’ aback as in… hey, did I just change tha’ channel? Kirk was on tha’ cardboard bridge thena alla sudden thar’s a highly detailed spaceship! awwwk? ENT had a modern visual continuity, as did TOS for it’s time.

I wish CBS would have re-done tha’ tri-corders though. Even as a kid I hated ’em… expected Spock to pop a Peter Frampton cassette in one…

oh, well

I really thanke CBS for the effort and fur bringing Star Trek back into me veiwing pleasure.
I’ll buy season 2 for me brother who loves tha’ Doomsday Machine. arrrrrrr…

174. bdrcarter - April 25, 2008


Thanks for softening the blow Sean. I wasn’t trying to make you subscribe to my opinion. I was just sharing it.

175. Sean4000 - April 25, 2008


“I’ll soften the blow.” “Here are some Katarian eggs”

lol. no harm meant.

176. Redjac - April 26, 2008

#149, 151 —

Composers other than John Williams worked on Lost in Space. Some of them worked on Trek such as Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner, Hans Salter, Gerald Fried, and others.

Even though Williams did the main titles for both seasons and some memorable parts of the tracked music, let’s not forget the other composers. Lost in Space used canned music from many composers the same way Star Trek: TOS and lots of other series did during the 60’s and onward…


177. Redjac - April 26, 2008

I don’t think everything needs to be remastered.

There is NOBODY (on a TV budget) who could remaster Brian Johnson’s (Alien/The Empire Strikes Back; SFX Director) visuals from Space:1999 for example. To attempt to recreate those with CGI would be a travesty…

I would only accept ILM or Digital Domain undertaking such a task.

I hope it never happens though.

178. Talosian - April 26, 2008

I agree with Sean4000, this is step 2 of 3. Currently, with CBS-D, we have what we have. It has been a fun ride. Thank you, Anthony for all your hard work, updating the website. I’m going to miss looking for the previews and reading the reviews and comments on the re-mastered episodes, as they aired.

179. Engon - April 26, 2008


I did not mean to imply that Williams alone scored “Lost in Space.” It is interesting, though, to listen to some of the underscore in LIS and hear it show up years later as the opening underscore in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

180. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - April 27, 2008

#177 – I don’t think remastering is replacing – that’s why it’s annoying when George Lucas tries to pass the new stuff off as “definitive”. To me, the old and new are interesting to compare, side by side. So, when it comes to Space: 1999, as much as I agree that the original effects were great, I can’t say I wouldn’t be totally fascinated if someone went ahead and redid the Eagle shots and other effects *right* (like the nuclear dump going critical that sends the Moon careening off – that effect stands out as pretty poor by today’s standards). And, by *right*, I mean way, way better than CBS-D remastered TOS-R….

181. Steve - April 27, 2008

> How about a remaster of the animated series? Jimmy Neutron style?

Thats not a bad idea – but instead of 3D, imagine it done in 2D by Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samauri Jack and the well done Clone Wars series from 2003. (not the upcoming 3D one).

182. Redjac - April 28, 2008

#180 — Well, I guess I think most of the FX in 1999 still hold up. Personally, that shot of the big glow over the lunar horizon with Alpha in the foreground (when the waste dumps go up) is an iconic FX shot.

I don’t know…depending on how good the CGI is, I guess it would be OK. On the other hand, I don’t think we should hold our collective breath on such a remaster.

Really, I only think Year One would be deserving anyway…

183. Scott - April 16, 2009

The effects are awesome. They are SUPPOSED to look like models and effects from the late 60’s…just cleaned up and corrected. That way they fit with the rest of the visuals…if you made them newer, better CGI it would ruin the whole feel of the episodes. Mission accomplished “A”

They are mastered in 1080i on the HD DVD (season 1) set and the BD set. The original aspect ratio is the way to go. The ones in Japan are 16:9, but they cropped off the top and bottom to get that. Why cut orignial footage to make it wide…that’s stupid. That’s like saying every movie filmed in 4:3 should be cropped so it fills my TV. Just a note to people…it doesn’t have to be widescreen to be HD. Again, “A” for NOT giving us 16:9 versions with heads and feet cropped off.

And to the guy who thinks the BD will NOT have bars on the side…look up original aspect ratio AGAIN…or maybe rent Casablanca or Robin Hood (the old one) on BD or HD DVD…guess what…bars on the sides due to original aspect ratio :)

184. Mira - September 13, 2010

Why do people feel a need to “fix” older stuff? Why not leave it the way it was? What’s wrong with that? Maybe it’s just because I like my 60s left alone and more AUTHENTIC.

185. jen - March 13, 2011

I agree with you Mira, part of the charm with Star Trek was its cheesiness. I bought this by accident and feel extremely cheated and concerned with whether or not the true original Series will be maintained for future generations. I feel like this was an adulteration. It should never have been done, they really changed too much.

186. Ed Smith - January 18, 2012

Remastered FX were poorly done – poorly conceived and executed. CARTOONY and SILLY LOOKING.

They should have overlaid the exisiting visuals, not made wholesale changes making the Enterprise do barrel rolls and PS3 style dog fighting.

The exisitng visuals were done by professionals and masters of their craft. Now u get 17 year old dummies who don’t know anything about lighting or shading making video game type visuals that don’t match at all. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.